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V??-LV1....1H?- 18,251.
Canton, Ohlo, Nov. 2.?Tha moat remarkable
mpalgn ever known ln Canton CeOaad Wlth a
?aamlflcent torchlbjhl parade thla evenlng ln
whlch al! the baada, drum corps and RepubM
m Btarchlaf claha of the city Joiaad The
gtrefcta through whleh the procession passed
llr.el with peop'.e, and the enthuelasm was
ur.bour.d. .1. HaJOT .McKlnley was serenadcd by
the ajaithlBf elah* Ha apoha to them as foi
t aiiBfOClata very greatly the ?all of my nelgh
.aD(i feilow-townamen nt this. the oioslnK
hmTr of one <>f the moal remarkable and lm
aeataat polltlcal campalKna ln Amerlcan hls
trirv The bOBf for dlacuaalOB has paaaed by;
he argum-m is C.osed. The vast interesta of
he Amerlcan people are now ln the hands of
Ihe neoDie themeelvee f.?r proper settlement and
determlnatlon. and there ls no safer Jury in
The world to Blt up.?n Ameiieaa interests and
Amerlcan honor lhan the Amorican people
themaelvea. (Applause.)
But you must remember, my fellow-townsmen,
?hat the batt'.e ia not won untll the ballots are ln.
(A voice' "lt wlll l>e," and applause.) The great
urv of the Amerlcan people can be confldently
trusted toestahlish by lts verdk* that the credit
If the countrv is to contlnue unimpeached, ita
rurrncy unqiiestioned. its honor unstained. and
the Kiorvof the Republlc undlmmed.
I thankyoua thouaand tlmea f.-r the oourteales
and klndnesses vou have shown to me in the last
three months. and bld you all P;,^-n'Kli;
Meetlnga ander th- auspi. ea ..f Republlean or
ga'nlaatlons were held In every wnrd of the ci'y
to-nlfht, and an uncomnmnly 1 rge demonstra
tlontook place ln tho Tabernacle, where soveral
Republlcans of local reputation Bpoke.
Major McKlnley Is in the beal of health ar.d
gpirita to-nipht. In fact. be oxprossed hitnself
aa never having, felt better ln hls llfe. He has
flnlshed the eanipaiun wltln '.it even taklnp a
illght cold, He recelved bundreda of teleprams
to-day whl-'h came from all parta <>f the country.
ar.d contained udviees ?.f the r oat assurinp nat
ure. He is oonfldcnt and eheerful. Mrs. McKin
ley continues to improve. She 's able to be out
of bed. and haa nlmost entirely recovered from
the illness whi<-h conflned her to her room neariy
all of last week.
Chalrman Hanna (t the Republlean Natlonal
Commlttee sert word this evenlng th ;t he would
call on Maj.>r M 'Kinley to-morrow. He will f
maln in Caatoa untll 4 o'clock, when he will re?
turn to Clevelaad
A de!ee;at;..n of SBO women from Akron. Ohlo,
called at Major McKinb-y's home at 2 O'clock
this aitOrBO ::. Th-y were IntrodUCed by Miss
Martha A. Bortle ln a happy apeaeh. The mem?
bera of the party bTOtjght larRo bo.iuets <>f flow
ers ir.tended for Mra. McKlnley. In respondlm?
to the address of Miss Bortle, Major McKinley
?a d:
I am greatly obllged to the women of Akmn
for ihis nelghborly and gracioua call. It al
v.avs ls a good omen to have the women en
lis-ed ln a publlc cause. and one of the aourcea
of etrength in this now rnemoiable campalgn.
almoat clogad, has been that we have fell all
tho time lhat we had auppurting ua the Amt-ri
can home. over whlch woma.i presldes. I wlll
not undertake to make a speech to you?only
to express the pleasure that it gfvea me to have
???ou make thiw call, and instead of induUinfj
te. faav tormal wordal I pret>r, ,t u Ib pleaaant
anO ajrt?aa.we to you, to greet each of you per
sonally, and to thank your speaker for her elr,
qaeal assurances of good-wiil and confldenco.
iThree cheera f'>r McKlnley.i
A small delesation from Massillon called on
Major McKlnley at 3:30. They .arrled a ban
ner readlng, "r-allor Club of Massillon; thirty
vnters?twenty-seven for McKlnley." Jam?s
Peacock a^ted aa spokesman. Major McKlnley
thanked the delepation for the call, and shook
hands with each of his vlsltors, but made no
Canton I? bust'.ing with preparations for to
morrow n'.pht. ^'ir>-? are be'ng struris* every
ahere, and never before hiva there been auch
preparations for the roeelpt of elertb.n newa.
Aceordlng to custom, the Republlcana have ae
curfd the Tah-rna^le In which to recelve the re?
turna. The hall haa been connerte.i hy wlre wlth
the Western I'nlon Teh'4?raph offlce. Returns
will alao be received at the Y. M. ('. A. Hall, the
E!ks' lodge rooms and aeveral other polnts about
the city where political cluhs wlll assemble.
Major McKinley will rer-eiv*- thp newe In his
library. seated In the sanie chalr whlch he oo
cupled when he n?ard the news of hls nomina
tinn. Six laleajrraph operatora wlll be emplojred,
recelvlng the news over as many dlfferent wlrea.
Joaeph P. Pmlth, CBptaln H. <>. Ib-lstand and
the other membera of th? McKlnley boiiaahold
who are not reaideata of Canton have g,.ne home
to vote, leavlng Major McKlniey and hls Htenog
rapher, Mr. C<. .per, to attend to the e;reat maas
of correapondenc-. which Is poaring In by mall
and telegraph from all parts of the country.
Thla correapondenc- conalata lai^-ly of exprea
alona of good-wlll and congrntulationa upon the
extremely favorai !e indicatl'<ns of an over
whelming trlumph f..r the Republiran tlcket.
Major McKlnley aald to-nltjht lhat. no matter
what the outcorne of tiie eb-ctlon mlght be, he
felt he had not utlered a slrmle word durlng the
campaign that he woald reeall. He wll! wti a
K<K>d example by voting early. At 0 o'clock in
the mornlng. headed by the (Irand Army Hand.
the Younjr Men'a Sound MoaMjr Club will form
and parade. Ku\^ to all predncta to allow mem?
bera to vote at ;h<Mr re;.pertlve place?. They
have Invlted citlaens generally to Join In the
Major McKlnley-, own city and county wlll
K've handaome pluralltles for hlm. Notwith
?tandlni{ the fact that thia (Stark> rounty Kave
? Plurallty of l.'jon f0, ci-veland In IHll'J. Phair
m?n John Thomas. <.f the County Republlean
lommlttee. |S confl lent that McKlnley will carry
? 'ark County by over '.?,iaa>. "Aa for the clty of
mton." aald Mr. Thomaa to-day. "you may aay
?t althouj'!; ihe normal Democratlc plurallty la
rrom BB9 toflfjo, Major McKlnley has never falled
?BBy the clty in all great conteats, and we
fc^c| lhat hla own clty wlll glve him at b-aar
^Wn'-lity to-morrow."
oaafident are the people of Canton that
f^ j0r a>K!r:li y wlll be elected that every ar
to ntWn*ntt,*; l ran ?"'?? niade la belne; completed
to ^'?*?"?" de'egatlons here cn Wedneaday
Jcla in a monater Joiiific'ttlon over the eer
n four yeare of prosperlty. The rallroud
tiae^*11*8' Bhar,nff ln thirt b?'l)?'-'. have adver
and ,p*CiaI traln" from Clevalaad] and Akron
**>' "tationa on Wedneeday mornlng. Poat
/* htve been prlnted and circulated announc
* the low ratea. and invltlng all to embrace
?a opportunlty afforded of greeting Prealdent
?lect McKlnley.
