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I P/AGES 13 TO 16. | r**
*+++???+????????????? ???????#? ?
? _SEPTEI*1BER25,i8-6
pacm-NKD HIS voi.i: A\T? TH.FN A BRA8
i\ IN NKW KN'-.l.AM'
,: ? cmul, ?< , -4 rale Colleae boya
Mar, d the Mg opea-atr meetlng addreaaed by
??? Bryan heie to-day. ai caueed
Up in confuslon. As it waa, Mr Hryan
' , mptlng to Bpeak and retlred ln
Th* movenw "? <,r -h-> *">"'" ' umably pre
ph, \, ? -ed through the crowd.
; to eina and yell at flvea alsnala.
'.^. ? tn baa*- his speech thera waa a
rui from the students ot " "Rah!
Yale!" He trled to ko on. but the
: - A sona Wlth the refraln
gold" k'i>t hla worda from beinu
.fildnt* eat down. and .1 B.
: ratlc candldate for Oovernor,
-. |, - iirman of the Btate rentr.il
? - .. b Puller, the Democratlc
.ncress in this dlstrlct. made ap
Tl ? Ir efTorta were eueceaaful after
hn_ i?.e4i eeated ten mlnutes. and at
med his remarks But th.- derlalveyells
agwln, an.l Bfteen mlnutes luter the
I it hla addreaa to a elose.
.; ,?.-. from a Bt&nd on the aouth nlde
.- ii, nn anctent ho::*- of worshlp
? lt \-.a> atl ldeal rlar-e for afl
I and the weather w.is perfect.
nonnoua. People had bac^ca__li_
??? mornlng on eacurelon tifeia
v. ? ? red the Qawen betwei - ???
f them were Kathered there. over ln
v rt of the bla ahady soju ra the Flrst
?>!e cannectlcut Naval altlltts had es
ta. Company K. of Hartford,
thousand of thoae who could i I I
, . ? : the candtdati drlfted away
mllltary contlnaent
- M- Hryan Bnlehed apeakIng A H
r Norwlch candldate for Lleuti
uid sharply crli
. men He aald: "ln this dti
i men, thU ly of worklngmen.
ln the name of Ood and ma;-. to l
ta the queatlona that have been
- by w-.ir.am Jennlnga Bryan.
? i vote ln November ln accordance witli
Al tO 'he youna mer. who have made lt lm
for hlm to ipeak to-day, l asli
repreeenl Yale any m ?
K , n Nov. mbei They hav
g ofl their wlnd as he ls blowlng off hla
? - IntB the world n
I who hav. llke you, been
? . ? rslty s
.. .. I ln every wall
..... .- Mr Bryan, and they
_ Yale con
Ba ?
and Mr Hryan waa taken to the New
- rriage. He looked very i
I refysed to shake hands ai
? ?? - \ir Bryan'a Interrupted ap
? ? ' ?
- - -
- : -
peojM ?
... -,tr ??:. lf
? en have ef
- -
? ' '
. f
- ?
- ' '
v I greal
arn llvlni
e known not as cr.
- ? ? . ?
" "
met hlng more thai
; ... I have -
great maaa of the |
_ ? ? ?? ? blmelallism
... groa bai nder a
? a rvea evei
ilao ii; large numb. ra
I i do nol know whetl i
atandard who emploj ? ipa. ln
found employers a fut ir.
woi ' week'a
hen pul
?her?- mu--- Ix iom. I
. v - upon the
the en
? m wrlt<
are to
? woi k 'l ? ? 'or your
? ??(;.I! good! i *S
? ? - ' ?'" the
. .nt done gh to vote
iui our tellina th.-m how t. vote (Ap
-.-.at m some plaeea they have been
'money t-Jul A -nd th.
saytng that l ?
rt hlm ln hi? I
U s - I have wonder. ,1 wh> o u
ndicati ?., wl ? ? ? i; ??'???- -
wrtte in the api
. .... ? fousi
. hti r.l I hej
? ? ..... volent,
... do s
, . . rlng then run th. Clbv. rn
-.1 the) -
.. rnment in order to help tl ?
i>ie w ? ? ben. i.i-i (Mor.
' - - - -
!' ..,,>., moi ? make money aear
N .... ta platform that lt was
? ,,aru tlmes >rt) that de
__Id standard ln subetance declares
' ? ? mtlon of hard tlme*
Her. ? band accoanpanylng thi lal Regiment,
stuio. (Juard of ?'??? * '""'"
BtByln*- - :. the *aat alde of the common, m
aaaln . much nearer to Ihe itai pre Mr
apeakina "-" thal '-' was ln
??ir i n mon than ? few feet .way from the
fr,.,- ? tform Tha students, however,
?aaa ? ? maktng aa much dtaturbnitca m thej had
?OJltll.U' u.
It .r gh to talk ?? hen all the co.
sr? fr. | muat ia lo ezcua. me
g'any further m the preaenc. of the
? w . tve to < ombai to
?Mr ;? eived hla we , on." to Conneetlcul
Bad n. . ?tmaaford, whlch he reached
? t ?... K Ha ni_.i<- b ahort speech there
*M ' Bouth Norwala
Hridg. ;,.,r. hgd Mr Bryan tor an hour He waa
tr-t\. atlon by .? Ing dowl. and wax
ia?-i giot part wheaa ha aaoks ta a
?toad ? .?.,,,. ,,.,i,.
*?''*?? wbai aouM baaa hoaeal dollar ' aa
"??'-' thi say a dollar whleh, when yau melt It,
l,Jt*> anhlng Aceordlaa ?? ,h?' ,h>' Blaaican doi
?a :? .,- honeal dollar, becauae rou caa aae-11 It and
? laaaa'i .mg."
"How m.i-r, la lt wortli"' was asked fiom tha
AUdle: .
"It k worth hiat tlit satne that the bullkm li M
k aarth," ? ... , aaewer. "Now, 11 the M
lollar is worUl Ju_,t a- mll(.h as tha bUlUon ln lt.
J*- 'h? bulllon ln lt ls worth Just aa much as the
"?llcan dollar. then I want to ask you If it Ib not
?? honest doUar. accurduig to those who aay that
nn honest dollnr ls a dollar that loooa nothlng by
lt *Hn 1 o'rlock when Mr. Rrvan roacbed Kaw
H.'ivi 1:.
