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V01- I VI... w? 18,04a
A aeaaatlon was anwd i-'. tho faohlonable
pebrp-.v aynagogue, the Tenple Knunu-Kl, la
Fifth-av.. yeaterday monilng by a sermnn
whlch was praached by the Rev. Dr. Joseph
filverman, tho ai-sistant t?> the Rav. Dr. Gustav
Bottheil. in a portlon of the ?ermon Dr. BUrer*
tnan attempted to palllate tho aetlon nf tho
pev. Pr. i?. Parker Morgan In aelectlng for hls
?a*ter ierinon in the Churoh of tho Heavenly
jlest a aermoa of tbc laU Rev. Dr. Oeorge
Putnam. whlch had boon publlahed elghtoen
yeara ago Dr. Silverman alao made an attaok
tpon Ihe Rev. T. J. Lee, of rlewark, who had
r-ent laforraatlon of the plaglarlam to Tho Trib
une. Tho remarks of Dr. Sllvornian Urera M
distastoful to I>r. Gotth.il ?? tO MHW him to
joavo th? pUtform whlle Dr. Bllv?r?um "waa
apaaklng. and iat.T Dr. Ootthell eapreeaed his
pppo?irir>n to Um atateiaautl made by hls
Dr. Ootthell was not awara of the oharacter
?f th? aermon whioh Dr. Silv.rman had pre
Bared when they took th-ir placea together ofl
tho platform In tho aynagogue yeaterday nwrn
Ing. Dr. Sllverman'a aubject, whioh had boon
aaaouaced prevloualy, waa, "Hara We Sttll a
Rellglon?" The aynagogue wu erowded, and
there waa aurprtae when i>r. silvorman begaa
his rtferen ? to the Rev. Dr D Parker Morgmn'i
Eaater aermon Dr. Ootthell was obaerved to
gr w pal< and fldgety, and hls eyea flaahed o?
bla aaeletanl proceded to apean of tho Rev. Mr.
Lee as ? "mlniaterlal detectlve."
A l.tiio latei Dr. Bllvarman satd that in a
icnn "Dr. M rgan bad n..t atolen from, but
Improved upon Dr I'utnam."
This eeenu I to be too much for Dr. Ootthell,
for ho aroae from hls chalr. and wlth his faoe
aa white as a .??.-.t. hurrb-dlv tefl the sanctuary
and ntnt lnt< the raatry of tho TempU.
Th>- membera of the eoncrecatlon bo?an to
Whlsji- r .iiiiuiik thomsolvos. and it wan erldent
that the ?erm<>n wan causinR a sensatlnn. *nme
vt the cons;rej?.ition boirm for Dr. Silv.rman
and otherfc asainst him. Thf proarhor did not
nj.].<-.ir to Rottca Dr. OottheH*a departure, and
contlnued calml) with liis aermon. Ain>ut half
e dJOaea people ?rot up aft^r Dr. OottheU had
gone out and lofr th<- Temple.
As so m u the aervlci ? aere cl aed, Dr. Ootthell
Bppeared. His face waa wblti wrlth anger, and
he eaid to r?r. Silvtrninn: "I want to toll yott,
Dr. Sllverman. that I entlrely dleagree wlth the
atatemanta you uttered from th<- pulplt to-day."
Dr. Silvorrnan's face Bttlhed as be heard tho re
rr.ark He ko;,t \.i> eo l. hoarever. and raplled:
! ** VttS
THE rf.V. i?it. JOfOBPH BILTKMfArf.
,fWell. d^tor. I ean't holp that. Y"u know I
aometimoH ha\f dlaaaread with you."
This ropiy B(.?.m,.,| .,, niako tho Rabbl more In
ClKnant, for ae ??x'dalmod In a volce that could be
fceard all over the temple:
"I want to say that this subjeot ahould not hevo
b^n brought up in this pulplt at all. It la BO
businesa of oura. l tofl . ,u a?a!n that we en
llrtty dis.'isroo with y-iir utteraBCM this morn
Dr. fMlverraan sal! nuiotiy. "\Voll, tho aermon
|s mlne, and I am )?- ;,,r tho OpInlOM
In It."
Th? arRiimcnt ot tbla tlm# wa* throatpning to
beoome rery nVely. Lewla Ifay, on<- W the
BMMt lofluentlal memberi f th?- congrejfati'-n of
Tenple Emanu-K). h?-ro interpoaod, and aald:
"Thla |f n .. pl? ? to dlacoM this queatlOO. I>ot
li? go Inaldo, where we won*t bo heard."
Bof,re rorlrlrjK into th.< reatry Dr. (Jutthell
told ? i^i^.rtfr tiiat he woa ;.nxi..u? to havo It
publlshed that he entlnly dftaagrced with Dr.
fiilverman'a vlewa.
'1 have been away " he ?ald, "fur aome tlmo,
and did not know that Dr. Mlvaremi was golng
to j-r?aoh un auoh a toplo. If i had known It, I
?jotjld not have pormlttod It. Tho rnattor abould
not have bata latrcdooafl at all tn our ehareb,
for th?? loast sald abOM lt the battar, And thoTi
that Dr. fMltrtrmaa abould have flefeaded Dr.
Margaa and errtlclaed .Mr. i*>- makon u w?.rso "
Dr. OOttball furthor sald that Mr. Lee'a aotlon
was to be commendod by mlalatera instead of
being attacfcad.
"My object on epeaklnR on au-h a toplc," aaid
t)r. Silv.rman. "waa to def<-nd the mlnintry. a
member <,f my COagragatlOn told tm- la?t week
that after readlng about Dr. l'arker Morgaa'g
aermon. sho w ?u!d nov.-r beUere a minlster
agaln. I waa anxious to d< f-nd the mlniatry
and pla-e this matter in Itfl true llght as it
aeemed to me before my congregatlon. I wanted
to uphold tho dignly of the mlniatry."
A portion of Dr. SUverman's sennon was aa
lt la not aurf.rlaing. if the e ls ao much defect in
jnodern re;ig|on that there shoul I )><? areakneaaea
?n the cler^y Qoatha ha< to!J us that "as th-*
P*>Pl*. ao lts <iod ?' And we might equally aa we;i
SJthla: "Aa the people, eo (t.*o often, alaar> Ita
**r?y- I? the apirlt of ?nvy manifeata itaelf In
I the religloua fraternlties tbere ls danger that it will
j aiso Infect tbe c)rrny. There ls an undealrable and
odioui sjiirit of comparlaon and compctltlon abroad
in thp land, and fron- It .-Plii;i.>n ll luffering.
Thi.s fvii is general of whlch lh? rwrn
i urM.iri of one minlater In publtcly accuaing
anothrr of plagtartaia is b-.it .n ipectfic mant
festatlon. I brlng this rasp beforc tbli tHb
unal becauaa it rondonea all rellglon, nII reMgloue
tcachera and oonKrecati ?na. I brlng ;t befori jrou in
order to preaent it accordlng t>> our beal v^bts. The
factl are hy this tiino well known. A mllilater ap
proprlate* fr.'in another a sermon a few Ideat and
phraaea?not for the purpose of th?-ft anl deceptlon,
but merely for con7?ntencc.
