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A conventlon of the Natlonal Democratlc party
of the Ild Assembly Dlstrlot wlll ba hold nt Mornn's
Hnll. ln thls vlllage. next Batordai afternoon at I
O'clock for the purposo of nomlnntlng a candldate
for Member of tho Assembly ?nd to elcot delegat.-s
for tho .ludlolal nnd Congross oonvontlons. The
call ls algned i.y H. B. H. Btapter, ehatfaoan, and
d H Morton. Beeretary, aml is laeued la kecord
anco wlth the plan oi campalgn JgTeed upow
among th.- Sound! Money Democrata ol thto county,
tewhlch it N propoaed to nomlnate cand datea for
all tho offh-.-s to bo fllled at th.- cornlng . lection
Tho wlll of Della Ann Hanfor.l was proTed in ihe
iBrrogate'i court on Wednemlay. Mm wobb real
Sent of the town of New-Rochelle. where ahe dled
on Auguat IL Th<- wlll, whlch dlepoaea ol real
eatate valued ?t *B.?N and peraonal Property
^alued at M.ooo. waa executed October .. 1878 Mln
ple A. Hanforii and Amella A Bturgta, daughtera,
aro tho beneflclaiiea, and Mlnnle A. Ranford la ap
nointed exocutrla. , .
on account of t!io entrles for the horso show not
belng aatlifaotory ln number, that part of tne
Countv Fnlr. whlch begms next Monday. has been
aband'oned. ln place of tho horso show a nutnl^r
of awvlHl attractkma have been seourod among
others Mrv Stewnrt an.l her educated horae
Sapcrniek. ftormnn'R tronpe of Japaneae acropata,
Le? Roy Sec. tho boy blcycle WOnder, an.l others.
Tho small track where the horse show haa her.-to
foro been h. Id wlll be glven up to the show of four
In-han.ls. t.ind.-ins. tr.ips, BOOdle-hOrtefl an.l roa.J
B,Notlee of a contest of tho wlll of Davtd Horton,
who dle.l laal aummer, has b?en tllo.i ln the 8ur
rogates Court. Tho eontostant Is l.ouis I Hor?
ton one of the heirs-nt-law an.l IMXl ot kln. nni
tho grotinds upon whlrh the contest ls ma.le are
that tho insmiment ls not the last wlll and waa nol
his free and voluntary act; that at the tlme the
will purports to have been executed tho deceoeni
?was not of sound mlnd, aud that the paper was
not subecrlbed, pnbllslied and attost.d as Iits last
Two wills have been presented for probate tn the
Burrogate's Court. each purporting to hav 1
cutcd by Ellaabetha Schwarawalder, of Mounl \ er
non. who dled June 18. IBBB. One Inatrument. dated
Beptember 28, 1884, is offered by the Deutache
Gescllsehaft of New-York, designated as the ex
ecutor of the InstrumenL and the other, dated Juno
15 1R?S. ls offered by Auirust Bchwarawalder, a
at'epson of tha deceaaed, who Is nam.-.l as executor.
Both wllls dispose of the property. amountlng to
I8CO0, lt) the aame way, lt belng wllled to thi
aon, tho only differenee belng In tho matter Of ex
In the Countv Court vesterday tho iury in the
trlal of Lemuel B Tompkins. Indlcted for aeeault
ln ihe tirst degree ln ahootlng a man named r...n.' r
at Larchmont laal aummer, brought In a venllcl >f
acoulttal. The case of Henry Cox. eolore.l. In.llct
ed for assauit in ihe Bral degree, al Larchmont, ln
Auguat, IBBB, waa dlamlaaed.
The lake in tl.- Woo.ll.inds. on the property
which waa formerly the bome of Cyrus W. Fleld,
Wns draln-d vestrrday. tbe water belng allowed to
flow Into ihe Bawmlll Rlver. There waa a leiak In
ti?> jam which needed repalra, and ln nddltkm to
that. the flshlng in the lake. whi'-h is now part of
the hotel propertj, has greatly deterlorated, owing
to tho large number of Oerman corp, whlch wer,
deatroylng the apawn of th. black basa, wnh whlch
tbe lake had been atocked. When the water hnn
been drnined more than 860 c;,r|, w. re raught, and
alHHii !??' baas w< re takm out and placed ln tanks.
pendii-.K ihe refllltng of the lake, Ihe water of
,. oomei from the l-o.-antlco Hllls Harry
Ltpmann the Btate Flah PTotector for the ANest
rbeater disflct, was preaenl to l,...k after tho bass.
c G Btorma poatmaater ..i Dobba Ferry, who has
charge of ihe hotel property, gave a clambake to
celebrate ihe occaaion, a large number of gueata
belng i'i.nt.
On Tueelay nlghl Ar hbtohop Cerrlpan, accom
panied b) hla ?? retnrjr, Father Jamea Connelly,
oome to Peekakin, and on wedneaday he conee
t-rated ihe new Cathollc cenaetery. The exerclaea
started at ifi o'clock ln the mornlng and ronaiated
of a sermoti by th?- Rev Thomaa L. Klncald, of tbe
FVanctacari Convent; the pontlflcal bleaalng of the
ee-nietery id the readlng of the lltanj ol th. i oti
a ,,] th.-' penltentlal paalma. Tbe new cemeterj ls
called Ihe Cemetery ol thi Aaaumptlon l? la two
anllea fi ?n Peekaklll and sdlolns Hlllelde Cemetery.
Bevei ? indreil iWd Fellowa gathered in the
room of Cortl.mdi Lodge laal evenlng tp re
... ?> ? ,,; ihe Orana Lodge ,.f this State.
After Ihe meetlng of the lodge ihere was an enter
tolnment, folloared bj a dlnner al the Bagle Hotel.
? -
pim; sin<;
On Wedi ?'?<??? evenlng the Republlcana of the
town of Oaalning mel al th.- Bprlng-at. hall In re
sponse to a call i- u d by the Town Commlttee, and
oiK?niz"'i , McKlnle: and Hobarl iluh by the
electlon of the foiiowinc ofllcera: Prealdent, H. 1?.
BIcA ptn; vi.-e-pr-si.i.-i,ts. Smith Lont, Oeneral E, A.
McAlpln, George A. Brandreth, Boberi O. M.-ad
and others; treaourer, Corrol H. Btevena; corre
spondinK secret.-.ry. M. F. Rowe; recordlng oecre
tarv. Bdwln Bl llngton. The club atarta wlth a ii?t
of nearly m membera and wlll be known aa the
RepaMlcan Cl ib ?>f the Town of Oaalning.
John Fltaglbbon, an Kn_llBhman. recelved at the
prlson at ibis i.h.ce on Ai>r11 14. IBTi under n t.en
t,-t ? of llfe Imprioonmenl for mansUuiKht.-r. lm
poaed bj Judge Brady, In New-York Clty, Aprll 85,
wlll be reVaaBed lo-day, his aentenca having
I,.,--, commuted by Oovernor Morton t<> thlrty-ntne
yeara' Imprlaonment, with tbe uaual lommutation
for good l,eha\ior, Whlch made hN a.tuitl term of
confinement .. Il'tle more than twentjr-three years.
