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The News of
ci>.\iM a BMJ.T ' r.i-f: :'"
fi.nnt-r All-rt A. Wr.iy. whOSS posttlon un
th.? eonaolldatlon subject ls waH known, remslned
over ln Brooklyn yesterdey on account of s law
suit. Whil. bere bs took occasion to utter sn [
emph.-tle proteat st the attempt wblch will be ,
Md* lo-day st Albany I ? rush tbs consolldation |
bill through. Th.- Benator srsa Btrong ??? ?*?
statement thnt th* undv i snd Indeci ? t basta (as
h. charaetariasd It) whlch thoss ln favor of
eonaolldatlon exhil.it ln ths attempt to put tbe
bill through can have only on- result, snd that
wlll bs to make a Deraccratl. clty of a Republl
cun Stronfhold fienator Wray ls BVldenUy no
frlt-nd tt Tbamaa C Hatt, snd ba sei ma t ?
regard s-nat.-i* Lexow much in the nature ol i
Aoabtful polltleal frlend.
"I wleh," aald he, "that I was In a poeltl m 11
tnlk fr. -ly. But. i f COUrse, SVI ry one wlll unda-r
?Uad how I san placed. and. for that matti r, how
niiiiy a-.th.<r Beaators and Aeaemblymen sre alao
plaeed in thia case. Thera la no donbt that P* itl
nii'i Lexow and their friends have everytblng
pnpared to rush tha* hi!l through In s burry.
At leaat, they thlnk they hava. Bul I am wlll
Ing to say thal as soon ns the debata la falrly
on. the 'botut and hls eonaolldatlon frlends wlll
i.e llkely to run up againat a few Bnaga that
they do nol now snUelpate. Mu _ has bi ? n Bal l |
about maehlne B natora and Aasemblymen, ana
slthouRh they thlnk they have everythlng flxed,
th< y will li.id aorna surprlaea in store fair them,
or I nm wueh mlstaken Other partli a may
Vie niik* to fool wlth the general publlc, but the
RepubHcaa party is not in a posltloa t<*>, and lt
will Snd, at wst ln this Btate, that when the
leader* attempt to overrlda nnd aubvert publlc
Oplnlon there will eventualty bo an exploslon
ahl'-h will BoattOT far and wlde."
??H'.w far do you SOpPOaB tlie d"tails of tho
speelal commlsslons h.-.ve heen worked out?"
I dai in>t know to Just what estent, hut It ls
psrfaetly aafe to sssume thnt not only hava tho
Pollce and Publlc Worka Commlaaiona Im in
planned almoat to the smallest detall, but, In
addltlon, lha men who will form ti"* commls?
slons bave been ssleeti??'.. You aee, tha predllec
tlons Of Platt and Lexow and th.* Otbers f'.r eon
Solklatlon Brer* formed so long ago. la view
Of tha* vast iior.sil.l-* polltleal prestlgs that
w.uid seerne ta them, that they hava had tlma
t.- . ,-t:l'* an*.>n? themaelvea everythlng pertaln
Ing to a conaummatlon <>f th. ir work, and so, like
u general who has earefully planned a battle
beforehaad, they looh for vfetoiy. barrlng, of
eonrae, ugforeeeen obotacles. And that. aa i have
paid before, la where aome of the surpris'-s
may come ln. If thay win in the consolldation
Ight, thelr future. so far as tba State is eon
eerned, wlll be somewhat doubtful. Apain.
ehouhl eonaolldatloa become a settled fact wlth?
ln the tuxt f*w daya, there la nothlng that will
prevent the departmenta affected being logis
lated out of ofilce ln short ord.*r."
ISSBBtor Wray was asked what the clalm of
Mayor Gleaaon. of Long laland Clty, would
amount to ln case thla happened. Mayor Glea?
aon, lt is understood. ln hls valnglorlous way.
has made the clalm that he will become Mayor
of Greater New-York, reasoning that the re
spectlve terms of Mayors Strong and Wurster
wlll explre before hls. and that by auccesslon
he wlll be at the head of the bis muntclpallty.
The Senator replied. with a laugb. that Mayor
Gleason was more of a '?blu_-.i" than any
thlng else. Ho said he did not thlnk that there
was any vaiidity whatsoever ln the clalm.
?If tho Leglalature." he added. "had any Idea
that thla would hnr-pen. they would call an
exira ae**4on and put a audden but determlned
ouletus upon his ambition. I would a?.on.-r ex
pect to saa Long lsland Clty anaexedto New
Jeraey than that this should happen.
thf: T-Uuaoa isannmnn will have a _t"i*__
To the Edltor of The Tribune.
Sir: In view of your active opposltlon to the
bill now pending ln the NVw-York Li-k'islature
in reaatl.n to Greater Xew-York. and wlth whleh
opposition the village nnd town of FlttSblag,
whlch voted agalnst the measure in 1M34. are in
rearty eympathy. I ladoaa a set of reeoluUpns
psSSSd unanimously by the Flushlng Vlllage As
..r.iatlon, at a speclal meetlng held recently ln
rilatl >n thereto. At this meetlng a large body of
c!ti_t-ii8 was present, besldes ths members. Tha
association ls eomposed 4>f property-owners snd
UxpayerSa and ls non-partlsan. The raaolutlonfl,
I belleve. thoroughly rapreeeat the feellng of this
c-.inn.unity. ?- WKB8TBR PBCK.
Whereas At the general electlon ln Utt tbe voti
of the j.t-i.j*;*- of both the vlilage and town ol Flush?
lng, upon tb* propoKo] "Great?r New-York, wa*
dulv recorded in opposltlon to that measure; and
vVherea* Frclo'-s to aald f-lection the Flushlng
Ylllags Association opposed aald proposed con oii
datloo and all the reaa..:.* then exlstlng for oppo
?ttkta to *ucb co.i- '.idation stili eonttnua, among
wMcfe may be mcntloned, vlz.:
'?'irm?The vllUgi* would lose the non-partlsan,
?conomlcal ar.d w*ll-admlnlatered govei
which it now has ani has had for ? l many BUCCes
* Becond-The claims of thia vlilage and town to
publlc Improvement*. pollce ar* l Bre protectlon snd
water .ui-ply, would he Bubordlnata-d to th.* oe
i..andfi oi" tocalltlea pomeaalng gra-uter strength
ar.d conse'iuently Kreat.r polltleal power.
Tlilrd?The ioss of autnnomy won 'I reprea* puMIc
Sldrit BOt urilv in niattere of goveinment, bnt also
ln all other llnea of aetlvity.
F.urth- nsfflcuities In adjuntir.g and llmltlng taxa
tlon would make appreb*n*lon of di5a*-t-i from
thsit Hoiirae a.one ii"t unre-n'oiiable.
Fifth Tho aileged tbeoretlca) advantagea of ex
tendlng the limlti of a dty Indeflnltelj ar* un
j-.-oven, wbereaa tb* gra_ dUBculi i in lh* way of
ade'iuate adminlEtratlon over such v.iHt areai a.e
at'.ested. _ ,
Slx'h?The terrltory eml.raa "d ir tha- proposed
consolldation t* enormoualy greater than will be
needed rinrlnx many year* for tha- natural ixi"n
sion of tb* citle* Included In lt. Flushlng la a di.
trict a'.rr.ost the remotanat frona ivr.- clty'? centn of
Dr-.pulation, la aeparatcd by natural i.urria rs, whk-h
w'll for year"- prevenl contiguoua aettlement, and
la oonea-QUontly Ibe mo*t unacecaaary ana unauit
ul'le for ui.'an extenalon.
He-clved by the Flushlng Village '
That th'? a?nocl?t|fan hereby pledges itsalf to use
?ve'rv m.-ar.s m IU power 10 aid la 4.,rryins out the
r___t_sed wlll of the people of th.. vlllagc nnd u,v.-a
aaalnst b-dng conaolldated with New-York.
