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?????wo to hnve a vacation soon, the fa'.h.T ?aal, nnd
he look?M forward w.th ?a??rinse to bringing th.-m
out t?^ sec lii? little farm. He, toa?, war? ?ngl ged i:
?helling peas, and si?a'ki' enthusiastically ot the teal
with which ii??- boy? n? i" psaa that he liad
grown for th? us? of his family.
One of the tiny furnia is cuRtvated by a boy of
edeven years, win? is in school, ?and has given most
?>[' his iaUinWi? ft? th? work of planting ?and ?va-, i
lng. In another case ? mm who began u..rk wan
so ?feeble that Mr. M?a;?-e was doubtful >'f h .- ?bH?
ity e\?m to flr.ish planting hi? lot, but In eons??
que?iK??% of the outdoor work ht- ha? mu h Improved
In health, and non a., ?nfl strong ?u-1 well
All of the abptleant? were lnvestlga?ted by th?
Bureau of Chant I s? and :?.ia wer? assign? '. to none
who wen ??? t found to be worthy Those living
downtown art- i-.rrit.i free by the Brooklyn Blerva? i
Hallroad. whoa? nearewt station is two rtiir.ls ov
thr???i?-qu.iri<Mi? ..f a mile froraa-ahe "farm?," ticket?
being given to them under the direction of Secre?
tary Nichols. ??r?a: .-?:?? ?.- taken thai this privi?
lege shall n??t be abused, and Mr M?-?? ?? refuses to
gi\-e tickets to men who tak?- '..me interest in the'.r
work Had " land '?? ???. available, a considerably
l irgor number - f men c ?.?'. I have been provl ??-! for,
ana larger - would have been given .> thoc?
gBSjwlisj spe ? ai apt . ? the worm.
After l????kir K ?TOT lb? |>!o'a andar cultivation and
?UtOthtg with thoss ? ' the wot hoi? who war? on th?
groun.i. Mr. Nlcbola said; "i srista a large number
of ihe paoftla of Brooklyn would come out here an l
o** for themselves what has been done, in actual
exiem th?- work i- . ? large, bul we c rlalnlv have
liere h mo-, Improsslvs and slgntncant object lesson
'l .us shoaas whal can be acc?>mpll?h?*d, and at a
vera ?mall outlay, too Think ?rhsi the result
??rould if If ?H ti vi t land and near th??_lty
could i?' used In t.">- ^ .-a : i ? - way The .??u-r.? <fj ?:
?houll i'.?-; ..-. lu y ?..-.i'ii to alio? Its us? for this
',-iupoae. Wi have ?imply taken thirty-four or tnir
tv-ti\e men and Instilled Into them i >me Idea of
)i >h io help themselves, and ?i: ;.ami time have
enabled them t. provide their tan.- with vegeta?
bles -u. :-, ..- the) rould not buy f-i th- market at
an*, jiii-'.' I mean In point of fi-eshncaa
"Ai ?h- ?am? tint? aw- have :?<?.?.?? their capacity.
In th.? case ,.; i-:- : : ?-?? -n n. who wai wlthoul
experience In ?\.?:k of tai- kind, I should feel Justl
fled in a?-.?t-.??;- year m recommena.ng him for worli
on a fa-iii. should I heai of an ; ting I >r
man. i!. !., - - ? i a decided aptitude fot gar?
ng, and ,.,i i readily Cultivate IWO or thr> >?
t'm'-s a? mu vi land ?a lie h is l believe that aa
have :.? ??>? th.- ?m ?1! b< ginning ol the solution .?:' on?
?.f the problems that are ;???--/?i. < v. t?..- mil - I
tiio-c who hav? ? leal wltl I ? poor. I cannot ?a*.
now h ??A this work s In the future, but l
?m free i i ?a* t tat I have great hopes for It Our
experiment Is a m deal one, an i we have noi b. en
a?>i- ;?> rarry out oui plan? In full, but I r<
asa dis ? su esa and beMeve that i: will
lary-r thine? ln year? to come."
Mr. Nichols was In Cambridge during the rec nl
commencement . i Harvard. Its family ur?- now
?h?-r?-. and hi li tends t.. rajan them in a day or
tw?, While h the ? rlnlt) of Boston it Is h.> in
tenttoa to make -i- -lal Inquiries regarding methods
of charitable -.a ?-?. ai : ha will ?rue partlcnku at
*-:.t:on :-? the i iltl\*atlon of vacant lots by the de
serving poor In Xew-Gnglai I Hies He will return
to Brooklyn In the co irs* ol i ?for
? -
Vester ly Emma Geyer, slxt? ears old, of No.
M i>.\:-? ?n-av . caused :!.?.? arrest of Harry \\ lia
employed by H. W. Speight, a butcher, of No. 436
]!ri.i'lw.iy. They were to hav? :..?-ri marri?-l last
Sunday, but h? left the city a few laya before, li?
was ?,isr,.-j .a :..s ,-.?',! by his ?wee bearl and a recon
? ;j.ri.i:i \a as ? ft. it? !. Ml?? ? '?? > at I ?ert made ?in un
s'.i?\-emsfu! search tor Just let Goettlng, who Issued
i?ii?> warrant, ai d returned, weeping, to the Bedford
avc- police -:.i-: .- Wilson a>.t-;.: bitterly i.a hi? ceil,
while the young worna orrldor.
It was ia-' last ?- when She consented to leav?
and retui n ?? > bei h ?me
ill ss II A) hl. V HAY DIE,
Nellie Hayden, tii?. young Brooklyn woman who
was badly Injured In the .Jir->?.a City tr-?i;..-> ao-i
dent on M ?inlay, n it .. -: brought to her home, a:
N't?. 4".: Btuyveaant-ave., yesterday, The doAoM,
aecrordins* to a statetneni mad? at the young
woman'? address, irould not permit her :.? be
brought to Br oklyn. They fear she w-i'.i die. M.->
Ilayden lived with her mother, sisters and brothers
Mrs. Hayden was too 111 to be seen. The four-year
old nej>hrw ol Mrs- Hayden who ??.a.- oa the cat
ssoaptd uninjured.
? -?
Prej^rati->ns for the unveWng of the st*ittie of Gen?
eral QoveriMur Kemole Warren, the hero of Little
?toun? Top, at the Prospect Park p?>aaa an Batur
da.y ma?rti.r?^. art r.i?>; i.> assuming sh.i|.e_ Captain
Jarm-a \v. Webb ur. i some other? of the ootnmltte?
ar-a ssndlng out th" ?iris of inv.tatlun. Son.h IJOO
uf tlu-se win he Issued Th? committee ?1?- l.nes to
_riv?j out th?> programme until Friday.
Thvs morning the ligure of General Warren will
be i-laoed uj> >n th? ;- lestai at i< o'esbek, wnen a
5<x>q opportunity of s*--.ii? the work can ?? ?
ust who the s?-t-ak?-r- at the affair will t?e does not
appear to hava o-.-n decided upon, or if they have, th??
?commititee is guarding 'he secret carefully.
Notarlthstandlng that the real est?t" market Is
?flull. several fairly \aluable transfers were recorded
yesterday. They were:
fcth St, n a. SW.10 ft ?? of "th ova, a>xso. Mar!?
A. Matun in 1 annum 1 Frost, mortgage, i> ?.???..|ii.ooo
li-??aaei t Pia? -, ?? ? 2?> ft aa ..r Uuft"ala?-ava, lu".?
