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??-.A "True Amerlcan';." auggeatlon that Qov
n r Orlgga shnuld treat on the propoaed
?fcan--= ;;i our Judldal system In a sp-vlal mos
-age to the Legtalature is wortby of oonsidera
tlon. As a lawyer the Oovernor haa few .uperl ra
^ |he itate; he ls famliiar wlth ail tho {aot.s and
:f >? -i i lalnted with tho vlew. of the leadlng
aeml en ? ' the legal profi wl >n.
! blll w.is am .rhered ln tho Sen
.t- laal year. This tlme It wlll probably tr.eet \
te, though the lntroduc-er won't l?t it
??* wlthout a atruggle. Bullock is both plucky
aad energetlc._
Th>' day of publlshlng the law. ns n~-wspap?-r
nl enti has gone never to return. The
ehange ha. been brought about aolely by the
aewapapera themaelvea When blll. are paaalng
? I_*g_a_ature, the newapapera tell aa
? ? n as the average layman u a
t0 Kr. ? Lawyera nnd othera eapeetally Inter
jjt^.i -. ui i get bo >k ; '? - t the lawa In any
tvp. ? :????? rlae of th newa-gatherlng end
s has. therefore, in t):!s reepect
tflK_ . imlnutlon In the recelpti of the bual
oes- fl _,
Kewark'i Aldermen want the $300.Oun appro
pria: law for the Free Llbrary passod by the
Laglelal ?'" wlthout any refcremlum elausr. but
the Leglalature probably won't heed that aug
?jjgi ? Tho mnnic-ipai eleetion Ib not s i far ol!
?j-ar, nnd ll wlll bc better to let tbe people vota
on tbe , le.tlon._
Tho wlre. aro ko;,t hot wlth dlapatche. from
Son:'.ts J' Int, AtlantlO C unty. abOUt tho exeite
nier.t there over the- forthcomtng munlclpal eh -
ti ,n G 1-ts Polnt haa a total populatton of 250.
In igt_i ihe \ ite for Congreaa was 50. Of these
40 Bupi rted the Democrat, I atood by tha
Bapubli an, ar.d 1 Prohlbltlonlat put hlmsolf on
laeord t r th ? eold-water candidate. Tho Mayor
tlt,-. ? ? n occun two mon'hs hen e, and there
are ? >ady fourteen av ,v.-.-d aaplranta, wlth
, . every other clttaen In the boi tugh lylng
twake nlgl ta wondering what ehange h>* has of
beinfi aak< I to take the h inor as a ,? impromlae
cand: I_'
Att r.e tbe publtabed llet of biddera for bonds
war the name ? f "I* Cahi'.l. Jr., Jeraey Clty." who
off~r~! ? take t2.000.000 wortb. Bo modest ls thi.
opu'.eit gentleman that th* banken. Bnanclera
gadnewi] ipermen of Jerse> C4ty know hlm not
T?? la a rumor that th- racetrack men are
__ ... make an irr~pealahle contract w-ith the
_'... aii0- ractng for flve yars. The rumor
?Mi - to -av that the ru.ers wi: ngree to pay t.ie
.- j ... a v.ar fur llve years for this prtvl
.hat they eapect to clean up mmfa ln
tha: tlm. The rumor ls not trac-eahle ta any a_i
thoriu- ?-?? . _i e.?(Ellaabeth Journal
II i racetrack men oan't make n:iy Mrgaln
-rlt] the ?tate ol Xew-Jeraey. Tbera was a tlme '
when that could b> done. but It w!!l bo many a
long day before this c mmonweaUh ls agaln
rea ly to go into league with the gatnb'.ers.
The storm provoked by the President'n nomlna?
tlon of J- Kearny Ri e for Dtatrtct-Attorney
NMi to have deatroyed "Ollle" Kelly's hope?
for leappolntment on tba Btate Board of Rallroad
Aeeeaa n _
w r ra arlll never ceaaa! Here we have the
.... ?- ? ? ? Bctually eaeaplng from the
Pat :s n Jall. Bo arell do moat prlaonera I ve ihat
..... - . tha, |t |a - ., hard Job to gel
f. ? leave when thelr terma have ea
. . x .. aed to be ,m ron: llluatratlng
th:,- One day . I ' prtaoner. wera ptaylng
ehe ker. when a dta] ?'? ' ' ! ?? J h,*h wordl
m ted. One of Warden Buckle*-*a aeaJetanta. ao
th. yarn ran. pul hla h *d Inalde tb. d ?or and
Bkauted that If they dldnt koep qulet he :
T ? threat had thr- deelred
,,N. -. |1M ?? . ;.,v _, H OVTVntOH, am. i:i:k
I ? . - M -- LulU I.en i
. ..... yeart old, b pupll of ::.- Paaaalc
. | v a glrl frlend named
B , . m, - : , ? ared from her
.- rday nmralng. Sh.- atarted for Um
-v and hai with ber UM, I i pay for ber
-,-hen th tlme foi nrn arrtved she |
a found. Abo il 7 o'clock her parenta
.. apprebenalve, and Mr l_emon. who li
aloyed in the Brie Ballroad offlcea waa aem
mnedtately Informed the P ; aml
acnt out an alarm to Burroundlng villair- ll wa?
f-arnerl th:.'- th* Blrl had art. l^LPLLZ1
? he dav and then wem away wih Nellie bluir..
The latter li aln her aga, but she doea not
atter.d the Iv- . - Bhe llvei wtth v-eoi-.e
nv?t ner parenta, but was known ns a qulet, orderly
The pearch has been k-nt ur conetantly, but no
news ha? t.~<n reeeived of th~ Tni?s!ng glrK other
than that they were se~n walklng up Leilngton
ave aloni. the I'as-iai'. Rlver. Mlaa l.-tnon'. i?r
ire dlatiacied t^ her dlaappearance. So rea
t ii la aaa >;n-l for lt, though I .me nay Bhe m_iy
i ive a'oped Th~ -rirl w,,^ a favortte, and reeeived
rr.->re a'tteatlon from young men than others of her
**-'e- . -
Vlr.eland. Feb. 6 .Spec!al).-The famliy of H. J.
-.?.ghtman.' prlncljial of the Vlneland Publ'.c
8ch>ol9. b-camo deathly alfk !a_". i.lght and one
Chill lt ifl tbongbt wlll not llve. Three day* aro
Profeaaor *,Vi_rh;man a four-year-old daughter b~
ca.-r.^ UI aftei eattag an applc Teaterday a two
year-o!l aon ate one cf tbe applea and at onea be
can- ..: \\':.".i BNgbtmaH returned In the even
Ini ha told bla wtfa tbat h< d l not think the
anTnlei ??!? to be liamel. and he ate ..ne An
bou- ater he wa- ? ? '? terrlble palna ln th.
?.vt ' . -,. . , ? pronounced the ?irk
.--?'..? m the cellar a nalf-opene.l
ih on rata wa' f' ;; '-1 "r' a '"?"''" un:ler
? ? -..__?-... t,a?)<-r of ai lla Ihoughl that
?- . nd from ar. open wlndow Maw tbe p
ov,r . : . r aoh !c atlll crltlcalli
OL WU ... and the g.il are Improvlng.
,-,ami: TOMMiaaiO*?-_-_g.
