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f*?LTI?..If* !8,li)4.
nenton Harbor, Mich., Sept. (3.?Yore'a Opera
? ? and adJolnhiR bulldlngs wen* burned early
Jlu morning, causin r the death of eleven flre
? ?nd mjury to a Bvmber of otbon, and en
\\\\[T.S a ,os9 oi about WMWOl The killed are aa
VOE. Edward H . of St. Jv,?*i'h. M'.ch., marrlei.
2 arthur C., of tt laeaas-, ananrlai
5JfV\N. Loul*. of Bentun Harbor, ?!ngle.
JJfVAN. John. of R?-nton Harbor. marrled.
*-p ti. maa, ot I'.nt >n Harbor. ?lngie.
i^TtN. Willlam, of Bentun Harbvi.
fvjT". > '?'? '? st- J>-**rh. *tngle.
Sat |e ?? of Pantna Harfc. r.
?EaVEK ! ' k, "f **''? Jaasf*. marrie.1
g*j*joK, Praak, ot Bt Joaaph. marrled.
JfjOOUry, Frank. of Beatoa Harbor, aasrrtad.
Tv.,r BSTll U8lj Injuied hi.'. BX-Plra Ohief John
i cnvford, Beuton Harbor, burned and over
L, b- iat nnd sin.ike; Frank l'aget, St. Jo
LPh I-- >"irt ??>? faU,B?bHck! WIH PpeUnd*
*t j,iS, ., , ,,t aboul Ihe liea.l an.l l-iirned;
??jark" v. Cormlck, Benton Harbor, lega broken
W* mternally Inju I
geverai othera were Injured l-y faliing walla,
vut wll. recover.
fhortly after mldnlfht th.- Opera Houae, a
, . ?tructure, was dtocovered
lo'be oa flre. lt had galned much headway
Wpre ?? waa glven. and when the clty
flremin arrh I '???? bulldlni wa. a mass of
fiitr. i The 81 Joseph flreroon were aent for,
ZjTrrtved - n after The flre contlnued tu
?.? and waa apreadlng to other bulldlnga
?hon th? hook and ladder companlee went to
. M -,,-. hoplng to be able to
* - , .treamlnto the maaa of flamea from a
, - aMndow. Hardly had they arrlved
M ... wben the wall. wlth a craah. came down
upon them, bur B nfteer. men under radhol
... the wall were waver
?M and tha reacue <" the Imprtaoned ftremen
waa delayed, aa It waa expected every moment
t,. ...... - - ? wall would fall Flnally
. . . . mi . the maaa to ree- ,
Fra*k V. taoi f 81 J' - I ?'? 'va<! Jthe flrst
, . untll .- o'clock. when the
la-t vlctlm. Arthur Hlll. was removed. Three ;
\s..?, and private houaea, where
docton b w.rell raltlng torender
dled on the way, and othera
Th. dead wen taken to
. . . m. wi Ich was turned Into a tem
Jorary morgue. Bnirn. I ' i ^wen eotadly
! . ..:ity was only had by lettera
rfl ,? .,;,,. porkets, After the faliing
,',:... ? md other waiis aoon
ctdlapa "?de walla faliing upon a
two-atory brlck ni owned by Willlam
} t demollahing it nn.l Its con
I , . .u
The flre had n. * I.n confliK-d alone to the
i ; iious- but had crept acroaa the alley, and
, the two-atory bulldlnga waa
atlame They. however. were got under control.
Tn* loai to Patrlck Yora on th? Opera House
j , . .I..,,.. insurance ^l'.'.'"'.1; Willlam
Frick cn 1 rlck bloch aftd Btock of ahoea, $10,000;
"E*?ntag N-'w. " plant, $3,000; J. A. Blrnon,
, tn ln Opera Houae, $500; 8. M. Austin.
l Ldlng end pneery Btock. $2,000; D. Hunt.
Ilatand gr.^cerj' itock, $1.00a Th<-r? were
gjso BMay amall losses,
Tha arigln of the flre la unknown, but ouy
preacott, .ln. sald to-day thal he knew how the
f-.ernrt.-d. hat was "not aorng to glve any one
?way was arreated. Tbe wardrobe ol th-*
Xatle Putnam oompany, whlch gave ? perform
Bore f. r thi benefll of the flremea In th.- even
I .s burn A The two cltlea, Bt Joaeph and
Str'tnn Harbor, ln mournlng ln hon< ?
? ?? .* . ,;. The funerals wlll be held together
. eaday.
Ark Bept. I?The State campalpn
, thla cltj laal nlght, when Colonel Danlel
L Bemmel, Democratlc at:d Re
? ??> for Oovernor. reapectlvely, ad
? ?
- . ? ?.? :' lak* plac* to-morrow. For
kl th* entlre State has been
: . ? *d by the l.iemocratlc
t Btat* Central Commltteea The
for Oovernoi dld not make a
i - ? part ln tl..- campaign.
ago the followlns vote was eaat for
Democrat, 74.nit.i- Remmel, H.
; Barker, Popullat, M.641, Rem
- -ar wlll be Increased, whlle that
i r'llei ' ?'? illal candldate,
l i thousand shorl of that recelved
I i ? ..,!..,??? -l ln 1891 waa 2 M
] t will r. ? at li >."" nexl Mondaj-.
H at.- An lltoi i offlce ahow
? i throughoul th*
lui . ? ?: . ? -i ? Commlttee r-lalma that
( .. . . . ,,v ? ? 100.000 v Otei a;
koridi- rltj over both op
inent* t.- belleved lo h. an extravagant
i;. i ublkai ?? onl ? r.t of
? te over 1894 bj al !< ast
I ? ?? dly poil 15.000 vot.
TRIKP ro BTOP the cxrorxTEB
t'ir.:.! r>oo twegty-three of N'o. 412
w>?i?- ? illy *laah. i ? ibd .men
laaerj n ?. i a knlfe or rasor In the
I ' ? te. n yeara old, of No,
me delay, he waa removed to
? ? i ;? i' I--.. waa
*'.??!' havlng been badly
*t?heQ ., rt the efforts ol stop Ihe
?-' ." .? . -.. twentj six yeara old, of No. :.14
v*?*^-'?- ? ? in and a rousln of Do
*?'?.- ? ,.? lefl hand, aa he r.m In to
' .?'..?? -,?- proatrate f .rm. H.
? - ar*M Iresatd at tha
?? 18 R , made to Captain Cross, ol
t*.? l>-onarii---. itatioi ahich wai verlfled by John
*!****? twaty-l ?- d, of No. M Canal-at..
C*rrUy ^a? m ,r% , ;J , UiU KJ,,,Vi Jflrhael Hr.iv
ang Toa gharla, ?? , thi place, and siitin^ down
at a ta!,> ?,>r.. ,... nka 1 ?'? e/aa w'('i
1 *'li a* ba tn- .i ,-,v, . ra ? -1 O. rrlty, s bo ?
