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HE sais tmat in: was NO* k-WOSttW-** FOB
tht- MOBWirr OM thi: hkri :ex-_t. car.
Alfred Le Rouffle. the motorman who was on
the Rerrren-st. car last Baturday nlght when lt
ran off the track at Hcrgen and Hoyt sts. an.l
Injured four peop'e. surreiid-red to tho pollC*
eorlv vesterday morning. an.l waa locked Up ln
the ner-ren-st. statio.n. He was taken to court
and held for examlnatlon. but, lt ls sald. re?
celved aaauranoa frotn the offlcera of the road
that he would ba balled out. Tho conductor.
who was c.llectiner farc-s at the tlmo of the ac
cl.lent. and wh<? reaily had nothlng to do wlth
the mlshap. was releaaed. Le Rouflle ia an In
telligent-looking man, and the atatement ho
made waa glven ln a straljthit.rwr.rd manner.
He throwa tho blame entirely on the machlnery,
and sald that he rersonally was not to blame.
for the accldent. The street at the pcint where
the car Jumped the track la on a down grade.
and even when the apeed ls ordlnary the <:ir
needs a atrong clutch to prevent slipplrg. Thla.
accordlng to the ctory told hy the motorman. lt
dld not posaess. Le Rouffle explalned that his
car had what is known an a alngle motor.
"I was not golng at a rapld speod." sald he;
"certalnly not over ?ix mlles an hour. I dld not
have a heavy loao* on board. but the car began
to Bllp. I oould do nothlng wlth the brake, aa
lt would not hold. I was powerless. Of courae,
you aee that the car went faster at every turn
of the wheela. and when lt struck the curve
nomethlng had to go. I was frightened at what
happened. I knew, I would bo arreated, and I
lan home to tell my famlly of the accldent. bo
my wlfe would 60. be worrled at my absence.
When I returned to the wreck lt had been al?
most clear.-d away. Then I went to the pollce
atatlon and gave myself up. I do not conalder
that any motorman on the llne could have pre
vented the accMent, surely not when the ma?
chlnery went braok on him at a down grade."
Ever aince the Nassau company ncqulred con
trol of the Atlantlc-ave. system its, reord has
been one of almost dally dl***ter. Accldenta
have happened so fk~8QV__tly that up to tha
present time the total is In the hundred* Whlle
th" death r*Ot_rd on the Nassau line is not equal
to that of th.- Brooklyn HelghtB mad. it must be
rem.'mbered thnt the Naaaau line is mu-h
y.iunr.T. but it *s CTUWllng up on the Brooklyn
Hetghta' recotrd by leapa and bounda. Tt has
been asked fTOquently and with more ve
hemenoe, as accldenta contlnue to pli* upon
one another, why the Nassau Railroad Com
panv is n-.t made th* BUbJect of offldal inquiry.
Tba ?ecMent of laal Baturday nlght only em
Pha-i7.es the neceaalty for an Imroedlate Inveatl
gatlon by th* Grand Jury and th* just punish
ment of thoae rooponalbla
Haekneyc- as tbe term "Juggernauf has be
come. lt is espreaaly appllcable to the englnes
of de-tructlon whlch PreaMenl Johnson ar.i hls
reaponaible subordlnat* offlcera allow to run rally
nt an unlawful rate of Bp**d wherever the "ns
sau tracki eztend. On every Blde angry com
menis of citiz.'tis against the road are heard. and
in ev.-rv Instance it ls asked why Wrtrfct-Altor
ney Backua d..e8 not beatlr hlmaelf and taha
propi r stepa.
When the Naaaau Company flrst acqulred con
trot of ihe Atlantlc-ave. road. Pr_il_~-i1 .1 'hnaon,
iti a publl itatement, explalned .iis i*ir~*
,nrik,. ,h ? ' ? I the aafeal one i. ihe clty;
but the numeroua m cldenta, even from the first
day of travel, Bhow how this -tronttee has |?en
kei t
Pn Bldenl Johnson never mlaeea a chance to liy
the blame for an accldent upon the luckl-aa
motorman, wh >ever ho happena to be, or wbat?
ever an the clrcunuitancea of the _?ss, Never.
i,v anv chance, accordlng to hls Btatementa, ls
aay part of th.- machlnery of his deathtrapa
atfault Wben the accldent occurred on Thlrty
ninth-st. hill aeverai weekfl ago, in whl. .1 aeverai
people lost their liv.s and twenty or moro were
fnjured, Mr. Johnaon blamed the motorman; and
nn obliglng Coroner. Jury w_ltewa?h._ mattera
by eenaurlng the company and lettlng It go
ihat. Bul there waa ex~>_1 icetlmony ~_oi?__
to show that the car was Inaufflc. *ntly protectei
us m its machlnery, and that ch.ince .i:ly fre
wented oth? ta even of a moro borrloi*
"We recelved a le_acy of Incompetent nclor
men from the Atlantlc-ave. llne," Proaident John
hod has frequently said. "and we are dlacharg
ing and taking on men -very day, In order to lm
prove the m rvlce. We are golng to keep .ip this
pollcy until we gel the rnen we want
A railmad man who underatanda the pollr-y fol
lowed by th* Nassau prealdent condemned lt
yesterday ln unquallfled terma Re said he
th.-upl.t lt was about tlme that the Nassau road
got a few m-n to ault th-lr requlrementa. " rt, ire
is more in just ice oraetiaed on the Kaaaau road
than on any line In the city." he added. John
Hon and hla offlcera ara getting deaperate at the
nuniu-r of accldenta, and ar* acttng wlthout
good ludgment. Even if a man is ordlnarlly
competent. or more than that, an unavoldaole
accldent 1? a tngnal for his dlacharge. The com
.,.r,v is contlnually making an 'example, and
the reault la that many 8 good man is dlscharged
when a Ilttle forbearance and patlence would be
the makinp of 1 good motorman. It takes prac?
tlce for a level-headed man to liecotne proflclent
nt the brake. at..' what can the publlc expect
when rnen are ftred rlght and left regardless cf
their rlffhta an.l of common decency."
Wbatevei may be aald concernlng the con
tlnual controveray and trouble going ..n between
the company ar.d its employee, it is apparert that
_m waya of the o_le#r* or?- ln deflaneeof < itv ordi
nanc.-s' Cars ar<' contlnually overcrowded, wlth
the imp'.i*"! aanctlon of th* offlcera, and th* legal
rate of apeed is exceeded trvery hour ln the day.
Prealdent Johnaon knowa this. and his subor
dinates know It alao. Th.- proof Is ln the over?
crowded condition of th" Coney Island cara 1 n
Hundavs and weekday*, and the apeed wlth
whlch they go through the city streets wlthout
let or hindrance.
__a?f:s itt oi:t KTAB thi-; home cf mrs. wii,
?OW. CRAH9-0 WITH THK Ml!_>?_
An attfr.",pt was m-nle yesterday morning to d'
Btroy the ho.iai occupied by Mrs. Pho*b* V.'llson
up to the time of her arrest for tho murder r.f
her buaband. Th<- honse Htandu at No. 22 I'lne-st.,
and ls Atled with th* fun.it ire and aeeumnlatlona
of thlrfy years. A M-.'.rcrt of tho plac* hns b**n
made by th* niitt.oiiiies for money whP-h Mrs.
