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- .?__ Fi*)* M.-VtOwed ln th* ilght of lta j
Tln .tuR tru- ilr,i...r llC-USS blll fatherod
?fj;' . u?lra U ? modfflsd prohlbltlon
?_L?r* If pMSSd, r WOMM reduoe the number
.."?,,-= .'t.'-half in n.ust plSCSS and Srtps them
!' eRtlr_7 1" OtlMts Uadsr lt each sppHcatton
lilllUna* would have to be algned b. iWSlYS
jS^iined any othor apptleatlon for on* year.
lim prop*rty-owaera care to atgn sppllcatlona
tor aalo-ma ln thelr own nelfhborbood. and in
Ln. warda the iwmftstt* number could aotpos.
'.'h'v b* obtalned Th.- bTSWSM and Uc,uor-deal
era are STSatljr alarmed at the bare thought of
?,':.:k a hlll becomlng law.
Attsndane* at Mr. Runyon'* funeral ke.pt fJov
.rnor Orlg<* trom gettlng here at hla uaual hour.
It wa* nearly . o'.-lock when he arrlved. The
, IU_1 AsbgaUO- of psrsoM intereated ln the proa
j.octlve sppointnStttS waa on hand to greet hlm.
\mong 'he politiclana hSf- to-nlght the gonalp
about ,? .eg-vea-at-large to tb* Republlcan Na?
tional Conventlon makea lt aeem reaaonahly C*r
ta.;n -ha: Oeneral W. J. MtHkX Franklin Mur
phy, Oarret A H.bnrf and John Kean wlll b*
the men eh MSB._
ThS Krie Rallroad mar.acera have already
c mged thelr tune about track elevatlon. Last
v'ear and every other yeai* they were aeemlngly
oppoasd to it. Since the atand taken last _"?*_
by genal rs Vc .rh_M and Daly ln "holdln* up"
the iiMfganlzation bill, the nfflclala have mani
r.-? '. a dlSpOSltlOBl to OlSCOaa term*. To-rtay
Mayor Waastr, Presldent Browa, of the Jeraey
Clty Board of Worka, and Benator Voorhses bad
a '.ng interview with Presldent K. lt. Thomas.
j B McCullo__tl and ex-Mayor Hewltt. of the
E 8 Company. Prealdent Thomas anld tbat the
company would elevat.* if JSTSS. Clt? or the
Bt A" would hear abo.it half the expenae. Ben
, .? Voorheea ilted attentlon to the fact that
the Pennaylvanla. Lehlgh Valley and Jersey Oen
tral had elevated their tracks at varloua polnts
in the State at their own expenae. On behalf of
jeraey Clty Mayoi Wanser aald thnt the muniel
. ar ?uld vacate certain BtrMtS and depreaa
Others ln order to help along the elevatlon sub?
ject but the city could not and would not bear
any'parl of the expenae. The company rerr
aentatlre* r-faaad. however. to bear the whole
expena*. and. in addltlon |0 many other ohjeo
,,on- they sald: -PMStWB and Passale wlll be
wantlng us lo elevaie pretty aoon. and it Is oat of
the queatlon for ua to loot all the bllla. Bssldss.
lt la not falP.M TlW interview terminated without
Say astttMMHt belng arrlved at, except that
Benator Voorhaes was asked to ascertaln how
much Of the coat the publlc was prepared to
ahoulder Pendlng *nll_tatana?*_it on that pbaa*
, f the question. th* Penator from I'nlon was ,
ask?d to let th- reorganizatlon bill pasa, but he
poHti ly decMned to do anything of the klnd. He
waa smphatlc in anaoundn, hls determinatlon I
to held back IhOS* bllla untll the elevatlon prob- j
i ? , -.arl been dlsposed of. Jarr-s S. Allen. the
Er! S sgt-nt here, wanted to have the reor- I
ajantuUoa blll taken np to-night and dlsposed
,.f one way 01 another. but he was told to
bld* a wee. The Erie people aay that if the
N'e-w-Jersey Leglalature will not give them the
neeeaaary leglalation they can get lt at Albany
or AVashington.
The new Judkiary amendment to the CoOBtl
tutlon Introduced t. night by Senat.r Voor
heaa, wat- drafu-d by V, .111am H. Corblr.. It pro
vider. for a .Supreme Court of nt least flfteen
membera, having equal power, salary and dig
Tiity Tbe (l-iv.-riior shall aasign live of that
number to act as a Court of Appeala. who shall
I | all ln any other capacity. There shall be no
, c.ll-* or Vke-Chancellors. The present
Chancellor, Vlce-Chancellora and Judges shail
eontlnos aa Supreme Court Judg.s. B**lde? the
Courl of Appeals. there shail be law and chaa
L..,y divisions of the Supreme Cmirt. Clrcttlt
Courta shall be held ln every county of the State
by one or more judges asaigned to the law dlvl
slon of tha Supreme Court or by a Ju lf* ap
polntsd for lhal purpoa* The Le_l.latur? may
ve*t ln the Cir ult Courta char.cery powera. sub?
ject to appeal to ihe Appellate Court.
raaSSt* Feb 2,.-The Ktn. John Paljokavlu. for
B?rly of' Braddoek. Pa.. broke into th* Wavonlo
ratholle Church la this stt. at I ?'???*_ '?-aa>'
Tb* POUC* were mwtmnt and prevent-d any demor.
8tra_oa on ihe part of the crowd whlch ^j!^'
He *ame hen. on Friday Wlth a letter from Blahop
.vV_r.ratithi.riy.lng hlm 10 take charge of the
c'-ur.h ?"_?" Thi- TmslSSS ref.isel 10 deliver the
LAcTtZco't ta*S^waa assssaaiy. It ? laarad
?____. __llc? F*th?r Oonroy. of Bt. Mcholaa
Church Sll make M ntteu.pt to s.npoth il.e mat
^er ova'r anJ effect a nettlement without aerioua
irouole. _^._.
8om* of the Cathollc tsjslttss of Weat Hoboken
ar.. diacuaelng the rem.rks of the Rev. A. K. Duff.
mmmtm oi Um UaHsd Prmbyterlan Church of tho
town uttered at the Waahlngton Blrthday exerciaea
ln the maln publlc BOhOOL Some of them ara d:a
puaett to erttlela* lh* pjurt??_???$^Jgg^^
_., r ia, u? Ar.e tlniD.y *? lin excea* oi painoui it i
-ndf?in _H;r.,,,,r ^a^:a ? ss
*__ar_^_-8i^TS6W -cho,::...:,ae "and &?
"x? iZ-^th^MattS-a ih* achool are Cathollc*. and
.SayXi^W ffStSmFAH mt.ulon ln ffi
addreaa. 1 b* paator la ri*port*d to M ar, a. r. m.
leeturer. but lie also iS-HSa ihla.
nn mr_wi association _n_*rw its mm
Pater-o-i. Feb. 2< (8pa*elal).~Tli? New-Jeraey ("heaa
A.-4.clatlon baa choaaa offlcera fcr th* *nauln| iroar
aa followa: PrssMsnt, W. C. Alpsrs. Bajronn*; nra
vlce-prealU..-nt. T. K. Wh.-eler. Ellaal.eth; BWOnd
vico-prealdent. OernaUua Hjrm**, Newark; a* r*t*rj
und u-a-nrar. J. 3. ?haptar. Bsyoon*. Oov*rnln?
C<.mmltte?*-H. W. Pope and Geoig'- C. Thum.
EUsahoth; W h. MaaaatL _-*t_*ldi T. W. c. Craa*,
Lyoaa raraaa: H. Btrnvtwr, Paiaraon: Gaorg* O. (>???
born and J. H. ilopkin. J*r*?? Clty: J 8. IhapMr,
l:..y_ine. A. \eralte. Hob.k-n; ftob*rt GoOObOdy
ai.d J. H. Whlta, Patarssa,' L Btaraharg, C. a. Linie
and L. Bsrastaln, Mswarh; tCufao* U. Cook. H>
bokoti. Lxecutive Comnl l*? W. '. Alpeis. J. a.
