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I -??
1 after a strccEatrt'L opsbatiom the busbakd
AT A Hf'SriTAr,.
The Hev. Dr. Edward Payaos Twhune, formerly
pastor of the Vutitan Congregational Church, of
Brooklyn, r* ?t presmt in the Presbyterian Hos?
pital, at Madison-ay. and fv \ .n!i<-th-sl , rCCOVSr
Ina from th.- affect* of an operation for an ?
Thl* operation was performed under ether yester
day afternoon by Dr. Charles Q. McHurney, one
of th?. consulting surgeons of the hospital, and
proved entirely successful. It was said :t tIn?
hospital last nisht that, the patient'* trouble was
not a ser?eos or.e. and thai be hsd never really
been in danger. Hi* recovery will probably be s
matter of a few we? k^
Dr. TerhUM come into town on Saturday from
"Sunnyhatik." hi* country piar?' In Pompton. N. J.,
with his wife, ?h., is well known a-* Marlon Hur
tand. <?n Tueaday in- was taken t" n.-?.?tal.
Mrs. Terhune told a Tribune report, r last night
that her husband'* trouble forced Mm ;?. give up
his Brooklyn church nearly a y< ir ago. '*W< spem I
the following winter In Chicago." she added, and
Dr. Terhune took charge of th-- Fnllerton Avenue
Preabyteiian Church there for ?even months.
Afterward he received and accepted a call to
preach lu a St. Louli church for three months.
It wai believed thai iiie change and the compara?
Uv.iy light work had effected a perfect cure, hut
Ms old ?rouble hroke out again during the July
hot spill In St. Louis, and he ha? been ill since.
He has been In the (-an- of a ?peciallat for the
last year. Everything Indicate* that he will have
a siiiedv recovery now. *>ur plana for the future
will depend entirely on his health."
The Kapld Transit Comml-si.in will meet to-day.
The report of W, ?'. Paraona, chief ??Jigineer of the
C mmlsslon, I? to be rahntlttod regarding th>- pro?
, ? . ! underground railroad in Kim-st.. Lafayette
I'l.i--. Fourth-av?., Forty-aecond-at., Broadway and
the Boull vat.I
1> A M SI ?F. I.I. LINE? StcnnnTS lonvr I'icr 24,
* M R fact Fr.ir'.lin-st.. f-r Cranston'?. WmI P?ln:.
< oiu Spring? Cornwall, Plahkltl l-andlng and Ntwbarg
w?-k tara, I p m . Sunday. V a. m.
Xdar. ?eepleJ?. CsanssWI a.?* train, (or pnu
1 North. Ea?t and West
f'ruoV BOATS, Saratoga of City of Tiot. h-avos
i -?? Writ 10th Street, dally, except Saturday. Opm
O.n-ect with De.j. .'. ?i-I HUdwa -nd PUC*N*S?g tram*.
' Sunday ?Tamer jaatch** a' Albany._____
RTONINGTON LINE- ? la St.?.Inal'.n. (r.,rn ""*?;.*; ?J.
one 1,1... k ..Lo? '''".'I ?'?? "r"k "sys "nl>. ?t BfOSr. **.
! KORWl? I i.isr. r?a N? Iffn*??. frtm. Pier ?a K. B..
,,., Desl.r.? ?I. w*?>* Say* "rily. ?I ... 4i I- ???
p.i,' Bit fit UNE ?1* Newport sad rail Blrer, fr**B
Pi,,' II v 1: feel M un ?y ?t. aeeh day. snly, SI
.Vim P, M.
Ni.\\-i?.\m;n PAUK. |1; Kscnraksn, llJa
Pn,t riNBttl ?ear* Pier 2.V B. K-. Daily (.-un?.iyf
?secMedl :t P. M un.; 12 nddnlitht. a -l\ln?t n em- f..r
train? to Merl.l-n Hartford. SpHnKiVld an.lje-ilr.t* north.
BOATS kve* foot ?* . hrMoph?r Street. N. R-.
e\e:y ?-?ek'-dav at I P ?*.. connect lag with U. * A- li?
lt, at HaS* n
i bicycles.
.ftA?"1 812.80 K-?
Lamp, I.eli an l . > , .tn.--i. r free. Rap rt
trade solicited THE QEO ila-i?h ?i CK
CO., fHctoiy end ofllce, ;?:.') 7-h av?., Ntw
_Y A.
0U9)niSO CBsisPoo
W ii rar. -d M TtJBttj,
$2.1 on m?t.iii:.'-iits.
65 D0WB9. KW.
Sent o:i r.ii. .'.?'. t .r Laltalogu..
169 WEST 2.1H ST., \. Y.
BUS BEST ??A ^; I.
dal^-arad free in th? rlty, Brooklyn, J?r
-.-% l*?ty? fil- ?n>whrr? el?? n Ihi Palled .
?Ftatet for $1".'. ntl i -Mit of ih-; price; I
Ooksna, BnglUh Breakfatl an l mix-.i; ?? I
?ire direct Imponen jr.a save ) U SO per I
M Cortlandt st.
at nabtrcED piir?t.?auo ??cond-nand
wood tn.l Iron working machine?; fu.ly
guaranteed?, machinery bougnt and ?x
chanrtd. QEORQK ft BOUT, SUS M?di
. in -tt
BU.l.IARI? and poo! table?, new and tec
end-hand. ?uppll?d with Hailhold! quick
cushions; ta?y terms. ALFRED ft BAUX
* into.. 124 Eaal nth st.___
ggfWlKQ MACHINES. N?w II me Com?
pany? make, 9X1 SO; ?II othei kin 1?.
c??h or credit; ?ave agents' eummlsalon.
Hil'sniS, 2.271 .'id-a\e.. 12c"-*t; open
V?tewrit?r harc.ains. l??a lyp*
?rrlt?rs *2<*. guaranteed; fin? rental?. *?'<;
cal.in-t? ch-.in i n\s?)l,!li\Ti:i' TYRE?
At fariory price?. W? invi-.e yo-i to tall
and examine the \v-*er ptaao. We ?ell di?
rect tr.jm ear factory, und give better in
?mjments f"r the money than any other
firm. Beery ?daao guarantee*] fot live
Mara, nightly uaed pian ??. iiuo .n.i up
/ ward? BB p wore ln?trnni?n:?. $12S, Baay
monthly payment?. Discount for cask.
Bend for bargain MtalugU? und sis'.aal
price-list. Tient. ?? per m nth. Factory,
524 t-> f.'Js West 411 ?t.
Vai.tFrs "ri \\. S :"". fin W
rear Broadway?Great bargain? 1er ?aah.
Pisaos rented, in?ttim-nts and excaanaad,
?ORgBI A\r?c?niti\t;KS.
GENTLEMEN can l-.-rd theto 1. rsis In
?arm. we U-Te?t Hated ?ta: 1?. bcel feat]
ar..i rare; aaytjonai s tient .ta; hlgassN ref?
eren ?>??. II. COJ?NOR, Aipiie. N, I.
AGENCY for Montdatr; real estate for I
?ale and rent; :.,; klnl?. CLARENCE
B. Tl T,nS,.5 IWkman m? N. \\. at D.,
L & W. Station in Montclalr.
"ORANGE, N. .t.. o.iunlry s-at. saa at a
liartain. excellent location: handsome
?rroinvi*. E. 1'. HAMILTON * .... I?l
W1I.I. t-uy ecrtec* on Pallaadee; ais-i
land al ng Northern Railroad of Ntw
Jersey; principals only. WEATHERUY,
271 Broadway
WTID DESIRES ? . buy -
Ilav? a aie? M ? re farm ?1 Crescent
City, ria. ; ? uM . ke to >-x hang? i-.r a
?mal: farm r.< ir v-\ York o? atar any
market; ao airen'? Write for full par?
ticular?, C. OOTTSLELEN, SSI Ha.?ev-si.,
Newark. X. J.
JPgjrORg A.\U 1IALK-VIA1)H- e
To let In th?
Applv at
Bulldln?;, Brooklyn Bridge, Wir.lam and
It- ?- ?is .
..r t..
_ _ 5 l'.??-knian St.
A. -A.?PRERSKS mad? fr?,m *? up. tailor
made; ai?-.. laacj tralala, rtceptk?, din?
ner, wedding. ?v?arag ?ni taumlng retssj
and gowns of e\e:> dtacrlptkia; coata,
?a; e?, psaUtng and cycling suits, travelling
and carriaR' draaatti; (it and ?rorh aurait.
tee.1; no t'dlous Htllllg; ?I; :.-rs and broth
?r?, Imported styl-? 1u?t fr-tn L.inJ .n and
1'arl?; orders ?aeaEMttd at short u t! ?
26 We?t lltrli-st . N.'W-Y.tk; a..?o, 2s:i
?fherm.rli irn-ei., l'a ...'?lyn.
'a? A.?DREastlAKER.- -Elegant euttw
and fitter; bv .lay r at b m-, iierfe.t Bt
) guaranie.-il; v?l\.-r. ?Ilk or C|. tl) s\:n. mad-"
In one ?reafe let Ilo, fancy *j>;i and hall
{lowna a ?peoiulty. 44 East Io:h-?t., n?ar
headtray. _ _
"?-PRI^PM?KER wait? fi-v. mor? cu?
tomers. p ?1 fitter, tl 5n day. ANNA
?XXTTRON, Sid E??l .t2d->t._
"ARTISTIC IiRESSMAKEH ?i.-h- f w < a
lumfn by day: i?-i\..te familia?; pert? I
fitter; l.itrsl .|.?;*r.a; ?at?-? gnd ?kfrt? r%
iTi..l.-11-l: alter.?; rtf?rre-i?e*. Address II.,
IM? East 4*th-?t. _
7'l.??KUAKKU and i.r.::--M tKER
Hoaae or da> ; ?-:i mak<- ?Ittrattoni on
cloak? and costuni.-?; plush garment?
?teamed, nnest asorkeT on teal Rarments;
will alt?r. iwdy?, remodel, enlaiy
make Into rat.? , llan-tte? and ia.-k-is.
OKKIU. 131 We.-t 221-st.
DRESSMAKER.- F.r?t-cl.i?ji tltt.-r and de?
signer; Ui.*; l'ren li ?tytaa: make? drees
in two gaye: BM i-r oay. Addree?
atme. ?JTAJLBACH. 2.'." We?i l?d-st.
