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fia-LVI...N* 18,048.
e_e people who accepted the Invltatlon cf the
?mi-Dudley Dt-fence Company to wltness a test
a the new Dudley-Power-Pneumatlc gun for
?hrowlna hiKh explosivjfl, which took piace yes
??njay, will probably remember the day for the
-gof'th-ir iivefl, for lt was a day of excltement
^ of alrr.os: mlraculous escape from sudden
wh for them. They saw the gun trled. and
j^rf lt pron '.ince- a natOBB-, but they saw lt
EgT a]S0; burat wlth a roar that waa so great
that lt Injuroa-. lf only temporarily, the rense of
hearlng of many of those who atood near. and
with a force that hurled great pleces of metal Into
the air and back of the gun for a dlstnno* of 600
fc*t When the smoke had clearert axvav. and
Jtaai found that only one man had been ln
?Jured,lt soemed that a mlracle had been wroupht,
and tfcwe "ybo aacaped eould not for a long time
teller*. ln Ihair BOOd fortune.
The test took place on Jacob's. or Eaat, Isiand,
gt a pla:-? known as Matir.erock Polnt. Long
laland. a few roda fr.>m where .1. Plerpont Mor
gan'i yacht. Katarlna went a.hore about three
yeara ago. Surrounded by a BCatM of beauty ln
whlch Haa aky, gentlv rlpplln* water and a
pebbly bea:h cotnbined to make a fine gprlng
plcture. suggesti. > of p-ve ar.i harmony the
modern kaannUBenl ? :' flwrtCttaa was mounted.
and Ita Inventor and nnnufa.mrer mada atToTtttO
Bhow lt to Its b*at adrantagt to the cotrmander
of the Unlted BUtea Army and the Ordnance
Boarda of the Army and the Xavy. The piece
polnted Btaakght OP the iiound. To the rlght was
Oyater Bay, Peacock's Polnt and Cold Bpting
Harbor; the outllncs of Greer.wich. Conn., eould '
-? seen on the other slde. and back of it waa
West Island, the beautlful eountry home of
Charles A. Dana.
Among those who went to *ee the tCflt were
_Ular-General N?son A. Mllea and Colonel
Ttoyal T. Frank, Colonel Peter C. Halnes, Major
Frank h. Vklpps, Captain J. C. Ayres. and Judge
Joieph H. Out:. .vaite, of the Army Ordnance
and Fortiflcatlon Board; Captain W. T. Bamp-On
and Protessor P. R. Alger, ropr.sentlng the
>?avy. -nd Oen. rai 0. W. Wlngate, Everett
-*rai?r, W. Ber.;' Slma. K. W. Frazer. II. P. Kl
*?*_ duuira H. Woodruir, Pro.eaB-T K. B. Pannl
?*?_, H. Merrlman, I*onard Jacob and General
James a Peanall. Mr. Elwell, the constiltlng
enrJjieer ot the company. explalned the work
iata ol the gun. Ita mode cf construetlon and
lJ? polnta of suoeilcrlty over other guns cf a
like character. Tba chlef clalm of tho inv?*ntor
** that the gun may may be used to project
tofh exploslves wlth gunpowder. The pneu
toatlc guns which hav. b.en ln use, and the
?r&amlt* guns, lt was aald, were not practlca
??. becauso ponderous and Intrlcate machlnery
*? Wflnlptiiate them were re __lml. Wlth thla
a'"!, R waa de lared, tb re was nelther boller,
?aj-mulator nor comprersor neeeesory, and the
?^Preflaed alr to prolect the hlgh exploslve pro.
***tlle could be ereated ln a few seconds by em
"?yhif only ordlnary gunpowder.
Thfl power emplcyed consl-iB of a mlxture
?* Wmpressed alr and gas. which Ib g*merated
?*plodlng the powder ln a srrles of tubes.
?r?- three of theae tubes runnlng parallel
.**? another, the mlddle one belng the maln
"V***' The iwo slde tub*? together form an
^atutwber. The one at the rlglit hand ls
j**** at its rear end, and ls .-hambered to re
? Iha powder charge. It ls unlted at Its front
. '? the front end of the left-hand tube, which
^-J*"> '? eonnccted at Its rear end to the rear
k*? tha maln barrel or cntre tube. All three
**? ln unlnterrupted communlcatlon.
*1l?_-!1Umn ?f alr cont<,,ned ln these tube?
? f^ tjy* tn* powder charge from the projec
^*M a reaervolr for the gaaea gencrated
jaBf_-n^ powder and cuahiona what would
1,ka a Bvdden blow or ahock. The two
breechea at the back are one for the powder
charge and one for the projectlle.
Aftcj* the nieehanism had been thcroughly ex
plalned. preporatlons weie made for a practical
tcst. and tl.e vlsltors crouched under the bank
whlle the gun was tralned on apace "up the
Si. und." A signal was glven. a swlsh was hear.l.
and the thirty-txvo pound projectlle, loaded wlth
flfteen pounds of exploslve gelatlne, eould be
seen rushing through the air and descendlng
ln the water about a mlle nxvay. Then. after two
secon ls, an explosion took place beneath the
surface, and a great mass of water oro.e llke a
huge sugar loat ubive the stirface, vlbrating anl
gllstenlng for a moment under the sun'a rays,
nnd then lt dlsappeared in Its element. Flve
mlnutr-s lnter a aecond projectlle was hurled
through tlie air. The fu.e ln thls was so plaoed
that the oxpio?lon took place as soon as it struc'v
the wattr. The shot xvas a perfent mtcoess, and
the echo from the explosion, loud and posverful,
eould be heard for nearly half a mlnute. The
thlrd ehot was Intended for explosion three aee
onds after the projectlle strucli the wnter. and
the fourth rrojcctilo should have explod.d In one
second aft'*r It t uicheJ th-* water. but ftelther
of these ahot* W?B gicceasful as far a* the ex
ploadoB was concerntd; the fu.eu were exllently
lmperfect. But a flfth shot waa flied. and th<*
projeeti'". after gracefullv Falllng through the
air. struck the water, bl whlch It exploded wlth
much commott'in one second lat<*r.
