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office and rra results.
"Moal week tbe nea Poatofflca In thi. clty wlll bc
occup-...;. <>.;:? local column. contala full detalbi of
the hnproved factlltlea whl h P itroaal r Jamea wlll
now ln ai le to furi I B. to o ir - Itlaene, The old
Dutcl, Church In Cedar-at. wlll bereafter be of ln
ten-at to .,- . and futun gei rati. na wlll
wender how II narrow llmlta eould ao long hav*
gtrved th. poatal bualneaa of New-York."
Thua runa an < llt< rl I paragraph In Th* New
York Trlbune of Wedneaday, Augnat 25, 1175, II
w-uld b* well if thal paragrapri eould b< wrltten for
an laaue of The Trlbun* for th* preaent day, re
gardlng the rcmoval from th. preaei
quart-rs of Ihe Po " Into a modern atructurc,
only tl ? tura is still a Ibln
and dlaunl future. it :.- really matter for aatonlah
ni-T:t and furnlshea food for thought to contem
plat- how - I the generallty of people a.o
when broughl fac* to f?ce wlth a i <4 mu
nlclpal growth, ll would aeera that they have no
falth la tl ?? Phi y ? ilk ? ?" ' :!"K for
ali time on each and every - caBlon thal a publlc
laaproven ? ? l up for con*lder.i on, and wlthln a
d.. i i- they have to fnce th* aarcaatlc comment of
their progeny ai I I ? ? ? tlvelj ui mawerabl* evl
il, nce of thelr oa
ln no departmenl of munletpal llfe is this more
elearly proved than In thi poatal aervlce. II ap
peara on every band. Tbe old Putchmen who
ajnoki i Iheli mulish Governor Into 8 compllanl con?
dltlon thought Bl Paul'a Church and Vesey-st.
would mnrk the Umlta of New-Tork'a northward
growth. Later on the llmlt was placed aa far north
a* Caaal-aL II w*a a terrlflc atraln upon the Im
aglnath.n to conceive ot Mfty-nlnth-?t. and the cre
ation of Central Park out of a prlmltlve wilderneaa
of anyleldlng rock. Then Ibe edtct wenl forth and
rar.K and ecboed among the PaUaadee, llke the laat
trlumphant note of Anthony Van Corlear'a trumpet
aa be wenl down Into th. turbulent depth. of
Spuyt-n Duyvll Creek, that the head of the clty
ahould be the head of Manhattan laland But llke
Anthony, th. pi ?pheta wen wrong. The clty went
on. Tha corporatlon Hne has been extended untll
araalclpal llmlt. are now twenty mllea from the
Clty Hall, iit Yonkers, and the atablUty of that
local government is threatened.
Braadway la -i Btreet IM mllea in lanjjth, exter.d
Ing ir aame, and ted*. i la fact, to Albany, whlch
ta llkely to wl. .ew dbitlnctlon as the capital
auburb of the Or**ti r Si w-York.
The poatal a*nrlo* of th* dty has grown wlth its
growth in ;i klnd of way. The worklng force has
been eteadlly and contlnuoualy tncreaaed, and the
ctowded condltlon of the Oeneral Offlce, the one
bulldlng now- under oonal leratlon, ha* come to such
a paaa that lt can be leacrlbed by only om word?
eongeaUon, The condltlon* ar- not as b*d as are
thoae exlatlng la th- New-York Cuatom Houae,
who?e depl itati waa paaa*d ln revlew but
Baaday, for the I illdlng marka on* of thoae Inter
aeedlary iranaltlonr throuah which archii
has paaacd from an aftectatwn to an abaurd degiee
of the claaalclsm of the ancU-nt Oreek* down
throngh th ? epoch of a atrnm*d mnalaaanc* and
a rbeumatlc n irrlag* of multlform notiona, clai le
anl baatard, to th- ideal modern Btructure, with
this difference, however, lhal the Oovernmenl haa
aet yet rea bi I th* atag* ol abaolut* em*i
tlon from formaltaaa la deatgn. Il muat have io
many porchea, bo many column* masslvc depth of
wlndow aeat ai.-l al topped off by th* Fren h
aaanaard, Chlcago ae*ma llkely n break thi
and faahlon of the tlme. for ahe ll lo havi a Pi??:
aUca bnlldlng only two atorlea In helght, whlch
ahall contaln all of the worklng departmenta on its
groun 1 floor, wh. i- th- i.pl. can get al thlnga
Bjolckly, and on the second, tbe offldala of th* ?'.
anrtmenl In whatever capaclty. That is bualneaa
Benae, and this bulldlng is to coat 14,881,898
Herela ls dtaplayi I th* peraplculty of Chlcago.
Bh* goea for tblnga unltedly and get* what she
waat*. Other cittea, New-York among the num?
ber, ri fhr llke thtaga and R-t hun? up llke the
ancler.t nnd boeorable ptratea, wbo, lf they dld not
haiiK tOgOther, were hnnced separately, Whlch WB*
a v?ty perceptlM. difference from thelr orlglnal
deatgn ot eacaplng *col fr--. New-York haa been
lold that she may bulld her own I'ustom House.
By th* *amc token poaatbly th* prlvBeg* would b*
oonceded h-r of remodeKIng ber own Oenernl Poet
adflce, Tel I ? P l fflce, lUt* the Cuatom House,
la the centre of dlBtrlbutlon for th- antlre country.
Thlnk of48l lonaof mall matter paaslna throng. tbe
bulldlng In Mall-.t., Broadway and Park Bow each
anl every day of the year! lt meana 972.f>x) pounds
every twenty-fout houra Tbe** are th* average
flgur. s, ao thal Bua lays and holidaya are ceunted ln.
Wlth * me ezceptlona thls cnormous masa has to
-.. aeparated and ench Indlvldual piece atamped
an.l then dlatrlbuted anew for varlou. destlnatlona
over the world. It ls w-11 to brltig withln the pur
vicw of telllajent cltlaea at this potat aom.
aotlmat* of the volume of the work, ar.d tbeflgurea
ar- al ba. ' In the last publlahed reporl of Poet
gaaater Dayton through F. B. Bo me, Buperln
tet.,i Bt of the Order Department. Thhi departmenl
haa nothlng whatever lo do wlth th money order
divlalon, a. aome good people a
a a**n*l raadlng of th* tllle. ll I. whal Poat
ganater Pearaon o i gnated aa the bralna of the
I'OBtol'i.-'-. It I
flowa all al ' tlon as to the vrorklnga
of th- offti Boome 1* a aorl <>f con
daanx | . n ln i onaeqw ? i
He haa tbt a ? 1- i dtotlnctlon of having hla ofllci
on th* loor of arbal la t. ehnlcally called the
Bnaeaanlni gallery. A good many people in taklng
on- of th* ae* eternltj tran.li elevator. ln the
I'ostcrTlce hav- notlced th.-: ? ird cmblaaonad in
r erlng on the Jolal fadag tha
Int.-r:. 1 ? ?? irlably Inqulre of lha
I ? man wknt that meana, and he la ahowlng
viaii'l" .lan. of weartneea vVlth lntenl t>> relli e
hlm Th* rrlbun* glvea tbe deflnltlon, whlch he may
cut onl and paat. In a conapl ? pl ?? Now, th*
term i "a i tory of
helght Introdueed l Iween two hlgber onea." ra
jmi an Jaded aplrlt. of the elevator
m-n in the Poetofflc* may take a day off and re
anperati Th* aana who aaya lhal ihe Poatofflca
of Ki w-Torh I.
bull llng a i , ? i tlf truth?