Hartford, Conn., Bepl M, Mr. Bryan'a ttlp from
N-w-Hnv-n to Hartford was without Bpeclal ln, I
'hnt. (\ ?..,,. for ,h? ,u.v,.u,,,?,,.,,, ,,r ,,?,.,.I.r,ii.l.
feellng over the dlsarrangemenl of tha progrommo
?t Merlden. Il had been annoancad thal the
Bpeclal car would be ablfted to a alde tr... k there
and rem.-Un over forty mlnutea When Merlden
araa reacbed, however. th.- oflielatai of the New
York, New-Haven nn.i Hartford Rallroad refuaed
td altow the car io t?. detached, on th.- ki
that ihe shiftinis- proceaa t, ght rai -?? ac Idenl In
tne bla rrowd al the ? Merl len
tlon waa attended by a fTeal throng. Mr. Bryan
appeared cn the rear piatform and waa ch.
Short atopa wer.- made ;,i Walllngford and al
Mr. Hryan ended hl? Connectlmil tour 1o-nlRht
by mnkliiK two apeechea In Hartford Both me*-t
:? ga wer.. held In the open alr. ihe flrst ln Capltol
I'ark and tne other ln Maln-al . In front of th f*lty
"I wculd llke- 10 know what kind of a acheduld
thl-. party la runnlng on," remorked h fat, red
faced man at ihe Qrand Central Itatlon Bhort
ly after R o'cio.-k yeaterday mornlng. Hr wi
of ih.- Receptlon Commlttee that waa at the Bta
tlon to meet Mr. Bryan, the I'opo.-ratlr can
* -r Praaldent, and conduct hlm to i'onnectl.-ut.
Mr. Bryan, so the rommlttee that met Mm nt th..
Qrand Central Bl terday aoclared, a
? itarled at > o'clock In tho mornlng for New
Haven, Accordlngly the eommltte.. foi;:- in num?
ber, arrlved at the Qrand Central Btatlon at
and patlently awaltod the arrtval of thelr can?
dldate. They were Wllllam Kennedy, Fhllllp J.
Bennett, .lohn P. Corney and Wllllam Q
;.il of Connectlcut. The> eagerly aeanned th.
of every or.-- that entered the waltlng-roon
told the few people In waltlng thal
th.y w-n- waltlng for Wllllam J Bryan
' aome llttle cuiioslty, an.l a llttle kn??t >.f
curloua on.-s hunt: nround the atatlon waltlng for
dvent of the "Boy Orator." When he dld
ine the crowd began to chafl the Receptlon
Commlttee, t.n,l they ln turn sought aeclualon In
the reataurant, When the handa of the clock
polnted io * and ?tin no algn of Mr Bryan, and the
traln pulled out of tbe atatlon, tbe Receptlon Com?
mlttee gave a irnsp ot deppnlr and looked blankly
at . ach 01: ? i
Whlle they were dlBCUBOlng the ?11,,,iIlon a nom
pout- but murh worrled Cltlaen rush'-d ln-o the
atatlon and gaaped
"Han -? ? n hlm?"
- ? ... -ked the disfrusted Reception <'om
WI v. BryOJ ," he nsked In eurprtao. "I thought
he wo; I ? be h.-re bv this time."
Tbe newcomer wai Alexander TToup, chalrman
of the ? il Btate Commlttee. ut-.. w.,* com
??.,] to eacort Mr, Bryan through ln> E
II.- w.i> aatonish. I by 1
-.1. bul al oi e hurrl,
... th. Hotel Margarel
Brooklyn, wher. he haa lefl Mr Bryan the pre
? at eame bark w -
Mr Hr;. a:. w.is atlll - thal he waa too
ttred t Th. ap. ker explalned thai Mr
? h,.me ln the evenli c aft. i
meetlng Bi klyn ln wn l -hed phyi
real waa ab ry. Mr
Troup further learned that Mr. Bryan a
latloi n tlme 1 taki ti 10 o'clock,
thi. ? breal
the reatuui
Mr. Bryun arrlved Thej atarted li ilni
and I the door of the reata
when cltlaen ruahed up and aald;
"Where i- ',?" The apeakei ?.,- Wllllam P Bt
John. tr> ,,-u-r of thi Popocratle Nationa] Com
tlon waa explalned to hlm and he
? othera at breakfaai At 10 o'clock Mr
Bryan dld arrtve at t!.- - I the start a oi
made without any addltlonal troulle.
Brldgeport, Conn., bept C4-Th? poltee raptured
two plckpocketa who followed tht Bryan party t..
(Ma clty this mornlng. The prlaoner* glve
? ? aa .' W Keei m, of New york, and john
Wllllama, of Chlcago. The latter says he ls a eom
i merclal traveller, but teiis a poor storv On
:. were found a ti."- stu.i atolen at tl i ii
.?rom Ambroae Blackman, of Hawleyvtlle
- Abt. of thii clty, loat a .liamond atud. The
ired at Waahington I'ark whfle
Bryan -? - ipeaklng. J T Lyncn, onf of th. R.
?i Commlttee. waa relleved of hla gold wat -:.
a rather prepoaaeaalng Oerman glrl named Maj
KUngblel, twentj oi ?? uralgned be
Uaglatrate Kudllch, ln the Harlem Court, yea
terday afternoon by Ofllcera Noah an
tlon, ?? ' ? rge ol
f,r(........ from o\e Waal i irtment-ho
-and-tw. ntj -bj i nd-ei and B.
, the amoui l ' I ?? Thi ofllcera told the
Maglal the glrl had coi I I aake i
? ? r, oi ahe had
the atol.:, pi
_!ri had i- ? of Mr> <, rg.
Wlllian i .....
- ago one of the I
? ? . ri)
m the houae had i. robbed The ofllcera
: '? ' !
,,n. at. At the atatlon ahi
.... and confeaaed, telllng th. (1 ? "
j?,:t of the -' - i'd be found II
Bal_ thai l - -. ted to b. n irrled and atole
rtlclex 1 I
Yr- \\ llliami loal |ew< ln "'? thlng t aluod
at fl90' Mra W Ward Damon, allk ?"?-?
won,.,',- appar. I I " ' Baxt. i
? .. value of whl. h l* noi glven. and Mii ?
t flttedn.
,...,! thelr rooi - >lgne '
Harlem Courl ihi* - i i array
v off. :??! ll ? ?
Dlacuasing ? ? of ooor flw
r, Henrj Clewa aald
Cew-Y .rk. *
ll time
v . ,: over <! .'.
ompar, i ?
