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Will certainly ha defeated In 1900 unless the Dem?
ocratic pany should then be split into two or?
ganizo! s. ctl MS, Whl? li Is Inipfobah!??. Mr. Shear?
man is mer? .;.-.-? In bis treatment of English read?
ers, They arc daaed by American politi, s in the
1,1 si,,. ? and Unable to mak?? out tho
i.e.-u. and the probabilities; ye! be persists In tak
i: hem four years ahead and telling thorn how
lions will then turn oui unless the Demo?
cratic iplit of this year be repeat? 1 and the sheep
I??? divided from the ?puts
Th.? massacr? of Christians hi Constantinople,
ghastly as aro it? horrors, can hardly be said to
occupy man's minds In London. The magnitude
of this now Out. herj i- appalling, ina Europe has
b . -. accustomed to reading th?? details of
Turkish h irrori that it seems apathetic and lack
blg In sensibility Thos?? massacres gre ani mg
the m. .st horrible recorded since the Middle Ages,
yet It does not appear to disturb tho repose of the
chief European capitals to have R.000 <>r
7,000 helpless, Innocent people slaughtered in
Constantin ?pie. One effect, however, is produced
by tiic.-'? horrible recitals. The conviction is deep
i: I throughout Europe, tuoi especlallj in Eng?
land, that until th.? Sultan is deposed there will le?
no peace in the Turkish Empire, and it is be?
ttered that th?? visit ..f th.? Cxar t,< various cap?
itals and finally to Balmoral will hasten that re?
sult. Nor is ? likely that th?? sudden death of
Trinco Loban iff will retard it. This tragic epl
8<>de has a s. mbianee of mystery. Th.? Imperial
train was suddenly stopped by a caprice of the
?Csar. H?? was weary .?f the journey, and wanted
to take a short walk In a litt!?? wood. Everybody
alighted, hut tho Prince had not pj>ne far before
ho was suddenly s ?/.??.? with aneurism. Th?? epi?
sode illustrates th?? autocratic manners of Russia,
but excites no suspicion of foul play. Trinco
TvObanoff was a Foreign Minister of threat force of
character, who was tho real author of the French
alliance and of the successful policy by which the
Russian suit? tnacy has boon established in diplo?
macy at Constantinople. He enjoyed worrying
England an ? seems to have taken waming#from
the Independence of Bulgaria thai Russia must
not be too unselfish In dealing with Annotila. The
Czar's foreign tour is not int. rrupted by Prince
LobanofTs d? ath, but it Is hardly probable that
his poii.w will be changed by his successor, for it
has .ast'.y Increased the power ami prestige of
Russia. Hopes are entertained by sanguine Eng
lishmen that the Queen may Influence tip Czar
when ho visits Balmoral, ani that soin.? agree
ment may be reached with England by which
Europe may be released from the last remnant of
Turkish rulo. The Queen has too many Mahome?
tan subjects t?. assume the direct responsibility of
inspirili?; a policy which would place Russia in
possession of Constantinople; but England would
undoubt-diy acquiesce In that result. Carlyle's
"linspeaksble Turk" no longer has a friend any?
where in the United Kingdom.
The Irish convention In Dublin has demonstrat?
ed anew that the factional divisions which have
paralyzed th? Home Rule ?auso aro not bas? 1 on
principle, bul on the rivalries and jealousies of
the leaden. Dillon, Healy and Redmond all pro?
fess their Wllllngn? ss to stand aside and serve
under ? now loader, but not one of them sets the
examplo by Stepping down and out. Tho divisions
OOOSCqm ntly continue, with no promise of perma?
nent peace, the rival leaders agreeing only in ..no
detail of policy? namely, to make what they can
out of the Unionists during the next six years.
Tin? Sanitary Congress at Newcastle is the first
of the important annual path-Tincs which G? lleve
the inanity of the silly season in Knclish journal?
ism, when folly is shot as it flies low down in the
police courta The most popular subject discussed
has been cycling for tarli, s, a topic introduced by
Dr. Turner, who is a devoted wheelman himself.
Ho declared that cycling in England had raised
the average health ol women and wafi a better ex?
ercise than golf, tennis or skating as a means <>f
promoting a wholesome action of the skin. Ho
gave ad\i??' respecting dress, diet, machines ani
saddles; condemned racing and laid a proper de?
gree of emphasis upon moderation. Cycling does
not require the sanction of the sanitary Congress
for either sex in England; it is the most popular
form of recreation for all classes, and is steadily
gaining ground.
The Tradea-Unlon Congress opens next week at
Edinburgh and will be followed by the annual
session of the British Association at Liverpool.
The Worcest'-r musical festival next week will
produce only one novelty, Elgar*S oratorio "Lux
Christi.'? The familiar musi.? ,,f "Elijah." "The
Messiah" and "St. Paul" will be repeated, with
Hugh Tlair's Advent cantata. Mme. Albani will
be th?? most prominent singer, and orchestral
music will i,.? performed by a well-trained band.
London publisher? are Riving Increased att? n
tlon to designing artistic book-covers, having
learned from expert? nee that attractive binding
greatly facilitates Ihe sale of books. Mr. James
M. Whistler has designed a uni'iue cover for a
book by Charles ?\'. Whibley which Heinemann
Will publish. The title is "Took of Scoundrels."
Mr. Whistler has fpent much time over th<? de?
sign, which shows marked refinement of artis?
tic work. A gallows is delicately outlined,
around which tho letters of th.- title ate grouped
In Idealised type, while underneath is a minute
seal shoving a skull and crossbonea The design
reveals the power of the artist in making a repel
lant subject attractive, what? ver may tie thought
of the utility of toe ?? rformance.
The Increasing Influence of George Meredith is
shown by the fact that throe-fourths of the pew
OOll? ted edition of his works has been bought In
advan.f its publication, tho demand from
America being large, it is a good sign of Im?
proved literary la ite. sir Richard Temple's auto
biograpny will soon appear in two volumes. Air.
Gladstone has seni Mr. Fisher Unwln an appre?
ciative letter, Which will help the sal- of "The
Balkan.'." a new volume in "The Story of the Na?
tions" series, Mr. Robert Wallace has the sympa?
thy of the Deans of Westminster ami si. Paul's in
th.? general proposition advanced by htm In an ar
tide on Stevenson thai memorials to eminent
men should bo postponed until sufficient time
?lasses to render a proper appraisal of their
real public worth possible.
G1?<? first week of September has been cool and
rainy, hut it has not interi? red with th?? sports?
man:? festival in the west and north of Engla? 1.
The slaughter of the partridge has bepun. and big
bags are the rub? on the breezy moors Returning
American tourists, loitering In London for th
sailing of their steamers, have line game on tho,r
hotel tables and refreshing glimpses of Hyde
Park and Other pleasure-grounds, which are ver?
dant and beautiful after the recent rains.