Terence V. Powderly, ex-Maater Workman of
*?* Knlghts of Labor of Amerlca, called at the
J*?nley reeldence to-day. Mr. Powderly haa
?"?? aixty-seven speeches durlng the campaign.
?W haa vMatad the Btatea of lowa, Kanaaa, Illl
?Pi Mlnneaota. Mlaaourl and Bcuth Dukota.
'n theae Weatern Statea," said Mr. Powderly.
? found the people were largely In favor of
J? allver. but we have ao thoroughly can
T*t??d the Infected dlatrlcta and ao thoroughly
"?v?ioed tha people that tbey were belng mle
led that the Bryan free-silver aentlment has
now lost whatever popularlty lt may have had.
Maj?r McKlnley'a speeches have done a won
dt-rful amount ef good. They have been pe
eullarly effectlve among the laborlng- men, and
his appeals for honest money nnd protertlon
have made a lasting ImpieBBlon. Hryan's
deolarations, on the eontrary, have worked
apalnst the Democratlc cur.didate."
now roTE~Axb voTe eauly.
Vote early!
Vote for MeKlnley and Hobart. Bound money
and National honor.
The polls ara open from (5 a. m. until ,r) p. m.
Laat year and ln prevlo-is yeara the hour for
cloalna the polls was 4 p. m.
Follow the dlrectl.ins printed on the top of the
ballot, and make no mark'on the ballot except
the oross mark in the olrele or spaee indlrate.i.
Any other mark may cause the ballot to be
thrown out aa void.
The mark muat be made with a pencll wlth a
black lead, not with a pen or with a colored pen
eil. Take a black lead pencil wltb you to make
inire that the ripht mark is nn the ballot. Mark
in the clnle at the head of the Rej-ubliran col?
lf a Snund M<>ney Democrat wants to roia for
the MeKlnley and Hobart electors and alao f?r
the state, Conareaa and Aaeembly candldatea of
the National Democracy, he should place a cross
ln the etrcla al the head of the Republlcan col?
umn and then make crOBBIB in lhe gpacee to the
left of the candldatea f..r Oovernor, Ueutenant
Oovernor, Congreaaman and AaaamblyTnan ln
the column under tbe antblera o! the ghlp.
Every voter will reeetva a ballot folded. He
must be sure to take it into tbe'votlna booth,
utifold It, mark lt in tha rtianner deacrtbad and
then refokl it before l.-aving tha booth. He must
fold i; a* it was folded wb.-n i,-.- reeelved it from
the ballot clerk. To tlraw a line thr.mgh any
name on the ballot, ..r to viase a name, <lo.?troys
th- ballot.
lf a v >'.er wants to refraln from votlng for a
candldate tn tba party column, and d->-s nol
want to vote the candldate of another party, he
can write any nanv Iv- aelecta In th* blank col?
umn at tba riuht of tbe ballot. tind.-r the tllle of
the offir-. and rnake a rr.<ss mark ln th.- Bpaca
bafora tba arrtttea name. Ta eeratrh out the
name of the ohnoxlotis camlidate would d"Str..y
the wholp ballot.
Tb- rross mark In the rlrc.e at the head of the
rolumn caata a rote for every eandldato narned
in th- rolumn axcapl that randldate from whom
tho votr- is aitbdrawn by a eross mark for
another candldate In another rolumn.
If a voter hae moved from one hou?e to nnothor
ln the same electlon dlstrlrt sinre he was rcgls
tered. he need not lose his vot*>, hut to BBVe
trouble he should mak* a statem. nt of the fact
to the elrrtlon lnspertors whon he recelves his
ballot. The poliro wlll protect every honest vt.-r.
In votlr.g tho ballot for queation. the voter
must make a rross mark ln th" spaee beforo the
word "no" or ln the spaee before the word "yen"
on that ballot. Mak* the matk ln the space be?
fore the word "rm" and preserve the constltu
tional barrler against the sale of any part of the
Stato forest preaerve. which Is the queation to be
submltted to-day as an amendment to the Ptato
fllx Inma'ea of the Instltutlon for the DeatltUte
Bilnd, Araaterdam-ave. ard Orie-hundiad-and-reurth
Bt, wera arraiKn^l befora Magiatrata Deuel. in the
Hari^m Pollce Court. yeaterday afternoon on a charge
of bavtag raataterei UlegaHy. Tho prleonera arera
Jihn CaehdoSlar, Joaeph Honnet:, Moaea I?-- riraff.
wnii.-im Aaderaoa, Bernard i/onirnor and Oeorge
The arr^sts wera maio on tha anptlcatlon of Drtor
tlves Maxon arul McOlOin, who alloRf-.I tha: th? men
wera not rnt-ri'-.J to t.^i.st.r or vote. bo'ng Inmatea of
an insiit-.tion that l- wbolly Bupporti 1 hy publle
eharlty. Tha MaKi-,::.'>:. Bald thal at Ursr ihongbl ha
was lnrlin*<l ti belleve that tho inmatos ..f th* ln?tl
tution were not entltled to vote, bul ho woul-l glva
the matter careful <-oii.?=i 1 ratlon and rander hi.^ oecl
.?ion thla mornliu:.
In tho rr.i-an tlme ha would paroio tho prl?onors on
condltloa thal they would preseni themaefvea ir, court
ln :hr morning, and r.ot an.-mpt to vote unt:; ho nn
,)Vre.l his do.Msion. Tho prleonera BBld tha: thoy ha 1
lioretofore voted wlthoul Objectlon.
L-aanrciti abbioned for ei.ectiox ajuiesti
The Republlcan Club haa mn'lo arranRf-mor.ts to
have oeanpetent lawyera a: all the poil--- rour-s it.
th;s city to-day, and at the Supremo Court, rhamh-r?,
to aet far all Republlcana who tnny bo a. tr-str 1 at any
of tbe votlng predncta Reapooalbta Republlcan
hond?mr-n hd\e voluntooro'l an-l will bo prosont a:
earh of the nolh-o courta and in the BupreBM Court.
In caaa of a fallura to flnd counaal or bondamen it. a:
t.-ndance telephone meaaagea ahould ba aenl 'o th^
l'nlon I>*aKii.- Club -ir tho Republlcaa Club, No. 4V.
piftb-ave._ _
Aesemblyman James W. Htisted, Republlcan
candld.'te for ??e-electlon ln the Hld Assembly
Dlstrict. ln Westchester County, and the young
est aon of the late Jam-s W. Htiated, was badly
hurt yesterday. "W'hile on one ef lhe wharves
of John Smith, Jr., a eontraetor, In Peekskill, a
bueket contalnlng a thmiaand poun.ls of lron
fell on his foot, rrushlni? It badly. After the
physleians had dressed th^ woun 1 Vr. Husted
was taken to Blnp Slnp, wolklnK on erutches,
and fulfllled an engacament tbere. He re?
turned by tbe late truln last niRht, nnd was
conveyed to his home ln Waablnctoa Park.
