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ftf?Mrf?ff* ww
*\t)r ,*? mnirzAU a3ii>invitb? m
fo THE M *YOB vv' I UOOKL.1 V
H n Ch,Dg brgan tbe daj yeaterday by
'?? '.,' , ?,,,nbcr .?f iH?wapai?er mea In hla
*kV'.M,'" '- ' ?he Waldorf. and talktag * lb
E*Twr nwqnwtkmi. of Intereat. H.n
* ,,. mtorripw be calM on M?y?r s,r":u:
j?* '?'..,'?> ti nfnVtal v-"1"' Mnbarrawtag qoea
E^L anawew to whlou greatly amuaed the
''^?- r. , the rity Hall the Ambaasador
?fj ,.,-, ia Brooklyn, vlalted tbe
|oJ vr'i'- - ? ??* ?? rroapeel F?rk. and
. ?penl i: tbe hoteL
^^u-dor wa. up brlghl ?* ??? as
1* ? ,.,, , i,?sv day before
",ual ;,;??';. f tfulnlght Hlaftngcr.
? .ar med In the door of his ear
r,ar ,'!. I. p , trlfta reatlea* He ahowed
SS he appeared al R o'clocfc evldenl algna of
IIfatisu ? vh?.h the varted and nutnerou.
"?* ?pre? !.*????.Ivethere
< th- New-Tork newapapera, and on
?2, altk-a for an Informal receptlon
1 ,,, ,?it The hour aet waa 8:.T0, Por
^rX-r?turneduronb?m. Hereto
?? V) ., an excellent reporter,
libaaWBOopportunlty il?P to aak queatlona
Mlrrday. bowever, he aal patlontly under a
' m ^ ? awera to whlch were
Jjav* Impjrtant uttsranceii the Vlceroy hai
^t. Ir ti li conntry. He evldently appr i laied
ITVnivlty "f hi5S remarka. f?r he often r*
-atri tn I cal l upon hla rtalton to note ? r
Ufcfotata He once or twlce referred e.pe.
Mnkave In ?he Unlted Rtates, and expreiaed
iftalrntlT for them.
IliiaapUl '?? s '?" ,h" newnpaper men were :??
wivrd ?>y R B. Drew nnd uahered into the prc*
^r(. r,f the VI v. who wa? In the nmaller of
UaiMept] - rooma in ihp ntate apartraenta, on
MTharty-fourth-nt. Plde of the Waldorf Hotel.
Ui Ictatd upon the gold-headed ebony cane
wUA h.. .?:?.- constantly, and upon the
rfltano.LordUli comlng Into the room. H<
nsdnwed In ? loose-nttlng darfc brown nllken
irrappor.' whlch reached 'n hls ankles, and he
M, the itrange. large gllk-coveied boata On
m bead tu his close Itting I ack Bllk nkull
np topp ?'? bj ? ?- i-.': ?? 1,,ur'
?hkh, ihortly atter the Intenlew began. tbe
Ttaeroy removed
He mceWed the fi-" lew reportem preaented
tohhn ?;'t^ i I andahake and a pleaaanl nod, 1
|be j... ? Dad tn bo dlscontlnued owing
IoUm . flnger. He took
? ihr head of a l i I < ? ntre tal '??.
I whlch wi for the new?
paper men. Th< re v erc wlth the Vleeroy, besld#
Lord U. his Interpreter, Lo Pei R Lnh, an l l/n
j -.iTix-; hto phyalclan. pr. M two pl] at
?-rij.-ints aad In th< back
.. .
Th<re wer< .'.-? in tbe room IIt. Drew, wbo
vtted su? inaater of eereroontea, and the s>cu'.itt"i\
?agt Furhs, who Ia modelltnc ta*o buata of I
vvr.iv. "n>' :"i">r the Waldorf Hotel and one for
irCbln^sf t'??nHUl In ihin i I
lartaf the flrat part of ?he talk Dr. Mark a t? I
u lnt?!;." '??!. bul later Lo Feng Luh, a big,
:,. tupplanted hlm and Inter
?*r**i \.:< tranalatlona wlth generoua peala ol
liSghter at nn.v of h\x maater'a taylngc whi( h
- ? -:.: red partlcularly biight. ??'? Tgular
ir.rral? the long-?tem>r.ed pl].f the Vk
Muthrust ceremoniouiily Into liis moutli and 11 >
IjBgtaK j rontentedly th< r< froni a ?? i
*MSj, wh? i! the )'i]'. waa remov?-d and rcfi
The-- . ti for the party aet the ball rolling,
?io f,>'.,k. b) aaylng to the Interpreter; "HIi
Lire-:-:. . ald many klnd thlnga about ua.
V?stou!] like to know II there i.u anythlnj i
ias %pp : - I hlm In thla coui
Ikttoterpreter gave the replj of thi Vlceroy
u follows,: "Jdy treatment In thla countrj haa
ktaaoM ? . -ti I have nothlng to complaln
' i ia tilna t'.i-l abool An?( rl< a, ex
'??W that |'ou have too manj polltlcal partles.
Tm ptp^r- h uld try to unlte th' m I I
i?.n deligl ? - ? erythlng, and ? i
oUaglu pl -i m? ao much. Tli<- hlgh bulld
hgiare the greateal thlnga 1 have aeen. They
w**ond?rf;j! I have i ? ver aeen anythlng llke
. Wi n l have theni In Chlna, vVe
-?v? the !.; ? matantly, and *\u-h
ajflajfi -.: mld ? -?? '?? -'? H< ? >"?' have
?cadj K-lnda, and you can put up auch
;,)?? \\.i!i<l"lflli. tOO
?n<l the bulld nga < ?uld nol be uaed wl^hout
The \ - aak< d to < ompare hls Im
.? - ? I'nlted Bta -
"But," ?? ! "H would n<>t be rlghl to
*?>} aaytbJi. ? ?;;!?? flecl oi i Ither
etaatry. J from England orlglnally,
*niJ fro^i gng you have learn< I every
I : | ,.. n thoughta, but they are
I ? MAsWf.
Bevaaukedal I ?? educatlonal ayatem of
(^'lna. and if the glrli enjoyed the aame ad
*aata?ti ? Hi" reply waa:
"H i?'.v.'.,;,i . | gend the boya to pub
? !?>,!-. v. to more ach >ola
?' ''hlna. The p - do not ^> to the achoola
?tt 'he bo>s. TI hu- taught b: govern
"???allaaaa 01 all irlrla cannot have
"'?>? prtrOtga'
WTbei aaa*4 tm I li oplnlon about the ???