The aecond number on the programme WB1
firlng at a tawt L'.lOu yarda dlMnnt. In thls
in^tance dumrr.i'?? xvere to be used and not pro
jectlleg fllled wltl- hlgh ezploalvea. The dummy
conslsted of o elgar-shaped projectilr, the polnt
end of whlch was of metai, bacl; of whleh was a
chamber containing f.ur poanda of powd< l" then
cam..* a plug of xv.,od, a chamber containing
four poundc of lead. and back of thla another
blook of wood. A fulminatlng CBP WM BO plac 1
near th.? poxvder chamber that when th- M r
jectile BtrUCk pOlBt on, it WOUtd be exploded by
m-Miis of a e-mal! rod whlch penetrateu the
polnt. Thls was the dummy.
When the test of hlgh explosives were belng
made. the visltors did n.it lie.ltfite to shoxv that
they were concerned as to th?-ir l?..dlly aafaty.
Grizzled army ofllcein and civllians- were allke
anxious to take nh'-JDr under the protcctlng
bluff thal rtaea from the Btrlp of pebble-covered
b* ach. and Oeneral Ifllea blmaelf gave tbe order
for all to take cover before thfl signal t.< (ir
waa glven. But knowlng thnt only "dummi.s"
Were to be fin-d ;.t the tarK'-t. tbe spe<-tat..rs
drew nearer t<< the lnr.trum.rit of death, and
watehed every movement of thune who were
manij.ulatlng it preparatory to the aecond exhl
bltlon. Th.- memberB of the Army Board oc
CUpled a ttettee to tlie >ft of Mr. Ehv. II. who
did tha flrlng. and otbera, Intereated ln the gun,
atood about entlrely obllrloufl of the fact that
thera might be any danger. Two <>f the dum
mi.-s were flred, each one falllng conalderably
short of the target Thla wafl <xp1alned as be?
lng du.* to the r.r'.Jor-til.. Ij.dnK unevnlv bal
anced, arrl th<- thlrd one waa to mak" up f.-r tbe
defectfl of the r.thrr, aml hil the target b _uare,
but tlie thlrd shot waa never flred.
The powder hal been placed ln the s>mnil tu'ie
nnd the duir.my In the lir^e rne. Th'-n evry
bOdy Irv.ked toward the target, 1,100 yarda awav,
expecting to ?ee it ahattered when th? rope
was drawn which free 1 tbe p iwder. But ln
stead, a terrlflc nolae was heard, and tbe Riin
was Bl-Bttered Into f?;>gii)ents. 0?neral Mllea
jdhn Brlaben Walker, of "The Coatnopolltan
Magazlne," and th.- reporter ..f The Trlbune at
the time sat ..n a log under the i.iuff, whenOfl th i
target was full In siKht nnd from Whleh polnt
they saw 'he metnl mlssllea hr they hVw Into
the a'.r, aft'T the gun hnd burst.
When the Boiokc and duat h id clehred away. lt
was found that Joaeph Rol], the propiietor of the
Orlental Hotel Bt .'.if-n Cove, who had g.ne to
the ground to serve the luncheon f..r the visltors.
was the only one Injured. A plece of met-il
stru'k hlm on the Jaw and mn.le an ualy WOUnd,
but Dr. F. W. Ilerrtam, of No. IH weat Elev
enth-.t., who WBfl on the sp.it, Bttended to the
Injurel man, made hlm comfortable, nnd when
he left hlm at his h..me two hours later. aall
that do rerloua reaultfl need he looked for.
After everybody had cngiatulated his nelgh
bor on belng alive and not lorn to pler-es, people
began to -make In .uiry as to Ihe cauae ot (he
exploalon. It waa found that the larger plug
t.f wood ln the "dtimmy" bad spllt and spre.nl
nnd prevented the projectlle from belng thrown
from the mouth Of tb.- xnn. ID-w and whv th?
plug Bpllt no on" Beetned tO know. Mr. Elwell
tbOUght lt mlKht have b..en eause.l bv B defee
tlve plutr nn-: Otherfl aald tbat the fuse at the
polnt was Imperf?t and cauaed the exploslon
by Ignitlng the powder prematurely.
Mr. Sniis, ln speaklng of thc burst gun, Bald'
"No gun, no mntDr how larga or how strong lt
Is, eaa Hve lf you touch off a heavy charge ln
lt and have Its mouth plugged."
Mr. Elwell aald that inasiiiuch as the gun hnd
thrown tba dangeroua projectllefl eontalnlng
hlgh exploslves BUCCasafttlly and aceuraMy. tha
fact that it had bur.-it under the exlatlng clrciim
stnnces would n..t detra.t fi'.m its value as a
gun for the purpoaea f?.r Which it was o.n
structed Oeneral Mlles also said that he was
hlghly plciHfd wlth the rUflfl_Jtfl ..f the exj.eil
meiiia aa to pro.P-. tlng hlgh exploslvea.
The lnjury of Mr. RoU east a gtoO-B o\pr tbe
party. and some ..f the vlsltors went so far as
to take the army offlcers to ?..sk for not warn
lng them of the dang?r and for allowlng people
ln dangeroiir) proxlmlty to the gun. The cost of
the exploded gun wos about Vi.WQ.
Ogden, Utah. April 13.?"The Qgd? rltandard."
one of the leadlng mornliiK papers of I'tah, bejtan
to-day the pubilratlon of sn afternoon edltlon wlth
the servlce Of Ihe Unlted l'resg.
The Central R. R. of New-Jersey will flell excur
hlon tleketa from New-York and all polntfl ln New
Jeraey to Trenton for the Republican Conventlo" on
Aprll 16 and 16, at on? fare for rouud trlp.?(Advi.
London, Aprll II.?In the Ilou.e of Commons
j to-night Gerald Half mr. Chlef Secretary for Ire
| land, Utrodoced the Irlsh Land blll. In doing
so he referred to Ita c.implex and Intrlcate char?
acter, and said lt was more llke a collectlon of
small hlll. than a compreli^nslve mea.ure formcd
to carry out a baatc prop aBlL The Land aet of
1881, he added had inltlated an agrarlan revolu
tlon, tran.formlng the syst-m of land tenure.
Daring the iast Iift.*en years there had been a re
ductlon of agikultural values. whlch nobody ln
1SS1 expected. Thls h.td added to the difllculty
of the fju-stlons InvoH-pd In a settlement of the
land questlon. The keystone of the Unlonlst
pollcy slnce 1S81 had been to establlsh a pea.ant
propiietary ln Ireiand, and ? singie instead of
dual oxvner.hlp of land Thls blll almed to be
the flnal goal of Irlsh lar.d lcgislatlon.
