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fobLVI?II* 18,19*2.
?Af * i^xn TAI-K with ncMETABt <"AR
?fkgtofnftoa. Sept. 4.?Ll HuriR Chanp had his
. t fUj, of tea at r> o'clook this mornlne;, and
h1, ropu!i>r Uvakfast at 8:30, He elept pro
fpundedly all nlfiht, and annminccd this morn?
lne thal he feM equal to a big day's algbt-aee
. _ HIs eoekl had stnrted the tlre In the ban
.Uft-room ranpc at tho Arllngton before 4
v]ock. and they were ehopplns and BliclnfJ and
eooki'iK away lon? before Waahlngtonlana
??<*<? They nre polnR to stize Um opportunity
?gcrd-d b) the eomprehenalve eullnary faclll
gp [ded for thetn not only to prepare elabe
gUBieala for tho Vteeroy durinp his Ftay here,
Mit m ! repare as rauch as poaeibta t<> last him
aoroM the oountrp untll they roarh the palley
d the tranapactfle ateaaner.
After M? hreakfaet tho Vlceroy announced
th?t he dtd nol feel llke hanjntiK around his
aaMrb apartmonts all the mornlnp roceivlnp
offlclal?. ?? had bpf"n tnapj'ed OUt in the pro
pimme hnt wou'.d llke to soe tho Oapltol, if
h? hai tlme I ' '"v<> keeptnf nls appolntment at
the Cbli ? I ' gatlon. Bo tho earriapes were
^jtn ' ? i promptly nt 0 o'cloek tho party
ri>le ftWa] fi m the hotel. Ll Hunp Chanp.
Oenern! Ruper, Jobn W. Poatar and Pr. Mark.
whn aeted M ir.tcrpr-t-r for tho morninp. were
,n ,?,.??? ?B*< which VU folloWed by a
rarrlaP' rontalnlng tho rhair and four hotel
portpf ii 1 ? ; - Other carrlacea eamr be
fctodwltl I. rd l, Captain alille, Mr. Dreu nnd
a Iflatfl membera of tho sulto. Tho drtve waa
? a*t t)-<> Patem OIBce and Penslon nmro. wblch
Ure i ?li ?? -d out in pasalng, to the eaal fttmt
of Thf Capttol, which wu viewad, nnd tho party
gHyht, ] at tho Benate utepa Tho vteeroy tnok
to hla rhair, whicb wai earrled op tho stops
throuth the bronae doora, Mr. Poster and Dr.
Mark explalnlng thbiga as they went Tho on
t!ro Capttol wu undergolng IU eummer renova
:he now floors and venttlatlon Bystem
? In tho ?onato Chamber, and a
I | .,- ?-i more ImpreHhre at an
?rason; but the %"leeroy took n deep In
? ? ?? in everythltiK. Hl? flmt queetion waa
anked in Ihe Preeldent'a room, which waa un
re of furn:t\iro. He Mranted to know
Prealdent waa there tvery day, and
latonlahed when told that the Preal
? only once for a (ew houra annually.
H" irried to the rotunda, whera h* loft
hf.<= ci.i.r and went nvuMi examlnlng tho hls
tor:' .1 - mlnutely. ih- is very fond of
; nea In each had tr> \<> <\
I ly. Il<- l???? ama :??? ply Inter
aated ?? of Porahontaa, which had to
v The (lra! mllitary aubjeet h<'
hap] ? ke iraa tfv Burrender of Hnr
f hlm t ask if Grant were in it,
and ?h?n told that he waa n<>t, he wantorl to
kn <\x when Grant waa at tho tlme.
In tho li!.r;:ry ho \!o\vnd tho Btacka of books
with erldenl ind when introduood to
l^ihrarlan Bpofford he took a great fancy to
him, He taked how oid he was.
S' vei replled Mr. Bpofford.
"Yon must have many b^oks ln your hoad,"
daelared i-i.
"But many more out of n," the TJhrnrlan re
rp n<lcd.
"Rut you mu^t \.o a very Wtae man," pnr'lstod
'N\ 7 know eeanparatlvely littlo;" and at this
'JIauchod and dtreeted that Lo Einp Luh. his
tafldf-ntlal tecretary, be apectally prowontcd to
? - fford.
Mr Spoff rd a^kod Lo If he wore n book man;
cd when Ll learned of this, ho aald: "Xo, not
in, tho book worm."
Lo - Id Mr. Rpofford that ho was reading
latianii and translatinp paaaagea from tho
aawrlcan phllooopher ff>r tho Vlcoroy, who waa
r.y?? h pleaaed with hlm.
Then the rhair waa moved out on tho Capito]
where tho mapniflr-ont panorania of
lajkmfton was pproad out. The atmopplu-re
<aitzceptloaally rlear. Fort Myer and Arlinjr
ta\orer on tho Virclnian hills, boing as vivldly
- u If but a milo away, The Vlceroy waa
rh?mn^d wi!h the acene. Preaently he began
uting aboul the Waahlngton Bfonument, what
?? how th'-y bullt n, and how it compared
?alether hla;h atrueturea, nnd ended by declar
!"nhat he ihould go up to the top to-morrow
ivAv* f r himaelf if all that was t'dd him waa
kfj After he ha'i a amoke th< part) waa led
fh Btatuary Hall, where the statu<s of dla
?aj - eana dld nr>t Intereal tho Vlce
'">? af*.-r he found General Grant'a was not
aara He ? adered why there was n>> statuo of
aavt anywhere In Waehlnjrton, i>ut whon told
palntlaa; of him nt tho wiiite
laaM aald would not po away wlthoul aee
aaj it.
in th? h< - of Repreaentatlvea the k<?koouh
t?!l?-ry i ri ? the B] ? aku i 'a di sk attracted his at
twion. ard when told it was reaerved for tho
rrw#-hp lauchtngly noted that it was flner than
i,-nt and tho Dlplomatlc Corpa
He *an uked if he wanted to ro over th.e II
hnm-. which waa poealbly the finost bulldlnjf in
Okieountry; he found that lt \vas i.n
ftn'.shtd and had only ???,M' Cblneee booka ln it,
ke *aH he waa ? old to read Enfllah and
aaaight he'd v ?*-r po to the Lesatlon, where he
*a* du<>.
The eairtac * rere ra-antered, Oaneral RuK'-r.
Wd Ll ana Dr. Mark K"inp with the Vlceroy,
foiiowed by tnother earrlage eontalalaaj the
prlnripal %pct*-u<.:.-?>. vhtl- Mr. Foster roturnod
to rhe h'>t<-i ?tth the remalnder of the aulte.