Wlk *i B*y* is '.t'?.iied ln It. Mr . WIIbod waa
arr.1 two v,.-?ks 8gO, whi n a body, af'-1
ahown to be that of her kuebaad, who had b**n
misslng two years, was found ln an old _8t*rn
ln the cellar. Bhe la now in the Kings County
j;.u at Long laland CHy, awaltlng actlon by the
<;n.nd Jury, on a charge of murdi-r. r?*t*rday
m'.rr Ing about 2:Ui, a eltl-<n suw two in.n aaaerga
from the alley in the r*-ar of th* -OU**, Ha
thought this Buapl'loub, and watehed thi-rn. They
dld not hurry, bul walk*d alowly oul ..f Blght. A
t, ?? mlnut** after they bad diaappcarod
hack ol tha bouea attracted attentlon, and in
veatlcation showed a tlre w.is l.unili.g alongsitie
the rear wall of th* fram.- houae. Th* Bremen
irete aununonad, and put oui tha flBin** beforo
ahey bad eauaed n.ii'li dam..)'" I >.<? nre ... -i
been Btarted ln two boaea fllled witi. papei
ah which stood cloae to t).^ back Btoop pf
the houa*. The pollce and gromen *re certaln th?
flamei wre atarted b> norm ??? ?? who, for an un*
known reaaon. want-.i te d**troy th* houa*.
A horse att;.. h* ?! t* a Burrey, owned and drtv? n by
Charlea 0a*ta8*y*r, alxty yeara old, of N.? !_ J- g< r?
aon-*ve., became frightened In tlu Ka*l*rn Park
way, nesr B*df*_l?ave, al _li o'elock last avenlng,
A runaway foiiowi d, in whleh a llghl wagon, drtven
by Jamea wolaei ofNo IU Reld-ave., waa wreeked,
and Wllllam l'enk, of No 81S ta-xinnun\-h\r , New
York, was knock*d yfl u blcy< la and badly brulaeii.
THK i.ith BSOWKKT POR ITB r.oon vork.
The clrcular ?ent to tha members of the 13:h Rcgl
mont slnce its r.-turn from camp by (,'olon.l \V. L,
Wataon i? unpraeedented In tbe hlatory Ol Ihe rcgi
ment. Aa the document is oommendatory anl urges
I the urgsnlzailon to keep up th.- hlgh repUUtlon made
1 at c.mp, lt is greatly appreeluted by the "boy.-." Tho
clrcular Ib aa f.illows:
Th.- oomaaandlng olBeer extend. to the offlcera and
enliated m.-n of tne reglment hla hearty congratula
j tlon* on tlx- result of :he work of th.- Beaaon Juat
.-1 ,.si .1 Perhape not ln Ita hlatory, oonaidertng all the
atr. ndani ctrcumstances, h.-as lt? advancemenl toward
| the hlghe.t attalnable atandard ol Natlonal Guard
eoldinrsiilp been ho aatlaf.i.'tnry. So marked Ifl rhls
1 thal the publlc und pr, ia and our blgheat mllltary
] authorltlea bave been outapoken and loud ln their
worda ol pralM ii'id comm.-ndration
Bui .1.) no; fall into rhe grlevous error of imaglnlng
! your task acoompllahed; un the contrary, i: has but
, coramenced. Boar lu mi.-ni that th.- prlce of auperlor
I Ity Ib constatBt. lntclllgr-nt r-ffort. 8rr.-ngthr-n your
eompanl.-s wllh recrtii:* whoae quall:i.-? embrac;
1 the beal characterlfltlca of Amerlcan dt?enahlp. In
vlte n> on.- to memberahlp you would not invlte to
I your home*,
In tlir- sek-cting of otflcer* the gravest r>?spunslblll
tte. reat upon you. Keep before >-i this army
! truism: "Good ofllcen ,WUl miilia a falr regim.nt
fr .ni poor matorinl. bnt poor ofllc-r* wlll ruln a regl?
ment, though the mar.rial ls of th. beal " I strongiy
urga tha most thorough Bcrutlny and Jnqulry as to
character and Btamllng ln the communlty and na to
the possesmon of thoso fluallties that stanip ori>-'3
fltnc'ss to command. Good fellowahlp ls rhe U-aat to
b?. ronaldered: and lf you hav.- nol ln your own or
ganlzatlon wlmt von requlre, then so-k it olsewhcre.
Now. comradea, all' Glve full thought to the ner-ds
of our beloved rcglmr-nt during the vacation p-rlod -
In partlcular, refl.-.-t as to how you can most effect
uallv contribute to Its prosperlty and advanct- Its ln
tercstfl. W L. WATSON, Colonel.
Corporal T. Cnmpbell Pattr-rson of Company O, IStra
Reglment. has asked p.-rmlsslon to nrrange for nnd
eonduet a burlesa.uo drill. or what he pr*f.-r? to call
a "mllltary botiffe." It Ib barely posslbl. that tho
drill may be glven on Thanksglving Eve. It la tho
titirpoae to make it a BOft of congreaa of natlons anl
have a numU-r of oompar.loe, each glving the di?
tlnctlva drill of a forifgn natlon and wearing tho
charactr-rlsrlc mllltary unlform of thnt natlon. Somo
ot the natlons it I. propoaed ro kIv>* the drill* ol ar.
Japan, Chlna. (ir-rmany. Bpaln, France, Engiand,
Beotland, Ruaala and Turkey.
Company D, 13th R.-glment, wlll glve a "gtag" ln
the rirat week in Ociober.
Companv (}, 13t.n Reglment, has offered a palr of
sllver-mountod Smith & Wesson revoivers to tho
member bringlng In the largeci number of recrulta
before Jannary 1.
There ls a Pollce Justlr-o not far from Brooklyn.
nor yet dlstant from the sounil of the sad sea wav*s
that break along the shore? of Coney Island. of whom
the followlng story 1? being told 1ust at presenf. The
Jitstice'.s ideaa are aomewhal pecullar, Jiidged from
r motropolltan i>oln; of vlew, for h* nor only bellevea
ln mnking thr punlshment flt Ihe crlmr-, a la Mlkado,
but he also belleve. ln lettlng the value iir the Hne,
and the prisoner who Ib wlthout funda may aaeape
Imprtaonment if he ls the poaaeeaor ol Jewelry or
other peraonal artlclea, provlded thelr value la auch
t tal they arlll pnaa th>- must.-.- of the ch:anger3 of
money yclept pawnbrokera. It was through this
peculiar judlclal method, however, taai the Juatlce
came to grlel laal week. Th.-re ava* arraigned one
day ln the court over which this worthy Judge pn -
aldea a prlaoner, whoae n.ime for the p irp leeeof
story, waa, aay, Jacquemlnot Dlamond. The charge
ugainKt him was noi a aerioua one. il- waa
wlth act Ing ln a Buapicloua manner, aiui when be was
que.t -i- i by the Juatlce be acknowledged thal ??
had entertalned thoughts of puttina an end to his
earthly career, .md ol uaing the .uri, noi a. a batn
Ing-place, a.> many otiK-rs were dolng at the til
hia arreat, but as a son ol rapid translt system i i
cenvey hlm Into the nr-x: world. TheJu.tlce lectured
nei ? er.ly, and when -Mr. Dlamond aaid
. nl. il In a -ell had taken away ail the d.? res
I. thal h? had evi i ? nt. rtalned,
-,k oul 1 be li nleni wlth hlm. Th ?
I ire," gal l he, "in.tead of aending you to prison untll
\ .ai are In a m nslble .-:./?? of min-i, 1 shall let you off
lightly. Vou are flned ITB."
"But," pleaded the prisoner al thr- bar, "1 havt not
il much moni y." ,
?How mu h iiavr- \oi g,:?" thr- Jiici|.-p asked.
"I have nol a ceni In my pockets, wai tho an
sw.-r; and the .lu.la;.- remarked, quietly:
-Wi:; ten . ? then." ?
Ti,. prisoner ?ns led away toward ih^ crii*. wh*n
suddenly he turned about. and takmg a rln^- from hls
tlrrar^r held ll "" tow.rd the J i.ilce, ' Wlll you tak-..
i id instea I ol the flne?"
"Whal i- lt worth?"
"I paid 125 for lt not long aro.
