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hakkntly DOOMBD.
Albsnv. Peh. f,-Onoo more Thomas C. Platt'B
allianoo with Rlohard Croker and Tammany Hall
vaa dlacloeed in the Btat. Benate to-day, and tho
Platl Republlean. obeyod the noa.-s order* to ni,i
tho Tammany Hall S.nators ln their oppositlon to
a blll tavored bv tho rof-rm Republlean admlnle
tration of Now-York. ae well as by ovory proml
n. ?t educatot in that ctty. In order to brlni; ahout
this abeannent of the Sennto a ruiini. of i hariea
T. Saxton. th- Lioutcnant-Oovernor, ?a?. ruthlessly
trampled upon.
Tho blll under oonslderatlon **a. the ono pre
eento.l to th. Senat-.- a few daya ugo by Mr. Pavey,
of New-York, abollahlag Iha Tammany Boerda of
Ward Bohool Truateea and tranaferring thelr pow
era and dutlea to tht- Hoard of Bducatlon Theae
Ward Truateea h.-ld ln thelr handa the patronage
of the BChOOla. and natnrally tho Tammany Hall
Benatora ut,. oppoeed t? lh. meaauru.
In oppoatng the Pavey bili Tammany haa th.
?etlve Boeiatance of Bdward Lauterhach, the Platt
cha!rmnn of tho New-York County Republlean OoaB
mittoo. Mi. Iyiuterbarh arr.ved here from NeW
York yeaterday, appareatly with the Bola purpoae
of arraylng tha Platl R^mb-kjaaa agalnat the Pavey
ta.II. nnd In favor of a hill prepared hy Commls
ojoner Btraua a Tammany m^mbf-r of the Board of
Bducatlon, for the extenakm of the Ward Truate.
ayatem When Mr. Uttterbach arrlved here he
qulckly dlBcovered thal the Btraua MR hai beeu
?eni to the Commlttee on Bducatlon. The Tam
naay Hall mon romv-ian.-i that they beal only one
member on thli eoaaanlttea, whereaa lf the Mll
were In th. puaaeaalon of Iha CommMtee on Citlea,
Ahoarn and Orady wouM have a chanee t.i work
for 'i Mr Lauterhach, of eonrae. aaw thal thla
c mplalnl n.u-t be beeded. ani ho at one mad.
grrangementa wllk Benatora Bllaworth, Platl and
Btranahan, tha Platl l4?4-dem, to have the Btraua
bill, whirh had been Introdueed by Benator Page,
_Mt_af?rred from tho Commlttee on Bducatlon to
the Commlttee on cities.
Here Mr. l.aut. rbaoh er.oontitere l a logk-al ?b
a;?ie to tho omooth axacutloa of Ma plana Bena
tor Pavey'a Mll had been referred aiso to th. Com?
mlttee on Educatloa by Lieutenant-Oovernor Bax
too bu;. Im.ing been mMnformod by Benator
Ahearn that th" strauw blll wa. in the handa of
tl com-ntttee on CMJea he eoaaent-d raluctantly
to his Mll betag tran-rlerrad to that commlttee.
Ii^r-overlng that he had beon miBled. Benator
Pavey moved yeetarday that his btll Bhould be
retarned lo the commlttee on Kiuoation. Tho Ben?
ate adjourned ye_derday before c-oming to a vote
on Benator Pavey'a motlon.
When tho Senate met to-day BenatOC Pavey
ealk 1 up his motion that hls blll ahould bo aont
to th^> Commlttee on Kdncation. Instaatly the
Ptatt-Tammany alBanea was dlocloeed. Benator
Camor, tho Tammany Hall le.i.lor. 11 off ln <-)<
poaltlon to th.- motlon. Property, he argued, tha
blll oug-ft to ko to the Commlttee on Citlea emca
lt had chai-ge of all Mlla relattag to departmenta
of Now-York ciiy'a goverr.mont. BenatOC LeXOW
backed ui> Caator with tbe arguxoent that the C*o_o?
m tl.b Citlea had -a_rpervlMon of all Mlla chang
Ing Now-York1!. Charter. Stnator Foley attempted
to throw np a llttle duat m the alr and conceal
? he Platt-Tammany allianoo by argulng that the
Co-nmltte. on Bducatlon ought to have th,- bill.
Benator Pavey made an earne..t apaeeh ln favor
<-.' hla motlon. detatllng how ho had been mlaled by
Ahearn into conoentlng to the iranofer of tho blll
|0 the Commlttee on Cltle.-.
"Tho Cha;r." said Lleutonnnt-C.overr.or Kaxton,
"thlnka that Beaator Pavey'a Mll and ai: other
b'Us relatlng to education ahould go to the Com?
mlttee on Bducatlon. We will take tho vote of
t... Benate oa flenator Pavey'a motlon as dh-ectory
under the clrcuaaatancea"
Th.- Benate then came to a vota on Benator
pavey'a motlon. R"ra;or Pavey aald, whon he
v ?- "Thi oppoaltloo to my blll come. fr-.m Tam?
many Hall. It has coniral of the Vartoua Boarda
of Bchool Truateea This meaaure, ur rather one
liko lt, was up here a yeir ago, and Tammany Hall
kllled it. and Tammany Hall Inteada, If lt oaa, to
klll thla Mll. Tho int.-ntion is to son I It to tho
Cltles Commlttee, and, if pot-dMe, to kill lt there.
Bdward Lauterhach, the ohalrman of tho Republl
oaa County commlttee, was bere yeaterday aa tha
repreaentattv. ol Thomas C. l'latt, m iklni. ar
rangemei la for the killln* of the Mll. We see the
reault of Mr. Lauterbach'a work here to-day."
Tbe motlon of Benator Pavey to tranefer tho btll
fro.-n tho Commlttee on Citlea to Tt.e Commlttee on
Education waa defeated by th. followlng vote:
V- i- -Brackett, Bruoh, K. G. Davla Poley. Pord,
Harrison, Humphrey, McNulty, Paraons l'avey,
Tlbblta, w 11, oa, Wray 11
x.i\< Ahearn, Ballentlne, Brown, Burna Can
tor, Coffey, Cog_te.hall, Daley, C, Davla, Bllaworth,
Fea ther aon, Oallagher, Orady, Koehler Krum.
I/.niy. Lexow, Martin, McCarren, Mullln Mun
zinn-r Nuaabaum, Page, Ralnea Belhert, Btewart,
fciranahan. Bulllvan, Whlte?29.
Beaator Vege then moved that hle btll. tho StratiM
bill, be tranaferred from tho commlttee on Rduca
l , . to the Cominitiee on Citlea an.l the motlon
w ii carrled.
Tho Benate coacurred in the Ansombiy am. nd
menta ;., tha Lexow bli',. cedlng th" Pafloadea to
tho Natlona! Oovernment. The blll now gooa to the
DfCRKAgBI) COITRT KXi'KNsi.s m.vki: it si,.._iitt_y
I_A)t.JFl< THAN LAR Yi.ATts.
