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i-i.k.in"ka Dcaa aacamiixe.
__m ___t_____ahat_l Itallan aetreBa Eleonora Duee
?We her re-entrance oa tb? local alate, -aat nlght,
.Ttte OM Avei ie Th 'ir". and ara, cordlally
welcomed by an - ''K'"" [?_ r,;:"t
__V, brllllant In appearanee. and anlcni
;,!,?? Threa yeara have pai thla actrei
Emappeared before an Amerlcan aud ?
_ry".Vi'< at tha Flfth Avenue Theatra, ial amllle.
durlng tbal un!" her fame haa been wl -iv
, v ,..,. . | com | Bha waa practtcally
kn, A -.. w attracta tbe attentlon of a faeh
r8,_ 0f ap. tatora. an.l h.r aSCtWg i fta -
- It i, aon..
the publlc ln a language t-iM
,s nol , :. . uideratood, bul Bl_n ra Duae's con
.:.,.,? narlty li but partly due to herui
*,.-,.i-, tongue. Bhi is a _ man ot nnoomma n
, >, ty intrlnslc 1 >wer. and allurlna harin. andas
_,?"i_i,A.-_l ' "natural acting'1 .. U ?' ?o
'?.:'," ; merltsd i.a.nvr. 1 pon fiM
,.. .,..: ion a-f Camllle an .Ip.borate .ommentary
wlll Bwrcely !?? expecti 1 In ihlrt place. Bat \* at
t m.-s po "natural" ai to bea i m< inslpid, b it ah? la
',?"*,?..!'. path, tlc. anal even poet Ical. ln her -x
!.' .,'., ,'??;, breakln* heart. ai I, wlth h
r lovely v .1 u ier dli ?;
,,.- .... a ? >i tlve fa.s-lnatlon. and almpst
. ..,;..,.t ;,, t.. . irgotten. Her flne
hi -.v. va r, v ? ? i.l ba i ? tt- r eini loya . tha v
1. ,1\ . IV. " Weva-1, ? ' 1'a >'? aiiHi ........... ..
Were devotcd to high r typM ol womanhood, b I
,-.. . .. , ? ,j ..f hu -I natun ln
,-ati.. of lhe ruinw, *_ iman'i parting from the lov
wl m ahe intenda to abandon ihe produ d a pow
itfnl ett> tt, and .-it- was al varlous polnta toudly
_ppUud< ?'.
Tha company aaeoclat**- wlth Blgnora Dubb iti
Indlcated by the ca?-.t of "?Canjllle."
VarwiTi'' Gautler...
, Pui
' ndAm?k-ikw.v.v.v.v.v.v:.v.:;v.Kr,'
: .Antonli ??a ... ?
.l'e??-___. .-Ani nl.. .
,..u<..v?,. .QluaarpplnB Sn.mzl
. i.tit Gauden-i.'....'.".?*? ne_ '?,.'"' JJ
' :-si ,??;?.:.?;;.?.?: -, ?_?.:::::::a _*?;
*._:,.:,: ,.,- :' -T.s i1
J r..:?r__:::::::::::::::::::::::"-.v.-.N.MIftS*?1'?
"TIIK TWO KSt'VT. .n;c>Ns ."
Tho fardeal play of "Tha Two Escutcheona."
Utely eurrent an.l aoceeaaful at Daly'i Theatre. waa
rr._e_te<l last nlght at the Garden Theatre, wlth a
new east, exc.pt ln two of the charactera, and
under the dlrectlon of its adapter. Mr. RoaenfeW
MlM MaUlM KlUOtl an.l Mr. Frank Worthlng. "f
Mi. naly-fl company. eapedally dlatingulBhad them
peivc-K. pUylag the parta they acted before. Mr.
Worthing'a performance of Captaln \on Vlncn ia
?xcelleat for IU buoyancy of demeanor. Ita playful
bumor. its klndllneaa ot feeUng and a genulne touch
of rMntlnwnt There Beemed, however. no reaaon
why the comedian ah uld at tlmea fall lnto Inslegant
attltudsa or should blur tba aharp outllnea ot hla
?nbodlment hy tumultuoua rapldlty. He waa .
dlaUy applauded. p?rtlcularly durlng tha a.t iwo
acts Miss Maalae EHlotfa p< rceptloa or character
.jMBia not to bo wldely compri henalvi oi very acute.
, ,j uer comedy mannei trowa mora diid inore nc-xi
^U__dm__^nn_Se_u.y! The I.. ; *******
' .t TJ^V.'.-.-. dva'ntage. alth spectaj
?*v. ' *;;? *??*%$%'? i.n
... ,;:.-,' , -- ? ?CW! '
?- . , _ . ? i .? , ict.lert i.i i ii'
?a.- a pli ..- ii ' io sea ?: mv. arou id
as ? ?
nVijiv-iimueh amuaeroent. ol a moal Innoc.nt
b-.l cheerlng ' haracta r.
The full ? bi ls app i led.
M.yi Masli * ! Hi '
I ' - ? . KrnnB w
(*_pUln v. \ r. ? . . i , ., ,,
iron ven V\ettin?.n.-?? Rnrry
?? '- '.U"\ .
l; ? ? '?'? ?? ; . i__iria. n ?.-? i
?rha^m..* Ft ?ttt .^j' .
M*r>'. )n* daaahtM.
hu ixr..iia-:. ,?.:;::::mim ? ?? -i .
H" Kxcellen J . ,, v ,, ..
S*r\ani . ?
. .lohn Wan
v ??'' ?'" . Mim a.i ..? I< ?' :
Viil .____!!_"
Otla flWnawr ajveared at tho MonUuk Tl
r v:v... laal nlght aa Hamlet lt ia a
pleamri lo rea rd thla earneal and lofty effort by
ona of tho mosl atudloua atacere Intellertual and
i n rion.
? - -?
H.rn. itrvtaic appeared taal nlght ln Chlcago.
St^rTZte^on bla aecond week In Boaton
toJlbn Drew waa warmly weloom-d laal ******
thaOarrlck Theatra b* an enthualaatlc crowd. He
Ntahfa Dre-irr" waa much enjoyed .a.r .. . it at t..?
Grar.J C?;>ara Hou<=(
C. N. BLI88 G0E8 SO! TB.
Comaliua N. Bllai haa gon? i ith for a Bhorl i"
rlod of rellef from bualneaa earea and recreaUoi Ha
wil! spend aome daya ln Osorgta. and II waa under
Itood on hli departure that ha would vlBlt Jekyll
Isiand. Mr. Blhu'|polltlcal assoclatei of the l.
Hcan CTub, of whlcb he be?ame <>mjprssMent lasl
Inanih and of 'he Commlttee of Fivo Wundred,
wh__e'chalrman he Ib. aay that hli abaence wlll not
? :rione",l meani no wtthOrawal from the
llieVptto ?..._. honeat methodi In ihe local He
publkan party. _
./. .'./. B1LV8 BE* TBEATBB.
J M Hill ls noi y*A rea ly to l_U wh?re hls new
theatre le to he. I >me lOAMAM are Bai-i to he ?:ill
ln the way. it is underatood tha; tha new theatra
la to be ln Broadway. The Intentlon ls lhat lt
s-ml! be a large houae, with four bal<*otde.
SpablVof hohfing 3.300 pecple. The prlcea ar^o
r_n_e from H M lown to 10 centa. It Ib to bt on
Jlucted as a combinatlon house. A large gart i
the caplta] for ihe enterprlBe fom-t. iroin Boaton,
but a part has baen rai.a^l la thte city.
T^e t<Mtt_ performance of "Kobin Hood" by tho
Bostonians w^re given at the Broadway Theatre
lasl nlght Ratgtnald De Koven, the ror.po?e..
eoadueted the orcheatra, and tha llbratttat, Mr.
Bmlth, acted as atagcj-taaag-T.
The 50th performan. .- of "A Blach ihaep.- at
Koyfa Theatre. waa c?a___rated laal nlght by tho
piwntation of aouvenlra aad the Brat appearanee of
IflM J.:nir.ette St. Henry ln lhe cart.
At the Emplre Theatre on Thuraday aftS?
the puplla of the Eaplrs Theatre Dramatlo Bchool
will act three om-act playa "?*??;? u^f-,i1,|''"
?,v H Btebblna: "ln Tlme of Btrife. b) Mad^llne
S meR.Jey.?iHl "A Flylng Weiige:1 by Oracs
Vlvingston Kurnc...
From T>.e Baltlmore Herald.
Ju-lplng from tha preaent temper ef the army.
