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Bjjtaa i* effectivc hefor? an already wrou^ht-up
a ,.?,..-. referred to the hearl of fcoberl Brwe
enVa.-d in a sllv.-r caaket and ^ZH?lZxS^
a aauntlel of deflance upon a Moorlah baatle
fleidI 5 the followera of his ?ucceaeor aa a
Lrene in hlatory well calculated to Inaplre hla
lidten" wlth th. reaponglblfHy they a.?um.-d
1? con-tltutlng thMUHHvag the ^.BAnd
o>f, ndera hereafter of all that waa hrft of Dewo.
crattc prlnctplee.
Bfforta hav,- been made aU day by tiv.se op?
poaed to the nnmbiatton of OetaWeJ Bragg to
i are aome evallaWe caadMate upon whom the
fieid conM eomeentrate rapldly aad effecUvely.
?o far theae efforta hare all falled. At 11 o'clock
to-nlght Oeneral Pmlmer, of {lUnola. waa rtttl
eonalderlng the advlaablllty of enterlng the Itota.
wlth litti. or no hop- of reacblng a conclualon
before to-morro* mornlng. As already pointed
out the Convention la dtapoacd to leave the ae
Sectlt!noi ? ll. kel ntlrely U> th# Mlddle Weatern
Btat. ? Mr. Palmer la the only candldate from
,,, . . 0f Ihe country who h ilda out any
,,,., ... rit aucci taful realati nce to Qen
,.,.., ,:,:? . a a< >anc< Be lator Vllaa having poel
tiX( :, . nit the uae of his namc as
],,, . ? erafa n ma!na before the Con
... | m t.. Bragg is baaed en-,
tir, i; u] ?t th ? ? ? ? :: k ? of temper
wlth whlch the>old gentleman I. atfllcted Dur
Ing ihe ampalgn it would requlre, It is aald, the
ftp] to control hla mave
?;,,,.. and th. uae ? a padlock to Inaure allence
,., ,. | Those dlapoaed to favor hla nomlna
tion. on the oth i hand, p dnt out thal dlacretl. n
In th-- . andl late of b mlnorlty whl< h Indulgea In
no lluaiona regardlng . poaalhle vlctorj al the
I no prercqulalte, and that a certaln reck
iaaanea* ? : ....: rather than being vlcea to
i?. lapiort i. <"in In hlm more frequently be r.
gar i as Intereetlng and uaeful vlrtuea
Whethi that li bo or not, the oppoaltton t..
Hr?? - haa nol h altatcd to ataii rocrbacka, re
tl,-, ? li - .'i t'i" Oeneral'a flnanclal ??? rd. tbe
lat.-.-i belng i :' u nature reveallng only too
ptalnly ih. of Ita author, it waa the
Mat mertl i rlnl d In the a.?< ond e< Iti. n I ?
local mornlng paper, to the effeel thal Oeneral
Braci,' had. i a late aa 1893. written lettera advo
patli th dnage of allver. Thla, of courae,
was promptly rtenbd by hla fiienda and bj the
,;,.?. | ,i i ? ? i puldlahed, hul ll
had had iti - H ki pl votea from hlm
whlch orlglnally were pledged to Wattera.
eould hn i to hlm al the | r< ;?? r tln e, bul
now ? - ?? i Intn .-th ?r camjw.
The canvaas of th. ??; i> ? it i< ? ri r-andldatea galn
jdk n,, . i.-t advantage In tbe courae >'f Ihe
dav. tii" Bragg-Buckner llcket nuist still be coii
aldered u , ???- li r a atrong lead and likely t'i
hecnmi the of he C mvi ntion. With
Colonel '??.? tteraon taken from th- fleld, ( encal
Buckner'a . hancea t.- oc< ipy aecond place ? n the
tlcket, : matter who may lead >t. are vaatly
lmproved. H-- is a general favorlte and haa
made a number of frtenda aln. e hla arrlval.
The poaalblllty of Mr. Cleveland a nomlnatioa
1p no lo ger belng dlwuaaed. The Convention
may tndoree his admtnlatration, it may even acl
up the Bhrlne, bul tbe ld >' wlll not be taken frons
the Banctuary. Bome perfunctory applauae and
the ?- ? g of an occaslonal Joaa atlck Is whal
Mr. i".??'.eland wlll have to conteni hlmaell wlth.
So have tln mlghty fallen.
Indlanap ?' , -:' ; ' '-' Wllllam J. Bryan would
Ijp . anl momenl if he could
hu\ I. ke I within th" doora >.f Tomllnaon Hall
? the noon hour, and aurveyed the aolld
. ii >8 from every Btate but four in
ihe I'nion In .ttendance al the tirst convention
,,f th-- Bound Money DemocratB of the Unlted
Btai b. No dlepaaajonate poiitical obaerver coul I
<iiicstl ?-. tti" Buooeaa of th" convention In r"erar.i
to ita numhen and th? charae4er of th? men
jii-...!,. There were th" Democratlc buadneea
mc'n ol tha Unlon In convontten ,'i=s"nii)ieii to
expreaa Ihehr hoetlllty tn the Bryan and Bewall
tl kei Th. ?- :?? f rly-on" Btatea repreaented.
Oaly Wyomlng, riah. Idaho atid Nevad. were
withoul delegatea, and th" lateneaa of the day
>\ h< n the call for the Bound Money C'.n%-entinn
waa laaued accounted for the abaence of the
delegatea from thre" of theae Btate*?Wyomlng,
I'tah and Nevada. Th" Teirltoiiee of Alaaka.
Arlaona ind New Mexlco were aiso repreaented.
There v..is ttms a aubatantlally compiete repre
aentatlon of all the Bl ttea and TerrltorieB in ihe
Unlted Btatea Th.- d.-lecati.ins were compoaed
of nn" appearlng men. Tii" "profeaalonal poll
tielan" waa nol preeenl In large numbera. Hla
l>la' e had been taken, aa already atated, by husl
nea? nvn -by men '>vh.? ordlnarlly do not con
cern themaelvee about polltlcal affalra
TomHnaoa Hall, In whlch the Convention met.
in an hnpreaalre looklng bulldlng <>f tw?. atoiiea
In h-ighi that <>< etipi.-s .?ri" >.f th^ smaller blocka
of Indtanapoll*. Bltuated In tlie eentre of the
>>tlf>lness distri.t of the clty it Waa easily found
by th" delegatea. Tbe lower parl of the bulldlng
1* nsed aa a niarket jda.-.-. th" upper parl Is the
ctfy'B hal). the hall in are held annually muKic
featlrala, Bower ahowa and Btate and other eon
ventlona The hall waa . gift to the clty i>>* one
of i t ?* pioneer citlaena, Btephen D. Tomllnaon.
A tahl.'t at th" entrance to the main hall. on
the second floor. i>.-ars th" fbllowlng Inacrlptlon:
"in memory of Btephen D. Tomllnan, wboae gen
erotia bequeel to th" < ity waa used in the erec
tion ot thls bulldlng. A. I).. 1886." The "gen
erotis beejoeet" mentloned on tbe taldet waa a
outn of $200,000, all <>f whlch waa used In the
Conatructi..n of th" bulldlng. Oualde of the hal!
no attt-nipt had been made at decoratlon. The
del >gatea on aprpoachlng the bulldlng .?aw th"
Amerl.-an f!ag Itylng ft'.nn one of Ita four r.>r
ners.. Above the balcony, over the main .-n
trance, a few Baga had b.-en draped and sonie
Wtde Btreamera "f r.-d. white ar.d blue l)tinting
had been auapended from the wlndowa There
was alao a amall dtaplay of erergreena on the
balcony. The entrancea to the hall were num
delegatea, apctatora and nwapaper correapond
ents had nll been BUpplled wlth tlckcts for num
bered seats. There \\as no CTOWd and earfa per
aon Who entered the btiilding easily found fhe
a.'at allotted to hlm. The managera of th<- <^<>n
ventlon had nt?t though! <>f erectlng a glKanti.
ulpwam, wlth ajeata for 14.??()?> peraona, and of
gtvlng opportunlty for thla giganti.- tnqss of
apectatora t<> baterfere in the dellberatlona. In
atead, th* y ha '? returned t.< the good practlc
of having a hall aufllcletal In a ?;. ? foi the accom
BBodaUon of 800 tea and f..r H.imh) apec
Aa arranged for ti." Convention the haii had a
aeatitir; capacltj ol ?'|.^. divlded aa followa:
Hta^ . k i platform, -'><?: delegatea' aeata,
K",... audlence In rear of delegatea 800; galli ry,
fgjU; up| r gallerj. 130. w itli I ?:..!! of
tl,,. m - in the upper gallery, all the a. a's In
tbe ha.i were taken ? Ithei bj ?;? ? gatea, i
t.,rs i n ??>: ap< i men.