1ST.?; Mar... A Mxl,-, to Leon tin? I Prosl. 4,0??
Blt-a-i krl st, a ?? a. gift.? it II ?? ul EvcrgT??CB iivt-,
ii?.t??ii?j. houss ai. i . ??. Praasi? a Drlasler to
BotSSlla ltaa.b. 6,400
Stii:iti.>i>i- ?t. a a. l>a> ft e of Ira an?; aa.-. i".\!??>;
Staahop? s:, s s, 2~? ft e of Irvinu ?.??., Itoaluu
S:i?n>i? -k-IiKiiiiii;. N V to ' . ? line, aa.:.- o: ii:.:
l!?-nr> C Wagner, mortgages |8,79<i. Ifl.OOO
Eta:.-. ?;?? .at .- ? r'J.". fl .? ? f Irving aa-. i.'?\l.??J,
ti'.uirf-a aai .-ta. David Seennaii to same, niL.it
-asea. ??4.750. ]8(IU0
a\?/?aa? B, f a. BO fl e Ot l-:a>t lSttl St, run? ?? T.". I
s n> larnl la'?- ??! Cathar :.- 1> tt. x a a\ t-. Nell ??
A Thompson's lar.J. x r. '.?? t lining; ? irrlc
f Jennings to Josephine K fi
gnjooo .
Kt'.ri?- aae. w ?, UO ft ri f Bel moni ave, ?J.'.al???.
-? and 1 ??. <.??>???! Krai, wer, N?aa ?Turk, to
I'hUlp rr-.-11-ri?. mortcaac Vi '???. 3..MX?
Bi'.l ?t. n tor SU ave, ?31?ToO; ? ?-. Lev! ri
Tenne* lo James i? L*?-i h New V-.:k.
Monio?- st, a s. ?SS fl ? of Bedford ave, -joxTii.'ix
, 2t'%".'. ?.; Marl? ? M?he? l Leontina J Frost;
? saortgag? S-i. ?*?? ?>. 6,f>00
lfa?ritg?>iii-rv l'a. ?. ? ?. 141.' ft w of bth aa?, Ulx
HttJ. Sarah M T..liner. Tula-ki, N Y. 10 Mary K
Street; i**or*j__r? |7.u?j0. 7..va?
tii?'. ?t. n s. 415 ft * of 4th Hvi-. 25x100; Jaotpiaa
Sa.'.iitnayt-r to Pastausl? L'aponlgrl, N?--,a Y
Palinct- i-?t, n ?. 1^?> fi av ot Rldcewood-av?, 10x100:
XufTUKt F Nolte '-o AugUK'a Jaii??n. laortgags
?2,<M> .
FVaaUtn-av?, - ?, -'?', fi ? of WlHoughby-av?, ?.'.x
\y>. In.'asa aril I .-. f?>r?ecloaure; William J liutt
iina t.. Philip '?--a?.
Bti -,ve av s 8V.2 ft ? : I8th-ave, >Wx12d; ulao.
i .:a ?>.v?. ?.'ii. Mink 'ja, map ? of '?vi Iota Cowen
bovea fann. foret-lose; William J ButUtng t>. Har
man \V??riiiHr.ii .
Ttsroop-avs, * ?. extends fr ?m l'utnam-ave and
Tl,r>^-ii sa?-. 2u6x9U; Ar?;^ ?? ?? u Having? an-1
I^an asaselatiaa, -.f I?I??w-Tors5, to Oarrl? E Unies 85,000
Ja?-??. OoH, au.-tion?-.-;. sold ui th? Bxcbanca, for
Norman ? l?ik.-. referee In the aettofl ha partition
Of DsSstnlC? Hay ai>;airi?-1 BdMiyier Y'?n t'o.'-l.i:i?il
Jlaniilton, No. 1,011 DeKalb-ave., a tht?>ee-stx)ry l.ru-k
apartmont-house, with atore, io: lB.9xlU0, to A buey
D. Farl-y, for I2.B00.
Als-j No. 1,311.' Herkhner-st . two-story frame house.
lot 17.0x80, to Bdward ii. Btmren. for $?.4lo.
Mr. ?Dot? us sold No 141 Hudaon-ave., fmir-story
ttrifk riouse, With Store, and Sour-story i?r!k?.- hOUS?
fa?-iriK li;Xa>li'a Alley, lot 'i.'.xliAi, la John VoorarJi. for
Th?? ?rmaaj t-oaiaa-.c.-ai':i: ?tui'dsna Of Public
Sohojl No 4^ w?-:-, bald <>:i Mondiy ?light The? v..-.
the iiit*-!>.--it'.;.'- progiamms fi:.-.-.isji -d by tii-- pupils:
H-eiid::;? ol the s ?.??.;.? t.tvs hy Principal Italne;
addre.at? of ill- chadrmai , ?Inalng, "Come vVtth My
Laite," by Qm school; n rltauon, ?Tin- BulldrTe,''
ftamu??i ?shlaakle; recitation, "Th? Worlds Pair
Train," Iy?.-iiu Hagroi . , no duet, Mabel and Maul
Frank; iv dtatloa, "Father William." Rudolph 8a
itoi?jff; re -i-.? r Ion, "Barbara Preltchi?, Alexwnder
Wolf; ?r>!iK. "Tb* Mermaid." bj the ?ehool; re? . .
tlon, "Uiiil'y, .?.- Not Qullty," Fannle Ooldsttihi;
pi.itio goto, Berths Pranaky; a.'iiK. "Fly i rrth,
?f?-eintl?i J>.a-.-.' Sariiu?-! Sllberman; plana d ,? t, Mi
l*anirt-i and Mr Ooate; ni:^-, ? Ti??? Btar-Sp?ngl? I
aasssssar," by tha ?ohooi
Oommitto.-, n.-t,r> p. S'-iniiid!, chairman; <3?>or*i?
W. I ?larsedl? .? <i Mrs, J M. 1'?>a? H
The ?aJar.e-t of a BUnbar "f smpioye? II? the liu
reaj of Water i'.a-.r. In ?.:,> ?'ry WuUs Depart?
ment, win s? raif-i In th?- months of Juna, July,
Auitu*! and Beptember The Increase? .???- rs -, -.? r i
??xtr^ n-iik beyond the usual hours of business, it is
explained. A short time a^... tA.,.ri a i< .1 was pre
sente-i to the Controllei for addl tonal work In this
Department, Mr i'.ilm. r refused to wy It. It la
now be) ?-ve-i triit incrsased compem itlon for extra
work will be adjudged legal bj th Pon ?ration
?3oun??ei. Amont? those who ,?:>? t?) n elv? additional
pay are Realster Ta;.. M .1 O'Donohui carhler; ,i
Hartman, .lamt-s H. Newdand, A. M Cheshire and
B. F. Wyrnan.
B?a?<*ri warrants w?T4- IgslUad y.-?rer?liiy by Jtidire
lienediat, of the I'nlted f-Vtates Plnailt Oourt, aajallMl
?lgWMiiund and H M. Mo:-r-ls, ?,f th?. firm <if ?'asw-l
it <.*o.. and I H. M.-yer and Annie CsBSSSll, on four
new ind-Ii-tm-ents Just r??turii<-d by th?- ?.rand Jury.