When recelved .u the prlson, Fltaglbbon waa thlr
tv-on. years old. A j-?-tiiion for hla par.lon was
fl'leti aome time a?o wi'h the Oovernor by tne
Krltlsh Minlster, and his releaae may be looaeO
ui>oti ,is .i matt. ?: ot Internatlonal reclprodty ir, tne
pardon'ng lin.-. wh.-n a reaolutlon was paaaed ln
th?. Leolslature laat wlnter petltioning the Knijllsh
Oovernmenl t<, pardon eertaln Amerlcan cltlaena
of Irish hirth. held lt, Bngllah prisoni fot polttl ,1
off.-iii-rs, partleularly I?r. Oallagher and others
coniitied In Portland Priaon, an amendment was
offered i>\ Benator O'SuJjIvan. whereln the re
lea.se of Fltaglbbon wai suggeated aa a reclprocal
act on th.- part of the Stai. of New-York. Kiu-.
gibbon's commutatlon was sipn.-d by tiie Oovernor
on Horch 21
The Republlcan Clty Commlttee has arranged f.,r
another ratlflcjitkm moetlng almllar to lhal of four
fBBWB a_o. when Roewell (.J. 11 orr was the prlnclpal
apeaker, an.l wh.-n the lari;.- auditorlum of the
temporary campalgn bulldlng proved Inadequate
for the greal n>imbers who wanted m attend. On
Monday nlght next the ratlflcatlc:, wl,; ba held In
the Oi>era House, and Oeneral Horace I'ort.-r, who
was on Oeneral Grant's staff at the nurrender of
Lee's army and wltneaaed tbe capitulation, and ls
now commander of the New-York Commandery of
the Milltary (irder of tho Loyai Logton, wlll be the
prlnclpal ipeaker. Ex-lfayor Bdaon L>-wis will pre
side an.l A. Noei Blakeman. chalrman of tbe Clty
Commltt.-e and prealdenl of the Hoard of Bduca
tion, and a peroonol frlend of Oeneral Porter, vlll
mako the introductory apeech. Thera wlll also t,<
a band of n.usl . und campalgn BOOgfl Wlll be BUng
by the (ilee Club.
Thirtee.-i loyal sllverltes arose yeaterday momln_
and walk.-d down the thirty-two bt.-ps to meel one
man whom thev expected to Krct >,n the orrlval of
the * O'clock traln from New-York. \\ Uiluin J.
i?ryiui h.id .vtit word that he would eurely be at
Mount Vernon al 8:30 o'clock, and would speak at
various pulnts lo iho people, and quote from th"
Scrlptures, from U'.smar.-k's pa|K-r on the eondltlon
of u.rnii.a\ a,,d money, from Abraharn Uncoln on
the Unlted Stat.s Bupreme Court, from Bamuel J
Tllden on the currency questlon, and from trarloua
others to prove thal, even if by the free colnage Ol
ailmsr the < .,st of llving wouid advance, un.t a allver
dollar would not purcbase on<--half as much lf h>
ahould t>- elected 1 r.Md.-nt as lt does to-day, the
laboring ma.n would be better off. Jlut he .Jlsaj^
polnted the thlrteen loyal adherents to his doctrlne,
and they turned about, sorrowful and sad, and
went up to the maln thoroughfare again, where
there waa o.-uiar and palatlal e\*ldence of the prlvl
lege_ of Ihe Bzclse law, to rent and refresli tttern
aeTvea. A little later word come thal the 1, ad.-r of
the Popocrata would arrh" at WM<). and tt-.en they
ag&ln r.-fr.-sh.sit Ihemsrlvra; a.id Hry;in 1? aald to
have quoted aeveral trlte remarka in thelr hmrlng.
Tho Aacetislon Hranch of the \\ oman's Auxlllary
WtU hold n sai.; on Thursday, October 8. at the
bome, of Mrs. Wllllam Wllson, Jr., No. lt South
Becond-ave. The prj.ee<is will l>e devoted to the
mlsBion work of the auxillury.
Trlnity Chapter of the Oaughters of the Klng ls
arrungiiiK for an ent.-rtaliiment In November al
the home of Mrs. Josepb W'ood, No. 14C Soutt, Se<
ond-av?. Ka<-h member of the ord.-r win rontrlbute
two fancy artlcles, whlch will be offered fr,r aale,
Mra. W. N. O. Clark has glven the Mount Ver?
non Cycl,? Cluh a sllk banner. Mls Inacrlbed. "Mount
Vernon Cycle Club, organiz?B? August, PfiC; lncor
porated :?>.
A falr in ald of the slck bables wlll l?e held ln
Vejrnon J'ark Saturday afternoon by Mlss Kthel H.
Heed and Mlsa Emraa M. Ackernan
A atag smoker and vaudeville eniertalnmeni wrill
be held al liw < 'lty Club thls evenlng at ? O'clock.
Bdwar?1 Karte, a carpentar, whoae home ls In
Sevi'iith-ave., wms atta, k.-d ln a saloon ln West
Mount Vernon. last nlght and palnfully cut about
the head and lianda wlth liottles, wt.l.h were tl.rowu
at hlm by an unknown party.
The seoond m?-*'ting of the youi.g men Interaotod ln
tbe formatiori of lha Ni w-Boehelle Athl.-tir- Club was
held on Wedne-day nlg.'it ln the gymnoolum, and the
club waa orgar.lzed l>y the Belectloa of the followlng
officers: Preoident, FronclaTraadwsjr; doe^praaldent,
james Kitapatrick: aecretary, vVlUlaa Moora; tr.-as
urer, Ai. BA?dor vVllloog; i-aptain. Bdwln Burke; li.-u
tena'ui J Hodden; governora, Charlea Klollngei
John B I?uei and Harry T. iia\is The new club
wlll meet lu ihe gymnasi-im on Monday, RVedneeday
?nd }**rlday evanlnga, and wlll be InatracteO hy ,\f,
The Naw-Rocbe;ie Yacht Ciub wlll close P? se_.s0)i
OIThe New-KooheUe Kplcurtan Club, au or^anlsailon
pf local politlclans, w .11 hold Us se-on.1 annual , lam
Lake to-dav at dchut_en I'ark
A r.ursery rhyme .-n-.Tialtifnent wlll be glven thla
evenlng in'ihe parlors of tl).- Preahyterlan Church In
a'd of the homelesa Anneniani ln Arabklr, Asla
A lurprlse party was glven to Charles Colllns on
TiiesdavOevening. Among thoae who attended weie.
Mrs. Gor*/ian, Mlss Oossman, Mlsa Clara Finch. Dr.
C. N. Raymond, Dr. Ouy C'.arke. Charlea Clarke.
Charlea F. Lent. John Hume and Andrew Pols.
The fourth annual ball of the Pavld's Island Base
hall Club wlll be held on October 16.
The annual meetlng of thp Young PeJple'S Asso
tlatlon connected wlth thc Warburton Avenue Itap
tlM ciiur.h wlll bc lii'UI thla evenlng In tha lecture
room. DfiicrH will i>?- eluaaa and reporta of laat
y.-.ir's work wlll I..- r.-oelvcd from tha varlotis rotn
inltt.es. Pkins for tlio comlng wlnte/s work arlll
ba dlseussed.
This in ih- lasl lay timt tho asaessors arlll ba at
i thelr ofllce la llanor Hall loVevtew tha Bssesaments.
They will be In sesslon from M o'clock In the fore
no >.'i till h o'clock iii iiio evenlng.
The Commlttee of the Whole ol the C mmon < min
dl win meet thla evenlng. Tli.-re are t number ol
mattera to come before h for dlscusslon aml ?
At tha meetlng ot 1'i.tii McUregor on Wednesdaj
ev.-nlng it was aectded to havi an eve ilm witb tne
poei I'ti.irl-1 Keekle ai the rooms. No. X \\ arburton
_ve earl) In November. The entertalnmeni w,n
be under the ausplces of the Koberi Murns ( lui.
, and the cl.in. The elan wlll eelebrate Hailowe'en
nn October JB witn .i aoclal for the memuera, thelr
: wiv s .ni.) rflends. lt la planni .1 to have re utatlona,
I Instrumenul anU vo al music. refreshmenta and
perhapa dancing. , , , ,.
The number of entrles reeelved by the Raclng
; Commlttee of the Vonaen Bicycie Club for th*. roa_
! raea to he held tomorroa afternoon ln lhe Baa
Mlll Rlver Ho.,,1 la gratlfylng A meetlng ol th.
1 commlttee* wlll be held this evenlng. ai arnlc-h the
ludgei wlll be selected and ihe hanalcaps arrange.1.
j'.v Brst race w.n be a mlle handlcap, u be foi
i lowed by a ten-mlle race. Tne priaea were plaeed
i.-i eahlbltlon laat nlght In a Btore In Uett) s.a u
The offlcera of lhe Tonkers Ifachl Cluo n.iv,- .
dlnner to-nlght al tha clubhouae, In Polnt-st., On
I wood. f*r the membera Tiiis dlnner practlrally
opens the f.ill soclal season oi tha club. I'hi boat*.
that dragged thelr ancnors on iu,-..,i... nlght are
belng returned to thelr anchorag.*. Thal ol Pieei
, Captaln Wllllama suffered the musi damage.
lwo nen teachers have been added to the stafl
at the parochlsl school connected wlth Bt, J< aeph p
: ?'hur.-ii il,,- enrolmenl ..i thal school t- o
und thc graduatlni ciaas numbers twenty-flve, a
maiorltv heuiK ptrls At lhe school connected with
tha parlsh .-i tne Church of the Immaculat. j on
ceptton tjie enrolmenl la nearly BUJ. The stafi ?f
teacners ls compoaed of ten Blaters of Chartty, Bve
brothen and three lay teachers.
