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A MEKTING OF i;i;pki:sfntativf.s 0? IHB BO
A coNrF.UR.vi3 i oViMirni:
Nearly ail of the soeletles of thla city havtng charge
of deBtltute cluldrfn BUpported ln parl by ,
tnoney were represented at a aaeetlng whlch was held
late yeaterday afternoogat the Houeed Rec ptlou of
the New-York JuvenlleAaylum.No. K6 W.-st Twenty
eeventh-st. Beveral won.en were among the dele
gates. There were preaent. also. Willlam R. Btewart.
prealdent of the State lioard of Chatltlee; Bllaa C
CToft. prealdent of the 1'epartmcnt of Charities ln
thla cltv. fiuporintendent Hlake. of the Out-Door
Poor Department; Elbridge T. Gerry, prealdent ol
tha Sooioty for the Preventlon of Cnie'.ty to ( bll
dren. and several other men who are Intereeted ln
the work of the State HoarJ of Charltlea. 1
Devoe. prealdent of the New-York Juvenue A
preehled at the mcetln?. and aald It had been call. I
to talk over methoda for gettlng the aoctetiea to B
poaitlon to recelvo the pubUe money whlch had been
withheid bv Controller Fltch, to eonaeguenoa ol a
fallure to eomp'.y wlth a rule of the State Board o
Charltlea'. it waa aanounced that Controller Fltch
had been arcvaatcd by '"^';s f!om Bttendlng t.ie
Willlam R. Btewart read a atatemenl to maae me
?iruatlon clear. Ha aaM that the Btate Board1 of
Charitle* ha 1 been npparently foreed InM a paaltion
BiggTT?- to the aocletlea by tho wltfcholdli -
publto money under the operatlon of lts rule*. bi
waa unwullng to aaeume auch an altltude. *?mc ol
'the laatttutlona had been alleged l i be permanenl
koaaea for BeatMuta chlldren. Inatead of mvIwm tm
thelr temporary eare. A rule ol tne Btat. Board
waa intenSed to provide far an annual in p.
uv the offleer eharged wlth the relk ' ol the p
the county. and lor the poymenl of publl ? m ?n y i >r
the augport of only thow hll Iren who had been a -
ceptel ln wrltlngby au h oBlcer. Corporatlon Coun
?vl Bootl had glven an oplnlon that the preel i
thaDepartm.ntofCha.-.:: an I Correctlon, or.
the divialoiiof that Department, tho prealdent ol me
Dagartmeat of Charltlea, was the proper ofBeer t.
Kivuauch accepUnce. to ?.:?.:- elty. There had been n i
appropriatlon for aa Inepectlon of tha clte Inetlt
tlona havlng the oare of tiie deetltute chlldren. how
ever, and the acceptan a?a had not been glven arltbln
-the time rcoulred. ag4 Iherafora there id beei i
falluro to eomply wlth Ibe rule anl ihe < otil
had deoltoed to pay ovee ihe pubuc money for tm
auppwt of ihe destitutt chlldren.
Coarttautag, Mr. Btewart spoke a. lollowa
So convlnceu la the Btale Board ol ?hf ?? ***"}
lor such an annual ecceptanee 0 ????lute "fc.
tlren or peraona euppomd al publ i expenae >n pn
vate SaHtable IneUtutlona tha: .: a meetmg hel
on lanuarv 9. 1S&, lt amenoeo Rule -' bj alrtRlng
w, ;h" torda "commltted by ans I'ouri oi Magia
trate ' so tha: thls rule reo.uir.ng annual a
ino aa a publlo charge will b? .1
Son"after October, IM, as lo all deatltute rh.ldren
cr adulte in caaritaMe toatltutlona under prtvan
manabo;nciu aupported at publ< expenae.
Thls rule ia totended to alve lo the lo al ofll.v.
elected or appolnted eepectally ?.o mv iv.
Idmtolater aupport and rellef to the ,.i
piovir.ee in determlnlng vho ahall be. a
upon thelr reapective loca.uiea lt wlll }?e noie.i
tnnt the rule eppliea lo raaea ol deatltutlon onl>.
*n 1 It is maliualned trat th?se ,a,re caai - wlth
whlch the onVers eharged wllh th.- rellef ?
poor ahould deal and that they ahould not be re
garded and treaud a* erUnktaU
Tho gre.u major.ty of cbildren now be.ng maln
ta'nel ln aavluma at lh. expenae ol ""
Kaw-York are known as ", jimiiItfe t" ehlj r
i?. have been taken lo the asymm nader commlt
lueni from pollce or clty magl.?ratea !;? ?r
anlaalonera of CbartUea ha\e heretofore exerc.acd
bm aupervialon over the recepllee and reten
thoae chil iitii, or over numeroua other cla.Bea ol
depcr.Jenta. so that there la at laat h moiety ol
the deatHaUon for whlch tr? clty provtdea ovel
ajrhlcb theae offlcera exerclai no onti - maln.
tamed that they ahould exerclae u .. mtrol ai I
that !t is as much a part of '*.-.
\1se the admiaa'.on of clty ehargea to the prlvati
aaylutna u* to pass upon admlaajoo. to tr.< clty to?
atltutlona on the lalanda
It was not ;lie inteui.on of Ihe framers ' lh"
Conatltutlon lhal tha Btati Boartl of
?bould eupereede the local i" altl 'era, or perform
any part of thelr dtttlea. The Btat.
.not. even wera.lt ao dlspoae*!, liseharge tb.
lmposeo; hv t;,e ruU in leatton it mual be i
charged by the .o-al <.tf\ era Ti ? rule la perf. tly
Jviat and practleable, anl Ita applteAtloa to tbe
cltv of New-Yori: woul: roaeentrate reepoilaJb.'llt)
tfor the elty'B burden of deatltutlon and lepei
oa the Coram.as'.oneis of Charltlea, Rthera It right
tfully belonRa.
ln the (liactisalon whhh followed, Mi Oerry took
a promlnent part. declartng that 'h>- rule o:' the
State Board of Charltlea oughl to b.
aa not to compe! an expenalv? annual examin.in
of ^he toatltutlona bj tne Comm aslonera of 'Ija-,
tlea, but to enable h.m le muk.- Inveatlgai ini 't
ceaaaln eaaes when :t was auppoaed tfiat chlldren
were belns; kept ln The Inst tutlona loo long lt
waa reaohred flaally to appcCnt a commlttee la ? on
fer with ;hp Btate Board of Charltlea. the con?
troller of ihe city and th. Commiaalonera ? I
tlea ln the e ly. .vir'i a view or flndtng aome way
out of th? dlMculty The commlttee conalata
lC.bridge T. Oerry, dairman; Bryan Ijawren
the Catholic Protectory; Morrla Ooodheart, of th?,
Hebrea Bhelteiing Quard?an Societj Morrla K
Jesup. of the Five Potota llu is,- of Indwstry, and
V W. Devoe, of tbe Xew-Tork Juvenlli Aayltim
The eeaamlttee arill probablj n-. , . riunday at
the rooma ol Mr, Oerry'b aocie'.y.
Ul'T ot' COOltT M \ PERJt'KKR
Mti I.ena Ja-obj, of No. 87 Sianton-at., ai d I ? i
frlend, Mlas Hoae MUIer, aere to Btanlon-at.