I. N. F.
And vitality are quickly given to every part of
the body by Hood's Sarsaparille, That tired
feeling is quickly overcome. The blood is puri
flid, enriched end vitalized, and carries health
and not disease to "very organ. The appetite is
restored and the stoma? h toned and strength?
ened. The nerve? an? fed upon proper nourish?
ment and are therefore strong; the brain is
cleared and the min 1 refreshed, by
Sarsaparilla |
The One True Blood Purifier. AH druggists, ft.
,IWU s fill? with Hood's Saieap-Hii?
Bresiau, Sept. 8.?The Cssr and czarina arrived
here at ?:10 a. m. to-day. They were met at the
? railway junction at Brieg, twenty-aeven mile? from
' Breslau, at ^ o'clock ihij morning, b) the German
officials deputed to attend the Russian Imperial
? visitors during t h? ir stay In G< rmany.
Whn, the Csar and CSSrina arrived they were
met al the station by the Emperor and Empress
and the Herman Princes, The Kaiser wore a
Russisn uniform and th< German Princes were
similarly attired, The German Empress won- a
salmon-colored costume, and the Czarina was
' dressed In white ?ilk. The Csar wore th?? uniform
i of the Prussian Alexander Guards, with the in?
1 slgnla oi th? order of (he Black Eagle on his bri eat.
The two Emperors embracen and kissed each
j other. Th?? monarchs then reviewed the color com?
pany, after which they entered a csrrlsge and
drove on' together to the new Btlindehaus, where
the Russian Imperial party will be lodged during
their visit to Breslau. The two Empresses followed
th? Emperor and the czar, thiir carriage? being
, driven al ? rapid pace. The street? through uhi? h
the tu> Emperors, the Empresses and their ,it
tendants passed were lined with people, who
cheered the Imperial party with great enthusiasm.
About 11 o'clock the German and Russian Im?
perial parties reappeared, In the same order In
which they had come, and drove from the St?nde
haue ;?' Gandau t?> wltnesa the para?!.? of the
Bixth ?'< 11 >? it was quickly noticed that thi Oer
1 man Emperor had changed his uniform, having
substituted the uniform of a German General for
; the Russian uniform which h?? won? when he re?
ceived the Csar.
The Nicholas II Hussars an?i ? squadron of
, dragoi ?,s guarded the Imperial party on the a >> to
1 the p.ii.oi,? ground. The Cast opened the parade by
? leading his regiment of Alexander Guards past the
Emperoi The weather was perfect.
Berlin, Bept 5. Th? troop? which took part in
to-day'? military parad?? in honor of the Cssr ;it
Candan, near Breslau, were commanded by Prince
it? inai?! of Saxe-Melnlngen. brother-in-law of th??
Emperor and commander ?f the Sixth corps of the
German Army.
one of the features of the fetes in Breslau will be
the presence of four grandchlldn ? of Quei ? Victoria
of England th? czarina. Princes? Charlotte ol
Saxe-Melnlngen, the Emperor and Prince Henry "f
Prussia. The town la overcrowded with visitors.
? and th.? pries aske.i for the occupsncy of apart?
ments have been Increased to live times their nor?
mal rat??.
The diplomatists who are assembled at Breslau
j around Prince von Hohenlohe, th.?? German Imperial
1 chancellor, include Prince Radolln, the German
Ambassador at St. Petersburg; Count von Osten
! Backen, the Bufslan Ambassador m Berlin; Karon
Marschall von Blebersteln, German Minister of Por
? eign Affairs; count von Pourtales, ?? th?? German
Foreign tuli???, and Gehelmrath G?nther, "f the
German Imperial Chancellerle.
It had ??'?? generally understood that an im?
portant conference w is to be held upon th?? oc?
casion of th? meeting of th? tu., Emperors be?
tween Prince von Hohenlohe and Prince Lobanoff
Roatovsky, the Russian Minister of Foreign Af?
fairs, tun the sudden hath of He- litter while on
lii.- way from Vienna to join the Csai at Kleff has
? thrown all of the plat.- which I,.id In ? n m.,pp.?,I
out for the meeting into a state of uncertainty,
and It i* now believed that moat of them, If not
all uill h.? dropped, for th?? present, at least.
Th?? representative of th?? ITnited Associated
Press??, who went to Breslau ??> report th?? inci?
dents of the visit of th?? Csar and ("carina, ob
tamed to-day an ? ? ? : ? Ion of opinion from ??
Radolln that th?? meeting of the i.'xnr mm.I the
Kalsi r would ???? ??? void of all politi? .,1 Importan ?.
an?!, further, that the Czar will noi appoint ?
! ce-sor to Pline? Lobanoff as Minister of Foreign
Affairs until His Majesty ret,,ras to St. Peters?
burg, if. however, Prince Radolln really holds
such views as these, they ar<? vastly different from
' those entertained by well-informed officials In his
own circle, it is positively known thai the ?'z.-ir
(?fore leaving Kicff for Breslau, telegraphed to
Count von Hchouvaloff, Governor of Warsaw, In?
structing him to come to Breslau and act a? His
Majesty's adviser Iti piaci of Prince 1/ohnnofT
Count von Behouvaloff was almost Immediately
thereafter stricken with paralysis, and this cir?
cumstance, following so closely upon the death
? of prince Lobanoff, has struck the ''zar with a
.- of dr. ad
It Is said that he associate? his being deprived
of Ministerial a?l\i<??? at this Mm?? with the m omen
of the disaster on Hodynskv Plain upon thi oc?
casion of his coronati"!, at Moscow,
? ? ?on Sept. 5 The Trad? ? ? ?nlon Coi . ?
which open? on Monday nexl B< mbei 7. will be
made ti,?? ai? ,?.? of another ? ? . ; demoni trail ??
. If the Parliamentary Committee of thi Congress,
who "boss" the arrangements, p. rn.it the energetic
. Be laiist minority the full swing they desire. Thi
first collision between the a? ??-.?. ..? tin trades?
unions, who want the agenda conti Inlng un ampli
statement of the practical proposai? befori the
unions to be followed out, will o<?, -ur over a motion
??> rescind wh ?t ? kn m ? ? th?? Sortait! t r< solution
c.irri??i ,it th, Norwich Congres? That resolution
? f m mitt? ?l the trade? inlon to the leading teneta of
everyday Socialism, naturalisation of land, minea,
ind railway?, with "the whole oi the mean
of production, distribution and exch.mgi
Tin- dei lu rat Ion branding to? trudeaof Great Brit?
ain with ii?? tnosi pali ? ' I?: ind? u is
?prung upon the Norwich Congrei ? by Kelr Hardie,
who had !? till d him ? Itti? m ?.? ol delegate? hav?
ing doubtful mandates from th? least Important of
the union?.