I ' ? . -.,! 1. II, .. - ?
- ???' |.,??lv anawered "Yes."
- wlaUnic to avold Oerrlty'a
? ? ? . -... ?,ri s .o aftei they
!'- ame oui ai i peated
} : whotold him to go away.
\ r. andas th< m< i B? ? r< I
??--', ... | ? a ., ??.. ,. ._? iged
, romen snd -hlldren wlti
}? ' nterfen mi I <: rrltj goi
( -i hlm in the abdomen. when
J{ . ,w fon ? i hli waj thi >i I
/..;??: ity by h* collar of hi
P*< - ?? snd wlth ? Btunning blow
?j ?;?: .r ....-,-., .v i '
?*i:: men ln tne crowd were handllnn
fiitn ro i? v, ;. n*d for hi? life
? ?, -..,-.. . sdly I1-, ,iy h.i.i been
???'? irrled i-iro ihe hi^llway ol N i
? ?'-? - .- md t*j Deiecth ea Man
*-'? ? vv-rc looktnn for ex.?e vlolatlona
g..the ? .. lurgeoi cama fnm ii idaon
?tr*. ? :' ipiu', snd aftar seaMng ip Doojy'i wound
t?ji< | n
.???*).? -v , . later anl waa founj t,-, i?> no
aafaj brulsed ..- a resuli of ala treatmeii by .he
faard 1 i. had to go to the hosplta D
't:*.-j;i u aonv u of leeovery
^hi.-ago, gept ?.- Whlle a daoaa was ln rroKre??
4M Ducek'a Hall, Allport-ava, a.i<l Elghteeetb-at.,
k?t na-'rit. two pollee ofBoera <-i,t,.r. .1 wlth \ war
**r.t for the arreat of one of the inerry-.tuKi-ri
lt* lattoi appeared te be aeera* Ie leavitrr the
aeen*, and atteaapted to anatck lf* paper frosi th*
? tha osUnar. thua alartlni .. seuffl. afil ???
'??'J lo * Bhootlng aad a general oat.li In th* rtosa
II ?? .i from whlch lh? abota wer. flred a...
"' ii,< band of a polUseman loseph Tun k vn.
* onea sr. James M balck, simck In in
ti'-lit tnjKn; Frnnk Kliner. sii"l In th. lefl bald;
*,;>r,k Beprek, ?i'-t ln tba leg. Noa* of tba mra
ar* danK<frously wounded. Durlng the BJMMMi Xuitk
?uitalnt-J a severa wound on ihe acaljt. |
('?,|ivr,flht. IgN, hy tli* Unlted AflflOCtatfld l'rtaaa-*.)
Berlln, Sept. <>.?The confarencea whlch have
taken place batwaan the Caar and the Bmperor
and their acacompanylng Ruaalan and Oerman
diplomatlata, whlch nt hrst were alleged to ba
devold of anythlng more importani than mere
ceremonlal converaatlona, are now repa rted to
have taken the ehara.ter of InitiatiiiK a new
concert <if the Powera whlch is to have a li.-ar
inK <>f tha utmoat Importance upon tha future
nf Turkey. lt la BOl knoWfl deflnitely who Qvig*
Inatetl th.- propoaai l>ut lt Ih. Ikiwcvit, ,1 niat
ter >.f positive knowledge in Berlln that Prlnce
von llohenlohe, the Imperlal Chancellor, aml
Count von ( aten-Sacken, the Ruaalan Arbaaea
d(ir to Oermany, aro <liseu.?slnK a plan, lha- pnr
poee of wblch is t.. place tha Bultan under tha
tutelage of the Ambfluaaedorfl of the Powera in
Conatantlnople, who wlll be empowered to con
troi the Bultan'a aelection of atinlatera and aiso
his appolntmenta of provlncla! Oovernora
The acttlement <.f tha troublea in Creta upon
the i.asis nf Buropean aupervlalon nppears to
have bi-.-n the keynote of tius arheme, whlch,
nt leaat, would maintain U*e nomlnal Integiity
of Turkey and fcr a time enable the Powera
to eecape l?-in? dragged into a Buropean war
over the ilivisi.in <.f the apolla of the Ottoman
I'ractlcally the forelgn Aml jssadora are al
ready trcatlng Turkey as a Oovernment exist
in>* wholly upon aufferancea, Ln* they do not
t.-ik" the reaponalbllltlea whlch ought to be u
aoclated wlth tbe altuation. only tha bare pro
poaala bave been heard of outalde of the clrcle
whlch is formulatinK the acheme, but the plan
ls doubtleaa fu'.l of dlfflcultlea In the way ..f its
worklng amoothly.
One thlnsr, however, ls certaln, nnd that la
that both the entourage of the Kalaer and that
of the Caar nre convlnced that they can no
longer real contenl upon mere dlplomatlc re
monatrancea to th.- Porte, and it la well under
Btood that famll) Influencea upon the (':7ar at
Copcnhagen and aimilar Influencea upon the
Kalaer at Balmoral have become insist.-nt be
yond preccdent In favor of an effectlve end i"
the horrora in Turkoy, and theae Influencea, it
is believed, may have been the moat potent of
all in determlnlng the two Bmperora upon tho
courae whlch it is now propoaed t" puraue.
Dlplomatlc advlcea reeelved froin Conetantl*
nople are surh as to cause wefj-grounded feara
liero that very much worae thinprs than have
altcady occurred ln Conatantlnople may happen
ln that clty before the Ambaaaadora are able to
arrange f >r armed interventlon to Buppreaa dla
ordera; that the Bultan'a palace cllque, learnlng
that thr- Sultan's r.-ij*n Is about to ceaae, may
organnte a maaaacre upon a very much larger
?cale than heretofore, and whi.-h wlll Involve
many other rerp/ms than Armenlana na its vic
The reports that the Hrltish, Kreneh and 11r>. 1 -
lan warshlps in Tutklsh waten have been roln
forced, wliile the <!..rman warshlps liave not.
rmv ex.it,.1 a wldaapread feellng of dlacontent,
whlch is l>-in)- fr.-.-ly ezpreeaed in the nea-apa
p.-rs regardleea of their pniitir?.! blaa Deaplte
the actlvlty of the other Powera In nugmentin**
th"lr naval Btr.-neth ln Turklah watera, the Ad
mlralty of Oermany have up to thla tinv taken
no Btepa fo lrcrea.se the strentrth and niimb "?
of the Oerman war veaaala there. but now. ap
parently goadad by lha utteranc* af the pr.-sa
tnto dedng aomethtng, they have ordered
tli" milninjr-ship <;r.eisenau to Fmyma and the
gunboal Eraati tn rcptaca the oui nnd wom-otit
Loreley on the Constantinopio station Theae
meaBurea nr? extreroely poor, irvieeri ijttle bet?
ter than none at nll lf Oaarmeny Is to fimiro
In the Interventlon of the Power* ln front of
av AxvtOLXm VN-nrnsTAN-niNO FA1P m HAVE
Brealau, Sept. g,- The feativltlea In connertion
wlth the viait of the Caar and Cgartna wera C>n?
tlnued to-day, but, lt belng lunday, the popular en
thuslnsm wa* not as demonBtratlve a* II wu y*
terday. Rmperor Wllllam an,l Rmpreea Auguatu
Vlctorla attended a luncheon Kiv-f-n to-day by th.-ir
Imperlal Majeatlea of Rui*da, Twenty-four covrra
were lald, The luncheon was glven In the grond
:? eptlon-room of ihe .iew houae of the Bllealan
After the lunrheon the Caar and Chancellor von j
H benloha were c'osrt.-d together for an hour.