"Well I whl h,,ld lt as a aecurlty for the fln*. If
ome back In a week and pay the flne you r,-,n
the rtnK back "
inded up to the Jubi ?< - de k. ai i
Dlamond waa aliowed to go. T-n- Juatlce pui the
,f jewelry li ' ?- ;il "" rnore
lt untll thai afternoon, when, witn a pnrty of
tr .-: Ia he ?aj passlna a lewelry Btore, and he de?
clded to hnd out the value of ihe artlcle. It happene 1
. ,. | friei i wen iwyera who had been m court
wn^n the paae waa up, Bo they all troopa I mi
"Ia thla worth l-:."1" aaked the Judge, showing th?
-.?- -r..,. leweller looked at ir for a moment, then
,.! a trayful of slmllar rlngs. Then, whl
frlenda roared and the Justlce wlshd himself many
mlli r away, th* nroprh tor aald:
"T ley're all alik.-, and you can have your cholce at
12 " eich."
Thomaa Caeeln, a man about twenty-elghl yeara
old, whorefuaed totell where he llvea, waa am I
at 1:20 o'clock yeaterday mornlng by Bergeant Van
Dr-nb.-rg.-r, r.f the Amerlcan Diatrlct Telegraph
Company, for breaklng Into the houae ol B. C.
Keeler al No. fll Wllloughby-ave, The offirer was
patroll'lng tne atreel and dlacovered thal the from
wlndow of the houBe wa? open. Van Denberger
entered and found Cassln on thr- fourth floor. At
ih'- statlon the prisoner refused to tr-n anythtng
aboul hlmaelf, He w;. ^ Bearched nnd the followlng
artlclea nHonging to Mr K.ri.-r wr-rr- found in hh;
pockets: Elgnteen Bllvea spoona, on<- palr gold
|, ta, two bIIvi r watches, one napkln
ii ree gold rlngs, one Mlvr-r thimble. thr,-,- souvenlr
apoonfl, one pnlr coral r-.-.rrings, four ^ilk handker
, hi.fr- and in 28 In cbbIi.
Thr- f.imlh- Ifl iii pr'' -' nt away tn thr- country. and
Mr Keeler wen! away, bo lt ls ^:\U\, wlthout Inform
Ing i he |?ollce r,f ihe Pourth Preelnrt ,,f hls absence.
Cassln wlll be arraigned ln Myrtle Avenue Court
thla mornlng.
The Bryan and Bewall Club made or:.- of irs flr.1
a--. mptfl ? ' hold iy ? vi r Ing, iel< ct
Ing Brownavllle as th? moai promli 11 .
Tii. meeting arai a moai dlsnul falluri ! ?
tr,r,.o ipeakera engaged for ;\r> evenlng falled to
appear j.f.'I after a meml.?-r ha-1 rr., I to keep the
? | m rh.- hall by readlng ? newapaper
clipping, the meeting br.,k* up. Th. attendai ?-? wa
aboul nlnety, madi up .argt-.y of boy..
From The Atlanta Conatltution
Aceordlng to Mr. Hugh McKeldln'a way of thlnk
|ng the man wlth an elephanl on hla hands had a
piciaic compared to the piight of tl," unfortunnte
irtdlvldual avho has an unruly Tenneaaee mule i"
care and provlde for.
Mr M- Keldln's frlends say that if there ls any?
thtng that ha is partlcularly proud of lt ls his
knowl.-dgo of mule fl.-sh. He wu* ruin-f! In Eaat,
a great mule country, and knowa all
about them.
The oiii.-r <biy he ?a.u up In Knoxvllle. so tho
atory goea, and aa he waa ambllng down the atreet
a Btranger etruck hlm. The Btranger \\;.s a tvplcal
Eant TenneeBeean. and ut once appealed to tne li -
tereal of Mr. McKcldln.
Tl,.- Btranger pn.led to nay thal he had an
amaxing bargaln tr. offer ln a mule whlch h
wanted io g'-t rld of for reaaona of economy. Now
Mi McKeloln dldn'l ?.->:.' ., mule, bui he tl
lt well .nough to tak.- a 1'H.k at th^ anlmal ,.r,d
whal tn.- man bad to ofTi r
Mr MeKeldln was pleased wlth tha anlmal It
wai a Htrapping l.ig mule, flnelj llmbed and full of
I llfe, "A nl.-. mule/' aald Mi M< Keldln crltlcally.
"Y.'-.s, Btranger," satd the Eaat Tennoaaeean, "you
n?-\.-r s.-< il a beller, ..mi I off.-r him dlrt cheap.
you'd almoal think l .toled hlm, 1 offer hlm ?o I
darn . heap v,,u may have hlm tor 128."
Mr, Mc-Keldln, ai befon stated, dld nol want a '?
mu!.-, but- he said he'd glve the man Sli !??? tha I
anlmal, whlch b>- thoughl waa w,,m.1i ,,i ,, hniaii
easj H2S. Th ? Fast r. nni ue< ,.,
with apparenl reluetance accepted and the mule
ehanged ownera Mr. MeKeldln made arrang.
menu !?? ahlp hli treaaun home t" Atlanta He
'iFrii'i back i" Atlanta t.-lllna: hls fri.-ii.is whal a
wonderful bargaln he had nit upon
Th.- ni il. came th. ndiidb- of lust w.-.-k Two -
three eapert muU handli ra rarrled the bargaln out
lo Mr. McKeldln'a Btablea.
And th.-n th- fun began. Th* r-h.ir.i.-t.-i of tha
mule begnn to develnp As ,( sturtri the long
llmbed anlmal from M.-.st Tenneaaee klcked .. hand- '
aome carl Into wortnleas fragmenta Then ,is ,
llttle aummer afternoon dlveralon ll ki. ????! down
the elda "f a buria To keep ip thi excltemenl ll
salled Ir.l . a f-w choic farm Impl'-m.-iits deal i .
Mi McKeldln'i henri and demollahed them Th.
Hei eteed klcked everythlna to plecea iii.u ||
.-ould la> Ita heela upon ll drove ill the hand.
off iln- place and threatened to commtl aulcldi I ?
klcklng Ihe barn d.,u n on iia.-if
Mr- M- K< Idln l- "|.'-u '" BUggeetlonfl as to hom
he ia t" gei rtd of th. mule lle aaya an elephanl
would ba a rellef compared to "?? Tennessee mule
li will allow notaod) wlthln p-., hlni dl tanci
haa lerrorlaed the communlty,
Al laat account. the mnb- wa* thrHlng and the
iinoccupwd arett aru'Jud lt was gToY.iim iarfc;er ai.d ?
ju~rnc_ NO?r_Ain **? htati.miint that tiir ro
LICE DO HOT \VA\T T.I SK< "I'lti: KVII.K.N". _
TBM, AM' HE .Ai.l.s HIS
( _A_OE8 "SI'.KI.U'S."
The i.iw Bnforcement Boclety. of Brooklyn,
through Ita Becretary, T. !>'? Qulney Tully, has aent
to Mayor Wur*t*r and Pollc* Comnrttraloner Wellea
' two lettera, rlven below, lo whlch lh* Mayor baa
prohUsad to irva i peclal attentlon na booh na ha
returna from hli racatlon. Tha offlcera of tha Law
Bnforcement Boclety aay thal the** tettem ur- to
aerve aa notlcea thal a rlgoroua campafcn will l.e.
| conducted agabisl gambllng. The lettera are as fol
Brooklyn, N. Y.. Aug. 21. _M
.rederich W. Wurater, Mayor of Brcotalyn.
