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Tin? m.m.it?? r- ,; ? , Weatchester Count) fair have
Issued th?
the fair: First day, Bep?
teiu ? . .trotting
3:<>" in li . trotting, purs? md day?
?;.''! .-i,?--, iroitin) . ? ?? 2:60 class,
tr.?:: n-?. ; .1 ?? . i_ ? G I ?lay?2:29 ola ?'.
pure? .
day -.?.;?.. .?-., trottili;?, puri?*. I
, irae, $200 Th? ? re t ? of mil? heats,
.11 Uve. A hoi .? distancing Ih? ?? Id arili
1 ? : ur?'!.. y onl) Six ire 1 enter ?and
four ,,? start Tu? entrano ni of the
pin.-? an 1 .? pea? ceni .. ? winners ol
money. Purses ??.? dl? -, 25, IS and ?? per
, . : . ? Iti ..-..,-.
hi last com?
pleted, a 1 ... ?
pav. 1 l,Us.n.?.-- ; : li Sin ?
Before County J \ ?. m
w .;?? of William i ? 1 ?
- it in on ha bead .
..? : . ; .?, ?mingila ? .? ? ? Mrs,
ven we? ka ..n?? .is
in?! il was al ;?? titloner, Nat in
Re) ?. . was ?? implen ly r? More 1
to red ? ? ninalion, w.is
convine? 1 il Mr? Miller's sanity, ami her ?'?
v. - 01 1er? !
J ?. I '> km m hai 1 ? ? mi his annti ?1
.?. .1- transact? I yes?
terday, l?ui none of th? ? wei of public Impor
Frederick A. C Bogart, of this place, and Mrt
}I? ' ? ? 1 1. 1 :? n-"i,. ol . ? ? ? ? ,,? ? a, ? ? mat 1 ? ;
?? n - lay In M : 11 11 igari
? merchant, and, it was thought, ara? a con
Arm? .
Mi and Mi- Charles H. Chambers and Miss Mar?
c' ? : Risi? ? hamhera have returned from
Ameshury, Mass, where they spent Ihe aummer.
? ? Felix W. i-i.rn 1. who n.if sin ? ? ?
to death In 1 - ???? pii Thursday afternoon, ?ill he
held :'..- afternoon at - o'clock from the family home
m Smlth-si The hurlai will l?? in Rural Cemetery.
Young Woisbrod'a father waa kill? I Ina railroad ec?
cidi ni 1 h ?ut a \ ? .1 r a
The village tas r.it?? haa finally been computed, and
Will in t?3 p on ? .?? . ?.???? of is- ise 1 valuation The
valuation of real and personal property i- .*.
Tri??? levy la IM.933 M, an I there are back taxea I ? the
amount of $12.16*? RI, .?ivi $?'.2?? !?:< sidewalk assessments
lo be collected folli - ? Thompson will begin re
etlvlng taxea on Monday, September li
Th? Vigilant flub was organised recently at the
Lake View H<>:? I. Twenty-one members have been
enroll? 1 Th officers are Henry Mercer, president;
Adam Hermann, vice-president: Andrew N< in.
So retary, and Eugene Pee, treasurer.
David Porter ind hit family, formerly of thla p] ice,
are visiting Mr. and Mr* Samuel Wilson, of Lake-st.
Nt -- Bell* Leggo, of Mamaroneck-ave., la enter?
taining Mis? Haxel Clark, of New-York city, fornvrlv
of w
Mr.- DeWitt ?' Rogers haa return? ! ft >m Saratoga.
S? ? ? cei In th? Memorial Methodist Episcopal
Ch'ir??'?! will hereafter be held aa follows "
service, io:SO: Sunday s hool, 2:30 p. m.: ever 1
?rice, 7:i". ?. m.
Joseph Haiick, of the Central Bank, 1? spending a
few weeks in the White Mounts
Miss p. irl Edgerton, of Boston, la visiting friends
in Brooklyn.
S? .t .???'- Parochial Behool will open September 14.
? rge H ni:, of the County Treasurer's office, 1?
?pending ' I* vacation In the Adirondack*.
The nubi ? ichoola w;U open for the recular term
next T;i? ? iav.
