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BB tCA3 '?
%_0l-g TO THAT -l-fB, ANT? REMEM
block of teneWient-hou.es on the Kast Slde
rjed hy Houston. Ptanton. Willett and Pitt
,>?U c-ontaJnlng the farnous Bone Alley, whlch
for a long 'lrnf> been oneof theworst eyesorc.
h* clty. I** before long to be torn down, and
'n Ita place wlll he lald out a park, where, in
lD d of darkness nnd fllth and stiualor, ther.
wlll be au
nshlr.e and the green of grass und
But when Bonc Alley and the .urround
ses are dcmollshcd. there ls at leaet on.
n who wlll be made forlorn and homeatck.
Bla_ame la Martln Bchrelner, and fnr alaty-t.ro
r?_re hia only horie has been ln the block
bounded b? tltewB four atreeta He la nearly
?lirjtaT- old. and whenever he gpeaka of the
comtn- Aeaolatlon of hl. home there la Just the
falnt ,uggeeti.-?n of a tear ln his eye. and an
emlnoua trembllng (>f hi? llpa.
Martln Bchrelner Hvaa at No, 122 ritt-st.. ar.d
_? *r_? ?een thera the other afternoon by a
Tribune reporter. At the lowar floor of the
houae. the raporter stopped to ask whether llar
ttn llved there Thera wa? a aurly aummona to
?Comein." and.aathe<-Oorwaaopened,tha typlcal
$r\ng rocms of B ten-rment-house were revealed.
t?and evll viora wwra ererywhera. The halla
nr, bad enough, but the Itving-rooma wera
rorte. aa if tha fllth <?' half a dosea aqualld gen
intlor.9 had been accumulatlng. And c-almly
atated ln the mldat of this were the mother. an
idBlt daughtrr (at l**st ao they appeared to
br) ar.d two amall children. The m >ther waa
th, one to anawer the queatlona us to where
Martln llved. and she dlrected the reporter to the
rooma on the floor above
Aa the atairs were eBmbed, through a dlrt
bfgrlmed wlndow couli be aeen the dank and
__gjy rear walls of th* tam. us Bone Alley tene
ment-hous*s. the very BtDi reeklni wlth fllth
and mould and grlme. The llttle yard between
the two was llttered wlth all aort, of caataway
rubblah of the denlzens of tha nelghborhood.
A few steps more and the door of Martln'a home
waa reaehed, ar.d, ln anawei t i tbe kn i k. there
waa a low but hearty peontaalon to enter.
The lnt*rior of thr Blttlngvroom was a Burprlaa.
It was poorly furnlsh*d. Only tha n< jeaaariea
of a hnmble llfe were there, but wha rl th* I i r
was shut the dlrt was left behind. _urro_nde_
,, lt wa. by aome of the fllthieat home, In the
metropolls, thto amall room was as clean anl
neat aa the hard work of a good bouaewife could
make lt. In the mlddle of the room, atretched
from a tabJe to the back of a wooden chalr, was
an Ironlng-board. an.l Martln'a good wlfe was
\>\__Vf M work Ironlng s <m- clothea At th*
wlndow overlooking Pitt -st. aat Martln. As the
lr.tru.er ?nt*red, Mra. Bchrelner tnrned fr<>m her
work to place a chair for the aooommodatlon of
her unexpected gueet, artd the old man rose from
the chalr to bld hlm welcome.
When he was asked to tell hls story, the old
man emiled aoftly. as. lf thinklng of the dayfl
that are BOW long past, and then slowly noddlng
ht. white head, he began "Well." he raid. "I
*aa born ln a llttle tuwn in Itavarla. that's In
Germany, you know. ln 181& Yes, I'll t"- elghty
yeara old aoon?in a few montha. That's a long
tlme ago, Isn't lt? My father war* a farmer.
H, had a llttle tract of land and a horse and
**gon, anl h* used to do all that ha could to g--t
?llvlng I went to acbool when I was a boy and
*elw_e th* oldmt, I used to go out In the flelda
tot_o hour or so when I got home, to help my
"I itayed th'-r-^ untll I was nlxte*n yeara old,
,D(J then, of course, the hard tlm?-s came, and It
?ei *o that we co.ildn't plant enough In a yar to
laat through, and so we started for Arnerlca.
Toer, were nine of ue-my father, my mother
?adeerat, children. We got r_s far as Havre, In
rtac*. and then the money gave out, and my
?aiher had to go to work Bo I was the oldest,
?nd I w_? a .trontf* and healthy boy, and I
*orked my way over to America. They didn't
?a** anything hut aalllngr. veaaBOla ln them days
**- lt waa tt long Joiirn.-y to COma to Amerl< a.
J aft Havre ln the eerly wlnter '.f lv.'l_. nr. 1
?"Ped around on the decka for my paH?age. Wa
?"?led ln New-York on March H, 1888. at Caatle
G,r*len, after belng on the ocean for ninety
ttfee days.
"? met one of my father'B relatlons in New
?**. and after a llttle whlle I went to work
*" Mr. Irs-lrig--Waahlngton Irvlnjr. Perhapa
"*- may have heard of him. I think that he waa
*** of the flnest men thla country ever had.
jj* waa a flne man. Well, he llved at No. ?
B*1-ge-,t. then, and I went to work for hlm as
'Walter. I used to bla/-k his boota and wnlt on
8M table, and he paid me $6 a month and my
bo*fd and clothea. No, I didn't war no unl
/erm. Re was a alngle mi.n and didn't keep no
7?**? or carrlages He llv.-d with his brother
'a>*neter. He waa a wldow and had flve or
?M children. I f.irg^t how many. Thay wara
?w grown up.
? worked for hlm about nlx montl.s, an.l one
jhornlng I waB hlacklng hla boota. I was a-f.-.-l
n? klnd of blue. hecause I had Just had a letter
/?m my father, and he said that he would have
'*ave Havre hecaus* be, ctildn't make enough
aoney an>. miiTfi u> kiMf>p th<1 farn|]yi Mnd ho
w?uld have to go aomewher.- e|se. And Mr. Irv
hDt' he ??** that I waa a-feeling kind of bad, and
?*ya to me, he aaya: 'Martln,' he eayfl, 'Dld
i0tt get a. letter from home yeaterduyT And
, **Jr": 'Xao. Blr; they're having a hard tlme
And Vr*' Hnd Par't mak* a Brtai ?ny more.'
her fhe **y*: 'WhV don't you get them over
Mrtr And I told hlm that he knew thal _ ai(_P't
have no money and couldn't get them here.
'Oh,' he Baye, 'nev?r mlnd about that. Tou
come up to my room after breakfa.t and we'll
talk lt over.'
"So I went up to hla room. and he asked me if
I wanted them to come over, and I told hlm
what my father had .ald In hls letter, and sald
of couree, I would llke to have them over here.
Then he says: 'All right. Martln, we'l] flx that
The Consul at Havre ls a good frlend of mlne
and so le Captaln Funk, of the packet Erie, and
I guesB that between us we can flx thlngs nll
right." So he went to Captaln Funk and gave.
hlm a letter to the Consul, and told hlm to brlng
th.-m over and to treat them as though they were
hls own brothers nnd slster...
"They came to thi. country In the fall of ]S34.