Wedneeday rl^ht, out- le o! Jaeoba'a tallor-atore
at No. 97. whea Pottceman Hoeffltog came alona
and arreated them. The polP^man ,vas accom
panled by fi?oiKt- Wllsoti, a Btool plgeon, arho ga ?
5ils addreaa aa No -?'.' Bowery, a lodglng-bouae
"Wllaon accomf,aii!ed the pollceman t,, th<- atai
?and made a formal complalnl that tbe women had
aoted in a dlaorderly manner. Tiie women were
locked up. They arere arralgned ?:. lle Easex
IMarket Court raeterday n ?n li... R ? ? M i: , n i
flned $10. Not havlng the money, aha aaa taken to
the prlson ?.:id locked up.
Then Mrs. Jaeoba'a case aaa ralled. Bbe ?
ga^ed co^jnael. A t?ev: f her *,-.< tda, headed b>
Jier htiBband, erowded behlnd the rall and t.
to her good character. I'nder ero?a-exam!nat!on
?Wllaon became bad'y m'xed ln hla tcBtlmony, and
finally Maglatrat* Kndllch called Wllaon ,. aelf
confeesed perjorer and ordered ihe pollce to lurn
tilm out of eour'. He then diacbirged Mn
ard alao Hoae Ml'.er lioefllng h.i? \..<z. ., poliee
tsan forty daya
Speaking of the ra.?.\ Magietrate Kudll. h aald
?"Tne penceanan'a actlon ai pr mi. hed very neai
eubomatlon of evtdence. }'?> ?to,,. there and heard
Ma stool plceon Be, knowing thai he ?ii? lying, and
yet he waa ai anxlous for a eonvleUon tnat )e
refralned from dolng what any hon<-st man ahoul,
tiavo done-te:i tt.e Conrt tha trutb. A man who
*-ould act )!i<#i that shcnii never have '?> -i ap
g>o.r.tod a pollceman."
The purchaaea by Wlllkun Neleon Cromwell, for
fA.no,-.,oon, 0f the MOwaakea (Wla) atre.--. rallwayand
electrlc llghtlng prop?-rty waa In purauance of the
j>!an of reoraaniza'lon The new ooeapany, le be
called the Mllwankee Electrlc Batlway anl Llgbt
, Company. wlll i?^ie v,.iu,,.u, flV(. per ceni I u
1 84.50rt.000 abt per cent non-cumulatlve preferr?i
atock. and HMO.OOO -ommon atock, anl !t wlll rwn
all the atreet rallwaye *ni the electrlc lighting
plants of Mltarankee,
? ------ -
A ilen for K.&l balanc? of eontract for ateam
Beatlr.g anl ver.illatlr.K apgatatua Pnrnlehed the Sal
vation Army Bulldlr.g In \Ve*t Pourteeath-et waa
flled yeaterday agalnst Uaillrgton liw.ih In favor of
JSrtooh Butxler.
?cst 14 Wi
^dAkX V t.*oi m*bk *XarV
In all the vanwi warp? nnl t-xiuren. but the be?t
tklng Is thai w^ rand* BV cr)ntr?ct? ?hil? wool nnd w?r**
were low. We etn thua aall BI tha la'e loa Bguree, wl h n
are below th? tra.w aricea Cbeoaa yeer aatteraa now,
aa gaggg "?? re"1'1. Bawa to reaaaaM lenrit.!*, and p*y
later. Twi ?e?. ovr "I/ina OnadltV ?vat?m la tt tha
graatest aervlee.
frhtok waa ewlfable fnr Chvlatmaa atlfla. In
cladlna mmuy norelllea. anraettlg reilneeil.
M*e 106 and 108 West 14* 91.
Sroolilyn Storcs: FleHbusJiAv.nearFuItonSt
SQU 1DR079 A '8 HOl > '-'??' I <'>' U f \"0.
Bfcuadron A e/Bl jlva a houaewarmtng at the new
armory. Nlnety-fourth-.t. and Park-ave., thla even
lr.g, \nd thc occaalcn wl'.l probably be tne mo-t
elaborate aoclal mllltary fonctlon of the aeaeon.
The acjuadroa i? coaapoaed or a auperior elaaa of
mco and baa alwaya enjoyed greal popularlty. not
o-iiv In Natlonal G ,.,r 1 circlCB, DUl ln thnt part of
the communlty known n* Maoelety." Th,- houae
waraTlBl wlll take the ahape of ;i ball anl prome
Th.- great drill Boor, whieh la 90x100 fect, has l>een
floorrd over for danrlng purpoaea. the varloua room.
have bem arranged for the aeeoflimadatloa of the
gueata, two banda wlll furnlab dance aad promenade
mua:cand an elaborate aupper wM be aenred. tha
'$QAWw*w$y '>'"
... i/-v'' a ?>? 1*1 'ii
romtnrttee haa apared nothlng In maklng lla ar?
rangementa. ... i ll la expected thal the rntertaln
,?..,.: h| be ... every way credltable ... ihetr ef
forta ...
Lleutenant Prancta Halpln, wlth twelve men. wlll
have harge of ihe entran e. and thla detachmenl
wlll be relleved ... 11 P- m. bv n detachmenl from
Troon -'. under Lleutenant Latharn >i Reed. The
,':? i n. ? ? . be .. eharg. of dcl ichmi nt.i -
,,,.,. Lfeutenanta Willlama anl ou jert. >'?"
rharlea F. Roe . II ?? -elve Ihe gtie.ta al ihe en
,rfnvTt'atlona have been aeni ... ill ??? offleera of
th. Nattonal Ouard. and amona ??? ?>. ? >
,,. -epted are Adjutant-Oeneral McAlpIn, ""gaaie
uVnenl. "? '1-' iee. Whltlo k. Varnurr Flagler.
VValUco .?:.-. -.! W!le> and other n.-mberi ot
. .;?? . U .n-a atafi; Brlgn-ller-(>nen,b. Lawla
FltaaeraM an.1 Jamea M;.nd iherr.ataff?: moai
0f tne . olonela of ihe Flr.i eeond brlgadea
and many ol i ffl.era o' ihe Natlonal Ouardai
fbaNav. Re erve. The l'n!l 1 Btatea Armj wlll bc
; ? . . ; ? v ,; :... ;; IM.,..- and offlcera from tha
: '. ,:. .; .vernoi - u l>a. I ? - Llanda horta
Wadaworth and Hamllton and wead Poiht Th.
? ?ni,, i ?<? -,.? Vari wll .-... .i eonllngent rioin
? i'.V kv' .The E?ex Troon of NewarV the Id
Tfo^f. from Red llank. X J : Ihe Cliy Troop ol
PMIadelphia iVaptaln Wllaon, and the <>,l Ouard
w*"';,; dea'
wlll have .,'. opportunltj Inrp. the. atablea.
,,,.,-., ,,,.,. pan of the annop'. ?nd to aee that.
,?,,.,,* ,;,,. f. wper maj h.ve devotecl much I i
at, he ha^ no: 1 n .ign " "??
n,. ? , .. ?? i ildier.
roi h iv \h'i> lz/.v v i i/#m
(..;i, ,- , | ? ,ui |. I. ?..->. yeaterday
.,,....... ,?:. | i] it) a. wai . men In Ihe
VA ? ? ? ' tctlng f.ptaln
.. . Uvea ,-tr.- R ib. ri '*-?'!