H P Prot-Uagbaaa, _a_-cretary of the Sew-Jeraey
Plflh an 1 <lame Commlssion. ls eendlng the follow?
lng clrcular ta peraona Intereeted ln the subject
?Daar S:r: It i? the desire of tba Board of PIi .
aad Oame cmn ? imm nl to ??.'?"
ktur. r enacti enl a number of cbangea fo ?*u?t
lig ? l the taklng of g*?**"* 5^;
BUaabeth r. i (Bpeelal).?A tbrea year-old chlld
of M- and Mr? .! laopb Delka of No LM B.*linam
at. 1? ;.U-T>rlnK from lo^kjaw. cansed by th. ehlld'fl
pareni- Immeralng ll In s,-.-.:ding water to cura a
c.;_. Thev dld not think th<- water waa aa h it, n
th< littl on.aeverely burned This waa le -
than a ??.. k .u i (>n T.i.aday aymptoma "f l.ickjaw
d?\eior~ i. ai i now the chlld ha? llttle ebaaeo of
Camden. Feb fi .Stieclali -Mlss Laura Wllllttfl. the
Bupposi i belreaa far wboa Mii~ Oawage, o.' Malae,
wa? Karehlng ln thiB dty yeaterday. waa found to
day -.!:?? ilv.s ln Llberty-f-t., between Thlrd and
Pounh mt.. and ln In poor dr 'umatanreii. Hhe was
tract-d through the publlcatlon of the ?tor; al tbe
March, and wa- overioyed to learn that ?h<- had In
berll"'! a fortuni. 3he has no Idea how much !?
Ct?mlnK to her by th" death of tbe Maln.- uncle.
Jll*? V\i:;ifis l? iirenarlnx t; ko to M.?lne so cl.ilm
a?r laberitanee.
Jamea Havron, c',"rk of the Hoboken I.oard of
nealth, said yestepdny that ?ome of the mlnlntere of
that elty cannot be pravalled upon to obiierve an
ardlnan'-e whlch make.. lt compulaorf upon them to
im v'"' ,!" J!''!""d refur.ns of ninrrlage* wlthln
UJirt) ,.; \, :,fter ceremcnles are perfjrmed. Sev
*ru, r-l_.rgy-rn.n w.'lt anywhere from two to nix
awnthB before mnklng returnfl. They can be flru^
^"oreai, viuiaiion of ibe ardlnan a
' ji"i?;e ricb AOktrra it. bowevbr
New-Brunawlck, Peb. I iSp lai) The t nrth
?lay of the trlal of Mlchael i". Barry. charged
wlth incendiarism, to-da) pi tduced a s. nsa
th.n. as it broughi oul an alleged t.t talon of
Barry, Thorm a Kelly, a prlaon i al the Countj
Jat'. gave th.- teatli He bb) \ th .1 whlle
' he, Harry and another iti ner were piaylng
card. one <;..?. ln August, a , ; ? b I ind. d
them contalnlng a stntei thre.
trarapa who were lointly Indl l Barry,
and who ea-?a] ?? 1 from tbe Jall, had been 1 id
in Delaware.
"Barry al ? atopp I piaylng card
Kelly, "and got up and walked aboul the cor
rldor iti an exclted manner, i aaked hlm whal
waa tl . ?? ? and he re] I Nothlng.' Nexi
mornlng, whlle 1 w.is golng to the bathroom, 1
in.-t Barry, and we went to hla call. We had
a couple of drlnka ??" whlakey, and tl
asked hlm agaln why he had been bo ea
the night before. He h< Bltat. d av. hll . and then
aald: 'Kelly, old man. it's just thla wi lf
they get thoB. trampa 1 wlll have to aer
long term, for l lilred them. if thej
capture them I ca ,1 ? a. npe com Ictl
never can convlcl m ? wlthout thelr evldence.
If they gel them, all wlll be over for me, foi
i hlred them t.. do the burnlng. They robbed
the place und we burned the buildlng Lj hlde
the crlme.' "
Tl la teatlmonv was at firs' rul. I oul bj Ju Ige
! becauae it had nol b. ? n pi ? ? d bj thi
Btate that Barr* waa charged wlth the Taylor
fire 1 . t .!??? th. c .nfesslun Tl I I ?tr >ng
language ..n the parl of Prosecutor Adraln wh ?
was called to order by the Court. Mr, Adraln
aald: "The Court la hlnderlng the pi-utl .n
of this case. it's the moal glgantl. p. " nl
technlcallty that I ever heard of In m> llf< ll
you rule oul thal l Btlmony you maj jubi aa
w< il ..I en th. courl b >ua.n 1 id '.? ?' one ol
the grtatesi irlminals on the face of the ?
n . free. The Courl muai take th alblllty
of throwlng a nrebug bnck ? n the communlty."
"Th.- Court takea thal reBponBlblllt) re
plled Judge Rl ??
"Well, It'B a blg one." .-? 1 .rte 1 A Iraln
Bubaequently the Proaecutor proved I
Barry had been charged wlth the fire before
the c-r.iifessli.il. ;nnl Kelly'. evldence waa ad?
mitted, aft.-r whlch the Btate reated its caae
Th.- defence mcved for a non-aull on the
ground that the Btate had - technlcall)
proved araon. The motion waa dei led, and the
trial was adjourned until to-morrow, when
the defenca wlll begln.
_?- ?
Alderman Ogden, Of Newark. ? ild y. .t< I
the report of no progreai ' ? '
Hines. of thi Boar I of Health. 1 mltte.
new hoapltal slte: "The Board of H( ilth ha. ??
suggeated a *'??? sli - the purchai I I Orove
at. property. upon whlch it apeni 16,000, ai ?
was not permttted to uae ll the ? ? ?? .
iv,- would be very glad If tl e B rd ??? I aug
faat a Bultablo place whlch could i-- obtabied bi a
reaeonable prlce, for In mj oplnlon the Almi
property is entlrely too valuable to be uaed foi
l| | purp -?? VI :n . . ar ? >:-'" '? n8 ?
Clty Hoapltal, the Almabo 1 - - '?? * ia ; "'. >
t-esled the flve members of th. Hoard ol Hea
1 reaeni were all ln favor of acceptlng 11
prealdenl of tha B u I wai I ' ?? ; [J
. of Henlth Commlttee se< m. to hlnb
ii,. |uty of the Councll Commltt. ?? 10
n it m tbe r ai ? I Health wh ? ?
....... - -. ? ? ? ?
I a slte, but are wlllli ? l
?an Bnd one more aultal I* rhe - ?
? ,.. 11. thai a* tlon of th. ,.??????.??
th* members of the I ird l <???? " ?
unhealthy. an I the 1 r.l i???
? ? Alm.1 I
and the .oll 1. 1 ' ' - '
imber of old peoi l v '
have be. many yeara
harge ol ' eaa ol itioi
- - ?
The sesaion o? tha Nei irh Board of Worl
terday wa* occ iple l pi li
dlamlaaal i ' two foremen, mended
? Departm. nt. It
B1 : Bl J 1.7. 1 I ?? ...
dhimlaaed be auae they bel mt* d ' ? tb. Hero
tion of th* Republlcana la Newark. and Mi Burk
hat.it aald !? wai ? - the Ion m. n , i
wlth the Rei ? ' "'
Ina iguratl >a of Hov. rnor Urii
by membera of lha Btreel Commltte
? wan warm and proti nd . Ite i ?