Mr. Irvlnjr was aequainted wlth a man on the
North Rlver who ran a boller .hop. and he jrot
placc-a there for my father and my oldest brother. ,
who was two yeara youna-er than I was, and
they worked there for a good many yeara. I :
Hved with Mr. Irvintf for two years nnd then
ho cajne to mo and he told me that to be a
Walter all my life was not good. and I had better
learn a trade. 11* aald that I mlght want to get j
married, and that waltlng on table waa not a |
good buslness for a married man. So he put mo
ln the samr- trade ns my father was, the lran
trade. Iiut I only worked ther* for two days.
I couldn't stnnd lt. I used to k?ep out of Mr.
Irving's way after that, beeause he had been bo
good and kind to me. and I had not Btayed at
the trad-."
As the old man told thls a falnt smlle llghted
up his face for a moment, hut there was an ele
ment of sadness ln lt. He paused for a moment '
and then went on: "After that I went Into the I
hatting trarle. flnishlng silk hats. There. wera
unlona then, just the aame as there are now, and j
I worked at the husineps for two years. I used
tO make my twelve hats every day, nnd they
nsed to pay me 25 centt aplrce for the work. ,
Then when I had flnished my 'prentlcethlp
tha unlons busted up, and they would only pay J
ptx cents aplece for the work. Th<-y wanted me
to work for this price, but I sald, Xo, I wotildn't.
So 1 gave it up. nnd knocked around for a whlle.
I jolrted the Flre Department. Not the kind l
that they have now, hut the old one. I belonged |
to the old Rtinker Hlll Knglne, No. .'"2.
"Then. after a whlle. I wenl Smith and worked j
on a Satboat or. th. Savannah Rlver. Then .
I came back to N> w-Y.rk and. after stnying !
here awhlle. I went down to Ifobllt and then I
to New-Orleana There I got a job freighting i
tt alnng tbe Misslsslppi Rlver. Th.-m were gr'-nt
daya We us. .1 t" >,'.. wherever the fr< ig-ht eaiied |
:~ r 8 >niot'.i:: a we uaed t^> dump the frelght
where there was no dock at nll, nnd the people
that lt was for Hved a mlle or tWO in from tho
"Before long I oame back to New-York. Mv
pe iple were Itvlng in thls block then, Juwt where
I hml got placea f..r them when they flrat <-nme
to this country. ar.d where I had Hved when
I was ln the cltv. and not worklng out. They
came to thla block In 1834. when they flrai
landed. Hut they dldn't eaii lt Bont Alley.
Whr-rp ti.- brlck r- ar tenement-houaea Btand
now there was a row nf eight fr.m.e ri"uses. and
all around waa Blled with green treea nnd
benchea under th.-m f..- the _.. .,,,:<- t ? all ?"- Ifa
dlfferenl n.w. aln'l lt^ I came back h*ro and
married a widow, and 1 i^? ? 1 with her f'-r a I ?
tlme. Then sh.- dled, and 1 waa a wld w, I
Hut prerty Boon l married another widow, anl
sl:.- wns a g. -d one Th.nt ls her th<*r<\ ar, 1 t
have '?? ? n r.:,,r:!<-d to hl r for IWl nty \e.,rs. Rhe
Hved in this block when I married her, and I
have never Hved anjrwhere elae?thal lt, not to
call lt home.
N.i HOME BUT BO!*_ AT.I.rrs'.
"Now they tell me thnt they nre gning to tear
theae houaea down :?? make a park l don't know
where I can go. I am an old man. I can't g*t
no work When I ?r--> to ask for any. they laugh
and aay: *Wt don'l wanl an old man llk? you.
vV't wanl a young man.' and I hav* to go awuy.
But I manage to make a little money, en.ugh
to -.-.v the renl here In my rooma and mv wlf"
sh*' geta a little wathlng tn do. and she makee
< r three dollara In a we k i metlmea, ..;. l
. i Hved ln Bone Alley untll about ??t*en
vmm ago. and for a long tlm" I was the Janltor
there. But th- property changed handa ano l
,,?,- 1 n, t be jan!t..r any l"nger. I would llke
.uyh"re and dlt here, though. 1 am to uaed to
^'umbrVlf. w?d4? with Ihank. and
wTtb a?S toftly tpoken G*?^oodhvf g?
..- ll from th" wlfe nnd a hearn gooanj ri nn
M.rtln??,etetro good old aoula were left alone
to themaelvea
This ls a tal* ef a voung man'a und'dng and a teatl
nonial to the old raying -hat "murderjrlfl oul " Tha
"tory deal. with a young man who had a *?"dneea
for the glare of the footllghta and the hutrerfl'.e. -hat
flutter beblnd them. hl- .later and hla atater-B three
vear-old boy. who ha.l Just begun to take notlo. ef
[hlnga iotelllg.nt:y end talk arlth aome degrea of
coneeeutlveneaa. The alBter la In a measure a Pur
?an and never mlngled much in t!,.. gayetlea of the
metropolla The young man alao had a atern New
England brlnglng up, bul h. IobI a good M of th*
.veralon to all thlnga panaking of ihe Btaga tha- wa i
early Inatilled In hlm. Thls hls sis.er dld not know,
tBd Bha looked upon him a. a medel for a'.i young
Not long ago hls aleter vtalted him. ite araa ex
(nauy regular In all hla hablta. and ahe waaide
Urnted t0 no!|r?f? th;" N>w-Vork '!"' r,ot ,nl"1'"1 '?
One afternoon. whll- Bha wa.. engaged ln aome duty.
,- , young man declded to tak. hla aaphew out for a
?.,,,; Tugglng th* youngater by tho hand, ha
aaarted up Uroadway. and th* boy was enjoylng n.*
novelty for nll that there waa In lt. They had not
gone far when th* young man er.eountered an ae
Uualntance; a woman weii known to tlio patrona of
? h* varlety h tuaea
Bellevlng that the boy waa too young to tell t?.ea.
he atopped for a rl.at. The getreag made a great
ado over tha youngater. Bhe bent over ..nd taiked
bata. talk to him aad made qulte an Impreasloa on
H,;. Returrrlng hom* aft*r th- maeUng. 'ha boy
kept telllng Ma rno.her about "Unela Tom'a lady
frieini" The uncle, who lvid be........ arlae ln nia
day *r,d generatlon, paaaed it off aa natural that ha
of her
Thi next day tha mother declded to take her
boyVtoCcStJal Ptrh to ?? th. ftf-^^
pro.onged ur t.ir.ug i t|r#,, by
[heU[rlD how. * r an. wbea a canvenleni contlnu
| OU. phVr,r,^m,-rh,ar- offered ?^Plac. to rea- .^e
I ano bandod rr.' i e, ?n<.?.. ? as J ?,,
two aeata ?t an ?r-r?l.r... > a. ,Mrtlr,, |? lhepr.;X
[fSitytf&ttaS but^Uafled that ll was Jual aa
j wii: to b. ..a" .?..- aeated beraelf. aM unawara of
1 "-n'e'p^f.umunce was well under **?^+*
' ?_. luat bealnnlng to enloy lt thoroughly when
i il.Viv ar$T\ in knee nklr.s aad waial CUl OW
1 ??|ppedon ihe BUge, in * momenl tha youngater
Lt le. side began lo make b commotlon. II. trled
: to cllmb up S the rall of ihe box. and.when hla
? nothir trled to pull him down he polnted al the
, interulner and sald. Bo thal every one ln th
i.eighborhood could hear: .??_,.