Improvemenl nplementa
h.ive made a revolutlon
follov ? rlllng nt Bl. the
urlce 11
' -
,. ;. ;,-. ? ,-day, the pi
II It muai
t formerlj went I ?
It hai
cD-ton i er pi
n i... - t of thi -
v.iilBi ? ? producta On th. ?
i . ,. utei ?' ' i ? ' f cotton or 188
buanela of wheal will to-day bu
-,, y, ir, The ?
arheal ar. emple :
' . ii n ild make th. ra fav.
Inferloi kind,
aaadvocated bj the allver party.
l/,'/,*/1 Al* OF GOLD.
Arrlvala ol
Auranla for tha Kaa V?rk Pi I hxnge Bank
and 16.'. 008 b> the Lahn for Led. nburg, Thalmann m
Co -,-,,. re wai '? *." *"M '" 'hn
_.i Tt, ? ? ' '
EficT Spe? ':
from London to Naw-Yori
.4 compbebbed'aib CAB Hl Bl
ti,- m rtropolltan Ti u ll m Comi
, j. ed one ol the c >m| n -
,,. the Amerlcan w ?? > lock Bnglne - >m| -
VVorceat. r M UM . and ll i BOU ll the pow. I
a. one-h indred aod-foi
v, pearaoi r "'?-'"""-r "f !l" T'
Company, nrM ycaterdaj th
i, nd kei end thal the imi r. --? I aii .
\). m" Pearaon artded thai lha ?
'''" , ''',,,, tha motor a/ould t^ mod< on th. ..
""" ih. bu nol untll aeveral cara bad arrlved
r. number ordered .- elghl Al the
u')",.,-ek . ompan) ii waa aold thal n-j one i
The poBea of tha Kast Twenty-aecond-et
made known yesterday the facts ol tb* capti
three rounterfetters whlch they had made wlthln
th. laat week '1'v.r. men and a woman wera ar?
reated. Th<- men are lodn.-i in Ludkrw Btreet Jall
an.l held in 110,080 ball each for trlal The woman is
l(,,-k<-.l up in lhe House (,f I t.-t? ntlon ln PN ball
Bhe ls want.-d aa a wttneoe. The r>..it- <? ..r
looklng ' - member of the gaoa.
Theae arreated are Willlam Knapp, tweaty-four
y.ars old, hl*. wif.-, Lottle, i Ineteen yeara old, and
Thomas Pagan, twenty-two yeara okL
The place In whlch thej carrled on th-ir counter
felttng wai .1 back ro,,m on the top Boor of a fur
nlahed-room bouai S i 3 il Twenty-thlrd-et.
The knowledge thal aomethlng wrong waa Roinc on
In ih< hous. waa made known to Captaln Bmlth
? k ago lt waa *-.-,i'i thal thi n a
ihlnK auepBctoua aboul the occapanta of the room
on the top fl,?.i back BH ng. hammertngs were
h'.ir.i there al all hour". an.l there were man) w. II
dreased callers ?i.? attracted attentlon. Captaln
Bmlth detalled Detectlvea Rlnk, Btephena and Con
' mak** an Investlgatlon They ?hadow?-<l the
.,.?,,! one ,lay. when th.-r. w ,- no one m the
room on whlch susptdon reated, they made an <-n
trance ?nd rxamlned It. They found a rotnplete
assortment of counterfeHerW i raphernalla.
This waa nr, last Baturday They walted In fronl
if the I arreated Knapp when he entered.
They searched hlm and found ln hl- pockei
teen counterfelt tO-cenl ptecea and a bad quarter.
He l.roke rtowi and eonfeaeed, Impltcatlng Pagan.
The dete. I vea coi tl.*d th. li wati h on the house
: Tuesday arrested Knapp'B wlfe when she
approached lt Bhe acknowledged that 1
and Pagan had beei eounterfeltera during
seven weeks' atay In tbe ho ild that -h
had oft( ? remonatrated with h<r husband ???
I the w,,rk. aa ahe feared he would evenl
l? ? aptured.
The woman i- .-, vartety Rctresa. Knapp la known
.i- "Muat .ng Jack." He la a tr ch rtder, and ln the
Bumme. four or flve monthi In the VVeai
branding ? attle II- ga atlon aa i
when ..rrent^.1 Pagan waa arrest.-d on Tueaday
nlght. He ;.-?'.?? ? and wa*
- arreal Mr- Knapp, hon ever.
aaya iliat Pagai was her hushand'a acc.
lugbt the plas-er w.'h whlch the moulda wi re
n . d.
The Becrel Bervlce offlclala compl mented the rte
thelr capture, and aald i? was one of the
n.oi.1 compli te Pt ol mo ld* ev. r
w.re fourteen moulda aelaed. They were foi
of all denomli ttlom from a cent tr, M centi
. ., Ignr-ho- fuil
fourteei f mpoaltlon and antlmony,
and otbi r matertal.
The Secrel Bervlce n,en believe that th.- men ;ir?
-..: wltl , Western gang of ,-ounter'.
Kn inp and Pagan uaed to p..-- th. counterfelt coin
on Thlrd-avi shopke. ," r*
Mr- ... .al Pagan ' eme to
,.t ?? ..r.-.I he would
|,e arrested If h< ventured there Pagan gave hla
pollce .,- N" '-'.?" '! hlrd-ave and aald
- a bookkeeper Th.- pollce k.-pt the fi
'h<. arn I ? terday, In the hope th.,t
: llcei of the prls
I. *,N IEB - J.KM"'. Kl.
I. ld an Inquesl yeaterda
' . ? .- | H R
t Batui
mbula. ? v. ? g ti naferred from St.
Luke'a to th,
i>r. y c. Wood teel
i.- Bt Luke'a ?? nd found hli " g froi
hollrn " Ined Banges
.... the transfei ' ongbt that he was ln a
condltlon *o be transferred Dr. P. P. Owen, ambu
lance i iraeon ol the Harlem Hospltal, t-..i.i i
..nd a half mlnutea after I
Luke'a t'orone. I - .-??-?
ed at St Luke's. He thoughl Rangea
would have r**covered fr.?m th?- deiirl-.im tremenB,
killed hlm
[., i .. . I ? ibbs sald that
.Ifala In the i ."? Be< med
. ? t thej dld "The Boctaty for the
Preventlon of Crui maln ls mor.- coi
ate of ." he sald, "than lhe
,.-? meni of aom* of the hoapttala "
The that death n
to al,--. rlum tn m. ns, and c ?
apltal authorlties foi :.-Klip.-nce
Tiin ?A!.F. OF I.I'.'i: 8*1 ?? K OWNED BT f-OUOS-X
4 lt HIL.TOX
A - I ?? rses.l
eaaes a a s
tali j ? aterd i) by \ I
neera, The ? - property of Hllton,
? ;. , s al the Arm'a
? ;?? irge
M. Wrl|
.?? pplna trucks, fo u
aragom three
durop 't doubls ; flfty
two seta of aingl. ;..,: eai Tl ? ?