B__E>ived That a speeial c.immlltee of (ive mini
??^_ one 'of whom shail be ihe prealdent of the
<*'ition he appolnted bv tha- presldent to take
rTteos' as may aeem d. r-lrahle and neces. iry
,.. ,L. nr?-mlses to prevent tuch consolldation, with
__1inower to'represent the aaaodatlon al Albany
^a__wher- ln opposltlon to co soIMatlt .. ar l
Ska'--.*h ' ninittf'- ahall hav* authoi
i^n .he tSaaurer of lh* ?"^???0*]J" *????"
dtebursemeniB not axceedlng ? dollars.
i-y an smeadmsat the "? dollars" was cbanged
to read ' .-"*'?" ^_.
mmvta bbatsm by hubray-thr
Jame* Murray. under Indlctment for assiult In
th* second degree. was surprii*- I laetarday hy belng
arre^ted on a much more icrious charge He had
b^n rssaaaal on ball, bnl the ecaaptal?nl againat
h'm dled yesterday. and. as the doctor aald thnt bla
death had re.-4i.lted from the lnjurien .r.rlleud oa
blm by Murray. the latter waa arreated and h.'ld
to awalt the aetion of the Orand Jury.
Oeors* R. Lyon*. a livery stable keeper at N >.
1201 AUaBthl SVS, was the complainant SgSlBSl
Murr-i'v. He sald that on Aprll tt, \m. in a quar
rel. MStray beat hlm severely over the head wlth
a c'ane. A rather peeuliar circumstance In lhe case
Ib that Lvons wan also under indretm, ni nnd out .n
hal" The charge aaalnsi hlm whleh waa for Ur
cenv wa < eveaToWer than lhat againat Murray.
It waai aiiegad by Andrew J. Wllletta who h.id
stabled hl? boi-ts wlth Lyonn. thut oa OCober .'.
_?B3 Lyon? stole from hlm an env.dop. eonUlnlng
>ral_able dlamonds and jrwelry Thla.Lyon* de
nled A llttle over a week before hls death how
ever h* went to the Dlstrlct-Attomey ? orhce to
coDy the Maglstrate'a mlnute* in his rasc, ani
aaked Dot*etlve Joaeph Baguarello when he thought
?->- r^n- .voulJ bu brought to trlal.
A U ING WAT l 'i'i'.
The Brooklyn Board "C Aldermen met yea?
terday afternoon it; the dommuti Coum ;1 Cham
i, r in tb.- city Hall ai the re_rular hour, wlth
Prealdent Clark in th.- chalr. Prealdenl Clark
sald that Iv- had recelved a long oplnlon from
< : | .rat; ,:. Couns i Burr r tlatlve to tho au?
thority "f the Board a,f Aldermen t" a. t aa a
i; ...r.i "f Bupervlaora a.f Klnga County.
The oplnlon was read by tb" clerk of th'
Board, and durlng its reading th. membera of
th.- Board Btrolled about the chamber a,r went
a-atit into the commlttee rooma t" amoke. In the
oplnlon Mr. Burr aaya that tb- eonaolhlatl' n of
the Iwo governmenta <ii'l ;.<>' create .'. new cor?
poratlon, bul almply mcrged thi*. >unty ol Klngi
i?t , tbe .-ity of Brooklyn. M \ Burr takea up
the act of consolidatl *n Bectlon by se tlon, and,
after carefully revlcwlng them, glvea thla aa
his oplnlon ns to ti:.- power of the Board ol
Alderm. n to act as Bupi rvlaora:
Any po* ra and dutlei conferrcd and charRerl
,, . . , ,. 0f Sui .rvlsors of lhe i o nt) ot
1;. , lohformed parl of the local ,. I
tlon and government of Bald county. wl
, "ested In such corpoi itlon . e ) of
yn." or can 101 be perl. h ?'' oflla
' , ;, irged with the performan.n ia
dutlea ln the local adminl.-tratlon and ".v"1"
I'oun'll. Bul ' ? ' , .'" ;,....
v, Ived upon them, ln the meth d of
ai i :!..? mannei of ex utlon ihey ahall bei i
tn ihJ __ntrol if the ? harter an l exb tln i a a ap
P_cabletS the clty of Brooklyn, aa i. c offlclali
thera of.
The Board adopted a regolutlon approvlng of
the blll introduced in Congreaa by Charlea O.
? ?? oftheVth Congreaa Watrict, aeklng for
th, appr .prlatlon ol 1*30.000 for the Improvement
of Newtown Creek. and urglng all repreaenta
tiv-s ln Congrera from thla clty nol only to v .
for the Wl"! but alao to ,.., ,v,,v b..n.<. U
: ih" lf- Uth Commlaalonera to prepare an
,,.,,. prohlbltlng the drivlng ol cattia
"hrouihstrectaon whlch a chureh' or ?ch?ornou?e
l_ (:,. ted. The reaolutl n waa referred to tne
Commlttee on H. ___w ,
Prealdent Clark aald thal he hadrecelved ?
legal documenl which he dlr cted the roadlnK
clerk to read. The paper waa a mandamuaifl.cd
hy Roswcll W. K. ?'?". requlrlns the Board. as
:1?. Board of Supervleors of Klnga County ??
take measurea on or bei .re Auguat J nexttu
butld a brldge a roaa *..-_ , >wn . t, ? >; at Maa
rcth-av. Tl ? mandamus was Issued orlginaii)
ln Auguat laat and waa dlreeted against.the
Board ofSupervl. ra ol ? rhe old
Board t Bupervlaora, however, pald no ntten
1 presldent?Clurk sald be was In d ,ubt, ln vlew
of the oplnl n of Corporatlon Coun el Burr
..,?.,., r nr not th- Board of Aldermen waa
amenableto thls order A'.dern ,n Willlam. aald
that he i lleved it waa a "atrHw' on lhe parl o
t] ? Newtown Turnplke Company, whlch .wne.i
the franchlee for the brldge acroaa Newlown
Creek at thla polnt. ??-.-.n
Tb- caae was flnally referred I i the Commlt
,,., Law wlth In.tructlona to fjel the oplnlon
aaf the Corporatlon Couna. I aa t i the p wei ol tne
'so ii.----.i_-' was tfecelved from Mayor Wu
en the reaolutlon adopted laat week Pfovldlng
for an Inveatlgatlon of the leue of the Brldge
Plaza by th. truateea of 'ho New-York and
Brooklyn Brldge, but lt was the general be|?e*
that at tha- meetlng a.f th.- Board next w.-k tha*
reaolutlon would be returned with the gpprovtu
of the Mayor.
Th-* irisi'.-t:.... a,f tha b'.'h Reglment by Adjutant
Oeneral McLeOr brougbt a large crowd of vlsltora
to tbe Bnmner Avenue Armory UbI evenlng. The
r, -?;_.? nt turnaed out In go _ ahi. mafc ng a betti r
ahowlng tbat lt has done for aoma y<
It was SJO o'clock when the aaaembly waa aound
r,] ar. i the reglment mustered oa the drlll floor
wlth ten commanda of Blxt-sen fllea front. Tl i
v-i.iv followed, anl was In good Btyle, the c *mi u i
paaalng the revlewlng polnt ln . ?" i Bhape, coi i
erlng the Umlted epace of tb.- drlll II
Inspectlon followed, whlch resulti I as I
Pn .:. _ ? nt. T ' il
, _ . ie i *~
NC?S?!.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.. ? }. !'.
Company H. :'| :; i','.,
'*,. M -'t ?'?!
Company l?. .. i ,
Cotnpanyl. . ..
Company A. ?;' j ',;.
Company F.?? " \ M
( nmp.ny 1. -. . -,
Company K. '? , '.
Company V. M
.BU _?; :.
Thla ahowa nn Increaae :n tho total pn icnt over
:aBt year of thlrty-ntne, and a decrease in abaenteea
of nlncteen, maklng .*n Increaae ln the grand ? t.i
o twenty. Tha percentago pi.nl . which
ls the beat Bhowlng lhe reglment haa mada alnce
' - _-- - ?
Mayor Wurata - waa walted on y sterday by a del
, ti i from Ihi Si-..':.i" nth W i I Mlnl i ' A ?
datl ,n, eonalBtlm of tbe Rev. Roberl 1?. Bpi iule, the
j;, v. Benrdi. t Barth, the Rev. J. A. Arnau l and tba
lt, v. W. a. Layton.
