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' jKW-T-OftX PET-OC RATS MAKl! _0 _> EalOl
xnv THEIR r._n>VST
___. wtth'n tha m-mory of tha oldeat polltlcian. ln
__ rTrk. Jaa any Prealdential nomlnatlon been re
SSSTdS eltV with auch . conepleuou* abaenee
_f_______aa!SS that which followed the sueceaa of
t'CS. _f N-brsBhs. ln Chlcago *???_??*?
___ I7?iaB IS he aatlafaetory te any one who
?2 ard daajfsa aaoss who have srown gray tn
*h v_ of the oarty aa well aa the young Bd?na
t^i^rSaal- glrded on rheir ?<**
lli I not hSStaatS to expreae thelr dlsgust and
Slaacs and to declare that under no cireum
***Z w_.'d thev aapasal men wh?a* platform
SZ ,-er.v at WriSncS 1th what h*d WSTSt
J? Zal toofcld upon aa easential to Demorratio
**!?, ._^rl_ea ef re.ud_e_.-V dtartvoneoty aad aa
JZZ gtrtch aaws been eepouaed art Chloago. w*_?
mmmXto JllimaBll by auch war hora*. of Deanoe
______ __,._a_._-_- WflMssa R Oraee. Wtlham _*-ln.
S I aMaraid 9lrmiwn_ E. Bllery Andecaon. J.
MaaaBB. c-am. I_ouIb Whvdmulle.. Tas Commla
a-onor T_e_d_re _t>_tr_. o?u*c-or Jamea T. Kttbrejth.
rt.O_.*>0-ar_*_n Counae.1 Wlttlajn H Clerk. ea-Col
Ifrtor -8BS* A. Bulllvan and* other repi'*4-_*?nta_ vs
ra_mVr? of rhe party in thiB oky. who were repre
_w__a b* rhloagn this we. k. Bev*ra.l of theae and
trtrfcl'z'-no. whos* afnilat-rma hav* been poMtleally
opposed aa the Republlcan merthods of gov?_r_inenit,
^air d* .lar*d ihat under preaent oondit-cma they
-eferr*. th? can.ldacy of McKlnley aa__ the Ro
mi!_Uc8_ platform of sound mon*.* on whtchhe
?too_ to the red flag of an_.rehy and the avoared
prociamatlon of dlshones-y. w*_l<__, with othe.
ahoml .a*1one. had heen lahelVed Demo-rntie by enioh
faie fUl-BS a* Tlllman end Altgeld.
?V?r_ . xpres-'Ions already glven to tho publlc by
Deniv-.a's whose leadersh lp and tnfluaeie* ln the
__e_n:'..ity are unquestloned. H may he aafely pre
d_cted *_*t the work of the Chicago Convontlon wtll
bo; ba accepted by one-haVf of tha rogular D-mo
_ra_t. \-oter* of Nesar-York Oty.
If _v_r there was a thajlistsd oommunlty lt la the
*-__r>- lal communlty of thia clty. and ha dlaguat ls
d/e to ihe piat-orm adopted and rhe rtcket named
by th* iBsslBUaaan ia_iualBiliiB-il paBaaiMstla aa
aj-MBtk Osun-joa ad rhl^ago. Ther. waa no
de-r^r dls?r_Bt Khown and expreeaed yeerterday thaa
by rhe I>>mcf-ratB ln the flnanola_ ?x?m_iur_ty. Not
?"w_ll-known I_-r_oc_it eould b* found w-ho ?ald he
would" vote the ncket put up tn th* nam* of hia
party On the eontrary. th* De__>aratlc flnanoiem
who were spoken to aald they would vote for Mc?
Klnley. They be'.leved lt to be thelr duty as Demo
err.ts not to refraln from \-o.lni. bOt to vote for Mc?
Klnley. ln o-der to maintaln the flnencrlal honor of
th* Natlon. and more. to |M8B8..B Its very ln?tltu
tVona. The BfatoU-ktlra elemen. d1*play*d Irs sentl
.-n-nt bv takini? hold of the s.roek marke. and raily
inr H \n the fa-**? of the mervaolng work at Oh1c__ro.
The hfrlna* up of aniuea w-b a Blan to lnT4_r_orB lr.
Ameri-an secjritle* and aniaaprtaiB. both at home
_w_ _broad. that repudlatlon would not be p*r
rn_t.*d In th*a country. and that honest money waa
ln no aotuai danger. Proof that European
hokl*4-a at Amerlcan Btocka and bonda fe't no
appr_hen_lon waa found hn rhe fact that no
orxtora Oo 9*ii BBBB- reo_ived from rh* other
_i.?. Pr.\*?.te cable dispatehee sald tha. th*
_B-a_*?BSBB wi'h '"hauncey M. D?pew, prtm.d In I>on
d,m. had had a rea _rjr:ng efTect on foreljrnere. ard.
lr. Bhot.. had convlnced them thait ane_-phy, wh1!?
noisy, eould never prwvai! ln th* T.'ntt*d Stafes.
J EVlward Simmons.. prealdent of rhe Fourth Na
tlona: Bank, a llfe-long DemoerBt, oame out
pr.mptly in oppoaltlon to the Chicago platform and
ncket He said: "I have no hesttatlon ln aaylng
that I intend 10 vote for McKlnley. and I believe lt
to !>e the duty of every ao-jnd-money Democrat to do
4he aame in ord*r to concen-.rat* rhe vote of honest
m?_ in b-. th p_-rtiee agaJnat the revolutionery plat
fbnn and tlcket adopted at Chkrago. I have bean a
DsauiCiatSSM my llfe, and nerer oaat a Republlcan
__'.;_. before. but I place my country __>_-*? my
pany. patriotiam ahove parUaanahlp, and al?
though grieved beyorrd meaaure by the neceaahy of
p_r_ng from the polltica_ orgunlzatlon to which I
hav* -iwiiya b_lon?:ed, I cannot now acce_pt the an
archwtic and revolutlonary dootrlne* whlch hav*
been j.ro. laUmed by th* Chicago ConvernKm. Th*
?dhoriaJ in Tlie New-York 8un" of thla mornmg
faily pre_*ma the \*1*tvb I hold on thla q_*?t_o-. I
have had oocaslon recently to apeak with mauiy
I)__>ocrat* of poaltlon and influence. and almoat
?_lo_t exceptlon they have taken theaame vlew,
Bihoaest Ameri.**an cltisens, that I do."