,,;. hun Ired-and-Bfty aecond-al
. n?nrj :..?-. of Weal Blxty-etehth-at.; Rob?
ert McNaught. .. ol lild ? , and Danlel U*a.
McNaughi la a ? >n of Deteetlvc-Berg. ini Robert
MitV*i" ... thal rharlea F. Farley, ?r Et
. . . :?:>,,. ! Kealy. -'f Eaal Twenty-Becond
?' ?,.i lamea I'ampbell, ol Eaal Flfty-flrat-at., wl.l
.,;:,' :;';,. i ? : , ??> ai ward actectlvea witbla
laya. _ ^_
l.l.-ll.MKNT OF K. R. Dl'RKBE A CO.
Davl l M M ?"?'? of Ihe w! ? il? a| ? ai I
,._? |U| ... n:.,, 0f i: i; Durkee a Co.. No. !"?"
Water-at^ weni l . bli | ol t ii neai a n
\, - -, ? lay ... ii Ing H. * ?- app irenl In goo I
healih, and atten ? ? - ' hH work.
Whlle lalkrng wlth aeve. ol l emplo a? of Ihe
nrm . ? rell back In hl I ' H ? .
he had ......
. ,- n -1- >w. ! Ihal he waa l*a '
a policeman waa cal>l a n ??""?
; The amb i!an - ?urg< ?ald the n u h w
. from near: ?:.-.-? :
to have a Coronei . IVord waa i
oner O'M. i lh< ?;???? ime and ?xa
..... body. He found tl ' "n ^'^
f.,:t\ .-.- neral ' '? "t i
M- Moore waa flfty-foui yeara cf age M wa? a
famlihtr flgure amons I ?ni .wn bua ..
New-York When ,i young man he ant; ?
of E. !:? Uurkee A Co aa i ?? ? ? Man)
\ ? ora ago he wia a nartnerahlp, anu ne
haJ be< taao lat. I wlth M. Ourkee for nearly a
,, ,arter of a c ntury. He n .- r-eaUhv. an I a llb
|Tra] ,.,,. trlbul r lo . harltable objeeta, Hli nome waa
n p'.tinfle'.d, N. .1., wher* h. waa ronnected wltn
rhiirrh and aoral orfanltatlona He leavei a
wldow, three a. na and i iug l r, .... . **'?? '>? are
Krowl || i raa rem ?v. ! I . Plalnfleid later
trlng b en grani I
b) tbe ' 'oi .. -r
: OPINIONB coX'-ij'.xiXti THE NEW H...U.TM
BOARD lM'l.K %
"Thou ahall nol eap. I irate," Ihe legend whlch,
n, ,;.ommanJ of the Board of Health. wlll a,,on
,?. added to :?.- number of rulea and regulatlona,
advcrtlaamc] i md llthographa whlch ;..v.rn ihe
atatloni ol i.led rallroad ihe ferrlea and
all other plaeea where the publlc la wonl lo gather
ln large n imbera, la ereatlng conalderablc d naalon
and trime amuaemeni among Ihe offlcera whoee
bitalneaa It wlll be to enforce the rule
The practleal workUbj o< the mea ,ir* la regarded
p* doubtful hy many peopie, bul no leat of the
practlcablllty of Ihe We. haa yet heen mad . aa the
placarda hava nol yel I.n poaled. They an now
belng prepared by the Health Board, and may be
expected to gladden the eyea of the decenl publlc
wtthln a lew daya.
The authorltiea do nol eipecl ihal a atrlcl en
forcemenl of ihe rule wlll bc poaalblc al rlrat. The
greal Amerlcan publlc l?a-< >^o long .?? irded the
,::, t, expectorate when and where it pleaaed
as one ot Ita Inbom and Inallenahle rlghta Ihal II
probably not sulnnit wlthoui a atruggle, But
' the r.o.ir.1 of Healih espccta lo conquer by gulle
' where foree would b. of no avall. I. Inlenda alyly ...
. i?.ad ihe publlc where ti rannol drlve It. The health
offlcera belleve thal when the publlc haa been edu
! rated op t.. the i.lea thal Indlwrlmlnate and pro
; mlaruoua expectoratlon I. dangeroua '. health th?
j evil wlll vanlah, as do 'no.-tt thi.ig)' whlch faii under
' publlc di.ple. - ure
Nevcrtheleaa, the guarda, llcket-rhoppera, pollee
. men and othei offlcera upon whoae ahould radevolve
the enforeement of Ih. antl-eapectoratlon n-Kiiia
tion are decldedly ac. ptlcal aa t<> Ita practlcal vatuc.
! Indeed, on. of ihem wi-nt .?o far yeaterday aa ic de
i . are cmphatlcAlly: "Aw, s.y. whHt'< der matter
i wid doae guyi " lf a man wanta ter *plt ln-'s goin'
i ler apll ?er can'l arreat hlm fcr dat "
Peraona In aueal of good bargalna fllied the Kifth
Aveaue Amtion Rooma, N.>. Hl Flfth-ave., yeater?
day afteeaooo. I. was the thlrd day*a <<ale of the
i fiereon.il effecta of the late K.iward M. Cameron,
; a rarlety of Bae Dreaden, Worceater oni Vlenna
warc weni cheaply, whl!e r^re brontea and brlc
a-brae Aald al rulaoua prleaa A doaen eomp>te
netH of fumlture w<r.- aold ?t reaaoaable rat?m.
whlle aaabogany aad EagHab oak aecretarle., Uaok
eaaes .?nd -halre were dktpoa. I of Bl prlcea su.-h
ia'ar?^ pald for oheapcr furnlture. A .I >zen orlental
ruara were moI.I cheaply, and Loula X'>'l and Chlp
Mndaie furnlture aeemed at a dlecount. The aum
nf tll'' Durchaaed a cloek a.-t whlch orlglnaby <-oat
lla owner &?< whlle a flne allver, bronae and onyx
mr coai ni; BV, ao'i for one-tifth th.it amount,
Tne sal- thls afternoon Wlll Includc a varlod lot
of furnlture. b.-onze and braaa P^aea. jardlnlerH,.
lampa. broaaea and Dreaden, iheffleld and B/or
ccater war. _^
Magls.r.te Bimaaa, ll Vorkville COUrt, yeaterday
heii for irlnl la tt.000 t"?*l J?hn KapaMnaki and
Jiernard Ht-ln. who an- aocoacd of extor....n hy
Uarrl. L#vy and bla BOn, real esraf Aealera, of
j?o ?7 li.-i Pfty-?eventh-.L Kapallnakl haa made
a. atatccneni In whlch he decUrea Ihal he aaw a
rela.iw of th. Levya ft flre lo a aweatahop bnUO
Ing .n Ctierry sl. U. t Ootobcr.
TKMPI.ATKI) Btncitnt
i:i:.M, mf.N PRCTUAR t.KTTKJt* AND
PAl'i'.cs POt'ND.