It ls nol poflltively known whal mattera wer.- mis
cuaaed but there ls a atrong beltcf that the actlon
... be taken by Ruaala and Oermany In conneetlon j
with the Turklflh queatlon waa conaldered at length.
In the evenlng a gala performance was glven at '?
Btadl Theatre. The play was the Aecond part ,
of the "Mllltaer Fromm," and It w.is very amua
Ing, Bmperor Wllllam ehook wlth laughter, and ,
even the Caar smlle.) at the abeurdlttea of somc of
the poaltlona.
Thla evenlng a repreaentatlve of tho Unlted As.
Preaa ? had a conafcraatlon wlth one of !
Chancellor von Hohenlohe'* alda, who said thai j
the Chancellor waa exceedlnely well pleaaed wlth
the reault of hls audlence wlth ih.- Caar. He
added lhal an abeolute entent* cordlale had been
effected, and thal this would soon be ahown by
the actlon thal wlll be taken by Ruaala nnd Oa r
many on the Eaatern queatlon.
Aa further evldence of the good underatindtng
thal haa been entabllahed between Ihe Caar and
Bmperor Wllllam, it la atated thal the former haa
promlaed thal arhen he returna from Darmatadi
be wlll vlall Bmperor Wllllam al Potadam.
Berlln Bept ?. The nature of the frlendahlp of
the twoEmperora, aa cemented by Ihe meetlng of
,,?- monarcha ln Brealau, la ahown by the fo.-i thal
the Kalaer will go to Darmatadi on October K
? ..? the '"/ar and ?'/.i.ri.n( ar.- Ihere. I'pon thal
,.??, ,.,, ,,. w.n be n family conclave and ?ev
,.',,, imoortant functlone wlll be held, tanrtlona
Ied wlth gala p"'''"
v'in, n?rmBadt Opera Houaa and vlalt? to the
;,t ihe i)..iiri!...i .i i d, Ih pr nceai All-e
l'--:\,:,1l1"C,.!reii, ""th. "n.w!",? ih. ??*..! all. end wlth
hla vlall to l-iirm-tn.lt.
v ? i ondon ''"f"1 Sf|" ' '"' : ,! : '
Je n Flflher*. Ia.and ktound ?*? la to begli .
" k of duty to-morrow. The aia veaaela comprl.
,, 1K.lren ?re Ihe flagflhlp New-York, ihe
!&*?,ne"SSu-u Ih. ?. .heCo,uml
,V .Ji-h Th? Haata. huaetu left l-n-i.v t .
T U"r,r" ,., ? ;.p.'..-.- andl esi cted back to
N';V;N''' ..?.;.,.;.,'rK-rii...-.!.,>' 'iH.rll,,',.-.i,,,,
"!". f,?- ,?.- LWmenon the -hlp. The Kew
KSria ancbored nea. Sorth Dump.lng. .nd Ih,
IS, vee-el. are IM yarda aparl to th* ea.tw.rd
,H ..xpecteii that IbaaQuadron a I remain ber.
,,?,? fcVptember lt, wh.-n II wlll *aak. . run of i i
a--. to s..-. n.l return ta Nea . i
rVmorrow tbe anllora wlll organlae md equlp f?.
SS ahorJ i u-.i" -i.iii .ahore alll folloa .... ih.
1 '?,';;::;? ,?, ?aoptembe, U there wlll b* x tour
.I i,e l,?iiK".l Bomewhal Admlral Bunc. afl
io d,,y entlr.al..ed by K. M. and W. gairguaoa Cfl
Fialier'a lalaud.
Miit.i.i! or 8 BHKSfrr.
Qltncoe, Mlnn.. Sept. <"..?At 1*90 o'clock thla
niornln-*; Charlea fincrmars an.l Dortnan Mua
grove, wh.. murdered Bb. rlff Rogera in June,
were hangod to tbe rallroad brtdga, Iofb than
a quarter <-f a nifle out "f town. Ona Of the m ?n
was harit.-. .1 from the north alde of the brtdga
and th.- other fn.m toe aouth alde. The doed
waa done by 100 reatdenta of McLeod Oounty,
who thtis exproas^d their disapproval of y-'S
terday'a verdlcl that Muaajrove be conflned to
the Btate Prlaou for life. inatead of belng aent
to the gallowa
The murder waa one of the most ooldblooded.
In the annala of Minneaota. Clngmars and
Uusgrove, two tranipH. wete travolllng north
ward, Beooriling t>> thelr atory, to the vvheat
flel.ls of N'orth I*akn?p. A few mllea below
fllencoe they eccoeted a farmor, took poaaea
alon of hla team and drove Into town On the
way up they beat him for trylng to handle hla
own team. The farn.er reported them to the
ofTW-rs at Qlencoe, ?".<! a warrant waa laaued
for the nrr.-at of the men. who, by thls tlme,
had dlaapi eared. Slieriff Kosjers took the pa
pers hlmaelf and atarted lr pursuit nf the dea
p.'ra.lo.-s. .Tust rtt dusk on the cv.-nlng of June
L'i'. he overtook tho tw* men llve mllea aouth
of niencoo. Rldlng up to them, ho aald:
"T'.oys, I vv.int you to rro back to QletlCOC wlth
"Well, we d.m't have to." sald Muagrove, aa he
brmight n Wlnchester rlfle to hla shoulrler.
Before Shoriff Rogera could say another word
the tramps liejiran flring <m lilm and be fell, hl?
body plerced by Bve bulleta Tvventy-four houn
later the two ii.-n.ls w.-r.> raptured by a poase of
500 men in a nelghborlng county aml taken
t., .iiencoe. The Jail was BUirounded by
s--vrrai hundred men, an.l a lynchlng would have
oceurred but for th- prompl actlon of Oovernor,
Clough, who nenl <>ut a company of mllitla from
st. Paul .Inst as tli- hanglng waa about io come
off. Th" prlaonera were Immedlately taken to
St. T'aul an.l put In jail there.