My Dear Slr; l wlah moal re*pectfully to e-ll
your attentlon tn a eommu.-ileatlon i,'l'1"'7"''
me on Baturday laat, the ISth Inat, lo ? prnml?
aloner Wellea, but whlch baa nol been r.'.li.-l to.
l alao aend a cllpplnB from a newapaper ot a later
date. Vou wlll n.'ii ?? th il a ai rtoui ? mo. I* >?????
agalnat the Pollc* Departm<nt of Brooklyn i>> *
riS rannoi ba Ughtly overloofced. i-iimbiing la
only too common In Brooklyn. Hundred* ol ram
lllei aro kept In ppverty .l ehlWn n ma to to a f
f..r is ?! reault of i'i - paaalon fostereo: in me tom
irUK_?.anTwmbllAjdeSaln thla clty. Many con.
nlalnta reach the Law Bnforcement Bocteil i
' ' end yo,. a . imple ln lha followlng extracta from
letten to our aocletyi ,_,,.,
?May UL Wllllam-. carpenter, fJ?iftt?W
I to fl6 a week when worklng; ln hablt of i?l.t> i ig
poker, f-ambllna ln aaloon eorner of - ??. ?*??'
,v K iur ehlldren. oldeat ren, Intanl ??
_.?__.?"? -r? -ans ?! . 7'
sfVB&wsis'^nSf7 _fi
to cat; had to pawn ttalnga *\V? L Tn , . v f r
.!::r_;'i_^.rs7;?^ ?r?.?!
?._r.__~ ' ??ri..D{_.*_,~*i
| told. By our aid the pollc* broke up tnu oei ot
1 **__-?_*:, t? ii ?. s: ?r -?
pooi in ---.aaloon i bare plead. d wl tt '?? "?? l
K?**ya there >? a apell al.i the place 1mmcannot
realat The aal.ikeeper urgei I. ln m ? ay anu
;,... .;.'?.? ....... ?.'??*_??__?_'":
r, , i,?k 1 went to tbe ..?.r 'n ir> to ),? t m> ??'?
fcoi-S "i 'policeman wa. at the wnjer
? .-. i hlm lf ih<- : ?"?? **ai allowed to pe open -
,'.'" iiiaskel me what I waa dolna on tha
I';: .iMihat tlme of nlght Ifyojl ;.r.;afa ?,.; r.;r
'.:%:!.'a.fiW KU-'iip/wenavo
vlee ln runntna down theae '' r,,v.,l lti-'lf
Notably, Captaln MHe? O'Relll has ?? >?? 1 |
^'??? 7rrWi?'rr r,'.;;. s!:, .r." v-;'.*.*.''i ??'???
and nowln tne Flrit. art h w hlcho ur^ctot r haa
kept ti touch, cannot w "w_,*?if_",f_ h-_ done all
'"!$?, rle, ^onatrote. that, ra^gngv;
? '^ "" ' ' ' , ,7-r .vi
; ?-,.:: _vv::r;rrK.. -
manner In whlch the ?'>'"*;?' fh ;*u-*""*__w Enforce
.,:;.";-r.v;:::;_..:;i'i ..;;?:?-?',.,;; ?-;...?
Jld "rlng" regime I.ntlnued under a "r-form
an,l Repuhllcan udmlnlatratloi
I'nder -Mr Ridgwa) the epunae of tl.. l?..? 'i
? ent Boctetj was mpolnted a ?-*??' *%
wrlt ten law In Hrooklyn Uiat lt waa uaeiew __
noT.n"ooauffh: :" 'r*-' n*!w
i ... i n_r . m.-nt Boclrtj* procured two convle
,1,1 thli struck th-hj. tpradjimb.
t 1 1 . J. " hi to ' mpl: wlth .". reaueat aa
l,v our socletv to the fact tl
n gamhiin- he re
,,,,.,,,, ,,j .loman.llng whj we dld no: n-. mi t .
7. 1, felio? ind i'"' "pitch Into*' the poor men"i
r.'j-!',,.!' : 7 . "-ellaa l do II is gotng
,,. ,,i'i around. and th? rlch onea aire never m
fli ?? Thla wa ? aald In tl." eorrldor of the
. whiie , large numher of peopl* Bathercd
? hadtoadmli . >?w"rn^
?itnl k. . ?? whal he waa lalklng about, bul i".i.'"
do to Vour Honor now, that
? wlth th- Law Enforcemenl >o
recelved a large abara
,,. . ... .; aoelety. I am fre to saj
' "*"??1? ""- noi Hei with thecap
taina of the varlou i.ln ta or th- men unrter
Ineh rommanda. l.ut H centred ln the mui
Imlldin- if the ,,..., who conirol the pollce rap
[ent or 1 : ? ? ? - imnier "t
promlnVnce would I. ' " ?rookl> n
.,.!., thirt) daya. 11 i ? Mime scal waa .ur.- ?
? .!,,.- aa 1 ...- Iieen shown ...
hablUlil .iiinit.il and hOl
atmospl er* of Hrooklvn would _
I our vlgorous . Istrfot-Ati , .?;? "
the om " ' ' '?''?' "' _?"?" ,',ll"ws
I'V/.'.e.'.l.-e.f .', law Ml. ,,?,,,i',i|:.ra.eri,l> ,1,
Brooklyn would be made s|rk. and would Im
me.llalely se< k a more cong' i Inl clime.
..I.I .... done ... rellevo thej
from ih. odlum i isl ui. lllei eharg.
aa made by Juatice Noitrand Th< publlc are Ted
? brileve tl ' k wllted nollcemen under
i,ai ,, .,,,. n . ? .,., ilmoal intultlvi ly, and tha
. .,,, ? , makea water i to mak* a greai
ahowlng In these ratda, splash around, pull wlth
_reat vlcor and attraci much attentlon, but at tne
.?.. timetomai ' "" '?'." w,hPre
the blg flah ma) l?e so they can eaca|>e, The Law
..,, , ui $.ii v.hii,. n has el. m Ideai ai to
fflciiltlea In the way of better government. aa
Nv? (,nve polnted oul from llme to tlm< , hn
very elear nnd w. il d. flne 1 Ideaa aa to thi remedy
whlch should be applled. ??,-?,
Personalh Vour Honor, the Law Bnforcement
Boclety has onlj words ol pralse for the manner ln
whkh you ! '" admliilHtratlon. and
In ih.- Int. " ',"?''*?"
ln Brooklyn, feel speclally grnteful ror the _eal you
have ahown and ih? ?u< . ? h wlth whlch you have
,,,. ,.., ted brutal ? xhlbltl. n i and prlzeflghta
Havlng i ill-lm
nortanl aubleet, we 0 el that ti." m itter 1* ln
.? i plan wlll he devlsed b) you. ln
. ..,. . , . law whl.h wlll glve reaulti
lo thi law lot Ing ind ! iw-ablding
? "k;"T .i'\;,r;i..'V'nM.,.v.
? ,iv ;. -a ? ' Bo* lety.
Brooklyn, N. v . Aug. U,
-.1 rt Wellea, t'on i i ol Pollce.
I,, ,, gir: i u:i> preaent In JuatlqK Noatrand a
.,, ,' ?,,,,. y ii ?. ? nlni* \~. :. tbe caae
of llarrla A O'Bi eeplna .. poolroom Bnd
gaml.ltng place, waa calle<] Th. prliipnerB w.-re
nuicklv dlscharged. The Judge stated from tha
?:,. pollce had furnlahed no evidence on
w , ,,.i, he . ?..''. hold Ihi m H< aald ;. rald had been
n |oi of p ? ?' :"- hul it w 'a
,,.,.i ,? dld nol want to make .1
? . ? hecauae thej had bought
?r. .-v Idenee that gamhllng
|, ,, .,,.,? i; ; ' Il 'I on lll the plai 8 He I Bld
he hnd no douht h poolroont waa conducted ..-<
,^.rL.,.,i bui ihe pollce h.i.l furnlahed no evidence
,,.;M hold tl i irtlea. The men w.-re
qulte profuse iti i ?' tbe Judge aald
ink hlm, hut th* pollce, for,
nald he II would have been qulte ea*y f..r the i>o
II,,. t,, li.i >. ?? i ?". ii ed ' he > v Idenee If
r h< . hnd wanted to, and II was qulte evldent io him
Ihn'i Hn ?? did i to.