It vaa sald that Jamea 8._lmen, prealdent of the
HM_____ Clty Bank; Jamea T. Woodward. prealdent
of Bh- Hano-er Natlonal Bank, and E C. Benedlct.
huikar at No. T Proad-at.. all Democrats. -would
come OUt for McKlnley. but they were e,h*e.n_, and
aaasaajoaaUy expreasiona eould no. b* ob_aln_d from
thain Mr Btmsaan Is at Newpc_rt. Mr. Woodward
li Bl Bi- Ilarbor ar.d Mr Benedlct Ie at Oreenwlch.
Al three ar* psrsosal frlends of Prealdent Oleve
Bome tlaas ago I?!-?r WormBer. banker, at No.
17 Boad-v . a .tanch Democrat. aald that if a free
aBrai ptatforaa should be adopted at r_i-a.ro he
would vo;e for M.-Kin'.ey.
Henry ll.mi. flrat vic -president of the Chamber
af Coaamerva and the chalrman of Its Sound Money
CSaaamea ?')d a tosd__a member of thS Shepard
Dem-v-a.-y of Brooklyn. said: 'I shall vote for Mc?
Klnley 1 bekev. that ls what every ?oiind-money
Derr.v-rat shouM do M.Klniey may ne4rd the vote
cf every _eund-mor._y Democrat. I telegraphed to
Frt ier.r R foudert at rideago urglng the aound
Bone> men not to bolt and not to put up an lnde
pend-n* ticket All aound-money men should repu
i_t:e *he CMeagO tleket and platform I am In a
poa: :.n to meet many Democrats. and 1 have not
tne. or_ who la ner; golng to vot* for McKlnley "
NATn.N Dapaxn om thk MTocaaa or
thk aKtnraucaa nocar.
The rankerB and brik.ra of this clty. Democrats
BM BepubHcana allke. are unlt?d ln th* belief that j
t-*t mbj wa> is Ba'saaraa the linandai hategrlty of j
th? XaHoa ia to Jo!n In support of the Republlcan j
'l^ke* and ._'* an end to ihe fre*-silver cmze by i
?n aiai ohalmlBa aafsal of tbe tlcket nomlnated at ]
|_Maa__l Trllrune nporXerr. yesterday 'aikea with a
Baaabei of the ____?'?-> of th* clt> and heard only j
oo* BBtBtoa on the sub]ect. A fea of the statem?n.s j
?ude b\ representative bankera ore append* J
ir-r-: x,\ ?. \ ,f illustratioiis:
ar_*fi Pre.Mdent John P Townaend, of the Howery ;
*?v._i_. Bank ??_ found ln hls prlvate ofllc* at .
{ ?' BatttBttsa ho got ln the flrat qufstlon as 10 '.
e?; new* fr^-m 1 hl-e_o Then he waa ask*<l
aha__ei m hls Judi-ment a thlrd tlck-t was ad- ;
<*s_r, . as the reault of a eonvention by the go'd '
l*n. r-'? With hardiy a mumi-nt'i pa jb* he said: ;
"T.|i me rhe Mrength of the conatltuency behlnd |
th??. ,j;v. r , .,h[.< and 1 can anawer yosir question
I "I. n'.r mean wh?t they repres?nt by thelr attltude
'?ow r. CMsaaa btM ho* many vot*a hav* they b*- |
?M th*fn If there Ib any danger of weakenlng
Bjt rbance of a vlt tory for sound money throush '
'*? nomlnation of a thlrd tlcket. th-n e.nphatleally. ]
*? I ahould llke |o we th* Issue p__c*1 aquarely ?
>?for. fh. i.eop> for acjuaiment wlthout dlvialxn. ]
?">u rerr,.n.ber rhat Mr McKinle>. the other day !
a hta sT.ee.-h of aerepian.-e, plsced the tar ff Issue :
-,'",l wrirrh was pr.hably natural Mr. H..h_rt. on j
?ther hand. when rhe commlttee called upon
? pla.-ed rhe !a_>u. for sound money flrat. and I
"?*????> hope tha< Mr McK1nl?> will be led to de- |
j"r? hlm.elf with lh? same dirertness The la*>ies i
'o-'lay tn their impon_re. ar. hardly seeond tn i
PJM ?'hlch prevalled in 1_B?. Then tha Northern I
??Satea wer. _ried down. Juat aa Mr. Whltney anl |
*? eoadjutora have been in Chlcago, aad tho result.
' ? Tennyeon's "Elslne.
was three tJeketa. although Mr. Llneoln waa elected
in rhe end. To my mlnd we are faclng a very
grave ertsla at thla tlme. It le not a contest be?
tween gold and silver so much aa lt 1b between gold
on one alde and fence ralls on the other side, baeked
up by a eomWnatlon of elements and headed by the
PopullBts who would foist upon the country the in?
come tax."
John Harsen Rhoades. presldent of the Gree.n
wtch Savlnge Bank, at f*irteenth-s1. and Slrth-ave..
was asked rhe same queatlon ae affeetlng the Dem?
ocratlc a.de of the altuaticm. "A very grave mlstake
ln my Judgment." he said at once and wlth em
phasis. "and you cannot put my objectlon too
Btrongly. Thls Is not a new issue before the Con?
ventlon ln Chicago. There has been a covert ad
voeeey of tt eovertng the pwt ten years. and llt?
erature has beer aeeretly Iwued by the ton. pol
sonlng the mlnda of the Amerlcan people w'.th
fftlse bellefs on the queatlon of money. The time
has come to squarely draw rhe llne, and lt Is not
to be drawn. to my mind. between parties. Thr
tlme has come for us all to rlse above party 00f>
I slderation. and to assume a patrlot'.c atf.tude As
I wrote to a frlend wm? tlme ago. lt ls not a party
lr?ue, but the moment ha* arrlved mhen we
ahould stand for proteetlon, sound money and the
I honor ot Che flag Why, you know. that part of
the Beeret llterature on BMs subject whleh has
I gone abroad accused the bankers of the Eist of
! coming Into colluslon to pTecipltate the panl" of
1882. It has tainted the mlnis of men every
j where. I am a Republlean and a consistent pro
tectlonist. and again lt la my flrm convK-tlon that
< protection and sound money musrt go hand ln hand.