?????.-?? , able dl <pat< hi -? I. ?.? ;?? ad y rxpl lined
how the pri em.f ti.h-icgate? led to r?volu
lion In thi m?;h???l Of presentanoli At last year's
C? .?.)-?: ? ? .' ns WT? dopU-tl glVln? t!,?? union
represi -?,? votlni power m ratio to their
membership, .m?! preventing the appointment ol
? ?? -. who ?:,, :..? ? ?.? work ? : lh??r trades noi
are paid offlclul* ?,f ? lrnd<'*-unlon,
Tin.- motion kept out and keeps out, in? ? like
John Burns and Broadhui Bui it ha? also
?cot h< l mi ? of I he Kelr Hardie typi
passage th? delegates, ,is in last year's Coni
hav? been dl tinctl) more solid men, :? - Inclined
t<? Socialist declalmlngs, nnd mor? disposed to
obtain such practical legislation as seemed within
tluii res
- -? ?
Winnipeg, Man.. Sept S. Th?? school question,
whhi, ha? agitated th?? Dominion of Canada for
y?ars, was under consideration lu the Manitoba
Cabinet yesterday, "it ii hoped," said Fremii ?
Greenway, "that a settlement will he reached, but
hit? re n.: t it n?..\ be nee srnry that further eonf? r?
enee? take place with tt,.? Dominion Government.
Jf It Is settled, I havi no doubl it will be on a basi?
(pi!!?? . aticfactory t?? the ?? < pie of Manitoba."
.Ma,lud. Bept ' Officisi advice? from Manila
?ay that th? Spanish gunboat made an attmk
upon the'Insurgents who were intn <. ched upon the
Isthmus of Cavito and th?? peninsular, while a col?
umn of troops pursued them upon tin land. Th??
r< ? ? were routed, and many of them were taken
prisoners by the Spanish Four prisoners wer?? shot
und -"j transported to th?? Marianne Island!
Washington, Bept 6.?Mr. Rockhlll, Acting Secre
tary of Btate, at the request of New-York and
1'hlladelphia m? ni,ants to-day cabled <'onsul-Oen
eral Lee, at Havana, requesting him to see that
Samuel S. Toi: on. naturalised American merchant,
of Cardenas, has s fair trial and a legal repre?
sentative It ?- alleged that Toison, after embark?
ing on th?? Ward Line steamer Seneca for New
York, recently, wsa arrested and taken aahore. lie
is now in solitary ? onflnement In police headquar
t> ? - as a politi? ni suspect.
London, Sept. f.?The arrangements for the new?
s' rvl? e between Belgium and Canada, which have
??-?,, completed between Rm Belgian Steamship
Company and the CanadfSn Coven,ment, con?
templ?t?? a direct servi?.? between Canada ami
Antwerp via Boulogne. Instead of via Cologne as
was arroaeously stated in yesterday'? dispatches
?- e
London, Bept. O.-The <ju.e? has ?tgntged hrr
willingness to rerelv.? 11 petition protesting against
the trafile in opium and ?puitUOU? ll?|iiors, to which
?locument are appended TAOsjsi signatures The
names wer?? collected l,y th?? Wornsn's Christian
Temperance Cnlon. alla? Franse? ?, Willard presi?
dent of the World's Woman'* Christian Temp?r?
ance Union, and l.adv Henry Somerset, presi,lent
Of the Itrltlsh Woman'? Christi.in Temp?rance As?
sociation, heading the list.
????p, Columbia, Bept. L The output of th?? gaM
mines in ?iulnmi Is Incresstng. Seven thousand
(?unies were registered during two week? In Aukuhi
cork, Sept..', Albert Georg? \\ hit? Ina?! the Irlsh
American dynamiter recently released from ioh
laiid Prison, with ils mind shattered, who .*
?,??,?? from the home of his relative? at nfclbbereen
on the night of August 2t, has ten found ln thin < It y.
liangor Wales, S id. ". The coasting steamrr
Hector was wricked off thi? port to-day. It id
fu? red that all of hu crew wuc drown?. J.
London. Sept. ... -Sir Philip \V. Currle, the
British Ambassador to Turkey, who left London
<>n his return to Constantinople ?>n Monday
last, was directed before his departure to ob?
tain an early audience with th?? Sultan, and to
deliver t?> His Majesty a message fr< m Queen
Victoria protesting against th?? massacres which
have taken piare, ami demanding that stringent
measures be taken t?> prevent further outragea
At the same time the Ambassador will present
t.? th?? Porte a formal note from Lord Salisbury
j of a menacing character.
The untisi) battle-ships Devastation and Re?
doubtable have been ordered to proceed to
Canea, Crete.
Berlin, Sept. 5.?The "North German c.azettc,"
in an artici?? in yesterday'? issu??, commenting.
upon the situation .11 Constantinople, says:
"For the first tini,? it is row declared to !??? a
necessity that th?? Power? should pul a ?top t??
outrages by th.? Turks, or, as officisi Isngusgc
has phrased it, 'Civilized Europe must adopt an
attitude t?? Induce th?? Port? to prevent further
disorder?.' "
The "National Zeitung" goes further than this,
saying: "The Sultan must be warned that a re
| eurrenee <?f massacres win endanger his thron??
and his dynasty."
Th.- "Hamburg Correspondent," a semi-official
Journal, says "Whatever th- Bowers mean to
do ought to be ?Ion?? quickly. There is a inaine?
, ful stain upon th?? Bultan'a Government that ran
I never he cleans? ?1 away, foi a w lid beast let
? loose by th?? authoi Itlea la plundering an?! cruelly
slaughtering men, women ami children. The
! officiala <?f th?? Bultan'a palace are mainly re?
sponsible." This signila ant ?hang?? In th?? ton??
??f th.? ?eml-offlclsl press is undersl.l to bs due
to Baron Mars? hall von Blettersteln, who has
ha?l an Inkling ?.f th?? altered tendency of the
Czar's sentlmenta a? well as those ??f th?? Kais? r.
Anyhow, it is not conceivable that after th?? ex
rhaRge of prolonged and Incessant diplomatic
communication? th?? Czar and the Kaiser could
?meet wlthoul interini,' into discussion of the
forem?>st topic ?>f European politica
Though little is now known of the Czar's plans
th?? fa? : has leaked oui thai he has instructed
Count \?"?? Ost en-Racken to communicate with
Prince von Hohenlohe upon th?? subject of eon
cert??,! armed action on th?? pan of th?? Bowers Io
prevent Turkish massacres, hut whether or not
th?? czar has decided to revere? the policy of In?
action pursued by Brlnce Lohanoff, the Kaiser
and Prince \??? Hohenlohe have clearly altered
th?? attitude of Germany t ward the porte.
Paris, Sept. ? Th?? French cruisers vVattlg
ni??:- and Vautour have been ordered t?> the Le?
.?, iNRTANTIN'i ????.?.
