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iaajiBirfirMiiini to Dnrnuat'Ta thb kbwb
-roix nunrgarg activitt.
Cbkagc. WOY. 1?Oa the eve of th" electlon.
vlth the work of the campalgn or.mp.ete. Chlca
g-.'has feltlef" down in exprctatlon of to-mor
roW's resulta with a confldence whlch e/oold be
aeifena were it not for th- great laauea Bl stake.
lt Would not be true to Hay thOre is an absencc
of nervouaneae. The alarminr paaaabllltlea Ut
reaVed ln Bryan's aanfaaa are ever preaent. and
,iof untll the vctea have haaa ?"?>unted and dc
rhayed win the bualneaa world l.reatho freely.
The trnelntBB men of ChUago ar? to-dav in the
P'?8ition of the roaq who is, about to ur.defgo a
surglca! -.peration. tbe su.'.-es* of which is prac
tlcglly assur'ed. but ln which th'e slighte--t slip of
the vurgeon'a knif-- meana death. He baa eonfl
der)c? in the aurgeon, hc knowa there la no rea?
aon for alarm. and yt he approaches the orde.il
i\ Ith a noXv*OUJUkWI tb'H tannot tuUr.cb' b'ww
.-eale>d. Hur'mVss men nrc ready to wager almost
any amount on McKlnley's nic.-ss. but th'-y will
all fcel k great Iraad lifted fmm th- Ir niinds when
lt ia dtflnirHy ae-tiled.
fhalrman Jonea has made a great tactical
hlunder ln the laat daya af the campaign. He
baa Issued a flnal bulletln in nlch he claima the
electlon of bla randidato with a ruargln of only
ihir'.y piertorel vot. s. The loaa of any three of
len Statea he. clalms. wl.lch ar<? also positlvely
clalmed by:tb* i^epublican maungere, wlll mean
defeat for his man. Hla gravest blunder is ln
placing ln the deabtfol column llllnola wlth Its
twenty-fnur rotaa. Uttnois from Ihe beginnlng
of the flght has been held by both partiee to be
the plvotal State. To admlt now that It ls doubt
ful ia praeMically. to encede it to the oppositlor..
and the I^rnocrats who have haaa bnnking on
the aftuteneaa of.Chalrman Jones are atnazed
at what he haa done. It le an abandonment of
the flght ?>efore the knoogout blow haa been
def4.1t. Jones has been soundly berated for it by
Altgeld, who long ago abandoned hope of Bry
an'a BuecesB, but who has been kceping up a
felnt \of. courage. in the desperat* char.ee
that he mlRht himself run so far ahead
of the tlcket as to snatch success from the
gerierAl wreck. Altgeld Issued a bulletln this af?
ternoon in which be says Illinoia will go Oemo
? ?ratle by 00,0110. but too late now to correct the
blunder, too late for a new prediction.
The lntereBt in the result throughiut the city
Is Intense. It far surpasses anythlng that has
mmXed previous campaigns. It naches into
eygry clrcle of soclety. Men who have been
Indiffeient and llstlesa all thelr lives are roused
now for Ihe flrst tlme to a sense of their re
aponslbillty as citizens. Never before has the
result of an electlon been awaited wlth such
fevertsh Interest. The preparations for dis
tributlng returns to-morrow night are without
precedent for eompleteneaa. Hitherto the newa
paperB have been diattibBtlng cer.tres. and the
newepaper bulletins bave had a monopoly of the
-rnwds. This year the telegraph o.mpanles
have arranged to aervr 350 other plACea witb
speelal wlres. "The Chioago Trlbana" has en
ffared the great Coltaeum. where the Demo
.ratlc Convention was held. The Auditorium
wlll be served with Weatern luion bulletins
from th" plattorm. and thousnnds wlll be BC
? ommodated indo.-rs in this way. Bulletins wlll
be posted at all thr headquarters. at the thea
tres in the saloons. in restaurants. halls and
churches. But most slgnifioant of all. and ll
luetrating better than anythlng else the man
ner in which this Interest has penetratod the
aocial fabric. is ihe fact thal wlres will be run
Into no less than Jim pcivate houses. Chlcago
has tnvented a new fad. Many of the "swellest
hotjaoB ln the clty will entertaln "loop partles
to-morrow night. the feature of which will be
the reception of election returns. The demand
for services of this kind has been BO sreat as
to exhaust the facillty of the telegraph cotn
lt would be a pi y to allow this campaign to
pass Into history without commemorating the
achlevements of one who has been a valued ally
af the Democratb; managers Moreton Frewen,
the Engltsh bimetallist. who clalms an Interest
ln things Amerlcan. because he marrled an
Amerlcan girl, has been a consplcuous flgute
here for weeks. He has associated exclusivel>
wlth Chalrman Jonea and his asristants; has
dined wlth them at the Auditorium; has fre
nuented thelr headquartera; has issued letters
and lntervlewB Ui bchalf of free silvtr. and ha?
burdericd the cables wlth predtctlons of Bryan a
aucccSB. whlch have doubtless been rated at
ihelr trua va'.ue bv the London public. to which
thev were addiessed. and whlch. by this time,
muat be more familiar with Frewen's callbre
than those who have watched his a;itlcn here.
Perhaps th? moat extraordlnaty thing this Kng
llsh gentleman has done was to interrupt a
meetlng ln the Auditorium. which Theodore
Rooaevelt waa addrefcsing. He roae in the mld
dle of the audlence. after one of Mr. Roosevelt a
statements. and began to put questions to the
aueaker Mr. Roosevelt came back at hlm wlth
. ompletenesa, and rofralned from con.mentlng
on the improprlety of an Englishman presuming
io Interrupt an American politlcai meetlng, the
extent of whlch can better be gauged by trying
to Imagine an American gentleman puttlng con
troveralal queatlons to an Knglish speaker ln
elmllar clrcumstances. But Prearen la a minor
lncldent of the campaign.
The Wholcaale Dry Gooda Republlean Club held
thelr laat noon meetlng of the campaign at their
headquartera. No. Z'm Broadway. The followlng
reaolutlona. presented by .lohn A. Beach, of Tefft.
Weller &. Co . were adopted: ?