There was no evldent L.tentlon to publllh the pag
n|H that arere lather aallmtlated w:th the m!r.:s
trr's own thouehts than al'ril thpre; i. 1 venture
to aaaert that from thli ui lar tai llng of the oase
there was no plaglarlam Involved. Plagiarlam meane
tho approprlallon of another*i Idei I w.iris f..r
. the purpoaa of thrft anl deceptlon iti llterature
thi re ari> many coincidpnoen and Itnltatlong of
; thoughtK and phraaea. Moat. lf not al!. poets, dram
atltta, noveliati and oratora h.i v?> borrowed from
one anoiher. "Glve and take" la tho unarrlttan mie
In lltera'ture. "What is ? ureat nian," asks Emer
eon. "but ono of Rrpai aillnlth-a. who takos upon
hlmaelf ail arta, eclencea, all anoarabiea, as h.?
"Mllten," aajri Wllliam llatthawi, "haH been ?-ai.">i
the caleatlal thipf, and boldl) plaglarlw l from Dante
and Tasso, and ill >f thom from Horoer. an 1 arbo
?Iops not bplieve that Homer had a reaervolr >f
Iparnlng to draw fr.?m a myeterioue mk. of knowl
I Pdge, lnto whlch hp rould now an 1 then thruw a
I bucket?" Ooe!the laucbed thp Idea of abaolute orlg
inallty to acorn, and declared tha- ll wa- an an
thoi'e duty to use all that wa* auggeaied to Mw
from ano'h-r quarter. When Shakpspeare l? ac
cuaed of pilfprlng. Uwdar repllaa: Tea, he was mor
origlnal than hla orle;nul!>. H brtathcd upo:i dead
' holipp and hrought thpm lnto llfp."
It ha? bppn .?nld of I'opp that wb?t?TW t, ?p
proprlated h? in'l In goM. T'orhaps th- beat deflnt
tlon of legltlmate approbatlon was alran by Hegel
whpn (*ou?iln wa.i ai-ruscd of stPallnis his . ' i*
??Coualn," aald ha. "ha* canuht how imall flshrs
in my pond, but he has drownel them In hls ow l
In thls sonse, 1 arouid say that Dr. Morrfaa has
not stolen fro:n but Itnprovrd 0DO0 Dff Putnam.
1 bava alrpady refprrH to my anthorlty for Mltl?
noted llterary ooincidpncps. bul out of raapect f>r
tho lltt-rary ?icpnt of thp mlnist?rlal detectlve, the
Rev. Mr. l.pp. I had better refer him more axpHf
itly to Wiliiam Matthewi'i raaay <>n "Orlglna.lty in
Llterature." publlibetl In tbe voluma entltled "Oreat
Converaeri anl Other Emiya." arhere he arlll '
?ome mora wboleaome iruthi m lha lubjeci oi
plaglarlxm. . .. ,_. ?,
in thi* wholp itnfortunate expow, tho buro>n or
wronglolng II. n n<t on Dr. ?organ. whose acholar.
?hlD and eloquanc* a;p known and rerognizea, w
or. tho cr.-iT. unknown Mr !.<<?. wbp. It ; ?
has become tlred of hldlng hli llght under r bu?hel.
To hlm and to al! of hla type w- r?con?inend the
saluta.v preacrlpUon of Mosee, Thou ihall nol go
aa a tale-bearer atnor.c thy people. K,^?v
The clergi ought to pracflae aome of the ****?
erly love of arhTch thay prate m eloquently. tnei
oughi to llapena? pome of thp tnlU of human klnl
neaa. whlch they recommend arlth aoch fenror tc
"he wbrld It tnav be poaelWe that among the
llftt of hP world'a loal traaTurea ?" may alao fln i
"ha toat preacher whose practlce araa ronalatant
wHh hia preaehlng. aho opened not ?!? momh
uve In love an.'. ?tr#tehed not forth hl? har I
?? v.. In beaelng CeTtalnly. th, preacher oughi not
S Imltate BaVan and take leeapna fr^m tha inak.
, rniuih in the graae. but from the Lord. ?h..
?*'ovHh%nV a'nd doth both forgive and forgat
Dr Pllvprman Pald to a Trlhiir..^ rrp.-rtpr late
in the afternoon; "i>r. Qottbttl'a dkapleaanra
wlth mv rpmarki- thli mornlng wlll.t d dlatarb
our McBdly raUtlona. W? lutva dlffered on far
more Importanl mattari btfor* now, and we
hav" remalnad frlenda. Thera will '-p no
troUble. My reroMrka about Mr I> ? and i>r
Morgmn wara auggaated by what I ?>ad ha?rd
li, ,i luta on Thuraday evanlng. A mernber of
1 tha 'diil) aali that lf a nian llk?- I?r Morgan
; atole hla aermona it ntlght bo suppoaed that
! mopt of thp l.-ss amlnent clargymen itole their
aermona. There waa a irrni deal of talk ah ut
Dr Morgan'i expoaora by Mr Laa. i nearfl
1 nr-ntlon of lt n-ar'y pv.rywbera I went on
I Thurxday and yeaterday. an'l M aeamed to m<
that Mr. Lea had done a gr.at wrong to i
fellow clergymen generall) by aroualng hiik
plciona against them. I will not ? -xa. tl> under
take to d-f.-nd Dr. aforfan. bul I holdI that hle
offence was leai than that of thp K-v Mr. U ?
Dr Ootthell iraa s*ppn yeaterday. and aald thai
h.- ragTettad th?t ho mnc'a had been aald ahoui
thp pn.rppdingp at tha Tample. baoauae or l >??
Bllverman'a aennort and ihat lt wa? ndi i
to thlnk that a mattar iiko Ihe one m qu< I
could cauaa ? llanipttor of the wff*l?}iw
"It hai* n<.i even affprtpd the frlendahlp be
twet-n Dr Silvprrortn and m--." h< Mlld, "and 1
an. ?urp that there lg no tnitb In the repOTl that
the mambera hav.- openl) taken aldea in tna
mattar." . , ,
Dr Oottbail made no aacrH of the f.t I tl H he
walked away from hi" plac* In l u luary
and out of the tomplp wh-n Dr Rllvertnati de
fended Dr. Morgan. "I dld It." twld Di
Gotthell "becauae I thought the houae >f flod
no place to dlaeuai auch a mattar on a 8a
mornlng. Dr. Morgun'a affalra an n >l '??
cern and h?- Is well able to defend hlmaelf."
Dr. Ootthell would aa) nothlng nn the iubjecl
of Dr Morgan'i actlon. "1 nave n ihlng to ?ay
on that gubje '." he -al l. "but one of the reai n*
wh> I left th" temple thls mornlng wa? that I
gm no' In the remoteal degree In eympathj wlth
the theoiiaa advanced aa to plaglarlam by Dr.
Rllverman, and lf I had ramalned my pi
iri?ht have been conatrued aj a*n Ind iraemeni ?>'
hi? aentlmenta."