The Viceroy was drlven dlrectly acroaa town to
tha LHsmiori. %\ thi head <<f Pourteenth-et.,
^her?OenerM H.,r, r ,,.rt n)ln f,,r a j.rlvate con
fereaea with kOnlater Tan? Yii.
A';*f a Mrictiy bualneaa eonveraatlon lasting
? an hour, an elaborate Chlnea ? luncheon
?eraed ln the stat- dlnlnc-room, at a*hk?h
aiami down: Barl U and Mlnta
ler rani ta, tbe Viceroy'f two adopted aona,
^^ U and Vlaceual Ll; atid his two chtef
?ereterlea Lo Fmj? Luh and Yu Blh M-i. Dur
lB? tae luncheon It -Aa.s declded that, notwlth
?^dln* his wininfneM, Mlnlrter Yam W
?wiJd not accompany tbe Yteereaal party to
^sar.-i. but ihould send two <-t )iis Legatlon
JJchei as iuhotltutea. Ll Hung Chang th.n
^?" the Becretary of the Legratlon, H. W.
**>. and the tranalator, M. v. Chung, who are
j-^nvM popular Caleattala In Waahlnatop. to
* the honor of accompanylng him.
*Htti<- i,ft,r noon, and bafora the otbera had
jfciMiM their r^j.ast, tho vi-cruy announced
a?t he would alaep, and two minutaa lat.T he
** t^rappad ln profouad alunaber on ? blg
? v?n Although ).<? waa ?Ju?- at 1 '<?.?;... k at the
?JeL ahere all ihe galta and his LTaltad Btatea
^ttjr esr.,rts were anxiously awaltlng his kik
?J fcr luncheon, he hl?-iit soundly until twenty
''nut.-H nact th(. hour, when ho un* huniadly
"?ahtod t'. the ladi.-H and ehildi.-n of the \."
tt,'f>ri. and then drlven dlrectly te the Arling
n Htrre he <nsaj1p'arod frOHl pubiic \lew un
4 o'cloek, when he had an appolntmenl to
?<?'? the top of tbe (Vaahlnfton Ifpnument Al
*?* hour Major-Oeneral Milag, aoaoenpaniad by
2*Voungaon, and General Hrock, CJeneral Hu?<
*?*??. General rireely, Hurg.-rm-rjerK ral Htorn
**rt. Colonel Gllriorc, Cautain Davis and Cap
taln Heyl, of hls staff, ealled to pay thelr re
MHtts. They gpant flfteen nitnutes with the
Vlceroy, who took a vtolent fancy to th< routh,
and plkd htm with questlons about hlH achool
and w hat be expected to become as a man. He
asked Oeneral lUlef how old b? was, and when
the Gkaeral told httn he had aerved with Qrant
the Vlceroy hocama de? ply Intereated, and
asked numerous queatloni abOUt Qrant'l airny
After this Intervlew, ex-rfecretary Foster took
tbe Vlceroy, Lord Li and Dr, Mark to call on
Becretary Carllale, at the latter's resldence.
Mrs. Carllsle and tbe wlfe of Chief Juattca Ful
ler reoelved the party. Thli vlall turned "Ut to
i>e the niost Impgrtant <>f tbe day, and reeulted
I tn tbe complet. demolltlon "f the afternoon pro
| gramme. The Vlceroy epent over an hour In dla
i cumIoii ol hnance and tarifl with Becretary Car
I lisle. li.' was amaxed and gratlfled with the
i Becretary*" knowledge <>f th.' Chtnese ayatema,
\ and tbe flrm graap and clear perceptlon be had
! -'ii eubjecta that had puuled Chlna'a chlef
thlnkera. Chlna contemplatea a change ln her
, tarifl ayatem, wbtcb la now aald \>> be anythlng
I luit unlfoim Becretary Carllale bad a * <*i? >' "f
th.- preaent Chlneae cuetome achedulea before
! hlm. and the two dlatlnguiahed ftnenctera went
cloaely Into the detalla of the matter. The l< e
roy dedared that Carllale would be the greateat
man tn all Chlna if he went there.
When the dlacuaalon had contlnued untll ?*.???
o'clock, the Vlceroy entered hla earrlage ana
drove to Becretary Lamonfa, where heien nia
card. rei-eatinK tbe courteay at the realdence 01
Oeneral Milea and Becretarj Francla. Theti n
drove back to the hotel, where Qeneral RuRer.
Major Davla and Captaln Mllla wereln full ui i
r i in awaltlns hlm, and the <arr,au<-we ??
drawn up ready to eonduct tbe enUre aulto to
the momimont. where st.am n"'1 J"''? , ,1
after houra to take the party ln tbe elevator to
i ,hTh.''PVirerr,v, however, decllned to take any
further trlpa tc-day. He aald he waa ?red and
w.uiid reat untll the dlnner thla evenlng. He re
' Mred atonce to the prlvacy of hla apartmenta
: aAdtWcltockbB,'eama down to the elaborate
dlnner tendered In hla honor by ?;**"**";
; Foster Bealdea the hoal and the Vlceroy, tne
SKngSeataaatd..: U Hung Fo?j:(nra
son of the Vlceroy), BecreUry Lo Fing Lun, i.i
Chlng Bou aecono aon of the Vlceroy), Dr. lr
wfifnd Dr! Mark. the Chlne? Mln.ater \g*
TO- the Mexlcan Minlater, Beftor n<m-\<<.>.<
rV an CaMlsie. Becretary Lamont Becretary
Franiis. Juatlce Harlan, Oovernor T.ov.nd-. -f
Maryland Oeneral Mllea, Qeneral Ruger. Aa
rt*t7nff?cretary Rockhtll. E. B. Drew Oeneral
jamea " WiN"n *nd 1)r- W" '
^The'flSar'decoratlona were .-uj.erK and durlng
th- repaal the Unlted Btatea Band. undei ape
clal ordera froin the Navy Departtnent, gave a
perenade, playlng, aroong other numbera the
Chlneae Natlonal alr, a Chlneae Pro?of?? "J
Morelll. Fanclulll'a Chlneae March, and other
melodlea re< agnlred by Earl Ll.
