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Till-: BTATI TlCRBrra FHiritKS si.ir.HTI.Y LOWER?
FIVF. P.KITl-.l.lc.W OfRIORaVRBMRR i-|H?si-:n-A
fJAlX <>i* THREE assi:mi:I.ymi:n.
The opportunity allowed yesterday f.?r a
close analysis of th.- rota cast I.y Brooklyn on
Tuesday failed tu diminish In any degree the
keen ?-atUfactlon '?f the Republicans over the
local results of the big victory. Complete and
r?-vls?d r.-turns garfa a.liiltionnl cause fur con?
gratulation, and the year VW will go on record
as ? record breaker. With one possible ex?
ception, the history Of the city d"?s not show a
more complete Republican victory iban that
of Tuesday. Th?- Mgffeaf victory was that of
Major McKinley, who?.- tufa1, vote was 10V,.?4.?,
against 77.k::> (nr Bryan and aJtBU for Palmer?
a Republican majority of 'JM.Hiiii, and a plural?
ity of 32*312. The votes f??r Governor and?
L,leut'-nant-<i.>vcrii<.r showed a small Repul.li
can loss, but lr?ft safo and substantial mautlns.
Frank B. Black polled HKi.lilil votes, against
70,714 fof Porter and 5.648 for Grimn?a plu?
rality of ,_,.'i.SS7 and a majority of 18,242. The
?/Ota for Lieutenant-Governor was: Woodruff.
lUl.'.i.'iii; Schraub. 7?'.,71.f?; Hinri.-hs, .V131?Re
publican majority, 19.781: plurality. 25,215. Tha
difference between the votes received by Mc?
Kinley and Illack and Woodruff show that
many National Democrats who voted for Mc
Klnl? > gave th-ir support t<> their own candi?
date?! on th?' Mote ticket. This is proved by
the excess of Griflln'a vote <>ver that of Gen?
eral Palmer. Th<- figures as given here are
minus the returns from three or four dtatricta
which have bean exreedingly tardy in moklnf
their reports. Th- following tal.les show the
votes by wards for President. Governor and
_Ward. -McKinley. llryan. Fata r
1 ..".. IMS 1.441 1?'
2 .1 4?2 1.188 1-:
3 . 2.847 1.3:2 HI
4 .1 1.2<rfi 1. BBS 4.1
r. .; LOTI] SJ1B I0i?
j.? 3 031 4.'?7o 1*1
7 .I 8.083 2.4M4 -'?"'
8 .! 8,<sJ3 8.400 Bg
g .? ?.2101 3.248 1^.
JO . 2.HSU 8.883 SB
11 .! 2.143 1.8*1 S3
12 . t.?? :i--? *
13 . 2.HD4 2.021 N
14 " 1.488 8 1?' ft"
15 ...... ...'. 3.:t>4 8.204 -i'-*
jg .1 8.80? 2. 47o 88
17 " . l.-.Ti? I B4X '??'
is :::::. i.?m ?.?a? g
ta . 4.M8 2.222 I?
gtj . 3K11 I.O..J 1 !
21 " . i;n.v.e XBMJ isa
?~ . 8.ST4 4.210
B ...i. ?.??a*
21 . ?"
t:?4i t^
r, Tu*' 2 BBO HR
s? .\'Y.'.'.'.'.'.\ b".4BI ...:i--' 95
?>7 " .' -.ii??2. 2.132 -i?
7.74'.' aVjt>l31 171
n ..
.jr) . 1.80*. I.JSSj
?o "
na...._. i"*< HJ
32 r...--.-.i.
1 T.vi 1.BT1' !'l
n?s ?n ?i
an _ .11-' _ 3'1
10.I..-.4-. " IT.4R1 _ 8 ??
1 i>.,r- ' Orifi- i|Wooa- Hire
Ward. ' r.lack. 1er. fin. ruff. |fl?Cfcr'b.| rtcM
*5 r 2f.77~l.4SO S?>?) 2.r.2r. 1.34S 3??4
4 ..us 11?-.? u? asa w* w
, .i 0^7 i'?m ibbM 2 2112 l.M'tt? 1?
? . l?f} ?4M ". 12^7 14H7 .'.4
l . l'aas a.aea m 1.041 2..%->4 .ir?
? ' I B*TB| 4)44 21?' 2 ?m. aM??? "4->
3 .! N? tm 55 4 714 2.M1 BBS
? . ^'r;t. S.BBB 124 .1.412' 8.380 138
? " a<Jft3 .1 4?7 2*s 4.1? il? S.3SS 271
?i, . ?SI? 4.aS3 14'-' 2 717 4.04?'. 181
11 " - 240-1 1.884 l?^ -?MR '??*1 '5
?? . ?:;,??, 8.4181 B3 I.ST? aW, m
l? " ' 18R1 2I2?' 114 ???.''-' 8.084 11?
14 . 14"?'. 1.112 81 I.S3S ?-,.!i?."> 2!?
15 ""; ni:,2 2 414 MS 1.114 2 407 W
1? '' ?SM i:-'* 1"7 1.1"! 14RM 1"'.'
17 . 4*881 4.<i7>; 111 4.818 4.4SB] 101
IH " ' 1404 1>49 Ifl 1.4RB I.S41 81
lu ' . 4 4<>1 ' 2 20.1 2?'.4 4 402 2.C?2 881
y, ' ? ;< aaa i.aas 22?' ?aaai i.bsb 211
21 ".'..' ! B.SSB 1!>2.'. .I'ta I B.BB8 174.'. 441
i.? . . coi ?i ..as. 4.17 a isa i S.SSI bBo
2*" _...... 0171 2.11.1 fi73 !? 12S 1SS3 MU
24 ' IBIS I.BSB 11? ' 2.741: I ?I07 108
2a ' I 171 2 4"7 12? 4.?:.4 2.110 217
?Ni 4 002 1117 IW .r>"4^ 8.140 131
27 M...... 277'") 27-10 121 2 ?2S 2.114 108
2s ' ' f.OIB I.H'11 2-'i'i 7.2?2 4**12 ?.'.2
2? . 1 ?2? 1 8B4 188 l.SSB 1.177 nw
80 . 1.448 0?2 M 1.222 7*IS ? '
81 I.OM 717 r.2 ?<17 74.1 10
82 . ?.*.? rt.-,7 41 ?.'.H 181 .',4
Total* . 10.1 t.>1 7K714 .'..?40 101.010 7?.71."> B 414
The most Kratifyinir feature of the election
from the Republican point <>f view Is the return?
ing of the five Consrrossmen. by unexpectedly
safe majuriti.s. Joseph R. Howe, in th?- Vlth
"District, had the tightest pinch, winning by ttO
over William Ficktrmann. Silver Democrat, and
by Mfl ov"r Fickermann and Danie] Walsh. N'a
tlonr.l Democrat. toRetlier
Congressman P?-nls If. Hurley, the winner In
the lid District. r?>cp|v?>d many congratulations
yesterday on his remnrkaM?? victory over John
M. Clancy, the Silver Democrat, and William G
?Redfleld. the National Democrat. Mr. Redtield's
Still hunt for Republican votes was successful
enly in a few election districts. Mr. Clancy loot
hundreds of votes to Mr. Hurley, thus over
w-eighlnK Mr. Hurley's lost to Mr. Redflcld. while
In every ward, with the possible exception of
the Fifth, Mr. Redti.dd assisted materially In
drawing votes from Mr. ?"lancy.
In the Hid. IVth and Vth districts. Conprress
men Wilson, Fischer and Bennett carried every?
thing before them. Th<? detailed results In the
five districts are as follows:
T?*nl? M. Murlev i n. i. 1H.011
Jihn M. Clancy ili.i. ir. Oil
Williame. It.-Hi.:.I (X. In. 1..-.73
Fran ?!? H. Wltai ti dti. 22 ?4'>
Chin?? I-' Ilrandt fD.). ... 1B.BSI
John a Uttaaeesr (M. Dl . 1.82?