? ? ; i were
re illz. d
.. flrat horse offered, _ - . broughl 1150,
bed J-':. T - pr ?
ordina. ?* ' ?
. ? ? > ?
K. ... i that he dld - > becs
.....,.] i thal to i ul wlth II now
would be llk. ilni ?1 ' imllj M in
wer, -rn- i from out of ton n
ittomei Hughes St <
: ie md a ig ?n sale
-II, . | ... f Colonel A. B Hllton's
? r- iratoga wlll also
of to lhe hlgheid hldd.-i Th re .:? nln. ?' ?-- In
terrli i- and
- Ilve
i-at( .,.? 8o manj p. rsons were
tl. doe i wl -.?.-.... ?. were
: :.. ls, that he deelded
... thal f rj bodj who de
aired to do so could bld foi them \morig the priz..
. Klng < ?rry, s bull
dog wlnner of flrst prlxes ln this clty, Chicag,
tced hlm In
H,,. rhullenge rlasa Mam dog-fanclers thlnk tl it
l , |9 th. fli eai dog of hl* kl n< ? He ? i*
I . ... ||,i_. i
. dog ahon In thi* cltj Another prlae-wlnnei
!,,!?. ,?-.-: or 1.1.- . a bulidog blt,
.. |a the famou Sulenl, When the i tter was
ih. coat s; ?
ln the ? han havlng won the .
hallenge prizes, and alao n
? thi log* four eolll
le. all prtse-wtn
Imi 01 tt-d w ? Ish tl i ri. r. w
. i iz.-- In Bngland,
Bdverttaed to be aold
Preparatl ns hav. gun for n ikl. -
ni ? .. | of A i
.- 1 We
Rev. 8. Delancey 1 - -
i would be It Ib th
. bulldlng so s mai
. \ ? bi pur
n issbi -.*. : ? B?
' hai
,,. -.'? ed four n lt 185.0
i , pr.
... g 1 I fl ige in
////>// DELEGATEH BACK 10 l/\
,t leaat flve men who i
? . - f
? Auranls and ihelr uni^< ,,r* .1 p
Matlooal A
I-. r v. ?? ind M., Baal Murpby
nnh-ai I Wh?
X "A :
-,- flve
- '
.1 'hrft
ii n .-~i n i
i t rr-. wr.o
. ' -ne Sw,- |
Hli; tXf'Rl \>l l ? r*Ll I. OF Ri \LTY,
,-.; \: \i ? ? tor Jef.
Phelps Btoki
tt Uher | and W ? ? - '
Ufhl b) Mr I. *y Ir. the fall
lt mt /a? wn ? ?i,',-r:
about RIO p-r Bquar* loou
Purther ronalderatlon was glven yeaterday by
Chalrman Hanna of thi Republlcan Natlonal Co ,
mtttee to thi extena ai of ti,.- campalgn bi aevaral
Southern Btatea Among tha tirst collera who s,,w
hlm al headquartera waa ? Loulolana deiegatlon,
headed by ea-Oovarnor Warmoutb The deiegatlon
told Mr Hanna thal tt,.. Bound Money Democrata
of l/oulalana wera unltlng wlth the Republlcana to
elecl McKlnlej The fuaion, it waa said. could be
made atrong enougl t,, carry the Btate by ? .
majorlty if arrangementi ahould ba made to hold
large meettnga and engage promlnent ipeaken to
bring oui the full force of the aound-money aentl?
meni in oppoottton to Bryanlara
.\ deiegatlon of Tenneaae. Republlcana alao con
f,rr.?i wlth Mr. Hanna. Beveral rapraoentatlvea of
- .,,.| Monej Demorrata of the Btate were
? al tha conference a fusion of the aound
money vote ln Tenneaaee, ll was reprooented, arould
carry the Btate f,.r McKlnley by a *<*>.! majorlty.
-.-. .rk of enltettng nnlted support for the Re?
publlcan tlcket win ba conaldered at the nexl meet?
lng of th>- Kxecutlve commlttee Accordlng to the
. anvaBfl of the altuatlon made by truatworthy repre
eentatlvea ln the Bouth, the Bound Money Demo?
crata ..r>- almoat Bottd ln thelr deterralnatlon to -? t
their ballota wn.-r.- they wlll <lo ii,.- moal good, and
not waste powder hy votlng for a thlrd tl. ket
.1. M Faulkner, member of the Democratlc Na?
tlon,,! Commlttee fmm Alaboma, and ex-Oovern6r
aa <;. Jonea, alao of ti,,,. Btate, declared yea?
terday that i. fuaion with the Republlcana would
reciit in 'he eertaln d. '? al of Ihe Hryan tlca
The attentlon of Mr Hanna waa called to b n poi i
that the Republlcan organlaaUon had abandoned
? he |.| ? | ible to carry Kanaaa. H. ex
, surprlse that luch a atatement should have
been ma.ie "it is abeolutely without foundatlon,"
!.- aald "The ,-ommlttee his not only not tl
,.f auch a thlng, but we are maklng a thorough cam
ind confldantl) expect to carry the
The rlgoi .- Ii belng mi
t.-... West. all the Indlcatlona show. will resuk in a
aweeptng vlctory for McKlnley and Hobart A
ui from the Chlcago headquartera to Mr.
i reported yeaterday thal the Popo i
impalgn managera 'are on t: t run." reaorl p_ to
?lona that th- lat.or vote ls for I
I i | ahowlng for McKlnley and
. in tha agricultural dlatrl ta, where the
Bryan managera flrst alleged thelr atrength lay.
Polla have beei taken of -he labor vote
.-.nd on the atrength of the informatlon oh.