, ??JKe, mamma l*af. 1'i.He TOtft nlce lady. 8?-e
)ki , mamma." _ ... ____
, lt ls unne.eH5.-iry to aay that th* mother dld Bea
' aad she was almost ciimaon. Th.. lady of tne ao
breviated aklrtfl aaw tha Httle fellow and replled
j "'!___gVS3K! n.y Httle mar, You talk all you
! want to. Just you talk to me. I wlll walt untll
? vou ur? through." .
1 Every one laughed. and the mother, gatherlng
1 her youige.t unTeriieath her arm, mad- ri hUlTlea
i exlt When her broth'-r aaw her lhat evening. ln
Btlnct told hlm that there was .omethlng wrong.
He Inqulred aollcltoualy what was the matter. and
ahe replled ICtly I . ,,,
"The next tlme you tak* my aon out ln .oclety
klndly be a Httle cureful In your eelectlon of the
Tlie young man went out and thought long .nd
d. ?Dly He never hop*. to regaln the place In hl*
Blatera c.t..m that h* la aure ha onu. held.
a niTAi.n Wt-4- sf-f: A"Rr.voi.tTir.N- HOW
TIIK TliraROt-i-.HFAnF: HF.I.ra nATl.
";;kv acRAPCBg."
One of tho mo.?t amazing thtngs even to old
tlme re?ide-itH of N.W-York Clty liar. l?-*n the
nietotranrphosls that has tae.-;i wroustht recently
ln Broadway lhroughoul its lenirth from O.-ntral
Park to rtowllng Green. Y.-t bo gradually has
it all b*en ac-ompllahed th .t even thoaa best
pristed ln such mattera have dlfflculty In de
.'flrlna; Just when such nnd BUCh a landmark
was rem.ived. Tt np;i*-ars to he nn amailng
thtnp, hut the nnly actual dwelllng-houaa re>
rratnlnir in Broadway ls the Peter Ooelet man
slon. and an alr of myatery pervadea that hon?
ored spot. The atmoapbere ls trembllng wltl) the
fear of chnrige, tor tha marx-h of Improvement
has pine on all about, h.-l.ind It and beyond If
f..r miies. On Broadway below FYjurteenth-Bt.
the ^k>- lin-i baa been bo bad!}' disflgured and
changed that to one for a 1 n-c tlme a Btranger
t-> New-York tha llrst trlp ocn.s. the ferry from
Jeraey Clty would not he lika a ha?me-coming nt
Broadway goes on gctUng narrower eis the
prriflle of Ita Imlldlntrs rises toward the clouda.
Mililons of money hava been Inveated ln bulld?
lnga there In the Inst ten years nnal less. and ..nn
real optate man. In ex plaln Ing the cauae to the
Tribune reporter, remarked that when a imfdness
man felt ln need of a monument now to ke^p
hia nomr- before poaterlty lie jual put up a "aky
Hcrnper" in Broadway,
The reafon for tha march of lmprov*m*nt on
Broadway, accordlng to a leadlng r*al eetate
dealer, ip almpl.-. He aald:
"I do not tiiiiiit the vaat and rapldly Inereaatng
natmher of bulldlnga along lower Broadway Ih
dlfflcult of explanatlon. fn the flis-t place, Hr.,ad?
way ls one of the few BtreetB of any greal munl l
palhty thet is known nll over th* olvlllzed w .rl l.
Wherever you go you eannot eacape fr.m lt.
Th* ea:n? is tru.- of Wall s'.. f< r a dlfferent rea
aon: tho aame ls mi* of Threadneedle-at. ln
London. B< Ing bo well '.%:; .wn. II l.^i alwaya ti**n
the ambRlon of merchanta t. bex-ome nxture*.
there. in conaequence of 'hla the demand has
alwaya hi^n very beavy for Broadway ;?:
There has aluraya t>, en nn enormona tlde of
travel up nnd d.,wn. ar.d thls tlde ls ln Teaalng
all the tlme.
"Th.> preaaura, ln fact, ha? been f< gr*at that
lt I*. only In reeent years lhat iwnera of bulld?
lnga WOUld r-r.ni.-n! lo foregO thelr rertainty ..f
Mg re\-.-:.!i. ?f r a tlme l ing ? noogh 11 pu* ';;> new
nnd more ua bulldlnga, They were
fl iiiy drlven to .1 . s . by a purely exti ine *ua
movement ? tl a part of property-holders ln -i la
ta. T:i'?e t ioH advantage of the ,ll
and t 'i- up n*w bulldlnga by th* acora * . near I ?
Broadway that I tance waa ti fllng, and
Broadway ownera began ? of th*!r
mnst deelrable tenanta. Th.-.t i? the wh le thlng
In a nutahell. Hr ad. ay ha I to be Impi avi 1 I >
cafch n;i wM
\ REAL l.t n.;?iv<; ROOM.
It ls a fact that afl r the work waa oi ebegun
!f ha. g WB | ,.-., ? ....;..-. . ? ;
nn*', when -nen from ? l r " ? - ally aome
of the WeaKern chapa, begln to '^^ about th*
march of lmprovem.nl nnd th* .. ? u l
money Inveated In hlgh bull Una
why. are almply amlla. It la pretl ird to l*t*r
nrlne *xac-!y wh-re ai; ? ?? ? '
from that has b<'. n pul Inl
a g -? 1 deal of tt h ie c ?m. out ??.' W
tn on. wa-. and another of It. I I _tn,
has been taken off th* Btreet, b. -.uae
arener J ui I '.at Ina prei alled then
montha regardli ?- l*arg? a inta
hava been drawn out of li who.. c n
dttlon w;.*> affea ?? | hy polll ind pul
Int-. realty, whl h li alwaya ? i
Br ? idwaj realty."
l\--A- people now realtse th< alae of the Wa.h
Ingt .1 . ' .... R la
... wer gt f Bat?
tery Parh I rei ' '
int bulldlnga. a
that th* Pl
t v ind 1 ' - "* ' ' ' '":" '
Into ll
nnd th*
? ? I'ark ll ?
, ? J .....
, f the new Hl I'a i H " ..."
'tenr; < ?
flve al Phe lat'-al
....... .!-.!,
and the Ai
I another "al - i| ? ? ?
trel aitng Ita ? ? ? ?? that.,
end b< ? ..nd. up ; tal th. M- N .
ll., j... and t ? Centi >! I'ark. wlth the S.van i
i- ? . tha N. th ? i ? i ' : ?''"''
}',-,rk ornama nt, i ald featui f a ir. at, ;
Hng llne, r n t ? II ??
Th- Infl :? nca of lm| i >vem nt In lli i Iwaj
haa ii" ? PTi t far ai rl wld. n ? Ith. r I* F -r
fn,. nt| . r - nr. - af tall atru lun n Ihe ? Idnlty
of Wall at . in Broad and N i aau bi l W
., | B, n ng. Place, other Influ. n ?