"DRESSMAKER A ]-r..;e?t.itit > >ung lady
wishes to do d:>-?sm?iklnw' I" privai lar'i
ii.-?; i-?- ..f referencea D. ti., ;to7 East
'DRESSMAKER -Rrrfeol Utter by system
or pattern, oui ?1-'"?. Miss PlTEOEIl
AI.I? rtT W?ei (Wth-?l.
DHEriSMAK?lt Wim? a f*w in- rt cu?
lomert ly 'ht day In private famill??;
?125 per day. or al home; ?uc.? from to
up. Mi?? II. FOX. 280 Dili ?\c.
MI I.I.I-R * r?NDEft di.-?sin..?er?, 210
West 4i*iii-?t.. ?Ul t..k... ordert for ladite'
and ml??*-?' costume?; work nr?t <du?s In
lit and finish, re.i?..:.al.le price?. _
SEAT. CARMEN"! >. Can ? fur? made to
otder; rem.slelliri): old K?:men-? a ape
clalty; price? laaiiltililtl Mr*. liARKRR.
lid We.t Svth ?:.. late with Guntliei-?,
?th-av?._ _ _
wants enaaaemen!? !?y day ::) ptlvate
families; ?ssrfaet ?it ..tid flnl-h; old K.ir
mentr made over r , |i ok as a . d ai new:
day fl T?. dri?smaki:r. U>\ tt, 1.242
KEAiri??RMEXTs" Ven"-del.? I; ;at?>. Im~
portel style?; repairing. redr???ing. a:
home or hy dav; moderate term?. Mrs.
OBBTB, ISO c..|un??.ii?-av-.
?RAMEIKY HARK. W. ???aflttatW only:
handsomely furnial.eJ sulres, with prl.ate
liatb; ?:?o .?m.,.e ro?.tna; breaklaat; refer?
ilAbiaON-AVl;.. 1(111. near SOth-n.?Ba.-h
elor quarters, d...-ior'? ofhee, veiy deeilr
able, convenient principal h del., duos,
1?TH-HT.. UM WEST.?Bxcentirinatly de
tOable heated ?quart room?: new dto ra
ti.*?, rareltart aad plumbing, moderate
re?tala; near L. ?tatlon._
JIT1I-ST ? ?V WEST. - Loir..- furnlshid
room: heated: on? flight up. by private
family: bath ?ame floor._
gtD-ST.. 20 WEST. ?Bschelor nu.irter?;
n.wly, har.ds.inely furnished rooms, "|i
pstll? Vfaldorf; valet aliendanc?; refer?
ence?. _
<4aTH-gT., ?04 WE8T.?Handsomely fur
tilihtd room?; ?II con.enltnce?. refer?
ence? _
?V> IRVING PLACE. northWMt corner 18th
M.?Nicely furnl?he.l parlor fioor with ur
without board; other nice rtsaiaa.,
"?8T-"8T.. 4A V7?Kr?- N?-,, elegantly ap
polntrd. refln'd ?tr'.-t; j>r)M?m bouse,
hrtakitat in room* It dr.fred.
msi\i:ss t'HAXCB*.
" MoOTOGBf?o
qui? Ke?\ b?ai. . ?:. al ira, 10.000. $1 up:
I """. I''. i? . et ?rj ihlni : r r? i
? ? ?telj .- ?, . (I . - rn-'t .1 i e??lh> mal
INC c?) . World Dull .. ?.
"CAPITAL" pro. ured for ?Il ?eglt?? i -
purp ?e?; partn? ? hlp? -? i
1 ai - negot i . itoek e imp nie* organ
1/ : hu? ??? - * piare* ?old; patent? handled,
AlM'LBTl '\ ,v i " . li ? S ??
Hi ci??:!.- i .. ' ? M. |e?i -.! and ?-\
, hanged In all loi all ns OREENE a
IT.W. hotel broker?, 171 Rmad ?ay
PARTNER W ANTED In n large! long <
t ilill?! - o. *nd ?- ? i ? ?uei ei ful n inufa
lui m. V it in? ?; nii-i have exi eptu nal
!-,--- : i . upllal, Addre? ? II
P., I' ' ' ;: . S BUS I' ?Mon.
SALE i ..' ? r -1" IX*l .in-' will ?ell in lot*
. ' ? I 0011 . : pi re -i ? .. - - ? ?I n -'" p?l ' ? nt
an | ?..i-, i ? i o I; l" pel - ??in ''." ? i -i ' ? :ir
, .;. i.., inve?u lent. '?united ?n
i?l? if the be?! unpanley in I'nlti 1 State!
long e?tal'll?hed and ?rlth lar->- ?urplu?.
i: u llAKER, Po*tofflc* i: .x
?.KJi.s, li ? .n, M*r?
W ?NTEP In r lor* ?li" u. ?! ?i I? -I >.m
Wed lerb irn A C<>., Paient Utorney?.
W??hrr.glon D. ?'.. f. r tlielr JIimu pre.
m u-'. m nihl) ci n'e.?t open t.. Ibsm apoa
?i?Tri.(. \>not??.
NO chaHOH rxi.css SPiVEUHPPL.
Practice u, *ll r- THE l'i:? ?PLE'S
LAW ?NU ' "I.l.r.' "I "ION HL'RBAU, S1B
11r--.jj-lv.-Ji> (Cut Hoy "ilt).
111)4.1(1) AND ROOMS.
A LAD1 ? upj Ins hand? une W**| Bid*
apartrrent fi.--- reflrted nonti lo i Mi*.
?P-Mii advantage? In Engllah, Prench ^'i
i....- , high -' referen et D4.1I.KY. 151
1..I-' M-t-cr.
~.\ II ANi'SoMI-M.V furntehed ?ulte or
teparstel]. wli t? *i I. prrrat* hath;
reference? ??changed, 34 ? -: -'.l-i ??._
BOAR] ' In prlvati fan ?ulte or k.io;1> .
couple or gentleman; tlrst ?la?* In .-v.-r>
particular, mi UVU Sl*| -t
BOARDERS WANTED In -i private f*m
ilv; ti?-?t rlas* Ul le ?n?l thon ugh *l
tendanee, 229 We*t tad -?
HOTEL PETELER! iim-l -t and le?*
hiafton a? *. ! Ian i- run? Ij fun
r ?.-. w.th ..r ?rlthoul board; term* m i
? ' . ? ?_
MA HSOX \vr,, r.n Handsomely fur"
atened r-.m?: lal If -i m- . nilt > . icfer
... .
1 -o BAST 62D ST D ?rd mil? Of
room* on third (I :. IW . on fourth floor;
:?-:? ?? n **.
iVm-sT. L?il WEST -"The Stl?lmaiV'?
Handaomel) furnlihed room? with board;
taM- boarder* m. ommodated
1?T1I. M and '.'1 WEST.- Beautiful
and ?mall : - ???-. table unexcelled; fam
llte?; transient? ? .non dated; reference*,
M PAST 4.'1D-ST.
Dealral .-- ? .: with private l.ath:
ref? : -?!? e?. _ |
I2D ST 148 WEST Superior (able:
trans.-nt - r permanent b ard. ?rll i de
tlrable room?; eveo i mventence; at loa
U EAST TITH-t?, '.??-? ? ?uni
privat? bath; ?l?o large room, fourth
f : ; tal ;-.- and app >mtm< mi first- la**
with hoard at rea*on*bl* rate-, hotel
?. in*. _
51ST ST.. 56 WEST II ind?oinely fur
nlahed ?r. 1 dealrabl? r. ma, \*::h hoard;
i???? \. :. mm! required.
:..";;? ST., M WBST. I - ?? n.l ?lory
:'. nt : -?: ill venlene**; h >u?e and
lupertor; re** nable; reference*,
67TH ST., .'li:'. WEST -Large, hand melj
furnlihed room, with board; s-;;th?rn
?xpn*ur?j ? lavanleni Broadway und L st? -
lion; referen? ? ?.
[ T?TH st.. us WEST.? Large! hand
1 s.-m.-lv furnished i *>m?; ?xeelient board;
i t.-ima i- aaonabl?. refer? :
Tin-il ST." 83 WESTc Elegantly fui .
ra ms: en ?ulte, ?irn-;>, privat* bath;
i ird i II >nal ; : : ?te I it.;.- it desired.
reference? Mr... DALE, formerly i:m
110 WEST 7'iTii ht Room* -??,'. board;
tau mir.ut.-? fr..m Blarated R, R. ?ta
tlf-n; 'i'.?,. n cal.le ?ir? and c^nti.il Park:
?xeellent rtKim en first tlu...r fur do.-t-.r ?
gentlemanly y uni m.i::. II lo SB rear*,
?f him ?sperlenc* In practical work In
???.-.. aS laboratory. Call Wednesday, '?', to
4 ].. :n.. on I', w'., :;.'. Broadwa) or writ*
out '! town trade In lace?, lo t.iu? un
I'ort orders. Addr?** With referenr.-? un-l
other particular?, LACKS, Tribun* Ufflc*.
MANPPACTPRIN? '".Mi'ANV. opening
bran h In Ken Tork November IS, war.t-?
four *al?MB*n, i-letk nn 1 bonaJieeper, w.tr,
!? (I .-. ?? rani e?; good pay. M. C C, Trl
l.une < 'lit..
PAPER BOXE8?Experienced hand* on
pa^t.- work ?.in'?-*!, l" Bond ?t.. KPD
WANTED So??citoT f..? printing *nd llno
ty|.- composition for h-."k publl*h*r* ?n-l
magasin**; ?cqualntanc? nn*a?>ry; n?ed
n ? give entire rim.-. Addre** SOLICITOH,
Box 12, Tribun? l'ptown,
I WANTED.--Experleicea. leiiaM* agent?
lo .ill parta of the Unit?) Ktutu,
1 ?rhnm we can now anyiijn ?iirc.al te; ritory
I for th? ?ale of Till' NEW-YORK TRIB?