A M1881X0 1/lV FOVXD.
_ -
Chtsaae, Nov. I?Albart D. rowera. formorly
mt.nriK.r Of the 1'ui.nn U.ll-f Huniu ln ihla clty,
wlios" mvst*rloi)s dlaappi-arance some w.-ks sro
i.-.i to the beUef af foui paay, is altva. Ha was feand
by the pollce at l'nlon Clty. Tenn . nnd a iBlaBTam
from tbat place yesterday aaM that Powors 488888
to that clty yeaterday mornlnK from Martin, Tenn.,
w here he hud t*en for a. veral days paintlng slans.
He had a llttle boy from Martin wlth bim, and
waa aoliiK around trylnjr to get permlsslon to
preaeh In the eourlhoiiHC. when ho was met on tho
street by E. <'. Mnws, a relatlve. Hawa aaked hlm
what ha was dolng there. He aald be whk loat an.l
had rot seen hla wife for alx yrara. Then Haws
Inviied hlm to his houae to take supper. Ho sal.l
he was In no condltlon to meet hla family. but
would go and dress and eome back. Mr. Hawa
wt-nt to the telegraph offlce to let Powers'a father
know that he had found hla aon. He left an offlcer
to watch the young man whlle he waa gone, but
the ofTWr kl hlm go. Powera went to the llttle
boy and aald hc waa diacovered by a relatlve and
muat leave nt once. which he dld, golng Bouth.
Beveral men are reported to be after hlm. and
they think they wlll flnd hlm. He had been for
lorne tlme about Fulton, Ky., aetlng atrangely.
Hla mlnd ls reported to bo lmpalred. Whlle nt '
I'ulton ho mado h coffln and aald he waa golng lo
bury a man ihere for three daya and then reanr- j
r.rt'nlrn. . T> _? , __
Th- dtaappearanca of young Powera Just as the
taunchlng of the amhltlous projeet of the Cuban
Melb'f llureau had ellelted from some Bnaalarda I
of I'hlcago vlobnt expreafclons of hatrod, even
threata iiKainst hln llfe. gave rlse to a be lef that
rnoth.-r Cronln murder had occurred. ( olonel H.
D Powera, father of the young man, nnd prealdent
of the Flrat Natlonal Bank of Owensboro Ky.,
where both made thelr homes, came to Chleago
and apant conelderable money trylhg to trace hta
The weatber propbeta late last i.ip,ht protnlaed
; the most favorable aorl of weatber f->r Electlon
Day. Tbey amlUnaly declared tbat to-day
would be a perfeet apeclmen <>f tbe iat<- Indlaa
Mr. Dunn, lonklng out from hU lofty tower
on the big atratcblna clty away below, eaid
to a Tribune reporter: "To-morrcw prornlaea
j to be a perfectly fair day. It has been so to
day all over the country, exceptlng In tha
, Dukotas, arbere a bttie anowr f.-ii. and in aflnne
sota, Wlseonsin. I'pper Mi-hliran. Washingt'.ii
; and Oregon. With th- exception of thaaa Bec
' tlons, and of Indlana. Illin..is. MlagKMJI i and
I lowa, where the Indieations \\-i- a btt uiu-.-r
taln, every;h!ng proaaUaa falr.-st ski-s and lhe
most genlal winds. In the Btate <>f N-w-York
and the East gc-n.-rally. in the Bouth an.l In the
t extreme We.^t. th.-re wlll be the nv st favorable
electlon weather poaolbla lo itnagin.-. ln aad
around New-Totk I: aill ba a llttla warmer than
If the guarantee of thls perfeet weather com-s
I true. no voter wlll have an eacoaa for shlrkin^
: his <luty at the polls to-day. Rinee it Is a w.-ll
known fa.-t that good weather is alwaya favora
Ue for Republlcan proapecta, tbi.< proanlaa <>f
! fair skl-s adds even more to tba confldence
. whi.h tba aapportera ?.f aoand money and Na?
tional honor f-.-l for the Bocceaa >.f th-ir cauae
! ln to-day's great battla
ln vii-w of tba rreal Intereat that ts alarajra
! f* it regardlng Electlon Pay. Cblef wiiiis L
Ifoore, <>f th- vVaahtnaton Weatber Bureatt, ree
terday s-nt <>ut a Bpeclal i.ulietin. it reada as
Kair atid pleaaant w.-ath-r. wlth about iioitnal
temperaturea, prevaita thla morning ln all Btatea.
except as followa: From two to four Incbea of
sn.iw ha? fallen over Bouth Daheta. and mi.? ta
atlll fulllng, wlili a proboblllty thal lt wlll con
ti.nic t..-ii.iy and to-nlght. In North Dahota aboul
two Incbea of anow has fallen ln thi aouthern cen
irui pdrt nf the Btate, uti.i tiu- condltlona ari fav?
orable for . moderate anowfall to-day and to-nlghl
in the aaatern hatf of the Btate; ln Nebraska llghl
snow wBI probably f;.!l In the north half of the
Btate to-nlght In Mlnnesota, Wlsconaln und l.p
|m r Mlchlgan Ihe w. ither ta cloudy, wlth ?
llona atrongli Indlcatlng an unpu-aenni Tue
wlth llxht raln or anow; In lower Mlcl
art- gatnerlng, and Ihe condltlona Bre favorable ror
warm weather on Tueaday, wlth clouda and .... i
alonal ahowera; it: Indlana, llllnota, Mlaaourl and
towa the weather la warm and plensatii lo-day,
bui clouda ..r-- ; iherlni I th. condltlona
.,,. uncerti ln foi Tti. edny, w itli Ihe welghi .<f vl
? dence ln favor of b.rally I r wi ither In Wush
Ington and Or gon raln lu - fallen every day dur?
ing the laal week, maklna condltlona had
tra-.-.-l In lhe country, and it i nrolwble lhal
henvy rloudlneaa nnd a moderate fall -f raln wlll
. ontlnue ln both Btnti < n Tue day; ln all other
, Btatea ti- weatber .inn thta morning gli ?
; strc-ng Indlcatlona of I i nd pleaaani weather for
Waablngton, Nov I Tha meteorologlcal fore
caatara ara uneertaln aboul the ? mdttlor.a wbl h
wlll prevall ln the Bla ?- of tha Mlddle Weal to
morrow. RecognbdnB ll greal Influenei >.f the
weatber on Ibe reaull of thi ? h llon, .-;-?? .1 ef
forla have been made t.\ ihe Weather Bui
' foretell aocuratel i ondltlona ."?? ???