I You oannot dlvorce them, yet I sinc.erely hope that
Mr. McKlnley will not draw tiie iaaue there. The
Republlean party must a-ssume hlgher ground than
f that. It must stand for sound money and no trades
| of any klnd ss a sop to the Popullsric element ln
, Congress. Make the aquare declaratlon and flght
lt out on patrlotlc llnes. and we wi.'l wln. I am
I not sure that a thlrd licket mgrht not ao compll
cute matters as to threaten the defeat of the
?ound-money laeue, and I hope the gold Demo?
crats ln Chicago will rlae above party feeling and
vote wlth the Repubhcans on thls question. W
need all the votes we can get. and If we move
along the lines I have suggtrsted I am sure we
will sweep these fellown clear oo: of exlsten-e. We
have them now all on one side, the Pcpullrts, rhe
Anarchlsts, the blathenk.tes., the scalawags, and
the thieves, and If we cannot suppress them with
paper ballots we tmall have to do It In the end
with leaden bullets. The question Is the most
momentous that haa dlsturbed this country slnce
the Convention of 1880, and that ("onvention led to a
four years' war. Let us vote to maintain the Na?
tlonal honor."
Henry Clews said: "All rhat is known about
Bryan ls through hls speech of yesterday. whlch
proved him to be a deaier ln words. and whlch is
evldently the only quallfioatlon that obtalned for
him the nomination. He la certainly too young to
have had any experience in statesmanahlp to exjulp
him for the Executlve offlce. He ia a good mar. to
be Baslly beaten by hla opponent. who has the ad
vantage of havlng a platform to stand on that
eommerids Itself to Democrats and Republlcans
allke who feel an Interest In perpetuatlng the fjor
eroment and malntair.lng its hlgh credlt and the
solvency of the Nation.
"We now have all there Is to come from the
Chicago Conventlon, the wonrt anMc'.pations of
which have been more than reallsed. The long
expected hes come at last, and, as usual. lt has
been discounted In advance ln the sto< k market.
The only thlng; now left to do ls to begln to dls
count the utter rout and defeat of the polltleal
rebels at the polls next Nove-mber, whlch should
be to BTCn eagacloua thlnker a foreg.r.e r m
rluston. The market ought to Imprive now ln an
ticlpatkon of good to come. aa we have dlscounfed
the ba-l that has come.
"The ChlcaR.. I'onventlon platform ls too t <[<
heavv for Its hase. It ls an Inverted pyrami-i. and
will be sure ro toppie over. The wlse. reapcctable
and responslble members of the Democratlc party
will all nin away from the threatened crssa hi.!
get out of danger's rssch Wna; setf-respe I
man wlth any conslderath.n for hlmself or pa
trlotie Impulse for hls f-iuntry aroutd coatrtbuti lo
prop up sucli a dl?proport*omite and rtdlculoua
structure" It must as a natural BSBJusnce fall to
rhe ground nnd bory those who are rraponsro ?
for Its erectlon."
Many merchante ta the clty who have been
known for yeara ?.< loynl Democrats were express
lng disgu*: wth the acti.>n of tne CbtCSgO c.,n
v*-n'1on ysstsrday and derlar.ni? that ihe Demo?
cratlc party had rrasei 'o exlst a? a Natlonal
party. A Trlbune reporter who was In th<- !r>
g'.oOs distr.ct learned that a aamber ..f tbe proan
raeol DeasooraSle buatassa men of the district had
gone to Chicago at fhe bcglnning of tiie w?-.-k.
bellevng thst they mlght h" ot servlce In aarlBg
the Democratlc party from eomplete dlsruptlon
Apparently thelr mls?!on had fstted, and one of
them yesterday sen: a dlspatch to hls flrm rea
ing as follows:
?Am on my way home Conventlon altogether
p^puiiat. Dsssoorscy is .?*??''. it it McKlnley and
Bounl money or ruln for the country "
Some of ?h# men in the drygooda dtstrtcl v ?? r
gay said they had no patler.oe with the Democratlc
pollllctana of the Krnpire Srate who ressstaed la
the Conventlon after th- PopUbSt pla'.f.wm bad
been adopted. They declared that they oould not
vo'e for the Democratlc eaatUdalsa on at:< h a plat?
form. no matter who was nominatcl. One of the
pr.mlnent Democrats of the dl?irlet !? Walter
St i.ton. a member of the flrm of Converse, rhiir.
ton A Cullen. at No ? Worth-st. Be was n chi?
cago early ln the week. althouff^ n ?: a delcgste
lo the Conventlon. and other member* of the flrm
iaid yesterday that. they exp-cted him M retirn
to-day. One of hla parners said
"I do not Know whut the DeiaocrstBE lasdera of
thls ftate wlil do, and I can apeak on.y f<ir myae'.f.
but I ahall vote for McKinlev although I have al?
ways voted the l>emocr?t c tl.-kei in the ,,..m I
thlnk it would be foiiy for the g.-ii i Dassoersta
to put up a 'hirl ti.-kei. The best way 8 to mak'
t'ie Issue h squsre one between gold snd a'lver snd
defeat tba F'opullsts. who have esagttrad the Demo
cralic party thls year '
A drygoods man wHh l*>e. Tgaaty * Co-. ln
Worth-st.. said: "I raave alway? voted the DetBO
rratlc ticket, but there Is ne eholce bu? ts vite for
McKlnley thls year I probabl> will he able lo voto
? Stats D4m?ecraUo Uckst. aad I ohoil couader j
myself a Demoerat when I vote for the only eound
mor.ey National ticket."
"I do not reoognlse that eollectlon of Popullsta in
Chicago aa a Democrauc Conventlon. even If the
Democratlc label has been stolen." aald another
indlgnant Demoerat ln the street. "The or.ly way
to rebuke such a thaft ls to e'.ect McKlnley. The
old party llnes have be<n wiped out th-,s year. and
Democrats wh.i have not turned Anwhiste must
v.-ite the Republlean ticket or not vote at all."
A Trlbune reporter called at the atore of J.
Speneer Turner. at No. IH Duane-st.. and asked
ts see a member of the flrm The only member
who waa present at th* tlme was John A. Harden
brrgh. When asked aa to wheth ?r he waa a Demo?
erat, he sad: "Well. I harily know how te answer
that question. 1 do not know how to anrwer It
at the present t me "
"Were you a Demoerat before thla Conventlon,
and have you voted for Democratlc randidates In
former eleetlons?" was the next question.