The trial of th- iwo nen for murder ln th.> flrat
degree opened here aboul two weeka ago, with
\V. w. l'rwin, th- well-known st. Paul lawv.-r.
for tli- defence. Erwln moved f'.r aeparate
trials, and th- case of Muagrove was taken up
flrat The trlal cloaed on Thuraday, an.l at 1
o'clock Frlday morning the jury returned a ver
dict of murder in th.- aecond .l-sr-o after belng
out elpht houra. This. together with the fact
that th- trial of Clngmars would have to ocrur
ln another county, < wlng t<> th.- difllculty of .?
curlng a Jury. incenaed a large portlon of the
rommunlty. The mob caune quletly upon the
jail, overpowered tl.-- turnkey aml guarda and
by meana of a aledgehammer soon got to ihe
men withln. Mrs. Clngmars, mnth'-r of one of
the men, haa l,een in this clty f-.r th.- last two
weeka attendlng pie trlal. Bhe knew nothlng
of the occurrence untll 0:30 ilils morning.
Bacramento, Cal., Bept. ?". Th- Bouthern Pnrifii
eastbound overland expresa waa halted at Web
Bter Btatlon, nlne mllea wesl of Bacramento,
nlght by tlir," masked robbera Upon leamlnu the
Identlty of those who algnalled him the engineer
of ihe expresa traln shot on* of th- robbera an.l
p'llloil .mt of the atatlon.
?.-? ?
tVlchlta, Kan , S-t't. fi. -The Kantern mortaag*
holdera ara beginning to demand payment in gold
in thls State. and -ire aaklng tha Pederal Court to
enforce th<-lr demanda, The flrat caae ln this Btate
In whlch ihe demand I" apeclflcally made waa hle.l
in ihe rnit. .1 Btatea Dlatrlcl Court yeaterday, and
it la atated thal many similar etilt* wlll aoon ba
brought. Anna II. Blgelow, n wealthy Raatern
woman, brought foreclosure proceedlnga ncalnat
ll s l.ar.iiis. of Bar ber County, and praya '*?"
rourt to decree thal the amounl of the mnnenpp
and accrued Intereal he pald ln pol.i, nrronllng to
rh- terma of th- morta*aa*e There ls a law- ln thla
Btate prohlUtlng Ihe maklng of contracta on such
t.-rni-i. and this |aw has v -t to be paaaed upon by
the Bupremi Courl fn a large percentage <.f the
mortgage* made ln Kansaa it ls attpulated th-it
they ahall be pald In gold. hul up to th- preaeni
tlme no oartlcular efforl i as been made by mort
gngc-holrter* to eolleel gold Attorney* here aay
tii.r ihe efforl to aecure paymenl ln gold on mort
pn'..i wlll be made In aeveral other \V. I
1 li\\h OF VI8CRRAXT8 I.W/i IS JATL.
Plttaburg, Bepl ?.. il, Marsh, the alxteen-year-old
daughter ol Willlam Marah .. photographer of Home
Btead, awoke aboui . o'clock thi* morning, feellng ,i
h.nd rlutchlng al her throal Bhe opened her eyea
and saw a negro sl nd rn: ovi r h. r. He told her tl. it
lf .-ii- made an outcry he would kno-k h-r hralna out.
Bui she ni,in,ir- i i ? >hake oft the hand on her thro.it
iiii,l scream. Her father, who w.is aleeplng In th^
room. wenl to her asslatanre wlth a revolver. Tha
Intru.lei leaped from the *econd-atory wlndow. Ill*
il ,?? ui eleetrlc wlre and he fell head
long to ti. ? Both hl* arm* were broken, hla
rlght leg Injured, hl? head and face cul and he ls
noa In i ?? lall. along wlth three other*
rharged a ll h belng i i n pll ?? - v Mfi i mai ? -
raped Th. I. idei wa laaar Mllla and th* other*
aere .1 tn-- Johnaton, i Homestesd bar ber: Henry
Armatrona ind an inknown rolored man The ar
,,...-j vv, r- madi on Inf rmai ? furnlahed by a col
or-.l boy who ilepi In an adjacenl houae, from whlch
an entrance to the Marah hou*. wa* effeeted.
w i- hlngl m, loa ? B. pt. 6 A rol i wav* Btruck Ihla
.., .:.;!.? v afternoon and the temperatur* fell
twenty degreea. There la som- danaer of froat. Con
dderable corn wo-ild b< darAaged by a froal now
F.l'lor... lowa. Bepl I There wa* ? fro'si Baturday
nlghl ln ih- lowland*. R'ster ws? froaen In aeveral
. , . \ hard ? * I* looked for.
Chli Bgo Bepl ? i foretaste -.f wlr.
t.r yeater.lo) Almosl withoul warnlng the witnl
freshened lo fo.-ty-two mllea an hour. lt blew
atralghl from the Northaresl ..rui hrouahl ln Its
u;ik- a chllllna raln nnd a audden fall of 16 degn ea
in lemperature The maxlmum of H .legrcea was
recor.led al .''" p rn and the mlnimum of S] .t
j.|fi p ?, -|-|,,. vvin.i w.i- --roiiL'-i than it haa been
ai miv tin"- alne. ti.. atorm* of June : and v on
whlch il.it--- it blea ar th- rar- of tifiv an.l forty
six mlle* i.-i-.t iv.lv
Bvanai llle, Ind . 8 -pl I An exi nrsl
tm coaches on lh? Loulavllle, Bvansvill* snd Bl
Rallroad was wrecked al Taawell Ind., .,
amall atatlon twenty-three mllea rasi of Huntlnf
tl,irK .,- ; o'clock thla mornlnx. Th, ?
*raa ruii oui of Bl I^oula and waa bound f.-t M u
?,..,,, r*?e Aboul four hundred people wr. on
board the tl dn Th. baaga ir. a conibli
., l i oi-- - ' r,i|In'"1 ?nd an
1 ,,owI man wi.s fstafly Inlured, whlle aeveral
were sllahtly huri The sccideni waa causcd by
ipreadlng of the ralls.
? -
Chlcago Bepl ? *? meeting of the Chlcago dl
vi-ion '< f th.- commerclal Travellers" Home kaatx la
wai , .,,, |.,.i evenlng al the Audltortum
Prealdenl C ?' ?NI"1 h ?"" PreaMed, an.l D. K
a< led aa ae. retary.
Th* rommer^clal travellera all over the counto
m,kl:il. preparattona for ? falr to be h-i.i In
New-York Hty nexl December. Ih* procacda ol
, , i ,,,u i.. devoted to ihe bulldlng of
V-M r , i.iiK-.t -ommerclal travellera al Btn*
! """, f v v The Chlcago dlvlalon la organlalni
:?";;';;? ^..H.- thfi im" ?nd ...i*? -h- ,..,..r,i ..
" tT..i. ln its worthy ..un Ai Ihe meelli |
-'rl ?'" ",, J. .,s,i,. i.i-.i to call a larger meeting for
vi."'"- " .,, , , offlcer* i,,r tn- eomlng year
SnSTreSrffor . m %t% mm. llaa. dnrtng Oc?
tober .
TBOHA* 1 " iTBOh t\ 77.1 18.
,11,. .,,A a>pi ?; -Thoin.is k Watrn i i
for V!