M.x Bckert, Iwenty-aeven yeara tM. ol No. Iti
BMal Thlrd II . Bled from the effecta of ertloroform
vrtterd iv rnornlng, ln the rear room of hla drug rtore
at No .;:, Avenua A. The rrrewB*etancaa aurrouno
Ing hla d.ath point to aulcMe. Letteri were lound
among his effecta wWch noi only ahow that h, bad
contemplated aulokle lor aome Ume, bul that he had
previoualy made all arrangeinenta for the act The
s,ory of hia dea-h U told by Kr.t, gchwe.aer. h.a
C A^eortMgg to the latter. from Wedneeday rnornlng
?n ii Z tfme ?e d.ad, yeaterd ,v. i: hert k?< taken
.1. , ,.? o wmi aeveral men. He wa* a
anonsrh rh'orofotm 'o a." *v .,
c ZneS chloroform uaer. The clerft aald thai hla
So^reVww m a etate of -tupor all day Wedne*
oav, on accoun! of tne drur
Pollceman Bahm made .n examlnaHon of the ro?m
., found tha, thedruggta. had ^""r^h..
fnto dltleren. pll- efl th. lettera re ^?*~*?
-.i..oa i-'ueh nackaxe waa mantea
"^n?'VWT' th. le.ter concMded. "If
^\reUei::,:do"'w-,f:.nd^-nVd unand wr.tten
lhTh*eMllrVweT?abta ''?" ?,rn only a llttle about
ln?dVtf?n".^Wra lt wa. aaldthat h.wa. nj
marrlcd an l only tH>arded at the ,.,, ?, -< ' "?
?. Me III .. I.I l.u-ln.-aa. and I I? 'rk COU10
siy irhy h. ahould nav lakeg hla Me,
u irgawl Kro.Mch. rwenty yeara old. a aervani wn
ntoyed m the lamlly ol Mra Annie Hoplenaeck. No.
? a. Iterk'a Place, waa found deed ln her room
,' L!enbTy*morn.ng The pollce thlnk that d.aappolnt
Jneni ln love ? ia Ihe motlva lo iul We
,;..,?,.. Berger. a baker. auMBgf m? yeara old
,?m?1o?.1 ,u,cid? yeaterday rnornlng by banglng ln
hta rooma al No, II Btanton-at. H. waa a wldawer.
"??The lollowlng letter, wrtttea ln Qeroaa, waa
fo.'.\!"l ?'' ''.iu''1, ,nv i'fe ai 9 ,,?.k th;. rnornlng.
.??'? i:';'\'::,:;lMm'a?v,r;;::n,^
dik (.ir.iioi i i ? foralve them and hnp?
I want to ,'o.n my wlfe.
ln the Bp. la) Term of the Bupreme r irl be
for( i ?. Lawrenre, ' hn R Mannlng yeatei lay
I ,,, ..... defend.nl In an acl a for eeparu
tlon broufhl by hli wlfe Mi Mannlng wbo waa
? mpanled In i url bj hli couneel, v\.ler H
peckham, Is ab M bIxij llva >???"? ald 11" la re
,,?,. l i , be a n n.li nd wa. a ictlve i an
her ot Ihe Bl >ek I ? " ' ' '" "; "" r'"
cenl eapulalon on . har*<. of frau i
Mr. Mannlng waa ala i ln r url wi:h her eoun
?.? ,? ..... Qeorge 13 - and .??? r aeven chlldren
loreph .1 Ihlrl eare old; Mary. twen?y-<
:. ven: A? twenty-l
iwenty-l ??? "? ? ' ' ' ' -
v, en th. ? ? v.. -....?!'.? ?????? ' !??'
addre* ng the I'ourl ? >'? '"'?? :" ?
. . f mone,
?n th* pait ?
port hla wlfe and faml y in a n ner to whlcl
ara entltU i H* ???? ' ' :
?nd foi .v..:.- ' meai i i ? <? ihelter l al bav.
b ? n c impell. I to .Up I
.? aat ? aald C .lonal BUm whei M ?
Mannlng pald a bill ??' H :i for mi.? prewrlL.
f, r ? ' r alruck. bei
,- ?, i; in ?:,.., told ol an a. tlon whlcb v'
I g brought b: h< ibend i r<
?\, .-, R !??; ol i ? ?: '? ' :"- ' "
,..,,, ,? . .-. H< aald Mi.it thla aae wm> ? J
? I,',-. ?? . H .... Beptember B ?" ?
M. nlng had ??-? Hel '?' re the rrfei ?
,..:?:?? ???....
.:.. ! to c ?: mll -n ?' '?? and aald h ' ?' ? throw
her oul of th. wli low." Af ? !
?an. Mr. Mann ng .-fi hn
never reiurn. M ?l? ald that I
-., brlna ? iah ind an I . I"i re them
t , ???!? ?? to llve logeth. i.
.., - ? .i . .. - '?! ...
. ? h . ?? i. ' nan ? aa "Mar;
mi ]??? kham ?all t Culon?i 111 ??. I( -
? ,,, ? ne "Wa l < mom?ni Aft. a I
i:. .. . , ,. i Mra \i innlna ri m
... | on ihai eoun. a ai i llk. to coi ?
- ,.? ?..?. thH re?p. ?.'?? | ' nearl) an
? ? I Mi ? M ii
...... irneai l ? -" Mi
I'erkham an I '' I >m III l prlvate.y 1
; ,.. Lawrence, and flnall) i waa announcefl that
had been - ttle I ...
Mr an I Mra. Mann.na algn l a number i
m. nt. ,m I |. fi Ihe .urii i .in together. I
..,,.,: ir.;. i ? . ?< ajieak about whai
took i. ace or tbe |erm? >f th? J?eitlement
n-,.. ,, i mi peckham alao ?:> n. I to lela In any
way about Ihe raa?, etcepl 11 il ' - Raa
nlngi ha I agn I i i llve togetl i ?
/i i/,'/ i/o/ /// l// \ TO CELEBRATE.
Tha tfclrty-aecond annual dlnner of Ihe Dart
j mouth College As rlatlon of Ne. Tork la to be
held al the Waldorf thla evenlng al 7*1 o'clock
, The preeldenl, Charlea i'. Mathewaon, ol tha elaaa
of 'U, wil! prealde. Among tha apeakera wlll t.e
th?- Hp\. Dr. WUUam J. Tucker, prealdenl ol lha
i college, who arlll reapond to Ihe toaai "Tha Col?
lege": Henry E. Howland, of Tale, whoaa aubjecl
arlll be "I.uck or Orlt"; Dr. J. L. Hlldretb. of Cam
brldge, Maaa., claaa of '?f wbo wlll apeah on "Col
.,;... and i nlveralty": Oeorga Predertcli Wllllama,
of Maeearhuaetta ctoae ol TS, Ihe Demo ratl. n m
Inea agalnal Oovernor Oreenhalga 'or the Qov
err.orah'p of that Btal. la.t fall, who wlll reapond
to "The Purllan Conaclence"; wiiiimih K Barrelt,
claaa of "gj, member of Congreaa from Benator
l.odge'a oM dl.trtei ln Maaaachuaetta, who a:M
?peak on "Dartmouih and 'to- Xatlon," and Ju.tlc.
\ \- Harker. of Penn.ylvanla, who w.i. replj to
? Millt'a and Bench " An unuauall) large number
ol the alumnl ia\e algnlned thetr Intenllon to te
The narimoutli Aftaocla|lon of New-iora waa
? >,, nral college alumnl a. i on here organlied,
havlng been In exlatence alnee IWi and now num
b riiig nearl) a!a hundred member
? ?