2___? __"_.-inCT !S-' >S?' 7 ";?;;
they dS not cea?e to be Arn.rK-.ns, and dld not
?flve up tha rtghl to iBdepaendsnl ja-.tnent.
From The BoatM Oloba
Inatependena sought anl achteved would mean
rew )'fe nrai Ereater auccesaea f..r thi Amerlcan
Imy f ?'":-. ? !nr^B_v8?52
or later lu eubjectlon to Brttlah autocr-acy must
ceasa-. Th- aoon r I i better.
F" ni The Phllnda-lpl.l i I.".:--i r.
The dlfferei -ea whlch have _w to Ilghl -.rt- '
Im Comm&nder BalMng! n Booth and the centra
offlce of the army an regrettable, B.nce thei n
paturauy imi ? norary chack o.i tne asra **?
ment of the army In thi- country.
Frcm The aChteagw Intatr Oceaa
There '.* u certaln Incongrulty in '.he extierve
mllitarlsm of thli rra_Bt rellcloua body. Indlvlduai
j . rty Is hcrdiy n fnal prlnclple of repup
lia-ani-'Ti th.r. of ChrlsUan tv. lt apppsls d.r.ct y
to the iiclivl-ljal. ocl has made u* iray ln tha n iria
by paaceful mctnodi. Hahometan.sm l" th' :
of the rwronl and of mllltarj methoda It may ba
thnt the s;.irlt of th<- SalvaBoa Army can be ?????!
bodied in ati organlsatlon c,ulte as effecthfa dlvssled
of th* Inconi-.ruitla? of mllltailam.
From The HnfTa'.o Kx[).
While <ien?ral Uooth Uvea there w II !,e r.i itiove
towaral neparetion Mtit n-i matt nn Inherll tha
ri-v*renc :ind ra:?pect whleh Bllvsttonlsta In nli
parta of Ihi world tet\ toward hlm. Vhe lendencj
fn th.- Balvatton Army. aa it w.is i.i ihe Meth ' il
Chureh, wlll be toward ali.ei independeat organlaa
tlonn. in pkkM of the one grand organlaation admln
latci-d fr ,ir: i..ndon. lf Amerlca wera now to
aiv.'Oie a he.! of IU own, t_at _c_U would be
balllngton Boo:h.
Henry Chandler Bowen, edltor and publlahar ol
"The Independent." dled from ha-trl fallui yeater?
day afternoon at !d_ o'clock -rt hli home, al tVHI m
ai i fl,irl. ita., "?: toklyn.
Mr. Bowen waa born in Wi odatock, Conn., on Bep
?c:jihi-r ll. ; .::, aad waa tha bob of Ot irge and Ly li..
Wolcotl Eaton Bowen One ??'. Ma ancestor*. Henry
Bowen, waa one ol lh< twenty-twa foui l< ' "?
lown ? - W< lato >k, when 11 wa Iglnally :>! l oul
The Bowi wei of tha Bral ae ?'??? -. <
the loa Ip - ? ng Ihem, and the beal ol Nea
Bngl md ' I ? ?'.. thal of the Chandlera
:? ?-. ? -nta .1 im tl.mm >n
?? ck, In h ? _*o ? !-* k Ai ad( my and
ln the Dudley Academy. Hla fathe, kept the coun?
try al ire, and wna nl ? ihe landloi I il tl ? town
tavern on the maln road from Bo >*i l - Hartford.
*i . .- Bowen waa determlned to enter college, but,
m .
a. re
4!'%^ ss< Mp't
I 1 >? -W1, :i.;
f(l| , !*__ * ili
l.cirr<j the oldeal aon, waa employed by hl- father aa
clerk from the tlme he waa aixteen to hla twen
i tleth year. He mad* frequent trip* to Provldence
; to buy gooda, and it war- thi ae occaalonal gllmi
the world whlch reaulted ln hla comlng to Xew-York
; to aeck his fortnna-. ?
At the a:-.* of twenty he becam* a clrrk ln lhe
r=!lk houae of Arthur Tappan ?? Co, Thi t** i
brothera, Arthur and Lewla Tappan, were the lead
inn: antl-alavery advoi itea of the ??'ry. and thej
aer. alao promlnent In rellsloua affair.". He
worked wlth rh" flrm for flve yeara, recelvlng the
tir.at yi ir a aalary of 1900, whlch u?s In reaaa l HOO
each aucceedlng year. Thi thlrd year another
iir.-n offered hlm _."" a year bul he dec'.lned the
1 ofl r. prefen ng to ba tru. I i hla employera. Ai a
reault, he waa off red a partnerablp In Ihe tirai of
Arthur Tappan A Co., : i. >? other brother, Lewla,
having declda 1 to retlre from active bu ln
Whlle he w _ ,i .-.- rh tha- atore araa atl icked by n<
gi '- - during the n sro rlota, and Mr, ituw-n waa
one .f thoae who protected tha atore nlgh ly
wlth guna. He decided to branch - il In -i b
for hlmi lf. and with a fellow-c'.erk, Theodore
McN'amee, formafd the lirm of Bowen, McN'amei
A- Co., who! aale dealera i.i allk and drysooda, .ind
a Mr.it.'.'r to ihem, J ihn Rankln, i s tlthy cltl* i
of N< ar-York, lent them 125,000, Their flnu More
wai al Beaver and Wllllam ata., bul ,i pro
buxlneaa made r: neeeaaary to aecure :..i,rr eom
ii iuartera They ereeta 1 a marb'n bull llna
in Broadway, between Plnc and Cedar -:-. i'
eontlnued ;?. amlle upon them, nnd after a fea
yeara they bullt what v.a.- th n
marble atorea in t;,-- clty al N. i. '-.'. I
Broadway. The panlc i f 1857 foll .wa I
the erectlon of thi n w bulldlng, and tha flrm e.aa
nn exti 'l-ion nf Ita i- l tor Mi
McN'amee wlthdrew, and Ihe trrn nan i
Bowen, Holmea A Co. The nea flrm II i.-.i- 1
untll the Clvil War broke out, and, ilthough It
had nearly 1900.000 a.-- ta ab ,*e lta llabiil -.--'
;< -tlons tl r mgh rt ihe cuntry, ind ??-?? ? ' )
throug ? " ii the ?-' uh. ? ei ?? Imi ? I .' . a I
algnment wi m I. 1he :.-r-i afterward \ ?
: h full am .unl - I lebl -. I h< n mpi
and outlaw. 1.
lr waa due to :.'?? efforta of Mr Boa I
Ii irance C >m| any w ia t irmi i. li ?
ii-y well-known pei ona were . ?.
connectl 1 wlth th. . .mpany ..- lli tora that lha
Home Inauranca Company waa formed In Mr
aame ye ir
In IM*. Mr. Bowi n w one of flv ? peraona i f ind
"Th* Independent," and on 1 >? 'embei 7 the flral
|*au* appeared, under th edll rahip ol ihe lt' *. Dr
1. nai 1 Bacon, the Rev, Dr. Rtchard B. .-'
iho Rev. Joaeph l". Thompaon .-ti:? t th* Rev. Dr,
jo-?h-ja Leavltt. it was eatabllahed to '
metropolltan urg^tx of th* Congregatlonal churchea
whlch it wa<? felt needed . Journal which wo Id
be more progresalv* unl antl-alavery than any th-n
ln atalatence. li Immediately achleva I power and
Influence, loi? for ? number a.f yeara dld not i>r..v,.
a flnandal rucceea. Tha proprletor* w ra- Henry
'?. Bowen, Thi*n<*>i<. McName*, Blmeon B C I
(ir-n. Jonatban Hunt and Beth B. Hunt, all o( them
young merchanta The paper waa ao antl-alavery
in chara<;a-r that the Bouthern mercbanta n fue* I to
buj any gooda of th* young men. Thi other owner*
gradually dropped oul of the venture, whlch alwayi
had proved a heavy flnandal burden to them, .-.nd
Mr Bowen became tb* aol* owner. At th* tlme
of the fallnre of the flrm tho paper owed Bowea,
McXamee _ Co. fMlOOO, and the ai. r.t was Increaalng
?very day. Mr. Bowen lefl the mercantll* budn***
In lsn. and d*vot*d Ms entire attentlon to "The In
d*p*nd*nt," wlth th* reault lhal In *'x weeka it
pald expensea In IM he wa. appolnted by Preal
d*nl Llncoln Collector of Interii.il Revenue of the
Thlrd New-York Dlatrlct, eomprlaing th* j*-rean*r
part of Brooklyn, nut waa removed from ofllce t.y
Presldent Andrew Johnaon becau** "Tha- In !?
a nt" oppoaed Hn pollcy. I'r*. Bacon, Storra and
Thompson having r*tlred from th* edltorahlp of
??The Independent,"" Mr. Beecber, ani later Mr.