The saswor came qulek ar.d sharp: "Tes. I have
l.oen a Demoerat. but I can hsrdly esll myself ?ne
now after the platform that has been adopted by
the Chleago Conventlon. The sound-money Demo?
era ts,' of both the Ea.st and West. can now do only
one of two thlnga They must StthST not vote at
all or else they must vote for the Republlean
ticket, The Conventlon at Chicago has been sn
unfortunate one for the country. It has not been
a true Democratlc Conventlon. What the sound
money Democrats will do, It is too early yet to tell,
but I do not believe that they will put another
esadldats ln the fleld. I flrmly believe that they
will let the CbtCSgO Conventlon have Its own way
and flght !U< own battles. and that they will either
not vote at all or vote for Mr McKlnley ard the
Rspubllaaa platform. It Is utterly imposelble for
them to vote for the platform that has been
adopted by those who are assembled In the I on
ventlan Hall at Chloago."
Another promlnenr merchant who was inter
rtswed by a Trlbune reporter was Frederlck \s.
Havr.es of Lawrence & Co., No. US Duane-st. He
aald "I fuess lt will l>e hard for you to flnd a man
wh.. will tell you that he is a Demoerat In this
nelsrhl-Kirhood to-day. None of them Ua-* to
a.-knowledg-e lt. Th* platform adopted by the Con?
ventlon at ChieSafO has turned them around as com
pletely as tr.e araek on Kort Sumttr dld. By tbla
I 1 meaa the prominent men of the party. and the
I Democrats who are thlnklng men and who have the
I lest Interents of the country at heart. At rhe Mer
I chants' Club to-day there was a good deal of talk
j aboul the sltuatlon. And In that club there are?
I well, I was going to say a majority of gooA l>emo
j cra'.a. but ar least there Is a very aetlve minorlty.
I I dld not hear a eingie word about the eound
i money Democrats gettir.g together and puttlng
| foi ward a candldate of their own. and I dld not
hear a man say that he would vote tor the candl
I date who Is put before the country on the platform
that has been adopted by the Chicago Conventlon.
\ The general oplnlon waa that it would be Impo-ssl
' ble for an honest, patrlotlc man to vote for the
pr.nclples laid down In that platform, and that the
votes of gold Democrats would be eaat for Major
McKlnley and the Republlean platform.
' Those who were at the rooms of the club all
seemed to agree that rhe main lssue of the day Ib
the monev qjueatloo- whether the country Is to h*ve
good money or bad money. The tarlff will regulate
Itself, bul all aober. thlnklng men agree that the
question of tlnanon must be a grave one. and that
the platform of the Chicago Conventlon. lf aotod
upon favorably, would ruln the country. Next in
lmj^rtanee to the tree-colnag* piank oomes thst
whl-h will practlcally make the Government pa>'
the debts that it has contraeted in eoln that la only
worth V. .ent... on the dollar I mein the doctrlne
of repudlatton tha: has l<een enumlateci In the
platform Thls haa Mlrred Up a va.it number of
rn-n wln. have always been BOHd DeBIIH IBJS hut
Who hav,- always belleved that honesty In bUslneee
is imperatlve Personally. I do not believe that
there wlil be any sound-money Isemocratti- plat?
form or candldate, and I do not believe that the
sound-money Democrnts of the East will be con
tent to sit itlll and not roto. I thlnk that they will
,.. .1 ?i. rotea for the .-andidates and the platform
that were pol forwsrd by the Republleaa Conven
tlon at St. I.ouis"
<ti'.i.\.;i.v F'.H BOOXO monkt. WTTBOVT Rr
<;ahi. TO PARTY.
There s.-rr.t t.. be but one oplnlon on the
BMfley question among the German-Arrerkans
uf New-Tork, ani If tbe ..pinion of tl.elr
leadlBg tn. n may bo taken a? Indiealtng
the rlewi ..f tbeir feUow-eWlsena of the san.e rs"e,
McKlnley aad Kobsrl arlll reerdve more than 9f<
BSf eenl of tbe <>rni?n vote throughout the eoua
i;ii^.hv II S Ir.viib. wh'. Is a memb.-r of il,e Com
.. oa ;.. icrature of the Oerman-Amer.-stn
r- ind-M inej League, was seen at hls oftic yoo
terdaj and aald 'hat oui of osl ilermin sswspspsre
that dlscusa iH.litirs. .'"?< have deeiared In favor of
sound rr.ori. > "i>ur commtttee." he ssl ! "mslled
sboui 75.BW e'rculars to Oermsaa ln varlous parts
of "!ie l'nlted S-at-s, ln whl'-h thelr oplmon was
BSked >n the Bubied of the silver question. and In
i,.|,,\ we receleed letters whl.h fusttfy ua in say
fully SO per <-ent wlil vote only for a
.-.- sbo rsprseenta the sound-money Idea.
uur repLea came from m^n of l?oth parti"?.
and Democrata and Republlcaaa allkc ore srronn
.., -her lenundatioa of the silver business
"I mrtke thls statement." h" added. "not at ran
dom. bol baaed en the r*plles rec.-ived from our
eorrospoadSBta The 'arlff makes no dlfference
T ? 'iiain haSBC Is the money queat on. The Ger
mai.s wera always oa the right side on the flnanelal
queatlon. They st.,od up for scund money in the
Ohlo campa un sf MO, when Bsysa SSIBStsd 'Hlll' i
Allen. a:. 1 thelr attltude at 'hat tlm? gave fhe
rictorj 10 Mr Rayea and caused Al'.en to say: |
?The DutCh are d-d ur.rellable ' In Illln.-ls and I
u ,-..?.- i, r-iey also eame uiit for a .und m -ney at |
? eritl.il tlme. and they may now he rellel up-.n
,., Bund nrm agalael tbe Aia.-chistic atlack as
propert] wblel la aaade t.? tne CsassoMsa Is Chl
%4r gebwab said basl allhsogii ll bow appeared |
IB per ceoi <>t the Qeraiana !a ?he L'attss Itstea j
inisit be In fasor of 'ree silver. he jekavrd be
f?re .he day of elsefsa eaaas the fjarssaa aasertcaa
-?ond \1 .nev l^?ar->e would eonvert ihe majorily
'?, ,.,.. p^r.eniaae. and lhat then only 1 or I per
MBKSf the Ol WB raae would be east against the |
"fflTeSST-ll h. mm* Btm to. pm\
would be on* of sound money agalnat silver, and
that tha Orman-Amertcan ctt.zens would be found
on the slde of sound monsy. rerardleas cf thelr
oplnlona on the tar.ff questi-sn.