Shaptcr, Nathaniej Hyaa?a, ;?' W. C. Craneand _. u
UaaastL Th* a*at an"ual lournaraenl wlll be iieia
81 ilayonne on Waaliington'a Blrthday, 13.7.
? ?. ?
Trenton. Feb. 84.-The Amerlcan Securlty In
vavatmtnl Company haa tlled artl_esi of Incorpora
Uon with the Secreury ol 3tate. The capltal atock
_ _D.0uO.i_-, anu the company wi.l bSgU* bu?ineaa
?rtta _~0.0_i. The objec-ts ot ihe company ar* ?-t
fcrth to be the purcnaio nt bonda. T.io home Olfcofl
la to be ln Jeraey City. 'J".,i; Ineorpoiai.irs are
-'dney WttjAttr, Roocrt CJo"let, ogden tjuelet. H.
T Wllson. W. BL '"uttlng. t'har'.ea 11. Twssd ar.d
Wl'.'ians Fuller. all ot New-York. and Robert S.
"Jreen of N?*w-Jer. ?>. Ih* fee to the Stata for
flilng th* artlcles of incorporatlon waa H.OCO.
ruirrs fine furniture,
Faahlonable deB.gna car. beat be had at tnann
fact_**_.( prlct.
Trenton, Peh. Ci (Spedal). Bo ai - waa ilow in
both houses uf tha Legialature to-nlght. Tha gal
leries and lobbies had thilr uaual quota ol
tatork, aaa all roted the lesslon exceedlngly dull.
In the 81 nate I ' corj rai >n lawa
were paaaad to thlrd ran! ng. Benator V Th ?
Jected tn certaln feaiurei of 1 nator Johnaon'a blll
prohibltir._ th* throwlng ol broket ? ? publlc
hlghwaya <r tha leavlng ol broken >n the
roads for a perlod of more thaa aeven lays. Bena
lor Voorbeei deacrll>?d thla ai .Scycl bll!.
"I am a blcycllat," the Senal ir _a_d, "bul t!
drlving blcycling a llttla too far. It wlll w rh '?
hardahlp in the eaaa of townahlp offieiali havlnj
charge of the roada by maklng then llable for pen
altie3 i:i unavoi.lahle caaea."
To mi-f-t tha vtewi of Benator Vodrhees, the blll
waa amandad bv Benator Johnaon bo bi to protect
offirioip !r. case "Weumatan ??? I eyon ' thelr e ntr '."
prevent them having th- broka n stone c ivered wlthln
the tlma sperifleii. Benator Johnaon likewlie ex
plalned lhat th? blll wai intended to prol raei
rat hor than bleycles.
8---natr>r VoorheeB'a W.l paylng the Bupreme Courl
and Chancery Court clerka each ft.OM Mlary ln
stead of feea, came up on flnal p.?.;.>-,? In t'..??' Ben?
ata lata to-nlght, Benator Kuhl objected l
section provldlng a pen ilty for not maklng rei il ir
rolurno to th.- Btate TTeasiiry of the feea recelved
ar.,'. a general diacuasion resulted. Benaton John
aon an. .klrm sald that there ahould be no fur her
delay, ns the blll oughl to have been p asi I weeka
aga Benator Rogara wanted the Wil lald over io
that lt oo'.-:.i be amended to prevent tltla c mpanlea
from mtiktrt . abstracti and thui reduei tha Bl it
Income. Benator Johnaon Buggeated that the o
almed rn be deall wlth In a separate measure. The
bill paaaed by unanlmoua vote.
In the Houso of Aaaembly there were several
llvely dlacusalona on meaaurei comlng up f r tir.il
paaaaga, and aevera] bllia were paased, whlle many
were aivanct-d on the calendar. The CommlttM
on Rallroada and Canala reported BuHock's three
cent-car-fare bill adveraely, and Mr. Bullock cre
ated eome merriment by practlcally kllllng the
measure by hls own motion, after be had prevallaed
upon the members to refuse concurrence ln the re?
port of the commlttee. When the adverae report
was submltti-.i by Chalrman Lower, of the Rall?
roada an.l Canals Commlttee, Mr. Bullock loudiy
InBlstatd thal the matn ba rs of the commlttee stand up
and tei! why they we.-? opposed to the blll.
"This blll." he s_il "is ln the Intereat of tha
common people, anl 1 want to know ?hc slgr.cJ this
.i'.. rae report."
Tiie Speaker ruia-d Mr. Bullock out of order, aay?
lng the commltte" ivas not compelled to glve its
reaaona for reporting the blll adveraely. The w .?
tlon to concur in the report of the commlttee w..s
made, but Mr. Bullock pleaded so hard, that a mo?
tion not to concur was mov,-'l anl carrled. The
meaaure was then before the House. and tiie
Speaker asked the pleas.irt- of the mt-mburs ln dts
postng of it.
"I move |hat the r?port be not concurred in,"
sald Mr. Bullock apnln.
"You are out of or.er. That actlon has already
been tak'n." said tbe Bpeaker.
YViilie Mr. Bullock was flounderinic about Mr
Kinp. of Passalc. moved thai the 1*1111 - recommltted
to the Commlttee on Rallroada .md Canala, and thla
was tifrra?. d to. Thls motion practlcally killl the WH,
as the commlttee beinic host'.le to it. It will be plaa "d
in the "Commlttee Orav.-yard," where lt will lleep
the long sleep of the peaceful.
There was a llvely d.sc'i.ssion on Senate blils N'os
lf. and 98, whlch came up on final paaaaga in the
House to-nlght. The meaaure provldea for the con
slderatlon of r. general system of i*<-wage dispo.al
for the valley of the Paaaalc iiiver and the preven
tlon of the pollutlon thereof. >.'o. M calls for the
appolntmetit of a commisslon of thre? cltlz'iis to
conalder tlie subject. Blll No. 10 author-.zes th ? _tnt?
Board of Health to oonsider and report upon a gr-n
eral system of dralnaga Eaah bill niakcs nn appro
priatlon to carry out the work aefllglMd. Mr. Keed.
of Bomaraet, oppoaed tbe bllla He aald b? could not
see Why South Jersey, for ln. tar.,e. should be called
upon to pay a portlon oi" the UO.O00 appropriated, as
the matter was entirely local, Por oi.e. h<- w.i op
posed tO the measure on aeveral irro'.r.d.. Mr Skin
ner made an eainest p!e:i lot tli" bllla li- dwelt
at lenpth upon the unhealthy condltlon of the Paa
ealc River. ar.l C ,ntende,| that th" object Of th<* bllla
was general. They Were lald over until tur.rr.iii-c.
A delegaticn of wheeiman came bei" to-nlghl In
the Interest of the Fratr-is blcycle path blll, BU
thori_lr,g taftwnahtp commltteea to ezpend onat-flfth
or tbe road money ralaed annually for the bulldlng
of Mcyele patha alone the blghwaya. Chlef Conaul
Rolert C. Uentle. of Ellaabeth; ?'. K _a< hanas anal
A. D. McCabe. of Aabury Park, representlng the
New-Jers-y allvlslon of tho I- A V.' . were ar.Ig
the delegatlon. The wha i-imen urgatd an amend?
ment provldlng for upeaifi- appropiiatlona at town?
ahlp meetlnga ttrnl this wlll ba mada As won as
tbe blll baeenmea a law the wheelmen say they wllf
hfigln the l.uild!n_ of a blcycle path flve feel wlde
from Trenton to the aeaah i''
Among the fcllls paaalng tbe House tO-Dighl were
the followlng: Houae No. 9%, authorlaing cltlea and
towns to purehaae lands for the purpose of ,-re<-tin?
publlc buiidings theraon; Houae Na U maklng oar
taln the term of certaln horough olflclals; Houae
No. its, giving all Qatllng gun companiea one aa?
alatant surgeon. one hospita! Bteward and one quar
termaster-seiK'aTil: House Na). IM, atithorzlr.g the
city of CaHsalc lo opa.n nt-w .tr'?-is: Benatte No. IM,
provldlng for the rebiilldirtK of Atlantlc- Clty's boaid
wulk: House Xo. H'J, problblting Judgea of <-'ity
Distrlct Courts from practlslng In any other dlstrlct
a-ourt or ln appoal OBBra taken froin any dlstrlct
court. lillls were lntrotluced ln tbe House as fol
By Mr. Mullln?Plslng salariee of lownahln .-"in
mitteemen in flrst-ciasa countlee al I" t meeting for
each member: also, a blll authorlaing townshlp
commlttees to buy electrlc-llght plants.