Rehearaala are m progreaa for Ihe "Irtsh Patrlot
1 in St jos-i>hs Mall on the evenlngx ol October 6,
6 and 7 Many Improvementa have been made to
the Kt.'IgO.
Th.- aale whleh waa opened ruesday evenlng al
No. 50 Carollne-ave, b* Mlss Oertrude Wallace, Mlss
Si,,'-.. Donohue snd Mlss Zeta McGrath for the
I ehll.lren'a war.l ol Bt. Joaeph's Hoapltal, dose.i
Wedneaday nlght. lt wau aucceaalul and a n-.it
sum w;,s realtxed for the lnsiltuilon.
The Ladiea' Ald Boctety of the Central Methodlai
Bplacopal church wlll hold a "cllpptng aoclar on
Monday nlght of nexl week at the lecture-room.
Ther.- wlll he a programnn- of readlngi aud mualc.
Twenty-flve hundred peopl.* gathered at Maple
aml Beach sts laal nlght and wltnessed the un
furling of a .MeKinl.-v and Hobarl banner bj the
K.-i>uhliran? of the Kifth War.l. The banner wa*
atrung h.-twe.n th.- houaes of ? ?*. Alderman Marlon
R Oakley and Mrs Worden. Bhortly after8oclock
the Llncoln l.eglon. headed by lhe Cltlxena' Mllltary
Hand marched to Mr. OBfcley'a houae. The bulld?
lng waa profuaely decoraied wlth Chlnese lanterna,
as v.-rre tha other houses In tho block. The front
poroh was used ss a Bpeaker*a atand. and waa
decoraied wlth ferna. Th.- Rev. Mr. Oakley ralled
the m.-otlng to onl.-r and Introduced Lyman M.
Fillotson presldent of th<- Plfth W.-ird Republlcan
Commlttee. aa the prealdlng offlcer. Btate Benator
J i Burna was ihe flrst spealt.-r. CongTeaamnn
lien L. Falrohll.l and <". I. Weeka followed him
The crowd w.is extremely enthualaatlc. Although
the meetins; laated nearly lwo hours and the alr
waa chllly, the apeakera held the crowd to the laat
A rall hy the restrymen of St. Thomaa'a Church
to the Rev. Mr German, of MMdletown, Conn., haa
been accepted, an.l he is expected to begln the
dntlea of rector on November 1, He wlll aucceed
th<- Rev. Charlea Bancroft, who has been preachlng
ln thnt church slnce Ihe res'.gnatlon of the Rev. L
M Van Bokkelen, who dled In Callfornla several
months ago. The church has been without a rector
for nearly a year, ... .
A muslcal and dramatlc ...nr rtatnmont wUl no
Ktven un,br the auaplcea of Bt. laadore Councll, No
fo .- u i.. ln the vlllage hall, Rye Neck, on
tA'edneadny evenlng. October 14.
A meetlng has been called for Monday evenlng,
Beptember 28. In the town hall. for the purpoae ol
organlilng a MeKlnley and Hobart Campalgn Uub.
The Hryan and Bewall Club of Mama.oneck and
Rye Neck wlll hold a meetlng it. the town hall this
evenlng, for tha purpoae of formlng a permanent or
_rai izitlon.
Mrs. .1. Sutton has returned from Poland Sprlngs,
M. Smlth and II. Dubols returned from Ken
nebunkport, Me , ori Wedneaday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W, Hodgett, of Orand Raplda,
Rlch ar.- vlaltlna A. I Carmack, at Hllton Point.
Tha annual meetlng of the Weatcheater County
Blble Soclety wlll be held in lhe PreBbyterian
I'lmr.ii nn Tutfldav. Octobw -M
Mr and Mra W Ruperi Klrkby, of Radne, Wls.,
nrV vlBHlniT Archdeacon and Mr.-. Klrkby at tha
'?TlM'V-KhKvV-id'lul'rt.'lub wlll hold ar?lly|
: ln tha Lyoeum Oardena this evenlng al lo clock. ?
Tt... n.eeiltilf wlll lu- addressed I'.v Isaac W. Iain- <
i Mng. of Li.u^lr. Net* b nelghbor of Wllllaa, J. ;
l-Wan. _,_
A borae and buggy belonglng to John l.yon, of
Weaver-st., were atoien Wedneaday evenlng. A
horae and buggy anawerlng the deacrlptlon bave
I,,,,. found at Mount Klaco, and Mr. l.yon bai
gono th.-n- to aee lf they beloag t?> hlm.
The Board of Vlllage Trustees ls now consklertng
the advlssWllty of glvlng a franchlaeto the Port
Cheater Blectrlc Rallway Company The companj
haa airea.lv se.-ured the conaent of the_ Btate au
horitlea and proposes io make Pori Cheater the
cemre of a llne whh-h wlll extand along ihe Posi
Road and eventuklly cover lhe dtatanee from
Mount Vernon to Oreer.wlch, Conn. The only op
Dosltlon tha has so mr developed is irom several
proTer y-own.-r, in North Maln-sL, ln Port Cheater
The m_tt.-r has been ref.-rr-d to the Road and
Brldgs Commlttee for a report at tha next meetlni
? The%t^r_ncla Afiican Methodlat Bplacopal Zlon
Church wlll noid ita annual haryeat hom.. f?*tlval,
! beglnnlng Bunday, and endlng Monday evenlng.
? Jethro Oaggett an old-tlm.- aea captaln and well
known '-han. t.r. dled on Wedneaday al his bome
ii. i-'as 1'ort Cheater, .
The Port Cheater pollce p.imd has accepted an
Invltatton to parade arlth tba Peekaklll Flra Da
, partmt-.U ou October lo.
Tha Republlcan County Convention wlll meet
thla evenlng ln Iha rooms of the Tompklnsvllle
Republlcan Club to eleel Stat.-, judlclal and Con
gie.->.- delegatea.
A moonliglit club run Is announced by the Rlch
1 mond .'ounty Wheelmen for next Monday evenlng.
The Btaten Uland Yacht Oub U arranglng for a
; club dlnner. whlch will ba glven ut W-nhmuller's
AUantlc Inn, Orant Clty, early ln October.
The Independenl Democrata on Wedneeda) even
lnk held thelr county convention, at whlch thev
iuootod laaolutiona repudtatlng Bryan and lhe Lhl
c_ao platform and the actlon and candldatea pf tho
Huffalo Convention. Kesolutluns were adopted
declaring unequlvocally for the malntenance of a
Sold "twidard. The followlng decgataa wara
elected: Juokial Convention. Willlam Aiiair
Shortt State Convention, Howard It. Bayne, Joseph
M Ke-tlnge nnd John Croak; alternates Bdward
Kiaai <r Oeorae Van Dam and wiiiiam A. Bhortt;
Conareas'Convention. P. P. Bchudta, P.J. Conolley.
1-: a. Bherldan. jr Russell Bleecker W. A.
I'Hulller; delegatea-at-large, James Wheeler, I. < .
Englebrachl and J M. Rabuttta An adjournmen.
w;is tak.-.i untll October t..
l>eoduta \ llam. nu. of I'llflon. svho was accuaed
by Mrs Anna K Plank wlth wlthholdlng and re
fuslng to glve up her dead husband's enecis, was
up for trlal before Justlce Klellmann ln the Pollce
Court yeaterday. Vlllamena was dlscharged, as
MrB 1'iank saiu sh.- had reeelved lhe gooda and dld
not wish to press the charga.