' "low" central over i a i -.1: ta eon
ceded, how-ov, r, nol aa bad ktoklng i l "towa"
uaualiy ar.-. for it ha. hung around I atj four
houra now wltboul developlng an lamagi Tni re
bi abeotutaly nolhlng In Ih. weatbei ? il
prevent averj faraaei In New-Kngland, ih* 11
rit.it.-s ar:i tha Bootb fren reachlng tha polta,
liuwover .nat?nt, for la 11: aaa aai llona tba road*
?r. I.. lha t.fst poerlble rondltlon and are ? ??? lo
r..ii.aiii >??> for a-v.ml daya The Mountaln H'.u.-t
ar- uleo ..... I.ut tha ?rh'?-rii alupr >,f thi i'l
?! |pp| [??) r.ua bea>n i ??. .. .
!-,-.- thr. f. ii ?'?? ?'..,- .; ln Ka -?
Nebraska leamlnn i* >-> heav) i no'hei gen
'?rul abowar would make manj poor re..-.
Impaaaable. Thli n itate of afl
w..t?.- in ij'<-h...i and Waahlnglon lhan ?>-.
. Ire ln ihe Unlon. Tl ? i la on li< i be raln
.itnl. pedhape, anoa ??! hall In Northi
gan, ?I". on?dn and Mlr.r.. "'... ... 1 -
of surtlci. nt lnt< nali irdenl vou
feared for Mli hla in Hut . 300 m k li
III., aa a ci mr.. lha llni I I
:? . indlana, llllno.a, lowa, Mlaaourl and Ken?
tucky, i- the - ? ? ??? ' h mlghl b. .ft.--r.-i ;.\ ihe
only "lo* " on lhe i H- re iho \\ , ather Bun lt
?;..'? gre looklng enl for aaualta.
Huron, s. D., No-. ! A h< ivy anow fell here
laal i.it'hr. and a foot of it i- now cn tho greund
Tha stutni n. rto and weat I reported i en
graph polea and irtree an down between here and
Plerre, n i communl atloa aitb thal clty
bean !...'i by wlr< aln. a Thurt daj ? nlng
ari allghtlv detayed. lt la egpecied the atorm wlll
Intei f. r. \?ith a full vote to-moi rew.
I BleOIF s\lh TO //11/. VAU8ED OEATB.
Tho pollce aro Inveatlgatlng tt..- di it*. of John
McDonald, a young truca drtver, who dted on May
n ai th<- boma -.f hta parenta, No. :-.". B/eat Ftfty
aecond at. He had baan :ii apparenlly onlj a few
mlnutea before his dealb. l?r. Joaeph II. Byrna
waa . aii,-.i ln, an.i aacrlbad *.hm yotang Bian'a deatb
lo eenvutetena which, ha aald, mlghl hava been
r.-uiso'l by a l.low or a fall. The McDoaald famlly
dld not know tbat the young ninii inol been l.i
Jiit>-.1 In any way. and tba I'oronor was not ln
fonned of his death. About n week n>,-o th.- dead
man'a bretber beard thal be had been atracb
with a baleatlch by a man who waa eaapleyed In
tho Btahlaa of wuiiam Breoha *? Bon, al No. tu
B/aal Forty-nlnth-at Tha brtrther wenl to tba
Coroner*a ofllce yeaterday nn.i toi.i hta atory. Ho
waa Instructed ' lo aae >ba Dtatrtct-Attorney.
Mitchell Bendala, an ex-employe of Brooha B Bon a
atablea, who told McDonaM'a f.itt.."- that Thomaa
Burna, an employe al Ibe atable, had ald to bim
that young M-Ooniiid had been aaaaulted, sai,i
thar iiiirns told hlm thal young McDonald waa
standlng In front of tho stal.lo w-h.-n K.iy Bmlth,
th?. bookki-'-p.-r, ran out and atruca hlm aeveral
blowa on the head wlth " beJeettck. Bendala aald
that Burna told Ihe aame atory lo Thomaa Reilly,
lamea Kelly Patrtch Wiils arul Louta vVendel, all
of whom werked at the tlme f..r Brooka Burns,
who stlll works at the atable. could nol be found
yeaterday nellher could Smlth. the bookkeeper.
Mr. ltro.'.k. denled r.ll knowladaja ef lha affalr.
KI'I. MAIK BBRVANT AFTBB l....-iN'.i $!??. BT
Rehert I_ Cuttlng, tha huaband ?.f Htnnla Ballg
' man. tha n< tr.-ss, was .otBplalnant In rorbvllla
Pollce Court yeaterday agalnai Annla Powera, a
?ervant, who had been in hla easptoy f..r three
j v.-<-.-kH. Mi. Cuttlng llvea ln lha Nevada aatbouae,
af Ih- Itoul.vur.l an-l H-v. iiil.-th lt Ha t'.l-l tba
Magistrate thal lha glrt, who ls only Blateen yeara
' oid. bad been In tha honaa only a f,-w daya when
( his w.f<- bagan to mlaa thlntra Nebedy bad a. i
' to thelr apartaaenta aacapl tba glrt, aad Mr. aad
i Mrs. I'uttiriK wera loatb lo belhrra that aba waa a
I tblef, bul tbey nnally eoaduded la wateh tba irirl
The petty tblevtng eontlnued, bul aba wa* never
di-t."-.o<i in taklng anythlng.
j On Thuraday laat Mr-. Cattlng i-ft her j.o.-k.-t
! book eeatalalaa t-Vj "" ? -??aatt vVlthln an hour
l the poekatbook aad tba ataaey it C4>atalned wara
rnlsslng. Mrs. Cuttlng aafcod the jtlri about It. bul
I she denled havln>i n-on the pookothooh anywhoro,
aad ihe Cuttlnga arera puaalttd. Thay bagan to
1 roc-kon up th. Ir loaaea, and_,found that. Includlng
tbe money, they aa aadod ttW, rnei they deter
? mlr.-il to seareh tho /ervant s room. rhev fouu.l
aame of tha miaaing arti.-les hlnden ln ?he l?-.l. and
Mr .'utting want to the Weat Btgry-etghth-at pollce
! atatlon and brought io the houa- with hun !>.
I fertive Charlton. Tne detectlva talk. d Wlth the
! alrl and endeavored to get hc-r to tell v.-h.'t ahe had
Sone wlth the money and the rest of the stoler.
rronerty but whlle rhe cor.fesae.l that she had
taken that found in the b<d, she denled th.it she
had stolsr. ihe mor.ey or lha other mlaelng artlcles.
She waa flnally taken to i ?? station and locked up.
Mr. Cuttlng aald ln court reatarday that he aup
nosed aome people would think hlm hard heartexl
ln r.reaslng a charge of larceny against so young ,
a alrl but ahe was ao pretty and had such engag
ItiK niannera that ahe would apeedlly ingiatinte
I hersolf wlth other people and flnd Tiew vlctims if
Bhe waa not prevented from dolnB ao.