: n w.ic-.-r ha- been i
of the Chlcago headquartera that the Republ
wlll carry Chlcago by more tha KMJ
and the St,;.- of Ullnola by a plurollty exceedlng
Ma; - f Blnghamtoi
denl of the Bl ite League of Rj publlcai ?
i caller ,t headquartera yeaterdaj H- li enthual
are now more tl ?? thia Btal
new ont elng form.
ire more Intereated and ever be
-..-??' '"her R
R '
bodj My
that M. Klnley'a ma
- te wlll | ' ? -?'"?> mark"
,t of candld Wai
? . and Tenneaaee In favor of McKlnley and
Hobarl " ?ald Jol Iqu irten He
ratlon of the *.frl ? Methodlai EpH .pal Zlon
Church He declared 1 - "ur
. - . ?? . ? Ican
p. B Lalrd. of 1 r*l ?'?" 'r"Tn
I'lrglnla: "We need hava no fear of Weat
,. gtate i aa ao ? M < 'ur work
, illy among the I rlni
ich in
tmpnlgn "
New* from M hlgan araa brought b>
Rrion, ol Detrolt v. The organl
and li dotng n. ??? ork
r for M, Kinley eertaln. W,
Ihe record
. to Rich for Oovernor,
.? ? |t l -tion "
The greal Intereal taken ln the vetei
wn ? ? rday by
iry of the Veter
. \ ? I | I
.-: w I> Matl ol in, 111 . ron
? ? e than 1.000 Den
Manley returned yeaterday from his
[n the afterno. n fl i .
- ,m;..,lirr. Comm N- w
Vork fl tlon. whlch
? ? .,..;.. :> The ? !? ? -- itlon Included
Wiin, V. O. Bunnell, John A. 81.
?." Vrooman C. B. M
om ia l- Peteri
Bl IT o\ ER BAYl \'G8 Ii I VJI DEP08ITB.
.?;lll--..; W5" PATBER
T-,.r trlal of an actl I ??'? Me?
Pl lllp Rj itora of
nk for fl
5. reat. waa be
? . , . Tr:u Term,
Pat ix fl | reme < "our;.
ghegai ' oaa the 'ather of Oa
? :?- It li tal
bank e ault
... Thi
p;_tnttffi wer. ?PP
i lege*
Mr- Ham ah McO i
Oeoghei ? I I ;
" ?*le
and aay iha
- . - .
, ., . ? ? ?wen .;? e
.. .; . -;- month al i - i ?
bank ha ..-?. o ,?>. ? ???
.;? ah,
"? '
mon. y waa paid . ? ind Owei
name u?> apelled lifferently on moal
.... r bank t,
aii - iwn out
., uy, :.-? penon recelvini
..... , md I >wr, Oeogl
r tln Wllllam U '?'?
- p# aa- the - im? aa tha - :.ook
A ,, ?. .. . . Ri. Dr Hi man Dy. -
hla famli) met yeaterdaj it hli un fl
_?-_? llatl the VI
iry of hli and on
h has
I ln tho mli ratloi araa
r a prlvate na
rvlce, folloa
:.- r hla frk ndi wh ? arer. preai i I
imi ii ? from 1
m ; ,? not for n ? - -.ik.-n
u itlona of a pa
Impi red h.alth. he la Biill one of the beet-kn,
the KplBcopal .-i'-rgy in tha Cnlted Btatea, and la
ai moat tl len and
- ?
Di Dver waa born ln Bhaftebury. \ - .-n'>er
-.( ,?,,, f. | Kew-England atock He waa edu . ?
f?,V the mlnuury at Gamoter. Ohlo. a.-, I *ast,r:
L de><fan ln I** Hl? ? ? *?**? "''?
" ' ?. : ;r.,m paroehiai work. haa been u
nd full of in.-i lent, oa hi
?a told in hla a
,le of Th. ?
,r"1' - ??? Dyer has devoted htmself 1 -
ll aeoreury of the Prote?-anr
he Prom itl
^P'% ! ilao a truitee of ih* Oeneral
i / un \i\ v hadly BUBSED.
reman, ihlrty-one roora id, of No
? ii . empl ryed la the iiotei
WBt ! rt) -fourth-it . wm,
irned about rba bgaata ?? I trma yooterday
? ,rklna ln 'ne eellai -! H< .? n
,_ the hollei a. ' potroleu? when , meoui
ation o.vurr, , ? 10 ?
The enaineei and Beveral others ran io hli
ance and extli.guiahed the flamea An amhulan-a
?x_a ,-aiel and Tie ??? removed to the flower li w
pltaJ wlura lt wai aaW bla conjltk-n waa crliu-al.
to thi: LOWEST I'KKjrnirKS''
Tna Bimouncement that Jadga isaac Uaatac. ?>'?
i : N. i.. tha hom. of the popocratlc can
f..r Prealdent, would sp.ak to the Coaamerclal Trav
eller.V rfound Money I-.-ague. st Broadway ani
Prlnce-ei al yeaterday*a noonday meetlng. was
BUf-Clcnt Indu ement for UB8 people to i.ave thelr
bualneaa yeaterday t, hear what he had to wy
about hi- misgui'lei townaman. ?'olon<-l John
H. Black preaklad at tht- meetlng, ani ln nr.r_lucing
Judg. Kanslng. espUUned 16 -M audlence tha: lt
wau th.- flrst tlme New-Ti rk. r- had had an oppor
tunltv io know what mann.-r of a man the I'opocratlo
really was. from the llps of one who had
knowr. hlm fr m his early youth.
Judge I_m:iir;? s-poke as follows ln pai.:
Th .le! sttractlon about me Ln "?W"^_?P*|?I{
. ,m* from Llncoln. the hom.* of Preai* <? U_
n mlnatlom Wi have two n???n^ *-*__* ,,r *
little :., my right lives Willlam .1. Bent.ey. the i ro
hbTlonl.t nomlnee. and lo my b-ft la th< hand-wme
and lnlmltable Willlam J. Bryan. th iderot
u i late of that other partj whU h
eannol name. The people were Jooklng foi Presl
md they *v_;k<_ to tha rlght and ,-ft of me.
rf?,;^?V:.;-Wua not :..?? _g... Vr-rntty
?? Weal Vlrglnls wlll glve a Kenubltcaa ma
iorltv ?' Ml.OOO, (Cneera.) ... ? _.u?
are ravelllne w'.'h US by .-a.ring tha Hryamtes the
x_t c Mrry l wll call them the Bllvercratle
,ar y They have b en driven from evary poaltlon
S ? tne oe_1nn.ru, of the carupjUgn. My
r Bryai presenis a pltlable Bpec-**_?? "'
na;l. Dwnocrai of National
* ' ' ^..Whe toWeSt
I ng ro tne low.sr
tah_manlty He I. aaktng Uboi .w array
tsel. agalnst capltal, aaklng men 11 run th.-ir kni.es
,mo -?., ? en more rertuuata.
elllgent man kr.ow.- hai na reai ...