... paaaed In IMKi,
*"" v- ould be repealed or
lo aa ? tioi BO? :.. I un
**"''?:i- and l >\- , t i hoj ? the law alll be
^"- '..,! v. u ahould help In
?k Tii.' piaaa i0Um take up our rauae and
**k ?<"? th.- repeal of th.- law."
!w,i"'(1 M '" u,i"'t!?-r or n"t li*- route acroi
? r '' ' ? by waj of Canada waa d? ter
*^ ui' :? far :.. advam ? and through any dla
?dJ11^ ' l"' tnr"""n Canada waa determlned
1 hr two reaaoni Flral ctii.i here the In
^ . ." ?.?.
,. '' Paai through Weatern Btatea of the
hfc >. hla countrj,:"-" had fared ao
'r(-t<r ?aa \er>- expllclt apptrently under
n* ai.i tr,.-(,,.?:;,:... from my eountrymeji who
?Inflii.-n-. of the Vlceroy'a deilre for exacl
. f
fd*iori" In Chlna ' r*c< Ived conatantly p
"?**t becauae whi!< l v ,-t.s a Hlgh Com
? h( i.. declaiing thal th.y were
f0r? '""' '' ! Prtvllagw recelved bj oth r
k^,2K,,,i',' Com,n? l" thli roui ?? had not been
!*tltl '' 'h Th<> w''" "??'"'?', ''?"!'??? Theae
aaklng f?r my h< lp, - ume tn me con
ri^t ' '?' 'J''' ? thal |. i. ,,] ,,|
?uiiT"" '" ''"'" u'"" '' "' ' "" ' wm
,?wther curtalled l tould not ya?? through
'???liiiuMl o? luui-lii Tuste.
ixw -ati"ns or BUICIDR
A rrlmc .?:m!lar In mc?! of )t? d. talla :,. the r
murd. ol Annle B ch in '.:?.-? Twet ty-flr*t-at., waa
hroLghi tn the attentlon of the pollce yeatet lay morn
ing, w:u-r: Bamuel Meyera reported that h!s wlfe,
kt Meyera, had been atrangled in her hed. a X
? - '??''-: Twenty nlnth-at. The eonpl. had b. ? n l
Ing in a rlat m that housr- about .1 month. The ma
mployem. ?.?, and waa appar. ntiy aup I
bj the woman, who waa to bi f un . In Thlrd-avc ..?
lato houn at nlsht.
A: 2 a m yeeterdaj M< >? ra ran to P llcc-man Blyer.
In Thlrd-ave., Bp,i Wld be had Jua: dlacovered tl tl
hla wife had been mtjrdcred Callini uotber pollce
man, Blyer went to the hou e in Twenty-nlnthat.
wlth Meyera. In. a I 1 )? xm on the -? roi i lloor they
fi und the body of a iroman ahout twenty-flve yeari
old, lylng in the bed Aboul h<r neek waa a itoek
Ing. tlfhtly flrawn and '?-! In 1 double knol J ?
had been atrangled, aml h"r body waa atlil ao warm
' ?! ,;'- i'0llcemin thought ahe mlght be allve. An
ambulance waa callad from Bellei .- Hoapltal, and
the pollcemen who had cut away th atocklng from
the woman'a nc k. alded the ambulanc irj on in
efforta to r> >:or<> anlmation. A':or worklna over th.
body for half an hour, however, the aurg .?:; -.tij that
? ? ? nar. waa <lrad.
Meyer*. nh.'n queatlon. i bj the pollce, itjd he waa
a j< w( ller otil ? '. work. On T leidaj evenlng, he \ ild,
h( ;??? hla hom< aboul 8:45 o'clock and apent the
etenlng with frlenda In Attomey n n return. 1 to
the houi at 1:80 o'clock, le( hlmaelf Into the rooma
wlth hla key, >pd, upon dlaeoverlng the condltlon of
hla wlfe, ran oul I 1 aumtn ir the poll ?? M- y< ra
afterward contradlcted hlmaelf b; aaylng that he left
lo k In th< evenl | He w 1* taken
io the 1: iat Thlrty flfth it atatl ?p, where he gave hi?
ast .'.- thlrty-flve yca:s.
Captab Martena and I?'i' ctlvea Becker, O'Rourke
and C'ray Immpdlatelj atarted oul on an Investlira
tlon of the raae, whtle Detectlvea IMni.-r and
Snydor, of th-- Central Offtce, ael to work to croaa
queatton Mey?r?. tf-- ugnln channed the tlme or
hls leaving the houae, si>in? that it waa 930
'?'??lopk. and that li" wns In Attorney-at. up to
nearlv 1 o'clork. Wlthout piiylna m dlreotly Mi
llvea Intlmated that !)'??> i-.'"; (roofl re
bellcve that Meyera waa n tramMer, and eari ?
on hla trad< of |ew??lrj pedlinji aa 1 pretcnM ll
frequenta the Hebrew quartcra ?>nat 01 the Bower>'
The woman who waa found de.td waa aboul ??
ty-flvi yeara old. of llght complezlon and halr, .n,<\
woman of common appearanoe Bhe w;i
wll known to the pollce of the Kaat Si<'?? atatlona
by the narae of "Dutch Mangle." Phe had beei
liviim with Meyera for three or four yeara, and
1 >i-1 r qttarrela had been many Thej wn dlapoi<
ai -? 1 from rooma at Xo. Z.& Eaal Tw< ity-flftn-ai
??iv weeka aa;o becauae of thelr ronatant quarrel
llng, and alnoe thej had been llvlng at the Eaat
'\'\\ ??!!! y-nlnth-at houae
Onh two of the elght Jii>;>rtnient? In the houae
are occupled. and theae tenanta llve dlrectly above
! ii;.- r-M.m- occuplec by the Meyera couple They
aald th< >? henrd no nolse or atrunle nt any iiin
in the Htrbt. A rareful aearch of th<- rooma wher<
t'. w iman mel her death falli 1 to reveal any aat
|i<fHotor ? i' v.
The pollce are w?-rklntr on the th^ory that the
woman waa murdered bv Meyera Thcn I
that they hav.' dtaooveretl to aupport the I ?