? st c. ESSrUL MEN." It I? on?- of th*
i mo*t **?!ly ?oil publication* now t^for?
the Am'-finn i>*cple. and i? r.ot only d?ep.
ly lnt.-r*s,tln?; in Itn.-If. hut prove? a great
e<Juc?t >r. r'-j.lete with ot J?vt iMSOfj* for
I youn* rr.en ?lartir,?; In bu?ln*sa Ilf-. Eve ,
I library, puldlc or private, i? Inr-ompl?!*
i ?Alth.ut it. Th* worfe U pub'.iKli.-d in iw*
l?rxe \"lome?, rojal oci?vo. and i? lliu?
traied with nuiiieiou? neel ?n-1 *Uppl?
' portrait*. Addr.a? AJXAMS A CO., 7s
i Dunne ft.. N. V,
I Wan; ?:.. an idfia. ?*a ,i^ r?n thin*-o7
? m? *lmi le '?im* to p?tent? Protect vout
Idea?, ?h?v irav hnn* you wealth Writ?
] JOBJC WKt'linitRlRN ,t CO. Taten? At
i tirnev? W??l'tnrton. D C.. f^r their
! 11.800 pria* s?Tered l? Inventor? and list of
???ea?lem? w*n'ed
WANTED -L*unlr'??; Kotlh of Ireland
I Protestant; ?lllln* in .. ?i ws'i i t*>ni
berwork. App') >tJ VI -t ;;i-?t., r.?er
WANTED. Vir-erv *ov?rae?i fo? ., rhlldi
Sine rear* i?l up? ik Engllah p<-r '
f. il) and be *tjle t . , iv>??* in a i mas
an.: Prench; hlgl t ?. r?gulr*d.
Call '-? ti 1^, Mt M , o- ? i .n .
WANTED a mid Mi .i.- I I r?
?- u- m t . .1 . n Ir? i . i id work ol
Ami-rican iamlh IL'n V.'-.-t l'.ith-ii., r*e
. :. I '1 r. _
WANTED, x yonng, ranneo, weiie?)u
Ic?t" 1 Preach woman to taxe rare "f ?
hoy of Bv* tad a baby: no chasabciwoirk,
go.Ki wag**; peraoa aot ??.eiiking Bagnal
pteferrel, Addren Mr?. J. M. LASSLL,
Whltln?vllle, Ma??
I PobllC P\i"-r? AceowntaSI and Auditor.
! v'''r'" UullJlng, 1<" in 00. 140 Naiuu ?t
! A RELIABLE, .-lu-?t--<! yonng man] 22.
.i-Hii-H emp] ymenl; lormarl) r? pocialbl)
c?,nn-<'teii ?Itn n?w?p*pee; ?x.-eilrnt ref
I eiwrteea Ador*** PP.ANXLIN, 27S Ka?t
I h,, u
! AN ARMKNi \N ? i.,, n.an. ?peaking
En*ll?h, want? empl ?ment; willing anu
... ! ?.i.*. ARMENIAN. Trlban* Ofllee.
A YOPNC VAN. 24. ?lidie!. ? cleric?! po^
?ill..n. A. ?ECO, .I.*! WVsi l.'.th ?t.
A rOUNO MAN. 2.'t. with 8 ye?riT_prac
ti.ul ?l rlcal . vprrl-n-<-, (teatn* ?Ituatl.-n
i as caBhM " general ? ill e ??Mistan'.
? kaowledx? . ?'. h 4tkc*t>lng; b*SI ref.-renr.-K.
H. MXSkNSKE, SSO Eldrldg* (t
: a BUT. i*. trpewrtfpW, in law, re?i ?*??>,
I or laearaa - otti -e; i,.?; refereae?; (A a
I week. J. p. HORAN, Mi7 llinird?'.,
! Brooklyn.
iioOKKEEPER.?1( you w(?l> th* ?ci-vlee?
.of ? competent. rellaU? ?ni cxperlen?- -d
bnokkeepei ?or??anisad wllh l: s. TUK.lt,
l Tli \\.-?t BUI,, IClmlra. N. T.
BOOVKEEP?R Experteatred, accarate,
U.-ul.;.- entrj , lana .iai? wllh e-am
I hou???; cotT-ep .n.l? ?ernun and Prench;
salar?/ moderate p, ki'Mmkkich. 417
I Ea?t "Vth-yt.
I BAKER ?Second hard; good In all kind?
_of bread. 212 Ka?t_J24th at. janlim.
BAKER?OooA ?ecotvd-hand on t?re?d,
??.ik??? ?nd ro'lg, JACOB SCHWARZ.
I 42U Bast I4'.n-?t.
I Mnl?'.
j DOORKEEPER, cash 1er ,r entry clerk, by
man, 30 \--ir? old; 12 year?' ex
perlene?; 1--1 ..f references ; quirk, 1
I .-n it?, a --I penman, doubl* ..r single en
try; salai ? ? ? pe? week, Ad Irte? F* n ik
KEEPER, IK Cummlngs-tt., Il ?Ick Falla,
n y.
BARKEEPER Wishes gooil steady posl
rirai - laai man. h. ne?, 1
modi ?le .-:?:.?.! \. hlgheei per
?onal lef.-i 11, e. M.. ."..M 3d av?\
I:\kei: Rxperlrni - 1 f r?man ..n ail
kind? of bread, r.d's. rapeciall) on N. v
England and Vienna; understand? 1 ?
trade thoroughly ; lies! reeomm ?dations.
KKRKKP. ?3d Easi 73d -? *?i :. I floor,
1,1 .m 30,
"il ?TiKE?PER. S?] wl?n?? su-..1,
Aral . :.i-s man. n 1- ?t? -1 r
v I ??: honest arid t: iistwi ? t hv . hlghtMl
P rs nal ri fereai e. II.. ."."'4 :;.i-.ac..
nTltTEXDER desire? stead) potltlon: un
ilerstan Is Ih? buslm .. hl) flr?1
du?? man: highest reference. Mr., ::.!2
Easi :'.i;:ii it., thlr i :! r.
BOOKKEEPER, 22. Ihorough practical
- 1 g? ::- .nir) and general
t ..ti.. ? ?roi k, would lake any rl.-rlctl ). ? ?:
I H..11: references; moderate, .RAM:, 402
I T.i n -? . Ilru k!\ ::
I BOOKKEEPER ?mu. situation"; ? \,
? ni ? 1. ? mpetent, r--: ?I :?-. .1 >ubl? enii
hlgheai ref?renree; ?alary mod?rai?. IV.
1 '?. lt., Trll uni Offl -.
III'TCHER tming man 2s. 12 ?? 11
???I -i..-:!..-. A. HUSRNARD, 183 East
115th -t
BtTCIIER a mi? ?ltuaU"i 1
tr? . go d refi reno? C. ItrssEl.U 133
W. --; dOth st.
ROT, is ? Iahet poelllon In privai? h im
lo le general!) uaeful; b ?1 r?i?ren -
V. .1. VVEIIUIA. -.44 Weal 42 1 ?t.
I.. iV (Id), detlres situation ;n - ITI.r
wl ilesa le house where :'.er.- i- ? chance
? ? advancement; heel -.f references. Ad
?r- st HOKE8T, r. \ I, Tribune.
HOT, It: hon..?t and tuning: position
wh.-re be could be advanced; lietl -r i.f
I'.al 1 iW Ht.
Ci n o'l.lt. U) an In lusti ous, il ei i.- ?
man; nnd<rstanda hl? bustnee? Ihor -ix!
Iv. u-st of references. Addree? i
111.1'.?? II 821 Eaal llth n
. ; od mechanic, with ? ? li ? mi? ? :..
In hotel? . r from lai
in Address RICHARD ERERLE. .131
Baft HOth ?'.
CARPENTER rablnetm iker pi
andlords and pr?vale cuelomer. v
AR) ?, o.'.?'. Park-ave., Bi - ..
DR M'-.IITSM \N Me. riani r i li I
Inventor-* ???latant; j.a-ent expert
want? i * or - luall n LODETTI. Ill
W ?-: 14th-?t. _
T-T'.IVER "or generally useful; married
in.iri. or, le-.- ind . ? ' h : ?es;
:.\ sober ?nd i. netl; btsl ol ref?r?
en. ei CHILD?, IM Wl I 25lh ?t.
DRIVER, ?c A lidy I ?o-.i'.J
el ?-.;-? ? n. ??? lei ibl
-..; ?? ? ? ? llldef
?tandi dri\ Ing; I? *n .???-.-? i
can wall on t -t le :-t. - :-r ? m .
IP ?reel 53d H
ERRAND DOT. Fl y. 13, fl.? | -
a* erran ! boy. Addn ?? J F p Imam
EN0?.VEEH 1. ? ? : ? ? ' I'-.-:? ? .
. ? ? m I refer? net T : .. i '?:.' ?
0th ave, _
l.l.l.\ \Ti IR MAN .v
man ? ele?ai i man ? ; ??? ?
ttan .- sti ?m heal in?! furnace?: aoul I
tak? poelllon In ;
mm --f r- ' ? .- I m i li I
ENEHHE1 I''. '.:?:. W.-.I nth-.i.
ELKV en ?I! ItVXNHR, .\ ? I
..:??? 1 o a-, n? el. . ,t. r rUW -
n a i. ?-. er Iw ? v. ir- ell ? ? ent
ei . is -? i fer> i.- - - ?: ?., 113 W??l
.-..;: i.
. lured man; b??i ? \
ress H DREW, 12? East 8?
ENGINEER. Ameri. ?a ?trl I
. lorllaa hi?!: ?i.! engin? -,
pun.?s, ?teamflttlng repair? lo ret?
encee: city or country '?IIaRi.es. hu
I. -r i:..-,ih ?I
ELEVA'D .1'. Rl'> Mil
. n .'-. ; genernll) uaeful m in v*. i
BRJ ANT. 15 la -r.
RNQ'NEER young American m?chanl
as engineer; wag-? mod?rale ENG I
SEER. 128 Clint n I'lace.
ELECTRICIAN In a:, l n I? ' ...
year? a? foreman la i t.? of th? largest
sttabllahmtnts; warn? similar p .?
Api.iv lo or addree? i?'j notion st . i - .
illy Height?.
ENGINEER wanli ; llltm, hotel . r l1nr.
nlghl "i da) . do own tiru.g. tli ll ... ?
reference? Aaklreea M. M'NAMAKA, sag
Pearl ?? . Brooklyn.