Whercua The Wholesalc Ury (Joods Repubttean
Club ln the memorable campalgn now cloatng. has
a?m demonatiated ita loyalty to the great pnncl
2Je* of the Republlean pariy In the advocaey of a
Sund currency. the protectlon of American ini.ua
trSaTand good wagea for i\? American workiag
m\Vhereas ihe candldatea of tbe laerahUean aartg.
th?, Hortonii le Wllliam McKlnley. o< Ohlo, and par
ret A* Hobart. ot New^eracy, beat lyplfy ihew lofty
V whlr^aa *\n the prosccutlon of tbe Important
?Ark nf the club lt is .-roper that the uiiilrlng ef
forS of ita activc w ke's ahouM reoetva ntting
llr^r^:th. Honorable WUItam L. Btrong, areM
dent of the cluh. haa atldeil strengih la the cajtM
by ihe um, of ais nam... as weU aa valuable aaala -
ance by his actlve efforts. and Mr. W illlani B. I- uli. t.
nrat vlce-preaidc-nt. h;.s devoted ao much tlme and
itdVlllgenl care to the work of the cluh, prrtleularly
ln ihe preaentailon of apeaken and to wliom ln an
"ceptlonal manner ihe aucceaaful work of the club
a diie- and Mr. Andrew Jacoba. the BecreWry of
he cTuh. haa so ably and aathd^etorlly dlBctorged
the Important dutles of lhat ofBce; and Mr. < hiiries
II WeU. chalrman of tne gbMOUttve < ommlttee,
aad Mr. Leonard Paalaon, jr. chalrman of tbe
BluaV Commlltee. upon wliom haye devoKed \er,
ImDortant executlve, llnani-ial and mualcal dutlea.
^^.ccompliahment of whlch they have been eo
emlnently auccaakful; and Mr. Seth M. Biiiiiaen,
S and hla courteous ajslstatit. Mr? Meaerye.
andthe followitia memners of th^ Bxecutlve orn
rnlttae: Mr. Jamea M. Wenta, Mr. P. Bradlee Btrona.
Mr Morris May.-r, Mr. Arthur T. Sulllvan Mr. K.
(' ilovey. Mr. Wllllam Harbour. Mr. M. F. Daklu.
Mr Albert V. Hall aml Mr. .1. C aTckonek, whoae
ekthUBlastle efforts have coalributed so largely to
ward the aucceaaful completion of our work and
Whereae. Captada Younx. of the Slxtfai Preelnet.
and hla officcra. who have been atert and ready to
melntain order at our orowde<l dally nvetings; and
Wnereaa. m?r fellow-elMten* who have noi here
tofore afflltated wih ns politlcallr. fut who have
ome noMv forr.-ard to a*sls' ua by thelr preaer.ee
and Bnanclal support. ln helplng to malntaln the
Natlonal credll nnd Natlonal honor; nnd
Whereas O.r.eral Horace Torter. grand marahal
ef irhVIrnislnesa Mra'e Faepde of Baturday. Oeloher
B ftrfTf WlaUm K V\>hh, marahal of the Dry
Oooda Dlvlalon. hav brought to a glortously suc
jaauL?J"i_-. "- J1- -J-L--3t
Bhould be ip evi-ry famlly
medkine-* e%*iA- ana *.rer/ -|
traveller 8 grlp. - They are
Invaluaba* ^haa. tbavatomacAl
la out "Sf orfYef* .u're headache. blilouanees, and
adl llver troublea. Mild and efflclent. 25c,
Dr. Lyon's
Tooth Powder
Used by people of refinemeti*
for over a qaarter of a <?entury.
eeaafal caaKtandea tha aaoat Imeeelng demonstrntion
eeer witnesse.i in our country; therefere, be it
Reaetved, Th;.: the lhanka or the B/aoleaale >r>
i;ofda Itepuhllcaii ?'lub be tendered to the preeiileiii
nnd efflcere of tbe club, and 10 our patrlotic fellow
cltlaana above menikmed, who have ceatrtaatea so
loyally to its suecess.
To-day th- peoreet wwWiajaaan will go to the
r dla aad eaal a rote wbl. h wlll ba as valuable an.l
as pewerful ln accompltablng a purpoa as tho rate
ot th- rtebeal aan In Ihe land. Ia thta clljr h
leaai evefj warklngnaan who haa a rote aml can
get to th- poUa wlll eaat it for tha candldatea ef
Hla cholec. Thera baa beea muob tulk ln th
-ours. of the carapalaa aa ta how tba wortdngtneri
or this city Wtll vote. The Hiyanite- al th- be
ginnlna of the caaapalan cmlaaed averythtng ln
?tght and apaha conadently as ta the way work
tngnien would cast th?ir ballot*. A numlwr of
lahor leideta were nlso carrled away at flrst BV lhe
rlamor and < nthnsiBsm of ? few m?-n ln bibor's
tankj, nnd. b.-liiR anxlous to mar: h at tbe head
Of the winnlng proeession. no mattor which slde
it represenled. appHrentb.' iralors d the sentlments
of tho rabtd Bryaattea.
Oraduatly, however. BOber common-?ens- began to
prevail. and th te abo- I-nders who at first abOUted
for fr.e sllver cbanged th-lr viewv. Tha Brya He.
then worked toolh and r.all to get organized btbor
Into their ranks by tryln.: to tnduoa labor unionu
to indorse th- Popocratlc . andl.late. and rlght h?-ro
met thelr fir>t orusiii-ir defeat Bunday aft-r Sin
day they attended the mietlt.gs of tho .Vntrnl
Labor Vnlon ln ClarendM Hall and ahootad long
and loud for Bryan and frre sllver. They made
motion after motion to have thls c.ntral body,
whi-h represents som? sixty labor orKiirilzatlons In
thls clty. and N afflllatel with othe;- central Iwdics
all ever lhe country nnd ln Euroiie. to lndors ? fr, e
s'lver and freesilver'? candidnt* a: 'but all tba mo
tlons met overw helmlng defeat. The cfTnrts ef the
Rryanltes to ttampede singlo labor unlons were
not more BBOCaaafBl.
Then Tammany Hall entered the fl, 1,1. The nn
scrupulous an.l oxponenced polltlclans and wire
pulkrs of thla notoiious orcranlaation wenl to work
ln a different way from that adopte.i by the so
ca'lr-d Bryanlta loaders In the ranks nf labor. Tam
man's cohorts labored under the deluslon that
the vote of erajantaed labor was to be bntight. Thev
nomtnated J. K. Bauach, the aacratary of the Cen?
tral Labor Union, for Coroner, and dld other thln?f?
to capturo the labor vote; but even then they could
gel no offlclal InderaeBaenl of Bryan an.l rree sll?
ver. The worklngmen w.-re willing to ln.lors
Bauacb, bul <irew tbe Bne riKht there. and rafuaad
to jro a step further.
At laal BBveral Bryanlta daaaaaearaea attemptori
to hold meellnga ae-called warklngmeu'a meetiiiKs.
where worklngmen could t?- perauaded to enroli
themaelvea under the banner of fre- allver?bul tho
me-tings reaulted in "froata." In the languag.- of
on- of the worklngmen. the demagogues got "oold
feet.*' and. finally, abandoned th- fl-ld ln disgust.