Lewla May, ? well-known banker and f r
many yeara prealdenl of the fongregatlnn of
th.- Temple Emanu El, was aeen by a Trlbune
reporter last evenlng al hli home, al No -l
w.-st Flftyndxth-gt. When aaked for his opln
lon of tha utterancea of Dr. Bllv rman, Mr
May aald: "Dr. Bllrerman oughl nol to havi
referred to the matter fr..m th?- pulplt. What
biailneat ls lt "f oura? I* la a matter that
rcin-' the congregatlon of the Church -t the
Heavenly Reat. Bhould anythlng "f thla s 'rt
happen to a pn-a<-hpr oceupylng our pulplt Dr
Morgan would nol be Mk.-ly to commenl upon
it |n publlc. This ls n..t merely ne? oplnlon; it
|a I belleve, tha oplnlon of tt:.ngregatlon al
large that matters othar than rellgloua or
doctrlnal be not touohed upon by <.nr prea here,
and thay hav often I.n advlaed to tha- effeci
by th<- Board. We don'l wanl Cuba al church;
w don'l wanl tha Ralnea biil al chut h; we
v.-ai.t poHtlcal queattona of no aort dlacuaaed
tr>m our pulplta.
"Mo?ft of iis go to chttrph for dlfferant thlngt*
than th?se. Preachera, an a Hass. not oura in
parth ular,, are tOO much Inclln.d to daal wlth
matters outalda .he proTlnea of tiie Church,
oftentlmaa, I fpnr, for the Hake of th- newapapi r
?. rtorlety it brlnga tt em.
"Dr. Bllverman ?aid that the reaaon he apoke
of the matter was M-at a c-rtaln rnan had aaked
hlm his njplnlon ..n thp aubjeet T.i this I re
plled. 'You Bhould bave tak-n hlm lnto your atudy
to eonvlnca hlm. Inataad of brliiRinK tha dla
cuaaion lnto the pulplt.'
"The rer*>rtfi t wliat liapprnt-d ln the TempW
have baan aomawbat exaggeratad. There ih not
tbe laagt proapaol of a 'spiit' over tbe matter
In all our biatory w< hav.- nol known tha mean
li K of the word, and we don't know lt now.
Nona of the Board hi-s even baan to aaa m? aboul
When asked lf anv ..fflclal notlce of Dr. Bllver
man'a remarka would be taken. Mr. Ma> aald:
<?'[ ,i , pot thlnk tha Board arlll take any actlon.
it is ooaalble. i>tit l do not expael it. Ttv-ir tu-xt
meetlng wll) not oi-cut ..ntll the flrst Monday
in raanonaa to a quaatlou as to wbathar ha
nJr.M-d wlth Dr. Bllaerman'a atatamanta con.
'I,;, f. Se.niS Mr. Lea, Mr. M?y aald: "I waa
m s..'ii.d in tha Tampla that l was unable to
y?'ar 'all that Dr. HMverman aald, but what I
heard diaploaaed naa. _
Heveland. oh.o. Apnl li -Daalel B, Ualkt, arbo
hlH baaa aodltor of tba attandard OU Ctompanjr bere
K? :.vl, yaara, aad wha wa. racantl) oMeradta
,.;. \.-w-Vork offi-.( th* corporatlon, has r.
?Uoad rather than obay the ord,, whl.h bacanM
wRhthaeompany alw ? boybood._
BoatOB. Aprtl ll.-TbaNatk.aal Bho,^ and i.- atber
Bxebanga awMnweaa th< m*m?I ?< * * ?
l^ine No M South-Ht.. th.? <ity. to Jamea I itav
H. ';, thp Shawmu. N.Uon.1 nank.and Ch.r..
k. cobb, of M.hois & Cobb. lawyara The>UaMgjiie
N \ *er?? bur.u'd !.. UM. much to IU detrlmant.
It h?8 atOOd aaJl In the tradP
Ckeeago, APni ii.-<-hn.-.toi.her a. Urrabaa. i
nephew of Px-Qovcrnor Larrabaa, of lowa, was a.
ralgned before Justlre Gleanon to-day on B eharga
of havlng emhe?al?l |I5,(KiO of the funds of BOjrd.
Stlckney & Ca . -oal dealcrn, of Harrisburg. Paan..
wlth a branch ?tore ln this clty. whp.e Larr.b. i
wu* einploy.-d for eight ye-ars ?? bookl|e??par an !
caahiar. He was commltted to Jall ln <K-(auit ot
120,000 balL He abeconded a year ago. flrst koihk
Kast and then iPttllng ?n Monterey, Mexleo. A
detectlva entlced hlm acroae tbe border.
I/^SH TIlKItt UVKI nv thr rti/>\viN<i Df OF A
Rutte. Mfint., Aprll 11. -Ry an exploalon in or near
tho rr.agnz'no on tho eist l,Wa>feet lerel of thp St.
Laarreaca mlne atout 4:20 this mornlng alx mon
lost thelr llves. Thpy aro ^ornoli is C. I.owney,
.lohn Qulalaa, Bdward Shtelda, Jamps l>wyer. John
McVelgh and Patrick O'Rourke. None of tho men
wi ro marrb-d.
Lowney tod Qtilnlan arera ahaft mon aad wera
dup to oome off the shift about 6:4."> o'olock. Thp
other inpii. fnur ln nn:iiti.-r. wero worklng In tho
|< rel bi jrond thp masrnzlno and woro off shift at IJfc
The magaalne is 1M foot east of th? ahaft. I,owney
and Cjulnlan. It Is euppoeed, had gnne to the maga
7!iip to mako tVIr prlmers .ltist how the ex
ploslon oceurred I* BOt known. as the only onps In
tho vb-inity at the tlme are dead. Eownoy snd
Qtilnlan woro undnubtedly kllled Inatantly by the.
oxploslon. Tho o.hor fonr mpn wer" prohat.lv
anffoeated by thp foul alr patisod by the exploslon.
R Is paeetble th.it tho men wor" eomlng off shift
and w<ro passlng the migaf'Tf or woro nosr lt
whm tho exploaton took pUee. Thp oxaot altnatlon
In regard to this wlll not be known untll tho bodfos
aro rrnrhrrl, n-hi.-h wlll not bo for aomo tlmo.
For .t dlataaee ,,f forty-flvo feet from the ma*a
7.i:.p tow.ird ihe shaft tho '..igglng was blown down.
together with larga quaatltlea of ro.k aad oarth,
so that lt Is bBpoaalbla to get nearer than that
polnl iif preesnt A lnrgp foroo of im-n was put to
work at onop. Tho arreefe must be tunneiled be
fora the bodlea ean be reached. with tho hop.>
that there miKv- be aoaie show for thp four mcti
sup[io.?o'i 10 have been worktng beyead the maK.i
zlne alr-plj?s W< rp s.nt down and fltt?d and th.>
eotnpreaaora s.irt-d to work. It la thought,
bowever, thal there ts iimIp ehanee that they are
Bllve. Thp men at work trylng to got to tho place
could hear no repllea to thpir ealla, ao that there is
. ger an) doubt thal all six men are dead.