'Amerlca rtea. Mr
tarlff w-re '..kMa^^ tha
? maa wo ild haye hia
tll?d to -he ruaty smokestacks whlch
..... ?? , is not brlng
. , .... h- keepa U out >< - ghi He prsferi
oithrow dtiBtl-slIver dust-tn the eyei ' people.
?.(.. anoke about tl f 1BT3. Wh
?? ?
- the Mlvei nlne-ownen
Wes'err borier- And S _T!
,Yr'n,.' the Democratlc
party, wlth Bsyan's help - immltted: lt ls the crtme
?_ ,??.,-: - ?.- lem in. tlaed. and rn>
..;.,. ilnage of Ameri
? ,gcie. That wlll cur. i tl Uli froni n
? iffer.
Ser.a-. r Pord a;.'o apoke, devotlng hla ?p?ech en*
":rpi? mtttinsf't -Jay will bt addreaaed by lilaa
Sarah Nevllls W, H Bpe. llej **? llBfl tpeak.
Th.-r.- wa- a larire attendance yeaterday noon at
the meetlng of the Wholeaal. Dry Ooods Hepubll
i Broadway. John Wlnfleld
- ? 0f New-Jeraey. dellvered a patriotic addreaa
islngs of Amerlcan eltlsenshlp. He took
occaslon to Drove, from his standpolnt, the fallacy
ot ,he fraa-allver movcment Contlnulnf, ne sald:
"When a man comes from Nebraaka and declares
hs la In the enemy'a eountry, he is g real enemy
ot i.i- ? ountry "
a campalgn sona, L, L. V?n Aiien. of New
Tork, Rpoke. He sald ln part. "Blstaen to oae
would be ., dlshonor lo the Amerlcan people. Beven
. ? - of them wlll not bow to the Image of the
gilver-craaed monsters who .,r.* eapeclally inter
ested tn free silver Pew beetdes the mlne owners,
w_,o w nl to become bllllonalres by g"tting their
bulllon colm ' tb* Oovernment,
lo so The eause of honeat money will
triumph with Its twln brother- Protectlon."
r Hale, of Wlsconotn, followed. He l ild
upon the boll of leadlng Democrata from the
Chlcago platform Hli i i Uona of the "Boy
Orator ot the Pfctta," evoked a noisy protest from
., strangef ln tha crowd
"P || .'. -n out:" uoniebody Bhouted,
The Btranger pushed forward and demanded b
-man Fuller Inteirupted with, "If ther.' are
my Rrebrands here i trust th? pollcemen wlll put
them out " The Btranger subslded for the mom-tit.
hut Interruptlng later on demanded: "To what has
been due the depresslon sln. - '*'?- "
A pollceman forclblj ejected hlm as Mr. Hale
waa glvlng this reply to the questlon: 'The de
- due to the repeal i f the MeKlnley blll.
alled forth a great outburst ,.f i
-i Louts I'. dl Cesnola, the dlrector of the
Metrop illl n M '??'?"n of Ar: ln th Iterday
ton to the preaidency
0_ _ne vtlon. of whlch h>- h.i-s
b.- :i a promlneni oh*l er ilnca Ita orgnnlaatloa
III recently.
The Eleventh Corps Asso latlon bad -t-v 8 i i
war ln BUI . and the annual
I for the electlon of ofllcers and the tran.-a.
tion of regular busin wa ? ,- held ln Red Men'a Hall,
ln that clty, on .S -p ? mb< r li The llln
,-rii dl Cesnola prevented hlm from attendlng the
? :ough he had been for some rime presl
lCI in bui ll w ia tha deslre of ull
mr.id-s who were el l ectlng that he
. the presldency. The meet
..._. m iver by Oeneral Orlando rimith, of
..... . ira! L P U Ceanola, of New-York;
- t, Plrst CMrlslon, Major Oeorge B. Pox,
Be d D - il ?:,. CapUln A. Ly
if Delaware, Ohlo; Thlrd Dlvlslon, M.-Jor
- hura, of New-York: correspondlng
?., iptar , C pl iln A P B. arles, ?'? Pawt ick. R
i ordlng Becretary, Captaln P. Irech, of .\'.-w
^urk. treaaurer, Captaln I-'r.u, ls Werneck of New
york; Colonel A. C, Hamlln, of Bangor,
j|,>; nt of the Socletj of tha Army of
? ? Potomac, r. ;??? ? tha corps, Oeaeral J. T.
I. .ckman, of New-Tork.
v hlstory of the Eleventh ' orps, whlch m i
mous at Chai - belng i.- pared
f/r publl atlon ln bo ,'< form by "olonel Hamlln,
.'md General dl Cesnola haa devoted mu h lime to
., -,n<. pr- .1 the work ll ;.- ex
,.;,.,[ th a the book wn. be pla. ed b.'fore the pubiio
Down on the Lowar i'-.'-. - 'me ,.: tha aaen
sN -.. s i,, iron had --om.- fun yeaterda) kn the
utter race Thi apprentlce eutter crew
of the , rulaer Ralelgh ? i "-at of the battli -
nhip Indiana Thi tha two vesaela were
as followi Ralelgh ? laswaln. Willlam Nor, oh .
crew. T Oreen, Jlm Greei, Haiden, Boadwell. t'arl,
Wllson, Bchmldt, ICulladdy, Whalen ind .lutson.
In th. ludi.ina's boai were Coxswaln, Abel D
crew, Wllson, Kelia, Emmald, Kenny, Kramer,
Whlteley, Prench, Demar, Hurk.- and K^dd.
The men of each war vessel ln Admlral Bunci -
.. |er? thai th > ire boat lenfths
,.1-ntIy, when a r I
on i,.,. men. aa well as the marlnes, put
Ral. igh was the favortte
bu: the n. Indiana d.u- down in
lithea and covered ibout 0,808 worth of
oiT.-r.-d from their tt the other war
la were offered, ia next to tha New-Yark, thi
.;.... red "A No. I." The
w ? four mllea strs_ghtaway, ..nd tbe erears
atarted ai 11:11 a rn. The airai laj i^:w.-,-n ihe
Ai . ari th..- m< i-eT-warsmeacrowded the
ilwarki and rlgglngs to cbeer on the siruggling
Almost from tha B'art the men of th>*
HaleiKT ihowed ths w.i>. and they kept it up. aaald
? a ir -m thelr romradee, untll they , -
ths wlnnlna llne aboul -ix boai lengths ahead of
their rlvals
' -nat the men Of the fleet won somethlna
llke $3(?-. from tbe patriotic satlors ,,f the indiana
x? loen as the race was over and won the men of
the Indiana aenl i commlttee aboard the K.ueigh t>>
ir another race Ai- rxplained by a ?er
reant of marlnt-a of th.- New-York. the reaaona for
lhe challeng'- Wtre well found.-i A.-.ordliig to the
.. iwo crawa were about equsl. hut th*
? utter of the Uaieigh was twenty-sevea feet long.