Israel F. K.?ch?-r i K.i.2?, 124
Tliema? F. l.arkln ilJ. i. 17.0.11
Tht-nl-m H Nv* (N r?.i. 1.012
Chari-s O. H-nnett iR ). 20.S20
Thema* s. Uelaney .1.... IB.8BI
Jscoh S. Van Wv.? iN. I>. ?. ?lit
Jam?? r. Howe (It ?. 14.S01
William Fit kern iuiti ID.). 1.1.Rial
Daniel Walt*. iN. !>.). 147
The Republicans elected fourteen Assembly?
men out >f a possible twenty-one. a net train of
thr*e. The bluest majority received by any
candidate was by Henry Marshall in the XVIIth
District. The XVth District Is somewhat In
doubt. With one district missing:, the vote
stands: Joseph Murray, Republican, 3,323; Rob?
ert J. Rudd. Democrat, 3.30S. Mr. Murray's
friends say that he has won. The Vlth District
waa won by Edward H. M. Roehr over William
Rl McGulre, after a hard contest, and Henry E.
Abell ?lefeated Charles H. Ebbetts in the Xllth
District Edward F. Llnton was badly beaten
In the XXIat District by Henry French. The fol?
lowing Is a detailed statement of the result In
the districts:
h? TlKtmii H. W'atstatt <R.). 0,062
Jt.s. l>li V. L^milf? il>.). 2 H74
Kvrrtit (?reche iN. D.). 414
J?I? Harry Fiah-r Ht... 2 7W
J-.ro McK*.iwn (1>.). ?,.(S,M
Jam?? J. IVin.ihne t\. D.). js?l
3?Wilmo? U M. r?i..u?- IH.)..'. 2470
Tiv.mas 11. Callen ID.l. 3-?4?
t'harlcs A. 1V*l?fr i.V. D.). '430
4?<Jvor?e W. WUaoa 1R.1. f, k02
KJnmn.) A. Whiltn '!>.). 3 ?11
Howiir.1 T. \V?lrt.n IN. i>.).'...'....'.'.'.'. '3.V1
B? John <*. Knauo ill ). 5 44?
Nathan He>mann tl>.).,., 3 4,^,,
John II. Al.rer.? (ft. I?. I. '4V,
?-Kilwtrd II. M H..*hr Ht.). . B MSJ
William H. Mc??iilre ID.). " 41119
l'aul T. A Neumin iN. D.i. 'jn?,
1?Oeor?f 11. )>?rsiiall (K.). 4 S74
Th..ma? J. <*a??v ?I?.?. 4'4l?',
Fr*.)erl-k H Coofc (N. D.).234
B?FWIt Kertisn (R.). 2 018
.lam?* I^nrvn. Jr ID.). ' "'?,,?.
I?...1V.U? )l. Tlwiaiw.n <N. U.). . life,
tt--St-i'hen T. Byrne .11.1. " " 2W
J?tt\ 3. C\*.ln (I). 1...'.'.'.'. 4.117
IstWTtiK-e O'Hars iN. D.).B
10- William U r-Tkloe (R.).,." ?,5")
J?n?e? T. T1em?y fO.1. .VSlo
?.*harl*? R. Halse, (K. D.?.,.>??
11?lAiclen 8. I!?>li<* (Rl. " 6.^2
Jdsrph A. OuM.T ID.). 4 ?TO
Jamei i;. Young 'N. li.). "' '323
IS?Henry E. Atnll iR.). 4 w
Cliarie. H. Kl.bette (D. and N. D.). ?S
XB?Orrlon h. Forrester. (R.). SrSS
Ralthesr J Kennedy (D.).t. ?gig
141?0**fe K. Rodgtrs (R.). s'UM
John M. Zum <D.). TtZ
A. R Humes (N. D.). ' g?
?--Joeeph Murray (R.).g.g?
Rnbert J. Ru-14 <D.).?Sg
Ifs-Rdwart C. Brennan (R).StSO
c. P. ?'?..per id.?.2.:i<:
William B, Wsrren (N. D.). SBB
17 Henry Mais!.al! i|( i. ".I'll
J.hn if. Anderson (D.). l.'''"4
Emil Schneelocb (N Di . 1o4
IS 0? .rge J. Sop-,-, (R ,. r,.7.'1
John Dalv ill , . . . 8,650
Charles H. Ku!J-r iN D.).'?.!
H> Charla* Kulan* (R.) . 2.3*7
Prederlck Schmidt ID.). 8.4Vr*i
Robert J M.Manas lN Di. SB
2t>-Frederick ?; Hughe? ,Ri. B.134
it chard J. Kcrroei ID i. B.sao
B, B. Van Burea (N In. IW1
21- Edward F. Llnb.n (R.i. ?'.,-'-'
Henry Franck ? I ?. ?. 6.0311
Th?. Republican candidates for Supreme Coun
polled v.ite-s which were uniformly large, dif?
fering litt!" from thoac received by th>- Btate
caiifli'lat'-s. The highest v^t?- was given t" Sam?
uel T. Maddox, v.h" recerVed lU5.lSfl2. Justice
W. W. Goodiicb cam? second with Ktt.H04.
Oarrel J. Qarrctson and Michael M. Hlrahberg
received reapartlvely H>."..'_".i", and 1<>-.?>7S. The
D?mocratie candidates reo'Ived the following
vote: William K. O'Nell, 78.1*7?!?; John Fleming,
77.oiiii; Stephen D, Stephens. SI ,21 Hi; Thomas s.
M""r<-. 7s.7::i; Charlea J. Patterson, 4.K38; j.
Warren (?nine. 4,764. it appeara thai Mr.
Moore's nam?* was Bcratchcd by man?/ of the
radical allverites.
Brooklyn's vota fur .iu?lgo <?f tho Court ?if Ap?
peals was: Irving c, Vann, Republican, I'M.220;
Robert <*. Titus. Democrat 7T."_*.".??; Spencer Clin?
ton, National Democrat, l.(?7li
S. L. Woodfcouse Is ?)tn> of the many prominent
Brooklyn Republicana who think thai the Populists
and silver Democrats of this country have be? n
thoroughly cbaatlsed by the better eleaaenl ot
Americana and have learned b lasting lesson. The
question was naked of him yesterday, "What lis?
sons ?lo you draw from the election?" Mr. Wood
house said :
"Ther?' arc many lessons to ba drawn, sonn' of
which are of a far*reachlna nature. The main
Issues ai ? moral, not political; principles, not pol?
Icy. President-elect McKinley was above all things
the Nsople's candidate, H?- was nomlnnted by inc.
people, the nominating convention merely register?
ing I ho i vopl-'s will. My fit Ht thought Is that it is
always stf?. to k?'?'p close to t M<- people, and to trus'
them in every great emergency. Mr. McKinley was
ns divinely called to the Prealdency as Abraham
Lincoln In snms respect* the responsibilities whli !i
will fall upon him as President will be (Tester than
those which have fallen upon ?my other President
.?inc.- Lincoln. This victory Is pre-eminently of and
by the people. God's guiding hand is us distinct!)
s.en in the management of thlt campaign as
though It were actual!;, risible. America hn?
spoken to the world, and the world must take noli
that our citizenship is Christian, honest and law
abiding. 'I'liis. o? its'-lf. is worth tho battle and the
anxiety of the last tin? months, it Is priceless
A republic of lawless freemen and repudlators Is
Impossible. Reviewing the campaign, I do not Be?j
that any essential mistake has been made. In that
regard i; Is uni.?tu-. Mr. McKinley himself li.is
steadily grown m moral and Intellectual nature
from the hour he was nominated, and has dona
Buperb service for this country.