..{ |0f tl I ?"'' I" g? '' tast???
0v,.r; . ... were Amerlcan flag and
,.,.,, Whj| ? and blue buntlng. Bugpended In
troi .. from th" celllng waa a large
>nleid ? in unted by a i -?'?? Abore
th- taa ? I f Jeffen
,, , , -, | .-, : mal I and Hani ock. The
I !
Itlmabate tbe Btomach, n taa
the Mver, cure b llotu ?
hea<iuchf\ dlnlneaa, f<?>r
gtonoach, eonatlpatloa etc,
pl, ? :'?> ? ? ata Bold by ah dmggtata, The or.iy
Pllla U talte v. ith Hood'a Baraaparllla.
Colgate & Co's
faee of the gallerles waa eovertd wlth whlte
cloth. On this oloth abovt ten feet apart were
placed American shtelds, wlth flaga raachtng
from tbem. Batween tbe ableldi were golden
wreaths contalninp; the nane-s f Btatea. Hang
ing from tho celllng were long atreamera of red,
wblte aad blua.
The delegatea and apectatora began entertng
the fJkmventlon ball near 12 o'clock. and the
ball rapldly Hlled wiih the audlcnce. A large
number of women occupled ralaed aeata upon
?): atage and aeata bl the gallerlea. One of the
earlleal delegatea lo arri ?? waa Senal i Palmer,
of IlltnciH. a tliitk-ftet. rugged old man, * Ith
gray chln whlakera and gray ha'r Aa eha r?
man of the Natlonal Commlttt.f th ? Nal I
Democratlc party he took the aeal ol the pre
akllng ofBcer of the Conventlon. nnd prepared
to < all it to order aa aoon aa it waa ??:
thai moat "f the delegatea had arrived.i Many
of the delegatlona arrlved bcarlng bani
Maaaachuaetta had .. beautlfu! one of whlte
ajlik. wlth the arma of tho Btate embroldercd
upon it. When tho Flortda delegatlon arrlved
people were auaplcloua at flral that o
worahlppera had come, for a colored man car
rled at the front of the delegatlon a blg golden
alllgator, wlth the Inacripilon: Tho i-\
Gold-bug." There \ ai .. laugh aa this anlmal
flgure waa aeen belng borne arroaa the ball.
Followlng the alllgator. h ..?? . r, > -
wart colored man named George Waahlngton,
bearlng a whlte ailk flag on whlch had been
,-, a P|, ture of Orover Clev. land. The
Florlda delegatlon ardently favora the nor i
tlon of Mr. Cleveland for Preal lent.
Lo ddng aboul the CoRventlon ball aa the C m
vontion waa about ready to meet one aaw many
well-known Democratlc facea. Goneral Bragg,
tbe leaning candldate for Preaident, a gray
haired man wlth a brlghl look. aai al the left
of the chalrman'a deah on the left-hand alale
at the head of the Wlaconaln delegatlon. An
other conaplcuoua flgure ? .-.- thal of General
Slrnon B. Buckner, looking v Ith hla polnted gray
???; rd, larg. whlte muatache and whlte halr,
viy much llke a Bouthem - i tleman of the old
achool. He aat at the ri^ht of the chalrman at
the head of the Kentu. ky d. lea, ' ?'
The New-York delegatlon dld not cnteMhe hall
untll ? late moment. The aeventv-two delegatea
were loudly cheered. R< iwell P. Flower, looktng
much moi ? cheerful than he dld al the Demo
cratlc Natlonal Conventlon held In Chlcago, led
the delegatlon. There aeemed a general dlepo
s-ition to Inapecl carefullj the delegatlon.
"There is J'orry Belmont." aald one. He OCCU
pled an Inaide aeat, and waa not at all conaplcu?
oua, He aeemed ratber to dealre to eacape no
tice. john DeWitt Warner, maaalve In propor
tlona, was unavoldably conaplcuoua. Charlea
Tracey fthe Albany leadcr), occupled a front
aeat. Bul it was the New-York d legatlon and
not th-- Indlvldual membera of it that waa con?
aplcuoua The fa.-es se.-n in thla del. gation were
thoae of aolld-looklng, proaperoua, common
aenee men. "My offlce Ia al No, ?-'?" Broadway,"
aald a apectatot, "but i don't know a atngle
face in that delegatlon." Tho remark ahowed
that a new element of the party was preaenl
and that thoae too buay befora to take a lead
inp i?art in pblltlca were now moved by aome
unuaual foree to bring their vlewa and Intereata
to the front. In the delegatlon were old men,
aa well as young. Tt was not, therefore, a new
additi.m t.> the party, i>ut aome of th-*e hltherto
merajad wltbln the Iat. nt powera of tinir party.
The delegatlon was not overdteaaed. it was
evtdefitly nol :i crowd of brokera ot bankera.
Th" New-York delegatlon waa the largeat In
the hall, havlng aeventy-two membera and ???
cupylng elghl or ten rowa of ne-ite.
In the [lllnola delegatlon sat tbe young lea.l
er. J>?hn P. H ipklna, who haa ahown his In
fluenee with the people in hls conteal for the
offlce of Mayor of Chlcago. In the Illlnola dele
gatlon tbe atrong face of ex-Congreaamaan For
man appeared. He looked fully capable of
taklntr eare of hlmaelf In liis conteat \\ith Gov
ernor Altgeld. The portly form of J. M. Falk
ner. member of th<> Natlonal Executlve Com?
mlttee, was conaplcuoua in the Aljbama delegi -
tion. Here alao sat ex-Governor Jonea,
whoae numeroua conteata wlth Popullata made
hirn wtdely known. John P. Irish, the large,
heavy Callfornla leader, who weara a blg dhv
mond l.tit no necktle, and apeaka Ir emphatlc,
polnted language, was the chlef flgure In the
delegatlon from hla sta'e. The dimlnutlve flg?
ure of ex-Congreaaman Bperry, <>f Connectlcut,
moved ahout In his delegatlon.
Fnr back in the hall. under the standard of
Oregon was the Intereated face of Hugh Wal
lace, late n member of the Sllver Democracy'a
Xational Commlttee, who reatgned, preferrlng
to be an outalder under auch clrcumatancea.
Ohlo'a poattlon waa In th*- centre of the hall, bul
her moat dlatlngulahed delegate, Mr. Outhwalte,
aat on the atag.-. Nehraaka waa two Btatea
nearer the cbainnan. In? her delegatlon waa
Chalrman Martln, wlth a letter from .1. Bterllng
M irton In hi? pocket, decllnlng to permlt hla
nnme to he used. whlle anotber member had a
letter from the Be. retarv of Agrlculture'a par
tlcular frlend urglng that hla name he pre
pented nnd the nomlnati- n glven hlm. Far in
the rear of th<- hall was Minneeota, whoae mem?
bera apranp; the namo of D. W. Lawler, of St.