T'i,.,.. u lomr reaaon for hellevinr that lh?' ?
k: led hera?-lf The kn>>t waa tled at th" left Mde
of the neck, in Buch a manner aa to Indlr -
Meyera waa a prlaonor at tho pollce atatlon H?
... n aean hed. nnd lomc of I I hI1< K< d ? lf<
lewelry waa found In hla pocketa li-- an ?! he had
takcn the Jewelry after flndlns her body In the
room. _
be inoo.oon
Byracuae, x. Y.. Bept. X?Weltlng Opera Houm
la burnlng down, aml from prwen* Indlcatlona a
whole block wlll go. Ih< losa wlll probably
amount to .?.M?*?.?mn.
?? ?
shot /v 7/7/: snti; a\d uir nir.
? ..- \ n iV OANG.
??Klpp" >rur;.!iv. twe-nty-two yi ira old, of No.
owi ? y, ..'..1 Maurice Fltze 1 ild, illaa "th 1
BoMon Kld." of the aarae addreaa, both memlien
Wl re locked up laat nlght
', in the Mulberry-at atatlon for the ahootlns of
11. ..r Meyera, forty-four yeara old, a porter, of
Xo - Bower^ Thej m t; have to anaw? r I
_,. ???. m ... \n badly hurt, the bullet h ivln?
Blde. He h 1 Identlfled "the Boa
Kld" ai iV man who ahot hlm.
,. ? ,, , ,| , n|ght the aali on ol A tron H< rxberg,
? \., |i - Bowi ry, wa? ? nt? red b> thlevi -. '11 n
' dollara In chunge and a 1- arl-handled revolver
w< re atolen. "Klpp" nnd "the Boatoi Kld ' w< r?
tl . ? ii., and loltertng al.I it all thal
? ? i ihey w< re au< pectt d Th y went
, L. , ,, aboul I o'clock laal nlght inii aaked
.?? : Th ? bart< nd< r, Jamea Doj 1 ?. who
?? n ..,,. refuaed to aerve them. and told both
? , k-ave the place. Inatead the thugt walked
. . galoon to the rear, where there 1- a
kin 1 of a ?u imer garden. They ahouted at Do; le.
..,,,..,1 to be trylng to attract hlm In.iat
- thi place. Doyle would nol go. There
... |n th< gard? n and "Klpp" and ' the
Kld" bcgan to practlae ahootlng wlth a revolver.
They extended repeated Invltatlona to Doyle to
come Into th. garden, but the bartender thought
they mlght waiit 10 ahoot hlm and remalned In
it waa about T o'clock when Meyera went Into
; that part ol the aaloon to llght the alngle gaa Jet
Ihere He waa wa.ned by Doyle nol I
mlghl coa' hlrc hla llfc. Th* two men, Myera was
1 . 1 .nanii nnd lawleaa charH ler<<
? '' ' r .' , ... [f i>? \ f. ir
nnd would no' h?-altat to ahoot hlm if '?>?> " '
whlle he croaacd to the place where the -? ? 1
., Kot on achalr. and from hat to "?;;-;';?
? :,, do thla to g< ' al ?he llght. He h
:, wben h< heard a
,,.. .?.-,,i ;, ,,. ..;
he two n-n and aaw, he myr. a ?mo?f ng^ ??'?
i in the lof "The Boaton K|,| |,
, could twi m n iot? ?w flred and *
... Meyera dropped off he f.
,"''? ovlrtheco
i ;,,:v-',;,:1,r:.'-C. ?'
. _. ^. .? s A monumem l.* trom ?li
'.:,;.,',. io be erected here In memorj ol
, , 1. porter Th. commlttee 1 ;?;
. :' . ln? Of the Na-iona. ,;..:.r.| A
, ,,., Btate of NNr-York "to take Into
rl?., '" ,.,??,?,,!?. and feaalblllty of
, ,,.,. ideratlon th-- l""l. ,?..?,..-,1
monument 10 the memory of Ocn. 1 1
'? A ? :..ir, ;,,?i when flnlahed, preaented lo
Natlonal ......^ "; ; .. ? ,..,,,.?,?. endea^
'" rLLin^n Davld Wllaon of th. M B.
'! - \: 'vok t'ltj If aecretarj ol the com
'" ' ' , ? , -.?!!? a letter to the membera ol
^tlSS'requeatlni iheli Immedtate actlve
CO Op< I ?
\o\ll\ !///? FOR CIJXOREH*.
B , 1 Ferdl. ' '? "
mlnated for C.-? - b, Ihe Demo
,1,,. \11ith DUtrlcl ye?t< rday.
ronoord N H Bept * At the Ild Congreaalonal
... ,';?,. ?;,.???-,.,!!?? fonventlon to-day, fJeneral i
;,j . hittrS Ivierboro waa 1 oml ".1 by accla
matlon _^
CHANOE OF '^,1:(,1);V',,: SVN"' H??K
Beglnnlng Tucaday. W*?}'? & ^"vSfk'ptV^
ws i*?s^ SJsra
NEWB FR< '.M \ i:i:m< >\T.
KN'il.WP S 1 I8CI 'i NV RATE
The moat bopeful day that the Dnamial com
' munltj haa experlence] In many montha waa
yeaterday. The Improved ftellng waa due to
the newa <>( the overwhelmlng R?*publlcan vh.
tory at the State electlon In Vermont. It waa
i.. pnlzed thal aa the Vermonl campaign waa
i ond ict( d . n N'atlonal llnea, the reaull ol It af
forded .1 gt od gauge of the reaull of the -? n
,.,...,1 electlon In Novembei II waa belleved
?i ? there waa no long >r room f< r doubt thal
Bryan would be ihe worel beaten man who
ever ran for th ? Prealdenc: All rear as to the
malntenat.I the gold atandard In t''1- coun
try dlaaj peared In >n< da; confld n< ?? ap
peared to be wholly reatcted, and the bellef
waa thal ? revlval of bualneaa actlvtty mlghl
be look. l for all w i Imi ledlatelj.
Tbe enthualaam In Wall Btreet aeemed bound
|eM- ^8 th< corrected returna were recelved,
ihowlng the real majorltta in Vermonl to be
? larger than the eatlmated onea, the brokera on
th< Btock Exchange, l>emocrata as well aa Re
I publicana cheered luatily From the openlng
th.- atock market aatncd In atrength untll aome
(n , .. Hkln to a booni waa under waj The glad
ttdinga from Vermont were cabled to Europc.
and In reaponae verj conalderabl. ordera for the
, purchaae of atock -???? recelved. The omen
, contalnedln the Vermonl electlon together wlth
the heavy movemenl ot gold rront Europc to
;,,,. waa taken to for?ahado? ? contlnued
.., prerlation In the raluea of gecurltle??.