The New-Tork Central and Hudaon Rlver Raflroad
Compan) has fiie.i plana wlth tha Departmeni of
Bulldlnga for the erectlen of a ene-etory iron ata
tlon In KaiiroHd .iv.-. between One-huaalrad-aind
thlrty-elghth and One-hundred-and-thlrty-nlnth ita
Tne new atatlon la dgatgned aomewhal after the ele
vated r >ad atatlona, and arlll ala > b. elevaled. About
|60,ftfi0 is eetlmated to he the eoal of conatructlon.
ControUer ntcb aald yeaterday that he Intended
golng lo old Polnl Comforl to-day for a f, m daya'
reat. The Controller haa been In poor health lateiy,
i and he alwaya flnd. apeedy rec n -ry in the ciimat* of
, Fortreaa Monroe.
The thlrty-eeeond annual atalemenl (>f the Brook
lyn i-if'* Inaurance Company ol New-York ahowa m?
creaaea In IBK In aaaeta, Income, aurplua and Inaur?
ance In lorce The ,i<s,tH on January i were ti.T.ti.
SOkgt, made up ln p.irt of |(8,0M ln l,ond :uid mort
1 ?(aR.\ $C4,i:tS of city and other llrst mOTtgagC bonda.
MOO.DTSof real eetate in New-York and Brooklyn. and
1144.59101 of loana on the pompany'a own poiu-ie.:
The r.-aerve (by new standard of New-VorUl la
11,519,144. Theoffloeraare P/llllam M. Colej)reeldent;
i K.-hx Campbell, vlce-preeMent; Qeorge r. Hadley,
retary; wllllan ll Kord, counael, and D. I'arks
Fackler, cotiaultlr.K actuary.
Charles W. Ilenmann, alx yeara old. of No. .*>16
: Waablngton-et., dled al Rooaavelt Hoapltal yeater?
day from Inflammatlon ol th. knee, whlch he :n
Jured two week. ago by falllng on the loe.
The traina ol the Central Rallroad of New-Jer
?ey. |e.-i\dnK f"?>t of l.llei t \-si.. 1:15. 11:;;0 a. ni.,
1:30, 1:45 p. in., ruti dlrectiy to beach ln fr.mt of
the ateamer at. l'au: at Baal I.o.ig rtnnci. .*,
The e er.rleal companles repreeented ln the Elec
frtC.1 Con.rar.ora' Aseoelat.on have vp:..r.inr?y
entered Into the Igbl agains. the Boord 0 WaBf
ing Delegatea by declarfag ? lockout agalnat all the
men ln 'helr employ wlio are membera of Kectrlcal
Workerr rnlon No. t Tho llnlon men w?nt out on
a.rlke agalnat the Contrarlora' Aaaoctatlon about a
rear ago and finaKy won. They weni on atrtke for
? elght-hoor worh day. Th- lockoal ?eot toto
effect at noon yeaterday.
The membera o' ihe .'ontrartora' Aasoclafon any
the loekoat was made Becceeary by the Bght now
go'ng on between Blectrlcal Workers' rnlon No.
a nnd Loeal No. r> of the Brotberbood or Bleotrlcal
Workera. The flrst-tiame.l unlon is nllillated wlth
Ihe Hoarrt of Walklng DelegatCB, and haa the eup
port of the Hoa-> For thls rBaeoa Ihe gptlon of
the .'ontraetors' Aaaoclatlon. It ll feared, Wl'.l have
i-erloua rean la, nnd Involve tbouaanda of the men
Of the o.her bulldlng trad? lr. Ihe trouate. About
eavea bondred riactrlcal workera were locked oal
yeaterday. The rontractora aay they have been
compeBad to t >ke tkhi actloa becauae they dld aol
l;now whom to employ.
At the Western Blectrlcal Compaay'a offlcea, ..t
Teatb nnd Oreeawlfh a'a, a repreaentatlve aald that
there were practtcal'.y ihrae uni..-.s of .Icctrlcal
workera !n thla clty, and the eompany dld n,.t know
whom to employ. i. wlll take employei bxck If
.hey apply tc-day for ?..rk aa lndlv!dual., bul not
u.4 m.mOer. of ihe uniona.
The Rsecuttve Commlttee of the Eleetr.eal ton
tractor.' Aaso.-lntion beJd a aecrel meetlng yester
div at the Hu'ld.niT Trn.lea <'u... No. 117 i-.a?.
Twenty-Uilrd a?. The Baard of Walklng Delcgatea
u>,-iar"d yeaterda) 'hat it would continue t . aupporl
Ibe ?leetrl.al workera of rnlon No. ?'. They aay
that the contractora nre aupportlng I. ..-..i No, ?. and
se.king to break uj> rnlon No I Th? Board w.il
meet Fo-day lo prepare for ralltng oul ihe me
i-hanlca of al. the Imlldlng trn l.-.* wherever and
whenever they deem i. aeceaaary.
Miss Mary Practar wlll rleliver her one-hundredth
le.-ture to-morrow nlghl :.-i f'aoper I'nlon Her eub
jr.-t w u ba "Olanl Bua and ilu Pamtly," and there
wlll t.e nuraerwil .tereoptlcon lUuatratlona, Thla
? , V,, *? ? >?aj*\k
r?e 'V
UIBfl M v?:v PB i TOB
wlll be the flrel tlme ? mi ahe haa
i :.u'. rm ?hl h her father. Profeeaor I
., -. jple l and h< r father'a pl lure wlll be ihr.
the a-reen a: lh? ? 1 iaa of ih. ? nt< rl.ln.
ii haa ? . ni i. h favor b) her agreeal ?? way
of preaentlng adentJfio fu.i"
? ?
///; ADUIREH i iii\;:.-i: ftAtl.ORS,
I IN M'OIPFIM sa \ s ?:?,-?;.:
\ ? i , in m || || ?BM MIgl Nl'i:i:- .""I.
,, ? . i ? m '; ff.n, ' Ihe i "h n<?- Savy,
ia ? ti ., it.r to The Ti une, In whl
. me n
? m
ia Ii ii. I for I !m.I
: t admlrellon and
. aallora * Ith whom 1 waa.: ? I. an I
in i:,- lr.at.nre. of h*rol?m In b Ih offl ?
men hav. eomi t i ni> kno. ? la aome f. ...
aai and maa. fr ... mj owi
H? e?\a. In loalng hla letlei "Th i i. the ftret
llme that I hav. . ? ?? i..- i a ig.lnai ibe
? ? it are I >:...? . from me
i Cl 1/1/ I \ r / "It III- PROPER1 I
A' ? i I ? r?R< " r TH I r THE I.ATE C II ?TW< I'.
k . .1 > .?. -. i-. .;i r. ? i. t ' i - \ WII" >\1
.- ii
\ :--er ha
Ii Inota Tl i.l and Ba* intf H
Mill of C H. Alwoo i. Ihe ?';.. ??" ar. hllect, ?