I'aul, for Prealdentlal honora. and have actually
aecurad, it \* aald, the aupport of three oi four
Northweatera Btatea If tho situat'.,n teema to
ahow th.- nomlnatlon of General Mr.-is'? Impoa
Bjble To the ri^rht. in a chair next t . the atale,
was aeated Loula R. Ehrlch, tbe chlef sj.'-ak. r
at to-nlght'e goM-atandard meetlng. He is one
of the Colorado delegatlon. Indlana waa repre
aented by ex-Congreeamen Ford and McClellan
and ox-JudKe Roblnaon, n Cleveland < lr-t r m
Senator John M. Palm r. of llllri. is. rapped lor
order aoon after 1'-' o'clock, the d. legatea grew
sllent. and then he made the flrat polnl by s..\ inr:
in a <ntlet. converaatlonal tone ?t volce: ' l h. ve
the honor for a momenl to prealde over tnc firal
Xational Democratlc Conventlon held in th- year
1HO0" He emphaalxed tbe worda ' flrat Natlonal
Deinocratlc Conventlon held in 1800." and th. rt
was a roar of applau.?e He contlnued In rjini
tonea' "We are aaaemlded here f. i lofty t\ ? -.
patriotlc purpoaea." ai I ogaln there was an out
bural of applauae. ?:-? th'en compl. ted ...
iii.nks: "Our earn ?l '?
eountry." The k. . i ??? ? . the i >i ' entl ?n had
been atruck and the .1 '? gatea nwred wlth ap
'' Benat. ; Palm. i th. n Introd i - i Blahop '.
of th.- i); ceae of Indl ia Invoked th .'?
vlne bleaalni ?' " ' ?'" ''' !: " : At" ">
After Blahop \'>'i It. had pi ayed '? hn i: Wll
aon, of Indlan i, a. i n tai j ol the Natlonal ?
mittee, read th<- orjii for the Conventlon The
oall of th?- roll f .^tnt.-H followed. Ther. were
aome amusing reaponaea. K< ntm ky ?* aa preaent
wlth a full delegatlon. Moat of ?!.?? delegatlona,
Indeed, were n [wrted aa :.:';" C<
preaenj wlth "A aolld delegatl :. ??; n. " Illlnola
v as preaenl wlth a "full delegatlon and aome to
M.-u laiid reapoi re, heati
and aoul." Nebt .sk? re] lled: "Nebraaka ?
v Ith a full delej itlon and ? i of i '?? m."
. ihfo replled: "i (hla is het wlth a . . , - ;
cation of forty alx mei ? - to vote for
i . mey." Oenei : ?
t ?ith twenty-four delegatea, and thej ira
?? mo. rata."
Th re waa i th. ir reai
and atlll ?' ? ? -.Men the aecretar ported that
forty-on. eaented
Roav ell ;? i ? ? -., s haln
waa th< '.????'-!? . . mor
jonea, of .*? ' er P. .1. d .
,,l New-York. Mi Fl vei waa re< Ived wlth
L,;.;;t cordlalltj and ? Uaten. : to ? Itl btgh
intereat. Hli -? ?? '
nrgum<-nt Int. tid. -I I
the countn lhal thev - 111 ' ? tion --f
thelr v ,-,i ??". if free. nag. I ? - Ia. Mr.
r, ,., ,? bj !? nouncad tl ] ttlc plai
f .(J and tl?e Uottrlnca -f l 1, 'I !
1 WataotL He waa fwqtja?tly afjpaauded and his
apeeeb ma.le an ex.vilent Impreearton.
At the con. luslon of Mr. Flower'a address. the
regular rommttteee were appolnted. The Con
ventlon then took a receoa untll 4 p. in. \\h.-n
ti?. Convention aaaembled at 4 ocvock, tbe
commltteea were n..t y.-t ready t<> report, and
Dr Wllllam Bverett of Qulncy, Maaa., ad
dreaaed the Convention. Dr. Bveretl mad"
a ll.rv speech. aaylng that th" Maaaachu
s.tts delegatlon had come t.. Indlanapolla upon
i. National tnissl >n 11.- favor.-d the gold dol
lar "th.- true Internatlonal dollar."
The Commltl.m Organlaatlon then reported
a long llal <>! offlcera of th.- Convention. The
rhlef waa Benator Donalaon Caffrey. "f Louta
ana for permanenl chalnnan. Benator Cnflery
waa eacorted t.. tii- chalr by Mr. Lawler, "f
Mlnneaota. and John C. Bullltt, of Pennayl
vanla, and recelved a hearty greetlng. Benator
Caffery Intereated his hearera at once by d".iar
ing that th" Democratlc terople had been d.-se
crated, and theee delegatea had mel to proteat
agaJnat thal deaecratlon. Th.- Chlcago 1 onven
uZ had aaaalled cverythlng the l>-!ii..--r:itlo
hearl held dcar, i ii- Bupreme Court, the right
,., make prlvato -ontrai ta. the rlght of a l reai
denl to aubdue Inaurrectlon. Th.- Depocratlc
,,;.,,, had adopted an iahmael of a platform.
!'? v.as .-, platform whlch would be r.-Je.ted bj
Ihe people Benator Caffery's speech waa heart
,,yjShnBR6Wali. of Callfornla, followed wUh a
. ?;..,?!;?.,, nunelaion of the Anarchlatlc plarfbrm
adopted at Chlcago, The Convention th.-n a.i
journed untll to-morrow mornlng.
Th hour nxed for th" aaaembllng of the con
ventlon waa noon. bul the paaaage of the noor.
hour waa only marked by th.- P'tidcring of <H.l
Hundred" by tn- band. At 12* S.-nator Palmer.
who had taken a aeal on th- atage a- temporary
chalrman, roae and caBed th" ConvenUon to or.i.-r.
H. i ild:
Oentlemen: t have the h?w. for the raoimmt
,,, prealde over the Urat National I '? m? ra tlt <n
?t.llon held In tl year l?l ?<*eera, Tl ?? kavel
. .., mj hands, however. bul a moiwnt.fl<
., |.,. for hlgh, noble, patrtotlc pur
nos,." riui earlleal tliought la to aerve our eoun
'; .,?,,!..,;;...,. and m the alneerlty oflhatpurpow ?
v.e may appeal to the Judge of all hearta. In I
, ,:,, -.,? may now nppeal to the Qreat M.fl
;..r thetlreal Olver, I beg you tp llaten to the n
.i:, whlte, ot the Dtoeeee of In
T}M> J;,.v [)r john Haaen Wblte, Epuwopal ;
Blahop of the Dtoceaa of Indlana, then advanced
to the front, aad whlki the eudvance reverently
,i remalned atandlng, dellvered the oponlnj?
prayer, aa followB:
i, Qod, Pathcr of our Lord Jeaua t'hriM. our
only Bavlour, Prlnce of Peace, glve w> grace eerl
,,.sIv. | . !,,y ,,, hearl the great danger tbe Natlon
la in by our unhappy dlrtalona Take away all
, ,| prejudlce, and whataoaver ei*o may
hlnder ua from poo.lly nnkwi and roncord, that sn
ire may b. of one hearl and one aotil. unltod in
oi . holy bond of truth and peace, of fnlth and
charity, ai:d may are wlth one mlnd and one
....-iitti labor for th- proaperlty and welfara of
thla great people. <> Ood of power nnd mlght,
wlthout Whom nothlng la atrong, nothlng ts holy,
Who haa commltted to the Natlon'fl Admlnlatra
tion th- Oovernment, and mad" peace nnd proa
perllj lo depend upon the refgn of law and or.i.-r.
ioui ha :? are beaeech Thee, to the poopl" of thls
i nd Thy favor and mer.ifui guldance and protec
tton ai at nll tlmea, so eapeetally In the determlna
tlon of the gravi queatlona with whlch we are
now confronted. Endua us wlth wladom by Thy
holy aplrll to dlacern clearly between truth and
falaehood, honor and dlahonor, juatlcc nnd Injua
tlce, harmony and disoord. Mak" us aa a people
... love thal whlch la ko.i.i and t.. ahun that whlch
is fvil To all who are In authorlty Rlve Thy
eapectal grace, that they may perceive and know
whal thlnga they OUght to <lo and to have grace
and power falthfully to fulftll the same. To those
wiio an- here aaaembled aa repreaentatlvea of thls
greal people to dcllberate concernlng the common
welfare, granl Thy eapeclal grace and guldance.
Let nothlng be done of strif" and valngtorjr, of
p K?ion or prejudlce. Let all Ignoranee, Beltlah
neax and aelf-will,ba pul away. He pleaaed.
Lord, !" bleaa and prosper all thHr eonaultatlona
to the advancement of Thy glory, the good of
Thy church, the snfety, bonor and welfare of
Thy people, that all thlnga may he -.o ordered
and aettled by th'ir endeavora upon tbe beal and
aureal foundatlona thal peace, happlneaa, truth and
.iii-^iio-. r. Uglon and i lety may i>e eatahllahed among
us for all gcneratlona Thla and all other necea
f.>:- th.-m and for us and for all manklnd
we humbly i>.-p In the name and medlatton of
Jeaua ? 'hrist. our bleaaed Lord and Bavlour,
The call for the convention waa then read. When
the name of Cle%*eland wns ren.1 In the rall In con
nectlon wlth the namea of Jefferaon and Jackaon,
th.- m.-mb.-rs of th" Convention roae and cheered,
and applauded loud and lonjr. wavlng hata, handa
and handkerchlefa In honor of the Prealdent, Imr
Ing the readlng of the call the "Chlcago Marehmg
Club" entered one of the gallerlea and waa recelved
wlth cheera Th" next buaineaa In or.l.-r whs .!,?
clared t" t?- tbe call of Statc?, in order to aacer
t.-.tn who w.-re preaent, The call waa attended with
amusing and ex. itltiK mddenta. lt began wlth
Alabama, nnd the ie?.pon?ie was "A fnii delega?
tlon." (Cheera.) The call procceded, and the re
aponaea w?-re ,.s followa:
Arkanaaa "A full delegatlon."