-,t work OlTli < ? ai i Ired l>> ' ?
in lr,e .1 wntown dlatrl I an i "akj
! Hin ??- Janti iry l plana t i m?r* than
twa nty t.iill'lln-4 r.f i-n atorlea Bnd m
heti ht have i ? ? r. flled. and Ih* llal la gi >wlni
every week. A number of Iheae are to be
,.r. .-t. 1 lr, Brondw.ij below Fo irteenth .1 . tak
lmr tha Dlac. of bulldlnga tl, il - 'ill ap| ? ar _ --1
Rfmnny year, ?f .ervlce. only lackli
partlcular Tl i ire too amr.ll for the .1
rj ,,.., |, R, .,, , i ite h- too valuablo l ? |
them room. Ten atorlea la the l.-n-l thal ap| i
, , n| tbl for Rr .iv.-i.i puri nm ^ nnd ?? i i
.. . .he flgurea run upwai 1 a 1 llhltu n
.. ... ,.,,.? ?f Br ada .'? wlll be ten yeanaJi .,.
;,,,,av, aa vh-vd from the water, nf th. ??rth
Rlver or th- Bay, no m in can po? ">]} '"'
Th-at th* rlty wlll have paaaed through ? ?*????? n-i
Btage a.f developmenl n i one ran for a m -menl
doubt. #_
AjrraagwnenU hav* jual been made fr>r a ach .1
of -r?a-akagy Ihla aummer in eonneotlon artth the
Athenaeum flummer Bchoota at Baratoga, Tha
Behema waa |>rea>ented by Profeaaor Bdwm K...x
Hltch.ll. <-f tba Hartford -Bjeologlcal Bemlnary, and
r,*'w.as unanlmoualy choaen dean of the ach . >l ror
rtirer. yeara bv the dlreetora of tb. Athenaeum
Bunwoer Bchoola The commlttee ronarlata of ibe
Rev Charlea F. Dowd, chalrman; ihe Rev. Dr.
YViiii.li.. Durant, tbe Hev J. J HcDonnell, Dr.
Oeorge F. Conuatoca, M i?. and Profe__or T. B
Th. Bchool la i. open on July I and to cloa. on
AuguBt m. Thera iar* to ba cla__rea In Haabrew, and
ten or more couraea of lecturea whlch are Intended
to cover the rurrlctilum of tbeology. Bach courae
la to ooturtBl <if rvx laoturea, tre_ti.ur aome ,|.Ifla
,,haae of the _eneral Bubject. Tbua it arlll I- poa?
alble to c ntlnue tho achool for a aerlea of yeara
wlthoul rapeatlna any of th. Pf^,rnu'V,ai*?^h
couraea Th. ?lm of th. achool a ''.'.i^"'1.1' J;'.,"
.reitme.it of lmport.nl themea i> r* ?nia< i
'"'"."!. '. ...... . ?h..l.. r.hn.1 hav.- ., p.?.?ulnr
B-ecilT*B ?o that he whol. ahall h.va a popul
,'. v. liii -cnolarty lntere.1 and - practlcalbea
Boraa curtoaa aUtlatlca an. publlahed concernlnf
pJgTa whC laugh mi th. Iheatra. Olvjn? audl
i? . . ,,t l r,iii |,.-rK,n!s, how .imi.) tinn-r" .i.i inary
The annual regatta of the Knlckerbocker Tachl
Club wat talled yeaterday off the club'a statlon at
Coliege Polnt, Long laland. Bllght promtoe of raln
in the early mornlng gave place to a clear aky. Tbe
ateamer Wanderer bad been engaged by the club to
accompaay the tioats over the course. ar.d lt was
well fllled wlth membera and thelr frlends. The
most of th* crowd waa taken on board at Baat
Thirty-flrst-.-'.. the boal leavlng that polnt nt 9:30
o'clock and reachtng Coliege Polnt pler a few mln?
utea ber re ll The rtrmng"ments were in every
way worthy of tbe efforta tbe varloua eomtnKteea
had put forth. anl HO more sii''<-e?sful regatta his
ever been held by the organlsatkm. The Regatta
Commlttee, comprtalng O, H. CbeHborg. chairman;
H. Btephenaon, I. <?. Blakmson, J. B Palmer and
C. W. Bchlealngi r, had arorked hard In aecurtng en
trles for the diff.-rer.t riaaeefl, nnd they h.i 1 *om?
deolded noveltlea for tne enjoyment of the euthuet
a..ts on ln.nrd the IVanderer.
Xotably, tbey had three of tbe new thlrty-footera,
fr. n whWh ao much la aatlctpated before the aeaaon
eloeea Tneae arere the Vaquero III, owned by H. B.
Duryea; Ralph S. BUIa'a Hera, whlch defeeteJ
jamea Btlllman'a Wawa on Memorlal Day at Indlan
Harbor, and. laal of all, they aecured at the last
moment Joaeph M. MacDonougb'a new thlrty-footar
the Muama from the Urohmont fleet. The commlttee
.,,. g]K | lot . I tbe little chapa WH* one ncep
Uon thev have made Ibeniaalvea famUUr. The new
corner was W. W. Koward'a Ulmec. whlch was seea
|n theCanoeCTub races recently. Bhe waa bullt laat
year by Pry, of Clayton, for Hr Howard, nnd w.is
to bave been aalled ln England by Mrs Howard
agalnet th. Bpruce IV, aalled by Miss Conatanca
i:. nnett Th- Bnglkrti t>oat waa brougM here to ra -'.
?-.. ethelwyon, and *at tettled the chanct of n
contest on the other alde.
Mr Howard haa Just reeeived tbe boat from riay
mn S v Bhe is long and narrow compared wlth
other balf-ratera made bera and ha. a amaller aall
ar-a In a light hull ahe carrlea an alummuu can
tre-board and her apara are hollow. Tbere waa
much upeculatlon as to what would be the reeull ol
; r meetlng wlth the Huntlngton boata .apeclally
the Paprlka, whlch haa demooatrated poaBtblllttea of
dinaatar to ..ii rlrala In the trlal recea for the Inter
natlonal tropby. The other half-rwtera were Vj 0
Kewman's Vt lllada. Commod .re ll C Rouse. Ollta.
L D Kuntlngton'fl Queetlon and Arthur leelln a
Hope The Quaetton met trouble wh.-n weii out
toward Btepplng B ne 1 Ight ai I w thdrew ln an
three entrle- ln the cemp ??"??'. ll
The course for achoonera in theflfty ma and forty
...... ,..,?. ?,;,. and yawla araa to anl
I ,,., buoya on Baecutlon R k B aall, and
retum leavlng buoya on Btarboard hand, th ? ?
. i7.a nautlcal mll*. F"T thtrty-ala and
? ? isea ? f Bloopa, yawls and cata ai ?
? rti footera, th. courae was to and
' l*v,n* *"
.urboard ln roundlng, maklng a dlatanca of Hl
?; m?ea Por all other a - ll waa to anl
...,,:. | n | Tom Buoy and retum. leav ng tl a
? :. maklng 105 nautl ? mll*a a
...... ,: , . .how that ?:- t laaatnuoua
..... i ,? teBt botb yaohtamen and boata,
M . they had .... aorta of alnd before they got
wlnd waa northeaBt when tr.? eommi ee,
, ... .,., ... ? ... lubbouae, ordered ths gun
...,.....,? .-??. an l 11 waa ? rht thai
..,.?? .. rlftlng matcb. but tha breea*
... ........ it P. H. B yn
R aloop Whlli iwaj thi iat ber noaa between
ared I sely by Edwln Ollver-s
... .rent over In a bu ti
: r. tha Muame, tbe Vaquera IM and th. Hera,
? ? . :'",r:'; 'll.