Liverpool. Bepi S Ml?? dar? Barton, preeidenl
of th.- Ami rl ? ?u Red ? '"??' ?? I? ly, a Ith h? r ? irty
?,f i|d?, ?ailed foi New-York on hour?! the Canard
Lin?- ?teamer ITmbri? to
VYaahlntfon, Bepi "? When Mia? <:?ra Barton
ami th?? member* of her ?Inff left Constantinople,
,-ifi.r their ?veal worh in relieving the suffering Ar?
menian? in Turkey, ihelr departure wa? made in??
in of a gr< t dlspl f the representative?of
B|| ?; ,? ,,,;:.? ? ? wa? ?.?\ ? ihly ??i??
? li. her honor, and an ea ori, ? ompo?ed of
manj craft, nccompnnled Mis? Barton's >
of ih.- harbor A cabl? dispatch ?.Ived I.? ?
mu m e.?? thai Hhe ?alleil fer New-York ??-da) ?>?? Ihr
?ten mer l'mhrl ?
Friends of ine American ? ill mal R ?! Croa? are
to -, ? r ? ns< ? ??; o] ei ? ? ? . ption f ?: ? he
traveller? own thrli ?p!? ?! In Sen York I'pon
Ml?? Barton'? arrival it h? r home In Washington
It I* understood 11 ?? .? rcreptloi will '?? tri ven ??? :
In honor of th? ?real succi ? I m it tended
hfr ?ork In Turk? )
TYtr, nn, of \?.? vi. rom \ wtsnow
Constantino] le, s? pi ? \ pani m a ? ?usi I
yeattrday by th? fall of an Armenian fr .tu ?
?low to the street below Th? t?? >pl< who -.,? ??,?
??an f.ill believed thai h? had been thrown
th?.? window, tnd ? pr ?? ? ??. wlldfln
rioting h ?? ? .?? ? r? ne? ??! , ... ? on?tanll
??,pi?? and ? ? ? were rloaed at ? il.? pi
: '.'.til the -?.ire w t? 0\er ut, I the ,?
h ? U? on.?
It I? reported thai the Arm? ?,? m Revolutionary
? .-? lai loi li makli ?: ? ? for ? ?Teat ??
? p ?1? moi ? (rall?n Th? ?? ?
Pu ? March I ?el th? lion ?f orili
Intel led to el nilfy ih? ?
ilica, and thla m< n ? ? ? ,r ?
?orlan Arm? nlan? Into ? ? ? ? ? non, f ???? u ?
thai Ihei p.?\ be ? ti Miei timi
? ?
COLONIAL ? il rl? t III? Bl PFi ?SED
London, Bepl I Borne Important bs Ines? haa
followed Mr Chamberlain la hl? retiremenl at
su, m, Mai Thi moal rnergetl? of Cabinet Min
'? reel) ex peel to dlveal hlmai ?f
ly of affair?, nor hai Mr Chamberlain al
lempti I to ? ik? hla holiday In ?lire t rupture
with hi? Mlntaterial ?
Hut presence in the L'nlted Rnim ?i especiad I ?
t?? two lated with Interview? bearing en Cai
relation? to hi? Zollverein propoaala and Ihe Paclflc
c hi ? s? h in?? The ? .r?!. of ministri In ''..nada
his r?e..!?t.?,! it ?,,?,?? ? ? ?, t,, reopen lb? whole
lion of tin? ??., in ? . ?Mi. H I? doubtful s netti
er the Commiaaion will continue to exist, it It
?till ? question whether or not Mr Chaml
will retain the Colonial < rttlce
<>n th? ??,-e of his departure f??r t>,,? iMt.,? Btat? ?
H waa affirmed and denied thai he di-elred ?? r??
idfcn Id?? pri enl office, During th? pteaenl week,
ti.,? balance of opinion tends to ? conviction thai
),?? win noi Ioni remain it the Colonial Office.
It Is noi because his Zollverein scheme ha? mol
with rebuff from Ih? colonie?, nor thai he la tired
of facing Booth African trouble?, \s ? lenacloua
fidili? r. he would !?<? m??n? Ilk. h to -tick lo hU
posi so long a? an) tension ex lai ed with the Tram
vaal. Bui he hi and long haa been dUaatlafied with
the measure <?( ?upper! accorded lo him within
il.?? Cabinet In his policy of Ihorcughnaoa In deal
Ine with the Boera, and dlssattafied alao wfth th??
pulule atai ks made upon him \<\ h ?plred ? 'onaei ra?
live or ?an?
If there ???? any change? in Ihe Cabinet before
Parliament resume?, Mr. Chamber?? ?. according
to th- be?i Information, will incale the Colonial
nil; . Por what po-i" Certainly noi for the
lion.? office, wh.-r?? su Matthew Ithli.-v -takes a
capital Minist? r. earnln? pral?e all round Perhaps
t?, :. ? urn to Ins ?Id po?l ??f president of the Board
of Trail.?, In which position he could Klve ? much
needed Impetus to hla favorite schema of old-age
LONDON \M> BERLIN (jossir.
passi:.; L*NNOTICED
London, s? pt. :, i?r Nansen'? presence al the
British Association meeting si Liverpool la prob?
lematic it,, is under pledge to addraaa Ural a
?pedal meeting of tbs London Oeograpblcal Be?
nny Dr. Nansen, who slresdy holds the gold
medal of the society propose? to ???<? tills sddrea?
nome lime In Octolier, Bubaequently, he will ho free
for lecture? anywhere.
Professor Langley, of the Smithsonian Institu?
tion at Washington, D. C, ?ailed for New-York on
the steamer Britannic, ?rhlch left Queenstown ?>n
Thursday. _
Mr Thomas ? Bayard, L'nlted states Ambassa?
dor to Great Britain, who has h"?n cruising In NOT
wegiSfl water? on the st??.un s acht Myni, will return
t?> tin. Embassy en Baturday.
Aubrey Beardshy. the artist, though recovered
from a ?ecood attack of hemorrhage, la still an In?
valid at Kpaom, requiring estreme ctlr.? to prevent a
r? laps??. He is ahi? to work occasionally, producing
?ketches for "Th? Savoy."
"I'yinhcllne," which Sir Henry IrvlriK will pro?
?luce at the Lyceum the thlr?! wcek In S? pt. min r,
baa been under rshsTss! thers for two week*.
Merlin. S. pt .",. BsdSB Dag passed almost un?
noticed this year In contrant with the general cele
hratlon of ih?? day Issi year. Thin Ik not to !>.?
wondered at. however, as last year*? celebration
marked th? twenty-fifth anniversary ?>f the birth of
the Empire, (Or the observance of which elaborate
preparations were m.ule
KmpreHs Frederick will ko at ihe en<l of the month
to visit the King ai.U Qusajn of Ucumurk at Copen
Small botti? of plesMRl pellet?- tit? vnur vest pocket;
? .?-a-i't-. : pent ????|..:i upon receipt ??', price,
'?.???. r ?,-?? for *1 ?'?. Humphrey?' Medicine < >., ? r.