Albany, Feb. fi -Mr. O'Qrady, chalrman of tho
Waga ani Means <'omrnitte-, to-day roporto.J to the
AaeeaaMy the annual APfHropriatlon MU. Thla
ineasur.' lw repOfted earllor thln your by from one
to three weeka than at any prevtoua aession. It
carries apuroprlatlons for the support >,f the Stato
gOVerna_eart for the, next flar-al je?r ag?roffatlr.g
aboul JlO.OOu.OO.^ and the amount to b? appropriate.1
thla yaar la about $10,OO0 tnoro than was earried in
mel year*a Mll,
Mr. O'Qrady said to-day that if lt wore not for
th>- Change. made ln the oourts I.y the new Con
ptltutlea, mi" tL'i".'*^. in apprc-prlailona would havu
boen aaved thla year. Compared wlth last year, tho
follou,:ik addltlon. to amounts approprlated ar<
1. li ln ihla yo.ir's bi.l: ?10n,U0o for Justlcesi of tho
Buprero. Courl and thelr own and stonographers'
aalarlc-, n.",..?Xi for the AppeHat. Dlvlalona I2.0U0 for
Ibe ^.-oretary of Btnt., 114.000 for the < "orneli Cnl
veralty soholarahlp Ineome, 08.OM for the State
Ftah, 1 ir. in- nd rnraet CommlBBlon, and i..,6f-> for
the mlBcellaneoua raurt reporler*
Th. followlng decreases from laat y_a_r*a appro
priatkina ar? made: Iegt.lathr. i.rlnting. ter,.00u;
f,,r repayment of arroaaoualy paid Stato tuxon, $in.
fi??; itomo Cuatodlal Asy um. 08.060; women's re
formatory at Hudson, 16<>..-iii; Common School Com
rrls^ionors' salarle?. $2S.(i0f); Comp4llaory Kduratlorial
law enforoem-nt. I2.(?0
Albany. Peh. C (Speoial). -Ass.-niblym in AUStln
lias Iniroduood a blll whirh ahOWfl in starillnR
fashlnn tho oraz" of tho l'latt RepuMican. for ofllce.
lt vtrtuaUy authorlae* Jnmwi W. Btewart, th.
Btat. Oaa Motor Inapeetor, w'ho aets tha prepos
teroualy large ^i.tn of V..""1 u year. to appoint a
deputy in-?; ector In every cRy and town ln th>
StHt< ".
-8^8j^ V T8A08 M-RK X_4*7^__.
ot _"i:_.?? ivrentyeleht- to _? rul--'l !?> a tajt on woo)
elor.e. is rnnst IttMty te 1t tbe e<1lel of ConKr-".
I'rul.-tire n.i'1 f'T-thouaht BUB.-'t pur-hnnlnt; .-..n-'i
a-hlle we are Btlll ahle to offer y,-u th. cholr.st and rl.ii
eet oolured B? r (-..v-r1nai? at the lat. ttm plire- whlch
we h?\e for Home tlir.e l?en ablo to oger. Hut the OB-H
met. aea tatx b'v">? toat aiw ,.ne,? aM have to be
Mi-.l-. and n.-w tha. woal BOOl waa'- are ui. -he m?mi ?
f__.-nr.-i-. Wlll not OROW 0. tbe al.rjnlly l?W rate? we oh
U'no.l laM Auuuet. K?in?m?rfr, you 00a buy now and
pay la:?r.
Knr1.lt.1rr re.lucrd to nmUc roi.m for aprlng
104.106 and 108 W?_ 14*9t
SrooKlyn -Stores: Flatbush Av. near RiIlonBl
Albany, Peb. I - ABBawblyman HubU I and Bena?
tor Burna'i lnsur.in.-e ReUllatlon WH haa paaaed
the Benate, and now go*. lo the Oovernor, wbo. it
is un .mcla'.lv announcei, favor. Ibe rneaaure and
wlll Blgn lt The vote .... it in the Senate th i
inornlnic was 34 lo 12.
The blll pr..v!des thnt wh> ... ver lt shnl appear tO
the State .?auprrlntender.t of Insnrai.ee that per
mlaalon to traaaaet bualneaa wlthln any forelgn
country ln refuaed to a company organlaed ondex
the laws of this Btate, after a eertlfleate of aol
vi-ncy and good maiiugenvnt of BUCh ,- unpany has
been Isstied to It bg the stt1p4rlnt.nde.it ai.d after
such company has complled with any reaaonable
law of Buch forelgn country requlrlng depoalta of
money ot aecurltlee wlth the Oovernment, tr... Bu
perlntendenl shal. cancel the authorlty of every
rompany organlaed under tbe lawa of auch forelgn
(lovernm.'i.t and lloenaed lb do bualneaa In thli
Btate and shall refuae .1 eertlfleate to every auch
company therenft.r applylna to him for authorlty
t? ,1,, i.usi.i.ss 111 this state until hla eertlfleate
shall have been du'.y recogntxed by the Oorvernment
of such country,
Tho blll has been fOUghl stubhorn'.y by tbe two
Pruaalan eompanlea now dolng bualneaa here and
by tbe Magdeburg Fire Inaurance .' m: .:.,. ol
I'runala, the ippllcatlon of whlch f r a rnlaalofi to
do buBlne*a In thi- State is pendlng bel .re .-up.-i .
tendent Plerc*. "ther forelgn Dre l:i?uiaii..oni
Panle" have alao oppuaed ije blll ? Oovmor
Morton algna the blll, wh!ch Ita .iipporter. conn
...nt- .xp.-.-t he wl'.'. tho Magdeburg Company a
appllcatlon wlll be denled. Th. blll a - pa.
a reclpro. al bb wi II as i retallatory rneaaure, and
waa urged by the three large llfe Iru iranc. om
panlc. of this Btate whlcb, on accoimi ... tne ?.'
cua condltlona imposed upon them, wen ruieu mii
of pruaala at the Inetlgatlon, It 1. a.acrteii. o tne
Pruaalan Inaurai.lompanlea, whieh cou 1 n ,t co n
pete with Ihe enterprlae and energy ol the Amerl?
can compai lea The blll re elv. I iM vote. ln the
Aaaembly to :\ agalnal It, whlle In iba .-.nat.- to
day the \..te wus n? followa: ,.,,,.?.
reaa?Meaara. Ahearn, Ballentlne, Brown, iiurna,
Cantor roggeaha'.l, Daley, .'. l'a.-is. .; A. Davla,
Ellaworth, Featheraon, Poley, Oallagher, lirady,
Ouy Hlgble. Hlgglna, Koehler, Krum. l. imy,
Lexow Martln. McCarren, Mullln, Munalnger. l"agf.
Para.ma, Halnes, Belbert, BuJIvan, Wleman, Whlte,
Wli. <>x an I Wray 34.
N iys Meaara Brackett, Bmah, Chahoon, 1 .fiey,
Ford, Harrlson, Humphrey, Maloy, McNulty, Pavey,
Btewart and Ttbbltt. II
Albany. Feb. I?Aeeemblyman Bobblna'a reao?
lutlon provMlng for an Inveatlgatlon of the al
leged Coal Trust by th" Attorney-Oeneral waa
paaaed by the Aaaembly lo-day b) a vote ol N
to 4.' The text of the reaolutlon followa:
Whereae, Ortaln tranaportatlon eorporaUona are
evldently about to combtae to Increaae ibe prlce
Reaolved (lf rhe Benate concur), That the Utor
ney-Oeneral be an.i ls hereb) requeated 10 exam
ine and Inveetlgate tbe .-harK-s and aacertain
whether Buch utilawful combtnatlon or conapira.y
exlata or la abo H to b* I irmed; to summon and *x
a.'ii.n.- wliness-s; requlrc ihr productlon ot .^
and papera and to conduct auch Inveatlgatlon in
any part of the Btate whlch may be moal con
venlent for that purpose; unl to institute auch
actlona and proceedlnga agalnal corpoi itlona 01
Indlvldual. ns thi- fa--ts deveioped upon s.ii inve -
tlgatlon may Juatlfy; ai-o to trati.mli to tho
Legtslature a copy of actlon taken by hlm In 1
proceedlnga; furtiier
Reaolved, That if ln the oplnlon ih* Mtornei
General h" ne. .J further legifllatlon to enable hlm
to carry on .ni-h Inveatlgatlon h- rep-.rt fortn
with to the Houae.