Ily Mr. Hopklns?Autliorlzmi? tne Oovernor i i ap?
point a commlaalon of three to uo ..re nddltional
lands in Kearny to enlarge the Boldlera' Home
Ky Mr. Harvey?Prohlbltlng the appolntment of
any detectlve, conatable or pollca offlcer as a-i.-rk of
any Giand Jury.
Hv Mr Cagney Ri iuirin_ th" North Rlvaer ferry
con.panies to laduce ferry faraa to iwa, centa a
After the adjustment of the Houae to-nlght th<
Commlttee ,,tt Ra Ir i an I Ca tali l-.iv. ;i batarlng
to a Inrg'- do'.egatkMi of promlnent Newark poopl,
on Mr. Sltinner'a measure provldlng for tha conatruc
tlon of an armory ln Newark. Th.- delegatlon .u
ciudej Eiljah i:. Oaddl , Bamual Hoaaland, El!,
B. Ward, Judga Mott, WUbur Doremua, Judge
i-'ort, ex-<'ounty Clerk Bamuel Sr.ith, .'
Sklr.ner and l ,'tr .in. anii Colonel Brletnall, Judge
Advo_ate Johnston, Paymaater .' B. Bch_
and Hur_a-.ni Davld L Wallla ol thi Ial it. - i
Jndga-Advocata Johnaiwn ;? ..i<it- tr.i princlpal speech
He .said Newark wanted .,ti ai n ??? . w .uld
cosi *_'.".'?". it ??- would rontr.bute the
dlfference betwt<_ii thal and the amoi
would be aaked io ir/proprlate. The u.ar-1 of l-'rea -
holdera. he sald, ha. prov.ded ., plol ol ground 400
by 'J*i fc-et. upon w.iich the bulldlng could ..?? placed.
Ilt ll.Dl.Mi AND LOAN AB* >CIAT10NBOPP__ ! sk.'.'a
T.'lt J"i(X.'VN"S BILL
' Trenton. Peb. J4 .Bpeclal).?Th Senate Cammlttee
on Plnanea gavi a I arln . thls afternoon on _?.!.
I tor Johnaon'a blll, whlch llmlta the amount tha:
i bulldlng a:..i losn aesoci.i on ? may borrow. Joh.i
| P, I>ar.drlr.e. Charlea I'.-yor and U"llliatn Cud.ipp, of
Jersey Clty, n prei. n'ln_ .i nui.-.lter of bUlkMng and
loan aaeo-latlcna, appeared ln oppoaltlon to the bill.
Mr. 1'ryor as.d there :\ah no iaw at preaent to pr,
vent the aseoclatlons from borrawlag, :iih.*nigii the
law does not ape^iflcally permlt lt. The Indorsa
mer.: of the direnors holda each Indl.ldually re
sponaible. The Johr.aon b 11 wlll leg.iilie bOtTOW I ,
an'l .n ao far ;t rneets the approv.il of the assoc.a
tions. but th. limit of M par cent of as-a*,* or :o
per cent of annuu! reccipte !? too amall. In ol.o.
asso.'iations lt wiil make aa dlffer nce, but lt wlll
ae*-i"usly ,rpt>l' oew onea If the pereroiage lim.t
waa .mre.-sed to 7". per cen. it m'. bl W >rfc,
Ur I-analrine s_i-J that youri.t assocU.i.ns bad to
borrow moaey to -___<? i atart. and the mi. 11.
re wra oould oo reUed upon to BA lhe llm wlthln
:h? aafety llne They generally b >rrow fr im lUftO-O
_ tSfBTai the otart, Mr, Cudllpp Baid ba repre
unted the Llneoln Loan Aaaadatlcn, of Jersey Cljr,
wh ch ha, M membera and I800.M-J ln aaaata H<*
tavored the Vii ao far aa It related to lr^ai.-it.g
oanfl bu'. be sald the llmll wna **?tlrel> too low.
T; o UmlUtlon of the Ijins woald Inor-.iae the
premium to siu h _n ex'enl that poor borrowers
t atand the e_|
Th ? hearli I'ow _ T.ator Jn-.n
thera Intereated to appear before tne
e immlttee.
Trenl -: - Benator V
t- .!?,., | -...- |pht a na w ret of coi
tloi 1 ' " '
Collins ? ary Coi
mlttee lasl wi ? k. . idc 1 ? Bi >rcr ? ?
. ? ton : ? iv. rnor to remil
rd ns In aii .
ment. bul tha Legialature may mmli i
;., .i Board of Pardons, of whl h thi ' ?
I - _ men ba r, and hls vou sl aii bo n
granl any pardi n or rera - i i _i e
The Judlclal power is veat**d iti a courl foi Ihe
trlal t In ; ichmenls, a Buprema (' urt. a pr<
rogatlve co irt, clrcult courta, and
? iw . xist, and aa may
ii ... : by :.i? The an endmenta i
Supreme <'- urt shall . onsist of such ,.
. .,.. the La ?? ? itura tn t) _x, b it sha
II leaa ihan fl ? The Justlc. s of the i i
Court aa hitha I ? ! " ''?'?''
ar.d '.:??-'.. ah -1 '??' '
? tha ???? ii t ? I
itlon of thi.
.,,.,??,. Tha E ? ?
have all t1'- Iui l.dia tiam at.d i .wen _ .ich are n ??
po.iv -.-.-i an . II ie Bi
?. the Court of Cl
; and Ai peals. w hlch Iui sdlcti. i
powei - . ? exerclsed li llvia ns. such dl
aa folloa
! rst Law ?''? Isl ?n. In wl e es
the F ii .? in. ' ?'' now e:
. i, judge J i ... have.i ?
'. cond . inei m i ? ? ;
... ? oa i lhe lurtsdlctli ? and p ? Chancellor
u-ery now exl: ; ng.
Thli I Appi 'i.i ...???.. exi r
,:...;: ??' in and powi ra ol lhe ? 'o iri ar
r- ? ,rs and App. als n iw exlstlng Flve ludi ?
whom four shall be a quorum. s_al ? ?
lurisdlctl, ia and powera under ruli i to 1
by the c url Tha Judge of the App I
loritf il ln ' 'tnm' nion i hall be prei Ident ' >'s
... . , ? IttlllK B': ?' Wh ?
i- |( p.,.. M I thal tl ?? Apn< Hate Dlvialon ? ta
led of J idi ? ned thereto bv theOa i-ern
,,.. N |, durlng hls i 'rm
therrln. all in any other dlvialon of the court. rhe |
I, ,]..? n ,t sen Ipr In Ih ? A] ? ? llatc Dlvli on i.l ,
? ... t . tlme be asalgna ri by the C
us a whole, to seivlce ln the Law ai ' fhsi rydi- i
vlgl, | .. ;, i,.tlvelj Tl " of VI ?? -Cl am ???? v i
Is aboli'sh,'! by tha- gmendmenta
EXCISE l!il.T_
(i\ THB UQUOB Bl BIKI M .'"!'. A I.iVlN'ij
Trmtnn. Peh. 21 (gpea-lal) "lf thla blll la paaaa 1
lt wlll bankrupi Jeraa y Clty nnd other munlclp
of ih.- Btate," Benal r i *ly sald ll fl noon I
the Senate Commlttee on Mlaeellaneoua Buslne_a.
mmlttee. . I Ba nal irs R ? -. Vree
lan l and Engle, .- ? s hearlng on c
i'a blll, ra qulrlng liquor lleen
be slgned by twclve freeholders llvlng In the ward
who hn.'. nol Blgned any other appi itlon ? thln .i
year. ' Th i paai ige of tl Is I 111," contlnued the ll" l
y n Benati r, "w lhe
utid decreaae appn lably the revenue whlcl
foara lo mak'- and repalr atreeta at,.i ma
schoois "
"How ab i ? nce aan the character of lhe
gal K>na "' h--k.. i Benatoi Vrea
"Vou can't maka na," anewered Ba
Daly. "flal ? i are all bad or all - I
un the atandp >lnt fi om * al them
Mrs. l.iiiti i Bourne, of Newark, presldent of tt..
