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Y?M,VI....Na I&250.
i/i\v Ti)A'nsm::n
Caaton. Ohlo, Nov. 1 (Bpeclal).- Major McKln?
lay baa apenl the laal Bunday of the eampatgn !
Hka aii the precadlng onea?In ? qulel and rest- j
fnl way. Ui ugh ? belatad delegatlon ralled and j
5h ok handa Baturday wm an arlu ua day, j
an< Major McKlnlay waa pretty well w >rn "?;
? ? nlaht. Hf haa fUt. ln addltlon lo the labor.
n II menl and ktraaa ol the campalgn. conald- |
trable ap.xi-iy abont Mra. MeKlnley. *ho hn' -
Vf.,r conflned to her bed wlth a eeld for ?*ve"' ,
df.v? (h ugh to-day ahe waa better. Notwlth- ,
rt.ndlng the hard work ol Baturday. Major Mc- ;
Kini-v looked thoroughly reated and refraahed ;
JoSay H> expectn to have but few vtoltm-abe- ;
nvt,,n thli aad electlon. and bopea to maka but
'"iVu'nlv nlghl the peopla ol Canton wlll call
ur..?'hlmln a body aad be wlH h**^""*";
ltrM, bean bta euatom for more tbaa Bfteen
L?tpapeak ln Caatoa tha nlght bafora the
?tuunn electlon. aad hla fellow-tuwnamen ;
*Z* allllng to have him depart from U.I.
Jrletka. Th? re ara i o dalajatl :ns expacK d Mon. .
*?, from a dtatanca, aad II la nol Ukely tbat :
tL, lm be many caller* Whlle Major Mc
K.nirv dl 1 nol maka aa many apeechaa a* uaual :
f' v:p<.k hehadtomeet and ahaka handa wlth
ifaaSally ?rga number of peopla. H. hj.
MLmd m lha elactlon drawa near. tbat the ;
haraot.r.f the people wbo eome to Canton
ha,^anK.is,.;newi-:a^. Agrnrtmaaymoruthaa ;
tmmn, inatsl upon ?natag tha candldate. Moal
Jtkaie who try to aaa hlra ln the Ubrary ure
total ftrargera and have nothtng ol conaequence
?aay.andltcaatn rwdlly aeen what a rraye
burden calli ol 'his Rtad m,iv l.oma. Major
MeKmley poaaeaaea wonderlul health, food na
taTaandpatlenee, but thara muat be aorna llmlt
ev.-i to his manrelloua enduranca.
or. Tueaday, Chalnnan aanna ta cornn*
lo?a rrwa Ciaralaad to apend threa or four
h?ur? wltb Maj-r McKlnlay. He wlll go ba. k lat?
m the afternoon to Havaland. and recrtve tha
Mil of tha Hectlon tn the Unlon Clab. ln tbat
cltv Th^ talk Whlcb Mr. Hanna and Major
MeKlnley wlll hava on Blaetloa Day wlll be the
flrtt quw. aortal rbat whlcb thay hav* had
for many montha Mr. Hanna haa baen hera
orre or twlca. but hla vtalta wara wry harrled
and hc had to ronflne his converaatlon to a dla
eaaal m of tha aallani and praaalng baamaaa of
tha eampalsn. . l___
it lonks aa thonBh lha mah to Canton had be- |
cnme a habtt whlcb eoald not be put asido 1m
medlataly aftar riactlon. r>opla have baan com
l?. hera ao fraqaantly, and la aoch lam num
J,rr<? tbat the daJre to rench Canton has become
aomMhtni ol " maahv and thare ar. Indlcmtlotia
tbat it wlll be carriad ta a foollah axtramlty im
mediateiy aftar the riaatloa. One of th. rallwaya
betwaan Canton and CleTetand bas reeelved an
erdar for twa ipeetal tralna to ba la rcadtoaaa a
Ita Clevaland termlnal ataUon on T -day at
mirtni^bt. and it ta propoaad to brtng aeTaral
thoaaaad yalllnaj enthaalaata to Canton by - ,
o'dock Wadaaaday morninsr. Bome of the amall- j
or cltlea Wlthln fifty mflcs of Canton an- ar
raaainc to have apaclal tratoa, and expaat to g?t ,
here not lataT than aooa on Wedn? day. it \
t,w? tbat there i* w be a raaa for th* dtattae
tton of Rn aarly arrhral tn canton. Thare ta no
,lllUi,t tbat tbta town wtn ba eraaad wlth natna
?nd exritement for foHy-alffhl houra or Dton
hfter the electtoa, lf lha retums ara aattafactory. \
-!?. Repabllcaaa have reaaoa t.> think thay wlll he.
Major MeKlnley gald to-nhlh thal ha boped to
p.-t away for a waak or iwo wlthln ten day? aft-r
the electlon. but thal h" had nol daddad whare
,,K1 go. Hahaa racelvad Invltatlona f.
aeraral frlanoa. He naturally wanta raat and
oulet ar.d is mnch oppoaed to roaklnf any aort
Ol a tr!p Whlcb wlll t-rinc bim unduly bafora the
poiicy of put bim m a poaltlon wehar be wlll
l,. expected to maat and graal many people. Hla
frtenda think thal ha is .-r.tif. d to raat. Ha haa
.. idreaaed m <n than balf a miiib.n paople alnce
ba waa nomlaated, and has ahakan handa wlth
many thouaanda. He has now mada W4 apaachaa,
and wtn in.r-ase tbat aumber by hall a doaen
j-T.re before tha and of the waak
Tha railway ofBdali c nnectad wlth the roadi
eomlng lato Caaton have made a calcuUtlon.
<111(i thay nnd tbat thay have brotight about
Wff.000 people to Caatoa alnce the nlddle of
juae on apaclal tr^ins. Thli doea not Include
thoae who cama by the electrlc llaea or upon
regular tralna Thay all came to aee and graal
Major MeKlnley. Organtaed delagatlona have
bean h'-it- from twanty Btatea, an-l there have
baaa eallaw from every Bute ln tha Unlon.
uistory has ac recard ol any candldate or put.ile
man wh.> has had so lar?.' a number of people
ecana to his own bome to < aii upon hlm as Major
McKuuay has reeelved La tha laat flva montha.
Major Mi K nlay la rarana ai.d bopeful to-nlght
He has aaboundad coafldence in ihe Rood aanaa,
hitagrlty ar.d tho patrlotlam ol the Amerlcan
ffopie. Not for a momenl sii:1''' hla aoailuatlon
has he doubtad tii< ultlmata trlumph of the Ke
p-iblican iiarty. Ha foreaan the dlfflcultlea and
the daagara from tha rery beglnnlng. and aal at
work raaolutaly ta meet and conquar tbem. Ha
lias racalved reporta from all tha dabatable
States thls evenlng, and tht-y ai? of a highly en
r?urajclnjf character. Ha expecla to recelva aub
itantlal pluralltlaa !n all <>f tbem, with th<- poa
?Ibta excaptloa ol Kanaaa, and tha committaei
and the managara ln thai stat.- ai" clalmlng u
vlgoroualy. B C. Karena, the Republlcan mam
ber of ? .? Naii.in.il Commlttee from Mtoaourt,
lalegrapbed to-nlght: "Mtaaouii la g.l ti^htinj:
iround, and the Republlcaaa aeem '... bave about
?a evaa chaace thara."