(jnlnlan, one of the vlettma, araa a ymnig man anl
r-;.m. here from Mlohigan. Shlelda w.ia an oid
S'evada mlner. O'Rourke was a young man and
tnother lifp ?m aaeriflced yeeterday In an en
,], .-...?? to reaeue Ihe aeven men entomhed In tho
ll ipc mlne al H bln. Albert Boulware, . of tho
party of men who attempted to *.'?> down tho *h?rt
.,i.. th? me.i. araa overporae by f"'il air and
explred before he eould be taken out. M!? hody w?s
lefi in the nlne and hla compawlona had ? narroa
eseipe nthor partlos woro aNo drtven baci
Ruperlntendeni Bach aaya it la not probable that
tbc bodlea car. bi reached In two aeeka.
/ 17 1/ < itl.l ISIOS OF TORI'F.no-ROATR.
6XR <if thi:m <;ofs TO THB BOTTOal with Bfl
<>V lll'lt rur.vv IN A OKRMAN ISAFORT.
tviihoimshafpn. Aprii ii.?Two torpedo-boata eol
? ff thts rnr' to-d.iy. nno of tho boat* ?ank al
moat Immedlately, and Ihra of the prow woro
drowned The other i?'Ht waa badly damaaad.
The boati were maklnK trlai trlps at tho uma tho
? oocurred.
it II TO BI a <;irr ano v.ir.t. rr.RT trom $.ino
eaa to noo,aaa
Harrtoburg. Peaa., Aprll :i Tho r*v. nr f'H-orKo
M Btewart, of this rlty. atundod ? mooting of th<>
II lateea of Prlncetoa College yeaterday. R? aaya
? ,. on Balldlaga repartad a haadaoaM
i ?? ; the Hhar>p af ai offae by a frlaad "f the coi
m hoae naaa* la arlthb< 14 t ? bear the eapaaaa of
a n< ? llbrarj bulldlni . , ,.,,
\ prellmlnary akel ?! <t th?;>ropo?o.i huiiding was
?ubmltted lt erlll l? >?<> ri of atone. and wlll eoat
pin.OUO to l'"'."" The p an rontomp.ates a
' " . ?'?
to roRjtiaNBRa.
Tho keepera of two or throo liaardlng-honaea for
t, an l In Keboken are aoapei l? i ??'
m on a ^s'?m of aaekaagi - by whlch
. ? /.. ?.???? p ira ?? I to forelgaera who
p , - m i fln mea on tba il
? ? imerl .-. I I I - ; ? hav"
... ,. , .. ,,., ,.f Aaaerteaa dtiaena now,
io4 | | maatera ? rtlBeatea af
ihlp fr .m applleaata who aro avklently of
I ,,., |, |a not st" iv. o;l.v f,.r the
ni i. ,M runnera. who^bayo a ^.,r.h<.<^ i
that trafJIe.
Tm. ,;,,. , :;-.,,- . Hf| s rRfttl ALBAWT TO BtD
THBM K.m:i?.'.vni.i.
M.. , ,., ip MortonandMI i Mortaa were aaaaag
,,',. panwngera who aall< i yeaterday on the North
i Lloyd tean ahlp Kalaer Wllhaha M. for
,-,..,, and lledlteminean porta a number of
frienda were at tha pler to aee them off. and many
lfu 0f fl0wei ?!? ?rate I Ibeli ? .'t>m
Oovernoi MortOB, WhO '-am.- down from Albanv
,,, i?,i farowel to hla wlfa ai ? aui ter. waa an
Intereatlng ftgtire to otbara tbal latkered al the
plrr Tha Opvernor ha> kopt murh In tho baea
,,?, .??, hla formal entraaee lato tho raea for
,i,. prealdentlal nomlnatlon He arrlved at ihe
,,?., Kenal aance Ute Frldaj evenliigaad remaloed
?w.r nlahi .., Ihe hotel Aa tha reeoel aalled a W
ovioeh in the mornlng, II i Oovernor akoae early and
,,,?,,.. ,,, ,,,.. .teamshlp plei m Hoboken Mr,
Morton and her daughter were aecompanled by a
,?,,..! They Intend to be abaeni In Burope abou
eight waaka. They wUl go to Uoadoa aad Parla, and
then on to Vejilee
The Oovernor looked wetl and bearty ?* he atood
on ,,.. ,;,,.k (,r the ateamahlp with hla wlfe and
dmiehtei H- did nol tp"" to mlnd ih' large erowd
. ,,i hlrn rurloualy. and remalned with hla wlfa
,,., ;,!",? untll thelant .-all f.,r "all -ahoi.- was
'. ,. t 1.1. h? eotired hla earrlaga and waa
T . iii.. hia hotel ThaOo%'ernor recelved u ?
'"n'",!. /Ii ti i ' ? .f the day. and d< tllned to
"m ' ? -ii,i-.m. n "...I V "1 ?"' oierely taklng a
Ii;; ,';v\o : ,, w'f' and daughter aall for Burope
x pp 17o .pt' rn to Albany with In a day or so, and
I Suatdacllne to lalh i.?-^'?<i
ArRnrwriTritiuHH '"' ?? ni'WFsn.
Henv.-r Vprll II. -A lapaaeaa i.a named w>
Prank. amployad aa tba Iflliar raaeh. twalaa mllea
from thia dty, laal evenlng qaairallad. wltk W1U
laaa Tracadal a boy of fourtaea. The Japaneaa
plunged a knlfa Into tba boy'a keart, kiiiinK him b>
......nv Mrs Mlller. tho boy'a aunt, eaaaa m his
",?, ThTjaVanea. ....... k-i her alao, alaahlna
.? , 1.., u and nlunalna Ihe knifp Into hor head,
:".TJ\ lh p." I- th? Hed. aadh atllla. large.
Thecountry la betng *.r>d for tba mordarar. aad
.,;,, tta ?f lyncblng iro made_
PhoealS, Arlr. Aprll Il.-A rlppl- of ox-ltemonf
hlM been eaaaad la PhoeaW i>y ihe rep<irt from
rhieago of the arraal of John C Crouthara and
Henry l> WaB, proaaotera of 't.p aeheme to entor
Into tha eultlratloa ofcanalgra on a large aeala, on ?
.h-..e.- df awlndUng Phltadalphla atockhokjera. Tho
eompaay whlch they roi-re.-ent haa laaaed fJOl aeraa
l,,,, i,lt|, mtlaa from PaoenleU, and haa an
nmineed th;it It Inlond* to ragaga In this new In
luatry eatenatvely, botb In Arlrona an<l Cnllfornla.
Toaagatowa, oiiio. Aprll U.?Tba Ohlo Btael f'om
pany laal aaaalag poatad ootleaa m ita plaal lhal it
irculd reauma oporations ln fuli next Moaday. it
araa aaaoaaead !>>? the officiais that the oid r.uc of
? icps woulJ bo pald. and tho ordor rocently Isaued
. , ? reductlon Of !? per oent In wages had tie.-n re
eaUed. whlch cauaee itr .suu iiaajlayaa to be jubilant.