GERMAN IMBRICAN, M, with?? i ?
Hen, chaac? for advancement; rarpentet
by (rade; refertfic? ?nd ?erurltj if re
quired. L J. LAMO, II ? lost, r ?t .
Brooklyn. _ _
OERMAN, eld?rly, ?art? ?.<ik al an)
Iblrg underelai !l .aie .f , a--, li?
erai.- arag-ra P. DAI4CHLER, HO East 3d
si , l,o. lie it.
I GENTLEMAN of~*0 ?? old Ilk? situation I
with sane reliai.I. bouse, ?:ili salary; |
I ?mm prefer to meat? in Boat on; ran give ?
reftrenee, and bond, if required. Adir-? I
.1 M Rot B.IM, H .?ton. Mu??
INTERPRETER ?eck? ?mploym?ni in'
?peak Bngll*n fluently, Ot^man, Prench,
It ill,.n Portugueae, Kpanlsh, I'olleh, lia- |
slar J HANKER. ** A ?
JANITOR !'??? cu?n-i roapl? arlih ont |
. I.'.ld r.. take >? vr- f I: four flat .
can do aU r.k.alrliiK. JANITOR, 2f4) Ea?t
BOtb -' __?_
JANITOR, li- American couple; no rhll
dren, ?lead) iiai.it?, electrician, rarpen- I
tei han.lv man In general; be?! r?-f.r I
en. e. A. B , 222 Hth-nvt.
JANITOR By v-aini: man a? * ?Ittanl I
janitor. WALTON, 144 u.-t 2Hth ?l.
JANTTOB Y'.nng (;..|iisn i-owpl? ao
ehlldrvn; wlahet on- -i m ???? houaae; an .
derataadt boiler?, pump?, ?nd repairing! I
1. AJtNl T, 340 I'...-- ?'.?"?' M,
?lectrtctiy, by Swedish mattvur; dort er*?
r? fere nee; grad?ale; panent ?tienue.i *t
their r??..en.e4. RANDKLL \vi lii.i
cal engineer, gradu?t? ol Bt?v?na Holy
lechnlc Hchool, :i yeara' pracllcal ??perl |
in.? In on? .,.' Ih? ?arges- plant* ir. Ibe I
Bast, wl-:,.-. a ptraltkjfi with ?-.me iirsi
i-la?? concern where in? ability an.i useful
nes? will me.-- v. iih pi iper i- gnltl m af
ii-r be hai demonstrated Iheir value. M '
I. . Posl :-,- . Uvi 1.712. N.-w V..ik city.
M R| l, Attendant nur*?, lo Invalid g< n"- |
tleman, or ?s rlaltlag masa?ai, .-t,- . i
hlglilv riperlen ed and wll ).-. ..mm- n.|.-.|
A.l.Mess ATTENDANT. 1,4M ilroadway, I
OFFICE ASSIST \.\l . I',-. a young nia-i
wher? he ran advance. !'. KRAI U 214
North 7th ?l., Brooklyn,
PRINTER??. -As manager or Superintend?
ent; eaperlenced, economical, lypo
graphlcal expert; a money-maker: ?ober
and :ia ,ii.iiKI.. i-??t rtfertneet. FRANK,
2:11 West 2.'ith-?t.
PORTER?By young man. 22, ?trong,
temp?rate, h n-?t and reliable, J., j;l
PORTER, Ac.-y,,unK .al..rel man a? por
ter. ?ttvater or etiatid nun, |Wu lust
c;a?s tefeietice. uf 4 year?. II. liAVIS.
44.1 Weit 40th-lt.
salesman MMdle-agtd man want?
pi?iltli.n In reisil ?tor.-, liftera years' tx
j>erl*n.-e In general ?tock! i-feren.v?. W
P. I.EE. IIS Wfft 12Ili ?U
STENoilRAl'HElt, lypewiitarr, ...?lil-r or
< are?p.in.lenr. .Jlr?< 1 ou machina or
eapabte of laklaa eharg. cxsrrettsuadei?ce;
comptttnt, experltnctd: evenings aft.-i 1,
h??t references. RAPID, Bet ?, TtlbtlM
on -
keeptr, eaperlenced, competent, d??ire?
|. .s,n. n tviieie in. can learn baalnea? and
I advance, refer? to paal and prtaeni ?m.
, player?. MORGAN, 317 East I4th-et.
"fe-TEN-iXiRAI-IIEIl desire, .hang? wher?
, l.uolnrs? can be i--.......1 ?nr, adtranc
; m?ni; 5 ye.ir?' butine?* eapertence; refer
: pi??eiit and past employer?. i RAAtKR,
;'.]7 East 14lli -t
TAILOR roung Irkihman, lately leadtd, I
dealree ?i-n.iii-n. good buttonhole-makei ?
and machine operator. Addreta I?, 11 .x j
SUB, 1.".2 Dih-uie.
Oenuan ?|e,k?n Address 5l! 1.1th ?1..
? l^io.iklyn.__
i TUTOR. Ac ?H) an Amh?r?t gradual*,
poil'lon ai tutor ne lattrtieCee; c;a*?tc? ?
and oiatheniatlcs. beet refereacet; other- .
Wl?e rat hier or bookkeeper. Address
MASON I. IOVELAXD, ?it2 Main ?t .
Hartford, Conn.
WATCHMAN OR Isi;;ti. MAX.?By a
?in?> man. age ,?t); Eng:i*h. city r?f
erence. J. W'.. Bax t, Tribune (ifflce.
WANTED.?A P'sltl.n In wholetale d--)~
goods house; ?rilling and obliging; l?-?l
of ref?r?nce?. Ad Iress J. W. HAYES?.
<?,.......?? a.' ?
WANTED.- a poaltton *? aalmaaa or
collector: can fnrnl?h security. H']|,
BOERNER. 128 Vernon-av*., Brooklyn.
YOCNO MAN 07'. a-" t?.rte-. fireman "r
?>-tul man; reference* .1. EXLER, 2.'.*.
E*?1 l)9th nt.
rOl'NO MAN <t good addre*? wIShe* pn*l
n -n I aiiv kind; sxpertenr? In j.-ilntIn?.
good reference. A. SMITH, .-'T E**l
141*1 -i
V'liNii man. 2i. American, having hid
N ) ear*' ;?!... Heal >-M- Tli n. ?? In ' lltlerj
line I* Solingen lOermanv), and the Pnlted
PtHte? ?: !..- pusltlnn in Wholesale h.m?e
' fa. t -n-. W LINDRMANN, B? Beek
;-i m -l.
work wwrr.ii.
I'?-in ii la.
AN' EXPERT COPYIST desire* typewrit
in? i 1 ?n> de. m ? AMEKI
can. Trll une i
COMPANION A ...ni? l.ldj us com
I' in?, n t.i . idi ii- lady; i ??I r-'- ?? ?
\ Ml?? II. a II 2.'in Ba?l 123d ?I
COMPANION By l*dy a? companion ?ni
in? n. u-.-k.-. i->-i . ef. n -?-? e?. Ott '
M ? - -? -_
COMPANION. By young girl; ?peak?
Prench, !""?:;'-'.. ne*i ?ewer; ?* com
; i ? rhIM Call 1471 We*i (Hith ?t.
COMPANION Bj ? r*flned young lady ??
. nlon ? ? el ter".?, lad) . < ompeient
dt ?emak? r. no bj ? 11 -i l ? light h at**
work; !-? it -? ferem ? - v I In M J, P. H .
Bo* ta W.(bridge, N. .1.
GOVERNESS Bf North Oerman youn*
? un* lady, lea her < '?? i man, Prem h,
Ens ?? ' I Hing governe**; ?initie |e*
,-n? :'.:< ..-iii' i, ?;.-? referen e? \i
rire?? LITEHATPRE, p.. % SSB, 1227
Bri ?- i? *j.
(?OVERNESS Visiting *
-, - . v i ? [.. - ' , ?? ? hoar?
!? afternoon or ?? companion t" roans
; i,h x Irw? M It rar* Mi- Vlnet,
10.1 \'. ? -i .;.--i ?t
MANHVRIST and ? ir-i? .l|?t wish*? few
? ? Mi.?
FMI lilEI?, '?*<'? xa ?-' ??
MANICPRK Youn? lad] wlahe* few
. u?| men al h' i privai? r< ?Menee, or
exi |u*lvi ix Ml*? BELEN, 4?
We?( 24th ?I . near Bri *?lw*j
*M vvici re v una ladj wtel i '
m. : ? ?l !... ? ?? ?? Idem
...it. .lit.' ?xi lu-i el) MIm HELEN, I*
\\. -? i:?'i. ?t a? ?r Hi i?lw*j
STEN'iOR xilll R ?? .1 IWX?KKE?:PER.
nwnlt ? i- hin .l--.ii- ? p altl >n. m"
tal ? . ?perla'.ty; nl ?? r?f--i
EN' ' i tTlce.
s'! EN? KlRAPIIER i . ? ? - ? ? : al? ? i
?anted besinnet
i:.N ? BEOIN, r ? JS, 23 Ea*l 141
TCT' R. ? P?rl?l?n I
a-il ?tu - i ' . ? ?
(or room ai in f r ?
highest ?d '-? ?? MAI)
; Mi II., ' x x: , . . itati
?dull*: ?e?-|
in: *li
? rawln* PII C I.BI.I i- v ?'?'.?
l 242 r- i |wa'
1 .1 1 r : -,
. . , 1 ii>r
- ' imll) : '? : ? t.. ???
'.i-.-'- ' - :. ij- i ?? ii ii ?t
?, C r
.t. M. I . 310 1. ??
I-! 1 -
X ' ! ? -?
. . . ? . .... ,\ -
M n.Ei
man, Pr?n I fc-^.l ;?>.
? i.-. ? ?|i ?ji ? t" i . ?? ...... ||
SIM'iN '. i .'. ?-? .'? ? -?
? Irren ??
A-.-.: -- x u., 290 r .?t t. ?i
i : ' ????-.'
ar? la*l pi*. ?
ri x/i i. ? ; x?.. ?t su ?i
i BI'TLBR B) young man In first-cl*?*
? ? ' r|t) r.-f. r- n. e. Call
ii Em nu ?
j BPTleKR *nd V?I.ET En? ?
gage.) ??-.-.I 32 I I' !.2 I. i?t |l*l it
I BI'TLER ' ; , ? ? I
? *nt, v n . thorough i and? retan I? ih?