8ni ihkB haa i l to do wlth statlatl. ?
Th? tot il numl ? r ? f i . if aaall h m |]< I n 'he
.->??? 917, ln the dtatrtbutlon de
Bnrtmen. Oeni ral < tffl. ? th : ?? wa* ? g i
total ,,f Vv :ii.. .'..,; , , ;i>.,.-|- !-..., -!!,.i !s of th.re
baatneaa of ib* clty Igur d down to i alngli pl. -
basis. Th. n are flfty-elghl brai ind aub
atati" ind Branch A. in
princr-sf H- i Bfeat Br idway, bandle. u. much
tnail in a Bhagle da| aa many of th* general offlce.
ln rlttaa f Ibe II t grade over the i mtrj Th*
daily .veragi of ' mall for the year waa
gTn.iM. j . i Itle furtber, tbe
o; . handled waa i mta;:
i ichea and 4
pcuch' i" : aaeaa el foretga aaali of aabich hen
w ? N
wn. h wera hai Ih i i i.jm caws ?? :"???? , nm haa
Of r . - I nmtt.r and !>:< | .u-lu-a .m I i..i.,i
Baxka of aupp I. ?. Th.-ir i.k-wi g iiassid Ihrough
the Oeneral Offlce In transit fr-rn nn-l 10 Other
ofllcoa 32.1,32') pOUCbea and 72ii.163 aackl Of mall, mak?
lng a grar.d total of 7.41UN pou caaea anl
sacks handled. The dally average waa ?.SU1 ea
cluslva of those whlch the twenty-one branch ata
tlona axcbanged each with the other of purely h> il
n.ail. These ln a meaaure are ladependenl offices
amonp tbenaelvea, rellevlng as mueh i posalble the
congestlon of th- Generai Ofllee, whlch wou'.d other
wlsc be awamped beyond any posalble chance of
Th< re li anothi r f< ature of thli ea ie, too, which ls
of Importance. Thla w.is revealed in a eonven
The Trll n i portei held wlth the Buperlntendcnl
of alalla, Thomaa J. elarke. The two had been
maklng a voyat ? i f dtoi overy thrcug l i fllca
Oi rather the reporter waa maklng th
It vv.i-i b twlce-told tale to ih- auperlntendent He
aald: "1 retu ned only ;i Bhori tlme ago from a trip
Weat, where l wenl to examlne thoroughly Into tha
I ? the tranaactlon of p b( il buBlneaa. I
;.;; you ;; made mi heartalck when i reachi i
l ittaburg t , flnd what an offlce they have there, .-.
superb buil llna and c imi lete I idl tl< s for ha
The i ? platform was four llmea as wlde
., ira." , , , , ? .,
The malllns platform, he lt undei tood, li the
r~^-rr-V,1. . , ' -?-?^-e1H*.RTt??Tv. jci A
the floor and aei tangled and anarled up am
themaelvea over their ifmpli affalra wlth that per
veralty known only to Inanimat. thlnga. But tne
portera are men of Infln.'te koi 1 nature, ,,:: 1 the
manner In ??? hlch they qucll a r<\ ? ? uprla
he p. la n. utei to i ompi i the ad
mlratlon of evi n thi unthlnklng.
The reai i for thla aboundlns Rood humor and
patlence and pen I tent Induatrj fou lo
partly ln the Ju llcloua order t;..it the men -:, ,
wo. 1;' "V, rtlme un!,,s for rea th
exlgency. ln consequence, '.::??: workina; houra
tl,< v move wlth celerlty and lhal adaptlvem
. mgeati ? ! i ? ndltlom whlch accrues onlj f.
i xperience Hut Supi i :?::? nd/ni C'larki h . - been
ieft with his arm extended ln thin alr to emphaalse
hla declaratlon of poverty-atrlcken facllltlea. ll
"I n nt on to other cltlea, to Cinclnnatl, where
they hav,- a model bulldlng for thelr n? la. Chl?
cago, bowever, la to hav, tbe IdeaJ postofflc.
Ing. lt ia to b* two Btorlea in helght, wlth all Ihe
worklng <!-nattmcnts concentrated on th- ni und
floor. .Thls ia as it .hOUld be, wlth the :
offlce* placi l upon the aecond floor. Th i il dlng la
to cosl 84.000,000, but li will be Ideal I i the ,
pose when rompleted. Wlth regard to Ihi n
platform," be went on, at the aame tlmi leadl.
wa\- to the exterlor ,>f the bulldlng, "for u lona
tlme, I shoull not care to r. ho.
the protecl >n of the men and mall wagon*. whlle
the work ,.f unloadlng mall I. r >lng on ?... I ? ? i
promlsed ua. Here, aa you can aee, ihen la nol
th- allghteat protectlon We ahould have .i
rea hlng out a aufflclent wldth to protecl wago i*
and men and horaea ln atormy weather, Vou can
aee bow we are cramp. l fo. ipace on ihe Inatde. I
often come oul here and wonder how It la that Ihe
mn do thcli woik wlth a* few crrors ai hav. to be
counted agalnat tne aervlce, An averagi ol
elght thou.and pouche. paasea over tbe n
platform every day of the year,
"W>- bave been alded, too, ;.. anothei and ver)
material manner by buelneB. men, w h. u I'o.t
maater Dayton tooa hoM of thi offlce, 1 madi ll
n.v llrat bualneaa t.* ?.-,. aboul imong bualneaa men
10 a ? whal eould be g-atned from iht-m In Ihe waj
of aaalatance. Of courae, we expected the moat
fr..m the blg nubllahera of magaalnea and pei ...