- mai drifting Into othei mi tten
ln controver.) between the ta ta l ni repr.
;:. ? Board
Tin- iubj? I of the app ilntm. nt o' d - ?
neer to ae.li ftlng of a plan foi
gck. ol thi P< naylvania and C.
ip ln a notlce that the i ngln. ? i
had been a ?< ;?"? I a? one of thr.
iu . o-operation u.t.i l ? Cltj En| Ineei ? D< . irl
Plalnfleld, Feb. I BUaa Btepl r. - aty-flv*
year- old. dled la tbe M whl nberg il ?, Ital
day apparently povirty strlcken Bb* was known
ar the clty and aarnod a llvlng bj w. rklng b)
the day about the dty lor tbe laat twi
Mrs. Btepbenaoo llved alona In a tui
- ger-a allej . wbera aba *a? taken 111 ...
WThla*mornlna Dr. Carmen anl the Chlef of P
whlle looking over th,- womai
mx notes made oul In ner favor, nliuo
to M00. They iii . dli tovered an e< . al
ing that she had ovei W.n **_?? ln the Dlm*
Bavlnga l'.?nk. Bb* leavea h daughter wbo li era
ployel as a a'-rvant n Newark.
--?-- ?
Mayor I eb* Icber, of Newark. yeatei
thai he waa i ite for rei
tlon by th- Re; ibllCl
- v- tha ( arn. at rer, i. al of mai f of n
ti... munl ? h*
?al I, "I ha--- '!? Ided lo let i ' Pr? *< "'? '
to the conventlon. II entloualj
to serve the i.i '?? to " a beal of n y
? - ? ii interests of rh.. publlc hav* i
the gulda of my ? B "' A '
the party and th. ; I ' ;k "??, ?drnln iti i
o* the - iven meni wortby of api
thelr thoughl in renomlnatlna me, ir w 11 afford
? ch gratlflcatlon. It wlll be a reward and an
mcouragamenl a reward foi tbe falthful
gealoui perforraance of mj dutl. ai i an en
ii igement to per i??? i
publlc f-rvur. T am lold by many i
my sdmlnlBtratlon haa bei woi ? .rovsl,
and th.y ezpress a des re :.. iee I nlnal
1 trual lhal ih P 'P** "' 'V|'- ,i:v "' "'' '" h,,']']
...... ... ? . f n publlc work and i#i
v . _. . ,.,-,. ran I * ad' I i thlnk. lhal i I
make my I ' ' ' ' But I w'sh 1 as
T am n..r one ic huatle for prefermeni ln Ihe po
ll-l-al n-'.?e If Ih.- laitj at. i Ih* peopl
raitaVn rne ln ih-i -? ? v i ?-. and .. - an ? ol
ihat deslr* renom nate st l re-ele. ? n* :
?lve thelr i Hon bb an expreraion of a . -
u6 the preaeni admlnlstrstlon nf th? cIM ?
.irairs and not ns peraonal advancement. If they
a , nnt apnr .va mv ?? n ?--. I ahall nol ' ?
rrnel I have don* Ih* besl I could Wl
???.;r!,;V".' '
.. B1 Mayor i- sntltled : . sppi i
n -rroNBD \ commitmknt in i.iki- of a niarii e
CoaaUbla Edward F O'Orady, of Jeraey Clty,
W1s aummoneii befor.- Potlee Inatlee PolU featei
day t) exp'Tiin o charire Of hav njr foraed the name
0f lufldlc of the Peice Tboma, Laker to a eom
nrRsnent. PWMp aaafcollca, ot No. BB Eaeeg-et..
waa arreated on W*dB4?aday for Obtabllng Bioney
ander falaa preten.-es aa a warrani laaued by J i.
ttca Jarecki The law regulraa tha: an B8_aader
1k.1I be taken before the near-.t Juatlce. nnd c.,n
. __. a_raa who mad- the ?rreet t>.k h> prta
"a* r Th.- ..W '? of Juatlce Luker. The iuatlca
gojtf to the om . . wM praaaaat and B.?n< '
wa. Bbeent. oui ? a?j,;i,.ati,vi wa* aaada a
rhe romm:m?r: -, \ ; si,k,::,z to bajl. JuatJc.
I'^^d'aMalm.-d auth!.rlrv to act. ns he had not
Luker d.s.ia "^ , The pHP,r was prodaeed.
a.gned the i.tinm .m . !irrl^?,, was a for-arv. \
"rulhu *W_^ releaaed and entered a complalnt
Binkollcs waa tvj&Sa."u^ ,??,.... i an nai < on- :
agslnBt oor.i.1'- ?e , Thf hearlnf |
? fa-hle EgBt. for t.i a. .-? .
was adjourned until to inoirow.
?' -
BTATianca and bxpbkt c*pikioki n**>
? .- :v , f \ BTATE i\sT!T''Tli.S.
Trenton. Feb I The New-Jeraey Com
m.s-ion for EpUeotl ? and thelr Inatltutlonal < are.
created by thi tui of IM6, haa preeentea
ln report, and I* now uraina tha necei ? y
ol tt, - tbe btll approprtattng tha -om or
? ri-tlc
betweei the Commlaaton and Q "?;
Orlggi waa beld i -day. The membera of thi Com
. n are Di P r Baker, ot Morrtatown; Dr
William i. N'ewell, ol MlllvUle; Dr. John H.
Ea li .-. of iv. mlngton, the >:? i Dr -' M
i.v, of -I rrlfltown. an I Profea? n H Olln Oarriaon,
ln thelr report ? ? Con mleal nera al r thal thej
made an ? ahau tl. ei imlnal >n of
'. ? t. and thi i of the abao
lute ? ? . tltutlon for epllepl ? i '??
i ?? .
f i i ii ik' r and Profea* r Oarri
tlvely. the
. peni and b-m I I ?tll itloi - f the
gl -.. v. rt ?? Ii 11 than .000 N< a
phy*l ani were c< mn unlcate ! wlth 01
y '? rnqu ? w. lao ad Ir led to mon
Informatlon wai n th.
->.,,. thelr cufltody: the
numbei -.. ly of very mlld, of m d
.... .....
? mal , wi laki I also ' -
are al I. and ? worV , enei
..... md 1
I Idiol The 1
lhe Instll ? | to fnrnlah rhe c ,m
1 n wlth li ng the formi r ? ??
lhe ph) -lclar.8 were requeal
The report of the Commlaslcu l l moi
rted, and addli
..... ng 1
, are
i, aix Inaane aaylui
home : - feeble-n '? I a
.... if n
?--.?!. i.-in.i. )? 1 ? rn, 1
and Inaai - mblned, ai
No reporl arera r.
C .mmlsfll >ner? froi
Paai ,; Buaaex. O 1 Balem or Warr.
Tl e whol. . imbi r of e| *'
1 iiul-i ?nd 1
........ itea 1 ? *?
v. i
Th. ' ? ' ? ? ' '?
... 1 1- ;... ot whom ?'?? 1 ara malea
' . ? ilea. In 1M cai.
11 ,-.. ial .-f 1.0-0
.],, PonP| ? . a fact tbal al I ial
? ?.; ? ., ? . ?