\\ iiii.m and ?!? hn ?t? . S< ? ?
hngen. if r Majesty will he accompanied by Prince
and Prince?? Frederick Charles of Hesse, the latter
Empresa Frederick'? youngest daughter.
The Emperor and Empress will attend the mnr
risge of victor Emmanuel, Prince of Naples, eldest
son and hoir apparent of the King f>t Italy, to
Princess ??'????-? of Montenegro, third daughter of
the reigning prin?.f Montenegro, which, it Is
understood, will take place at an early date.
Tho conversion of the Bavarian Is Into P/% per
ceni bon?!.. I? proceeding with Renerai publie ac?
ceptance. Holders of the 4 per cent? who do not
lodge protest? be for? September IS will !><? regarded
a? acquiescing In the conversion. The su cess of
the prisent movement foreshadow? the conversion
of the German Imperial loans.
London, Sept. ft. Mr? Dells ?. s Pariteli, mother
of the late Charles Btewan Pnrnell, who was In?
jured on Ihe ?teamer l'en ? bind while on her way
from the I'niteii ?Hates, la lying dangerously 111 at
hi r daughter'? house In Dublin.
- ?
Washington, iept I The following Arm?.? oftl ?
have been ordered to report to Lieutenant-Colonel
Lloyd IVheaton, president of th? Examining Board,
appeini.?.? ??, meet at Fort Leaven worth, Kansa .
for examination for promotion. Firsl Lieutenant?
Henry J. 'oilman, 5th I'avalry; Stephen O'Connor,
23d Infantry; ai.? Pickering, Zd Infantry; Eaton
A Edwards, Bth Infantry; Edgar Hub. rt. Sth In?
fantry, ?nd Scot..] Lieutenants Charle? l> Ithodos,
St h Cavalry; ITInthrop s Wood, UHh Cavalry;
risorge ? I~inghorne, Id Cavalry; Alfred C, Merli
let, It h Cavalry; Francia ?- Marshall, Ith Cavalry;
William s. Graves, 7th Infnntry; Frank I?. Web?
ster, sth Infantry; Joseph D, Leiten, :itii Ini titry;
Siniu. I Burkhard!, Ir, 25th Infantry; .lam?* ?;
Nonnoyle, {3d Infantry; Botarti Alexander, 7th In?
fantry; Frederick s wild. 17th Infantry; William
<>. Johnson, 19th infantry; Jam? ?? ? Lindsay, 14th
Infantry; Hiram McL Powell, .1 Infantry; Clysses
<; Kemp, Ith Cavalry; (*harW?s Young, ?th Cavalry,
and Robert ? Wallace, M ravslrj
The following officers have been ordered to report
to the president of the Examining Hoard In Wasn
Ington f..r examination for promotion; Captain?
William It Davi? assistant surgeon; William W.
iira>. assistant ?urgeon; Lout? Brechemln, ? 1st
rgeoi . I.??.??? A LaGarde, assistant surgeon;
? ? ? '.? ' r, assistant sun on; Aaron IL Ap?
pi ? it suixeon
Additional Second Lieutenant Edwin H Stuart,
Corpi ol En Ineers, will report to Cnptaln Frederic
V. Abbot, ?on . of Engineers, at Charleston, B, C,
?? undei ??? Immediate orders, with station
In that ? It)
Addltlonsl Second Ueutenanl ?bore.? m. Hoff
m ii ? ?? ; - ol ? ?nglw ? ? ? will r? port ??> ? 'aptaln
Mi (.'.Deri of Engin? ers, at ?? ?.?. -
Orleans, foi dutj under hi Immediate orders, with
?..? . ? that cltj
m a ?? John Van it Hoff, surgeon, ?III repair to
? ? 11 .1 t.??? ?? ? to ti tiers I com?
manding in- Arnn on the 7th pis?, for temporary
? Ion of the ?ame m ill return
?.? ? ? i*i ?; ?? r si it Ion
? Lieutenant Jay .1 Morrow, rorpa ,,( Engl
? ? ? ? ?til ' ? relieved from dut ? al the L'ult-d
Ith rompan) E.
i ?"! ??. M?!
. atol repot I I ? M? |oi
i'hsrlo? .1 All.n for -bits under hl? tmri. lati or?
Idi itennnl 17 ? ?' Drd, 23d Infantry, has been
r< e ved from dui ? st ? ? ?? irey, Ark ,
and ord? r? il :?> join hi* company.
? ine m.? .1 ?? 1er? ?? ?? ? ?? ? to-day:
'..?.? ? ? \ Brad I I ? ??? nit It.
? ? ? ? pi,? ..? on retir? ?I list,
? ? ? ? ? ? Beet] I. ? ? ??? tached
? irai.? is? ? ,,?,.? ordered to the Marble
\- ; tant Engineer ?, ? Crank has been de
? from the Marhb head and ord? r? ?1 lo s in
1 ? tifiar?
r? ol Mi uti iihiiI .? G Pai k*r, Sup? r
' N.w ?..? k Harbor, .??? revoked
The order? detachlni 1er 1?.
?.. . ? ?i.i ? hor of N-w
^ ..rk and ordering to .V k. d.
Assist ml l Ingln?. ; .1 II I; ???? ? ? de?
ll from ib? ? ll ?ml ordered to I
N? v. m. .,: il A : I I I ' It
Irta, lied fr m ll ? X? " irk si d or?!? red ?
Cini inn .ti
Fall Blver, Mai B*t>( ? ?>,?? lall Th? ? loth
m ir'o t hs? been firm durit ;? and fair
- . ?. ?? ?.... ?. ' m ule
up %. ? ?. rda). ? ?. ? to 2 ft II ? ?? nts, and
aboul ?? ? ?.? r? sold The Mies of th??
?. , ?. In excess of Ihe produ? lion, and m re
phi,, ipally . f odd ? ???? fot Iverj Phe
lutei ? ???? Production,
I23.IJO pieces; dellverie? ISt.OoO; ?tock on hand.
.?.;.!>? 711 MO; Civ-?!'*. ?7J..-.I ?..-.Nt week'?
?,. i. ? ? ? ? ?|<?, 14.',.? ?. mill I17.AU . Mxtit l,
? ? ?,?; futures, Sl.OW Hold for Weekly j
deliver) In - ptember, ti.??l) ?.-es; Uctoher, 17.0?*?;
N,,\.mi ? : 7.????. I ?? i-inl " lai ir; 2,?m1 Feh.
m iry, : ?-? Markt t tlrm si I ft-H ? '-nts for ??\?,? s.
Senatoi Jones, the chairman of Ihe Democratic
National Committee, seni ?? telegram from Chicago
to John C, Bhoeban, the Tammany leadei In thl?