'I'h.y tak-- the -,;?,<??? of th?- Dour .,?; OCMS .(a.i-h..i!,
upon whvi -h Um pris ?ra-.-a WSTS Ma: arralnat-I H M
Morris and Majrer war? t..k--n Into tour) y? starday
afternoon. Morrla v. ig ?julaklttad to ball in ta,90t aa
incr?4aae of I2,?u?j ov?-r iha old baki. stayer *a.a beld
hi |'.,.r?00. Towns & MfiYoartln, th?-lr Mtornays ?rIN
avigue this mornitiK for a reduction of hall Deputy
msrsha!? were out in searcli of Blgiajiiujid MorrU
ami Ml??? CtLsw.rU.
UK TAKBI a LOOK at thi: griUEBT uui.w.w
CAMIMVI ti: wki.s.
Owney, the celebrated Postal Service dog, struek
town again yesterday, and after kis own fashion
Inspected the clerks in tha Poetofhce, and after
win! tin? wii?h? ?s'.iil.?xhment. (?an..y Im a great
character in his way. Although only a dog, ke it?
as well known In the postal Benrice toroughoul
u.. United States aa the Postmaster-*General kim
\ ??'if. Th.' dog baa probabl) don.; more travelling
' than any pootal employa In the L'nlted Btatea.
Ever since h.- was a little- pup In Albany, when ho
iirst saw Hgbt, Owaey bas been on the go. His
travels began in Ute. In his puppy stau.-, his owner
being an employe "f lbs Albany PostolBce, Owney
played around the maii baga and divided the r st
of ins tuna between sleeping on them and i
bis own shadow.
To lo'k at Owney yon wouldn't think that bo
amounted to much. h,. is an ugiy-iookine. Unie
bast about ;i foot hiaf.:, and somewhat longer. n<?
has one eye and a shirr, sharp little nose, whh-h
: hi? olluiil post ail,'WS Mm tO p'ki- Hit" aim.tut
everything pertaining t' postofOcea His body,
owing to the high living which" bs receives every?
where, Is about as fat as a roll of country butter.
A dog show association would not allow Owney In?
side of Ha d rs In fact, It would fi roa him out
the li.uk door about as fast as any ofllciouo at?
t--i..i.ng?t could perform the operation. Owney as a
prise-taker would be milea away from the last
prise. But to every postal employe In tho United
States he is a wonderful beast, iii for only tha
eleci t.? asa rclats a .th.
When Owney first left Albany In MM his owner
at Um ;? J a collar around his neck, on which was g
tag bearing these ajrds: "Ownej Albany; owner,
Poatofllce employ?, Be good to Owney." Tills was
Owney'a pass, and It took blm everywhere. Sines
that auspicious year In his little life he has I.i
; in about every State and Territory ol the Union,
, anl io China and the Orient, and back again to
this country. Everywhere ha would go al inst
s me s tuvlrlng postal nan would get a tag and
' attach it to h:s collar. Finally these got so numer
| oils that a h irtirss was mad?} for him, and the
laits continued to Increaaa He has. for Instance,
tags from Seatiie. Washington; San Francisco,
i Tu son, Ariz., and fifty other pis -ea On? lag bears
1 thla Inscrlptl in: "Bar Harbor, Juno l. lite There is
only one Bar Harbor, James <?. Blalne." ?evi?
dently Owney thought so, too. when be arrived
| there, for ho was made much of In that fashionable
i seaside resort and remained several days.
Owney struek Brooklyn previous to thla time
j about a year ago, Just after his arrival from
: China.. From that time until yesterday morning,
when ha dropped In on a tour of inspection, he baa
been all over th? United Btatea The last time he
waa In Albany his owner removed all tha tags,
With the exception of three or four on his r illar.
They are hung up in tha Albany Poetofflca a? a
memento of his travels. '
Owney'a entra?e.? Into Bro >kiyn yesterday morning
was mads OH the seat Of the mall wagon from the
New-York PostolBce. The clerks and. In fact, the
I whole staff, were p'.ad to see him, anil Immediately
sent over to ths Clarendon opposite, f.>r a specially
! prepared lunch. Owney ate part of it, and turned
up his nose at the remainder, presumably for the
reason thai his feeding In New-York hid been eg.?
trraordlnarily high in his sojourn In the bo
of the big building acTOaa tho river.
On bis last visu. Superintendent -.f Malls Lyons,
sh.-ini' admiration for ths d >g la something great,
Im .??? 11 'v> nay over to ths C*raren<k>n H rtel an i garo
i.iru a "bang-up" dinner. Owney srit "ii ,i hair
next to Mr. Irena and certainly no trwo-legged
guest ever received more distinguished su
t'r,.m tii?' waiters than this same four-legged little
beast with ".?.?? eye and matted :urly ha.r. There
was some speculation among the clerks yesterday
ss to arhai prompted Ownejra present v.s.r Some
of them aal?] I -, ?'?? simply came in to say "Howdy
do" to his old!.me friends, while other? maintained
that hi- .-am'- ..\vr specie]!) to Inspect the m m rail?
way mal! service on the street railroad. Deputy
Postmaster McCooey argued that the laiier theo .
eras correct, for shortly after Owney'a arrii
? was i,ik>:i ,.v<t t-t where ths mall can s:,,p, in
.1-...! iii-st., and ha grrovely .i^i"- ?;? i the interior
??? th? cars as they came from the different parts ..f
th?- city. The inspection was apparently aatlefac?
i tory, for Owney did not d?-em it necessary to t ?k.
s '.rip over the linea Ho walked back to thi base
ment of the Poatofllce, and chased the boya who
.-arry the mail haus around th<- building;,
"He's always crasy when lie s.-.-s one ..f ti.? men
carrying mall bags," t.iii ine ?.;' the? nployes, "aiid
wi cant k,ep him quiet."
There is one peculiarity about the dog. While ir,
the cities or towns his chief delight Is to ride on
the ?>e.it of a mail wagott. H? in eXtTt mely a r ??,
ful over Uncle Sam's property. If a man in civilian
attire, it makes no difference ?ho h?- Is, attempts
to climb up on the seat, there is troubi< ai on >.
Owney sh.aws his teeth snd raise? a terrible
but Just as soon as ,i man In a uniform cap comes
a.".?;;:.d, Owney is n.l -ri.iii-s, and welcomes th ar
- rival with his rli,-!;: paw. He I? punctilious SDO it
ths handshake, and considers it s great breach of
enqu?te on the part ,,f his human friends i: they
negieoi thla little ami nlty.
Many are the argumenti regarding Owney'i pedi?
ere? Some have -sard that he la a Scotch terrier.
Others maintained a 8kye-terrier ancestry. But, the
fact Is, Owney'a i? ligree Is lost. H era? thi
grixsled an i veteran employe out West a year or
two ano who probabl} struck the truth when, after
1 a long argument, he brought his list down on his
'. knee and exclaimed:
"Tell you what, boya thai dog .- nothing except
a !??'??'. ordinary, ever) lay kiyudle Bui he's a
dii-. , ..? ? . s for intelligence, why h<? heu?s n?r,o out
. o? every ten m.-n that ever travelled ->ri two h-x-s."