?n,.y v. re ; impanl. I by Alfn I Tllley, repre
Mnllng the C mmltta i .f Klfty foi the E forccra n
g nday I *^ dse Law. They Bubmll ? I u pre
.. i i, wluilons, .. i .;. 1 at a mel tli . i
,.,",..- ,?-)-?. . . whl n ;- thal tho i in authority
',',,, ,,.... the law. It ....?< il-" ,"'? tortli lhal
'.:,. evlden ?? ha I l?w la
mtly vla ;..'? : i ? ird.
V '?;? ... .... ... ... i ihem i ? Pa ? '' ?m.
He asked Ihem lf they had bi
, evlden ? themselvai They replii* I th il :..-y
had an l sald they had Uki...
L . ,'.. rt, und lhat the J;. Ige had tbrown lhe
c ?"? oul. . . , ,
ij.,v . ?,-.- it< r sald he tl: wght the del ? intlon w.u
iiot'unreasonable in lli dV-man ls, inJ th . he would
... . ; , .. ! :,. done. i he mlnlst, rsdcpari I arlth
. . and a:.:' Ltlafli d lo ?
Ar ?? la li ingtovl, ala v d 1 u old, w.is >?? ?
placed In the cuBtody oi her mother, Accurala
Bonglovl, who Ut i m the Itallan oolony, In Ellaa
beth-at, New-Tork. Toney Bonglovl, AngcU'a
.-., father, waa eonvlcted ... the Count) Court a
f.-w weeka a_D <.f assaultlng b.-r, an i Ju ? n ird,
of tl..* County Court.
? wen '? \ ai ?-? n n ? ? tandii th
Ti,.- ,.'.!f '? ma ? ? ?? istody of ihe floemtj for
lhe Pn ventlon of Crua Ity to Chlldra
When lha moiber appiled foi ;... cuslody ol
cbia.l yeaterday Wst A Uackus, ln ,??
half of lh. so Icty, opposed lhe appllcatlon, i iyln_
th it Aec .rai . waa i oi a proper pera.m
.. ,;? i:. , [rt. He ,.t 'duca l i> ? pr of, however,
;,s t,i !.? r i ,i . ial ttiei he eli i wanta ! to
.?:...? i'|. m< nt allowed her t.i
,|,i no I'.iu.-, ;,t'i <".' lllno, B !..:'..:?, of No. li
,. tic-ava, ia\ l foi ths Bafety cf thi :. -
*, -
j_ot m for counael fees and allmony In the rall
for ai par il in br< ighl by r s!< A. Bl ? i -
gylvcater Bh?*a, a barroom-ki i v al No, Hl ii;.\-.
more-av* , waa ralltd by Juatlce Clement, of tbe
Buoreme Court, ??? lei iy, bul adjourned. Tha'
' ....',;.,. -, t tn it li, t hu ba , i came ii .m un ia r the
? ,,', , ,,i liquor m-arl) evei n_;hi an l abusa i
; ,'. . .h, , ,he lefl hlm on February J. Bhi look
h.r two vi'.:. *'lth her. an : la now llvlng wita
!,,- mother In HUl-at. Bhe ava thal her hu v.vl
;' J'l .I,,,,,, sui.) ? week In hls barroom. ani she
Mk? for IW a week allmony end W00 counael feea.
Th.? husbai*..: denlea the chargea of croelty.
Hls 117/7: AXD DAUOBTER MI88IS0.
Captaln Jaoob Wwllng, of the I irge Prealdent,
owned by :,.? New-York and X, w-.i.-r, ,y Tranapor
,?tlon Company. lylm al Bouth Thlrd-at.. I. ana
l0uSlv searchlng for hla wlf. and j .uni dau
?0J ? . .. ... . mttuH Tueadai lant, l_ben
utsisl ln :i:.-..._ ??-?'?
vwu, OET it.
Ttv ofllce of Clty Worka Commlaaloner Wlllla
waa th,-. ro.-.-l wlth i: publl ana yeaterday after
n0on, who i- ame aaare on Saturday of the i
racl tbat a nlce, tal plum had been dlacoveied on I
-_, ,,f tbe patronage tree whlch hung over
the Clvll Bervlce I nce. Pluma of this klnd are '?
bo i xce dlngly fi - thal whenever <-n.* is dla- j
,.v, .,.,! |t ... . . a naatlon among l reai Re?
publlcana. There la b growlng bltterncsa ln the
hoarta r active Republl anaof both wlngsoftha j
party , ,. ,- tl facl thal Commiaali ner Wlllli
nol be? ;. nl le to appolnl any conBlderable num- J
ber of Republicai a I i offlce. Aa a iral er of fact,
nearly all thn ofllc i ln hla departmenl ?
under th- operatlons of the Clvll Bervlce n m
lati ma There an threats, open and concealed,
,,:- ii,,. terrlble tblnga thal will happen ii tba
"boys" are not "taken care of."
Yeai >rday <; became known that the Commls
;,, | ,... | . ! : lli nlsa Wlillam H. Ooff,
8up. rlntendenl of Sewers, In order to make way
: :- a i;, publican. . he pla ?? ylel a .1 salary of
$3,000 .t year. Mr. Gufi I aa b en ln the depart
,,, nl for thlrteen yeara, under both Republlcan
ana 1. . . ratlc a Imlniatratlons. H< haa b< n
maklng .1 Ftr mg Hi ht tu retaln '"* P' .' ?*? " '
:;..:- been al li '1 by frli nda who are promlnenl In
" ?' ?' partles. , , ,...,,,
\ petltlon 1 rqucatlng Commlssloner Willis to
apn .Ini 1 x Ald< rman Wllllam 11. C Ia na to the
place has be-n circulated through the Twenty
,',, , vvanl t . scvi rai daya, and haa recelved
many Blgnatures. Mr. Colron doea nol itan I 1
a,.l , hance of gettlng the pla c. as lu- is not In
Jorsed by a unlted party In ihla ward.
?]?,,, , ;??. j r,,1111-1 in ? andldatea fur the
.;,,? ... ,,,. ., p, i'., .. ,f the Twenty-thir I Ward,
;',,. 1 e*a Vsm rulv man f ridaj. 1 f the Twenty
flfth Ward . t th. wlll ; rol tbly " in I."
Mr pi; lay bella vea thal en >ugh of hls fi
among the adh renti : Mr. Worth in the Twenty
flfth Ward w. ul I b * 1 rejoli ed over hla n g
nitl.in that tho ward would thereafter be arl.r.t
li, ita Bupporl of the admlnlstrattoB. Mr. P
clalma are belng urged hy Major Auguat ua C
Tate, Walti r R Atl 1 b 11 ? and othi r pi m
Twenty-thlrd Ward men, who allege lhal lhe
ward sn .uld be m >re fully r.-fnlaed. Both ma n
are well qnallfled for the pla.
-- ?
V,-, ny C. Bu ii. C in t.i . iloner <>f Buildlnga, I ia
been maklng certaln Investlgatlona In hla Depart?
ment, and wlll h r.rtaln ? han ???- thi n ln com
.,;, ted '. y lh.i of thla w< - k. Lai I ?* ek fa
;i ha .!.:..: to Wllllam 11 li luxhun:. rhli' Inai ? cl ir;
Hugh 11'Donni ii an 1 Wlll irn Mltchi 11, li ?
Mr. Hauxhur*! waa charged xxrh v'olatlng a d?.
partma nui rule In Inti 1 *r of pn p
. rty, who bad Rl bull llng, lo .1 ? on
1 rac tor. The Commlssloner sald th.it Mr. Haux
lin fi ottence lr- one whleli mpllea the dlsmla .:!
of every man commlttinn il On ai o int of Mr.
Ilauxhui ? Hn* n ? : In lhe Deparimrnt, ii.i**
, .. he wa* only '?',' wl l ? iys" n .:? snd r. -
ilueea] r.i ihe r.tt.k-- In ful n hi -.?? i !.i4.- the
lildinn*, ln, ludlng churcba...
lh. 1 rei .ni 1 muslc hall*
I ,,,;.
r ? nt. H<
v. .11: ? I : " a ' ' ?
iy -' j...;, ll , rn trled
!,. foi? and ia .11 '?'?? 1. .11..i : .??.,,, araa hli
: one 1 r ,4 1.1 tha t he 1 . opp. 1
fi ,-ir lh* r.i". a.- ' I ? : . ? .- . ? ? I hai I.. 1 ri a;.; Olni .
i > iake 111 - ?? ' ? ' 1 ?'