Kven on the Fast Slde th- Mryanlt-s met no bet
ler aucoaaa. M.-yer BcheeafeM, the loader or the
r.ill.-.l clothlng tradea. oame oui flat-fooi-.l r<.r Me
Kinley. and the tailors and ojouk-makers, It Is
sar.i to predlct, wlll rr.llow him almost to a man.
Attd so it bas ijone all over the clty. Tho sentl
nieiif of a large majorlty of tlie nrganlzod work?
lngmen is best summed up by one of th'ir num?
ber. as follows:
"Mr. Bryan is all rlght. and we think he is ain
eere tn his fri-ndshlp for worklngmen. But we d<>
not ajcre- wlth his vlews. We rannot stomach
frve trade tutd free nilver. or elther of these doc
trines. We feel sure that tha unlimited colnag- of
sllver would not glve us more employment or In
crease the purchaalng power of our wagea one
cent. We know, from bitter expcrlenee, that when
the prlee of eommodltles rlae. the eoramodlty of
labor le the last to do ao, and that It never rtaea
ln a proportlonate rate wlth that of other thlnga
And aa for free trade, It haa rulned the home*
of thousanda of worklngmen alrendy, and we wlll
have no more of it. If our votea can prevent lt."
It should tilao lw? remembered that ornanlzel
labor ln thls clty only represents about 30 per cent
of the total vote of worklngmen here, and that
fully 70 per cent of tho vote of unorganlzed labor
will be cast to-day for MeKlnley ar,d Hobart, sound
money and protectlon to Amerlcan lndustry.
There were few vlsltors at the Republlcan Na?
tional Headquarters ln this city yeaterday, and the
members of tho commlttee who had not jrone to
their homes to vote aald that the work of tho
campalgn was flntahed. They appearej to be eon
tent and confldent of rlctery. Joaeph II. Manley
"My vote wlll not be net-ded In Muine, and I am
paircd wMth a Uemoc-rat an.vhow Tho viciory for
MeKlnley wlll be overwhelming."
Qeaeral Pewell Clayton has no aapectatloo that
Arkan.sas can l>e carri-d for MeKlnley. ev-n lf the
Democrats allow ail the Republlcan votes to bo
counted. Ro he will i-maln ln the clty and not
vote. Oenera! Osborne Is sure that his vote Is not
aaedad ta Haaaachuaatta, and N. B. Beetl will ii
at the headquarters until lhe reault of the electlon
ls known. This evening the aaaabera of tba Na?
tional Commlttee who ar- ln the city and some
newspaper men wlll ba al the he.iili|Uiirl-rs lo r<
cetve clecttea returna. i.ut oaly porsons bavtna
lickets will be allowc.l to l>e preser;..
The Hepublican State h. a.lquarters ln th- 1'ifth
Avenu- H.itf-1 WBTa iieii.ly deserted .\est-rda\, all
tba aaemhara or the cemmtttea who iive out of th?
clt.v havlng gone to their homes to vot,. It was
sald tbat lh<- only dOUDt about the electlon ln thls
Btate waa as lo tba slz- of MeKinley's ma?
jorlt v. Al tba heiul.juarte, : of the Kepubllcan
County commlttee.' in Weai Thlrty-aighth-at., ti.e
leadera deciared that for th- flrai ti.ne tha cit> of
New-Vovk will gl^'' a majorlt) far tha Republlcan
National ttcket, and th'y want to mak- the ma?
jorlty as ta_rga as posslble.
Ai iii- Popocratlc headquarters, ln ttie Hotoi
Bartholdl, Mr. St. John ..nd aeveral other m-n wara
ailll trving tp llyure out a vbtory for Bryan in
this State. D< mo.-rats at the h.-anouart-rs of the
Natlonal Demoeraey were also still persistiti); In
advlca that all Democrats -diould vote for I'almer
and Buckner as a means of defeatinjc Bryan.
l.ouisville. Ky., Nov. 2.?The lndl-atioiia are that
K-iitiicky will to-morrow cast tbe heavlest vote ln
tha hlstory of the Stato. The rampa1?u managers
for both paiiios express supreme eoi.tldence ln th
result. .'halrmi.n Somtners, of tlie Free Sllv-r
Democratlc ?'amp::iitn ''ommlttee. almlts that
Bryan will lose bearlry In iiie Hiue hthss distriet.
bat aaya that gains in a/eatern Kentucky v.ili
more than offs.-t th-e loaaea, Twenty-nlna thou
sand tlve hundreil and fourte-n ls Mr. Sommers's
esilmate of Bryan'a plurallty outslde or Loulavllle,
which be coneedea ... McKlnlay, wlth lha reaerva
lion that the labor vot- r.i:iv develep great str. ngth
for Bryan
Chairman Boberts aaya l.'i.efo ls a rock-boltom
eatlmata tor McKlnley'a plurallty, Neltbar side
makea any new rlsims on the <'onicre?.? eontaata
Colonel Brecklnrtdge ls golng to hav- a hard fight
in the Vlllh Distriet. with the Chanoaa slightly In
his favor. 'rhe weather ls clear and warm. with
Indleailons of rair for to-morrow.
Wilnitngton. Del . Nov. t- The poiltlcal sltuatlon
in Dtlawnte r.-mains unchanged aince Baturday.
Slgns of eiowing Inlensl. however. are vislhle on
every slde, nn.l tbe voters are awalHng tba reault
anxlously. Democrata In a poaltlon to know admlt
that th- Flgns polnt to a majorlty for MeKlnley
und Hobart ln lhe State, and no estlmates go
lidow 1 000. It ls belie\ed that the entlre Repub?
llcan vote wlll be eaat for the Republlcan elec
tor?. The reault on Congressmen rannot be pre
dtcted. there belng four candldatea ln the Held.
Loulavllle, Nov. 2.-The poiltlcal edltor of "The
Courtar-Journal" flgurea out McKlnley'a pluratlt/
ln Kentucky at 2.000. baaed upon prlvata Agurae of
tha' Sllver Democratlc. and Republlcan chalrman
of tbe eleven Congreaa Dlstrleta.
H. w. pfflSKU'i\ CBBCK.8 MADE noon.
Huffalo. Nov. ?.'.John H. i'lary, one or the pro
prle'.ors of the (Jer.esee Hotel, who proeured lhe ar.
re*t of Henry W. Cornell aeveral days ago on a
.-harge of passlng fraudulent cbeoks, wenl to pollce
court thls miMiilng wlth Cht.rlee Bj, Cornell. of
lUia.a, brother of the prlsoner. and witbdrew lha
warruni. the cheeks havlng been made good. Tha
amount Involved waa aboui ?S00.
