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nl?ri at co'ty !>Jt weea gaa hardly auch
?*? |Ma('|!y alllng arnlval, yel there was
** *M.i>to varleiy in Ibe entertalnmenta Atter
co^'\ '^ . rptlona, dli ner pan
??* .' .. j, ,- - , ?? . ? ? .,: 1 | sjr
'e* a,Dce are aome ol Ihe occurr ncea ali
J,r:'"t' leled. {'f rourae, tbe ni">: Important n
cI,rcr,!r". ??:' lh< areeh araa lh< leap-year ani
ul!im AV 'i waa glven on Tburaday nuht ln the
f*r*l a eni nea aallroom recently added to Heber
r*:. >>,.., - home .n Fiftb-ava. The party -.\ ,< got
B ,'v"..v' oi ?? ? younc natrona and ll waa h
UP, lete surprlBi to hlm. Tb< KPaata Vrera In
c * ''. i 'clock and ? I -h one a ia In
v '. . the houae by the newly made en
?t" '.,, ;:., ballroom, in Blaty-nlnth-at. The
?Lfia-ave. front of the Blabop houae was ln dark
ff and from the atreal gave no him of the . .
Tjm$ ?o;n-; on wlth'.n, bo thal when Mr. B
?*j* ,. , | ,me, shortly after 11 o'cloek, he
* to Bnd hlnaaetf the gueal of
: itlful womi n In aoclety. The
awj", |jn,. and for i hai rea
tu,l'. ', ... Il waa nol a large party, but il
SStay ai I late. Miaa Blahop, in raafrplna
W .],. itillon after aupper, Tl ?
?v1 ';',..., ame on from dmner parl ? . i
{;.? \\ " am \stor. who eraa gorgeously att'red
?a*.. and allver broi a e; Mrs John
^.?tor, lovely loooklng In whlte aatln, the
?'.. the con ivered wlth dlann indi an I a
''?'" la on the head; Mrs. T 9uffern
:.???., tiveiy atl red in black gauae
"?*" j |{ jjra Tbeodore F. Havemeyer, Jr., In
?.V '?.. ratin Mlaa Anna Banda alao In wh!t< aatln;
mi?? Fannle Taller, ln cherry-colored aatln and
?HE , \ Misa Davla, ,,f Washlngton, ln pale
g" ,- ? Mlaa Edlth Knowlton, Mr-?.
JP',*! neyer. Mrs. MlllB, M aa K?
2?d Mrs Charlea Whltter. Mra. Whltney War
JJ ?,t Mra Charlea H. MarahalL A few of th?
L,,r nreaeni were John Jacob Aator, J. S irman de
? vvW?'.?"?.u?e. Jame* \v. App'.eton, Ham lti n 'mv,
? ? rce) Forh m, Q Crelghton Webb, H.
5 ..-,. ? Keraey, John Q. Reresford and I'hlKp
!.:?? - -
Another notable Incldent last week was the dlnner
?artr. whlch was followed by a vaudevllle enter
Lgnment, glven on Ti. sday Blgbl by Mr BBd Mrs.
x Lanfear Norrie at their home, in Baat Forty
B/tt-at The dlnner was a aaaall, informai one, and
the entertalnmaat whlch took place on a apaelally
m . tform, was partleatorly merry. A num
lif of axtra puests were lurlted :n to enjoy lt. The
itMirlei alstera who some tlme ago w-m the favor
onle by their danclng. gav.- eevera
wwtlons of tbelr accompllBhmenta, whlle Brooka
IndI Denton played the banjo. and Maurlce Far Koa
!'.,.. nearlv every -one In his iep<rtory Mr. Bl I
S?? vorrle'a gueata included Mlsa Beatrlce Bend.
JETvi-.V. Blshop, Mlss Marle Wlnthron. Mr. and
SSi Heber H. Blshop. Mr. and Mrs. Willlam A.
gij, M ?? Katharlne Duer, the Mlaaea Norrie the
CVa-e, rdight, Miss Fannle Taller, Mlaa Davla Mlaa
? lietirv J. Whitehee.d. G CreigBgon ^ ebb.
Btewart. A. Oordon Norrnt imnej
g;,,';-. andH. Uay MUhw.
0?e of the largeel n"d most alaborata raceptlona
cf Ihe week was that glven by Mr. and Mra N. L.
McCready en Wedneeday aftaraoon ln their aaw
w0'm, \o. 4 East Seventy-fifth-st. Mr. and Mr-.
MeCready. who have llvad abroad most of tha Uina
Itece their marrtage, are the poaaaaaora of one M
the moal beauttful homee ln Mew-Tork. and so
noroughly French that lt looka as if ll mlghl have
been brought over from Parla and set down n Bev
3TJSS& JJ '- . wea?
? v i,' V mother Mrs Borrowe. who ?
Efne J.'"'? * ' , ~ >,r anti Mrs. > eCready.
SSn^helrpla e untll next autumn
The weddlng of Miss Owen to Mr. Bordea, on
n, iay. ln tha Church of the H< ? ? '? ?J?i
f v a handaome and well-managed affalr. raa
Jor,; l oratlon. uf tha church wera unnatxally
l ? " ,1. whlle the dlaplay at the home of Mr. and
Ml owen, ln EaBt rorty-nftb-at. whei I
glDg receptlon was held, wa? aqually notable. Mla
uho mada a lovely-looklng brlde, gai
maid o' honor and four brldaamalda braocbei -
wlth r-arla and the stor.e of the month-garnet.
>:- B rden'a aouvenira to hls best man and uahera
v acarfptna of llamonda and garneta Mra J.
Vaa Duaen Read an i Mi^.Fl/.;.. "jR^* "'
tbe laat ten years bavi ?? al i '*d. gaj
y . for th" aeaaon. The oecaalon waa a happj
Ssavs ?a
to Kew-York._
The cornlng week wlll be buey enoagh wlth dln
r>. receptlona and other gntertammenta Bira
ra flret large racaptkm ln her new home ln
ve. comes to-morrow afternoor. To-morrow
Perry Babawnt wIH grea a aupper danca after
. ti 'at his home !n Kifth-ave. The Cbarlty
? ? e*Metropolltan Opera Houae on I
....^... ;. larga numts r of
I fes
rfaa beerTobllaed to n M her I;
? harlea Bdward Tra y.
One of the largeet an 1 most fashiir.able of th ?
weddtaga next month wlll ba that of Miss Julla
It -ketts Lawraaoe, Oaughtei ?f Mr. and Mra
Itlcketta Lawrenoe, to Arthnr Terry, whlch wlll
taka place at Booa on W< Ineaday, Pebruary B, In
B:. George's Church, Btyyveaanl Bquarc Th
i:age ceremony wlll be performed by ti.e Rev. Dr.
wiKiam S. Ralaaford. tbe r. >tor. and a II be fol
1 iwed by a r cc-ption a:.J braakfaal al tha I
Mr. and Mrs. Uiwrrr.oe. No. gM Eaal Blghteei
Whlle hundreda of Invltatlona have beei lai .? ? I i
th-- -hur.-h ceremony, only the Immedlate f.,
? brlde and btldegroom ?.;1 a r ol
m ist intimate frlen is ha.v.
Miss Lawn
i,.- a 11 as exceedlni ndaomi arlll have as her
. of honor her coualn, Mlaa Anna
- her brldaamalda her t?'o nlecea, M ?a Sellna
j | roeder an I Mlsa Edlth Bi yera; Mlaa R iaa
? ? . Richarda ani M.^- Allda i bai " ?
Miss I>aura Chandler. a t.
an 1 Miss Loutaa Bchroeder. a r.ieci
hold the ribbona Mr. Ten
?on o'f Mr. a-;l .Mrs. I-uther Terry, of Romp, Italy,
1 ia choaen John l>enr..- I
? ? .... v.ill be John A. Weekea, ):? . C, Columbua
n w.iiia!!! N( rth Duane. I
vi'iu ? c !.- i"> ? ? ?
trford Morrl , and the brtde'a coualn, Howard
? bl wlll - rtlg be sent c'Jt for the nmr:
M.-s lia Miy Terry. ntaUf ol Mra Cbarlea W.
,- so '?"?' vTeal Ona-hun thlrtleth
^ '. .. ia Haary Hurbell. th,- atdeat aoa of Mr.
and Mra J-^hn ).. HurbelL The ceremony wlll take
; . . | \v. ineaday evemng, February 12, al the
r the paranta of the brldegroom, No. 121 Wee!
Nlnety-atghth-at. Miss ''lara Terry wlll be ma
j. | -' T.-; ? wlll p; ?aably be two or more rjrtdee
- Cbarlea \ Hurball wlll be hla brother'a
,m, and Arthur Itollwagen, rilmf Hlgglna.
a eous.n of the bnde; Frederlck Terry, a brother of
the brlde, and Oeorge R, Counta baaa been eboaen
n as aabara roUowlag the marria^ cara
nr,: v tbere arlll be a large raeeatlea. Al t* wi
ding of Miss Louise Laufarty. daughtar of Mr. and
?.:,ry Laufarty, to Bdward Lincoln Jellinek.