Th* v ? ' rati ra ?ere
... ...
Paprlka ?????_?
' - ??
? anl th* ii .? ?
.. ,. ,ir
ptmdh.i - ird.
? - ? ? ? ?
Mr .1 .wart. ha B -' . V,r"J
, t of ?- ??>??>
.? a h* waaii good
Paprika, whlch led
. ? , ,. toward th* .
| . r r.i ?? I'. '? ~ ?'
. | ? '? ; ng ?' lt
? ; n j ter off
? - I'Oll ' I I'l KBIP
Ign ' ' ' .''???? T ?
? -?? r_?;
? ,.,.???????..;?? ?? * ?
? ? ?' ? l??r -'?'
al *r rloate I wld* to lUr
....... All too lat.
? ?
. .?....? whlf* apreal of a l
. ; ? ;? at, aa ari
aon on i ma all. w
an<* H ?????- fh? a . ?
? af, TII'KTY t.? .t.AH.-.
art rtnlah.
. . Fi (n II II H II M B
" ' ' ' ?
... J.' ,-..1
' ; v .: '?"" * -' -1
. ..-. ?.-..;? .1_?Ba
,, || ?? .. fi ... I] 4 .... 3 10 30
..,- a Jlial 1I:?0:00 1 "1 *>
h-l-l.. ; \l. II w.i' HA I ! R rUk ?
- ;-...,. ?? ??' !! ?:. IW 2 ,n 1*
it .. :? 4.-. ro | .-4 42
, i. |, H ., ? . .- |r I5.m 11 4.1 '?. Wlthdrew
- ... || i.i ... s ? 40
;, . ? |f i.i 1! 4'. nO 2 13 M
,, ,..-?. 1310 II 4:. 00 2 lt..'.*
<,??!.. .-.rtti BIXTT l'l'.T PVJOT rLABt
. .? l . ? rnetsd
, .? tyartmt. Lwutth '? 'lin*
-..?...lll imt . II "4 S ?? tlmrt
, ... ii iuxipi ovbb n nc?rr,
?' * :' ?' ? _ ! ?J H
, ....-...??.
si.,,..|.s AM' VA'VIj* I-..KTV TIU'.K!: 1-..-.T CI-VB*
,;.,?,. L H Ol Bhanka .gBBH Dld no* ttntai
. ,l / ?- a*.Tt 4 l- IH 4 ii -I
?M itama ?ia?
l|>K)11 t\I) '? ?>?<?!?? THtRTT BIX PfiOT m^W.
- r ?' ? __? 5 '" J" ?'? '?" r'
V ? , . v ? .-. ?' H K if '? ?" ' H W 4 M 17
..... ... - ?." 1-1 4 14 --I 4 0B >a.
-i',.,l-s tNli TAW'l-1 TWEKTT i'IVF mOT C\ ttt
. u r.lr.snoft 3 M 30 1 M 'JO
... ? ... Brrfah,
, ih|N fATB TlllltTV !?'? ?'T ' I.ASH,
l-1-.ra r H Mrrle* , .?? * "" !' * "?' '"
r T i"..->?- .taoo ?'' .'i St :. 2o :.i
Wmmm ...... II.M I -''. M 'J ?-"?? TO
. ', ii w >'?"?"?' -?,"" '."l1'":-'..
M?r , ' W i: Waa ath 32:?) 3:M '" - ? "
The oflleera of lha North Atlantlc flquaalron hav.
done much to add ro the t.-*t of aodal hfe ln tha
,,,,, rvMtleton, ? Oeorge, itatea laland. \d
,?',',,, Bun .a artf.>i daughter are gueata ut the
notel. aa are tha famlliea if '? number of other
",'],;,rs,i. H andM H Horton. of Hew-Tark. had a
a,nnw partv recently. Mr. and Mra F. C. rraln
_IV.. ona, and ?i?-> Otto Ahlaraan. Harry Qlll.
K,,,,k OolTney. J ? Mullark.y, J. C M.tth?ra
;1I?, \v l. Loeaer, t party ef BrooktyoKee. bad a
'! Among th- luatta trt -Dta MaaPloy, ????*??|
ghaw Mrs Helneman, OOtonal Wllllam O. Beward
?,;,, Mra Beward, kfra M C Beryh. wlth Mrs H.
I. cook. uf Bt. Loula; J. o Phebjaa Btokea Mra C.
Tofl tfoflri Hr* A K Oolaon and A. EaUott Coi
aon ir M. and Mrs. Oeorg* H and Ulea Btbel K.
Mtll'tard Mr and Mrs Uncoln fromwetl. Mr. and
M? .i c Bhaw, Mrs 0 A. Parker, Mr. and Hra
Pavey Plaam Mlaa Cuablng. Mr und M-s Poater
Oarr-on, Mra Polbemua, Mi and Mra J. 8. Tron:.
M.-s C H Brooka Edward W. Brooka, Mrs and
Mlaa Papai ibalmer, Mr and Mra Jamea H. Morgon,
Mr Mr* anl MIbb ? ,.-riiheim. .1 Howard Bweetter,
Mr- and Mlaa Bweetter Mr. u..d .Mrs. ,i Jameaaa,
Mr and Mra Ollphant n Opp.nh.lm and Mlaa M.
H Dow, r. N Ladwood, Jeraa ntyi l M.
Bougbam, Brooklyn; R. I* SM. NewH>rleaBa;
Charlea i< Blnner, Albany; B C. Sonit, Long
lsland; A, foung, Boaton; Mr and Mra Wllllam Ar
noid, Chicago; L. Koat, Boaton; Prealdenl Boaalter,
,.f -ne Brooklyn Helgata Rallroad Company, und
Mra Roaalter; John <" nsini?ridK*. Lealngton. Ky.;
Vi p Blatskwell, Brooklyn; Mi and Mra H. A.
Thomaa, Nea-Haven; Mra Ollbwl Nash Mra. Pay
aon x Wil.1 Michaal B. Wild, Baltlmore; Mr. and
Mrs. i>. .1. Tompklns. Mr .,-.1 Mra IVIlllamiBrown;
HSlfUon, tr. Mr* w. A. and J Cheater Wllklna,
i;r,...khn; Mr. aad Mrs il. B Baatpn and artf*. Bay
,,?n?; ih.a.a M. R i'.mnher. Brooklyn; M, B ?"?*??
Boaton; Mr aad Mra \. it. Blllott, ""???flft."'*
CharlM corey, Mr and Mra. i.*.>n*r.l w. Bmtth, Mr.
anl Mr*. O K Mmmrvk, Mr*. J'.hn rt. V\ hlto ?nd
Mla* White.
Mr ar.-i Mrs Josei>i. Hyrnen and Mr. and Mr*.
Mchola, nt-wly uiarrl*^ ooupl... _r. aUw at th.