. , , ,-;, r uf tbe battle-shlp was oal) twentj ?
\ hlle the men Of the fleet nre unanimoua
n beiievu.e that fh. R lelgh men are the better.
|| ,.s thu lc ibat the i\l'.in,t s m.-n ,-ould do more
iUWhe'fleei^nlt. to a^clarl-that taa
/" >.a waa f.? su.'-rl .no th u of the. hattU,
I Th. ??1.-li:b la a iH.pu ar boat, ind Ih-- Vlc
,",", _^_ a nooular one! Ths crach crews or the
vvw-York indthe Indiana will try ooaclualone an
?l ir la thought that sriother ra.e under
." ' ' i ...nrtltl.li". wlll take p aee between the
' '?", ,e li I'-igH an tha name .lsy The
""U:" . ? i,t_ln -evWa ba.fl.---.hip are Mi for
' ??f_S? imniander isUs ihem Utey must
dia "a-flgbtlna"
mr. HABRtfl I BOAT T'.wKD TOCITf t**4*" "xrrA
owmg to an onfortonata e iiaaailBaar, the blama
for Wbkh has yet to he fixed. ihe flr?t of the MMBJ
of three ra.-es between tha srhootier-. the Amori.a
and tba Quloetto, under tne auaptcea or the I*r?"
ended !n a fool anl a flzzlc me
Amortto, whlch eoma oui of the ordeal almoat un
aeathed. covered tbe oourae.aa I ?. of eoorae, ciarni
, hougb lt would have been mor- sporta
mai k. proceedod at ?' ?*__*??
dtedaltung to probt hy a mlshap whl. ii duabled her
antagonls;. The QulaetU. wlth BOT bowaprlt bro?
ken ln two, and tbe loose and d mgling from her bow
aprlt ahroudo, waa towed at onea to Clty lolood for
repolrs, arhlch, It w .- ann.i--.---i. would be eom
pleted in amp> tlme f?r tii-- B8. ?' 1 I?' ' ' ' .-"?rlea.
. ? aallad to-day.
- more or laoa talk all through the
summer abou- th.- two booto. for lt waa undcrstood
tha: Mr. Harrli haa ha 1 Ifl Vte? al oll UB88B alneo
the .-omp'.etlon of the black Bchooner the defeat of
the Amorlta, whi.h ha.R heen a ? ? .mpar.itlvely lin?
?ome quantity In her elaaa It had oot boen pooalbl*
however. to |et them togetber In a.. untramnullei
contest before thls. as the Qulaetta waa untergolng
a :uning-up prooeao. Plnally, I ? talk al I m Larete
mont Club cryatalhaed into aomethtng iike deivnite
tnd tha rooea woro orronged, a Bpodol prire
to be glven ta the w nnar of two oui ol thfOB con
testa, ar. 1 tha Amorita havlr.a to al iw tha Qutietta
3 mlnutea and II leoooda tlBH 1 ? bnood, of
courae, mon raclng length. over a thlrty-mlla eoojm
The membera of tha Larchm aii l aatlon at once
took aideo, and '? r n ?? ian a woek the llnoa h?v<R
areen ?'??1 ***
Brofcawttea, and men havi ? .klng
onvictlona. In fact aometblng IDte ILVW) 18
ifce on ihe regult . -
The foul, whlch ipolled tha Brai race e -urred
shortly before 1 o'elocli a two racera wera
on the concludtng leg f the trlangular eooruo. The
praparal r - tndod 81 II* o'clock from
mmlttee boat, and both the eontoounnj
were on the qul i r tbe aecond wMotle, wal<*ii
n-ai - , bld ? ????i eroaa Both wen inder club top
-, -? and had )lb topa and . BBtOjrOOllB up
ln s-ops ready for breaklng U*i waa
_ they approacbad the nne |t was appar
ent lh<i. ? , be ->m.- heated work. for un?
der tha aJl-aall bree* ?' **t 4owlng both were
prepared for a vlctorj or a Dant J ?*o.
They came up to the II Influen ? of th*
w, .? .... louth ?. nd. and on ihe lUrboord ucfe tha
a ma le i " ?? Bpoca
for tha e/lndword beri . ai l bwi rtl noaed in
under the Amorlta'a weatbj -- tba
latter paaaed the mark at UJI-JB. Tne QulaetU, waa
only elght ;ni
The Amorita aharply luff.-d round the mark boai.
Whlch was an.hord. ,s llwayi Ott tba habor. and
acroai the Bound for the Hempotood I.ar
bor buoy Inaldc Prospe t Polnl Tne itorl waa ob*
aolutely th.- most notable plcture tbal has heaa
dlaplayed thM aeal n In any claaa, not asqapUag
the apeclal hblrty-footera, and Ba the two boata
wen- foamlnf acroaa the Bound toword the buoy
threemllea away lt waa bcoi I ? onda
between theaa. The ^ulaetta trled her balloon
malntopmaot itayaall in the reach. but chonged II
without any vletble llscomfon or loea of apeed to
the worfclng cloth, and a- the mark drow on the
Amorita dropped her aplnnokei pote to port wltn
the intention of waatlng no tlme ln gettlng away
on the runnlng leg to th. acond mark. eouthoraoc
Hve-elghtha, weet alx n ?? onchorod stake
boat off <>ak Neck Polnt Bul ibe could not m
ber dlaunce on the reoeh, whlch should
hava beefl ber strong polnt againat the amalier
boat Henco, when ahe was ready for the gybe. ehti
found her ebon) opponent right on her heeie, hun
gerlng for any siight ndvuitUge and Juat ready to
drop irrfo any anexpected beneBt.