Perclval Knauth. of the flrm of Knauth. N4chcd
A Kuhne, waa aeen at hia offl-e. No. 1*1 Willlam-Bt.,
and sald h? would g.ve hls earnest and i.ndlvided
support to McJClatsy and Hobart Ifl the eomlrg
campa:_n. "I have been a U?mocrat." he tald,
"sn.-e BlSlns ran for Pr-id-nf. I ha?S Spent
monev and have worke. har I agalnst Mr. McKin?
ley but I w'.K vote for him al tha ?>____ eleenon,
be.-'ause I believe the money question la _-._r-m.vint
and that he stands on the platform wh.ch repre
aanta ;he h.?t poUcy. Wa can t_- prosp.-r.us with
a hl.h t_j-.lt er with a l.-w tartff. but thla cuntry
oul. not exist _f the v'.ews of thoae who (rtimM
the r.la'.'orm of the C__lc__0 Conventlon were car
ri.xl inro practlc*. I am ror a m?mber of the
Germar.-Amer.n_n Bound Money League, he added,
i "ard am aot a aound-money maa becauaa I am a
Oerman. I believe m the soup.'.-money pUtform
becauaa I am an Amec.can cltiaen. This M.ht ta
> tha ooncern, not of Germar.s or any other race
cla?s but of the Amerlcana I trust that the
I Democrata of the Btata ol Sew-Tork wi.i not
! nomir.at* another tleker. because lt would gala
! r^m* v-tea whlc* WOUld 1>e rlrtually thrown away.
I and t_es? vot_s. !f no third ti rket wera nomlnated.
? would naturally aa to ;he Republlcan nomir.ees,
i where they would lo the most .ood.
Wllllam Rahnray yeaterday de. :-irvd h:maelf aa
poalcively opposed to any candidate who miftht
be nommated by the Convention at <"hl_ago. Mr
Btettrway aal 1 that h? had never voted a Repub?
llcan tlcke.. that he had been H*ntl_ed with the
Democratlo party (br mar.v years and had been
honored by it in many ways, but that under the
ex.sttng clrcum?<an ? -s he eould not oon?l_rtently
support any candidate who dld not stand on a
sound-money platform. Mr. Srelnway said tha: It
wouH be a _ir_n_e axpartenc* to vote other than
on the l>_mo<-rntle slde. but that he would caat his
vot. for M.Kinley. anl he h-Ilevel that most of the
German-Am.-ri.-ah oit'.zenB of the 1'nlted State*
would do Hhewlae.
Mr. St.lnwa> is presl.ent of the German-Amerl
can Sound Money League, The other offlcera of the
Deaaue ar?: Honorary pregidents, Oaarald Otten
dorfer and Cari Bohura; vle.-pres!d?n.s, John F.
D.-srener, L. F. Domm. ri^h, Kwald Fleltmarn. Ja*
eob H S"r.iff. Oeorere k. \"i-1? >r; aeoretary, ESdwmrd
Grosse; rrea*ur. r. l/OUla Wln In-.ul.er, executlve com
n.i r.-e. Edward C. Am.ni, Mir^hae! J. Adrian.
Phlhp ENaainger, John F. De^ener, Dr. John
Frte._Ti.~h, Henrv He:de. C. M. VOm Baur, Jacoh
Mack, J. B. Pannes, Herman R:dder Wllliam
S.hlrke;, Theodore Sutro, Tauscher de Sieg-hard'..
John .>mrr.c, ESdward C. Schaefer, Gustav H.
_-*hwab, Emil Frjer. Jean U'_!, t'harlea C.
Wehrum. August Zlnsser; oommirtee on llterature,
I__uis WtndmUller, F,dward Gross*. Gustav H
Ther* are no Anarehists amoti. the Amerlcan
workliinnen of this clty. and the dotnge of th*
Altgeldia.-d Democratlc Convention in CMeago wlll
make oo converta amoni? them. The sllvep ques?
tion wlll be m_4_e th* Isau* by th* -wlld Indlvldua'a
who cotHrolled r.ie Conventlon, in rhe coming cam
paign. but the m_sj of worklrrjrmen long ago mada
up thelr mindB to a__tn have pror.?~tion to Amerl?
can Industrles if !t eo_M l>e obtained through the
ballot-box. A number of the Issdaas of orffanla-d
labor ln this dty were aafcad fsatsaday what they
tbought of th. w >rk pf ti-.e Donio.iatlc COnvantlon,
but the majority of them decllned t . say anythlng.
As most of th..rn who refus_?l to talk sre D.-mo
BTSta tha BtgnlflcancS of their refusai will b- re_._ily
W.lllam J O'Brlao, preatdsot of th* Board of
Wiiik'.nu Delegatea, whlch repra _e.its about au the
bulldln* tfadea in rh- clty. sald: "I ani a li.-moorar.
but I am hsajbinlaaj IO bottSVS ln what Tim' Suiii?
van sald, that what with the hn.Sf-.ls in thlB State
and tbe ha-.efe.ls :n thf Waat w. are not In II at all.
It ;..._*s t_ me us if ttirr* might be three tlekwts ln
rhe n. Id."
Axal N.llsor;. the delegate of the I **an,er.ters snd
Jolners' t'nloa aa_d: "I am a atanch protef-rionlst.
hscause i hellere *ha! it :* the only ihing that caun
?hv r.1 _ * irldnamen .?: thla country from rhe- drs
as'rous effects .if comp ??.:. n with the cheap .ai->r
ot the Old World. J thlnk McKlnley and Hobar:
w .1 i.e elected t ? .1 mur.il certainty."
il.-.-.r. WhHe, ..-? .'???ary ol tii..- L'ntted Garment
Workera ot Amerlca, haa alwaj been a Democrat
decllned to praisa tbe v...rk of the Obloago
. onv'-rition.