Mr. KobblnK advocated the adoptloa of lha reso?
lution. It was ti fact be aald tbal the tranaporta
tlon i-ompanlos were about to comblne to the dls
advantage of coal eoaaumcra, An amendment waa
offered by Mr. Btanchfleld that tha power of In?
veatlgatlon b<- glven u i commlttee of ti.e Houae
and not to a State offlcer.
Mr. .t'.irady sald lt was BtfWng* that the gel tle
man from Cbemung ahould antagonlae Bueh .1 Iuai
r. soiition. Th.- Houae Intendi d to have an lnv< sn
gatlon, and th- object of referrlng ll to the Attor?
ney-Oeneral was tO BBVe the h.avv eXpenae Of i'i
Inveatlgating commlttee. Mr. COrady moved the
prevtoua queatlon, whlch wa. order. l
Th.- rn-" mlnute. thal enaued after tt.e orderlna
of the prevloua queatlon waa the moal 1
alnce Ihe scsslon opened. Th. Bpaakei B*ked If
Mr. Btanohfleld Intended lo preaa hla amendmen!
provldlng that the Inveatlgatlon be placed In tbe
banda of a commlttee of thw Houae.
"I do," rejilied Mr Bl tn -hflel l
"Then." sald the Bpeaker, "you must aend your
' amendment to th-- deak In wrttlng."
"I haven't it arrttten," aaawrred the mlnorlty
leader. The Bpeaker was aboul t 1 rula lt oul
when Mr. O'Orady aaked th.u Mr. Btanchfleld be
ailowed to state his amendment. The Bpeaker
; hesitated. ani tb.- healtatlon aaa m-i artth 1
I vlgoroua pr....-st from Mr. Btanchfleld. Ruahlng
| into tht- well and ahaklng h 1 han I :it th* Bpeaker,
ii.- declared that th" majortty la.k. l courage, 1:
feared ro meet th" laaue of the appoUitmenl of a
??And you, too. Mr. Bpeaker." b.- cried. comimc up
nt 131 nearer to th,- Sp-akcrs <.u*u, "you, too, lach
th.- ruumi;.- and shrlnk from natnlng th,- enmrnl'' I ?
You ko ahead ani name thnt commlttee if you dar< .
und then take tbe coliseiiu.ii.".-.'
Pouadlag loodly upon th..- deak wlth hli gavel, th"
Bpeaker shout'-d bach at Mr. Btanchfleld thal tbe
sp.aker dld not luck courage, but be dkl aol pro
j.o-e t.j have Jelay caus<-1 iy Mr, Btanchfleld,
"Then name the commlttee, Mr. Sp aker, name
tb,- commlttee," retorte.i Mr. Buncnfleld, atlll
? atiKnly shaklt.g hla llsts as he atood m th?. well
"The majortty as well as the speak.r hav* tha
' courage of thelr lonvictlons nnd ar* nol l? i>?- ln
] atructed by the mlnorlty," cried tlie Speak.r. stili
poimdliig upon the desk.
"Well, Mr. 8t,eaker." sald Mr. Btanchfleld, "1 de
' rrand that the n-solutlon lle ov.-r until 1 O'dock, so
thut the minority may examlne It."
Bpeaker J-'lsb aald that be could not allOW thi-, a'
1 1t WOUld cauae Uelay. and waa dangeroua, as tli"
ri.tiate had a slmllar resoluiioii under conaMera
"?'v'es " tnterrupted Mr. Btanchfleld, "dangeroua to
; you i.ecausi- you ar- af.a 1 ol your inajorlly. '
1 A4,ain th- SiH-aker rapped for order, and he tle
: clared the queatlon to be upon the Btanchfleld
1 amendment to provlde i". an Inveatlgating com?
mlttee on the part of th. Houae.
Mr Plnn refuaed 10 vote. ihe Bpeaker called for
th* aergeant-at arma, wh.. atepped to Mr. Flnn'a
slde. ai (bla Mr. Plnn expialned his vote, und
voted In the utllnnat.v".
When Mr. Btanchfleld 11 iun." was caued ha pro
ceeded to explaln hla vote.
??out of uriieri" .-rl.-j th>- Bpeaker. "Iii- gent.e
"1 make the'polnl of order thai 1 have the rlghl
to exnlata my vote," sald Mr. Btanchfleld, igain
ruslviip. down' Into tin Well of thi Cbamb I a;. 1
?tand:ng with i.i- arma llfted abova tli- .tenog
rapher'i io-au.
?..,.it of order. Nothlng i? In oMer exo.-j,! the
rolicall," wus Mr. Kisb's reply, a.- he rappeo wlth
"l appeaJ from tbe dectelofl >,f the Chatr!" erled
Mr. Btanchfleld.
"Out of order. The gsntleman wlll be aeated, .-.-.! i
the speaker Mr. Btanchfleld began ao argument,
but tb.- Bpeaker d-ciured that h< had no right to
?lebate. and threatened hlm wlth .-. flne lf na d I
not take his aeat. Mr. BUnchfleld iai down, aay
ln< that hc had nodtslre to pay .iny mon.-y to tt,,
Mr Btanchfleld'* umm*n<lm*nt w^s I08I by a vote
ot 71 aaya to 40 y.-as. and th. orlglnal reaolutlon waa
,,'1 pted by a vot. if H yeas to fl aay.
Tbe AsaenrMy to-day paaaed Mr. Plnn'* hlll, j.ro
b'hirlnis- tli'- dump.i.K of r.-fuoe from ..?? aaawall
o." ItittTV I'ark. N.-w-York City, an ! Mr. Mn
>hall's. compeillng publlc accountanta to obtaln Re
Konts' eertlfleate,
\??emblvman OttO K'-mpncr tO-daj int.-..due d i
blll Drovldlng th.it Bchool-teachera who havu aerved
for' th'rtv-iive coatlnuoua yaara In New-York ?'ir>
? hall upon thelr appllcatlon, be relreved from
f irther aervlce bv tne Board of Bducntlon. ...1 an
hi'IiimI pTslon of a r.im not 1-ss than on -half ?
the Hilary recelved by them. Among tbe oth.T bllla
Introduced were the followmg
Hv Mr Btanchfleld-AmendTng th- Code ... pro
vi.la thui ro convlctlon ahall bv.bad upon .-. plei
If aruiitv wh. n tbe crlme if whlch ^uch plea of
Sf.iilv ia B-ade la pualababie by d*?th.
^By* Mr mdrldge^Approprlatlng H0.8W for tb*
aiaTie Eneineer t? eontlnue Ibe aarvey ..f tba upper
iiu'lson Rlver Valley, with a rtew to provldlng
meana for reatorlng wati r powet to m i.-owr,.ira
?I Mr Koater-Ex?mptlag the reai property of
rafniaiera iad prteata ta' the ralae af UM from
UHvllMr (Jregorx Flxint; at |L|0l the sa',ari*? of
,he attendants .,f th* ?uprame Court nnd Court of
(len.ral Sesnions ln New-TOTB '.it).
Hv Mr Stanchlleld-i'rovdlng for f.ur year.
.1"iy of medicine nnd attendance on four ragutar
eouraea of a medieal Inatltutlon of not leea than *x
montha each at legal'.y Ineorprated medteal eol
Ki prrllmln.iry to i-.-.-lvlna ihe .."irree of baOalar
*_tr?Mrf A_8Un^proprtatiBi BMlOOl for .-oinpiet
Ing the Rtvereldc Park improvcnicntb la New-Tora
.,?.-. a rowd.led in fmnt of the aaw rt r<
on t!.ufheoat ,,,rnor of Broodwa. IM Uran.l
.t...-:. wato.iln* men pflBl Btrtpi "f ' 1tiV*.*1 iii" BW
.1,..., n tii" a ..I of tbe i li re.