Rtat'.- Women's Christlan Temporance L'nlon, sald
that Bha and thoae asi ?;, bei _???
afrald of the "derreaaed revenm I ? I ?:?
by .-'? natoi l >aly " Bha
::,k :tom drunken
Ing poll ?? ' ? ? i- >??..?? ...... y ihi
"The fear of a decreaaed revi I Mn
i . i In lhe leaat. We have
tila nli ... i. .
. v,..-ns.-s \\ '??:?? v. it,: ? ? n ..ii
her of aaloona ao i the ai
t h? tr_i.'..- M i - Boui ? ? ? i '' ? :_ ' Bl
there i.,i ? ... ? ?-? - ?? tha namea ol dead men
.... . -.,-.. I to B|>|
Mrs. Ncttle Cai Trenl By re
dualng the numbei uf salu na wi ?..; ?? i u - lhe
ii|,, na. ea i ,f o ir taxea
ln Ing i Ison fears, i hey
w ild ?
The Rei A. '< i,. wson and the Rev J W Lyell,
, t Cam len, expla I thal
. thlng it v. ,- ? ild, mera .?? whal ?
; ipposed the law to
Court had declai
ara me tl ir La w
son, "ean sign all i
anal men llvlng In a ci:, -.,::, app I a
ti .ti roi a ; - ? -a
Blchard *_ Cunnaey. s hotelkeepei n Reaeh if.i en
Ocean Count; sal i i hai the blll ? mld be t
tlve tn thal I '" ? ,. whl. h hai a imall re leni
; .. itlon and was dependenl upon the ? ??
"Tliat ean ba met hy . >.. ..;>t.n;- seastale ??
from the operatlon of ti ? act," al l Benator Rogers
i,n :!..- suggeatlon of Benal ir Daly the com i
agreed to hold another meetlng na-xi M nday at -
o'rloch for the purpose of i.-ii^'ru; brewa i, liquor
?l.-.iia.ts snd othera Intereoted in the meaaure.
_ . ?. ?
n.i.t: ;.\l. CIQAB M.iKi:.'i
The rtav. Oreg-ory Hniahka. pn. v: of tha Ontek
clmrch ln Chettnut-ave., Jeraey Clty, has acceded
tai tbe demand f hla congregatlon and itm bui
rendered iis keya lo Pather Mltcow, who la tem
... tupj ing the pt'ip i Pather Hi
'.?;?., , . -. I d nol Iti ita
lu [j ated in the Pederal court. Tha polia ? offlclals
antertaln the opli ' a( ihej hava u Btrong ?.,
agalnsl the prieel nd thai mt lon of m klng
, i^.iri wlthout a llcenae la Inevitable.
? -?
Prin ' I' <s ??'? iii The Prlnceton h .????
i,.,.i si .i oi i ? ??" i"- ii/ .v.th the pr i tnlnary p. ? ?
[n th ? -?? :' ?' '? -flve . ti Ild iti i ? ipon le .
., c.,i,ti:i liradley'a call ind had .?n hour'i
ln ti, ?! i ? tlce ond bal i ns a
vacant Theae ire 'atcher, flrai b ie, second b_se,
i top end one oi .11, ...
men t'.r ll? v i. mcl. s are Cochi ' i . i r, '?*),
., l Buballtute Kelly, B. fo t ba
,i;.,l Bull r :? . for -? to i .. i- . \.. I '96; _ I i
'17, an 1 l"a ' . .- :? v '"' i
dee '91; I' "? ? .iii, >m ? .
?, |_, ni : --..a. ' . .. : ,..'?; Bte
'., ..,,>',, ':" ::.V[. ?;., ,i ,: i. Re .jl ,i
pi irtti e wlll ti tbe a i* t'H the wi
perml '! I ? ??? ' ? ; ' ' ' ' ' ?' '?*
p.i'n.i .I . iptaln ? f ' '..? fri im.in i ne lY'.i ?
: ? OUI ag bj th. |. ? 11
i ing tn.11- !>y thi tn ar men.
IlI.N'ltY IIA'.I.. _ ''? >N ? I'-T C*OOK, W IL1 Of IN
Al I'Nl I"' ?:.' i.
I). nrj il -il' a irs ? ? ... the Hu Pei
Itentlsry at Bnak< terday i
;. ?? ?? i kil
IVI Ha the day I ; ? ' *tt -????'
n the unlform of 1
;, fi i, and
: tkly ''?? ? : '
aty Clty, Hoboken an I '?
Bad ar ':.;" . ' ?? ' ?
fugltlve '.' id n.,t been . >i tui I up lo lati
lasl nli ...
H*.i, ib fl P me, ind .?:.?? t ? .i .
a >nal thlef. He waa i n II
? , :., ?? itentl a .
i ..?..-..:? a'. t . ?? ? ? ? 1i"
. .. n j ? .r. Id. and ? I I . on*
.,'..., . . 'li. .i >'? " Hot.
New-Tork Cltr ^
Arllng'.on. reb. I ? B ? ?? ' " '?' of Ar
llnct .. wer. veil-known
citlzfns fallln ' ib to pi ralytlc itrokes In rai i
iua ? sal mi '1 be ?? ' ' "? .:'-1 ? '? < ? '? th, .i.e .
malady waa Jamea Freeraan, propr tor ol I ae
man's Hall, one .1 the
'i .-s m ? ean i He wns talkli i frlei l m
Medland-avt ia: ... '? ??? ?' '? he th.-ew
:,., hi, a:.:.i and pltcPa > ' ' ?? lai ? hour h"
was tn an aziremel* '' '?? other
vIctlmB are Jacob G. rgen. . i i> ?"'>,.',^1 }'?
v-. ||ves ln Elm-st . and V. ......m ? raft. ot Elm-i ??
u :? -tn- nclgtibor ot Oergen
remaRXABLE recovery OF ax old
Rl ? v ? ? . i. v : \: ..;?. - ... A . RIEXU
?, ' !* U-_.
. .eb. 21 .-'; :l il).?A st iry of a
-4- fi nm " h b ar* ln
rejpccti ? ?
I ln Ni w-Brunawl k. \'. Illlam
!*??.. ty yeai i
lent, liv ??.- .1 'i .??.-.- . il ? . ai ii thi i
. | '? . \ v ? ?' '. . '
? , . be . He a ' ? *d tl
it an.? ? ? -
; . . ? ,-.>?' :- vr i i a : ? 1 i. ' ?
;i ' ? ? -?'.... 1
...-,: . ? man lay.
- -. i 1. i i fa.-t, !.;.
? . . . - II a|??? ? '
. ?; | . Ic.ith wa* n ni i ia Uy ..-.
'\ :? ?? ? fnnm'.y g oup waa thua aorrowfully aur
;. ..i.. ? . . .??.:?? ln th* J
, th* f ahari ly, - n th.>
; I .. m ....-..,
..-.. found l e Rudolj.ii
' 1 i: , er of
, Mr.
.. i ot kn .wn of I
: ? ? ? ? '. . r l . ?
... er ..ii ?? ti. ?? In llfe i he
r . . . bi .? ippa ? -
i, a an
. ; *.i l th ? '
. Ur trti l-l^r.
"I ..- cr, ln a hardl iu lible
?.. -.
.\I . .'. ! . tl* 1 r le. gi
.. . '.. ;. i i ,.ii l ...; I: ?*( '..n . iw, ??' l
i. . . . ? li; cheer .,-. you ??? .'??? ? a
-: . ii? i an unuaual tcreal > ? Mr.
i. k* *a :?<
I hy the v I " ?
? ? . . m. ar.d i n for the u* In
: ?