Mr. Balfonr rtvlawed tne effecta of the sucefs
she land acta as tondlBg t > extend the boMlBfl
Of farmers an I peasant ?. II" held that the ,\sh
bourne aet of IS8I better assisted to the puichase
"f land than the art of IS'.U. The preoent meas
ure would carry out the beat prln iples of the
Aahboarne aet, woui.i adopt aeveral of tba
featureo of Mr. al rli-y'.. bill I IBgR, and would
add a aeiiefl ?.f provlalona anien.llng the procedure
of prevloaa arts nnd fadiltate a workinv purchaa.
svstem Th- ClaUBea :??! rpted from Mr. MOTti-v's
l.ill Included the provlalona deflntag th- legal p.>si
tw.n of a tenanl at thr... d ot th. atatut'.ry term,
whicb every one admltted wm neceaoary ln order
t.. remove doubtg ln reflxlng tha Judioi.il rent.-.
The ni-xt claus- made Valid a ttnarry boldlng,
deeplte the fool thal it mlgbl hax-r> been aablet
wlthoat the aaaenl of the auperlor iandkyrd lf it
appeared that the landlord ha.l passiv-iv n.
quteeced. The nect claaae adopted Mr. M Tley'fl
provlalon tn prevenl a leaaee when a falr r?-nt
bad been flxed, from belng ubliged to pay rent on
hN Improvementa.
Regardtng arraara, the biu propcoed that a
t*T.ant xvh.. w.is able eould in all caacf redeern
hla holdlng by th- j ixr-r.t of tWO y-ars' ar
i.-us, leavlng the landlord lo r*c ?er arraara
beyond this perir 1 l.y orlinary DTOCI Inr*. The
btl! dld no; aboltah lha ktndlord'B rlght. of pro
i nptl t.
Regardlng componoail r, or Improvementa, th?
bl'l provlded that aft-t an altonance bad b"n
mada t . .1 tenan: for Improvemanta the .-.iiirt
couK aw.inl a furti- r compenaallon lf lt do
. ded that ti.- tena.it bad not recelved aojvjitable
Cl .'I,;.. ngg ti 1.
Th- Bchetl ? .'>r flxlrg the Judlclal rent. pro
pcaed h term ..f thlrty raara* duratlon, bal thls
w. uld be varlable ever) flv. yeara on theappllca
tlon of -it!;. r lan llord or tenanl The Land ?
mlaalon eould alao vary the rent tin.br :i reporl
..f th- Commlaaloner*. accordlng t tha vorloca
volu?a of lha prodaeta of lha land and ihe
effect of siu-h varlattoa ..n the f.iirne.. of ih.
rpnt The landlord nnd tenant n.lght them
8 l'.-.i .ir:- t. x.ir tb- f*nl Ifl MallO 10 the
xi.tlitli.n In the prlcea of produc1 l
in regard to the puretiaoe ef laaa, Mr Bal
f. t.r sald Ihat xxh-nas tha preeent tlm ? for the
ri | ;i> ri.-nt .f th- .um odvanc d f..r jur.ha.e
extended over f rty-nln. yeara ln rontlnu ui. pny
n.ents at 4 p*-r coftl Intetent, th?? pre*ent bl'.l
pr pooed to extend the j.-rlo.l to aeventy > ???!r
a\n.'tlier linputant pmpouol nlme.1 to .trength
en the I.nnd CommlBOlon bv enat.llng nn lnt?r
eharire nf funrtlona between tha .fflcials <.f the
Commiaaaonaad tha Landad Batateg Oourt. Otho*
ji vkalona elmpllflt-d ih.- procedure. enahiing
tenanta t'. piit*chaaa and landlord. t>> s?U wlth?
oul tlii? cotnlna of a Buh-commlaoion
In clooing, Mr. Balfour sald ihat the biu mlght
not be ail thal the Natlonallata wanted, i.nt ba
h-l i that it wonld i>- falr an I banct I I to both
land! .1 i and tenant
.P.iin Iforley, Chlef Beetvtary f..r ireinnd ln
th- laat Liberal Oov.rnm.nt, *-ai.l h- xx.-.s pl*aaed
I ,r ?. f thi blll, ehli fl) th ae whlch had
been ad >p( l from Ihe Liberal bllL ll- araa dla
appolnted nith th- ther rlivmta, part <.f whlch
were unworkaMe. Th- falr-r.nl pi .pooala .v;.
by fai the nwal bnportanl. Ile predlcted thal
theae would be paaaed ln an Improved f..rr;. and
that td- remainlng clauaea arould he pjat[>oiu 1
at the pleaaure of the ll..u*
John Dlllon, I. ..!-?? of th- Antl-Parnelllti *. .ai l
thal Mr. Half.ni." ? ap.??h pr..v-i thal thi .
Parllame-.i w.-.s Ineapabl. of deallng wlth l ?
queatlon. The ini;, would ba greatlv dloai
p.,int.-.1 by Ihe blll.
Th- bill then paaaed ip* flrst rea llng, and tba
t. ,i. l readlng waa flxe I for \\ rll 2T.
riVE MEX KIt.I.I-I) AN1> TWO I.V.lfPMIi -aQfOlKB
AMi CAR 00 I>'\\N.
laoui.viii^. Ar.ril 11?flve men arere WUed and
tw?. othera arera fatally Injun I al 0* Iford Ind., nt
jt o'cloek thla mornlng by a Belt road anglna and
a flat .ar golng ihrough a traatl*. The k Itod ?r
ihiri-K ivi-i.. conductor; Bbmnan CarpenLr, fir.
Tnan; Warr.n Loertnond, ot Walton, Kjr.; - Maa
tersoti,-i:> vti a.
the ORAVa 0? a ri.n:M..
rh'engo April ll-Ss-Unltad itat? Benator i.v
mnn Triiml.ull ?.'.?.?. taken .l;mg. r.-i.ly 111 yer-l-rliy
mornlng al BellavUlo, 111., "t tha ftmvi af hla llfe
i.r.g friend. e?-IJaiiienaal-?lovernor OuaUv K.ur
?..,-. Ha dellvered .... eaeeedlngly eloquenl arattoa
ji.xt before bla lilneaa beeama manife.t Iralla tli
Dbyaldam regard hla condllio*] a. eritleal, it mar
hA thal rleath tiiny I'- ?1t l.iye 1 f..r aoma tlme. A
-a.,-/.':-,,;. xx'm M..-1 l.y hla Physl.-lans. an.. lt wa.