; n Inqulry it we* foaad Ibal ti ?? itora wn>
belm protected rr,,m bar_.l-.ry. A eurraat of el?e
trir-itv i? kepl ap .,i.r Ihetc trlpB of Ml, twlween
ihi-- rtore and the ofllee of the Hola-M Electrlc
Protertlve Company. in.l lf one et thej.- atrlpa
:- broken by cuttlna thrnugti ihe wall. >,r partttkm,
mi alartn Ib Immedlatel) mninded ?t lhe tiurKii.r
? ..,n, ? ,!?',. ??
Whi lake 11??- ebaaep <>f wini. roi.iioili
e.ery ner eaal Me oiienlnx to yimr uliire 1'im
be prol.-oloil from bnrnlnr>. aiul oonneoted
*rltll ll (Vntrill Dfllre of Ibe
tt Cortlandl Bl I U Baal 14'h str.-.-t.
M8 Broadway. I 7S9 Sth Av., cor. 4_M Bt
Clty Includtng Ihe viaduct croaalng at Nlnety
By Mr Malone?Provldlng for tho conatructlon ?>f
a brldge over the Mott llaven Canal al One-hun
dred-and-tnlrty-flfth-at., New-York Clty, and np
proprlatln.; 130.000
THK Mt'KITIPAI- I'-ril.l'IN.i lili.l. T.i Iii: REFORT
ed an.Kii.-i.i.Y
ilbany, Peh. fi Th" Benate i'ltle?. Commiti'-o hn?.
dedded to reporl adveraely Benator Paga*. Mll
authorlxlng th.- Board of Batlmate and Apportton
meni Of tho Clty of New-York to teeel and fnrnlsh
in Clty Hall Park a munlctpal M_l_dlng. Benator
Page him*'if mad. tho mntlon to report adveraely,
il.ommltte* votinj. with hlm. The reaaon for
the adverae report is Thut publl.- oplnlon ln New
Y,,'W I? iKi.in.it the blll nnd a_rnlr.-t any mon- en?
? r lacbmom on i ity Hall IVirk.
Th,- commlttee baa agreed t,< r ; >>n fnvorably
Benator Poge'e blll, provldlna for addltional bulld
Inga for the ? -ir" of -..'k. ir.fi: rn and ile.tlttite per
aona in New-York, and Benator Pord'B. provldlng
? r the en Ilon of puMIc batha In Now-York.
- -? ?
Alb.ny, Peh. 8 Jamea C RTarlna of Albany, lo
day i-r pented ta th. Oovernor a prtltlon algned by
7"' membera of th" Jamea C. Haatlng l ? i latlon
,,f ihe XVth Bnd XVIIIth Aaaembly dlatrteu, New
Y-.rk CMy, 'iririivT the appotntmenl of M. M. Mul
ball aa Btat. Pactory Inapet-tar Mr. Mul hall m ia
prea nt, .md ln hla own i,"hiir flled letter fr,.m
promlneni RepuKlcana nrglng hla appolntment, aml
alao Iniloraement. from the laal two RepubMt-an
Natl mal . the B?e 'utlve C immlttee
Republl ? in Bl ite Ci mmltl -. and ih.- R pub
Hean ? o.iiitv eommltteea of New-Tork, Albany aad
, i... , i
__. -. ?
iumi: ai.M'ist i:r\i,v POB THB
Washlngton, Peb 8 Beftor Andrade, th" l*en
eaalan Mlnlater, waa amuaed to-day by the htb'i
mrtit sot forlh by Commander Clamenl Markham.
prealdenl of Ihi Royal Oeographlcal Bodety, ln
"Tha Tlmim, ' of London, of Rngiand'a a?-call?*d In
dtaputable rlghta t-. all lhe Raaequtbo baaln to the
weat ward of the already abandom I Bchomburgk
llne. The Mlnlater aaya th.- artlcle, comlng from
an ofllcer of tho Brttlah Oovernmeni and theret ??
glven auch pr.Inence, la .-, mleleadlng hi lu
elualona, whlch are reached from utterly fa
,,.,.mu,., thai ani one who baa conaldered Ui"
offlclal doeumenta In the . ioe m tuld aee th.- abaurd
;.,- of it, but th? publlc generally mlght be apl l
attacb aome Importanoe to tha atalementa whkh
apparently are Inaplred by tbe Ballabury Oovern
no nt.
Hv the treat) ' Munater of I-4I between Bpaln
and Holland. Bpaln'. right up the Beaequlbo araa
n ognhu-d, and by iho treaty ?'? 171- wlth i| i n
Oreal Brttaln obllgat" '- heraelf lo defend Bpaln'a
provlncea ^ ftxed by lhe Munater
Wlth thla undei-BtandlnitC imman lerMarkh im i r. r
erence lo the treaty ol 1811 ; ik< ? .. aea llghl ''" i
ly oppoalte to hli bb ertl m. Thal treat! waa b.
twean On .1 Brll ila Bnd th. S< therland. I i
which the laflei i irfi ridered to lh. former "the
Capa of Oo "i H'"." ???' i il ? eataMUl m. al f
Demerara, Biwequlbo and BerMce."
Commandei M rkh ira ?n lhal lh< - - i
Uahment ol E.;. '? <hi- treaty I
watera dralnlng Ihto lh. Baoequlbo Rlver ar.
Britlah rontentton ut,':i I homi irgh ihrew oul
[,,ri of it and Lorda Oranvllli and R ?? bery
aban loni d m. -? of ll i remaln li.
i- -.;.,? r,--t. irith \ ? ? ? ??'' to pr ive before arhl
: itora or to the V* m ? -? ? '' imml I n ;?;, >lnt. '.
Prealdent Cl< ind that "the eatabllahmentB of
j i. merara ! equlbo and Berbk " weri imall
:;r,nip? ,,f Imt'-h p!:int i'I . ?' lh th? ' rl ?
t| namea, not e?t< Ung bark fr-.m Ihe
? i | .,- . h. m mi ;< irt not . ? n j . ';?.? 1 .. lai
Iwentj n . .? y<-,'? .ifi'-r lh" tr<-.it v. w'il. ?> . .
thi ti. - ' ? i ? , ?? il fr "ti Holl ind The
"xn t llmltfl and oanerahlp of all theae plantatlona
,ir- matter. of r.ird up n w hleh N'.-ri.-zn- ,. I-. ,n
Odenl lhal Uiillsh nKgreaBlonB, whlrh nevei
, ??? li 1 untll by force ln ib>- p.i>.t flfteen yeara, wlll
.,.? pi .,\ ??.?. unwarr mli i
r An I ? . I. ui 1 all Ihe Vena lelan ofllrl iln havo
repeati II) called attentlon to the algnlfl tr. '. ?
thal whlle Bmclnnd haa ;, ii forth all aorta <t
n) valld "M :? :. - i.::i- ln li"'.: Bllpporl hi- ??..?::
! ? ? :, nhown Veneauela on thi ,,'l".: hand ha
led ? : l- of Ihe fa tta and b.i>, n.r , ? . ? I
her efforta ?., have Ibe matter Inveatlgated by an)
Imptii llal Irlbunal
B.'flor Andrala this mornlng r??? ?.\ ?? i from Bni
llah oui ?- -i eopy of lhe >.:!i 'lai reporl ,?! Oo. i
Llght. of Hrltlah Oulana, dellvered to Parllamenl
?. ,i, ,!ii|..itii...| by .i map ?>< the t.rowi
-howlna the *x*v\ rxtenl .,f all Britlah p ?