. that dftj ?
made 1 reporl 1 h< .??-?? 11 tr. ite tha
.' . -? -? ::. ial ; mor.
i , ? 1 1 v other Btatea I
? _- ,-. at r<-v. I. -? lt pl
?han half th* actual caaea ild :' : :1 ?M>'
. I ? . ,-. ;. : ... of the 1
I .-.r-. ?,f Butr-ren
lach of thorough n ?
t. ,n i.. ?
:?. :r; Irreg
Th? ? ? rpllep
.... , hlatory of
1 '
r , ? ? ? r I ' ' -.--,..
??.'?-???? I
... '
.... .?.. !,-'?
.,-. ? . ? ...
tl ; ? ' ?
., ? red by 1
? ....
the _? ? . . ..r.i
.... - . r cent In
t th. .,?? ? -r.. ]
. ?? Injui
...,.- ???
... ? ? arlil oi e
? ?? ? ?
'I . j.arT.il r*?l :rns t", Hl "1 by th* <
1 to the 0 ipai ' - in Nea :
- - m ,,ii" eaeh ..f lhe fbllowlng ti -
)*.r.-r: ai ? ? 1
? < ? makei rnei maker, flle
? ? photographer. pali lertakei telegraph
. ,r. brlcklayer, merrhant, mlller, boxi
achool-teachei .,-..: . . ..k two > n >, of macl 1
? ??? 1 -.. orken
Ihre. ? ? ?-?> r-" I,. n lairlana; Itva drerp.
makeri and aeaniatreaeea -i\ rlerk*. etghl ?
1 at).r. . . ? ,:l- "-ri farrr.i r?. thtrteen h
keepei laborara
li. cloalna. ti:?. Commlai on <,? ommend ih?- ?
i< ni ol .1 eolonj The Commlaaton Ia ol 1 ??
lony would bc aelf-su-talnlng after
I . ? ,ir _.
? ? ?
T.v- N' wark Pr. , .; , ',m!'
tee to make an foi llng a 1
meeting er the A quea
I mmltte. Bistli ' tha lt- r. Dr. I i'.
II ..... John Hul - the Rei Dr
T H Brl Igea, ll race All ng an 1 \\ lltam Ma. -
k": /. ' I to '? nf< r arll -. ..'t,~r .
' Ra ng ., I ,r~ and pla
t Ina
lao paaaed r?
preaent . fa of
addreaaed to th.
latur. t forth thal the 1 ffeci ,,f lhe i ?
? ' rltj wlth power
? ,..?' the ? irg* majorltj. and tn gtve 1 ,
nalgnll I immunlty th~ power
?.: ih the 1 quor trafll .r, Bplta of an oppoal
? ? ., ? ? t unai Imoua 1... .-ni , .n
formlty to tl _i 1 Iple. < goven
lt ln d. lema the li na llate repi
ni.ii ,1 ,..w. and tbe apeed) enactmenl of ,.
tute glvlng the peopla of every munlclpalli
powei 1 Buppreai lhe llquor trafflc whenevei
.?-,, far ii** 11 ? if th. irotera ihh\ think ad
vlaable T.v.- Leglalature 1- aaked to pa 1 auch a
:.:.. arlthoul unneeeaaarj dela)
A numbei of Newark Clty otBelala ai 1 offlclala of
rs,.\ Water Com pan. yeeterdaj mad 1
practlcal leai of thi 88-lnrh maln arhlch auppllea
the s.-irh Oranaa Ra ei?olr, or blab-aervtea end of
',, Thi foun 1 ti,,. ntmoet (
ty of lhe ti.a!!-. to be aboul QJ:.'?.,,mj gallona ?
or aboul IM-.M0 gallona leaa than the con- i
, foi The T<?t Bhowed un av.rage dallj '
11 .? ,.' _3.O0O.wn gallona, and al tha maxlmum piee- '
Bura thla was Inereaaed lo _3.000.OD0 gallona whleh
?hi- itmoal foreed ,-k[>.., Ity of the ptpe hii-i
.,.' _3.60U.000 gal onx Prevloui
io th.- teal ii.'1 iveraga flow attalned ?a? ,,ni>- 11.
1.,' .... 1 in i "I.' tillth"--' i.niv lf,.,"Xi.('"i Ka!
? gallona le-y thnn the actual capac
Ifeanwhtle, th? innin Mn. ?how.-,i nt\ average
dally flow of J4.I00.000 _;? l,,r,~ at t'i" Bellevlile ln
tak- and Ild nol Includa nhe 1,000,000 gallona av
... ,_ golng i" Montclalr and Hlo.,mn.-|.i
Il wun well pettled yeaterday that the burglar ?. a
waa tatally ahot by J.nn"*- 1; Craarford _t hla
houaa in Cllnton Toamahlp on TuenJa> mornlng wn
Henry He IrlB'l. who bad a bad pollce rec.r.l iii
Newark. On October 1 Uaa, ba ?-i? ,irr.-or.i for
lan-eny In Morrtatown. <m October ?. IHW, he was
agaln arreated on a charge of petli larency. and wa..
eommltted for trlal. On August IT, 1_*40. he waa ?eti
tencei t,. ter. daya f?r belng drunk, and oa June 27
of the aani" year ba ??i arreat" I on auaplclon. hut
waa dlacharaed On July 17 he ?a? arreated for
ateallng B arat. 1 from Henry iib-rmnn, of No V>2
ltank-?t Newark. an.1 was sent-med to aix montha
In the penltentlary The la-tt tlm~ Mfilrigei'r. name !
appeara la undei tha date of December __.. 181*2. and
the cherK" 1- drur.k-nneaa. He then atole a. iot of
J-?-it?" r fr,,rn a tannery. and waa arreated and j
aerved a term of algbteea montha lu the penlten- j
Monl lalr. Peb. I fBpedal) Llaale Larab and
May Llttle, aervanl glrl. ln tbeemploy ofJame.
If. Trimble and s. n. Rarria were murdei ni
aaaaulted In Montclalr tbortly before 10 o'clock
laft nlght by a weli-dreaaed man. who h.i-i ihu.
fur eacaped arreat Both young women are
now aerioualy ,11 al th.- home of Thomaa Lamb,
a brotber of one of the vlctlma They t,,ld
Chlel of Pollce Pler yeaterday tbal they were
walking alowly along the avenue and when only
a ahort dlatance from thelr homea, aaw dlrectly
abead i f them a man Btandlng in tb- road
Wh-u they g..T near hlm thej walked i;i alngle
fli- to allow hlm half ,,f tbe aldewalk. He
palled a club or^blaefcjack" from under r.ir- ci u
and atruck Mlaa Llttle a heavy blow upon the
head and ahe f"H to th' ground unconacloua
Mlaa Lamb was treated llkewla. ar.d only for
the facl iha: .ha wore a heavy velvet bat, her
liiin-1< - would hai ?? b ? n io v- .etiotia
The young women .1., nol know how long they
lav ln :h" road after tb" aaaault, but th< y rlnally
revlved and crawled on ih~ir handa and kneea
to the home of Pfter I.tm.-.i. where they buc
ceeded In aroualnr one .,f the famlly. They
i . -i ahelter, bul before belng able to ea
plaln mattera, falnted. Thej recovered agaln
an.l told thelr atory..
v. lle they were ilierea straw-rlde
? ia h-ird eamtng down the road. Thi
:,,-.. in Ui- party were appealed to, an i they car
i ? i the Injured women to tbe Bleigh and i -
moved them tothe home of Thomaa Laml Fr m
there the alelghlng part> drove to the Monl lali
l- .11 ?? Statl m and Inf n.ied the Chlef of P
who at -, ? ii nl i >:i, ? ??: McOarry oul >n the
;?? -? .-i . ; ... . le a th. rough i ar. h
nelghb rho ,l. bul could g< I no tra ?? of the aa
aaliant, .v h i waa deecribe l a- ta an I
wearing i llght over at ai d d. rl j hai T ??