Now Mr rommleslnner, thli i- a very s. i
charge to mak' ? ir Department, i ipe
ml r In whi"1. ti was made, I
think li ol ?' ' ? f"r o|ir nocletj to
i,?,i, |n(0 ;.;;,) |, .... .: attentlon to lf.
for Juatice Noati ind sald l l I who wera
,.,) hutild.cn!! 1 ? tteni ? ol the > 'ommla
aloner to the . ?a.
I .-.in aomewbal ncqualntwl wlth the poll
Coney Island and kn..w them lo be effl
.,..1 hravi and wlllln- to ? .rr> oul any ln
struetl. ? Biiperiors. Now, ir. aome one
? faiili 1.. re ln your r?e| \V'h.i l> lt ?
\\ hai were ycur fll ' : i'?a dotn i lhal
iwo or threi >i them ? ive furnlahed tha
the rald ? n made? Th"
people paj Ihe men <?' youi Department well, and
expeel good work. What a?-.- they get tlng for
? ,,,!,. .. " Are thej gettlng i IH lenl prote tlon
fr.im gamblera and other laa hrenkera? This cit?*
doea nol look much llke li Verj reapeetfully.
0E( iR??K '.'i INi V TII.I.V.
;-. retarj Ijiw Rnforcement Boclety.
Commlaaloner \\ elli bi i I id at hli hom*
laat nlght by a Tribune i , -.*l:?-? j to hear hla
Thi frlendi ol Btate Benator l'r.-nk Qallagher
have been a the Chl. igo Convention
adjourned whether he would |oln lha lx.lt. r.- ..r.
under the plea of ; .;. loyalty, .!? 'lara f'.r Uty.in
and Bewall T ? young Benator in.l nea paper
man haa hlthcrto '. ? l hli own eounael on thla
point, bul >>ii Baturday h< aald that he would i ip?
port the tlekei Hi mad. thli di Inratlon ..
phatlr aa i ... n:,. t|-ic he made
lt . |. .r that he * ia nol thorougl d wlth
the platform Whlle h? would nol aay poaltlvely
ii u.j- eith.r f..r or agali il tha platform ha
declared that hc wuuli BUi.port liryan ln any
A Pf-BMD OT Tlli: i ANI'lMATi: WBO is rOPt'LAR
Wllllam A. Pn n-l'-rgast. of No. 890 Flrst-st.,
has ba?n dedded upon as th-- delegate to the
state Conventlon t'? pr.-.-K-nt tha nnme ..f Tlm?
othy I-. Wo.F'irufT for th- nominatlon f<>r tho
Lleutenant-Oovernorahlp. Mr Prendergaat ls
an actlve young; Republlcan, who has made a
reputatioi) as an orator in Hrooklyn by hls suc
ress in sr.?aking at n number of Republlcan
m.-r-tlngs. He is a elnso frb-nd of Mr. Wood?
ruff and popular wlth th- entlre delegatlon.
He has been actlvely intereated In tha Park Com
miKFlotv-r's bootn sinc<> lt was launched, and haa
prepared an abie apeech, it is said, whleh is cal
CUlated to win for Mr. Woodruff a number r,f
votea Mr. Prendergaat la now in Saratoga.
Tho few State delegatea left in th- <-ity yea?
terday bad Uttie to offer ln the way of ittf-.r
mation about the conventlon. Tlny read with
Intereal ih- newa from Saratoga and doubtleaa
ebmmented npon lt, bul "not for publlcatlon."
The most actlve workere for Park Commissloner
Woodruff nre all ln Saratoga, and Informatlon
as to th.- progreee of Mr. Woodruffa campaign
was scarce In Hrooklyn.
Thr- nrralgnmr-nt of Ssuperlntrm.lent Oeorge W.
Aldridge of the Department of Publlc Works
publish.-.l by th" Clvll Bervlce Reform Aeao. ia
Uon was read with the keenes! Intereal alr
Aldridge has few persnnal BCQUalnttncea in
I-rookla-n but hls record ln the Stat - offlce ha.l
- k.own to aome extent. Thr- chargea made
SSfnt? hlm b-. thr- dvll Bervlce Aaaoclatlon
'v, rl however read wlth Burprlae. nnd the pre
.,???!? ?niF,I in Brooklrn waa thal the atate
n nt nrnc l.-allv removed Mr. Aldridge from the
Ii,; J ,,..ssii!iiiti.'s ln the conte.1 for the flral
??'Among't^S-gat.s who wlll leave Bnggo
to-day la Dlatrlci Altorney Foeter I- '??"kn"
The laa of tbe delegatea wlll leave Brooklyn
in tlm. to reach Baratoga for the caucua of
KingVCo-nty men to be held thla evenlng.
Boma unknown raacal cauaed . greai amount of
trouble foren'cllBta in Glenmore-ave.. yesterday. b>
r nkimr - number nf mra. . '"?*> ^ro'f
Ir?,n.....,. Bnd Vennenf-nve. A large'number of
wneeTmen, who were early on tb. r.i had thelr
?re. badly punctured, and II was not untll the
- of .,...1... remarkabl, large
.,... t;,-1(.r pui thelr heada together and atudlcd
out the ... iae ? ? thetr woe. ...,,..?
,,.,., th? perpetrator ol the alleged "Joke ap
?, r..,, on the s-n- -nd admltted his gullt, h.
!,?-,M hav. .'-'-' "?n1 .r,--.. ..? tb.
uMt Thr- dpamounted wheelmen thronged
,,;i,r"sho,,-. hlong the avenue. and the proprtetor ol
? b cuatomera at one tlme, all fle
mandlng his attentlon.
Capuln Hugh F. Oortnan, of tha Llberty-ave.
.tatlon, was informed of the trouble. He pui eev.
eral m-n on the caae, bul they were unable to dlB
... ,'!?,,?.?, M he had done hli work early
,., a Lr, no tra, ka behlnd hlm. A numl* r ol ?- '-??
S ' ... 1 "roomi. in the nelghborhood tand carc
wept the roadway soon after the taeka were
d,Th?e>rer<were bi vc rai accldentB on thi
,he cour.f the day aalde from thoiae rauaed by
" , ? thlrteen yeara old, bo:i
nf otti.-.-r Glbbona. of ihe Llbertj
Rrown from hia wheel In b colll.lon and ..,.
eonaclou., ll- waa taken to Bt Marj ? Ho
wlth b fractured akulL
The pollce Of Long Ialor.d Clty have laaued a
challenga to the pollce of New-York to play a
game ol baaeball, tha piticeeda ol whlch Bhall be
devoted to charlty. Tha Long laland Clty pollce
bava only .erenty m-n,'all told, to pi.-k a nine
from, whlle the New-York pohce have 4,000 men
to chooae from. Por all that, however, Mayor
,-i. . on, It la Bald, wlll bet $100 thal hls "byea"
can defeat the ball-toaaera ol the metropolltan po
li,.,. force. He wlll make the wager wlth either
Mayor Btrong, Prealdenl Booaevelt or wlth both
of them. Bhould the game be played ln Lorig
Islati'l Clty, Mayor Oleaaon offera adequate pro
tectlon to Mayor Btrong or to Pn ildi nl Rooaevelt
if one of them wlll conaenl to umplre the .