, ??, a fi v. da) ? sg ?. annoimi m,, that William Jen
Inga Bryan Intend? to be In Sea lforfc again on
September 2ft or M Mr Sheehai replied to the tele?
gram, statins " ii on? b ? bis belief that Ihe s. ? ond
?isti oi Mi Hryan t?? in.? metropoli? stoini,? be de?
layed, il.? mentioned the fact thai the Tammany
leaders will tint be able to gel back from Buffalo
until after September 19, and thai the Tamman)
General Committee and organisation Committee
win not m?--? ???,??? Septemtwi ..: Tammany will
have little inn?? after t!...t to get un a ratification
dale ..;.?..mi. ? ?? for t he n? \t
time a
m. -??a: liefer? ? !
vlsll of Mr Bryai
Mr sin. ban said nothing to newspaper men about
Ihe Inierchancc of telegram? until they made In
quirle? yeaterday, and then !.. wa? vexed that the
Arsi Information had rome from Mr st John, the
treasurer of the Democratic National Committee
Mr St .lohn bail mentioned Ihe matter In a ?. ay
thai gave rise to a ?UMplclon thai he wa? hurl lie
.aus.? ??? had been Ignored In the eorreHpondenee
between Senator Jon.- and Mr Bheehan, The
Tamman) Iradei had noi rei . ?\??,? from Senulor
Jonei yesterday an) Intimation thai the date of Mr,
Bryan a next vlsll would be changed
Knights of ol?! crusaders who went to conquer
the world, conili not hope to succeed unless they
enere in virile, hearty h.-alth. A man cannot face
difficulties if his stomach isn't In good order. I'is
ordered digestion will make a sluggish coward out
of any man. It makes his mind stagnant, .in<l he
cannot think quickly enough to accomplish any?
thing. It makes las movements slow, and takes
all <>t the snap out <>f him. Every man in business
in America has a fight on his liarais just as much as
cvrrh.nl belted knight It is a matter ?if life and
death, just the same with him as it was with the
crusader. Indigestion and all the ills that go with
it, most frequently start in constipation. That
keeps all sorts of impurities in the body, force?,
them into the hlixiil, and so deranges the whole
system. Constipation is mie of the commonest ills,
ami to it are traceable most of the .liso:,his that
make people sick. Once it gets ? t?nti hold on g
man, it is most difficult t<> overe?me it. Tempii
ran?? relief <??\ be obtained In s thousand ?raya
Then? are medicines on the market that will help
as Ion^ as you take them. There is only ?me
remedy that is a rtal remedy that you don'thave
to keep on taking forever. That is Dr. Pferce's
Pleasant Pelleta The "1'ellcts" are tiny, sugar?
coated granules, mild and efficient in their action.
They elicit a permanent cure, Vou don't become
a sl.nc to their use, SS with Other pills.
II you will send .?! imrcriit sump?. t,n..\n cost ol mill?
In? ..??. ?r will tend pou rasi lac most useful medi, .?
lxmk rxt.uit Tins i- tir Merce'? Common Seeac Medical
A'Iv?kt. in piala. Ragliali ; ?1 IwinW of ?a?? i>n(f<-s. iiroliiM-ly
ilhistr.itnl. the o|,,i i-xpcnsi- nl pirp.irinn ????.?? li.m berti
coveted by III?" BSJc of tmSOOOBpiM it Ihr regular tiriv'?'. $1 v>
per copy Address. World's ?>?-?(?????aG)? Medical Association,
No. (/.j Main btreel, UuSTulo, ?. Y.
work at the Republican National Headquarter?
in this city went on briskly yesterday forenoon and
early In the afternoon, Mil the nutnagera said they
were going to take a rest over Sunday snd Lsbor
Day. and the rooms were closed earlier than usual
in tie- afternoon. Senator Quay left the head?
quarter? curly In the morning and started for his
home in Beaver, Penn. bul it was cald he might he
expected to return on Tuesday. General Powell
Clayton ami Mr. Scott, of th?? Executive Committee,
entertained a number of visitors ami received a
number of Important letters In the course of tho
To Mr. Scott was s.nt a "straw" from North
Dakota. A canvass was made of tin- passem,?? rs on
a train conveying Dakota an?l Mlnneaots farm?-rs
lo th,? State Fair In Mintn-apolis recently, us, fol?
lows: McKinley, ftt; Bryan, 112; doubtful, 34.
Among the visitors at headquarters were L. p..
Manning and Theodore Bosnier, prominent business
men of Tacoma, Wash. They ?poke hopefully <>f
tin? state of political affairs on th?? Pacific Slop??, al?
though they did not anticipate majorltli ? of th??
i. -iii aise. Mr, Manning ?aid: "There is hard work
ahead of us, hut ? am satisfied that Washington
will h?? found*In the McKinley column in November,
It is a strong Republican state, naturally having ?
majority of about 10,000, which in proportion to our
Voting population Is lar?:? We have also a Ian;?
number ol sound-money Democrats who,will vote
with ua In Tacoma alone we have a club com
i.? entirely of Democrat? which will have a
m? tnbershlp of 100 or 100. The fusionista have nom?
inated a very unpopular Stai?? ticket, whil?? ours,
hi ided by our National Commltteeman, Porter c.
Sullivan, is an excellent on ? We shall certainly
carry both St.it?? and National tickets through in
good shape, bul we must work t?; ?lo it. By the
way, two straw vot? a were taken on our train ? om?
ini overland. '???? ilrst on?? was in Washington, and
Included ever) man on hoard, railway employes,
porters, coohs and all. it resulted: McKinley, M;
Bryan, I2. Th? re were twenty-elghl men from
Washington, and only one of them was tor Bryan.
In Moi,: mi.? the ?econd *ote was taken, and It
stood: McKinley, 4-': Bryan, IL The change of
passenger? at Helena would account for this
change in tie? vote as quite natural in the silver
centre Asa ml?? you will find the ?liver producer?
ami workmen In th,? mine? for ?liver and the cattle
raiser? and business men for sound mone) "
Intcreating reports concerning the change of
sentiment In Indiana wer?? mad.? hy ? I?', von
? ?. m. preRldenl of the Von M?'hr?'n Manufactur?
ing Company, of Bvanavtlle. "During twenty years'
? ai? rienco in politica" said Mr. von Behren, "I
? ,??.? never ?een anything ?o striking as tl?,?? chango
that !:.:s tal: ? pince |?? Indiana Within th?? las'
Hire? or four week?. The matter has ?Imply Bel?
lied down to this with a- that every bui
and worklngman who own? anything or
??? have anything see? that it is for ids Inter
? ?; and his ?-ountry's intere?! to vote for McKinley.