Bala, wBleh la to take plaee on Wedai
Pabraarp 5. at boob, ln the ballroom at akarry'a
? ? all] be r,o bridesmalds or UHhers. The mar
nage e?reaaeay arUl be performed by tae Raa. Dr.
b Kauffman Of the Temple lleth-el. In tba
! c ?r the relativea and a amall aumbar of
ratlmatc frianda of the brlde and brldegroom. The
marrUKe of Mlss Jeaata Montelth. daughtar of Mrs
L K Bwinbuma, of Staten Island. to Richarrl Law
renr.. vhtch wa, originaiiy announoed lo take
pi.ee m Chrlafa Church, New-iinghu.n Btai? I
and, on Tburaday neat. Januanr ?>. has be n owlng
to the aerloua Ulneea of tbe brlde. Indeflnltelj poat
j. ?? ? . It ls not llkely that the weddlng wlll be oala.
ii . untll aome tlme ln March. and poaalbl nol
Aprll, as Mlaa Mamelth ls rtlllepnflned toi her
, .', ?,;,,!.? fei er The engag- meni .? '""^V?
of Mlaa Uly M. Jonea, daughtar ol Mr. and Mra
>*lhert Oallatln Jonaa to H A ,*?""?> ?[
>wn, N J. The engagenient la ?"??",
ed of Mlaa Harrle E. Moore, daujrhter of Mra.
Ji.l.i E. 0 Moore, of thls <lty. to Htiiry Meivln
Ibrady i n of Dr. Oeorge F. "Urito. ? >o "
I ?? s Mv-stxth-st.. and brother of Mra. Knwin
'o . Mlss lda F. Ogden. daugbter of Mr. and Mra.
W !. f^den. ol No. lei VV.,t one-hiin Ite.-an.,
twenty-alxth-at.. has announoed ber eagageaaeBt to
1'. F MUler, of this city.
Taa loltlal ?trtlrg of the new Bhraalng Badmln
tan Club. organiztd by Murray H. BtrOWg, Wlll take
Place on Tuesday. February 2.',. at S:3> e'clOCB in
the Berkeley Armory. ln West Forty-fourth-st. The
club wlll hold weekly meetlnga ln Laat, BBd tkare
w.ll be addltlonal mt-etlngs on Aprll 7 and 14 The
Patronea.-es of the new club are Mrs. J. Mublenberg
Baiiev. Mrs. Hoffaaaa Mlllar, Mra. rredertek Ooaa
rldae. Mra Joaeph T. LOW, Mra. Howard 11? Henry.
Mra Robert W. Kuthcrford. Mrs. Kdward ^ . H?m
Phryi. Mrs. Walf-r Jennlng?. and Mw. 'VJ11'! "'
Riker. The olheera of tho organiration ara R.#AJex
?nder Uutherford, treaaurer, und Murray at. mroua.
aecretary. _
The (harlty Ball on Tueeday evenlng, ln ald of
tbe Nur?ery and Chlld'a Hoapital. at the Metropoll
tan Opera Houae ought to be a big suceass. The
, "Wnagera are maklng every exertlon to have it
tbe moat brllliant ball ln yeara. and the flnanclal
rtturns promlae to be large. Already most of the
aaiia have been aold. and the purchaaera inelude
??r,y of the leadlng llghts ln the faahlonatde llfe of
U?t metropolla. The grand mareh wlll be led r->
Oeneral n.tger and Mrs. W'llllam M aUngatond.lt
B) iapeeted that the Msyor and Mra. Btrong wlll
?lao take parl ln the grand march. The complete
Hat of purrhasera of boxra up to ve*terday la aa I
N... , No:
1 Mrn. !Vn?M Touery. ? L-J. Mr,. P. P M?M?ii.
a Mra Edward M ichell :v. Mn W ?' Eg.ri
and Mr* Hrnry M Hay. 24 Mra. Wllllam M. K.ngs
a Mra .- . ? Harriott land.
? Mri .1 ? J5, Ml ... PI rponi Mnrgan.
?'? Mra, John M i 26. M -. M.lti Carpentrr.
8. Mn rw ?k1. 27. .'?? ii H. Btartn.
i. Mra. v.. erlt . .- r. L'-. .' rtn D. Ai.l.l ;?'..
.1. Durllng I.-.w :-' Mra Hrnry P, Dtaaoi k.
'?? ?? *l K. M Pi !mr 1
'' an ? ;.- irge . . B : it. 83. Mn E l? n C- md.
10. Mra. .;? ,rtr Arenta. ?'::<. Mra. Cheater W. Chapln.
:' Mra M ai ? r. K.-T T1KR UOXEK.
12 Mra Aaa ? Phelpa ?"..'? Bamuel H Va.mtrne.
Bl k..?. JT. Mra .T. I. iward Wrlght
la. Mra. Alrxandar T. Vaa ?''-?'. 0. W. Bveti
Ni at. 9(i Mra. <l. M Hmwn.
14. Mra, Oaoraje Ruttodgc *?. a. Baudouln*
i'? ? .-? . 41. ):. P. Bwi rn n.
10 Mra. M. D. Vaa Doarn. 4-. Mra Cherles Juda n
14 Mra. Walton M. Peck- a il
hara. 4". . ,i. Hudann.
17. Mra -I W. Plnrhrtt. ;?. Mi M in hall.
'? Mi Juan M. i hnlloa 50. Mr*. .'? lerle Ooodrtdge.
IP. Mra, lirnjamln Kn>wer. ?"??': Mr* John V. il. Ar:, ;i.
20. Mra. n ?ry Par M. Mn \'. 111 ira Henrj
fl. Mra. B. .: ,?
Bta . B< i i?. Mra Wllllam Moore Caraon; Boa F,
Mra I. Hav.lai I; Box ... Alfred R Conkllng; Rox
K. Mra. ?.? .ri. ..; Ellrabeth. N. J . and Box v, Mra.
Wa ti :. ii nd Mra. 81m m Bti na Th.- pro
gramme ol muslc, to b i ? ? I by Lander*a or
? ?? ? lucted by ... M Lai ler, and the Marlne
Band from th. Brooklvn Navy Yard, conducted by
w. E. B. lei hke, will be as foMowa:
i >\ ? rtur-."Fert" .Buppe
?- ? ? ? . ?'Huaruf-r ib" .Mryrrbwr
. march."Cl irlty" .l
Ltarera. "Rob Boy" .Pe Koven
Walti."Thelma" .Kirf.-rt
Two-atep ] ilka."Suldier Boy" .Aron*<>n
Walta. ' Hympoala" .Ber
l'.<ik.ii."Plr. ttorate" .
? ? ?. "Prlnea Anantaa" .J.
atep polka.? 1-. m. k. ? .
Walta."Chleftaln" .Bulllran
Oalop."Kir.^ Puttoa" .Bcuaa
H*vrn daare."Down in TenneaaM".lanarn
Lancera."Knlrkcrboekera" .I"- Koven
Walta. "Vlaiona of BeauUful Women."
Fnhrt arh
Two-atrp p Ik.."I'nlted BtataB" .Herman
Walta.."I npei r" .Itrauaa
Lanrera."Wlaard of the Nllo".Hrrtx-rt
Tv. .-atep ix.ikn."Hor.eyrr.. n" .i: ?- y
V '.???. "La Mouame" .? ? ? ?
Walti. "Pream of rhildhood,\...WaJ
I' .Iku."11 ?rzmn K"?-:ng.n".
Walta."Oltana" .Bu
Two atep."Handlrap" . R
Wttltz. "Mlntt-i ? ' .Btrauaa
Polka. "(imns eueh Oott".Zcller
The Thuraday Evanlng Hoiirr Skatin- Club, whlch
ha< a memberahip of aboul two hundred young
:? -, ?. wlll have Ita ftrat meeting on Thuraday
naxl at t:.e Berkeley Armory. There will be ninr
meettaga ln all, tha otbera tc.cur weekly, with
the aaoapUon o.' Thuraday in lloly Week. The or
ganlaer of ihe ci-io and the chlef of tbe Bzecutlve
Committee la J-' Raymond Lefferta, Jr. Hia aa
ei ar. Th >maa Bavagi Clay, Bidney !.. Smlth,
\: hua Smedberg und Rene A. de Ruaiy. Thr
patroneaaa. of thr ciui. are Mra. Anson W. Ilari.
Mra Joaesfa T. Low, Mra T. Btrcatrl.kl Clarkaon,
Mra, Benjamln 8. Church, .Mis. Fri lerlc Qallai i
Mra FVederlc R. Lefferta, Mra. Btuyveaant Plah
Morrta, Mra. Albert Q. P. Btevena, Mra, Aaauatua
ikle, Mra, Henry C. V'alentlne, Mra. B. R
Muagrave, Mra. PhlUp J. Banda and Mra. Jain.-a
T.-;yi.-r Boutter. _
The arcond of thr aerlea i 1 dam ea thla aeaaon or- !
ganlaed by Mra Hoffman Mlllor, Mra, Pranh Wea
non, Mra. Edward W. Humphryi Mra. H>?:.:
Mr<. Walter Jennlnga and Mra Btanley Dexter waa
^.\.n on Thuradaj nlgbl utat at Bberry'a Tha
dance was pre ? Ii i by aeveral dinner partles,
largeal ot whl h waa glven i>y Mra Humphry* at
her honie, No 24 liast Thlrty-flfth-Bt. Her gueats
Included Mr. and Mra Weeeon, Mr. and Mra M..(T
iii.i:: .M.::.-r, Mi and Mra. MrVickar, Mlaa l>uane,
Aal lon Len Charlea A. Appleton, Th*
nexi lan ol i la .- ? 11 a arlll tak. pli al Bberry'i
on February IT.