.1. ir. Hunter and i li. McGuIre have been ma
li;.;... :..!-?. Mr, Hunter wlll \4 : ir ln lhe Pla t lan 4
1. . borhood, and Mi VfcUoii thi r,.-w d,.arr! ;
made up of j.art* 0'. tv.u lam.- .:-iri :?.
,,-.;:; UA.N i BAID TO HAVE O Mr; l\ VIOLENT
NOW BE a-Ni.v A 1:1:.". . IF rALWART
AM. HAD NOT COME TO '. ili: RE8C1 E.
N'a.t belng th* aeventh aon of u aeventta wa, en
dowe l wltb extraordinai y power of foi
!.rlV4,.r-a C . ild nOI !? . . 4
i.rm by Fate aa hls enrsptured gai
deptl ol Mary Gulll ? .??-?
. the L irdlng-h ise table; bul tlme hai r*
to hli ? '?>'?.
all 1, ca ii ? of ?' imlratl ?n foi M ifl
of old th* 1 11 m ? ?' '
plunged Antony Into mlsery sfter oa 1 1
..11 the Nlle. Uu< L'la opatru ne. r h I ln 1
.... I ih<
.. ! <: im So. _- H im.? in-ava
John Laawles* waa mada unbappy, howevi
th? < tory go' -a. Tlie doud athwart lhe ??> w..a
un.'iii1 r boarder, although no thought a,f a cloud is
aaaodated wlth tbe name of Thomaa Hickey ln ihe
mlnda of otha-r.; for Mr. Ulckey I* of pieaslng a 1
i dr'-?s and agreeabl* Alspoi
Over th* coffe* and r,ni - Mlaa Qullfoyle'i mllei
i. im< l im! ai Hall). rm.! itu un mp lestl
... 4. raclty la unqun 1
. ? , ihow 1:1 partlculai that no unll? v..,*
? 1 V. ih ? r . ? ?? . M
1. . ? - ;. ? h tan llng this. ? leep-gi 1
I 01 ja .1 iu \ lurki in 1 lhe hoi.. -i ol pi ..?? and
ple, and Mr. l.,\. : rl I 1
' gera el Mr Ili-K'1.. who itared back ,.t him with
., na ! Baxe that ae^med to penetrate through to
, ti]. p| '..- m Ihe xx.,11
Trr-n came ri day when Mr Hlekey't* ?? !i li ? th?
1 , le \4.,- 4.1 - ? r.? . hi x\.n pre| aiu.i- 10 K>i 1
]..,..:? I ? ".,1 '?? Mi r-i-rns, arh< n
an Interruptlon ??<??' 1 m--1 win.-h haa Ita eequel . ..
h, tha Hur. em ? l
.\ ? 'ordlng i" 1 ??? a,i<-..at:...i r>l thi r
b , >id- r, v. fille li ? waa talking wlih Mr-. Kerna, Law
I - 1 ? ha 1 int-. I'." room ex. cuted a 1 1 lef bul
1 romprehi 11 ve \4.a1 I ? In lhe Immoallaie
baarhoo 1 ? f Mr li, ?',.? -.. uiek hli :i-' ln Mr. II
. ?. , , ? r ! v, ... ? r on lhe ;l" .1. nnd waa ? u
: in juinpiiiK un h pi *ti tte 1 m, wl
,v,::. irder* rurdied Into 1 ? 1 in Just ln lltna to
>nc rn 1 1 ?? r M Hickey . In am thei mlnute
: . .???.. rn 11,.,i>.
li.- broughl -..ii ai .e, throusfa Oeorge I-*.
? itiorney. iui ln the papi ?- , 1,
.. : ?.. r i.iy ,n the Supreme ?' iui t, I.
? ,i ini ry .4 from La ??.. I n ? tult.
I Appilcatlon waa mad* ? atei lay mornlng t< I
, Ciement by J. Henry Parwey for papera dlssolving
the Unlted Btates Elevaior and Warehousi Com?
pany, and .ii. order to ahow ? u why the appil?
catlon ahall not be granted \x.i* Issued, returnable
on June 1, l__ The company waa In.orp 1, 1
on January ", Utt, and waa organlaed ...
,., j 01 itl in t.a tha. warehouse truat Iti et
1. origli .::-? ?'? 1 1 Cl ' "' Thn ?? month- after
Incorporatlon, however, th capli .1 ito :k ? 1.
,!?,, , j tn *, 1 0U0, ln ..*?"?' ihai ? ? ' ;". each. .'.
. Mari '. -"-'. '?'?'-? the sl . i 1.,
I imlnei***, The f. rmal petltlon for dls
Pd by ? m 1 |orlt> of tb
a ,a_ni< ihem belns Cnauncty Frothinirham, Wllllam
1- Mai tln. Corni llna ''. Hull, Ueorjte H ??..,, 1.
1 II. Cai ?'. Alexander White .1 , . v pi 1, u.
AT TBE TBE r/,7':.*-.
Oeoi te ' '? M In'a appi aram 1 al lhe Pai k T ?
:,,.i ,., nd ?? brougl 1 0 il ? l irge audience and
opened what pi mlsca to be one ,af the mo?i proflt
. .... ua .-k.i ..f lh* Parl ? n. L isl evi 1 . ,..
. 1 Mlln .| p* in 1 aa il im 11. Thla evi nln the
I'.ay wlll b* "Rlchard III," and "Othello," '"Mae
bath,.Ph* a.ool'a !:? yenge' an I "R rhai 1 ni"
will follow ?, ? 1. ?' Iva evenlng* T.-a- matlnees
w,!l ha- "Othe'.lo" on Wednosalay and "Hamlet" on
.aturday. Oth r membern ol lhe company are
Henry Jewett, Ml** Marj Shaw and Eben Plymp
Wll'.lam Ol'.lette and a atrong company anpeared
Ijjhl al ihi >'? lumbla in *To 1 M 1 rh i t.r. lon "
The nole ,.i.ja,-t of the plece la l r-ink.. fun 1 ,.- the
audience, an.i n la wel! ? ilculateal lo attaln lh?1
end with Mr. <. !.? f- m Ihe leadlng part. Ralph
Delmore, Mli Maud Ha iam, "feam" lt... I, Charlea
.1 ;? || and Anna Belmon! contrlbute to the prx ren
.ialtora .at lhe Amphlo* were eniertalned ,asl
evenlnR by MUa Rhea and a go-d company in
"Nefi Owynne." The hlstorlcal ? itlng of tha plaj
and tha- reputatlon of lhe actrcss comMne In rec
ommenallns the entertalnment to theatre io :?
Mtebaol Hanley, ?' milkiran, 11 vlnor nt Nn. \-y
Nevlns-st, waa drlvtog rapidly through St John'a
Place, at drawn \ <.al.rdyy. uhin he h'*ard tha* clir^
Inn of tbe bell on a trolley-car runnlng along :i.s
eniri-ava-. B*for* he could Mi.. r-.ir. horse, .. 1 ir
?uddenly slmek 'ha- a tgon. Another < ar ?.-->!ny in
the "i: *-iie dlrection hit ihe waxon ?. the lame
inn.*, throwlng Hai ley 10 tb* atre*l 11,? waa tak*n
to Bt John'* Hoapltal. where it waa found thai he
I, .. Lroka n urm and woujils aiuut th. nead and
F.,n TEB Kii.i.iN'i OF UAMKt 10T
_E_ AM' MINMi. . I'K'ltT
T!l(. facl that a Coron>_r'B Jury censured the Plra
Departmenl for belng negligenl in not removlni tha
rhimnry whlch remalned atandlng after ? llre in
r fhty-fourl i- l , Pon Ham Iton, and whlch
v'-.-ii fell and k-ii'.i tw ) chl] ren, doea nol aeem to
make any Impreaalon on the Plre Department otB
...?.!.-. the Dlatrl. t-Attorney ,,t any of the oth. r per
. ;,. ?..., apparently on l i he Inta ra sted. The
,r,. thal llttle Harry Botxen and Mlnnle Bpa eht,
chlldn n of n si.table parenta, dled ln awful agony,
and lhal aft. r thi c ttastrophf iwo pollcemen pulled
,),,? u ni .iii.-r chlmney whlch bad been stanoina
ind wh1 ', emed to be aa atrongly bullt aa the flrat
,,, ,. The captaln ,?f pollce dld nol have a man r'.i
[j ., i al lhe rulns after tho li.a- had been exiin
or .'.ff i" the llvea of the two i hlldren had
l ... rriished out, ll it irue tbal tha Flre Depart?
ment irled t" take down the chlmney. Thla they
admlt, bul now aay thal lt <l ?ea not come iti thelr llne
of work to tear down bulldlnga
i?,...:, iv.". Commissl iner Barrow said to a Trlb?
un. reporter yeaterday lhat ti.,. verdlci ot the Cor
x't ,,..>- araa a m I unjual onn. "The Deparl
. ol Bulldlnga shoul 1 have attena I work
,,! ti arm.. down lhal cblmm >." sald he. "lt io thelr
,i ??. and not ourn. Hav. i made an Inveatlgatlon?