State, Bupenntendent of 1'utwi-- Instructlo.n Skln
n.r ya-terdai Issued an order prohlbltlng n>?
Etoard of Truateea of the Port klchmond Lnlon
Kr.-e School and its clerk from tranaactlna any
oltii'lal business pending tha appeal of r. W.
Huls-lus und Archlbald Kulton.
Father McQlynn win speak on "Our Manlfest
Deatlny." wlth a prelude on Dr. -altagher andlre
[__, _ i? tha Prohlbitlon r'ark Audiiorium, Fort
Rlchmond, Bunday afternoon at 3 o'clock.
A formai tr.-insf.-r of tha Byndlcate Bulldlng prop?
erty, at the Bouthwesl r-orner of Naasau aad Lib
erty ata., was ilh-d in lhe Reglater's offlce yeaterday,
iu the procaaa. Hugii Lamb, ->f Baal Orange, N J .
of Rlch & Lamb, the archltecta of the bulldlng,
, aaveya tba property t-> KSeaaer Hamblen, of Kast
Orangs for 0,800,888 and the aasumptton of two
mortg-ges aggregatlng R._?,aet?. Mr. Hamblen. ln
turn. conveys lhe property for R0B.0W to the 8 ndl
cata Realty Company, whlcb assum.-s tha respoBsl
btiity of the myriK-iK.-? and that ol ths addltlonal
mortgagea glven b) Mr. Hamblen to Mr. 'esmb, .nd
amounllng lo u to'.il of R.U0.000, maklnfl lhe loial
,,f CBBXm la whlch ths propertj, ls pledged.
? -
j, is pi.)!,_:?.<? ti.a: J Kliioti Bmlth, reeently sus
pended and trlad oa chgrgaa oi fraud and (acaaape
t.nca ln n!s aflU_al acis as superintendenl ..i tba
iire alarm and telegraph lervi,-. ol tba Plra Depart
1,,,-M, *:il ba trled a ?.-? ond ilme before lhe Board
0; pire CoinmiBBiofiers.
'I'reald.-nt La <.ia"K<\ who has been tblnktag
ihe matter OVeS slnce lh?- d.-ath c.f CommlSSloner
B-ord han arrived at lhe OOnclUSlon that another :Ma|
*ri:i ba Beceaaary Tha prealdent s_id yeaterdayi
"Whea oaa of a courl of trlal Judgca dlea, li w ,???.
tomary to order u BOW trlal lf Mr Sn.lth U Iried
agaili I tMi'k 'he flvUb i" '? """ >??? , onfln.-u 1.) a ttw
ir.Hienai polnti, and the trlal iherrhy ehortened. 1
bave noi exan. i fullr '?'"' '????, ?'?? '?'" '^'''J*-,1!
however, and I eanjiin* uay whether Mr. ?aaOald
asree* a'lth me or not."
lt Is not con?Id?red llkely In the Uopartment that
Mr Hheffleld and ihe presldent r-oiild agree up oa a
dctlsion Iu lhe Smith case. as Commlmlouer Sheflleld
Colored Dress Goods.
Everj prodnetlon of the European
maimfactiirer, for tbli MMOB, is
repre_BBtttt)d, Ineludlng all the
well-known nrnterlnli and a va
rletj of new f'abrics.
James McCreery & Co.,
Twenty-thlrd street.
Broadway antl 11th st.
(avon l Mi. Bmlth on many polnta in ihe trial and
Prealdenl 1.1 Orange, wlth lha deeeaaed Commla?
aioner, iote.1 lhal cnargei be preferred againat hlm.
Mr. Bheffleld haa returnrd from hla vaeatlon and wlll
ronfer wlth the prealdenl to-day, when n ls thought
that a detlnlte courae of actlon wlll be declded <>n.
ALBEMARLK Marcua '.". Hun, of Albany.
BCCKINGHAM Henrj Hltchcock, ot Bt. Louta
FIFTII AVENI'E Oeneral A.lnm B. Klng, of
Baltimore. OIL8EY K. <' HofTmon. prealdent, and
i:. St. .lohn. vlce-prealdent, Of the Beaboard Alr
l.l.,. HOFFMAN Aaalatanl Poatmaater-Oeneral
Chnrlea Nellaon. HOM-AND Jamea II Eckela,
Controller of the Currency, and Wllllam Henry
Clifford of r..ni,n,i. Me. IMPERIAL Btate Con?
troller Jamea a Roberta and ax-Mayor Chnrlea F.
Hlahop, of Buffalo. MITRRAY H1 LL-Edward B
laham, of Chlcago. PARK AVENUE-Profeaaor
Dowden of Dublln I'NION BQUARE VMlliam A.
Poucher, of Oawego. WALDORF i-:x-i?..v.-r,,or
.lohn Lee Carroll. ot Morymndi Oeneral John
Moore, of Waahlngton, D. C.; ?*-<*>r'rnor *l0hrmL,,
0 Bulkeley. of Connectlcut. and John O. Mllburn
Oeneral Peter C Doyle and Oeneral Bdmund
?."/, of Buffalo. W1NDBOR l-nther Lafila
Mll'ls. of Chlcago, and Abner McKlnley.
? ?
Drygoodi Republlcan Club, No. Nl Broadomy,
1J,','t?n,.r.i;,! Travellera' Campalgn Clab, Broad?
way and Prlnre-at., U m . . _.
Mr. Depew'a apeech, Academy ol Muofe, Brook
h n. S p. ni ,,_
IlluBtrated lectura by Maa Ooterberg. Aeaoclatlon
Hall, t p. m.
Ralalng of M Klnley and Hobart banner, Beaver
st., near Broad-at.
Maaa-meeting of Armenlano, No. li Weal Twenty
fonrih at.. I p. in .. , ,.,
i -n_, h.bil <n Club hanner-ralelng, No. l
Weat One-hundred-and-twenty-nrnth-at., S p. m.
McKlnley and Hoharl rally, One-hundred-and
rlg-hteenlh-at., near Klghih-ave.. * p. u>.
Thomaa Cooper, colored. of No. W Weal Sttty
thlrd-al waa yeaterday convletod of manalaughter
ln ti,e aecond degree befora Judge Fltagerald In
Part I Oeneral Beeslona. on Aprll 4 he and Peter
,.??,,.?. Bta0 colored, of No. Bi Weal Twenty
nlnth-Bl gol into ,-, fltfht BbOUt a doK, and Cooper
?tabbed Barrett in the neck. The latter dled from
the wound In a few mlnutea. Cooper was remanded
for aentence next Mond iy.
After Investlgattng the clreumatancea warr?und
|n| tha death of Truxton Taylor at No. tjn
Blghth-ave. on Wedneaday Coroner*a Phyalclan
O'Hanlon aald yeBterday thal his death was un
doubtedlv .IdentaL Dr. "Hnnloo made oui ihe
death ceVtlflcate necordlngly. The pollea reportofl
the death ns one Of BUtdde.
Brooklyn The ChlCOgO piatform demands that
all atandard allver bulllon broughl ie the mlnt ahall
be converted Into dollara Rt the expenae of the
Government, abeoluteiy wlthoul charge to the
,.wn,r of the hullion.
The Board of Wrectow of the rvntral an.l Bo ith
Amerlcan Telegraph Company yeaterday declared
? quarterly dlvldend of 1? per cent from the net
earnlnga of the company to B. ptember M, payable
on/ind after ?sctober 1
The dlrectora of the Mexlcan TeieKraph ('om
pany yeaterday declared n quarterly dlvldend of
????. per e-nt from the net earnlnga of the company
to B. ptember ?, payabta on and after October 11
The Rev <i. Campbell MorKan. of Blrmlngham,
England, wlll dellver his popular lectura, "The
Miislc of I.if- -Ita H.'irmonv aud Dlocord," Bt ? al
xury Methodlal Eplacopal Church. One-hundred
and-twenty-nlnth-Bt. and Beventh-nvo., thls even?
lng a cordlal Invltatlon is Kiv.r, ta .-.n who may
dealre to attend Adratoalon ls fr.-e.