( gentleman'? I . ?? ??? ? -ni.', yer
?*en in i U.U. I'.". ?. h ne
7 ' i . .; \ ALET . ?;-i~"
hlghl mmeti i-i Engllih
HKltllKHT. l4o. *2 I ^?.' III ? I* ?)
111 ri.Krt ' ""K II) Engllah ?? uple.
j :-' dlaengaged Imth thoroughly com
pet? ni i **i ? ? r* n ?I r?f? r?? ?? I. \r
.;i'7 i...-t :.-ih n
Bt'TLKII H\ Knglteman, v. it? | ,r, ?
maid, or ?Ingle hand .i. und? ?land* hi?
m ik. good ..|t?iii.iii. - besl .|i> refer
. ?.? ??- l..-t employe* ..m I..- ?.-.-n Q I.
(144 'l"i ?' >?
BITLKR By Pr. r.hm.in. I ho? ?jghl)
m.. . r?tand< io<- dalles: ?idiiik,- ..? i
oldlaln*; ?"-"I r*comm?nd?tlon . It\ ..r
Address BAY xi.. I*B W?*l
?j'i'ii -i_ i
l;i 'I I.Kit. ?.. r'rench butler .nid v~?let nr
fui m..n ni ? I-- landed . privat* '.irto
I' ?' I refer? n ? AI OPS II;, -7.'t XX. >t ,
Bl'TLEII II) -i \"iiiik man ?? butler T.r
?? Ih i al I- I. i . la y.--.k1 , uoh g. i r- r
? rjen ?- s ?; I?.? 01 1.243 Bn ?d ?..>
BI'TLER, ?V< Young Krem-hman ?
?It oat I * a- i atlet . ? *ei -o,.; man i
prl' ate famll; Addre*? apoi STE
MKil.AN.f Ml Raoun '.'71 7th ?\e. :
ill 'IT En COOK Ih ..n English tin.. I
married . ouple; age i ns thoroughly ? ? m
petenl . i.barge if requl "I
w II be hlghl) !? ? imrnend* i b) m-t . I*i ?
?M i ?m II*? f- ? i ?J ii i- i and ?btlHjr. .1
I. Bo* 134, Tribun* I'ptown oui. ? I 242
(iros.it, ,-,
Bl TLhli I'.v romp i. nt yotmg man"
thorough!) experienced; pr?vale family;
?III .an- run a., and make hliiie.-lf u?e |
f'. K"-l ell) lefersnre? \V. j?, |;.,? r.?
I.ji^: llrosdwuy.
Ill li.rit. a. i ..-n. :.' i ?Tiif and val" ?w
. ? ,i n...n und*r??and* uttu RngRsh,
wishes ?Ituatlon In ?-n\ii" family; ?c-"i
ref.n??? -x CHARLES, 273 xx ,-i ;niti, n
BPTI.KR. By an Engllah li lined ??eT"
rani, who Ihoroughl) andsrstand? m.
dalle? -.f gentleman'? hou ?? lad employer
cas b* ftii lili LKII 4."..". Sth ?v?
l'.i T?.l It. Single; thoroughly ?xp^enr?d
l.ixiie,-; t'-r'-:'m ?- prominent .-enaibie?
mi U Ulan and \x . ?hington famllh -,
temp?rale, ubi Igt? ti puni tun I. i ourt? lu*:
?""? monthly i ?isi \\ i iitTiiY, i nj,
Hi- *d? "'. . leleph, i,.- i.ciii, aath,
DPTLEIt \v.ne? ?.tiin-i ,?* i'?.?t r..r.'.~
? ? elty * - ami i ?dire** a. C.
rar. xtr Evrard, I^^ xxv?t jsta ,t
IIL'TLKR .mi VAKKT. Want* ?Ituatlon
only Brsl el**a famille? n^e.i ?ppty; 7
>.-?r?' good ' It y referen.-*?, c. s., |-?-, \v,-, !
26th ->t.
BPTLER. Hv a Prenchmaai aged ?-".
thoroughly ?rompeleni, wfl'.lag and oblig?
ing; good cit% r*(*r*ncs; .-ity ..r countr?
Adir??? HKNItY. i^T, W-et 2?l?l? ?i
BUTLER. Hv * Bwlae; llktarotaghli eran
p?tent; uademiaada .\^ry brandi in ?t
x?!.-? -, xvh|? fi-..ii-riii-ndi-d, nr?: ?tes* city
referen? ?. Adtbea* I. Bpckbu, 21? Baal
BI'TLER. Thoroughly exj.^rienced Tn prl
v?ie family; referen. ?,. Addre?? ||(T
I.KIt. 1174 .'I I *?/*,
I'.cti.kk Mid -il-- aged; (peaking T^e
E>i*ii?h. ?ober; uadeiotaaS* his Beretea
and all ?lull??. city ref.-r.-n.-e vn(?
?Deal ?in. Addre** JCLK8, Box M 1242
CARETAXKRS By rnlddle^gsd Aiin-r
I'aii ...iipl.. f-r ci.iiiiiry piare, or man
useful; -Air? rook ,,r houaework; reference
V'U N'IS. i'17 \Ve,t 12th ,t
[ CIlKr. KnsllHh; thoroughly r. Ilahl?"-^
pert- 0..-.I. ptlvat? ??'mil' . -r . h?f \?l?t
| t.. ?rentleman. CBAMBBRS BROOKE, 421
COOK. Flr-t-,l.-,.H. M.lored. ?, cok ?Ith
a leeond, in boardlng-houe?, rlab hotel
Calami Krl-lsy, P. MILES. SB W*M
COOK. -PlrK-cl*** dinner cook ul?h?.
?t**dy ?ituatlon. CHEF, SoS M-gve,
c""K S.I..-:, steady au waai* Mto*^
tl?n: r.-:; i. or institution: iitv refer
/!?? v:a,HH, VICTOR I'. 4-ir, vtd-av?,
'""K1 "v * reeng 3?p*?MW*T ?xperf
Om!'- "' "'"""'?? K'' Tr.bun.
(?"IK itv youn* J?paaee* ? ?? ?! ??ok
? Ulte city or country; haal reference?.
i_. r.. H.. lAl Sand? ?t.. Itr.^,klyn.
COACHMAN or QBOOJaV ?SrjratrTi d?.?i7
?????d on *rcjunt of family *o4na to
+***?; *W ae found tru.twnrth, ??
?,,,? ?Arenco fToin city.
Lilt?it, Princeton, S J.
. . ha?
Addnso THUS.
COACHMAN or driver, with I year*'
referenci ; understanda care of h.r?-?.
Addree? s. I'.. 34o Ea-t ?J2d-st.. grocery
?t .re._
COACHMAN PotapeteBt. ?v .-Ment ?M
. . r ; . Ity ..r country; rn -,?. thorough gr.-.m ;
g.i 11..1?.man. rea inii::. generally na*
fui. not afraid of har? a rk;neat; in gen
Ueman'i ?rabie; :. reara* reference? gfvea,
II. Y . Be* 10, Trlt.une (illlc.
COACHMAN. Sing;.-, ?tjiisn driver; on
demand* hi? l.usine??: eaperlenced
boeteman; pood city driver; ?otter, h-nest,
Willing, obliging; liest reference? COACH
M IX. 47? rid a. ? - are Hat!.-r. __
COAi H.v \v By married man. no fam
ih ju?t dlaenaaged; beat refereacee;
?t\ii?h, careful driver- citv or country,
Addr-s? T. W.. s?s 3d ......_
oughly e?perl-need; n-.i afraid of hard
v.oik, k-epa horse?, harness, carriage?
and 'tut.le In first ctaei ?l\)e; per*.nil
reference, Addreea ?'.. Bog 10, Tribune
.'OACI.MAN or SE'-nNIi MAN.- Single,
30; ?t at ?ppearance; (trtctl) ?ober, boa
-?t an.i Industrious; thoroughly under
? ind? the ear" of tlae hots.?, harneaa and
rrtagee; atyllah and cartful driver; "'"'
a go...i rtder; flrat-?la?a reference?; i??t
implorer ran N ?tea. H. W.. Wetlche?
u i House, 4th ave. and ::i?t st.
COAi'IIMAN. Pwede a? coachman or do
iiinti ng; ateady and ?..i.-r. beet refer
en.-s. I!. PETERKON. 432 4:1. are.
itr ?iklrn. _ _
COACIIMAN. A lady who li diepoamg of
li.-r h ise?. srhn Is al?.ut i? travel Would
tike i" o-.-uie g poeitlon f..r h?r ?jachman,
? h.i lia thoroughly . mpeteni m*n; ?ober
und liidnslrl-us, and thoroughl? un 1er
?lands hi? 1 uelne**, Addit-s- 227 Well
North of Ireland Protestant; 12 yeit'
best wrlttta and p.-is..nal r?f?rencee; Ih?i
? ia- ????. ??! - an i.b; ounti ? pref?ri?d.
K. N.. ?21 sth-ave
(X)ACIIMAN li\ German; Ih i ughly un
?I- (?'.ui I? th? ? ???? ??( I n- holtet, li ir
n. ?, carriage?, ?nd generally useful; I od
i ? i .feren. - !,21d .th a? ? . elgai ?1
. .i -..timan 28: thoroughly .-xi -li.-n'-l
ir. all I.ran -lie?; giI e htghi : re? iniil-u
dal ai ?irli ih honest and s iber. J. ?'..
v.i Oth av?.
COACHMAN. E\|..-il.-ni-e-l wl"
ai i igi i m I I.?in.?; il?, -n?' refer?
ence?; itrlcll) s.:..-t and reliable; ?Ingle:
highly r?. irnini nded - ill COAi UMAX,
i m-., it;... Iwaj - nrner Btat-at
COACHMAN. Thoroughl) ?nderst?nds hit
i usln -s In ever) partlrul ir. careful clly
? Iri\?r; Drei ...s r?f?rence? for h neslv,
. i.n. -i and . ipabllltv. COMPETENT, 13
r. ? 27". ?i.