,,,., M.,| l0 remov* hlm to Chlcago Aerordlngl.v
laat evenlng ha a/aa rarried lo n traln. a."panleJ
b> i.r ",,?!,!..!! iih allmant ia balttvod to t.
rlieiitiiatlmn of tl.e heOft
bdiampoUfl At.rll lrt.-I-aat nlght a aerle, of l-t
ter. w,.s turned over ta tba Unlted Praaa bf n w.
BullOCk, nttorney for the min.br. r II. H. ll'.lmea.
writt-n b> Holmca from h!** cell '" ?h<" rTilladalphta
coaaty priaon. Bulloch xvas retaine.i by Hoimaa
ofttr hla roiixlctl .;i 10 collitt exidi-nre to elcar hlm
of th- murii r of roBoa Howard Plataet, Boppooad
to hava beea eomaaltted at a eottaa-e rontad by
Holrn'a In Irvlnuton. a aubiirl. of In.lli.riai.olla. In
bla lettera be flvaa roi.lou* note. of evidence to he
aecwed and m ..ne he mahea oat a r.-gu.ar i.nef
wbleb he urgea Bullock to get Wiahard. the attomey
of "the Pranklln family." a? he -all* hla wlfe.
people. to <iae in eUortag th.- caaa >n> m their ratada.
He ?nv. ln one Of Ma letteiM that he hn? no BOpa
of anv .VMi llfe. But la arixio... to hava thla in
veatTgatlonTuraued after hla ?ecutlon. ah lha
way through he givef Midenca of belng preaoa I ??
nionev anl flrally declarea thal he wi.l bova to fall
ba"k upon ti- offei of a newapaper ayadlcaM of
85.0.J0 for his confe.alon.
llirtte Mont.. April 13. The la.t body of the alx
rrltaara kin .1 by the pow.ier expttorton m the at.
1 aWrrace nalna 0.1 Baturday mornlng wa. reoovered
at an e.irlv hour thlfl mornlng. and the Coroner's in
rmaat began this evantag Th.- poaltJaa of the bodtaa
*ound mdlsataa thal tba bboo dkaouvarad that an ex
i loalon waa abOBt ?o OCCUr ln the magaaln. for aome
reaaon and narted to run away. but they coul.l
not reru-h a aafo dl.tanco before the explosion oc
The t'or.ner's Ituiueat on the Hoj>e Mlne dl.a.ter
at Ha.ln begOB thls mornlng. and some mo.t start
llrnr evlile-iee wa. broujrht out. .howlng that the
.ev.n men who were sulTocated In the hurnlng mlne
\1 !!??, ,ru.llv left to their fate when the flre
E''' .^ ulered They tWtea rang for the eage to
w'" '' , ^h ? a rfare l.ut Knglneer Webl>er paTd no
come o th- s'-rrar* forVa!,on.*. be ref used to
atlen lon t. he sKiiii. .Hsi-jv-red the
explaln at UMI InjlW . mpn Th<>
flre hlmaelf .1 was *ff gj* iopertntandenl Kletcher
rr'^'mlt ? n an experlenced miner. but ha
Seath-traP wlthout aaalaUneo from the ouUlde.
Washlnitton April 13.?So perslstent are some
J of the offlelala i.f the Admlnistratlon In glvlng
? out denlals of the statement that the Secretary
| of State has sent proposals to Spaln looklng
. to a Bettlement of differences between the Span
j Ish Oorernment and the Cuban Insurgehts that
a posltlve statement ln the case geems to be
I ealled for.
It can be sald most deflnltely that Secretary
Olney, as a reault of several conferenees wlth
the Presldent at the Whlte House, prepared on
Tuesday last a dlspatch to be sent to Madrld.
The draft was submltted to the Presldent on
Wedneaday. The Presldent made a number of
pendl memoranda on the nanuBcrlpt, and fur
I ther dlscussed the subject wlth the Secretary of
State. On Thursday a smooth copy of the dls?
patch was lald before the Presldent. Agaln he
BUggeeUd some modlflcatlons ln the language
employed by Mr. Olney. Those a'.teratlons of
the text were few and brlef. but a new copy of
th* dlspatch was n?c??sary. Thls was made on
Fnday mornlng. The dl-patch was slgned by
Becretary Olney the same mornlng. It was put
ln tlie forelgn mail bag. and wlth other European
matter left the Btate Department that afternoon.
lt atarted for New-Vork not later than 3:30 p. m.
to eat ii tbe Bteamer railing on Baturday. Un
lers the Stat: D- partm.-nt's Bgenl at New-York
was directed by telegraph to extract the dla?
patch fn.m the mall pouch. and did bo, there
can be n... d oubt th.it Becretary Olney'a instruc
tions to Mlnlater Taylor are now on the hlxii
.sea. bound by fast Bteamer an.i rail for Madrld.
Thls ean be Bald arlth positlveness, ond de?
nlals. howerer numerous and tmphatlc, fri.m Ad*
mlnlatratlon offldais, cannot aiter the truth.
Denlalfl may, lnd.-H do, BCTVfl to BUggOflt bad
faith on the part of tbooe who make then'. wlth
tbOBfl wlio kUOW the truth. They serve. more
over, as a member of the Houae aald to-day, to
?trengtben b growlng conrtctlon that the Preal
dent Intenda to Ignore b practlcally unanlmoua
vote of Congreaa on th.- Cuban queatlon by ln
rolvlng tbe BUbject ln endlaa* correapondence.
Diplomatle denlala from tbe Btate Depart?
ment are usual. and ar- expected when tu-ws of
Importanl mattera lenks out, bul lt is the excep
tlon wben they ar-.- peralated In in the face of thc
truth. Tne denlals which have be>m made are |
t i the effect that no "medlatton" on the part of I
this luntry has been propoaed to Bpaln looklng
to a aetUemeni of hav differencefl with Cuba, and
that pubtiebed Btorlea on th?- BUbject ar.- nnvrar
rante.l fabrkatlona. From what was heard to
day from a truatworthy flource the denlal ls j
purery tacbnlcaL H appeara tha: In the earller
daya when the nou famoufl correapondence be
tweaa Becretary Flah aad Oenaral Blcklee wbj
I :ii_ on, the Becretary of Btate employed the
word "m.dlatlon" on the part of the Ualted
KtatfS. Tbe Spanlsh olliclaU di 1 DOl fancy the
use of the word. and Oeneral BtcklOfl so lnformed
Secretary Klsh by telegram. Thereafter, through
OUl the c ttieapooflepcn. Secretary Flsh eald "good
..tn er." it la nn* underatood that Becretavy
Oiney. in wrlilnir to MlnU'-v Taylor pr..p s 1
tbat the "g_.,d .ifllc.s" of the I'nlted Statefl bo
accepted by Bpaln, looktng lo a eetthment of the
dlffereneei betweea thc mother eountry ar.d her
valuabk Island poeaeaalon.