?ind he hopen tl.it they wlll do the name for him
si.ould New-Vork he aeleeted bb the battle-ground
ahould be aaked to rl.k his llf>' ln umplrlng
tha ronteat He aaya the t*ong Isl.md Clty pollcej
force is amall, bul every man tn lt is a natural
ba.s-bnll play.-r. _^
An rffort will b? made io have the attaehment
rv.-d upon fivington Broth. rs bj Oeorge Bergfeldt
I . . ^ aald. t-y the courta. The frlenda of tha
flrm aay that If the attaehment becontlnued It may
reault In ? dlaaatroua aettlemeni of the tirm's af?
falr*. iiisi?,s;.i of the flrm'e property under tha
usual proceaa of an attaehment may reault ln larga
aacrlflee, lt ls feared, and ln loaa to all tha
other credltora. lf Ih. ai eta are thrown Into the
l.andB ,.f the aaalgnee, the llabilltlea ol the flrm cAU
be pald In full wlth careful management, ll ?
Tbe attaehment wa. aecured on the ground that
the iirm. ln ord< r ir eecure i redlt, Uwued an Incom
? Btatetnent of Ita r.urcea and llabllltlea. Tha
Brm repllea th il Ber'gfeldl i Co. well knen thal thla
atatemenl dld nol purporl to be a complete atate
menl "f the tirm's affalr*. The itatemenl waa glven
.,, , ,?'.-.-?, informatlon ol the merchandlae llal I
then pendlna Onlj debt. then duo, ,,r thal would
f.,11 ((aie ?irhin tiie tlme for whlch the Urm wa.
a.kang an ext. nalon, v. ? r. Im luded ln t !>? itatement.
-|-:... ? temi - a r?ol glien t ? Influence fiit'n-.;
.r.-dli^, bul merely to flecure nn estenfllon frotn
llergfeldl m Co Thal Indebtedneaa \\ a? full} pald
The debl on whlch the attachmenl la baaed u -1
contriacted on March 6, ^'*'<. a year after tha
ar.enl waa made.
Bteph lr., <h? ?nl>' ffm ot Dr. and Mr*.
gtephi ' -1'1 Baturday mornlng at iha
aom. ? . n, ivj )?,- ?;,. ...i.. 11 .^ ,
yean ol i an l ui mai Por Bev? rai
? . ;. -,.- avai .i ? ommi rcl al travelli mploy
, ? , : il for ,,\.-r
.. )*ar n- had he.n kept from hls arork by .
Death aa-1" '!"in ?
Adolph-Dahm Pi teraa n, for two years bi
: ia accepted the put itor In
the Ithaca Connervatory ol Mualc and Cornell I'ni
.., r.;-v ii, haa been !;? ir t In tol ? i ? im
- ln M"ii- - . 0 irdi n,
., ,] n .... ,-a-u. Jen li- ? ai
.. pupil of th* i-'-i-i'i ii I Bwellsh i >m| o?ei .
?.-r. undi r 9 h m he - i lled h.rm mpoal.
? i ,:. ii- ? mnection In tl ?? choli i a.i
y by jlnain* Lluck'a ' Ftar V. Nut, Oh
ranuu- yy.AR or an gxruxnoM m ?an
Fllel O. Pler?*, of No. 1SS St. John'fl Plac??,
^vho Ib chalrman of the Press mmmittee of the
Cuban headriuartors. rald laat, night that he
had wlthln th. last few rlays recelved a letter
from some frlend.a in Santlago. Cuba, aaylng
that tho ,.,-ople of that clty were in ronBtant
fear that some frlghtful catastmphe would over
tako them, and that they would nlmnst prefer
dr-ath to the preaent Btate nf affalr. there. A
throat has been mnde 'hat the enttre clty wlll
ba bb.wn ut.. and th-y are in i>erpetual fear of
an awful fate,
"VV.-ll," rai.l Mr. Plerra to a Trlbune reporter.
"stich a thlng Ifl not altogether unllkely. but
lt wlll be a last extremlty. We have got to
get rld of the Bpanlarda aome way, and extreme
meaamrea may be taken some tlme ln thr> future.
"i underatand that th.- Bpanlarda are prep-ar
ing to send *o Cuba ahout forty thousand truope,
The Qovernment is In ?uch a atate of fear r.f its
men tbat it is gr.lng to shlp them wlthout arms
or nmmunltlon. and s.-tid along a war vorsel
t,. quell anv outbreaks that may take place
among the men. They are afraid of tr.titlny.
Tlny are .shipping thelr rllbs ln a separat.- v.-?
s. 1 That ira a v.-ry good conditlon of affalrs
for ua, for It can br- Imaglned hr.w these aol
moat of them young men. tom from th.-lr
home* and prcssr-d Into aervlce?wlll flght fOT
Spaln. They are all men wlthout mllltary
trafr.lng. with the exception of a few oftlcers In
each rcginient, and have never shouldered a
"If the Spanlards are actlve, we are equally
fo. Preparatlopa are being made for the next
campaign, aml General Gnmez ls now organlz
ing another army of invaslon. and expecta to
be ln Matanzns and Havana agaln in Septem
ber. That is hia programme, and he does not
roncoal it from the Spanlards. Ho lets them
know where h? la golng, aa he dld previously.
but he wlll not tell them what route he wlll
?The prospect la that in a few months there
will not be a Spanlard In the Interior of the
island. They will be forced to vacate all the
strongholda they occtipy now, and will be driven
t'. th-- acaphorea. They mav hold out for a
llttl" whlle, f,r we hav?n't tho artlllery that wo
would llke Aa far as ammunltlon ls concerned,
th- Cubana are pretty well provlded. If they
had 10,000 or 20,000 more rlfles, there would be
a man for every one We would have 100,000
rn.-n lf we had ih- nrb-s. There are at the pres
mt time In Cuba 20,000 men wlthout rlfles wh)
would be wllling to go to the fr mt at any tlme.
"We bava a great advantage uf the Sranlards
on the Island l.e.ause we do not have to buy
provlslone. We have- got all th- cattle, and the
t-.-giilar agricnltural centres BUpply all the vege
tables we need, whlle the Bpanlarda have to
get thelr food from thr- outalde. We have taken
greai care thal the aurroundlnga of th.- large
citiea thal are occupled by th'- enemy have been
all laid waate. They are ualng condenaed mllK.
and -annot obtaln any freah milk at all. ln
Santlago they are paylng lo centa for an *gK.
Tl-rtdltlon of the people in the large citles s
growlng so extremely bad that the Spanlards
are allowlng them to Jotn the Cubana to uave
them from Btarvatlon.
"What the Bpanlarda are looking for now is
Interference on the part of the Unlted States.
They thlnk that they are g,.|ng tr. have a per
forma war wlth this country, In whlch cas
they ran wlthdnaw from th* flght wlth honor.
Bul they -III Ire greatly mistaken. for when
the Interference comea the enemy will have to
wlthdraw In dlagrace. ??_,*?
-Thr- wealthy Bpanlarda In Cuba are entlrelv
dlaheartened The beal proof of this fact that
we hnve i* that we have recelved vialta from
Beveral , ..mmltte.-s who wiah us to accept a
form of Belf-government almtlar to the Canadian
?vatem We told them that we were not for
autonomy, and that what we wanted waande
nendence I do not belleva that Bpaln wouW
^e? agree to auch a form of goirrnnvnt. bu
the gentlemen who called on ua were cdnfident
that they could Influence the Oovernment to
^?Itfla an outrage that the Spanlsh Oovern?
ment Bhould go Into a hom.- ns it doea and take
fr,. ft the young men of th* fam ly. nnd make
, flght agalnst a cauae for which they have
the gr.-at.st .ympathy. Even the women in
Bpalrfaae beglnnlng to i*volt agalnat havlng
h?r gona and huabanda taken from them.