So ll waa that the iplnnaker d;d not app-ar wlth
Hank Hafl - ?'? promtltude. H- evl
thought there would b<- otner thlr.gs for hlm
wai ao tor no Roooer waa th.- Qulaetta
round th mark thai, she atarted again wltb ar
row-ltke apeed for the weat her b.-rth. rt;. con
-.ence was a ;umng match that carned botli
ilmoat two - ovei the flrat lec of
the course Then tne Quiaetu flnaliy weaneo oi
,,,.. t ? . ired away wlth h-r apui
nak.-r out to port for th.- runnmg .eg ot the courae.
Sh.- w imi'.ated l.\ tne Amorita whlcn
i to follow an example tbal did not
threaten her weather alde Por tbe r.-maiuder of
the se. ond leg they BOlled side by slde barely m.
-. apart. ind o. dled each other in tho
ble way. Hut thi." was not to loM
At the first tr.ark the Amorita had majiag.d to
aaln a acanl elght leconda, and wh-n they rojnde.l
the lecond mark sh.- had lost three, leavlng her
?onds to th-- good. and a tin.e allowaaca ot
three mlnutea and sixtceii aeconda to ov-r.-ome.
From thla ll la plaln to be aeen who. laat night,
would hav be-n !:. poaaeaalon of that tw.-lve thou
iai 1 and odd dollara had if not been for what waa
to con* ondo nport the boata a.-ur
way on the port tack. but after a ahott hi eh
the Qulaetta come to starboard, and rilled away
acroai the Bound for Ma'lnlco.-k Polnt wlth every
? of -????'.:?.-- far enough Inahore to f.-trh the
home mark wlth another hltch. The Amom.i waa
after her lik- ? dete Mve ln an Instant, and aga!:?
:t w.^ i ra e ilde by ilde under oll worklng aail.
H wever the Qulaetta aeemed to bi taking the
; lead dea'plte the Am irlta'i weather poaltlon, when
' the 'hitter b-gan to bear ofl the wlnd toward har.
wi- the palpuble InUntlon of gtvlng th< black
: boat a taate ol h.-r own medl Ine. They wai
ilna rather near to the -hallows off Matint
cock wlth the QulaetU le.idlng a trlBe. when *l>?
auddenly luffed aharply Into the wlnd with the in
of croaalng inder 'he Arooi ra
,, ? u everyb dy rould aeo. but
. . the An ? ";'-- ileo I iffed qulte aa
tlng orr lt. r a -:- and, oa ber boom
sw li B r^' of th. Qu.' - it aa
Iv a- ? hataman off for a home run It
~.?? ned aa if th.- bowaprlt paaaed under the boom
... . ' the maln iheet. Any
w iv. and whatever the eauae, tha immedlate reaujt
illntertng wood. and the outer half
water and thero
? 1 hanglng to tn-- ahrouda II.-r hot.stav
g was wr. ked and her foro
- mg ihemaelvei into ihe wmd wlth a fl >??
...i ||ke dlabolical iaught.-r. The rommlttee)
Instantlj whtatled a recognltton oi the ,ita
.- qulckly two proteat flaga w.,-?r
? from tne Amorl- , and the oth< r from
the Qulaetta Th.- QulaetU was taken ln tow. and
the Amorita waa Inatrucud to tak?- her own time
at th.- home mark.
That ended the ra - bul lt w-,.- far enough to
demomtrate thal Mr Brokaw haa met hli m il
... r ?m; Mr Lovejoj rman of
the Bei tta Commlttee. who waa in charge of tha
\ -..- would .-.ill a mertina of ihe
i , lubhouae,
md ordered Mr Harria and Mr. Brokaw i >
have four wltn --?? ?' : md to give thelr i
foul?for foul t wai If the declalon la m
' th< latt i - his; if in favoi of Mr.
if-irri-. ll li off, ond mual ba reoalled Aa m ln
unprejudlced attltude ol the club ai a
,,, hoard the AmorlU ln a.ldnion to Mr.
Brokaw Hank Maff and .'.ipt.,,n Bberlocfc, wera
'ommodore n eA Poatley, 'he owner of
\ r-aromacho, Hert?-rt fl.-eley. "Al"
I Mr Jenklm < ?n t1,- Qulaetta. In addl
tion to Mr Harrli .nd Captaln Terry, were .'aptaln
,,. B"g< Glba )i of the Romona, 'h<- L.irchmont flag
?hip; ('..mm ..'..I.- <;iiiic. k m Loekwood and wni
lam Hall
Sone ol thoei Intereated ? aruaa the fonl
In any way Th.* Amorita took h.-r own time at
the end of the one--i!- and ihli mornlng
the declalon ol ihe Keg..<! . Commlttee wlll be mada
kn-.wn The aecond race wlll be called thls for.-noon
at 11 (>'?'. ? h
Clarence A Postiey waa aaked yeaterday, at the
Larchmont i"oehl Cluh as to the truth of a re?
port tha' a . ompromlse ind been eff.-rt.-d b.-tweea
: and LewlB N'Uon tn the ea*e of repaira and
alteratlona to the bix sehooner It wlll r... remem
bered tha. early tn the aummer Mr N'xon sied to
i.-cover from Mr PoaMey a aum of t5..RR). whl.'h
,,,- avrred wa~ due to hlm from the latter for tha
alteratlnns. Mr Poatley. on the other hand, aa
aertod that there were differenee* whl.'h requtred
adjudlcailon. as errors had be.-n commltted of a
aerloui nature
Mr Postiey said about the matter Ther* have
l?", ii no stepa toward a compromtae. ?nd so far aa
I am aware the caie li Juat where lt stood when
the BUlt waa begun. although I am willin* to com
nromloa or to effect an amioable aettlement ln any
way ccn.menaurate wlth tair dealmg I would ba
,? rfetlv Wllllng to l-ave the laaue to thre- arbt
Iratora for adjustment. aay one bulldt-r. one ya.-htg
man and a thlrd party to be choaen by them lf
thev snd that Mr Nlxon's clatm waa a Juat one be
would th< n hava hla OaOOey paid to hlm at once."
The f'oionta wlll be put out of commisalon ti-mor
row _
I'oroner Hoobs held an lnqueit yesterday Into rha
death of Mamie Uryan. :!>?? Httle glrl Who wa* ktlle4
hy a blow Btrucfe by Patrick .iocglni The chlld'a
aaaallant waa preaent. b it ahowed no Intereat ln tho
? imgs A wtuieai teitiflej to hli having been
dnnkliig on the mornlng of the child'e murder Tbe
Jury declded that the glrl waa kllled by Ooggln*
anJ the Coroner aent the nnaoner to the Tomba
wlthout bail io awalt tba actlon of tbe Otand Jutj,

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