i.ils who har.dl- mall whlch can be forwanled In
biilk. .Material whlch carriea Btampa oi i-ach ln
dh lual plece mual of neceaal'o be taken .., irl tnd
e.-.cli plece atamped for cancellatlon purj
MagaaTnea, however, im by weight, and !t li only
ii-. :,, aeparatc ihi m fi i ? l
.:> ol the publl.bera t,> do this work them
aelvea, w furnl.hlng them th.- pouche. for the
... ol courae Now, you .ne thal ma
jiouches yonder?" and he polnted lo a maaa ol mall
lylng ln one of the chutea and plled up on th< floor
"Well, there are 800 bags <>f mall, wbich
few momenta a?<> from Han r .'.- Brothet Each
.,r-- of thoae bags ls tagged lo it- deatlnatlo
proper manner. When i flrsi i ime here Ihere were
<,nly 1", per --nt of bualneaa men dolng thls. Now
there are 65, whlch I thlnk laa prctti good Increnso,
1-. aavea u. tlme, nnd ls a matt r ot convenlence t,.
ihem. They are, of cou -?
ahould be put through aa expi lltfoualj aa poaalble,
ao thal at Ihe aame llme ihi y t.i\ oi - i h. .
are dolng well by themaelvea. li li -.- ,- nol for
thls ald the Oeneral offlce would And ll
poaalble to bandlc It. bualneaa In exl ?:.-.; con
Th- flnanclal Importance of th- New-York pn ? ,;
???n .?> another Important featun The ...t il re
ci ipi. ol i!.fflce fi ia all iourci foi
juat ? W 199 '?'>. '.'< ... i the total -v
pcndlture* t3.uM.638 50, Including $1,311,130 fo
ilellverj i rvlica Thla ahon a i ? I evenue I
the otn e of 84.lt3.898 89, or an amount almo :
t, i.i.t to pay for a new bulldlng In a : ln ?:? yea.
Bo thal New-York'? I'oatofllce bear. n laterlj i
aemblance .<> tha New-York t'uatom Houae In ti,.it
11 ii p iiaibly hejplng to pay for i uhjlc bulldlng* In
e provli - ? ? ? a not on. Har for local rep
La.loi Thla m mey la recelved In i pl ice lhal
i .mli aeem des|dcable to a Kentucky backwooda
l.aiik. and one mual rlamber up 1 wo rHghti ol i ali
lo *i i to lt or - ae wai: tlll he nei I. a h ilr i ui an I
a ahave ', afor* th- elevator heavea ln aighl from
region. ceruli in Posslbly thi. aervlce wlll be bet?
ter. I, i,.i it l* understoud thal wlthln i few day.
tl. ma hl ea are t> l?- turned ovrr to the ofl .,.
as compleied Forelgn money order. are , ureal
and popular Item ln tlu bualneaa of the I'oatofflu
The .un. ls true ol forelgn mall* Poi ih< last \..,r
lh< averagi fm ign mall* i week waa thlrty elghl
and the outward bound mall frequently roraprleed
1.400 baa . and requlred from on. to flfteen Iwo
borai trucka r r tranaporl ... th- ptera,
Th* rramped facllltlea nre ihe prtnclpal aource ,,f
Ity. Thla la obaervable the momeni the vlaltor
? . . ihe n wapaper miii la
| ed. The 20,089 feet of I
.. ? atrei h . oui ui lei Ih ? pavi -
? ba I'.,.-.. <?
? ii . placed I
the ? i, rk- aa i carr!. ra Ti ? orners I
noihlriK -ls- bave been w!a?ly i.m I nn as Iui k
. .1 ;'i canlera, whei
eat and -ritiy .-. guhM j.ip ? between BiaOfl BVal
tared about the floor aie fourt.-en Irorueaia d.a
ttibutlna caaea for newapapera. Thla ayatem la oh
rolete In firat-c iai ofllcea, and haa Klven place to
the pouch rarka, where 'he mall la tbrown dl
rectly Into the i??ii, thus Blmplrfylng the ayatem
t handllng. But there bi not room for the bow
Ir.vi ntlon. . . , .. ,
The baaemenl la burdened wlth archalo nethods.
The <;. n-ral Postofflce floor on a lev-l v.ith ,he
s....... |( |? the aame condltlon. There are only
26 752 --i'i re fe ! of Hoor space ln fact. this la
decreaaed matertally by tha aenaeleea ayatem of
a Icovee, whlch exlend around the ,hree a.dcs of
the corrldor. and whlch are a eonatant.fource.of
a'novm.-e to the average bualneai man till he has
ftone^aroaan . ? '??...t?P^l5''~!n'nf'\fllnra
for unravellir.g this modern rlddle or tke aphnlx
Th- plani for havlng thla nulaance abated and of
addlng aome hundreda of Bquare feet of. warktng
.. to the man floor have now been ln ttaah
f,... n month The purpoee 1 oaUraati r I ay
.,,-, nai -i mind ?- to atralfbtet the partltlort,
i,t:. Bl ,s ilnsl II la the coal of Ihe alter
X-,,. ?- thou ind dollari wai appropi i I
Bome'tlme ago for tha aaw i laval .ra aMd cha ngea
l? ,-,,.. Bvstem ol v ntllation. or rather for the in
trodu ..,.,, ... a system of jrantllatlon where none
existed. Tl i i ve fl bar. although Itflhou.d
not in the , ' natldn of tha offlclali and for the
?ake ,.r the burlnesi men whoae dutlei earry them
t , the offlce fr m day to day. It ih eatlmated thal
, ihn Ogh thf> conidors dally on
rjosi il buslneaa, , ,,
To return once agaln to the mcManlae ajallery.
., thla half-story and over agalnat the Broadway
Mlda ; .' : ? ? rh? rei atry dlv|a in ol the fl *ylce.