They n..w .'..'1117-0 that not one of them ever
returns." ^_
ri.Mi'KU.F.n ta orvB rr ms WORK on thk
assifltant Corporatlon Counael Dean baa been
eompelled to glve up bla work on the Oreater New
Y.,rk eharter, and baa gona to tha mountains for
reat -.- rj recuperatlon. Tha work will ba eontinued
mmlBaioner i>e Wltt. ln hls eottaga at Lons
where he wlll remaln for some tlme The
remalnlng ehaptera will i>p written by Mr De Wltt
lt wlll be aeveral daya beforr. any more chaptera ap?
pear, becauaa of the tardineea of the printer ln get?
tlng out the work. The next chapter will be that
establlahlng the Department of rhariti.s an.l
Correctlona. Thi? department wlll have only a
alngle h< ad, llke all the othera In the new metropoiis.
The chapte'r on the I>epnrtment of Docks will fol
low Mr De Wltt expecta to hnv.> the prellmlnary
drafl ready on Beptember 16, when the Commtaalon
wlll meet to eonflider lt.
Prealdenl I.ow and Sllas Ia. Dufher, who wer?
appolnted to prepare the educatlonal chapt.-r for
the prellmlnary draft, have not yet reported. It 1s
bell. ved that they ar^ hol.iing their report untll the
< 'ommlsslon mer-ts.
John WtlUam Torter, forty-flva 'years old, who
for twelve yeara was tha enlef englneer of J. J.
Astor's ateam yacht, th>- Nourmahal, dled ln the
Flatbu.h Hoapital on Prlalay mornlng. The fun.-ral
wlll l>e held this afternoon at 230 o'clock at hls
home, No. 101 Flfty-etxth-el Mr. Porter was en
gaged by the late Wllllam Aator ln 1K83 to act as
chlel englneer <-f tha large stenm yacht whl.-h ba
was havlng bullt, the Nourmahal. The erectlng of
tha englnea Ln the new yacht was pereonally auper
\ ? I by Mr Porter, and np to August 7 laat, when
hi waa taken 111, h<- act.-.l as chlef englneer of the
Nourmahal Durhig tha tWO years followlng th*
death of Wllllam Aator, when the yacht was tled
up. Mr. Porter had the entlre charge of h.-r.
,i. W. Porter waa born In Ltverpool In lfcM. Hl.
! father, who was a Baa captain <>n th.- packa-ts of the
| Blackball I.lno, mo\e.l to Bfew-York when young
Porter waa four ><->.r* old. In 1&9 he went to llve
1 wlth relatlva-fl tn Portland, where he attended the
puhllc BchoolB. At the ag.- ol elghteen ha entered
upon an apprentlceahlp to thr- trada of an engl?
neer ln Boaton He worked In founerlea ln that
clt) and ''hi.-iia;" for Hve years. A> ?oon as be had
procured his englneer*a certllleata he .-nter.-.l th^
t-mploy F.f T i win.isor Ar Co.. among th. largeat
owner. of tugboata ln Boaton H? was aucceaalvely
ilo- ,-;.|'t;.lii F.f th. W'ln.'h, iho Btorm Klng and the
I'nderwrlur, Tbaa. laal two boeta wer. engaged
iu towlng between Boaton New-York and Phila?
delphia l-'rom ihe Storm Klng Mr. Porter w.-nt to
the L'nderwrlter. a larger veaael of th.' Bama class.
lle wiis siin wlth thla bo:ii when the pla.-e of chlef
englneer on Wllllam Aator*a new yacht, tha Nour
ii ihal, waa off.-r.-.l to hlm
Mr piFri-r waa fl member of Iha Ynchtmn?ter?
and Knglne.-rs' Aaaoclatlon. A wldow. a son and a
daughter survlve hlm
? ?
Jame. 8 Btanton, ? broker, of No. 16 Bread-et.,
New-York ? 's arreeted on Prlday mornlng ln a
clvll actlon brought by Aifr.-.i D. Partrfdge, of
ii.is clty. Tha order of arraal wa* laaued by Jua
tlc. Ooodrlch. Tha eompl?nanl aliegeH ln ht.
affidavtt th.it on Decembar l laat he angagad
BtAnton i" aall for hlm four iir.at mortK;.K<- bonda
..t the Kanawha and Mlchlgan Railroad, for m
each, and inveal tha proceeda ln Toledo and <>hio
Central ato.-k, preferred, al $7:i |*r shurr- ii>- ai
legea tiuat Ihe bonda were sol.l ,is dlrected, but that
the sto.-k was not bougbt, and Ihat he has not
i., elveal hla monei
Mi Btantoi f-.iM In defence that th<- m:it(.-r
would hav. been arranged ln a few d.a\s if Part
rldgi had been conteni lo walt The bonda bad
o. i i depoalted wltb I l' Morgan & Co., ns -,.i
lateral f'.r i l,...ii, an.l aold to aatUfy tln- lnd.bt?d>
Btanton w<ib rclced on aU'.aOO ball alv.n by a
NOT KN'O'.V IKi'.v HE *~~*JX IN
Whlle Policeman Cosfello, of the Bedford-*ve.
Btation, waa ebn~**__ng with .loseph .rinin. a
gateman employed by Ihe Houaton Strent Ferry
Company. at the end of Qrand BL. at 1 r. .dock
yesterday morning. they were both BUrtled l.y
crles of "Help''' whlch came from the rlver. Rim.
nlng to the sllp, ConUHo and Urlflln *.i-.v a rr. ia
stru?rgllng In the w*t*r. Bwurtng a boathoof*.
<;rlfTln wanagad to faatcn ft ln the drownlng man'a
clothlnjt. and wlth the asalsfnnce of Coatello tha
man was ralaed from the water to ih? Ir.r'l .???
Me was then UnconedOU* but aoon rrK'ilnedi
I cons'-lousness and sald he waa Thi.ma* '
i thlrty years old. of No. 213 Heyward-a)
i waa unatile to aay how ho atot Into th" rlvar lf
told hls r**CUera that he had been drlnk'n* t?
Im t.elleve.l that whlle Intoxlcated he entered lh_
I ferry-houae nn.l W*lk*d off the hrldffe . f0 If1'*
wat.r. An arrihulan ???? from the B_it.Tr '7 t ??.'
Hospital removed hlm to hls home ?"**_
? -
AMAULTKD Kou no kkason jIK SA?g
Krank Retlly. forty-four years old, llvlna at Ne
,-.1s M.iiihatlar.-av. . *nt*r*d th* I '*-"?niw,1nt-av?'.
pollc* Btation eariy yeaterday morntag btoedlng
j from a acelp wound ln the back of tbe he. . j|,
\ told the poii.e that l.e had recelved hls vauad by
i helni? knock"d down hy two Bnkooa . , - . lantl at
Freeman and Franklln sts. At tbe t.m?- of th? at
: tack h" aald he waa golng to hia home lt,-m
1 could glve no reason for the aeeault Ambulanc*
Surgeon Keegan, of St. Catharlne'a 11 -
diessod hls wounda, and the pollc- _-a looklng for
his assailants.
In an altercatlon c-arly yesterday morning hl
John Thonson's Hotel, Maahattao-ava and oiay.
it . betv.eun Daniel !____? nlneteen yeara old, of
No 311 ffiarto Bt and 0?org* i. twent) yaara
old. of No oi Hox-Ht? Leddy drow
Both m?
?ur_ ?(
?harge of aseault ln the BBCOO- degree.
The vestry of the Church o'.'the Good BhcpbaBl
has voted to bulld a new church structurc on the
slte of the present bulldltiK. McDonough-St, be?
tween LeWta and Stuyveaant avt-s , as aoor. us poa
Blbto. The present frame buildtng. cree'ed about
twenty yeara ago, haa uer\ed the BOctot] wel 1 .t
lt ls now entirely too small to a.imBtOdate tba M
famllles who now deslre to attend fWTVtcC th?re.
Flve yeara ago the old bullulnc was tboroughly re
palred. and It was thought at that tlme that lt
would anawer the nceda of tb* aoctoty for many
years to come. The rapld crowfh of that i?ortiun
of the clty has so tncreared the demand for church
slttlngs that th- toctot*/ now tlnds It n*ce*aary to
hav- e much larger bulldlng. Plans have already
been aubmltted an-1 examtned by the Rer It I>ar
lington. archdeacon of thi dlooe**, but a* yet bo
plan has been declded on becauae ol the
of many of th* v*atrym?n Thi !>?