' ? *Ir. Becker n a i
out the ai I t'.mca to
r .., '. .. i , . I . r .
a,. in bed ii, ' a, |:
"i.i a r I'm jolna to Bel ??? '? J':1 '??'' to ?
u :: h yo i in ,i w.- k "
:? ? tlnueai I ? ire, and
. ? -?, ta ri i i , h I r-1 ' i. a-'. ? i.-t thn
..?...;..-' :.:.. :I .? ;
Ira from the grave
Tha funeral ol Th.lore Runyon, Ambanador to
Germany, took place yeaterday afiernoon at Bt.
Methodlal EpIacopflH Church, Newark. Not
ihe 1 ?:? .! ..' Thi ? ?: ???? Kn llna huj ten, lhe dl*
atateatnan wi.'. waa Becretary of Btatfl
under Prealdent Oarfleld, ha* th*r? been Buch a
rlni a,f citlaena at th.* funeral a.f any
n ln Newark. Th* church waa HIM, almost to
overflowlng. with tl.?* i.- it known paopl* ln tha- 1 ity,
? wia. unable t.. n.ii" admlttance t.. the
.- I, ! Rroad-at f'.r bloa ka, In ..r.i- r to
ratch a BlImpM Of th* ri.rl.-k-- as lt pae**d l.y on
? tl lery. All over th* clty bu
: 1. r.r. : from all the publli bulldlng u I
. hou*** flagfl were dlaplaycd at half
inail The faca l? <>f tbe Clty H .1! waa ahi >uded ln
I | ..? ia of a-rup.- depended from
.url tb* portlco* of the hou*** of
.- itlaan*
li ..r tha church, to whlch Mr Runyon for
U rtj vnri waa attached. th* *mblcm* of *orrow
wera pi Th* chanc?l waa hldd*n under
I.., k ?? where two f**toona "f Am*rlcan
... 1 Oerman national colora rrtl*v*d lh* mournful
? r?**rvcd for frlend* ol th*
ran.ll) i... nl and ; ofl >? >, and
1 to whlch
. . .1 i he f ini ra party and the
, , ? ... .ii.a in the front of
? ... . ilovernoi GrigS*. Adjutant-Oenemi
1 ?nd th? 1.. *..-.?tt -. ?- i-ommtltfl*. conaUUng
, ?tora Thomi 1 lohni m and K*t< ham
nd Aa*. mblym. n v. alltna ?>'.'
i:'. |, wera il l lh? lefl ..f ihfl pulpil Mem
I ?, . ...... . ,1 . atafl and 1 I the boai
1 une \ Iclnity 11
. .. ... wera I'nl 1 - ,*-'*,r, *"'""
? Parker and I
. t ..:.. ? ? ? B Ward, John A
? '?""s __ ,,,"' '_'
f La Wllllani A
..... 1 :. .1 im< :. 8. HI?
.- i- Huwell .11 1 Horacfl Alllng.
A rr .i.i'.-r of m.ir: . I. -nt BonU plece*. Ind II -
ih .... ;. :?? th* En peroi and Bi ipr_ ? ol Ua rmany,
.._!.. ? ,i aii ng th* fi >nl ol th* ra atrum, an 1
a .,., . rhltelllle*. Mr Runyon'* favorlte flow*r,
I th< incel and th* organ balcony, Th*
? .!,., tl) |n fronl ..f th* pulplL :<--. plaln
black 01 illi e waa relleved by a allv*i p! il ? 1 ?
:,.,,. ? ?eodor* Run>on, L'nltfld Btatea
Aml.. r to Germany, Dl*d Jai ?? y tl, Itti "
and .1 mall Amerlcan flss and iwo floral plec**, one
lhe irll ?? of Mm Runyon, tb< othar lhat ot tha
! ?'?"" . , a.
1... funeral party aa emhled at t 1* homa* ot Mr*.
.1. . m i inj.... - m ithi r, In Htll-at. It
ii., : ..;. .? n.-.j. , k T and L Chauncey Runyon. thfl
a.; ..... ..:....-1 - .. t< :? l'n ori' A . Leonard F.
nnd VV. Ia Kruen; Alexander H. Johnaon. Dr. II ikM
1, ,.?.,; and Mr HaaMn*. The pallbearera, who
um. elceii ! iv Mi ? Runyon. w.-r- Roberl F. Hal
?.,,,, : ,. , harli-i boi hei Ing, John i' Dryden, Amal
l>oal ? lu Id A !"|. ? J Frank Kort. Fredei. it
ita-iir.- i, .4 ??. 1 . Wllllani ft Oulld, Oarrei A. Hobart,
!?? Wolco J .. 1011, Diomaa N M<' 'arter, Alex
UrGlll, Kranklln Murphy, 'i neral J i\.
I luni? Cortlamll Park?r. IVilllam A. Rlghter, Ben
Inmea rtmlth n . wllllam Stalnaby, Eugene
V mden ? ? i.i'i li- Wrlght
When the rei itlvea o.' Mr Runy ... h 1 I be*n Beated
ri..- Rev. Dr. Ha -.:*. Baka r. thfl wat .1 .1 the cl
ma ??? the 1 ;a.... alton. II- 44.1a fall ?.-. ? I bv rn- Rev.
111. H_i ;.? m I, v. ii 1 rrni 1 . rlptur 1 ? ? ? ? lon ap
?, to th 01 ? !?? loi . ' ? r. Ulah >p Andrewa,
..f the Newark 1 1 ? offered .1 lotag an.l f*r
\. nt prayer, ln whlch h? exi )lle l th< nr my 1
tlanllke \ mr. a of th? di a l and 1 x, r. -r - 1 hla
pal ... thal of the peoph .r lan ? >? the b ?
reava-d fami<y. After mi niith.-m. "There a .1
w ii :., aa .11 tlod'a M- ?" y," by the Men l la
(juartei the llei i" Bakei pronounced lh* eulogy
upeaker'a I 1 ? . ........ wlth Mr It m) >n
rr, ide hlm 1. tl ' moal lli per*on In thfl )
to da liver the funeral oratlon. As paator and Irlei 1
hi knen Tha >dor* Runyon better, pt-rhapa, than
man) ? .. ma kn iwle Ige ol thfl man exta n led over a
.:,,.. .,,, 1 it ma* wlth d'.fhculty thal ha could
rtatrutn . ie*ra .?< ln- apoke of me vlrtuea ani
man ) ol th* latfl Amba*aador. ln parl
1 ? .- 1. ! .
"Mod?at, homellke, flndlng dellght In qulet walka
an i loyal a irl , The lon Runj. b< ra to a
wider ihan I imi itlc coaetll ? 1 1 ??- ratber ag
1- tra witi -. to hla ma :i r md th
n!t) wlth whlch he Rllcd hlgh placia for many
... pie 1 ..1 -. 11.. ig over thfl blll '
New-Jeraey h*pp) and contented wa* the begln
an 1 lhe Ambaaaador of ih greateat of n
, t| . .;.. r. : ,.: 1 nr, rea * ll th* Bl L Be
iwei.. th. - ra ? >rda runa 1 oui - ? of paib n. eulture
?ii. ii ? mded In th ? .??h.a-v -
. r.i .,[ , n.... . nd .-?? mm itrli a bjaji i ;o H.a
? ? iv. 1.. ri ked under i hippy at.?r. ' >f H -
lhe guir-k i.i Ighl and Ja mtl ia aln
ccrlty of b'.a f-.ra 1 I ? 1 1 1 ? * ' ?' m Inn 1 tance ol
i4ii_llty oi hla ehai ict< r.
??T ? .... I.
? ' ? .,:; ?
? 1
III ns to tha
full Ihe worl I of thought and j
? .!? ?
?I I
aowled-e - ?_?.?
? 1*1 ..li .i.r "" ?N' ?
II and . . ipl .
an 1 ? ?
,. .. : 4.1. . r. .1 th made .1 1
iri . ? , 1 1 .. ,. i? .,,1 1
... 1 (, ?. '. : . 1 ? . . .n. ana
hoped fcr tll
| r-^1 V" '.'
I to I ' ? '
, ,f phtlal Iphl . former ) 1 ia
...-,?.. ? ?? .
' ???