"1 consider Mr. Manna the greatest political in n
? ral this country has ever produced, and withal a
thoroughly uprlirht man Tin- loyalty of his ?"
wfirkets di serves unbounded praise. Nor should we
forge) tin- superb patriotism of the best elements
of the Democratic party in this hour of triumph
In a word, l believe the trials of the las: ihre?
months nave l?en ,, blessing ?a disguise, and that
America will henceforth lake and hold her place as
leader of all nations in honor, self-res].t and loy?
alty to the right. No prie: is too gnat for such
"Th>. statement was m;i?le by Bryan just preced?
ing this el-'ctlon that In nisi- of his defeat, his
party would at once liebln work on the campaign
of 19*?"?. If so. ?lo you think this movement will sue
"The American people having spoken, the man
who sow* the Heeds of discord an,) .?arries flre
l'i.?mis will he smitten to his destruction by th.- leu
wrath of an outraged people. 'Lei us have peace,'
Is the cry of America ami this we must and shall
have. Anarchists, Populista, Socialist i and Repudl
atlonists will henceforth have ne place on American
soli. The people have de, reed It."
Major McKinley** .lection has already hrought to
the minds of many prominent Brooklynllaa an In
lereating Incident which took place in Mr. McKin?
ley'? last visit m Brooklyn In the spring "f ISK.
While it may t?- somewhat early f"r the public to
begin CaWnet-rasklng for th.- Prosldent-elect, it is
still true that many well-known mi n <?! Influence in
tin- city ar<- already looking to the time when
Chartes a. M ittre, one "' Major McKinley'* pIobi i
friends in this state, may become th? Becretsrj of
the Navy. The reason for this feeling is explained
by th.- following story:
While in Brooklyn in tin- spring of IMS Major M -
Kinley was entertained at dinner by Mr. Moore.
At the dinn.-r were several '.f the , lty*s mosl prom
lneni business m? h ami office holders, aid in the
com se of conversation St. <"air McKelway turned
to Major McKinley and suggested in a way thai
could not h?- misunderstood that one "f th. bright
??st possibilities of tho future wa* the elect loi .?
the Major to the Presidency, After making thl
statement Mr McKelway said thai In cas- of such
an occuireii"'- there was Jual one thing ?hat Hr<",k
lyn would have to suggesl to him, and thai was thai
Mr. Moor,- was most eminently fi't.-d by his bus!
neaa experience and ability to i.om* th" Beerst a ry
of the Navy This ld?ii found mu, h favor with the
oth?r gufsts, and apparently with Major McKinley
himself. The Major promptly replied, and in a tone
proving that he was In earnest, that nothing would
bg more agi nabln and satisfactory to him thun to
have Mr. Moore as a member of a Cabtnel of which
he was the head. It Is hardly neccattry lo say
that Major McKinley discreetly qualified his remarh
In such a way that his auditors were given to be?
harre that he wns not then counting aerioualy upon
the possibility of becoming President.
This Interchange of remarks has been remembered
to th? present day by evry gu.-st at Mr Moore'fl
dinner. Mr. Moore has frequently had the Incident re
called to his mind, bul lia? always said thai he has
no d.-sire to accept a political of!i<? of ,?ny character.
He his Immense business Interests to look after,
and he rays he could not, under any consideration,
give tip his business to accept s pi sit Ion which h?'
?an hol?i only for a limited number of years.
It is known positively by persons acquainted wit i
Major McKinley that Mr. Moor- can have Ui<- Bec
retaryabtp of the Navy if b?expresses tin- slightest
desire f?_r It. It Is said 1hat, while it may Been
Strange that Major McKinley should consider him?
self bound by a statement which lie made over a
year before he was nominated for the Prealdency,
he was thoroughly in earnest when he replied i"
Mr. McKelway'a suggestion. The manner i" wbl? ',
the suggestion waa received by the other guests at
the table added to its strength, and wniie tne ?tied
was a new one. it was considered bo good thai it
was not allowed to be classed as an ordinary com?
Mr. Moore'has taken the most active ?nteres? In
Major McKInley's canvass for the nomination and
campaign for the election. He w? rk?'l earnestly
with the Brooklyn delegates to aecute their support
for Ids Ohio friend, and since th.- nominations were
made has heen deeply Interested in the contest. Ho
was selected as the Presidential elector from his
district, and he is Intimately in quaint? d with
Chairman Hanno.
While Mr. Moore Is known to be elneere In his
statement thai he rises not desire a Cabinet place,
his friends bMteve that he will accept it If hi?
la urged to do ?<>. Brooklyn Republicana would
heartily relish the api?r>lntment of one of their num?
ber to suet, a ponltlon. and much Influence will be
brought to hear uikmi Mr. Moore to accept the place
which Will he his the moment he will take It.
Meeting Chlropean Club, Knapp Mansion, fore?
Fair. Women's Auxiliary, Hedford Branch Y. M.
C. A., 414-4K* Gat?'8-ave., 2?10 p. m.
Visit Grant to Thatford Post, G. A. R., from
1 headquarters In Johnston Building at 7:30 p. m.
Proftsasor II. E. Northrup, "France." illustrated,
! Brooklyn Chautauqua Union, chapel llanson Place
! Methexilst Kplscopal Church.
?Annual meeting Long Island Branch Woman's
Auxiliary to Board of Missions of the Kplscopal
Church. St. Ann's on the Heights, 10:30 a. m.. and
2 p. m.
Mrs. Adrian V. Martens* died at her home,
j Lsenox Road. Flatbush, yesterday morning,
J from consumption. About five years ago Mrs.
Marten*?- had an accident to her ?pine, and had
been an invalid ever *lnce then. Consumption,
I however, did not develop until last summer. She
I waa the eldest daughter of William Brown, of
i Melrose Park. 8he was a member of the Dutch
I Reformed Church of Flatbush, and founder of the
I Forget Not Circle of King's Daughters, organized
I ten years ago, and waa pr?sident of It last year.
No arrangement* have been made for the funeral.
am. Tin: ii:i:si:vr DELBOATIO? IR OOHORBRR
ASSERB0.1 TAQUE OP thi-: i'U'isautiks
IN Till: V M'.l'irs c< O'NTIKS.
Tb" election returns for N> w-.T.-rsey In yester- j
day's Tribuna wen almost absolutely correct? j
r.mark.iI,ly Bo when it is .-oiisid.-red that hun- |
dreds of election districts had nol been beard
from up to daylight yesterday morning. No
other New-Tort newapaper gave the resolta so |
accurately. It was .-aid In The Tribune that
"th.- lates) return. Indicate that all eight of the j
Republican Congresamen have been re-ei,.(-t?-d,
i hough at a lat? b'-ur there was aome doubt
about Tbomas McEwan In the Vllth. Repub
licana claimed the election of seven of tha eight
State Senators, bul the Dem?crata of Itonmouth
arere confident thai Bteven? had beaten Francis
in Monmouth. Porty-fll.t the sixty Assem?
blymen are Republicana." reaterduy'a develop?
ments showed thai Congressnuin McEwan had
been succeaaful, that Pfand? iik.-wi.se pulled
through, and thai Hudson County for the Brat
time in its history bad sent a full Republican
de!.-galion to the House of Assembly, thus mak?
ing the Assembly stand Republicana, 50; Demo
? rats, I.
The ik'ht was the hottest in the counties of
Morris, Sussex. Hunterdon, War,*.), Hudson,
Monmouth and Middles? Tha four first-named
comprise the IVth Congress District, where Mali
ion Pltne) w;;s v:. tori..us after a hard battle.
in the other counties, the Democrats srere not |
fighting for the principles of Bryanlgtn or th?>
principies of anything else. They were after the
Sheriff's office, with its patronage, its power ?>f
making law violators do political servir? In re?
turn for promised immunity from punishment.