Ki the cloae of the dlnner Mr. Foater made a
few remarka. In whlcb he felldtoualy expreaaed
the Kreat pleaaure of hla countryinen, Incli llng
th- repwsaentatlvwi of the Oovernment, arowlng
out of the Vlceroy'a vlalt to the Capltol and
other eltlea. and thelr regreta that Hli Excel
lency'a urgent dutlea at home made hi* atay ^o
?hort Now that he was to depart on the long
journey acroaa the Contlnent and ocean, everj
one dealred to wlah hlm good healtb and happl
neaa and a long Uf* of further uaefulneaa to hla
T,ni7ungnChwgWre.Ponde/througb hla Inter
pre!e?bfawrlSfn.,.hjwhlcb met wltb ap
to me bv my old frlend, Hon. J. W. eoaier,
?h ve o Sank hlm for a?ordlng me an o .
portunlty before my .i-pamm- from ^?,e C
fimeal to the Amerlcan Sovernment andcltl
, . i i,.. .ii,. Ameriean (>o\ ci nnieni nno
SBESTt SelSmlnAgmana r^celvlng my apeclal
m^Thou?h I regret that my tlms doea nol allow
-:??. inorder to apjpreclat?? my ;? f the ac
of Amerlca as a natlon. I cannoj n gged
brlef vlalt here, havlng been atru juj"
ple, by the welfare and proapent* < -harac
teriatlca of theli elaaalcal, hlatorteal ana pniw
Bophlca and P^/^^^uflc'dlacoverlea and
kin'' and "LSSrJl^oV the publl" bulldlnga,
ln :h," ar.Cu, ? . b,.- ol? i.-t!.ric:,l flgurea and
Bculpture and pa" tru 1)tM.n
facta whtch my i ld frlena j
kind enough to ahow me, t
?Theae mprcaalona ) ?>" l-ai'- ' k ,.
only as augmentatlonato my ?ore^f tajj^
trTbaTeeonly one word toadd. that^the Htoa.
f%^m^I%~P^\Jtoaatto the frlend
of Chlna the Hon. J. W. Fmrter.
tT,,^ irro'clocTbut^HSrCbang^re:
,l"s,"',a ,u , n e..nveralng with thoae prea
the banquet, and ate a nwi
touched no aolld food. rtmoved, he
'"^rhe^lertrbanquel ha... he wa. aa
Bl9Ved to the elevator by hls attendanta. and
J^Jn reachlng hla apartmenta. retlred for the
nH..'pr?rr.mm? for ^
Wjr?*f^KSTtfnfttt Mounl Vemon I. ln
o^He'S. ordera W"^*"1*"?
to be placed on Waahlngton'a tomb.
n,?f Conlln aenl a report to ".a Pollce Board
ftB Thumday ln whlcH lw pralwd tho m.nner n
Z?"Z Uca^rcedldeatradutyduringL.
., ,. rh.nrt vlalt, and reeommended thal two
r,"?i.y"of viicatlon he ,1,:, the pollcemen.
police performed theli wora ,
an">u"! Vf ,'"S1r'J i ' they receiw aa ? reward
deern &*&& vacatlon. and a. ??
?neetfully re -oinm'-ni!.
' ,,I^l.n th.mmunteatlon, tha Commla
Blo^r? yeaterday granted to tha membera o tha
Jor"; i.,: ,v tbe rank of aergeanl two daya leave
?1 .i;!"''.".,!!-..ived the following lette.
? PollcaHeadquarterafromJ. U IllUtard.
of th*' Hotel Wald ?rf:
the wi-i k ' ^
s^.r.,i of tha amployea of th? Waldorf i
,u.u,u< at reporta whlch havf reachid the ?
?S cJif. o7 th. dJfferent dapartmant, that n,.ny
,,',.,,, wm u?.bla to obtal,: .dmi...... ? ??, ,.. ;
allK?st praaenc of U Hun. Chana bwauae they ,
, ,,,,, M? offei bribaa to tha employe. Now, th.
! manaaera ol tbe-Waldorf ara employei ol Mi ;
Kldt an."'?'" Ibem-elvea aa au h i.< aa
mueh'a- tha aawltoal bel.r or m?
I li, thal graal hoatl*ry When Ll H
. BrrU , ?, th. Waldorf hl. fW?wj
commaalcatedtolIr.BoM. who Inatn.Jbtoeav
ployea accordlngly. Mr Drew, who accompanlwl
Ll llun* Cbang ?? tha g< a.ral m?nag.r of hla tour.
-Contluuvd ?u 'lliird l'??e.
HY tiii: RBUBAgEO PRiaomni hi: TKLLI
His WKKPINO sisTUH To '(;<) AWAY."
Dr. Thomas Gallagh<-r. who was released from
penal aerrltuda at Portland last week, aft-r
ependtng thlrteen yeara ln Engllah priaona, was
one of the paaaengera who arrived at thlH port
reaterday afternoon on the Amerlcan Lln?
ateamahlp Bt Paul. Dr. <;allupher la one of the
prlaonera who wera aratenced ln 1883 for cod<
apirlng to blow up Bngllah Oorernment build
Iiims ln London. He is at preaenl ? oomplete
mental wreck, aufferlng from hyaterta, ao the
phyatdana aay. His frlenda declare thal hla con
dition is tli.- dlrect reaull of the treatment he
recetved In the Bngliah jaiis.
Por weeka the iiish H..?i,-tit-H ln and aear New
Tork have been maklng preparatlona to ?ive Dr.
Gallagher ? royal welcoma when he returned to
Amerlca. They appolnted a large Commlttee of
Arrangementa and aecured one of the Brooklyn
Annex boata, upon i hlch hundreda of them
aalled down the Bay yeaterday mornlng to meel
tbe Bt PauL There was an able-bodled band
aboard, plenty ..f good cheer of varloua aorta
and a permit had been aecured to take the hotne
comer off the ateamer al Qaarantlne. Bqt tt was
all ln valn. At the momeal th>- bnatload of his
frlenda atarted to meet him, Qallagher was f?lr
ly ravlng, and ln- had to be reatralned leat he
ahould do damage to thoee around hlm.
Dr. Gallagher was releaaed from Portland
Prlaon on Thuraday, a week ago. Dr. Antbony
McBrlde, of London, Immcdlately t.?,k oharge
cf hlm, at the requeal <>{ the Amerlcan Conaul,
and on Baturday the two aalled for thla country
"ii the Bt Paul. l>r. Gallagher and Dr. Mc?
Brlde occupied atate rooma on the aecond deck.
Durlng the paaaage Dr. Gallagher was qulet for
lonp Intervala, and occaalonally was taken out
for a atroll on the promenade deck. At other
tlmea he was ?... \ lolent that force had to be ui ? i
to aubdue hlm. He took hla m< ala w Ith th>< i hlef
Bteward, and al one lime he became k>> exctted
that he deatroyed many of the dlahea on the
table. Dr. Gallaghei haa complained thal whlle
h<- was ln Chatham Prlaon one of the attendanta
threw hlm down and Jumped on hlm m> heavlly
that three rlba were broken. l?r. McBrlde aaya
he haa d? >t made any examtnatlon that could
prove whether hfff patlent'a rl l >s have been
broken or not.