. iung w >m -ti de. i ired they n ml l n >l kn ? l
m in lf tl ?? ehou '. m. el hlm ag iln The;
? . ittack upon th< ra
I; ih of the young women have uta upon thelr
heada about two Inchea deep Mr. Trln ?? al
.-?:..-_., glrl waa i mpl ed ha
offere '. a rea ar i ol 154) f t thi arreal ...? I
vl ti.,n .,f ' - mi.
Tl,- myatery aurroundlng tbe atta - upon Kl
warj Moora i.y I ? :- Bellei ', who > ai
at. . robbad Mm on Tueaday nlght, a-aa ch red up
lay whea Bergeanl I - l >ald and I '??'?? "??"
... .-'mith arreated Btephen Balley In Jeraej
Cltj Balley ronfeaaed that ihe cr:me waa
mltted i ?? blmaelf ??: I "happy" Moran, a. ? la
employi l aa a brtdge-tendc. at tha Bargen i
? - .. bridgi
Moora la Blatj llve >.-?;--. old H- li
Ij - . retli ? 1 m^r
? on ihe i aal bank of I ? I
? v \ ' ??? aati rw .rke ? m
ra waa - waj home fr mn I
II" ha l er. "?? ' ? .??.,?? ly. Hi
, ? r tha br: Iga, ar.
,'.-:? - tt 1 i Flretnai Ken
....... ica, foui
red feet I ha the
aaalatance and !..i
li .
to BB)
nd hli
'. _al
took V --??'?
ive heard I
....,:?"? ? ||q
? . ' ? . . ' \
n formed
tr of i .-.??'. . / wai
M .ntgomei
n Balley waa taken l . ro im
8 ? rlng atal
-.' \ .
ll ? k T ,' i la) nlghl
I Moora waB ln thi -
? ? ?
? -. rk* "VVhi :i
par thi ? aterworka i
? ? _? || - Id man with i
. I a ?'??.-.-.. v
? ? ? . .
? ?, ,- , ! ri i: ? ? . ? ., ?
,- ? I wenl ba
. '' ime Ihei ? ? aftei
? ? , ? ? . . .. i
II. gave rn- I-' I a.-k".l hlm if Ihat "J-1
????:? ri repl ? . i'e_
for I lefl Moran <?:>????'? afterward,
and ila| n the boller-houa* of the Jeraej Clty
A.,rk?. At da] - rati?- ? ? mornlng 1
-*???. n-. .**. i ??a/ii-,i(i ........ ?.n ?
pa?aed ?here l had aaaaulted lhe ol I
flre badge on l groui - l'i know
a bartendei n tl ? . ? ? wm ?
........ ? ? Moran i I I rei irne 1
I I, iven'l leen M rai - Be
?.- lefl iha -ai" n Mora - ? n golna
i .. ihe ? ' l mar, I me, u i If you hit hlm, I
a bartendei ln I rhi -am
? , there a hi n M. ta:. ind I rei
? ?? "
Then . .v been au-neroua robberlea ar. i at
l robberlea :n thai aelghborhood wlthln iha
? K-h or !?? l.9-t ?~~k an ittai pl w.?
made t-i ? ri,,. i up" Pfllllan* Mlller, of Lyndl
Tn . man ~i'h rei Iven barri - hli path n
tirei .; mem. ime of ihem returned tha ihot, but
Mr Mlller eacaped
Laal m.-,.,,' nlghl rederlek Mona, err.pioved by
.. n, wai ' :? hte a i- ti un Jeraej
Cltj Ha di i Bi huylar s llil! toward i ?
llellevll> brldge M -t- Ii aald to have been at
ta ked bj ronbera, who Btole manj of Iha m
In hU v-.iK-r: At anj rata, ba arrlved here i
? Th.- h.>me hu i wandered into tba rlver, an.i
. : .. - ;.,? afterno n from tl i effe 'ta ol
Al i.'.iTi. Bl a III IHW WM v\ IN WR8T HOBO
?? H ibol It, .i w ? il H ?;i";-r n# i - lealer, waa
illed i ? b I ghwaym in at <
. ii .ave , Weal Hobokei ? i laj mom
,.,,,,.-. New-Vork
on hla aho il lei Hla aai i inl approached
ii .in f. ii. the rear and itruch m i rl ilem
. i : ung hlm to i * >n< ' he
. ? .
,...,.. . | ,,ff the w. ;' ;i I h?
.. . rai twi .;? ?? th. arrlval of fc. i?-'t i n
t\;i . a.m to Hi,i. ? ini'
Prom tha New-Orleana Tlmea-Democrat
ttnong the dletlnguiahed gentleman who are at
preaenl In tha clty. fre.li from the meeting at
Vlck-burg ln relatlon to the eatabllahment of tbe
Natlonal park al that place, la ea-Oovernor ?. V.
H .ai i of W laconain 0 .vernoi Hoard la en old
frlend of Sew-Orleana, notwlthatandlng :h? ract
thai hi? flrm acqualntan ?? wlth ind Ri
attractli ni a n made under pecullar clrcumatancea.
ll waa lurlng tha tlme tl U trle i man i bouib.
when the forcea of the L'nlon were campi l al the
outer nate. ar.l th* Confederate troopa wera ieri
ounl) thlnklna h.,~ beal to gei oul ol lhe warm
. n. (leneral !-? .ell, who wa* lu rommari | f
New-orleani when i ..- PVderala ln ha*ge of
.;-.,~r.,i liutl r were anoch "? for admlttance, Bnal
.:.. lu .< i ihut Iha i,~ t Fhlna ',? -i ? .iiviiT ui"
clrcumatan ea ~j- to ivacuate, and by thla nction
turn th" clty over to tha tender merclea al the
oppoaed forcr~ . __.