,,ii.i. there u.i:. \,, reason t >r it. I am ron
\ i?c, d ilt it our men ,..,! thelr duty and that oth. ra
wer, a nllg? nt." , .,,..,--.
;, trl . ittorney I: a-kus was al o asked n> t ?
, ? , ? , wbal ho intinded to do In the roatlcr. II''
,'.i lhal be bad n >l b< en Infa rmvd offla lallj ol the
, , ,,i the , hlldra n, sn l aec .nllngly c mld Bay
? ?? Mr. Backua then hurrledly >fl hla oifl e
.,, , _-, nl lnto court, apparentl) not glvlng a furtna r
,., ,-hi to the iw , r?? .1 ch,l Iren wh i n id ?
,l, ,.i. thrmigh Lhi ? arela isnesa ol the memo i -
t; -;.. i.. i clty depirtmi nt.
... ?.,;?. ien si en at r.is
,,ll,,,. i ild hl I" la ?? i thal I. Va : licl ba 1 I. a
. :? .,. |,.; irtmem ?
| Uc sald thal hi n is sura l
... ihe F re lh partm. nt a p iragraph
ial i - -I ? ? '??? '!"'> ";,:",':,r;.
' ... ; ? ? itlon. 1 ne
I? .,....: , -1 nol -1" 1 f ? T lai
. . iay, and ll ?. is n n p ? ? ?!? t ? "??' "**?
! .... lh ? . ?? . -..? . ' ? IhO a I
,'..:'. ' ?> .
? I ffii (..iv anmi'thinx to eay <>n thls matter _*
f,,ro lhe present we, k Is out IK) I exp, ct to be I i
? .,,, i ?. noi at ill. Tbat ls
ma nt la entln iy blamelesa ln the mattor."
I I' \ . i -1 \i ? BHE v. ai IN
1 kh,'.ITI'!? IN' AT THE IME
On in ' >n. ' tlceOaynoi ' ? ? ': ?? ' " ''
, ..,,-,- ippolntmenl . I .< comm i
? iol Miss Fi mfi
,?.. ,.... on the | I th u no i
had ? ?? '"""
. ia b< half ? ' Nathanlel
D Vei itor of the
' .... ? , . I.). .,?, whlch Mlaa Lyona le ln
icnsted ** an heli Mlaa Lyona an nelther read
.. t ?..,;.. bi ! i is coi lultlna wli h r attorse)
? ?:..-. an ... mtlui n Unmenl
. Mta when lh tiga were taken.
-...?.. 0| ? ... vt. i ivli < BUbmltti l are to the - atct
tl ,t *_!>, Lyons appeared ratlonaj nr-.l eane. but
i. ? and Fltch de laml lhat when they ex
' .... herehi w*? eaclUble. Irratlonal and aubjeet
to n ill iclnatlons
' n
_ . ? '. ???>:
? l.then ' n la V mted wlth .
justice Clemenl raaerved hla '? ' ;'>
on .,n ap; ....v..:. f.-r the app Intment of a rcce.vci
ln volun ? - I lutlon ; . ?dlngs .f the 1 .... ? i
Hl i;. j.., itor and W ira Bouse > m|
??? , ? i t, lo $14,500 tha propert) f tl
?"! :J ? ? , l ? .. ? ? -?', n ?"' lhi- wan .
,,'?; r,.,-!,;t..n.t., ' rn, m hud,
? i;. ? ... . H. t ari
V'.v ? ??-'?_ IVhtto Ind fl ii--" i< Fo ' ':!' 'he
Juatlce aitnant. of the Bupreme C irt yeaterday
,,' rvrd di lalon, after hearlng i ieng argument, on
.n BPPtlcatlon by Henedlct P. Bmlth for an order
natralnlng the Bewer Commlaslonera ol I
of Fir Rockaway rrom carrylng oul : ruin piam
for ibe bulldlua ??' s ?? i t?m ln lhat towa
.... . lll.t.V ,.,,, ?, .
..., |a?,l the. rth. ...1 hnve aen.rnlly
! .;',.., of qualiflcatlon for tha work.
? ? -
T1 .,.,, . .,.,., of .1. ??:. J. MeGlnnlea for a wril
of mudamtis lo compel th- Controller to p
. ,. : f0i January. for carlni for thocouniy
?, ,|,.r the authoriaatlon of a ra
. , , < ..,1.,-t.i-.;'-. waa yesterday afternoon
' ' ,-,. ,. ..,. of Ihe Bupreme ( ourt.
?;"?;. . signlfl . hl Intei.l ? ' appa i
j.??:'-,- Van Wyck, of tha Bupreme Court, heard
. '. . nJ ,,..- , l ,v ln the old .-un of M.,t^ O'N. Ul
. ,i steph n V Whlte. The defend nl ippearcl
)n . ..,,., Mi - i ? >:'?"! wa i sdmlnl I'ratrl! , ' the
, Ulof R **e M?' :afferty. who la II IWO I ? Mr. Whlte'a
ln trusi for her nli -. Nellle Cullom. Uy her
. .', ....,,? Mrs MaCafferty dlstrlbiited thla same
",.',. ,, ... ... Mr '?? i ti 't
,p e almlng that it wt. to Md , ti
.. 'un?, ,he becomes of nge Pho ippllcatlon
, ? .- j,,.. ,. overy ol the m >ney, and
i . , ? .?-. rvi'!
i-i,.. wil ul llernard Itocker, wb<> dled on January
??i leavlna "> estate valued ul 124.100, was 'li- ' I i
;, ,i,- Burr ,;.,t.? >? i'i" -ntl,..
: i . the wldow, wb,. liv.- < al N i SN Bouth
_-__- ?
.;.,.,v. .,. t.vi, transcrlpta of |udgm_nts recovered
l_ onondaga County BW agalnal Roherl Fltarim
,?,,?:. "champlon <>t the world," ao called, nnd Mar
dn Jullan, hli manager, In tb,- County Clerk'a offlc ?
ynstorday. One of lha Judgments ls for ILiaCM, re
poVpi i by John McLennan .it"! Loula I* .\ tei
The other la forafJSI tt, r>scovered by Charlea P, Ryan
i , h.itia < iv Iile iti lhe Bupreme Court ?>! Onon?
daga Ci unty.
i.n the appllcatlon of James P R ig. ra tor tbe ap
., | ni,..i. of ?< commlttee of the peraon ?<? I estate
? r y- ,,i ?? M Kogi i . .1 istlce ' . ma t, of the Bu
!,.,.. ,? mri. J..--.-1 i iy approved laaues a.< to Mra
Kogers's - ii ' , to 1. ;"? 'nta ,l lo ihe Jui y . ,. . -
iprmlnatli i ?? ?ers, who Is alaty-seven year.i
,? age llves nl No ?? i '? i it. Foi ? .me tlme she
li i su'ffera l f.' >m th effects of u stroke of paralysls
_n_ ,, icording to Dr. Doty, bi ln tompetent to ra inaga
I 0| ),, i , ita te, v. hl i, i- valued al IlT.i* 0.
li. II. BTITE8 I S'DER ///.'.ll Y BAIL.