There is no prettler ceremony, and at the aame
tlme none more nolemn, either In or out of a
,n irch, than that whlch tak.-n plaea on all Amerl
can men-of-war on the Ilrat Sunday Of ,-very month.
II ia known as the readlng of th* Articina of War,
and Is attended by as mu.-h pomp and c.rcumstance
u the almpte Ameriean naval caetoaaa wlll a-law.
l-'or lt ahould be known tha; theae articlee of war,
or artlclea for the governmeat of the Navy aa
they are alao tenned ln the oftlcial regulationa. are
nothlng leaa than a sort of profeaalonal Deealosrue.
or nn expresslon of the falth in whlch every
Ameriean naval offlcer must llve.
The r. gulatlona of the Navy requtra tluso artlc'.es
to be. read t.a the assembled offlcera and crew of
every Bhlp OHCB a month, and the day aelected hy
cuatom for thls purpoae ls the flrst Sunday of tho
month. On the mornlng of that day there Is ln
the wardroom a ?tr*at furblahlng-up of aworda by
ofii.-ers- aervanta, an.l the deptha of buraau
drawera are ranaacked to flsh oul the a^d-bound
coats, laced trouBera, cocked hata, epauleta and
arold-laced b-lts that must alwaya be worn on thl*
day unleaa the weather be too Dnfavorable, or unteea
the ahlp ba at s*a. I:a th<- latter ca*e the unlform
prc*-rll.r-l for tha occaalon ls not qulte ao g-lltterlnf?
as when in port. though the dtfferenca is allght
As ;he?e auperflno cloihes are rarely uaed nt other
tln.es, unleaa on Importani tftnte. or-caslons, as for
Inatance when ouV*rs atfend a receptlon of the
Presldent of the Tntted State* or when they vlslt
,r nre vMted by a forelgn ruler, they are kept
atowed away wlrh careful protectlon aernlnst BBOth
nnd mould, for they are COBtly affnlrs. and every
cent of them must r-nmn our of th? pocketa of the'.r
ownera. Not only the ofllcera, bul llkewlaa all the
Ballora Of a ship, are ordered on th* mornlng nf the
firsr Bunday ln th* month t.> put on thelr beal and
cleaneat clothea. Tf ln the troplca, Bummer unl
forma are ?hnk*n out. anl the whole Bblp'B com?
pany ?p.-arkiei in a partl-eolorad contea*. of blue with
(I |? ahotr! in o'clock when th* chief boatawalB'a
mat, ralae*. hla roice and paeeea tbe order thrmgh
the ,hlp of "all hand, to muater." At once every
rotil on the sh:p. except the alek, and, lf at ?*a,
half a doxen othera, who cannot he =p_re,i from
rh-' wheal or fr.m the eraglne-room, repairs aft to
?he quarter-deek. The nr>n (and lt ahould be un
1 by ? 11 who rea 1 of naval matrers that
ni 'mnn" haa a leehntcal meanlng ln th*
navy, i nd rcf-rs only to hlm who llvea befnr*
;he m.a?:. in eontradlatlnctlon to th* one who llvea
ahaf: .'. who la an offlcer) ?re then ranged In
long r.inks on the port slde Of the deck, fa.-lna; the
offlcera, who B-.-.n.l !n a llna on rhe atarboard
, . ...... they ?r* placed aecordlng to rank.
arlth th. ,enlor offlcer aft.
As ...' reapeci arhlch attaehea to tba B,uarter
deck of a tnan-of w_r la progreBBlve, a? one walki
afi fr rn amld hlpa and geta nearar to the Bhadow
of tha dag, II la tha captaln of th* sh.p who, In
the preaenl functlon, '..k.-s Ma ria-e farthart aft
lle-a r.o it.tr.ds by b'meelf, and ba may
h.. tan.-- l reatlng upon hls sword.
,|., ralstng a arhlte-glovad hand
. cocked a . aalutea him, .and informa him
. offlcera and men are "up and aft."
By ord.r o.' ihe ifflv-r >f tho deck, Bllence relgna
,d aft. II la a pretty picture. If the ahlp he
?. K,..i : , ., .-.-- preaentntent of a nautlcal acene
can b, mora pctureaqua than thla on*. which,
? rer, hai tl , advantaga r.f belng the r*a; th'.nK.
. jid lay, .1 aallini ahtpa, whan all aalla wer*
. , eremony uaed to aeem a *r?n? fr.m a
. .- whlch ls llved on shore
-..--i of men.
Ai .. word from the C4?nwnandlng otTn-er. the
Arat ll.uten.nt begtna to read th* artlclea of war.
and aa h? I i ao . lead, ar- uncovered. lt wlll
? intereai to know aomethlng of what he
and hara ur* aome ot tha rno.-c Important
pasaages. Th* flral artl la begme a* followa: "Tha
' . ., rfer, of all na. ta, aq ladi ina, naval atatlona
and veaa-la belonglng to the Navy ara requlred to
ahow ?- ' ' "'- vlrtu*>
..,:,, ?t:j reeomrm-nd. all om. . .t<
and aea l - naval aen 1 to a tend
oti every performan - of the woral p of Almlghty
, , . nrtlole whlch Informa
, ... ner I tn 1 ever) one of tl ?? hundred. aa
.... |ntenl lial i rr) l l ' the punlahment
,... ,i, , othei punlahment a_ a court-mar
Mal n - ma) '- Infllcted on any i-rs./t.
in th. N'ava aervl ? rwh i antera Into a mutinj or
... rdera of hl, auperlor offl
ce, ie flag to an eni my or refjei.
. ime penalty Bwatta an) one wbo, m tlm. ot
v.,r deaarta, or who aleepa upon hla watch, or wn.i,
.-hen ln battle, I | i / irdlce neglbMnce or
dtsaffe tlon, <.r k--. i-f out of d.m^er ... whl. a he
expoae hlmself." Th**- offencea are but a
? . m?ny whlch all wearera of the unll ?rm
ar* *i I ?lned n ?? ' commtt, S .m* ol the othera are
"nrnfane awearlng, falaehood, drunkenne*., pam
t.l'.n-r. fraud, ihefl or anj other (candaloua con;
,, , ., ... tho deatructton of good morala,
, | '|t ia iiao for ddei to any "ne to be guilty oi
rruelty toward anj peaaon aubjeel to hia ordera
A a-llANi'K T.a BE 1 M I'KKSS1\ K.
other parta <-f tha artlclea ? ntaln almllar ln
Junctlona to all In the Kavy to malntain th* honor
,f . ring and tba Integrlty .j.' their llvea, lt rakes
ln all not mora than flfteen mlnutea to reU_ tha
Artlclea of w..r. anl the forclMeneee of tbetar lan
bm afforda , % ?- I oi?portuntty to the reader to
T. ,,?. npreaatve. Immedletely after th-i
.. ra ?-? r la taken ..f the w lole crew, under
the ' .lon of the pay fflcer, arhoae clerk calU out
? .:,.,. of every man -o the ahlp Aae.cn man
ver. to hls name, he atepa forward ol the maat.
ar_4lu.ll) the quart-r-d-ck 'a de_ertea aoa
nothlng bul the emall group of glltt*rlns ortl.-ere re?
maln* They, too. ure then dleml-Bed, an,l the cere
mony la over f ?i another im4.th.
li ia a brlef aiTiiir. anl y*t an Impreaalve ona to
thoae wh i -nk.. part ln lt. L_ke many of the reat
urea - ' naval llf, the moat dlatlnctlve Menea or
ahlch ar, aeldom beheld bj outsldera, th.n ,ra
mony la llttle known to th* arorld thal llvea a
,h r* M.-l vet ii u one whlch ahould poea. rr- a
.. eullar IniereBl to all Amerlcana when t.i-y con
Blder ih.it !t la .-elM-.rat.-l ln th* ca-iae of patrlotiam
only and that. year after year, on the a_me day.
ln all auartera of the globe, tha aame worda an.l
thoughta ?? ?,- from thoae arldelj acattereo aan.-tu
arlea of thelr country'a patrlotlam. Ix>ru ubnen.-e
fiom \ir..'!-l-.i Of th.- ? Who take p_rt In lt only
aervaa to emphaal-e th, Bptrlt ot thelr davotlon.