Tiiton. w*r* called to the edltorahlp. <'n thi re
tlremenl of Mr. Tllton, Mr. Bowen b.ime edltor
as well aa i>ro).rl( :or ani publtaher, u-.d from thai
tlma untll his * Bth he oontrolled Ita ? lltorl ii pollcy.
Through tha- effoits of Mr. Bowen hls natlve city,
Woodatock, raeeived many bandlta, nnd ).>? epenl
thousanda of dollara In maklng ona of the moal
beautlful parks in th* Unlted BUte* ln thal clty.
Kor ..ver twenty-flve yeara he heM -r.-.it ma*a
meetlnga ln Woodatock annually on the FOurth of
July. Born* of the beat-known Amerlcan Btati
men ani publlc apeak era hav apoken at W ?'? 0
on thenf oeca : .na. among th'm having been Preal
denta Qranl Hayea rmi Harrla n, \'!ce-Pre?lilent_
Hamlln Wllaon and Morl a. Cou Cata ixy, the
P.unalan M nlrter; a doaen Cablnet ofllcera, .i? many
I'n'i l Statea .1 i . and .. acore of Unlted StaU ?
gen'atoi h there have b< ? n m 'm?- ra of
Congrea . Oovi ri nerala, ollege p.*< aldenta,
biahopa, poeta, hlatorlana. elerstj i edltora an'l
lerclal men. Amona othera wera Jamea 'i.
].. ie John s-hcrman, Wllllam McKlnley, Jr.,
Thomaa B. Reed, Benlamln Hutla r. O. O I ? i -? I,
Dr McCoiih, Goidwln Bmlth, Ulah p Voxt, nn* , la-a-n
of Rumunta. J .'m <:. Whlttler, ollver Wendell
Holm. *?? Henry W. I.ongfellow, Joaquln Mlller. Har
rlel Pr'eacott Spoffonl. Rlchard H r.ry Btoddard,
lul'a War1 How* Joaeph r.ok, llcnrv J. Ray
tnor.d. Elllotl F. Bhepai . Henry Clear*.* Chauncey
M Depew J..'n B. li-.lf. N'al DOW ani Mir-e I*rnn
ce* B. Wiilard.
Mr. Bowen w.ih aciivciy agagaged m rellgloua work.
He u. a mi-mber of Dr. lanml H. Coa'a church
in Brooklyn, and waa on* of th.- flrst membera of
the I'lltfnm Congregatlonal Churefc, of ih?* aame
city. Hc waa al one tlme one of tl. ? moal Influentlal
merntiera In Plymouth Church, to whl h Henry Ward
Beecher ram? malnh through hl* Infl *ac Mr.
Be. her, aftti he came to Plymouth Church, llved
for a short tlme In Mr. Bowen'a houae, and a f**l
Ina ot w.-irm frlendahlp --vla.t.-.1 between tac two
men Mr. Beecher waa then connected wi'h "The
Independent." Followlnj; iha- publlcatlon ot th*
ea ;:; the Beecher Tllton acandal, an eatran??e
:,.,.-.. took place between Mr. Beecher and Mr.
liowcn, and the ;ira*u.-n?-r'H frlenda eonteaded t'mt
Mr Bowen im i been Inatrumental m bringlng the
chargea before the publlc Mr. Howen during the
U ,; her inal wae dropped from the roll of Plymouth
< hun . malnlv becau?*> of hla attltude during the
controversy, when h-* rbowed *ome hoatlllty l iward
Mi- ii,.her. Al that tlm* Mr. Bowen waa th*
owner of "The I'nlon." and during t^-.e trlal the
aitltiKle of th** paper toward Mr. Irju-eher ?*.?*? hcf>
tilc For thla rcaaon Mr. B*echer'a frlenda wlth?
drew ir.e'r patronag* from tb* newapaper, whlch
wai afterward ?<>ll to Lortn Palmer. Mr. liow n
lolna-.l ih.- I'hurch Ol thfl PI'.gTlma, Of whlch tr.e
Rev. Dr. Btorr* waa paat. :. l?r. Btorra had eM*-d
w Ith _r Bowen In h number "f Incidental polnta
whlch came np diir'ii? th* long dlacuaalon o( ln
cel. brated caa* ..,
Through the Influence of Mr. Bowen the Albany
eonventlon, or rally, to h'-lp thi Weatern churchea
wuK calla i. and Mr. Bowen offered 110,001) toward a
KO000 fui 1 to belp th ?-?*?? ehurehea. ThrmiKh ih,?
conventlon th.- Congregatlonal Union, now knowa
_? ttr- Congregatlonal Church Bulldlng Boclety,
wh'ch dlatribut** annually ni-arly fci/).oc/i f.ir
,-hiir.h'-r< and p?r? magaa, w.ac ;. c:_> I
Mr Bowen'a nr. t wlfa whom he marrled on Jun*
c 'iaii waa a daughter of L*wla Tappen, of 'ha*-flrm
whl.-h flrat employed hlm ln thla clty. ln UC he
marrled Mlaa Kllen Holt, who aurylva-ai hlm. ??
a dai.frh!<-r of Dr. Hlram Holt. of P_mfr*t, i "?"?
Mr. BOW*B wa* an earnoat Hepufcllcan, and_bad
been alnc* th* foundlng of the party ln 18M. whea
General .lo-.n C. P"remont, wlth whom he was ae
qualnted, called upon him and urge.i n.m . ? -?
a maaa-meetlng in h!i i itlve lown, l\ooat
Conn., whl, it prova : to be the laraesl k uhu
p ,| le ..? r at n i ible i In th pai l ol V ?- -"K
..?]id. All .ugb e:ghiy-two yeara old, Mr. I
I vlilte,I "1 he indej ? ndeut ' ..ttia-.- . and i
!.,.-. snl .:.?:. L ? ? ie wai
troubled wlth tomach romplal.t, snd, contrarj ?
? i ? ?.-. i- ?.? ? k | nue-l his d illy > i -
it to hli paper. In facl "' :- :.''':"
Mr. Bowi . - ted a n g Ing 01 tr i < Se* i i i.
t mai i ia ' ? ?' ' : .,'.' ' "v'"
ha ?? ? II ' ' ' P ' ' '
,1 y.r ;: ?. : . ..? wi'-. :a. d Clark
ths ma t em eplcuotin i t v -.??? I i ,; |*U [?? ??
wai built many ,cars ai rtly aft?r uro ? ...n
. ? .,:-?? a city. lt li b large I k st - ? ?????> ? i
wi.i;... iiurroun I. i by i] actous and wa ll-k
and In lh ? rear. ie -ina i I imblc Hei :nts, u .i
l_.gr ;? i ?_. looklnt* oul upon the I'i). tae nou?<
;i. :. are . k- few round to
? - mble a typl -al ? ? ?: ' ??
?. ' i. _, . __< a nt. mber ??' v. ? N ??
... v. ?, ork, md , i ?? "l- "
.... i.i i. ml .ii . . ? > '? > "-?
? - ?
Vhe members of tha Ara laemont < b were jh
guest* .: t nlghl il of l>r. end Mrs. > on
! lt. i/erhout 'i'i. impi i i. who provl i- l - ne nl lhe
most Inl .... ; p ? i Ing i nta ri ilnnv m
for th ? ? ' i season. Dr. an I Mn I
?? ? .,.. ti .;. the i !nk room. Mi
Thompson worc a rich gown I blue bi
i trlmmcl wlth potnt lac,. Th. nt< rtalnm. nl
ui':. j t v - . ? .i . ? . ?? hl h lha ra W. :? ? '
rai h ? me | i Th ? >? ?'<i_ followed b.
Home vocal ..t.i lnstrumi*ntal ....:?'?? by a bac.i ol
troubadours, wh . app ar l In i ostui i t. A buftei
Biipper foi; iweal. Som of lli memb ?" an I i
' fn..;, i- nrat'i ' : -v ? ' ? 'i.n. .. md Mt- II ?
|?, ?!. r 'i iv n i Mr.' I r'ri.l rlck 1' r n. Mr-a
lircm ... >> inthr p, ?'??? ,XN nihr?i . Mi ? '','
!?;:?....i , l.vman Short. Mr. . n i Mi i I. u ??
Mi .. . Mrs, John C. VVi-al rvi ??'? '
Kmtiy P Ut. Mr, an I Mn 1 M
M Van I rpoel, G nerai nd Mn H ii i J; ??