Ket advancea In leadlng atocka. comparlng
rday1! cloalng prlcea wlth thoae of Tueaday,
were: Amerlcan Bugar Reflnlng, '?'?'*? Amerlcan
Tobacco, 1%; Bay Btatt Oan. I1,-: Burllngton and
Qulncy, 1%; Canada Bouthern, 1%; Chlcago Oaa,
2%; Colorado Fuel and Iron, 2%: Conaolldatcd
Oaa 1. Delaware and Hudaon. :'-lt. Erle,
li^; neneral BlectMr, 1'-: rillnoUi Bteel,
2; lowa Central. l;Lackawanna 2?.*;l*k< Bh.
;?!..; Metronollian Tractl ?n. 2Vi; Mlnneapo
Bt. Loula. L!?; Mlnneaol 1 Iron, I; Satlona L ad
'_'; N.--A Jeraej Central, 3K; >?'? v- Y",k Central,
j .. N K. i nd prefi rred. 2; Northwest,
lu; Omaha, 2; Pullman, I; i: ? '? J-'-an-i I 4;
St Paul ITv B Paul preferred, R; Bouthern
Uallv.aj preferred, I: Tenneaae. Cnal and Iron,
KcSrdIg.gu.rant.1. 2V,; Leather preferred
09, Rubber, I; Rubber preferred, 1; Wabaah
,.,. .?.,,,i. p4, Wealen, Cnlon 'i
There were no additlon* yeaterday to the en
Kagement* of gold f. r Importatloi . bul there aai
an arrlva) of *7RO.O00 bj the Tcutonlc, ol the
Whltc Star Llne. makln* th. arrlva -? tn date
$4IKIO 0U0 out of th. vjnn.M.iNMi and a llttle m.
ordered. Importatlonr, 01 rather engagementa
for Importatlon. may be Int. rf?>red wlth lem
Dorarlh by th< hlght 1 dlaco ml ratea In th. n\ ?"
markel In Lond >n and the allghi advance In
utorling exchai g< Hxch inge a< cumulati - ?o
rapWly that there la llttle 01 n ? doubi thal
I nR ratea wlll b. b oken down and the Inflow of
gold :? Rumeil almost Immi' llal ly.
It is ivorth notlng thal the Bank of England a
I minlmui 1 rate of dlsc ainl waa r< duced on Fe ?
ruai 22 1V'-M. lo - per cent, and haa n m
.,. polr.i ever alm ?. Thla rate haa, conae
,,?, ntly, '.-.11 In exlatence for n ?!?? than I vo
and ah.il: yeara. whlcl I the I mB( I perlod of
. h. ip money evei known In Englan 1 or an
where 1 lae. TI ?? ac. umulatlon In Lond .1 ot
. loar tbli capltal mad? ' ' ?? conalderable
. . 11 toward the end of lv'-M In the beat claaa
i 0f Inveatmenta, whlle the yeai l8t?S and. foi thUt
matter the yeai !v'-'?'' up 10 a ahort tlm.
| afforde'd an unbroken rerord 1 f a ?va
f ir hlgh'daaa atocka and .1 gr. wltlon
to apeculate In minlng and Induatrlal enter
prl., .. ad adv.nt e now In the Bank ol
land'a dlacounl rale would he looketl upon aa
a menac to home apeculation In 1 ond ?n. No
doubt a grea< mai j ol the be ? al ? ka b 1
of the reatrlctlo" : on 11 u--??? - and the extren:e
aecurlty offered bj them, would probabij hold
thelr prlc(. even ahoul . nn nej becom* * orth ?'?
per cent. There wou i however. be . partlal
collapae In aecond rate atocka In the caae ol the
ralalng of ratea for money. The amall advanc.
thai ha: aln ad? Ix en made h ia perceptlb y
ahaken the marketa and checked apeculatlon
There i.- not much apj <. 'henalon that the Bank
of England wlll raise IU prlce for Amerlcan
eagle*. for If it dld ahlppera of gold I 1 Amerlca
would take aoverelgi 1 and no advantage would
be gained by the bank
Tl.. North Oernian Lloyd ateamer Irave,
whlch aailed from Boutbamptog at :t i>. m. yester
day for New v-ti< has N.2?.0 In gold on
x ,,,, ,. .,,,. n. :"-"; ' '- ' "' ' ,';",;?' ?'"'K'
por, 1:. 1 luh of the XIXH Aaaemblj P
tli . ., ,. helil 'at the elul room? Bixty-^lxtli al
;,,,? rolumbua av. . laal nlgl t. Henry G. 1
.!Ml. BrMgman, chali
?.,., ,,, ,.?. Kxccutlve Comml I ?? mad< an able
? ?.l Impre ?? a.ldreaa. urglni
Bn,ong Ihe Repul .l,,ln"
,?, ihe m. ml* m ot lh< duh 10 work unceaalngly
from now untll Kl.ctlc l>ai to wiiw the trl
umph of Ihe rat
in ihe Htat.? >? itlonal ? umpi ?
Mr Uri.liim m off. rwl 1? .provlng tbe
r 1 .. (jiita* t'onj
?.. , ,.??,. :,l .1 |.l. Ugltl.
"o ti,. m. the ? ? ..;?? Th.
,,.-?. - wer< ' , w;'";
,,|so reaolntloi li doi Ir* th. itfon idopted
nk 5 Mlak rcr Hov-i. Tlmoil
? .1 .,..-.. rn< ?? nd Irvli . B
for Judjre nf 1 ? ri of Apiw .'I
?? ?! ? m< tiii.ii ?>
?f ,'ii,'.' ,'..| ??, v. .rk loyali; tog. th. 1 and ??- th?>li
Hsni li' th< pr. 1. '.' ?? f B? "'' 'dlcte l
Reptlblir in ' ' '
I /:?/?//.? I V? PAKAUE IS ?-/'. PAI /..
? ???\\ \- KR I?
gt. Paul, Bepl ' Ta ent; 1\\ thotn and ?
.;... .1 Arn
under ?' "k"'1 j
),>? plllara <<r w hlt.
piaudli ? *'? '?' ?