Mra, Penlamln 7, Laddlngton ar.d Misa Lud
dlcgtoa of No. ? Eaat Blxty-nlnth-ai recel? '
Tneaday afternoon. In tbe tvenlng Mlaa Loddlng
too gave a sma.l lan '. to aom. young ; ? -
Mra. Arthur L. Root \? II glv. a large r.ceptlon on
I . - :-. evenlna next, from I to U o'clock. al *^r
home, Xo 114 Weat Elghty-flrst-st. Lana Ks S
? arlll play durlng th. reci Mra Will
lara Fowler, jr.. of So. K3 Weel to.- hundred-and
::. rt) -aixth-.i , baa i oul i a dani ? for
W? :: i ? Iay evenlng next.
A pleaaant Incldent of thr wr? k waa thr fourth
Frlday-avenlng dance in Berkeley HalL The
patroneaaea were Mra. .'harl* Betta, Mra. Cl
Campbell Mn W. B Dlllon, Mra Davld Debavolaa,
Mra Auguatua Dunning, Mr?. Alfred B. Farna
wortb, Mra. Ix>ui* Ollleaplc Mra. Atoraham Ryan
:.u-f. Krankim Webster and Mra. Ft< lerlck W ?'.
? ^ thoae preaenl ?? r. M.ss Am -Betta,
Agnea Katenhorne, Mlaa !>:?:,?? Robertaon, Miai
Katherlne Farn.worth, Mlaa Mabel Burke, Mlaa
Man- Bollea, Mlaa Qalllson, Mr Wllllam A. tiill,
Mlaa Davld, Mlaa Oertrudi Dodd, Mlaa May \\ iil
lama ar. I Mlaa Julla Bredt,
Mme. Emma Calv* waa tba gurst of honor at a
dinnt-r gi\:-n at t:ir MetropoUtaa Club, rVth-av.
and Btxtletb-at., Wedneeday evenlng at I o'do.-k
!>? m-^. Bdwai . fl. Qlbba Tha party oecupled thr
entir.- floor <>'. tfie nuinan's a:.t>x oi ihe club,
Whlch waa adornrd with thr yrliow anl r. 1 <-......-?
of BpalB. Thr tahla Itaelf waa a maaterplet-e of
floral beauty- th^ eeatra of yellow tuMpa a; I red
roaaaj, aritb arld. aaafa rlbbona and bowa Bei
Mm<- Calve and Mr. and Mra, Olbbi ther. were
pre*. :.i Mlaa i'- rgi? Barkei i
o.' ihe boateaa; Mme. Gu) D'Ardelot, \
Ma) ..-?-:. ...'.. Mr. an 1 Mn Harr) Fla
Pltch, Paul 1-.. realei i
M:ai Marie Ri k, Alexander Harvey, Mra. K I
? ?..-.? Albrrtl, M. Or rdlannl, Mlaa Kati
Vlanlce, A *i l, U. S X. .'.:.'?- Slelght,
: , been In Parla th. laat j ? ar, atu
ited to thi ? ? '?
,,., ..; g Toatl'a ...:' an I a O rman
unier R&umei '?? ? ?
j,,;. prho la co uia o Mmi Calv*, aang aeveral
of' hi r uivi. ; ' ma, notal Ii ' >l ?
"Th. Bumblebce." Mme. Calv* i! l nol
,,.... . .... r fr.i ndi bj ..
of recltatlona, a role In whli b aha haa r.ot bli
1,...-. h-a: l ln New-York.
. ?: ? of th. Ifiti ??-??? i ? ? nga of th. we< k
wa ? th i- ?-: M. D. Rotha hll ! and Ml
lt Di Imonli o'a on iaal Tueedaj Th.
tughtei . ' Jow ph M. Ll hl --..i m r, wi II
kti.-isr: ta Waii BtreeL ii-r appaaraaca and ln
commaaded general admlral m. Threa atatara of
: her as brldi maida. The bridi -
. ii well known for hla ? '? ?.
ay ? , rjood Oovei nment i
Ufred Frank w;i? hla beat man. The .-?
a..i by a receptlo
w.i> attended by" many pereona well known ln
me 11c ne and law Th. ?:..-?-? ? i .-. two
many ol hem cxeei llngly coatly.
l'tlx Adln perform. . the ceremony. Mr, and Mi
Kotha ? atarl on a lour around thi world
ln a f< w daya
(m next Wedneaday wlll bo giv<n th. Iaal f th.
"at home" receptlona and mualcala of Mra Bu -
terfield. Mme. Mantelil aang for th. vlaiton
week Th. large number <>' men and the ?
charm of tha re. ptlona have wm for them
(me of the lirgrat nnd moat elaborate raeeptlona
of the week in Waahtagtofl waa glven oa Monda)
by Benator and Mrs. Calvln rt. Brlce, al thlr
home, tho Cochran manalOB, wtirn Mme d. \.i
Sij.io aang anl -Mlsri Amy B.tker, of thla Clty, i
clted, amor.g other thtnga, "Recelpt for a K;.-V
"Tracup Dlalogue," "BOBB of the M.nket I'iaca."
"Lowbacked .'ar," "Lady of the Mlne," "Mlchael
rnas (ioose," "rtame Old lie" and "Bpectally .lltn "
In the au'lience were Mr. KurlOO, th. Japanea. M.n
Urterj Prtace Wrede, of tbaAoatrtaa Legatlon; .-'? ?
and Mme. Domlnguea, Baftor and Mme. piaa I
.?ertlnl Mra J C. Cartiale, Mra. Daniel B. I.amont,
Mra. Rlchard Olney. M:h? Herbert, Mra, Hok. Bmlth,
Mr. and Mra. lionald Oameron, Mr ai, I Mra. Henry
Cabol Lodge, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Wolcott, Bar.n.
Clemena voa K.-tteier, Bir Jullan and Lady Paunce
fote. the Mlawea l'auntefote, Vlacount ar.d \'ls
oountea. Oouala, H. ?'. Bhx Ironaldea, Hugh C.
O'Blerne M Patenotre, th. French Minint.-r nnd
Mme Patenotra. Herr von Thlelman, the < '?< rm.m Am
baaaadjr, and h>au von Thlelman, ...irl ot Waal
rneath, r.aron Fava, the Itaiun Ambaaaador, and
Mme Fava, M. Katxcher, thr Ruaalan Ambaaaador;
Mavroy.nl Bey, th.- Turktoh MitLlst.r, M. Alfred Le
Qhalt, thr Belglan Mtalater; J. A. \\. Oaffe. th.
Bwedlab Mlnlater; M. \>o Brun. Uw iMt.uh Mtala?
ter' ("uunt Vlncl, General Varnum, Mra Buyard.
Mrs. Bormparte, Mra. Thoaaaa Netaon l'age and
Speakar Jteed. _
The c-ottagers and visltora at Tuxedo Park bave
been. eajoytng aome excaUant wintrr mr,ria. includ?
ing akatlng and Ice boatlng. An 10. cirnlval ks to
like i>l?re tV-re on Saturday evenlng of thls w-i-lt.
when tha taka and the new coast:ng allda wlll b.
irumlnatel. A f.-aturr of thr camlval wlll be
an rxhli.ition of fancy akatlng by a profeaalonal and
xnusic by a, well-orKanlited band.
Old Bt. Mark'a Church, at Tenth-st. and Second
avt has not ln years gfaaantad ho attractlve an
appcurancc M It dld yeaterday afternoon. when
Mra. lAJUive. Van Beuren Pavla, daiiKhter '.f MrH.
John W. Davta, waa morrled to Alfred Huldekoper
Bond, of Boaton. Thara wara Bowara and plaata ln
the chanc-1, baautlful whlte roses and llllea on
the altar. ar.d excrllrnt muslc to oceupy thr atten
tion of the guests, who t.lled every M at In the
church The inarriage crremony was p.-rform-d nt
4 o'clOOk by the rector, the Krv Pr. Joseph 11
Rvlance aaalsted by dM-JUv. Khhard CobdeA. The
rrkle who was eacorted to the chancel and kH.ii
?w,v by her brother, John W. A. Pavla, wore a
riri/irown of whlte brocadr. Maamad with raoaarl
bic- and a veii of poiBt taoa, toaMnad with amraral
dlamond atfcra, whirh, with a brooch mit with tha
aaaaacam were glven by har mo.her. Thara was
i i , t *--but Bta bridesmalda walked b< fore
nomaldof honor, 'l / , ,d . two c<lUHMIi, Mlaa
the brtd. .. ?;? w .'u\iUd Mli- Bltaabeth J. Van
Mar>' f. Xa brldegroonia alater. Miaa Mabel II
Jit-uren. ,9e.,,,, M.,g M M Pancoasi. of (l.rniiui
town, ra?m..a '*>? v lty , ? lumM
Wa"",L,-?nd w.t moua?-J.ne de m..e, OV.r Whlte
0f pmk andwauw ? jBavea and rhlneatonra
TC'.)somwnoere ;n,tt.tull. bata. dreaaed with olnk
and white oaraatleaa, and oarrlad bouqueta of phdj .
and whlte roaea Mr Bond'a t.est man was i 0,0 ' |
John T v/heelwrlght, ol Boaton, of ex-'.o\'-ir>or
Ru aell'a -ti.fr The u hera wer ''?? '?? ?f* 1
man. of North Dakot*: S.th Bprmguc, Henri ?<>
ter, Oeorge Bcott Win iam H.*; '
at.d Georpe Wheelwrlght, of r aton }<? '.?';'"
followed al Ihe 1 id Van Beuren ManeH>n.in
Fourteenth-at, near Flfth-ave., the home ". ',,
brlde'a mother. Among tbe 1 leata at tne cnurcn
bi d 1 .1.., ,. ??? ai I :: F ? ' rlcfc r -
Beuren, Mr, and Mrs. Arthur Huldekoper. *?i
:. Mra, Jamaa B. Reynolda. Miw R^"?J??'