*i OAC1IMAN and GARDENER Single.
w i s 11 ? s place to i ir- furnace, milk; rare
ful diher arid all dut le? ,.:i privat? pla.--;
Is ii of referen ?? s. I! . Tribun? Oil ?
'"?.'TIMAN It) tb. .rough!-, ??per.I
uiiiuig and reliable man i3oi; careful
niv dm.-- |..iir peraonal rit) referent e;
etrli 111 ?? mpei its Ad Ir---. ANDER* ?N,
12? \A f I (ell' St.
'??t.?.TIMAN II) Bwe le; In flrtl
family; honest, iruslworthy; willing ?nd
... xperleni ed; ?'. >?- no!
Use |.-r.i.r liquor In a:;i fain, eicel
? '. r. u - . iii or - lunir) .t. >HN
s. IN, 233 El -t .12.1 sr. _
COACHMAN an I .?R.hiM Ity- ?Ingfe
man; und ratend? rare if fln? hora??,
ha??<* and earring?? i'i even particular;
111 'tal* l.--t r Ij referen e ff. Ill MM f.llll
I) atiieil) lemperate; \<uiiri? ami obllg
r . -unir\. J. H.. |si 5th ave
COACHMAN Famll) i ? hman: Id ?? irt
. It. drh In? . Iperlen. ? ? llh l'r-r
families, perennal referet re for I *l
?int-.-, and abtliiy. JOHN. 23.1 .*>th iv?.
COACHMAN Klngl?; medium hi ?
-, it? the hu*lne?. ? r>. i -u?'1 i\ I*
? .i-i and reliable dlaeflgaged n ?count
of famll? gh :ng ap k. --i - ? ipei i
? ? . rll) lr-v -i llr-r - la? - i- '.ni ? I
M , IB) i:.i : tt
COACIIM \N He Englishman;
n ,i?e , ful. < ire Mi - May,
ami w.-? ;>?? ?
'-. IACHMAN Ilj ?- mag ?: ir? l man
un :?????? i : : . ? ? ? Im
l,..n-. ? ar. I ran ? - - . ? ?r. I'i
sal I -. r.-f? en .- fr mi Is ?I I
il l-AI.V M W*?| 1
i-..\f|IMAN fly 1 flrtl '!-.-" mari Eng
Il h; -T ..-??; no famll) . ? ?? ?
? . \,. ? it n ? i
i .- ? ?-? ;. r- ni i ' rent ? tppl) *
M ?Xi Weal 77" -t.
... v. IIMAN Th .r -is" .u
r i
certify. Cl'lt
I i.V. S?l gth t\ e
?'??A'TIMAN trlctl rat?
? - ? . -
.'? 'il -.-? ?
i iiAl IIM v. - i'-ii" I. M V".' ?'? '"U
II) .-.g in i P- . . .1! I?
n nan ?r ui M m in
? v\--E.s : '? i . ? i
i ? i ' e| man;
Il M
i 11 A< TIM \N I . >
- ?
? ....??
? . ?? n m \:.
? -? , ? ,? ? .I.--:
. g.'ina
J 21 Wm
f ?Ai 'HMAN I ?? is* I.: k ihm? 2"
famll) . n-.- m ,
... I year? Il
est I \. , X M - - ?
Weal T7lh M
ci >Ai'llM VN n a (I ?? .-e m m, iln
? . in iht i
f I ? - .*?. and ha? nee?; ireful
drliet . i-v ,,r .?.-?? k ? rail) Useful,
? - r-t-ie-i en mpl. * ? r.
I U . :t:NT. i: ? II? I 242 III Midw?)
(YlACHMAN Blngl? 2ft; thoi ughl) ?x"
? ? ed give re. immendtll n ?
h- n.-?- ind w.bei which .mm -i ..
J. C MS Hh .
(('A'-llMAN 111 ?Ingle n ??? s
lemperatt ?l?'.ng. 4illglng; highly
r? iiiin-n le I; l i?t ?u,;.;. yei i ?n I
. .-V ? , unir?. a iii.--? T. E . Un ?I.
i .-?.- n . Iwa)
? aigiilv underaland? hl* lu? n- ??. i).-?
r?a ? ? nutr? . will i- f.tund ?trlc'l) temper
..-? and obliging ?? ?p* r erytl Ina In
titan in good ' i.- ?? n ?
cert ine? ... all C, M . 14H V\ ? II .'??'? I ?
COACIIMAN li- > rung - : red mal
g'e, thoroughly undrniaarti ihi ???? ; ? -i
rar* of fln? I oi e?t ?nd . - - h ? -i
an .w. ihe ? II) . n a .itrn-l ..f w .?k.
;:?, v?.,:. rll] ? from I* ? m
id i.- i. i: 211 w-? issu
? '?v.'IIMAN An ??perletieed ninn who
I? dliellg.ige | ,-n a.-.-. uni ? f ? I".' ?? ?
turning oui bor???; can fun ?h ?? ep
? f.-:ei.. -. addree it I.. private
? . - |ir? Kail STih ?r
r.iA'TIMAN and PflEFfl. MAN. R) ? i"
gi?. >i?ad) man. ilrlcll) ?ober and r?
liable l?-?t clli references: etperlen ed
?It) driver. Addr.-.. it ?; . Tribun? iMtlc?
. OUnll 1 I??' l-fer-ll ? ? fl OB !?'?' ' Bl
p| w r. ?trtrtly leeyrait in : . ?? il
ili? ? I S K. IT? f M-.iils. t?l2 SU) ave
COACHMAN ?ul ?ROOM 1^ f?p?rl
-n.. d German; thoroughly undertland*
hi* buslnee* m all it ? branche*; t.. iak
.art- ..f road and trotting li..:????. ?Ivllr.i
driver; has I.n Veterin?r) In Orrmany;
bein of refere-i. e? \,|dre?? I. II. XI.?
p?th r???' .m- e. i^.ng lalaad.
married, J?tr>* engagemtnl; thorough
h competent; all crop?, ri ck, nutchlnery,
carpentering, painting, etc . or a? i.a^li
lli.ill leferen???. H.x 312. Iiiet\?trr?.
IAIIX1I II Rlperlena ?i farin-r. . :
milk -r. i Ingle; i" .1 and cam . ic-i 11. in
Ancri- 1:1 ati. ml furnai-e; understand* hi* I
i-t NTH EH. ::"! W>i 1 I02d st
a MMii.MT! Hingt?; aged U", thoroughl)
111,.I oi.ii.i-. hit builnea? ui ..11 ?ram ie?;
i:ret -o ..u?. ? graparle* and ..11 fruit?, floe
.... v.l.- .1 leg, etc, It. s . Hoi M. 1 212
m ?i?
OARDRNKR, *c II' >i--E\v.ti-i. Mari
and nlf? II ?ertii.tn?! understand? car? ol
hart*?, pardea; houeework, du anything;
heal t- ference Addreea ALBERT, 17
Washington ?t.
gardener l?cndresp, h\ a mar-'
riet couiie. |*roteatant; on ? genlleman't
placa man understand? gardening, rare "f
raw and bor**; wir? g.-..i laundreea; roi
tagt II plll.-t? |.ieferie.l . live >..,!?? ref
er.-n-?? from lest place Call or ntdresa
JDHEI'H M'-l.lil.l.AM'. 117 Webster
Hi.., N-w ?to hell", tt. T.
taking 1 -barge gentleman ? place, sober,
Induatrtoa?; married; one ion; le-si refer.
en. I A.lire?? .1. A. BAILEY Po?t office,
MorrUtown, N. J.
GARDENKR, Married, thoroughl) compe
t.nt In greenhouse?, araptrlea, rn.ehou?,?.
vegetable?, flower and ftailt garden, on
gentltman 1 pla.?. r?i ?tock: g..<sl r.-fer
ene??, p. c, iiox ;i47. Htmpatead, I.. I
GAR.iE.NEH. - By \oung man (?liisl. 1 ??
vegetal.le gardener; understands Ihe rare
of eowa, horse*, lawn? and road?, band)
with titol?; Woulil lake cure of gentleman'?
ida. e for the winter. flr?i cUsa referenc**;
Proteauat. Apply lo POWELL, MM w ?i
23<1 ?t_
GARDENER.- Plngle; practical; if largT
exjierlence, ledh In private and public
place?. t?.?t reference, us to BMIIty. h..||
e?ty and ?..hrlety. Addrese W. 0., Iiox II.
Till.une liBIc?.
iHii.'iM or KKi'ONh MAX lt> ,x young
man, la. i> landed: ?irl.ilv lemie-rate
and g.s.d habit?. Address C. Ml'RRAY
Toinpk(n?v.:ie pxiateaV?, stut.-n [tiand.
HOtrSBWORE Clean, sober, honest, w'il?"
Ing man ?ant? housework; uiuler?tani|?
. Iiamt.-rw.rk sn.-ei,, tcttjb, Wa?h t..?eis.
useful In furnlehed numi RKI.IAIII.E
2.i"i7 Id-ay?.
a ?ell educated middle aged English
man. thoroughly etjtapeteai and capable;
g's .1 penman, rtueni re.,dei ; pi year-.- r-f
.re?.,.-?. Address A. BELL, IW? Clerfaoai
a\e? Uro ikl n
BE ' ?ND :?AN ?? I^NiTMAN.?Ag**)-5;
thon.-tghl; eip.tlrnced, hlghrst peraonal
r-ft-r-i. ... C. no? lMi. i.Jfj i,,,,, ?w ,,
?ECO?D MAN Hy a c.mp?te'nl y, 1 ng
Englishman, with nrat-eUal rlty t-fer
_en.e?. T. E. I: .x ?|, 1 - ?J Hr.a1uw.1v.
REWARD and CATERER By a Preru h
m?n. tity ..r cuiuiv, l.^^t refneuie
Lt HOLLE .V?4 Eait 1:141-) -..i.
** atole?. . .
psi I--II.MA- milih a*? t rnan; "andy
an kind? of work: loan? ?T*rrtenc* witn
h..iM... ....I driver- prefer.? h"me more
{nan w??-.. i:i.\va1:i>m1'I:kM'>tt. Ill
gait ffitn-st ____.
tsint L man. Ooo.) gardener; dnv-r;
h*ndy With looto; city or country. II.
v.. 81 Baal .ti?t-?t. _
I--KI II. MAN Lady xvl*h?s ?Ituatlon
for ihoroughly (?etwortliy and capable
man la take charg* of fiirn...'.-? IM OtWJ
house dutlea, on th* esst ?W*. I*W ?*?
b* ?sen -it Park Avenu? Bot 1. Bocea .'i?.