M nu 'I int I'em to; ', ?'. " '
. . \ iult. Kl ..: burlal ???
.;?. . ,,?.. ? [ra. R nyon fr rn
? 1. || thoughl her* thsl th*
nd ln a Jerae) ntl ? lotel y? ter lay, r/ho
,?. ; . | a* "li. .1 Ounn, Boai n, M i*?.." araa
,, , 0unn wh | ?.,,. pentenc ! to Btate nrlaon aboul
,,, ?. y 1 1 _k , for t: m ir !<?? ol hla tathi 1 n
i, .... | ,,,: .,;,?: ab*)ui a yeai
, . v. . . :??,. thirt) yeara ..Ll. A.i-r hla pard 1 .
eured vwnk li 1 Bhop in Whlt.-mn. ai.I lt laa
:-i-; i.rta-i thal h- wnt av.ay from ther.* .s<*v?-ral
montha e_o.
Tha Qt_gl C'iub, oreanlzed by thi R tpubllcan su.n
ngressmaa Lemuel E. Qulgg, h_d a
loi ?;- ontlnui I and Joyous entertalameni last ?> -
b .? m the hall on ond Boor of the house No.
?,i\ Amsterdam-ave. lt wai a receptlon for Mr.
Qulrsr, to whlch maay of hia poiitual frlenda bad
? ted, and the hall waa packed tuil of the
bllcana who hr.J recelved Inv.taUoon Thei"
refreahmei ta for Invlted gueata, at:d plenty
ol .,,. b-maklng, mualc and fun for arerybody.
and rtoj-daaces were mixed aritb oratorj
... i thi tiij'ti... txerctsei I tl Ing I
an l thare m r ibo it two I aen . 11 .rm in ?? - m
. rinted . rogt ni to it through the
erei te:- ;. irt . ' the nlght.
? .i. Dunn, presldent of ti e club. was the pre?
I , Boor of the evenlng, but be had Congn l
maa ... -i at hli rlght ha.id. Other .nen o;i tne
platform wen v . Itr ng, C i n lamsn Robert
a: .'.v;: ', v towa; a I Od.-ll. Jr.. of Xewburg;
.. mblyman a. C. Wllaon, Aldermen cn.-oti. Rob
'.: -.1. . .. Gel , rai 0. H. La Qrtngi,
presld -t of the P.re Department; Abraham Qru
ber, r ? ra * L. Ham II in, Q ? --?? ?: ? Ib all,
A. Bberman, '.'h:?rie.j Bennett, Oeorge R. Man
? :i ll. Qunna r. Mr. Iv,..:: .,; ? ed thi
wlth an ad.-. In whlch he to.d
.,:' t. , of lha Quigg Club in Novem
: | progress i lad ? I the
irat ve .b-.ur::v to .'an. r | I
? ?.- of t'-e club were ..' Mr. <?!.... how
i . ? luct ln Con
how falthfull) ai. y i. ill hls
He rea ... regrei fi bi ?: ..< rn. r
.. T ?' Pla ? .' I _pe_kei Ham li m Flah, |
i kepi iw iy from the r i ?pi on.
.' ? ..- ? iiu I li. . turn at comj Umei iry
. .... .i .. Ii. .: . . r. i ? , t.. ? club .. fria m ? i poi tr ti
Dunn, .i-i i told wh it .a f_i t Mr.
i > iti-. i; i m ,.i for i.i, club \i mb*i?> . : the i i .
pri wlth e ich ot.ier In
foslon bj .lt :r ; ppla .?-..
>' ? tti ??. rtrodu 'l io maka .i !
I - u. :, ".is v?...v:
i! for u.. to be i.' re to
? thi i ilk. lu lake ;i night o/I oi ?? In awhlle." ?
T Mayor over n i < ? 1*1 : il
t tipped a -.'..< I rybedy in 8lglit, i.r.'i .- in- .
i tt thla li boi i non
; .:'.'?
Aii ? .r. rrlmenl greeta l bla litf.e Joke,
a -.- '? I! -..- I .. ' ? . Ill
Tii ? v ? \: " ? . ? .i ! : ? : it- "i v >i i .' ? n
not been th. .i wl i n I
r ive hnd a chanco
!ca i ? '? ' hav t.o rt.in (Lau hter ati 1 ,
... . ?; . R ?; nbl n i ougl to be ln ;
the fi I i .vern nent r '
? ? '
'??...:.:::.: ' bell '. tliat '.'?>?? '''.
.' ?... . .' . \ v-- . ?
rter - Wh 'ever ffl d by the
i: Nal -. :l Conva nl in ; b. ind t.i b ?
.????.',. .' >. an i know ii wlll be Oov
. . ? . i .., ? ?? ,i loi Ta 'tlve
11ona of the nnt ry
on ler 1 n ?
lhe .'?:'.. ' . :?
mlng ip the llsnste had I
. the lata ? . ? . ti of ? iti
Istrs !"t.. h^ ?? I: "Th
", r Umei i irt so ro m aa tl t lhat they
n endure pr.ii ritj n n in ru >, I' -
ad of thi 11 ruie. W
ii re hegini h . recoverlng
fr .ti the ??:?? isl -? prof in II
n ? ha\'e lt ig iln iL lughl r.) , ? - and
Ic i tre slllta ? om '?'
? break oul at leasl on e I gener itlon."
ai. ins. iter.)
Oth r ip*akTi and s aumber i i rs u !
da. rs kept the audience amnsfd untll n la*e l
Ai ? : tii" latter noeakers w r? Qeorga rt. B Iwell,
B, it aai.ii. jr.. and James A Bherman.
Alheri Btetaon, the luror who charged r>.* Lancey
Nlcoll wlth rauslng a mlatrlal of the actlon to in
apir<. In'o tha- tr>a ntal condltion of Daniei Levy, ai>
peared agaln late yeaterday before Juatlce Book
?taver, ln Parl vi, of the Bupreme Court, to show
cs ise whv ii" ihould no: !,.? punlshel for eontempt
urt. Whecler H. Pasckham appeared for Mr.
..-a-t - II.
It. Lancey Nlcoll teatlfled that Mr. St-tson had
accused hlm of "putttng it up wlth the ,-.urt" to
g-i the jury dls, hargi I. He aald on crooa-e_a_____'
tlon that the only Inference to put on the lan_u_ge
, .Mt S-. v-.,n wus tluit the court had -onnived
ut t!i.li.-me.
"Now, Mr. Nlcoll, you are niakint* a aerioua
? ? ik ai- -t Mr Bl taon." sald Mr. Paickham.
?i know lt, but be ma ir a *er;.u.-, charge jgalnsi
"'??u. ;i never mlad about you, kt'a what be aaM
ulKiot the '' .urt." . , ., ,, ...
.. i mlnd wh.it h-> aald about me. .all .Mr.
Nlcoll . ,___..
we can ai .? .ae of you later
-Noi wlthoui ii.. having i .mathtng to pay. re
'"i'm'?? rt'l' i ote the e.ijhth Juror in the _a_e, was
auoted by Mi Bteti >n ?' saylng: "Nlcoll 1.1 tha:
, . .,, '. .: i i- t iklng thls nt. aaure to
set out of It." Mt Koote wa ... ? i t , :t,??-?..,:. I.
?iilal vou use th.- iiln^ua?,? attributed to you by
Btetson?" as aske I. ...
;.ii nea. who wys n." exclalmcd Mr. r mte. I
i inythlng of the klnd. Now aak ma wha:
1 \,' u aak hlm whal he dW aiyT' ea
. ikham. "H ? la trembllng lo tell
r?-i do noi tremble aa much a' your man Bl
dW retorted Koote. "When be w*a here Prtday
n sald to b m: "Thls ls the lai im.
;,,,- i"l m. here thls la aU a pui up lob. \uul.
D< ...i gel me h. r i aga ?
_;.-t..3.oii '.iah raaerved.