Tlie argument was g clin her, an i n Ixxlj bas
? every seriously questioned Owney'a ancestry sin e
i then. i?asi ni ?flit Ownejr was .?, nt back to New
? York on thr- !aii,-K?-.s; ma:i wagon In the service, in i
start"! for the \\'.-st. As he follows his own iweet
will in hin travels, there Is no t.-lhiiK where he w |]
be In a Wi ek'o time.
The end of the long seri?s of Republican ratifi?
cation meetings is not yet in ?lirht. To-morrow
nltrht, the Stuyvesant Heights Republican Club will
meet at Its house In Halsey-st., and hear apee? !.>-s
by ??me of it? liest known me-mbers, who will say
good thir.ss of McKinley and Hobart, and of trie
platform. The Stuyveeant ?i-iuiits club was one
of the first to ad rpt a campaign button. The mem?
bers now wear neat badges, bearing ihe likeness of
Major McKinley, and the olub's name in amall red
The Twenty-second Ward Republican Campaign
Committee will meet t"-nla-'.'" In Arm?? Hall, at
Ssvsnth-ave, and Ninth-*:.. tu n ord Hs approval
of tin? candidates an i platform. Henry Brtstow is
th?. president of the comonltteo and Jt-me <-?. Frost
i> ?'s secretary.
Tho Frank F. Williams Battery met at Us head?
quarters at No. il Busharick-ava, on Monday
night Krank F. BchUlS presided. Earnest resolu?
tions were unanimously pssarrd. and Mr. Bchuls'a
suggaatlon tha.: ths campaign should be ons ?>!
bard arork was agresd to by all. arho promised to
make the Williams Battery om- of tha mosi effec?
tive ampatgn organlaatlons In tha city.
On Saturday night the Unity i.'lul?, of thf Twi nty
efarhth Ward, a/ill haw s Fourth "f July cal? ra
tlon, anv.ch ?111 celebrate not only the Declaration
of Ind penden e, but also the nomination of Mc
Klnle) and Hobart. The club meets at No. 17
Moffatt-st John K. Keel, the president of tii?- club,
Kill appoint a Campaign < * - ? r i ? 11 j , 11 ?. - of fifteen mem?
bers to push the g ...i thing along."
There ,-, a movement smong ths Swedes in Brook?
lyn toward the formation <.i a McKinley League,
whose membership arlll be made up entirely <,:
Bwed-rs. Th? leading splrli in the movement i?
John Anderson, of the Third Ward.
On Monday afternoon and ? \.-muk. the Fid '
Club, made up of loyal Twenty lirsi Ward Republl?
< ms, held ir.? annual picnic and games at Wissel's
Rldt '? od Park. A Joli] good time ama reported
by all those arho attended The athledi games in
the afternoon were productive "f much merrimeni
far the fair visitors, of much lameneaa for the
participants, and of several creditable records. The
married men snd thi mhl;V men formed nv.i b I -??
ball tsama which played an exciting Kam?-, in
which tha husbandi : ored fourteen runs, aga nal i
meagre ??x for the baH.it Tha danca In tha
evening wss to the lively accompaniment ol music
furnished h> Alb, r' Ferguson's orchestra. William
Miller was th" I1.t r inaii.ijirr, and lirs ass.staut
w.i? i?bariio Campbell.
gttpmna Court ggeslai T.-rm Tur MstloaS Safer? Smltl,
.1 Kx I..U-I- I.U-.I.--S ?, lit .,. ni. M l,ii ml.iMiir rajli :
nt 10 '?o ., m
Bui -..,..- - ? ,'? i - ' -. a ... .-? - Th* will of John
Koovallnka and Uaivator Cm nl Tha ac unUni f Mar)
i ' '.->ir '"*>??.? I. ' ' ..... Mai 1*1.
Nial ' Abraham M l-ei-y. K arad II Inru-ri nt. llenas
1 ?.'. ? 'i '? rdon .?.m. 1.1 i; i>?--Aia. William Jem ...
Janrsa N'aarbrry, ?'.a.-1,,,,-, Hubei ga ?h i: Br?n?
I..,in? ? Ni,-,.r Th* admlalsirstlos of Jasper Klein Tha
reni ?-?Ute ,,f Abrahsni M, Lsvjr, i\?nt??i*d csiandai
M M -Su. t>'?. Will o? J?lm l't-jjjtrr: No. M, MU? uf Mail
liuln.ea, '
a han la ?m.-, well dreesed young woman, aboul
twenty-sU year? .?M, ?aa picked up in t. - Upper
Hay. near NInety-nlnth-at., y?sterday afternoon.
John and Jacob Btlllwell wer? on Thomas John?
? ?on'.?? pier at th? i?la.-.- named, erbere Jacob has
cJtargs "f Mr. Johnaon'i ?team IsubcIi. R? bsw th?>
' ?.-ill floating in Hi?- water, ?iii?i. with hla brother,
Jump -l into a boat, r?.w??>! .?ut to where s. >? WSB
a:; I pulled iit-r Into th boat. Tilt- yOUltg aa.iniri
nraa carried Into the house i.f ??x-cmn'r?ssmjn T-?m
i.. Johnson, of Ohio, where she wan wrapped In
warm blankets. Dr. Biankatey, thsdruggtal ofPorl
Hamilton, was called In. After giving lu'r s at*
restorative? bIm >'h\.- bar nsm? us Pannl? Gregory,
of ?So. l.ii'?'' it?iifoii-a\ . Boa would say nothing
more rxcrpt t bat ah? did nol aant hate nasa* In
th? papera, Meanwhll? lbs polloa had been In?
formed an?! an ambulance arrived from tin- Be/ney
Hospital, to Which ?h? ?as t ?-n .v.-i.
l?r. Blankeley said nhe girl di?l n??t ?appear to ba
undi r the Influen?a of drink or out of h?r head.
Miss Qragory's mother, Mr? P. M Qr?ajory, is a
?it???--maker who has a ?irk?- number of wealthy
. a--;.>in.?:-.? Til? failli,y it? well-to-do. MlSS ' '? i ??er.?i >
i- employed as a typewriter by a New-Tort firm.
l.a-; night, -it th? house, s youngs* Bistec reluctant?
ly ?aid that Mis? Gregory had not been exactly in
her rlg-hl mind for the last two or three days.
Whether it was s lovs affair or due to ?ohm atckn *?,
the young woman refused to ?.: ii?-. She saitl, how
aver, ?' hei ?a attended the Church of th?- Na?
tivity, In Claason-ave., y? ?terday luornlna, and that
was the last heard of her until they received a tele?
phone message from tin hospital authorities that
sh-- find tried to kill herself.
The Mr John? ?n, to ?h "?.? house ?lie wa? tak? ii, la
?\-i ongressman Tom L Johnton, of Ohio, and ?
brother of Alben Johnson, president of the Nassau
lt-iii-- ad.
- ?
I Major Henry C. Kv.-nleU ha,s sent In his retslgna
lioii ?lit aa Officer In tin- ?Mi HtKini l?t Hh - 3?
?i ? ? hav- bei n trj Ing '?" partaa?* Wm t.? stay m lb
the regiment until niter the trip t?. the Btat? oamp,
but tiio Major is anxio.'s to K' : ?'lit, ?-'"I H 1? '""1
th rugbl thai h? Will go to camp. Bhould he re.aive
his iJJachnrge ?before .-amp. the vacancy will not ba
tilled until after the return. Captain Britton ?'.
Thorn, of Company F, ?rill b? Um I mpormry bat?
talion .'.?mniaii'ler.