M bi .1 phlm Reynolda, Frederlck T. *?n i.enr.n.
Jr., Mlaa toulse Van Beuren. Mlss Van Beuren. a?r.
and Mrs. Williain J. Romaine, of Fl lahlng. [*?"?
Island: Mm-. Corteaao. Mlai Con ?o Henn? ??
Van Beuren, Mr. and Mrs Henry Orr, Mr. ?'??.?,.?".",
Henrj B. F Davla. Mr and Mra. Cornellua Bernan
Mltchell, Wllllam Bprlngler Mltehell. CorneHis ?on
Ergen Mltchell, John Van Beuren Mltchell.tni
ti ... ,-,,?.;. ol B iston; Arthur Bhlppen liu a< -
koper. of Phlladelphia; Mr. and Mra ? '''r ?' .,.
Beekman, Mr. and Mra. ll Mortlmer BrooKB. air.
and Mra. Roherl Llvlngston, Mi and Mra u. ??
Bull, Miss Leary, Mr. and Mrs Walter Buth<*rfurfi,
Miafl De Peyster. Mr. and Mm. John A. ibe ...
Mlaa Ruth Lawrenee, Mr. and Mrs. Wll Ham 1
.1 Ivea Mr and Mrs. Fredertc ii < "
Mr. and Mrs. Henry O. Trevor, Mr
Mrs. J, Egmonl Schermerhorn. B*r\ ?"'J
Mrs Fredenck Delafleld, Miss \ an ^inKlc,
Mra. Wllllam Oarrlaon, Mra. A. B. \ an puaer, w
V?n Duaer. J. N rman le R W ' , ? ?, fl'V
,; ?:? vir. and Mrs. paul Thehaud, Mr. and Mrs.
j R Buydam. Mr. ind Mrs. A. D. Jullllard and mi
and Mra. Jamea W. Plnchot. Mra, Davla, <jbo re
.. .<..; wlth ber daughler, a 1 ? fown 01 mac*
velvel and let. Mr. and Mra. Bord wll ' ' ,?'
tienou on Tuesday ln the ateamahlp 1 iers i?"
marck. They wlll eventuaily make their homa in
th ? rlty.
The forty-eigbth annual reeeptlon and ball of tne
Atalanta Boat <T.ih. wlll be glven on %\' "l"'>'e
evcninc. al 10 o'cloek, in the &bc* Lyeeum. ' ? ?
Atalanta Boal Cluh was organlaed ln latt, anaror
alxteen yeara hold the champlonahlp of Anjenca, in
elght-oarcd ahell races. Hugo P Hug?r la cnair
rnan of the t*ommittee on Arraiifieim-nts.
The flplnsters' daaea, whlch ls belng arranged by
a number of glrls promlnen: in faahloaabla llfe,
wlll be held at Sherry's MI W-ii,-.-lay Blght,
February 11 Among the aubBcrlbera to the Th ?m
aon aong reeltaJa to be h.dd at Sherrrs on tne
afternoona of Jarmary M and February [. are mr
Roderlck Cameron, Mrs. Nlcholai Flah, Mra. noi
brook Curtla, Mrs. Perklna, Mra. Boutter. Mra.
Btlckne'y and Miss Elotae Breeae, Mrs. Jamea Bin
elalr, of No. U Kast Beventy-atxth-Bt., gave a tea
yeaterday afiernoon to lntroduee ber oaugni r,
M.ss Oertruda I. Smdair.
Mrs. Sheppard Knapy wlll grra n reeeptlon on
Tuesday afternoou nt her home. No. 32 W< lt 1 ifty
atxth-at. to Introdeca her youngeet doughter. Mlaa
Maude Lllllan Knapp. There wlll ba an Inrormai
daneo in the evenlng.
Albanv, Jan. %.- Mrs. MortOfl wlll hold the flrst
of her afternoon reeeptiona thla win ter next
Wedneaday afternoon between 4 anfl 6 0 10 k.
THB DBI OP HER MAMB in cosxv.rrios WTTfl
To the Bdltor of Tbe Tiibune.
filr: 1 flnd my name ln B Ilsl of Bubecrlber* I
afterno n ??? tala of Mlle. YvetU Qullben per
formancea ? n whlch you commeni wlth aome aever
Itv. ivrmlt me to aay thal I am nol a Bubeorlber
lo tbe recltali ai d thal 1
lend the n? I t haa I een 1
vou wlll do me th< silce to t.rlnl thla
1 am fatthfully youra, JKANNETTE L OILDLH.
N. w-Yoi 1.. la ?? -
[Tha Trii une was careful to note thal M Le
Cocq De Lautreppe, wh >a< le tl ire Mlh '; ?
wai gupp aed I llluatrate, had aenl
, .. , 1 tl nami ; ? ' '??'>' ,n
thla newapaper. We then aald that thei
bave '. lata I ?'?' ' ' k",>w
that there haa been. We bope thal Mlai Oilder
1- 1 ? tu ly pera n wl
gfully uaed aa an advi rtlaen enl f ?
Imm ral 1 ? " and we ihall take ; I
ln dolng ful ?? I my who ha r* been
? I aa patroni -? ??- wll I ?
may bave aubacribed undei a mlaa
as to tbe nal ire ol the exhlbltl in. ll
and tbe methoda taken to aecure an
nre now made M plai-i that there can I ?
queetlon of lt- havlng rn the ful ire elther
.. ? ; bi Ive Bupp rt from the 1 men of Sei
. KI] _^ _
To thf R lltor <>f The Tiibune
Slr: Wa are greatly grleved to s^e thnt Tha
:.e, rn ti.e preaeni deaperata flghl whlch la on
between tbe Church aml tb< aal oa Blvea auch p ? r
1 .;;,,,,? t,, the cauae of morallty, of whlch U baa
alwaya been a eonaptcuoua champton Thla ehana*
plonahlp haa heretofore mada Th* Trlbuaa th*
ten and leadlna laymen thi
out the Unlted fl and nol waet of
the v '.I" lueney of Ihe Mel at 1
W ,. j. . t reapi ll ataal an\ edlti
rial aentlmenl 1 h weak< enfoi t of
;Jrt ,,i brlni ?.-;... t tboae wbo fea ?
? . ? ? ? \: ? ?
VVbatevei may have been your ; atlon, your
I notlce of Mr R.irelt'a ad lr- -? al 1 1
New-York Preachera1 meetlng ihi I In
? ? . Ua < ??
I crll m of youi M, tl idlal :? 1
1 ?;., ti the thr< hold of Impi rtani
.i.. rertaii ? f The Trlbtine thal ll
ape ik wlth no 11m ertaln Uw,
.uar.eaa 1 oura very truly,
A II L? >NARD, JEBSK I. lltlll.Ht T.
: ? iltl ? hl NT, A H. H \NI"' >RD,
I11 iMi.l. IiATUN, -l' ' "? 1 . i'"i 1'.
C jl PAYN1 . W \ KKLLKT.
.-?. w-1 ik. Jan "
(Tiie Tiibune haa 1.n upholdlng the cauae l
law, morallty aed rli 1 for more
half a century*. and never more earneatly than
durii g tbe bi lei p rlod ol Mr. R01 aevelt'a >fl
Ity rn N< m V irk. So fa
th refore, 1 ild dlaauad I thodlal I
from plalnly ti lllng a nu-st who haa abua -,l th< lr
hoaplUllty by alandeiing Tha Tiibune thal
haa disgraced bimaelf and affronted tl. >n Kd.)
Raltim ire, Jan a> (8p il) Odetl
1 ? ?
.k 11. ',:,i
haa been unaWe to taka ber part at tha bul three
performaneea. It waa k^1'' out that abi arai
frora : ? urabjla ',1 tha fao. >>ut it is i
that ahe haa had aeveral bemorrhagea, and I
fecterl wlth throal or lung trouble. Mlaa Joaei
Hui; has taken her pl?< lemporarlly. lt u aaid
that Mlaa Tyler win aoon ratlre from Ibe stajc ui.t.i
Jth la Improved.
Hui)) OF '. u. MACKAY. Jlt- COMINO.
Havra Jaa '-? Thaateamer i?i Normandia whlch
aatled from tbla port for Naw-Tork to-day, had on
board tha bodj of John \v. Mackay, jr, who was
dllled bj belng tbrowa from hla horaa al hbi
rhateau ln Mauge, ln the Departmenl of Snrthe. on
,, ; bei 13, laBl Mr. and Mra John W, Ma ??
th-- parenta of the dead man, accompaaled the body
of tni ,r ton.