(Joven . Hoard wa. among the Federala ?ho
tu, i the troopa of the greal and on.y ,u_
. d When the Oeneral, wlth hla aoldlara.
marched Into the clty. Oovernoi II njrd rnarclied
wlth hlm ll waa then lhal th* Oovernoi "
aai noi then a Oovernor reeeived hm tim. im
I r. - ... ol . t] a .. ? al thal tlme had echleyed
li am ,.--? t .- eommerrial eentrea of lhe
mntry. Tbeaa ImpreaMona have ne\e- -iie.j tn nia
"'"Ivh? ?? aald Oovernor Hoard. "1 waa ona ot the
turpr.aed m^n in th.- whole_,?_[?.! naa
,, i 0f raln landa ln wblek th" riv-rs ran trlng
_n i the bllla wera made of great lumjc of augar.
bUI I had n.v.-r ,- ,n.e:v,.,l of a clty ?* .'.oae atre-te
wera l;n<" deep m eweetneea Tet thla waa juat
th- .-a-. v.h".. ha entered New-CWlaaiiB. lata,,
mieij waded ankb- dfj ln lugar. and that ln he
Btreeta along the river. Whl la tba affalr haa be
coma a matter of hlatory. I ahall ?????'????) "
H.aht You ~ee. the facl of the bi.Kka.1e of the
pori bad cauaad a vaa; qaaaUty of ?aj-roducta
of Ihe Pouth. ,-hlefly ?ugar an.l .otton. to pile np ln
the dty, and th.- inabiiity of ita ownera to ahlo
tha atuff raantted In th. warebouaea belng niled
to overn.i'vinn. When Oeneral I.pvell rcallaed that
h" moat glva up the flght and leave tbe Clty be
.letermine.l to renrter it lmposalble for the l nl.,n
Boldlera to make nr." of the a"cijmulatlon of atoree.
To ihla er.d he gave ordera for Ita de
BtructkaB and hnndrert* of hogr4h"a,ls of
new augar were broken open and thelr
.ontents eaat Into the atreeta just lko
ao mu.-h rlver -.uid. It waa a use.e-s cimmodlty
for the tlme belng. and areat maeneii of the ?tufT
were plled up where the deatruction uccurred.
Wher. we marched into the aectlon of the clty
whTe the sugar had been stored we llterally
waded in "intar. I never saw |UCb was'" in al.
my llfe in this respect, whlle all along the levee
front were the evldence* of th- burnlag of the cot?
ton whl. ii ha 1 been stored there walting for an
rtunlty for shlpment to Europ*."
The ''onunon C. Ottcll'a Fitiun^- Commlttee has
dec led to have ? blll Intr duced permlttlng bonda
to be li i : ? ? llbrar) buildlng. wlthout re
ferrirtB. rhe matter to :':-? people at a general > ? -
? luse the i brary wlll have to vacate the
buildlng m Weal i'ark -? \ rear, aa It will be
?? ? i build a nea born. for it wlthout delay.
"Birny" Squire?, ro'ored, of Weatfleld, wj.i ar
r.-st. l y -r- r.la\. He Ii belleved to iw coanected
i .:...? ?' burglarlea at Wcstflsld. The
house -,f a clergyman ani a llvary atable wera
: on the night of January -. and a h ira* and
.; fi ..-:?. itolen. Bqulrea dlaappeared u.'"r thi*
robbei lea.
The Uull'llng Ciir.raitt - of the 1st Troop haa
tulopted the plan, of i - I B .rd for tbe con
.tructlon of iti new rtdlng-flcbool end armory ln
llle. The bull I ngi wlll be on the slt? of the
in Roaevl'.le-ave. The rtdlng-echool and nng
wlll be In the rear, and wlll extend -?? feet eacii
a'ay, The buildlng wlll b. ol k md , .a.,1, one
-? i nisi .n. armory
. levllle-ave., will ;?? seventy
itoi lea i.i hi Igbt, the groun i
flooi be tlli i ?:;, for at i
ln the ire Bupreme Court Commle
tbe Hethany
Bapl il ? hurch, colored, the Rev C, H. 'larli.-k. the
. pastor, : Id a.?v\ !,-? had appear i to preacb
on a Bunday laat aummer ani was thrown out of
tha ? ii .?? ?'; by the oppoalng fa. I on. Pollcemen were
t. Thej quelled tne dlaorder, bui l.e was
??? ?? Tbe ca ?? wlll be on M inday.
After mltatl t. arlth Ita i inse!, Thomaa N.
McCarter, the People'a Llght and Power Comi ..
of Newark, has declded t, a. "ept the contracl to
Harrlaon and defend iny ra ti
thal ma) ':<? br ugl i b) the _i elslor Llght and
Power i 'omi
.\ blll f..r the Immedlate constructlon of i brtdge
?a tbe Pasaaic Rlver al F urth-at., Harris..:.
ls belng prepared by ex-Senator MI hael T. Bar
rett, town coui ael of Harrl n, an l wlll be i i
ed foi. lu '??? Leglalature, If a measure
havlng :i.- aame . i ?? t in vlew is not Introduced by
the E.aei oi liil-.n County Hoard of Kr>.-. -
ii-.ii.-rs. Th* ilnrri^ u blll wl ! nol h ive the elec
it pla ..??-. authorlty ln tne
I. if : he Fr. ehol lei -
- ? - : No. : on Wedn. aday
aftarn n organlaed a Library Aaaoclatlon, wlth
Prln Ipal Jamea r Prendergaat as prealdent; Mlaa
Mamle Oaillran, ind M..<s Lucj i'.e.-ich,
ti ea - irer Tn. nea- aa* larts i fJ-i
iti ? aih, ai I ii: :>? i'. .11 1 '. \n
a gold ' a in.. .- *d ;? Peter Hauck by
th. member, of '?; ik an! Ladder Compan} So. i.
on Wedneadaj i ghl The !;,!?..? carrlea witn lt
1 .rarj member Harrlaon Fire Depart?
ment. After !.-..- presentatlon a .latic.. was heii.
An effort is belng made to f..rm a county league
of the Llquor Dealere' Associatlon .:. n idi >a
.'..ur.'y to defeat the bi.I of ^??:?t.,v Rogera, pro
ii!'.i-:nK a persoa fr,.m algntng moi tha tne ap
:. for a li.pior 1
Mayor Wanaer haa beea Itnportuned bj i iarsr.<
- -'..? ?? tixeni :. refuee to <.nn de li.juor
llcense granted bj tbe Aldermea ro Am-.i.t Neu
rri.i-. i.i op*n | saloon nij dning PuMlC School No. _V
At ii publl meetlng a few t.iarhts og<>. h.ld to de
nounc* tba Alderman for gnfhtlng II.Alder?
man Herltage accused Alderman Roaa of bavlng
i,...i brtbed to vote for the llcina* Roaa iald
' ij ba would aue Herltage A lern in Koas
tr. - - ? . - d of John Kt-.ox
. led yeaterday -o
i for tli* extra - ik on 'he new
? ?. li :? ?? mei led 1 ' ie ar blte. I Theaa
t |
rumor waa terday that the Er-e
! a .-.-?? : ? .i
Vo ' I'ark.
nor aftirin the ru
n ?
of the i;- .- R? '
Rev C. J Al
u | ? '.- I -? Il u . .':
-' M in ll.
renty-slj im of 8 venth
.. ?. ? ta
e Central Ra ? *di
Ight ni I hui ...
..I to Bl F ?'* Hoapltal, where he
? lay,
Th.- f iti : - wlll 1 '.-?' a
? Clerk John <i b'lsher
? i . ? isaemblyn n I ink ., Cole arlll be the
Th* Rev John Kranti paal i ' Trinlty M< tl -
dl.t K, - ;???. ? ,v ?" hlngton. He ls In?
tereat* I ln a blll ?'- '?' ; roperty m
irent. The blll ha.
, ,.! ihe Benat* in i he I. now er.dea* ^Ing to ln
;il .. - ....... ? . ii ..... of Repn -enta
? tbe Senate 1 he p> rslstrnt
the : .-: ten >-ars
the Benal paaa i act. but 11 ralied
ln th. II
? ?