,- ,:i, ti im h- r< vU a Inj -1 ind,
" th bla atafl
.,,!i 1 ldl. : 10 tha
Hmltli I'ark Th< ; " '! '"":
,andn of n 1 N'
r. ? ,.v,:, r im do\ n Ihe lilll In Bl
It waa
, . 1 .,'. lo. I.. bu
,i. 1 .. Th. -1 B< *lm< at ol lb. Mtnt
, ,,.i k.pt tl tudf to t
:,., . m th ? arrlvnl ?? ' ? ? ommandi r ?
I e X ' Milltla waa
- Sin,ih Park Th. IHH ?l l? ?- arert
In iK?aitlon and 1 iml
. . . it there wai none to
mar ih. grand mai
A ?,-::,:? ?- tl ???" "f '
.,, . thla mornlng al tne
, The bualneaa irana
,ot - Inter- I
?. ...? . Mrs U,lk,r
', ?? ? .111 B l>ietrl?l ' ? ' "
, . t ' ? '??? ' ? '' '" '
, . r be
(lral '???, , ? ,,,-, ,. added Ad
i ,.,, --l.!...: 10
?ffi^SS ,.,,',,.,n,?,nhttH.:..- I
II- Tl > A? >!'T 38,000.
CH \'l "S BTt'NNED \ II.' OD ' >F C ?N
St Albana, V't., Bept. ?_'. A pluralltj of about
:>immi |a the full meaaure of gtad tldlngi pro
rlalmed bj the freemen of the Oreen Mountaln
Btat. for the cauae of aound money, protectlon
! and ^.l government, The Democrat Waterloo
' in the State electlon yeaterdaj cauaea the ut
moat rejolcing among the i"- >Dle of Vermont
who place patrlotiam above party and r? fard 'h-'
Chlcago candldatea and platfotm aa a menace
to the honor and proaperity of tha country.
The corrected returna are nov tl hand from
all hti! nit.f the lowna and cltl. a In ih Btat. .
The miaaing towna caal .1 amall vote. IVIthoul
theae placca, whlch cannol Ia reached through
offlclal channela except by mall, the toUl vot?
For Oovernor?Groui (Rep.), f?2.500; Jackaon
(Dem.), 14.040; Battell (Pop.), IS21; Whlttemore
(Pro), ''I'- (Irout'a plurallty, 37.020; majorlty
.. . r all, 30.787.
In IN02 the aame towm gave Fuller (Rep.).
38.230; Bmalley (Dem.), I2,0ttt; all oth. a, 1.721:
FulWa plurallty, 10.330; majorltj over all,
17.015. The Repuhllran net galn ia 19.172, 01
11-t per cenl The nlne towna not reported gave
in 1802, Fullei 717. Bmalley -';77. all othera -"'.
Fuller'a plurallty, ?".{": trajorlty over all, 311.
If th. p n entage of Increaae is maln
talned In theae towna thla yeat aa '.n the towna
reported, the Republican majorltj in the State
wlll be 37.440 01 0.822 nbove prevloua hlgh
a-at. !? mark
The vlctorj Ia of auch a awe< ping character
that Ita extenl and algnlflcance were not at
flral reillzed by the votera of the Btate.
rman Olln llerrill, of the Republican
Stat.- Comniitt* >, shared wlth Benalnr Proctor
in the expe. tatinn <>r a pl enomenal plurallty for
('.t'.tit and Flak
Ex-Senator Qeorge F. Edmunda publlcly an
nounced that he had come home to add one. vote
to the majorlty expected. Ex-Mlniater Ed
ward J. Phelp* depoalted hfa ballot for Natlonal
honeatj and Integrlty, and many aound
Democrata followed hla example. But few party
1 adera on elther alde had any expectatlon of
the Republican landallde. The leadlng allverltea.
includlng ncarly all tha Federal offlce-holdera
openiy '!?? iiiv.i that the majorlty would fall
t,,;.,- 20,001) x? ? 11 ? ? <if the Popocrata conceded
,,v,..- 22,000 majorlty for Urout. The maaa of
Republican voto. are aatounded at the alze of
ti,.. vlctory. The Popullat tlcket polled leaa
than 1.000 votea, aml the Prohlbltlonla'ji leaa
t un n r.? n?
The cauaea >?( the vlctory and the reau ta of
the electlon were admlrablj aummarized by
Chalrman Merrlll to-day. II aaid: "1 attrtbute
jhe magnlficenl Republican vlctory we have
' won to the Inulllgence and honeat; <.f th- peo
' pie of Verm ?nt. The trlumph for a. und money
and protectlon is the expreaaed convictlon of
I the yeomanry and worklngn.1 the Oreen
Mountaln Btate. The Republican party entered
,.,?,. ,. . . ? !.-. ad< ? ra.
Btancea, The aharp factlonal flght for thi
Uubernatorlal nomlnatlon betweet Major Oroul
and Bpeaker Btlckney left the party Ir a dei
allzed condltlon. The hard tlmea exiatlng. eapi
1 jaiij ai ;- ng the farmers, . reated m. re or leaa
dlacontent. The allver craze atruck Vermonl
Immedlatel) aft. r the Chlcago Conventl. n, and
the moat vitmi.- efforta were made by the
allverltea to convert the votera to free allver.
The old Democratlc Btate Commlttee eondm I 1
B apirited campalgn. and the Populiata clrcu
mllllona of free-allver documenta The
Republican majorlty of leaa than 20,.' at the
Peptemher electlon laat Prealdentlal year waa .1
dlacouraglng baala to work on.
"The Republican Btate Commlttee, bellevlng
that the freemen -f Vermont would grandly
,,. . . ,i to th< ? 1 al moral nnd economtc laaui
,,f the can aaa Inaugurat. d a campalgn 1
educatlon. and ael about to combat the theorle.