Commenoinga.MOOday. Aprll M. I^hlsh VaUay H.
h wM ruTaittra trains batwaaa Naw-Tork and
goun nrook. leaving fifw-Yark, foot^af gorttaadt
or l>oabros*ea at.. at h:<W and 9M a. m.. 12.10, 4.20,
<;30 and 11 :M P m.-Advt. -
A WHITE iiousecoxferexce
Washtngton. April 11?Desplte thelr professlons
of rontldpncp In the ahllity of free-sllver
factlon to eontrol the Chlcag'o Conventlon and
dictate the platform and candldate, lndioatlons
are not wanting that the lcadcrs-of that factlon
In Washlngton are already heoomlng nervous and
apprehenslve. F>r pevpral days they have
eepinpd tO fppl that there was "something ln
thp wind" whlch bod^d thpm II). and whlch they
arere nt a loss to pxplaln. The appparance In
Waehlnpton of Wllliam C Whttncy. closply fol
lowed hy that nf px-PoMma<or Genpral Blasell,
ex-rongress-man raoK of Illlnols; ex-C?ngress
man Byniim, of Indlana, and other Admlnistra
tlon "Sound Money" Dem .crats of morp or less
promlnpncp, undoubtedly atfgravated thp anx
i.-ty of the Ppranrr.it!. w-hose war cry has been
"Free Sllver nr Buvt." ar.d who at th* pamp
tlme havp been pr ofuse with thelr aaaurancea that
th.-y would not bolt th- CMcagO platform or
oandldata no matter what migtit happpn.
But thpy felt sorely trlpd to-day whpn they
heard that plans for thelr unclolng werp already
In c.ursp of preparation. From gotiroes whlch
they rejfarded as trustworthy several of them
learned that a aeerat polltlcal eonferenea was
held at the Whtta Houac laat nijcht. whlch dld
not breah up untll midnlghl or later, the aubjecta
of whlch arere thp condltton of the Demoeratlc
party, and what means and Influences could
l.ffaetlvaty amplojred to eontrol the Chkago
conventlon. Accordlng t. the informatton ra
calvad, this eonferenea was att.-nded by a num
ber .-f tJlatlngulahed "Sound Monay" Damocrata,
Includlng Becretary CarlMe, Keor.-tary Unrmt,
Poetmaater-Oeneral Wllaon, px-secretary Whit
tiey, ex-Postmastcr-O^np-ral liiss.-ll. ex-Oongrps*
man Cable, ex-Congreaanmn Bynum and severai
of -iur?p no frae-allver Democrat could he
found who profeaaed to know anythlng about the
detalla "f the eonferenea, bul all of them werp of
th.- oplnlon that lt was an ImporUnt one and
that the Admlnlstratl.m had alrpady begtin to
pull thp wirps to eontrol thp Natlonal Conaoatlon.
ln converaatlon arlth i Trlbuna correapondaiit
thja aftprnoon. ono of them hnzarded the gupss
that "Presldent Clev.-land ls Kettlng r-ady to be
p.-rtoiaded to ba a candldate for ranomtnatkxa."
Another eald: "The prcsema of Wllliam C.
Whitney Ht ?ueh a cdnferenca araa exceedlngly
algnlflcant nftpr all that hai baan aald hy his
frtenda about the Inharmonloua raiattona ne
tweaa blmaelf and Praaldant Cloaaland, an.l his
own rapaatcd aaaartlong that ba would aot ander
any dromnstances t.p a candldate for thp Presl
dentlal aomlnatlon. Parhapa Mr. Ckrreland
thinks Whltney c?n fix thlnga at Chlcago as weli
as hp dld f "ir yaan ago."
a Boutbero RapraaaatatJaa said: "Wall, lf
Whltney ls tmlnlng wlth that CTOWd I have BO
further uaa for hlm. l have baan m.-iined to
f.iv .r his nomlnatlon on a conaenratlva platform,
bul i rannot and arlll not, trust any man whom
Praaldant Cleveland ohoosps as his polltlcal helr.
Th.it is askliiK altogeth-r tOO much. I would be
glad !?? know, by-tha-way, why Colonal Morrlaon
was nol Invlted to that aecret eottfaranei. Per
bapa h* was Invlted and fallcl tO attend. If
r .. It was aivtr.pr exhlbltlOB <>t his good, sound
, *nmon-aene< Thp DemocratJc Natlonal Con?
ventlon thla year wiu not ba a cut-and-drled af
falr. 'rnn' by any man or ellqua, and the majorlty
will eontrol it. Mark my pradlctlon."
- ?
rioston. Aprll 11. A eubta dtapatCh from an Amer
ican m Conetactlaapla aaya that tbe mlaatonary of
.-,.-. ,. i:. arO, tha Re* Oaorga P. Knapp,
wli; b.~ dallavard to th.- Amerlcaa Conaul at Alex
ittg and that hp will not be returnedto Bltlls
until aft.-r hli px..ml-iatl <n lt. CoBBUBtlaqgta hpfor
the AmarlcaB Legatlon
London, Aprtl n "Tha Bun" publlahaa a <-on- ;
auntlnopla dlapateb to a nm? ageney hara, sayini? j
that tha Tnrk'.-h offlcUla at Bltlla recelved ordara ,
fron P'rsont ln hlkh a ithorlty to pxp.-l th.? Re'V |
Oaorga P. Knapp. thp Ani.-rl.-an mlsslonary. from
that pftaee. The dtopatck furth.-r says tha' lt la
prohabiP that Bttl for Mr. Mampson, the HrlMsh
Conaul ..t ElltUa, tha axpulalon of Mr K??PP11*0UJ1d
not hav.- been known uBtll he hadIreached Alexan
',,.,,, ,.. |, WMl tha matter had *m conducted
?o aulatty that Mlaslonanr Knapp had been px
,,-iiPd fn.m lf.:'> a ?-k befora Mr H impaon t?.;
.,',.- iware of ihe fa. l Owlng to tha bad eond.
Mon of h roada tha dlapatcfi adda. Mr. Knapp
"" uaafaS> to take hla famlly.
Plttaburg, April n. Wlllla F McCook, repraaent
li A Plttaburg and NawTork eapltallata, to-day pur
chaae..trtghl thp large ptanl of tha ColumWan
i,.,-, and itaal Compaay al Unlontown. The pur
ehaao prica ls not giren, but the n.in wai raoantly
ronatructed at ? coal of H60J8?. It la propoaad to
naka aucb changaa aa will parmlt tha maBufaetura
0{ ncd i.uiets by July I H la aurmtaed that Mr.
u -ooii ;.,,.? ienta :? ayBdlcata of leadlBg mlddle
,,..? a-ho ire snxloua t. protect thelr Inl.ata, ln
vew ol lha decIaratloB thaf tha blllet trust will an
i , ronlae them lt ls s^!d that aevaraJ tranaactloBa
,,i itke character will ba made aaxt wmk.
Cotaanbua, Ohlo, Aprll It Tha siate Minprs' ron
vpntion ..ll turned thla aftarnooa aftar >t> Ung M.