The ?strike of '.ho rammermen and pavera Of the
Nassau Railroad ?ras dacmred off p*?JUrday. Th*
l-i-ii bad struck becraus? the ?witracror, ?Charle?
Harr, had threatened to reduce tlv?r pay so that it
Bhould conform to the ?rages paid by the Brooklyn
Heights ita?r.'.id Mr. Hart found ye-t-rlay.
however, thai b* bad ? mistaken i-H-a of th.- two
acales of wages, and after a i-on??iii;.iri..:i with
Charles QeJlagtwc, a .it-hunt.- Itom th? Pavers*
t'ni<m. lie announced thai th? union seala ?rould i>??
eoMtlnned, and the men resumed work.
a delogatloti ol Two:.,a first Ward Republicans,
inHudliiti Ass? mblyman Audett, visfted M ?y- r Wurs
ter, and ,iske?i him to nam? l'? ???it J. Bbadbotl
?as a police Justice. The Mayor said thai hs had
already ?i.-.-:d. ?l upon another man.
Mstnbera of the PlatJands Taxpayers' Ass , .
bad a trolley ex?nirslon on M ?nday night to L'lmer
Park. Boxes of candy ?'?r.- pr..vid?-l for th?
won., n In tl ?? party, while the m n were afa u ?: intlj
supplie l with clarara. Supper and dM*<ctng wore the
order of the evening ar the part On th? rime
evening ? ?-?' King? ?TOunty During ?Circle of Plat
tntsh also had n trolley party.
The June Grand Jury, before being dl? barged bj
judge Hurl yesterday, expressed kta thank? to D I?
trict-Attorney Backu? for the ''?sleep mt-f-t he has
taken In all matter? thai nave come before us and
f.?r hi.- -i- -?????' ind able m.mn.-r ii handling them
withoul ? itceptl m." Th? |ury ?ay? thai H his.it all
times ari-i in all ?-sa*? had th? full c?>ope?^a?oa
of the i strict-Attorney'? ofllce.
it 1? ?aid that Brooklyn'? el.-\.?t.-?l railroad? n >w
hav? In mi-.'i a ?jehame for in draosl ? mtlnuous
?servies botsiwen th? Bridge and Cai B< k
aaaaa. yesterday atierra* . President? L'hlmann
and .lourdan, and ?everal oth r?. tooh a I
?jhcre for the pun "-? ? ??: :i- 'h* p ?': ??
making i ronnectlon between "?? two elei ited rail
r..a -,s s- Manhattan Ci losing ?nd the Oan inds R
roati, and ?o ?>n to Rockawsy.
In ttie office of the Surrogat? yesterday was ftled
for probate the will of Marj A T. ?Lord, who died
on Jon? R last In Washington. Sh? l?eava? h.-r
;.? .," rty ?'. be dl' ?' ? : her husband an i her
i-hiMrt-ri. H?-r husband I- Charles \v. i.-.r-i and h?
Urea at No. in: WasMngton-sl H? la to hav? half
Incom? from the estate In hi? life and al h'.?
death II la to be divided amimg tha rrhlldron.
Justice Van \\'> 11.. of the Supreme Court, ha? a -t .
?said? th? verdict awa dina ;" the plaintiff H,l
the sidi -? -Um :?a P. Anderson against Dr, !.. I..
Ruppert, on the gi ?und that II la agalnsl the a1
of eai.l.m-i-. The defendanl i.- a dentist In South
Blghth-st ??:.! the plalntlfl alleged that In pul ng
one of :. i i? ? th he bi ike .?rr a part ?.f her law and
caused Injuries which disfigured her face. T.-,- le
.???? lant -i.-ih l all knowledge of her case, saying
tint ba could rar, retmmber thai he had treated
ln-r. If he did, ti.w-a,-. -? . prope.1 means, and
the dlsflgurentenl whlcl ?he alleged was caused by
impropei ire?un? t.- was the nantit oi an ul< i.tt.-i
Jaw, The '???*?? will ba tried agal i
Mrs. Eva Suydam, who attempted t?> kin herself
on Mot.-lay at the house ot her atatcr, Jiro. Lock
aa-.i.i. No. :.'.'?; St. Peilx-sM . by taking ? ?io.-r of
laudanum, was uraig**" i before Judge Teal? yester?
day, latK-'l ?rith attempting suicida She pleaded
guilty. No sooner had sh? done so than she fainted,
When ?h? recovered abe explained her attempt t.y
eaylng ?hat sh? im I poisoned n.-r arm b* waahlng
u pair ?if gloves ??-.th naphtha Th? i>?nii aa.i- .,.
great that II ?Jmoat drove h? craxy, and aba look
laudanum. Polin Ju.-ti. ?? Teal? held iit-r for the
Qrand Jury, and ?enl her to ti-.- Brooklyi Cltj li"*
pttal. She ha- recovered from the effe<*ts of the
poison, so the hoapttal ?urgeona say, but h? r arm
i.s badly inflamed.
WHAT IS o ?IN?; ? >N T? ?-1>.\V
tatlflcation meeting, Twentj lecond Ward Repub?
lican Campaign Comrnl tee, Acme liili, Seventh
*\>-, and Nlnth-sl , * p. m
Bubsciriptlon ?mcert, Si ?nd Baptist Cbui h, Ains
l.e-st.. ii ;?. in.
Pormal opening of l-'itZK'-niids Avoca villa, at
Hath Beach.
- ? ? -
Early yesterday morning an ire wagon owned by
\ isrtln I?. PernaM, of I'.irkville. was ?truck bj :.
trolley-car of the Beventh-*ve, Uns at Seventh
ave. and Third ?I The trag?n ?as overturned,and
the horses, dragging th? pole and front v.n.-?*!s. rah
down Thlrd-at. :?> Blxth-ave., srhert they r.m Into a
lamppos.f th? horse? ?-as Instantly killed
Pernal i an I Oeorge Ounney, th? Irlver, arara tin iwti
to the ?trcei and badlj injured. Tu-, wen car .|
for at th? Senej Hoi ;? tal
Trolley oar No. 7ir.. of th?. Nassau Road, r,m m-o
a wagon owned by John Hwinbockel, a llauor-tiea ?-i
of No ??! I''-.ii-i.ti si . in ? > .-.m ave., near King?? High?
way, ?m Monday night. The driver, Henry Will
lams, thirty-eight years <?: ' of N'.. r?; Washington
si . ?..- thrown to the atrei ? and Injured Internally
He was attended bj an ambulance ?urgeon and re
moit-'l to ii.? ii ime
Commissioner Welles yesterday dismissed th?
ahmrga* recently preferred against Bergeaiil John
!.. /.iin.-ii. r-.-M-ir?. of th? Plrwt Precinct. Th- officer,
a cor*dmg to the allegations, annoyed a Mtoon
keeper, named Rosen bee, at Thii-tv-iiinir,-, ? and
?'?'?. earlj on the morning ol J.u... W i-,i ..
'? ? Hci .n, ? a. ol Hie I' lurth-ave atati m su i '? ,.?
???rgvant onlen I i.im r . ?-.. -.- u,, th. s.,..,. ?, ,,.?| ,|,..M
? .. I him ucross the ? i - r Pather lioftu? of tii?