BT iii.-- ??'?? I W laOOW.
juatice .Valah, ln the Adama *ti^~: Pollce .'nnrt,
i.y beld Danlel H Btttea of No. 381 Jcftcraon
ave. a aii.miaiii'i merchani \sitb a bualneaa at No.
,"i Malden Lane, New-York, ln I10.0QO ball, on oom
pl.lnl <af Mr.. All ? II BtH v wldoa a.f Walti
Btltars, hla Baon. aho chargea hlm wlth perjury. Tbe
, , . noa before the Orand Jury. II la rald lhal
w... r Btltes marrled agalnat lha wtahea of h ?
father, ???1"1 |f'-nt thinga becama ao dl sgreeable that
young Btltea declded t,-> tranafer bi-- shara In the
Malden I-sna bualneaa to hbi father, recclvlng tn
oayment proinlssory not,,,. i,n _h:-h payraeni w-,
refuscl :.'? ' lung StU**.. illtd. Wi'",r'j wldow
then sued h i father-ln-law, and aol a verdlci
hlm, bul before Judgmeni could be en
,. .. ,. , ieva ,i oti.'-r ludgmenta were Blasd agalnal hv
oroperty, .:" thal nothlng ?.,- lefl t ,i Mrs. Stite...
Btltes wbji iha-n examlned ln supplementary pro
t, ..Itt:-.', and t--.tiil^.l th_t he hu-i no praip.-rty left
un<i that ba owned no ( rporate atock. Tnla . tate
ment ls aald la ba untrue, la eonaeo^tenca of wiilcii
liaiot was .,:..-* i.
cloh _o_AsvR?M?nrg or distaik? akd fOMg
mrg trxcks or _v_g_>?-a QCTtgwoit of
The law relatlv* to tbs esUbUs___mt of
Mloons wlthln MO feet of pabllc schools and
hou, , oi r llg! 'uh worahlp. whlch araa paaaed
ln 189. and whlch only recently recelved proper
Interpretatlon. t e is to be sttractlng more
lntcresi ev ry day. Ths cases of several saloon
keepcrs came up before the Bxclse Board jmr
... iay afternoon ln the Ocrmanla Bulldlng. sad
Ave men wlll in all probabtllty recelve notlces
to dii.itlnua the aals of splrttuous llauors on
thelr premlses. Thsss are John *e**?*>?'
Montrose-ave.: Wrlght Prothers, No. .- "u";
son-ave.; Patrlck J. Ounn. Pourtb-ave. and
Twcntletb-st.; Jacob Whltmann, No. IM Jonn
.:,,?,,,..., and Obermeyer & L Ibman, who bold
v,.. for lhe aaloon sl No. 959 F .urth-gj -
Th. places of the two lasl named are wlthln 200
fi -t of publlc Bchoola .
Tho flral caae called waa thal of John bchnfft.
wh,.?.* place It sahl t,. i.e too close to the Plrsi
Oerman Baptlal Church. in Montroae-av-. The
T,r,,-,ri tor " ntended thal he ihould aot be de
prlvcdofhla llcense. istl ? old church bulldlng
whlch had Btood tr--.:- hla rlaee had been torn
down aome Mm. ai - The Board ? emed I.
?? ,.,,. 0pinion ihat the , .tabllshmenl of a aew
church bulldlng made B h _t a vloli tor of the
Ithough this waa not aald, and the caa
was cloaed, Captaln Cullen, of the Han hi .n
tve atatli n. teatifled ai to the aaloon owned
bv john Bwanburg, whlch Ib in Carroll-Bt., near
<:? Uargarefa Chapel. Tln- Captaln sald he
,, , nol sure the chaj ?' araa ua 4 wcluslvel)
. Ilgioua aervl - , and thl ' - ' waa ad
journcd. Tl- Board th n took up th- caae o
Henry Clause, who kee] ? ?? plaes ;-.t N ?? ?<'
Myrtle-ave. A aurve> .r I r the Commiaali nera
swore that tha dlstance from tiu- .nui'. entrance
of tn- Moravla i Cl ureh ln Ja>-st to the near
est entrance t- Clause'B ssloon was less than
, . . .,- . iai ir- had cl ?
up lhli entrance. whlch wna In Jay-st.. and
thereby brvjght hla place up to lha retjulra
menta of tha law, aa tha present dlatance from
the maln entrance to hla ? Lloon i aa more than
,,,.. 200 feel rei ul I by law Counael for tn*
Bal onkeeper verlfled hla cllent's atatem. il thal
ot had been cl.I. -nd furtl r aald
? -ey wen ?olng to have lt tahen away en
?-n... cloalng and boltlr i of thal door. bbw
. ilMtoner Wellea, "? i nol Indlcate thal
there la nol an entrance th i Vou may barrl
rade lt. and do what you llke. bul it ntmalas,
aa l i ald. an entran i ."
>, .llvuwlon nn thla p Int I llowed, and coun
M.| f?- ci use turned to the I ation of th<
hurch He argued thal 11 was ln fact r it B
church! ri"! that li wa* n ph I *l pr. ?'
by any rellgloua congi gatlon Ha i I thal thera
wa.aalgnonll wl.lch Indlcated thal it wa. for
,-, i he 1< lew thal ent? talnmei
tee was charged
to these. Com Ha ' aaked, l law
.. .- ... w, .,...,-.;? ng charged
Counael sald i.- waa. Mr. Hacker aald it waa
,. .,,, lh(. ,aw. Mr. Wellea thought otherwlss,
. | Mr ln ker aald he waa aura thal
tlon of th-* law for a fee to bo
: .- admlralon to B church entertaln*
. Then '' r Welle. aald aome
thlng ai. ut every chun b ln tha clty having en
tertalnmenta and charging feea
?Well u'r- againat tbe law. snyhow. replled
Hacker.andtfa n what mlght have *J?"*"2J[
pr, ..._.? 4i,,;. brought t . a i ? '?* ;? ???
.1 i that iho caa* !?? adj >urned i n.l. ? naa>.
M- ,.:... lhe aurvej r. wlll n raeasure thi
r -,. ..'i h and tbe front ea
,:.l--;,.:,;, ." . . , Brother.. No. SW Hu
ax. waa next tak n m- The Rev. . .
??,,,-,-y wy . V, ,-i-t'.- of lhe Bethanj ,
wh i h la located near by. awor* ths
wt-re h...l * irch four ttmea - Sun?
day and once or twlce during th * week. A meaa
uiemeni made I y the aurveyora J'8''0^ , ".
fact thal the aul i n aa wlthln the W t t
After th. rdthe mlnlater . tes
l?,onj i.t the Wrlght bi thera asked J i
? ,nK ,0 ; ., hla llcense, Th. lawyer aald that
?.",* ,,-.,., th Uoard wen n
rx utlve . Thi n nu n aeemed t
i.?? r " lon tha "ibe
ta.hlm eil war. going to happen. a. d t llowe I hla
. . . ..,. n ,,, aaklng when the partlculai
,.,v whi( h referred to hla caB* went Into effeti
V nr to! II ??- ?' l' UI ^ea1
\, -. ,i wanted I i ki .w lf tho H ,n ?
whlch granl d hlm hla I en bad not ??rr.- :r_
, ;0 uoth the 13 ird itidMr. Brenner
i ir it waa the laat Dem ratlc f_>ard thet
had granted the llcenae. Upon i.--.-v'.niT an
unswer In the afflrmatlye. they www? h
unison that thoae CommlsBloners had no ri?ut
lo grant th* certllleate.
Th.* eaaea of Patrlck J. Ounn, of Pourth-ave.
and Twentl. lh-*t., nnd Oberm .er 8 Lelbman,
al -? . .-.-, Pourth-ave., were next taken up ana
Imm dlal li I "1. aft. m*d? ,,y
the surveyor I id I "er. The caa*
of Liblngcr A Ohen. No, 7*i Drh ga i - ? wai
a Ijourned untll II an be i.en whether lhe
i uiiiiing al South Thlrd-st. nnd Drlga ?-ave la
,,.. ? ... cui . .i i a scha-ol, .i llbrary or I >r eau
??' ? na1 ' uri' * .*- . v
fommlsal r. r ".Velles, aa a member of the Fx
,-is.- Board, and Facob I3r. nner, the lawysr, ar*
rn ra* lo complylng wlth lhe requeetfl of s
?r of Ilquor-dealers who pre aogloua to
hfti ? thelr llci naea rem wed onr year b6f,*re they
Tl -v Inlend by this scheme to evade
certaln cl ius a v hlch th Raln >a bill, now i?-ii'i
i, m |a sald i" * mtain.