Major McKlnlay .ias racah'ad ln the laal f.-w
'!.i>s arrltten and oral aaaurancea ol tupporl
from a graat many promlaanl Bound Money
Democrata Thara lami to ba a conalderable
awremeal golag on amon< the Bound M nej
Democrata Maay ol tbem bave baan allenl dur
ing tha campalgn and refralned fn.m aaylni
*hetber thay would rota for McKlnlay or for
ti^n^rai Palmer, oul on lha ave of the electlon
there ih reaaoa to beliav* thal Sl? par >,nt of
ttaaj wiu vote Lha R pub'Jcan Notional tlcket.
? th>* h -,,,,, ,,,,t only a I MaJ Mi Klnley'a
wta in the Klactoral C llere be large, i>nt lus
papakir v.,i. ?lll i??- en<
A dal ?-at|(.n of <
- - ??>'
attendtd aervlca at tb>. Firsi Metbodtat Bplacopal |
t'iiun )i in a b idy. ar.d in t?i?. afternocn the rnem
bers of the Uetrolt party eall?-d ln small gn ui>.i
upon Major McKlnlay at his home. There wrre
aa formai addraaaaa and the vtattora atartad for
thelr home* ln the evenlng. Major MeKlnley, ln
company with Mr?. Thoma? McDougall and John
w. Warrer.ton, of Cincinnatl. was also preaent
at the mornlng aervlces at the Flr?t Chureh.
To-nlght Maj .r MrKlnley la In the beat of aplr
Ma He aaid he could acaroeiy reaiize that the
fght waa over, and that be had made nearly 'jr.it
apeeeheH. Cha-inroy M. liepew snld when hf-n*
that after aeatng the crowdi at Cant?w and faal<
Ing the exrltement with whleh the alr Is chargad,
he waa couBdanl h- rould not Ptand tl <? llf.- here
lona>fr than a week lf bo had |0 d<> balf of what
Major MeKlnley had baan dotag dally ataca his
Major MeKlnley has bean raquaatad to preaa
the button whleh ahall oet In motlon the maehln
ery of the Tonawaada Tron and Pteel Worka on
Tburaday next. an| wlll probably do ao.
OUD rnxsm tknvs KH'iM THK MAHOX
INi; v.M.I.I.Y.
CantOn, QklO, N'nv. 1-To the delegatlM from tho
Mahonlng Vaney who ealled on him yeeterday Major
McKlnley Mtd:
I am more than grateful for and apprectatlve of
thli aplendld demonatratlon from my old frienda
nna conatltuenta Thla audlence l? remarkable,
not iT.lv in ita nnm^m, but in tho character of
thoae who are here aaaemblod. It 1* not only an
audlence repreaentlng ray old conatltuenta, bnt
lt !s an audlence repreaentlng tbc homa of my
Mrth and early manhood, and 11 la alao made ap
of repreeentatlvceltlxenaof mylateryi ara Polaad
la h*re (cheera), Toungatown is here (cheera),
Warren la here, t!.e old town of Nilea la here, and
horo to greet aa frionds of my boyhood and man?
hood are the repreaentatlve people of tbc dty of
Canton. Thelr volc s are minplinK wlth youra in
a chorua of patrlotlam that atlra my hoart and
gtoriounly auatatna the greal caoaa In whlch we
are engaged. lt la a reunlon of old frienda and
revlvea a multltude of awecl and tender mem
orlea; for y u come from my blrthplace, tba homo
of my bojrhood and early manhood. and tho 6>ar
old town where, aa a boy, I enllated in tho aer?
viee of the country.and you repreeent the eounty
arhleh for aeven conaecutlva terma voted for
me aa a member of Congreaa. Thla preaence re
ralla precloua memoiiea, for here i aee many of
my early, never-1 >-be-forgotten frienda lt la
as a benedlctton from thoae we love
You nr.- here for no Idle purpoae; you are here
bceauae you have th?> ballol ander our glorloua
free Inatltutlona. (Applauae.) You are here be
cauae next Tneaday thoae ballota are to be eaat.
(a volce, "For M< Klnley,") for good or 111 to our
comnton country.
What we wanl In the Dnlted Btatea la the rea
toratlon of the glorloua proa lerlty of four yeara
ago. Whal we wanl la the loat Job and th" loal
w urea nnder whleh we have suffered for the laal
three yeara and a half. They talh abonl free
allver helplng you, bul you have labor to be em
ployed. (A volce, "Tell "c where wa are golng
to g t thla free allver from") You are golng to
get this free allver juat aa you get your money
now?by worklng f"?r lt. and In no other way
(cheera), and If ail the allver of the world waa
rolned to-day :t would be no nearer than lt la
Whal we all want now is to )iv<> ur to the f"11
poaalbllltlea of Amerlcan cltlaenahlp bjr worklng
and votlng agalnal anythlng thal dlacredlta oi
dlahonora the glorloua Amerlcan name. We have
ao far i.n true to the precedenta and Ideala of
tbe Republlc founded by our fathera, and have
proapered nnd advanced faater than any other
Government ever kn<<wn to man. We wlll con
tlnue to thrlve and proej er If are are tru<- to theli
Inepiring examplea and teachlnga and k.-.'p < loae
to the greal princlplea of rlgh*. Juatlce and honor.
it is nol th?^ mere laaue of free trade or free allver,
dcatructlve and aubveralve aa they an- of proa
],. rity. thal ahould recelve your emphatle eon
demnatton by your ballota next Tueaday, but the
monatroua propoaltion that the Unlted Btatea
aball ceaae to be a Qovernmenl bjr law?a laad of
Hberty regulated by law.
The first at.'P is Inaidloua and artful. Take
cara it doea nol recelve m ch enrourapement an
to emboldea Ita proaaotera to yet mora perlloua
and threatenlng atepa. Thla 1s not a queatlon nf
randldatea, but of conacJence; it \r mt a tlme
for partlea, butf(,r patrlothnni ?nd tba amartcan
peopla, If true to th.'lr ??-at and hlchoat !nt^r.^t?,
a-lll bury all theaa raactlonary lendendea and
propoeitloni onder ao overwhelmlng ? roajorltj
that no eonalderabl ? \><^y of men wlll ever have
tbe hardlhood to propoae them agaln.