Th- alrl was colf-possos--.] wh-n in rourt. 8h<'
ndmltted taklng th- nrilcl.s found hidden In hor
be.l but dontad ..II knowtadga of tha othor losi
property. Magtatrata Cornell held her ln BBO l-all
for irlal. _^_
Roanoke, Vn., KOV, 2. M yo/ Robert MeCleltand j
waa knocked down and fatally lnju: ed by a trnlley- j
car In C'ampbell-ave. thls morning. Hla skull was ;
fraetured. and It Is not belleved that ha can llve
throuah the nlght. I
iu;ra T<> OBB thi: PBEVAILUta i?i.i?s on mkin
Nobody on the evt of a Prcsidontial elec
tion. evi r knew Demorratic bettlng men to glvo.
the cnrrl.i.i's .,f tbe Ki.th Avenue Hotel and
the Huffman Hoiise BO wide a befth as they
did last night Uaually the ground floors of
! bnih thoaa eelebrated hattlag grounds at alao*
tlun time an rtlled with earnest and excited
politicians, bootaaakaTl and bettnrs, arranging
wagera aad coveritiK atakea, But this year only
one slde has had the rourage of ita convlctlona
and thal la tha slde that is backtng Major
McKlnley There were more people than usuul
In theae placi a laal evenlng; baf if a church
convenUon had been the cattaa "f tha jratherlng
the mrridors would sea.-nly have been more
Tlii'iv was aome bettlng, but It was Inaignlfl
eaat eompared Wlth the wagera usually made on
auch occaalona Whea it la romembered that
i*ii-i Preaidentlal conteat him been the hottest
e\. r se.'ii by the prtatal generatloii, the absence
of heavy and general iiettlnp can <mly be ex
plalaed >n the ground lhal the Bryanltaa are
uttetly arithoot confldence. and renli/.e t.eyond
queatlon thal they are wofully beaten,
N. n. Sctt. mamber ..f the Republlean Na?
tlonal Commlttee for Weal Vlrglnla, He.-ured a bet
of 9300 even with Oaorge C. Pal rrawm that YWat
Yirginia would ?.*'> Republlean.
Cotone! Henry L. Bworda, of the Natlonal Com
mlttoe, made on< bel of $1JU0 Bgalaat MOO and
another ..f $lmi agalnsl 928 .>n McKlnley'a elec
w. R. Hearat, proprietor of "The New-York
.Imirnal," waa < redlted with a bet Of l&SOO
agalnat So.immi thal McKlnley w.mid not recelve
Ibe electoral votea of either illinola. Ml-hlgan
or Indlana. Tha Republlean who to-.k Mr.
Hearat'a offer waa generally regarded as having
a clnch. lt waa -.? i? l ln explanatlon of Mr.
Hearat'a remarhable bel that he only made it to
ereate an Impreaaion .'11111011: free-allvaTltea that
hla courage had nol entlrely departed.
Wllllam Learj bel Wllllam McM. Sp-er HO
even thal Bryan wlll noi rarry all "f theae flf
leen Btatea: Ptortda, fleorgla, Mlaataaippl, Ala
i.am.i, Leoulalana, Texaa. Bouth Carollaa, Arkan
? . -. Colorado, Utab, Nevada, Montana, idah->,
Mlaaourl n'"i T- nneaat e,
,v. li Brooka, of No. 7 Wall-at, bet 92,400
agalnat 932,000 that McKlnley'a plurallty ln the
Btata would n'-i he leaa than 190,000 Ba alao
bet 9400 agalnal 9000 on a pluralitj ln the state
if mal.lMRI for McKlnley, and .<l."-MO n-alnst
|| ihhi tnai n ?????? Y..r'i Clty wlll give McKlnley
?_?:. ibbi plurallt)
Charlea De Wltl bel ?.'i"i a-calnat 91,000 on
Brj an'a electl ai
1: B Talcotl bel *l.r.',:| agalnat 9800 with n
Waahlngton bettor ob McKlnley'a Her-tion. The
detalla were arranged by wlre.
A bel of |Ha1 Bjtalaal 170 ?ai announre.l
thal Indlana wlll 10 for McKlaley. There
waa alai n bet ><( 9300 acalnst flmi on McKln
lay'a electlon, tha paitlea lo VBtea wlihheld
tbelr nunn s.
\ . lerk ln the rtuprem<? Couri yesterday bet
|7l . even that McKlnley'a plurallty ln the etty
! i..r rtarh '-'?"?,HH|. Mr. ebiMachmldt, a
.1. to .k the Republlt Jn <-nd ..f It.
A man nh>i gave bla aame as \v. J. Bryan
??.t jj;.1. wlth R N Merka thal MeKln
ley'a plurallty it New-Torh Clty would not
reaca. BO.O0H
V bel "f ?*1"-1 even . 11 230.000 plurallty in the
.-? tte for McKlnlej was announced at the P*lfth
Avenue Hotel la-r evenlng; alao a bel of 92.000
, . nB| *:,i*i ...|.is 1 t.. 1 on McKlnley'a electlon.
.\.i even l?cl was made yeaterdaj of 9100 ihat
! McKlnley'a plurallty on the popular v..te would
ea.l J.".i 1.0: n 1
? .; .... beta were made jregterday on
McKlnley having 10,000 plurallty In New-Jeracy.
A !>? 1 of >.'"" "?????ii waa made at ihe Hoffman
Houae laal evenlng thal McKlnley would carry
llllnola l?: a ploralttj ?<( i5?.?00.
(?n ihe .-' k-Ii l.\ hange reaterda> an offer by
Bdward Waaaermann to bel 910.000 to 9A--00
..11 McKlllle) waa n.it taken up. W. I>. Hat.h
and A. C. Tower bel Kllnreth & i"arr V-'.imo
even tha! McKlnle) would have ^(khi plurallty
In New-Tork BU ?
A few other moderate wagera were made at
odda .-f :: m 1 on McKlnley, bul offera of 1 to
1 whlch w.-re made later, found no takera
Colonel John Webb, ..f the Plfth Arenue Hotel,
?ald ih.it it ?:n tho quleteat eve >>f a Natlonal
electlon thal he had ever known.
john Peacock, "f the Hoffman H..use, aald:
"There haa 1.n.no bettlng worth mentlonlng
to-nlght. Everythlng had been ettremely ttulet,
1,111 we look for eadtlag acenaa on electlon
At the Waldorf there waa little polltlcal talk.
although detachmonta of tha heavy artlllery of
the M Klnlej campalgn were acatterod here and
ihen- in the garden and caf.'-. W. Bourko
Cockran attracted tha moat attentlon. Ka
looked well aa if be aiahed to lake part ln an
other campalgn. The uaual out-of-town trav
ellera and Btrangera were mlaalttg about the
Colonel Bworda of tbe Natlonal Commlttee, re
relved a reply yeeterday afternoon t.. the teie
gram he s.-nt tn Mr Btratton. of Colorado, offer
iiiK to accepi the latter'a reportcd offer of 9100,
imhi in .<:',ini.immi that Ibyaii would be elected. The
lelegram read: "If you wlll aend your money to
tho El Paao Bank, Colorado Bprlr.ga, you will get
ail the bettlng roa want"
Coloinl Bworda langaed wl.en he read the tele
gram. "Who In the world." aald ha, "ia golng to
aend money to Colorado Bprtngaal this late hour
..f the eonteel"" Cotoael Bworda athted that he
li.-1le-v.ci Mr. Btrattoa'a offer to bei was a myth.