Chur??!] ol "ur laela ,,: ?mgrls, in H.,v RHge, ?.,?
fin- chief wli a>- for Zimmerman. H- aUd th? ser?
ge? m merelj dl I his luty.
Zimmerman ?/as removed from the oommand of
the I-'..ii.i.i-ii i r-.-.-it?. t .,:. i also from the i'-. . r?,.
??????????? >??'. I, pending i rial on th?? riiarKen It?
will pr ib ihly be . itated
11.1.la il. SALE oi ?? ?cars.
Charles Rosenthnl, who lives al W.Iha\-en, was
?rrestsd remords . the L'nlted Bute? auth i I
i"i s? Hing cigars w.l soul a ?big thi nigh th? nx th I
."???l i?y the Uovernment. IttMenthal had been
in the h.-.h.t ,.f selling clgan to Mrs Julia A rent, ,.r
w ' ????*?< " ll:- ;a,,t sah w* - m.,d? on May' 1?.
?h? refused t.. settle the bill ..t,?i ha sued hei In
the Justice'a Cotiri g\ Woodhaven Th.- irtal ,i, .
'"":?? ' t""/-" > thai Rtosenthal broughl the . .. ,
'" ?' -',; ?'?' ?-' ??ven.?casi ins. and al one il .,
'.I " ?;??" ??"-? ? ?i P-.I .?.?? ?Uar, ,,, l.,a. ?
Mrs Aren - non The Internal revenue offlci
h.-anl of Hila, bul m thi m.-nii time Rosenthsl hid
?eciired a udgmeni again? Mr- Aren) Commis
sfcrner Mori? held Rosentlml In 11.000 i.,,?,.
?iiiiopriiii Uankers.
? "A I ? I.MJt A 1?. R?.. (-.Mia. hr l:?r*i.i Mie. It nnk
,Vbnl.>?!..N''", "??'?????i? sun?. HiiiiL aaflata?.
I,i'i{i,>4.I'.lVN',~l]r,;."ln*"r UmnU "??'? ??'?n.-h.
Holier! I lioile A to,
1 '.''.-.' ?A.-Ori?uel llron u A Co.. 7. VU Uarl~.
(? tiro pe nu CVoncrtiofincnts
rntorKAxs am? travellers wfli und
thf tsuvlnn orne? of TI:? Tribune 75 EI*et Stieel. E. C.
? cunvrnlrnl rilar-, to IS*?*? th-lr sgVSrtlSSSasatS nnfl ?uta
?rrlptl'.n? for Th? Til? un?.
Savoy Hotel, London.
hotel de luxe or the would.
Savoy Restaurant
Of '???lin-iiiinlr Finn?.
Unan ul?) ?on In? terrar? nr?rli>iH1ni
la?. Knihankinrnt, <??nl?n? ni | Itir ?.-.
t'hf f ?t? t'nl?1n?
llillr? l.?i'nfl!i.r.
ftlsgrsaH *? m?t??t"*i.*
Uni. TOW1K. Jlgr?
I nriraPed Mlu.tlnn la i'orllanl 1*1?-?,
It Tup of lt?t??ni St. W.
I niiT,.ni-tit Inr llir ll??t Miop?, Th??lr?>?, F.tl.
Every tloilirii < oiiiloii and f oliven?
IriHv". .IIimIoi'siI?' Tsii'ill.
MlMf.CI?. ?'? ?*,*Z
SiMC.U.N (| HHKMK|,.
TUB Alilil.riii HOTEL, ""
? - LIVKR1 ""i.
- l.l.lil. M -
TBB mill..?.Mi BOTBL?
si a>. iHiiia-? i; . ,i-nt Culalna,
Comiorl M'.'i?*'.it? riiina??.
The Walsingham House
Overlooks the i'aik and occupies the lineal po?
eltlon In London, Apartments at moderate
charge? for a snort ir long period.
CulsIrT? managed by an
experienced prench r-hof
Mlacnrnirxa rrvocn r*n??r
ig. "Soigne." ) Q GELARIM.
London.) Sec*y & Ma.,axer
Tweeds, lYIohairs, / jS/<?
Silks, Velvets, /?/?*'
fo/ Lingerie,
Ay Ribbons, Hosiery,
Millinery, Laces.
The Hotel Cecil,
Tin? I h i-geni rind most ms_nific?mt in
Rurops, l'<-ri?'i't m s ver jr. dcitatl. I,?>
ration uni*iVHlle?rl. tttoin_ and over>
looking tlie I'ini it.'iii UiiK-iii Crardens
.-nul river 'l'names, tTiiwurpassed
pulaina and the ia.>-?i selection ??t
wines ever offered. TOO bedrooms
??(ni ,'iini salons, private r||nin_
rooms, ;tn?l pu 1>1 in reception i'..??iii??.
C. P. BE&TINI, Monrurer,
{ Urs ml Batel, Paris,
Formerly of i lliliiniiilin'?, \ i-\? - Y ?irl?.
' t rilarlos Hr?luiirinil, l.ondoa.
_ ? ? * :*? _"_1_'. r****
9 & 10,
Endslei^h Gardens
iipi'.'.iie Keetss.
BUI I) lamp, ra.i -,
. tab!? (? : la
dir? im i
l'i .. .it.' .,? . ??!? ?
Gockburn Hotel,
141, Bath St?
>!ilr \ililr??i.
l'A I'?''>*? ' '"'HI
Upper "??orvvooH, qm^on'* Hotel,
-.,: Cty>t*l Pal??-. Laondon. Healthiest iltustlon in
England. Lovrl) gardens Beardlag tarma from >. ? ; :
d?>. Sp?cial .?-im? t^r Isrg? parties Convenient train
? H ?tl ??
Norfolk Hoto!. Fri^hton. England.
Elit? ] n t: i ii - Hotel. OverloiX? ?ea-wall promena?!? ?? .
lawn? ir,,.- ptiblli mnua I'.-iii-, : lanl?tlun. 8huU*d
r le tii- llctll? I.Ift lie.I,nt? cuisine. Cbotc* ?.'.??.
Jule? A. Crvightor. Mrr.
Queen's Hotoi. fT"'*^??. t'"rl
lela of *A*lt;l't i/.-riv aid gsrdena. TennU, ?tc Ad?
join? l;-?..i 'i ? ht . lufa Kreouent boat? in Cowe? ft>.i?
#:ni ?? .it!i.iin|,: .n. "lt?i>ul Pier Botel" indar ?am?
The Howard Hotol.
Korfolh Street, Embank tnrnt, London.. Till? newly
-ra.,t-'. Hotel i? :.-i.;.-r., with even m lern i ml :'.
i ?vi ? .-? ? Eml ' meni ind irn"r Ii'' | inl ?n i ipa ilo n
publli ::.- I :?? ic Licht thi ughoul Amert?*sn sya
tem elevator? i-'u-i tar'rr
Great Northern, North Eastern
& North British Railways
(England & Scotland).
The East Coast Route
via the cathedral eitles of Peterboro', fork ami
Durham. TOURIST TICKETS are i--i.fl from
Me. 1st until ' ? ??! ?her 31st, enabling travellers l i
break their Journey at these towna .'ils.' ?it
H r oby, Hi" original h?ime of the Pilgrim Fath
eta, also the hon.f John Robinson and Will?
iam Brewater, snd at Bawtrj : iuaterfleld. the
home "i' William Bradford, i'sssengers holding
tourial tlcketa from Great Morthem Stations n
Scotland can travel north of x.-w ri-U- either
via Berwick or Hexham and Melroae
The London terminus of the Ureal N'orthern
it ni \ i\ ii? Klns/a Cross stall m.