MriMi.ii: .11- TjiK ronca ABBAieoiaiBBTi
rpU THK RM :iPTlOB >>y RBTtlBaa
Final erdera to the poliee for their work in
the electlon to-day la thla clty were glven yee>
tei.lay to the ...Tptains by <"bi.f Conlln, and
never have the ordetg been more ezpllclt ot
comprehenalve. Ail the commandera <?f i"'r" |
dncta were called to the chief's offlce at Pollce j
Headquartera t" recelve coplea of the prlnted j
ordera, and la addltlon tbey were told with ail ,
poeelble omphaafci that they woaM be hcid atrlct
Iy reaponaible If there was an) fallare to have
the ordera obeyed la letter and splrit. Ia hi*
wtitteo direciinns lor tbe work of the polloa to?
day Chlef Coalln gava tha toUowlag lajanc*
Ins'.ruci your m--:i thal ll B the duty of the pollce
? . preaenre order at ihe polla, and t.i aee ;h.t citi
aena are nol improperl) er lllegall) Inlerfered wlin
ln voting; thal ihej are at the poll? aa rAjllcenien,
nol aa electlon offlcera ..r aa partlsun lhal inej
mual be vtgllant, prompi ind energeitc ln ibe aie
cbarge of Ihelr dutlea; lhal Ibey aiual be rourt
eous end attenllve In thelr rela wna wlth electlon
offlcera and auch peraona aa they may come in eon
tacl wliii iu ihe performance of Ihelr dutlea, bul
that where any emergency arlaaa lhal requlres ihem
to perform pollce duty. they maai do It promptly
and wlth energy and declalou; lhal whlle tbe De
partmenl aa a whole wlll l>e looked lo lo prcserve
order and to eee lhal ihe electlon goea nff honeally,
falrb and with luatlee io all it ls .he performance
of duty i>\ .-a.'h inillvi.iu.il memiier ..f the force
that goea to makr up Ihe whole reault. aml that If
each .iik! .-v.-rv une of them fcls this nnn" aets
aocordlnglv hic superiors and the puWic will have
good reaaon io he B4eaeed with the work of the De
partmem to-morrow.
The ordcrs ln.luded Ibe minutest details of
permitting ihe aaatabara af tbe foree t" rote.
Under the law there rrual !>? two poli.i-iiien de
tafled nt each polllng-plnce. and last year lt
not posslble to have thi poliee r.-lleve each other
so that ail could vote. This year Chlef I'onlin
has made such nice cakrulatlona for the rellef
Of every policeman la tum thut all wili hriv.- ga
opportunity t<> vote. Ifl his ordera on the aub
Ject the followlng Is a part:
I liav made provlatona ta enabla every man to
vote, and, tn viev. of thla fact, there ls no reaaon
Why any man who deatrea to VOta ahould !>.? tltnlc.l
that prlvil.-ge. I want you lo aee that everj man
of your Bommand rotea. and l repeal i want you t.>
aee that this work is doae just aa qulekly aa i>"s
sihl". it must be retnemhered that on Electlon Day
men will i>c relleved for no other purpoaa boi that
of voting.
On acedBnal ?>f tha electlon work nii leavea of
abaonoea of poHcemen are cancelled f..r th<
tlme. and ali the raaerveo are kepl on <lut>.
Chlef Conlln's ordera include the rnforcement of
the eacate law, whlch vlrtually aloaea to-day
every place in which liqoor Is aold, eseepl bo
teia. Thi- ordera oall the attentlon of tbe pollce
to ihe provletona of tbe la-v. nnd contlnue:
This raeaaa thal dartag ihe tlme the peJla are
opeji the conditlona as to the sale ..f llquora mn.'i
ba tbe aame as on Bundaya and durlng the houra
r.n weekdaya from 1 to ; ... m . excepi In placea
that an- noi wiihin a quarter <>t a mlla of a potl
Ing-pl.K.?. ln conneetlon wiih im* matter l alao
Call vour attentlon to the follow ItiK eatracl of
Bectlon 10 "f the Blectlon law. vta.: "No int..xi
catlng llquora, alc or beer ahall be aoM In auch
bulldlng ivlz.: placea f<.r regiatry) or he allowed
ln aay room in which an electlon la hel.i durlng
the day of the electlon or Ihe rai raai of tnw
votes. Any person or persona Vlolatlng 'he pro
visions of thia aectloa lo be deemed gullty of a
The ordera Inclode the work of th* pollce after
the cloae of the polls this evenlng. Careful ln
structions an- glven aa to the manaer In whlch
tbe pollce shaii m". as meaaangera ln carrylna.
the electlon returns from ihe polllng-plarei t ?
the pollce Btntlona eni from the atationa to th.
Central Offlce. The pollce never have been abfc
to prevent the boys Of the <|ty from btjlldlng
bonflrea ln the streets on BkBCtlon nlpht. ao mot
ler whlch alde has won, but I'hlef Conlln hns
glven the usual ordera ta Ihe pottee lo enfor.a
the clty ordlnaneea and protecl piepeilj The
orde.- aa to bonflrea Is, In part. aa follows:
Aa you havo aJraad} been laatraeted, .are must
be tnke:i to prdvonl the raaklng or bonflrea and
breaklng down of fencea nnd bUlboerda. B'hei
posslble, arrests iiri*' Le made foi maklng ben
llres, and where li ls nol poeelble to make ,m %f
reat, menaurea muat t.e taken to put out the flre*
and to dlaperaa any erowda that m?j- congregat.
around them
Offlcera who wlll ke OB dttt) to-morrow ..t the
courts wlll, as aoon as the courta cloee, r..p.jr: ai
the Central offlce und reaaaln la rem rv.
Chlef Conlln anaoaneed yeeterday ihai be is
to be at the Central Offlce all day to-day. hv.-\
captaina are to report for Inatroctlona whanaver
there is an enBOrgency reciuiring uid from other
j.ie. incts. in eaae nny captalc <iini? earlj In tb<
mornlng that be baa not th. requlred namber of
men to man the polls lu tha ?>.? <iri< t, ba inusi
call the Central Ofaee B1 once .ind net men rroffl
another preclnct. ln mattera of the enforee?
ment of the law tbe captaina an- to act promp:
Iy, The finni word to tbe captaina n in tble i.m
gaago: i
ln j.'i.iitiori t.i the ordera and rommunk-atlona
vou may recelve and the Instructlona you maj !
now ?r at any tlme iirior to hh.I .luriiiK Electlon i
ii,ij recelve from me, you wlll ink.- such nctloi '
toward enforclng ihe lawa uiui ordlnaneea and
preaervtng order "i the polla, atc, etc., aa ihe dr
cumataneea and conditlona in your prectnci roaj
requlrc You. belngon the arounda, wlll, of .our..',
be the better ludgea as io the requlrementa ol any
emergenctea that miKiu arine. and wlll, apan from
instructlons recelved, act acoonkna to your Jiiii-.
iiniit, conalatently wlth your dutlea ..s membera
of this departaaenl and wlth tbe requlrementa ol
the law. 1 ahall hoi.i commandfhg offlcera ta a
very atrlct accounl for the mannrr iu whlch they
perform thelr .lntles on Blectlon Day. All ordera
re,?-iveii hy you musi be obeyed promptly and '
without quaetlen.