There behlnd clo i I .?!.. -.-? partlrlona and benlnd the
m'urkv windovvaol theouter wall men work In an ab
s? ,;..iv ...,.1 atmoephere. whlch la cnllvened on v
. rlaing cl ui ! i of Impalpablii dual from the
ruain floor b low. and by Ihe i mgesti I atmoep , re
whlch I ivlng done - rvl ? foi tni multltu.iinoua
lunKs'below, rii,- and Bllnka throu.'h the partitlon
he ui, i ovei agaln by ??? "a^try inen.
fho nosslbllltles ar. enough to brlng the Health Of
kvn upon tha itructure wiih a rush, for it ls ,
ln auch placea thal the tubefeular bacUlua beat
Tl ? "top lloor of the bulldlng is glven over to n.e
if ih* rallwav mall elrvlce, and there are the
and thedorrn lor; of that departmenL fcvery
efl ? ha. been made to brlng order io the aervlce
tlon* -..-! it li im
I . i :: tem of arrangi meni
tbou. ? ? e-flfth of th. entlre b iil. inn I* m i upled
by the p alal d< partn 1*1 " ? ol thi
..... up more than
a goi . ... the re '. and ne:.- li la pro| ?---d
to make a. thi mpi Imi rovi ? nl :'
ran he . bIIi ; It la pr. ;.--? I lo make Ihree a I
didonal : I ??? fi : : ? ovei l .? i ourtrooma al
? : i done?and th<
ie work ar. noa in Wa I ngton i parl a; 1
over . ? ? : ni Ilbrary, an i hy varloua de.
vlees th- I-,. ???il. - v 11 1 ?? atlll robbed ..f I'- Iiv
It ahoul ! have .. i -:;. Ilng to tsell ? tructed upon
no? t mulati : U| it, but
1 ui,oi. :
l.I.I.U:!'. 8:09V rjOUfl TO ?::.i:\iwv \M!l-:>N
When the great
.?:'.-'?: il., laat 1 bi in ie lowei I
bi ll Um ... r- .? I ' ? ? ? n irly
thr. - i ? , Whlrllglg'a *:10 I
mark rver mn '.? i ?? a paeer of
Dli tly'a performai I ' ' tlon I >ok
rtlaed m< eting. and th
j of the time announ, ? I waa nevi ,:???????!
' ti , i> ir. tl horae world 1 lhal Ih
ni., :?? ??? . .,i ord, bui Ii li :, >w anm in ?
tmerlcan Ti [ R. ' al i (Thi
i . ? \. , \ lluok of
ted the performai
i iir- eular a the | ??:-????
wai n il !- 11 un I ? 11 i ? ol ther l
\ itlen. A* neithei
,,r ,.,.. , ?.- ? any hand ln a
: ? r tlmei m-etlng. glven I
m mbers, h rsen
; made ai - ? ' ? ? l''
' all i ? I ' ' '
? -
n ? . tmpton atalllon
re oi l ma e by E. II. Hai I imoui b ?.-?
1 In 1892, a. Hcial publlca
f the ai ? re rd B| ;?? u i a* '.' II,
? ? 0f -? : tan t. ?< ? l thre* oi
w, ,|,. ,th< ,-?:-.. ? -: Iban I 18 ai the
. . ln 1898, and Cloae I th
ln 1 - aa n way
the harne - reco. I of <lu .... ' >'?? " ?
I to nagon wer. b ith
rejected, all '? "*? ? '
,?.,. .. iieti Orar.d C reull mi rtli : i. I
. ., . i v-i . :. , ledoffl Ial* Alli f the*
llte.l by tu i and 1 I piildl
.,, l l. ,. ll '? mark bf ! ?' . a .
doub'.l. s .-. ' II ' uU-:" ' '? '?'??? '?' ?'
i:. ik.
ll,m? racln. ln Eur. la rapldly becomlng
an ln.rtanl aport. Bome of tbe puraea Offerrd al
I . , , whl h are under Oovernmenl
patronagi and . ' ? : ':i ' ,lu' ?" ?'
,,, thi Am< rlcnn ? onti l ? i ? I' the Kenl n I t
].- iturlty, and ? >'eral Ame. Ican trottera abroad
i,,,.,. aron more mon. y durlna ihi h.s. year than
l,,,, , ol rnunl ??? were able te Win on home
,,.,. , xhe chei tnul i talllon Bell Wether, 1 I ? ,.
hy \ iklm . lhal J B llrown. W< rterly, R I lo >a
,,', vienna In : H, won ???.'?"?'. on Au irlan tracka Iu
I i.., [u-IIb, 2:18*4, tl.e bwck mar* by Quarter
m. ter whlch w. rulaed b< B. H. Rundle, ol Dan
|,ury, Conn., and lampalgned on Eaatern tracka by
john ii Turni . won 86.IM In Auatrla and llun
aary; Quortei trei h, the on of Quarterm* ter,
-,,!,,, took .. i cord ol 2:12 :.' Ele*twood ln ,v'..|,
i-aptured 84.300 thla yeni al Ihe meetlnga around
Vlenna, aml the old hoi - Bpol ord, I I 14, mli ? d '-.
.1 n. Ifouaton, ol New-York, earned 18,800, ,->l
though be i now Igteen yeara old Arehle Bher
man, " 29!?, anothei Sc? V, rh hoi a, won $.'""?.
and Valkyr, who made h-r recoid ,.r :? II , In
Wlacon ,n tn laa*, and Eddle llayee, I:**1f> one ..f
llob Kneeb'a collectlon, were als., good wlnnera on
Aiistrlan nnd It.ilian tracka ln Italy. wiiere the
American trotter waa Inlroduced mon- thun ten
yeara ago, a natlv. ihr*e^year-old coll called
Ca.plo, by the old tlme Orand Clreuil ainner, At
lantlc, :'.:'!. headfl the llal ol money wlnnera wlth
K.Q8S tu his c-'illt Alattl- II.. L'.llV ii Cat-Off from
Monroe Ballsbury'a st.ii.i-. won IMM aa Itallan
tracka, and a good deal more In Ruaala When it
la remembered that th- great mare Beuaetta, 1*86*4,
won only 86,500 ln thls country laat year, aml that
ao good one* im Onhqua, -.||s'?; Wllllam Penn,
::n7'?, Lockheart, ?-?" ',; Leaa Wiikos. IM: Ryland
T , 2 M .! aiid Fantaay, I .*;. earned a good deal li as,
an ii. a can ba bad >.f what Europa u .ioiiiK in the
waj of prlz-e lor tr,.ltt-r:i.
At the wlnter troltlng meetlng na st. Potera
lnirx |U3,000 waa dl.tributed among the tr.,t
ters. The Internatlonal free-for-all ls worth
$:t..>>. and the atalllon ra? f,.r Ruaslan
iii.d horaes i- worth 812,160. All racea are, >.f
courae, trotted on Ihe I?. and alnce tha pneumatlc
aulky ha. comi Into uae, speedlng aleiaha have
l.i.n dlacarded, the ruolier wnecla belng fastrr
The faati l harneaa hora. lhal hai \<i been ex
ported from ih.s counlrj ?? nu aenl to namourg re?
cently The .in.!-..! la Ellard, 1^8*4, owned by B.