('.?uni hlets .Mil all Information an i.btalned
from Mr Prank ?' Clark, 111, Bi ada*ay, Sear
York, 'ii.'ka-is can ??is., be obtained al "Clark'g
Toura," 2, Charing Cross London
III'.XUV OAKLEV, tlen'l Msnaajer G X. K.
??Ii? i s GIBUS, i len'l Manager X E U.
.1 CONACHER, Gen'l Menacer x. B. R.
April. IblW
Great Western Railway
of England.
It ?i ?i le.
r.i??. nuil ? frnni unit lu Anirrlea linv?. the
shslss ?>r
IITWIII i.iviiitriMii. ami i.nxnoti
1?'I'll?- lli>> ni Otlni'il ,,i- MuiUeatiM-iire Ituntr.
V?The Hnrip?liT Itniile.
.1?The ll.-r.'fitril nnil QlsSCeStSV Itoule.
The itniinu? saaaea Ikrsasjh sasae ?t th?
Moat Platarsasjas leaaeri in ihr Csaatrr.
Ihr f ullun I nu lit?'.-? tua |?e ? latlletl eu
route i
i lli.Ml.lt??m? 'il di? noel ?n, itnl citir? In
y^l_c?'.?lLl',,Y~R,ch '" '?????luarlaa tslsnst
W AIIU I? 14 ? I r v\?iwl. ,. ? ?.i>
I.i: *?>ll\?. !??)>?|,'?r Kenllworth , ,...n? uni (?iiy?
gTR ATKOHI?-0\-AVO>-si ,kr?p ?r. . birth?
OxKORD?TtM ?*tiv ff rnilP?.?.
ai.OI ?? ?? ? y i Sink? T??rk ??.li! h bskin?T?.4 to Will
i?r pm? tha ' in?f?r ? Ponnajrlvaslaa.
\VI'"?"tl ( l?TIH, ??,. horn? of th?. Queen
lut ein?? ??7.ll*?i Uil .In??, ?."...'lit :||| ,-lnaa. S I.Ill
llnuu.-iuf ehri'l.i-il Un,nit: li lirlnrra l.lvtr
I.I Mint l.iiiiluii ?Nilng - iioi'iiurr? ?II
I enable?
'"'?'?(?- ess i- ,-l.i.ili.r,l m N'liW YiiliK ..f Mr
ritANK ?' ? I.AKK 111 Hr,?,lv.?y. M?. ? r?. CttuK S
?IN. '.'6'. ?n,( :n I!r,?i1???v.
mam LAMMUM*-, Oaaasal Muus.er.
P?JdH_i..,u iitniuii. UiiJ .ii. ?l?i, li. ibJM.
Gr.iropcdii C\?t?ci.i?mcnt?.
The Imperial Hotel, Malvern
Is lb? tii'mt cmUa] '.'..ill for Aim ? ?'? ' -;?. v> ' ,'"1
Wi u- - i lli ! on-A von, ato
VUl?or? . ,i. -,,-i. i ',.? -i.,-, n ? ? ililTerenl pi are? and
r?inifi in th? ?veiling to rm- imperial, iocstsg la asper?
srlvste grotisdah ?? ri.i ttarotipily modern. _
'?Wiiiilii'wk " """ '"" vi" ' T* "? K*nliwort*
\\ ()(>I|'.K K. , ,?, striti.'.nl n A.m.
..I 'ifilmiiiiiili-il I ." '">?"?''"?-'?"i.?" BBd Pr.vat? Ho
"KiCDmODUVUle. le.* KcuMmiul. Brst-elasa 'is
bl? <!'hot?.
I 'In..iwli,n I liiti*I PBIr?*?H??d bi I ? ' An.?r!.
t larenuon rioiei ,-n ?,?. k,,,;?., ramiii??.
T?lale d'h?t?. 7pm ?ervlr?.
"IL?l?:ii..l,l 1 Hl?i, ?? I ?'?? ?Ska in It? own rna?
III IMI? III. , ., ,?, B, ?i, _ _
('rn'if gonthein Holet ?"?! ?"n'ral position of ?as
?1? ?It Lske l>-'i '
ILHkACOMM iN.arlh llrvonl.
..a.,i /? n: i ?i '? , i mm vatm, IJeautiful
?*i lie ( olliugwood. , y ,'??,,,.
'l'.,,^,,,,,),!. Uoiel P Una PtahlBg. Fperlal term?
I IO>.S,l< II .*? ,.., ... inclualvi_
Invereuaitl BSSSU.-*"1' " "" s""",h
I, Hi ? r???ann.
FAMILY-PENSION, ? &????-r.rL.
.>?w flSSSa. axCSllsal laMS, h??r I frum *t tt*a P?r ?lay.
q Ils. Itne lllairh? BSSr (V'l 0|nr?. Pssalss I?! ??!.
"ariS, Kl?i*t*. bStkS, ?until roum?.. a-\il rssfc. M.nlerate.
uiii.itr. to ?HOI* in i:i iiiii'i:.
liy bpecial appointment to
Mcr riajesty.
FTur Qarments,
Costumes, Cloak?;, '?antle?.,
Silks, Laces. Dr???;s OooJs.
.? ??????n I I tin > , 1 f. im of'
Catalogues of all the above post free.
Wijmore .Street | Cavendish Square |, London, \V.
Thro? mlmiMtt)?' null: /'ron, I <i,,'/lin,n Until.
Irish umens
Direct Irom tha i.-".'ii?.,
In #? ,\ ? ? 111 - i v m I > ? ? ?? i ?j; 11 ??>,
?ai im'?? production.
Walpo.e Brothers, Ltd.
1 I stn'ili.lii-I ITii?.
Belfast, Diibiio,
89, New'Bond Street,
London, W.
Dry Goods Stun, Oxtcrd-S?.,
London. On: Handrad shops
grid Show Rooms. Latest
fashions, best style, mo_srats
anJ Waterproof Qoods.
Established I ?27 by Charles
.Macintosh <& Co., the original
fl manufacturers. All spoils of the
'? 3 ht;-st Waantty at moderate prices,
gj 58, Charing Cross, London.
Trateitnr *?<i-, tnetnn, Sslsss * oluina.
jas. sHsas?Ea & go.
(Established .?22.
Entire House Furnishings and
Decoration??, Direct Carpet Im?
porters, Inside and Outside Blind
Manufacturers, Bedding .Manufac?
turers and Cabinet .Makers, House?
hold Linen? Ironmongers, China
and (ilass.
151 to 162. Tottenham Court Rd.,
London, W.
TheCrafton FurCo.,Ltd.
Art Furrierss
Our imli\idualiiy <>l' design ami
exclusivo styles, combined v.?th
the very l>c*?t selected skins and
superior workmanship, have given
our garments a world-wide repu?
tation among ill??*-?' who are con?
noisseur!, in Purs. Comparing
?nice lor quality, we challenge
competition. ?Strictly ? "Fur
164, iNe\v Bond St., London, Eng.
JUfe. Tailors,
**J> *et _?:-.
lor Ladies and (ientlemen.