I honestly think wc -hall have a larger m..j irlt) in
than we havi -ver had ? ??.?-? my belief
? t. my knowledge of the feeling in the Democrs Ic
party tier,? and of the character of the work tl.?:
fi? publli ?ns Ai? doing,
"As a nil?? there are two clasae? of vo;.-rs who
support Bryan, One is compaaed of such hard
headed Dem?crata who will ?lu anything for party
Isaf Ion a lei the other "f men whosi ? onditl-m
is such thai no change could Injure them, and are
quentlj read) to take up anything new, no
matter tow rei k..-s. Evansville Is iti th? extreme
southern pnrl of tho Btate, IV? teal Urge!} with
Kentucklana, ami th?? ?ound-money Democrats
theio a:?? v-ry numerous. The Barnetl family, a
f n mous old Kentucky Democratic family, la openly
for McKinley, nul there are hundreda ?t others,
Th?? third ticket will do more good in that St.it
in '.a Indiana, for our Democrat? are ????? to
vote directly for McKinley Thej saj that in so
doing ihej ?re noi abandoning Democracy, bul
protecting It. "is well ..s tie? credit and honor of the
bj defi itlng Bryanlam, which :?> a spu?
rious Democr icy. Anione ?neh ????? In niv elf. ap
Joseph Bell?, a pnrtv leader: Madison Broy, Jr..
.??p-?:h? r leader and August Brentano tor many
years chairn >r> of th?? County Democratic organ?
isation A poll was taken in my precinct, and we
I ? r ? thirty sonn i-rnon? ?. Democrats who will vote
for McKlnle; and ?even allver Republican?, You
see what that proportion carried out would pive
? for the farmer vot??. in my opinion it wiji
settle down to just about a strict party division."
Telegrama and ?.tiers, supported by affidavit?,
continus to come to General I'owiii Clayton re?
garding the unfair and Illegal course of the Demo?
cratic Election Commissioner? In Arkansas in re?
fusing t?? '.-rant the Republican minority any repre
.-??!.? ilion ??? election hoards, either as fudge? ??
clerks Chairman Cooper of th? Arkansas Repub
?. H, Bl-it.? Central Commute? sends Qeneral Clay
to ? ? disp.it.-h showing th?? outrageous ch iracter of
tion in Phillips County, which is ., ?ample
of Ihe method? piirsu.-d in other counties, The :
chairman's dispatch reads is follows:
Little ?;,,, k, September 4.
Hun Powell Clayton, Republican National Com
mlltee Headquarter?, New-York
The rcgularl) appoint.,? Democratic Election
Commi ? :???: absent nom Phillips County,
th,? Democratic Judas ?nd Sheriff, both candidates
for re-election, took their pia,- aid appoint., ?
judge? of election. No; ., ?Ingle Republican is ap?
pointed in a precinct in the county, although th??
Republican Commissioner presented the name of a
reputable uhi?,? man for each preclncl
I'. I'? Laird, tt..? stonecutter, has again hen s.?
rut'i ?I b) ih? Republican National Committee for
th- campaign He will be -? m to Wesl Virginia
no ?:: .nel t?? -em?? ol the Western Sta; - ile in ron?
?? -'? with progressive organised labor, il?? is a
successful sneaker, and has addressed more than
four hundre ? meetings under th?? au pi ? , f fi? ;. .?,
lieans. In the lasl -ix Weeks of the campaigns of
18M, 188? and 1892 he spoke every night.
I C 1 \ 1/'/ IV FIS ? S'CIER'B VIEW.
Most, h. Bept, - ? ?vilaon, Mayor of Montr, il,
f< und? r of "The Insurance and Finance Chronicle,"
and one of th?? most prominent ttnancl? ? s in Can?
ada, arrived in Boeton yeaterday afternoon for a
? rief visit. To ? reporter, he ?aid last nicht: ? i:,?
gnrdlng th?? silver question, which is now being die
cussed as an i-.su?? in your Presidential campaign,
? ? am "t conceive how the l'nlted st ? t.-v ,?.??? serious
p. contemplate adopting a standard dirr? rent to that
of other great nations. Th,, Canadian public la
watching the coming election cloai ly, While ? quite
appr?cie te that the unexpected sometimes occurs
1 ,(,, not anticipate that th?? ?liver standard will be
ndopted bj thla great Nation It would ?Imply he
? ? ?'? ,!. and ? an-.? fusion Which ?annoi at pres?
ent ??? measured "
Cincinnati, s.pt ;>. ?? i> tVoodmensee, recently '
el? et.mi president <>f the National Republican
League, arrived home yesterday. Il>? ?aid:
"The League has aow 2.000,00? members ami ?
growing its Influem ?? is being fell largely in this
campaign in some stai??? th?? chairmen of tin?
campaign committee? are th?? presidents of th??
league, I shall have permanent headquarters m
?, ? ?'tk. Chicago .nel Cincinnati. Bealdea th??
Executive Committee, the president of the League '
w now authorised t" appoint two advteorj bodies,
,,n?? el' the East, ani In? other of th.? West The
free-silver sentimi ut Is now ?lyln? out The honest
opinions expressed oy Hi?? leaguers are to this
effect 'Had Bryan been nominated in October, he
might have stood > chance.' Chicago will ?<> Repub?
lican by 74.000.?'
Cleveland, Oble, Sept. a,?Regarding th?? state-'
ment of Senator Kaulkn-T that I". M. Arthur made
appeal? to different organisation? to solidify the
engineer? m behalf of silver, Mr. Arthur said to- ?
"In reply to Senator Faulkner I want to say
thai whoever in ote thai Malern.-nt tol.l a wilful.
mallcloua falsehood, ? bava never appealed t>.
any organisation with a vie? of aoHdlfylng the
engine? rs. In behalf of silver or any other political
Issue. This BtSteiSenl of Senator l-'aulkinr I deny
?in?! challenge him to produce th? proof ?if my
having ever addnssed any body of men on that
question with that Shjset In view. The laus o?
th?? Brotherhood *rs most strlngenl against ?iis
cuaalon of religion or politic* in our gathsrlaga a?
a Brotherhood, ami ? would he fais? to myself if.
hy intimation even, ? should Introduce either of
Hies,? ?uhjecta, l inaile my explanation and ?lid
It truthfully. Now my word is questioned by ?i??
HiHiiink' politician? and for political purposes. I
will simply sav I Challenge them to tin? proof.
"Union meeting? of the divisions have been held
?f late in Klmlra. N. V.. Ottawa. Kan., Torre
Haut??, Ind., and Indianapolis, at each of which I
mud.? addresses, and 1 defy any man to sav truth
No moro troubles and trials for the
Tailor-made Costume made to
order from fine imported fabrica,
silk lined throughout,
Jackets, $25.
Perfect tit or money refunded,
128 WEST 42D ST.
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup
?"is teen u??ed for ore? F?FTY TEAM by vili
"???..? TKKTHINO with perfect SUCCES h
by druRgUt? In every part of the worli
Twenty-five Cents a Bottle.
MO. 4 III ?,????? ST.. ROSTOV, MASS.
Gradua'?? ??! Harvard. MtSusil Cell??? < ?*?? ?f is*i aa>|
Asaiaiani SjrT? a. Fifth Maaaa ??.?a5??:> Kffl
ment of Volu-.te?r?.