This is apparent When one looks Si the returns
from Sussex, Hudson Monmouth and Middlesex, !
where the Democratic candidates for Sheriff
were elected, while others on th" ticket with
them suffered d -f.-.-u.
This is the lat?st table of pluralities on the
National ticket:
I Rep. I'em.
K .tl.I ? THE Ni:\\ M f H
clever exninmoR.
Lartf-wood, Nov * (SisKial) The reputation mmi* I
by Greorge Qould en Baturday In the nuntln* Held
wlun he made hi. first appearance as muster of
the Ocean County Hounds was fulb ?t;?t.-iiti?-d. if j
not added to, yesterday afterii'.iin. whin he gave
another exhibition of clean, striiKht ri<iing over :
timber that was by no ?aeana h be deoilsed. The
o.-e.-isinii was th.- usual Tuesday run <>f th?- pack,
and the i hase scrosa-country aras full of excita
ment Two stiff w.-t.-r Jumps hi-.I the mett'.e of
both .teed .'i'i.i rider, while dlfll ull feace. lootrs i
up In sll 'lire--tlol.S.
The ru.-.-i wa. al the Laurel House, where th?
master was th.- last lo strive, galloping up In Com?
pany with .Mi-s M..I..1 Turnbull, Mr? Qould'.
cousin, who handled ? chunky baj \<\y rlererly
lasses Convertie waa on bis Mack hunw-r. Atlantic,
while Mr? Converse had s graceful m it on Tin
Turk, ?m.- of Mr Qould'. besl hunter. The latter
was mounted on nu-Tr. ? j J. l?w>.-r. lb. hunts?
man, n..!.- Tltperary Hoy. Willie Dwyer, the Brsi
whip, was on Surprise; Pltspatrkk, the second
whip, bestrode Lady Llndley, i nd I'unnlngham, tin
third whip, handled Tramwaj At'.r leaving the
Laurel House l hi rldi rs look I I h shore of
Laki i '..r. ? iij.t tl.I lb? | r. .- !?? d the Aillj i i
whi re ti t l.ound look '...??? .ii -1 -. ?
i... ?in.- . Up ' ro* h ..- in- .M ? he? farm sn?l I
belonging lo ?'aplain A M Hr*i?l ha? ? , ?. -e.n.
th. ?1.->. i : ? . - III? :?? ..f .-?..Uli I. a !.. v. . -..| ?i... r. ... !.. -.1
Whit?.- vil: 'i h< ? i- . a killing, l?ui iher?
no let-up, i o-1 a?ny ih?-y wem i ? : thi m ? il iinrr
farm ll -I : I ? ...-.-.- i fill m, ..;.!::.?? i '. i.- ? -i
-. i-i ..;. : liolman ivll.i lo Ihi "
.v ii ,-. ..II heartily ?el ..;,. rl ?
Qould .- .1 th '.- I?1 all t le ?a>. un?I Mr? i onvi i
rode bnillnntlj Mr-. Qoukl and h?r mother, Mr?
Klngdon, follov.'iii tin rlrttr? i y the ne?i hlghwa
In a victoria Mi Lmvl.i Tw?-i ill< . Ml? i *>?? ill?,
M Btanlry Twe?-Uli und In I'aul K Imita II were
who v.In .--.-? i ihi run from carriages, Tn
nexl run wll. ?aki place on Saturday.
COURT '? l/./ KDARtt I OR Tu D 1).
Anad?ate Wvtolon Supreme cant r.?f .r? Van Hrunt.
P. .1 . Barren, Williams, ratr.-iaen ami D'linen, JJ
Court opem at 1 i- w N ? IS KB. 2?; 27, 2<> 2S .?>
81, 83 84, SB, SS, .'?' 8S, BS
Supreme Conn Hperlsl Tt?rm Par! 1 Before Smyth,
?tern at n
M ? -i - litn lar . a,l-.I ar
11 a m
Supreme ?'.-.itt Special i.iin l'art II Before La?
renee, J. Court opens al l" ;> .? m K? part, n.iiit?.
Mupreme t' un Sia-rlal T. I'm III Before r..k
man, J. Motions demurrer* N. r ?At, 2U4 BBS -I'-??
tint, Bun Preferred causes: Kos. 8817, :il47 SS1B S?H?l]
I a-.- Ill.linlvli. ?]
Suprrme Cuun Special Term I- n l\' Before It-ari,
.1 l.aw and f... r Nei MM W& :il7'l ISSg 8334)
MHS, 3B2N, ::l4i -t.m 8837, ?BS1, I5SB, 2?.i?l 8438 S4T3
234" ' 'ase unfln shed
Supreme i ..un Special Term I'.at \' Before l'r>-..r
.1 Causes t.. t..- ??ni from Pan iv foe nini Case an
Supreme Court Bptcla1. Term l'art vi Before Mar?
ia.m J. Causes t.. be nut from 1-ait Iv for irtal
i'|. ar
supreme Court K|*. ?Hi Term Part vil ASJourasd
iinril U a .Ine-luv, N< v. mber 11
Supreme Court Special Term Pan VIII. AeUoarned
f..r ih>- term
Supreme ''un Trial Term Tan II Before I'i.-.-i
man, .1 Preferred causee: Moa .'..-,4?. SISO m*.', ?-?ni
>-.'i.'7. ..I'M., UM?), Ulla, lent... BISA, 1038 is*Hi aTM) '?771'
K8S8. irate unflnlthett ' '
Supreme c.ur' Trial Term Pan 111 Before i.,,,-,,.
.1 Nos. W3fl, ;t?.?..i :i??4. SHSS. 8819 1I171 3117? mum'
toUheii*0' 4"h*- 4"K;t' 4"':i' '!1,;'; ;:S"' ;;7V'' ?*"<**?
Hupremt i'.a.ri Trim Term Part iv ii.f,,r, i,,.,,,,.?,
ui'iilni'sli.? " ""' fr"m "' f"r ,r'*' ,'?'4?'?
suprtrot Cf-ari TilalTerm Part V dBffor. Baofcauver
?' ' ?uses !.. be ?eat rrin Pari 111 for in.,i clear
iI.-'V.'-'m!!" '""r' '""' 'r""" '''"' VI '^'J'""""? fe* :
supreme Or?art Trial T.-rm Pan \n n,f,,r? ote-e*.
rl.h. .1 Mo? SB01, SSS3 BUBO, BteJI, ?013 ?-fe. g-Su
>.).,.-,?.. I'.nr: Trial Terra Pan VIII liofot? Bed?,
ui'i'n1 bed "**' " VU f"r ,"''1' ''**"
Supieme C?sa? Trial Tee?? Pari IX -Befor. McABaai
J. Cause, tu bs seal fi. Part VII for triai "?s un!
Sn ihi 1 '"" I
Suprem* <-..int Trial Tena Part X Before Dal? 1
;';;;;,;,j '? "? *""' "?"''' |,"r< Vll for mal. .W,,,,
?tin,.1,1- Court Trini T.rm l'ait X| A.IJ..urn?d fur
1 lie tfrin.
Surrogate'. Court itiiinitcr? n?-f.,r? Pttagerald B
?stat* of Mary .1. Havemeyer, al K'.'li? ? m W.'lla f
protMis; John MeOlyaa. John C, 11 u>rho|d it/,i? ,',
| Miller. Km,,, .-..i-ia Crocker, Sarah Heat, at M>.30 a m -
Eliza lletnijis: lf.nri-it? SMenberg al '.' 1 m '
Surrogate'* Court Trial Term Before Ars it*, h m
lUS, ?111 of llt-niv I!. Hiani, al 1" :v> am .
(iiy cuurt -Si^rtai Term BeforeI Btuiuebaian J-.