The Bt Paul waa alghted eaat ><t v.v* isiaml
yeaterday mornlng al 1130 o'cloek, and tli??
Brooklyn Annex *?<*.-11 tled up at Quarantlne
tn awalt her < ?n the Bt Paul'a arriv.ii at
Quarantlne, l>r. MoBrlde told the commlttea
that i" hla Judgment, it w >uld he Inadvlaabla
to take i>r. Gallagher from the ateamer thetii
Conaequently, the membera of th>- Receptlon
Commlttee went aboard ?\\n- St. Paul, and were
Bhown t" the atateroom ol the unfortunate
man. The commlttee was made up as followa:
General Jamea K. O'Belrne, Commlaalonef of
Charltiea; Captain B. O'M. Condon, a.former
p'olltlcal prlsoner in England; Jamea Gallagher,
J. .1. Joyce, Wllllam Lyman, prealdenl of the
Irlah Natlonal Alllance; Captain McChryatal, <>(
the 00th Reglmentj Danlel V. Clancy, Pather
B. A. Brady, chaplaln of the 60th Regiment and
O'Donovan Roaaa.
All the membera of the commltt e a ore b
bearlng tbe Inacrlptlon: "Unlted Irlah Bocletlea
of New-York and Vlclnlty. Welcoma to Dr
Dr. Gallagher waa led from his atateroom to
meet the commlttee. but they had no sooner
lonkod upon his haggard featurea than they
were convlnced thal they were not recelving a
aane man. The Kr"ii|' Included aevi ral of the
releaaed prlaoner'a old frlenda, and at leaat one
man who had been an Inmate of an Kngli.sh
jai! wltli him. But Gallagher rcgarded them all
with auaplclon, and would have none of thetn.
He was put face to face with his own brother
Jamea and dld not recognlae him, i>ut turned
awry mntterlng to hlmaelf. Dr. < lallagher'a
brother was murh affected. "Thomas wlll never
pot over it," he aald. Deaplte the fact that his
mlnd aeema much upaet, Dr. Gallagher*a g< neral
health doea not Beem Impalred to any great
extent He Is extremely tl.in. however. When
be entered the prlaon gate, thlrteen yeara ago,
he weighed 215 pounda, but looklng at him
yeeterday, one would not eatlmate his welght
nt more than 17n pounda. The top of his head
Is almoat entlrely bald, and he ?'nv ? atubby
beard tiiat was ncarly white.
When the st. Paul "as belng warped into h?r
berth the Doctor was allowed to go tip on the
deck, and he st.l there for some tlme, perfectly
ralm, watchlng the crowda on the pler. Wheh
the gangplank waa puahed out he attempted to
po aahore by hlmaelf, and when Dr. McBrlde at
ti mj ted to reatraln hlm, he became suddenly
vlolent, apparently fearlng thal Bome one was
trylng to do hlm an Injury. In the acuflle that
followed Dr. McBrlde waa Btruck by one of his
patlent'a arms and fell on the deck Beveral of
the byatandera, however, <'ani'' to hla aaalatance,
and Dr. Gallagher waa speedlly overpowered
He Boon became qulel agaln. When he landed
t li. r.- waa a conalderable delay, wlng tothe fact
that nob dj eemed to know what to do with
him Durlng this titne th-- ex-prlsoner walked
up and d wn the pler between Vlctor Harrlaon,
an employe of the Amerlcan Llne, and Alder
man W. ,i. Canlan, of Jer ey Clty. He aeemed
to have taken ? fancy to theae two men, and
? . ; as thougl he was quite content to be with
them Buch a blg crowd ol the [rlahman'a
frlenda aaaembled to get a look at hlm and l >1
lowed him up and down ihe pler that two po
li, i men were aenl for l i keep th< m from comlng
go cloae as to excite the do< l
Plnally, for some reaxon noi apparent, the
newly arrlved Iriahman a*aa taken aboard tho
Annex ferryboat which, with Ita load of his
frlenda, had followed tjie Bt, Paul up the rlver
and was waltlng al the end of the pler. The
crafl then Bteamed up the rlver for about a
mlle, and afterward returned I ? the pl<
Whitehall-at. Here the Doctor waa taken from
the boal and drlven uptown to the Bavoj Hotel,
, |?.r,. |... passed the nlght. Dr. McBrlde aald
lhat to-day he wouldI probably be taken to a
?anltarlum Whlleon khe ferryb at he raved al
Soat conatantly. ln a brlef talk, Dr, McBrlde
. , ., reporter that.'whlle Dr Gallagher was
at nresent a menUl wreck, he dld nol think the
;...'. hopeleaa ln hla oplnlon a year*a real and
,' ..,.<???] att< ndance, Buch a- he would doubtleaa
,.,;. ,\.'.. would go far to reatore ti? patlent'a
mlnd to Ita w rmal condltlon.
i', the doctor "as a pitlable apectacle yeater
,i,v Whlle he was atlll on the pler oi.f hla
>i,,.'.,-.; annroached hlm llmldly. for ahe had been
toldtokeepaway, and i tialng hei vell, Implered
,,.._ Krother to look at lier.
h"cJKyou aee,U'a mer ahe aald. "Don't you
knnZ her' brothi r only turned away with a *? at
...V V.f -nsiiri. n. and mutt?red: "Go away; m>
;;H ,,,??, knoa you: I don't know you
,!? ??,.,?. to have anythlns lo do with y?t."
The teara couraed down th? 1
ihe lowered her vell and lurned i
Whether Dr. Gallaa;her'? condltlon is due to
,,?. treatmenl he recelvcsd H tbe handa of his
RrU,.h Jalleraornot. II !? undoubtedly true that
?heilfeoftbe Inmatet of Engllah prtaona la hard,
?, ul4! no mllder teim Captain E O'M. Condon.
... . ... . ..... i . i
-?' CoutlnurU ?u !>e?e?tta I'lio
Oanton, Oblo, fcept. 4. -The del-gatlor.a from
Pittsburg and Beaver Coonty, Penn.. whlch are
conilng here to-morrow uromlea to he ao larga
that Major MoKlnley has derlded to make two
sji>-eehe6 Ineteed of one, as he at Hrst totitei.i
i>iated doing. Tha flrat apeech a in be mada about
11:80 o'clock in the mornlng to tha delegallon
from Btaver County. The aecond apeerh wlll he
at about half-past .'( o'?10Ck to the Plttsbuig
labor delegatlon.
Thli evenbiK Major McKlnley ?e.elvrd dia
patcbeg from two more delngatlons. isklng hlm
lf he could recelva them. The eommerelal tra?r
ellera "f Plttaburg and !ts nelghborho.id have
aski-d to <lomi on Bepterober W, and the Repub
llcan cluba of New-Albany have biformed him
that they have arrangad t'> r<mie on that day.