Til?n?.'*) or l'ii'av fr..111 1" t.. 2 f*. S?.
t'SEFUL^MAN.?Experienced man ?M
work it .invthinir: andeiwund* one
h..r?.?. ??arrias**, barn***; general.?; use
lai on gentleman'? pi* ??; K '"' driver; i'-t
. .i-, reference*; ?trl;tly temp rate ??>''?????
t,l ,-.-r ran be i-e-n. Adowee Ml West
?jOth ?t. _ _
U?'KFI'L MAN. Iiv x in,- i:ni'li?ir.'.in:
polite, intelligent; ?team or luinae*
heat, general house*j?ork, handy with ua-is;
genteel family: besi city referons**, l.ts
SELL, 1.(7 Wert -'-'i ?t.
I?8EPPL-MAN IB, understand* sil hotis*
w..rk. cleaning ?livor, bra**, window?;
.an lend furnac? an I wall "n table; etty
reference, a. v.. H..X *-7. 1,212 Broalway.
USEFVL-MAN.?Ptjrnaeea t.. sttend i r
..n ?-. work, i.y reltebl? man; ?'? year*
reference. ROBERT OREEN, 4" Weal
Mth ?t. __.
PSEPPL-MAN n.uns Bngltehman;
polit?. int?n.ifent: all tool?; ?team or
furnace heat; general hou**work; with s-n
i.?l famll) . be*l cltj reference?. Bl ??
SELL, l'.7 Weal 22d ?t. _
PSEFI'L MAN By ? young Swed* In
privat? family; uaderatand* fuma-*?.
bra?*, ?liver, waiting, etc.; willing and
obliging; b?il reference*. C, P.-x IB,
1.242 Broadway. _,
I'SBFt'L-MAN B) young nun. Inooonj,
private family: Jusi dlaengaged: Bv*
year?' p. : i- il ell) reference?; xvillnn
?nd respectful. II., Bos 41, i -?- Broal
way. ._
PSI-K1 I. MAN I"- lung m i". --'? I" a
pi ivat.. family or b ?rdlng house; un
demand* ?? 'furnace and hou*ework;
best reference. ADVERTISER, -'.'i" \v*?t
IDth *t.
VsEFPL MAN By i Pw?l?, 2''.. t*k?
,,,,?,. of In rse, etc.. and ; i anything;
hurl wi rk? ; ? - Ei - s ldr?*a
.T.'ll \.N .Kill an.-? i.V. I4D Pnl is it.,
n klyn. _
;i r.-'i- ? ? i .;?? vain ir mir. In a prl? it?
famll] . go I "'. ret s M. P.. 821 Cth
? '. ? _,
I'SEPI'L M W i ? . ?? m n -I''; ua?
deratand? gardei Ini farming, Kabta
??-?rk. I ?wn, ? In lu?trl u? ohl
Addre** TRPSTWORTIIV, Bo* 901, l"'
0th ix--.
"psi-'.i-'CL M x.v Ju?l disengaged: ?trong,
,. 'iv,. rn in; U ugbly und*r*t*nd*
?lesm fun i ???< i ? : ' pump?, h II i, el?
valor, ? :-.n bra? i, .-!..--. i i-r. tru*(
worthy: be? city reference*. 1.270 Bi wd
M ?y, 1 a?-ni.-rit.
VsRPt'L ?r SECOND x' xN By a
?pp. table ? ."k o m, In h ? rival? fam
II) i ,. i refei nc< M. F? *2I Sth *v*. _
VALET B) i Pr-ri 'iii'i m. -.'. good :.i I?
.. ,u.. , peratoi I ' ? - ? ference*.
I i: . 1J7 xx-ft 20th it,
l'?I.BT B) Eren In i*n, -i - i tli.i
r ig!i?h In iirix -it', fam !y; 1 ? ?
1'APL ?OKI'S, l'.'i '?" i
VALET going I I.???? '? ? ??? '? ! -"
?en ?? t. "ti.? nur" it nil?-m"i for
passage ? I ; rsonal i ? f re rn ?. M. P.,
l IM : _
VALE . '?' can make
: ! ?:, in; lir?t--la??
?. ferer* - .is. SSO (?th . ?
WAITER By ? <|-ii. t.-.1 v -in* man,
- p. - ? . ' - - . ;? -i in - r
?ill .,.-.-? in l?ni . ? ' ? - lu? i e*l ref
- Ad n -- li Bo* ?2. 1,243 Hi *4
art* Swed
.. good
? i ? ' : J
efereni ?. r. ? ?-.?r-1-? 2ol
xx MTElt s x - i ? -??! man want? ?
non .!l ?!" any km i of ?v rk. W.
IIRi i'.'. N Jl I We?l -' ?
WAITER nr*SECOND MAN St. will'ng
,i , I'.xins; ?" ?I ? t? ????'?? **.; ? HI **l
In c ?venina itVI '?'.'' '-. U"* 10. l.?"*3
W*) .
Y' it'NO MAN. 10, il i* a?
,- in i h '1 -
... ? ?? i ? r '?? i'.'.r-d. .1.
m xi; i in t-i? i: i- ;. -'
? Pe'mnle.
- ? . ". M xi .t;i.>- r? ?
22.1 Ea?l ?"
. i'"K E?|.? ? i Swe.||?h . >ok ? ?
Is) ?? ?! xi:- M irtet . : ?' i.
i. ?? . i'n
52 i ?
'? "IK r PAY'S 'Ai'Kk . r.
,...-. i u *tai ' wom*n; >i Highly
un.|?r*:and* her bu?ln?*?: ? I luker; . i
iWITZEB tSt We*l
i .. o., ? ? -
? r i ? ? Is i up?
an i d*??.-rt?: ?ill'n? i.?I nth wa?h
? it) t. :? :? -n. ? ??*??> xx esl B2d
. ;. - bell,
i-imiK II) ?Pi ??? ??<??? " c f v ? ! ref
: ahei xi. ?-. n it . li-.\
? ? i -.??: Ilr . I? .v
.? Hi f
.... ? ,,.? i club or
i iun M- N .
I - : . -. id? iv.
? ? . ? ? ? i ? ? i- i ?tri from
I'l id. . ? ? ? r houaework; ?tesp
m*; good xi.\ RRTISEH.
ti?. t\*i -?'?' -a* lire
.K M) * ng Si i? goo-l. plain ?-.
.. c. li - -
\x- t SI ?
??iiiiK in privai? fiinii) or boarding-I
hi ur- . n ? ? ? '- t. n* t ? plain wi ?hing.
.-. t \\ e?i - ??'. ?i , ^-1 bell
CikiK '!" d ????"k. un?lrr*t*nd? her bu?l- i
? ;??:? .-. Pi ?? -' ml 211 We??
tj i ' i ?*emen(.
POOR B] ?' i Oerman cook In Amer- I
li .n famll) <-.iir v.-.ir?' i.i-t ii?.-.-. city
n f-i- ? - ? il We*t 4.M t . 9d II - *
"c.i.'K CIIAMRERMAID. By iw"? young
*tr;? n. * laundr***; ..tiier cham
i. maid, ?Mitr.-..-., ctty reference. ^7n
7c. .'. ?? 4 i ?
COOK By n-.it Crn.in PriSsstant, ?I
k, waah, Iron; .il-.. Oerman K'rl do
Uiwtalr* ?.-rl.. .it-. ..r i un'!) H'.7 East
Mth -r
?'. ? 'K By roun ? ?? m ? th ? ughly
understand? -..?.t-, entr I dewen; ?a?*. :
*'."? .i month. t?-i .-irv reference.
BYRNES, .v;4 I., dngton av*
<?'" ik. in t- -i -. '..i i ? rv. a- go -i piala
. oi gi ? ? rai n u ??? rk. rit) ? r
Weatrheater Count) HIatIII, -Jo.". West
6.1 l si
COOK. Ac 'i - rl ? ? ?.,-'..?? and
Ironer; clt? reference 211 West 82d -i
Isnltor'? i- II,
c'K'K WAITRESS. Hi two young girls;
"ii- as .-\-. II.-m niok; th* ilher i? III-.:
?- wsltrem; I esl ? in references ; ? .?? -
??-' ' and ?J . ? Bo* 'il 1 2U It;- ad* I)
c."'K .-nid LAPNDRBSS Its respeetabte
colored ? man in ?null privat* famll)
ai ..- i nur** i i ouple; x.-.?r old child.
i.7*-^ Id ?vc . i p il or,
COOK ml I.AI'NI'liKSS Ih i).-:iii'i!?
Protestant ?"man. understand* ...king
in ici branch?e; ????\ m - 'utitry; good ref
?rence. IM We*i IUth-*t., roar, ground
ii-. -i,
''?'.< Scotch Protestant wornaajj eiperl.
?nerd ...k. can tak* "inlie chai** of
kitchen; .'? ye*r?' cio reference; n . ... j.'.
lion? t.. ojuntry. iixi \x.-?t S0th-*t., Ihh.'
c""K fly reliable, eiperle'nced Protest an,
x* in-.ii. tli irouahly underMaad* her
i " Iness; good baker: good referen? ?, Mr*
SWIi*ZEB, Til We? ?Mth ?t., Mcond floor
tan n
? 'i'-'K. Si ?' 'i snd laundresa, chain:..;
n. ii' l .m I wait re?*; i?.. partlcularl) neat,
(In* . nul afral i -r work; go. .1
re.nc*s; city or uountry. nil.l.n.i; loi
West ?ISd
(?O?K r LAPNORE8S. il) i--p - ? .. ..
-?- man, ..- Orel - is?? . ik u Isur.dres?
?.It) "i ?? ?WO) . r. i. t.-n, . ."?'II K. ,;;|,l ,t
r*lK?K ci I IjAPNDKKSS By competeBI
Herman gni. ?;.I cook and laundr?**;
m Hi,.- xiii-ii.-iin family; k.I rcf<rr*noe.
lixi Weai sgd ?t., r*ir li us*,
married coup:*; wife I* ?;....! Prend?