NKAliHY yllKT n)MMrNITY-r)K?l.K.;A
Canton. Ohlo, Sept. (I. -Major Hl Klnley Bhook
handg wlth more than B.OV) ritizens of Penn*
aylvanla yeaterd iy, and h" kl BOmewhal fatiRued
to-day and mor.- conflrmed than ever in hls
purpose to p.> to SSoar tor >i few daya' rest thla
week. Ha has been worklng very hard sin<e
his nomlnatton, an.l from the latter part of this
week up to the day of the election he expects I
to he occupted and to have n>- time for rectea
tion. Zoar Is a qulet and QJUalnt rellirlous eom
fnunlty, where tbe people own th.- property in
conimon and are a law unto themaelvea There
is a pleaeant, beautlfully sitnated smaii hotel
Ihere, wblch will l.e placed ?t the fltapoaal of
Ma.lor HcKlnley. The drfve to Zoar is a pleaa?
ant one, and Is a llttle less than twenty mlles
Major HcKlnley said tO-day that h" would
drlve to Z.,nr. Mrs. McKInley aill i;.. with him,
and proi.ai.iv Captaln and Mrs. Hetetand. cap
taln H.'lstand ls an offlcer Iti the I'..'KUlar Army.
who Is devoted Io Maior McKinley. and who, at
the |atter*a reqtwat, ls acting ns hls eonflden
tlal nea retary durlng hls 1-ave of al.s.-n.-".
Hajor McKInley do.-s not expect to remain
lonper than two or three days In Zoar. as h?- has
to r.Ive aome delegatlosa the latter part of
this w.-.-U
Major McKInley attended communlon servlce
at th? Methodis* ehun-h this mornlng, and re?
main. d at hom- all of the aft.rnoon and even
inir, foregotng hla cu 'tomary drlve. Hla nlecea
an.l K.ime of thelr young frtenda who hav.- mual
rai iai.-ni dropped in early in the evenlng in an
Informal manner an.l sans a number <>f bymna
Th>- Hajor la foid of saered mualc when it is
well rendered Miss Ruby, of London, a pro
feaalonal siiiK-r, and .Miss Marle Donavan, who
has just returned from a i.mk courae of st.*dy
in Parla, contrlbuted t.. th.- mualcal effect.
Delegattona ar.- comlng in larpe numbera from
all parts of the country. nnd no day goes hy
wlthout l>rint,rinK let tera of inquiry reapecttng
datea for prorjooed vlalta Hajor HcKlnley aald
to th.- correapondenl i f the i'nlted Aaaoclated
l>rf.^s,.s to-day that h" is alwaya ezceedlngly
gla.l to have delegat'ona come t<> Canton to see
' him. but it would he more conventent, ln many
vvays, If It eould I"- lirangtd to have not more
than two partlea of vlaltora arrlve on the sam*
; dav. i)ehgationa whlch camtemplate comlng to
1 Canton Bhould try to arranpe the time of thelr
comlng BO as hot t>. hrl.iir vlaltora from too
many placea her.- ..n th.- same day. This can
I... done by telegraphlng t>. Canton and as.-er
talninK what datefl ar.- open.
Tueaday will be an Inter stinir dav here. The
e.iitors nt Ohl i hold th>- annual meetlng of their
aaaoclatlon in Canton. Tbe) ar.- t<> i,e ad
di.-ss.-d by Charlea Bmory Smiih and other
newapaper edltora Th.-y wlll alao call upon
Major HcKlnley and be will make i apeech to
them. This wiii make the thlrd tdltorlal aaao?
clatlon to call ..n HcKlnley alnce his nnmlna
tion. The othera v. >pe the Hlchlgan and Weat
Vlrginla aaao. latlone.
Major HcKlnley has reeelved a large num
ber of telegrama to-day. They come from all
parts of ih<- country an.l Indlcate great actlvlty
; among Republlcana and HcKlnle/ Democrata
\ (tn.- telegram announcaa that the Republlcana
of Dayton, Ohlo, dealre to vis't Canton on Sat
; urday it?-xt, and another reiat.-s to the vlalt <>f
ih.- C< inrii -I. lal Hen'a Democratlc HcKlnley
I Club <>f Chlcago, Bome o. the telesrams re
! oeived to-day ara appended:
Corlnth, Kv? Beptember <".. laat.
' To the Hon Wllllam McKInley.
Th.- McKlnlej Republlcan League Club sends
greetlnga. We have organlaed "00 atrong, an.l aa
Bure von Kentucklana are In llne f.>r aound mon. ?
; and protectlon, JOE HORNER, Preaident.
Roaeburg, Ore., Beptember 6, is'?6.
I To fhe Hon. Wllllam McKInley.
McKinley Club .,(" Roaeburg, Ore., 4?""> stronK, send
greetlnga. Wlll labor to rank Oregon wlth Ver
ii,,,.it l. LACGHARY, Preaident
john H. BHi lUPE, Becretary.
Lancaater, ohlo.
To the Hon. Wllllam McKInley.
The Republlcan* ol Lancaater have organlaed a
rliib of sixtv-thr... membera fur aound money and
pr.ctlon ll K. REPA8B, Preaident.
ll. T BERRT, Becretary.
Terre Haute, Ind
T.i thfl Hon, Wllllam McKInley.
The Commerclal Travellera* found Money Club
organlaed here I5Q atrong, and aend greetlnga,
l.. M. II' IPEWKLL, Preaident.
ManaHeld, Ohlo.
To the Hon. Willi.im McKInley.
Rlchland County McKInley nnd Hot,art ('lub or
ganlaed, 1,000 atrong, extend congratulatlona and
pledge von th.-ir unlted aupport throughout the
campalgn. W. L. BEWELL,
C. Kl.l.l'iT.
Wi.-kliff". Kv.
To the Hon. Wllllam Mi Klnley.
Knthualaatlc McKInley and Hobarl Club organ?
laed here laal nlght. H. BERELIKQ, Preaident.
Topeka. Kan.
To the Hor. willi.im McKInley.
The flrst cluh ln the L'nlted Btate* of young nu-n
vottng ilrsi nui" for Preaident organlaed ln Topeka,
Kan . In the mt.-r.st of our nexl Preaident, Wllll. rn
McKInley. We --"iii! greetlnga,
'' M MERRIAM, Preaident.
WALTER KOBLE, Becretary.
St.-.nlOn. Mlch.
Te the Hon. Willi.im McKInley,
The McKInley and llobart Club of Btanton, Mlch.,
''.."I atrong, a. ndi t-r,-,i Ing*
PRED i: MOFFAT, Becretary,
Manafleld, ohlo.
To the Hon. Wllllam McKInley.
We, ih.- Commerclal Travellera' Pound Mnnev
Club of Manafleld, Ohlo, the iir-'t travelllng men'a
club organlaed In Ihe Bl ite, and belng MO atrong,
?end you greetlngfl I. R DROMHERGER
K. K. MORRI8, Becretary. Preaident.
Hamllton, Mo.