, f the allv. r party oratora How noblj the
..ntera reauonded Ia aeen by the unparallel vlc
? torv whbh aurpaaoa by tnon than 10,000 the
largeal Republican majorlt; ever caat for Oov
....',?? ?ince t..e organlzation of the Republican
.,,'., ' The greal vlctorj Ia bul the logical
..-uil ,,f the patriotlc and hoi ? al Inatlneta of
I,.. .nie of Vermont Irreapectlve of party.
whlcl were so grandly emexpllfled when Cum
ter waa flred upon and Republlcana and Demo
erata a'.lk. rallied tn save th, Unlrn. Now, a*
then. manj thouaanda of pemocrata have nu
patriotlan alw>ve partj and rallied to aave the
honor and Integrlty of the x.">..n
,-,,i, ,,..] rj< ? rg ? T Chlld*. Vermonl m< mher of
,,?. Republican Natlonal Commlttee, Baya: "1
.,,,.;, ,,,,. the overwhelmlng Republican vlctorv
l,, thix Btate to th ? convictlon 1 f Ita vot. rs thal
the free and unllmll d colnage of allver al ? "'?
to-1 ratlo and other declaratlona In the Chlcago
plfttform would. if carrled .nto effecl be dlaaa
.., ri,.- Inter. ata of the countrj
Ueutenant-Oovernor-elect N W. Flak aaya ? t
the electlon: ' Vermont haa apokeit loud enough
,,, he h. ard bj ev< 1 farmcr from M tlne to
Californla. Tl e qu. tlon how the votera of thla
,; ,ne ,.,,,;, ,;-. arfr to catl thelr ballota haa
ftpparentlj diaappeared. The Vermcnt farm. -
hav ?ald We ha-. no d. Hre ?r dlapoaltlon to
pay our honeat debta at 50 centa on the dollar.'
The 1 R*. 11 'ip ti t'1" farmera" vote of :he c >un
trj of the aplendld reaulta of our Btate elec
. .,,,,.,,? 1.vereatlmated. I betleve II fali
to a-otv, that the fr.allver aentlmenl is aa
,,,?h exai gerated In three-fourtha of the Btatea
aslt haa been in Vermont, and the greal Repu ?
,,. in n)llJority a??urea not onlj M< Kinley's
?: H aound monej Benate and Houae,
,.,,?? ?,,,,. a revlvalof bualneaa anda return
?f proaperltj auch aa exlated before !>??-.
Chalrman Merrll haa recelved congratulatory
all parta of the .intry to-day.
; ? the followlng:
, ',,..? Bept .? Hon. Olln Merrl Bl
? ? ' ln? '"' ">?
;n''i."',M::ri^,"1rh..irm.n Ohlo Republican Btate
c mn
m n, , ,| \t nn., Bepl 2 Accept h< r I h
. magnlficenl vl. :ory. Mliine
,,,, srai- between Vermont and he
? ? ????..'..??:?':;,;.'?":nrv;,y?.1:sJ,S
'??: ,v" >A CHARLE8 \ I'M l BBirRY.
n ., KHcan N ttl >n il Headquart. ra, New Vork.
... g, pi 1 To Olln Merrlll, ?
W .. . rommlttee Bl Albana, \ t.:
prmo,.t mo : heartlly on her
1 ntr>. It I Ing of
"? ' ' .1 M 'l HL'RBTON
the end
H. ,,,, ,. era New-York H
... '?, N>, ..,..i . ?" ?'?"' >our aa
,. ,;,..,.? Mountaln Btate on the aplen
rtM vl ? ' ' "v"1 "l,'"^,.?;,,,?.'?^?',"
lar N. H. B* UTT.
I h ,.. ? uhllcana of Vermonl are ao elated over
? !,. .... ,n 1 ,i II 1- au ted by lome of th
l .. pllgrlmage be n ada to Canton at
. ,,: ,: 13 tm th. i - ' paj Ini thali n
apectain perajoa to M-'.yn- McKinley and givlng a
leatlmonlal lo aoma fonn of the grand lu-pub
Ilran vlctory to hlm. It la propoeed thal ? apa
clal traln, accommodatlng al leaat 130 peraona,
be chartered. Jf the trlp la made tha party con
template. aUrtlng for Canton on Wedneeday,
Beptember '.?. to be abaent four daya A pom
mittee ->( arrangementa haa been appolnted.
The campalgn ? ia conducted In an extreme y
able and ? t!i< i"tit manner by Chalrman Menlll
and hla aaaoclatea on the Btate Commlttee, The
partj organlxatlon waa never before ao perfect
andcomplete, andgreatctedll ladueto Mr. M-i
rlll for the magnlflcenl reaulta ?>( hla nsanage
ment. Senator Pro?tor waa alao a potent factor
in theconteat, and hla peraonal work contrtbuted
tnti.it t.. Republlcan aucceaa.
Th" reporta >.f the landallde in Vermont
brought Joy to th<> merchanta iti thla clty. The
largn majorlty foi the Republlcan tlcket waa
talked about in the drygoods distric-t yeaterday
aa an Indlcatlon that the farmera of th.- country1
are noi t , i?. deluded by th.- free-allver talk <>f
Mr. Bryan, and that the danger -.t" a debaaed
currencj is mor< remote than it appeared to !??
at one tlme Then had i.n a feellng among
many buaineaa men thal the farmera mlght be
come affected wlth the fr.allver craxe The
newa from Vermont waa therefore all th" more
reaaaurlng t" th.- merchanta, many <>f whom
declared yeai >rday thal there would be an im
provement iti buaineaa as a r>-sti!t .>t' returnlng
. ofldi :.. ? ?
"We are all dellghted," aald Blgourney Fay,
:i tn. mlier "f the firm "f Wendell, Fay &? C?? at
No. R2 Worth-at. "The majorit) In Vermont for
honeal money is an Indlcatlon thal the farmera
are not to i..- f.. i.-il. and that thej are Jual as
patrlotli aa other cltlaena. Th.- countrj is not
golng :?> t'.:" bow-wowi jet by any meana. We
.r- golng tn have better buaineaa and more
proaperlty for the whole country on account of
thal >i.-cti.'ti In Vermonl "
"Now, wasn't thal majorlty In Vermont reaa
aurlngr' aald one of Mr. Fay'a nelghbora In
Worth-al who haa voted the Democratlc tlcket
for yeara and wlll voti f r MeKlnley and Hobart
thla fall "I tell you.'1 he contlnued, "l had
begun to feel aomealarm about the farmer vote.
One of our men who haa been travelling In the
Weat v.as wrltlng lettera about th" apread of
the illver aentlment among Ihe farmera there
untll I fell that the farmera tnd the bualnea*
rn.-i! were to be oppoaed to eaeh other on the
flnanclal queatlori thla comlng electlon, bul late
ly he haa l>e. n wrltlng that the trend "f aentl?
ment aeema to be more In favor of honeal money.
I belleve that th" farmera wlll be found on the
rlghi alde of the queatlon afti r all."