From The New-York Tlmaa
Tho reaolutlon coneernlng Armenla. as reported by
tne Committee on Forelgn Affalra, which was paaaed
hy the Senate yeaterday, 1- qulte unobjectlonable,
It li equally plaln that of Itaelf lt wlll be yuite m
, St -ti.al.
from The PblladMphia Preaa
The Benata eapreaaed a unlvereal public aentl?
menl and uttered unmtatakabla Kational fee'.lng In
pasaliig Benator Cul'om'i reaolutlon yaaterdaj on
the Armenlan queatlon, Whlle tbe Turkish Oov
einmenl ki prtmarlly reaporalble, every ona o( the
Kr,;,t Powara has its ahara of reaponafblllty and ??
gullty of auplne Indlfference to maaaacre, A welghty
diulomadc proteal from the Lfnlted Hiate^ may
ahatter thla officlal Indlffa enca, and it mual awaka
publio opinlon
Proai Tne Woreeatei Taleajram.
The Armenlan mutt.r haa been a dellcate one for
ihis 0 ivernment to handlo, Inaamuch aa ll has m ver
been Ihe pollcy ,,f ihe Oovernment to Interfere ln
tha affaira of Buropean nailons, not even to th"
extenl of klndly auggeatlon. .... Bul the Cul
,,m reaolutlona are ao dlplomatlcaRy drawn that
they cannol ba taken bj theaa natlona as ln any
way dictatorial or offenatve
From Th?, Boaton Advertlafr.
The Armenlar raaoCuttona adopted yestcrday hy
th- Unlted Btatea Benata ? 111 do aom? good. Th^v
must Inevltably ex^rt u conalderable di^r.-e of raoral
NO lloi'i: OF INTaUtFaWBOfCE.
From The Waalungtoa Tbnaa
Thare la no hope of iBtarfl rencp on th" part of any
of th,- graal Powera of Enropa with tha d'signs at
tba l'orte, for Kussla has lak^n Turkey under her
\Mtig and Uermany hi?I K:an . are rather frlendiy
luai now to the Caar, who arl'.l a >t look unruffled
upon undue Interferenca arith hla nea alry. Aa for
Knglan I, the new move on the Eui ipean ,-hesa
boa.'d baa left ber ln a eorner wbcbea every move
meana danger of w*r. It I00U bad for Armenla
Tha producUoa of a new p::i\ at Daly*. TJ ?
:a alwaya an in.-.rirnt of taiportaaca to the publlc,
!.. -.itiae ihe admlnistr.iMon of affafA Bt that h lUM
atrelli I by a i am i uty to tha dra
matlc art. and by a proper eonalderatloi of the
poblli welfare. Oa Tueaday, Jai uwy & Mr. Daly
wlll produce thi new play, already announced, of
"Th.- Counteaa OuckL" by Frana ron Beanthan.
II waa writr.-n for Mlaa Rehan, and la dedlcated
to ber by the author. It was broughl out In Ber
lln on Iaal Chrletmaa Bv< and ta Vlenna on Jan- '
u.uy a, and In both capltala It waa receJved with .
il favor The Engllab traaalatlon has been
adapti l i.v ,\ Daly, and th.- chlef part, a merry,
ingenio nng and ten Ii r woman, wno
gayly regulatra the affatri of th..-.- who ar. dear
? . . , m Ii be ei ibodled by Mlaa Rehan. I he
? ? ?? la lald ai Carlsbad, In IS1B, an I there la a
... |? Whlcb '?"? '???? an i '?'?"
thoven rei puoub flgurea. Nlw persona par
? pate ln l u ? Tha caat, whlch I i i
. ? i i been glven In thla eolumn. tacludea Mwa
i;. han, Mr* ?? II rt, Mr Lewla, Mr. Herbert. Mr.
Strvena, Mi erd Mr. Rlchman (who make.
h ..--? appearance ber.), Mlaa Helma Neleoo und
Mlaa Bophla Hoffn an.
"Th" iv??!,] thal blear ua together" ceaaed to blow
..?i Baturday nlghl al th. Emplra Theatre, and
that houae arlll now be devoted to a play called 'A
Woman'a Reaaon." A drama caJlad "Burmah"
wlll be preaenti i al th. American Theatre on Tuea
day. Mlla Barafa Bernhardt, al Ahbeya Theatre,
w.ll presenl durlng the araeli "Camille," "Adrlenne"
and "K- lora," In all of whlch ahe ha. oftan been
?een "Mmi Bana-0*ne" will be played at the Har
lrm Opera Hi uae, and "ln Blghl ol Bt. Paala a
thr columbua. Th? mtnatrela of Prirnroo. <v- Weet
w.ll maka mtrth at the Orand Opera Houae
_-?? ? -
II. \ Ul's O.V A 71 \ A 8TBAMER.
Thr Bremerhaven, a Dul :h oU-tank ateamer, whlch
... , -, ,i mu iry '?? for Antwerp with a
of reflned petroleum, ilgnalled from Bandy
Hook yeaterday: "Am on flre." Tuga and thr tlre
boal New-Yorh were al one. srnt to thr reaael'a
? ince. i ai peara that oll leaked from one of
? inka, became ignlted by aome meana unknown
to the rew, and I u ateni I for aoma tlma to bloai
up the , .
...1 whrn tlir Bremerhaven
. theaat of Cape Hcni
an r. in 1 I ii i rew ol
men waa put lo arork Bghtlng l ??? Bre. : ' Jfve
? :. w. ??? i ln th. ati ke b le, whlch had
water wai up I i *
ne ka. 'i hey i ? '? ln extlngulahli i
.... I and joverlng all with
p now II. ? ' ?"? ". B( itei tel m I,
dama*. were iboar I when ahe took
out ->f tne
, for over flfty years a pr ?nl
at hla h me,
.... morn :.?'.
i - H- ... ,- ndant
. from
.:, N. ar-Utn :.i. Long
:: ... a .:. II
arara, War of the R *
? Mai
8t. N ? and ath Regl
A aldoaj and
? ...
MRS. M \*:'l ^ * M'COOK CURTI8.
Martha M ' ? '?? ?:'" "' 'K ?'"?Vin r'
? . ? , ?!.. 1 at her
. : aftl :? B Bh irt 1! -
Rl r ? . ? am .na tha moel
. \ ork w. men In oi ler I
ay for
ced thi eatra |
Ing, ?'?? .'i waa kn i rn for j
? ?
' '
? ? per
, | for prival > for a
I tn i l. lana. When Mr
,.-..-. .... -....? ? Ith Mr
H .?-,:. ? ? ihe membera of her
: thal ; - rel a iraaia would
? wii* a s'.s'.rr of
; i .-. ??? -
? WIKlam '
? -.s.i.M BIIRI T
A- *elm Ehret. I nown brewer,
? and I'ark a?. . from
rn .ii Hofmeyer, Baden.
iwed bj hla -
IHB, hi
with I ' ' ' '
"? He
:?? I ;
? ? . . br ker at No. K Br ?ad
me, N - ? Flfty
funeral arlJ
?. j
? . .\ Ti . ?
' H
the er. ttlon ol a mi morial ?
expcrl- ?
ment of
? . pntlon ?..
;. ?? ? Home, the
.... ;. i, the V mi - <?
:.i the Ami rienn Hoi
|| . . ? ? ::i Hon ?
\ ?? ?
\/il WRA >.i E8T8 1/ RICBBOSD.
moi :. Va., Jan. 8 (Bpeclall Tn- followlng
Ke? v. rk gueeta nre al tha Jafferaon: ... k. I
W. I.v-:.n. .i M VXt :. Bamuel Baer, F. A. Lela I
Mn W ii T. m II, A ll Bn tt. L N. Kranhi
... Remlngton, R M Muhlenberg, Mr. and Mra, t
q r.aher B \ Coaney, Mr and Mra. ?'? W. Conk
l.? w i-;. Ti no ;.. P. M. Hofl ielmer R. B How
a..l M C XI holaon. W. M, BtllL Wllllam H But
ler. H. k Mooi . Mra. A H ' .,M:^'"."
II. W. Haberle. P. ?' Camphell. J. >< Park, Jr..
\ir an l Mra 1. C Ra nrr, .1. W ? 'ohnator.. J.
i,u ?"' T \ Btelnam ll T. Bloane. L. W. Flaum
;VVNWerth?rn V A ^ate. J RMVll ama,
F K 'McArthur, L Laaker. 0. . Mead. H. H.
??;-'""""i- A- L Bonney, Mr. and Mra C. W.
j nv.-n i. Wlllaon, J. r.ryan, Mlaa i- tJanoeraon
and w. W. Hallock._
ratker II Cailaghan, arbo has been In charga of
the Mlaaion of Our Lady of tha Roeery. for thr pro
tectlon of Immlgraat giris, al No. 7 Btate-at, for
the laat aevra yeara, haa been Berl a ly III for aome
,?,,.- from rheurnaUc feyer. Hla ???Va!nira.hftr
clana are Pr W. ??.ailaKh.-r. Pr McNamara, Dr.
? _. i._ ?,,./ ?*. ... v nnd >r l\. \ ?? -. -V lat.ii rr
tim- from rheurnaUc feyer. Hlj Bttcndtag id.yai
clana are Pr W. ??.ailaKh.-r. Pr McNamara, Dr.