To ihe Hon. Wllllam McKInley.
A McKInley and Hobarl Club, w<a stronir, formed
ln this clty. Thr..- hundred red-hot Republlcan
M aaouiiana aend congratulatlona
Waterbury, Conn., Bepl .. Th.- announcement
w.is made laal nlghl of the flnanclal embarraaament
..I Judge Alfred i". Bradatreet, pre*ldlng Judge of
Ihe lu-trict (?,,-;[> of Waterbury, with a aalary ..f
13,300 Mo aaalgnmenl ha? been made, but lt ls
atated thal efforta by his frlenda i" tlde him over
hi> dlfflcultleN have been unsui.aaful. He ls *ald
? Involved to the amount of tlOO.OM l> i" Web
.-i.-i. K M Burrell, John P Plerpont, A M v
p H Plume and H A Lowe, ill of Waterbury, ar.
?aid t,> be Judge Bradatreet'a Indoraera on ? per
Bonal ii"!" for 00,000 Other Indoraa r? nr.. reported
aa followa Prederlcli Blahop, of Thomaaton, Kf,000;
N'.-i-iii H.nii.it. of Thomaaton, 17,000; Ben tn i
Curtia, of Thomaaton, ROM; Wllllam Poater, of
Thomaaton, M,S". LO...- il Intxman, "f Thomaaton,
t&aOB Mr. Blahop, of Llt. u:l.l<l, 14,000; D F Web
-?? ? H.SOi .-'. !i. lei Oreenberry, of Waterbury, H00;
j. H.iii.tt Dayton, <.f Watertoarn, 120,000 Thi- t.
aald io be thfl f'ld Ust of hls credltora In thla
vtcinlty. .iii.i<> Bradatreel i.bi heen on the hen.-h
twelve yeara, bul he performed bul lini.' luty laat
year owing t,, hls bualnatea Intereeti In Kew-Tork
it i- -:,!?! thnt he lost heavlly on Bllver-mlnlng ln
, i , ount of the repeal ..f th.- Hherman
law by Congreefl. Hi wa? Intereated ln tbe Km
plre u oollen ' 'ompanj, of Na vv -Toi k, arbleh erected
largi v> ,.'?!.. i ea and expected i" coln money by
extractlng tdl from a-ool by a proceaa vrhlch dld
nol I nr,, uui as expea ted
lf i \ CBE81 //,">' 8EMI < i:\TE \ \l \L.
M ii,,-Ii.-.t.-r. N H Bepl I Thfl s. mt-i "iitetuiial
itlon ? "i "iu -ii!' - ,,l"!i".l tO-ala* A heav>
raln Interfered arlth tbfl church attendance. Manj
paator* preaa hed aermona appropiiate i.. tba ooca
*,,.. . itj u gorteoual) darcorated and ? Ire
mendoui croard la expected to-aaorrow.
?i ,,?,; |-. Third Cnlted Bl itea Cavalry, under
romn ind of Captaln Oeorge f Dodd, arrlved al
noon havlng come nverland from Pori Bthan Al
len a nu^- meetlng lhl? evenlng ?.,s attended bj
1,000 [..?, i !. The prlnclpal addreaa nraa by the K.-v
Wllllam I Turltei ..f l>artn.th College, irhofle
atiiijc.-t *?> "Tiu. Bplrltual Welfara.af a Modern
John Theurer. thlrty-nine years old. a wtMtt
wrighl. whose ghop ls <-r. the ground floor nf a
tenement-house that he owns, at No. X<>4 Etev
enth-ave., shot and kllled Mlchael Murphy.
f .rty-slx years old, a laborer. of No. 002 Weat
Flfty-fifth-st.. early yeaterday mornltiK- The
?boottng occurred in the aleeplng apartmaet of
Theurer About the hour ln questlon a wl,1"w
with thr-e chlldren. who orcupied the apart
nient on the next floor. ahouted down: "Look
out; there's a hum In the hall!"
Mrs. Theurer, who had rlsen and wafl about
her houaehold dutlea. heard the cry of warnlng.
At the same time there came a knoek at her
dn.ir. She was so ex.-lted. she said. that sh<- dld
not h.i th.- widoWs cautton and opened the
door. A tall muscular man, over six feet tall.
who aeemed to he drunk, steppe.i forward to
enter. Bhe puahed on the door to prev.-nt him.
when he forc-d hls way In. grabbed her by the
throat. att.--npt.-d to emhrace her and then.
pulllng her out of the door, threw her part vvuv
down the stairs
The noi.se of the .trvggle and Mra. Theurer s
cries avvak ned h.-r marrled sist-r. Mrs. BtelgCT,
wii.is- huaband is la a bogpltal III orlth con
Bumptlon. Mrs. Btelger ran to aee what waa
th" matter. The intrud-r turned upon her. H-r
flcreame awoke The-irer and his four chlldren,
who alepl 'n an adjolnlng room. and all ran to
where Mrs. Btelger was struKKlinar with the
man. The latter turned upon Theurer, who. as
be said bellevlng his life was ln danger. ran to
his room and got an old ruaty Bve-ahooter thal
be aald he belleved was loaded wlth blank
cartrldgea The Intruder grappled with him
agaln and Theurer flred at sho.t range. Tbe
man dropped. Bbot m the lefl breaet.
Theurer aeelng whal he had done, ran to the
street and called Pollceman Caaaldy, ol tbe
Weal F..rtv-s.-v,.nth-st. atatlon. The latter aum
m?n.'.l Pollceman Townaend. and both arent up
st-iirs The wounded man lay pattly ln the
hall acroaa the threshold. An ambufance and a
nail. .). los.-i ...c Th" sill'Keon
z:;,^'z,fiZ,Z;;Z:;:..z^ &'.
a woman whOjOn aeeing? d... an,, ,?..
??oh. he's mv ??? ? "J V.odv was removed
gan to areep and m"??"? ' ', v,,rtv.y.,Venth-st.
to the Dollce Btatlon in Weat rortj ? '.''.,,
I tridges.
Th. ihree-masted achooner Ja.hn R May tMAA
llf?.r ? ?hrtlUna ex,.eri.-...-e 1 . n u. ',.,.,,??..
u.,. fur LT. ll gOOd IU<-K ..no '" I
t,.ras. But for greai goo*. ^ ^
ot mlnd of one. f th* > ^ (>f .??
,),.. '1.-st mate Wllllam Ntlgent.
1 Th.'. acho.r l"ft Jackaonvlll. nfteen day-> ago
?.I. - Lw .111.-0 of yellow plne lumber. and on
t "ur iv aTternoon ran Into - s.-vre gala M
,,' rom th. northeant. For . tlme th?> ve-eH
, .. i.in.r progreiui agaln.l the howllng gale
! ?-, ,h.K the deekload of Jola*., lj.1 - "
,,-ri.,i began to work looae and Captaln Bur
riui'hs declded to heava to untll the, eould be
"Tt'Vn'i-k ln the evenlng. Juat after tha nlght
,,'?, ra,riy s,,.i..i down, ni" Hay wa? hove to on
t;?.k. Bo Bhe ,:iy pttchlng and toaa ng
palnfullya.l lhal nlght. tt'hen raornlng . .me th.