There is peiln:.. ?? shad- Of dlfferonce between
"ri..iilati..f.'' and "gocd offleei." The dlatlnctl n
?eema t.> be regarded as i ufflcle*! for the purpoae
: membera of thi AdmlnlBtra lon to h.mg an
emphatlc denlal on a nropoalttou havlng been
:i..i.i. t i Bpaln.
An mi-h be expected, the pollc)' of propoelng
??,? i offlcea" to Bpaln ls not regarded as aatla
factory to membei t Congreaa A member of
the il iubj Comml't.n Poretgn Affalra said to
day thal the deatrc ..." the Benate and Houae has
been, and atill i*. to re-ognlae the exlstence of
war in Cuba, and t>> exteud belUgerenl rlghu t..
the conteatanta and ma Into ln a courae of Btrlct
neutrallty between the two partlee. Now, he
saii. the i"uit..i Btatea was virtually th.. Bpan
l?fi baa*. of fluppllee, excepl aa to ablpa, Ballora
an ' Bul llera, and this la wrong and unfalr to a
?tru^gllng people dghtln^ for llberlj He ex
jii.ii ???: thal Congreaa dld n..t aci Impulalvely on
the rea ilutl >n paafled It pro ?? ? led dellberately,
and acted only aftei erery Benator and Reprea. _?
tatlv? learned through lettera and telegrama from
his conatltuenu thal t*e tlde of popular oplnlon
am .ng the pe iple w ib Btrong In favor ..f accord
Ing belllgi rent rtghta to the conteBtan-.B in Cuba.
The eoarae of Congreaa waa uol t!i<- eotce .' mem
bera but waa the r-xprefl-lon of the calm Ju.lg
ment rf the people r?f the eountry. lf ti?w the
Prealdenl Intenda to Ignore Ibe practlcally unanl?
moua wlah of Congraaa Ibe apeaker aald hi* ne
ti .ii arould be an offence t.. both houaea: also an
exhlbttlnn >.f contompl I. r the wlahea uf the peo?
ple The member ad led:
"We knew K would requlre nerve on the part
t the Prealdenl to follow the recommendatlona
\\'.. al?>> knew thal lt would tnk.- more backhone
, onlemi tu iu.ly t.> lanore the atrona v.<|.?<? <<t tha
eountry. Thal Bpaln is nothing to any Preal?
dent, pompawd with bla own eountry, or ought t<?
be, wis aaaumed. and mnnv <>t uh had no doubt
thal Mr. Cleveland, confronteJ wlth two evlla
,.;,ji n, would chooae Ihe lesaer, lhal la, proclalm
belllgerency. The Presldent ls Bomething of an
rnlgma. il" haa Burprlaed us greatly ln his
Cuban pollcy Beeldee, be has diaappotntod the
people wh.? tlected him."
Mlddletown, <"..nn, Aprll UL- Four man shortly
nftrr 2 o'clock thla mornliiK rushed Into tho atatlon
nt Baal iiBBBPton, fletoaed and bound Mlehael Phll
upa. ihe tii?hi telegraph operator, hand and foot,
and blew open the safe. wrecklna the r..etn anl
*eitlnir tlre to the wool Work. They secured, It Ifl
thought, about W. but orerlonked an flxpreea
packagfl eontatotng WA They axtlngulahad the flre
wlth the uverco.it of thr day operator and then de?
parted. Tbe robberfl entered Hall'a fe<'.l store anl
,.'.,1 ii few eeuta, but dropped on th* tloor a flve
,l,.llar l.ll! stolen st thc ... itlon. I'hil'.lps says ono
of the ni'ii fltood '.ver iilin wlth a revolver, ono
kept yuard aad two ble.- open the safe. They
Were DOl maaked. tnit ba dld not know them. It
wn preAUmeMy tbe same itann thnt has been
operatlng here before. Phllllpfl nunaged to untle
himaeif aboul l-M, and he lnformed Sheriff Brown.
No one ln the vli'lnlty h-nrd the exploslon whl.ii
wreekfld the offlce, imr .l'.d any one know of the rob
bery befora I'hllllps Kot loose. Tlie robbers' team
was left ln the rC_-ga
Indlanspo'l". Aprll 13.-Attorney-tl?neral K-toham,
who haa returned from the southern part of tho
Btate, aald yeaterday that his otilce would use
every m*?ans at Us command to prevent any vlola
tlon of the BflUflfl AaU-Raetng law at Koby.
"The Supreme i.'ourt's Interpretatlon of the law
is p.ain," siid the Attorney-OeaeraL "This otrtce
will etuleavor to previ nt the holdlng of a meetlng
laatlng more than flfteen days on the group of
traiks ln I.ake County. After a flfteen diys" meet
InK has been held. there shaii he no more racing on
that BfWap of tracks untll after thirty days havo
BlflPaed- It wi" not be dittlcuit to show to uny court
that theae addltlonal tra.-ks have been built for the
purpeae of eradlng the law. Ceurte, I take it. win
not tob-rite such evas'on."
Mr. Ket-liam wili have help in I.ake County, but
ti'e (iov.rnor has not yet dflfllgnated the attor
neya that shall aaatat In the proaecutlona ln case the
racecourae people undertake to rlolate the !aw. It
ls reported that the State has had secret oftlcers In
Chlcago for aome time gatheritiK accurat'e Informa
t,on as to thc ownerahlp of the three tracks and as
to the plans of the men behltid tho enterprlae.