.- niMi a ii,- i "ii, mulnland ai i) . t
iln-- The aettlement* >>t RaBequlbo dld nol extrnd
i,\ r twent) :n. ??? above the mottth of thal rlver,
and v. ? . ? ualvely to Ita en ?t< i n bank ln
terrltory a'hlch Veneauela doea not ?11-? an_:?-. .it.-i
never haa dlaputed. Bome llutrh plantatlon-, mo?l
..f them .ii'in loi.e i. ara ahourn ,>r tbe Oulana coaai
between lhe BaBeuulbo and Pomaron, bul
wer confeaaedlj or doubtful legallty .it ilo- llm.
Th- preparatlon of Veneauelan evMenre for th.
\.<o ,.f th- Commlaalon appolnted by Prealdenl Cleve
lan i in nearly completed, nnd it ortll ba i reaented
in about teo daya,
A PO_Nlint.T \ AI.r.MU.i; imi. i'Mitnt |N THE VENEZ
w aahtagton, Prh. * The receni dlapatch from s- -
attla aanounclng that ? valuable manuociipl r
port "f 400 page. had been aeni t<> Rngland In eom
pllance wlth ? raqueat from Lord Ballabury, ls noi
Btrtctly accurate Tho pareel hn been t<oiit b)
expraoa to the Britlah Ambaaoador here, wh,,, ln
replj 1 > an offer to aubmll it for examlnatlon, wr,.t.
thal ii" ? h ,iM be glad to took at It, ?n-l yeaterday
i" elved a telegram announdng that lt had been
forwarded to hlm SlrJullan Pauncefote wlll prob?
ably v-nd it, when racelved, t-, Lord Ballabury, ir
the owner permlta, and the locumeni appeara to
i, i\-. ur- 1 ..'i ia evMence m th" boundary dlapute,
The Veneauelan Commlaaton la aald lo b. m<
w!,:ii ebagiined thai thla repon ahould hava be* 1
. u th- drt.poaal ol om ,,f tt." dlaputant*
when there ln a poaaiMllty it may i:,-\-.-r i." pr.
i. i ,1- evldenoe Becretary Malet-Prevoal ,,nh
dlacovered the exlatence of tho ,1 ,,'uin,;it throug!i
,1 newap.iper publlcatlon, and waa unable t.. learn
untll 'i 1 -,!? ? the whcraabouta ,,f Ita ,.\. n.-r. v.-hm
wh >t:i ).. prompth fommunlrated, aaklng lhe op
portunlty t,, ,x..:itti.' the document, but, ns it up
p.ii.n, bla requeat came t,>o late,
PHOPIMBRD I'l.AN I.Y ? ITIZl N's OP i|||.-.\.;.i TO
ChlcBpn, Peh. fi Tweaty-aeven promlneni dtlsena
yeaterday slan..! ih.ir namea to an addreaa 10 "tha
prea an I pe. ple" whlch contalni iho followlng sii?
geatlen of Intarnattonal tott-rc-at:
Wi- auggeat and propoae thal lhe people of all
citlea an 1 ' 'wna f the I'lii-.n ,1: thelr meetlnga to
relebrate irt" birth of waaklngton or at apeelal
meetlnaa called for the purpoae on ihi- Bunday
afternoon next foftowlng, ,>r ln the meetlnga of
th. :i aoetetieo, olubi>. ,-hurohcs. 500l.il. r.lUloiii. ,,;?
rommarclal nrgantsatlona nearaat ln tlme lo Waah
liiKtoti'a Blrthday, sii.iii embody thelr vtowa aack
mblagi In its own way. on th. foUowlng quoa
i. Do ?v wtoh lh. Oovernment. of tlw L'nlted
.sijite^ and i.reH' Brltala, bi formal treaty, to
, ..I..1-1 ir__.Ui 1I01 ,. thi metho.1 of concludtng all
dlffereneea which may f..n of aettlement by diplo
mi ". bei m ? en tb. two Powi rn'.'
.'. whal 1. your oplnlon of war aa a mode nf de
-? Ung controveralea betwean the l'nlted Htates and
On .t Hrlt iln"
i)r. William c. Or.iy. No. eo Dearborn-et, Chlcago,
and William K. Dodga, Na. 11 i'lifT-.-t . N.-w-York,
will ri.oivo th.- procecdtnge, which Bhoald t..- aeni
ln duplh ite, nnd arranwo thom for traiiHinla-loti to
t,,c Prealdent <>f tho Unlted rttates ?nd the Quaen
of Enaland. Ballgtoua am'. aecular newapapera
througnoui 'bo country aro hIk.i requeated to g'.ve
the propoaltlon thelr aanctlon nnl ur^- ihe co
operatlon ol th,- people,
Amoaa th.- xiKiors of iha addreaa _r< Mayor
Kwlft. Marsha'.l l'*',el,l. .Joorfe M. Pilllman, l.yin.ui
j. OagaL Potter Palmer, Marvtn H.uniti, w. T
Muki r. Charlea 11 Farwell, Cyrua R. McCormlek
Fraakl'.n MacVeogh, i.amber. Tree, T. ls. Black
1 Bton. and Kranda B. Peabody.
RKL --Hli'H <'.<jU< riELOB IN TtHI
Parla, Feb. 6.?The Paris preaa declaree that the
poaltlon of Praaoe as regaida the attltude of
Cabral, the native chicf wbo la occupylng the
terrltory in Oulana clalmed by tho Prench, la be
comlnp unbearai.ie. Natlonal dlgnlty, the pspera
say, reipiirea that Urazll shall Imnvllately ome
to a aettlemenl of har fllfferencea wlth France
nv.r the South Amerlcan terrltory belonging to
the latter.
The Parta preaa bl more eXClted ort the above
queatloa that M. de LAmothe hlmself, thp new Oov
ernor of Prenijh Oulana. la his apeech receatly de
Hvered al Ibe opealag >>f th.- CouncU Oeneral of
the COloay he sald tliat prevlously to his departure
from Parta th" prtaclpl* of arbttratloa had beea ac
cepted, and tha- taa arMtrator had been ehoaen.
He also added that he soon expected the adoptlon
of B modus vtvemll. deatlaed meatiwblie to insure
ln the Franco-Hruzllian COateatcd terrltory the se
rurtty of peraoae and propertlea. it was report.-d
tbal the arbitrator would be the Klng of Bweden
or the Preetdeat of the Bwlaa Bapubllc, and that, al
any rate. tbe Hruzlllan Commlssloner would tte
Baron de Rlo Braaco, Ibe aame dlplomatlat wbo suc
ceeded in obtalnlag laat Pebruary from Prealdenl
Cleveland, bi arbitrator, the i.w.ird la favor of
Hraxtl ln tbe dlapute concernlng th* conteated terrl?
tory between that country and Argentlne.
lt appeara, however. that tbe modua vlvcndl
apoken ..r b) I: ivernor de Laraoth* ha* nol yet I.n
put into practlce, f<>r aeveral complalnta bave been
lenl to thi Prench Oovernment. Brasll h:.s re
peatedly d*c:ared thal Cabral was nol one of ita
oltlclal*. bul th" high-handed proceedlnga of that
ni.ii, s. .-in nol yel to bave been auppreaaed. Cabral
had BBBumed authorlty, thr..- yeari ago, over Mai t,
,',....- ,; ,. aroi Connaln, In the conteated terrltory.
ln ;-..i I,.. kllled Captaln Lunler and aomi Prench
regulari who had been aent on board the gunboat
li.'iit;.i.i t.) M. Charveln, then Oovernor of Cayenne,
to Mapii, ln order to reacue Captaln Trajane, k.-pt in
prlaon b> Cabray. It was s,?,n after that event that
t> . Braalllan ano Prench Oovernment. entered Into
actlve negotlatlona and accepted the prln.tiple of
arbltratlon to aettle th. dlapute.