The student?? of the Clinton Classical School who
have been camping nt Indian T.ake i?rok?? camp
yesterday and returned 10 the s?hool for the fall
tr: m
The nid barn on lb. D? an property, Orchard al ,
against which a cruaade ha. been made for many
\...i- because II was an ??>?.- ?r< to ti:?? community,
lias been torn down by order of the Hoard of
Hi alth.
A mcrete walk is l?? Ing laid in fmnt of Charles
Klmball'a property In Hlghland-ave,
.lohn Smith. Jr., wli ? elved the contract for
removlna ?:??.?? ?rock ?? ????? which lias blocked travel
in Hlghland-ave. for years, has begun blasting
and expecta 10 have the obstruction removed and
th?? str.-et graded before the end of tins month,
The new Van Wyck Building, In Bouth-st., has
been complet? Egbert ? Travi? md Clinton
P. F? in- have m It ol 1 to the b illdtng.
A new club haa ??????? organlxed, called "The Mid?
dle of ih? ;; ? id Club " 1 he if) r- .?. Pr? - dent,
s ? ??.',,>: -? retary and treasurer, v? ??.?.
Bar?es. They annoui ? 1 ball to be held on O
14 in MacDermott's Hall.
? ? p ? .. and Ladder Company No. l has
. . mnaslum to the women thla
v. int? r TI e Athl ' 'ommli te? ?
that the famille* oi th? members may have one
night each week I the ' gym."
The body of Ml h ? ' Hem M .un? Ver?
r?n ini:1 who wa? killed on th. ? m i Im 10 ??
?,'. .1: ?- ; . a Imed on Friday afternoon bj ?
co ? ? ? -u Mount \ ? rr:????;. Th?
? emoved
Mn Clara K? igl of Conetant-av? 11 1 alater,
Mi John M ?? " ? - In Philad? Iphla.
1. - week Mrs Mot ti ? ?.?. ? newspaper
.? n ;?? ? Fr ink Rl 'hmond \\ is
. ..'?..?;? th?? elty m a ? is? d waj . a
?' ' .??: m ,:i H..-?
? S
Cortlandt-st., l'ceksklll. li?? had walked
way, I
Mr? Monti - - Mrs. ? ?ion
??, ?',- ,1?. \V. !:: hmond, the v.
? v?.
Sui -? Mr. Rieht
. . ? rrlvul
th? ??? t? 1? --r. ph< ?1 that h<? ha. Frank
he v. . Th? j return? d to Peok
<la\ Young Rlchi n lot
hum?? I :??-.!?..- howevei thai if tor leaving th?
hous? that s nal ,\ morning he walked 10 FUhkill,
tf."k the ferrj ? ? wburg at d remain? I ov?-r
night. He I it to Troy, and then
work- west on II t. At Lafay
? ??? ' County. h< set ur? ? work
faim. After two w??eks there 1.ime tired, nnd
w? I ??. Philad? Iphl .. at? aJIng ridi I ni times
paylt r his 1 tie m? n?v with hltn.
1 In Philad? I pi Illa akull waa noi
fractured, as the ? phj -
I suffi red from
th?? Irani
Four of ih<- Peeksklll churches r< turne tinir
pr. aching 1 er' lees to . the Second ?
terlan Church I r. tl R mat ( '.
Straus, will ? l ?? the I? irsi I : ; -
i!-? t'h.ir h George n Waters, "f Princeton, ?..I
pre.? h. In tl.?? ? ?
Ing to custom, then will Is no preaching .. Sep?
tember li Ih? Reformed ? , or, the
?? v. Henry DeVrles, will preach. In the l,: ?
II? ? ?pal ? Ihuroh th? re \?. ill be ? otti?
munlon In ?.?- moni-? .? by the pas?
tor, the Rev, Alfred Coons, in th? ? ?? ni ? In St.
Paul's Met ? the Re\ James
?\' ? ?',,?:???. ih? ; ttor, will preach li th? even?
ing. The Rev. William F, Lewis, having returned
from iiip vacation, will conduci ih?? services In St.
Peter's Protestant Kpl M la in.
rand 7:80 p. m. In the Church <?f the Assumption
th?? Rev. Dr James T. Curran will celebrai? masa
hi ? ?? and 10:31) a. m. and vespera at 7-:#? ?, m.