.,.,,. .. |)r McCre.ry and Pr Keyea. A iat.u rr
iSlt u not fean i. aJtbougb Fathai &allaghan,a con?
dltlon is Btlll aerioua
The atorns of rrktay waa followad by aprtngllk.
weather and for houra yeaterday hamvy eoata were
o burdrn. At tlme. tfl th. < "urse of thr day the alr
beeam. thlck and huaald, and rata was looked for.
but freah braeaea riaared away tba mtata and ao
r'Ti,,''tVMrn,om.ter rangt i from ?d?areaa at I a m.
to 4k al 1 p. m . ..:. i th. humldlty reached the hlah
, ?: ,. mi al r.n, wh n i: was M per cent. Put the
i V,. . ,,i i.-.n-uv weather la al m end, nnd. if the
U ?-.I I r m, n.iv i ? rwlled upon, lo-day Wlll be
;:P;';:li :;:.?,;;. "Vuit.,.-r'.w,iii'eii,h, winaafrom
th. nortbwaat _
lt was reported yeaterday thal ?'? P?*c? of board
bearlng tha nama "J. r. Coolkkr*" had bean plcked
np aboul Bftcen mUea Bouthweat ot Orand Turk.
Turk'a P??-.nd. Ht.-l it is auppoaad that the ptece and
aomr other wreokag. whlch waaJound at Omum
tlme were narta of th. achoorrir ... F. Coolldge,
whi.-h w i-? i . ? . al Bl Martln*., whenc; .he
. i fo'Vortun! I land to hmd a eargo for BalU
muri-. _
Otnaral Banjamla f. Tracy, who is counael for
Bherlff Tamsrn, yeaterday aftefnoon sent a dl?
patch to Oovernor Morton. aaylag that Trnnk H.
P , ? , rrcmber al Oenei il Tracy'a law tlrm. would
leave New Vork for Albany on Mondaj rovnlng, to
i .., - ...... , io thi Ba.cutlve Chamber th. pn
?wer ol aperlff T-imam to tiie chargea*aiai wuh
the Governor asalnat iilm-y
At last'
Commodore Brown, of the New-York Ya.-ht Club,
ha:' ordered a apedal merting of the club to be held
cn Friday, January 31. at the ciubhouae, No. 67
Madlaon-ave. The meettng has been called to re
celve the report of the committee whlch was ap
polnted November is to conalder the chargea made
by th" Katl of Dur.raven apalnst the Uefender
bj ndlcate.
i.vn iit,.Mi:. Bl T HOPBB TO PRBACH
The Her. Dr. Theodore L. Cuyler, of Brooklyn,
was taken aerioualy ili a week ago to-day. For
three dayi he win under a doctor's cire, but araa
mueh Improved last nlght He refuaed to go to
bed, but haa I.n conflned to hls houae. The fact
of hls llbieaa haa been kept qulet, and nr. Cuyler
was lomowhal surprised last evenlng when a
Tribune reportir called at tne houae to Inqulre as
to bla conJiti.m. Dr. Cuyler aald: "Laet Bunday
morning I dld not feel as well as usual whm I
awoka bul thougbt nothing of II untll about the
mlddle of the mornlmr, when auddcnly everythlng
Beemed to be whhglng around me. Dr, Rl<
aon was called in. and ba aald II was an attaeb
of vertlgo, cauaad hy t npidity of 'he ilver. He
wanted me to go to bad, but I refuai I to do ao.
I told him that on April l next I woul l eompljte
hair a century In the mlnlatry, and thal thua far
1 had not apenl a Bunday ln bed. and I dld not
propoae t> glve up luat at the Bntan atake.
"For three layi I aaa quite ili. although I dul
not go to bed, but under th" do tor's treatment
I Improved, and am to-day feellng hke m> oid
aelf. Dr. Rlchardaon has advlaed me to kaap qulet
for a we. k or tWO. 1 hopa to ba ahl" tot>re*ei
n.-xt Bunday evenlng ln the Rev. Dr. Faunaa
church. the Flfth Avecui Baptlat" It ls beUeved
by Dr Cuyler*a frlenda that he overexerted mm
aelf In bla apeecn before the Lcxow Committee.
r ... ? nll/ ara inruea io ??
PhOadelphla, Jan. X.-The Btata Aeademy of pin*
Arts. wlth headquartera ln thls city, to-day aa
nounced the wlnnera of the fft.000 prlxe donated by
Wllllam L Klkins. of thla city. for the best pleture
ln the BlXty-Bfth annual exhlbltlon. Abbott II.
Thayer, of Bcarborouga, N. Y., racelred Brat prlaa
($3,000) for i-.is pleture, entitb-d "?'arltas"; Edmund
C Tabell. of Boaton, recelved i ??? -l prlae for nu
palnting called "Olrl wlth rhe Whlte Aaaleae. atr.
Thiv.-rs pleture "Carltaa" ahowa a grojipof three
IlKurei a tall, graccful woman, draped in whi.e.
wlth armi oul itretchi I ; ngly over t* o n i le
boya al her kneea. Mr. Tabell'a palnting ls a por
trall of a beautiful tall glrl In whlte holdlng some
flowera. _
WaahUtgtoa, Jan. tt-Tba aleveath analveraary
? of tbe Qrldtron Club was ghen to-niRht at
tha ArUngton, and was the moat brilUanl affort thls
lub has ever made. Thara araa an un
a number of gueal prea t, haeludlng
ocey M. Depew, Juatl ?? Brown, of the Dnlted
Btatea Buprern* Court; Vlce-Prealdenl Btevenaon,
Senatora Uorman. Hill. Pettlgrew, Elkln*. Bn
? m an l u llaon, Kepi - n atlv< - Canm n, B ?>
?ra i "rl p an 1 3m th; i '? ?? ton an i Smltn;
..- i Kmory Bmlth, il Phlla lelphia; telU Agnua,
? - me hun Ired an
. ; . p| ? rat down to llnni r. The -
Of the
:, - v. ra of a high tt :? r.
Clnclnnatl, Jan. tt?There la but s'.ight hnprova
ment ln Modjdaka i l a The b'.ood elot has
. . . oa ere that ahe
vvi;. n'ni ... able to leava Cin Innatl as aoon aa abe
? \, ? _m_
r to the famou 'AN HARCO hutbu
f auetalned. Beason aow opea. BUaTOW *? . t.i
L.ER, Pro| rl< I Ti.
:? i.;, td-v.-KY Janaary tt Waa. by Rev. J.
1 \j}?*ely ,': ....... ,v ? ? - v -,- Dewey lo ll-nr>' ParbJil
- '
N tlcea of marrlagaa and daatha muat be la<
d i i wlth full name and addreaa,
,,,.., lanuary 94. at mMalgbt, al h?r reat
*VA5 ? ? ? ' \n-? Bcrantofi Adam. aecond
S-ff.S ,*..7H.1SS
, .? tt.e real ?. Moaday attera n. Ettk mr..
r-pasl 4 o'< ? ?'???
Intenncni at Bcrani
.r;'^,... , . k. of Treatoo, B. J.
rn \, i - ?'?'"? Brarohall-ava.. *ar
a uaa wuuaa B?a
????.-? ISSS
, andDenver
tta I..
T,, :?!..
-? Tlmeihy'a
. . . , Becnn lllatloi
tl - p. m.
-.. denca
. 11th al Btata L
Baturday, Januan tt Joaepb W. Darrea,
; i ?? . -? ? :v;
? lly.
Vetern.- | k. Tth ?
j-;"1?.r7--,,:::i.?;i.,,.:i,,:tt.r ,:
I l?MA?< ' ' ? ? -?"' , ', ;" ''"vl'IrV
. .. ,; idman, bel v-i i"--' ''tl of MArl a atajrar
. , .?? plaea on btowUtr, ?'?'"'?'"' H. al
T;,".,; ' ...-?:.? fatrtw ln faw, Mr.
'i?u i'xarer. B3 I I Wlh at.
JSN,.;S |? , ?? ,, . \\..-"..v mornlng. January ...
... i i.ir- ' ' . ii ??? ' ?*"?
..:.t ?... v.rn Caawti ? rk Clt, to
nr'iixM al Bionlngton, Conn.. en Thuraday algM.
1 j V'???,?::( v:??-v ll., lam, arl4 ? at Uto Bav. Isaac \\.
ii*ii oi in ii "?'' l ' ' ? '? '' afa w
PuneralaWvl i '"'-"?? BtoalagtoB. ea Mon
, a) i.,i>.,' ST, al -'?'?" ',' "'
kwyi "ii Katurday, January tt Catharlna kamm.
Kwld.* uf Prledrleb Kamw ln I ? "aaj
? ,.:., .; s?? v rk, Tua?a?y. J.tary tt at I ?
p. rn.
i iwMON On rrMay. January S4. nt bla reaMenee, the
u.,.r ?-? Baal 15th ?< , Joha t> I*??-n.
v,,?.r,,, ?rvlcei ai lha I'hurch of th. Ascenalon. Mh-ava.
i |oth ?i? Monday, January ST, al 10:*) a. m.
l;ir at hla realdence. No. 107 Borth Beoadway,
\ mk*n. on I'n.ho. January X. J. Uwla balb, la tba
Futieraj'n-om St.'jonn'a Clmreb, Teakara, Jaaaary -". ut
ln B0 ? m .