. ?? ,;, itt-ral ai i A' <. I'anl I Hu ??.'..,?
Mr l: T I'.r.a. Mr. an l Mn.
M..-, Dalsj ii : m in l Ml _ ?
Mr. ii,.! Mrs. Frank B. K, ? h, of Xo ?::'.,.
.- jcty-tlfth-i ' . ?? ive a pn tra - Ive euchrc parl
nlght, whlch wai ? up] . in I bj nn . ahorata i
l?,- aerv d by Plnard IT* re *
i, The ilt-i prize for th wom. n ????-. a '???
ai, ! verj handsomc illver i dogi ?? b .ttl . ?? 1 ?!"
eoi 1 a Bllver heart- h ipe l 1 ? kel for ?
, The booby prla. waa ... palr
1 The m n re ? Ived as flrst prla i tlaird i.
nd i nd pi 11 ei I :; ?
prln n is a Bl i .. u '.i-1- , '? , ?"?? ,'" '
Mi K ? ' M
Van \"???:. Ml* Kdlth John*, i . Mn ' ' ' ? ?
. ..? '.Iln V i ....'??. M ? , ' '. -
M s? Ju la Gi. ? ? ' ? ' ' ,''
1,-t, Lh ? . t Mb \ i r;ai llner M
VI ti ur-tt Worl r. It.i.t
ll. nn 1? Todd. |r.. of th ? l nli I ? ?' '
Itol rl v' M. a; ". ? , i !'
Shlpley .1 . ? *
^.j ..... \. ri Walnwrti i ;.'.. "?., '
glet St-ilic. 1'- Wltt <?. ul .ib John K ?-? i
. |r.. a;.,.._, A M ?:'-?? ' '> " '
Mra. Ka ch wlll glv her I .-' laj al hom
The usual numl er of well-l ??? ? ? w-n pi
' eni ai Albert M irrls l'a_i.\- mn
the Waldorf yeati rday. The a. ? I wen II
\.i .,' ', Mme, Da V*re Saplo md VI
;, .? , i Am ng ??'? '?' '' J
r w llmi rdlng. M- ' i - ? ' ? ;!''
Willlam I! "-? I. Mi Hj m I. 1
(je,,ri;e ,\ p. Wltt. Mrs. W I '?' im lla_.i ' '
Mrn a .lli er Kalon ' 'r.? ? ?'. Mi '' ?
-.-?,... ? ? . /.. r. . i
Mi'ss J llan x' "
Maltlm re: M I I i ?' ''' '?' '' '
man. Ml ?.,!? I '?'? v
Mlsi An Ua Anth n, M ? ''?? M '?? ?''
i?:i, liradhurst.
Tb? m il ." ^^ Mary 1
i;..,,r,;.. F Pl ken. lo Thoma
pla ?? ? s a
Chureh. :. Wa ?t On. I-S'X
i. N M West < >n li ?
The Evenlng Had
\s ??-: l'..t ty-fou
Mi- ? ." ? '?'-.?.:... ?
at her hon ' ' ?
? ? .
, Parka
. ? ? '
Itnong tl "
. ?? rai. an.l M - '
i |i \ Atni '
an. Mi v :. II
i.i.k. .
'' '"'
iikii bkappeara:
M-.w ANU PRE1 ' '? I
, ? l . .i ?
night A lai
:. t. ' 9 ' ;
ind varla luna of Mlaa I
Ine nn-l
wu ... ? . wlth Ml ? ?
menl . ' m. But l
provema..'. on the v ?" ?
biilllant ? fl- ts were hown ii,e flist i
? tl i v "?
,. - ver) long. bi .1 wav. I II
The novi Ity wai a m i I ido of *ln *r\ ll
blua and moat a
h were aeemlni
through lhe gown Th? ? fT< I * ?<- >?? '?' and ? x
Iy pretty
The s, ond dance wai called F re." and ln thi
the moal ' ... ' of th. ?.???'
?;?;.,. .... i whlta and r rTl.d ? lon
broad and fllmy whlta iri
? . the Btage, a 11 all tl
auge and down tn ni al ?
? ,at lhe wh l? staga wa n compl '?
neaa, except for thi I imlnat, l I >rm of .lan er
gnd ihescarf whlch sl wai I aboul hei The con
lr,,.t mada .. ah ' i.>! U ? sown and lha searl
......... wlth abaolute I rllltancy, and wha n lha white
. -.. i:.ia an i red and I luo
,..,,.,' ,-, i,:.,- Ilkenei o wav.ng and
.,, ,,,. wa often mosl strikli g.
, ., .i ..,.--. dld nol ...:i ? : >m ih<
__.. 5*
;!?^!;,;1,:!;^:,a-;^:^,l;,,-i?':-l:^ ,?,;.?,_..'/**. :?
,',",.'. ;.. _ long and wei.nti dled by rudi In the
. i, ,. ;? Imply ... ill.? ' >v." '";'
eirSmn of the old danca,* and ll endod wlth lh
.... .,:,.'
ducedei ^ _ _
so datk rtrraKT .'..i: rr moveubntb or ti?
I, waa ...id yeaterday lhal Oeneral Harrlaon had
.I!,.,- -:.-". Dr J ,?. wi.si.-v Broa... i
.,, ... Thomaa'a Chureh, aaklng h.ni lf he
, ,m ? .,,.., .rrice for hlm on Aprtl* aa
ITZ Jeclded upon thal late for i.i man ig
WI)1 M,s. Dlmmlck. When B. F. T.i<^.^-i--'^
r_il Slrrhmn'a prlvata wcrelary. wa. Mk?l aboat
the rsoorl yesterd iy, he aald:
.,_,,.,,.,? Pr. Brown never mado the atatement
rredlted to hlm. Wa hav- nol communlcaWd wlth
hlm. T,?. .rrangemenl. for the weddlng h?venoi
bern.leted yet, and lha di nol ??' rhe
detalla. i. wever, Wlll be arranged thla week. am
l imderstand lhal Oeneral Harrlaon wlll hlmself
make the formal aaaouneemasnt. Nelther Dr.
Brown nor any one elae hai I. author"* I ' .
ananak fa.r Oeneral Harrlaon."
Wha. parl of th. daj tha ea-Prealdeni waa nol
,? i,i., hnt.l yeaterday he Bpenl with Mra l>lm
,. |. . ,, ,.? , m Baal Thlrty-rtghth-st. HU private
..cretin sald thal Oeneral Harriaon wouW be
n I ' u or M nday. and ihen I.e would
... , ipo|li and remain Ihere uriUI the
t-me for th" ve .ii"-'. when b. wooM return to
N"ltWS_a_r_i*o i t.,.r'-i yesterday thal Oeneral Hi r
riionTwaa wrlllng his memolra. and tl tl ha wou d
. .,? the greater parl .-r bla tlme for a year to
",,,.-? th.- work Thla la also olllclally d
Vl- TlbbltB ? < i lhal the ix-Presldent wa ?
wrltini i book of anj klnd, and dld nol sntldpate
going lnto lhe llterary llne. He wlll. so hli wcre
larv declares keep up hls law practlce, and ? "
;,,,, ..i] i. , ? . aad art,vii.,:. lo thal ln tha
The es-Praaldenl, w company wlth hla prlvate
aecretary yeaterday mornlng vlalted ti." tallorlr
establ'shmenl of Oeorge Weat, al Bxchange Place
ii,i ..-_?? Bnd waa aald to hav lefl an order
for his e/eddlni outfll Mr. Weat, whpli a ?> x"' ?" '
'. .,...- ,,- ,- ...-. M. Pullman, prealdenl <>f Pull
man'i Palaec Car Companv. aald: ,_.______.,
??! r.-Kret a ..?,?.,iir-iriy thal Oeneral Hairrlaona
vlall her. sh uld hav. bascom. knowa, for he pnr
ilcularly Mld before be wmt away lhal ha ??
s red noth.n* ln ragard to Ite Uisttcr ahou.d g.t
lnto the newipapera"
John L Btoddard appeared In erentng ilr*** y*
terday mornlng al Daly'a Tbeatr* and hegan hi?
annual i rl. ??'? lluati ?? '. le are*. Hia BUbJect
v ' ?>:???: 4 and Ita Wonderful Bay," end tho
le ture wa one of Ihe tnosl r_ctureaqu*a *nt*rtaln
. itlng that h* has *_?*
glven here. Of courie, Mr. Btoddard alwaya aalecta
.:?'. et*, bul rom* of hl i BuhJ ?? ta ar*
rllj more beautlful than othera. Wlth only
.iu ?; an ?? em nt of thi -...'. aad 'ha* terrtble ln lt. the
i (tion of N" ? about ll probably aa much of
and ea'.mer, bui n leaa vlvld and varle
b ity, aa ar; i lta alf n the
V\ hen 11 is aaid thr.- it !u> i nl* an !? -
ment .;' thi lerrlbie, it la ment. of eourae, lha! It
la ao aa i unpared v ,th itu aeemlngly unendlng
parorama of arai ? ind lovelineaa aml wealth ol
eolor. V'eauvlu.' '?? terrlble enough, no doubt, and
ilflcent enough, bul It is only on
, thou ind.