What >?.u want la tbe loal k>b. What you want
li to gi t back to the payroll. (Criea of 'And we
want Protectlon.") Whal you want la Protec
Uon, as my frlend aaya (greal applauae), and you
know how to get It. You know ? hat party gave
it to you when you had lt. and you know yo.i
hn\c had v.-ry llttle of a alnce that party wenl
out of power. Now l am for t>." Amerlcan work
ahop. We have bul one alm, one alngle alm, and
that ia for th<- publlc good. ??ur doctrii.m
bracea every home and fln alde In the land. II ia
not aectlonal, it la not tocal, t>'it it Is general an I
unlveraal. _ m ,, _. , __
Wo d'in't bellevc !n claaaea in th^ Unlted
stato.a. There la ju?t one claaa under our Bag
and all of ua belong to it (cheera), nnd tha
pooreel boy In the Mahonlng Valley, thanh Ood,
ander our free Inatltutlona, can aaplre to the
conflden< a and bonora of hla eountrymen. What
h aplendld, glorloua Republlc we have! Noth
Ing llke it under the aun; ona tha equal of every
other, and everybody haa Just aa much power
next Tueaday ns any other anywhera in the
country. I remember the old eounty of Maho?
nlng. when it had leea than 25.000. What haa
glven you that larga advancement? <<-ii-s of
Th<? argumenl aeema to have been made
(Laughter.)Both roungatown and Mahonlng Val?
ley haa alwaya glven ma th.-ir bearty and un
aelnah aupport ever atnee my flrat electlon to
Congreaa in l^Tf.. and }.a\<- ahown by the exer
cise of thelr raffraga that they approved the
princlplea whlch. for the timo. I had the honor
to repreeent. They wlll remember thal In two
rrwrt* th'-s<; campalgna have everythlng ln
common. Flrat, thej have alwaya been for
aound money, and aaeond, they have alwaya be* n
for protectlon, Wa cannol get on In this country
unleaa we do our own uork at homa and aend
none of it abroad, ao kmg aa thera la ? alngle
unemployed Amerlcan dtwen who la wllllng to
work The progreaa whlch you have made haa
been under tha protecUve ayatem, nnd i under
t-ke to aay that no cauae has contributed ao
mucn to produca this reault and to atlmulata
olll. mtnea, faetorlea and workabopa, as auch
legialatlon eonatantly haa.
f? the pertod 1 have deecrlbed, Toungatown
madehergreftteal atrldea In manufacturea, whlle
\\ ,?i?,, k.-t.t nace wlth this ?.derful prog
'"r "u- haa to-day more machlne-ahopa. fur
L2L Sfd mblea^han ahe ever had before, wlth,
nacea ana ??"*? " ** , gu.OOft.OOO of caplta ln
''V.Tn'iMlu; l,s 'ltha?rodno, of flS...
v,.,u,i ?lM??n? proaperity touch theae
l""i K^rtiea. andTtheldahonlng Valley wlll
I* ;it '" ' , .' r before; a reault, to whlch, by
gour^ltoJ'igt^ead'ay, y?u rsn eontrlbute.
D7.|ta Mr Levy. of No sis levealh-ave.. vai
,,.,.,;.' BlonI jeroaae-ave. yeaterday afteraooa wlth
hl, brotber. la ? "?ht road aagon. h< and
i:ii? ... , colililoa arlth another aragoa drlvea
by an unkaown aaais. arhea oppoalta Oae-buadrcd
-? :??> ??? throwa to the
, ,, i kii r, ,-- . a aplrltvl .1'i'Mi . i,ir, awjy.
.'';;'?. V.,.. r* o:d. ol Na tfl ColUge-aye :...
Irruaa* it" ovci urnad and Umai and nla UnghUr
\ , tt wn out. 'i'-^ horae. ?,-.h aadJaualabed
.'. ! kmi on h.? wi.d cirter up the avaaua and
JlTbv.o Kmea BUbarg. of Na Ul Fuito.-.-*:.. arbo
?? ridiBa on hi* wheaL n<- waa throwa to :h?
?Vuad and Wa whwl demoli.h*;. Ali the lnJur*d
w.r. aMendcl by a phyalcian from the Foraham
HospltaJ. and a* r.ons were aerlously ir.jured. they
all w*>nt h,omi. _^__
KlUh:i> 91 A FALL l\ A HOSPITAL.
Vtetof Kry. an anglnear of Hadaoa Btrr.-t hm,
i.itMi where be had been etaptayed for aevea reara,
dled there auddenly iaat niKht from apoplaxy. la
,,?. aft.-r.n K'V was BttBed wttli .? II ?! apOptexy
.nd tell down ti?> oallar ataira. fracturlng th?- aaaal
bone and hto MmIL and au-talnlna; other n.jun.m,
whlch reaulted In hla death. , Bverythlng kat med
Eal and aurgkal aJUll could do waa hrought Into
pUy to aave th.- man ? l?f-. ?*?"^?r**2%>l?r
In tbe Inatltutlon. Rey waa thlrty-elgnt yeara old.
and uiimurrkd.
fnr.ton. Ohlo, Nov. i (Bpeclal). -Joeeph P. Bmlth,
ex-Ubrartan of < >hlo, arho haa been In Caaton dur
ii^- iri.. campalgn ;:i>.i acth ly engaged ta cam
palgn work, ihis evening fumlaht I the followlng
eatlmatea of tha pluralltlea In tbe rarloui Btate*,
tagether wlth tbe roen on arboae Informatlon tho
eatlmatea ara taken:
Al .1 ima, v. Illlam Vaughan, < halrman Republl an
Btate Commlttee, Blrmlnghanv- Bryan, i ??"?"?
Arkanaaa, II. M. L'.>r, ('halrman Bepubllcan
Bt ite Commlttee, Llttle Rock Bryan, 50,000.
Callforniu. Judge Jamea A. VVuymlra, rf.io Fran
Ciaco- MeKlnley IC
Colorado, Captaln A. C Bharpe, Cnlted Btatea
Army, l>. nvei Rryan, 15,000.
Connectlcut, John Addlaon Porter, Bdltor "Eren
Ing Poat." Ilartford MeKlnley, 4!.
Delaware, Henrj O, Morae, prealdenl Edgemoor
Brldgc Worka, VVllmlngtcn MeKlnl y, 2.000.
Klorida, Dennla Bagan, chalrman Kepubllcan
Btati Commlttee, Jackaonvllle Uryaii, 10,000.
Q.Kla, A. !?'.. Buck, chalrmnti Republl. tu Btate
Commlttee, Atlanta Bryan, .'???..?<..
Idaho. \v. J. McConnell, Oovernor, Bolae Clty?
Bryan, 7." ?>
llllnota, Dr. T. N. Jamletson, roember Kepubllcan
Natlonal < '? mmltti i. i 'hlcago McKlnb-y, ISu.OGO.
Indlana, John K. Oowdy, chatrman iNpui.lir.in
Btate Commlttee, Indlanapolbi MeKlnley, . ,000.
lowa, A. B. Cummina, member Bepubllean Xa
tlonal Commlttee, Dea Molnea MeKlnley. 40.600
Kanaaa, Cyrua Leland, jr., member Kepubllcan
Natlonal Commlttee, Troy MeKlnley, I
Kentucky, Bamuel .1 Roberta, chalrman Repub
llcan Btate Commlttee, l^oulavllle MeKlnley, i.WW.
Loulalana, A. T. Wlmberly, member Republl an
Natlonal Commlttee, N?-w-Orleani Both purtlea
clalm the Btate.
Malne, Joeeph ir. Manley, member Republlcan
Katlonal Commlttee, Auguatn MeKlnley, 5o.ofl0,
Maryland, Qeorge L. VVellington, member Kepub?
llcan Natlonal Commlttee, Cumbcrland MeKlnl.
Maaaachuaette, willi-im M, Oaborne, aecretary
Republlcan Natlonal Commlttee, Boston MeKln?
ley, 100,000.
Mlchlgan?Mark s Brewer, ex-membcr of <"..n
gr< aa, Pontl ic Mi Klnlc y, 15.0 0
Mlnneaota, Tama Rlxby, chalrman Republlcan
Btate Commltb c McKlnli v i.I#ooo.