Seeretary T. i ?'? Qulncy Tully. "f the Law En
foroemei't Soclety, and aeveral of hla Btaff aa
,. ? . ,., re present al th nu lli 5 yeaterdny.
Mr Tully wenl away early to prepare ih" fol?
lowlng letter, whlch he aenl laat nlghi to Com
i.;,-r?!, n r Wellea:
OflJ . the Law Enforcemenl Bodety,
rrank in Ti u?i Bul llng,
Brooklyn, N V . Ktbru iry 21. IBM
II.,ii. Leonard lt. Vvellea, Commlssloner ol Pollca
and Ei . .
>iv ii, ,r 8ir: When ty'* Law Enforcemenl Boclety,
! reprenented bv Ita ofT.cera, met tn canferen, ? li
Honor Mayor Wural r ir.d youraelf in Monday,
',??... mrj io, vou then atati i that you were prepar
iriK ,i i-1 nr i ??:. p ? .r I-. tn t< arn -..h ii
i.tect. I by the . r- '!-'? '- n of i
i iurt or Appi i a. Ti-.r. - hun.li ?! an I fortj
guch iiaioon- liavliu bei n r. I I ! ou prevlous
to oui co renee i>\ th. capi ilns ,.!' : ollce In ih,
varloti i i - . v ? i, the on!} ,, i itl m to be de ?: I i
I una whal Mloons in thla aere exemp! bi i ..
' ton ot iho pre* 'nt h '. ler ?? iv'ng ol
! ih* iame prlor to Ai rll _*, 1891, aa l
i |n ,? mtln iou? p f ever alnc
Vou ntated In ??' .ver t . i .,?, - , from His H
i thal h would rv * more than two oi thr
fr im thal Uni , i" ? ? m .te lhe llat.
Yi.ii proinlsej :.i furntxh a cop] i Ilal when
v -. ,i . , thli ... ty. Vou en ? ?,! l on thal
,. ...n a|lilt ujj tho K-loona wlth i tli" 200-fool
llmli lhal n er ? nol i sempt, > . ? 4 ? . ? .1 I, h I 1
lega! rlghl to a*ll, and wer* only alloa d to lo
1,11 mi - a\ favor of ih ? 1: . B rd untll tbe
in.. tlon ?? Id !, iletcrmfm I by the examlnatlon
of the records, Xou w?r ? l r-'l t.y i:;.-. Honor
1 hurry ur, your examtnatlona u 1 l.mplete th'
1: ? aa aoon n.< po; Ib'.e, and to rr'..;. the aa'.e oi
llriuor when il waa found lhal . laloor-keer.er hpid
l' ? I 'gal r1 .'ht tn aad',. \\'.- d ralre, Mr Co '1
?, respeetfu.ly to call your attentlon to tt,
f. 1 ,.'..vi: facta:
Th. list ?? -i nromlaed tn furnlah thla "oclety h.i".
nol been aeen by r?. althoueb y,.'ir attentlon waa
' ? , :h ? .li ,?? In ri i-..|i: -1 ... our I Cl 11 |
for the llat on Monday, February 17
There la no queatlon for your Exelse Board t.i
pa ??j>.irt in regard to any .,f theae 3_ sa'.oons,
? 1 by y >ur pollc i captalnt* u beln, wlthln
ih ? W0 f - 1 flmlt, unl 'sa a**i aon'.l ? in for .. r, -
l newal of tbe ileenaa be M - t wlth thi Board \ < 1
: matter of fact, few aucb applieattons hai I
11,.,'.. ...rl mo it nf theaa have been da-ei 1 ? ? ad
1 vera*!y 10 rhe Qpplleant.
The enforcem nt of the law la nol a matl -r for th.*
K\ ia.- Board to conalder. It resta wholly with th
Pollce Department, of wh rh you are the h ,1
It I* very eaay tor your department, Inden ndent
of any nctlon of ih? Exetsi i;,,..id. to learn for 1
crtalniy whnl aaloona In thla llat of ;:iD obtalned
ti-. lr lleem ' pr'or to Anrll ?. ItK
r.niep 1 in ir ii'iiy ia piain. it ia now, nnal ha? twen
aln.-e iy.'2. agalnal the law for any person to nadl
lkl'iaar wlthln !?. fi*et of a rhur.h or nehoolhouse.
un!rr*r* the present ??aioonlteeper held a llcense before
tho prfsont law wer.t Irtto effect and has contlnued
to alo bttsineus at lha .-air*; piace ev< r s.nr* x
lia;enae issuoai contixiy to law lt, no rhield Such a
lieenao l? no Beenaa at all. A po,;,.-e offieer v/h0 r*r
mlt.s Hquor to bo soln tn lits pr<-cinr'. wlthout *\
llcenae laya hlmMlf liabio. it ha- win n,.t do hii
plain aluty wli.ii Iiis nitt-ntlon i:< a-alled to lt _?
. bould be dl.-mls.od. Very re?*eetfully.
A C. DIXON, "**
Chalrman Executlve Committ**.
T. DK QUINCY Tl'i.i.v,
Jacob Brenner, who la OOBB?1 to tha lioard,
t ,11 a Tiibuno reporter yeaterday that ..m<j
paeeullar quasaUona had come ui? f,.r d^c!?ion i>e
fnr.. the Commlaalonera, One <>f thaa eoaaanM
? , ona whlch are al th.* corner made by two
i i . . and th.- Query concernlng the :..-foot
law la aa t" whlch * ? r. t the aaloon la on. it
s?-a -.ns that tl. ? dlatance fr.nn the aaloon door
must bo meaaured frnra tbe door r areat to the
chnrch a,r achool, anal not neceasarily fr,,m the
maln door uf th,- ...ibx n. It ta thought best to
have aome of th? queatlona decld-ed by tho
Court, althougrh Mr. Brtfinar*! oplnlon is ai
ready aettled in moal caa i
VAMBD TROMAfl J.-THB i.'.'nvtnt o.vb
Justlce G_?att__B, in the Lea Avenue Pollce Coort,
had a pt.uliar case before hlm yeaterday, when
Thomaa J. NofaUa. of Ko I II DeBalb-ava, was ar
raigned, obarged aviih i?._s_ing a worthless cherk.
Tba* complalnanl waa Loula ('?oidstckcr. a daalarhi
glaaawan al No. IM Fultoa-at. Ha- aUegad that
Nolan gave him r chueh for R_M ln paymeat fcr
Mloon rtoe* . and thal wiwn the check was eent to
the Chomlcal Natlonal Bank II waa returned nirkal
"no good." When the - 11 d tha prlsoner
Mld thal ha knew nothlng aboul the cbeck, and
thal ha bad threa brofhera alao named Thomaa.,"
Either ona* of tbem. he aald. had glven tbe cherk.
Ti a other brothera a-.-*: Thomaa Jeaup. Thoraas
Joseph and Thomaa Jamea. The c.mpl*!-.ant said
that tbe wrong Tfcomas J haad been arroe.eC ial
ted tbat h.- be all. ^har. *-al frorr cuoeady.
Goeti ng complicd wlth hla requeat, aud a
warranl wlll txt laaued fcr tha rlght Thomaa/,
Jiisttce Ooetiing. in the Laa Avenue Fotlate Cararl,
yeaterday remanded w:'.Uam Oasaroa, af Ka 2$
Tompkine-eve., to awalt tha actlon of tba Oaaad
jury on a charge of ahe '.'.ur Mra. Louiea Uaan
thal la tbe neek al har kaaae. No. tSA Fluahlng gata,
, .: ihe after.. xm of Ptbruary l. M L ??? r.-hal
v ? the ib ?? tlng m u -*tfbu d ln lhe H >m ? ..-atblc
Hospltal untll je.-tcrlay. whm ahe eppe_r*?d la
court Si'.o was bare'y abi. to apeak. Oearoa fi*.