Hoslon. Aprll 13.-In the Supreme Court to-day.
before Jud?c Knowlton. a ver.llct of tl.uOu for the
plalntlff ln the ca?e of Charles A. Hradford agalnat
lev\ Wai aee. admlulstrator of the eatate of Judge
r.hn rfuauIdlnK.' and a verdlct of $1,.)"^ for the
_ aintlff Tn the caae of Mrs. Marle I. Hradford
Bcaliiat the same defendant were returned. ( aarlea
"ra for. sued to recover $30,000 and hla mother to
reeorer $75,000 under apeelal contracta whleh they
_"e_Vd Judge Spauldlng made wlth them in ISSrt
in leav. them large leamdea. ln con?lderatlon of
thelr be'ni helpful to hlm. The Judge dled ln May.
1M3, but left no will.
Auburn, Me.. Aprll 13.?At this mornlng's sesslon
of the Malne Methodlst Epis-opal Conference there
was a sensatlonal dlscusslon of a resolutlon eon
demnlnff the course taken by the Malne Wesleyan
Seminary and Female College at Kent's Hlll ln the
electlon to the Board of Trustees of a brewer. ref
eience belnir made to Frank Jones, of Portsmouth,
N. H. Some of the frlends of the Instltution trled
Ir. valn to postpone aetlon. All motlons to defeat
immedlate aetlon were voted down, and thls reso
lutlon was adopted:
Whereafl We have rellable Informatlon that ?
man whose reputatlon as a brewer has been In the
hlKh?at de>;ree Inlmlcal to the cauae of temperanee
has been elecled a truste- of the Malne Wesleyan
Be.nlnary and Female ColleRe; and __.?_,i.-_
Whereas Thls aetlon of the trustees eompromlses
not only the aeminary. but alao our common Meth
odlsm in the relitlon to temperance reform. thflrehy
sublectlng us. as Methodlsts. not only to un?TOr
abla crltfc-m, bat also to a palnful humlliatlon;
'Vteso'lved That. as a c-mferenee. we express our
er.tlre dlsapi.roval of thls aetlon of the trustees.
and earncs.ly hope It may be reconsldered.
Denver. Aprll 13.-Denver yesterday was the
eentrc of one of the worst storms that ever blew
ove- the Western eountry. East of here the eountry
Is Inundated wlth from a foot to three feet of water
whlle on the south and west meaure reports ten ot
dlsamrouB snow bll.zards that have sw.pt away
everv vestlKe of anlmal llffl ln thelr path.
At Pueblo cars were blown from the track and
plled up ln th- dltches. Only one Easterrr passemrer
train arrlved here up to midnlRht.
Drtftfl ranga as hlgh as twenty feet. and wlthont
shelter there ls no prospeet of llve stock escai-lng
the fury ..f the elementa
Not a train li movlng on the flrst dlvlalon of the
Denver and Rlo Grande. whlle the Oulf ls blocked
from her, to Trlnldad. Th- Beota Fe to tb.. JWjly
read that Is handlinc bUBlaeaa, as Its track ls s.lghtl)
hlgher than those cf Ita cnmpetltors.
rrlpp'e t'reek rep irts the jrreatest losa. and fatall
tlea are feared in the hlils surroundlng the camp.
where r. veral l/indred men are prospectlng with?
out anv protectton from the storm Flve ... idlngs
In Crippie Creek were blown down. Includin* a
thr.Btory fltore and a lo.lKln?-house oecupled by
?eventyfour roomers. and a dwellim? occupled by
Fr. lerlck Etterbower. paytn* teiier of the Flrst Na?
tlonal Bank. rhe wlnd raagad from flfty to eighty
"if ___nder.''WyO., there was a mudstorm. pre
(.,:,i...] ,y s?..w. tfi-t covered th. around to theO>Pto
_f 'wo mchefl Pollowlng thls came a shower of re,
mud aucceeded by a fall of blaca mud. that covered
houaea and I-' .ple with a sllmy ?'oat.
Uiori N M April ll-Thfl WOTBI snowstorm ever
known Vtbta vlclnlty prevelll d here jestepiay Al
the northbound tralns oi' the Santa te aie tieu up.
-liSf iXJSU- lor m on. io ?.. mor. ,__
thre-J or four feet.
Albany aprll U-"Count" Max Shlnburn. "the
Klng of'crooks." who has b*en awi months tn
tetl awatttag tna'. for belng atoptteated m the Mii
dteburi Etonk to_rt_aty. yaatorday added another
P?K? to htB hlatory.
F.ver slice ht? arrival a eloae watch has bean
ke. ? of the deaperate crltnlnal. WbO would not he*l
tote to comnit any crln-.e ln order to reg-iln hla
llber'v. HotwItbBtandlng th.' surveillar.ee, he Wai
the leadrr of aeeeral attempta at tail-breaklng
wblch were alaaoei Baeeeeaf-L Almost erery day
thc Offldall were put to some annoyance. anl ten
days at?o his actlOM be.um. so unbearabie that he
was locked In his celt
yeaterday momin. he was releaaed for h:? #tro.i
through t^ corrtdor. He was not watehed. for thc
ortlcinl thoiiKht he could not AC-oaaplte- much ln
the ur Ot an attempt to e.-cape In the brlef apaci
of an bour. Bhlnburn found a broom, aad gotng
tiehii.d the eella, reaaored the. wlre that boadfl tho
broom to th- h.ind.e, and meaklag up to the doo"
1. , llnfl from the rear offlce into the bolfl, where he
la kepl wlth the othrr prtsonen, plugged the IneMe
,.f thfl lo.'k wlth wlre. Then arniinK hlmself wlth
nn Iron pokcr three feet lonu. he shouted to the
jaller. Collopy. and ttoi day watchman. ICcCtollan.
that he would show thmi they could not lock
WHoJ_lng thfl other prtoonen at ^ ???<?.?"?!
the Iron tmr he ye ed that be would bratn the nral
ia.it.it abproached ihe door. It waa Impoaiilb.e
t unl. ck the door, ?nd knowlng thal Shlnburn
would nol .urrender by u?lng padflc meflflure..
M,..'lel'..n w.nt Into th- yard eonneci?n_ the |all
wlth tha Clty Hall. H? garfl the deaperata man
niiother ehancfl to lay down hla w?apon and return
to hla .'-'.!. bul his enflwer waa fl nirw. McClellan
flred a ?hot from bta revolyer ..ver blfl head. but
thla dld not Intlmtdate him. and he tir-l another
into Rhlnburn'a ie.:. Bhlnburn erled with pala an j
_r-pplng t'le pok..r". hobbled teto hla ceH. Born* of
the orlsonera removed the wlre from tba Iprk, al
lowlng Collopy and McClellan to enter the hole.