M?) ??: Br 1 ? ? fel i. laa-if-r of Iha Kas- Blde tallora,
is alao the publlaher of .1 newapaper, "Thi Jewish
Recorder." H- aald rhit he had alwaya %*lon._-i
to that .-:aa? .,f peopla known in polttlca as "Inde
pendents." I am a pr.:.- tl-.r.'.-.:. however," he
continued. "beca :s?- l believe thal protectlon is bet?
ter for tba arorfctngmen of thi-. country than free
trade, Moat .' 'h. .-lor'n from whi.h th? .-.I'.thlne
of the nuu?a of peoi Ie la thla countf. la oaada should
be sril eould b* manufactur.d here lf wa had pro
t.- t .-. If 1' 1- mada in other eo_ntri*s. th. re !s
)uat tbal much ;*aa a rk for our peopla t.> .io lf
the B-ioetnaher and th* ? irpenter tiav*1 no work to
:., 'he tallor Is iroini* to sufff-r "
ovaRarHCUfiaa ncn>at i"it
Mayor StroriK \- a firm bellerar in rh- solid, BObac
Jude-ment of the Ani.r! ..n peopte, an.l is not appre
hens.ve that ihe wlld ar.d impf-a-^l^al.le ihw.rles
whi^h have been advuaced bv rhe ftas allTOf
ehou'ers at <'h..-.._-. ean prevall. Afr.-r hearnif the
nrmilnari >n ..f Bryan festsrdsy afterj-.oon rn. Mayor
' Tlie T^moTat* (^innot be sat-1 to have held any
MathMBl '' .n\ ?-rr mn this year. The .'on\entlon
m-hi-.. has _-. r h .idinK aeaaloaa In CWoags thi_ w-.-k
ia a Popullal body, and i do a M hetlsva lhal H wil;
li* eons.dere.l a llf-moeraf. i'on\ eo'lon by thf rSgOk
1 lar Deaaoeratle party of th.- country. Nor caa 1 ho
1> vt- r.'.ai g jd I .-rr, N rar.. if (h. r.- ar. no oth. r .-nn
' BldStaa for I'r.e d.-nr rh_n M-K.nl.'y und Hry.in. w.||
feel Ifound by the WOrh of -hls <' in\ eriilon. They
I wiii ne a.,r i.? <-a?r th.-ir rotsa, Indepeodently of thla
popu Mtte .Hitbur". aa each one rh;:>k-. Best "
??|k> yni bettera rhat any lar*.- number of meti
herstofon .. tina arlth Iha Deanocratli party .-an i_>
drsroine-l tbraugtl tba disclpllne of the ornanixin fl
nStO BBSBBsrtiSB the free-colnag-e nomlnnrlons'" the
Mayor was aak. d
? l do not.' ISgllsi 'he Ma>or. ' A \ery larae mi
Jorlly ot th_ Democratlc oairtv. ln n_v aninlon. ar*
opp^aed to repudlBtJon, even In Ha mlldeet form.
Wlth but theae two eandidates ln the fleld. many of
the ^:urdy old roek-rlbbed Democrata may poseibly
not vote for McKlnley; but they will be apt elther
to stay at home and not vote at ail, orthery may
vote only for thelr own candrdatea ln therr dlfferent
?Is thls silver eontagion llkely to spread, ln your
?I do not imaglne that it la golng to take pwrma
nent root among our vortng populatlon. The Amer?
lcan rotsr ls uaually a hard-heeded aort of a citiaen
whose ultimate Judgment 1" made up careful.y and
wlth dellberatlOB. Whlle the silver crate has take-n
hold of a ffreat many of our pvople. eapecially ln tne
rural dlstneta of the Western Statea and perhaps to
a small eXt?nt. also, In some parts of the Eastern
rVat?s. vet, when they come to vote, I beli*/ve rrtat
nine-ten'tha of the Democrats will vote for an honeat
dollar and or.e Just as good In every counjry of the
etvlllaed world aa lt ls ln the l'nlted Btatea Whlle
we may have to ?rlvw a good deal of attention to the
flnanetal nueetlon ln thls earrrpeign, l am a flrm be
l'ever In rhe aober aavond rhourb'" of the people and
do n->t doubt that the result In November wlil be an
overwhe'.mlng vlctory for McKlnley and Hobart.
On the floor of the Marltime Exchange an Inter
BSted throng of shlpplng men stood before the
hulletln-board all day. scannlng the reporte from
the Cblesgo Convention. When the flnal announce
ment that Bryan had been nomlnated was made
the news was received 'n dead artlenee. No? a
whisper of commendatlon waa uttered for this new
-andllate for the flrat place in the world. No
beam of pleasure ghone on any face. Inatead.
everybody seemed to be grave, aa lf in the pres
mee of some unknown and threatenlng danger.
Thls palnful feellng waa hroken by a neweomer ln
the throng asklng Inquiringly:
"Who Is Bryan?"
At flrat there was no reeponse; then a heavlly
builr man replied:
"Why. he is the "Boy Orator of the Platte,' don't
vou know."
"I don't want to have anythlng that eomes from
Platt," said the neweomer, and he turned on, hla
h?el and walked away
Ex-Mayor Wllham R. Grace. Who?e peraonal fol?
lowlng among the lndependert* Demonrats of thls
elty ls large and Influentlal, was certaln of only one
thina poUtlcally laat evenlng, and that was that he
SaSBld not Burrport any candldate nomlnated on the
free-?llver platform adopted at Chicago.
"As hertween McKlnley snd Bryan. I prefer Mc?
Klnley No honewt Demoerat can vote for Bryan.
Birt I am not ab'.e to say to-nlght anythlng beyond
the fact that I am againat the platform ot the Chi?
cago Convention and whoever stands upon 1t. What
will be 'he pollcy of the Derrroorats wlth whom I
affV.ta'.e will be better known when Mr. Whltney. Cor
poration Counsel Scott and our other frlends return
from Chicago. We shall have a eonsultatlon when
they get bark and determine what we ought ro do."
It ls BCaresly fotir years slnce Mr. Grace organlzed
the great bolt against Hlll and hls Snapper Conven?
tion. A Demoeratic bolt agalnsit th* Popullat-Bryan
Tlllman Conventlon st Chloago ls llkely to be organ
ir.ed In New-Vork wlthln fhe next few daya that will
o\en-shadow say bolt known In thla country slnce
J. Sergeant Crim, ex-Presldent of the Dock De?
partment. sachem ot Tammany Society and one of
the most promln?nt membera of the Tammany Hall
General Commlttee and of the Manhattan Ciub,
gave notlee last evenlng of hls purpoae to vote for
.VlaJ ,r MeKinley.
"Kvery honeat Demoerat will vote for MeKin?
ley." aald VIr. Cram. "What ls left for them to do?
No re.spe.-table clt'.zen ean aupport the abominable
platform puf forth at CMssgax My mlnd Is made
up. From now until the polls close ln November I
am for Wiillam McKlnley, of Ohlo."