An effort v\ill be made to arrange anothtr dale
for the travelllng men, i > that they may have
tbe day for thenuelvee,
Among Major Mi?Kinh-y'a callen to-day wua
Cofonel W. A. Btambaugh, of Kansas, who la
maklng a few Republtcan apeechea in thls Htate.
Colonel Btambaugh aaya that tha Republlcaaa
and Bound Money Democrata have a liard rl.^ht
on band In Kansas, but Ibat if they work d;ii
>-? >ntly and Intelllgently Ihey wlll rarry the State
foi IfcKinl.y by more than Ih.imxi
L P. iiinii, an edltor Mf Mankato, Mlnn., waa
another caller. })?? recognlsea the fact the Re
publlcana have no walk-over in Mlnneaola, but
aaaured Major MoKlnley that Bound Money sea
tlmenl \sas galntgg ground everj day, and that
it ft'ould prevail.
Prlmroee and Weet, the mlnatrelai called on
Major McKlnley ihls afl >rnoon and were pleav
antly recelved. They told a number of amuatng
atoiiea and Invlted Major McKlnley to aec thelr
perfoi mance.
The followlng dlapatch, recelved 'hls afternoon,
was read with aatlafactlra by Major McKlnley:
New-York, Bept. 4. To Hon. YVllllam MoKlnley,
I'anion, Ohlo: Tha bualneaa men of Broadway,
from Bevente?nth to Twenty-thlrd sts win unfurl
.ui American flag bearina tt,. namea McKlnley
and Hohari in everj block, We w -h you coulti
honor the evenl with your ,?r--- ?*i ?<-. .\.p| our
beal ui hea for your el ii >n b) i.n overwhelmlng
majcrlty. wii.i.iam P, MOXTAOL'E
Among other dlapatchea recelved to-day were
th.. followlng:
Atlanta Oa., s,-,.t 4 Hon. Wllllam McKlnley;
On< liuti>]r>-?l Atlanta huatnena men met la.l nlght
anil oraanlaed the Atlanta Buslnes? Men'a flub,
! ???? ?trons. T. 11. MARTIN.
Irullanapolla Bopt, 4 The ll brew-Amerlcan Me
Ktnley ?'ii;i. organtsed last nltflu wltii n<> m.rn
I.. I - . SIHT. ^s In I he r.-itls.-.
st. [joule, gept, 4. Commerclal travellera of
St. l.onis aend you greetlng. The Commerclal
Travellers McKlnley Plub was organlzed here last
nlght; memlxTshln 211 Th.. i?.\< wlll render a
food accounl of tnemselves in November.
I.. A. PHILLIPS, Prealdent
Major M< Klnley la recelvlng many meaaagea
from polltlcal frlenda, congratulattng hlm "t?
ih<- reaull of the Indianapolla Conventlon. Hla
frlenda are all of the oplnlon that the nomlna
tlon of a Bound Money Democratlc tlckel makea
Illlnola doubly certaln for McKlnley, as w.u as
other Stat.-s thal were thoughl doubtful.
Major McKlnley haa declded tn go to Zoar. a
qualnl rellgloua communlty, about twenty mih's
aouth of here, tn anend a ahorl tlme next week.
II.- la golng for reat and wlll not attempt any
serloua labor -a hlle there,
"Oeneral" Coxey made a free-allver apeech on
th.urthouee atepa io 200 Popultata and Bry
an Democrata thla evenlng. Coxey and Carl
Browne are two of th>- moat enthualastlo and
peraiatenl free-allver advocatea ln Ohlo.
CbattanoogS, Tenn., Sept. 4.? The movemi-nt gtart^d
by Chark-s Broadway Roussi, of Xew-York. to erecf
a memorla! buDdlng to perpntuate tha hlatory of the
?rn Confederacy, was piomoted by the a^tion
of the Board of Trustees, whose fir*t leaalon wai
brcught to a close here last nlght on Lookout Moun
taJn. I'orporate exlsti-nce wlll i ? given the movement
by a charter obtalnedln MlaaUalppifortheConfederata
Memorlal Aaaoclatlon. Theldeaofa eyhaa
t.r, abandoned as unpractlcabla, and th?> atructure
to be ere.-ted wlll bp called the Confederate Memorlal
Instltute. The Board organlaed by electlng Oeneral
W. l> Chlpley, of PenaacoU, Florida, preatdent, and
al C A. Evana, of Atlanta, vlce- irealdent Col?
onel Robert C. Wood, of New-Orleana, wlll eontinue
to ai't as general manaKer. while th<- Fourth Natlon ll
Bank of Vaahvllle, arai dealgnated ai treaaurer and
depoaltory af funda, both mbject to change by the
Board at lt? n.-xt meetbig, whlch wa? let for October
1. a- Belle Meade, th. hom. of Owjeral W. li. Jack
?on Oeneral W. n Jackaon, of Tenneaaea; Colonel
Robert Whlte, of Weat Vlrglnla; Oeneral J. B.
Brlgga, ./ Kentucky, and Oeneral Roaa, of Texaa
trere conatll iti I an Executlve Commlttee. The pUn
for 1 ? tbe t.taar) funda provldea for th.. ap
polntment of agenta In each county to mak" a thor
. | anvau of every Btata bi tha Bouth. The Board
of Truateea is compoaed of eigbteen membera beaidea
Colonel A c DIcklnMMi, of N w-Tork, th. pei
agent of Mr. Rouaa. It i-> eatlmated that the Inetl*
tut. win Involve an outlay of at leaat IMO.000 before
completlon Iti chlef mlaslon arlll b< educatlonal m
chara U ' ?' ' -" "" ' . faeta in the hla
torJ f the late war CapulnJ M. Hlekey. of Waah
Ington I' C., araa ^.a:...i 1a a membei of the Boa 1
over \v A Oord in, conteal tnt. Th< I itloi
in ?!?. rlal wlll noi be conaldered untll after the money
' da been raliied
B( SJ \ E8B /' VBARRA8S i//:.\ T8.
Wtlmlngton, ohlo. s.-pt. 4.?11. H. Thorpe, aole
owner of tha Cltlaena" Bank of Bablna, flled a <lo"d
of aaalgnmenl last niifht for the beneflt of cred
Itora Tha aaaeta are eatlmated at 130,000, with
Hablllttea about the aame. Depoalta wlll be paid
ln fnil. 'as Mr. Thorpe ls the owner of conalder
nble real eal _
FackHon Mlch , Sepl 1 The Thorpe Buggy Com
pany haa llled mortgagea aggregatlng 130,000 for the
beneflt of tt s credltora.