Callfornla "Here."
C'olorndo- "Preaent, witli a aolld dei"Kation of
one." . Laughter i
Connectlcui "A soiid delegatlon."
Debiware "Kh.-"
Plorlda "A double delegatlon and overflowlna "
Qeorgia "Preaent, with twenty-four delegatea."
Illtnola "A full del"Kntion. and Bome to spar.- "
Indlana "A full delegatlon."
lowa "All here."
Kanaaa ' Pull delegatlon."
Kentueky "Full delegatlon, and alt^rnnres be
Loulalana "Preaent, wlth a full d.-iesratlon "
Malne "preaent, wlth full delegatlon."
Maryland "All here."
MaaaachuaettB "Full d-l.-gatlon and vnrlotia al
Mlchigan "Preaent. with full delegatlon."
Mlnneaota "Full delegatlon of Huht. en. and elght
een alternatea." (Applauae.)
Mi--i-.~ii.pl "Preaent, wlth a aolld delegatlon."
Mlaaourl?"Kull force of d*l"[;ates and alter?
Montana "I'nanlmoua delegatlon."
Nebraaka -"A tull delegatlon, and some mor"
back of it." (. 'h. ,rs ?
Nevada No rea|K>nae bul a volce from the body
of the delegatea: "DlKf-dnk' allver." (Laughter.) "
New-Hampahlre- "Kuli delegatlon."
New-Jeraey "Preaent, with a aolld delegatlon."
New-Tork No reapenae in worda, imt a rlalng of
the aeventy-two delegatea from that Sta:.- anu.l
.?ti. >ra.
North Carollna?"Here, wlth a full delegatlon of
North Dakota -"Full delegatlon."
? il. No anawer In woi K bul a general uprlatng
ol all Ihe delegatei fi im thal Btate, aa in the ,?*??? of
New-York, wlth almilar outbreak of applauae
Oreg .n "Full d. legatlon, pledged to n meai money,
honeai men and honesi government." (Cheera).
!'. nn-'i. ,,n... reported a full delegatlon of sixtv
I'.iur. wlth aeven mor. who would have llked to .\im?\
Khode lalan l "Preaent, wlth aeven membera and
alt< rnatea "
Bouth Carollna "A harmonloua delegatlon."
Bouth I'.ik ita -"Preaent, wlth nlne delegatea '
Tenneaace "A full delegatlon "f tweniy-four dele?
gatea and twen y-four alternatea and ?..m" ;.. apare."
Tfxaa "A full delegatlon of ihlrty membera''
t'l.ih -No r. iponae
Vei moni "Rlght delegatea."
Vlrglnla -"A full delegatlon."
w.i.-,... pton "Full dei. gatlon."
Weal \';rslni/< "Fully repreaented."
Wlaconaln "Preaent, w.rii twenty-four delee;ate?,
and ihey are all Democr ii?" (Laughter nnd che. ra)
Wyomlng No anaw er.
Th. lory reported that the ?-..mplrt" roll of
? ? i forty-one had reaponded to tiie call.
I...ud criei wer. ralaed In the body '<' II.onvi ntlon
for a call <>f ihe Terrltorlea alao. Alaaka reaponded
and the delegate who thua re
i waa greeted arlth i il applauae. Arlaona
and New-Mexlco were alao found to be repreaented,
. a vote of the Convention theae delegatea,
ielr Terrl ? ? w. n nol Included in th.
??nll, were permltted l i t.ik-- part In the proceedinga
ma and .' ? I ? n Itory ?.?. ? i .? nol repre
..il v.h~ .-.inijil.?:?? 1 Benator l*<ilm r r>
m ii- I: ? Ti,.- n.r: buaineaa In ordei u appeara frexn
. rnarka by me, vVordaare .<ii\er:
-., nc. la golden. l m.ik. no remarka, i.ut i call for
. ; , fron ihe National C ?nml ti f "
NaaTerlag for n Ufe Tlme.
i U?m nftea mi!T?r f. r a llfa
? i belna alati " i^ lati al ramlaalBa. Taa
> ..? ' -? ii . ? ? .,r>. :n i,. '?" i UM
: i,r! .lr*wn eul nf ?h?t? Tn agor4
l t, th. laa o n ? ?'?<?* aft? n
: : . .-?' .iiiii.M liltt?m. ..ii tb?
! ,,fi,. r ; - v peraona w?.> ii?v? uwi lt. la
l - - ..| i-^iirf it fceepa law ti?>i ? I '
-t- ?r..t waraa fr m ii
?!?? Wkleh i. ?'?? > i inl'n nf ,i!l r?el.n*l pslh .1,.
. |ti ita Ihil nx'.ntrlnjt ? rr.putnt. in^ lt? Wln'.r^.;
rr.nlno'y. t^^ unut IC'.Im thu t*)? BtHera r?m?-1y Mv
I- ?? . mvt n^rvm, pr?v?nt ?nrl ?r?^t
r?'e In'ermlttmt ?r..t r?rr.l"rr,t fn?ri, proTTiotf. BBB*Uta
rac .in?i'i...i by ph>at i?n? n< a
? a I ; ' ??.. I .nt ar.". I i la.
Dr. Lyotf s
Too* Powder
Used by people of reSnemen*.
for over a ijuartcr of a ccntury.
hv Mr. Brennan. of Wk* on
The r.-port was rea.
?In, as followa: .
Purauaal to th. call for this conventlon the rieie
gateaelected thereto have I. ??? report. d to theaec.
tnry of the Natlonal < ommitt'
I rom this ro
ri-tlirV Ol Ille .N.IUOM..I l UlllUlllir. ? ? ??? -- ,
pon It appeara that delegatea have been aHec
and are pri -m from forty-one 81 itea 1 hoae . i
whlch no delegatea havi been aelected are Wyom
itia- ftah. Idaho and Nevada. In Juatlce to tha
.ru;- DembWacy of thoae Btate, It ahouhJbe^etated
thal they are ao far dlatanl from the headquartera
of the Bxecutlve Commlttee that the tlme avui
abl. for correai>ondence and organlaatlon Haa been
relatlvel) too ahort. and th< iwpulatlon of aatd
Btatea ao wldely - attered thal II haa been lm
poaaible to lake the nec. 'aary atepy to form ocal
oYganlxatlona and ro ?ecure tb< ? lectlon of deleftratea
lo thla Conventlon. D. mofTata of the true falth In
theae Btatea doubtleaa regrcl the abaenee ol rcpre
aentatlvea from this Conventlon > deeply aaican
the Conventlon. Altho.iKh Terrliorlea are nol men
ttoned In tl.all f"r thla Conventlon, the Democ
racj of the Terrltorlea of Alaakaj Arlaoni and New
Mexlco have gallantly aent delegatlona
We recommend thut the delegatea n ported to the
aecretary ahall I* entltled to partlclpate In the pre
Hmlnary organlaatlon of the Conventlon, and that
thoae who are preaenl an.i the alternatee for thoae
nbaenl if any, ahall l-e entltled to raat the full
number of rotea to whlch thelr reapectlve Btatea
are entttled, , . ...
We recommend thal untll otherwlae ordered tne
rulea of the laal Democratlc Natlonal Conventlon
whlch was held In iv'.'j ahall gov< rn the dellberatlona
oi i his Conv. ntlon. ' ....
We r.mmend thal alRreaolutlona )?? rcferreo to
the approprlate i ommllK ? wlthout readlng.
\\, recommend the foliowlna temporary oflleera
of thla Conventlon: Cl tlrman, Kx-Oovernor Roawell
)? Flower, of Watertown, S V.: aecretary, John R.
WCaon, Indlanapolla; lergeant-at-arma, Warter P.