Traln leavea 158th ?t- al 1?> o eloca
Ul'S'ROE Al Ne? v.,rk. en Thuraday, January **
' Paulina T. Washbura, aifa of Oeoraja D. Muarae, of
Englewood, N ?'?
lt, ttlvca ? t the fumlly iirr litvilnl to attfn.l the runeral
rvleca al her lata realdenct 129 Baat Mtb-at., on
Mnnday, tha '.'Tth innt.. nt II o'doek.
D, ai n pap ra pleaaa oopy.
PARKKB '"i Prlday, January :t. at tbe rtaldtnca af
i,,.- n). Mm. n.-r.-v B. Janea, SIB Waat liatb at-.
Barab I'nrker, ln tho THih >ear of het
i . . .; .. ,p ,s arlll ba held i .- n I | lanuary tt at
,-.?;:,, ,- ai ateph n i Church, aBth^at., batwaen >"?*U
i tvaa
BIt.LKCK Buddenly n Wedneaday, January Sg Cearaa
il Blllfck, in tha 53d >'?r ,,r bla tga,
runeral aenrleea will ba held nt hl^ late r??M?rtce, No,
aJS Oreane ava., Brooklyn. N. V . on Monday, JnnuHry
lf, ;,t 7 p nv
Ini.-ini.ni ?t conrenleacs of th? tamlly.
TOWN8BND January -?", Baatlln*, wid,w af char>? n.
Toa a end, *gf I Cfl
runeral aenrteaa al hnr lata renl,l^n,-f, No. 24 nr'.nkfrhoff
?i., Jeraey i I Uolgl ?-. ktonday .?ift?ni?,n nt 3 o'el eB.
N.-u Bruaaarl k N J.
TBAi ^ ai Colorado Bprlaga, <"i . Wadnaadav avearag,
January --. Chartaa Bdwaid Traey. ?'>n <.r trte i?ie
i ii ,t>, Trasy. aaq., of titu city. n> the f.i?t yaar aa bw
Belatlvea and Menda Of tbe famlly ari? re.|,iei,led to nt
it,l tl,.- runeml In St. OaoraVa i"hun-li. BluyVMant
S.iei:.- ?r.(l KhkI lliihKt.. un Wrdiirailay meiiiii,? Baatt,
301 , inau, ?t le oretoefc.
wii.i.K'rr Tburadar. Jaaaaaii -t. al wataaawe_el akNM,
Un \>, i t No 58 tatol 1 laca, .Irrat-y < Ity, l-ran,->? i
Wllietl Wlgow Ol ihe Bav. l':-,-rr??-r Wllllam Maimua
1.: . ? .1 aervlea Bunday. January 2t). at 4 p. "'? ,
Intarmmt ?t jamuir-a, u,hk iniund. at aaavaaaaaea of
- #
ralHBBI er the 7th K^ment :irr reqiiMted to attend
ih- r,in. ,1 aarrlcea r I'ti.i-!?-k I- '>unn Hd r:mpin>. at
VT -, .mpiiina-ave BrlBbUM Haigbla, Stnien lulitnd, on
Satulav Juiiuury K J6U", ?? I I' m
aunuat. Ja?u? * ^ a WOUUUOUBB. ColgnaL
Sprciol Nottcca.
A_At the Kifth Aveaar Aurtion Rooraa,
WILUrtM B. NORMAN. Aurtloneer.
Now on exhlbltlon.
by dtrrctlon of
the Exeeutor of tbe eatate
of the lata ?
of a
P-rrrlalns. Heal Rr..nara, Marhlr Btatura, Ormohj aaji
?avraa iiock seta, Prtnned Waaa, magninoent Onwatu
anl Braaa. CBMBet, all purchaard from THBODORE B?
a larao and rh. Ice aaaortment of i i
Antiqua ?n?l jNTodf-rn Kurnituraj,
DELAWARX; Turklali Rufra. Wllton. Axmlnater and
Bruaaela Carpeta, oid Datek aoppar Hot Water Jugs.
BhefQeid Plated Warr, o.nv.-x aml Mantel Mlrrora, rar.
..1,1 Chlppeaaala Chalre, LODH xvi. CABINET8 AND
BCREENB, buhl Beeratary and Tahie. Palnted Tapeatry,
>:d chin.-s-' earvtd Ivory Figurea nnd N*t*ukr?, old Sat
aaana and Imarl Wara, Mlnlaturra en Ivory; PART/>R
\ -:;.^rl) pilr bf Antlrrs, mountrd on derr** hrad.
NOON, JANUART Sa, t.> BBlaadai aftrrnoon, February t.
Inctualv., al 2 o'etock aack day._^^
A.? Fourth Annual Bate
?n.o.s. b. cRAto, Louta M'ji:ll.er. n. a.
FU'l'M AVKN'UK ^Vlt'l'GA.L,L.B:RIHaa
Tnrsilay .-m<l \W<ln?>eulay Kveninaw,
AuUU.n-rr. Managere.
The Orlalnal and Only Pray. ??.__
atvl orlglnal r ot Mamcurr Art ?nl Cvida In Amrrtoa.
B4x best larty m-inu urra. Api?>lnunenta nrat--cla*?. Pupu
Ur prlcea. ? ; .... parl. ra. At W and U EAnT mDTfm
NEAR i !' ? 0 ? \Y. oppoelt. M-ill?on flquar* Para.
Eatab. IbHB. Tak. .-l?vat. r._r
~--\ti lii?-oint?arnt>l> drllcloua |^erf?me.,,
i* what la raid >? '? rjrbodi ol Mai -?u-ki-ta. tn.- naw
vivn IVifumrry i V>. of London,
"~Arline.ul~Teoth.-The hlgfcefl awnrd at tlia World'e
F. ir vaa g-angaj Dr. V-...w, d.-n;.at. 4.-.4 Uxlagt n-av*..
cor. 4o\;\. Sp?pTaIty. artlB la. leeth. EaaraaMoa iwlatae*
Coaiarrcaa *i?rintr. Water.
Thl? famou. arater >? B - lb| a in.,?t rlaboratr tuWna*
!..--.. :, 1 to all it* firni'-r htri-natli and excellence,
"T)^"i7n^Mr?7L4i?hj, mi: P, il?u. I.1B4 Broadwar.
. n prrat) Bv. rent* Maaleara, Bfty cent*. cntr
opota - ,
Poatogaac Bwtlew.
Poretga na.il.- for tin ? *k eadlng Ka*raary 1 wlll claea
in al ..i--. ..- thla ufflc* a- f-llow*:
Tl'EBDAV?Al 7 a. ni fot Qaiiaaay. Deaaaark. s?wb,
N ':?..', irhriatlanlai and Ruaala, per s. f. Saal?. vla
Hr.ii.. n lletter* I : other parta Ot Fun.pr. vla B.?Bk
amptun. mu/i i? drrected "per Baale">; at 9 a. m. toj
Orn .. per i i r*. IMamarcf Oettera munt be dir?<:te?
??; ?? p, Ulamar. k") _ . ,
WEI-NKSPAV -Ai 7 a. m. f..r lrrlanrl. per ?. ?. Teutonlc,
via Oueenatown detlera fw other r?r-- ot Europa murt
be dlrected "p*r Teutonlc"); at a a. m. .s-.irW?-r:i.-ntary
l.i a. in.. for Euroo*. p-r *. s Mi Paul. vla d-.utn
at 10 a. m. f w IHalum .lirect. \>*r a. a.
N ? lland. vla Aataerp (letten must br dire.:ted par
No. -? lai ? ? .
BATURDAY- >? 4 ?. m. f^r Earope, p*-r *. a. i.ampan a.
vta Queenal ?n llettera f.-r Pranca. Swlizrrlanl. B?ly,
Kp ln Portugal Turltry, Egypt and nnttsh laatta Baaaa
:,,..;,.! -| r . .itr.|.:-n: .' .. at T a. m. for Nether
landa dlre i. pei *. Upaamdaaa. vla BMUeaaai .in
tara m-i-i be dlrected ':>t ^puamdam i; ai ll a. m.
f.,r Norwa) dlrart, p-'i "? ?? U*aaa1 llettera rnuat be
dlraetad "I. talantf i; at lt a. m. isuppletnentary
12:30 p m.i for Fran..-. Sv. it.nlant. Italy. fepaln. 1'or
tuaal Turle- Bgypi an.l Hrltlsh Indta. per a. ?. LA
liourgogBe, vla Ha\rr iloti-rs for otfcer parta of Europa
muat b^ directad "per l^i B-.urirogn*.,,i.
After the cl .atna; of thr inipi.lrm.ntary Tranaatlantta
raaka namrd i.lxive. addltional aupv i-mentary rnalla arj
. ened on th.- ;.iers rt thr Amrri.-an. F.nallsh, Frrnch an?
flVtman atramrra, ar.-t r.-mai:> op?n untll wlthln t'n mln
utaa of the iw.ur nt saiimi; ..r ataaaaer, _.^.?
iNDira, etc.