Waahlaatoa, Nov. : (gpotHal).?MeKmley money
\- golng begglng In Waahlagtoa. Then- n acareety
a publlc reeort ln the clty where plenty nf lt ls not
walttng t" be wagered al tha odda of :t 10 l ot> the
electlon of ni.- Cantoa man to-BBorrow. bul there
1- no Bryan ?I.O...H-." to mm a favorite colloquial
ll rn. ln llght. An etilhi'slast or two tn.iv be fouti.1
who .an I '? iMlte.i 10 Ihe betMng polni by a.lrolt
argument, bul the BBoney pal u'p ln aoeh Inataneea
ls Iu ^^lall si:m-> Six to 5 ls belna offere.l that
IfcKlnley wlll carrj Maryland. nnd consl.ler.ihle
money ln amall amounta la belng wagered al these.
odda There is conalderable heaalng ln prograaa
One man whr attalned aome promlnence a few
?reeka iko by hls wllllrtgneaa to -het on Hry.in is
aald tn have bel Beveral hla auma on McKlnley
?it i tn 1 In ordei to (???! even. no matter whleh way
the polltlca] cal Jompa to-morrow. The laiter beta
were mada throagh an agent
BufTnlo. NOT. 1 K.lwnr.l "Cannon" n.-ild. the
i.i .-. iist. to-nisht mada a aragar of 11.000 to ?oo,
put up hy John Brown, a baakar of Hnmllton.
Ont.. lhat M-Klnley would be the next Prealdent
of the Unlted Btatea Mr. BaM offera to bet 12,000
more al the iame ocMs. and thlnka he wll! be able
tu place hls money before noon to-morrow.
Orand Rapld?. Mlch.. Nov. 2?A ault of more than
uaual lntereat io har.kera haa been eubmitted ln the
Unlted Statea c'ourt. it ls that of Robert T. Glb
bone. 184101 var of the Natlonal City Bank ->f Green
v'.lle, agalnat Henry N. Andoraon and John J. Foa
ter, directorfc I.eroy Moore waa prealdent of the
hank. When It falled. In June, lf,93. he waa found
to he n ilel.tor to the nrnnint of |:75.0<)0, or for three
and a half tlmea the totai eapital of ihe bank. ln
October, 1^2, his Indobtedneea, dtree| and aa in
doreer aaa IIB.CC0, aad tha Coptrollef of the Tr.-aa
ury ordered h curullnaent. The b.mk was maaaged
en'ilrely by Moore, and the dlrectora contlnu.id to
let hlm have hls own way. and he Inrrenaed hla lla
Mllty by |f.|.?i0 before the fallure. The ault la to de
ternilne whether the dlie.tota can be held flnanclally
re-iponalble for thelr neglect of duty In permlttlng
Moore to contlnue hia lootlna operatlona. Some of
the teatlmony addticed, ahowlng Moore'a methoda,
la aenaatlonal ln Ita nature.
CABBT rm: statk.
Baa Franclsco. Nov. 2 (Bpeclal).-No electlon ln
t'alifornla has evvr stlrr.d up proat.r lnterest
than that which wlll be doci.l-d to-morrow. In
fact. th- only oontaat at the polls whleh -.jualled
lt in popular teeUng was th- tilectlOO by whleh the
aew Conatltutlon was adopted From all th- re
; turns It s.ems safe to ray that tho Republlcans
: will carry the State by from 8.881 to 10.(H.) majorlty.
but if thay como out even In San F'ranclsco thay
I will dO well. It may bo that the D-mocrats wlll
; carry thls < Ity Ly irom 1.081 to 8.4)88, Tht-se flguros
' do not taliy wlth Iboaa glven out at the baadquar
ters of the two main partl-s. Th.- socretary of
i tho RapaUlcan Btata Ccntral Commlttee Ilgur-s
[ out that MeKlnley will carry Callfornla by 15.000
majorlty an.l that K.-v.-n Republlcan rongr-ssnien
wlll bo elocted. The se-r.-tary of the Democratlc
. I'omrritt-o predlcta that Callfornla will glve Bryan
from 1,000 to j.ik.i majorlty. wlll return ntno Bryan
! alectora, and will elect a Demopratlc Leglalature,
' so ih.-.t th- n-xt I'nlted BUtea.S-nator wlll be a
, Domociat. Ii-tw-on theae two eettmatea the aafa
1 BTOUnd 11-s. Th- contest ls sur- to bo oloso, unless
all hIkiis fall. Wlth tho -normous Popullat VOM
of 61.000, poll-d at the laal electlon, lt ta Idta to
: talk of any large Bepubltcan majorlty. becauae
the defcctlon from Democratlc ranks is not h.-avy
i er.ough to completely upset thls. Th- returna
from the Btati are cheerlng to-niKht for the Re
! publloana but they .lo not Indlcate any landgltde.
, lf tho Republlcana get 1,008 majorlty, nlne etoctora
atul llve out or s-v-n Coiikt. ssm.n. they will have
mada a gr-at flght.
Tirr: iTATB.
Auatln, Tex., Nov. 2?The campalgn elosed to
nlght with every Indlcatlon of raln to-morrow.
Notwltbatanding that Chalrman Blako, of the
Bryan and Bewall .ommttteo, ls elalmlng the State
by _W,000 plurallty over MeKlnley, allver loaders
her- aay It wlll not exeeed 2J.<X'0. Illake plaees his
eatlmata on -i total vote of MOUNO, of which he
gtvea MeKlnley only US.080, Bryan and s-wall 275,
000, Bryan and Wataou 80,000, and Pabner and
Buckner 10,000. In thta ctty an.l county at least Bl
p.-r cent of the Poullata will rota for McKlnlay,
and Ihelr leadera aay that M per cent of th-lr party
ln Texaa wlll vote for him. lf thl< be true. oui of
b total vota ..f 180,000, thay aay llual MeKlnley wlll
recelve fr-m Repubiloan*. Popullata and Sound
Money Democrata 196.000; Bryan and Bewall, lRn.orvi;
Bryan and Wataon -5,000: Falmer nn.l Buckner,
10.M0; i. iverlng, M.ooi). Por Conaveaa it tooka as
though Crawford, Sound Money Democrat. UI tha
IVth Plstrlet; Olbba, Popullat ln th? Uth D!s
trlrf Pope. Ropubilcan, In the Vllth. and Noonan,
Republlcan, ln the XHtn Distrtet. would he eiected.
RaleWh. N. C. Nov. 2 -The Populist State chalr?
man aaya his poil of the Stato shows 177,eOO Re?
publlcana. 4.1.000 Topullsts and 130.000 Democrats
Llncobt, Nei... Nov. l?BBmlnattng the errect of
W. J Bryan'a trlp throuirh Nobragha to-day.
. whi.-h nor.- deny hi? bean a factor for his beneflt,
th? polltlcl trend of tho State for tho list thirty
I sW heura has b-on favorable to the RepubHcajtB.