Havcna, iepi t Bamuel T. Tolon, an American
ritizen and a promlnent merchanl of Cardenaa,
w.is arreated here yeaterday on board the ateamer
. aa he waa about to aafl for New-York.
He waa brought aahore and placed In conflnement
The Fnlted Btatea Conaul-Oeneral, KitzhiiKh Lea.
haa tnken cognlaan.t the matter and wlll enter
n proteal agalnal Mr. Tolon'a arreet.
Columbua Ohlo, Bept. I. The I". B Oranl cottage
bulldlng on the grounda of the Btate Board of
ulture a ta dedlcated yeaterday afternoon as
a pati of the raercjaea >>f the St.it.. Falr, whlch
is in progreaa there. The cabln In whlch Oeneral
rjrant a ia born ui Clermont County waa bought
i.y Henn T. Cblttenden, a wealthy rltUen of
Columbu . ? i-iit yeara ago and pn aented to th.
Board of Agrlculfure It was removed hy
boal and rall from the 1 anka of the Ohlo In Cler?
mont County, when ll had atopd for more than
Svenl '"> Pl.? '"! ,M,T .ground. by
Mr Chlttenden In Ita orlgtnal condltlon and ap
;,..., ince but aa tlme and the elementa had af
JVrted it n bulldlng haa |uat be*n rtnlahed Incloa
r? and proteetlng n Addrewea arera mada by
Oo\ernor Buahnell and Mr. Chlttenden.
Chtcago Bept. i -A dtopatch from Mllwaukee
?ara "The Northweatern MUlera1 Aaaoclatlon, rI-o
known aa tbe Flour Truat. haa gone to tha walL
Beverl) Maaa.. Bept. 1 Tha (M trlfled body of
Henry C. BhapleU ?' ' ;;' ' '?
?,?, ,?, october 10 1BJS, lefl hla home ln
,,, bu, 1 newapaper and never caree back,
W1- found I" ? i,,L' ,','"1' '' pnJ "h ?
, , n? thla ? it % it w..s well preaery. .
iaX Mttti a ropa waa around ih. neck
ln tne pocketa war. kaya three knlvea and ju i?
bank notea Bhaplelgh w..s alxty yeara of age.
Thi? oniv eaplanatlon glven for hls daparture from
borae U that lUaeaa may have made hlm lnsane.
Terenc* O'Connor, thlrty-elght yeara old, of No. W
Waat rtfty-thlrd-et, was arrultjnod befora Magl?
trate FUmmer. ln Yorkvllle Coiirt, ye*torday niurn
iriK, aeeuaad of havlag tiled to suffucats hla arlfa witii
lllumlnatlBg gAa He wua arreated by PottoaaaU
WlUlan G. Lsnnlag, of the Waat Porty-aevantb-at
?tatlon, at abeul ii"8u o'doek yaatarday mornlng. Ac
cordlng to the offlcer'a statement O'Connor aocoetod
him al 12:15 at Xlnth-ave. and Flfiy-thlrd-st. and
told him he had Juet found hts Wlfe, Catherlne. dead
ln har bedroon with the shh turned on. He satd aba i
h.i i doubtkwB commUtad suleide.
Lennlng hurrled to the O'Connor apartments. where
he found BVery dopr and wlndow closed. O'Connor
aald be tbought it waa of no u?e to open the room aa
his wlfe was dead when he fout'.d her. He aald he
returned home a aliort tlme before and fjund both
doors ieading to the bedroom fas'.ened. He forced
one of them, he sald. which was t!eJ with a sheet.
T ? other, be aald, was barrtcadad with a heavy
bureau. Lennlng found on lnvestlRatlon that the
buieau had not been moved from Ita posltlon for
montba He aUo detected evidenoe of nfe in Mra
O'Connor and lost no tlme In openlng the windows of
the room. In Bfteen minutes the woman regalned
partlal conacli uaneaa
it was not long before aha was abla to talk. Bba
denled emphatically havlng elcsed the room or
turned on tbe Kas. Bha sald her husband, who
lll-treated her.lcama home ln a aurly mood and
began tu al uee her. To eacapa hlm sho went lnto
the room Juat before the storm and lalil down on
the bed Bbe fell aaleep and the noxt ahe knew
was when she regalned eonactouareaa in tho po
llceman'a preaence. Lennlng then placed O'Connor
under arreat,
Hla wlfe, a handaome, well-dreeaed woman, tnlrty
yeara old, with two pretty llttle chlldren, waa In
eourl yeaterday mornlng. Sho sald to a reporter
that ahe had been marrled Bve yeara. Herhusband
had regleeted her shamef'llly of lat* and failed to
prcvlde for h r <>r her llttle onea. Bhe had ni
r.,..d f. r twenty four houra prlor to the imcera
i-omlriK. Xo evldence wai taken. and Maglstrate
Kiammer adiourn. d the caae i-ntll thla mornlng,
ii. order that a thorough examlnatlon lnto tne
facta of the eaae mtght be made.
? ?
H \\''S OF a i:i:> kivkr
Topeka, Kan., Bept 1?Unlted Btatea Dlatrlct Judge
C. G. Foeter to-day, upon rhe appllcatlon of the Girard
Llfe ln? irance, Annulty and Truat Company, of Phll
adelphla, placed the J. B. Watklna Land and Mort
gage Company, of Lawrence, In the handi of M. Bum
merrield and J. B. Watklna, of Laarrence, and John
C. Bwltaer, of Topeka. aa recelvera The llabllltlei
i.r.- $4,500,000, conslatlng ehlefly of debenture mort
gagea on Kanaaa, Nebraaka, lowa and Texaa farma.
The partlcul ir elabn up m which sult waa Inetltuted
w.is for $48,000 debenture bonda upon which the Inter
esi hai been defaulted alnce 1096 Bamuel Bbhop, of
Lawrence, attorney for the company, aaya the , .
wiii very nearl) cover the Habil I ?
The company haa been atruggllng for existence for
elgh't or ten yeara. In ISM !t waa put lnto a recelver
Bhlp, bul ftve'yeara later It waa turned over to Ita
owners again with Mr. Watklna as presldent. But
financlal condltlona were not favorable, and now It
wlll probably be wound up. Ita debenturea ara moatly
i.. Id In the Baat and In K irope.