A. F. Lnderblll, ia also away on his ?. icatlon, ar.d
wlll not return to condti.t eervlce untll the flrat
Bunday ln Beptember. Boen after hli return a
meetlng of the offlcers of th< bo
nnd the whole project wlll take deflnlte t> rnt Th"
presenl alte ls valued at WB.OOO, but the veetrymea
do not rejrard the bullding as at all valuable.
Frank Korchl. twenty-nve years old. cf No. B
Front-st.. was arreated late on Baturday i ? ' by
Policeman CotltlM, of th. VcRMHl-av*. Iti ".or..
chargad wlth assaultlr.g Frank Oardlnger, ol No.
Ui Claeeon-ave., wlth a ho*. Two of Oardl
left rlt.s were fractured by tn* W >w, ar.d he was
remove<l In nn ambulanc* to hls home. The al
leged aaaault grew out of a Quarre] between tha
men in Walworth-st.
John and Bamuel I.edoux, hrothers. living at No.
6R5 Humboldt-et, whlle Intoxlcated earty
day morning. became Involvad In
aau-ave. and Humboldt-st .l"hn waa knocked
down. and recelved an Inctoed wound ' i
ey*. An aml.ulance BUl_*on dr. --?
ai -I Bamuel waa a rralgned to
day ip th* Bwen Street pollc* ?
The man who was kllled lt U
Croaalng ar.d Neck Road by i Long 1
early yesterday morning aaa Id
afternoon by Mrs. Beckman, of N
Oreenpotnt. as Rotx-rt Drtatbwlhth, of Ko. H
Hl.lerd-st.. We*1 Jeney, near Llverp.
il- had been ttvtng at tha home ol Mra Beckman
for a few week*, and 00 Sa.ui I -tt tho
houa*, aaylng he was goini? f'.r a rl to. Tba b_ly
is still at the Coney island M
B _rte Berger, twenty-four y< ?? Bervant
ln th" impl'ty of Charlea Oetcheu f N
Fifty-siv.h-st . commltted i I tnrday nlght
lt is known that bi th* aftei ***?" 1
iive c.nts' vorth of _callc add .-. J. J OBborn'a
drugatore, _ Irty-alxth-el nna Thlrd-are Aboot
mldnlght Mrs. Oetcha i
>? rvant'a room Break ng I ?"?*?*'
thal thi afirl was lll I >r- Lewi
lifth-st.. was called and ar. aml
Mary'a Hoaplt il wa i aent for
ih.- houae Beeale v. ,s
three letl
lettrr dated Auguat 2, and dlre
No 188 Bixty-elghth-at., ita ted her
cmlin* her llfe. Anoth.-r letter c aatch
md w,is eddreaaed to Maagi. Berger, No.
62T l'nton-Bt. Th" l ank I.k '
ha.l .'.' depoalted In the Cltj Bavli nk A
pocketl.k contalnlng tl'.n' was found her
dn aa A note plac rj ln h ? n -;?? *uous nl
questrii that .loan Donnelly, of No. ii ColumMa
at., be told of het death.
Richard S. Stoiit. k."i.er of the cant. tl Bl the
r.-.b Iio.k of the Navy .ard, dled In O* . n -nt?
ly, an.l th.- Department al Waahlngton haajuatra
re...ed the inform i'I * Bl it aer I a ..-r.-.-il
Tracy In hla reglment and waa 'J"**
bv the General whlle he arai s- retary ol tl X8_T
The place ls said to be worth fr .tn H,000 : l l'.,wl 8
' TOI>.\)'s 8F.IDL PB0QBABBE8.
Th* progtkmme of lha Beldl con ert tbla after?
noon at 3:lu o'cli" k wlll Ih
CH1_X>REN*8 1'!'>: W M
Mareh pti Amerl. in Bonga n-.?-**
March. "Tannhttuaer" . ?;. S__
"1^ i';r'ju iniHlr."
\ ? ? ? * A ? Mr 1. ?
la) ' N?r Ihe Ball" ( .
Ha '*__ MIU" . ?
Orvrtur*. -Wllllam ivti'-.
"Funeral "f ? llarionette".
Waddlng M.ir.-h .
"Hobm s?-. i ih me". .
Aaaerlra. *u.ik by tbe audlei
The evenlng perfornaaiM?*, wMch i ? -?' '! ?
wlll be replete ie grand open i rouow
i iv.-rturo. "Martha" . , _
"Ilana.'. ..r?l Oret_" . *
dn Ibe Poreat, Rvenlng Pra)
Plower Bona Cuck 1 -
Waltx anl Fmal?? I v?-rfl
"AIIj." Mareh, Batlet and Plnale .{'^J
"I'irman" . , ;. '
Untrndoetton, Ai ? ?? _.
trabaadlata, Habanara, Kl '" ?? "*"
guwnilta . ^i
Overture. "Bnhemlan Olrl. .,
"I>le M*latera.n*.'. .
(Pi*lttO> to the Thlnl lei Pance and Pr ?'??[' m
??Tar.rihmi?er I'Tha Rvenlna B?_P**) ?"""
Tr in' n- ? . Birato Bloll
"CavalUrta Rumi. ii i" tlnia mesao, - **_*__
"Rl^eletlo" (Quaneii . NrJ
u. "Th* Huvuenota".Mo>iro??i
From The Totodo Blad*.
F.mploved ln a c.-rtaln Toledo hotel ta a rl~v?
porter one of who** dutle* w to nuke t*?e ?*****"'"
mornln, "calto." Among th.- gueata of ':? .
few daya ago was ? drummer, who left a
3^.i aa h. wlahed to make the ? .''. l_ike Bl
Llmlted for Ihe Baat. The druuu.i r rtther i'-"?
not arouaed to the Ketting iifi polnt, or hl* '*U w"
mlaaed, for he ihowed up al th ? ort ? "> JS
with a ftreal Mg klck aboul n. l
eouroe the porter w.is rtaulad nrw ."??-?
made proteel thal ha knocked an th* m-tnja aaata
announced the hour. and the guest anaw*r*d.
lt so happened th.it the drummer got o n <'*? "'
aome mor-- bualne** In Toledo. wi.-i ? upl* ' .-'
attentlon all d*y, aad when nlghl eatiM a* Bga*
left u dupllcate call nl the iilnht befwo. .
The porter waa apprl?d of ,b* t?< ??. *nd wf,rf.,
that a fallure to arouiM tn* ?.. . arould taaaa iu
dlamlaa il .. .,
The porter -a oi-' the call all rlght, bul wo~?^ **r;
cept no aaaurance from the Irutuner that lc'rrt
fuiiv awaka and awara af the r.i t. hu -
the n.-xt door pounded rlolen ly tberoon. rn*w?*
lowlna convereatlon enaued:
Porter Thr**-thlrty; get up. ,ht
Innocent Vlctlra- <lo io ?, I left no cnll f * *a?
mlddl* of the nlaht. .
Mor* thumps on the panel. "I aay get up.
"i aay go to h
"Bul ) .ui mual **?! up "
"What for"" tM
"1 wanl you lo wltness that I called the msn w
the iu xi room " ,hi.
By thla tlme the cauae of .'.I lh* IrOUl le ?U ?P'J
t.. afford ocular demor.Btratlon at hia door tnat n*
w ia up an.l h.ilf dr.s.sed and the vicMtu wai
r .
>i|. nn.l ii.iu iiMs.se,, iiini in,- ? ,\ .... - .
prea?d Into servlee as a Wttn*** hut ?'"' '
Xforu-r luid another klck to help the cltrk aojuit*

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