At all of.the pollce Btatkma ih.- aergeanti uh-.
are the BMM81 aspert la Hguree are to be dataUed
this evenlng to read and tafcalate the returna
as they are broughl Irj by ih < pollce meaaengrera,
and all aeeded faciilii"s are to lie grran t..
rtpresenlatives of the DOWapapera to hi-ar the
return* read and to tabulate or trai smli them
maxui a.t' raaaa oa
aa Kauaaaai Bt* BB BjaUdaa I-""*-. ??* wk'
i .-;. Aaatrewa s... HoBawn Ctreaa ' "'"' n '* *'
Th- retorna *UI ba r.-ad 08 at Mlcg
Headquaxtera, alee, for the Infornaatloo of tne
pabltc, and the C.ni.nlssloners wlll be In th-ir
0ajeaa to receive balletlna Late >esterday at
t. rnoon Cbief Oealtn aeJd:
I hava beard a rumor that II. ta lhe Intent rfoae
party or the Other to deb.y tho v,0''1'* '"^ (vest
!.f the allk-atoeklna dletrtcta on ^ "BK* ,tt,.
Bde by rteatroylng aeta of nalkaa aftar awnamio
,.. bootba. and noldtng L^.^^ifNhSee^iite
ballot. are aecured. As tba taa allewa ?brea aata
?f ballota to aacb vorer, a delay of fir??<' "i'nuiea
!;:; riXVBff SVT? H_S_h_
__a%,?srsr,_fa/r* ?g_J
f?oto'r thellne. Ibua anabllng otbar ^tera to gala
acceaa t-> tha bootba,
PoUca reaervea aiU ba on duty at the ?ast
Twenty-a.id-at., Eaat ChM-httBdrid-aa4-tw?aV
tv-Hxth-st. an.l WCBt Forty-s.-v.nth-st. s'ations,
an.! ai tha Central OfBce.
II is underatood tbat aoawtbUtg Uao *",,; 1,un
dred warranta are out for pereoaa arbo have reg
bitered llleaally. Actlna Captata H? ann, <<< the
Kdridire-sr stkiion. baa tha lergeel number.
Th. w..rk of dellverlng the ba lota al thy ar,.
,,us Dolke atatlona was coraplated >.?atera?y.
Serinlendent K.tao. of ihe M.??tln li. Brown
Prtntlna Comiaunr, lnforrne_* l MefClerk Aitan
of tha Electlona Bareatt, tbat all tbe Mlrtnoo
had been made. At B a. m. to-day the p.?llce w 1
dtatrlbute tb.- ballota at tbe poiiln plaeea, ?*
fwera 800 und 100 poil and ballot clarka were
IlorS m at en-.' Haadaoartera raaterdaytoBH
vucan.i.s. Under tba Kl-ctlona law. all .caii
ciea among electlon offlcera oc-curring obDjcubi
Dav aball ba Blled by the Inapectora o electlon
ln the dlatrtct whera the vacancy -riat-.. mrt
?ofore the Pollce Commlealonera had tbe power
to fl i auch vacanctea on Btertton Day. The law
on thta polnl aaya tbat if there ta a vacancy. he
',!:,?':- ?ballYppolnl a quaMfJed riectorot the
dlatrtct, who ahall he a member of the same DO
litienl party as the absent offlOer.
- a>
Chauncej M. Dapaw returned le New-v..rk from
Cnton yesterday BMrnliae, He bbM ?ben be
atfppod from his avtvaU car al tha Oraad Central
Btatlon .h..t be bad anjoyad ihe trtp, and tha. aU
thai be bad aeen und beard whtas aarajr cowrtnead
lllm ,?.,, ?,e eWellon ef Major MeKlnley am. aa
-inre.i Mr Dapaw am antboalaatk abeul hla visit
,?,?.,?.?;, Ha aald: "Ket ta bave aten Caatoa dor
lag -hla -xt.aordlnary oampalajB waa to have
,?.... i the oddeat and moal tatereettag foatura ot
??.,,?,..,. , ?-?? th.-r- at Mr M.K.:,uyslnvi
,,,ion. and ha m-t me at tba aUtlon. a'compaub-.i
by a tara^crowdefdttaana Tha peopl. or ? aatan
lmv- bulll a weoden ireb acroaa lha way about
nv.- hondred feel from tha MeKtaV - hraae, "'"I
... .??,.,! || wlth .1- portralt, Bags ar.d Bowan.
.,-?.. picturea m ib newepapera repreeenl a flna
rnanalon wlth targa porch and grounda. lut reaii
the houae ta a twi>-atorj cottage, wlth :..? ..m- ?n
dmtBg-room -.. me .M? of tha hall. ...- a imrlo
,?d alttrng-raom ?i ihe other alde. Ia all reapecta
,ha houae ls |ua< llba thaaa <...- a-ea ^'..vwh-r- ln
Ohlo vlllagea atmato. ntodeal and hoeaeBhe. Mra.
, i ,niaj and lhe Major look greal prtde In theb
u,wn hul lhe graaa h .-. been iramptad o.T ty tha
f,.., ofhandreda of ihjinmnda. nnd tba graamd has
,.,,.,, ..,, .1 aa 1,-ird and n- srvorh hs II paw 1
wlth asphult. Tbera ??' enca an antaaaental
pick.r fenre i.roond lha gi ?ada Bvery ptehel i
", , t- .waj by lha pllgrlme. Tho wbeta aa
,,.,.. ?f ihe pta??. ib bared graaad areead tha
ih. rulned fanee. the eeaaeleaa flear ef people
.., Iha ball and Itbrary. rtvtdty reealtad the
i. -. ],, . irtera af an araay during tho civii war.