?l am glad f it of couree, bul I expected
it." aald Edward E. Eamea, of the H. B. Claflln
c pany, talklng of the Vermont majorlty. "I
haven'l been worrylng much about the sllver
crazo lately. Buaineaa ? good and prlcea for all
kinda of drygooda are low "
"Mr Eamea geta at th" aentlment ol other
buaineaa men throughoul the country as qulckly
aa any man I kr.ow," aald an aaaoclate In the
blg atore, "and he haa been declarlng thal there
waa no danger of Bryan'a electl >n. Many mer?
chanta from the Bouth who have alwaya voted
the Democratlc tlckel have been here and have
aald that thej wlll vote for McKlnlej ihis year.
The merchanta of the Bouth and th. farmera of
the Bouth are iik.lv to vote the aame way, for
thelr Intereata are bound up cloaelj together."
?'Thla country la not golng mad luai yet." aald
a member of the flrm of C nverae, Stanton ft
Cullen. "In.the face of a danger auch as would
w [th t),e electlon of Br; an and Bewall,
there wlll be plenty of patrl. ttc Democi ita who
wlll vote for MeKlnley to aave the country from
tinatn lal riiin."
The M< Klnlej and Hobart bannera are ? ?
thlck in the drygooda dlatrict now that thej are
to be Been al every tuin, and not a Br an
b.iei ts in alghl Nexl week the drygooda
men wlll begln to hold meetlnga In the Jaffray
fjulldlng In Bi adway, and make the campalgn
for MeKlnley llveller than ever,
The newa of the tremendoua Republlcan ma
lority In Vermonl gave greal aatlsfactlon to all
loeal Republlcana yeaterday Dr. W. Beward
Webb. who waa elected to the Btate Leglalature
alung wlth the r il of the Republlcan tlcket,
Bent word to the clty yeaterday th.it it waa a
alorioua vlctory Chauncey M Deptw recelved
thi meaaage and he fullj concurred In Or.
Webb'o itatement, addlng: "II la only a fore
,.,,?,,,.,- 0f the dlaaater to come that la, for the
r,..?.r'ata." Mr. Depew waa moat enthualaatlc
the waj Vermonl had ahown heraelf tru.
t0 the Repnhllcan party, and aald he belleved
the reault'could bs taken aa an accurate gauge
,,.- ,|,.nditlona thal wlll prevall at the Na
i i , al el< ctlon
? ?[ ,,..... found." aald Mr Depew, "In thlrty
yeara' experlence In polltlca, that whal is true
',,{ .,ti" aectlon of the country, relatlvely, la
true of the whole country. Th< tlme haa
i \: hen local aentlmenl counta In an
tion In atumplng thla Btate i hav. found that
In taklng the aentlmenl over ihe Btate gen
erally you could gel a pretty accurate forecaat
,,f condltlona over the country. Now, ui
there la aome abnormal condltlon of affaira
,-xtant m the Weal and Bouth, auch aa we hear
nothlng of In the Eaat, the feellng la In favor of
the Republlcan party. There maj be a doml
nant, overweenlng and aggreaalve free-allvei
w ,,,:,,,, rt m the Weal that we have not heard "f
here, bul it la not llkejy. Communlcatlon la
po clotws in thei ? daya, newa travela s.. qulckly
and aentlmenl la ao accuratelj gauged that it
I, ,,,,t in--.iv that there is any auch atnttment
In tii.. Weal and Bouth. 1 thlnk that we can
take the rcault In Vermont. and In relatlve Re
publlcan galn apply it to the country general
|y, and gel a falr eatlmata of the reeult.
?I l elleve thal there w III be a lai d II le thls
fall, and thal the Republlcan tlcket \\ii; be
elected wlth a great majorlty ti apare, i hope
?o The mere electlon >.f MeKlnley doea not
mean everythlng. We muat eleel the Republl?
can tlckel thla year by an enotmoua vote. Bup
poae MeKlnley u.-r.- carrled itu., the Wblte
ll.niee by a tldal wave, auch aa the one whtch
placed Oranl In the Whlte ii.,us.- the litst tlme
thal li" ran, The reault would be the death ol
free allver. it would aettle th- whola matter
wlth a flnalltj thal would nol admlt >>f a re?
openlng "f tha tueatlon But, ahould McKlnlej
be elected by .t narrow margln, wlth .i Houae
to aupport hlm that waa nly narrowly tor
Bound money, then we would hav.- the queatloa
to Bettle all ovei agaln In four y-.irs from aow.
Th. reglatered wlll of th-- peopla 'his tlme
liould i ? ? i.mplete and bo i onvtw Ing thal
it would he the utter annlhll itlon ol tii- ci - i
i .,.,- . iinage If II la not, there wlll enaue
four yeara mora of doubt mlatruat, la.'k of con
*oiiiIiiii.-.I ?? Fowrth P?a?.
Tbe lirst Katiooal CooreRtioa <>r (be Vatliwart
Democratlc party waa ralfed to order lo in.l
lanapolla yeaterday b? Benator Palmer, of 11
llnoia. Tbcre arere preaaoi dekagatea repreae\al>
Ing forty-one Btatea and tbree Terrltoriea, Kx
Qoveroor Roawell P, Floarer, tba temporarv
cbainnan, and Beoator Donetaoa CafTery, of
Louialana, tba permaoent cbalrmao, caeb de>
lirered patriotlc addrcaaea oo taklng tl.inir.
After appolnting the commltteea tbc Conrentloa
adjoaroed to 11 n. m; to-day, t,, awall reporta,
Brtgg and Bockaer Ia atiU tba farorlte i eket
f.?r Preaident and Vlce-Prealdent, thoogh Oaav
cral Pabaer*i cbaocea for lirs* place areta naa>
i Ing gwal beadway.
fnv rexaxnuMi to ran tmbcwb.]