? the
dled reeenlly, illon (o i irrlage, The
He* - |..i l>- . - I ? ??,'?!,.:;,
h< re Mr Atwi o l ha I :ivi 1.
vlall lo Whlle l?l
..i i v. iman ?* I ahe wa a wldow H me of
hls frl.-nla bel'aved '!>?! he had I ni.n
Thla :??(..?? ?.i\ -
Bi'ti.nisu voRUittHios i\ i i// /?/>/.'..
IT mkkth i" \\**iii? PRI7.EI To Aii'.u: r. :
BIT PtNUa ' i": r tIN V %PBRa" IjOBT
T-ie m ml 'Ipal Ru kllng Comm . i. ...
d.r. :n ib. M?'. '. offlra for he p u ?
ing ihe prlaea lo the bIj i hli
i..- n.w munl Ip . bul I
. ? ihe IM prana atibmlti. .
rhe rompetllli n ? aa thal ? i hoi
lt#2, bul af.er th. pUna ha I beeh
W..K paaaed pi oh b'tln
uul'.dlnga In ( it> Hall I'ari
The arehlte. ? wh > ? >m| >-i- I dld
.f a\..-.. i
Pl ! |
.n,,>;- i ?;..- la a
crecllon ' .. nj ... ?. ?
Wlth the llll
deratandlng tt.:i. tb? beaa ; an ihould .. >-.\.- i
..r 17.000, ;.n i Ihe B< a nexl it. merli fc'.CW) <? ic .
\ eoaau.Ung b ? I o ai hlterl a/a. employi i
,,. th. ? 11 v ' , s.-le. i th<- bcal alx pl ... ll l>ein| l? .
lo the Munlclpal BullJIng t'ommlaa.i , to detei
ih<- ...?.-. on. of th. ala , ?? i- t . ind to aa
ih.it pl?n the r,.'"'J prl/...
i ,. I'omml.alon w?a mueh muldled ? len II mel
N \....\\ aeemc i lo know |ual a it .h .uld be
Th- plana were nll in -t >i?;:e. had never been
,.,-,.] fr, ? i ih. 19 oth. > . an I I ??? ? nvel ipea r mt.ln
Ing the Id.nthVatlona ,,f the rarloua arrhltecta
,.,,ul 1 ii || !.e f.i.ind
Th" Commlaalon adjourned wlthom rlnlng inythlng
pendlng the aelertlon of Ihe alx au ? -' i in
and ti.e produ. Ing of the loal enve opea of IdentlAca*
Fl VI?* 1/. "/' JOBS HMITB.
Ti.e fttneral of JohB Bmlth, who dled ln hl i nln ???. -
nfth *e.tr on Tueaiay. took plare al Iha hom. .>f hla
aon-ta hiw, lohn McWIIIIama, No ?'? Weai Nlnely
alsth-Bt., at ?: o'.-io.-i: yeaterda) afternoon. Mr
Bmlth waa the o'.deat member ol the Proteat.nl
Kptaeop.; <#hureh of the Holy Apo*tle?, al rwenlj
i-ighth-at. an.i Nlnth-avc, and au ?<? Iwenty-four
ie;,ra its Benlor warden The reetor of ihe churfh,
ihe Rev Ur. Brad) K BackUB, offl '..'. il Burial
. waa ln Trinitv Cemeiery. Th- pallhearers wera
fr-.m the ve.tr> of the Church of the Holy Apo.tle.,
; ^s followa: l! .i.ert ll <;off. Clemeni B. Paraona.
' John P Co'.lard, Kdwln J. Wlnaton ... i Vlctor <'.
I Pederaon. ___
i Tbaaaaa F. Maher, twenty-two yeara old, of No.
' nt Knal Klsh.y-a'.xth-at.. who was arreated WednCB
day Bvealag on a rharge of paaalng a worthleea
eheck for t2 nn I'atrl.k Brown, n aaioonkeeper, of
No. jnl Eaal Onedi.indre.1tl i<t , was arr.'.gned he
Ifore Uaglatraie B/entworth a. Ihe Harlem Conrt
yeaterday mornlna, and h< ld in t.va ba 1 for ex
Dctectlve 1'erklna, or .he K?s- One-hundred and
fourlh-at. atatlon, aald tha. Maher had paaaed Iwo
1 i.the.- worthleea rheck. f.'. amall lurne on other
l aaioonkeeper.. Furtber, the deiectlve aald tbal
j Mih.i. whlle .mployed ns eollector for Ihe Con
v lle Hrewlnp I'nmpanv. of Party Blxth-BI had
embexaled heiw.n V*^ and $BM ihal h. had eo|.
I leeted for th. eompany, bul l..- had nol been proae
1 cuted on aeeouni of bfa famlly, who ara renpe. I ible
peopie. _ ^
\nt. RCOTT i 1'imt.iis 7///: UAYOB.
i 'm-poratlnn Counael Se itl a, nl an oplnlon to M;i v.r
Htrona; yeaterday regardlng former Judge Bteokler*a
rontentloa thnt the Mayor had no authorlty In law to
<n?'ipline pawnbrokere whom he adjudged gullty of
mfrlngtmenta of ihe hiw.
Mr Beolt anys tli.it Mr Hieekler'a contentlona are
nntcnahla, that ihe law of isst doea ealal and la <>p
eratlve to-day
Mr. Hterkler <-.<ntended '.hat the Uw of |s>.; repe.il".!
ihe lawa of lN*.1 and IBM, regardlng Ih. Ini|> laltlon
nf ilnea. the neartnga of cBargaa an.i the re.aktng of
Mr. Beotl aa\a tha. the M.iyn h.is u. led wlthln lils
full authorlty and power, und has In nn wa\ ,.nl- i
vened the law
Mr. SterkUr gppeared as counael for an englneer
i.iin-i M Storrla. who charged U. Bllverblatt, a
pawnbroker, of Na '.'.."IT Thlrd-ave., wlth bavlng
tampered wlth the work. of a w.trh that wa.
pawncd *\ iii. blm.
Like It?
Why certainly, everybody likes Quaker Oats! And
it's healthful, too! Better than meat and nine timcs
cheaper! And you are^Jj^e^a free sample package.
Everybody about
sample package.
Packages! That's
sample packages, a
breakfast for fou
Five Millio
It's a bi
isn't i t
the result
ands of quiclt
people will know to
time in thcir lives
reaDy wholesome
ing breakfast cereal
They'll try the j
it better than
their breakfast
der itright alon
The longer thej
better they'll like it,
too! The result will b
ands of new CUStomCTS
according to direction
bcr that mucli-praiscc
re is to have a free
Million Sample
housand thousand free
h one enough for a
.or five. Four or
ree Breakfasts!
Vhat will be
ust this ?
d thous
the first
w h a t a
is like.
the rest cf
hey'll or
cir grocer.
'e to eat it the
etter they'll feel,
thousaafctfuis upon thous
1 e a s elPftcook the sample
ii p a c rSeJjpage. Remem
Cereal Cook-Book is to be
11 nul
/and th<
had for the asking. (luakcr Oats is sold by your grocer.
Sold on.y in 2-Ib. Packages.
Bome of th. Q< rman beara ? l the
montba In rotton yeaterdaj other beara on lh.
f the New-York Coti n Ba hange, remembcr
Ing paal eapertence. ln thla Ilne, dec'.ded not I -
..ii,:: on j. prop ihe ground for arl I nol i.n
; . ... i yri Thej Ihlnk the ? hanc< . a ?
th u . . i - nomer il weathei
rrounded the ra of
W'h.n the a, lling of lal moi
? . i 4 polntB ? ver VV i
mov< 1 up q ? '?'?. '
Th. cloae ra ?' I to 7 |
?? i croi ird unchanged to I pu nt.
p deilverlea.