The most exclusive models
to be found in London. We
number among our client??
many of those* who are re?
cognized as the leaders of
fashion in America and
217 & 219, REGENT ST., W.
173, FENCHURCri ST., E.C.
Artistic Pho?ofsrafriiy
at iDod-rate Ltoges,
Barrauds, Lim.
263, Oxford Street, W.
it IxlorU < -irou?),
60 H ay market, London,
_ S. W.
'king i m me
'PRINCE 1 M? not:
lili I v M
Ju-?la the Clover'
VOU A 1.1. KN )\\.
24, Coventry St., London, W.
American Tailors,
? i<>. w i r-i STRAND, MiMiiiy,
I ln.r I? Mri rupiilr anil "I li-liirln lloirl? M,i?i
????idrratr iirti-rs i-mitliirul ?villa _oo?t iua?
? ?rial ?ud bral ?nark.
16(5, Now Bond *5t., London.
Tin* Ltirgeel ?teleetiaa ?t
nml Stiver Mount? a Leather ?Uooils.
tTnropran .?dwtiarinen!
A Silk House.
fFiatnli'lihe I over I .?? Venrs.i
Cuslomera ??III find _rrui nilvaning? |.
Cll> PHews nt.tI M?me?. MIMlt? h s I?.!
??perlene?. In n.e Bilk Trade. "
C. &J. B. Hilditch,
1_II & 12. ChRipside. London,
H. P. Truefitt. Ld..
13-14 CLO BlT.D-ST.. LONDON. W.
(ThrouKh to Burlington Arcade.)
and Wot??l Cecil.
llrtrlss? iUIrlrs?<*Jsf; ii? fs-sjsls e?. ??rti. *ts>il?-s?t
snd Mmassii ??? !law?Iarl ?ssraNra Iir?t M?j
only ""Ann-r ?jn a/i.iria,- *?sn. nitr- m Vgn?tO.
Noveltios in Fancy Goods, Eto.
??Till-' BSWsH knit?!! Is 4i??ri?-?a?. Vof.ltl??
la PlVSeSll ?n I Nj??.a?lti<?. is to*olff.
??CIVKT CAT." If ?t.'i?T ?tI fOOty .?1., ?It?.
It A ?I III IM.IM.1I?> tin t'l. I'll ? tlMt.l.i, I.OIIllll
1 Jewellers ?and Siiversnvtlis.
?Iln Mirer I'l.-.l?--'IM s',frn> .1 I'lsl?.
Old Isinil) Je???|....\..??lt.e? lur l'r??.?u,
?s HI*.M I r M".. LiltliUN, ?. \?.t Hour to '" 111 i?H.K\.**
Ess Bouquet
Spermaceti Soap.
Bavley A. Co.
lEstal . a* A I IVM
Periutners an'l I*'ir.a
'1 oil.-i ~...?|. '?In U-vi.
84, St. martin's Lana,
^i^i^^m^ilk^^-^ Pr
L0U!S V?I11 UN b
PABCTi mu m ?> \?;?s ltRUEdCRIM
?_? igoaiSi?t*??^.^ Mr?> -/tytgyfi*
1 i? ? X/?> ? Al iOV
?jL?___li__fik Ho,,is and
{??_? ?a. 21, Boul'd des
For Comfort at d f^'e/ancs
I Capucines,
Grand Hotel,
JI.W I I I.tilt*. ItXD -II \ llltsMITIIH.
Cali ti- i - - I ? ?ir
beautlfu ? ! an >n !???:?? i ? .? ? n?a
?ir,.- n? ^-.1 . , .?..-?.
, ? ? . . . , , . ?,,|0
?rotatives lu i ....-. of th. ?J '? - ? t Ksw
3?! ?.IF.MI-: l?:i L'OPERA. I'lllll.
P. M. Grunwaldt.
? RtR UK I.? P4.IV I* ?It 1*4.
l.atgSSl ???mrlntaiit ?it ?.int fun, It 1 ??. k. silier sit Rtss
Pasas, lassas? *.?'?'... *??.., hott sui Isarssasti ??? >?i?ssi
?ll,-.|.a?. I llfnpi-st ?rlf?.
m -^???^?
?fcrciqn (??room.
The international Palace Hotels.
'I lit- ?.II.-/!r?-li I'iiIu?-?-.
CAIRO .Fun??.
i in- Mi? lera 1'iilni'e.
Ml I". _ .rri?ii?-e.
1 In- *>\<iil?lii I'nliii-r,
1.1 ?> HON .l'or In ?al.
Iln- la I'liltl?-.
iivUMi . Ilelitiiim.
I'll? "ilaliijii I'iiIik-i-, .
*?l >\l.4?.l I. l-.\?. \lil\l".. S,?li?erla?e?"?,
1 lu- Mi m m.-r 1'nl ir.-.
TIII'll M'l *? .TnrWey.
The l'*?n r.-ilm-?-.
I'OXaTAM IMH'I.M Tur Le jr.
Tke ?.?i n??:?-i lateraatlaaal,
IIKIMII*?! 11nI r
For trf-.'ii. n n. llefcets I '?_?? ?*? BfJ?
i ?:? m :m- a in ?? ? 1- I? - '* ' '*" ""? ??
. , , . - ;:r Opeu. I'srl? ^__^
Drains de luxe.
TTss |?i*.ini\ ( IBLaltii flPIW. I'lli'.
Pasar rime? g/eekl].
Hit* MMtl? KXPBRM HHIi'?*? ? Kk's-H*.. CO
I <i?,\K, Blltl IV Bai M? M H ?B??W Kl?. e?er? *.?!?
Tht i.?ixn<?\ ??MiMi-Mi NN t rxrKvss, njaiy.
l'or full partltu ?r? sml sll Hrh??t?.sp:>l? to
IHK IMIIlMIIiiMI. sI.I.H'IM. ( ?It ?<>.,
II. t.irkapiir Street. l.i.u.lon. I ii.?!?n.l.
""Grand Hotel,-"
Grand Hotel,
_Milan. __
Hotel de la Ville,
Milan. __
fhe Queens Hotel
Antwerp. __
Tirol C?a??? IS?-*?! Mt-MllM
<lii lli?> I.*?I?**.
ElBjcinc I.i?in I'lirouu'liotit.
Proprietor-, Pfyffor A. Co. _
The Grand Hotel.
?K V l" lO ?NI. /
Hotel Chatham,
Hotel Binda,
IU>T Al K t Vl i?. riuir,
?:.?". tiit\Mi'<4 ki.v??i:k, imiii?.
Most slesaai and |usun?,u> lu l.ui,|,.? |ii-?.'o.iimeo'?4
to An.eri. un? (m (?il., t ?i,i?. ii.- _n,i im? srlsss
lj RUE Si'UlHIl.
OI'POSITK niK ?;i'.\N'l> OPBHA
The Modern Hotel ol Paris.
_ K. All.MllKl S'I'l-.u. M.iii.tK.T
Hotel de Lilie et d'Albion
-"-'."?. Hu?- St. i Lui.! ?, r.iri?.
I5et\vr(-ti ib? Tullciiei Qardena P ????? Wmion*?
ai?.! NewOpars Advantage? ?- .?n ?.Kt-nients ft>r
famillsa Bsautlful Hall. L?ri Drawliisj R-mcM
Blectiit Lkglit. ?to. Tclegrams, "Ll?lalbl???

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