Cmirt oprn? al lo n. m. Motion, ar |i):.1-) ? rn
City Court- Trial T?nn I'.nt I Before ?1 l.srv.r J I
Moa, MM, lotBi, l'MO. 1043. |?as>, igse r.r' sa? Si ?au.
4ICJ. ?SOB 41.1 4rt4. 4li.\ MM, 472. 11-..1. 11WI 11t?7 111.?
\J?<\ 1201, 1203, 1808, Mea, 4.'.2. :?m 2??.i ' K* '?jasnaT
80SIH. Caae unhnl?h*.l. ' ' ? *' ??
Summ. Ctouri Trial T.rm Part II Befor. v.in
Y?lSK?L '?'. >''"."*' ?MS J?, 811 SOI DOB, ?,, 0?
10T3, 112.-1 12<!7. BOT, 631, 12.S7. MM bat 1< ..7 7'!- r-u
<'.'.K. :.42. B43, 838, S9B, kh, ?.??;. 810, 2112, IO?8 1077' ~,.L
untinlsli?d. r
Oty c.urt -Trln; Trrrn Part IU?Btfor? Fltztlm-.n*
.r Nos. Baa, 1.47. -.hi?. 1023, ass, mis, ?Tet san mar
2.3. aras, ?u'.'.. :.. MS 74V 113?. 488, .',7 :.? ,v.i sa S?'
ist, BBi. gai, (?7.-I. ass, losa, aki. ciea? ?
illy Court Trial T-iiii part IV Before '-..nlan I
Short causse: Nos. 2ii<4. I32D, KOS, 2?n?; :i24i? -nv '-i'nu
22?.?. .'?c?. 8838, i:mh. issg, ?s-stg ???x.t ?Ma'at in' atoo'
2.?.'7. ?MO, 2S3B, 2888, 2028. 2?i?2. 77?, 2.'iu' 138l' S?a'
24?>4, 31.'??, Mg, BBat?4 i'|.,ar. ' ?**?>
?aysw ('?in.
By I?a?rt-nr?, J.
Krrk?n? am. Hlnrk- William ?J. (?noat?
BehUlta ?St. Brtes Franklin Illcn.
Ja<k?-.n MCPartBaia leas1 Marl.l- C.mpany ?2 rn??.)
?? Kirfiuri] I*, hweeiy,
Sill n?t. Tay;..r?lalvln I). Vsn Nam?.
Ilai.l. s'M,.-;t.T i.t thr ll.ily On??salua ?tt. M..r.-I
Charle? K. Siakman
<?rlnn?ll aift. i-o|,n -iloorge W. Kill*.
Ily Mar-I^an. J
BBSSSf. art. Shrar??Arthur M. Kin?.
n> Smyth. J.
Knickerbocker Trust < ..mj.Hny tut. 8allade? Peter M
0:n?y. *??
Fl^a'r.|YJa.k.?>s'fe ln"ur"nc** '"?"npsny agt. 8?nder?on?
Supreme Cnuii.
By Smyth, J.
Richard H. Klmber a?t. 0)*moa Mining, Land and ta
?eatment Oimwtni - John P. Bvtrttt.
"Hyomei" does
cure Bronchitis.
Htm** "/ JUprtunfatJB* .
. H'ttimmgti ?, D. C. Afrit 14, tiqb.
?firmly Mirr't fli.it f?jmmri -,? ',' 4 - ,,:t ,,.? claim
fur it. It h.u turr? ?*? Brmckitii nf 10 ytart
(MtmOtr/rmu Pr.ickl)*)
Ifyom.i used with Booth's Pocket In?
haler Outfit has caught the town, for it
"Cures by Inhalation"
Asthma, Bronchitis, ColJi, Catarrh, and
all litnilar diseases.
Price ?100. For aale bv drggjglals every
where. Extra bottle 1 f " Hjromei ' Inhal?
ant at druggists, so cents, Hyomei Balm, a
wonderful healer,-2-, cents. Advice free of
R. T. BOOTH, 23 East 20th Si., New York.
One of th?. most striking of th* many celebrations
in which the wild enthusiasm of Muml-monay m?':i
found vent on Tuesday nighl aras that of the LTnlon
I...ik.-ne ('lui,. It was DOteW rthy not only fir the
unbound?-.1 Joy which i-rok.- loose and carriel grrny
h.?lr?-'l men off their f?-r-t. for the beautiful decora?
tions ati'i the musk srhlch drew a crowd of 6.401
people about tiie clubhouse, for the smuts an,i
cheers and speeches which resounded in honor of
Major McKinley, bul also for the Invasion of a
(tsigt* boring Democratic club and fur the combined
JuMk.f t.'u- two organisation* arhlch followed.
Tic i..I ribbons, glittering with strings of red,
white an.! blue el. .-trie lights, which ?I?.rated the
outside or the building from roof m basement lasi
Satiir.iay. w.-t.- still draping th.- Union League flub
house ,.n Tuesday night Th>- platform In fruit of
the building which bad been erected for the parada
w,?? ?till standing. Inside the Western Union wire?
and the news ti, k.-r were ihe centres of Interest. As
Walter C. fJUaon, the club secretary, read the re?
turns in the h.K Bjteetlng-room upstairs, th? walls
re-ei-hoe'l the happy shout* of the members, who
w?re quick to see the for? runners of ,? victory for
NHtlon.il iion.ir.
Forty or fifty pieces of the 7tb Regimen I Band had
been engaged, and begsn to plsy .?;>out I'M p. m.
Ab ut on., thousend members passed la and out in
the - ?urse of the nlgiil As the evening wore on and
.1 K< publican \ ?'? ??!> be ?me assure,I, tne enthusiasm
;n -I.-.1-. -i Long messages ol congratulation were
sent to McKinley, Hobsrt, Hanns, Black and Wood?
ruff, anil finally Oenera! Horace Porter, ::'.? presl
dent f ihe club, ? i- i".- 1 on for .? ?peech. He
responded with *ome word* of hearty indoraemenl
of ih* people's choice, and then was obliged to speak
aruln from lh? h "i ot ihe ?talr? to ih.- eroWd
v :.. . packer] the lowor floor bul could not ?,*et up to
ihe main room. Th* band, which ha i I.n playing
outside, then am? In and head? l i triumphal march
? r .-?:.-;. i- the - lidding A number of or-- inlsatlona
parading up th* itreel In Jubilation stopped to
(erenade th>. club.
\\..r i ?neech by John 11. Van Wormer and
further Jollification, th? members of the club, led
?\ the t'.ni-l. marched down In a body t> the Man?
hattan Club, ai i-'if:.h-ave. and Thlrty-fourth-st
Thl? wa* between I and : o'clock yesterday mom
inc They captured the Manhattan Club men, and
all wen: i.a.'k to the Union league Club in greal
jro.nl hiim.r. Th.-r, a number of friendly and patri?
otic s|..?he* sere mad* on both *lde?, and the cele?
bration broke up with J Hl.y s::ll rampant.
-my . -.
Hi M
Th. ?<? are busy days with the hitter and mer?
chant lallor. It is "Bettllng-up" time with election
bettor* The men who bsvs besn betting suits of
clothi ? against Mlk huts, ?ilk hats against derbys,
and - . on, are now - Ithi r going Ihr? ugh the pi as?
ure of being paid or experiencing the i .in "f
paying a Tribune reporter who made the rounds
of the hsi ?tore* yesterday afternoon learned thut.
from present Indications, the betting In headgear
bad ti"t been s,, t.risk ii? in previous campaigns
"V,,u see " said one dealer, "the fa.*t thut the
rn BfM v odd* Wen I aril 4 to 1 Ofl MKIllley mad*
??in,: ..r nats rather ?low. BtUI, I have bad a
K.i many of my customers In to-day getting
orders to send lo soma to whom they had lost.