Mlaalaalppl, Colonel Jamea 11111. membor Repub?
llcan Natlonal Commlttee, Jackaon?Bryan, ?>.oW
Mlaaourl, Chauncey l. Pllley, chalrman Repub?
llcan Btate Commlttee, Bt. Loula?Clalmed bj both
Montana, L. <;. I'hei|i-, prealdent araterworka,
Oraai i-'.i i !-? Brj an, !?.< ?
Nebraake, fleorge \\. Poat, chalrman Republlcan
Btai ? Commltt) e, Uncoln M Klnl \. 5, i
Nevada. Colonel H. B. Maxeom, ex-Sunreyor-Gen
??!..!, Bi iio Brj ? . .'..!??'.
New-Hampahlre, |\ c. Cheney, member Repub?
llcan Natlonai Commlttee, Mancheatcr MeKI
New-Jeraey, Franklln Murphy, chalrman Repub?
llcan Btate ' 'ommlttee, Tn nl?? i Mi'K inley, !? ??.
Xi'w-Vi;ik. Fraderlck 8 Qlbba, member Kepuh
llcan Natlonal Commlttee, Nea \>ik McKli ? ',
North Carollna, Jamea )'. Boyd, member Repub?
llcan Katlonal CommltVe MeKlnley. 5.000.
North Dakota, \\ II. Rohlnaon memtier Repub?
llcan Natlonal Commlttee, Mayvllli MeKI
<>li|r>. Charlea I, Kurtx, chalrman Republlcan
Btat< Commlttee, Cobimbu.' MeKlnley, I
Oregon, Charlea n !>?i!. m<-mh r Republlcan
Natl I i' mmltti e, Porttand M ?
Pennaylvanla, Thoma \ Cooper, i-x-ehalrman
Republlcan Btate Commlttee, Hai MeKln?
ley. S*
Rhode laland, Charb** R. Rrnyton. mcmhei B -
N 1 Commlttee Provldi nce M Kln
ley. IJ.0 ?
Bouth Carollna, B. .\ Webater member n
llcan Natlonal Commlttee, Orangcburg Bryan,
Bouth Dakota, A. B Klttradge, member Kepuh
llenn Natlonal Commlttee, Bloua Palla MeKlnley,
T, i ..,.Svoo. t h n iker m< mber !:? puhtli an Btate
Commlttee, Htintlngton MeKlnley, ?-?
l".-x.t -. ! t John Ci mai R< pul llenn
Bl l immlttee, Bherman
H ih, Cllen MII1 i member Btaie Bei ate, ? tll
Lake Clty Bryan, r.
Vermont, Oeorgt T Chllda, member Republlcan
N ilonal ('omm ??? i Bl llh in M ? 0,
Vlrginla, Oeora< K. Mowden, meml>t-i Kepul tn
N ?' ?nal ? 'nmmltti e, I'ori ?' I ? ?? ; 11 ? -
. lalm 4 '? Bl it.
tVaanlnaton, P. C Bulllvai
Natlonal Comn iir.???. Olympln M< K ? ? ?
Weat Vlrginla. A B. Whlle, ? ? ? Re| I n
Btate Commlttee, Parkeraburg MfKlnley lo.ooa
\\ , con In, H A. A.t.iin^. I ?:? i< v . <om
mlaalom r. M idla< i McKlnb f, W ?
imlna, Judae Wlllla Vanderanter, memb.-r
Republlr in N ittonal i' imml '? ?. Cbeyenni M
Klnley, . ???
Orand lotalw?HeKlnlny, i u ?? ...
McKlnley'a plurallty. I,l52.ono.
ao.OOO ir.' i: \;.i : v
IndlanapoUa, Ii ' , N ?? : i Irman floardy, of
th< R< publlcan - ?? Ittee, Ihla afl
fun lahed tbi f dloa
\ conaei ? II thla
tlme inowa ibai Indlana wlll alve .. H pul
II y of r...: le ta than .' .?? 0. and i!. >? ? i
|. IIMOII I. ? ? ? . ? ' '' ? ........
? for Ihe Republl. an ilcfc t. I ? ,
rea. h ??
The It- publle in ora mla itl< n !t. Indlana li > ( ?m
I ... ,i | erfe.t ll ? : ilel I ?' lie
lleve ib.it an) ntb mpi bj tl ?
? . i ' \ ? . .
mai< rl ? Ituatlon
The R.'| ubllenna a II eli I .11 of lh? IS C .
mei 81 ii.. tnlwi ? ? ' ? '??
\ ii . mbl) ind !?'. oui ??' l
Wlth ' he ? Republlr.m
,-j.. iri ::. in the s i n I ? R<
puhllcan* m ! ':. ? n in ijoi ii . ??!? :. ln ib- ll ?
? : 12 l
... ol f lo the 1 nlted
Btat< a Benate to ? ? t !? mb i V\' Voorhi i -
,Trn;\ c i;. i\vi?v. r aliman
sil.l. TO WIN
Ralelgh, N r. Nov I Mr. Flolton, R
giate ..' lo-nlahl "I ' ? '?'?-? ? ??
carry Ihe Btate hj 16,000 ' r M Klnli ???. ?'?.'?"' f.>r Rui
^. II, :in l 8,000 f ir Ihe ( lalon ll k. t, an i el< ?; all l
, :,. | . ..? .-, p.gn iami ? ? ? l>. m ?crati
.1. ?. al -orn. ? md '
11, in . i . ? "? i ?? ? ; '? ???r '"?'"
iwo \..ir- aao The R publ an ? nie arlil Ix i
. i . ? . |...;. i||i - i:i.t |>. mocr iti r imblneil.'
i, g M ?-. F'opullai nomln<'< for Conrre?a ln the
II.l Dlatrlei to-dav annoiinced hln v it i ? ???
,? ,j|. 0n ihe Popul ? v.ite r..r Woodard. the I
cratl ? n >mln e. ai i '.'? t" (e ilora h. Repu ? in
Waahlngton, Nov. 1. Vlee-Chalrtnan Apaley, of
Ihe Republlcan Congreaa Commlttee, lefi vVaahlna
.. .. .-,r ii o'cloek thli mornlng foi hl i boi le al H 11
. ,. \| um .... , i hla vote for MeKlnley and Hobart.
"Yoii may aa) foi me," .^.i \ Mr, Apaley, on Uklng
tho tr.iin, "thal i itan I by my formi i ;?? l ?:on th tl
(he Republlcan ilek?-i wlll >" trlumphani by more
than Ms votes in the ri.???; iral Colle?e; : iat, ln facf,
McKlnley'a electlon wlll bi marked by n land^llde:
v;,l that I hai. in .l.tb'l my eatlmate of the
tdHdlon of --I Bound Money Kt-publlcam to Ihe
,-? .
yciTV. \\'li.:. BE CIXMIE IN OREOON.
j.,, tiand, Ora.. Nov. I Oregon haa !>? en carefully
canraaaed by both RepuWIeani and Fnalonlati The
?trong ihowlna .>f ihe Popullati In rn.- C
,, laal June haa aen*ed to m< n I the Im i
lo. .I Republlcan rank*. Conwi \n Ive Ri |i .
i,i in ,i-.-i- eatlmate MeKlnley", majoilty ;it from "?.'??"
?, , ,,,., a/hib ? ?? K ?? ' ": ??"' r1"' S:. !"'
II ? ,'n ; ?. from 2.0 n :,, -,.'??< Tin Fw. ?nlal ? ?
are a:i p'ledg?d t? IVai i
Cbeyenaa Wyo., Nov. !.? \\ inie tbe allvei aen ?