? The lack of c, remonv BB rorelvlng the dctaB-irlons
would paralyaa lha averaK.- chalrman of a village
r.--.|.i ?-. cemmlttee The a.i?a<'ou? Mr. Htnna. aa
,_.,,.. ,,f ihe Repuhcican Katlonal Ceaaaatttee,
arou l i <ke no -haneea X another Bttrehard bualnaaa,
,,,i .,.. dire. ?' i tbaaeeraury at Mr. McKtaMy*a beaaa
,? p^-njii ?., ipok4aaaea af ? * taaatl m to Bra off bui
. .,,,,,; | ,,-, nrtttea opj af hla -pe-.i. n- l
bsen Biihmltted. Tne evcr-buaj Major la conatantly
ntovlna. talklng an i eonaalttaa. N?? ba is anawerlng
, legram, lhan g..^':n-' a eattet or .< greap or
. alllng wltb ..nf of hi? neateaaata The erearl
il ,. , hlm i? prtvacy. bul nn- avaty apaea m or
.,..,,-.? tlie h-'!-- ?"'?' llit.-n. ?t looks at hlm all th
Hme Bxcepl ?? he can eacape ;o ihe dnlnn-rooin or
I,, Mi ? Mi KJnh y'a apartmaata ba la la tha mktat of a
ihrong of rery fitandty. hut most eariena .md laqelr
na atrangera. Ha knewa whal d-leg.it! >n w-.li arriv.
during the day and la nra aued I i racetve them. The
muale or ? baad la beard and avarybady rusnea out
Ui ,-,. .;,,.,... I., aee Beea tha precaaatoa Slea into
iha yard, lha Majei geea to ihe dear, ;ii? apahaaraan
i ..,.,, riui ...; Bpeaeh. Mr McKbdey aaeanta a ciialr
and d'-iiM-r? hi" addraaa and than tha taader Intre
,,,,,.,.. |h? delegatlon ThU baa been golng aa avery
, . excep Bundaj i--1 itt" montha, aad one ;.-. loai
n ., , ,.| , at tha rltalliy and veraatlltty of the central
flnure. Prem early morning untll nlghl thara are
hundreda of men and womei crowaing the vir.l and
aidewalk The nelgrhben ? - eall the terraeea
and lawna ef the beoaea oppoalta 'the galtary."
? i did nol gaew," eenthmed Mr Dapew, 'that i
would I- aaked m r|..-ak antll tba Major ealled aaa
oui lo addreaa ? deteaattan of celered mra B7hea
lhe next deleK.iti.il. arr\e,t lt r? 04. s. ii.--,| ;|,,. |-,1
legt Leegue?twa ladlea rama from ovop the way
and aald: Major MeKlnley. if Mr. Dapew apeaka ror
the Btudenta pleaaa t-.l hlm to talk loud, so the g?i
i-ries can hear."
Aa tn iii- irip thro-arb Ohlo, Mr Dapew aakl:
?Tha algaiacanee <>f my trip through onio an Indl
catlng the driti <>( publle aentlmenl was ui tba siz.
ind charactertatlca of lha audlencea The Cleve?
land audlence naa .- imposed of about LO00 worklnar
men. ii. ii reaponsea wara m il.'K. freouenl unTl
wlldiy enthualaatlc No coerclon there, except tiie
L'ontrolltng power of thelr judKni'iit and .-or,
telen.' ? All the audlencea \\ere aqually enthualaa
ite i waa aenl from tne Laaa to tba Ohlo Blver,
ai im i the anttra Btate, aa tba wbm morning trabi
(.n the rallway echedula as Mr Bryan t..oi< twa
weeka ago a gentleman wiio travelled with Mr.
i'.i\.,.i t.. atudy th- . rr-.-t ,.r hi? apaachea end th?
manner of hts greetlng ???< alao wlth me. He la a
raoM the njaira cAnk a kitchbm DOatBanc
?(Boatsa JouxaaJ.
, munufacturcr who atarted what la now a ?UKeeB
! ful Induatry flve yeara ago. and who feara Ita de
afr.irtlon if Brvan ta elected. We atopped at the
fime Idacaa 'They ire.re the towna Whlcli Were the
mi"ke DlMea o! agrlcullural dletrlcta eild Indus
Slalcentrea?llke Cdtembaa. Sprlngfldd and Day
i to i aUaana had to leave work and their etorea to
eome to t? buTIob lor thelr brief talka, and. ac
< "ordbig to ihe test.moiiy of thla gentleman. our
1 meetlnaa were aeveral tlmea larger In number. and
l far evo.ul the Bryan gatherlnga ln cnthuslaam. I
fo-jiiT the aourd-money men of Ctaetaaatl wtld
with excUemenl and pleaaure hecai.se their parade
' V I i umbered M.*? of the 8U.000 regietored votera
! .' r oi i.crcent At the great non-pr.rtisan evenlng
m etlng the chalrman waa Oeneral Mlchael^Ryan.
AaVhVtant I'nlted Btatea Treaaurer. a llfelong Dem
! o. ra, who"r.nouneed That he shouid vote 'atralght
' f0?Tben-",|a'every Indlcatlon ln the Weat pf the
j breakdVwn of thYBrran oaaraaa. LiataV'trfeSt.
I predletlona of commltteee are far hehlnd wh-it taa
I returns wlll demonatratf."
THAN .57.<aa),lKK).
THB DBflcn \T THB BATB Of aaa^egggaj A VEAR
vV'aablogtoa. Nov. t-Tha detri statement laeued
this afternoon ?howa a net lBC."*aae in the publlc
.l.hi. leaa caah In th? Treaaary, durlng October of
$7,1 ??.'..7;:. it. Th.- latereat-bearlng debl iBcreeeed
BDo, th. aon-tntereat-bearlng debl aacreaaed K*
UB, and caab la the Treasury de;f*aaed B7^B*,aat4T.
Th.- balanea of the Bereral eleesea of debt al tbe
eloae of bualaeaa October H weri i
Iniereet-tairlag deM .8??T.sjii.?ar.on
p... .,, whi.h intereal Baa ceaaee alaee m* laatiKBgl
1 WM hearing' ita inlerert...'.3T2.llM.M7 M
T?.s, .tq.ati.eei.rii aa
The certlflcates and Treaaary notes offset bv *n
eojttal ..mount of cash In the Tr a-iiry outatandlng
;it the end of ihe month were 8Jaa,taWI, a da880881
of 11M.-KA The total cash iu the Treasury IM
prut"*,:*.'! N, The gold reaerre waa tin,).flon.oo?. Net
caab i elanee, lUMltlCl tt.
ln the month lhare waa a derr-aaae in Kold coin
nnd h.irs of I7.H7.47S r.X. the lotal at the eloae helnjj
j1Bl.aTl.Wt1t Of silver there was a doereaaa of
$l.iW>2 a. Of the BUrplua there nns ln Natlonal
l.ank deposltorles l16.119.t1WV.. asraln-d M.m.Xl "1
at the end of the prvvlous month.
The Treasury ofllcial I omparatlve Btatomaat of
the reeetpta and azpandlturea for the ftscai year
t-> date BCd for Octob. r waa laaued to-.lay. lt
Bhowa the deflcil for tha Brel thlrJ af the carrent
ftacal year to have been gfi.8tt.80lL0r at the rata of
ar.iK.orai.nno for the current year. The deflclt for Oe
tober wt- 17,>>!<?..'? ifl.