.; Brlcker, Ruttc, Mont. Jamea l<eonard, aaalatani
tritlncr for Mr. Brlcker, took th- n,.t,-d trott.r
a iroad. i.-i.ii -.rd wlll probably campalgn hlm in
Erance, Italy, Auatrla and Oermany un.il bi i
aold. Ellard d elghl -,- ir. ,iW. and la one ol the
li-si looklm; nml moal I ilistantlal trottlnK atall
lon. iu America. He waa br?d by J. Wllllam Kl
lard, CummlngBVllle, Miiss.. nnd ls a son <>f
Charley Wllkta, 2 II ., who was by Red Wllkea, tha
Bln ol llal, h A'llkca, 2:0a*4, nnd other fiist one*
Thi horae appi ired flral on the lurt ln 1181, win
: ? >m r.i , and galnlna a rccord of 2:.:i C.
W. Wllliam. had hlm the followlni year and drove
him lo a four-yeai old record ui -.,'? ,. il Indepen
dem -. lo* a. In 1899 H Dobla look blm In h ind
and hi haa alnci then been Iralned i?y the famoua
drlver ol Dex ? r. Oold.mlth Mald and Nancy
ll.ir.ks ,\l u.. ?'l veland Orand .'ir.-uit m**tlng iii
1*94, Ellard lon d Ftyland T. oul ln .':(r7'4. then il.e
no made ln a rnc?. and a ffu v ? , ,
later, In .. i .< al Terr< Haute, h- entered th. 2:16
i,i ..- irot h rac. agalnat Wllllam
Penn and i - ? .? Jlm.
I.uki- i irii, :!-.> newly el ted tre.Bufej of tha
i>r.. i: ? Iub of New-Vork, la aolna te eloae oui
hla atable of l.-ottera al W. B. Faalg .'.- <'o.'* >.ii..
nexl i mth, and retlre from th" turt He own.
tii^ champ'.on ten-mlle troltei Paa >i 2i:lS, . .. i
.1 ? Mtmorlal, 2 ii'i. and Thotaia A..
tba uUter a. aald to hnve troited ln 2.1$
in ber vioil. ut Buffalo la liJi. Uurke ihou^ia to
Curocran (X&urrtiscmcnts.
wiiKiti: to siior m Ei'RorE.
DebenharrT& Freebodv;
ajBjka, Laeea, brm fioodt,
Imtunifv. lloaki, luri.
Anllque KnslWh Karultur*.
TheCrafton FurCo.,Ltd.
"Tho Lrading llousc for
Fu'rs in Londoii.
_j64f Now Bond St., London._
H. P. Truefitt, Ld.,
13-14 0L0 BOND-ST., LONDON, W.
(Through to Burlington Arcade.)
illuh-rlaxs lalrereawag i.t (aatsla eiperta faafciwa
an.l i liin.po.lj bj Jfew-Tora eaeratora, Flrat anii
onlr ??liiirr r.n BbaTlag Saloon" ln 1-on.I.iu.
.Tituli^s ABAafc^H
1/... " X.:.'.. ..'iTSI
well of Tooisi- A. laat Bpring that he matched her
f,?. ,-,., , alde agalnai the noted campaigner
rvnhna ' ii1- Andrew Mlller backlng the leldlng.
Th- race never i smc .,ff. Iiurk- also offered to net
?-,'.',i,ii Pascal coulJ beal any trotier Iu the
ao'rl.l n ., long-llstanoe race wlth we!aht up, but
he found no takere. lr la the common bellef. hoar
?ver thal Kcorea of horsefl now on the turf could
tose the game litlle bwi of Pascarel at any dlatance
and al any weght Hla beat record for one mile
la =?::?.?._,
ITnder tha* (kyllahl of a^buaim i houae In Murray.
i of a unlq is llbrai ? . whlch tre ita of
,.,.. , , . . developmenl of Ihe Ameriean negra
Tne ? ll< Ung of th.k?, pamphleti and manu
pt |i tn- i.ii.or of th. Women'a Loya' Unlon of
Xew-York Cltj and Bro I Thi organlaatlon of
patrlol \'. i-Amerlcan ? mi n waa eitab'.lsl I D
, ,.,. . i8jj || i:. ;',..-? .. numbei ol the ? Iu ated
I ? ..,?!, ,,' th Eaat. lti chlef alm ia ihe
;, j,,, . ? ,i ; ihe coi natural and clvll
, _.. :. .,' i f Afrlca leecent In thla
trv. |i - eki withoul abatem nl or eaaggeratlon
,,,..,., viewi of ihelr moral condltlon al the prea
p,,t tlme In all i;,r', of the country. Oplnlom are
- pei i aa ire able b) con
t , il i ? or actual
ma) be re ?- l
I lati, i.i
? .- ?
... ? oin I ihe practlc. ?;
awli isni ia, the
i i ? I - ? ?
. . ?
and the va i
H tani fa, tors In
, li . I ;?! ?'.
li ' ? rean
p lt has ga ? ? ne of
? I ?
? i ? i ? :.nlj li i ii aa a lll Ung
thla O. T. Dowi Ing, ,,f
;, xleiandei d ,mmi 11, h E i. ?>. W
i . :,. an l "!':? - we -ki a n ? ol. i- I i Itlav n ? of
?:.. -li. beque ith v i
g to i i ra ?-. ? i noa
i parl if I
\ | ., t thla ? lei ? on of '..kx wrltten and
. . liti : I pe ?;??? ??' a I'nil I
ika Include t'g worki of
bred hlatorlan \\'i I am i' Bi r.a, author
? f the , ',^,i* 1 Patrlota of the Rev h
ii ,,, . Wllllam Wella Bi wn'a "Black Man";
?- . ? | , . ihe flnt ti ,,k ol Iravol
wrltten bj an Ameriean negro; alao the tir-; novel,
: n,. i.i;. ..;: ! Btorl - ol Fre lerlck Doug
l Trul a valuable \ imi. pub
.??.;, i >r ' Perrj 'a "Ou hlti ".
:-, -;; or Free oi I i ? ? ? ihe v ,,k-." by J ihn H
I.., lue; ? The Mfe of WIIH r i i.i iyd fl irrli in," by
? ,; I (Jrlmke; .1 ? ph U ll? o,'* "Black Pl i
\|, if Mark, ' > the Rev W, .1 Blm
? >. ;. i Women," by It. Bcrugg . "The N>
i i ? ? i: lltoi i," i.v i . ;.u i.i;, l r-nn:
pa | [) -i tr'i I'.il.-t Poem ." hl rhl) pralaed by
Ihe "11." poet, Jamc Whltcomb Rlley; John
I Hlator: ; "Fi m i Vlrglnta ('.,t,in lo
? il." by .1 M 1.1" ;aton; ' lola !?? roj." bj
Mn F !?: Ilarper. and "M u : ? an '? 8 ime lllghly
i ? iple." !,-. James M Ti I
rhe mn irlj ?? ll.lon 1 p< ople
. ? , n i: i foui I In ihi Anglo
A r. i ,i . .. in ii ? ? publlshi I I.i Ni ,. -York < "Ity In
? lltor and pi -i i i,
I ? 1 ::iw,- w. re .ip? :i to ihe moil expertenced
arrltei ol ihe daj Many Importanl paper* on i --
.. C :,.? ls," ' Tl .tl a -1 - ii of the I'laneta,"
? 'i i, .- ? ',i ances of Aatronomy" a re con
Irlbut' i bj M iriln It I ? ,;<-??? i \,, ?