Iu th, prenenca of ,uch a ceremony as thla, luke
warmneaa haa no place, and a:,y one wh? wit
n.v-, a lt cannot fa.l to be Impreeaed by Ita die
. re of a falth that. .an- feela Bure, c ull nn.ve
mountalna. ln remote landa It l* a rlte whlch
,'.-.\.^ even graater Berlouaneaa from its orel^n
B.irroundlnga Ita worda hav- often echoed i*;.ilns?
th* aalla of forelgn forta whlle a Bun !.?> i-aJmhaa
l,r.|*d over the latter an-1 r,.l.h.-i in?m of .helr
ihreatenlng aapeet; and m.ny a tlme, durlng Ita
performance Ameriean .all ra have been ib'e to
!,,.,k up from thelr quarter-d*eka to tha rotugee
an 1 flelda of aome other land, where. a dlff.-r-i.t
rr.i |r held anl with 'ns; ..-? Btrong a falth aa U
their own it ma) be asaerted that Ahlle thls
ceremony llvea the'country is aafar than lt would
e.< wlthoul lt.
I'l.lNDI'.K t'lt laKPKN'a'K.
From Th* Bpe Jtator.
Bvldence of the aatonlablna aagaclty and milltary
oraanlaatlon of the Afrlean baboon. Inoreaaea with
tha ?' eni exploratlon of their favortte huiiaita. due
-,, the troubl ? In Central Afrtca an.l Abyaalnla.
rh* Rngllah (Jerman an.l Itaiian travellera and
emiaaarlea who have been amployad m varloua mia
.'ona ..-a the frlngea it the Abysalnlan plateau
have rorroborated many _t..r.*s wha.-h hav* hlth
eno been auanectad t> be ex.ggeratlona <.f fa.-t.
lt now BDDeara lhat thelr melhods and dlsclpllne
ur.- far ln advanc. of thoae of any other verteoraie
Htilmalx, and nol lnf.rnw to those of some ..f the
ne?r>i trlbe-. thetnaeU- B,
fh, condltlona of tba llf- of theae monkeya ln
\-, . ,u" aufflclently curloua without reference to
thelr acqulred hablta, though thea* are un
daiubte.liv .laa* to ii..- dangera to whlch tha na
ture of' the country ln which they llve ex
DOae. them. Tiae difTer.-nt spneleu of baboona,
wiii-h are found commonly over the whole Af.i
,-an contlnent, ara aii by natura Uweiiere in tn*
ooen rountry They flnd thelr food on the ground,
nn.l arhether thta be Inaect, or vegetablei, lt ls
UBUBlly ln pla.-es whlch Bfford llttle ahilt^r or pro
tect ii Though atrong and well urmed wlth te^tn,
ih.y are alow anlmala with llttle ?'? ihe uaual ason
kev Bgtllty when on the ground, and not partlcu?
larly Bctlve even when cllmblng a.n..n(; rocka. ln
the rocky "kopjes" of the Bouth, or ihe cllffs and
ru.-r ,1 laa aaf Abyaalnla, ami tba Mi|e tributarlea
r,.-\ ure aafe enoiifih Hut they often ab.in lon
theae io Inv.d. the low couivtry. Durlng tb. Aaya
alnlan expedition ronduc-d by Lord ffapler tj
".M-i-iai' :n*N re?niaih camped aear our _nton
in.-nis oii the' co.ist. and atol. :he ?raln on whlch
the c.V.lry bora*. .nd tran*p..rt aniniala were fed.
When ...1 expedlUona of thls klnd they often leave
thelr atronghold for days logether, and tho meana
of loini defenee from enemlea ln tho aapen country
ar.- then .-arefullv organlaed. Thelr natur.il ene
inl.ra when thua expose.l ar* thn 1-.pard. the lio.i.
and ''. South Afrlca, tba ?'.>i"- ?IM doga, To ho
a*tiv-k of the leop.ud they OPPOM OUmbera ar.d dls
cltillne No encounter between the baboons and
wllrl .ings has been wltn**se.l and deacrlbed. but
thelr .lefenslv. operat'.ona agalriKt domestlcated
doga were a-en and recorded by the Oerman natu
"The follOWlng BOCOUnt appears ln the tranelatlon
of hla travela by Mra Thompaon. Juet publlahed:
?The baboona were on flar around. croaMna a val?
ley when tha travellera doga Arab .reyhounde.
o-jcuatomed to flght succeasfully wltb hyauaa and
"Oreatar Now York a Greatest Storo."
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price of.
other beaars of pr-y. ruthi 1 toward th* baboona.
Only ttie femalee look to fllsriit, tha males, on the
eontrary, turned to face the aoga, growled, beat
the Ktoun 1 wlth thelr hands opened tbelr moutha
wlda and ahowed thelr gllttertng teeth. ar.d looked
ut th.-lr adv.r-.ari. a o furlously nnd rialietously
that the hound., uaually bold and battle-hardened,
abrank back." Hy the tlme th.. doga were en-our
aged tO r.-n-w the att.ck the whole herd nad madft
their wav. eovered hy the rcarguard, to the rocka,
ea ?? ;,t a alx-montha old monkey, whleh was lan be
hlnd The Uttle monkey sat on n low ruck, sur
rounded by the do?*. hut was reecued by an old
babooa. who at.pped I. wn from tb. cllfl near a_
vanced to. u I the d >gs, kept ihem ln check by
ge.tures anl menarlng aounds, plcked up th- baby
mmkev and ran led it tO the ellff. where tba
dense erowd of monkeys, ahouUng thelr battle-cry,
were wat.:hing hls herolwn. The marrh of tlie
baboona la no; a rn<-r- expedKlon of the pr*datory
membera of th* communlty. The wv.o.e natlon
"lrer-k" togeth.r, and make war on th- cultlvated
ground in <-ommnn. The'.r eommunltlea are num.r
ous enough t.i reprodm-e !n mlniature the move
n.er-ts of troop.. The trlbe often numt.ers from 2W
to 3C0 Indlvlduala. Of these the femalea and young
are plaeed in the centre. when on the marrh, whlle
th* old males m.in-li ln fr^nt and clOM the rear.