Kei>U i. In llanap rtle.
T ? read ng of thla report was Interrupted by fre
quent applauae, partlcuUrly thal paaaage whlch
recommended thal the rulea of tne laal Natlonal
Democratlc Conventlon "held in 1BK," be i lopt. I
aa the ru!' - of thla Conventlon
Benator Palm. r dealgnated Governo Joi >:. of
Alabama, and QecTge Foater Peabody to conducl ex
Govemor Flower ?< the ehalr, and then Mr Palmei
?urrandered to hlm tha gavel and Governor Flower
apoke a* followa:
This gatheiing is notlce to the world that tha
Democratlc party haa nol yel aurrendered to Popu
lism and Anan by. The true princlplea of Den.
racy, expounded by Jeflferaon and ezempllfled
through a century "f Natlonal hlatory, are not
dead becauae thoae princlplea have been repudlated
by a Conventlon calllng Itaelf Democratlc, bul con
trolled h\ un-Democratlc influencea. Thoae are true
rj : tats who remaln trtte to the princlplea of
tinir party, and who refuae to be bound by party
declarationa whlch betray partj talthi and threaten
both party and country with diaaater
Hv our preaence here we emphaalxe the genulna
character of our Democracy and demonatrat. the
patriotlc nature of our partlaunahlp There have
been numeroua Inatancei In polltlcal hlatory whero
In tlie ri.niT of partj loyaUj nv n have Juai >ied
tle-ir non-aupport of party platforma or candtdates,
and in too many of auch caaes haa the movement
falled, becauae when analyaed irs inaplrlng In
fluence waa found to he nothlng hlgher than u de
Btre io avenge dlaappolnted ambttlona or t" over
throw a polltlcal organlaation. No auch aordld mo
ti\.- can be charged agalnal thla gatherlng. No
Democrat here aought honora from thoae who
framed the .'hl.-apo platform. Every Democrat
here haa oniv polltlcal hnmiliation to expect in the
eveni of the aucceaa of the Chlcago tlcket. No D< m
ocrat bonored here by beins made the candidate of
this Convei tion can look forward wlth an; reaaon
able hope to an electlon. None of ua who help to
notninato hlm can expect to be partl 'Ipanta in any
dlatrlbutlon of polltlcal favora We ar.- hen b.
.-aiise we |ove the Democratli party and becauae we
love our country. That Is the Inaplratlon whlch haa
drawn ua togetherand encouragea ouractlon. That
Is the fact whlch evtden. i a oi r alncerlty and makea
our cauae atrona wlth the people.
The dangei of tha Chlcago platform li< s not
iilone nor chlefly In its declaratlon for a flnanclal
pollcy whlch would be rulnoua, The dai ger llea in
the revolutlonary Influencea whl n controlled the
Conventlon and anlmated Ita platform. Men may
j.isth differ aa to the beat ach:me of Natlonal
ftnance, and may debate thelr dlffcrencea wlthout
r/crlmlnatlon or wlthout queatlonlng th ? honeaty
of motlvea But when men. i< i >n h> ambltloue
politlclana, th.-ir minds tir>-il not by the examplo of
Amerlcan parrtota, i>ut by ttmt of the radicala of
th.- Ereneh Rfvolutlon, overturn party precetlcnta
and pack a Conventlon to i.re an eftectlve ma?
jorlty, then by ald of that majarlty ralae aloft the
Incendiary banner of the poor agalnat the rlch. at
t ok the Integrlty of the Buprema t'ourt. threaten
the aubveralon of Natlonal Inatitutiina and th? In
dlrect perveralon ol conatltutlonal nuar ni ? . In
i ue dlareapect to law and authorlty, Buga -1 ?'.? !
in aubatanc. recommend th rei ?l N"1
ttonal and private debta, and r#J-ci b> Intended lm
pllcation the fundamental prlnelple of Democrai'j
that thal gcvernmeni poverna l>eai which governa
leaa! then .t Ia tlme nol o \ foi Demo rata to
foraake thal motley and un-Amerlcan
to rejact thal un-Democratlc and un-Am?Tleiin
enunclatlon of doctrlnea. and to loin In Buch rnan
ner aa may aeem beat, wlth all patrlota who chejr
lah thelr eountry'a honor and wlah to protect tne
welfare of its p ople.
1 mlstnke the moral aenae o! the Amerlcan peo?
ple if the actlon of tha Popullati al ( hlcago. reln
forced and emphaalaed by the actlon of the Popu
llpjta at?Bl l-otiK haa not reklndled the aplrll of
?\meri an patrlotlam an'l awakened the Amerlcan
ronBclence to the PTatlonal dangera whlch Itirk In the
forcea and Influencea hehlnd Bryan and Bewall or
Bryan and Wataon The real laaue in thla campalgn
u >n laau. of patrlotlam. In man> a Prealdentlal
elactten haa tha flghl waged jlcrcely between the
ndvocatea of dlfferenl |K?lltlcal doctrlnea. and the
rum of the country haa been freely.prfdkjted If
lithei et of doctrlnea were eBtabllahed aa I
noilcr ot the Oovernmenl auch predlctiona beins
?.r.h the extreme expreaalon of party nolltlca;
i; h thla electlon the laauea iround wWc
,,i N !,,i?,. Involvc the ntegriu of oui
, i .,.! Vi s i.-dn,--: of our Natlonal honor,
?U?JMrnen?men hav^rtlr?3 Iba deepwell of aentl
m-nt orulnnry partj dlffereneea dlaapnear. the
Sorai iJs!!e" pre,!?,nina,es and .,'.1 ...... .;:..^|;;
walla of her polltlcal atructure.
Mr Bry*n takea palna to relterate. In about every
ai h? atandj iq urelj on the C
cago platform aad aupporta every one ?f Ita p inkn
He haa aai v-1 ?ni ounced hla a i th.
planki of tha Popullal P atform. I ui ?? ra ich aa
theae are only llffereni In degree and h? hai b ? i
Identlfled with Popullam Qull ? ai m ich ai arl
,,. ,. ,-, -. - but falr to n ime thal he ? I
h ,,-,, formi N q ????ll ;rl hi
viewa p. rhapa. aa Altl I'man, no
io frank ai Tora Wat* i, h. \t ? n<
r..,.. ^ .,- ,- , of the revolutl m ir> :'? r -
hlm ambltl ua. unat. idy
nothlna In hia career or In hla preaenl utte
to encourag. "?'? '' ? ' ?;1 ,:V w ;uM r V
ihove his . E? or ?tay the hand whlch
? ,,. atnn to deetroy and pervert. <.n inti ma
?V | magoaue. a word-Juggler, i;- p.-rhapi arll i
. . ~ mob from v and
io aooeal to bat-e hun paaaioi order to a
rict vot. Thai n thli
Ys rn- niof.--?- to -?and on princlplea a- un-Demo
i^:!,. '. Hen Moat. he anould leaerve. by
,;?.:, of party regularlty, i ipport ??
?r ;,. Democrati ii pa i : >nt| re i I ex
nlalnabla onlj b> Ign irano ? th. and hi*
,3 ,,-y to itenulne pai > falth No
... . ol part) r< i ilarlty can i ?
, igemeni i i ?l?l ll?oi lei S'ol eyen i
honeBt bellever In a illver gtandard or the moai
enthualaatlc blmetalllat ean, If h b . pa
cillaen eon lentl nlj - ippor -? forc. o poll -
ical anarchy. Even the advoe.icy . f-- ?U>r
ooinaRe by Bryan and many .-.f h
only a cloak for the aplrll o i vo i m b h I
(?"very tru< hlm - m?!-? bluah l cauaa
d'ependeni foi ' '?' ! ! " ' :
oraai Ixe ? Bupr. me < oui ?hen ? declal
not o'eaae a P irty n, who a/ou i r ,
the Natlonal debt if free ?llv< n I
comoll: h blmetalllam, wh i a ild ?ti mpl t.
atroj " ? ' r' : "
aava the Oovcrnm. ni take and ?
try.fl ra roadi and ? ? ? would i
the itrona arm of th I ia from h< - ippreai
diaorder Bvon If l b#ll?ved th tl free eoln j
illver by ".? I'nl ed Btatea I nd. ind alon.
woutd und< r prop? r c ? ' illiam.
i noi brlna myeelf to ln:r ia; ao I. .?? i u
Importani in undertaklna ?'?> men ol Bi ini -\
i>erien.'- or a - .. and 1 would - irf-r forevi
the illaged evtta of .. aold itandar.l befor- l wou.d
i,. ,, party i i c nl mp for l ar, to an a" u k 01
couri an I to a i ?'?? ? i " form
of governmrni by loadlna It lown arlth ungovern*
men'al fum Befor. >U !l I pec a i ?? hpw
arou i ihe ahudei of Jtfferaon, Jackaon and Tlldea
?hudder at 1 ihrlnk.