Th? .??? la a. mov? m? ? t h? re foi tl 1 lion of
an Exempt Firemen's Association. I ..... i
t,. ? .. ? ? . on inlxatlon In ? hap? to lake (?ari In
the Bremen's para?!? In Oetober, If Ihe i?ar.?,|?? la
held They will draw the old hand-engine of Co?
lumbian ?? ??!? ?? 1 on pany So. 1.
I >r. Stephen F, llorton haa launched ).: new
forty-two-foot steam launch, it??? Leila, whl? h haa
been ? Ing < mmer
Howard ? Simpson has launched hla : ? w ?
lann'-Ii. th? Coot. The ?boat Is twenty-one feet long
??: d wa? li unched i?' the Hudson Klver on Monday,
but has b< ?.. ?. k< ? to Lake Moh? gan.
The report of the Helping Hand Hogplt.il Is out
for Auguat Th? receipts were ?$14261, and I
j.. es ;j',:? ??.'?. Seventeen ?patienta were admitted to
the in?,?, .'??.!. si\t???!. were discharged, and 01
).? ?. Ing live undei tr? atmi nt.
President of the Board of Health George I?..
Brlgga Issi '? w ,|;,v' '" Bomervllle, ? ??
Tl?'? ?body of Urn. Henrj M. Chandler was taken
to Charlestown yeaterday. The funeral will ?be h< Id
th.T?? to-day. Mr. Chandler was the vlce-pr?
of the Hak'? r Underwear Company, of thi
and the factor) wat closed nn Friday oui <?f respe, t
to hltn. Th? employee aent a handsome wreath of
Sower, for the funeral.
m aa Josephine Augusta Dugan, the daughter ??f
Mis Johai ??!?.?? \ ? p irri? d th?? pr?
??reek to James Austin, "f New-York. The Kev.
James T. Currar performed the ceremony ;?i the
home of the bride's brother-in-law, Dr, P. w.
Olirhn. There \mt.? four little maldl of honor,
- of the brldfc. Miss I. Gertrude Dugan, a Bis?
ter of ih<? liri.i??. was bridesmaid, Joaeph Austin?
brother of th?? ?bridegroom, waa ti,?- betl man.
The Kev. John 15. Thompson, president 'if the
General Synod of the Reformed Church, will preach
l.oth mon.ing and evening in the l'irsi Reformed
Church, of which Um Rev. Dr. J. ?. Allen la
pa. tor.
In tho hospital report for tills we.k the man?
agement acknowledges th? receipt of the following
Hiini-i of money: From fairs and cake sales held
bv the little girls of the place, $22 ? ; from Mrs.
Josephine Banker, for annual duea, R0; George
Lan? $'?"? ?""l Mri< ''?"?'? s? i^-mc. W?
Husiness in this village win h?? generally sus?
pended to-morrow The feature or th?? ?day win
l?e the parade of the Hayrnakers' Ahs??|ation of
Hi?? Improved Order of ?Red Men. In which Bcnagqua
Ixidi:?. "f Bin? sin?, x? para, of Tonkera; ICltch
awan, of Croton, and Maid Basle, of PeekekUl,
will t.'ik?. part. FoliOwtng the parade there will
I?? a taiiiet gbool ami dinner ut the Hrioks!?!??
Driving Park. The Broolutd. Oun ????> will al?M
hold a shooting contest at the park, m which live
ai,?i < la) bird, will be u.-e.i.
The COUnty convention Of the Prohibition party
win he held In the gymnasium ..f the Young Men*.
Christian Association on Monday. Al I o'clock m
the evening there will he a masts-meeting, it which
Dr. Poulaon, a prohibition orator from New-York
city, will speak. Th.? Wright brothers will be
present ami enliven the meeting with souks.
Kr???? entertainment., under the auspice, of ihe
Osslnlni,' Electric Hallway, ar. to I??? given ?very
evening during the w"?k on the 8. It. Stone jot,
near th?? eamp-mecilnn ground., hy the Kore
Paugh family ?if acrobat.. Th?? admission la fr? ??.
the expenses being met hy the lloli.-y company.
Whl'h Klv?-s the tnlertulnments for the purpOM of
increasing Its passenger traffle.
This mornin? at the Baptist Church the pastor,
the Rev. F. W. I^iekwood. will Ix^ln a seri? s of
germons upon "The Life of Jacob."
At the Presbyterian Church to-day the Rev.
A painted and gold-powdowd
licjiiiiv that minili bave come from ??
Louis Quinzo chateau.