E. Bttery Anderson, the ex-president of the Re?
form Club, who has been for years one of the
mos: prominent Cleveland D?mocrats of New-Vork,
and presided at the ceiebrated Reform Club din
ner at whlch Bpeaker Crlsp was prevented from
maklr.B the address he had prepared. aald last
evenlng that he must refuse for the flrst tlme In
hls llfe slnce he beeame a voter to support the
candldate nomlnated for Presldent by a Demoeratic
i mventton.
?It's a goo<l thlng they have glven us." said Mr.
Anderson. "Pul up a red revolutlonist wlth a r?d
flag and ask patrlotlc cltizens to aerve under such
a bannrr! Good Demacrats can have no hesltation
ln ImocUag dOWS a candldate llke thls. I will not
be found ln such company."
Mr Anderson said that he could not aay yet
what tba Democrata of New-Tork wiu do. Tsey
must wa.t. he added. until their frlenda eanie back
from Chii'iigo bef.re making a programme.
John A. Sulllvan. cx-Collector of Intemal Reve
BUS, snd former presldent of the Bustn.-ss Men'..
Democratlc Associatlon, said last evenlng: "I am
mucb dlsappotnted at the result. It ls a hard thlng
f<.r Democrata to depart 'rom the traditton? of
thelr party ar.d oppose its nomlr.eea, but I aee
nothlng left for us. '
Ex-Corporatlon Counsel Wllllam H. Clark. for
several years a Tammany sachem an<I Tammany
EialPa legal adrlssr after the exodas of ff. Rourke
Coekran, said that he dld not thlnk the Demoerats
of New-York would be found working very hard
for the Chicago ticket thla campalgn. "We cannot
support eandidates who avow principles that are
dlrectly opposed to Democratlc tradltlons." said
Mr Clark.
colle.-tor James F. Kllbreth, who was one of
cieveland's llrst appolnteea under hla second Ad?
mlnlstration. was extremely eautlous In expre*?lng
bla -entimenTa He said. however: "The platform
adop'ed 1? repugnant to Democratlc Ideas. I do not
aee how Democrats eai aupoort eandidates ln ac
<-ord wlth sueh aenilmenls "
IVttxard'a Bay. Maas . July 10.-Presldent cvve
V^nd. Joaeph Jefferson snd Private Becre'aty Thu'
ner re turned lale thls afternoon from i? flrlilng trlp
down Busaarda Ba> The party etartrd eariy ln
the foroiMMa.
a ii iiswi--|?- - ?* ??>?
Oray Oabtae aaarly ln tfw *-*__*ig aad i
Pysaiaaiil had anytbing to aay as to the notnliu-ttos.
ot Mr. Bryan or tba platform adopted by the Demo?
cratlo Oonventlon at Chlcaao.
_"Tba Prasldant," aald Mr. Tburber, "wtll hasa
ncChtng t? Bay with referenos to th* matter."
Bul'-Une had been recelved a. l/rtef lnterrala aM
tha afternoon and th* Prealdent and hla party read
rbam hurrledly on thelr return from thelr flahlng
ma NtnmrATicor attribitco to k_b um. J?
tion SPTwrn?_____M_M_ rm>BH?4Tr8 ia
Oolonot H. L. 8wordB, ?erg*ant-at-arma of tha
Republlcan Natlonal rommittee. waa ln' th* elty
yeaterday. Colonel flarorda. who nomlnally e!a__8
a home in lowa, although h* haa _us.n*BB con>
neetlons ln the Baat. knowa th* TVmocratic noml?
nee for Prealdent peraonally. although h* aaya tha
eoquaJntanc* la sllght H* has heard Mr. Bryan
apeak severa! Um*a. and aaya that hia at .My aa an
orator haa not he*n overdrawn. "My r*eoll*ct*_n
of Mr. Bryan ts vivid," remarked OsloSMBi Bworda
yesterday. "H* la a man who looks much llk* Mc?
Klnley. That la. th* outlin* of th* features ls ths
aame. Hla face la nulrk to rospond to each en_>
tk>n; hla v_hV* la w*ll modulated and penetratlng.
He la foroeftil and elegant ln gestur* end __-_?_? m
good lmpreeatori when h* speaka. H* lr well
known through th* West. and is somewhat of tho
aame hom_-lo\Hng. ktndly ?-nr!_man that Major
McKlnl*y la, although h* Is far from havlng ths
exp*rlence or th* grasp of affaira that th* Ra
puhllcan nomlno* for Prealdent po*s*a**s
"Bryan, aa I rem*mtoer hlm. waa thtn and aome
what frall ln appearanc*. bnt I am told hy tboas
who hav* e*en hlm recwtly that he haa grrvwn
etouter and that hls increased welghr glves hhn a
look of aolldlty and also adds fore* to his ges'u?*?.
Ther* la no doubt that th* 8p**eh whlch he made
ln the Conventlon nomlnated Mm. lt was a speacb
that Just sulred hls a.iflien.e Tr Is the mort r*?
markable nomlnatlon that has ever be*n mad* hy
any party In th* T'nlted St_te*. I thotiKht. and
thought *v*r alnc* lt was apparent that the sttrer
men would eontrol th* f'.invenflon, th*t ?tr. Btand
would b* th* romlnee. The nomlnatlon of Bland
waa fo b* expe. r.d. for he hns been a fatthf __,
earneat, plodding. p*r?iatenf snd tlMess ad-vocate
of the fr** colnag* of silver He wa* th* logteal
eandldat* of a free-sllver party. and I doubt much
whether rhe aubstitutlon of a younger. perbsps a
more hrlllllsnt. but a par'leularly untrled eaivH
date, wlll meet with favor !n th* eyea of tha
Democrata who have been preachlng fre* allver fhr
many yeara
"Bryan waa practloally an unknown quantify pr??
vdoua to th* Conventlon. and the tlm* that he ap?
peared upon the ataa-e to make a ep**ch H* haa
been prerty wel*. known through th* Weot. but bs
eould hardly have h*. n sald to have a Kattonal
r-.puta.tlon. H* haa b?*n looked upon aa a oomlng
man ln the Bllver party, and had a repiM__k_n aa a
k?en and forclble dehater, but hla maln rep.natlon
waa bullt upon his oloquence. This nomlnatlon wlll
turn th* saarohlight upon him. and he will h* found
an earneat, hard-worklng. btilllant hut untrl*d poM
tlolan. He haa b*en painstaklng and has followed
hia cr**d perslsten-tly. I do n_-r thlnk rhat he caa
be *l*cted or that th* people wlll indorse his rreed
at the polla this fa.i
"In lowa. for instnnce, which th* fr** cottaairs
men are claimlng aa thoir own, I do no. thlnk that
Mr. Bryan can poll saougb vore* to carry th* __-_:?.