??,...', _:, ? | ;.. ,., . Bl ite aad tbe chancei ara ta
f o| . victory foi the Fualon ti.'kc:. the maiorlty
?vill not probabfy bt more ihan I.OOa Republlcana
declare they have i Ihi ro a ? oraanrtailon and that
ih.-ir polli ahow a aafe nwijorlty f. i MeKlnley,
- ?
li,- MoJnaa, lawa, Nov I Tbe campalgn In lowa
,],,.,.? imI nlght. It <>..- baen tha moal actlve and
ltng theBUteevei knew I* th ?klei comlucted
?, and arell- irganlxad i impalgi - Repul I
Marrhall P. Wllder. the numorlxt, had a fall
from blaMcyelaal Oaa-hiwdrad and-thlrty-?yenth
?t hii'I Hlv. r?i.i>. Prlve nbout noon yr-Mi-rday. His
lafi iirm wa* aartaualy lajurad Ha araa takaa to
*,,,! rubatatloa ta Rlrerafde loh... wban hla ln
mrlea arera attanded lo, and be aeaj bome
? -
,-?i,i Bprlag. N. \.. Nov. l CBpacJalJ.-Tbe Bapub
iiiti i of i'biiii|i?'own aleaad iba anmpalgn aitb a
roaatog maatlag M tbaTawa HalJ haw laat nlgbt.
jud^ Wood and Bacakd iUh aoukc. Mr 1 t^h
urged a bearty aupport of Frank B. BUck for
: T'e aure that nothlng K-eps you from eaatlng
your vote to-morrow. Tha conAdence l? the
overwhelming trlumph of McKlnley and Hobart
whlch tt!is tbe hearta of patrlotle dtlaena to-day
may prov* dangaroua to tiie cauaa of aound
monej and the restoration of prooperlty if ita
effccl is to gtre votera an excuaa for neglccthcg
tTi?- paramount duty of the hour. If you would
make the vlctory over anarchy and dkdtoneety
tbe atupendoua. lt ought to be, do your duty
' to-morrow.
The popular Impreaaton lefl by the prreat petrl
? otk parade <>f Baturday waa not hard to dlacover
yeeterday. lt waa the toptc whlch interested
everybody In every part of the rity. and in every
walk of iife. Th<- oldeat htbabltant had never
ae< ii or heard <?( anythlng of the ki . that ap
proached lt in numbera aa for epthusiaam and
fervenl loyalty to the Flag.ni' ">dy cotil 1 compare
!t tn anythlng except th<- splrlt of 1881, when tiie
country reapoi ? d ns one nnfn al the eall of
Abraham i.inrnin to put down treaaon and re
Nlnety-nlne dtlxena oul of a hundred belleved
yeeterday thal the greal demonatratlon that
waa wltneaoed from early mornltiK tlll darh
tbe day prevloua, aounded th^ deatb-knell of
Bryanla: i, Altgeldlam, Tlllmanlam and Debclam,
and thal the electora, not only of tlv> Ri-e.it
metropolla, but of tha whola country, were
arouaej to defend the lif.' of the country, and
t.i dellver a blow that wlll forever deatroy tha
>?: imenta of hal ? and dlahoneaty whlch bava as
aalled ti<<> honor of th^ n.i>.-.
N< w-Tork Clty'a peerleaa reaponae of Baturday
proved beyond queatton where the maaaea of h?*r
honeat, law-abldlng dtlxena atand on the quen
tlon "f the hour, and the telegraph haa already
i arri-d the newa to every nook and corner of the
I'nion. h only remalna now for men who would
r?-pei the Bryanite aaaaull upon dvlllxatlon and
law gnd ord< r :?? make th.-tr way to the polla to
morrow and caal thelr votee.
One of the notlceable featurea of the glorloua
paradlng column on Baturday ?a* tln> abaenca
of counter demonetratlona alcng the line ..f
march. Al about every large polltlcal parade
v. hlch haa taken place In New-Tork w' in a ?en
ei itlon, it has been the cuatom for amall bodlea
i f atout-lunged young enthualaata of the oppo
; arty to hang on the flanka of the procaaalon
and yell and ahoul for tl.ppoalng candldatea
f..r Prealdent. The almoat total abaenca of
i for Bryai and r?f phraaea antagonlatlc to
M< Klnley waa remarked aa Indicating the unan
Imlty of aentlmenl whlch prevalled umong the
hundreda of Ihouaanda "f apectatora whlch llned
the treeta and watched th Impoalng column of
li 10.0011 Amerlrana on thelr trtumphal march
from Bowllng Oreen to Forty-aecond-at. If there
waa any anarrhl tli aentlmenl among th" vaat
numbera thal throng< 1 te thoroughfane* on
s.it irday, II waa rowed and allent. It was tup
? i and overwhi Imed by the lnvin< Ibl aplrit
of loyalty and patriotbnr.
Mayor Btrong, In apeaklng "f tlils feature of
parade, neai reeterdayi "it adda taimenaety
ti tbe effect whlch <mr demonatratlon wlll have
it the p"iia In every eounty and st.-it^ in tho
L'nlon on Tueaday. Nothlng eould be grander
than lha march np l'r tdway of that great,
, ned to pr >tocl th<- country
,n thlr aupreme ? mergencj
Joaeph M. Manlev, of Malne, aald thal Batur
;...;? !?? t aa the greateal In hl itory. "It
la ;iii done noa bul the votlng McKlnley*!
? n bj the nv al aal mlahlng rote alnce the
nri i !??? !? nt waa ch sen la ai tur d "
X <? !?'. ii Mld I- fore atartlng to Owego,
..!,,.. nG .,. || vote to-morrow: "There la an
i,,,.,,,,..... Hignlflcanre In the greal parade. lt
? , thal our clllaena aie arouaed aa they
have nevei i" ? n alnce the flrlng on Bumter,
.... ; thal N w-York I'lty wlll, for tbe ftral tlme.
K\-. ? i mbatontlal majorltj f"r tbe Republkan
late f r i:i ? !']? Idei ? >."
^ ,-, mii of Baturday'a greal demonatratlon
obeervnble yeeterday In an Increaaed
tb.|ty of tbe Bryanltea to w;u;m money on
the i. -ui'. No l" ta on the electloii of McKln
1..., u.f. t.. be acared up. The Bryan commla
had onl) offera on pluralltlea, or aome
ihlng In that llne. to make. "Bllly" Edwarda'a
LUnuniaalona ronalated In offera llke theae:
ii iired dollara even thal M< Klnley wlll
,,.,! .:u!> evers eounty In New-Yorh Btate.
Flv< hundred dollara even thal McKlnley wlll
nol finvf "i"a").00*J plurallt) In New-Tork Btate
Flv? hundred dollara even thal McKlnley wlll
nol recelve .To.OtKI plurallty In New-York ?*lt>-.
H,. reported one bcl of *li?<i even thal Mc
Kinl y'a plurallty In ibla Btate would n >l exc.l
_'.".' I I N N I.
Richard Mach bel a Republlean by the name of
i.;i.m, ,,,??? m.ven on McKlnley'a plurallty in
h ? Btate belng under SMU.tlOU
A Bryan man lefl fli!0 wllh John Webb, who
keepa the clgar atand In tha Flfth Avenue Hotel
,:, ,,..,,,n yexterday wlth Inatructlona t?> bel lt
,C ,,,1,1, 0f i to 1 could be obtalned, C. M. R.I,
of Erle, cami and promptly took the bet, puttlng
up ^i'.Ih on MrK nley.