Mancheater and l-an n re aplnnen 11.001
igah ? i.Iv. n ???? -it i C i ????'?? '- ?? i
ln that markel ? ei ? I 641 hlgher < >n I
Ihe ocean the i, vi loi menti itlnua to ih n I ivor
abl) for the i.ia, who aay thej : ? ? I onlj all
nnd th. Bplanera . r. l ex port era wlll lo th. resl
All the Bpol marketa were Bteady, and exportei
purpi bi l th. beara by buylng :i ::.'.T balea here for
? ahlpmeni lo Kurope Bplnnera took Itt balea
here N'ew-Ortaana aold S.BM balea, Memphla I.OB0,
(lalveatoi 1,141 Mobll. DO, Bavannah 1.151, N i
103, Auguata ?" in.l Bl l.oui? <M Bxporta I
? l..- were :??? :??'. i .il. - Tbe port recelpta, whlch
w, r.- \ ? r) fn <? ? :. w ednea la i. ahrunk i ?
,i i>-i balea, agalnal Ofl ? ? ir Recelpti al
nta i town. exi eeded laal u but are apt I
oi ...... , il aa In the ; ? ?
ii, ,\ env ? ? ?.?.... ivere wil mt pITi on the m.ir
K. i Bombay re, Ipta wrre CVOOII igal
year, and ihlpm^nta 17.000, igaln I S.OM laal ye ?
nut Bomba) ? flgure. have been Jt*< mnted oi
erop ln the ? itlmalefl ? ' e?p*rta ? n 1 i probable v ??
:? le auppl) ihnt a B They
Iih\ ?? b. en ?!:.., ount. ! In the i>,". >? l .?? ? -
The ?*.? ki> totala arlll ???nie oul to-day, ?h wlng
the movemenl ol the Aim-rl .ui <t >p and the trada
* irklnga at l.lverpovl <>n theae Pkh'<s ft>>'i i in
: l :. ? II ? ? laplred n h - ? ? beai.. Mean
tlme the deadlock al Pall Rlver haa been broken
after ala areeka' ditratlon and atock. are movlng o
iii t > conaumera' hand. Thougb tho manufa ; ..?.??<
?a\e ln. It i- agaln |> i.nted OUI tha: not a mll
talled i on ump . >n a -.in?;ie bale durlng all rh,
deadl ? t. noi la II llkel i thej h lll do ao n m tha
Btocka are movlng oul Bi ara nnd bulla ? Iki
' ? I "?? m ? itufl la , iii
from i i. ilrygooda ll.?ti ? . .
Jall. . iraging M i .
are movlng up ? i llii<
on" t'ongn . uae I . ? ? ?? r. and
11?.? ? ,i fi lghten?l aiij more ai :t . am ? - i
,.| Idencea of l e revlval and n \
mulate n e\ ,-r; tund The
:- rlalng and aome blg ordara lave )?.-*:?, ;?' , ?
we*k Aa Iron goea ao , ,,. < everythlna ?
Ni v. ? 'i :? i .'. Jan, SO V'lckal irg boai irrlved
only ?'.?'' Cuptaln :i..\i nothlng ,>n rlver
-. rapplngi LKk n'l ? tunt Viekabiirg, Natchei
,, . , ? ? . Bouth I lalann boai b
onlj IS6 Recelpta arere practicall) from towna
Allowlng uncounted lowna UP.00O, don't b, ave
p| intatlona olj 7'i per ceni
N'aw-Orleana. .Iai k railroad addltlona or
ronnceMona >>n laai day of munth here to-m
will be mueh lighter than beara Intlmate to
markel I'earl Rlver, Mlaa., boai arrlved with \M
i,.i.. i; iii-: trlp thla leaaon Mr Atklnaon, a lar*>
factor, dolng nualn? there aaya noi 3 <> balea left
on Pearl Rlver, the rotton havlng been hauted to
"Tha Birollera." the well known club of amateur
playera, wlll hol I a hou ewarmlng to-morrow even
Ing lo ah.cv the ie? home lo the frtenda or ha
membera. The club ha* an entlra floor In No. tl
VVrai T- nty-aet.h-al The lower floora <>r tte
i 'i Iding.icupl ' b) a i hophouae, an i thi
1* enabled to enjoy relreahmenta wlth
troubla attach. l to the manaeemeni of i club r*a
irant. lt la propoaed to make Baturday n tht a
entertalnmenl a feature, and the pollcj ol t'i ? gov
ernora wlll be llrected foward making Iha club a
rendeavoua for nupper attei ihe opera and theatre.
As ihe kltchen i. open untll ! W a. m . thla ertll be
:i haven f 'he membera ?l.> w'.ah to dlne after 1
H in. th. regular hour foi cloalng club klichena.
To-morrow evenlng*. affali win be Informal, i ?n
alBiing of a drop to drlnk, a i>it to eai and a d.i-h
of vaudevllle from Ihe clever profeee'onala and
amateura preaenl The Itecepiion Commlttee for
the oecaaton Includea lt ib<-rt .:. Banda, Edward
Palea Cowar.l, Joaeph <: i..?miI>. Walter l.awi -nce
Bogert, Rlchard T. \\ 'alnwrt <ht. Btanfonl Whlte,
Benjamln Aymar, i.. Olwell Byron and Qeorge
Newell Ilomiin.
.ia, ii. A. Brown, of No. ?> Ooerck-et., who waa
caughl Bteallng |e*ebry ii; Ihe Jewelry atore ol J.
II. Johnaton .<? Co., ?>r No. i: trnlon Bquare, VVednea
.lay atternoon bj Joaeph H Harper, manager ol
the llrtn, waa airal'icd ln .I'-rT run Markel Couri
yeaterday. Harper told Maglatrate Dj?uel how he
had caughl Brown allpplng lnto bla pockel n\n
Bcarf-plnn, a palr <>f llnk cufl-buttona and i B'lver
i;ir. of ri>e iot.il value of 11*85, Brown admltted
thai he h, 1 taken the gooda bul offered to return
them if the proaecutlon would be dropped. Mr.
Harper rald that aa he already had poaieaalon of
tha gooda he dui not ace hou Brown i >uld r turn
them, nnd aald tlut h.- would preaa the charge.
Maglatrate Deuel held Brown for trlal in J.w i. ?'.!.
Baamlnatlona wlll be held on Monday neal fot
all poaltloaa In the new clty lodglng-house. There
win he three aepanRe eiamlnattona?for auperln
tendent, Inveatlgatlng ofllcera and nlghl offlcei ra
The aupeiintendenl wlll bava general charge <>f
tiie kodglng-bcuae, tha eondud of correapondence
and charge el lodgera who remala to work In the
mornlnga Candldatea mual ba fltted for such
dutlee. The aalary pald v? n !"? 11,100 per annum.