I For this ......liti.in ef affalra th- PopuUat rupport<
or? of Mr Bryan bave mon in th-lr own ranka r.>
l.l.-imo Tba meetlrjTB of to-dav and Sntur-lay nglu
were atarhed at a number of tcwrs by ov-rt acts.
iu h aa throadng oiras at Republlcan spoakots and
burnlng R?-pul>llenn bannf-ra. and the reactlon haH
MI ln Aatde froaa thls tbe a haa been nothlng to
. h,n?? lha ?tlmate olthor way. The vot? will be
.?loae In any evett, nnd lt ls o.uestlonab!o lf th
resuli even on htada of tlcheta, will be dannlteiy
kn-.wn before Thuraday. If tho botttn* Is any In.ll
eatlon liryan meu bev* h trinY- the battar of it
No lar^e wagtra hara h-en mnde or odds ofrore.i
by olthot sl.lo M- Hr.ans rome county Is clalrned
by tho Rermbllcara by - ? >'. bnl his ?upport-rs In
atal that lt ls f.i- toe largo.
BT PBOM 88,000 TO 148X088,
Colurabua, Ohla, Nov .' Chalrman <*aren of the
Natlonal Democratlc Btate .'ommltteo and Chalr?
man MeConvllla of tho Democratlc Stato Commlt
taa wlll rtiv no eatlmata af tha electlon reaull ln
i th- Btate. Chalrman Kurta or tba Republlcan
Commlttee leta his Btatemenl or Situr.l iy nlght. ln
whleh he .iain.-l tho stato f,.r MeKlnley
i,v gs.ooa to 100.008. st.m.l iinamended. Lead
Ing Republlcana h-re are Inciined to regard thls
.-Inini ..-. too hlgh, but all think th? State is aafe.
Th- bettlna ?ei raa to supporl thta, a< th- odda ara
10 to l in McK nley'a favor on the Btate
?|-i,? Republlcana h..ve mueh the better or>r.ini7..i
tion In fact, b i- perfeet, and Chalrman Kurta ts
Inciined lo accept the atatementa of hla local cora
m'tteemen rather than rep.irts from caaual ob
aervera to the effect that there are i.lir Republlcan
defectlona t.< fr? allver among tha farmera and
i worklngmi n.
? . a - ?
ariND-up or a hot rioHT in misbourl
Bt. LOUta, Nov. 2? Never before has M.ssourl heon
? . tboroughly eanvaeaed. The regisrratlon ls the
hlgheel arer known, ar.d the vote wlll eertalnly pas?
a:i recorda. Th- Republlcana have rousht har.i nnj
aggreaalvely, an.l thelr ? :.i.m of a .?im.:iK vtetory ls
nol campalgn bravado. but Is horn of ,-onrt.lenco. The
Democrata nrouaed from apathy by tha vlgoroua
fr.mt uf thelr opponanta, hav- aen| tiielr squadrona
Into e\-ry scho ,; .listrl. t. aml r.-.'i assured of vlotory.
Tl-.o i<<-puhii.:an-. ar<- atrongly a'-c.-I by tha Palmer
an.l Buckner Deaaocrata, whlle Bryan wlll r.tlva
tha unlted au^pori of the Popullata and the s:ralght
Democrata Th- only d-velopments to-day w.-re
chargea and counterchargea by both par;les of ln
tondt-d fraud. Chalrman Chauncey I. rllley. ror the
Rapublicana, thls evening offered ISc'i r.^ward for the
convlctlon of any on- lntlmi.lat;ng a VOter or com
mtttblg a fraud at tho polU. ln antl.ipation of pOBBl
hle rlotlng to-morrow, nCO extra ppllcaman have beea
aworn ln Democra'B clalm JO.OOO majorlty an.l Re
publlcana 50,000 majorlty. To-nijrht thoro iraa a sllght
raln here, but th.-re li promlco of falr w?ather to
Holso <'ity. Idaho. Nov. 2-In Idnho the Democrats
Sllver BapUbltcana and Poprtltata clalm ^.OOO votes
for tha liryan -lectors and accord the MeKlnley
. lectora fi.<o>, whlle th- MeKlnley peopta <iaimio,ooo.
In roarard lo the leglslatlve tlckot, lt appears as
though tha greater part of the s.r-ngth of the Me
Ktnleyttea woul.l be thrown to tho I>-mocratle-Pop
ullst fuslon tlck-t, leavliiK the sllver Republlcana to
go tt nlone. The reason of thls strange allgnment
la lo defeat Dutx.ls for S-nator. To-nlght Dubois's
frienda clalaa fartjr-Bva out of the aeveaty m-m
bers of tba Legtatature, whlle the comblnation
agalnai hlm aay he wlll not hava more than twenty
Bar Conareca Borah'a frienda, the allver Renubii
cans. ?<?in tha ni.ist COnfldent. They clalm tho A.
P. A. vote wlll ko to Hoiah. Morrlson, the McKln
l.-ylto. atao .iaiiiis th- A. P. A. vote. Gunn, the
Democratlc-Popultat candldate, antagonlz-.t tiu> A.
1*. A. people, and he will be scratclu-d by them. If
the A. P, A. unlto on Morrison or Horah the proba
blllty U tbey <-.tn elect elther. and tha ehaaoea seem
to favor Horah. Il ls tliouirlit that a l.irge propor
tlon of the Morn.oit vote will ^-o lo Morrison.
Rt. Paul, Mlnn., Nov. 2.?The varlous campalgn
eommitte-s completed thelr work lo-day and gave
out thelr flnal estlmates of fhr vote In Mlnnobota.
Chalrman lloslng, of the D^.-norratlc Commlttee,
"We will carry the State wlthout a doubt. The
ehanse of aentlment toward Bryin during the last
ten davs has beea somethlng remirkable. We wlll
get at least 25,000 majorlty for Bryan. We wlll elect
at least four ConKreasmen, and the other* wlll be
ln doubr. Und for Oovernor wlll run aomewhat
ahead of Bryan. Hla majorlty wlll be between
30,000 and 35.000."
The closlng eatlmata of Chalrman Warner, of the
Republlcan Commlttee. was:
"MeKlnley will carry the State by upward of
25.0C0 votea: Clough by upward of 15.000. The Re?
publlcana will elect the aeven Congreaamen and
have the Leglalature."
Chalrman Olbba of the Popullat Commlttea aald:
"Bryan rill carry the State by 20.000, Llnd by
40 000, and we will elect alx of the aeven Congreaa?
men I eoncodo the Iat Dlstri-t to Tawney, Re?
fleattle, Waah, Nov. 2.~Hopubfl(an loaders tn thta
State have been unusually actlve durln.-,- the past
forty-elght hours. They clalm the State for Me?
Klnley, nnd sny tbat the Republlcan candldate for
Oovernor wlll he elected. together wlth two Repub?
llcan Congressmen. Other fnrecaata Indlcate vte?
tory for Bryan and the free sllver Congress candl?
datea, wlth a very cloae conteat for the Oovernor
The campalgn ended yeeterday wlth an on*
shaken popular confldence in the atceeplng trt?
umph of McKlnley and Hobart. Republlcar.B and
old-fanhloned Democrata unlted ln the bellef that
nothlng could B)W prevent the electlon of the
Republlean Natlonal tlcket by a large majority
In the Electoral College and by an overwhelmlng
plurallty on the popular vote.