Charming in contour the 1>?<1\
bulging and narrowing from each
side toward the t??i>. like ;tn ancient
jar, with two handy lini?' drawers in
th?? "neck.*' Convenient ?m?? side
of iln? body opening down, discloses.
ih?? daintiest of mahogany interiors,
I'm???! with pigeon-holes and drawer??.
Exquisite in finish powdered over
with gold, mounted with l?rn**s. finely
chased and engravec?; painted with
delightful little decorative scenes.
Far less costly than the original,
because von
"buyopthe maker"
Geo, C.Flint Caj
43.45 AWD 47 wtAT 2??ST,
Factory: IM nul IS? v?Vsi tfth gtteet.
Mr. Iif.itt\. ?? hrother-ln-lnw of Ihe pastor, the I
Rev. .! A M. Williams, will occup) th.? pulpll,
morning end > ventng
Mary Btorms, an attractive young girl, nineteen
year? old, committed suicide ? ? enlng .ii her
home in Dale-ave., I,y taking poison. Bhe wa* the
daughtei ;,f it painter, and no far as her parent*
know had no reason for kiilini; herself li i- re?
ported that th?? young woman had p quarrel with ?
young man, and thi- is alleged t.? lia?.?.? been the
cau.f lu r committing HUlcide
W'hfii th?? ,ase ,,f Qeorge ledgers was called In
tl;.? village polle.urt, before Justice Milton ?'. ;
Palmer, yesterday, it waa found thai there were
not sufficient Jurymen prc-ient to go .?? with the
trl.il. ni,i th.- cas.? was adjourned until Beptember
1... Th? .lustlr?,? then ordered that J. t;. Miller S
l'Yrrls Washburn, Charles I?. Fowler, Edward
Ryder, Bylvanua Still, Charles K. Lewis llorare
M. Hall and .? II. Holden, all prominent business
men <?f th?? village, be fined 12 each for failing t ? ? '
attend as Jurymen when legally called t.. .1.? .-.?
MATT RBBTt'Efl AT AN i:\ltl.\ MORXIHO I'll:'.:
? Are xvhit*!?. t*.m-,?,? considerable excitement,
nnd caused the tir. muh som?? hard work to ar\ un?
der control, broke oui shortly before 4 o'clock yes?
terda) morning In the big building, Sos. J*. ,'*1.. and
M Pallsade-ave The bullding was .? four-storj
brick structure owned t.y David Haute) Fourteen
familles lived ir. lt. hu?) ihey were ..:i asleep when
th.- Rames broke out The flrehouse is ,.ni\- ,. few
doors fr,,m tli.? ?.ml,lint-, and in a short time the
firemen were at work. Many of th?* tenants tried
to escape by the roof, Lut th. scut tie way? were
found t.. be tlghtl) fastened and ihej rouid not
gel on? Man?, persons ..;?;?? ii*ed at ihe window*
and ' ri.'i for hi Ip,
in .? short tini?? several ladders had hern run up
beside tl?,,? building. The first was found to be too
short, but long? on? ? were quickly pul in position.
Jenni,? Navior was seen hanging over a balcon)
railing, and had a noi been f??! Thomas t.. Tynan,
of the Hudson Hose Company, she would I iv?
jumped from ih? place. Tynan ?.?"'. on th?? adjoin?
ing roof and rescued her Mr an,l Mr* ?
and theii other children, six m number, wer?
rescued with mucl dlfl .!"? Tynan carried two
? youngest rhlldren down the ladrtei ?. :
of a rope ????? about his xv.i'.s; As ?
li?-? :!.?? ground, th.? rop? parted and . "f the
Iren f? I, hut was caught '?> ?? ' ? ?? *
u ..s stau.linir In the Stri el
Kannte Naylor, ,,f Hell? ville, ?'. .1 . , ?
the Naylor family, who was ?.:, ?
com? : oom, and It ? ? great .Iit1l
cnltj thai she wa ? r??-? ??? d by Tl I
of Pi tectlon Engin? who grop? Iti ? ??
- han ?- ind km ? ro ? he -n?? ????