Miss Ada Delmar, twenty-four yean old. wha
u,. i with ber mother and two slsters at Na. 2U ,
West Dne-huiidri-d-.ind-iilt.'.iitii-i't.. dle.l i-sterday |
maipractlca Mra. Btevena, of No. :n Weat
Porty-second-at., ama accu_ed In connectlon with
the caae, aad was paroled by Coroner Ho hor to
u .,..ir at bla ifflce thla mormng. when an investi
gatlon an t" the death of Mlaa Delmar wlU ba bo
gun On tbe Coroner-a warranl Profeaaor Manuel
A Carrcno, a native of Vene-iuela, fortj yeara ci.
, . .i , i , i ps in Stern's Ac.demy, ln
k?,-..: mttn-M.'.;::.'? "Afth-aw.. "***"*??<> *\
, ., ? i ? Uetectives Keliy and Oalaaher, and
MVhli-"i Tt So. M Waat One.hundred.*iid.
?ixteenth'-t _^_.
There la no toubt thal Oacar Hammeratelna
bl |.Marguertte." la b populai succe_a at the
Ulytnpla Mualc HalL The houae baa bean canatant
i ',. ..,, ,.,...- .ii ,?,. the ban st was put on the ?
u,"'i,. ure ty tableau* and dancea an tn h s
;",:': ' ,,1, ?? , ema to ba no reaaon wty lt
,,.; be ? .in '"??' mi ;!>- ?'"' '"
ii.. ;' manca :onsl i
t thai :s no i.'" -? ?? ? '
. .-.
, .. i i.a - ..'
? ? ?
;;',"'?,, i' ,rta. the mu?l.*:a.i; oiiu.i, the
ijbriiti ind P. Castor^V* ii . change ariiat
,;,,.,. >n all iti- trav. la pr .hahly never aaw
funnlei Llllputlans than the llttle Ber.gaUs, or
u .. iirobdlngnaglan fantaatlcs ihan lhe glan:
luced by the Karkina, on thelr Amer:
,..U1 , but al Pro 'a Pl ? ure Palace yesterday.
Th hea - eat, drlnk, eapreaa ecstailc Joy and
-. .i.? ii ? . I ara ogethor u.h iua Int't
': ,,i .. m> giui i .i ., :.- pei u tn ? at ? a.U t '???>
j-. ... i - a honi tha '??.,. mi 'i
. | . ...' who ure noi ifrul.l. " ha r i ei form
, .. n i- rosB lhe * i ai .- ai l Llttle, who
j <_y un many od i i um The :; le-l ar ea
i,,., . ..: ., Mn lo- Uu im rrlo ire t \\*. r
l,ii ,-,, . (leorgi '.?'.-..? a-e in
: : helr Six '?.'?' ? ,: -tt .-:>;.
.?t have i new song, "The Pejrl
i Kound ln bi ? - ... ' ? >?? ?: .. Tha tcha r s (utu
|ln tii- nen monologue. Thu vnier.can Trla have
? -i- ich. The Aillsom are a
., ? Dolan and L nhai ?. I ns and \ anl,
, ? ? . lili ?? . ., ', Kllroy an I Ra ^ -
aon. Bryani and Ri hm. Ada I .w.-.le, thi Cl.f?
fo,-1 s aters, Cradoc, Bherman and Morioey and
i. ' ? ??
.'.i u' n itcher and i'aplnta are forerno.it tn tv.
r j lar forces at Proctor's Theatre, Twenty-thlrd.
..;.. ? ii..- t.. ? iiii-.s.-i1 i,'others In
Irlsh ucrvint-girl grotesqit v and the burla ua
of '"i);, Two Orphans." Palke and Semon, ??? ''
i ; " . i i : :: ? , ! ! I ' :::.,! I IrantO an! Maud ?? ?
. . i.i . Pul ler Newhall, who Bings vell:
P.eMs and Lewla, par Iy slngera; Her, Burke and
R.nJall, i .ii....- Carroll, the Morelloi and thelr
? i. da .. O'Brlen and Havel, ln "A Ni wab. y .,
Coui ? ?.. v ?? four Mosera. s r ib ii Iui .' rn; u in
,; r. .:, and (I r - Orlm --. Bad ?? May. Paul
ki ul -w.iiie i.loy i. cbaraotar singer.
To y Paator*a Theatre is ^t n too itiuil far the
crowda th.-u come to the contlnuous perfaarmaacaa.
REUABU J NO ?U.t, hi.-.h .1 ...it M BBd la.W
i pri ' h t.) bs four.,i BBywhera <-i*e.
ARPtiTS. { !.?; u ..reJlt, 1,H ?\>?t Mth Str^ot.
860 Broadway. Union Sq. ii IStii SL
H ro^ni^ |N Brass t lR0N
I 6131 For Interioi.s, Open
Oar ann Fortnalrli-e ?nil SIio|i?.
The posularlty of thla form of cntert_lrrmc:u la
ai.nply aatonlablng. l*. ls now ? ?< nda ted at fiv*
ln town, aad n.n* ( them *e*a_> to hurt
the othera ln thi leaat. Al Tony P_etor*a thi*
w.-.k the attractlon* nr* Mi** Annl* ijahler, cham
p.on cf rilli and ahotgur. Kic* and _.mar. MM
.. ttie Mitchell, Ei ina and Huffman, _eat*r an.l
\V 111am-, parody duettlat*; _ i R utt, ?-rlo
com.c; H.M 1 ? '?? er, Al Leevea. CharUa **>a
m.-.n, a_ rh,- town i matabli ; M *a BLttl tCuraala,
ett<; th* Roberta. i a _ ? Trto, in *
mua.cal ipeclalty: th* m i larac'.er v.vallata;
Ca:r?ryn R **'" Palmer. Th maa - bl .tt. the boy
i - ? 1 by Wllllam Hawimond, and
T U'a London Marioneiua
Coacerta y,o na, afternoon and ovi-ning, at the
r le MuaSe, nr ; tha araxworka, ssw ani oll, are
.. . tlon.
Coroner Wllliasa (yMeagher, who sras taken lli
wlth pneumon.* a fa*w claya aKO. dlod at his. home,
No. 427 ...ist _1ghty-fourth-Hf.. a*. II o'clock l_~t
night At Bia D-.viai.le v,eiv Dr. PBUIp (."-anlon and
Dr. Ja:. ??? l)
:. rai wUI take place on Thuraday mornlng
rr. 10 ov.-v. al Bt. Montca's Chureh. The burlal
; ... at h.:> Croaa Cea_e_*y.
Coroner 0*M*acb*r waa born on January IK, i~_L
ai K.laenaul*. County Ttpparaiy, Irclaad. He wa*
. luca ed !:. tru- p<!_..<? acbool* aad al yj-cn'* Col
waa a a holar lr _r: aini aMd-O-M.
..: took ':.. Ilr*t prlaa tl t.. UMB la .^,2. ln Utt
1 to ' London aurgaon. Ha tvas
? , ... . . ahlp iow.i, trom Quaaaatatrn
io .s.-w- .:(.. iti iv-, ui... w.r.s graduatca iriim lh*
. i.: of tuo Ualvsraltjr of :he City
. ; \ ?-. - rjf .11 U_7. _
Fror.i IS-D to ix_ ho w<4? Kd.t.r of 'The New-York
i r - -, thi _rat weekly ine.i. al lourasl
i : Btate*. At in. aarr.e limc ne waa
a und phyalcaa to at. Vtnoeafa iio?
pltal. iri lr/. iie w_s phyalclan to lhe N.w-York
l);apen*ar>'. STom lot.; to IMt he '.*....-> mrgtM ot
.,,:! and .?-'_! K stmenji ol New-Tork V'o.un
teera. Ite v. im a member of tho Beeond Oorps Ex
_ir.li..M,' Board, ar-l wa- __rgeon of tne ffna ltegl
i:., :,t iu 1871 and 1871
Dr. 0'M?agh*r waa Burgeon-Oeneral of ;nc 1'ta.e
m . .... In IS74. <".* Novem_er ti. UfiM, he ???_*? elected
t'oroner bj l"_,_S voten. to Johi :<. -)__'? _.,__
\ rea H* wa* a fetlow of the *..;.i.e MetLca. Aa?
aociation an ; a rui....i'<r of Lbe l'a>_l-__aa' Mutual
_d Boclety, th* Celtlc Medlcal Club, Mllrtai.