Mr Btoddard exhlbita 1 the melancholy grandeur
of ;.:.-.-; rulna, thi* atatellneaa of lillla ai I rockn,
the blue ???' the . ??. and the vlolei and roee of the
? k- in abundmce, bul he dld nol go to Naplea wlth
r auch aa theae alone. He alao deacrlbed an-i
? | th. ? ? natltion ar.d tn. ITci ? . ot th ?
I ? .:? , ? an.l dai-euaa -I the pollcy of tho
fl vernment, whleh he regarded ttt lirgely rea; mal
hl* for It III accauni ol Pompell waa Intereetlni*,
bui ioo chort, rlowever, thal la .i pood fault. The
whole ?'.-' ci ? foi too large for a alngle lecture.
Ta ii-1- haa the advnntage, however, <?f thlnk
Ina thai i he la gettlng onl) a parl of ihe i malb'.ll
?? uch i aubject, h la ala i rr -Vai ly getl -
the - :vam i f lt.
I, th< j i-.ii.i treatmenl of theae ltalian ap.en
dori ?:,. teniptatlon to uae many-colored vlewa lr*
? ? whli h Mr. Sn.: i.ir l preaei.I
u.ina ; in i la i'i ite In >? ..? r. and conaequently
... i v Tl ? re .?- i oi Ij oni of the
li t atr lea to v hl h le 'turera wlth the
are uauall) ao mu ih rtlvi n. Tne
iptlcon moon haa the i.uilarlty, bealdea lta
pl, i n: - on tru 'tlon nnd th ? blu ?-gl iaa atmoaphi r<
ol ahlnlna around rm ra, 1 Rhting
i . nbja ??- m iai dlataat from ll dr, ond
ialow. i .ward it- lf. Theae view ehoul.l
never ,. ir.flia'ted on i rlvlllaed communlty, even al
oi in a leeture
Mr f-'t.. iir.i wlll rr aent the =.im<* subj-ct agaln
.1 ?:. ? w ?!<.. rn .t p. m. to-day ind on .rt
: ,\ umi at II ? tr on ? aeh of tha ? th. i d lya. Th*
for i.. \t a, ? i; la "Ci aat intlnople.
rnovinma for the bi'ILDINO
J tlce Be km.ni In the Bupreme <"'.urt yeaterday
heard argumenl on the aull broughl by John Blge
low. Andrew II. Green and Oeorgi W, Bmlth for the
. thlrd and thlrty-fourth
,]., . ol lhe will of the late Ba nuel .1. Tllden.
, . . ..;,!,..?. natrued pro** Aee i r the
m :? ol a free llbrary and readlng-room
in Mr l*l!a!i*n'a natlve town of New-Lebanon The
, Ureel lhe tn ?t< ? to appropriate
? for the ei tlon of a free llbrary and read n* -
,- ionkTi and lhe exnendlture ..f not more
ihan I tlonal for the eatabllahment and
? ?? llbrary
ln tln ?hl by George il Tllden to con
e the ti mae, the latta r waa broka n. lv.r
ihere \v.i~- no deelalon on the two elauaea whlch the
-...-. iw y. int ? on itrued.
- _- ?m
Tha wlll .' I'r John H. Rlpley waa flled f'.r pro
;.-.v Half ..* the e ite, whl ii is value 1
n ? th* i dow "f Dr Rlpley,
, i i , e Im llatrlbuti i among .'us children.
I : ? !' lerlck J. A igu lln, of Hlcka
i - Johanna T i
? ? ? w ite; all tha pnra mal
wlfe, Lou
... u.. i. i i $;? " ? .- ? . geta tho
: i i ? -. ?
' ' .-?? ? :!r ,.
chll Ircn become
. ? Intn f llollla, m
UH TIIIlOl Ull* ?' Y tiii: 1*1 IL'.N I itV
I .
? I
? ? a* ia a-i;i " Ijh over lh* ?*.... i n half
? ' - A
..-..' ' ' ' '
neatrl eleflr
' :
... . . ... ...
:? i lian
I .?..-.!? atai -a
? - ' '
? |..._- l.n,
|..w. r lak,- ra (ta ?. New
. ? '. _ . r l?ri.. -r ,
in,, . . i llttle i aag*
I ,.K, . - : FOR TO-DAY.
,., N.,. , , . :-, _a - 1 rk. f*lr aad
1- , ' >' '"'' I'"' ' ' "''''?
v - - - shtlf > ??'.-.:
, v-., aaa. Kn V -rk
... nerl) flrlBaU.
?;,;,,;,.;,- T.i'-'t. onagRVATi ?
.. I .. I . The weathrr ??*???? i .
| mlld. The tei ? ? ? '?
ir '? * OetTttal >">? ;,V? ?'"
,i n% hlaher ihnn
IU. wpia.hir I l.i ?? ''? i ???' " ?n,) '"1,w
The ma.-.! pi ' alof ] ,::;,' A.'.,,,'::: "ju'J!
;l. , |,, ?i..,., .. i i Kl ui"" r *???'?' SAi BAona. maaa
plaf and rhaalce npl '
r___* Chwreb. N-n.-v.
' - ?"?>. ".
," ?":'?' nt oi i:-n..., K. '?? "i arrlval r_ J-01 traln.
,,., i- i. in 2i l??l. Hfr. al W I . ird, aon ol ili"
... .. f .'- V lllnr.l i ??? '' -"?' >'?"?
i -. ?,. i- -ti i, h -..a*. M ' I ? 'an '2t. n-v xx.::
'?.' .' ?'? ...: Nr? York Ka?l ? ...f.r.n.-.
'',,'..:,; , IH .,.? M. ........ M"...iP*l.
*?? *?
. . : .? rr ,. S 'rl'. IM.'
HaiWKN On M r.i... ..??'?" ?>. FeLruary *_, 1*08, HflBry
..... ,i f hia a*e
->. . .: |" ?i. r. '????. N ? *? Wlll v. ?? . Brorak
1 ?', ii.-itfh.a. u i.:.n Wedneadai monilna. Fet.
Inta-imrnt ?i W ? ?' '?- k. C mn.
K.-rvlrri ? ? : ?? .1 Conara-aatloiial Phurea tt \x.1
Tl >i--?'? iy, Fetiruai 1 tt, al 10 n m
ni'SHBLL "'I Sunday, tU toat., Khaa _., wldow '*f
cimrl.-r, liunaa-ll in Ihe Wth year of h?r age.
. rn.n.l? are Iml.H 1.. attend ih? funeral ;n
Ind.. al her late reflldenee. Na, <??
park al . Newark, S. I . at ?/????
Interment at lha* runvenlenea ot the famlly.
Cl IlllNOa In Brrwklyn. Febm..1 v-.'i In theJBth year
, f i, V I,,-.- iu: r. A wiAow ot Thomaa F. l_iramln?.i,
;u,i.i,-.,-i,..r '/?'..? 1. B*v. Laal* Plaiard Bayard,
v}.\ ."1 _?k_ hUI be li'll Bl IBfl '"linr.li ?'f the Uefl
h ::,'?"/,:, .Vr.?*!?:.c.,.1 .Vrmint *?*. T.l-.U.V. rSkTU
:?:.. al '-' -" i- ai
;.;, 1 iMnti rtowera.
I.Mll.IN'i Bu.ld.nly. n Ket.ru-.ry M, Albert D?rllnit.
?n ihe ?? kl >-" ? ?'? ! '? ?
:?..,, . ... fun?i .1 i..i.'..' ? .____.
FAKIIAilfT Bunalay. F?b ?. ?Wi'f.Ae M . **!;",?"?
, n< ?., lahter of . '? ?lolin ' ,M' ' ?; ?,
, ,..'? -.a it ih- I'hurch ol ihe ir.a-mail.-i'. Ma I
. ,vJ! ,.,.1 ?th-i". .. v.v,:?.a,;.4>- ......nin_ rabnu-y
Brt . 1 I" "
w ji ri ... ...ni Bowera
i-iT/.-.n- \i '. on Salui F-bruary 33. 1SB6, of P?_?
v,':-..i.|.. l*,r. .,'..1. .l.i.xi.*- r ,t th* late iadft**
. .',::, -...,":, ?''T.ie.liv. February 25. at half
1..1.-1 ;i i. iu
1 ? nr.- rc r llhlnebea k. N. x .