The oiiestlon at slak.- ia aomewhat slmll.u ...
that ii.-tw.-.n V tneauela and England, The Prench
clalm lhal tbe cwiteeted t.-rritoiy whlch Hea aouth
ward of th.-ir cokmy of Oulana belonga to th.-n.
whoae frontter would thua be brought :o ihe Am
aaon Hlver, as tbe Engliah clalm th* Ortnoco
for th- llrnlt of their own tluiatia The dlapute be
tween Fraoce and Braall, ab, ut th.- conteated ter?
rltory ls nn o'.d on-, lik.. that between Veneauela
and England; and Braall acta on the queatlon aa
the b. ir of Portugal. whi.-h owned the terrltory
frorn the tlme of its diecovery. Moreover, tbe poa
a.-aalon of g'.M fleld. exerclae. Ita Influence it. tha
k'ranco-Braslllan conteat, aa well as ln the Anglo
Venezuetan ona. From June 24 to Deceraber -4.
!m<i. native gold repreaentlng C.iMO.OOO, extracted
?>,. , :.?..,?. i terrftory, haa been brouarhl to the
Prench jiort of latm Naaelre by veaaela from Cay?
THK Kiill, I.17N.-' "IT IB A UVINO
A \v..iti.l> artTH
Ol'T OOD "
Lond ti. .I.m fa. The Unlted PTeaa correepond
.?ni ln ?' natantlnople, wrltlng under the date of
Januarv J5, s.i) s
The w< rk ? f making oul the al itlatl ? ih ut the
? untleaa amallei villag | ea on lUiwly, bul
-;,. ws thal Ihe worat had noi been reallx. I 1
areful llal of thoae kllled al Adalman. near Aln
ibowa th-- number to hav- been 1,060, but
???a f whom wer. women and chlldren Boldlera
-,i. ;.. iiird ut after three daya1 work waa d me
and are n ?a prote tlng Chrtatlana. T* i atl .ng
- tn \ lalman were fllled wlth Ihe pruml
nent > n i wealthlei claaa of Chrtatlana, who, tl.u.-,
...|. realated itta ka, The bulldinga were
i.i, lermln. .1 and ilr.'d with keroaene and cotton
and ii general horocauat wus the reatilt. Over
i era ns were it. ? n h dw< lllng B >th
itatned membera of the local governlng
ird Of th* four 'hurehee two were rulned and
ii,, urned II ih uld h ? n tl ? d In all theae ;. ??
r unta tbal buildlng. were iften apared thi igh
fear thal the n r. mlghl be communlcated to
Moalem <lw~lllngs
a larg* number of vtllagera had tled f.r aafety
Into Furnea, near Maraah, and Rnally there wa.
? xr-'it alaughter .f ev*.rybody In Purnex Iteelf,
no authentl letall* f whlch can be glven; lo.t
aome three hundred ar trnen and chlldren were
brmight t" Maraah, where lh*y wera atnwed al
flrat ln the Thlrd Proteatant "'hur. h. and after?
ward dlvlde.1 among the cummlttee. of the clty,
s.-v. nty-five falllng t. the PrnteBtanta, wh .
celved them Into Ihelr already Impovert.hed
homea, Al Maraah the rellef ls glven al tli" rate
of f.uir .-..His a head each aaeeh
.lust befora the last maaaacre al Oorfa, the
Chrtatlana there pald t2o f..r the Oovernment t >
si'ti.l two telegrama t.< Conatantlnople expreewing
th. ir thanka aml loir* t.. the Bultan. Theae tele
grama had been wrung oul ..f them by the threat:
"lf you do nol slgn, you are r*bela."
A college gridiiat.. wh... ii few yeara ago, was
put itit.. the Maraah prlaon uscd often to say
tliat ii.i further experlence was needed to ael
before one a complete Idea <>( hell. There ls
in .I.- comforl In bundrede ..f the atablea in thal
rlty than In this overcrowded receptacle ..f
! andreda ..f men. wb.. are thrown Into it with
or withuiit reaaon, many of whom are kept
ln there wlthout trlul f..r montha Preachera,
priests. educated men nn.l the loweat crtmlnala
are .. t in together almoet as cloaely as cattle
lu a frelght traln. No f.I ls ever glven to
them by the authorttlea, bul tbe frtenda of each
.un- must bring it day by day. lt tlrst go.-s into
th* banda of the Turklah guarda, who eal aa
much as tbey v.lsti. and then glve t.i thi ir
frtenda whom 111? - Ooverntnenl crowda upon
the prtaonera for .support. und the part remaln
.tiif is handed orer t>. the prtaonera. Durlng tbe
lat.- dtaturbance, when li.'.'J men were maaaacred,
nol a Moalem waa arreated, but Chrtatlana were
ei i/.id wtthoul .. siiow of reaaon, and there
they contlnued In tb.-u "Black Hole of <'al
cutta" month aft.-r month, with. ut any proa
peel >.f trtal, an.l stiii lesa <if any Hh..w ..f Juatlce
when tb.-y are examlned. The fact thai a man
ls a hurnari belng aeema to have no place In the
crtmlnal eod. .f tha land. and yel an educated
Turh can dlacourae .as Intelllgently upon tho
humanlty thnt la common to man ua any other
educated Ruropean.
Th.- followlng communlcatlon ls .lirectly from
,i man who haa been lylng ln that hell-hole f.?r
uv-r b month, and is no more worthy of such
inatmei.t than thouaand* ..f the readara of this
letter. it is glven ns s nt. with the eseeptlon
nf a few worda <>f explavnatlon Interapereed to
make it fullv Intelllglble to Occldental readara:
".?ur conditlon in pris.m paaaea dcscription.
Only he wh" eeoa can underatand it. Most >.f
the occupanta of every room are Chrtatlana.
bul many are Moalem. L4fe w.,ul.l be a Bhade
more tolerable If the aubjact race were not cm
pelled ihus to Baaoctate with the domlnanl race,
wbosa temper, taatea and hablta are s.. dtffer
, nt into '...?? Bmall room twenty paraona are
crowded. Exeept a faat Moalerna, not a alngle
peraon has room enough ...i the bare n>..r t.?
?ur itcn "iii and lie ilnwn. Por ftilly atxteen
houra In the nlghl tin- doora of the r.na are
aii locked. Hence every eorner .?f the room
becomea foul. and the Btench from thla con
tlnu'.tis conditlon, na wi-ll as the 4>:lor fr?.m tlie
: llttle .'hurciiil whi.-h ls burned in un open
braxler by day. i. anendurable. ln .me of theae
small i-iiumH aometimea twenty cifrarctf-R are
Bmokuig at once.
"out ..f the small amount of food whlch
raaohaa u?, tbe Chrtatlana are obllgad to fe.-.i
the Moalem. c.inflned there. Iiintead of "atlmr
] tiieinselvis. the Chrlstlans are eompelled to
; BUppiy f".?l to these men Tbe oppreaalon of
, the domlnanl rm-e (..ntiini'-s evan her*. lt la
i tyranny wlthln a lyranny. la ararf room
Public confidence is like a roek! Where
are the croakers? Where are the timid ones? The
thrill of this new certainty has flashed through the
business world like an electrical inspiration! AMERI.