I w*m to lowa Immedlitely after the St. Loula Oon?
ventlon and took a long ret-1. I talked wtth ths
farmera and the laborlnc men, and I muat confeas
that th*r? la a atrong silver s*ntlm.nt in Bh* 8tate
at present, but I thlnk tha.t it wlil m. it away when
ihe matter ls earefully ar.ued. as it wlll be ln tbte
campalgn. The silver m.-n have gond crops. flno
barns, plenty of stoek and _o on. hiK they comptain
thait they have no mon .y They think they caa
get a lot of cheap money. The fallaey of the whole
matter wlll come out when the issue j_ clearly pre
rent*d. and I thlnk that nearly all of th* MMdio
Western Stateg. normally Republican, but claim ed
by the Bllver men. will remaln true to the party.
"The nomlnatlon of Bryan Is a etartllng surpr__a.
I do not think that any one In the West ever thought
of hlm as the poeaible nominee. It ae*ms to b* a
clear can* of trtampede. Hls youth wlll mllltato
arainst hlm, and rhe fact that hls whole reputation
reata upon words more than deeds wlll weaken him.
He will be an easy man to beat. He came to tha
front llke a ro. ket, snd th?r* ls a great deal of tho
spe. tacular about hlm, with a'.l hls Btaadtnaaa. arid
I hard'y thtrk rhit he wlll atand the flr* to whlch
hla party wlll he euhjeeted."
Chlcago, July 10.? Mrs. Bryan. wife of the nom!
na*. who la a small. modesr-liviking woman. had a
seat In the gallery to the l?ft of the epea-kers' stand.
When it was poaltlvely known that her husband had
been named for th* Presidency .h? was surrounded;
by admlrir.g frlenda and h^artliy consrra'ulated. Bh*
thanked each one plasesnfly. and thr.n ighout main
tatned a qu!?t demeanor that lmpr.-ssed thos* about
her. To a reporter ahe sald:
"I thlnk my husband will try to deeerve the great
honor theae men have . onferred u|?on him. I appr*
clat* lf, I assuffa yiti. If hl* wlfe'? ald Is of vnltio
ln th* ervdeavor ro elecr him. he wlll hav* all poaal
bl? asalstance from me."
-?- .
bland's n_i*_\*r>s srpp->s_T> he WAfl woR_rn_a
Chloago, July 10.? W. H. Hatch. of HannlbaJ.
Mo., who waa chalrman of the <"ommlttee oat
Agrlculture ln the Houae of Repr*B*ntattvea, I-ITId
ConBTeea, and who wonld d_ubtlee* have be. a
Beeretary of Agrleulture had thlngs aon* Mlssourl's
way all along the llne, started for home to-nighL
On the way to the Btatlon he was aaked by a r*
porter for the 1'nited Pre_s for a atatement of
oplnlon on the work of the Convention
The fact ls," he responded, "I have not got over
Bland's defeat. and am not oonscioua of posseselrg
an oplnlon. We did not In the leaat antlclpat. aue__
an Issue as Bryan'a nomlnatlon; a*e suppoaed ha
waa here worklng for Kland."
Chlcago. July 10?Senator Wiiliam F. Vilaa. ot
WlBConsin. was ask.d Just after the Convention
took the afternoon recesa:
"How do*s the outcome strlke >?.,,;. Senator?"
"Just about aa it haa done from the flrat. It I* a
culmlnation not desired by the . onservatlv* allver
men. and th*y are frlghtened at the s;tuatlon."
"Wlll the flve dissentlna- del-ifate? from your StahB
b* able to carry out thelr promise of delivering ths
vote of Wi*consln to the nominee of the Conveii
? I do not care to say. furrher than that th* condt>
tion makea It very dlffleult for us to carry -BS Btata
for aound money. The re*ult wlll dep. nd upon tha
action of the State Convention called to meet Sej^
tember 3 If It doea not nomlnate el.-ctors th*n 18
will b* plaln Balling."
Senator Turpie, of Ind.ana, upon whose motion,
aft*r wlthdrawlng (lovernor Matthews. th* nornina*
tion of Bryan was made unanimous, on the way to
the train for the clty. declln-d to talk. G. V. M*n
zles. hls aasoctat. deleg_:H-at-iari.e and vlen-chair
man of th* delegatlon. raap_aads& "Baa you iaier."
to a re^tueat for an expresfllon of optntoa upon t.is
nominati_n. They had Just left ;. m.-.-trna of tne
deleaation where J. Otl Shanklln. Kd.tor >f T.i*
Evansvil'.e iviurier" an.l tx Becratary sf Btata had
been chosen memt>_r of the National t'ommltte* in
plaee of S. P. Sheerln. for _!xtf-en y.-ars seoretary -rf
that organiiat.on. The v ,:e was 17 to 13. Althoujfb
there were only four gold men ln the de>g_.t_on,
the wlshes of nlne srlv.-r men overcame con>*bl*ra
tions of policy and tbey united wlih the gold men oa
votlng for Sheerin.
fhlcago. July 1') - When the nomlnatlon of Bryan
be.-amo an a*_urf.-d fa.-t this afternoon r*prea*nta?
ItfSS of various State delegatlona called upon
Joseph C. Bibley. of Pf-nnsylvanla, and off*r*d
th.-'.r supjor. for the nomlnatlon of Vlce-Prealdent
to hlm, asBurlng hlm that If he woul 1 consent to
ac.-ept the nomlnatlon there would li* no contest
agalnst hlm. "But I toll them." sald Mr. Slbley
to a reporter for the l'nite.1 Press, "that I feit I
eould not do th* same good servtc. for th* cauas
at the foot of the tlcket as nl tbe head or aa a pHs
vate in the ranks, and decllnrd to permlt tny narms
to be uaed." Mr Slbley l*ft th* clty for hom* _?
an evenlng train. _ _
It curea Constipation, Sick Hcadache and
Bilio__nr_. in auch a gentk, cotxing way
thal the unpleaaant rcaulta of more active
renvt-ica are _vo__*__ ?? > -.;. !>? .w.?_
t-'l U'H'Or.
"IT T4^_5TES GOOD.T0a?

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