MONI'AY?At 1 a. m. f..r Hr.izll. vla P?-nambuco. Rl#
jaiiH.r., anJ s?i.i.?.. per a. a. ??ar-ua. frum Baltiraore
ilett.-.-^ for North Uraall und L,i Plata cnuntrlra muat
be lirrctHj ??>*r c?ptia"i: at *:t p m. for Brllze. Puerta
i r:,-z and Oaatemala. per BMaMner from Nrw-Orlrana;
at B p n;. f-r Jamaira, i-^r ateamer fr-m n*t .n _
TTEBDAT?Al I'M a. m. for Jamatea, prr atram?r rroaa
Baltlawra: at I p. m. for Porto BJeo diraet per *. a.
Y ??? Wllllam; at M p. m. for Hveoelda, p*r ateam'?
from NVn Orlean*
WEPNE8PAT Ai s ?. m. for B-rmuia. prr a. *. 1 nnl
dad ai Ka m. for Coata Rtca, i ar a ? Qeorge Papnaa,
vla'lJmcn al 12 m. ii-upplrmrntan.- 12M? p ml for
\.i au V P. iwr s *. An'llia il-iirm muat br riirrotr*
.,,..: ..? ? 1 r. ni. for Cuba, per ?. a. foiruiaJi.'a.
?,., Havnna a! 3 p, m for Bluenelda, per ateamer rroaa
N-? Ortaana; at n p. m. for Jamai.a. p^r atramer fruna
!\v .\t 10 a m laupplemantarj io *> a. ai.) for
Kortun. Man I and llavti. par a. ? Alpv n! II B, m. for
il ? . ~ubu. Veaeauela ar.l CkMombla, par a. a.
Habana ilett.ra muat be llr< '?? I "per Babaaa ); at I
P ra unpplementary 1:30 p. m> f..r Nassau N. l .. ane
Hantlat ?- ?'??<? rwr *. ? Nlagara; at 3 p. m. for
- .? : T?:>: -. p-r ateaater fr.mi N.w-Orlrana. ___
l '.i'\Y At ln i m .fii>i rmentarr 11 a. m.) for r>n
t- i vmcrlca i xcepl Coau itica. and Snuth Parlfle port*
? . \'ct t> r QaamwalB muat
i ? .1:-. t | "i ? :? Advan.-." 1
BATPBUA1 Al 7*1 a. m for I* Plata eountrle* <lire.-%
,,..r - h t'ulerldse; at. lo a. m. .supplrmentary aB^
^ ? . for Fortun. Jslan.. Janalca, .-arthaarna and
Rl, , p? ?. a, A!i?a (tettera for -thrr parta of
.?,.|..mt'ia mi-- be dlraetad "per Allaa ?; at 1<.;30 a. ro.
, 1. ? , Taba*. . Tuxpan and \u.-atan.
par s ? Brarra llettera for other |wrt> of Wewc. and
for mba muai ba dlraetad 'per Benaa."); at ll a. ra,
Irmenta i 11:30 . m.) for Veaecuala and i urarao,
..,, inllla. vla furacao, p?r ? a. c-iraria (l?ttrri< ror
tiibia muat br .l!r,< trd "prr , arara* ).
Jl?M- for Nearfoundland. by rall 10 Hallfaa. and tbrnro
. ii thi* ofBo. dailv ai ?:?> p. m. Malle
for Mlquelon. bi rall to Boat n. anl then.-r by ateamrr,
,;. ?t thla rr..- dallT at 8J0 r. m. Malla for <"ul>a
c-loar al thi '? tlll ll 7 . " for f-rwaidin*r by
?alllna Monday* and Thuraday.) fr.-m P<>rt
? ? V x ? ind. unlra* ai^.latlr
- i ; r diapat h '?>' ateanaar, rtoa. at tha i BMO
? ? K1 .. .
? rChlaa und Japaa, pei a. ?. Itank >w ifr^n Taro
?,,,, i. up to January ?2? at B:ra? p rn.
Ualii ? ? ? Ina and .lapan tapeclallj addreaaed only).
ii r s ? ':iii;;.;hk "t Japan (fn.m Vanoouveri. iloar hera
,!., ly'un to .lHn-.iar\ -27 al B:30 p. tn. Malln f.'r <,hlna
and J ipan p<?- ?. "? <"itv f BU> Janatre tfroaa s*n Fran
i.- laiU t|. t.- January 31 at >? M p. m.
V... ...; H.." aii, per ? a, Auatralla (frora .-'an Fran
,'-.*,.i r.oaa hera lalty ap to .January *. Bl 0:30 p. m.
MniN' f.-r Auatralla (eaeeat thoea for w<-rt Aartralia,
whi. ii ar- forwarded vla liunirn-i. Naw-Zeataad, luwa.i,
l .j, and Bamoaa talanla, t.?r *. a. Maripoaa Ifroaa San
1'ian. ?? - cloaa hera daily up t" Frbruan- 1 at . :?(?
h tn 11 n. ni. and. 0::*> p. tn. lor on arrtval at New
v'..rk of ? ?. fmbrla with Rrltish malla for Au?tralia).
Malla f >r AuKiiuIla tearrpt a'eat Auetrallal. HaWall and
iljl lalanda, i ?r ?. a Mlowara ifrorn Vaao?uver>. .-Iomi
.]? irt.rF-t.riH> 1 and up to Pebruary fl at 6:30
p m Malla for th* Boclety IManda. prr ahlp Uallleo
Ban li-itv i?.'?>. >l*r h^re dally up t. Frbruary
":t nt tl.10 p. m. , _
na la a ? Baraardod to port of raiitnK daily
and the achadal. of r4 .-Ina la atrunsrd <m the t^reauniptloa
of th-ir unlnurruptad ovarlaad tranait.
?Reclatered n-a!l i-'.w at <"> p. m. prevtoaa day.
CHARLXa W. DATTON, Poetmaatar.
Pi>*i.ifflrr. Nea Tork, N. V.. January 24, 1?06.
!.cliqiou9 VtttCM.
V\^^%^/V-. -vyv^^^v. VAW?
ALL BOrLB" CHURCH, Mudia--n-a\?. and ?flth-at.?R?r.
R HF.l!ER NEWTON will prrach at 11 a m. oa "Art
and Morala." i:\rnlna. 8 p. m (srata fr--e). aermon by
K ir. A N. HEN8HAW.
AT SOPTH ."HFR'^il. Madlaon ave and 88th-et.. Ber.
ROPEHICK TERRT, D. P. Paator.?Brrrlcea at 11 a. Bb
and 4 i ra. MMdalaaoha oramrio. Eiijah.
tthavr. and lOth-aL, Rrv. PERfY 8. ORA.NT. Rectea
Kunday errvlcra:
t> a.tn Holy Coaamun. -n.
it i. m.?Mornraa aarvl.aa.
4 p. in. Mua .-.il >< meeo. -
h p, m. i:\t-nlnK arrvlrra. w
.S.aia frrr.
.-nrrt.H 0T sr "mary~tiie Iil^vJJL*tJ
4?!h -st Mn.-.-. - r?r r..mmunl..n. , :30. 9. Matma, i?
High Mas?. 10.4S. \>?per*. t._
.ni-Rrn (.f~ma.iv tme.viiuiinJM wjg
?atk-at.-laawaa f.-r fommunton. . .3<>. B. tnatina, wi
lilth BMia, 1".!?>. N'-Jjp'f. *?
,-nn <T rHL'RCH Iloulr-atd. c -rnrr Tl?t-rt.. Dr. J. 8,
wtl^undiy^r^rUaaa. n a. aa. and t, P. m. Sunday
acbool, io u. m.
i-H! ItCIt <>F THE EPIPHANV I.ralnat^n-aye. and
,',': l, ' FREDBRJCK HOLMKS. Mln atrr la
?!,?.?,-.-Mornina Berrle. at 1). fiMmmmntnj* B. At
th." evcnlaa lervle. the .-antaia "The H^ly flo wl.l h#
r.,i!Vl undrr rh,- ,-lrrrtl.n -f Wi;i:?m lt. B oodeoca,
Mua P. of (,!e ^ard*n Ctt* l-'athedral.
FlI'ST BAPTIBT CHUBCM, rorner T?th-nt. and Boule
v i; ,1 H.-' I M HALDtMAN. Pa?t r -Prraching la
thr 'mo-ning at 11 orlo^-k and eveniin at 7:45. BlbU
rlasK U:4.'. i. m. and K:4fl p. m. Ail aia wrtcomr.
tvn.l.lAM F BABNABD, Hur?rlnt?ndrr.t -Th* rew and
br.'iutirul rhapel wlll br ua?<l hy tnr rhlldrrn for the aer
vlr* of ?on? nn hunlny ac 3:30 o. m. Thr publlo are
curdlally Invltrd to are and hrar thr chtldren.
arv Bita, iaW. at 11:15 a. m.. lrcture bv Prof. FELIX
ADLBB at ('arn^al* Mu?lr Hall. .-ornrr 67th-at. and Tth?
ara Bubj?et: "The Splntual Meanlng ot Marrlage." Ai|
lntrre*t?l InvltrO1.
BT. THnMASS CHPTtr H. .Vh-ave. anl B.V-at.. Rar,
J. W BBOWM. D. D.. Recu>r.?Mornlna pray.r. Mrmon
ana Holy ConiTiunlon at 11 o>lock; evenlng prayer and
i?rm'.ii at 4 o'clock; Holy Cocnmunlon evtry Suulay at
aa* aa,

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