? . M .),?!. P. Il M ih? r, Mi ind Mi ? J
Cai ? ? and M: ~. Pati i. Li ifl wer?
down the ladders. Helen N'aylor, twelve years ol?l,
:- d< if .is .i resuli ??; riel fi .. r. ..t il > ? I
brother Jos? ph, sev? ? I. were fon
?. ? ;n ihe ex it? m? : I iged t" g? ?
toi a Dt? . ' ' ? ? were ne? ? I
firemei md taken out. Nine familles wen m
h?meles* by I ie 111
The ground H ? ? ? ?
as stori - ?. ?? ? .'.k? r, ? lai ???. k pi No .
was ?? ? pi? ? L?) <;? orge XX' ?? ? . ?? ?1? il? ? In
; ?.- and coffee, and No. W l>j 1' M M hei
It wa - In the !?.,!<. r\ lhal Ihe I
at? ??. It wa* cau :? d ??) ? hi gr< ise Ii
.Hing over ? he tin
?:. ? ng ll on tir.
John Maher, a brother of the proprleioi
bak? shop m .t bu II) burn? ? al.? ili? : ? ?
|>od) and "-'s removed t., St .I.?-?:??. - 11
Th? loss, It Is believed will imount to
\t me meeting ol Ihe Hieycle Club on ? ?
;.; ?..;,? ?. ,'...?, u ,- made t., ?
?.. nee? of a race m< ?? t? I??? gi en al.o it tli?
of the month The contest ? ????.? ?'
?. ? one-mile club race, und a i.'.-n.H? open
? >w Ing to the rain yest? rda) afternoon tin
:? . . I'onkel Mhlel
pon? ? '.?ll i" morro? The club team wl pi
Club '?? ?h- morning of
Labor I ?ay on the lattei g?
The basket i .?li t- am ? onnei ?? ?1 with t
?? ? rat. ' Ompan). will ru? ? ? on ? esday <
xt week to seleit the players and ?.?
Ihe advisability >>f |olnlng the Hudson Itivei ?
k? ? ?all I.? -
The n< w 81 ' 'ro . of Bl Jo
? !.. In Ashhurton-ave . ar?? In po It ???
will be seen foi ti.?? tirsi time '? j
t.,.,: ij Th? rector, I ?? at. M n g ? ? ??? ?' Ihe ia?
ti?.?, li ' .
ki ? w about them. ?? ? lutlful
and tl- Ili ar. s app? ir lif. Ilk? ? md ol
-rllt. Tl ? m? s <>f ?oil
surmounted by a ? rosi. The beli
The Aldermen Imd their final practice game ?. ?
tenia) afternoon, and ir? r? ? m I theli
v. ? non ????? ?? rrov
\ . 'oron. ' "' I ? .?' LV !.;i;nt. pxonei I !
the mot orma p and Hie ??.?;.? I tli?? el.rti Ie
car which ran lulo ih< .lohn
? ? Rourke was drl . -.,,-, o'R
? I? ; from the Injun??- he ?
Tl <- Ml - ' tl Miss H lu t< d
Ihe tea given al the Yonkers Lawn Tennis Club
y-cnterday il ??? ? ???
? large crowd assembled .it the Voi " ?
? 'hristian Association ; ?
to witness Ihe championship gan.I l?n ehall be?
tween Ihe V. M C A. I? am of ? ? ell
Crescents ?,f White Plain* The game was .all??!
at the end of th? ? Ixth Inning on account ol ?
the si ore : landing: Mo ?? I V? rnon, 11; White
Plains, ?;
closing of the Mount Vernon Hospital e
discussed ?.? the meeting ol tb< Bourd ol Trade on
Piida) evening, and lhal organlautluii ?ill ?
determined effort to reopen the Innlltutlon, To H.is
? ommltli c of sevei w?i ap|>olnti ti i" Invi
; ? and s.i.mit a ?. ;.,,? ?.
Carpenters' Local Cnlon, No ; I ' accepted an
Invitation to Join 1?. th. parad, ai Vonkers to-moi
row, In connection with the laying ,.t the corner
ston? of th? ?? ? i i II) w I I
?; n Hoard ol II? alili, al Iti la I in? etlng, appoint?
ed Martin J Bennett sanitary Ii p? tor, at ?? salar)
of }:<?i a year. The new In pectoi was until ree?
marshal of the Clt) I Oui I
Tl ? McKlnl? ? and Hob irl Central I.? igu. of
Mount Vernon, of which ex Mayoi i.i on ?.?
president, will begin th?? celebration ol l.ai.ot l>.,v
at an earl) hour to-morrow morning, und with an
? ? hl bitten of loyalty to Am? rlcan Ind ?? tri? . Am? rl
can Institution* and American polle) that will
. more effectlv. ?? ? ? ? t among the woi
people than I at- y? I been di mon 11 at?-?? l? 1* ree .
nixed thai In every communi!) th. t- t- a large per?
centage of ih? people whom it is dlflli ull to g<
at public meetings during , campaign t,, listen to
the arguments advanced foi ipportlng ?? ? ?? ?