D. Ratehford, <>( MaaallloB, praaldant; Mr. wiiii.-ims.
,>f Bbawnaa, vtca^praaldent; T. L. Laarla, of Drldga
jM.rt, ?aeratary-traaaurarj M. a. Lang, of Hocklngi
c L wiison, of Jaekaon; H. A. Pntlock, of Maaall
lon Htid JHtn. s McKee. of Columblana. Executtva
Commlttee, and i H. Colaman, J. H. Baraaa und
I,. D. Devera, Audltlag Commlttaa.
Brldgapart, Cona., Aprll lt Charlea Koitrat>ski. a
Hungarlaa, thlrty thraa yeara old, nhot Mrs. Mary
pudlle, his paramour, four tunea, Ib front of her
lumie ln Chun h st.. ?t 7 o'.-l ick thU morntnu. and It
!s said at thp hoapltal th.it she Is llkely to die.
K'ontrapskt IIvp-1 wltlt his wifp and flve chll iren.
Mrs. Pudlla is .i aidoa and kaa four rouag daugh
ters. Th.-re ? ia .. quarrel al her housp early thLs
mornlng Nalahbora heard crtea af alarm, and soon
nftpr Mrs. Pudlla ran from the house. purauad by
Koatrapakt *'ho had a ravolirer in his hand. ln the
mlddla of thp roadwai ka overtook her and ilr.-d four
l.illMs lnto her t^?!v Koatrapakl ran down Church
,. to Pembroke Uk# an I lumped In. offli-er Coole)
Jumped ln aft.r him. pulbM blm out and locked hiin
up- _? _
noche.ster. N V.. Aprll II -Kppresentatlws from
UbIob Collaga and Bjrraem<e and K.>chpster uni
reraRlaa made Park Aranua Cbureb reeound wlth
thaJr elo.iupncp last pv.-nlng. The accaaiOfl was thp
oratorlcal oontaal batwaaa tbaaa unlvarattlaa. The
eandldatea and aubjaett waw: "Cuba," H. c. Aiten.
i ,, ,, rallaaa: ''Ollaer Cromwall and the Ravalu
.;, ?? J M. Oaksfor-I. I'nlvprslty of Hochester;
!?',?- ed.rfckl-ou^:..^." C W Walker, .Syracuse
Unlvprslty. The last-named won the contest.
Chlcago Aprd 11.-The flnal decree in the fera
aloaura caae of the Ualtad fttataa Tru.t Oamuaap. af
NawTork, agatnst the Atlantlc and l'acltlc Itail
road Company and other*. waa sl?ne,l by Ju.Ue
Colllar at A:buquerque. N. M.. yeeterday. It pro
vides ln subatanee that If the Atlantlc and Paclflc
Rallraad Camoany falli to psy within alaaiy days
the amount foun I to he daa for prlnclpal and In
tertdt upon the bonda, the Pfoparta abaU ba aald
at puhii,- auctlon to the highest btdder for caak. at
UaifuV BiraalUlo Oauaty. N. M. Th;[*?*" -
dlractad to accept no amount U*? than ?.<?oo.0OO.
O N. Marrou waa appolnted maater to maka tha
aala '
Washlngtm. Aprii 11.?Gonzalo dc Quesada.
the representatlve here of the Cuban Republio.
aald tO-day in referenoo to the note addressod
to Spaln by the Uultad States suggosting media
tlon on tho part of thla Covernment in Cuba:
"If it Is trne that Rrestdent Cleveland and his
Adminlstratlon have n.ldrossod Spaln on the
stibject of the Cuban war with a view of brtng
ing about Its settlement by a spocies of arbltra
tlon. I can safely say that such efforts Wlll
oome to natight. Tho Cuban people have been
fooled too many ttn.es by Spaln to subn.lt them
selvos to any representatl^ns ahe mty mako.
Thoro was a tlmo, perhips. whon home rule In
Cuba on the plan of that exeiciaod by the peo?
ple In th-? English dopendenclea of Canada and
Aiistralia. mlght have been aceoptable to our
poople, but that tlme has passed. A half loaf
Is not aoneptahle r.ow to people v ho are sure of
se'Mirlng a full meal of freedcm.
"Rut It ls useleas to speculate on any such
a thlng. Spaln wlll nev-.-r aooept tho aenriOM of
a modiator, even lf *.hey are terdtred by such a
atrong natlon as the United Ptatps. Sho roalizes
proclsely the d*>sperato COndtttOfl phe ts ln. If
sho losea Cuba by war, as sho n; going to, sho
Wlll b?> Irretriovably bankrupt. among natlons.
Tho result would be tho samo if stu rolln-iuished
ln any degree nor deapotlc hold on tho Island
by moans of arbltratlon or anythlng els?-, be
cauae she would lore her power to mako tho
Cuban taxos support hor Govemmont at home.
"Another thlng stands In the way of a poacoful
aottlomont of the war by the granting of home
rule to Cuba. This would. of course. mako neoos
sury tho wlthdrawal of Snain's army, and with
this onirmotis arm of hor power removed from
the Island. sho would bo unablo to govern lt
la har aceuatomad manner?and Spaln w-uiid
novor aasont to glvlng Up aboolUta sway. evon
if she pretended to gt*? .mr poople tho apparent
rlght to govorn themaelTca
"From what I have aeen of the tomper of the
Amarlcan poople on this aubjeet," said Baaor
Quosada, "I do not think tho rumored pourse of
Preaidenf Cleveland, if lt s mereiy aeaklng re
forma ln Cuba, whioh Spain may sotne day take
away from the Island aftp.' the peopkl aro dls
armed, wlll m^t th- approval of the rntted
Btatea publlc. The people ??f this c luntry, in my
oplnloa, are aattafled in their minds that Cuba
ahould i)e abeolutoly frea.
"Looklng at tho queatlon of medlatlon ln an
othor wav." contlnued Mr. Quosada. "lt must
be remembered that th<* Cuban rapubllo ls tc
dav an abaolUte ontity. It is governlng two
thlrda Of the Island of Cuba. and Is dally galn
ing atrength and esiendlng Ita authorlty. it
would be for the Oovernmeat to aooept or ra
fus.- any terms that mlght ba offarad. An artlela
of its Conntltutlon *)>>?? that no treaty of peaee
ahall ?>o made except or tho tasis of Independ
enea A.id you ma> r.st aaaured that whon tho
t. v lutlon ls trlumphlng the Cubtna aro n"t gotng
to give up the sirugglo for anythlng l.-se."
Madrii. Aprll u. Captala-Oaaaral Wejrlar haa
aaked for tho Immediate dlapatch of i.uoo eavabry to
Cuba, and the Mlnlster of War la arranglng to aond
them at once. Tho War Offlce Is also coaatdertng
tho quostion of erpploylng balloons in the mUttary
aervloe In Cuba.