Tbe revolutlonary aplrll arhlch forced Bryan'a
nomlnatlon ht manl/eai In hla apeachci nam belng de
livered throughout the countn Hl * tapifltioua fall
ure al MadJaoo Bquare Oarden t - a h ai i hi
of allver by eloae argumanl haa Indoced hlm to aban
don tbe weaponi of the logldan nd atateama -
emplo) thi arta of tho orator, From the rear end of
cara h^ hai b n fltnging out aoclal a I i lltl. al llre
hrandi .?tnr? th* i" pi" "<? appeala to the baae
Inatlncta of tbe Ujinarant or t-> th. mlaery of th. dia
treaard He airlvea lo array claaa agnlnat claaa, t..
Incite employr agalnal employer, to Btlr up lebt>r
apalti.: rredftor, to nmk.- tnia a eonteat of the poor
agalnal the rlch Maj Ood preveni ihla In. ? ? llar) ?
work! in thla br ?? I ' ind ll '??<? been our pr >u i boaat
that th* ?\enue.-< if ?ur.'?-s:i have been open to all.
Th* rt.-'i to-day were t^o pior of yaatei I >> No fam
lllea of Inhrrlted wealih domlnata r tolltlca or our
n<.f.ir.- the iit, all men a;.- aq ia Phe "jup
opportunltlaa do not r mr fo nll men. * ..n* in eeed,
many fsli. bul no harrier to Buseaaa oi paoltloa Ia
created by law lad-trUJ caBdltjon. ?***?&&
by unwfaM lewe, and when thla if demoi air. ?
attempt to cbaage Ihem brougb the opportun iy
whlt h evary min haa to ngjeter btaiwge ai tne p a
Uutl though aome men aucceed and m. n> f;V'/|enicy
i- tha loi -.1 llfe. and no candldate for ^^SSSmSh
i. u ever dared before to uae thla fa -t to *[oud%mjn.
againal man and to klntga the Biea of aooiai ?
t.ni and dlaordar . ._. ,,,..,-? m,.i.nni
proud aa wi have been of Amerlcaa m?i anai
proaperity, we hav- I.n pr.ler Btlllor in
r.ii.int Independenl and Benalble aplrll of ner
?. ,,,|... When fondgn critlca have *^H"t5T,KJt
1 raey here would aome day prove a faBure. inai
unlvoraal auffrage would lead to anarcl > ? ??;*
claae-feeling would be eog;ndered whlch would re
?uli in riol or In th- ronflacatlon of i>.'?:,"^n.,lv
hav.- laui led and hav.- polnted to ihe aturuy
AmerlcSnlam on our f.rma. to tha Induancea Of
o,.r publlo achoole, to the reapect for law and or
der in our cltlea, to the txampleai of aelf '? '"
men In every tamily. to the educatlna "'" :''??.
of our pn?-. . ??? fulneaa and broadneiw our
charltlea, and more than all to the aolld patriot
lam of our people. I belleve that we pan MllI de
,,.,?, on theae? Bad as the timea are. "tagnant
aa Induatry K dlatreaaed aa many homes are ror
laca of employment. the common aenae orjn?
Amerlcan people arlll nol be decelyed by a ?petia
... paaalon, bul wlll perceive clearly what I* the
truth namely, thal preaent condltlona| are largeij
i nol by th" Influer.cea againat whlch Mr.
Br) m In lurld worda declaima. bul by fear of tne
remedlea whlch h< auggeata When thla
rreal ahadow whlch he and his aaapclatea have
created nutaea off th" Burface of the hnnn.-lal and
trial world, ihen confldt n< e wlll be reatored.
. eh Int atment, fai torlea wlll be r< -
,.ned and employm-nt wlll be aecure. There ran
no proaperity withmt confldence. and Mr.
lirvan'a plan ahnttera conlldence and portenoa
ia fallurea and panlc. Theae mean more
,,,,... out ol employment, more homes wlthoul fno<i
,,,i i-iotblng, and mon ralBcrj and dlatreaa.
Mr Flower thui gave tacta and flgurea to ?how
the fnllacy ot the argumenta ..f the advocatea of
ii,,. fr.olnage of allver al the ratlo of i*> to l.
and tii" dlaaater whl?*h would reault from th*
pollcy if carrled inio effect.
When Mr Flower, in hla apeech, aUuded In a <-om
pllmentary manner to Mr, Clevsland there waa an
other outbural of ipplauae from the Convention, all
the membera rlalng, cheerlng and wavlng hats and
fana Then a ery t ing out fr im one of the galb rleai
-Whal ij the matter adth Cleveland?" and II w.is fol
l ....,,1 by more cbeerlng aind laughter. The allualon
I , . j,, two Poptillat Convention* one al Chlcago and
,,,,,. i, s Loula aeemed to t>k!" the aenae of humor
,,f the Convention and of ih" audlence, and it ww [ tl
;owed by cheem and laughter. The prayer thal ?: I
mlghl prevenl the Incendlary'a (Bryan'a) work was
alao appla .?!> d
\, tii" cloae of Cbalrman Flower'a addreaa the
gi tea were called for tha m lectlon of membera of tha
rommltteea on Credentlala, Rulea and Regulatlone
and alao vlee-praaldcnta,
i.:- peraonnel of tii" Commlttee on Credentlala
\cw Vorl lamei W, Dt??n.
N i :.. I .1 llfl i- -. N '
North Dakota E. ?'. Toun
Ohl U< irgt E. Saney.
u\ m. Whldden
tnla?b-iin < *.i! -
wal l.ler.
'?: ? I . ' i: Walktr.
Bouth < *. r ; -- . i' l
Bouth Uakol . W, Irn-tn.
ii H. .'?:
ml -Ic.
. T. Trasebai
' ? i K. I". Itr ikf,
Vlrg n.. ?? )r. i Hiti n
? i :: w P :
w.^ Vlrg!nla II. C.
Wlao nsln i h H Bren
\. -.v afexleo?Andrew ' hn
[ . iwar. J Parki Poatlai
i lori:. i:. vv. '' dington.
. .i B. I'. .1 'ii
- J. T. M blett
Ind -i H M Kor.l
I .... i || ::?'. \'. Ilmer.
- t*. E. Hul ?'.
Kei tu kj O II. \Va<l 1*11.
i. u ... i r- rgu i.
M , it. n. Wo dman.
M in land .) A. Klri
i-t'- ?:. .\|..n?\
Ml higan ?? ? irg* B Itlce. I
Mlnneaota -Rrntat S^hradar.| Taxaa i
ppl W. B. :' '
M;.-? lurl Stephaa C
-Jamea T. Band
M ... ini
f ird.
\-i.-:.?k,i R. I
\-. llampahlrc >v
New ler^i ? .f'hn T?. rtrr?n.
Tha Commlttee on Permanent Organlxation i
compoaed of th?- foll iwing mi n:
..! A. "'. Danner.
Arkanxaa l B. Kr.
. 'allfornla '.'?' .rr.-r. i ilnej
/. Qg la. II.
1 .' iware \V. M. H ..
rnhn L. Inglla.
? ; .- i J ll. Merrlll.
i t*. II \\':::i.-inis-jn.
? ?? a. ... McCIel
l i s ll. Mallery.
Kanaaji IMv ard <'.irrr?ll.
K ? ? . k) it idnej Haagarl
inx i:. H "
M ..ii. It. E. II
m - land f>. M Murray.
MnaxH. liuaetta If ll l.lttb
Mi. Ma.in II. C. Rockwall.
M ta B. P. Alexandei
M Ippi .V. N Itetlam)
.;?? .rg? Bj ?
M ? ? .
. li .-' Pi
M. w Hampahlra Joali Cai
i .-n'^r.
Mi ?? Jera?) T P CAurley.
\. m Vi : ? ? W . y.?t >n.
North Carollna II. K. irtes.