M ? une Bmlth a ?????? for ll . ? com
rhi F iriecni li (J rj ol Thoma Jeffer
on VI liila, lerman inva ilon "
I , ? ? ii \ l.. ? vm. ii, ii. 1*1. ? uie
i:,.!.-.? r'.ordon'a "IVri n
.iht \ t ihe in ? , ? iuae i >,? p nnlngion i "Tne
H< ? lt, I, ? ;nlm Powei of the Colored Racei of the
Woi , un l I'. Blyden' The Blave Traftlc "
i.'ni. ?-. t un. tloni u. ln itcd I ) Fi l> 11 k 11 iug
la ia. tt . i.ini .' \-ll. John Merci-i l.angatun. Theo
.l.t - - llo ly. .1 .-'? la Martln, Francea Kllen tt at
kins, .lan- Bu ter, Ba ,.', M D and Urace
A Mopp
lr waa i gen llna i ici p. i! Ili .1 Ita ? iff wai
well known nnd appreclated by Wendell Phllllpa and
Wllllam Uoyd.Oarrlaon. lt Bourished when the rie
gro in ii', rature waa looked upon ,i i a projllgy.
The flral colorrd newapaper, "Freedom'i Journal,"
wai publlahed In 1827. lt w.n devoted to the up-bulld
Ing of the negro "Th. In ilou Wronga Infllcted
I'i.oii tli- Colored People." aaya one of Ita edltorial
articlea, "wlll make , race llterature nol only a poa
Blblllty. bul a neci Uty. to dlaslpate the odlum con
jured by the term 'colored' peraon, orlglnally d?
slgned lo humiHate, lo di ilgnate nol only an ln
forlor order, imt to acccntuate and ,-.ill unfavorabla
att, lon to the moat Ineradicable dlfference i><
tween Ihe racea "
'The Weekly Advocate" was eatabliahcd ln IUI by
Phillp A, Bell, assblted by It Jamea McCune Smlth.
I'rvder Ihe name of "The Colored Ameriean," rhi?
aecond lournal flourlahed untll UM2. in im; Frederlck
Douglaai founded "The North st.ir" at Rocheater.
Th- m,-i noteworthy lournali ,,f the present uuh
Hshed by nea;roefl are "The New-York Age," cdlted
by T Thoma* Fortune; Ida Wells-Barnat'fl "Free
Bpeech" and John Mltchell'a "Rlchmond Pla net"
Th- nrgro woman wai nol unknown ln ante-bellum
llterature. ln poema, aongi and addreaaea, the 11
l,t-.i.-v reveala tne namea ?,f Mra, F. B, W. Ilarper,
Charlotte Foater Orlmke, u. Cordelui Ray, tlertrude
Moaaell, Mi\ 'i K. Johnaon, w. ii. Btowera aml \v
H Anderson.
To ilie pr. Mldent of the YVom-n's Loyal 1'niou. Mra.
irate Fal Party III! Thl5 lan't a luttijage van.
Tonng Bport- l i>evf your pardoa I dld not nottce
lt waa a. cattle-tnica.- -(Tha Bketch.
(Btiropean CVbcerticcmcnta
ta. London o?ea af Th* Trttr.e*. T8. ?h*8 etreet.
E. C. a eonTentent place' to leave thelr adrartliarnanta
?nd aubaciipttona for Tha Trtbuna.
Savoy Hotel, London.
Gavoy Rcstaurant
Of liaalronomle Faai*.
Il?iul nlaj* on tii* trrra^* ***ffM8t*f
tbe Ii-iii.inl.iii.-nt, Oarrl*n* anl Blfar.
*** <""'""? 8AX.IGEB* ) J' &S1IXAB8
JIaltre K?rom*r. ta* wwaaa
Hotel Metropole
Offors nneqtialled accom
inoriation for real coinfoit
nnd liixuryin every detalL
Moderate charges.
The Gordon Hotcls, Limited
The Hotel Cecil,
Thla magriificent new Hotel ?
Ihe lar^'st and finest in Lon?
don?will be open for the re
cfption of visitors about tho
15th ofApril, 1896. Its loca
tlon is unrivalled, facing and
overlooking the river Thames
and the Embankmcnt Gardens
?while the eastern and west
ern wings flank thei Grand
Courtyard and Garden, en?
tered by a drivevvay direet
from the Strand. The hotel
contains 1,000 Rooms, and
will be fitted up in the most
luxurions and completa style.
The Cuisine will be under the
direction of Monsieur Antoine
Coste, the eclebrated French
Chefj under whose nianage
inent sorne of the best restau
ranls ln Paris and London
have become famous,
C. P. BERTINI, Mana^cr.
vI.i-iiikI Hotel, I'nrla.
l-'ormrrly of l)?-linoiili-o'?. ^?-Vorlr.
' l rlli-rliill Kialu iirii n i. london.
The Walsingham House
Orerlook. th?' Park and oc ui lea the fin<?at po.
r.'i m ln Lond >n. Apartmenta at moderati
charfces for a *h ,rt or long pertod.
Culalne managc l by an
experler ?? .1 Erenen ehef.
T^l??rram?. "rfjlKne." } I;. OELARDt,
L ,ii,l.n \ Sec'y <fc Managef.
MiJUixl THI! llll'.l.l'lll IKlTF.t,.
KailWay f biidlakd graWd hotel.
I nalaml.
**8*graaM ??i|| |a8?L
lt. loni.v. yttr. r<n.f t. Modarita charge*.
nta.n iba baat aaladloa of
UROt'BF M.- n Hmlaod.
DEI-:i! 1 "'-I KTS,
IfAXMION IIOI -?!? ' > Irrl.in.t anl
t.ow um irsu bhi rvrixofc
- \< mon I'lMiiNns. -? >? iiaad.