Other mni.s -1out upon the flanks. lt haa be.n
notlced that theae remain on guard. and do not
f.-.| durlng tbe whole tlme that the r**t ar. gath
srlng ; rov.nd. r.
If disturbed hv men, th. o!d males form a rear
g'uri and retlre without ony h**;>!. allowing tn.
f.malee an 1 young to tto ?n ah'ad carrylng the
plunde- Thelr retreat is, of i rula. d--|ibornte and
ord.rly, th-> baboona belng qu'.t* ready to do bat
tl. with anv anlmal ex-ept man on rhe plaln*. and
Inatantly !..--omlng rhe assallant of man rnmaelf
when thev get the advantage nf poaltlon. Breaat
waa atoned out ot a pass in a few minutes by thj
dog-faced baboona The*. self-rei'.ant anlmal.,
he wrltea, ".ire a match even for men. Whlle tha
s.-reaming f*malaa wltk young or.es rled wlth all
hast* over th" crett of the rork b^yond the ranga
,' ur gun*. the adult male.. castlng funout
rlanees beattng the ground wlth thelr handa,
?prang up in .ronea anl lrdjtes, looked down on th.
valley for a few mon en;s, oontlnually growllng,
?-.ar'.lnB ard si-rwmln,', and then b-ttan to roll
d wn stones on us wlth ao much vlgor and adroit
neaa that we Immedlately saw that our llvea wero
In danger ar | took to night. The elever animale
not only eondueted their defeace on a derlnlte plan.
hut thev a-te 1 ln CO-operatlOO, strivlna; for a com
mon end. and exertir.g all thelr tnlted strength to
obtaln tt. Ona of our numl*r eaw on? monkey
drag hla aton* up a treu, that he mlght hurl tt
down wlth mor? efTert; I myseif aaw tWO combln
lng to .et a heavy ntone roillng."
TTtn nkiw p^t.k*e BTATTON to nn n.ATrD Al1
one - HrM>Rr.r>-ANr--THiRTY - WMHR
lt appear. that the pollce atatlon of the new ysw?
elnct Wttl be at i.m?hundrtaj _nd-thlrty-*_-hth-eg,
and A'-xander-ave.. after all When lt waa declded
to divid* tbe Thlrty-thlrd Preetnct, the Poitoe Board
begaa looklng tbOUt for a *lte for a tatlon, nnd
flnaUv cfeoea th* oid Palne mansion. St. Jerame'a
Churcb l* on the oppo.it* corner. and a* soon _*
Father Tandy, the rector. heard of rhe Pollco
LK.ar i'i- dedalon he made a strenuoud prorewt. He
sal I that he sent the protest, whlch waa slgned by
Mmeett and the trustees of tho church. beonus* the
statlon would brlng a lot of uudeetrabU ehajactera
around the corner. A raMdt would follow every
prlaonec taken to th. atatteo, and .rr^stn would be
as llkeiy to be made on Bunday. when th. congre
gatlon was going into rhe church. aa any othar
tlma Fathor Tar.dy aald h* rvaJlzed that a new
atatlon was reQtttftd, hut h* thought there were
plBOty of ettea wtak* would anawar Ju?t a_ w*H _s
the one ch isen.
The weddlng of Mlaa Fannle Frederieka Dyckman
and Aiexander McMIIUb Welch took place ln th*
h..me .>f the brlde's parenta, at Kingshridge Road
nnd Twa-huBdrad-and-alghtatnth-aL, ia*t week.
The housa was beautifuliy decoratetl. anxl the eer.
mony wa* performed by tho Hav. Abbott B. Kitt
redge paator of the Madlaon Avenue Etafara-ti
Church Th- receptlen whleh Mleared rhe ?-e.lding
was attended by nenrly se-. on hundred gueata
The memorlal ?er\lce ln li. nor of Jolvn C. Dt _?
\'orrne, tate president ?f the North tlde Hoard of
Trade, wUI ^e haM in the Reforatti Cburoh of Mott
Haven on Thuraday at I p BV Tbe memorlal ad?
dreaa wlll he made hy Athhel P. Pltoh.
Seal.-d proi^Bals are beln* r?celv*d by the authorl?
tlea for a new school bulldlng la tha west aide ol
Trlnlty-ave., between <ine-hund?-*d-and-thlrty-rtfcb
?nd One-huiKlred-and-thirty-slxth ats? ln tha
Twenty-thtrd W%r&.
A Btrawberry featlval and receptlon ln _ld of th*
Lebaaoa Hoepltal wlll be h*?ld thla afternoon and
avenlng under th* auaatnea of th* Ladiea' Auxiliary
Boelety, at :1?* hospiral grou-nla. Weatch?ater and,
Cuuldwell avea The h aapltal la much ln need of
funds, and lt I* hoped I.y tne promoter. of th* enter
talnment that the public wlll respond to th* call for
Th* Mllttanalrat of the North sn. wlll hold thelr
aecond annual flshlng excumlon to-da>v The ateam
er Iaabel. whlcri has btea ohartere-l. wlll >av*
Dally*B ;>ler. Fast One-hundred-and-thlrty-thlrd-st.,
at 6 a. m. Tho iBBtlaatloa wl'.l ba ih? Cholerw
Banka ._.__*
Work hss been begun on the new achool at Bed
ford r _rk and Superlntendeui |-jrdar say* that th*
new bulld'lnit wlll ba ready for o-cupar.cy not Uter
than Aprll 1 next.
Th* p*opl* of Fordham Helght. are etaaaaOtl to
use much tact and perseverane* to obtaln thetf
dally aupply of water. It apP*ar* that the waterlng
carta exhauat the aupply ln the water molns. and.
m eonaaaueace a dmuth of about two hour. aJ
wavs foliow- rh. ir appearancv When the rwlents
S? th*iearts comSg now they rath W the hy.
dranta with palla, tuba and otber laaapttwaaa, an4
toke a sui'i'iv l-to .h.-ir houae*
The nowpoatal atatlon whtck w*. opaned ?a
Monday at Thlrd-ave. and on.-rumdr-d-and-s.xty.
flratHU. la much appreclated. Money ordera a. ?U
?a etamps ar- BOld nf the atatlon.
Annapolls. Md.. June ?.-Seeretary llerbert ro.
turaed to Washlngton th.s mornlng on tbe Dolphln.
The Hoard uf Vlsitors to tho Naval Academy heJd
Its flnal m.-etlrtg to-day and adjourned. It 18
under.tood that among the re.omm.-n lation. lt wUI
make wlll be on.? chang'.ng the ajr* of admiaaion of
cvi.lets to from flfteen to eight -en years. In*t**d of
from fifteen to twenty years. Tne annuul cruls*
wlll begin next Monday. when th. M.,n mgahela and
htaSMroft wlll *te_m down the bay. The Mononga
h.ia commander Bdwla White, will go t-> Madjtrt.
and* the Baneroft, under I.leuteu-mt-i. ornmandasr
H F Tlllev w'll take the eng!ne*r dlvla.on on ?
trlp along the cotat, touchlng at th. different navy
vards. About one hundre<\ and flfti'-flve eadeta wlll
take the eruis. tn the Monongahela. In addltlon
there will be 137 .eamen and 17 marln*.. Tn*j
veaael U exoectod t* r*turn hom. about Sopte***

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