Indlanapolla, Bept 2 A refreablng atmea*
l>h ?!?.? of bualneajllke common-aenae, refreahlng
In contraat to tho forced and altogether un
healthy bothouae >nthualaem of the Bryan-AR
; geld-TUIman gatbeting In Chlcago, dlatlngulahed
the Inltial meetlng In this clty to-day of the
Natlonal Conve-ition repreaentlng tin- Bound
Money Democracy o* the country. It: polnl of
numbera, In th.> dlgnlfled beartng of delegataa
an l audfence, In the quallty and character i f the
apeecbaa made, and In tha dlacrlmlnatlng out
burata of enthualaam and other manlfeataUoaa
of approval by whlcb tba | were fra
q'tently Interrupted, the Conventlon aurpaaaad
anythlng th. t even the moat aangulne promotera
of the movement could have had any reaaon to
Inatead of a proi inclal, or ev. n w ctional, spirlt
pci-vadlng tha gatherlng, tbe proi.Ilnga frora
b vrinnlng to end were dlatinctly marked by mod<
eratlon, broadneaa and llberallty. There waa
i l.-ss rant and more loglc, leaa Invectlve and more
arzument, In all theai.chea made than Ia n-ual
ly heard on occaaiona <>f thla k.tid. Earneatnaaa
of purpoaa and a .in..- aenae of reaponalbUltlaa
; aaaumed were eaally recognlxed in all that waa
siid and done. lf a apeaker "al ipped over" oc
caalonally, It waa not dua to mallce, but to the
? x ittement of th.- moment There waa no appaal
to the paaalona and prejudlcea of tbe Ignorant
and baae, no attempt to befuddle laauea by tha
dlaouaalon of Irrelevant queattona, no dlepoel
tion t.j gain by oratorlcal trtckery what reaeon
and experience would rejeet It waa a meetlng
vf men who knew what they were there for, and
wh > wete determlned to g. t wbat thej v int. i in
tbe ihortest order poaalblc.
Witbln tho lajat tweaty-four boura tbe i ro
gramme of tho CoRventlon haa aaaumed pi p. r
tloaa aufflelaatpM diatlnct to warranl tbe pre
dlctlon of an adJournment bj to-morrow nlght
The platform ahona furnlabea at the bour of
wrlting a poaalble obatacle l > the executlon of
the plana outllned by the laadera of the mova*
ment. From an etaborate dfa. uaalon of the
whole flnanclal queatlon, Includlng U.I ..??.
N'atlonal bank laauea and tbe retlrement <>f
greenbacKH, which the Maaaachuaetta delega*
tion offera aa the main aupportlng plai b ol :h<?
platform. to a more or leaa radlcal reaaaertloa
of the Incime t.ix prlnclple, InaUted upon hy
certaln delegatea from the Bouth and the Fw
Weat all aorta of achemea and ~-? i-:_;?-~: i? ? 11 - bava
l.n aubmltted to the Commlttee i n Rea lutloaa,
The makeup of that commlttee leavea aom< wbat
in loubF the queatlon aa to what wlll be the
flnal outcome of Ita labora. If mere nambara
were t determlne the lssn^ Uttle leaa thun a
meanlngleaa atraddle on tba money queatloa
mlght b. looked tor. Theae an on th. <? mmit
t-.-. however, aome men of character and de
terminatlon of purpoae, who Juatlfy tbe expactaV
tion that thg flnanclal plank wlll be reaaonably
. i in aome quartera, Inde I. tha predlo*
tion Is freely made that tho de. laratlon >f the
platform on th* flnanclal queatlon ? rtll not only
i. one in favor of a atngle gold atandard, but
I wlll dlatinctly aaaert Iniernatlonal blmetalllaaa
: to be an "lrdeacent dream." Tbli Ii probabif
an altogether too aangulne \ tew f th'- altuatloo,
and one - if ely warranted by eondltlona knowa
t.. exlat, the t:-?itli belng that preaaure frora tho
Middle Weatern Btatea, whlch at..- conceded u>
control the entlre proceedlnga of thla Convcav
tion. is llkelj to f rce from tbe commlttee som?
declaratlon In favor of the "exlatlng ^ ild stan
da'd,' coupled wlth a promlae In ao many worda
I that "allver ahall be taken cara of."
An Income-tax i>iank i- not likely to form one
of th.- featurea of th.- platform. it wlll, if adopt
ed, ik,'noro tho Impoaitton of a "moderate !air.h-n
on corporate wealth." aa recommended by Mr.
Cleveland, and be more unlveraal in charactaa
and Btrictly in Un-* wlth th.- de. isions of tha Su
|>r.-ine COUrt In other WOrdB, U Wlll l"- a dec?
laratlon in favor or ? direet tax apportlooad
among the dlfferent Btatea accordlng to populav
tlon. Tba dlapoaltlon to adopt stteh a plank ia
not wldely dlffuaed, it is true, l.ut is betng urKod
vsitii vtgor by Htat>-s whoaa detegatlona j'oss.-sa
Influence in thla Conventiun and whoaa clamor It
wiii re?juire som.' couraga and t;i un. >s to Ignora,
A free-trade plank, uncomprontlalng as lan
guage can make it, is stire to i... adopted. of
that not th" allghteat doubt exixts. it is Udng
urged, i' i-! aatd, wltb ohatlnacy and enthualaaaa
by the frlenda of th ? Preaident who Inetat 'ipon
it. not only .n the llght of a vlndlcatlon of Mr.
Cleveland, but regard it aa tha only is^tte, after
the Bnanclal one ahall bava been dlepoeed ?f.
around whlcb tha Democracy of the futura eaai
The labora, Indeed, <if the men who are aow en
gaged In thts deiperata taak of gettlng tfi<- old
Democracy- tba Democracy of Jefferaon, Jaefe*
?on and TUden?upm Ita lega onee more and
prevent its total abaorptlon by th.- abttoter and
forblddlng forcea controlllag tha Altgald-TBI
maa coalltlon, ara dlrected toward one objeet in
addltlon to that of eorapaaatag tba defeat of
Bryan, and tiiis objeet Ia to ??> ifaapa th.- eowdiiel
of the preacnt convantfan aa to maka its proeeed
inpa a meana not only ..f aoonacChag tha fnture
with th.- paat, but a soiid and ktatbig foondatloa
ga well f-.r th- r.-aiinj? of -? |>aity BtrtlCtura upon
tn- ntlna left after the "dehaiuh of I&9&"
T!>ia parpeea aaa aiaaai atala bj avary xpeakcr
to-day, fiotn I?i Everett WftO, aa a iomj>nru
tively raceai convert taik.-d rather gUMy, it
thonniit. of "our andent faltb." "our
anclent prlnelplea" and "our anrient craed." to
Cbainnan Caffroy, who attrred tba aotbualaaaa
of hla audlenca i-.- predlctlnf of th<- party that
"its anhes will llve tn lle'lr WORtad Braa." and
i>eiegat<* Irtah, oi Callfornla, wbo, in a perora*
tion, too laajg for auotation here, but liia

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