THE ..;: w ;kh
Xh? ? ers iry of tbe \ ing Men'B ?
Associatlon, ? rated laat
\. , n Bul ng a larga ??. II
. - ? t. The t the aaa.
1., ... l an hiatorlcal ad
revlewlng the ten years of the work ol
-r tt? were mad-t by the traaa
.;. ..... f. B? ly, and Wllllam T. Pluaae, tha
..... red Bi li ch. The gen. ral secre
.,.. V\ lard Bmlth. mad* a brlef addreaa after
I., |,i irei i of the evening waa de
.... ;?.'. \ ?; -. H Even* pastor of the
uv.. Preabyterian Church, of Nea ' ork
. n t ;n th.- intereat of the Balvatlon
,rn v wlll I.- he d thli evening In the Flrst Presby
Bdlth Mar
?, ,,.n1?.; the - ''a:;..i:i Marshall
,, n krg* of ths bu: i < rk of tha Army iu
tt-..' I'nited Bl
. , . | | ? Llght and Power C mpany,
0f !,.-'? orange. ha* I.n absorbed by tha P? : -
. . ,. i p ? .- c. mpany. of Newark^
Th s give, the feople'* c mpa ti .. of a.,
.;.,. ale tri i ghi ng plaats ln lb* tountj
M N ,|_ Asseml Blll No H, ntroducad laat Tuea
day ( v;. ii ,, | na, be. 'ne .. law, it wlll authorlga
I ;- hase of property In Kearny for n much
?.... i.-1 enargemenl of tbe Home for Disable,!
. .,? present Ifl ovarcrowdad, as
?en for aeveral yeara Tne pur
? ,! ground would permll of more
room. ah ? ?-'? ne erwiry, _?< the
...?oni. more and more Inflrm. Major
... , th* ...ir.::...' lant, I i ? ng dealred tba 11
ti :... takea an almoal i.at>rnal
'. f ..? a-e'.fare of the 1 i Idlera .t.i fre
haa io turn thoae awai wno have every
,mf .rta ol I - Hlon Al preaent
l.e ?.'...?,' ? > . 2
ta to t'trn thoae awai wno nava every
? ? ...ti
tne.-,- ure nearly MO Inmates of the 11 im
Xhe ? reoeptlon C .mpany ... l-t
.. ,??!..?,.' I ln Fre. man Ha.;. In Arllngton,
, evening of Februarj II. wlll rcllpae any
of Ita kmd In the h -1 rj ol the town.
ig ma le by tbe cotnmltteaa oount
for _>01 ^ _
Th* membera of the Ner. il Boat Club gave a
lantern-allde entertamment, wltb vlawa taken by C.
r ,.?] c i; II,ne, of the N.-wark I'uM'.fd I'lub, in
Europe laat aummer. The proceede of the enter?
tainment Wlll go tO the buildlng fun.1 of the club.
Imong the men Intei-.stel an.- J..hn 11 lli^tw io i. of
ihe Eaatwood Chemlcal Company; Jamea Hardman.
i. owner of th* Rlvcrelde Rubber u..*^ C B.
. ? ki of Hendrtck* Brothera, of N-w-Vork:
j, . ,?,. Edward W Jackson, Assemblyman Al
l .; ,- Bklnner, and Town Commltteaman Percy
jackaon _ _
The Plrat Preabyterian church. of this place, ^jj
i theae tiuateea; J. C. .'anniff, John I. John?
aon, Henry Ahlborn. A. B. Oriffln, Davtd Brcoka,
,.,,.,. g H.-l.l ::. H .7 H.-rnti'.-k. IV 1* Johnson.
w ;? R| h, i: V. N. JaeobuB, Dr. H P. ".vnite
ho'rne (Jeorga Boxhall, Oeorge E WllUama. .lohn
Currler and Charlea Jaevcer Tne irust.es elected
theae .fflcer. Pre.ldent, John I, Johnson; aecre?
tary. ii'ii.i.i.i ^- Hornpeck; ireaeurer, Ilemy
_ __
The I'niott C lUUty Hoard of rreeboldera yesterday
afternoon aptolnted a commlttee to confer wlth a
c. mmlttee from the Mlddleeex county Board ln ref
. rei e to bavlng 8 goo.i wagon road conatructe,! be?
tween Einabetli and Carteret.
John Loreita, a saloankeeper, was trled ln Pollce
Court yeaterday for alleged Sunday law ylolatlon,
ar.d was acqulttsd by a Jury of fllx men. He prjv*d
t,? the Jury'a satlsfactlon that he aas not in nia
aa.oon ou the tay In queatlon.
From The I.oiilavllle Courler-Journal.
a;.,' , ^a'a^Btanditlg0 in the lobby of the CapI .
Hotel. when II waa auggeated by ?.?v;r?onfenThe
ew ^'Ars^t^^tttAA^n
crowd of laughlagJS*r*y?J me by tnree baautiful
'-TU8r*a wera rgaaaaUd u m j rab_
UXiaTo^ 'a .aunfry gravey.rd over the gr.ve
of a murdeSr ln the dark of the moon by a cro..
eyad "ed-head?d, laftahuiided negto.
MBM 1'i.ivii: To OBAMt I'KU-UTS
.., i n. i Mitliit THEM
To the Ed!tor of The Trlbune.
Bi:-: At the regular me.-ting of tlie noard 0*
Ai.ierm.-n lu-id on Taeaday, January 21. the M
mitte" on Law Departmeat reported tbat the b__b>
utea gtve tb ? tiour.l of Aldenaea eery llberal pf*
-ts to r.-s;.ilat" ibe rstr. "ts and Btdewalka In thl?
citv, eieept a? to the laaajaaea el paeaaMa fo'
Btanda: tbat u MO whlcb they tadorea has be..
Introdueed ln the Senate by Benator l'av.y, glvin
power ro th. Board to grant bootblacks the ?an_|
prtvtlega. aa ara at pr.-K-m graated to rmtamtn o?
ii.n_map.ia. perledleala, fruits and soda water
TMr- Mll w.is eommltted to the Committee on Judl
ctary Another Mll wa.- Introdueed I y s.nator Sful
Itvan whlch, ln addltlon to th- power te srant per
mitM to bootMacfca -mpowers them to grant th-'
stlll more mlscblevoui prtvUege to expose merchan
dlee "ii the Btoop llne. This wa* eommltted to th.
Commlttee on Citlea. Both blUa are mdoraed bj
ih<- Hoard of Aldermen. In udd.t'.on they als.
.- to havo BUCb HOW Mlla drawn up as w.l
. onfer .ni them tbe pow?-r to aecura for tbe thou
- .-:.: % iio deaerve it the right t" .xpo?e und -et
i... :? bandlM ir. tli" atreeta under proper condltlon.
and roatrlctlona whlch will Justly j.rou-ct the com
murdty from any nnMCCaaary and unwise ei
crcachment on the publ_c thoroughfarr'S of this clty
.v-,. Th",,- any men. outalde of tbe Hoard of Aider
m. n. in thla dty aaktng to hava this power ..a
f.r-ed on them? i ventura to eay not one who ll
Intereeted !n Its welfara or good governrr nt. I
is tha unlaw.'il iT-.uit.n_r of permlta by the Bcarc
of Aldermen tbat la cauatng all ihe trouble ln th4
who ar.- th" .oouaand. on whoaa th*
H b d wanta to confer the right to do bualneaa ln ?