OAHI-NER 0* .-.irrniii- K-crunry 22. ?t the C?n<-r
",,_,!. ,: \t-a r.iii. . ?? M. Oardna r,
?i ?.,.,, i? .1 ?... ?.t KormtagaMa Bea
U?i I'hui h, _? W. >l 111
Inia 1. .. i.r al Trtnltj < '? u-t-r>.
a;. .Hla.N xi IiIm reatalenc*. ?**???? >> How*?i PbWfl, Jemey
? ? ??..,!.lr.y. .-l.nr.ry St, at pefltO-ltta, Uea-ra,- G.
ln hli ''.-'. year.
FunenH .n Tueaday. 7 p. m., tmm hli. Inte reatH.-nce.
MITl'HCOCK-On Friday, FeUWU. tt, at M-ntron-,
N j Mary Keiio<a widnw et J?ma-i K. Hltebcock.
Fuiierai aervlcea nl tlie r.-aldence ..f li*r du'iahtrr. Mra.
1 11. _., alw.-ll. oa Tueo.lay aftern./. n. ui 4
Inr.'r.neiit 11I I n.n. N. t.
lAi'KHON "11 Koaday, iha Stth Inat., ut hla resldenca,
Ho 219 Weal I4tk *. lh!a elty, I_l*.vin Atl?e Jaoiiaon.
v ti,,." '.' run-r.a! ta iraaUter.
l.l-'AHVY <<n BaluKU] avaalng. Keliru.-iry 22. 1MHI. Ijicv
?_u-ny wll? -r John W?ti_ Kearny, nn.l i!nn?ht?.r of
lha late T. L and M. I* .-.'N*.>>.
Funerul al the 1 > antala .an Church, I. t!n(tion iv.. nnA
arjtil. at.. Tu.-fi'lav n.-.r..ln?. Fet.ruarT 2i. Ht 11 .fltoel
KILPATRICR "t* pn '?'? >la Mari Bmma, only duuah
? ^r "f K.'..4ar.l Kllp-trtck, ln 'bfl ibth year ot lier a$a.
tiollca ot fu.*ier*i Uawearter.
! LADKNBBBO?Al aaa. ?n voyafs ttom Na ??_?_. on THir?
I dav. the 2nth ini-r.. !_ tlie 4_,| \>.ir aif M? nf-. A>t"lf.
? |.i?8i h n <f rSotil i-i.i.-nii.jrg. en.. (Jf rranhfort ea th.
[ Maia.
LSOSBR Sudden:**. i.r LarchatoM Maaor, tt. V.. frtni
arjr tt, Charl ? llcKnUrhl I_M_er, ln tha .17th ye?r .,r hls
1 a_p.
N'etlr-e of funeral bs_Mfter.
LUfCOUf- in .<?n Fr_n.i_ ?->. a.n Sun.l.iy, F*l>ru.iry il, of
("?nr! fatlure, .!<?..ie Uneoln, _?;?- .iai >.ar.
M\N'fKT. . u .yniv. at Baltlmore, Mi. Saaday, Febru
i t :'".. i .h;. Boi * Manuel, ,n hli Blal mi
RslatlvM and frUnds ara reepectfullj. Invlta l to attenal
tl..- funer.-il lervlcea WaKlnesUsy, !?'? l.iia.iry 2a), _nt la)
, a. m.. from 4"hnrrh ..f Zloa aifl St. Timoth., .-ith-iit..
i weat of Elghth-ave.
'? Intermenl prlvate.
MEA. Al POH I'h-ster. M. ... CTI MOflda*/, F-r-i.ty 24.
Miai Almlra Head, ?<! Ore?awt__, Ooaa-. w nar ana
Punersi fr. m Seeoiid Coi*_i?gailonal Chureh, OreeBWlcfc,
i -,. ,ii \\'a'.:.,:.:.-!>. .eoruarj -??? al ?> p. m.
PARK . v M i, laj ? ?'? -'? Bufaa Pl k,
in iha- .ial rear of lili age . , ,
Kelailvaa and rrlenda ar- Invlted lo aurn.l the funenii
iiis late tixialen.-.. Mo. 13. Xftat lltii--.t.. oa
U*adi___a**, .,? ln a. ra.
PEORAM .\t Kontelalr, N. J.. ? n Buodav, February 5>
l-..''.. Wlillnm Walter Pegrani. Infaat aon of Bmma aml
i:.i ....rl Randf. ind 1' igram.
Kur.-ral prlvata. ]
ni'xsii '.v. ai Troy. M. ... Uiey Jennlnge, wlf* t Al
fr_t H. Renshaw. .,n.i dauchter ,-f ih* lata i*om___l_ra
Clctro rn?, ..n Sunday mornlng, February i-t.
rai al the n idence, Tueaday afti noon, 9 brvmry ra,
l| 1 .?',-!-., k.
I'.t'S. Kl, At _0B_*__ F"iirtU11 y 21. Willlum C. BMBBBl,
,i k. ??? i s_ ? tara,
Funer.-ii servieei -it tha raaidenoe, ?> Hawthoma-ave.,
, (a_na ' li f, at 3:_u p. m.
Boaton and ith.i-a pap. rs pleas* , ...
.HIKI.!'.-' Suddc-nty, ot 1). art fil.lura-, aftaW a i r .i.'nK"'!
i. ?..-?. nn Sunday aftennv.n. it .'I :w ??'? . "'la. i r. I/.'. a
-. siilelds, it hti '? Idence, So. ST Madlaon iv*., ln
th ? 20th year of Ms age.
I .:.:? tril nctlCI I.. r-.i't-t.
VA.'.Kf.it HuaMer.lv. t apoplexy, Ifonday. F.-t.niiiry 24.
Th__as Varker, ag?d 7u yean, al hli reaWence, No. 181
F.-t RUth-el.
N ? i ? f funa rai hen ?'
. ._.
Charl.a Jenklns.
At ii spa 'Ial meetlng ??" thi Boai i nf Dlreclon of the
Kan Rlver Xatlonal Bank, of lhe clty of New V .rk. held
nt the bank on m t .-. ivi.- mry -i Is!";. tha da-ntli ..f
Mr. ("harleii .t nklns was :..-..- ?.,????? l. and tlie tollowln.
minut* belng prarajent__, ?n* irn-.-ritM-.l <.n ih* rea rdi nf
th* Bank:
Tra?- [Mr.om of 'ne Rast 1 tlv-r Natlonal Park n_v<*
h, ir,l wlth profound sorrow ,.f th* death of the honored
)? roldtnl f >ii- Bank. and Joln le nn ?spree?lon of af
.,'?? r.-xard for ti.e.r lat* frtend snd iseoclat*
Mr Jenktiu wai ne <t th sa who organlted thi Bank;
? m ? b*i tl flrat Board f Dlrecton an.l Iti ? ? nd
Prealdenl. Having been elected such ln IHSS, he occa
? ed tha offlce contlnu ill to the date ot hls death.
Hla itartlng rharaeier untfrlng enenry and greal ?
emlnently -jh-inn. t hlm i r the poaltl n ba held, an.i he
endeared hiin.a.if t, all wlth whmr hat rani* ln contacl by
hli K'.tn?l dlapoeltlon. \\ htt- alwaj . e*u_j| ind Ju-" In
the dlicharga of buslness iiffiun'. h* wai alao klnd and
,. nslderal In hls relatlnn vlth
Th? .| ith ,.' Br. .r.-nkins ls rsgatrded ai ?. p*rsonal
bereavement by Ihi Ulreetaira <t lhe Bank, ui,- re,-,,r
nute the low f a wlaaj counsellor ;.n.i a dtvoted frien'l.
and t;....... .attend to hla affllctaid tamlly tha eapreaatoa f
titetr si mpai
a .ii motion it wtm unanlmouslj ??- Ived thal an en
Kr..H'e.| .? .| v of rti ? foregolng n.itaute be isnl t'> the tam
II) .,f (.ur da^teaied laaoeiate.
_. K. NEWBU* Bea ratary.