The Inv itlm ofllcera mual be quallfled to carrj
on Inveatlgatlon. regarding refercacea an i Uio
ta, ksep recerda and cetadMl
.rreepondence. *e? to oht i.ntn-{ emp.oy
. .;,.,: and recelve l?H'r,1?PiJ.H1L5
The ralarj ; ? 9? annually. Tne duty or
. ?? , ,,.:; ... ? , we to the dlecharge of
, ... are to be d'achargi 1 ln tne rnornlng.
: . ,-.. i-aaranta to ihe pollce. aerye ^"^lat,
I,,. ,, nlght recorda and malntaln general erder.
T ? ??? w II be pail $7-'" per annum. ..
ApVcatkme for anj of theae examlnatlonejJiouM
l?. nled al once wlth the secr-tarv of tbe Cl\il Beg*
i-lce Board, ?-r:rr. nil Courta Uulldirg
1; ....... . | er no? than arer befare at thla
reatern amery butter Is
....... , a ccnta a
?; .. loweat pri. ? ln January, IW, waa .:<,
'.... , fl ,,. md: n II 4. '-'?? rente ? pound; in IB*, c"3
rrat. a pound The average weekly recelpta ln
. ., rr.OM twbe: la UH I*** tuba;
.,._,. .?:?.?, ?:.???> tuba On Deeeaa
ber n'ltgfi, the pr; e waa tl eeate a pound. and R
haa alnce ateadlly decllned, Tha dec'dae >a gen
erallj attrlbuted to the large laereaae of the eua?
,!>. notwlthatandlng the fael that coneumptloa haa
alao largel] Increaaed
\ idlng reeelver of butter aald to a Tribune re
,,,,.., . ...... "Pr ea are abaoraaaUy low, and
? ??.,. :a a greal dlfference of op'.nlon in the tr.i >
... whal they wlll be in the fnture. ln v:ew.
of an iocreaeed demand for ejcport a*
iv, | ia ?,,[ hotn?. conaumptlon. II la haroly i.aei>
.. ., y .... ,--on, that pi M wlll be any lower for
tome tlme to eom. The total recelpta of butter
h 's;. were I.U4.S7S tub., averagltti? a.xty pouno.
agalnal 1.717.7*7 tuba In l$?? " . ?_...._
< markel la uncbanged. aelected Weat^rn
. iTing for li centa a loaen at wholeeale Th*
lotal i elpta of1 <?,;!. durtng the year Juat ende-1
were -'->-'.'*'?* 'aa^. averaftng about th.rty-tnree
doaen egga to a caae, ai >?? . ?>- " laea in 189-i_
Tte r- markil.lv low pr>e of eg?rH, like that of
butter, la alao malniy attrlbuted lo -h?- >argely tn
? i ? ? 1 ? ippiy.__^__
I'i.i.ikts or INDBC?NT OROntB at OOafPaaVt
?; s "gTAO" DBKIBO.
Ti.e offlcen ol the Rh Regtmeat are Utetaaed over
I the report. ol brawle, druakenneea ,.:-.! Indec-at
orgiea ln the armory. Cogapany <i b?ld a "?:a?" at
1 th. armory on Baturday nlght in the coarae cl
! the evenlng a man who waa nct a member et the
reglmenl ralaed a Ileturbaace and was promptly
thrown out. Thai waa i ia whole atory whlch la
the banda ol goaalpa grea untll ll reacbed alarm<ng
itdP-portlons. Among th. other thtaga reported as
???.:?!,' taken place waa i free Bght. in whlch Cap*
i . w . ka and i ne ol bla lleutenant i took part,
the armorj ?as k.-pt ?>p.:i uatll afte: t
on Bundj accommodatlon 91 the
brae -1 -
t'ol nel Beward and '-a;>:.!n Wilcocka pronotin e
ihe repori ilai Icroua faisiflcailona t'aptam w.i
?^ ?., i ; i ,i Tribune reporter yeaterday: "Coloiiel
Beward k.i\>' me ordera to have tte armory ?', - 1
>re mldnlgh . and l Inatructed tbe armorer ac
' i-ordingl) l w ia there and I know that th- ? iera
, ' . : contlnued, "and thil ?*?.
light. were oul and the armory lcck-1 before U
k ??
i'ha vaudei ?: rmanca whi^h the teport.
apoke ot .1.. havlng been Indecenl w-a#. accor^lnj to
the teatlmon) <>f an offlcer who waa ther-, 'tha
ame aa one would r-ee In any \ariety thea'r-. "
?The whole asory probably ortglnatei w'th ??>:?..
? ' our aueata" aal I a member of the eooapanr,
"wh > thought that a good way to rep,iy ua for our
hoapitall?) "
Adolph Hrra.-hkogdj who waa ladlcted s^me tlme
an.> for murder li Ike Brat degree, waa before
i;.?,.,.? er i;ofr in .Jcner.il BeeatoB. yeaterday M
accouni of aome trouble h? had bad with h.
i. [aldor Hlrachfleld. Hlrachkopf la ??id
; > i.e a flrebug oa a lant- aeale. He ia aceuaai of
lieinK iu the pot to ee! flre to the bulMtag at No.
ui Buffolk-at. on AprU M last. wbere the Uttle
gtrl, i.izy.ie Jaegar, araa bmaed t.^ death. Kor
thla he waa Indcted lor mur.ier and ommitted
to the Tomba two montha ago, Mr. llltachfleld
waa eeetgned aa hu ronneel.
a few daj it.,, iiiri" akopf wrote to Racefiaa
C.off and told hltn h" waa not i l larie.l wlth ttte
conducl of hla counael, and wou.d prefer 10 ia
f.nd hlmee'.f ratker than have Mr Hhreehgeal ?*
hla lawyer. \\ iien taken latO COUrt yeaterday
Hlrechkopt siid he had deteraalned lo he hu own
lawyer and conducl hia own defeace. He ?a'd
.Mr H.rachfleld had a noanher of aagara ma
terlal to h!. trlal, and reluaed lo gurwaaaar them
when h ? demande i them.
Mr. Hlrachfleld then axplalned hia eoemecdaa
wlth the c.ib,- Ha aald the rnaneal oriirinaily ta>
Igned t > .!? fend Hlrachkopl were John Broefca
Leavltl and Allred Boch. He became aaaoctoted
wlth them wlth the coaeenl of the defeadaat.
He recelved a number ot papera h.-artnit aa tha
c iae. F.nally the defendant became dlacoatented
w.ili hlm .ui I demanded the return of the papera.
The lawyer aald ha reluaed to dellver the paprra
uniesH so ordered i>y the i-ourt.
Reoorder <iofT aald the lawyer bad actad prop
erljr, and that be would leaaalgn Maaan. LeatrRI
and Boch lo detend the accuaed man, and then
Inatructed Mr. Hlrachfleld to turn all papera over
to them.
The Recorder aaM th.it. uaaamueh nis the defend?
ant araa accuaed of a capltal offeoceb he eeeaw aaa
ba allowed to delend hlmseif. but mmt have
'ounael. Hlrachkopl wen then ie,i back t>i the
aadlaaa am\. i.i plalaly atarkeda
t win puUxfy ti-.,- aaaai faMtdtova, c
Stores 43 West 23d St
I'ro.ii aa aadlaaa array, aii plalaly aaarked, ean ba
|. t.,1 ,< li i. will pu.l?fy lh.- most f i?tull,ni?. crltlral
>? :> imlcai.

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