Of course this means a new impulse to trade. ft
will set cautious millions of money again on the movet
it will put idle hands at work; it will eneourage invesU
ors, deuelopers and spenders._
Wehave many great lots bought during the late uncertainty at\m
than wholcsalc prices are likely soon to be. But no matter how hgk
valucs may go. or may promise to go, our aim ib to see how httle pn*
we can put on high-grade goods^_
Three sp.dal loil at "p-ci.il hours to-dny?*-o that
oiit-of-towncrs c.m have ;i dUHKC M them.
At 1.901*. M.?WOgood, fine, heavy mwbn Dnwmt,
wide hem, fine pleata, IS.: the Mk kind
At :t P. M ?I'erc.ileShirt W.iists, l.ui'ider.d collar .md
cuffs, .1 Kttle muued during January s.ile, 50c and
$l kind* at 30 .in I SO,
At 8.80 P. M. -200 good, fine cambtic f.orset (.overs,
iquare neck, trimmed neat embroiderv, 12c; wete
pace crow
} 60c
I yd.
ed with Jlisl the wcarthing.
A town lot o!
they'II want.
(.otton 'bnn.l-ttc aiul cream eiderdown Miort Coats
for the I, o and 4-ye_u old., $1.50 and $-.
Lawn Aprons, lace trinime.l, tluted ruftle around neck
and sieeves, 4 to 19 yeat-. .it 50.
Twottylesof lackett, lt, 10 and 18 yeat riiss, plain
and rough cheviot, ripfde back, e?tra full sieeves,
13.75 and 15; orginglly $7.50 and Mi.
Jackets, several styles, rough and phin cloths, this
season's goods, have been $12. S0 to $13.50, now
97.50 md $10.
Long t;oats, pjain and rough cloths, most of them
pretttly trimmed, not all si/e. in each style, but all
si/es m the lot, ?l tO 14 yrs , $..; were $!) to $11.
Infants' cotton .lannrlctte SackN pinked edges and
ribbon at neck, p:nk-and-white, blue-and-white,
Infants' Sack., pmk, bhie :'nd cream (.inderella cotton
tlann.l, Nailor coOar, ribbon at neck, 25c.
Infants' Sacks, wool eiderdown, cro-heted edgc and
ribbon at ne.k, cream blue aiul pmk. 50c
Infants' Wrappers, cottonflattnelette, Wue-and-wWte,
pink-and-white itripea, pmked edgc, ribbon at
neck, 30;.
Comfort with style. All the pretfy color combina
tions. and the neweat, Ti.itti.--t shapes, $3, $3.85, $5,
$?. $9.
Nearly 170 title. o( lUlldard Bookl st:ll in tlie lot and
70 titl.s ol Knti.h a:id . Ijsm_.iI I'oet.?all at 35c
thr vol. Bound in half leather, gilt backs, marbled
Succta?cms to A315tkvka_kt St ?C?_
Some of the best grades and best patterns in the store
are at half and less?just because the pieces are short-4
to ,0 yards. If you have rooim that will lit >ou__b
carpet two for tlie price of one.
$2 M Wiltons
$1.50 Axminsters
$1 25 Vetvets
91 25 Brussels
Brinjsr room size. Nothing reserved.
Senlimental, sensible, soft, serious, jingly. jargony-.
every sort that tlie standard makcrs send out. Mr. ani
Mrs. Grayheod, don't tum up vour noaea, the yoime,
folks will fir.d just as much fun in Valcntmes as you
once did. We have made this great gathermg for thtsi
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I'lat Cards, beautlful lithographtc designs, J to 12..
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Novelties in a world of curious designs and shapes, Uc
to $1.95.
For sledding or sliding or stamping about or schooU
ing?and nothing extra to pay because stvles are right.
Fine velvet Fauntleroy (.ontinental or ii-piece Suits,
various colors, silk lined, 3 to 8 years, $12 kind at
Very heavy all-wool mixed cheviot Short Trousera, 4
to 14 yrs., 75c; $1.25 kind.
All-wool tlanncl Shirt Waists, laced front, plratad
back, sailor collar, 4 to 13 yrs., 75c; onginaUjf
Blue Fnglish cheviot 2-piece Suits, double breasted,
trousers with double seat and knees, patTt waut
band. stzes 8 to 15, regularly 16.00, at $5.50.
Admiral Suits, fine blue and fancy mixed cheviots,
dela.iiable caidin.il sailor collar. prettily trimmed,
si/es 3 to 7, at $4.25; the $7 kind.
Trouble in a tactory. We bought the stock at haH
Three lots.
Close rolled Umbrellas on rods and on stick< with
beautlful assorted handles. taffeta silk, twilled silk,
fine umon silk, in black, $2.50; usually $5
Lmbrellas that u*ua!ly sell at $7 are SLSO. Fiw
taffeta, twilled ot Fnglish l.aventine silk.
Fxquisite silk L'rnbrel.as that have sold up to |1(
this one time at $5.
there ar<' a few Agh__a or principal M'i?l>-m-<,
.1: ! every Chrlstlan mual contrlbuta nonajr to
thelr lordablpa. Thoae who wlthhold auch con
trtbutlona are not allowed t.. all down Among
th,- Intnatea of the prlaon are twenty or thlrty
rowdlea and bulUea under whom tho Christtana
mual oerve aa manlal Blavaa Tbera ls ao
reepect, no plty. Th.- horrtble blaaphemlea ,-an
not ii" deacrlbed. There la no book, no Blble,
I... work, ii', aleep Every man la covered wlth
the awarmlng vermln wlth whlch tha unaraahad
r.na of the prlaon teetn To clcan ouraelvea
is Impoaalble. Son and then th?> rumor Bweopa
through iii" prlaon thal we are all to be put to
death, aii'l all ,,iii hearta mell llke water. Tbe
t, nii..-- darkneaa of the nlght, tht euraeg and
Btrlpea Infllcted from tlme to tlme cauae ua t,>
llve In the valley ..f the ahadow of d.-ath. It
is a llvlng grave, a vlalble hell, ? world wlthout
1; ,1. Oul ,f this throng of prlaonera mora than
;. hundred .;:? in dall) auffering frum 111 -? gnaw
Imkt; of hunger and frum nakedneas, but there
la no one to plty. Many praylng men are
lempted to ceaae praylng, man) are tempted
ta ehange over to the Moelem falth. In truth
all of us ur" duiiil,; whal t,, sav we know :n.t.
We are wearied of th. long allence; our eyee
are atratned wlth watchlng, our bonea a.-he, our
prayera are deaploed by the revllera Nlght ls
11 -I nlght, and <ia> ia nol day. Our RrW Ih
our food, ,ur aleep la weeplng, _Por how long
h tlme muat ??? crj r Oh, Lord, wlll Thou hlde
Thyaelf forever? How long wlll Thy anger burn
nk.- iii'-' And yel aom ? of us iire Baying:
Though He Bla. me, yei wlll l trual ln Him.'
? VVher wlll thi Chrlatlan atateamen and phl
lanthroplata "f the world flnd a wa) to cleanae
theae Augean atablea ill over Turkey? Long
centui le. , r) oul for redreaa.
"Wlthln :. month th<- followlng Incldenta have
oecurred: A Chrlatlan conflned ln thla prlaon
w..s ordered to recelve four hundred atripes.