At ii n,a-rlln? i f tha U ..?'. i :' IHrectors "f lha Si ,nd
ar.i Nall.ar.al Bank, hei 1 February Jl'h, I80S, th? follow?
lng resclutlom were adajpted;
Resolved, That the ? ld n .ia;.'!, of -vir lionoied l'ra-?l
ilent Marvelle '.'.'. t'.iaiper. hai .l-: ??:??? I tt ? Standard Na
tlonal Bank of an Invaluable offlcer n uma rtdal
efforts lo proma te 1' ;.t ?*!> trlty. saga I ?. i
couniel Iii ??? Bdmlalatration of IU affalra and gei il
:??-- ii : ?> Wlth it,. p:i!r"ii^. r v rll ??!' ?? I t, lt^ gTOWth
and sJccei
11- - 1- ?? l lhal our deepesl aympaih) Is extended tn tne
famlly of th- iteamatA, whlrh has lieen ao aorely bereaved
i.i mi* M'l svent, and thal i.i.h espresalon of oui .yin-m
for th* . i irai ter of lhaHr da parl I .-1 ir ,
f..r ih.- f-r.,v -t tlie Itvlna. he sulta '? ngi ised and
Itta l : tha m by the a ?. hler ui ?: ? iha Sea! ' I l
!i??k Fl.avia .-? PATTBRSON,
a 'aaainer.
*a,n? a?f lli,' Hei a,i?ila,n
Offlce f '' ? -?? rVtri. Iii'. |t| ? V. ::t a|00) NeW
\ .24. l -??; i'.- m?mt_r? of lh soa lety
ar? lequeate,! t.. attmd th>* luneral -ervi e* ' thelr Itta
. ite l ember, J?hn N. B. Ileirlck ..t Bt, Btephen's
<?; iivh, 41: ? ... 1 (???, ? -i .. .i- ? on 1 ueaday
. ,i,. -..?,,,, mat 11 ?. .- lo "Mi
Kl'-k S, I'AU..'.: KltQE. Presl lent.
CHARI.K.. I-.IAM. S . tet u
Tlie lirniali'ii (Vmrtrry, la ealH en the H.iriem
. i.l | r-. elght minut** rtde fri m tli* Oranl Central
I"P t Offl . IU Eaat 421-it.
fipctinl Xottcco.
tn riFTH AVK.vr?;?:.
I'.'.M 11 NOItM.W. Au " I ir.
\ . .,!.; r. 7l"N Of BANPSOMI ANTIQ-B A\r>
m KNi'ni.'i:.
Ba ? red f t.i
THB I.t.v "t.\ STOBAOE _*ABEHO_lB,
_t ing
PARU >R ?-,' ITE I IN v ? i' a'ADE IIAOl
I'ENT M\l-.;\'. . LintlARI TAIILE, TIOER,
.. ? 1. .,-? ? ? na of
KiiAi, siivinB0.
, ? -i I ? ? ' ' llvel . ling ii Ft'!.1' INB
MADR 1. PA1 I. ? I' >RH ' r '?
Ml.N'l.'S l'l.ATK.. BIIKI i'llil.t' l-I.VTI.'a TVARK.
Minlaiarea, .ana, Watee ?': ra, Palattnata Kn
(rat Ina*. Ua au *. _
. ? |a f -ti ing a 1 t ai Ivi aggregatloa . I
. t 'e is of art.
Waaiinamtn*..Thurwilay bimI 1 1 mI.iv Aii.
nooni, l'','i>. '-'??. 587 and ?-"?<.
r?t -J o'CIonk.
A? *t lhe
i.il'i ir WKvri'i AFiTiox Rt_K>M8
BS ri: .11 AVENUE.
WM B NORMAN. Ai tlaanaMT.
_vow on BSXHiBrnoif.
An Importsnt Bata
Hv 4 Vli.l?r:it<'.l Artintn
OF THE vi r:"!'kan \n.> IMRRtCAM m II'Vii.s.
1 "itMiilil.Y THE 1 BOI ; 1:1 v Of
M1'. W. l I. IsE. 9I?*T VI.'I..
B 1 i-iir avi CN i;i. A.TJCTIO-. I-()4).ms
'l*liiea tTSi?dny) Kvanlnfc 1-'<>1>i-ii.,,v BOth
AT FlaiHT 111 l/la'K.
A.? I'III11 Aia-iiu,- \rt l.nllrrlra,
_'iaj J'lftll Avaliue. ll._r :i|t!i g_
i<'Hi-,i_ viiiw DAV 111.1 1;v 1;n 1 n._-.
A .alual'le aaUactl au of
UI . li'.tiHI'.A I IV
AiiwrK'.'in unal P'orel'.n Artlata
1UK.M1.1I liV
MH. a_.TJST__.VK Itl-:i4 'ii.vltli.
ln. Iii'llnv: 1apr1Hant.1i ra and
ii tataaMe eaamplaa ..f
BOL'Ol F.niiAF,
T.) BE SI)I.l> M* AlIC-MM AT
*W_lii?****T ****** 'l'i?,i,'H,!"'' l.-vi'iiiiia**.
rsa **r*\ am> htm, at i vcu ? *w
___B__n SOMFKMM-K. ialtr< lKS _ *ii ,
K Aur.l..,..-r :?'"?? Bth Av*.
'1'lie *4f?rln_: Fsniu ,ns In Oenllemen's Hala ?iil t*
1..H..1 Thiai-.iav. avui laat, bv Baaaaaahatii li. Na?
aau-st.. ?n. V.
Dl I'l'.i .
PKRRint, .?ANi'lin_,
^^e.___/v-VV4yv--. .-.
Gpccial -Coticcs.
Kxecutorn' Ahaolate Sale.
"I .iiiitm_K otTaprmmA Itarity ntnl Artl?tlA
At The American Art Gnllariea,
Th* ox.-i-pt ia.n;illy hi_li cpiality of tha
WOrkn, ini*l'iiUtij_. n_ tlu*y il.>. A "oritahlo
_Ia_atWVplfl___B >l I Vlnlnity, ___?.?- to our*?
MUBMIIWH. Amatcui-H, an.l t '<<lli-i*tni*? nn
nnpi-oadantad opportunlty to aenur*
hi_h <*xiinij>li*H ,it llio I?Ycii?*li ntnl Dutoh
Bchool-, so'oi*t??al with the iliati . .mluii->
ill_ jad_TOa.nl a,f a _a-.-ai_lii_.al ?>.xpi?ft_
ta. whom wi* nro Indohtad l'aar "I'll*
(i-iiaii?r" and many othar hmoua paint
iti_M nOW in Aiu.-eiaa.
Tha Collaaotlon will ba Sold al Abnoluts
Publlo BoAm I.V oral.T of
ls, I.AKLIN' KKLI.tH.d, B?__aa ___
eciitoi-n oltlie Inti* (
on it.UJ-ay i:v.*nin_. -"??'>. t,sth?
ba_lnnlng promptly al *** o*Cloolfc
For furthei pa. ilculnra ar.d catal'*f*ii<? a-Mrea*
A? At tlie Ama-rlcun Art Onllerlea,
_..*? Viatw Day and Xi__t.
i_ii-o Ennmala .-?_ i hllntat-?-?. rvory
Carvins-. Maw-jnatarle, Buhl, Verni*.
Martln, Bmpira and Vlanna t'umituro,
Hi-aan-_i*-?, dCO* .-<?.
Tha Collaaotlon FV?i__ad Ly
k ry Bi * I irk, Ixadoa, I other i /?.'??a Bf t*i#
?OaUTa. BCIENTIFIQl-'B l.. uol i.i.m:, Bl ;:??'.:_,
Thla(Tuaadajr). Wadne day and Tlni__
day Aftatrooona _t il__0 ..*<_ 1<><-1_.
?; H< .MAS B. KIRBT, Al ' TI< '.*II Ea-,
o Eaal 2M ?; . M ?" '? ?' u:1>
Saarthern ? - "____
t.... ?,< ? ? ' ? aa i.uteij
Q R.. I-* ... t'nl _
.l.,t._. i -.
. r .N.a ll?l ? I
rimtaalUci- Batle*.
.-? ,;a, t- ft ld B?tly t> all in'-ra.-l. na B__BPS ni*S
<***' 'ir II. .. . ._, ... _.??
mptlr tr. all i ? ?? i al ?".???*_ *? f "ll"w ;
Tl BHPAt kl T i - - l l\el Ml
- . . .
. , r li iva , r . m. It Vll I
p?r *. *. I ? ?? ' ??"???** ?'"?' '- ? '?? ? *?
'-l*r I -r.... mMm
-*_. NKHf'A. U T a. m. for li
4.! ,.....,..- a i-tiera I il.. r . ula .-. I I ? at
;.....?:,-::??. ? " ' *
l.i il n ?'?'.. ' ? ? ' '
t ii, at IS kl i. i. ? ' !**
, ij_i ia m ?- ?*?