Wllllam i.r. aecretary of the Parb Depart
ment, at the Flfth Avenue Hotel last enlng, of
f..r<-d to bel SL'"i.v.n that he could name twenty
two Btatea a-hlch McKlnley would oarry to-mor?
row. Wllllam McM. Bpeer, formerly edltor <?f
"The Albany Argua," and now a candldate for
. |. ,t..r ..ii the Bryan tlckel In thla stnt.-. accepted
the bet. Mr. Leary named Connectlcut, llllnola,
Indlana, lowa, Malne, Maanachuaetta, Mlchlgan,
Mlnneaota, New-Hampahlre. New- ei ?y, New
>,.,k iiiii.i. Pennaylvanla, Rhode lautnd, s.mth
Paknta, Vermont. Whwonaln, Maryland. Weat
Virginbi, Kentuoky, North Carollna and Me
braaka as the twi'nty-two Btatea. Both men
promptl) ataked thelr money. McKlnley muat
rarn :'M theae Btatea t.. wln tha bet for Mr.
!.. ary
B< re llmba and bruiaed feel were to many th*
prlnclpal remlndera "f Baturday'a Kreat Bound
Money parade Many a man nppe.uvd In Uroatl
w.,y yeeterday who could be Identlfled at onee as
on.- ..f the aound-money boata as reaatlly as if
be bore a sij;n announdng the fad In lettera ?
f,,..t hlgh. Tha "parade llmp" was omnlpreaent
Boma of lha men v\h" paaaed the grandatand
In llne Baturday looked aa if it had tak.-n all
thelr reaolutlon t" get there. They Umped and
thei puffed and they pcraplred, i>ut they atuck
m thelr taaka manfully for tha entlre djatance,
: even If they knee th< y wera t.. he mora or less
i me for a aeek afterward. A number of them
;,i,i pvldeyttj bllatered th?-ir f? et badly, for
t'h.-v walked on the aid? a >>f thelr ahoea wlth a
,,,,,! nke thal of a man who tr!.-.s t<. walk
on sk it.-: The llne of march "?a not far fro:n
i four mlleii for m< I of the paradera, and that
i is a oretty stiff "alk over any of the atreeta (.f
1 ,"<.. city ' Bul over cobbleatoneo, wlth whlch
Flfth-ave la paved. the wa!k was a aad tribu
latlon to many of the paradera,
Th" avalancho 01 aound-money enthualaata
' thal iwept through Broadway and Fifth-ave. on
Baturday lefl ln t?<-lr trark a waate of paper.
tiiintlrR. torn and dlamantle.l emhlema and atlrka
and other decoratlona, whirh were Irampled Into
a duty and Irrcgnuur maaa The big rerlewtogj
atanda looked bleak and deaolato yeeterday, and
.),,. uraaa -.f Madlaon Bqnara ahowad th?> m?rks
llf |.nerahle feet. Hrlchr ^nd early cleaners
.,'.,| ?? ? rk rleantPS the atreeta
; si:i> FOR ORATORY.
Th- 1>Ik atanda were UStd durlng the day aa
polnta of rantage from whleh to addreas vagrant
p.d.atrUnn who would atop to hear any one
harangue. A number ot Bryan and Bewall
| oratora, aa weU aa aome defendera of the Me
Klnley creed, were on hand all day maklng
apeecbea, and llttle knota of people gathered at
the rarloua points to haar the talk of the waa*
derlng apellblndera. Later ln ihe afternoon, over
i in that part of th-> aUnd wbera all day Baturday
, Qarret A. Hobart, Oovernor Morton, Tlmothy
L. Woodruff and other promlnent Rapubllcang
atood, a llttle l-and of rad-ahlrted and deep
volced Balvatloa Army workera toek thelr po.
siti.m. '. but.' baaa drum was botated Into the
Btand, and toon a Salvatlon Army hymn was
ech.dng wbere only a faw h-mrs bafora tha wiw
plaudlti of a 100,1100 marchera teatlflad to th.^.r
bellef in honaaty and Juetice.
Durlng tha day, on all shW hardly anytnin^
waa talked ?.f bul th.? parada. Every oae aald
that. nevei in tbe bist,.ry of polltlcal demon
Ptr.itions, had there baan ao much enthualaam,
?o many marchera, auch a vartad and attracuve
number of bannera and devleee. and, Jbova
all. surh a magnlflcenl managameut of tha
whoie affalr. Th- aound-monej Icadera were
Burprtaed and dellghted wltb th- thowlag, and
all day receive.i congratulatlona
riM.-ii IT.
Every lover of tho beautlful in the davelopmant
of tb." featurea of New-Torb wBI ba deii^hted
to know that thlH morning the work of eom
pletlng the Brat aactlon of the great Harlem
Rlver Drlveway is to be raaumad after an ln
tarruptloa sino. June. 1808. On Baturday Jamea
I). Leary, for hlmaelf and Colonel B. V. R. Cruger.
for the Park D-partment, Btgned the new oon
traet und-r whirb Mr. Leary wlll take up the
proaacutlon of the work on the Drlveway.
The pontraet has been a bone of contontion
for m/nths. In August the Board of Abbnnen
authoriz.il tho Park Board t.? maka tbe contraet
f..r th.- v. ..rk t.. ba Bnlahad without puWlc bld
ding. Tha reaaoa for thls was that Inasmuch
aa Mr. Leary had l>>en the orlginal eontraetor,
and aa it had been concluuIv< ly ahown, ac*
eordlng to Prealdent CniRer, that the fault of
tb- bulglag crlbwork lay ln the plaita and
apeelflcatlona drawn by the enginot-r of the park
Department, and was not at all to be ptaoed at
j Mr. Leary'' door, it would therefore be poaaibta
' for Mr Leary, who had th.- plant ready, to
! eompb'te tbe work for a mucb leau aum than it
i could !>'? done by ai y ..thor eontraetor. The
'. suin approprlatad for the completion of the work
! waa $280,000.
On 0ctober2 <'.>ion-i Crugerand Coramleeton
or Bamuel McMIUan. aa t apecUl commlttee of
i tb... Park Board on the matter, cama to a pra.-tt
cal agraemeat wlth Jamea D. Leary ragardiag
Bpectflcatlona and prlca Tbe dlfBculty had bet-n
! one wholly due, accordtnj to Colonel cruwer.
' to a dlfferenea ..f oplnlon as to cprtain englneer*
: Ing featurea between Profeaaor Wllllam H.
j Burr, of Columbla Unlvemlty, the expert of the
I Park P...ar.l ln th- Drlveway project, and Mr.
Leary and his an, I'aniei Leary, the englneer
: in cbarge of the work. The delay sine- than
haa been due partly to tho need of bavtng the
approval -f tbe form of contraet from Corpora
tlon Counael Bcott That approval a/aa t'.naiiy
pi\on on Frlday laat. and on Baturday the con
tra. t waa dnly algni .1.
Danlel Leary aald laatevenlng: "i ahall reaume
arork on th.- Brat aactlon to-morrow morning.