North Dak. m- lt B. niakf
m ra
. i| : \f- ) aei Ryo
. nregon '/..-: i 8n ??
!?. nnaylvanW P. i"
IS..111I1 < ?,.!?.im.-i V Adama.
ith Dak.a i - Joaeph SCItka.
Peytf>n smith.
Iph. Tennei
?.- m.
Vermonl J< hn w. G ? ' ?
Vlrglnla -Wm. H. n/llaoe, Jr.
?? in I. w. '
w. -? vlrglnla?L. J. Wlll
.. ,. ..
N, w M-\ W. E. Dame.
rhia la the peraonnel of tii" Commlttee 'jn Bea
Alabama Thomaa O. Jonea. Nebraaka- Alberl Watklna
x ? h w Kordyee. Sew-Jeraey- Chariton T.
nlu i I'. :- Uwla.
Khrlch. Ne? -V irk- Henrj A. I<> h
tlcui I ? ?' - ?-; ?" : v
I, \ I ?
... , , 0. R. !>? S uiaaura.
Jamea H. !?: ? la.
In II ina lai. - B. * llera.
|. wi W. J, Babb.
Kan ii W H. R laalnaton.
.;?? >ra? M Davle, ..
U.ulalana Eda?r H. K?r- Bouth Carollna ?'?
, B u:h Dakota?I*
r. v-v Hotman. f -t.
,,; phillp I). Ui.r-l. Tenneaaea?Edmuijd Coopar.
Itna Mndaa Pal
???. R. F
B \v .1.
;.- ra- B.
Koith 1> ? ?
Vlrgll i
. >i. g ii .:. s.
Penna) .v*iila
Hh?l? laland W. C Baker.
- w. n.u .
W. Cr
-H.-nry W
?l^v.i- M. E. Klel ? c.
\ rrm i l Wella Vatantlne.
\. V"i-:i.
Weat Vlrglnla
... II.
'. -
\. M
Alfred Cald
p. Vllaa.
?s is tr...!" up aa followa:
\. ? II imp?l .- C. B. ''.irr.
\ n-l
\V. S. Jonea.
W. Oalder.
Dakota D P. Hc
I i .
\; ? ? i i:-. in
I .,!?!, P .-tiur^h.
> u ' !?'? '' ?'? Z -rk i.
, irdon.
, vv. u. Wilaon |r.
... n U W. Neatelle.
Irvlnla W D. weld
,. . - . ?
.. . ain M. ?'. ll ine>,
M - huaetl
Mi.-tiiKin -Bdwla
M ? M T, '? K
|, p| || M Sr.->t.
IM Itla. k
M ntana a II N- ?- ?.
.N .? M inipul ^ -- B?t
. ;,.n. .
The Commlttee on Uul
\ . ? i ? ?
U Ounn
it. th.
!'. .rt.ta .1 ! n I- Inalla.
ti^orala ?' H. M- i
i *. II. Mall ry.
K .- -. - i: Iwai ? irroll
ria B. II. Rai
? . ih rhaae
\! ,vi?..i n M Muri .
i nnant,
M ? tn P. II Q
Min irl '?? Rohartaon.
II. nuna -C. E. C. nrad.
Th" Convention ?i 3:io ? ' in -- tlll l:^rt.
Ti.? Convention reaaaembleJ al 1:30 wlth a full at
tendance of d. I. k.i;- ? and the % tll< rl ? w< re packi d
wlth apectatora, a larK>- proportlon of whom ^?'^?
womon In aummer coatumea. <>u.- of tl." Intereat
ik mi . ctlng the Democratlc party of the
prenenl day wlth that of half a century ago, waa
furnlahed . ?. the pr.nce In th. Mlnneaota delega-'
?? i man who v.>t>-<i for Martln Van Buren for
Ihe Preal I. n. y. , . ,
The cbalrman of ti." Commlttee on i redentlala,
,1 ii ;:-.?. :. i.. o( Wlaconaln, mad" i reporl to the
thal then were Kl delegatea preaent, r.-pr.
.enting forty-one Stntea and Mif. ? Terrltorlea. and
recommending thal thoae preaent be entllled to
tho full votca . f thelr gtatea and Terrltorlea.
,,. . it wlth !???? ? ?? to the delegatlon
from t'onnectlcul tii" commlttee recommended thal
tl m of the National Commlttee tn aeattng th
delegatea returned b> th ? Bti ?? Convention be con>
nrmed, The repori waa ;iKt'.-"d to withoul oppo
Dr. Bverett, of M.ia'aachuaetta, wns Intreduced lo
tui up the tlma wlth a apeech untll the report on
permanenl organlaatlon ahould i? ready, He a.i
dreaed the Convention aa feilow-patrlota and aald
M i aachuaatta had ?ent her delegatlon nearly alxty
atrong to ald ln repelllng the Invaalon whlch had
r i-? n up .iiMimn the anclen* h.? and credll of the
wholu country. (.?h."t>. M ieaa?huaetta waa for
gold. (Cheera.) Talk about an Internatlonal ugree
i.,.-??.. for blm< talllam! VVhy? had we nol now all th?<
natlona of tii" world whoae nam? waa worth any
thlng for thn gold atandard? (Applauae.) "Maa
,..?..?? he contlnued. "la here agalnai all claaa
dlatlnctlona. (Cheera.) Muaaachuaetta D?%mocracy
knowa no diatlnction Itei veen claaaea, l?etween rlcn
-in,] poor. between tii" man who raiaea tha graln
markel M larachu
ud th
who tak?
Democracy know no diatlnction
When the doctor cotnes
to preacribe for any " t'c
tnalc weakneaa," the first
thing be inatata upon ia an
examiuation, and the tre.it
ment he preacrihea ta pretty
^uro to call for the local
applicattona, ao naturalty
dnatasteful to every tt:.?iest
womau. Theae hutnili.tt
ing meaaurea are generaOy
abaolutoly unneceaaary,
i and there ia aeldom any
MJ'* <Ba5av reaaon whya wc?nanahould
aubmit tothem. Thlaatate
tnctit is made on th.* BUtltority of Dr. K. V. Pierce,
an emint nl epei ialiat in the treatment of diaeaaea
ofwotnen. ror thirty yeara i;?- haa been the, chld
conaulting phvaiclan*at the InvaUda' Hotel and
Surgical Inatitute, al Buffalo, N. V. Dr. Piercc'a
Pavorite Preacription waadeaigned i"<t thecureoi
all diaeaaea and aiaurdera of the diatlnctly feminine
organa. It haa been succeaaful, even bevond tha
expectationa "f ita diacoverer. It acta dfrectly on
theae delicate and eenaltive organa, and l.rin^-.
tliem back to t>. rfect, vlgoroua health. lt? effect is
almoat immeaiate. It aUaya Inflammation, and
Btopa unbearaMe, nerve-nagging j??tns, as wetl as
iinti.tttir.il, debilitating draina <ui the ayatem. lt
correcta iliatreaaing and palnful irregularltlea, and
curea where doctora fail. Thouaanda of wordn
have fret|uently taatified to tlus u>t.
i;u-.. M..IH m ?ii" woakj Haa to kaoa Uw truth ai> nm h< ?
ow ii pliyai. i -^ ia l? alth and dlaeaae, thonld aare i ^.'.,?^ i i
lu picrc. iCommonaeuaeMedtealAdvkwi Tkiaremark.
ni.i- book haa ovei . pagva and la a coanpleta m--.li .:
:,..,.,, \ ; . , ?.? i dum. lt contaiaa aev*4 il i ' i| tera oa ti.e
repraancttve phyaiotogy ot womaa, wrktcct in t.iain i.in
mngi in 1 ilfoairated rallj an I iterj rarefnll) lt tctla rx
n liywhatthc i.ivi.nu- Preacriptton" will .'... toi wowaa.
ffera nianj naeful tuggcatlona for tii- prcaarvatioa of
- ipiea were aoad at )i weacB Thi
N< arly
ihe ^'T-r.it. -t aalc ever raacked hy any medk al ? .it r\-rr
u'r.l In "
t.rintrd |n thr Rngllah 'nnifiian'- The new edit>n ol hnlf.
ii iiiiiiK.n .-"]iip?. paper-covervd i4 bow offrred ??aa/aala/i
fttr to arv oaa amo will aend ji bub caal -.tamp? t > epret
thr. .?t of malling tmh. to the Ufartd ? i>U|x""a?'\' Medkal
Aaaoi Ulion, n ,.i?lo, N. V. In cloth binditig u> BtBta rxtra
(31 cmt? in ail).