.1. B. Watklna haa been ln Lawrence many years
., i iccumulated i large fortune. which, It la clalmed,
haa not been Impalred by -he fallure of thla company.
li.. ,i.i- been the promotei of many anterprlaea In the
u..-- and Bouthwest, among othera a land and rafl
road projecl In Loulelana, H? bought leveral mllllon
acres of publlo land ln that Btate and by traveri ng
a portlon of It with a rallroad he turned Immlgra*
tlon In that dlrectlon. Ha eallad his rallroad the
Kanaaa Clty, Watklna and Oulf.
a gcicrora onlt beoi bt wa8 that be cocld
Frederlck Mohrmann. ilxty-alx yeara old, a aalea
man, was found dead laat nlght In a furnlahed
room ho occupied on the thlrd floor of No. 222 Hop
kins-st., Brooklyn. He had commltted aulclde by
taklng earboUe add, Mohrmann rented the room
from Mlchael Gerrlty. !!-? was a wldower, hts wlfe
havlng died a llttle over a year ago. Blnce then he
haa been unable to Bnd ateady employment and
brooded conatantly over hla llj-luck. He waa laat
aeen allve on Thuraday mornlng. Laat evenlng
Gerrlty broka open the door of the man'a room nnd
found h'm dead on the floor.
On the table was a botMn which had contalned
the acld, and a letter, wrltten in Oennaa, which
"My name ts Frederlck Mohrmann. On Februnrv
17, 1822, I was born ln Tesga. On Xovember 10, 1MS,
I came to this country. i was marrled May R, 1*77,
to Carollne Proellng, ? nattve of Germany. We
Hved bapplly untll Aprll 1, bM, when my aife dled.
I had hard luck after that. and have trted to get
work, but could not. I have made up my mlnd to
klil myself be< ause there is no uae In oontlnulng
the atruggle an> longer. I have nomoney, and only
wlsh l had. 1 ipeclally requeat thal i be burled n
mv wlfe'a grave In Llnden llill Cemetery. My only
reerei la that 1 can't llve untll Blectlon Day, so
that I can vote, but mv dylng wlsh Is that McKln
ley wlll gel the blKtjest malorit} that any Presldent
,>v,-r recelved It 11 too had that my end must
come, aa i ehould ?o much liko to vote for IfcKln
'7'oroner Naaon, on be'ng sent for. had the body
removed to hla fathefa underuklng eatabllabmeat
ln I'ranklln-st.
inai'.iuty to BBAUZE on Aaarra caum thb
Waahlngtoa. Bept. i Acttng Controller Coffln
wai to-day axfafaed of the fallure of tho Flrat
Natlonal Bank of Helena, Mont. This bank la one
of Ihe largeat In the Weat. ex-Oovernor Hauaer
belng lts presldent. The llabllltlea are atated 'at
13 I5S000 as followa: Capltal, WOO.000; surplua preflta,
tmnoo- diie other banka $390,000; bllla payabje
Uvldual depoalta, $2930.000.
Rii k Exumlner Plynn haa been placed In eharge
of thV bankT It-1 fallure Is due to the Inablllty of
Ita oflleera to reallae on \u: aaaeta.
8 I \T\ TERES I'fl / ITRADlTlOy i 8KED.
El rd*\ Tea . Bept. 1?Beflor Lauro Agulrre, f5dl
tor of "Kl Independente," a Uexlcan paper pob
lUhed ln thla clty, haa been informed that tv.r |fexl<
can Governraent haa made requlaltton on thla Oov
ernmenl for the extradltlon of Banta Tereaa, tha
h, der; her father, Thomai Crret and of M.iitot
,<;,?? - Agulrre) huneelf, on the cbarge that they |n
cited the Yaqul IndUni ln thelr recent attempt to
rob the MexJcan Cuatom Houae, acroaa the Une, at
x igali s, Arla.
hlin: IBl IVD TO BF. BOLD.
All.any. Bept. ? Flre Island wlll undoubtedly f>o
aoM aoon by the Btate, ll wi pur haaed In ItJS,
durlng t;"' sholera acai >, for 1210,000, and alnce then
the expenae of ovnerahlp haa Increaaed the Btate'a
. ii.iv on it ..i $280,000. The membera of tha Land
Board are of the optnlep thal the Btate haa no
further uae for the laland, as $2K,0M haa raoently
been expended ln Lmprovementi on Hoffmaa laland,
which wlll enaole tha Quarantlne oAoeri to eopa
arlth .my altuatlon, euch aa aroaa durlng the eholera
acare, which made the purehaaa of Flre laland i aeee*
aar} M I* aol eapected thal, If Fira laland la aold
to prlvate peraons, r wlll brina at the bigheat calcu
latlon ovei ${0,000,
a ayndlcate haa made an offer for the purehaaa of
ind t.i the Land Board. The offer was maile
through Btata Health Offlcer A B. Doty. under
whoae lupervlalon the isi.md now H. The Btata at
preaent renta the laland and buildinga theroon for
hotel purpoaea. taklng 21 per cent of the protlts. It
i- n a expected that the r.-turn- fnun th!? lea?e w II
amounl to much The Btate expendi $6,000 annually
for the care and Impaovemenl of the isi.md.
Newten Maaa., Bept. 4-Wllllam F. Blocum. a
well-kaawa lawyer, was kllled thla mornlng at
Newtonxllle by an expresa traln *??"' ?'Vnmi> ava
to oreaa the track. He waa about aeventy-nve
yeara old.
far TKLXur.APK to thc IBBBOWg,]
Tndlanapolla. Bept. 4?The day after the eeejejeV
money conventlon waa a qulct. cne about the
hotel. and on the ajtrtiatfl of the clty. neariy
every one havlng gone. Senator Palmer took an
early traln for Sprlngfleld. Tlh. with bte wife,
who had a.'companled hlm here, o.:d BttaOfl Roll
vur Buckner started i/efore daybreak f >r hla
Keatucky home. There waa no demonstratn.n.
aa after the oxcltement of the day before feW
porsons were on the atreets.
Soon after breakfast Chairman Bynum an T
Pecretary Wllson met with promtr.ent mTnbera
of the party to conslder '.he plana ior the cam
palgn. There were preser.t Btm Cable. of ISll
nole; D. O. Amber, of /lorida; L C. Krauthottf*
"f Missourl; James F. ISckeie, of Jtlnois; Jo!*.n
P. Hopklns. of Illlnola. r.nd F. W. M. Cutcheon,
of Mlnnesota. It was lectded to La.ve the head
quartera of the eonunlttea ln Chlcago, with aub
headquartera ln New-York, chairman Pyr.mn,
who was authorizod to aeled an ExeCUtlve f'lin
mittee, sald that the onVial llat When pttbUaaaai
WOttld eontaln the nam-s of I,. C. Krauthoft, of
Mbaaourl; P'. w. m. Cutcbeon, Mtnneeota; W. ii.