Tha Ooldey, ? llterary 8odety whlch meeta al No
nt liadlaon-ave., will hold >. mock congreaa to
nlghi A blll provwing for the rrea colnage of
siher at Ihe ratlo of M to l win he introduced and
dlacueaed by the membera
Th.- Ifetropolltan Muaeum of Art is open fr.-e to
tha publlc from io a. m. to aunoel on Tueadaya,
Wedneadaya, Thuradaya and Baturdaya; on Bunday
Bfternoona from I o'clock to aunaet. and on the
evenlnga of Mondaya and Frldaya On Mondaya
and Frldaya from io o'clock untll aunaei copylata.
?rt atudenta and DMmbera of the Muaeum only are
admltted free; others hav- to p:.y an entrai. fee
of B centa on theaa two daya Thera la a good
publlc reetauranl In the bulldlng, and lhara ls also
;k place t" atora btcyclea.
The Muaeum of Natural Hlstory i? *pen on week
daya from I to E o'clock. On Tueada| and Batur?
day evenlnga from I to IB o'clock the*publlc la ad?
mltted fr,,-. On Bundaya 11 la open from l to 5
o'clock. Admlaalon la chargod ?? Mondaya and
The Berkeley Bchool wlll raopon on Beptemtx r
:;... aith whai is aald ta be Ihe ii.rK.-st attendance
ln Ita hlstory.
The parade of the Jolra E Marah Republlcan
Aaaoctatlon, rompoaad of Itollana, headed i.y Mr.
Marah, paaaed through ihe Clty Hall Park yeater
d.,N ,.? route ta Oreenwood Lake N. J., where
they wera lo hoM a plcnlc. it was reviewed i.y
Mayor Btrong from the atepa Whlch lead to tho
Clty Hall,
Arnold Fteah, who w.is shot ln his room In the
Hotel Peteler, One-hundred-nnd-twenty-fourth-Bt.
and Lexlngton-ave., laal Frlday mornlng, was aald
by the houae aurgeon of the Hi rlem Hoapltal io
ba much Improved yeaterday.
The Nlntfa Company. Tth HeKlm.-nt. wlll hegln
the drin aeaaon on Thuraday evenlng. After the
,i,ill the vacanclea ln the company cauaed i.y the
honorable dlacharge of Bergeant Dwlght C. BlUlnga
and tha promotlon of Lanee Corporal Oroeabecli
win be fllled Among the membera of the Nlnth
Company who quallfled aa sharpshoot.-rs at Creed
moor on BeptemI r ^ w"r" Corporal <> H. Keep,
Jr , W H. Peckhom and OeOTga A. Nlcoll.
Tn.- Oreater New-Tork I'ommission's Commlttee
on Drafl held another meetlng ln the Clty Hnll
yeaterday, and eoneldered aevorul aectlona of the
charter drawn by vVtlllam <'. De Wltt. No nmnitfs
of Importonce wera made knowa.
A Iury befora Coroner Do! ba yeaterday aft.-rnoon
declded thal Thomaa Burna, of No. ?" Broorae-at ,
wh? was atabbed ln a atreet flRht on 8ept.-ml.er 13,
came to his death at th,- handl of some linktiown
peraoi Coroner Dobbo, however, th.uiKht that th?,
evldence was aufBctent to h.,id Jamea fiale for the
actlon Of the Orond Iury. ln an ante-mortem
atatement, whlch connol ba uaed aa evldence i>e
rsiuse Burna <n,i not belleve i,e was boIhk to die,
Burna sai,i lhat Hala wns the one who had atabbed
blm ln 8 str.-et ttght.
wi,,;.- Mi ";.i Mrs Bamuel <: Reln, af No ut
\V.-- I'li ?? ? n'h-st . were i-Mlng aloiig the Ka*: Inh,.
ln the l'..rk ..t i a'clocl y<-i>fi-r,lay afternoon. their
rarrlagc praBhed >r\'.o a roodli la whlch were aeatad
_\irs Bordwine and her alece, ?f Na 26 Kast Flfty
eichth-at, Tha force of the colHoloa tbrew t-,.- drlver
.? | i , ',,,,'i,i.ii, from lha i,ox of the coach, bul
they esr-aped with illghl acratchea The horaea be
, Ri)e- fi Bhtenetl aml lan awa) ut full spee.l up the
,'" ,. oui were capturad b] Mounted Po,lceman
,i one-hiindredth-at, The horae attached
.,.(,, uatii carrlaga *?<* .-aught hy Potlceman
Ravnea M' ?"??' Ytn. Reln, Ihe u<-cupant? of the
vehlcle ' >l'"l wlthoul Inlun Tl,.- thi>-.- women
luffeieii ? inaTderably from ihock, bul none af them
rrrP|ved Inj irli i
Tha repon ol ?'.-? Naw-Tarh Camniiri'lal Boclety
#M :>,,. y,,,i im s'mws a balanea o., hand af I'.*"i3,
me toial eollectlofta l.avh.g amoun:. >1 la M,M v>.
T,,e oOeen ara: A, Ptelaaberg, braatdaat; C Btorck,
vl'-e -pi'-sldent, Krana O J'.lmp.-I, seer-lary; W.
S, ln .,I.i, iltian.-lal secretary, W Knlers, tre.jsiu.r
The ohjects of th? ao.lety are to leeure alluatlons f.r
the membera, to asslst m.-rehanti, flrmi and corpo
ratlons In seeurlna eapable rmployes. to promole |n
tallectual advanct-ment and aoclahhlty among lla
"This Fall vou'rc in Btyle, if in nn
overcoat too big for vou," sayi Bome
Roomy Ix-st (li'siribcs lt?loo?
straigbl back.
ghorter than ever, it should be tc/O,
$10 to $30 givei a with' nirlety -
rongfa Jiiul stnootli clotlis; light aml
dark colora; serge and Bilk-linett
What wa liava BomM, oar llltle Book myi De you
wanl it' four same BBd addraaa la aii tbey Beedad.
Rooera, Pbbi & Oa
Trlnre at,.] Bn adway.
\Vnrr?n and Bmadway,
Thlrty-seeond and Broadway.
own membera, and to Klve them all poaalbk) "?g?J
ald and aaalatance. Laal year KB m-mhers
were enrolled. and the year cloaed wlth a totai mem
berahlp of R7C < ?f the new membera, 218 are regu?
lar m-niL ra; SI are membera eatab.lahed ln bualnesa
;,s are memben of the loclety In Hamburg. pf whlch
the New-York aoclety ls a braneh, anl Im ar.- urms
and corporetlona, whlch Jotned as contrlbutlng mern
The coi.i wave, accordlng to tba predlcttono, was
ahhr.-viated yeaterday. it waa aaveral d.-irrees
warmer than on Wedneaday, not only In New-York,
but all over ih.- country, exceptlng In the estrame
Northweet, whera th- t-hermometer feli from ten
to twent) degreee. Th. re wera froeta th-re, and no
mlatake. H.-ports from :.ii o\--r tfew-England aald
that froeta were eora non Wedneaday nlght, and t,,
Plttaburg and Phlladelphla th<- f irm-rs sent ln the
s;,me atory. In thla clty, however, thera were no
froats i'eaterday th.- temperature here ?rot up to
72 and lt had only fall.-n ten degreea at midnlRht
Mr Dunn said vest.r.ia-. that there w.is amall
chance <.f any froeta here thia month. and that for
ih?- preaent. al leaat, th.?ld anap waa over. He
added that to-dav It would warm up still mor-. and
tiiiif the ikl. s would ba falr.