Ing candidates foi ofllce, but iftci lo-morro? morn?
ing "he ? h,, runs ma ? read" wh) Republican nomi?
nees tor President and Vic? President should be
worked for between now and Novembers, and ihe
reasons why the) should be eli ???,? ?,?? thai date.
?!,<? league has had five banners made, each of
which will h?? an American flag with a motto ,,? ihn
?..foni edge, and they will be raised on Monday
morning, the first at 7 o'clock, at Pnlon-ave and
Thlrd-st. The citizens will form in procession here
and march t?, Thlrd-ave. and l-'ir t -st., where th??
second banner will be unfurled ?,r shaken loos.?, and
then the others will be loosened from their stayi In
succession ut the point arranged for Ii Is ex
ported that ihe people will gel up early and h il t
In makliii? the <l<tnoi, st ration ,,,..? worthy ol t ? .?
i.pie and th?; Interest that they take In sound
monejr principles.
? ?
Mrs. Adolph Pois? li. r. wtio lias been In (Jrtmany
visiting riii.tiv.s, galled fiom Hamburg <?n the
?teaimhlp Rosala, on .\.i??ust ;t.
Th?? members <>f ?William Culyer*s family were
eeverely Mhork?.i on Thursday evening by a i?<?it
of liiihtiilng, which stru-k their houHc an,? deact nd
e?i Into the room In wlil.-h th.y were ???????
At iln* riguiur meeting of the Ladle?' ai.is,,
clety, in th?? Hope Chapel, It was decided to hold
the me.-tiiiK's on the tirst Tnursday Instead of tin?
flrnt Wedneaday ?.i each month, a committee was
appointed to prepare resolution? on th?? death of
????. Clara R Hull, who had been a member since
the organisation <?f the society,
Patrick Caseldy, eeiranty rear? old, itirii early
r*riday morning a. th?* home of his (laughter, Mrs.
B.idlkT. DoWdney cotta?*?. Mr. ?'asslilx liuti liern
111 all cummer. The funeral will he on Monday. In
St. Lawrence Chapel, In Park-ave.. New-York.
Standard of the World
Avoid that doubtful feeling?
that uncertain sensation and
worr?ment that takes away
half the pleasure of bicycling.
Join the glad army of Colum?
bia riders and know the keen
delight of bicycling content.
Second-hand Columbias are belter
than most other bicycles. W*c have
them at all prices.
Hartford, Conn.
II Warren Street, NEW YORK.
Roulevard and 6<>th St.
30ft Fifth Ave near 3I?t St.)
Mr Cassld) ?rat the senior memi er of th?? firm <>f
Cam Id) A Aid? ?, ?? N? tv-York.
A irrer! roncen \niI1 be ?riven al th?? Larehmont
Yacht clubhouse this evrninK. The Inai con?*eri
?m.I ilnn?.r the ?eason will be given nn Beptem
?,, ?? ?.,
The eh?f? of Larehmonl Manor ere to Rive ??
p u< ? "I?? I'.ill ind ?upper Bl Bprlngmeyer's Pa
? ih. n, ?m September 7.
The Lurrhmoni Vachi Club, after It? annual
clambake thla fall, will alari a number of Im?
provement? al n.?? rluhhoum?. Amona the changes
to I.? made will ???? the construction ??r lame dormer
Window?, overlooking the Soi>t,?l
I ,r |- ? Koot? who ha? been ?pending in??
mimmi r In ih?< Yosemli" Valley and Southern? Call
fornla, ha? returned lo hi? rottane In the Manor.
!?? ?? CHESTER.