To b* I.lir Miil POR :i\l.r rai I ? I > 1 I ?' fr** from
? - fl !? ? ? . r .-:? . I", B.V.I-. U : ! B, W
lllli: IKPA.T?ai I'lT.ll.? "I > i .'-.: 'i?li Kn.wl.
aa*a .< tb* natural lawa whlch ?:,--? n ih* up^rattona of
.!.*-,-*ti r. bhiI Butrl. ind by a ran (ul appll. ,', * ol t..*
na* propanlaa ol <r?ll-*?l? l. i i a, Mr. Kppa haa prv.
Vldl I tol I ?>? tr.-ikf.iM and BUppar .i .!-!.' "I'-lv <i->% i'-t
:? *i~ arbl ii may wif ua man> h**vj ?' ? ?? aV bllla lt
li b) mr ju.li.uuK ii-' f .-,i.i artlcln f :.??. lhal a coo
atttbtion ma) ba aradually bullt up unlll *ti ?<: ???? ugli ti
rralat o>n i*nd*nc> to diaraaa Hundrrd* of aubtl* mala
,;,-f are m'..-1-.k around ua ?? idy to altark nrberavar tli^ri
1 , * v. ...i!< [?.'"? \\> r. .i\ ? . ? ? ' I't I ?
lo ., oirf ..-,;?.?!-. .??. -a -ii ??.'? B, .! " lll pur* l.lo I and ? pro*.
*rly nourlahMl frama." ?'.? I Hrrvlra Oaa?tt<, Mada almply
wlta holl.na watai oc m.iu s :i unli In half-i *ind Un*,
I.v <!r ??-r*. Inl.-ll-.t I JAWKB lll'I'S .1 (().. I.tl..
paiH< Ch^mlata l?ndon. Bngiand._
I/ltKKril I'KNamN Madam* \t tn 75 I ul r--:
lr? Parle ?i:i taka n r?a I - kr? d**lr1na '?? learn
Kr-n. h i.-f-r-i. ?. Dr SV. '?. iVrrtlnanlal II ial.
v v .?.--.
/ Qt tscn'a lioTKL,
I _ - l.KKI'S- ?
,. 1 _ DRRRT -.?
r Bparlatt.ra: Eaeallani Culalaa
Vlciorla li.ri Matthews, .-? glfted Journalist, New
v. ,,:it i largelv ln li bte 1 for Ihla n ivel coll I n
Bhe was brought bv her alave m ther to New-York
, , ? ,re the ? i ise if i'.- a\ir. an i edu ? ited in the com?
mon ? bool i. Iter mother w is t1 - lirsi '. i tck woman
lo galn recognlilon In a <'? irgla court of Juatlce
The mother'a eff rta lo reeover her chlldren, wl;..
Im I f ni. . ? , ea, ipe ??? Ith !,-?:. ellcll I th ? ? mpathy
,,i Prealdenl (Srani, w,?, labored In her l>ehalf untll
;!.ouri gave her a h-i't:.-. !?-. the flnancial a ..-.?
lary, Mra Kate \' farmand, the unlon has Ihe flrst
, olore l woman apn ,lnt. I to i - ? rkahlp ln Ihe Oov?
ernment servlci Mra. Carmand made a good i
in the Treaaur) Department, from whl li ahe re
algned lo marry Her mother, who a'aa parl negro
and Indlan. ipenl a I rtuni : 130.000 In educatlng
tli-f:-l -i,i\.- Rlie form. '. inlon '.? ,tn, i u
the colored peonle of Vlrginia, whlch contrlliuted for
yeara lo Bepubllcan vlctorl No leaa Intereatlng1
[a the hlatory of M.--< .1 Imogen Howard, ot the
i;>?-,-iM\- Committee, a aucc. iful ti icher ia the
public achoola of New-York and representatlve-at
large at the World'i Falr.
Hll.l. BBAITROPRIATINa 11.800.000,
Congreaaman Lemuel Ely Qulga, v -='? -,i ti-e rus.
tom Houae yeaterday, and had a talk w ith i'ol
l.,-ior Jamea T. Kllbreth aboul a new Cuatom
liouae Congreaaman Beth Milllken, who expected
to accompany hlm from Waablngton, waa unable
t,. do ao.
An approprtatlon of tl.SOO.O l waa ma '?? by Con
uri-is to apply on tha conatrurtlon of the Bowllng
On -ii alte. Congreaaman Qulgg aald he would '.n
troduce a Mil for tha reanpropriatlon of thla money
to h- uaed on a new atructure on ihe site of tha
preaeni Cuatom Houaa, In Wall-at His hiii would
provide for B coiuir.S !,hi of flve tO s'lperv se the
eractlon of the bulldlng. lt would ipeclfy that two
membera of ihe commlaalon ahould be Oeorga B.
Post. prealdenl of tha New-Yorh Archltectural
league, and the Collector of the Port of Xew
York, whlle the other three ahould be appointed hy
the Becretary of tha Treaaury, Thls commlaalon
would aelecl the plan for the huil?lln?r. and provide
quartera f,,r carrylng on the work of the Cuatom
Houae iintii the new atructure ahould he ready
for occupancy. The total coat of th- propoaed Cua?
tom Houaa would !>.? from 15,000,000 to $i<ionoiini)
The mtrance to the preaeni bulldlng, whlch waa
ronaidered to ba parflcularly Impoafng, could bo
The notion of repalrlng tha preaeni Cuatom Mouse.
haa been glven up. McKIm, Mead & tthit. tba
archltecta who made an examlnatfbn of th.- bulld?
lng, reported to rhe Secretary of the Treaaury thal
tt waa butli around a rotunda and half of tho
iloor Bpace waa loat. Th- foundatlona were coo.i
enough for the bulldlng aa it atood hut they
would nol bear the welghl of addltlonal atorlea.
The interior of the bulldlng, however, was glvlng
way. Congreaaman Qulgg aald ha had aaeurancea
that hls tilll would paaa
There was B douhle funeral reaterday BBOrttlBg
from Bt. Qabrlel'a Botaaa Cathollo Church, la Baat
Thtrty-aeventh-at Arthur a. and Anna Turner,
brother and alater, who dled withm a few houra of
each other. w-re burled together in CaJvary Ceane
t-iy. The boy waa oniy alghtean yeara oid nnd the
SeL!LMa4!112 tir*"1 hN Ju:,l,,r- T"?J ?"?ra chlldren
of Mrs. Ellen Turner, a wldow of No. 881 Thlrd-ave.
Arthur dled on Tueeday after a lingerlng lllneaa of
P-rl.onl s Anna. who was BUfferlng wlth pneu
monia. dled of ihock, on lenrnlng .,r hla d-.ni:.
Frank a. Houaton, accompanled by a Itttta bay,
went Into tba Oak-at. atatton yeaterday mornlng and
Inelated on wttBaaalng aa eperatloa balng performed
by an ambolaaoa Burgeon on h patlanl in tha raar
rouin. Wbea AoUaa Caotata Tbomaaoo oblectad. ha
i fotciqn Beeottfy.