?\-' ? ? .' -. ?-? i | ???..-? remarkable for a
ru ', iv. the . tel ? f the thlr.l or
begli me In thick and fast,
i : ?:? . \? ? ? much of a business this
I ,- i - - - i. ? -i loo hard up to risk ?ven
.i? mu ' ti n election "
Another ha( .babr ?sI?! one man hsd besn In
thai r-- '?.:?!.: and paid foi ?l*t**n order* When
.i-k' i ?'lit one man s uld -l ? with sixt--.-n hat*
ir hi had won them, lh* hatter atai el i loss to
sn*w? ?
\\ hll? lh* reporter ws? ?landing In one ~t"r.. two
m, ri entered One wore a broad Krln. while Ihe
.o?... i .K-.i i.-t tn. "fix thl man ?ui with i
i ii," m one ?peaking lo a clerk. Th<
clerk smiled, th< man with Ihe broad grin laughed
out loud Finally Ihe t.-';iit man smiled, too.
? I "., i. thl* i- lot* of fun." he blur*. r] out,
"and a* long a* I'm paying for It 1 mlghl as well
. ni-.\ -..m.- ,.f it "
There hsd been *o msny men Inquiring the price*
Of -Ilk bats fit one .(nn. that th" proprietor f'-lt
positive t?.i* hi business a is bound to Impi ive
before the w? k waa over
COMINO Mi'.OTi.v iltn'.l Tin: HEARTS OF
Tin; i'i;ni'i.i: mttPORATtoN r*ot*N
ni:i, Scotts l'Airn
Msyor Strong, referring yesterdsy to ths greal
triumph of the principies advocated by the Repub?
lican party in the campaign Just closed, said: "I
look upon the victory as one thai cornea directly
from the hearts of the i.pie, without any refer
once t" ?itiv class of our cltlz.-ns. It waa
K,, genuine, mil poken sentiment of farin?
er?, wage-earner* "f all kin,is. employes of all
kinds, and employers of all kinds, giving ths mosl
emphatic dectaton agalnai any repudiation of our
National honor and thoroughly stamping out isms
of ail kinds except Aroertcsnlsm."
A reporter who did not hear the Mayor's state?
ment ns given, ssksd htm, "What defeated
"The American people did It." was lite Mayor's
ter?e reply.
The Mayor was also Batted by one of tbOSB pres?
ent If In his i,pinion the fact that Bound Mon.-y
Democrats so generally voted f?ir Major McKinley
would be likely to cuis.- any modification of the
policy of tin* coming President regarding the tariff
ami kindred qurattona Mr. Strong replied:
"I think Hint this campaign was fought more par?
ticularly ?m ths iniin.y Question, and while I regsrd
I'resi.b-iii eiset McKinley as th.. perfect embodi?
ment ?ui prot.'i-tion. yet I do believe thai he la quite
competent to risa to the prsssnl situation, and not
allow bis former political opinions to govern him
entirely in the settlement of a question thai ha is,
and has bean, so tborotighly Identidad with."
In relation to the question of Impending tariff
changet ihe Mayor added: "l have no hesitation in
saying Ihsl l should ilk.- to *.-.? the present Con
Kr.ss pass ths bill Which the linns,- pass.il last
winter, which wa know as the Dtngtey Mil, reviv?
ing M p?-r cent of the McKinley tarlfr. The pres?
ent l??ate, in rMetenes to th?> mandata of the
p.opi" delivered yesterday, ouuht not longer to
Btand In tho way. Mr. Cleveland ml*ht not ?Iku
the lull, hut h" could permit it lo Income a law
without his signature, aa was his course regard?
ing the Wllaon MIL it could be enactsd t?. take
effect on April 1. This would save us from Ihe
necessity of an extra,.rdlnary BSBalOa of COttgfSaa,
und would give us the Chance Of nine months of
stahl.- and prosperous trade before the Congress
chosen yesterday win constitution ?iiy convene
Then, If defect* are found, they muid be correct?
ed by the new Congress, ami the country would
not h<- agitated over a new tariff Mil."
A frl.-nd of Mayor Strong who had listened to his
suggestions remarked: "it BS*ms to dm Colonel
that you ??re exactly the man to till the ?hair oi
Secretary of the Treasury m Major McKlntey'a
?No, sir," rsptlsd the Mayor, with smphasta
"Nobodj i an K?-t m.-, to a'Vepi another ottlce
When my t.-rm us Mayor Is over 1 am going back
to Worth-st. i can have more run with ths boys
In th.- .IrvKoo.ls .llsirti t than I coul.l have in Wash?
ington. People generally think i have ?ot more
fun out of the Mayor'* ottlce than any of my
predecessor*, but 1 ?lon't Intend to ko to Washing?
ton looking for fun. I can find plenty of It on
Manhattan Island."
Mayor Strom? rsoetved a number of t.-lc^rams yes
terday rejoicing over the glorious result of Tuesday
one from Itoliert J. Lowrey, a prominent hanker of
Atilinta. Ca.. ?aid: "Our country I? to he conKratu
lated on the great victory for koo<1 Kovernment
sound money und promotion of American labor ami
Corporation Counsel Scott. In sin-akin* of the
magnificent re*ult of Tuesday's election, said ye*
(erday: "I never had any ?loubt of what the peo?
ple's verdict would be since the adoption of the
Chicago platform. What 1 saw lu Chicago satis
fled me that the Democrat? of the Bout
forced reluctantly into the situation, and
break away from Populism and from Pc
Ideas as Foon as they possibly could.
it took the jubilant Rarpnbllesna a long
recover from their ce.ebration of the prevlou
ing. and II MB8 BOt UB?1 afternoon yeaterd.
th.- i.-.i.lers wera to be found. Hardly a i
them succeed. .1 In getting to bad before I or fi
In the morning, and naturally they wished t
lata, The hotel? presented a daaorted look t
the dar? snd over SI It- publican headquarter
was little or nothing dolar;. Qtjoaral Oaba*
the others who have been dlm'tlng the OB
from th.- Baal wer. on hand about noon an.
dared ovar to headquarters. There aras not!
do there, however, an.l so they went back to th
'Avenue Hotel. ''oiunatulallons were heard 01
All member.-? of tha Executive Commute.
feeling arell utlsfled with the raault N. It. lo
eommltte? nun from West Virginia, made t
lowing statement;
"I f. el that In the campaign just closed the
and the laboring m?'n of the country have Ix?*
rtattm atad. I bava ontcnie.i all along durl
eampalgn that if you raadc clear to the farm
the ?rage-earner the fallacy of free silver, i
uriderstood it, h.- would be found voting on th.
side, and i think tha result of Tuesday's a
??arries out my prediction. We have now bo
Executive and Legtsistlve ksraaches of the O
ment In our charge, and the business Interests
country, assured of sound laws, sound money
sound protection, will start the machinery ol
enterprtsa with every confidence that prospe;
"In ny Judgment," sill Qsnsrs1 Powell Cl
";he Immediate effect of our victory will be the
ration of public confidence, which is all that la
?ary to cause money to come from It. hiding
and go Industriously to work acain. The deeis
th. American people so decisively glv?n Tuas?
-o .trongly In favor Of tlie obliteration of >e,
linea, ?o decidedly agilnst ire antagonism of el
to conducive to public tranquillity, aa to raasst
friends of liberty throughoui tba world o
capacity for self-government. If It ?hall tur
thai v.- have a noridng majority in th?- 1
Rtatea al??ate the country may ?ojk for prompt
iaii.iii for th?- procurement ol ample reven
mtet all prop.-r public expenditure?. The de
of th?- people Tuesday has of Itself establish??
parity between all of our different kinds of m
henceforth no one will care to convert I'nlt<-d !
notes into gold by presenting ttu-m to the Tre?