-tieets" ii they are competenl to carry on ouaa
r.,-H. ihey ought to be able :<? pay rent far store
to do it In. 1 wlll guarantee that not one Ald.-rmai
who owna a p'.ece of property wlll Klve any privt
i..- on it or la H for nothlng. The very om
thlng lhe Leg dati ?? can do la ... repeal al law.
wh|ch are at : aaeni on lhe atatute _~**pka glvtna
the Alderman power to granl permlta of any kinc
?, oi,. itdewalke, elther Inalde or outsld.
the itoop llna ir any law permlttlng the atoop t?
i?. encumbered la paaaed, H ahould be a irenera.
one glvlng thi owner oi -? tbe eole um of K
thus doinn away wlth the power of th~ Board u
granl permlta and ? learly deflnlng the right. of thi
cltlacna. Thi preaa wlll, I am aure. do Ita duty
lt can alwaya be relli l on whi n the comfort, plea.
ure ani rlghta of thb cltlaen an tneogoti. WM
ti,.. aocletlea and eatedlnkeer
Ing the Bldewalka foi th? e they were ?**-*??<
for (the free paeeage of i ??<> *?,*__
w"lfar.- ano good governmenl of thla dti do theti
dut) nnd take actlon to brlng thla matter to th?
attention of the I^glalature. the Mayor aad tb.
rTovcrnor before H ts too lat" 1.. J ? A l.l.ANAN.
Noa 4i-4v V'eaey-at., New-Torb, Pea i. 188a
To the Edltor Of The Trlbune.
Sir: Tlie rei ? ' ' - ?*? s'ib?cr!p
tlon Of MO, 9 to thi ''? l"wir..-.- 1'md ..f th" New
York Botar al Oarden by Mra Eether H-rmana
baa afforded lhe Board of Managera much satlsfao
tlon and is another proof of the Intereat which l?
belng taken in the develepment of the lnatltutlon.tb(
fund now amount Ing to _-?.".??". i getber with t*..0_
of planta i ontributlag by James A. I'iteher.
Ir wlll be remembered that at the our.-et the ltr
? ra of the Oarden attempted t) ral*e th
? $.-,.. ... before a tlvo operatleaa on the ?tt
i : .? commen ed, but that owlng to the wtd*
?i dnanclal depreaalon of th" laat two y. ra
plan waa i mporaril] abai loned, and appllc*
tlon was mul- laal July to the ComrataMonar. ?_.
Publlc l'ark- '.- th ? land for the Oarden. This ap
,? ? -.. . . ti : y the Park Board. aad durtag
? ill an l wlnter con* lera eaa haa beer
mad- ? ? ? ng and plantli - - u -'" apeclea oi
?r ea and ibruba, not already in Bronx l'ark. havlnl
. .n a f mporary nurai ry. Th.- i'.mmitt"?
on Plana lias now at tru
of b.i.VJlngl
The Plnance Commlttei ? I .?? B ai l <>f Manager]
?< . n-oor.i-i-l bv Mra. Hermann'a ,-oiitrlb.ition, un.
ne or imalL It i<
I that all Inten llng I inmunt
wlth Jamea A. Bcrymaer, chalrman of th-,
Flnance Commlttee, No. 10. Eaat Twenty-ttret-et. ol
, ? pierpoi Morgai laurer, So. Xt Wal.-st,
i, .,,,... _ COn rnlng l ie bci , prograaa of tbd
-? tnawen l by l ?? bi tretary.
N L. BRITTON. Been tary.
No. 41 Eaat Forty-nlnth-et-, Peb. :. UM,
To th* E Utor . ' Th ? Trlbune
V.u are eol tled to a publl i I af 'inr.ks froa.
tne "Whlte <'ross Boclety" for the a.-?!-t3iice you
- . them In tl ' purity by youj
ni \. tory ln th*
. snt mu* -il eatertalnaMw
'..,. glven b) Mlle. Oullbert.
\ia., iis.> our theatra
nreseVt olaye that i- n_ wltn ? >ut a bluab
v New-York. Jan. ? F. E MA X W ? LL.
To th* Edltor of Tho Trlbune.
Sir: AUow one ah i tua rea I , ar t r man?
r.., _ to ezpreaa tl thanka of a 1 ' I iuv?
purlty ln I f<. books, the drama ani poiit'.cs. es l?
i atand you fa -ve alwayt
taken n opp iltlon t-> n ki Ineaa ln btgfa and low
. -, iur n ? nt ? ndemnatlon ol tbe Indi n >
- m.... .;... - ta l "?' a;'[-r>vaJ
of a:i virtuoua paoi le. Tb. prurlent productlooa oi
i. i lern autber. of booba ani play. are poisoning
the mlnd. and Hfe a. ? '* roung pa pl. aad m*
atroying the p irity of ev. :i the i hKdren.
lt ia tbe dutj and hlgh prtrilege of Joamala baa
The Trlbune lo condemn ronatantly t..e bal an-j
. rm pUbil . plnlon In favor of vlrtue I ? -: n _4
the evil detalla ? f crime an i wlckedneaj wbj a aj
.-v.s can ie. ia to - ??? ? young an l old um
fam '-a:.'- i ??'? ?' ?" *? un" "*' ?'?*
lo b,- tbe rule, ar.! the moral aenaa bacome_
"MaV i 'i k*?p on ln batUa f - truth and p:iritv,
?v.n th - ' 'n'-y '.thl-r
?real papera :'-':v fp .m
K tioT-i i ? _^tfwSBH__,,
MdDonough, Md- Jar. H. IMI
To thi Bdttor ?f The Trlb.r.' .
s r Ti." large overaubacriptlon t,. the ilovernment
loan to-day ahowa that tha Inveatlng pobtte and
capltallata thi world over reallae thai tht on'?T
,...,,,,,. for them to | 1 Oovernment bonda Is now,
v':'. ?.. ... Di mocrata are In powi -. and that as t-oon
aa the Republlcana K--t full eontrol <,f the Uovern.
ment they will not be able to get any more bonda
iice ? in'Wall Btreet; hence they are ??maklng hay
whlle the ?un ihlnee" tbat la. the Deraocrattc sun.
?hine wh h wlll <-.-a~" on March 4, l"
New-Tork, Pebruary a lv-*1
To tbe Bdttor of Tbe Trlbune
Slr; ln to-day's paper you hpeak of a new book
entltled "..uakcrs in the South." by Kert.ando Ct.
Cortland. By whom is it printed ar.d what ls the
Dri.-e-' i do not rind it tn the ; ..
Cornwall-on-H.i-Non, N. Y.. Jan. _v UM.
(The bo >k ls to b? had of the author. Fernande
<r Cortland, P .ugfrkeepsle. N. Y. but the re
viewer Im unable to nam.- tho prtce.?__-_-)
Country \Tcar' .miiab impreaaed W hia.new ae
_alntanc?)?Pray tall me, Mr. Wlape. oj all the
great poeta. anclant
revere and admir*
tha moat
do yea
Supreme Toung Poet (the thlrd that baa appeared
thla waek>---__ly8df.MPuh-nl ' ???? *-*

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