Tha naval squa Iron at Farrol haa gone to Vigo to
bogi'i manoeuvrea
Havana, Aprll 11.?The Moralitos eaUte, the prop
erty of Manuel Anton Moraloa, an Ameriean eltlzeti,
haa been buraed b> the rebeis. and tba owner haa
fllol a clalin with thp I'nlted Statos Consul for dam
aK-s ln thp sum of ?L*J0,o(iu. Tho -*an Antonto estate,
np.ir Aluuiz.tr, owned by Mamerto Pulido, and val
uo I al V>Ou,u<", has been burned by the .nsurg.-nts.
and the magntflcent Dlana aatate, la tho provlace
of Matansaa, belonglng to Counl Dlaaa, and worth
over 1500.0UO, has llkewiae been deatroyed by hre.
Eourteen politioal pnsonors wero deported to
Ceuta. a Bpanlah fon ln aforoeeo, caatalawig a eoa
\. ? lettlement, yeater lay.
rjaneral Buarea VaMea ro|>.)rts that tha rebol lead
er oulntin Banderaa ma :?? an attempt to att.tck
r,na\ab.j, In tho 1'inar do! Rlo Prorlnce, and ?a>
repulaed, leaving thlrty-ltve doad on the fleld. Tka
flpanlah troopa had one < aptain woundi l rhe
rel 'la alau attempfd to entor iho town 01 Can
?lolarla. in tho aame provtnca, DUt were driven off
with aeren loaa
Havaaa, Aptii n Tho rumorelrculated la ktadrld
laat nlghl thu Ramon 0. Wrilllama, Amarlcan Con
aul-Oeneral In Havana, had been murdered and hla
b?..:>? ilraggrd throu?,h the atreeta, ;s utterly falae.
Waahlngton, Aprll n. Tho St.ue Dapartment thi?s
mornlng recelred an offlclal dlapatch ftom Conaul<
Oeneral Wllllama, at Havana, ani tberefora Infera
thal the rumor that he had borii kiii?-d yeaterday
was unfounded.
vVaahlagton, Aprll IL?Becratary Otoey has r^
?.. i a telegram from Conaul-Oeneral vVllllama ln
arbloh he .?a>? that Captaln-General Weylar has
ordorad the roJaaaa of Ladlalao Qulntorc. The dla?
patch alao aaya that Vt'alter Dygart is wtl.. aad
that the L'aptatn-Oeneral la taklng great Intareat In
tba caae, bul he haa to awaii the action oi tite
court luvtiig Jurladictlon ln the muttor. (Juintuie
and Dygert are American cltiaena aceuaed ot coa>
piiclty ln tba insurreotion.
Kunsas Clty, llo.. Apnl 11. Goorge Fromllnl, a
member of the Balvatlon Army hero, was snot and
klilod at mlUnlghl last nlght oy J. A. Jones, wac
was Jealoua of Fromlln'a attentloaa to hla w:fe.
Dulutli, Mwin., Apnl 11 ? Wdliam \arrlll and
Joieph Boular, eaoh a*?d elghteen, were aentencod
yeaterday afternoon to hai.g on June lu for the
iiuiraor of Samuol Demurs, a'. Blwnbik, whioh was
commlttad ln cold blood for tho purpoae of robbary.
Susquohi.nna, Penn.. Aprll 11.?Tho State Vet<*r
Inary Burgaon has axamlned twenty*etghi head of a
valuabb- drove of blooded rfhoi thorn eaule belonging
to Judga wiuiam i*. Jeaaup al atontroae. He
found them Infeoted with tuberoulosis, and Ofderad
them to be killod.
Chlcago, April 11. Mrs. Susai.na Hora, a mldwifo
of twi-nty yeaia1 experlence, who waa arraatad a
w.'ok ago on tho charge of milpraotlco, her patient
afterwanl dylrg, dled thla mornlng from the effcot
of driukiiig carboUc actd Thuraday nlght with sut
cMai lnte.it. Tho State Attorney Intended to
proaecata hor for manalaughter, and the caae waa
aot for hearlng this mornlng.
Detrolt, Mich , April 11. ?A sovere electrloal atorm,
accompanled by neary ratna, awepl orer lowar
Mlchtgan earty this mornlng, dolng muih damago.
.Many barna and housos wero struck by llghtning
an 1 bnrnod, but so far no rpports of loss of llfe
have boen recelvcd.
HltiKhainton, N. Y., Aprll 11? Krank A. Oallaxher.
ag. 1 twenty-four. an i-mploye of th? Blnghamton
(itnoral BleetrlO Company, fell from a pole tnis
mornlng and was Inatantly kiiled.
Hm Praaalaca, April ii.?on afoaday noxt the
Hrltlsh Conaul-Oaoeral wlll bogin an lnquiry Into
the slnking of tho Hrltlsh shlp Klaiemoro and the
loaa uf slx of her crew ln ihe bay yeaterday. It ls
tatlmatad that it wiil cvat &>,im> to ralaa thp
?unken vessei. There is no hope for the racaaary
of the bOdiaa of the drowned aeanien untll the ves
ael has been brougbt up.
Coratcana, Tex., April U.?Laat Deoomber Djraf
Byara kiiled Samuoi UcLendon at Wortbam, and
was out on a bond of $.">J0. Yosterday Byara wont
Inlo Wortham and threater.od to klll l^oe Satter
whlto, a Deputy Sherlff. and on mootlng Satter
wh.to attempiod to pull hls pistol, but Satterwhito
waa too quiok for him, ahoot.ng Byera twlce. kllllng
him Instantly.
Poatwatar, Mloh., Aprll ll.?The roroner's Jury
whioh Invo.-tlgated tho kllllng of the Minshall fam
lly returned a verdlct this mornlng that all the
rt<-.vh* resulted from gunahot wounds Intlioted by
M nahall, and that Sands was murdered with mallco
aforethought. It has developed that .Minshall
was short ln hls accounta with insurance c impanles
whioh ho repreeented, and saw no way ln whlch to
make the doflolency goo.l.
Watertown, N. Y., ADrll 11.?U. O. Urlflln, recelver
of the Fort Stanwlx Natlonal Rank, of Home, thla
mornlng announoed a dlvldend of 30 per cent to cred
Itors. The l aldiltl.-s are now eatlmatod at t700,000,
and the amount requlred for the payment of the
dlvldend wlll not be fjr from 1210.000.
Announoes that for the Republlcan State Conven
tlon at Trenton, X. J., Apnl 16, excuralon tlcketa
wl 1 be io.d from all pointa In the State of Xew
Jersey at one fare for the round trlp, Aprif 15 and 16,
good to return unUl 17th, lnclualva?Advt.
[by eaau to the tanmuaa.]
London. Aprll 11.?The Copyrlght Asaoclatlon,
of whlch Slr John Lubbock ls chalrman, haa
not consldcrvd lt expedlent or neceseary to taka
actlon respeotlng the Treloar blll. The text of
the propoaad measurp has bpen prlntpd for tha
uso of thp committee. and the aubject haa been
quletty dlscussed. but thp mpmbprs of that body
hav? *grppd that It ls a matter whlch can eafely ?
be left to thp Amerlcan senso of Justlce and falr
play. wlthout ape dal pleadlng from Engllah
authors and publish-rs. The lattet have alao
dlscussed the suhjpct, have crltically examlned
the text of the blll and reached a slmilar con
clusion. Thp Authors" Soolety has not acted on
the question, nor ibown any intereat ln lt. Theaa
threo bodlag unite ir. intcrpreting the blll aa a
revocatlon of the Copyrlght act of UU; lta paa
sage will be rfgarded by Engllah puhllahera and
authors as a long step backward. but they do
not bellevp that It will be taken.