:? rireone' Aaeoclatlon, Uae._i Boclety and ve_r__t
< .roa 69th Rcglmeut, M ighefa brigad*. Oorootr
O'Meagher ,e_ve. on. _?.:. tter, th* w.fe of V. C
"Triu- P?UiOtl*m" v, is tb* BUhl**t ?t the Preaby
t.r;aa L ni.n BBMtWg laat cv.a.:_ -8 tne Hotel
Brunawtck. Tr.e B9*ak?r waa the Rev. V.'. G. Fud
dtfoot. tleid aa-cretary of the Congresatlotial Hom*
aary ioctegr, and the -nu-l. wa* .uruuihed by
J. ii bd-er, barytone; Mra. Florence B. Joyce,
planfaBt ?"'! the lllsies Reynoida. vlolm and 'cello.
Mr. Helder. who la the cr.or.ster ln the Kourtb
Arenu* Pl**byt*_an Church, uang "Two Orena
dters" ar.d ??Kt-urrecti-n." and the trlo piayed
??St?ra*n,..ie,?' "AdaKio'' and "_oin du Bal." Thfl
audUOCfl sann at the cloae "God tJave the State."
W'lillam N. <"ravar preaided. and arnonjc the clergy
men ur.J o.'Tic.ra uf Preab.vler.an ShMtChSB prSSSBf.
many of v hom wcrc- accompanled by thelr WlVOB
and daughtera. were the.-e: Mlr..n'._ ??-?<_. W. *.
L! ich. H-ward Dutrleid. John H. Bdwards, J.-?ee F.
For-e*. Herbert Fjrd. H. T. McKwen. J. B. MmaSxT,
W C. Rob-rts. C. A. Biod iard. _. B. HMW. w , C.
Htltt J. F. Button, F. H MarUng and tharles L.
tnompson. Xon-mlnlsterlal-Ro-'-rt DaSfB. ?red
"kA booth. Oe.ri-.* W. Lllhgow. W. ti. Cros.i
niaV T. S _ trotiK. John Btew i_t, O-orge S^ S erry.
Warncr Van Nonlen. W. H. W'orrull and Jame.
VMr*np_ldefoot apokfl for an hour but his addnas
w_a ao varlatd ard d?llv*r*d ln .uch an inim.taij.e
mann?r lhat when he trlad to ?top one- or tw.ee he
,,,, "equeated lo continue hla ?xperfmOM. True
.tlim lha si.e.ker aald, was ael form nowber*
? "biy Ls ln the trial* of the Unmlgraata who
. i this country and began Uf* -new in the
wtat. He had aeen aaany of thmgrow Into loyal
rd ?ell-to-do cltlaen*. Mr. Pudd*foot waa both
humorou* ar.d pathetlc m th** graphlc deecrlpttoa
which he gav* o. the landtng of tne Immlgraat, the
y to the Wi il and hlaJUS la his new home
He -.'1 thal b* had seen bare-fov.ed ,.;tl-* glrrs
e hlgh-acho-5 teachera He had aeen th. aged
Immlgrant father to own a sect.on of Improvfi
and and ahed tear* of Joy aa he -altnoaael hla chu
? ? the annual flchool eahlWOop. The National
r tl'" apeaker *ald. was aouth of Maaps and
Dlxon'- il *..-. where th.rc were so mar.y lilittrate
Dr f* L Thomp-On announced that the Home
v ' i raUy to b* hei i next Tueiidiur ?**^*?S
,i to bc a great suecjBw. l'res' *:n,-?f.ve
i-U prea'.de, and Dr. T.-.lniage, Lr. Sheldon
lackson' and B okfr T. Waahlngton wlll apaak.
Tlie campalgn wlll bagln wlth a prayar meeting
,'/, sat-nfay a 3 p. m.. at the ehaparl of he Prea
byterlan Bulldlng On Bunday there win b. an
eichange of paator* In all of tho Presbytcrlan
churchea Of this clty. with home niiaalona for tne
toplc _^__
Th? trir.l of Jared Flagjr. Jr.. the reai estate a?^int
Of Weat Elfht**Bth*-t, who ia accused of rent'ng
lUta tor Immoral purpoaes, waa continuad yeaterday
befor* Jii.li-e Nearburger, ln Part III of the Gt-neral
geaal ina
The flrst wltn_->. caile. hy the prosecutlon wa_
Rosa Rurn.-a, who teatifled that she had rented a flct
at No. 2-7 W-Ot Elghteenth-st. lrom Mr. F^a^^tg, and
ii ? ,;;iioil II for the month of February. i_!-. She
nva) evldencfl in eupport of the charge af-alnat Mr
l-'l.ifcir;. Then she fel! fiviii :he w.inoaa chair In an
, , j -.io tlt, and had to be carrled ont of court.
Ir?n* RIce, who had raatud a lal from Mr. Flass at
N... _3 _-*t _3ght**nth-St, gave t*flti:r.ony BU__BT
i.i thal of the Hurns aromaa. A number ot peraona
llvlng In the fla's ln qui*stlon teatifled na to tho dla
orderly acencs they h;;d wliresaed tn and about the
il ita Thcsa wltneaa** includ _ Mra. Jane Cr_;.ly, of
No. *'S West N'ineia-eii:li-a: ; Mra. Klixabeih O.-ey. of
No. 2''2 Weat Niaa-teenih-. . , who formeriy lived al
No. 2i0; Mrs. M'ry Gllmore. of No. BS WOat Xlcc
teenth-at., and Charlea Tr'.ddle, formerly of No. 224
\v. ii Ntncteenth-at
Parker Mcrtcn teatifled that he hlrcd a f_.t at
No, ::'". Wi ai Elghteenth-*L, but waa able to atay
t?*ere only ? few daya on account of the rlotoua
4 n ln ' of tV oth*r te-raita.
R ??'? itrd Parkhurat, tl"* ownsr of the prerr.lflefl at
Noa, 21S and 2. \Ve*t Nlreteeoth-*?, aaid hia ten
ani had ilned m aboul the aeen** ln
the nat.4 nr Noa 23 ar.d 227 West _'i:hteenth-Bt.
N'ewburger ann ucced that ba would hold
night aei ? ? tha Flaft ?*? *''8 dlapoasd of.
: -*u untll 7 p. ni. In the evenlng
aeveral i ..* ? teattmcay of th* aame tenor
.?ls thal hi day :<"sion. The court
, ,. i I ? trm 1 untll 10:10 a. m. tc-day.
d.ncpfan ^ijDftJisfnicutfl
lhe L*mJen oi-ce of The Trlbur.a. TB. r.??t Btreel.
_ C*. n convenlir.t i>lace lo l?_iv? thetr adverUea
? nd atfli rHilInt l>.r Tha Tribun..
Firs. Avenue Hotel,
Hirjh Holb-rn.
One of the besi for r. al com
fort 'inrt moder_te charles.
Convenient alike for City,
Law Couris and West End.
The Gortlon Hotsls. Limlted,
;;:tl??.Aivl'A-l'?Sl ri'llli.? . a iBannna knowt.
?_U* it llie u-iuial !aw? WbKI |._ein ttiai op?___?_ ot
d:?i-_i.r. und nuirlllon, nnd b) a carflfu. appUcattoa of the
i.r.- prapertla . ol v> wlfletad .'..-a. .\a . i-pi.b haa pro
Nidad (ui ..n. braafc aini auppei ? Jrl ? _t*ty a&vurtd
bese-sag* nh._. maj a,.c u? manj fieavj i _t ?r? bllla. II
lf Ly llra ju.iW-li?!_ Um* ,>t fUi'ii BftlcUa a.f A\eX that a COB
?tin.ti.4r. mat "- aradualla ballt uo unill atruna enougii to
rr.Ut e\ai> ta-, ii.-y lu allarnee. Ilu.ir';e.? of eabtlc ir.ala
.' ? art n ?tlaa an na na reaAy to attacft ivia?rev*r th^re
'.Vi- mar) t*a_ipe :i.:in> a fi.ihi ?haft bf

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