Afi.-r March 4 I confidently look for the Deal
of a period of prosperity nescr excelled In th
tore of America. For :h^ resulta achieved too
credit cannot be gtvea to th.- hundreds of thou
Of patriotic Ilemoerus who have p-fused to e.
party above country, and who, by their Influenc
1 vote?, have contributed so largely to the re.-iul
Polie attelais yesterday eapresssd d.-iight
the election of McKinley and satisfaction witl
manner In which the police force had guar.lei
polls snd assisted th*- eteetion officers. They
the general closing of the li.juor stores on Tu
had helped to keep th?' <-iiy quiet and prevent
order during tha excitement of the evening >
th.- election returns wer.- received Iiiapaetoi
elections weni to Police Headquarters in an
less procession all day to Bis their otSclal ral
in the Bureau of Elections. The police clerks
w.-re tabulating the unofhclal elet-tlon returtu
night went home yesterday morning to tal
r.?t. an.l w-re not required io work reatar
Tb.- Poll.-.- c.nimlssi.in? rs. who w.-r.- in their of
In the sfternoon. said the result of the ?lotion
delighted them. President Hoosevelt said:
"I suppose there Is hardly .v. tru- American
dot I not feel grateful from the bottom of
In art for Tu?'?day's result. I feel certain
some of the men. who, from a misguided sen?
party loyalty, supported our opponents, are
i r-tly glad of our victory. It was no mere p;
vl. tory; It was emphatically a triumph of pati
Ism. To m.- the most gratifying feature of all
the gray th<- workingmen went. The unpr?-cedei
fact of the Republicana carrying all the U
cities ?how? the answ.-r of tba American work
men to the sppeal to the torch?for. at bottom.
? .- appeal mule to them by our ft,??-.."
Chief t'lmlln yesterday asauad a statement e
mending the potlca force on BCCOUat of the g
wirk It performed on Tuesday, and also for
gOOd work un Saturday during the great goar
nf bustni-sa man. He quoted a letter written
Ueneral Horace Porter, in part as follow?:
? Notwithstanding the long hours which the
lu-.m?ii w.-r.impelled to be continuously
duty ..nil the delicate task which confronted th.
Ihey ?rere vigilant, patient and effective, it v
a eonsplcuoua proof of th?-lr superb discipline. .
their ronducl has. I believe. Inspired all our ?-ItIz
ulth Increase*] confidence In the efficiency <>f
f tree "
As :o the t-;...-t!iin. Chief f'onlln s.ild to a mi
ber ..f the fon i
"Never in my twenty-eight years' experience a
p .ii... officer v.-is there .uch an election in t
city, and parti ailarl) a Presidential election, tl
patted off ?o peaceably, s.i honestly, so fairly,
free from trouble and complaints of all kind?,
thai of Tuesday. Your w.irk in all respects i
m-rveii the praise and commendation which it i
freely and so fully received from all aldea."
The Chief contradicted the report thai tha c
had i..'ti l.-ft without ample protection, while t
policemen were ?tatli ned al the polllng-placea
Tuesday He said thai the arrangements for t
it..-.- ri>?n ,,f ufe and property were the mom
bad i.n made on every Election l>ay, and that
policemen could no? be kept on post and at t
polling-place? al the .ame time, he had provided
system .f relief? hy which policemen w.-r.- gol
between th.. .talion, and the polling-places aim.
continuously, and thus being in readiness to act
any ? rh in-'.. \.
Th.. Plate club, sl No S Bast Twenty-second-s
w i . the ?cene of . wildly enthusiastic jui.il.-.- mee
Ing .m Tuesday night, i-< th" returns came in <
the We.tern Union Tele-graph wires and by tel
phone from the Republli in National headquarter.
The from of the building bad been draped wit
American dags, and the rooms were gay with
profusion of McKinley banners Th.- clubhoui
was crowded With eager It> -publl -.ins. who had .on
fully assured of victory beforehand, and were on!
wilting for the chance to celebrate. There arei
also a number of women, Who remained till after
o'clock yesterday morning, and who had posas aslo
nf the second door
A number of branchas of the McKinley Leagv,
filed In and out at intervals, and it is estimate
thai several thousand men went mil ?f the build
ing in the course of the evening to parade. Bac
branch was saluted by a display of fireworks, an
eight gross of small dynamite bombs wer?' explode
torpedo-fashion in the str.-.-t A delegation l.-fi th
chili about 1" p m and paraded up through Klfth
ave . pausing at Thirty-ninth st. to serenade th
I'nlOQ League Club.
There wa? an unusual amount of cheering Insl.l
a< the returns, which were taken hy the secretar
of the club, and'by Western I'nion operators, areri
read Patriotic and campaign songs were also sum
with a rousing good will, to the accompaniment o
band music. Tins singing was led by tin- McKeoi
quartet. The celebration was prolonged until fai
Into yesterday morning.
.m ^rii:s.-r.s in thi: RaVtrt/r
i?im and dismal looked tha Popotsratlc haadqiiar
ter.? in tha Hariholdi Hotel yesterday ?VUllaas P.
Ht. .lohn, who lite on. Tues.lay night was Insisting
thai Bryan was elected, yesterday was .ombre an.l
chastened by his sad lesson, and w.-is ready la kis?
the rod ll- spoke no word of liltter recrimination,
but bowed to the verdict. He made a statement
about the situation, In which h.- Bali;
"The people have declared themselves unmistak?
ably. 1 therefore cordially a-gul.-sce. Th?- next four
>?-ars OUgbl amply to test the single -folg standard
In the United Slates. I am contldent thai the party
In power will be ajttlCk to abandon II upon sulll
ci.-nt proof thai it la a failure. Th.- agitation must
have been sufficient to promise this, i shall try to
expect, and certainly win welcome, the restoration
of the Prjosperlty wui.yi our Ute opponent, prom.
Ised us with their victory, in my opinion the .11?
verlies in th- S.-nate oughl no longer to stand In the
way ..f legislation by the majorit) "
Colonel Tinman, chairman of the Popocratlc Caaa
palgl? Committee, was likewise ready to receive the
inevitable. "If the election of McKinley means [he
r.-turn of prosperity and the resumption of bu.lnea.
generally, he said, ?then I believe thai all thing.
i op.ietatic haadquarters w.-r.- equally philosophic
MR. VeOODRUr? AI?I)ltl-:ssi:s THE DRUG MEN.
There was a Jollllloatloi? meeting of the Drue
Paint, oil and rh.-mlcal McKinley and Hol.art Cam
pa Ign Huh at noon yesterday in the club rooms
at MOO. il an.l .',1 Mald.-n I.ane. It heKan with th?
einging of "The Star Spangled Manner" and other
patriotic airs accompanied with the waving of flags.
Speeche? were made by Timothy L. Woodruff Lieu
tenant-Uovernor-eect: lieorge J. Seabury and An
'lrew II. Rogers, Jr. Mr. Woodruff thanked the club
for the effective support given by the allied trade?
to the Republican candldatea and complimented the or
5*raders> uTMVUn,b'.r *"???* *PPe?ranceof Its
W IL ?oiliu. !. Urid*y' wli*n'.?O men were in line,
moved that tL*?& r?8n "j** M??p..l,-n committee,
movea mat th? ciUb b? made a permanent organisa??
We have now completad our Fall line of
Fenders, Fire-Sets.
Gas Logs, &c.
As we manufacture these goods w?
are able to put them on the market at
lower prices than other dealers.
Conover Fireplace Mfe. Co.,
WAREROOriS?7 and 9 West 30th St
_Factory 114-l*-*0 W. 30th St._
(ion. That was ?Mrr.'e.l and thre will he another
meeting at the call of the i hairman. J. C. Kllel. of
the I.yinan. Kliel Drug Company, of Minneapolis
?vho recently addressed the club In this city, was to
favorably Impressed with the work here that upon
his return home he organized similar meeting? in
Minneapolis. This was spoken of rcsterday as proof
that the Influence of the club had ?'?tended outside
of New-York A vote of thanks was given yester?
day to Mr. S?'.tbitry for th? use of the rooms which
(he ?'lui? occupied during the campaign.