..,!.. atlll continued. Nothing of apeclal Import
.,',.,.. happened untll about t o'clock thal mornlna.
Al that tlme a double reel ?u taken In the foreaalt
an.l in the flpanker and a alngle reeflntha rnaln
Ball Whlle John Edwarda. a colored man. araa
Pngaged ln puttlng blocka under the deckload to
gtoady it Buddenly, wlthout thfl lea?t warnlng. a
mo.int.lnou. wave loomed up on ihe port alde
(,f the Bhlp and r 11 ln one great nui upon tha
,i,,k li Bmaahed a hole elght feet aquare in thfl
,i,,k tore away th" Btarboard rall. Bwept wlth It
the nii.ltisi.il. thfl boom and the gaff. and In tha
ml.lst of all this wr-.ki.:;" went the flrat mate.
Over the Btarboard rr.II he vanlahed In the ewlri
,ng s.,, before the aound of the deafenlng eraah
had falrly >li"l away, Bobert Qaaklna, tha aa
mate wa? atanding near the wheel and Juai as he
hlmaelf w.is bowled over he aaw the unfortunate
?,.,,, K0 ovei the alde of the Bhlp. Near by him
at tt,.- wheel st >od the captaln. The water eweep
Ing aft covered them both and bore thera toward
the rall, bul Oaaklnfl managed to graap the wheel
and groplng bllndly wlth his other hand he aelsed
ihe capl iln'B coat lust In time to hold him back.
ln another lnaUi ' the w..ve had gone over the
veaael and Oaflkins. itruggllng to his f>"t wlth a
sho.ii. eelxed a llne and eaat it ov-r to th- aUr
board. where ne had last aeen the flr-t mate. It
wi.s ln vi.iti. The llne dld not )7row t.mt. The
mate waa never *een agaln.
Edwarda, the colored man, had ? narrow eacape.
The wave threw him ui> acalnat the belly ..f the
aall and Into the mlaaen rlgging. As he fell he
stru.-k the Btarboard rall and, lucklly for him.
bounded <.ff onto the after-houae. This h? clutched
wlldly and as the vlolence of the w,.v.- was apent,
managed to hold on. Edwarda la nn eaceedlnglj
black ii-K'" bul he Ifl flure be turned whlte al
thal momenl When a Tribune reporter taa him
on board the echooner yeaterday he had not re
covered from tbe effecte of tn> frtghl He tn-rn
bled visit.iv wh. ti he ?poke of hlfl danger, and
wh.-n h- walked he llmp.-l palnfully from the
.?rr.-.-t- of a blow ie- got on his leg, be doean'l
know |uat i.nvv
"B?en followln in deep aea f.-h ten yeaha nebbah
ree no aech wabe'a dal befoh nebbah," ha aald,
?haking hla head
Captaln Burrougha said that the wave that car?
rled iw.iv ih- mate and ?ii<l ao much damage to
the echooner waa of the nature <>f a tld.il wave
lt ..un.- wlthout ih" leaal warnlng. There wer.
peclally blg wavea juat before It, II- aayi
lt niiisi bave t.een aa much ..* thlrty feel liini,
The achooner I.) to until Bunday mornlng,
Aug i-i '" and thea the crew rlgged ? -torm
trvs.n! and the ve-s.-i proceeded to this i?.r.
U'llliain Nugent, ihe mate who wa* i..st, was (fi
yeara old ind a nai ve <.f Tuckertown, N. j n.
had a alater llvlng ln New-Brunawlck and had f,,i
low.-d tli.- coaet for many yeara
Norwalk. ("onr... Bepl fi Kv-.-ritt Bytagtoa an-l
Horrla Ahern were knoek.-.i fr..m a tandem l-e
, le in Baugatuck late grlday nlghl t.v thre.
ti..,4k'-'l men They t-.l .Invvn ,,n . mhiinkment and
ti.-ir aaaaUanta attempted te eai-upo with tba
v> i,.-?-i A hand-to-hand confllcl .-ns.ie,i in tnu
iiurk. Thfl notaa of aa approaehlng team frtgbi
.ii.,i the hik'hw.i.v tn.-ii iiii.i tho Norwalkerfl aa
caped. They cannot xiv.- a koo.i daracrlptloe oi
the ni. ti wii,, aaraulted them. Beveral htghwa)
robbei-a-- have >> rurrt-d ln vartoua parta of tiu
t.iwn recently and the authorltlea .-hari;.- them ii
i-i in laborera who :.r< employeaj m i>uII.iii,b ?
trollej road to Camp it.-a. h.
S: Paul, Minii Sc;.t g Thfl \.,r''i.-rii I'.i.iflc 1
cuttlng rzpatarefl n^-ht aad left aad II i? sai.i u,
eul will avaeaga H per cent Thera have been num.-r
.1 ii dlacaargajfl al >ag the Uae, parttetilarlir in th
ofltcea ,.f ii." audltora >.f nreagfci aad\ ot paaaenge.
mtfl Thn new reioruu are creatlng eacitemen
u.l over the road.
tion accounted FOR.
When Mr. Webater rose ln his place In tha
Senate of the I'nited States- January 26. 1830?
to reply to Mr. Hayne, of South C'arollna. and
made what Is now admittod to be the most cele
brated gpeecb everdellvered ln thla country. on
the charaeter of our polltleal system aa a gov
ernment, he prefaced it with the following
"When the marlner has been toase.I for many
daya in thlck weather and on an anknowa sea,
he naturally avalki hlmaelf <>f the nrst pauan ln
the storm to take his latltinl- and as< ertain how
j far the elements have drlven him from his true
I courae. Let Bl Imitate his prudence. and bef?*8B>
I we float further on the wavas of debate, refer
j to the polnt from whlch we departed, that we
I may at leaat he able to conjecture where we now
| a-*e."
What advice could be more appllcable to tha
I re--.'tit situation of t-*e country? What could
he more prud.-nt and d.-sirahle, "before we float
further on the waveo of I de-bate" that antago
nizes the Intereata of tba people of a common
country, aml threatena th- atabtllty of its com?
mon government, that we ref.r to the pointe
from which we have drtfted, that we may at
least he able to conjeetura where we are now?
Fnqtiestionably the llrst or startlng point ln
, this Inqulry is th- recognltlon of the existenee
' among th- maaaea of an almost nntveraal feei
1 Ing of grievan.e and dlsontent. The aecond
point. aqually unqueatlonable, is that thls feei
j Ing of grlevanea and daseontent ia mainly re
i f. rable to a oomparatlvely re.-ent and tinlversal
fall in tho prl. "s of th- prodocta of labor?1. e?