860 Broadway, Union Sq. & 18th St
Marbles, ^open firepuus
Mosaics, Walls*f"***
Flaeat tionUn? Makera' Prlcei.
JVlrs. Winslow'5 Soothinp; Syrup
*-*a t?en uaed for n>ei FfFTY YK.Alo b? jirt
WHII.K TEETH1NG wlth perfect lUCCMalft
by drugglata ia tvery nart of tha worli
Twenty-five Cents a Bottlc.
nnd ?e.-iirp oni- ,,f theie
l-"?r?| I'rl.eH.
I <?>i, i BBOIT
_"" geg Itlh Mrret.
capltallal and the wage-earaar. Mriaartaaaiia
Democraoy knowa no illaMn. ti.m u-tv.,..:i s-or,;
and Bouth, tietweeu I-'-' -I Waat (AppUn-..,
\nd ahova .11. th< D. i I -.ur Sut- tn'i
?'' -?ny intult
aound men of our Btate, wll ? tDy t'nautt
agalnal lhai man *"lio I ? , ? ? . ?
h< nor of A tn
Here the Conventlon ro;
We at nd i >-nlght by Pt
' raenj
i -..?.? t
waa . a. ? ne of ur - xm.
rhrered and hhouted and waved ti 'ms. han<l
kercblefa and Aaga, and tatora tn the i?u
leriea took parl In the d motiatratlon. When Dr
.... _ .. _.I 1, .!_ .. ? I .1 _._ . "
Everett waa'able to make bln
"We. ol M ?
? ?'hen Dr.
I ".?
' ??ntei1 a
indldate for Preaident whom - - . -M -.,?
m ? - . -;.? ....
? nh?
Atlantic to dle of arlel
men. lApplaii ? V kl that
ahe mlght nam> ? cai Idate foi '? -? ,
one who. In tbe Cal.i of Pi -.:???':? vabuul a
two hlgb ofllcea. baa attalned
She haa a repreaentatlve In Mi (-leraba*'i
Cabinet; one who, arhi k I ?.:&
Ai irchy and .So.-,al;-i.. ? ?>? n: t-word of
th" I iw ai d waved II In d. f. . | good
order. iChejra for Oir.ey.) Bu! we are not | -.
for any partlcular candida e. G?-ni
gouth and Weai gei tlemen i ? Pa tte an
... - any two bo. d N t, *r
men whom the country knowa ai
tinction. for purtty. for worth m i ? - - arivai
life Xi" rth or Bouth, clvlliai oi
Maaaachuaetta wlll fete the candldatea of Ol
Conventlon, and do all that .-. .- . a-. j
port. tProlonged applauae i
We are to!d thal we mlgl ' do aa well hv rattkg
o\ir votea for the candldatea nomtnawd at %'..
Louia? 1 mean the flrsi Bt. Louis Conventkw, Mt
the Becond. fLaught. r l W. uU <<*
Bound Money'a aake we hav. nothlng to do bat M
y>, ov. i to that - an.,.. Mr. Preaident, I
decllne to admlt that all pubtl vlrtu. ia . ntredli
the Hepnlltc in party. lAppla iee.) I
for thla vear If ii were onlj I ?' i
mlght thlnk dlfferentlj of ??- o. Bul
n.,. are nol here only for thla campat* ?r *n
here for 1900 We are her for th? future. ibera
are hundreda ind thouaanda of young nien giav
Irg up and naklng for whom th 1
a-fio kn .w notl Ing of ihe tradlll
They ? H.t to know whal i nrty I '
to; whlch Ia the progreaalv. part) I |
day and ot the bour, ..nd } ?ay that . wwa.
lion is to be no' the aat, but ti ' "Wka
flrat conventlon nf the party ol ioun? Ancrka.
,,-;,.., r? i w. ar. BghtlnK n.
. ? istorl .1 I rlnclpl. ? our p.trtj
-? Anarchlam nnd 1
aii insi proteetlon and nateri illam
ftghtlna thal the Cnlted Btatea maj - ? ??? nt_e
(,i,;- ot h.-r alster nauoni undlmmed In loooraaa
unahaken In courage.
Dr. Everetl reaumed hla aeat amld loud un?ea>
tinued applauae, The r.-n.-rt 'of th- . ?
Permanenl Orgapteatlon a I -' prewented lf*a
chalrman ot the commlttee.4 Jomea W K taaet,
New-York. H recoBunended'Benator DonelaoaCaf
ferv. of Loubdana, aa :i? rmanent chalrm.ta.aai
.i b Wllaon, of Indlana, tog.permanei
and further lecommended the*?ai -* of *
permanent Naflonal organlaatlon. r ortwai
.' dopted wlthoul i
Benator Caffer) waa cor ll J<
Bumttl 0f Pennaylvanta. und Mr. UwleT( -?- M -
n^dintdh,rcon;.nu ? ? :
a -
ever conf. rn i upon .-.
ir party
terlng in Ita i imp ? . t
It. true docirlti ?
altara, broken Iw ahr ? ?? ?
the peoph kU? n ?
sfcsaw ? ' ?
;,.,? th. hearta o th
true Democratl I
foundera we mu't "
1 >wed tl
lowed th Ir
heioad i
tlea thal bound -
and are a ??
I , i v i': \ ? > i >' " ? "
alty to prlm Ii
blndlns in coat leno
hatpla ?: .
decl ire foi ?? -?'?, ' '
free allver tl '' ' ' '?
T,,|- [gHMAEt OF ' '
, enfor ? th. Ia*
controlol and n th. tu
,n any Btate in th. ' i
claretbat th. functlon o --
be exclualvely exarclBCd , r,v.
they .M.U the rujht of
ment In any legltlmate comm^iO. '
th.( the obllgatlon I ,j3lh.
go:dwa.r.* Landi i
umecoln tho Natlonal . . ,,cV,nJ
in , lepi ?tat. ? ?la. And ar. I. ?
al ? theae attacka and l<
,VreM And thal the Sci , - ' ?
v.ni be b fugttlve and a wandereroa ^
4l\V.V "l.ot.i thal ao trgun ai v^'V
siu.w the revolutlonar) and ai
1 r if Un- doctrlne thal . g
be enfw.I in -' S:'"' ,ur|i
Srotect proparty whlch Ia In ; ? 'T,,! Ut?^
-vd.-iai courta, or to protec ro ?* !*?
?, ,,i,. or tbal the Buprem. ? , ^.euld ?*
Srganiaed. or thal the N'atlot . lh?t tM
s-.nn.d. or th- Natlonal falth ?r v-|;,iw
.,. ?i,.m of prlvate contract ou? ?v *H
. v ? . ed bj the Federal Q wltn t^\
tha tl.e tleorv Of fr.in-if' ?'? ? ,, . , b-.t ??
at the ratkToYH W I admlta of "^"^Saaaak ?*
h?M that the weaghl ol auih. ,.., ?. ?
,-. monlng an.l th.- facta of hla . Jaattoa
., snd herulnouaconae.jueny^^ f hto mU*
Sndcommerce "of tJyRepubHo. ?*^%c&*
try to ? dlacrcdlt* I d ;'? ' "'.. , mM- ?r'
atindanl amll. nnancea aa arlt ?
trade wlth a btlgh ?? ",',..;,.- arlll b? *5
er.dlt wlll f-ill pro-trat. ..? onl K ; .
,l0?or.d :.,,! Ita unaulM. .,elbarorter w ,v?r
wl'h fra nl i .'
deeelt W
hiatortcal ??f1'
m. ita are true, ratabllahed ?l BW'rVhe aaaat aa>
.., ,, , ,.,,!,'.- reaaon. tho ovinlana of . '.?mroon
Elahed Polltlcal -"-'7;t,(.^;;,i;.t per.tonot
itenae and common honeatj of ti" t?,l<
our felloa elttaena
Tha er.dH.ty and eupldlty of aome ? ? ?ur f?J
ettkMCM hav, been gUyed upon and aiaa ^
artful fnnatlc- and cunnlng ?r^^tel|fcjeal
nt-c. however. mnny hone-i. patrtotte *?? ^ ?
man who eftaf wlth all tha atrcn.tU uf conVM -

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