? number of the R< publlcani of Port rneatermet
In Young'? il..11 on Thur id iy nit hi lor the pun.
of organismi ?? McKinley ?.nd Hoban Cluh Will?
lam T, Ward, Presidential ?lector foi ihe District,
\niim president of th? meeting, and J. .1. drove*,
secretary ? permanent organisation w.i* termed
by the election .?f the following ofllcers; J. Alvord
Peck chulrman; Noah ?."?? r. Jr., corresponding
secretary, und 1". 11. Brown, treasurer. The rhait
mnn announced thai on September l" then w??u!?i
be .? ratification meeting .?nd tint .. banner would
l?. raised In Llberty-enuar? Thi? meeting la t?? U
followed by another on October 7, .it which Prai.k
s black, of Troy ; Tlmothj I. Woodrult of Brook
lyn ?n"! Lleutciiant-Oovcrnor Bus ton will ?peak,
motion? wer?? ndoptfd h) the club rit-slgnatlns
, Hail .,- ih, porminenl hiudniiartcre, and
Inviting th?' McKinley and Mohan Veteran Club
and Ihe William 1* Ward Battery t?? join It? lu
III' etlllgS. . .. ....
The Rev t" Fairfax pastor of 81 Prance? Afri
can Methodlsl Kplscopal /.Ion Church gave an
outing to I I? Bunday-sc??ool class on Kri?luy la
purdy's Qrove.
???? "SEWS,
in'p? AVENCK Qeneral Charles ?? Orosvenor,
f Ohio; ei ? man IB nr) LH bej "f Vir?
ginia and Turtle Guild, Jr.. ol Bosl : ??'?.?.??'
t'aptnin ? ? ' r, G???,-d Btat? Army
PARK AVENTE M. . ? ! ? .!??<'? ur? ? . G?,it,.I
WI M ?Hi >lt LI? it? ?, nit-?'.? neral
?,.-?? Mr- s h? I ? Id, and Prank
Parnell, M P.. Nen Bouth v\
Th?? Board nf Edu Mlon will hold Its stated n?eel
Ing next Wcdn? la ? hall, .it Oran I ai
The ('omn loners of th? ? 'ommon s
,,,.. |,.. ? The m? el ?
?..?.? ? ? ; in
The . ....
m h? r.? .-,?-. : . roufhout the
Th? M? iropolltai M ?um f ?? ? : -1 free ?
the publl ft<-m 10 ?. m. to
?, ?nil on ?
. . ? . f M ind Frld iy? On M
j mu? ?? Idaye from 10 o'clock
,,i t ludi nts and mi ? ? of the Muaeui
? enti ; ? ?
of 2> cei ' ?? . lw?i ? rher? ?? ?.1
?, pia? ? t" lor? ?
Th? '?' ' lllatoi
? o VI oc Ii ? '
. k ih?
? ' ? Bund Iti ' ? ? ? fron I t? ?
?,'. lock Adn ri ' ? ? Monda? snd
Fron ???.? the
? , ? im ? ? losed In the evi nine -,
li. pul. Assistant l'nlled B Tr< ?urer
M . ni? ? L. Muhleman ?
... . ...
? lng ?G'.p? i,.?iNN',ik il?? ?III protMbl) go - ?
? .??,-.???? this week foi fun
n Una of ?? . Hoard "f Trustera of
illege of Ihe ? ?'?, of ?? nn \ ,,rk Will he held
I | m next W?-dl it 1 hall of tha
Bo ? -i nf i: lui ?Hon, So '. ?? Orai
\ delightful ? . ? .. ? I ??? g
Bo ind will I ? ?forded bj Ih? Full Rlvei i.li ? t?.
? ? NN?
In order 1 en who ? Islt
Ihe ?'utsklll M lo pa Sun
Bl nr? Il il road,
In adllll loll to 1 .??::?>, |< .v.???
Mount ???'.,',
elded to ? it ?,? ? ? \\o la) nlghl also,
i 'IN In
? riun?? Ins v. It h ih? Ir famille? l>> I iking ad?
vantage ? ? n hlch Will run
from nil l'alsklll Monnl ? I NJond iy nlghl
Al Ih?' ' I.f yestei I ihe trial ol
J. ? ' ? ? I ?? ? :? ?.' "f Fir?? Alum n..|
? iph for ihe Fir? Iiep irlm til ??. fore the
???,.?? ,? of ? 'Ire ' Omml t loners, ? ? nnounred
? ?! un?) ih? .?
The lawyei ?.?. ubmll bri? fa In about ten day?
The ?? ? ??? ? ;?? - ? I?? ?? rs, of Ihe Bloom?