I have all th- plant neeeeeary. a dradge wlll
be put to work '?> t.-ar away tbe bulglag crlb
work down t.? a polal Boma six ft-et balow low
wat-r, plbs uil! tb.':; '...' dliveo thmuf.-h the
crlbwork. and on thesc a retalnlng atone wall
wlll ba bullt f'.r a dtatance <>f aome 800 fect.
Thta plan of obvlatlng tb- naad of tearlng out
all th- bulged crlbwork orlgtnated, i beHeve,
wltb Profeaaor Burr. Beeldee thta i. rtatloa from
tb- old plana, there wlll be a len-foot-wlde itrlp
of tree plantlng aloag eacb alde <-f the Drlve.
Profeaaor Burr has ln mlnd, i belleve, aome ea
cellenl plana for beauttfylnR th- l>ri\.?ay ln
tbta manner. Inatead of tb- racecourae llntab of
tha roadbed contemplated in tb- orlglnal plan,
a telford pavement wll be uaed in order to
pravenl any illdlng "f the BUrface ;n conaequenca
,.r raln.
??I ahall be aWe to flnlab the flre* aectlon >>t th"
Drlveway, under decenl condltlona, by October
j ,,, x; .\ B4 ,,:,! \i:ii'. at leaet, OUghl to se
the whole Drlveway ready for openlng to tbe
pubiic. Mr. i:...iKr-'rs, i underatand, expecta to
be through wlth th- eecond aectlon n-xt spring.
it may take hlm, however, untll June."
Th- bi.is f'.r the iii?t aectlon of ihe Drlveway.
! whlcb extenda from One-hundred-and-flfty-Bfth
Bt.. at Edgecombe-ave. and st. Nlcbolaa Ptaea
tolllgh Brldge, were opened on January 24, 18B4.
Jamea i>. Leary was th<> loweot bldder, and tho
contraet "as awarded to hlm at $020,318. Thls
aectlon la aboul one mlle long. Oround on tbe
work waa broken on February 5. 1804. ??wing
to the dlacovery thal a peat bed had been rata
taken i? an englneer of the Park Department
for Bolld bottom In bls borlnga, tlvs belng aome
t-n f.-t deep it became neceaaary t.. >m down
a total addltlonal depth of Bome atxteen feet The
breadth of bottom for the crlbwork was n..t
Increaaed however, by the englneer In tho
aneclflcationa for tbe new work. and tbo bulglng
I nf the crlbwork at thls polnl reaulted. Work
I was atopned In June. l??. untll th- polnt could
i i>e aettled ?s to wh) waa rcaponalbla for the
defectlve work Tbe Park Board. aa Colonel
rr,a-r haa alraady atated in Th- Trlbune,
I f,,ni:d thal the fault My undoubtedly wlth the
Deparl.nt'a englneer.
t c Rnd rera aeoure 1 ?ho contraet for tbe Bee
nn\i aectlon of the Drlveway, between Hlgh
' RHdare n-d Dvckman-at., on the loweat bld. thls
; be,,,, $751,240, thls aectlon belng aomawhat
' lawr than tbe fltst one._
BRT.iX AT 111* nOME AflAtX.
T.ine.r.n, Neh, Nov. L?A tang ileep t!i!s efteraeoa
and a longer one to-nlghl Waa Willl.im J. Bryan'B
w.iy of preparlai for h!s flyins tr!p through Nebraeka
to-morrow. Th- campalgn ?.f the candMate praeti
cally ended Ihli morning when be atepped fro-n h!<
prlrate car "Idler," furntabed by tbe Pemocratlc Na?
tlonal Commlttee, In Ihe Burllngton itatlon, here. II*
and Mrs. Bryan iipenl laal nlght in Counell Bluffi ani
rode over to Omaha thli morning on an eleetrle f.ir
t.i take lha IJO traln for Llne An, te whleh the "iiiier"
\\?il^ attaebed. Aboul BB i>.'opl?? were waitin^ for Mr.
Bryan here. Then wai a Joyoua se. n?. of eonrse, at
thd Bryan boma e/hen Vip threa ebUdraa of th.- .-an
dldate welcomed t h. ir fatherand aaathar. Mr. Bryan
?/aa tlred an,i arenl to bed aoan ifter raaehtag bome.
Ile alepl until aupper time, an.l returad aKaln ear'y
to-nlghl to ??? tura raat for to?morrew*a Jcurney.
Mr. Bryan aeat the faUaaiag dtapateh to-nlght to
Chalrman Jonee ?t Chleago:
l lUggeal that vou nrK<- nll nwnbers of sllver cluhs
throii?hout the I'tbted States to n.\e the entlre day
Tueadjy, lf poeelble, to . ur rauaa. In Statea where
the boltl'ng Democrata bava been allowed to use the
uarty name, it wlll ba neceaaary for our peop'e to
wirn votera of the dt-e.ptlon an.l at all poldng p'.ace.*
;h<-- wlll be uaeful to meel the mlarepraaentatlona
*> i.-ii rnay he elrcutated too iat.- to be arr<*sted by
our apeakera or through the praaa Thp goi.l ayn.1i
rate and the iru.?:.-? ir^ flghtlng for exldtenee and we
must be prepared :o m.et them at every polnt.
Waahlngton, Nov. 1.?November, on the North
Atlantie Ocesn, promlaes to be dangeroua for
navlgatlon. Aceordlng to the offlctal foracaat
for the current month. Isaued by the Naval Hydro
Kraphlf Offlee frequent gales wlll he eneountered
between the New-Bngland roa.<: and the Brltlah
I5|p? an.l as f.ir aouth as thn 40th parallel; be
tween Intltudea 2". north and 4>) north. and eaut of
longttude TO weat, occaalanal galea, aome of which
n ay ba qulte aev< re. 1''<>k on tbe Orand Banka,
but al Intervala only; atao ??a.-^t of New-Knglnud to
the ?V"h merldlan Boma Icaberga ta the vlelnity of
Belle lalej probaWy non<- aouth of the Wth parallel.
A iruly rtaiarkatda \ iuU&^HfUit ?*?**
admlratlon, now belni
O. H. Mumm'a Extra
The rtnal trumpet-call of the churchea to
voters to atand for their country'a honor to
morrow was sounded from many pulplta in thta
city yeaterday. Ncarly all the denomlnatlona
were represented in this ajajajajra) plea for the
preservatlon of the Natlonal welfare. The eer
mons all took the ground that Bryanlam waa
a menace to the country'a heairh, both poiitlcal
and moial.
Two clerf?ymen of the Fplacopal Church. a do
I nomlnatlon Wboao mlnlstera rarcly preach on
; publlc nurstlons. urged upon thelr congrega
tlons the Importanre of the present laaues and
tbe neoesslty for conscientloua cliizena to do
I their duty at the polls to-morrow. Thise were
I the Bav. Dr. Morgtn Dlx. rtCtOT of Old Trlnlty.
j and the Rev. Dr. Wllllam R. Huntington. rector
| of Grace Church. Dr. Dlx itoatd hla mornlng
| Bernlen wlth an earneat prayer for the dlvlne
: prot-ction of th? Natlon. Dr. Huntington drew
I aome lessona of clvic virtue from the teachlnga
i of All Salnts' Day. a feaat in the canonlcal
| calendar wbJch N wboarvad on November 1.
Dr. I'arkhurst devotoB hls mornlng aermon
excluslvely to a dlacursion of preaent leauea.