The r celpta for the Brat Ihlrd of the year were
v..-,'-,ii ii or Ba.016.000 leaa than ."or the correapond
IngV^rlod of Ik* The exp ndlturti. for thl.flrat
thlrd -.f the cu/rent year were ttS8.M7.fO0. or la.887.
ivi areater man f--r the correepondlng perlod of
lsx, The prlncipal loaa ln recelpia i?aa been ln eua
ioma whlch have decllned from gtt.14S.O0l ta tbe
flrai ihlrd of UBS, to*B\a?,0N lor the eorreepondlng
Derlo.1 of IKtt. Internal revenue recelpta for Octo?
ber, 189S, w< re tM.S3.O00. agalnal t37.nn.Sb} tn Octo
''n.e orlnclpal items of Increaae in expendlturee
have been ln the clvll llat, whlch haa tafreaaed
from $.ri'-" i In the flrai thlrd of ISbS, to W"A?*)
tor the Oral thlrd of IBtt Tne expendlturea ln the
W.ir Departmeni have Increaaed nearly ???????
ln ihe llke perlod. In Ihe Novy nearly t4.000.oi?.
and in Intere I hargi nearly tl opn.000. . lie expend?
lturea for October, IBB, were |3S.B78,O0O. .iL-,!nst tft,
sot.800 f.ir October. IBB, the s.-ivinK bavtag been ai
most wholly In penalona.
The colnage executed b1 'he mlnta of the i nlted
Btatea durlnj: October w.is a- followa: Oold, 15.727 -
S00' allver ti.M4.0O9; minor .<>'i BB-BOO, Of ihe sll- ,
ver colncii t;:.''."" waa etandard allver dollara, on
whlch the aelgnloraae reallaed waa ni.out 17?,??.
The outatandlng Natlonal hank clrculatlon on N'.->
vember 1 waa t2M.BB7.8?7, an Inereae* .Itirlnsr the .
month of |i.:;i;..'k.7. The drcujatloo baaed on aonda
!? B18.MO.014.
PIONBHIP <')lr:.*5?i MATiil.
gtelnlta who haa nndartaken la furakm The Trib
ut.e wlth the re|?irta ..f hls m.it.'h with laBafcer,
??cn* aord from Moacow yeeterday lhat the Rua
ilai ' n-ora haw' lakaa th^ cbeaa code whi h he
tateitded to 'isr for lb? c mleet, and that they wlll
attek io it untti they are ihrougb e/ltk tbelr eaaml?
natlon. The match, whlch m aebedaJed to i??
played on afandaya, B'edneadaya anl Fridaya of
ea. h week untll either j.layer haa won ten a;ames.
will begln to-.lay. however, according to flteinlta.
and it is therefora auppoaed that in thla week only
two games wlll be played. Adjoiirnerj jjameg. If
4tiy. wlll t><> llnlHl>e/l on Bunilay .ifu-rnoona.
Owlng to the abaeaea of tbe code, Btatalta has
i..-n reajaeated to afiui tha resuits of tbe Iral
gamei only nnd to fully r-|.ort the laBer ganiea i?
aoon aa the eanaora win ha\e mined over to him
tbe etaborate code preparcd.
Th- < ?. laultatloa ebeaa matck between the Clty
an.l M tropolltaa Cheaa eluba ha?* been daclared cff.
Vkmna Mov. ; (Bpedal). Baron Albeti de
Rotha. hii.i haa offered a burae for a ebeaa match
nf iivc B.iin. s in all, to i>e played hy Plllabury
agalnal ihe lo-'al crack, ISngllacb. Two aamea
have been played *o f.ir. botb conteeta cmling ln
a ' i -
Chlcago, Nov. *: (Sjicciiib,?BpacutailoB la wheat
\. i- curtalled to-.lay by Ibe uncertalntlea ..f 'i' !?
day, bul even tha electlon aoxletlee >ua not prevent
.ui advaaee, Tbe cloee waa -'? centa over Batur?
day, vnii ihe inst prtcej about the bc-t of the day.
December opened al 7i'4 .,iu>. soid betwaea 7:'.i4
and 7"> centa, and cloaed al 7j ceata, aellera. Llver
pool waa stron--. cloelng tlnally -"?<i. over Baturday.
The wortd'a ihlpmenta, l,t00,ooo buahela, were ai
niosi 1,008,000 buahela leaa than ibe week prevloua,
There waa an unegpected abereaee on pasaage.
BBMal buabetg. Horthwaotera recelpta ahowed qulie
h falllna off from laaf yenr's. l.l.ln cars. agalnst
l.m. on tbe other band, there waa an Incraaaa n
ihe Bagllab vlalble, 1M.0B) buahela, and aeahaard
clearancea were gmall. IStMOB buahela. itulia
A ntaa'a lieaitit carrtea him
lltr.iitpli the world. IIc de
pends on it for ctijoyment, for
hnpptness, for sticcess, for the
acl-.ievemeut of auythiiiK he
baa in har-.d. Ameiicans take
bia chaacea They risfc every
tlitng in biuiiRss They have
cotifidenee iii thi-ir brains and
their at-ility. The Americon
busitiess tuau is active, flexi
,ble. elastic. Ktiock him down
with feilBTB and hc is up ii.;.-.in
iti a minute. As long as be
Ueeps his health. failure
docsn't aaeaa anythlng to him.
Hc hns loat a llttle titnc, but
uutt is all. If he can keep his
health, hr will go 011 to auc
ce*s. He feels sure of that,
and yet liis health is the very
_ .,,, gmur i tliing he ncgleets more than
\'i/i\Vjl // ?n>'thin*" fl!4f BX% health ls
// _f i'/ I/ l ,ho rnpc hv wh'cn -* climbs to
/?? ?/ Jr'/ I l 8aceaaa. It hchoovea him to
C, ?* ?// Mf-aJ keep the ropc in good contli
W^,- *bW l'on. an(* not to n<,alect hroken
T4\JJV. T^, Ktrand^. Whtn the ropc of
IlWllln, I~ hcaUU breakseven a little bit,
Iwf I it ahould be mended at once.
. . ? lt ia easier to keep health than
it ta to regain it. When a man feela htmaelf running
down, when he reallae* a losa of vitality and energy,
he muat call a halt. He ls on a down grade. The
strands of hta rope are parting rapidly.
Dr. Pierce's Goldeu Medical Diacovery haa halpad
thouaauds of men in just thi* conditiou. It m?kes
health, it nukes pure, rich blood, it forcea out i?
putmea ?ud iciU-* germa. It deeao't make any differ
enee. what naine you call your trouble bv?dyspepaia
?kidney dtsease ? rheiimatism -conaumption ? skin
dneasc, the Coldcn Medical Discovery" will cure
it ahsotutely. None of these dlseases can retain hold
on the body wh-n it is full of rich, pure blood.