? ? ? I? ??! m I Wi ?1 Blxty.
ih-Kt.. nn ill |.i. ?eh thin ? ?.? ni? . on "Ah ? on
il.? original Fai?* Friend of 'the pool Uihorlug
Man,' Ihe 'llonesl Partner' and Ihe 'Oppressed
Fi nk Parnell, of Ne?? Boni h Wales, arri??.? al
Ihe Windsor Hotel yeeterda) from Ban Fnti ? ro
Mr Parnell I? ? member ?>f ih? ?.?;?: .'urp (,f
\"nn Bouth Wal?*s, ? captain nf St Oeorge's Ititi??a
and ? ? off).? p mi public and privai? organila
Horn i" Hie Am I rallan ? nlony
Wh? ? Ih? extei i .? drygood? eal ibid h men! nf
le Brothei . u Third a\*e and Flftj -
nlnth-at , \n ? rln ? ? ?, lerday, announcement uns
made thai II would n..i ? ?? reopened until Wed ne?
da) morning, Monday being l.abor Day and Tues?
day :i Jewish holiday, Th?? !,0M employ?ra of the
inni are ihereb) enabled t?? enjoy Dir.??? da) ? ,
radon before Ihe active <>i ???n i um of the autumn
"fount" ?".??!??i:?r?ii ?en Rlucher, who l< ft his
horn??, ni No. l?M Ba I Nlnely-eecond il eversi
d.iNs ago leaving < letter in nvIiI? i he threatened
to commit suicide, w is taken :?> Belle vue Hospital
b) hla wife and ?>?.-,???? ? In iti?? alcoholic ward yes?
(erday The '"Count" l?? suffering from th.? mnr
phlne Imi it. bul will probably be all iluhi in ? few
Th.? st.it. n ? land Eleetrtc Railroad Company
has sgreed ?? ?-.??? ? Bremen free when on their
?aun to Are*
The Rosebank Republicans have organised a
campaign club, wllh Ihe following officerai l'r???!
dent, Oeorge s S'iti-i'i, vice-president, John
Larkln, sr.; swrelary, Prank t'lark; treasurer, ?.
G Keegan Meeting! will he held In <?l?l I?'? Hows'
Hull ev? ? ?? Thursday evening.
Th?? Midland Railroad nvIII to-day operata It?
new track from Qranl city to Concord.
Pire destroyed a Iwo-storj frame barn in scr?
oll, ? ?t New Brighton, yesterday morning. Th??
barn belonged ??, ?, <? Bister,
The adjourned meeting of Cestleton S?-honi r?l?
iriit Ho, 4 ??ill be held on Thursday evening, in
stead of ?m Tuesday.
?'???? Richmond KomuKh Rlectrtc Company haa
elected Ih? following <?fll? <t ?< President, w I.
?Douglas?; aecretsry, A. K. Leon; treasurer, .lohn
? W hippie
Ar? hdeacon Oeorge D. Johnson, of Chrtsl Church,
New-Brighton, sailed for ?Scotland on a Mx w..ek?'
\isit last Friday.
Oeorg? wlllUm Curtis Council. Royal Ar?'?num,
S I m',v?" r\uu"r ,','," "?'"?'?? evenln?, when Grand
Kegenl R? union will b?? preaoBl
Th?? New-Dorp Hook and Ladder Company has
purchae^a a new hoae cart and hoi?,, u"wan' nM
\v? i
RROM 71? to ?? ? ms?
T?ys^ After Many Months
ol arduous labor, ol careful planning and of patient
waiting, mir store is now so nearly completed that
we can set the date ot the formal opening
On September 12th, at 7.30 P. M?,
the doors will for the tirst time be opened to the
public, and you and all your friends are cordially in?
viteli to sec The Big Store which has caused so much
talk?the store which is expected to do business on
Broader and More Liberal Principles
than any other store in New Vork.
No goods will be sold on Saturday, as the store is
opened tor inspection only.
September 14th, the Monday following the open?
ing, will be the tirst sales day
During the Coming Week
we shall troni day to day announce in the papers the
various teal uns ot interest which we have to show
you, and introduce ourselves and our methods by
stating a lew oi the inducements that we shall offer
to the masses, who will appreciate our motto of
Better Goods for Less Money Than Any Other
house in America.
?L *

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