The Bev. Dr. Thomas B. Haatlnga, presllent of
I'nion Thenlopiral Bemlnary, d.-ltver.-d ihe address at
the npeninp nf th.ft InstltUtlon in the ehapel at 4
o'rlor-k yesterday aft-rnoon. There was n lirsre at?
tendance of atudenta and their frlenda Th- theme of
the dlacourae waa: "What is It to Preach the <;os
The speakrr said thal a full answ.-r to the query
could I,- glven i.y no man. Btill worda could explaln
th- matt.-r in a meaaure. Th- Kew T-stam-nt waa a
hi-torv wiitten by Ineplred men. it gave ih the Wog
raphy of chrls-; and ,-m epiiome of Hla teachinga, hut
th.-re was much left for the h-art to < ompreh-nd. We
must come near to Ood ouraelvea and reaeh out for
Him if wa would know Hlm. The true preacher muat
?Incerely belleve whal ne pre).-hes. All th- tralnlng
that he may secure ln achoola wlll not fully equlp hin)
for hla calllng. He must have origtnnllty. Ood never
made two m-n ezactly allka. Me doea nol expect
them ta thlnk allke. To preach a llve goapel tha
preacher must pui his own Indlvlduallty Into hts ser
monl A ?:ood sermon could not be made by machlne.
lt must be the <:.'M":. bul it requlred careful Btudy
and preparatlon. A dlacourae that was not carefully
prepared was Ut only for burnlng. and the only good
thal ? ould he gol from lt was to pu: th,- wrltten pagi i
mto the flre. Tha byrnlng would create a llttle nrtl
"'l'n' Haatlnga concluded wlth: "1 bellovo ln an edu
caTed nTTnlatry and an ordolned clergy-for ? i
icmlnary educatlon li a help. i prea. hei ihou d be
.,. , good n?: merelj offlcta'.ly good. He ahould noi
be mercenary. I^t hlm be honeai .md frank ln hli
;.,,?.. a pai - "Id in.: his church
i '.,'. .... ,??.,.?',,.,. Tne flrat was ., man ..ut nol -.
pr,..,-;,;., Tl_ond waa a preacher and not a man.
The third waa nelther a preacher nor a man. rnat
^.p^ake^hW : ^?...?.,,n,hes,,?in:iry
would beboth mVnaml preachera ln th- fuU aenae ol
m ;._
Tt,- tirst meetlng of the new boarda of Bcbool In
apecton recently appolnted bjr Mayor Btrong ifhder
ti,. provlalona of tha Pnvey-Poge WW, was held
yeaterday afternoon. The Inapectora number i::.
and ara dlvlded Into thlrty-flva boarda of flve each,
their duttea belng t-> vlalt the publlc acboola In
it..., rea|.tlve dlatrlcta. A general .-all for the
?.ting had been aenl out, and at 4 o'clock nearlj
all ot the 175 Inapectora aaeembled In the hall of the
Board of Educatlon al No. 14>; Orand-at., whera
they found Clty Buperlnlendent Jaapar aud the
tui?n Aaalatant Bupertntendonta compoalng the
Hoard of BupertntendentB, waltlng to confer wlth
Th.- purpoae of tbe meetlng was to afford Super- i
Intendent Jaaper an opportunlty to Inatruci tha ln
?pectora ..s to the dutlea of th. Ir offlce and to map
oui a courae whereby they could be of the greateat
ald lo the Aaalatant Buperlntendenta ln canvaaslng
tne acboola to devlae meana for a..mmodotlng
some _t i.-.ist of the S0.0O9 chlldren now crowded
out of the achoola.
Buperlntendent Jaaper mapped out a plan ahow
Ing how thla -nd could be accompllahefl most s>?- ,
t.matl.-ally. an.i both Inapectora und Buperlntend?
enta Wlll start out on tlMlf rOUnda of v:sltitiK all the
?choola ln tha dtj on Monday next. The clty has
been dlvlded mto twelve groupa and a auperlntend
ent aaolifned lo each group. Tne Inapectora will
, over ihelr own dlatrlcta.
;.ir Jaaper then called tha attentlon of the in
apeutora to the aectlon of the ne? law whlch clearly
a.ii torth whal ti,.-lr duttea are. He told them
lhal oa tne name "Inapector" implled, their work
waa'simply lnspe.torh.l or vlaltorial. Phelr dutlea
.,sisi..i meraly of reportiuK to the Board ,,f h-.tu
catlon ..r tn- board "t Buperlntendenta th- reaulta
oi thelr Inveatlgatlona unu of recommendlng auch
changaa ln the teachlng force, alterattona In the
s, hooi bulldlnga, reualra ?>r aanltary Improvementa
as they .Je-med advlaable. Purther than thla thelr
ofBce i-onferred upon them no powera or prtvllegea
Bome of ihe Inapei tom aeemed to have the Idea that
they had a perfecl right to atep Into any claaa
room, luapend the recttattona, examlne th.- pupila
unu turn thlnga upalde down generally.
Befora th?- conference t-n,le,l Buperlntendenl Jaa?
per told ihe i.i.s|,-, t,,rs i),.,t ii- prlnclpal objecl <>r
the meetlng was ta laj oui th- worh s,> thal the
Hoard of Educatlon, the Uoani of Buperlntendenta
und ti?- Inapectora uiIkIh all work together for the
gOOd Of the s.-hools. 'The onh ,ju-st|.;n that
should -oneern us ls,'' he said, " How can we most
Improve tbe publli acboola of New-Tork Clty?" "
The employea of the Thlrd-ave cablo road r?
luriied from thelr OUtlng at .'oll.-ge Polnl at 9
o'elork last nlght and manh.-.l troiu Baat BUtty
le-oud-Ht. up l-'lrst-uve. to rt.-venty-eiKhth-st. und
down Thlrd-ave to tba atatlon, where they dis
banded. Thej wan accompanlad i.y ttir,-.- banda
of mual- and were eecorted bj Roundaman Bower
and h aquad of pollce from the F:,ist sivt\ aaventh- |
st. atatlon
A flre on th ? thlrd floor of No. l?f> Qraene-Ot., i
about i" o'clock loei nlght d.-trov-d a lar^e part
of the wint.-r atocka of Bernafetn & Bamuel, hai i
manufa. lurera The Bw waa dlocoverad bj r,.
IU-.-i,,..n Mllhurn, of lha M-r. -r st Htntlon. who aenl
in un tii.it.n n> the llme the Rramen arrlved the
Bamea had galned conalderable headway, i,ut n
w ii nol long before they wera under control and
ronfln.-.i i" ii,- tnlr.1 Boor Tha lower part of the
tmiiilliig. whi.h is a six stor> hrl.-k and atone
atructure, waadamoged i>> water Tha totai loaa la
ul.out 94 UOU
Th- H,.,1,1 ..f Edu >?!..,, boa n, ,.i- ,i requaai to tha
Board af Betlmate an.l Apportlonment for an appro
I ,n ,,f K.MB4H foi U1B7, ,,n incraaoa of ?:.i
B4a* over lhal il laal yeai Th.- incraaoa ls portiy
(1,,,- t,, ti,e numbei of oen i hoola le ba eracted and
parl.v t" tha new sial.ni whl.-h puta a l?r?.- number
of siipirlnt. ixlenis on ihe pay roll.
Ann un, rmrnta.
a.,.1 i:iA.
The Best is the Cheapest.
wlll dellght every gemilas lover ''? ths srl ef w-M
Th- piece li large. lal I, ilmpllclty Itself ln f..rm.
Ita fmnr I. boldly Bculptnresque. Orotesqu* faeee, Hk*
n.-in. thal ever arere, yel fuil of llfe and sptrtt, decorate
tn? rhren drawera, the r.pr-rt mouthfl f>rm!nir drawer pulls.
similar facea ornament ih? curvei --f ths outer poets sn;>
p<-,rtin? tbe central drawer, abova in < p>*n *ove, are ral
lnto atrange en.-me u_? flgures. a beantlful frlese ef
croaa i eornucoplas, w.'h wlne. l lorat*.
Iha baek. Well worth a rlslt, whether or not y a wtsh to
"ftu"V*OfTH_ maker"
Obo. C.Flint Co.
4A.45 a?d 47 wa*T 2_TST,
Cents a Pound, delivered Free in
U S. 11 Na?sau St , N. Y. City.
AHerlng, Relaylng, Ac. ir. Baal _7il? St.
B ?.' Bunsel b_V3 Moon rl ? ? p m T:OB Moon'
AM Bandy Hnok B:18 Oov. Iilsnd !'?",- Hell Qate 11:29
I- M Bandy Hook B:3B'Gov. laland '? it H :. Qat* 11:37
V....I Ir. m.
Nymphaea.fJtbraltar, Bept B.
Roaa*.Bt I.U'tt. Bepl Ifl
w elmar .Hremen, B< |,t 12.