., \\ A-. :: aa. i.i f-r l_ ...... nMl*.
I *iv,
aiNiin i rtu?ral. r??rk. > i:. ?' ,??''_?
... ??.,. I I r ' ' ?*
J .... . i . r . V. ? * ""??*?
i... i. ? . ?? ^ .. ,;""?.'?'' *Z
t . ,. . . 4 .tlrw Wera?> *. *B
io .,..-. ii a.i a t .i Fi ii - Bwiia
I . H'lt
_ || - ?'* '***
f .i,... ii .... li ur
t ...? .1 .. ? i '''l"?
? ., ., .... rra ...- ! tx .I.r. rei ; ? ? ll*").
After thfl r__ng of lha tranaatlaatts
i ?
i ?. ,:i, l- riglleh r r* ?? B aixl
.i min
l nf
M , , - ... .. A.MHUl.'A. W BSf
I." l. - :
T'l.'.-l'AV ll 3J0 a ' " Atu n... I-i ?.?aanar
f: m I....1HI. .;...?.. . N > .1.
i ar , - Lai im ila "-ta ' pat
_a__e">; ii I | r " ? i"' ?? *?
I'ortla at *?*
... - | I . f. > ' ? al_
11,. , ..ii 1 U fr ..., Na 44 a>r1_ui_
W'Kli.NEBI>A1 At 8 ' .,.?
!?? ipe, . .? M ..: r . (I Bl I tUlataaa
? 1. :?a . |4| MT I !?? ?????
tor .-I I'll-. aa .?? ? l >?ri l-a
nlajue and 1 ':m at*l
.- >;i. :i.,.|.i >m . i...: . i* ni-iat La Uiie. te4
??per _ lallana i, at 1 |l m. I ..... . a . ?> f
w ,.. ; ??? ... vt? II i >. .aiipplei : kl
p. m - I ' ? mua*
i,. dlre ! i ? An lt?". "? ,? ni ' ?. lil u i.. I!? mi. 1
i - ? t . S * ? .i lawna; at *
Itlca, a a, 4l%
i.icin. -t J i ? N r per ai aaiar fr_t
T.. . ' i ? . .,. -." p, :., f . . | ; rr aiuvr frvHB
I i
Tlll'll * i l 10 ? .... a in i fitt
? 1 l u
. ? b ? ? ? N.. - ia n i aad Baa,
(.,,,. ? u i . . lt 2 p. a '. r Mjr
4la M. rtiiuiu- . al-? llart ?.'??_?
ani l.aiii-rnii pei - Wt; *' ?? !? in f t l-uaa
.-r ata amer u ." N
SaTI'KI?AY ai t ... m t i ii l_ ri.'? r..u
tr'a-a. \ i.i I'i . :?' J?r..-li and Miil .?. \; a _
]. I muat ba ,lrre.-!?4
??nei | in f r Mm-ll per a a.
... I R .ia-tteaa tnt
i . I be .WreeXrA
lleeta ila. j*r a
al h
\\ ? I l>>4 ?
N rth Hrai ! and I
??per \\ ? i ? ? '.
..,, |; at 10 a. m. i" -a) * m i t r
Furlune laland nrr.l Jamaiea, . -, <___?? f *#
, (| . . I - laa . , .
II a. n
?. ' ...uih
I ''??er A<1
van. . ..? i" So t*i r -t | . , ? ^
. per ? , r* tn*
utha parla l?f ''???? l.bfl llrlrar I?
au . ?.l "per \''al,?'i. i. . ii I'i ?"'> a n f.*
lta. ri. ' "um . ? per a. a. I'irna a a
I ,i.u?ra t r nthar i irta ?*' V'eneauela (..raeao, TrtlH
..,' Itrttlah and U
llouth I i ii i-ii- p?r ? . _4v_ara. a
?j-er A
r a,, wa
-ipani ... i I'igllai . ? f
ri . parta ' lai . i < I
"per V'Kt..i-i \\ . ii laa ".| ? iv l
im.?:-. i .i . l . per a. a. I'tli
. iiaifra f r mhar i trta of Veneeuela ."r^a.-K.. T-:r..
..,. Itrttlah and U h .. . I r
frln Wl i ' it l p. ii f4>i ' il . l er
a h panaa?a utt.-i. r i Veaaauela ?n,i C*ol_abla imiai
1,. .lr.- I 1 1 7 ; : a l r **.Att,
M, l'. per etafamer fro-n Falra B
M. ? . f r N .'.iiii.'.lan I. t>) rall '? Haltfaa, ani tli'niao
l.y ?.t.-ain^^. a.1 *?? Bl Ihla nrllire dall. ai *> *l p m Vail*
f r M ,jje. .?!. 14 ini 11 II ataaii and themw iv MaaaMT,
, , .. ?t ihla ?" ?? ...? BO i in Mal i for C .:-a
. 1 *? ,H Ihla rl. ' .I"'* At 7 .a ni . f.-r ' ,rv irlliv rf/
, .H| ? \l . . ... fr ?!. Fl rt
. ,,?|, | Fla. _ I >'? :.-:., apa.-ia,llf
?,|,li, ae i f ?!.?'. ?Baa* at thla ,.rtl.*fl
?:"'U "' ' " ?TRAM-FAiiinCHAIUi
BU la f.r lhe Oalla-a 'fnm **iB
. nui.-iev... .!? -' tare .. . i ? -
r A. * -...lal.
... | Flll I ; ?' ?' l'"r , Bflfawera * ? r.
i,_e flall) afia r I -t. 'i.ir I aad *p :??
4t., la foi na and _.n?a
' '? , ?":,,...,_ .1 ,.?iv. r - a 1 M ?- f '"Hla*
?il e|
,. , ... ;,..,?
,irom -nn Francl* ? ?. -i - ' " K-r-nmry
? -, . , ?" ' p :.. Malla f .i ' - * . ir. .^ f.e
4V .'. ,' .'.-? .,i:.. arhk-li 11 ? Nearm
. ',' , ... 1 r'.j. .."?? *ai -?.;?. a. a.
x ' ' , Aa n *g t*
,.-?;.. .-..-i.i rn. a _ ?; > 1 m.
,,,??,..' U i-ew-Yorfc "t - > ? I. llrltla*
/ , . . , Ralla for Ma - Aua
! , ? ifr, _ 1,... Frawla ? 1 bara Am\y up to
I ,, 1 ;-,.1 . M . '? ' ? ?. al*S*J P**r
, , ' \i.-i..r.a ili ni Tu. .BM). ? :>ae ne.-e rtallr ??;? ??
.... ., ata ,t 11 :a> i>. m
TrVnepai-lflo riialle .11 fr.rxrnr.le4 t . ryirt *f aallln.r alailf
anal the achedula of ? 1. ? .--.*- '? arraaaM >-n thfl |??auinptl<a*
ot rh.-'lr untnt. rmpl d erland nanpit.
?R.|f1ate-ed mall ? . I ' ' r'M.u?nay.
?'? . 11 , . m a* ua ? P laaaaMa
l-.a- He*. Waw fa it S *' .'??? n '-'
tUliqions Xoitccs
\ 0Rt-'\T MISSIONAHY MA:*** MII'.TIMl undef thfl
,li'.-.ir:. af tha Mlaalonai. **-" ?*! "' ' " Mathndtal Kpla
...:... t'lmr. li will ha held in I'aham M E iTiiil-tv .-.ai
ne- 7xb a." and ISKh at.. ..n TlMMaf *_BMB Febru
111 ?Stn at 7 IO 1 k
(H)VFRN'nR IIAr-TIN.ir-v -f l'enna)lvania. will prea..Ia
nn 1 r.i.ik t'.' apanlBfl aalii-aaa. fnllKWm] 1., Rr? lllaha p
a^'rl .* I". FilSa, 1' P . of Fhlladelphla, and llev. lllalmg
w x Nisi'i' n i> nf i.MPit. aad ..them
1 ?>. ? ..|,|?.-t .?' |ha ni.-tln? te t.. .-reate an ini-ia-nalria paih
11.- lui.-reat ln tlie ar. ut un.l arowla_ trdtk r-nnle.1 an at
hi.me ,,ri,| ialr. ?.| tae a.ur Miaai. t\._ 4 s?l-t> M<-tli?1.aa
Bflflfl* and ih,- ("hrlatiau i-ul.ti at* **B*_B_I liavlteal tu at?
NO I'alt.l.KaTtaiN Wll.l. B_ T\KKN.
M l> '' L'RAY*/f-_l>, Chair
A. 0. __UNAKD, _4H-taijc.

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