I ira i that tb ? ahoottag aaa *.?? *i ??'-'-. wbUs Mra
'. wentha! aald that Ciear v * , m -?? had met
mly . nci before, at I wh i elalma ? to b. n friendof
her huaband, from whom *b.- was -.1
a- her boms cn lha afierm _. ol the .otlng aad
ately ahot her. "V.i?: .r. dc!n, . Art.
:. .. nthal, "he n;.< le improper prop. ?.*_M
when I reaentcd t_.:_ be *-r.."*' tha n ? lv? a_d
:.. .1 '
bay- Hia wm uxa anototui bl'3b____.
Joaeph Bosrter, a wluaakaapar. af Frankthi trd
Java st-. liays tha' hli wlf'- b.:-. ePjped Wltb VVt.i
!a:n Barne. .:'.i ti.a* ba baa aufllel nl i t>
tecure au abaolute dlvoree. Baamea la a natlva of
Q ???a-a. N. \ . onA -a:a<- I ? thla etty a*. tha __N
of the Htt tr.r.'-v atrike. Ha h Bted a poaltlea as
motorman, but aaly aorki I a tew daya. Ha th?
becama manaaer tor Mra Bowier, who a_N eea
ducted a B-Jooa aboul a U k* b-tant f:um ber hus
ba.id's placa Basveral ni-.-.-.ts ago a young woman
a?peared at tbe aaloon and ani .unced thai sha waa
\:rn Barnea. The _e_: <iay Mrr.. Bswler and r.
Uarres were mlaatng The i aloon. tn the mein ti*ne
had been sol<1 to a man named Murray. Bln e thetf
dHiDt3e_r_iic.. Eon.la.-r say.. he ha.? learneal i*_i_
f_. ci'tple -.--re marrled !n July ln New-Jereay.
Tbe lnJureJ hu?bar.d artll brlng eult t.r BVOrea
Mrs. CharlotU u_-_:on. of No. 01 Oreenpolnt-ava,
was atandlag at Bedford-ava. an.l North T.-nth
at, early yeaterday mornlng, waltlng for a Croaa*
town car, whea tbree aaw approacahod and _.-ed
h.r. Tbe WOman'S crli- for lu-ip w.re h.arJ by
Poiiceman Coetello, of ihe Bodford-ava station.
The mea ireTs tak,-r. into cuatpdy aad later .
. ngned before Juallce Ooettlna ln tl s Loe A
I'olio. t'j'jr:. They gave tb.ir namass as h ?-a
W.iJe. James Demps-y ar.d JamM *A?d T*f
were commltted to the peolteattary for s.x m.n.tis.
The Brooklyn Sundaj Beb I Cnlon bad a
m."i'!tn,- laat evenlng ln the Hanaon Place Heth
il fbnrch, st Hanaon Place and Bl Feua-at __?
:, ,.. the oonfcrenCT m the Bunday-ochool ro m tbe
ird of Manag ra I el I ?> m tlng i ; MiV
? u the day for the anr.ual ai,. ?-r. ary ...t.ile.
They al*t.> eb-et-d JuUttB F Vati Rlper, Of the Ke
torotaBd Chureh, on the Helghta; Jamea Bn
ndjte. .if the I..*.i. Avenue Congregatlonal Chureh,
and Willlam Ma.k.y. of the Boutb Congregatlooal
Chureh. to tlil v:i,-a:v-i I ::i the Board
Al the aoclal maetlng Mr. Old -'? !-i
Pi tyer uas <>rf-ivi bv Iv W McWillUms n 1 'he
. ??. ti lellver by Dr W. \ Dui an. presl
- -.. i v i iatli i.r. li me ?; ???"? ' ; A ?>
. ln the l - n on "ll.;- Home I
,?..;t" which : all awa i. lt v. M K J. >' ? Bl*
_it.k..., ,-:. w. Hawley a-. l othera to.h part.
Th.' h.'i.se of P.-tb L. T-.H-n-^y. the conl ??
No _Q CUtrawnt-ava, waa entered aom<
iwe.n I and t O'clock 0, BB. 00 Saf.:.ia>. evldenW
iv Burglara Mr. Keeney reported lha act -.t '-?
Fourth ri'.a-in.t atatlon oa Baturday nlghl Ui **m
that the th_rvM bad forced open the gate aa Va*.
derbllt-ava, and, aft.-r breaking a W__dOW, entered
?'?. houae aad ranaacked tba aeooad tijor. but l?
wlthout taking anythlng.
\.:,i- the "Wa_i_l__teei Blrthday entartainmi-nt"
at th.- penttentiary laal Baturday, an Itallan prla*
oner turned aa tlie priaonera were lllag oul of the
hall and potntod nith eatended arm and Anger at
one ,,f the young women on tbe ?tage. H< araa
uleaed by tb- kea. took him lownstalra
Hy th.- oid.-t of wm : ti Patrtek Hayea ba wa*
pla ..! in a dark cell Commlaatoow Bartla of tbe
Charltla Department, thoughl that the punUh_?eul
was t.i'i > '. are. and bad tbe o(T.t)dei' conilaed .n an
open cell.
Baamual Qaoebe.*, who aa>oa<ped fron^ ib-' Cnlt?**d
Btatea revenue ofll ?? tb laat Thuraday iti the raid
made on the We I HUla llllclt dlatlllery, la atlU at
llberty. aad mo la "Al*" Baehamlmum, allege. to bt
the princlpal owner of tl e outflt. Bamuel Pardlgle*
baa pleaded _.iiity and i\in be heid for actlon by
the Orand Jury. He aaya tbat Bohambaum Bthal
oui tha ..tiii aad gave hlm OM**.uart>w ui Um ***>
I ie nt*.t meetlng of tbe Uneoln Boetal dah am
be heid on P/afdni ia) evenlng at the bome of it S.
Purdy, No. VA Ta Ifth. rhe oOcera of the dim
are u B, HaUock, pn Ident; Mrs. C. T P?y***
\.... i . I, nt; iv A. Anderaoe, eecretaxry, B. ?
lv- |y, ireaaurer.
The ba-dy ?f lhe woman who o\,i in a troltoy-eaf
of the Flfth-ave. line am Bunday nlght, was ye.ter
afternoon IdenUfied at th,- morgue aa -**1-"*.
Boaiolle Oortal, of Blxth-ava, r.ear Blghth-aC, Ne*?
Tbe I..-\l P. Mairton Club Wiil .Ive Its sa.-.md an
nual ball on Uondaj ? venlng, la Columbla Hall, No.
iv, Fultoa-at Foha'a M R glmenl Baad arlll far*
niah nt isie. Robasrt Twaedy la th,- shalrman of
lh,- eommlttee, an.l the otber membera are 4'a.ir,es
C. Bandall, aecretary; johti wirth, trcaanrer; Dmtel
w. wilkea, Lathau D. r.atsa!'., jr., Joi-.n ButehtatA
and Albert _. T. Adlar.
Alaaaon Weeil. the old llra man, wbo die?i s_d,'.a*r_y
laal Bunday at a lodgliig-houaa, at Na. 219 An\*M*>
st., wa_ a couain of Th.irlnw W, rd, ar.d lf sald to
have been one of the ha-lrs to an _B__t0 worth nearly
$_.. ?).__). VTeed was the ts.)n of ficth Chauncey
V/eed, who m.ido a fortune by dea'.'ng la real es
tata* in New-Tork Clty. and who '!;e,! int.-state ln
New-Canaan, Conn. *"? I bad h. en satpirated from
.Ik wlfe for a n-imher of vear.. H? ha-t IWO_??__
d ' ti Mt. wi.-i :n,,, i',t No. V_J Monroe i>r*
with h.r d.iUKht.r Annle, whlle a aon Charlea \\et-iL
wh,? Is ln eomfortabie olrcumstances, ln'1*-* *l
4'or,,na. Long Isiand. Mra. We,id had mt sren her
buaband for twenty yeart, and had tho__ht 'hat ne
dled .some tlme ago. She refused to go to aee tne
bo<1y. whlch 1_ at the undertakiti_ establishment or
John Karrell, ln Jay-st. The Volunteer Flremen m
Assoclatlon will 'coriduct tho funeral.

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