The Internationai Palace Hotels,
Thr l.liealn-U Palace.
cAiito .tsarrpt.
Ttii* Itlvlera I'nlui'C ,
Ml fl .Franca,
Tho Avi-iililn PHlni-r.
LISHO.V .I'ortugal.
Tlic Muliijn I'nlin-r.
1 h<- Mummvr 1'iilai-p.
The I'rrn I'iiIiicp.
The <;<! Ilolfl lii.?-rnullonnl.
IlllIMHM .Halr.
Tnr ln:,<in.at|..ri, t|,-kft* lo all polnta an'i W re**rva aa*
cnrnm'?l*rl,n. iiii.lv linerna.lr.nal S. C Co.'b Offloea. U
Corkipur-M.. London. or 3 Plaee <1e l'Opera. Parl*.
TralBM do LajX? from CALAIS
aUrwet to tfec KIVli;iiA wlthout
iliii.i^c. sii-rjiitm and Hi-mru.
raiit C'ar*, "VesllbuU; Traln."
Tliroucli HoKlstraiion. Cuatomo
rxainiiiation* in the frniiia.
? Thrre ollirr dailyaiorvire.. Farea
and full pai'tirnlars, post free,
sleepino car cowPAPir, i?
S. W'.. nheie plarea mu?t be
reeerved iu advance and all
tlrkctw oht.'iiiifd.
Rome, Italy.
Grand Hotel,
Onanad la 1S01.
Tn* mo?t rnmplet* or
godrrn Hotrl*. ll-rtrlc
llrht throuahnot. Amarieaa
rlrratorH. All **nttarr
irranarmrnl* nlanned
and rarrlrd out by
leurge Jeanlngi 1 Co., Londoa.
{P Ril7 of "aaeat Hot?i,*?
?*? W,IZ. Unaaa.
ofGd. Hatol Xatlaaet,*
A PfutTaP "r'rankfarUr HoP
?. nyner, imakrori, a.?.
Alger- Mustapha
Grand Hotel
_St. Oeorge_
Hotel Beau Site,
_Can nes.
Hotel duPavillion
Hotel des Islec
Quirinal Hotel,
Hotel de la Ville,
HoteTrJeTa Ville,
_IV! i lan._
G'd Hote[ du Louvre de Paii._
Hotel Chatham,
15 Itf*E BCRIBR,
The Modern Hotel of Paris.
223. Ra. st. Honor*. Part*.
IVtwron the Tullerfo. Gaiitns. PUe* V"n.10T.e
an>l New Opera- Adrantngeoiia arrangementa ff
fanilllea. Heautiful Hall. I^nrRi* Drawrtng Koorna*
Kla.-trlo Llgtit, atc. Telejrnms. "Lillalbl r-.."
became abustve and was flnally locke.l v.p. Ile waa
flned $.". by Maglatrate Brann, in the Centre Btraat
C irt, and .??< he w ia leavlng the brldge, he threat
en-d the captaln. The latter grabbed hlm by tha
neck and ruahed hlm back on tha brldge igaba,
Mn latrate Brann ordered inother Pharge of da>>
orderly conduct ..talnst llouston, and Impoaed aa
addltlonal Haa of 110.
The pretty drawtnK-rooni of the Uerkel-y C.ym: a
alun, No :;i \\--t Forty-fourth-at-, was well r.iiej
yeaterdaj afternoon bj th- membera ar.l friends of
the Women'a Cnlverslty Club. It was tho o,- <- t
of the regular monthly tea glven there by th- club.
The entertalnment was provkled by Mr. anl Mrs.
Regnor Ki.i.li. whoae programma eoaabited of somci
aml monotoguea. Mr. Kkftdt, who la a Dana baa
mada a apeclal atudy of rhe foik-songs of all na
tiuns. ii!-. Spantah, French, Hungartaa and Engllah
ballada yeaterday arara daUghtfaUy rendere.i nnd
warmly recelved by his baarara Mrs. Kid.ll ls al?3
a alnger by profeaalon, and loinci her husban.l ia
tWO or three duets. She app.ared at her best ln
her reeltal <>f PaudaH'a moaologua "Le Soua
Pr#fet," whlch has been made famoits hy Coqueltn.
The ofllcera of the Woanen'a Unlveraity t'ltib are:
Miss iiei.n Dawaa Brown, prtaaaaat; Mrs. <;??orge
0 Traak, rtca praatdent; Miss Laaey Davla, seere
tary. and Mlss Ali." Williams. treasurer. Mlsa
Itary B, Pulhaaa was the chalrman of the Tea
Tal.le Committee yesterday. an.l she had aecured
tha aarvttea of Mrs. Frank Ilryson an.l Mrs. R. C.
Myles to pour the tea. Among the ku sts present
were M.-s. |,. I.atlln KcIlogK. Mra. Henrv M. San
dera, Ml.s Itary L Avery. i>r. H. S. oppenhelmer,
Mr. and Mrs. Horatlo \\ alker. Mlss Klliabeth Ful
lock. Mrs. Orouard, Mlss Kunkle. Mls? I'restouia
Mann and Mrs. H. 11. ltutlor.
sili: HAn PtATNOBD into THK iuveu in AN AT?
TiiMiT TO roMMiT BUatSUWg,
Nearly a hundred per>ons wltnessed the resctia
of a colored woman who attompted xulctde yester
?lay afternoon by jumping overl.oard at pler lT
F.nst Rtvar. The woman was Klla WaahtniHon,
thiity-two years oid, who llves at Fourteenth-st.
und Wlllow-iive.. Hobokl n. She vvalked down to the
doek about :' o'dock and piuaajea into the water.
The wataaa'l aet was aaaa hy ? number of laborera
..ii tha dock as well as the ctvw of the boat Rldge
arood, owned by the Croton Wutcr Company. whlch
waa moored at the adjoinlng pler. The boat atarted
for the drovvnirtK woman, who was belng swept out
Into the rlver by the ( iirrent. Hefore the boat
reached her. howavar, ? colored laborer on the dock
nam.d Danlel Wtlaon, who llvea at No. 261 Weat
Btxtv-thtrd-at., grabbed th- woman as she float.d
i.y the ,nd of the pler and managad to puli her up
on thi. dock. The woman was then in an exhausted
,r,A J,0'i,',,m"? of tha Btaaaihaal squad detalled at
tne dock placed her under arrest an.l nummoned an
amnulanea from liud3on Strctt iloxpltal. where ba
hud her rcr.ioved.

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