. Arrow
t A Holt
.N (; 1.1 ?? ?!
M.in.i. i..i.(*_**natoi? n, Bepl ll.Ill Trani
- .I>. Ouayrn, Bept 18.!;??'. l>
I'olora.lo.llull. Bepl 11.Wllaon
Fl s.,1.New (?rl*an?, Bepl 20.M rgan
N ,r innla.Hamburg, Bepl 17.Hamb Amer
Bt. I'aui.Bouthampton, Bepl n?. Am. ,
Btrurla.Llverpool, Bepl 10.Cunard
liohrm.a.Hamburg, Bept n.Hamb Amer
Chl.-ago t'lty .Bwanaea, Bepl 12.itn-t.-i Clty
Cbnia!.Oalveaton, Bept 18. Uallory
Abc'-nQiiln.fBckaonvlIle, Bepl 2t.f*lyd*
La Kretagna . Havre, Bepl 19. ..Fren >i
.1.Hamburg, Bepl Hl.Han
llln.loo .London, s.-pt 14.w
v. -
TO 1 AV.
Veaael For. Mn-. Malli
i, ('ha. leston, Clyde . -
Colorado, Brunswlck, Malluiv . -
La Qascogne, Havre, French.1
l.,i.- inln, I ??? ??';? ? I, i "unard .e -
Maaadam, Rolterd?m, Neth Am*r . B:4M1
l-'ulda, Oenoa, N ,; Uoyd. H ci .i ni
l-'urneaala, illaagow, Anchor .. .....10:00 a m
li.-kla, Chrt'tlanaand, Thlngvalhi.11:00am
Ardanrosc, Qreyto*n, \l .?? ....10:00am
Aiv.-nn, .Ismsira, Atlai. l.m
Vucatan, Havana, .S',.rl. 10:30am
Prtna F. Hendrik, Haytl, ll Dutch ? 10:8) am
Curacao, Martcalbo, Bed i>. -
'-? a rn
>*t a :.i
IB) ., im
"<> ,i in
00 :n
,?> i m
.on in
(hi m
30 p m
30 V III
1 :U" V tn
Bteamer Oermanlc (Br), MeKlnatry, from Llverpool Bep?
tember 18 and Queenatoarn 17. arlth mdae and i isaengera
to H Maltland Kersey. s,,viih ol Flr* liland ai 7 5.1 p m j
si^nm.r Colorado iltn, Whltton, II..'.. Beptember 11,
witli in.l*.- iii.i ji paaaengeis l Banderson .v S?a Ar
rlved tit the Bai st 7:,,.", i, na.
r l_hn d!.!). Hellmers, |<rem>*n Beptember lf.
;?>!> ,-,ii ln and 812 ateer
ArrUfl a! i!... H;.r al
an.l Bouthampton H>, wltli md
ag* paaaengers t,> Oelrtch* & <
I 'jj ii ni
Bteamer siriua (Br), Ford, Bantoa Beptember A arlth eof
f. n,,flk A- Jevona. Arrlved at th* twr m noon.
Bteamer Mai iBr?, Qrahl Rarranqullla Beptember !?">.
ultli mdae t.. Ki-M a- ('?,. Arrlved .' II ?? Bar al 3 :>.i p m.
Bteamer Morgan Clty, Lcaeh, Oalveaton Beptember l'i,
wiiii mdae to .) T Van Birltle.
Bteamer Roanoke, Qlover, Norfolk with m,l?e and r^ui
eengera t?? die < n.i Domlnion Bs. ?'?>.
Si.ri.1v Hook, Sei.t. _4. B_U .- m \Mr.,l weat. ni,xlerat?
br**a*i ? i.-.ir.
St.-.itn-r Newbern, Rbodae, Norfolk?Old I>emini,,n s?.
st-iim-r li M wiiitn.v. HsIUtt, Boaton It 1' Dtmock.
Bieamcr Naooo*h*e, Bmlth, Bavsnnah Oc*an Ba (".
Bteamer .-dintiaa',. I..-ikI,i .n, Bantlaso, Clenfuaaoa, and
N.iv>iaii J ll War.l t ' '??
.-r Torktown, Dol*. Norfolk aad Nawport Newa
OM Uomlnton Sa Oo,
Bteamer Bedouln iiiri, Qodwln, Oslveeton Petar Wright
A S,,n.
Bteamer Ortnoco . lir>. Fraaer, Hamlltoa, Bermuda A 1-:
Outerbrldge i Cb,
Bteamer Psnama il-T), <*iir.-l. Bordeaux, Kran.-e -Funch.
Bdya _ Co.
.?Me,iiner Mathll.la* INot), Feertng, P.-rth Amhoy, N J?
W D Uu
Bteamer Kl Mar. Orant, Nsn Orleana .1 T Van Blckle,
st am< r M lahattan, i::_kk. I*ortl_nd, Xl? l(.<rati.> Hall.
Bieamar Benefactor, Towneend I'hKadclphla Willlam
P . lyd* & Co.
Bhlp Cavsidoa <Ht). K.-i-\ Bl ingbal Hourina *
luirii J,.hann.-a (Nor), Brtgge, Chrtstlsaaand snd Chris
luii.ia li nl.H-n _ lloyeaen
Mark Bephyr (Bwed), w iKh-iiii. Blo Oreade de Bul
Baahain .v B \eaen.
Btoamers Beatlssjn fo* Kssaau, ite; Torkloarn, N rfolk
and Sewpon N*wb; N*wberne, Norfolk; El Mar, N.-u
, ? ,'Mu iiin. Uaiih .k,i Ihindes; Coiumbla ,.;-i.
Hamburg, vla Plymoutb an.l <'iier.?,ur_, Benvfactor, ri.ii
Bleaoaar tv\i<- (Br), Nleol, __? New Tork, for Urse
pool, i.aR?e,1 I naiin-1 Hept. inl- r 2i
Btsamsr Hrltannl. iBr), lladd * k. fr,.m New-Tork for
Uvarpo-I, paaaad Klnaal* Beptember 24.
Ht^ain-r h'uixt lliainar. k i.l.ii. Albara. from \,.w
Y..rk. vlu I'll inoiit.i. f.r llanil.iira. nrr.\r.| at (*h*rbuur>
Beptember .'4
steamei Trav* n..-ri ThalenhoiM, from \.-? Y...k \t,
B'Uthampton, .u.iv.-.l al Hr*m*r. ? n,!,..r ->h
Bteamer kal_MM u/llhelm ll ,,;.:. llo_eraann. from
Ne? Tork, arrlved al Nai,|.-* B*ptembei .'i, aad uio
ci- I- I f r I Li, ., "
(*!.?...,-r Ardand*ar_ IBr), Klnley, froai Ne? v,,rk Inl*
?>, Ma Bl vlncent, > -. ..ni...l at Uuriwui Bep.embei _i
Bteamsr Burop* .Uu. Roblnaon, fr,m Nrw Vork sei,
i^mt.^r 2. Mrri\e,| it London Beptembsi 24
Hteamer MoMlB (Br). LayiBBd, from NS_ York Bsn
|e.ni--i lt, arrlved ai london 8e|..em..rr 24
Bteamer Kala^r Wllh^lni 11 nl.^i, lloaanw fr ,in
N*w Y.,rk Sepiemter II for Naplea aud liiiiua, paasiM
Olbraltar B*pi*uib?r __ ? ?"
Double Breasted Frocks of Thibct,
Llama and Worsted Coatings. Soft
, ?yiclding?gracefu!. Silk Faced and
plain. Perfect fitting?models of stylc
Of Thibet and l.lama, $25 to $.15; Coat anl Veit.
Of Woritedi, $14 to $20; Ciat and Ve*t.
Comer Broadway and Canal *treet, ,
26r-267 Broadway, below Chambrrs St.
Ad-ortfaementa aJmllte.1 Into Iheee eel.
? mna are reoommended io llie rendera ol
THE TRIBl NE aa thoroa_rhly rellahle. aad
Ttaalneaa can he dono by ninlt r?ltu Ihe ad
eertlaera ?11 Ir perfect aavfetjr
Company, L't'd.
6 ___i is'ih Btreet,
Opp. ArnoM. I onatahli * lo.