After three hundred had been Infllcted, he crted
out thal io- could endure no more, or he must
dle, An oflcer then preaented hlm a paper
with the namea ol Bft) Chrlatlana ln the clty,
who were accuaed thereln of aedltlon, ln hla
greal ag my h.- algned lt, and thla La to be us, ,1
to tn, riniin.it.- othera Th.- other vlctim of un
endurable atrlpea waa an old man. Whon he
could endure no m,.r.' ..f thla Inhuman treatment
he als.' was ask-I to algn :. paper Impllcattng
othera Indlacrimlnately. Can an) one llvlng ln
a free country f,,r ? moment underatand what
lt ls to llve under auch a Oovernment? There
ls a greal i|,,urish just at preaenl over the r.
formr that are belng Inatltuted In .-"rtiiln parta
,,f thle land. No reald. nl of this country can
havo confldence ln th.- auperflclal operatlona
What w-.uid you do with .1 land where lylnK
la the almpleet of mental rxerclaea and where no
was eV.
known to ldu>
iv.-r lt lf ?x
AND l.Xi:> T'i IVi:.
London. Peb. 8 "Tha Ttmea" irlll to-morrow pub
llah a dlapatch from Conauntlnopla aaylng that th*.
Armenlana, who are holdlng Zeltoun axuinst th.
Turka, have mformed th. Conaulo, who are attempt
ln_ ;,, brlng aboul :ii.- peaceabli aurrendcr of that
town, thal they are wllllng to aurrender thelr mr
?veapor.s If lhe. are allowed to retaln the hunttng
weapona thal tne.. habltuall) earr. They alao de?
mand the appolntm.nl of a Chriatlan Qovernor and
A WARRANT OITT 1-'?>K MI'Iiaii njpjT.
Conatantlnople, Peb I The Oovernment has is
hii.-,i by publlcatlon a warrani for the arrest of
Mui.il Bey, formerly Ottoman Commlaaloner of
th.> Turklsh Dabt. .Murad r, ..ntly 11.d from COB
stniitiiioi.i.' to Parla, where In a pamphlet whlch he
laaued ne denounced the bad governmenl of tbe
Hultan, .'.ml accuaed Hls Hajeaty of delibarately or
di-rlns ihe Btroeltlea to which the Armenlana nav.
l.een Bubjected. The warrani de.crlbe. liurad'a ap
pearance and ealla hlm a dlaturber of the peace.
London. Feb. I Th.- Oovernment has reeeived a
dtapatch aaylng that the Hrlilsh have .von two vlc
lories over the ilave tradera iu Central Afrtca, aml
that fourteen Arai. chlafa have been taken pria
Rome, Peb ?> Bov-Bral nawopapera of thla elty
ass.Tt thai the Pope has had aerli us dlffaa-encea
with Cardlnal Rampolla, Papal lecretary .if state.
and that th" latter his been Obllged to tender li._
reatgnatton. This ooeertlon in denied. however, by
poraons Inslde the VatU'an. who deelare that no
frlctlon whatever has erlaen between His Hollneaa
and his lecretary of State.
Ilerlln, Peb. 6.?Arrannementu have heen eom
pleted for the shlpment of 'the body of the lata
Theodor.- I'unyon, l'nlted 8tut,-n Amlmsaailor, to
Amertca "i. board the sIi-bitiit Havei, whleh will
iaii from Bremen for N'.'w-York neat Tueaday, Mr.
Haektna, aon-ln-lafl ot Mr. Runyon wlll acce-?
pany Uie body.
Pretoria, Feb. 6.?The examlnation of the prta>
onrrs who wvre arrcatej at J.hinnenrurg anl
brought here for trlal was formaliy upem 1 BBJ
Monday. After the readlng of the chargea
iiralnst them further bearlBg waa aet fcr f*M88>
laj The prtaonera were formaliy accunad of
havlng held poaiaaaaaon ot th- clty of Johai.nea
burg by force for aome tlme, aml of bavmg
..[,, r.ly avowad thelr <.ppo>iti, n t.i the Govera
ment of the s.ntth Afrtcan Kepubllc.
Tlu- evtdence ahowed that the Reform Com?
mlttee of whi.-h the accaaed men were membera
i.i'is.'.l a pr.H-laintition to be prepared dedarlng
that a provletonal govafnntent was n,-.-essary,
aa i tr Jameaon, tho landar of the raid tt.t., the
Tra- sv4.il. was expected at Johannesburg and
dlaordera mlghl enaue. Thouxh th:? paanaum*
tlon was prepared lt waa r...t issued.
Jobn lla\s H.-.niii >n t. th- Amerlcan inining
englneer, who is .ne ot the prtaonera, waa
preaeni ln court "n Monday, i-ut wa. abeent oa
Tuesday. ha being ill.
Helfast. Feb 8.-The piesldeni of the I'hmiilr ot
iVimmerce hete has -ecelve 1 a reply to the letter
recently sent by that body to the New-York t'hanv
ber of Commeroe in response to the reeolatloafl
adopted by the. latter In favor Of aubmitt'.ng the
Van. BUflda dlapute 10 the arbitration of an AaglO>
Amerlcan commlaalon la his reply, Mr. <>rr. preaV
d.-ni of the New-York t'hamber of .'omrrerc*. ?*>?
that there Is a unlv r??. 1 desire ln Amerlca tbal th*
whole queatlon be .irbttrated. The Irritatton ln the
I'nited States he adda, ls due to the An lrlcan oe*
llef that Great Hrltaln lack* ln conaUeratlon
I .ward countr'.es th_t are unabie to realst her da
m ?
I.ondon, Feb fi.?' The Chronlole" wlll .ay t.-mo*.
row that It learns from good authorlty tha: a p*f?
tlal Bettleaaeai batweea <'.reat Hrltaln and Veneau?
ela has been efTectcd or Is on th* verge of belng
effected lt adda that lt bellavea the Bettlea**at
refera to the Turuan afTalr, whlch coaaleted of tn*
trrest of Hrltlsb offlclals by Venezuelana. for wh.oa
Uriat Hiltain demanded the payment of an ln
demnlty Th" latter has held that this affair ls en
tlrely separate from the boundary illspute.
Havana. Peb. ?.-Colonel Tijerite offlclally 18881-1
that he has had an en.-ounter with reb.-is ln Jl
bacoa Paaa, n*ar Manzanlllo. ln the westeni part
,,f the I'rovln.-i' of Sanllago de Cuba. Three rebrlB
were kllled an ! one captured. Major Comas Ver
gara and four others of the Spaniah force- wera
Qenera] Ooday reports from Santa Ciara that a
number of rebel. led by 1'ancao Pl rez. Maragas
m I Aragoa attacfaed forty ClvU Guarda who aer*
.?nijage.l In repairlng the teb-graph Une near ai
v.r-/. Two Bpanlard* were kilie.l and Bve aen
oualy wounded. General Godoy pursued the rebell
ani ovartook them near Juca. .i tlgnt took puv *,
?ut ng WblOh lour of the Inaurgent. were kil.eu
.,n,l B number wounded. The rebels n treatrd 88/*
rv-lm? thelr wounded wlth them. The opan
lan ..,-s w.is one wouaded. Oeneral Godoy autea
that Matagas was murta'.ly wounded. he havlng
beea shot iwl.-e ba the breaat.
london. Feb. 6. Right Hon. Ceetl Hhodes. *X
Pren.ler of the Cape Co'.ony. had an int*rv.ew wltn?
Hlghr Hon Joaeph Chamber'.aln. Becretary of BtaHa
for the Colonlea, at the t'olonlal 4>fflce this after?
noon. The Karl of Selbourne, Cnder Seeretary OC
Blate for the t'olonies, waa present.
London. F-b. t> -The report that Greal Hrltaln
h.id recogniaed the s,v*relgnty of Braall ln the
laland of Trtaldade, whlch th* former recentiyow'
cupied for a cable statl.tn. ls aemi-offlclally denieo.
Beecham's pills for coniti
pation io* and ?5*. Get the
book at your druggist's and
go by it.
Aaaoal aalaa. lor* tiia-kB'UOOOtiBeaa

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