As matters stand. the Amerlcan author can
obtain copyrlght in England for forty-two yeara
by having a f>w coples of his work sold there
Plmtiltaneously wlth lts publloatlon ln the Unlted
Stat^s. The Engllsh author rannot have copy
risrht In th-> Fnited Statea unlesa his book la
mnnufactured there as well as published aimul
tancoiislv. The conditlons exlstlng are con
eldered unftlr, and If the Treloar blll be en
aoted, no forelgn author can obtain copyrlght
ln the I'nifed States otherwiso than through tha
aaalgnment of his mterest to a cltizen of that
country. The faeling among Engllsh authors
and publishers ie that copyrlght under a system
of aaarfgnmant would <-easp to ba prlvate prop
erty und.-r tha owr.er's eontrol, and that all that
has been gnlned for morality and Justice under
the Presldent's proclamat on fdlowlng the Act
of 1891 would bc lost. They are not paaaing
reaolotlona on the subjoet nor writing letters to
the daily papere, for they are reluctant to be
lipve that the Anvrlcan fongress will revoke
the exlsting copyrlght arrangen.. nts and order
.1 rturn to the old system of llcensed plracy.
Mr. F. R. Daldy. the secretary of the Copy?
rlght Aaaoclatlon, tells me that there Is no ex
cltement among Engllsh publishers and authora
f.vr the H!II and no dispnsltlon io Influence tha
eouraa of Amerlcaa leglalatlon by !ntemperat<?
appeals or proteata, It Is an American question,
ruid Engllshmpn have nothing to do wlth lt In
the leg-islatlve stajje; but it s also a moral
question, and Engllshmen have not lost falth
ln the Amarlean sfnso of luatlea. The Treloar
blll ln his Judgmant contains ?omc excpllent
provlslons. but the prlnclple that coiyrlght can
be granted only to a dtlzi-n of the I'nlted
States cannot be rpcon^llp.l wlth the author'a
lnherent right to the lit^rary property creatpd
by hlm. Ha cor.siders tl.at foreign authora can?
not wlth dlgnlty or nafaty avatl th?m?eivea of
the prlvllcge of asslgning thplr rights to Amerl?
can eltlzenw who may be empowered to obtain
copyrlght under the propogpd measure. He alao
rmphast*. b the polnt that the extenslon of tho
requlrement of home manufactnre tO photo
grapblo negatives. t-ngraved plates and other
matertal for the lllustration of booka, will tend
to promote tha produetlon of Inferlor work for
the Amarlean market. Mr. Daldy is most ex
pllcii In eoodamalng tha blll as a retrograde
measure whlch will lnvoIv? the eancellatlon of
all exlatlng copyrlght arrangamanta wlth tha
Unlted statcs. but foracaata its defaat wlth con
All other Amarlean qajaallona are ln thp back
ground. Venexuola is aaklom mentioned. Mr.
Maaatngham, t!i? Edltor of Tha Chronlde." en
vious of tne explolts of his aaaoeJata, Mr. Henry
Xorman. in Amerka. has sucot eded whlle a*
Roma In drawtng out the rlawi .,f Lao xni on
the aubject of Internatlonal arbitratlon. Thla
it* a mattar of purety aradamki toUHuat, sin^e
aaeenalon robaa ara not in rathhrn. and nobody
la looklngfoethe mtllcnnlum thla year, but there
ara well-founded hopes that the rpcent pro
poaala of the Rritish fJovernmanl may laad to
the eatabHahmant of a parmanant Ar.gto-Ameri
can arbitratlon board. whlch will edueate tha
world In the arts of peace.
The Cuban question attracts no attentlon ln
England, although exparta on eolonlal affaira
ara n >t Ignorant of the faet that thelr Weat
Indian poaaaaalona ara temporariiy profiting by
the clvll war ln the Spanlsh Dland. whlch ln
voives a auapanalon of the sug-ar Induatry thera
and ralaaa the value of the produce of compet
lng countriea. Britisn Oulaaa ha? raatly mora
at stake ln the pertnanent paralysls of the
Cuban augar ii.dustiy through the prrlongatlon
of the Insurrectlon or tho aaddllag of another
war deht on the exhausted island than lt has ln
the aequlsition of the Vonezuela swamps, even
lf there be gol.J dust ln thtm.
Great calm has fallen upon the troublad
nratara Of dlplomacy. The report of the evae
uatlon of Kassala has oeen offlclaly denied In
Roma. The Bntish manoeuvres la the Xlle Val
ley contlnue at a lelsurely pace. the llnea to
Akashah belng gradually strengthened, and
droves of camels for transport belng elowly col
The revolt ln MatabeDland apparmtly can ba
supyr^ssed wlthout Britlsh relnforcementa. If
tha uprlsing of Matab.l.-s were more formld
able. the British puhlic could t-aslly endure tha
strain. since fture would be a pretext for ln?
creaslng the garrljon of regulars and bringlng
som-'thing besides moral preseure to bear upon
the Transvaal.
Mr. Chamberlaln Is not maklng much progreaa
in d-allng wlth Presldent KrUger. The Boero
app.-ar to be playlng for hlgh stakes, namely,
the revocatlon of the treaty clause deprlvlng
them of the eontrol of foreign alllances. Mean
whlle m-mbers of the Rpform (' >mmlttee, tha j
wealthiest men ln Johannesburg-. are commltteq^
for trial on a charge of high treaaon, and tha
general manager of the De Beefa Company at
Klmbarlay ls held for lllegally conveying anna
lnto the Trant-vaal. Posslbly these mllllonaJra
suspectH may be'regarded as hostagea for aecur>
ing the ronvlctlon of Jameaon and hla aaaoclatag
In London.
Newa frf>m the Orlent tending to conflrm tha
report of the cesslon of Port Arthur to Ruaala
ls recplved wlth amar.ing apathy, markedly la
eontrast v ith the profound lmpreselon cauaad
last autumn by "The Tlmea'a" prophetlu dla
closurea of the secret treaty wlth China. Africa
alone seems to fasclnate the Engllah imaglna*
tton; the vaat lncreaae of the Czar'a authorlty
over the Sultan's counctla and the advance of
Ruasia ln the Far East paaa unnotlced.
Parllament haa reopened wlth empty benchea
and wlth nothing more exeltlng than votea U?
supply and Ministerial anuba to lnquialtlva
bores durlng the question hour. Tha Irlsh Land
blll. whlch is announced for Monday, wkl dt*
vlde the remainder of the aeaalon wlth tha Sdu*
catlon blll; both meaaurea will lnvolva prorf
longed dlacusslon over detalla In committee. No
Irlsh Land blll ever makea rapld pregraaa, aa4
tha Teachera' Coniaranca at BrlshiM l

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