TheThos. J. Stewart Co
Storajrc Warehouses
and Movinz Vans.
15.11 RKOrDW'W, \. Y.
Irle * .'.th St., iersnf I lt).
Telephone Connectionv
The larzest assortment
cf Stationery Goods
1 His llron.lr.n-. X. T.
Tt.e aan ki-.-s r
Exi " < IB . Ar It.????
(all nn.| n .huii.e lt.
Crouch & FitzgeralJ.
161 Broadway,
688 Broadway,
723 Sixth Avenue,
in the City at
__6:> Nassau Sl., N.V.
Over 500 nunberso'
Esterbrook's, Gillott's,
Perry's, Spencerian,
lai.iL-. Tadella,6:..,&c.
to mak* tha
i?iv?',M or
Open, Flild. Ma.-lna Gliista,
IffwrM Co? 5M?idenLii?,
I'ri'luallW. for r?_llj
brllllaa; virtety ar.d n
raclty of rontenta wfcil
eleaa, d'.cnl'led ar.4 pura.
fi Cent* tt Copf/g
Tha atrevtatl >n Caa
Blllllr lr.e-*_ed. and 11
?m a better al.-r.t rg
n-.'d , m Il.en ?\?r
WHaT it means,
..ml other ittvei of tbe campolgia
MR.IOK M'KIM.I'.l ??* HOMI'. l.ll'K.?Will. num
.-,-.,?< Ii.<.'i,l?nmr illiintriition*. The niii.i aa
ln- I- WrU Hl home ilurlnu the ,-i.... pillttu,
, .1,'t Rialtora. mn-iiiK *pccelie?. tuid
rujnyinu ll.e few hour* ..I reln lallon.
l'.iuht portralta of Majnr >I.-Kli.le> u l ,1,11. ? r
rnt iiki"). ?? i 11. pl.-lur.-a uf hin mulher nnd
Rvlfe, nml other lillrnellR e pleture*.
tlil.lill.-M uf the rumpulitn ii ii.l li?? l.la
? lin-i-lir^ ar? prrpare.l. Iu u ?l?iwj aupplc
iiient estra, t qaqpaa, \v...-ki> Triimnr- wlae.
Blaorla .?pir<, i .-.-nn n? ...ni.-*. !? ooaitai
11M> ,-oplea. D0 eei.C; 1.4HMI enple*. *'_."?>.
Itl.l'l IHA rio\ lllll'l ni VU-'.li. ? liu\l?l A.
AWIIa'a reainrUaltle letter to ll.e Trllmne,
"HreiiUert Miend.' reprlnleil in a anpple
menl wheel. wl/.e of 4 pttMBm of The- Vtertlr
'I'riliuiie, ii.i.l ln ...l.lu, ... e\iriiel? from
apee?-he? of W, llm.rl.r . ,?Ur??. Ilml.l H.
Hill ai,.1 I'nrl ><-l..../. nll lleinoeriila. A
moal fffeellR ?? dneument for ?-l reulatlon
nmniiK Paiatrata. 1 eent per ?-up> ; 10
copicN. io oc_toi nn) ,oi,i.s. .*.?? aasBai i.oao
.-,,|,lri. $9 ."?<).
I>S| |-:?4 OBT THK fOIIMH.V?Knr popnlaa
renilln*. four |i?K>'" of tlie ?l?e of The
MVrklv I'riliunr, c-on ...Ini.iu "Menaee of
l'opoorm-j." nml "\n 4'ln-np Ilollara
IViinlrd" I'rmi, ri-l'ri'?lili-ni llarrlaon'a
apeeeh; "\\ hut Kree <<iln,i?e Meana." re
prinl'-il from TklO TrlNOBI "Onr l nlted
Country" and -MIlRer I iillacl,--, ltld.lle<l."
from 1 llll.im >I?-Klnlr>'? leller of ae?-ept?
iio.-e. ii.i.l "KrT?-<-t? of Ihe lll.m.l \<l aad
I.iirv of I>!?.?." rrprli.l.-il from Ihe Irit.'.i.e.
A moat aOTacttvOi nhort. eunip.ilun a. ?u
n.ent, I e?-iit per eop> i IO eopie*. IO eenlal
l?M, iMiulra. ."4? eenla: l.ooo eoplrs, gSML
HOLD AM) ?4II.Vi:it.?Tllf llueatlon of t'ola
ukc.-I pnmphlet of IHI l,n-ij,- piiK.-a. eon?
Irlnlna tfco enlerl. Inlou nnd h.inl I, illln a
jolnl ilrhale bOtWOOa ???wall U. Ilorr und
t. S. Senulor Wllllinn BE, ">l.-nuri on I rre
< olniiKe. In ??hleli Mr. Ilorr oonu.lrlrlr
rontr.l lila ud\?-r?ury. The rr hole ,|ii.-?ilu?.
on both al.lea. -.". i-rnln per aluttle <-?pr.
HKIM'III.If ?N TI'-VT IKHIK.?A pniuphlrl ol
IOS l,,,?r |,?k-". ,??.?l?l?.; i,,? ii ^ artl.'lra
on the f un.ln men ta I prlnelplea of the > ?.u
:.?e laaue. HunUa. an.l the I'mtii-llir- TarlS,
prepared <?> ItoaRvell 4.. Ilorr. Thl* iloea
mrnl, la*ued In isilt. ,m eiaell) approprlale
for 1*1".:. iiii.I .-aiiuiil l.e liupruted upuu. -&
rrnlR per aln_le i-o|)>.
WU4N0M TABH~* IIII.I.VKalea eomparrd wtt?
the >I,-J\lnle? hill. and .-..nlalnliiK alao the
te\t of Ihr 1'npiillat lneome lat laW, ?'hlrh
Ihe >aprrair fuurt ?lrelnre,l oneonatlHl"
ll.ii.i.l. IO ,-enia per aliiRtle ,-opv.
WHOU ?ll.\i:it mi:<iiio\ i\ a ?lUBMatl.a
? A fiimuna apeeeh h> .lohn Mienuaa. *
amall lir.iihurr. _ ,-ruli per aluule t-upf.
ai i. or nn: I oitit.oiM.. i> iim: BiuiiKT.
H -,:,.., i:.,,.,i,i.,- (Br), TOcBMia fwoi ^ ? tft Bag
(.?,!-., : , .. \.. , Bn . ,| ate, i??*ea
Niali.i Bepiembar 34
Kieamer ,;i ,i.?., ,itr,. Honeymaai aaltaB ??? BB1
ataatlnupla t., N??? \ ? , k 8?|, i ,^
Hteamei atedemahi , \,,,r, Bhadwlrk nail.-.l frem ??'
dleabomuch for Nea \ ,.ik Beptembet 23 __._-_
at, .,,., t'.n,,.,.,. ,,,.,, ii.,,,.,..,, ..iti?l fi\.m TTRrare
^l'i,-,,. -- __ #A
Hanulen, aallnl fi>-m Ttvata
33, ? __.
,,,- i . in ,11-. |..?,- MlM rr.,n, h*an??
r< r New \,., iv Be) li > ,???: -.'li
si .,m,.. \,,.,.,,, nn iiKiteh) "' RoneiaaaBj
ai,le.1 i,.ia li .,'. ,m>- i -i Sea \ . ?> - ptemla ?'
Hleamei Itiiiatlne il-.m, La ?"??
aall. I fi ?, n' rlda I .s, .\ \ rk Mepl
Stetiiii.-i M -- .,
f.r N
I , \,-,? \
from <\'|..-r,t,a?aa>
rrom H
?alleil fi ?; , .?,n,? a foi Nea v, rk Hepiembet :'4
si.-.,,,,. m:.,?? ,it., Oaiea, aallad Boai LaoBBB BBl
Mew-York September ^4. . mM
sie,,,,.-: Norpi iDaa), Kaudaen. froai Ha* \ark .lumm
29 f,.r steitm. anivad a. Bwlnemuadi Baptemfcaj -i
Btaaaaar Vaaadaai (Dutehl Vaaderwa. fr-m N ?*?'??
geiitymber 13, aitlveU ai Ujllerdaiu Sevunibif ?*

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