I He beM that the Bryai movement had In it the
aoeda of a lurking hatrec of all authority.
Among other clergymen who preachei on
publlc queatlona were the Rev. Dr. W. H. P
Faunoe, at the Fifth Avenue Raptlst Church;
the Rev. Dr. Charles L. Thompaon. at the Madl
aon Avenue Presbyterlan; the Rev. Dr. Robert
Collyer. at the Church of the Messlah; the Rev.
Dr. David J. Burrell. at th? Marble Colleglate
Church: the Rev. Dr. E. C. IV !lea. at the Church
| of the Kternal Hope. and the Rev. Dr. Robert 8.
i MacArthur, at Cahaiv Haptist Church.
Al the rnd of hla aermon In Trlnlty Church yeater
day mornlng. .he rector. the Rev. Dr. MBfgaa Dlx,
?T kttOW that wbUa 1 have br-n apcaktng other
IhOUghta have been in your mlnda. biendlng wlth
thoae Bppropriata to the day. Thoae varled
tiioughts are not Inconalstent wlth cach other,
even though we dare not drcn Chrlet*0 measage
an.l apeak on the troubled utterances of the day.
It Is an hour of palnful, of Intmse anxlety for
erery lover .>f hls country, Ood rules the destlnlea
of natlons; and to natlo.is BhW 60008 the ngony of
?oul-alckneaa and tha dread of dkeaatatioa. we
aay our cre? l. w.> off. r our prayera. we recelve our
communlon. I hope, wlth a strons falth that. as all
thlnga are In Hla band, ao Ukewlao are the destiny
Of the lar.l whlch we love. the tradittona of whlch
we ire so proud. the honor whlch to-day remalna
unaulhed. tbe plaeo among the natlona whlch la
BtUI hecur-. We have thought together of that
Klngdom whl"h cannot he shaken; yet we muat
not be dreamera; we must remember the duty of the
rftUKtn, the patrlot. and etund up like men for the
trj?t comml'ted to our care. Loog before men
r.H.ch the henvenly k! is>: >m they iiave a charge to
koe;i In the earthly klngdom. Pasa but one day
now, and let every lover of hla country. of the
bn threa, of rtghteousness and good falth, be at
hla post an.l by rolee and vote aeault himself wlth
' a ^-ochI conadenea of the reepoaetMllty laid on heart
aad inlnd.
?Our country ha* aever been In greater perll
than It is to-day. The ahadow of apprehen
Blon of What may eome liea h> avy on many here
and there May that ahadow soon paas: May mla
. chlevoua agitaUoa and unreat recelve thtlr death
' blow! Oh. <;od. aare the. State. and merclfully
li.ar aa When we call upon Thee! Oh. Dord. save
Thy people, and bleaa Thy herltage! <;.,vern them.
and lift them "i> forevar. We look mrwatd to tha
' comlng worid for reat May Oed conceda to u? in
thla worll unlty. peaeo and concord. that In our
homea and In our bdoved land we may have the
toretaata of that peace wherehi the higher realma
are beld together in the atrength of the I^>rd."
Wllllam Blephaaa, of No. U Weat Etghteelh at,
oie of the congn ;;atlon who baard Dr. Dlx. aald:
?That !a. aa t'ar as I know. the only tlme that Dr.
Dlx baa ever touchfd on a purely potttlcal pabloat
trom the pulplt of on Trlnlty. oid Trkawy ia
? nothlng if not conaarvatlve, and the fact that Dr.
Dix . kaaad hls mornlng sormin ln the way he dld
ahows how Unportaat he thinka the situatlon la
Hla remarka thrllled tho congregatlon. and I thlnk
the utteraace wlll have great w-ight."
The Rev. Dr. Wllllam R. Huntlngton preached ln
Orace ( hurch reaterday a aeiiaoa on "All Sainta'
Day nnd Eleetien Day." His text waa from 8t.
Luke I. T$: *Ta kolmeoo and rlghteou.-neas before
Hlm all tha daya of our llfe." Dr. Huntlngton
aald that All Sftlnt"' Day waa preclous to all Chrl?
ti.ins. The ?ttggeattona of the day are suggentlona
af peace nnd calm. tranqullllty yid repose. "There
I- i methlng abeut the f?atlval that comports hap
ptly wlth the Indlan aurrfmer weather-with the
rlpeneaa of garnered abeavea," he said. "The aalnta
of Ood test from their labors. Rut It chancea that
nnother lntereat of alngular Intenslty hua taken
possesslon of the hearta of men Just now. We are
on tbe eve of a great Natlonal eraakV The alr la
clectrlc wlth BUPpraaaai excitement. Storm slgnalj
have heen run up. Kven under clrcumstances llke
theae lt ls a good thlng for us to solernntze All
s.iints' Day. Tha test gtvea us the meaaa of bridg
ing what seema an Impasaable gulf between All
Salius' Day and Klectlon Day. for the verse coupl-a
together two thoughts wlihh have a common bear
Ing upon bOth daya. We are to aceept aa the two
dlatlngulehtng marks of the perfect manhood tn
whlch Ood delighta hollness and righteouaness.'
"lt Is a habtt too common wlth us to asaoclate
boHneaa more eapedally wlth the salnt and rlght
eouaneea more tepedally wlth the eltfcwa. We do
wrong 10 maka this akarp Jlacrlmlnation. Both
aatnt nnd cltizen really have a common lot. The
aalnt must pursue righteouaness. If a man la a
true cltizen he Is pursulng rlghteouaneaa and holl
n?aa. Rlghteouaneaa ia dolng the honeat and truo
thlng by one'n neichbora. It la for the maln
tenance of rlghteousr.esa that courta of law are
cstabllahed. For the malntenance of rlghteouaneaa
ihe ruler la choaen and put Into offlce. The acale
beam and the sword are .mblems of rlghteouaneaa,
the one aymbollzlng the aacertalnment of what la
falr and equltable, and the other the appllcatlon
of power to Juatlce. Human JOclety la a buildlng?
a houae not made wlth handa, to be aure, but atlll
a buildlng, all the aame?and the level and the
aquare, the plummet and the llne are Juat aa ea
htntlal In thla sort of conatruction aa they are for
common ediiUcs of brlck and atona.
"There U a close relation between elvll govera
ricnt and rlghteousneca. It ia an error to auppoea
that rlghteouaneaa would prevall If all govern
menta were aboltahed. Holineaa haa to do wlth
our relatlona to Ood. We are bldden to be hoty
because He la holy. Salnthood, to deeerve tha
name, muat have ln lt an element of rlghteouaneaa
?of robuatneaa. A alckly aalnthood ia no aalat
hood at all. A lopalded, one-lunged aalnthood la
no aalnthood. Electlon Day ahould be a Qoopat
Day. We can prevent power from gettlng Inte
wrong handa. The true patrlot ahould put tha
succeaa antl welfare of tha whole Natlon abo>e
mere party Intereat. Let ua pray for the welfare
of the Republlc?that holineaa and righteouanaaf
may abound wlthln our bordera. We wtah to ba
safc from clvil dlaaater, aoclal unreat and coav
mercial panlc. Boclety haa not rauch unaelnahneat
to l>oa?t of, but what llttle It haa la Ita aelvatkaa,
Meanwhlle lt la good to kapw that Oed relgna?1
aermon wlth the i

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