Haldeman, Kentucky, and John C. Bullltt, of
I*. nnsylvanla. The otbera he had not jret sclect
ed, and wiii announce !at t, He aald that John
H. Wllson havlng declined to accept the seore
taryahlp, he had declded arhom be would eelect
to aucceed hlm. but w aild not be ebte ?o an?
nounce the name untll the tppolntoe had ac
eepted th? pbice. it aaa been determlned to
have the prooeedlngs of the ronventlon prlnt<d
ln larga quantlttea for dlatrlbution as a eampalga
document. it wlll eontaln aii the apeechea, the
namea of delegatea, etc, and wlll serve to shovr
tho party itinn, as he pondera betweea Palmer
and Bryan before caatlng his vote, whlch is the
true Demoerat and whl -h leacrlbea ?n honesg
doiiar honeatly.
Mr. Bynum thls mornlng was in a happy frarr.a
of mind. He aald: "Tne aucceea of the Boaoel
Money Conventlon has far exceeded the moav
aangub.xpectatlona -. f it> promotere, I con
alder its achievemenl the marvel of Ami-ri^an
polltlcal h.istory. The organlaatioa perfei t.'d la
no temporary affalr. We have planted the a --I
of true Democracy and glorloua wlll i?> the nrn
du'ctlve frult Thc banner of Democracy haa
been at laal properly Inacrlbed and we wlll gal
lantly march behlnd it to ultbnate rucceea. It
is my opinlon that the tick.-t nomlnated reatar*
day, repreaenting* as it uoea the Blue and the
Oray, algnlfying Union forever, eouhl not havaj
been Improved The > haracter of th.- two naen la
beyond reproach. They n preaenl true aotdlerp,
and honeat publlc aervante."
ln reply to a queatlon .s to how many of tha
statrs repreaented in the Conventlon wiii placa
? lectoral thkets in the seld, Mr. Bynum aald: "l
think neariy ?very Btate wlll do ao, Of COUree
in a few s.ct'ons. where th" cauae is abeolutefp
hopeleee, no electoral tiekn wlll he aamed We
wlll make (.ur dght wh to It wlll do the tnost
Mr. Bynum said that the rarloiia I tate orga.,1
latiOBI would begin operatloaa a. once. He was
asked to make an estinvtte on tha total VOta th*
ticket would Ukely receiva, and repUed: "AtV
tiu)Ugh It is too early to give any flgUTM of <>ur
atrength, atiU I belleve 1,000,000 rotea is a con
aervatlva aatlmate of what Palmer and Bu<;:ner
wlll recelve in Xovember."
Mr. Bynum expeots to start for Chlcago tn a
day or two, and wlll go to N'.->\v-York to BCi ura
qtiart. rs for th-' organlzation as soon after that
as poaalble, He aaya that every available
ppoaker who is sound on the aound-money ques
tlon wlll he enlisted ln thc eauaa of the N*atlonal
Democratlo party, and that the fight wlll \\i
forced to the flnish. He wlll devota hls entire
tlme to tbeconteat
it has not y.t been declded what Boutbem
orator wlll perform the notlrtcation offlea for
Benator Palmer, theduty belng aaalgnad toJohaj
K. Fellowa for ex-Oovernor Buckner.
The Monument Regenta in charga of the
monument here did a graceful act, whlch, it
aeema, was much appreclated by the ex-Confed
erate veterana m attendance on the Conventlon.
it la one of th?. mles of the monument ax loU
dlera of tbe Unlon alde to have the prlvllega of
the elevator free "f charge. The Regenta know
it.-r that the clty would eontaln many of tiieir old
foemen duting the week, extended the prlvllega,
ao that every wearer of the graj had tha ?an,e
prlvllege. Many of them avalled themaelvea of
the opportunlty to vlew the clty from that great
helgbt, and expreaaed pleaaure at the courteay
ahown, and it w is a general re U ?r,e
more evldence of fadtag aectlonaltam had haaaj
chalked up l > the credlt of tha eountry.
It has been declded by the Natlonal Demo
cratlc Btate Committea not to pnt up a Btate
ticket Thla waa dona both aa an oflar to the
allverltea ("i a reunl< n after electlon on :i aound
money iias.s. and auvi ln order to dtagrm the
Btate nomlneea on the regular ticket, except as
far a i Bhlvely la concerned. The war wfll ba ex?
tended to hlm, but the other candldatea wlll
have to treat the aound-monep men with dis
tlngulahed ?nalderatlon under fear of being
Bwamped Thera wiii be lltth natlon
heard of tho B iund Money movemenl from tbe
ellverlte candldatea, aeveral of whom, defeatedj
for the aame ofllcea two yeara ago, and now re
nomlnated on that account, belng aound-money
men There avill be a Bound Money n >m!nee for
Congreaa In tha Vllth (Indlanapolhi) District,
how ever
Th- Electlon Board, eonalitlng of ihe Qor*
ernor th- appolntee of the Republlcan Btata
chairman and the appolntee l the Democratlo
Btate chairman. is lik.-ly to !*kuiv BOOH in tnan
damua proceedlnga In reference to tbe ballota,
Oovernor Matthewa has said that h- wlll pre
vent the Natlonal Democratic ticket g?ing on
the ballol under that name, and as there ar?
two Demo trata on the Board to one Republtcan,
affaira looked dangeroua untii it was found that
Th.. Democratic chairman. who d">sn't llk. Mat
thewa had appolnted ona of Matthewa'a most
pronounced enemtea This compllcatea tbe aitua
tion, and Matthewa is, f..r the time at laaagj
wondertng a here he is "at '
Watertown, K. y.. Sept. t (Bpeetal). Ex-Ooveraar
Flower and D?nlel ('?. tlrittln. ft.sh from the Ii.dtan
avioiis Conventlon, wera th.. prtndpal apeakera nt
the meatlng of the Deaaocratlc Bound Money ciub
here to-aight Mualc Hall was crowded to ovar*
flowbig, and tha audleace was h>\ entbualaatle one.
Henry Pureetl, ax-Couaty Judge, prealded. ni.d
madea apeech decUrlng that he was aga^nai Bryaoa
aad would atand for the true prbMlBlaa of Daaaaa*
racy. The aext apeaker was laajaa A. war*. l o
?...?,,???,?.???., ?hO made an uble argument
-*??~ttnefr.?'-^;1^UIlI,.l, ,?? vUttorm
and i am oppoaed to li i knoa thal tha Chlcago
niatform would be ruln to tha eountry. and, havlng
ihe ruiirm;.' ?>f my convlctlona. I would not lead my
l.arty 00 to vi tory when ! kn-w th.it v! -torv would
Fall overciats. Milta and neckw.ar are now realy;
atyilah aoods at modeiate prtcaa. OEOROE O. BHN

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