The noor waa loeked on Bhlnburn and he will be
k.jit iii ao'.ltary conflneraent
An nnknown man. apparently an American, aboul
sixty-flve yen s old. tlve feel elKht Inches ln belght,
nhot hi-naeif in the mouth and fall backward mto
the Baat Blver at Eighty-sixth-st.. about 141 B'eloek
last nlrrht.
I'ark Polleeman Thomas .1. O'.'onnor heard the re
jor' of the platol and saw the man fall Into the
water H^ aecured a boat and, with tlie aaatotaaefl
of p couple of men. rCCOVered the body after lt had
drlfted to Kidhty-seventh-st. The body wan hrouKht
ashcrc. but nothing could be found In the elothing
l,y which the man could be ldentlfhd. The man
had iray balr and heard. He wore <?A?*b?u5fc??55:
In^ nnd a mir of .'..n);r.*a nalt'-rs. A pair or sprt
ucles weVe' found in an bmei coat pocket. The body
was taken to the Morgue.
Washlngton. April 13-Senator Justin fl. Morrlll. of
Vernioiit the ven'rable father of the l'pp?r House,
was elKhiv-six years oid to-day, and to-nlKht ne
gave a raceptlOO to polltlcil and personal frlends
to ceiebrate the occas.on. It WBJ a very -njoyable
affalr to all who took part. and Mr. Morrlll received
hearty COngratUlattona from several hundred of
those with whom he has been assoclated for many
reara His eolleague. B aator Pro. tor. nearly a'.I
the Senators and members of th^ .New-fc.nKland
_. egVitUin. hl? fdlow-m-inber- of ihe 6mm ttee on
Flnance ar. l many proaalaeat peraoaM in publlc llfe
attended the funetlon.
Atlanta, (la., Aprll IS.?lt Is announeed thls even
Ink" that. BCtlng on the advtce of his physlclan,
Cbarlflfl f Crtop t^* l?,,'n oo_Bpal!ad to giv* up the
sppoir.tments for speaklng. He and Secretary Smith
have met ln four Jolnt debates, and slnce the aec?
ond one, Whleh wa, at Atlanta. JudgB ?'rlsp has
Buffflred ln health. The spcnhlng here waa in a
temporary bulldlagi to all Intents and purpose* out
of doors. and the nlght was cold and dlsagreeable.
The rc?ult was that Mr. I'risp's throat waa atTected.
Afier thfl Albany Bpflech on Friday. JudfS ( rlflp
mffer-d from Beverfl pfllafl ln the ch.st and pasaed
_ had nlahl but fell so much better yesterday
th-it he aareed with Becretary Smith on another
meetinir to be held at Macon. Last nUfht. howevfr.
Vhere waa a return of the former troub'.e. and to
dny his physlci.it Kave imperatlve orders, which
mi,!- him caocel a numb.-r of datea ahead. He
hoptfl to be able to resume cariy ln May.
flusquehanna, Penn., Aprll 13.?Tapltallfltfl from
New-York and Pennsy'.vanla have organlaed a fltock
company to prospeet for sllver and copper at South
Canaan Wayne County. Penn. Orea taken from
the land leased are rleh In base metalB. The com?
pany has secured an optlon on uJ2 acrea of land for
To Phlladelphla. Baltlmore, and Waflhlngton. from
Btatlon, Central R. R. of New-Jeraey foot of
I.lberty-st. See detatied tlmetabla ln thla paper.
Three new faat expreaaflfl.?tAdvt.
Fleld Marahal Yamagata of the Japaneae Army
arrlved ln thla clty Iast evenlng at 6 o'cloek, and
waa drl\*en to the Waldorf. The chlef Ineident
of the day waa the reeertlon glven to the Marquls
by the Governor at Albany.
The speclal traln bearlng Marqula Yamagata,
his staff and the ataff nf Oovernor Morton,
whlch waa detalled to aet aa e***ort to tho
etnlnent vlsltor frxn the Orl.nt. rolled Into tho
station at Albany at 1:30 o'cloek yeaterday
afternoon. The traln was compoaed of a buf
fet car, a aleeplng ear, a dlnlng car and two
prlvate cars, oceupled by Marqula Yamagata and
hla staff. Oovernor Morton's ataff oeeupled tho
sleeper and th. buffet car. Th. party w.re ln
excellent aplrita. They told of the reeeptlon at
Buffalo and the pleasant Incldents of the trlp.
The fact that a speclal carrylng Marryila Yama?
gata was to pasa through Albany cauaed a
great deal of Inter.st. The atatlon waa wefl
fllled. and th. Oovrnor' I natty footman atood
at th. entrane* to the atatlon waitlng to show
the Marqula to the carriage. An .nt.rprlalng
cltlzen after much resrareh managed to flnd a
Japar.e.e flag. and thla flag waa hung ln tho
station In honor of the vlsltor. The flag of
.Tapan haa a large red bail In the mlddle of a
whlte fleld. If such a flag was floated on tho
top of a Flfth-nve. atage lt woifld be Int.rpreteJ
to mean that there was skatlng In Central Park.
When the speclal came Into the station Mar?
quls Yamagata. aurrounded by hla staff, sat ln
John M. Toueey's prlvate car by a table, on whleh
had been plac.d a large bunch of rosea and
lllle.. Wlth hlm were hla personal party, ln
whleh were K. Tsudzukl. Oranl Chancellor of
the Imperlal Archlxes; Dr. Hiral, one of tho
court phyalclana and a suigeon In the army;
Major Oshlma, Y. O. Terar.akal. 8. Kadjl and
II. KawasakI, prlvate secretary to the Marqula.
Adjutant-General E. A. McAlpin, representlng
Governor Morton. was wlth hlm, aa was George
Ef. Daniels. general passengcr agent of the New
York Central Railroad. Others on the traln
were Brigadlei-Gener,il Elmund Hayes, Chlef
f F.nglneers; Brigadler-General Benjamin M.
Whitlock, Brtgadier-General Fre.lerlck C. Mc
I.<'wee, Inspector of Rlfle Practlce; Itrlgadler
General James M. Varnum. Paytnaster-General;
: Hrigadter-General Penjamln Flagler. Chlef of
| Ordnance; Brlgadler-Cieneral Wllllam C. Wal
lace. Judge Adx'ocate-G?neraI; Brlgadler-Gen
i eral W. 8. C. Wlley. Quartermast-r-General;
? Brlerndier-General H^nry T. Noyes. Commlsaary
| General; Colonel Archlbald Rogera, Colonel
Charles F. James. Colonel George W. Turner,
Colonel Seldon E. Maevln, Major Durbank, of
the Regular Army; John M. Toucey, general
manager of the New-York Central, and C E.