The aame confldence waa felt regardlng tho
trlumphant electlon of the Republlean candldatea
for Oovernor, Lbutenant-Oovernor and Juatlce
of the Court of Appeala; that almost a aolld Re
publican delegatlon ln the, LV'th CongresB from
thia State would be choaen, and not leaa than a
two-thlrda majority ln the Assembly. The opln
lon of well-poated polltlolans waa that the ma?
jority of Black and Woodruff would fall little
short of that to be glven to McKlnley and Ho?
A plurallty for McKlnle-* of not lesa than 250,
000 ln the State waa not doubted In the Republl?
ean and Sound Money Demoeracy, catnpi. Sar.e
Popocrata took a Birr.llar vlew of the situatlon
and practlcally thrcw up the spunge.
The only fear expreaacd at any of the eound
money headquartera yeaterday waa that the
seeming certalnty of vlctory might work diaad
vantagcously to-d:.y ln getting out the vote.
There waa apprehenalon that eome electora
might on this account not take the trouble to go
to the polla. For thla reaaon lt waa urged that
every bellever ln sound money be on the alert to
day to arouac the lndlff>rent and neglectful, If
any there be, ln thla tremendous crlsla ln tho
country'a hlstory, and that every vote be polled.
Mayoff Strong aald yesterday: "I have every
reaaon to belleve that the vote for McKlnley In
this State to-morrow wlll be by 200.000 the
largest ever eaat. Every man aeema Inaplred
with the feellng that he ought to make thla vlc?
tory the most momentous and memorable that
waa ever achleved at the polla. To aecompllsh
this every eltlren Bhould defend his country'a
llfe wlth hla ballot. Every vote for McKlnley
shouid be polled. Let none be lost through neg
lect or Indlfference or overconfidence."
"I waa born and brought up ln New-York
Clty," sald Prealdent Barker of the Tax Depart?
meni, "and I have eeen every uprlslng In the
last fifty years. My heart sweiled with patriotio
prlde when the defendera of the Unlon marched
from anl through New-York to take thelr places
at the front, but never before did I behold such
a day as last Sarurday. Beneath the sunllght of
a beneficent Providence and the wavlng of
mlllions of Amerlcan flags there was Insplred a
confldence In Ihe atablllty of our country and her
Instltutlona that must show itself ln the voting
to-morrow. It thrllled me wlth patriotlc ardor
ro that I not only Jolned ln slnglng 'Amerlca.'
but supplemented that by slngtng 'Pralse Ood
From Whom All Bleselnga Flow.' I have falth
to belleve that the rlgbt must prevall. that our
glorloua Institutlona wlll be preserved through
tne electlon of McKlnley and Hobart. I eaat
my flrst vote for Abraham Llncoln. I ahall be at
the polls early to-morrow mornlng to vote for
Corporatlon Cour el Scott waa also eonfldent.
"Not ln many long yeara." he aald. "have laauea
whlch ao threaten the very foundationa of tha
Oovernment been preaented to the votera of tha
country. A man who fa!ls to cast hls ballot
to-morrow does not deaerve to retain the proud
litle of Amerlcan cltizen. New-York shouid roll
up such a tremendous majority agalnat Anarchy
and repudlation as wlll flll thelr advocates wlth a
deslre to emigrate, Wa feel sure of a great vle
tory for sound money, but this wlll excuae no
man from doing his duty at the polls."
"The splrit manifested in Saturday's magnlfl
cent celebratlon." sald Controller Fitch, "la aub
stantial proof to me that the electors of tha
country are aroused to the dangers whlch beset
the instltutlons of our country. so dear to every
Amerlcan. Yet I would appea! to every cltizen
not to neglect hls duty to-morrow. Let ua make
the result so overwhelming and declslve that not
Bgatn In our day. at leaat, muat we flght the bat
t!e for Natlonal integrity, for law and order and
Frederic R. Coudert. presldent of the Manhat
tan Club, a member of the Venezuelan Commle
sion ar.d one of the best known and most lnflu
enttal Democrats ln the State, expressed hlmself
as followa:
"Evary man shouid vote as though the only
vote to be cast waa hls. I had intended to vota
for Palmer and Buckner. They are both excel
lent, capable men, .vell quallfled for the hlghest
offlces In the Natlon. and if I thought there waa
any chance of thelr succesa, I ahould glve them
my support. But. conforming to my prlnclple
that every vote shouid be cast as though lt waa
the decieive one. I thlnk I ahall have to vote for
Major McKinley."
Ex-Lieutenant-Oovernor Wllliam F. Sheehan,
since he publlshed his unanawerable reasons for
refusing to support Bryan and Sewall, aoon after
the Buffalo Conventlon, baa taken no part In the
polltleal dlscuaalona of the campalgn, but he aald
vesterday: "It ls golng le be a landsllde for Mc?
Klnley ln my Judgment. Nevertheleas. every
man who bellevea In eound money, In upholdlng
the Natlonal honor and ln the eupremacy of law
shouid not fall tc cast hla ballot."
arrilTB people of an ai.abama town ob?
Montgomcry. Ala., Nov. 2.?A dlspatch to "Tha
Advertlser" from Evergreen. Ala.. brlngs the lntel
llgence of the shootlng of four negroes In Monroe
County', this State. Bome whlte peopfe ln the netgh
berhooi QBdOCted to the netsrocs rom.nK to that aet
tlement. I^ist Frlday nlirht the nesroes were slttlng
by a plne knot fire on the premlaes of thelr em?
pioyer, when the nssassins crept up under cover of
darkneea and flred a volley from ahotnuns. Two of
the negroea are dead. another la mortally wounded,
an.l the fourth wlll loae an arm
Waahlngton, Nov. 2.?Mlnlater Denby to-day liu
formed the Departmeni of State that the Chlneae
Forelgn Offlce had awarded ^o the Baldwln Loco
motlve Works. of Phlladelphla. the contract for
butldlng eight locomotlvea for the Imperlal raU
Omaha. Neb.. Nov. 2.?The apeclal traln convey
Ing John P. Iriah, of CallfomU, and others to speak
ln behalf of the Sound Mcney Demoeracy ln tha
wake of W. J. Bryan ran Into a frelght traln near
Llncoln thla mornlng, and 3. M. Tlpllng, a Llncoln
commerclal traveller, who etood on the plalform of
the car, waa kllled. The frelght traln cnglne waa
taken to haul Irlah'a tratn, and lt waa delayed only
a alight tlme._
Provldence. Nov. 1?Mlller * Vaughan. bankara
and brokera. No. 21 Exchange-at., made an aaalga*
ment to-day to Jamea M. Bcott, a re.il eatate hrokar.
j. 8. Bacho, of New-Tork, who backed the arm for
$50,000, wlthdrew laat week, and the Arm waa unable
to aecure new capltal. The, llabllltlea are eattraated
at $160,000. Mlller ta a member of the New-Tork
?stock Kxehange.
Calro. Nov. 2.-Oeneral Slr H. H. Kltchener,
commander-ln-chlef of the Rgyptlan troopa. atart
ed from thia clty for London thla mornlng, far
the purpoae of conferring wlth the Brttleh War
Offlce In ragard to the Immedtate advance of the
Anflo-Bgrpnam Boudan expedltlon from t^mgoag
to Kbartounw

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