W. Ilourkc Cockran, whose efforts on behalf of
the Issue ?o ?le. Isively settled on Tuesday were so
earnest, araa at ata otile?- In the i>rex<-i Building,
at Wall and Broad sts., yesterday as usual, re
Stored, us he might have remarked, to his usual
occupation. He said at first that there dtd not
Beem to ba anythltiK to discus.-; at the present mo
m?nt. but ))<? was finally led to speak of the con?
test and to hear upon the pcssttH\ future of poll
tics as affecting especially the Pi?cratfc party.
In reply to questions. Mr. Cockran said:
"This was not a political contest. In the ordinary
meaning of the term. It was an insurrection
against th?.- underlying principles of civilization,
and I believe It la without a parallel In the history
of the world. It was an att? mpt to seize the Gov?
ernment for Iba purpose of destroying the things
Which goviTtimcnt was organized to protect. I do
not m?-an to say that all Mr. Bryan's supporter?
contemplated the overthrow of orderly govern
ment, but nono the less that would have been the
IncvliaSl" cons?quence of their success. If, how?
ever. It was disheartening to see one of the great
political parties supporting an insurrection against
morality and social order, the suppression of the
Insurrection wa.? one of the most sublime spec?
tacles ever presented In the history of human
progress. A movement as dangerous to civiliza?
tion as ever the world witness. .1 has b?en defeated
and, I believe, forever suppressed, without the
enlistment of a sliigl?. sohller or the exercise of a
single net of coercion. The eriats through which
It has Just passed was the severest test to which
our Government has ever been subjected. The re?
sult Is the crowning, decisive vindication of demo
eratle institutions.
"I have no opinion to ?-xpress as to the future of
the Democratic party. It has no future which It
'?tin det.-cmlne for Itself. This election, In my opin?
ion, was not an eaprssslon of the people ?s to what
-.ion!.i be done during the next four years Imt as
to what shall not be done. I do not retfar.i it as a
verdict in favor of any specific policy. It was a
V'-nii t aa*ainst a debasement of the currency.
against the destruction of the Supreme Court ai
an independent tribunal, and against the nullifica?
tion or abridgment of the President's power to en?
force the law. in fine. It was a verdict that the
fundamental condition? of civilized society should
not ba disturbed In this country.
Mr. McKinley and his party will administer the
Government for the next four years. The ?aeassfsa
which they may propose and the standard of his
administration will he the questions on which the
people will divide into political parties. If the new
Administration he successful, the Republican party
will continue In power. If Mr. McKinley fall? to
obtain the confidence of those voters who prefer
the essentials of good government to party names,
a hostile Congress will be elected In It, and (he
opposition will elect the President In IM. The final
outcome of yesterday's election no man can now
predict, further than to sav that the political laBWt
of the future depend entireiv upon the character
of Mr McKinleys administration."
Major John Byrne, president of the Democratlo
Honsst Mon. y Lengua of America, when asked yes?
terday about the future of the organization, said
that the League had completed Its work as an
??nurgency corps In the great struggle for honest
moni-y and the safety and honor of the Nation, and
would Immediately dissolve, and that Ita m.-mberi
would resume the peaceful pursuits of ordinary life,
as none of them had any ambitions to promote,
and they all felt aaaply repaid for their labors in the
result accomplished.
Th.- i.. ague ftteta very grtteful to ths auxiliary
organizations In the several States which stood so
nobly to the work, and p.'rmltted nothing to divert
them from the path of honest money ind National
honor. an?l It feels especially grateful to IIS '.arge
corps of speakers, at tin head of which stood W.
Bourbe Cochraa, whose splendid work bai borna
evidence in many St.it? s in a solid Democratic sup?
port of the principles of National honor, integrity
and personal honesty .fudging from the hundreds
of telegrama and letters received from m.my pnn$
of the country thanking the League for Its is?lst
ance and support, and particularly for the ser?
vices of Mr Cockran and oth. r speakers, It I? evi?
dent that too great value of the work Ion? by Ihe
league in ibis campaign cannot ba giv.-n
Major Byrne made a number of ^?"-eches In
Maryland, his native State, and therefore fsele es?
pecially proud of the splendid victory achieved
Among those who listened to th" loyful tidir-cs of
the success of honest-money principies, al the bead?
quarters of ths League wer.- W, Biurk?- ?>'kran,
ex-Mayors Abram S. Hewitt and Edward i'ooper,
General Lloyd Bryce, Major .lohn Byrne. John
Crane, John J. Rooney, Frank Travers, Vin sent P.
Travers, I*. K. Pemberton, colonel -i ES. Bloom. H.
s Bayres, O. B. Bheppard. J. <;. Johnson. I.indley
Vlnton, .lohn Connollv and Hubert A Kelly.
Congressman John l< ?'owan, to whose 1> adershlp
so much of the great victory In Maryland is du?>,
sent the following telegram to MaJ ir Byrne- "Thll
State and the union awe you. your League and
W. Bourke Cockran a debt of gratitude for your
gnat work. I tip my hat to you all."
? ?
Jefferson Seligman. the well-known bank- r of tblt
city, gava a larga heuas partir at his borne, K* U
Kast Btzty-nlnth-st, on BUcUoa ?night. Por the oo
caston lie had n Western t'nlon telegraph Instrument,
with an operator, placed in his house, and as the
returns came In, they were read to his assembled
guests, numbering ?2?*\ who manifested great en?
thusiasm. Among his gu.-sts were Mayor Stron?*.
Police Commissioners Roosevslt and Andreers, ?Jen
eral C. II. T. Collls and Or. Lambert The hou?e
was handsomely decorated with plants and flowers,
nrd the door and vestibule were b.-autifully draped
with the National colors.
The members of the Real Batet* Sound Money
Club arses the guests of John F iMyle yesterday
at his ofll? es. Pine ami William ata . where ? dinner
was giv.n to celebrate the ? -lection of McKinley.
The meeting was very enthusiastic, and several
Bpsecbsa wer* made.
Those present wer?? Mayor Strong, hldward Lau
terbach, John I). Crlmmlns, c.iminlsiloner Jamet
I. Wells Clement March. William M. Ryan, Francis
li Curry, George Da F. Barton, Justice Morgan J.
O'Brien, Justice Joseph F Dsly, DsnW B mtmm?
l.leiit.tiant James E. Schuyler. J J Fin lay. Alfred
K. Marling, Howell s. Fly. Charles B fc';hu>'*7*
Samuel F. Jayne. Major A. L Blak? man. Major Ij.
I Brackett, K Y Bwstnaon, A ll ?arpenter. H.
M N.si'ltt. Hamilton Babcock, J. B. p^T?"'
Crank Voran. Benjamin Richarde. P. a Hg*r?
mi.k, Irving Ratend. J C. Mott. J M coper, i-oro
ham Morris, John N. Ryan. C. L Carpenter ana
William P. Balrd.
th? l^ndJT offle? of Th? Tribun?. T5 Fleet Btr*??, ?? *?
a ?jot>T?nl?nt plac? to l??v? th?lr adv?rtt??m?BU ?no ?S*?
?ertptloa? for Th? Tribuna
Brighton, England.
Hotel M?tropole.
The most comfortable ?nd
luxurious seaside Hotel In tne
World. Finest Cuisine ?na
" Wines. Music by Hotel or?
chestra during Luncheon an?*
Dinner. En pension tg-rm?
may be arranged.
Proprietors: ??m?
Tho Gordon Hotolt, Lk?W*

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