I*f? m.mNir of ihr M?a?echa??tt? Madie?) Siel*??.
Chief omul Unir pli > aielit li to Hie l'rabadf
Mritlrnl I mi il im- lasvabliahad in isuui, Ui ?..?-??
wa? ??arded Ih? ?<?I?I lueilal y t:.?? .tallonai
Mnllcnl *.??.!.dull?.11 fot in? PRIZE ?88?1 M Us?
liiiiiBti-il Vintili) . >rn?jui ar.i Physical llrbil.
It? ?p.! iti ?Ueutc?. ?f ?.,??. CI ltl-> itM vour.?. th?
middle-sced ?:.?1 ih" oM Consultation m ptraci
er hy |?u?r PretpectUS with ??!???.?3'? KR.EB.
I-arr? brnk Thf Selene?? of l.lfei ar. SHf-Pren?r.
vallon, t'y? ??:7?? ?<?j,y. 37?) pp., 12 ?M. I3S invaluable
pr?tcr'iit!-'n' rr ne-it? ar.1 chTORM Siseas?*?, full ?Ut,
onlv ?1 M > ? m ni!. '. iihiv s.-aU-d.
Tb? Peabnl* V?.'.!,??,] in?iitjt? bai ?lit??M?, but a?
#<3ua!. ? f? ????n H?-aM
Broadway and 17th Street, ?. Y,
The Health Food Company,
si rimi %\ ?..
? ? r.-nfln?? Its pati . > . ' ?1K,
? fonda in p? w ? rat, ?- liarle) ??'?
and ?' "ti. 1 . .. ...-.? r.,. ? : ? ? a
remarkable pr? para nd t tu ill who **l
ISNia f >i>> IN).? IItill Ml ti IM. ? r< Iji . ?>. if-?s
**SOS? ? i?,i .iniir. ItUr Falline Bealpl aaaar.I>Mt?tal??M?
B^at lUiu ?,??? ? ? '.,. ?raaalae. usi.r sutrus ???.?.,?? <trM(!.u,
? ? ?.? :
Itati >n fr?
? ?!? l??? promptly at?
127 M ;:?-?. X >
ip .??. I. ,s : r a -
fully tintt l mad? any allualen whatever to poli?
tics it these meeting?. I hold th I I I ?? ? right
??? counsel with Individual? when they a? ln?li
vlduuls apply to me for advice, a? !..<- bees dose
of late in many Instances, but In public specchii
is the polle) ??; the organisation whl h I represent
to hold itself aloof from entangling connscUoas
with either of the great parties."
Cleveland, Ohio, Bept. 5 In speaking ol the <????
palgn, Chairman Ha.in? if the Repobllcae Wattes?
ul Committee said l;???-1 night: "The prospect? *?
McKinley'? ultimate ?u? e?a wer? . ver bright*
My Issi trip Bast gave me a better opportuslttE
study tho situation than <scr bei? ? Report? from
all the Eastern sections show s healthy, ?tesi?
growth of McKinley'? strength. The people Sf? ?*?
covering from ih?? ?liver Hurry, and ara Rettine
down to studying the financial queetioa,
"Although l have ivc i\.,i private advice? of ta?
political status In the Weal from tin? ChloagssesS?
quartern, still, I ilon't think ? am aufflcientlf In*
foimed m say how thing? really sr? '!??!* ' ??
pleased ih.it the Count) Committee . ,,,!trP*T ?:,
ha a been settled m this clt> I understand tistse
um?? will he lost by the commute? In getting do?'?
to buslneu and Inaugurating ?* vi^or ?a? camP?*"
.n Cuyahogn County, which ? hops will rottwju*
blttgeet Republican vote for >. .ir? for M?Mni<*>
? nun will not be loat sight of In ihe campaigns?
noch hustling will be done here as elsewh? re. wyes
has gone into tin enemy'? carp; hat ?sei s??
effect baa been l cannot ?ay.''
The Commercisi Travellers'Bound Monej Kfj
which is composed si travellliig men who ha?? lhftr
h?.,,l,m.liters m N.w-York. ha? arranged for ?
long series of noonday meetings In the ???.!?t?'?-< j?
McKinlei and Hoharl These meeting?, which wsi
begin ".. Wednesday, will be held at the ??,tB*^
corner of Broadway and Prince??! *? !tl*' lnl "r
meeting sddreeee? win be delivered b> ,'",rr',, *?
Hobart and Chauncn M. Depot Mr 1'""'w^*:
another ?agacement which would have taken ?sa?
oul "f the ?-t'y. bul ?n aooounl of hi? fHeadsMp?"
the c?mii?.. rcial travellers he decided to r-mainiSSS
open th.ir s. ri??.? of ?stings with oes of M? ?? "
acUristlc spec hcs. There will also be *m ?
client musi.?, aii-1 ? \ cry thin* possible 10 ">'k< c
meet un,? a Bucees? ?ill be done t>> the ?ommitt??
.loin. il. Bisca, the president of t."1 i<??'??"'? ' '
received letters from all parta of lite country.?***1,
Indicate th.it the commercial traveller? re n'"r ./.
In favor of the election of the Republican, ??"^
date?. Tin? mate of trade, speciali) In the *???"
Bouth. in the last three years has r*??*JZ
"drummer?" to K"?k t?. the Ri publican party ??G
lief. Where formerly merchant? did not he?i??? %
purchase bills of ?<>o.is amounting ?? ,*"?.?'??
travelling man .oni.l.rs himself fort?nete ? -t
-in a Mil of MM This. Mr. Black declare?. ?>? "
to the rree-allver agitation. The bujlnes? "1'"? nnd
corres|iondenta ??, sre ?aalnly In favor o? ?? ??
money, t>ut they And themselve? forced w M
th.? win of their patrona, and wiin?' !,,,m''/;; .he
more independent publicly avo? their belief in
geld standard, many of the mor.? tiartd ??gj
admit that they favor the free coinage oi rz???
Th?? agitation of the silver qui sii?>n ha? ',1?"11'? it
the merchant? in all line? of trade, however, ?a?
is to combat the heretics on their ?>*? '2tm
ground that th?? "drummers" have organise?.
The headquarters ->f the lesgue .;'' ?2"?es
floor of the Wentern lnl m Bullding, at |,'>:.., ro
Broadway. Between the hour?of la. m ?"" ?> ), ra.
there will be some peraon preaent to dl?trlbot? mm
palgn llteratun and ??plain th.??".''????'??
lesgue. The room Is funushci rent fr???? '?>' *??';".?,.
T. T. Eckert, th?? general ?upertntendest ? ?
Western I'nion Telegraph Company. ??''? '"V..,
<ock, proprietor of the Fifth Avenue How, '.
also ?riven the ?Mgtte the use of H?"m l "
hotel for u meetlng-piuoc? In the cvcr.lnse

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