Every man who tares to keep his health should
have Ih. Picrce's " Cotnmon Scnse Medical Adviser"
-a finely illustrated book of lonS pages. Sent to any
addreaa on receipt of 21 nue-cent stampa to cover cost
01 niaihtig only
Addreaa. World's Dispenaery Medical
No. 663 Maiu Street, BiiSalo, N. *
rirs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup
has been usert fo- over FIF" ' TEA1 S b7 Mllr
WHII.i: Tr-;KTHING aitb perfeet BUCCBBB. It
Sold by drugvists in ever* P?art of the world
Twenty-iivt; Cents a Bottle.
Broadway and 17th Street. N. T.
A delicious brealc
fast Cercal. Fifteen
cents worth, when
cooked. provides 18 Ibs. of perlect Food.
HEALTH FOOD CO., 61 5th Ave.
326 7th Ave.,
BBlaWhtJia inb
"Vlephone. 1.1.12 I8th-et.
asao fob circclar.
reers' eapartem
.... r'jctal 8 '-!??
i> ,irv blem.'h on. m. er ..nrter
,_tn . ooaull Denaab I glat
ansary. i-" BT. tat-rn.. H. v.
IVuuiy Book tot *
ahlpped ne wheal arbatever. The tncreeea ln the
\meri.an rtatbte, Ijmmaaiahaia, anaa iwaaaMaraBM
laaa than expected. The pit trade was not large
The featara area tba aeerctti af affavUaja. lt i?o*~
ea ii tbere aaa eeaee bajrfcwj Bf Kaat, Ream and
other rich men. baaasJ on th.ir etactten aayeeta*
llona. The Urerpeel atoek. I4BMBJ bnabahi, ahaanai
.t incraaaa for the month ef UMBJ baahala and
was pronoueed BUftaCiant for only two we.kK' con
aumptlon. I.oe.l recarfpta were only BB eere, ??a
ICS aatlmat. d for Tueaday. , ^
.?orn nia.Ie an advinca of '; cent an l cMeea
about tha toi>. M.iv s.-iiinir between BN ??"?-&
eanu, and cloatng at tt* oente,K,veipte ?a m
cara. with Jll aatlmated for Tueaday.. .tMtert"?
from the Weet. howev.r. were rery decliTOiy ??*
Th.- aew advanead ratea arenl Into effeet avery
wbera to-day. it hi expected that e?^rloummet*>
tlnue to .-.me in here nn.br tha old ratei for a
week ar more. hut that after a fortnlght tne> ?iu
Bhew .i falllns off. Bamataa were ",, cent "JfJ"".
Cablea were flrm. Seahoard elearance* wer*&a.w*
buahete. The aaaeabttiva trade was light. ?"?>"'
most of the day belng almos- empty. lhe neww
Increnaad 1.488,000 buahela. bul lhe local atocaa aa;
i reased for th. week 4.v>.<>uo buahela. rraartera aaeie
4:*?,000 bu.shel*. husiii-'** done BOBB1 titne :iko.
Onta made abont tha aaaae galna aa ? ,01" .':, Ji,_
Moy aold from UN to 8N cents aad ritajed at ara
centa. Racetpta were ?Si ear>. with BM eatim.uea
for Tnaaday. The bull helan were the ?am-- aa m
corn. tha advance in rates from lhe U est. ?<> mi>?
thy wltb wheat and tlie expectittioti thal taa JB .'
tlon woul.l reaull in the aitcceaa ot ?oui.. Bioney.
The rtatbte tncramaed SM.oeo Buahela, Ihe io??
stock i11.rea.4ed r.'J.oou buabata _,.?
The provlslon murket lajfged all the eeaaion. "??
-iw. w^.a ln spli. .>f uneaaectodly *mal) nog ra
-t.,ts. only 17.0BJ thi* morning. arllh only U.? ' ? ? ?
mated ter to-morrow. Frlcea al th" rarda wera aw
.-, to i<? cents. Tbere waa aa dtonoeltloa to irom>
however. rork closed only 5 centa over naturoayj
lar.i and rih.-* at rhe aame Bfice aa Beturdai. "?
small hoi? racetpta were auaaeaed to be 1 nw l"I
indispotiltlon of the eountr>naen to jart arttnjawg
to mark.-t over Bh-ctlon Day. -V rush is look- nw
Thuraday aad Frtdny. Thera wa- aomeJtlnofP^?
ment over the l.lvernool stock or l.i.l. '-'"Vl:r'i at
On the curb "pnts" 0.1 Deeamber wheat cieaeoi~
aau eenta. ??calb- al B) eeata. tbb eatrau r. inary
Bpread belng dua to the electten "?"??;r".l.,'!."i5
?i'.ns" on May -orn deaad at ff% eeau; '?"'* ??
so'.. ie ">'j centa.
CaUgftta. HBT. t-Tba arrtval of tliousand-- of
lana of Cabfemla wheaj at ihis port ha* had m?
?fiaet of caaatag a reductlon la arleea n> aeaai
parts of th- districi- aSected by tbe faattae, K"
believe.l that a tcta! of 18.888 tons of wh.it na
been puixhnse.l for Importailon Into India. T
Oovernmeni la doinx every ihlng posslble to aiia
viute the dlatress. It haa employed 7J.S00 P1,1-1?
on worka whlch liave been started in order tol
nlah work for thoae who. without lt.?0UJ??u??a
bly atarve to death The cffccta of ihe fal..^>W
the cropa are not felt ao aeriouaIy i[??ViVthe mkV
na later. Th* worbi dlatreas wlll be felt ln me w
dla of December.
Harper A Broa.. the pubilahcra. ftUd ln the odW
of the County Clerk yeeterday the conaent 88 am
membera of the flrm-Horatlo. Henry **-*_**%
Harper-to mortgage the property? of *X-$tm\mm1
tl.03o.000. bonda to b* laaued for the indeotaonaw
payable tn January. 1987. ?'
Joaeph Henry Harper. nf No. ?p^*-rtJUage*
aald laat night that he had not ??**? ?JftTfOrai
the mortgage. but auppoaed lt amalBiaBBBr th#
neoeaaary io compl^te the lnf->^-<>"lHiPBad leier
company recently formed. This w?" ^n"51rper ?
hy h-uncis l.ynde gtetaoa, .o-msel mrJgTglJ
Ilroa. '"The artl.dea were illed .n rnyoj^ .-rhe
o'clock ihls mornlnK." aald Mr aie- j wrpora
mortaaae ta slniply one of the m-'?o> ^
tlng the flrm."

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