Storey, of the passenger department of the Near
York Central.
The flrat to get off the car was General McAl?
pin. He asslsted Marquls Yamagata to allght
from the car. The Mar, its had complalned ever
alnce arrlvlng ln the State that hla heaith waa
not what he wlshed lt to be. He looked para
and wan aa he etepped M the car. He wore a
black frork oat, dark trouaera. a whlte cravat
and a sllk hat. He walk.d clowly, and aeemed.
in contrast to the gay trapplngs of the Oovernor's
| staff, to be clad ln more aoinbro attlte than he
really was. The other membera of the ataff fell
Iu behlnd Marquia Yamagata, and taklng ear
rlages the party drove to the Capltol. The tlag
flylng 8t the siaff told that the Governor waa
already at the Capltol. Allghtlng at the door
they hurrled througli tre corrldors of the blg
bulldlng and took the elevator to the aecond atory.
After enterlng the Executlve Chamber the doors
were closed.
The plcture pgnOBBted was a handaome one.
In one corner of the r.?>m were grouped Mra
McAlpin, Mrs. Burbank and the Gov.rnor'a two
daufbtera. Ti.e Governor had arlaen from hla
deafc. He looked hale and rugg.d aa he stood
er.ct by his de.k, with out.tret. h-.l hand to
great tha Mantuis. The staff grouped thern
selves behlnd the Governor and the Fleld Mar
shnl. Adjutant-General McAlpin .poke I few
formal woids, and then Governor Mf.rtm handed
to the Marquls's prlvate s-cretary a wrltten mea
sage of welcome, to the reading of whlch the war
rlor from the Jupanese Emplre ll.t-ned eara
fillly. '
The Governor'a message waa brlef, and read
as followa:
Fleld Marshai Yamagata. I take p>aaur. on be
hnlf of the peopl'* of the State of New-York in we'.
com Ing vni arlUltn our botdera and ln exi>re*?lng
to you an.l tha. membera of your aulte tne h.i^x
that your stay among our peopie, brl.f though lt
niajr DOj wlll be co fraught wlth goo.l impre.iHona
tii.it ,t wlll alv/aya carry plea.Aiu memortea. I
.lo thia wlth the more gratlnoatlon. reealllng my
pleaaant -nVlal and soclal lnt.rcour.e wlth the
Ambaaaador .>f jrour Krnplra ln Pari* durlng tny
own ofheial re*ld*nre In Ihe French capttal.
Kcr nearly fortjf yeara tba reiatlon* h-tween the
gtvernmenta of Japaa and tba Unlted state. have
l.e-n drnwlng eloner and eloaer. and always througa
I the medlums of Inie.lt-etual and commerclal a.?o
?..it.in and Inten* iurae. N.w-Vork. aa the .-hlef
l .-.immerclal and Inluatrlal State Of our I'nion, la
I con.plruoualy Interaatad ln the matntenan.'e and
ex'enalori of the<e humanixlng an.l frlenJIy relt
tions. Aa one who ha. already dw.lt among u* and
xvrio.e personal lelatloti. haxe been ao close. you
doubtle.,. apprerute the .entimenta whteh actuate
cur people In th-lr mo.'.es ot '.'.ta and their a.pira
tlons, an.l I fe*'. that ln .xtendlng to you thla ln
formal greetlng w. are simply renewlng p'.ea.ant
acqualntan.-e.hip. an.l that you will r.e.lve It la
tha aame generoj* and appreclatlve aplrit,
After the s.-r.tnry had flnlah.d reading tho
addre.s the Japanese O.neral bowed eourteously
ar.d b?-amed on the Oovernor. Governor Morton
brwed. Ther. the Fleld Mar.hal began apeaklng
ht.rrledly and ln a dlsconnected mar.r.er to hla
The secretary llst.n.d att.ntlv.Iy. and when
Marquls Yamagat.. had flnlshed ep.aklng aaid
alowly to Governor Morton:
His Excel'encx- th* Marquls. w'.ahea to tranemlt to
you hla heartl-sl thanka and expre.. hl. -appreeia
tl>r. of the warm manner ln whl*h ne ha* b*en re
C.lv*d and entertalr.ed whlle In your Stat*. He
wiahe. to .xpre.a the pleaaur. and honor he feele
by be'ng offered the e.cort of auch a magnlfleent
ataff and to explaln to you the warm feellng of
frlendahlp that he and all nf hla fellow-oountrymea
feel for Amerlea and Amerlcana. He look* not upon
thla reeeptlon a> rruoh as an honor to hlmaelf. aa a
trlbute of friend.hlp from Amerlcana to hla pejple.
He feels that In th. pn-a.-nt day. when the world la
rnllghtene.l when tran.?portat'.on facll'.tles. the tele
graph and the tel.phone. brlng ua Into fellowahlp,
t'he two eountrle. of Amerlea and Japan ara belng
drawn more cloeely together H. I. pleated wltb
thls. He wanta to .ee a clo.e tle of frlendahlp be?
tween the two eoiirtrl?. He feela that each day
the two rountrle* are belng drawn mor. cloaely to*
gether Intellectually, .ommer -l.illy. llnmcla'.ly and
morally. Ho thanka you for thi. honor. and arlll al?
ways carry ln hla heart tb. memory of tha cordlal
When the ae-retary ceaaed apeaklng. Oovernor
Morton ahook liands wlth the Marqula Then
the ladles were Introduced Afterward Yama?
gata was taken Into the Senate and Aaaem?
bly chambera, and to the Court of Appeala
The court waa In session when the pirty ar?
rlved. and the Judges w.re llater.lng to the argu
menta ln a eaae on appeal. Chlef Judge Aaw
drews notleed th. vlaltoia. and came down to
greet the Count. Soon the party returned to
We offer to-day H? scrfe at 78 centa each,
former prlcea tl 00. 83 00 and 12 80; all ahapee; the
beat valuea off.r.d ln a long tlme. Tbeae good*
wlll not be dleplayed ln our wlndowa unttt WaAnea
COR. 88th 8T.-<Advt

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