. ommo.liti.-s?,ind 6tagnatl>n of husinesa. and a
lim.tatlon of the sphere of employment for labor.
whlch aro alwaya the conBequencea of faliing
, markets.
The third point lr. rd-r of Importanee for con
i sideration Is the caus? or o.-.-asion of these re
markable prlce phenomena; and untll a conalat
! ent. clear and truthful answer Is found and
accept?d. It ir, of llttle use to speculate how the
abovc-ment.oned grievancea and discontents can
be remedl.'d.
A very g.-neral and popular assumption and
1 ass.-rtlon on the part of many who clalm to
apeak wlth authority and on the basis of a
thoroagh Inveetigatlon of this mbjeet, ia that lt
haa been oecasloned by wnat is ealled the "de
nion.'iization" or Intentional restri.tion of the
use of silver for money, ..i as ? ni-dium of ex
! change.
Th- following are lllustratlona of utterancet
i and ?aaartlnna of thla charaeter:
The onlv barne of the campaign l? allver Tha
I tarlff ls BUCh a se.-uudary IMIM that the people ar*
not thlnklng aboul lt The irouble la not thera.
i Ther wanl proaperlty. tha* want tn g.-t rld or
naralyala of buslness. The Democratlc party ha*
i declded that the irouble l.es h. the iinuiv-i.il aya
i '.-m and thnl *he remedy is tba renwnetlaatlon of
! silver Arthur Bewall, Popullal candldate for \ lce
Presldent, H.Hh. Malne, July ::i. mt,
Wa propoae to atop thi> fall of prleea of farina
r,i,,1 of fiirn pl Klll i- How? By l-s.ilnt- Iwo 88.
i ci nt dollara for one of gold Reported *peech of
Q*orge l' Wllllama, ol MasaachusetU, to th*
i farmera "f 1 ? rraont. .
The platform of the Chlcago Conventlon d*
,'lar-s -ihat ih? gel ol 1*73 demonetltlng withont
the knowledge or approval of the Amerlcan people
resulted ln Ihe appreclatlon ol gold and a
rorreapondlng fall In tho prleea of eommodltlee
produced by ' i- i.ple "
Itut they (the blmetalllsts) . are agreed that
oniv a p.nnipt return to blmetalllsrn can cbeck tha
appreclatlon of gold and atop the .iKisjrous fall
in prlces. Wh.uii n I'.irk.r. July I, I8M
Dlaaater haa come v,.?i i.v year under the singln
gold atandard With faliing prleea >>v-r the wmid
Inveatmenl and enterprls* have been paralyaed.?
G O. V'est, I'tii' ?! Btate* Benate, Jul) S, IM
ii l understa.id the poiltlon of Mr Reed, Gen?
eral Walker, Mr. Lodfe and the Republlcan party
r-orrectly, it la thls; Th-y believe as w- do, that
th- slttiaiioii of the countrj la dlsastroui In ihe
axtreme; thej believe lhal tl.auae of our dls
astera I* largely, if nol wholly, due to a contrac
tlon of the currency ?aused by the demonetlsatlon
of silver, and they hav- pledged themselvea to
trv to eorrect tlii-* cr-at evll by sn Internatlonal
agreement to restore silver to Us old plao -
'jpeech of Brooka Adama, eaq., Boaton, Auguat ll
UM, .
Now for theae aaaumptlona and aaearttona
ther-- la not th- sllghtes! warrint. or a BClntllla
of conArmatory evldence. Ifere ass. rtlona, how?
ever. ln aupport of this Btatemenl vvin not do,
and a demand for the most abeolute proof ls kt*
gltlmate. If lt cannot be <*iv-n to tbe fullest
and most unanawerable .-xte.it, let the Jury of
the great Amerlcan Republlc, wlthout rti |
from thelr s-ats, glve ? v.nlnt for th- 1-fend
The proof is multlple In its natui" ln tho
flrst place. this phenomenal fall of prleea has
been unlversa! it has manlfeated Itaelf ln all
countrlea, whatever may be thelr medtum of ea>
change?copper, silver. goi 1, cocoanuta pik* or
bananaa the two latter t.-ing currency in aoma
of the South Pactfic lalanda Th- Eeajulmaue "f
Greenland, although th-y prybably have aoauek
worda as "money" or "cdrrency" In thelr lan?
guage, have experlenced it, becauae they hava
found out that the mer who come to them in
ships wlll md glve as many coata ->r kniv-s ln
exchange for thelr pecullar pr. ducta as they f--r
merly would. The Indlana who gathei Peravlaa
bark fctachona) ln ih- foreata of Bouth Amertea
cannot gel as much ar 29 per cent of what they
recelved twenty yeara ago in paymenl foe the
producta of thelr labor. Th- cultlvatora and
dealera In optum in Indla dld nol reeelve ln IflBf
for the aale Of thelr prodUCl mainly to the .'hl
in-.-?? as mueh by many mllllon dotlara as th.-y
did ten or llfteen yeira ago if the preaent low
pri-e of wh.at is a giievanc* to the Aroaricaa
farm-rs, it ls tqually 80 to the llussian p.-aa
ants, th- Itaiian rvots, the growera in Aruentlna
and ManltotM and th.- Austro-II unganan pro
ln. ? ra. For th- pri.-e .,f 'vh,-at, makit-g allovv
ancea for varlattona In the -ost of tranaasartas
tlon to the gr.at cea, market of th- world.
nam.'ly, LIverpool, 'g flxed by Its prlce ln that
inark.-t. and ls alwaya the same to all competl
liv 8 plodui?> is
lt is obvlous. Iherefore, that the phenomenal
fall of prleea under . .naideratlon could not have
proceeded from any local agenoy The deter
?u.nng our". what-ver it may ha.e been, has
ilso not acted uniforinly. ln the caae of a ma
(orlty Of tlo i-ommodltlea that constitute the
bulk'of the world'a trade and eommerce, the av
,rage dvillne ln prlce durlng the last twenty or
twenty-ave yaaea* ?? iiaaa imV-M cakatatael
both ln the l'nlfe.1 States and Kurope with the
,,,?oMt .are from rellahle dita. has been from 'IU
t,, ?.. per een?. Haa8 IflW eotteka, wheat, iron.
,,,|..-r, w..ot. hides. leath.-r an.l potTOh mn have
touehed the loweet prtcea ?.f ti,.- century. A
,.[iipaii?tlv"iy few a.tlclea bav.- -xluhu.-.l no
endeney to deeitne In i rlea, i-ut rather the re
traa in the caae of labor, the averagg rate of
aageav <t the Bhare of prodact whlch the la
?>rer n-.-iv.-s. has ln all .ivillz-.l .ountrl.a
,-reatly Increaaed alnce 1870, and has un
loubtedly h-eit greater than durlng any pre
, -is |,-iioil in the world s hlstorv. Tlie aver
ge rate of wages ln the L'nit*d Statea was hlgh

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