? ""k .iti.i laundrera; man aa i;i:.-t, good
reference, Addre*? A. p., n,x M, i jt:'
Ilr .a.|i\.i .'
COOK, S ? Bl X--.IIII?; North of Ireland
?"man. r "k. waan, Iron or general
housework; . ,t\ nr country; good refer
ence. zu Wem 3Sth ?t.. on.- iiiKht back.
C(i?'K Oood cook, washer. Ironer. city
reference. Hid W**i S9d-*t., Janitor**
okiK. Ac. By rompetenl woman, i? good
."'?k and baker; pnxat? (amlly; would
.1" roars* wanhlng if required; city refer
??n."-. Addre*? H. (?? Bo* N4. |,2?3 B'way.
ciaiK. By youag woman; nr?i rl*?*; ur
d<-r?inn.r? her bualne?* guod ell) refei
.?n.;.', wage* |2tf. ?;,:t \\. ?t :,;;,i n{.\ ?soon?)
Soor. car* Mr?. Pumeroy.
????OK. Capabte young Prench -woman
. xxith tv?.an' C|t} r?f?ren?a*; wage*
f:?.. 0 2 (.ih av?., JACQPtN'B,
^^")K. .x," ii. capable young American
woman, a? cook ami l*undr*a* or houae
worker; city '-r country, reference; w li
call if far- I? paid. it.. |t,.x 10, ' i.?mi
Broad* ay
<-".'K. v-i, i?-? rtyllsh f?roUy coufcl?*
?n.I ?.niun. rlty reference re*pec(aol?
temp?rai.untr) .-r ..?-.. i ?,-, ,-,,?, av#i'
'"<<[< and l..xiNi,iti;ss CHAMRBR.
MAIL and WAITRESS iiv two ?teter*
In a ?mall family ; ,,i?. .m. laundr***; Ih?
other cbambw nub I an i smltroas; n i oh*
tectl ue to nHintry; best cltj r*f*renco*,
? A., Bos 83, 1.342 Broadway.
000? - He, p.-, labl* ?drl ?. *oodcooh;*I|
kind? of meata, ?...up? and der**rt?;
?.I i.ak.r. m privat* family; persona
r-r.r.n? J., Bo* -j:.i. i.Utt Broadway.
?<i"K Piraj clara A marica* ,.k; 1-roT
?staatj *.I refsreness; ?,,v? $:c.. .i?v
?r country, PlUll'BHT. l.aoa Broadway.
'. mi|< Competent rook hx Hie dnyTreT
taillant or b. ir.ltiig houee. ?-?I| ?m
V.?i lpt1? ?t ***'
lx>K ?xic -Youn? Kiri; competent cook
and.laundr***; be*t city MferMeee; laat
OJI....W-. ..u? u? ases? evil -tiu w.?t
^ Female. .
COOK?By the day or week: good refer?
ences. A. II.. 14K East BUI st.
?Two English girl*. lTute.tant?; <>n?
cok good baker, plain laundress; other
waltr.-ss and chaml'-rmald or nurse; go.-l
seamstress; no objection, country or In a
boardlng-houae. 338 Baal 30th-et._
COOK.?A "thoroughly competent cook and
glil In a ooartllng-h .use, school or OIBO,
m laatltutlon; hest refer.?. ? ?? hak
RY. 2<>4 Ea?t ?Btk?A._.
COOK.--Rc?pc< table Protestant woman a?
g.ssl famllv took; good bake:'. I'l-a-a
call 2 day?. 217 West 71st-?t.; no card?. _
COOV or I.AI'NDRESS. -Klrs'-clas? ?hlrt
IfOaer or separate; refen-nc?. Address
COMPETENT. 227 West 4??ih-st._
cihiK. --Flrst-i'lusi family cook; und-r
et.-tiid? all branches, catering for enter?
tainment?; good baker and manager; mar?
keting; full charge If lequlred; reference.
8811 Bth?ave? Sd ban. _
COOK By an American woman a? llrst
,-,ass c,,.,k. bread, paatryi good manager;
thoroughly reliable; written and peraonal
reference; no ?ashing. M. A.. 320 \\???t
126th ?t._,_
COOK Exp-rlenced. economical cook, lin?
derst ind? French and American cooking,
?Vlsbt? t-. g i OUI by day or week; dry re..
trence* A., 21H East 3?th-?i.. grocery. _
CHAMBERMAID, Be.?FUtW ela? cham
leiicaid and seamstress; lest clly ref?
erence. K. H . li*- Baal 8Bd
CHAMIIERMAID.?U> g French girl. n>_
realty arrived, in a private family
Wi at ::2d it,
?Hi two i.sp-ciatl- girl? In . private
familv one a? lll?lb.l? \A and wall
res? the ..tl.. r as nurse. Call for two
days' or address A. PIERCE, 707 7th ave.
CHAMBERMAID. By reepecuWe Swedish
girl in the city; good referen
dies- ADVERT1HBR 122 E
CHAMBERMAID.- By ? young girl; flr?t
iIumi <:iv referente. ?2I Bari .'l?th-st. :
Mrs. I'inn's I.il. _
CHAMBERMAID, ftc.?-G imp ?teal young
girl wishes ?Ituatlon In privai? famlly
?i hambermakl and waltla?; can do wait
lag alone; three vuirs' beet city refer?
ence*. .Ml East Tilth ?t.; ling Janitor's
bell. ^_
CHAMBERMAID, an. YouBg ?iirl as
chan I--niinld and wultre-s or chamlier
mald and fln* Hashing; city or country;
willing obliging; beat elty reference, tt?
Ba*t 7:id st.; !>oiinoii>'* beU,
CHAMBERMAID, mo. A Herman girl for
chamberwork ?nd* waiting or general
housework. VON RANNEN, 11 West
Uf ' It_
CHAMBEBMAID, me young girl as
el imbermaM and wait rete; good city
reference. lo7 Weal Md ?t.; ring M<
Quinces'? bell, _^______
CHAMBERMAID, fcc?Seal young gTrl as
chamliermald and waltre??; beri refer
?I?.-. 809 West ??1st-?!.; S. .Iilon'a hell.
CHAMBERMAID, ?c e?sai y-ung girl at
chambermaid and u??i?t ?nth washing;
I-., reference*. 308 West cisi st.
CHAMBERWORK] Ac. i:-, i reepertabft
young glil. lately leaded; will a??ist
at bouaework. Pleaaa call at 301 Beat
?sih s;.
a ti-nt (r'rmjn Ameritan; thoroughly
competent chambermaid and ??am?treaa,
i ?? chambermaid al ne, ? ir v ..r country,
no cam?. Call 80 East 4."tth ?t.
1211t h-st.
tient N'ir'h O-rman girl; city or cum
irv. li;7 R UM illth ?t.
i"l IAMBBRM All- and " \YA"?TITEi?S.-- Ily a
. mpeten young girl in a private (am
Ily; .-an do ?ailing al .n> . .'i reara1 belt
? it? reference. Owl Sd ave., ing Mrs.
Elr-he ,,..'? bell.
HOC8EWORK.?By a empe-ent girl.
g ud referen, et l.i?'.7 3d-ave.
a tloretl girl;
II' i.MES, Oh
a S..-:. Canadian girl, willing, capable;
city reference Call ai pre ?aal .-mpiu
... - ::s \\e-t (?d st., till Monday.
will aaalal with ?ashing,
n'ral '.4th ?t.
DAY'S WORK. Bj ? wpictable woman
t ? g-, out t.y ihe .lay ol ?reek bo do
h u?e cleaning; will do s? wing at home
Dl; ' ? it refi :ei:<-.. Addreta ad?
tiling offl -. Orcen and Bedf evj a?
Brookl] m
DAY'S work. ~By a young wotnaa to
: . a . ? ilng - i ul nlng or fa mat clean
ii Wetl 53d st., 1st it..or. r .r
I?AY H WORK C ' red woman g-. rJu7"by
l*i waahlng, Ironing, cleaning; beal elty
reference; ..r ?in take laundre?? place by
w.-u. sl?*p h m?, ::::7 \V?si Mth -?
DAY'S WORK Waahlng or hoaae clcan
Ing ?ranted le- retpcctabli ?..man. *T per
day, Wetlnesday, Friday and Saturday.
M'AM'MIW Al TE. 123 West 2dth-?t.
f'AVS WORK. A reel.til !.. woman de
sin-- ?aiblng, ironing or cleaning by
r v>. .-.?'< M?? KI1.1.1AN. 8B0 West
:?ith ?t., i ip ?...r.
. out by day
?f w tk. 11!?
HAY'S WORK Woman t" *
trashing, ironing, ?ny kln-l
We.i Otlth- ?t.
I.AY'S WORK lb use .leming. food
laundress; peraonal reference, Mra.
CLARK, 22.1 ?Vest tHith-st.
DAY'S ?YORK A reepectabie ? man .?.."?
- .- - waahlng ..r cieentn? I i do. 2*>i
8 ? - . i m 8
I.ays WORK. '1-1 young laundre?? d?
-ir?? work .ui in day, uni hou? ?an
Ing b> day .1 CONNOLLY, Wl West
?|o? SEKEEI Kit Ily a" r-nried. " lnt-lVl
genl . l-rnnn ?-..man; very iel!atile ua
housekeeper or in any poritloa "f tnist
Would take eiitlr? charge of children. If
required; hlgheel clly leferrncee. Write n
MlM A P 142 West 74th-?t.
HOl'SEKEEPEB, .*?? Wotnaa of exp?rl
ene? a? housekeeper, companion, nitre?
r .-? n etlllt.n ..f tru?t In retine.! famll)
cheerful; fond of .-hl! Iren, high??! refer
?nota A.Miv.? !.. lt..? ?21. We?; Brigh?
ton Klat?n Island. N. Y.
11 'I BEWORKER -By a ?espectable girl;
ia?t employer .-an he ?eea. Call 2<M
32d-?t., Brooklyn; ring Billig', bell; no
. ard*
um sEEi.-Ei-ER ChriMlan 'tatty: ehl?
dr-n preferred; good manager, i.est ref
trence; moderate ?alary; rtti or country.
A. a., lixi'', Koectuaho-ti . Brooklya,
H?UKEKRKPRR B) capabtt woman la
retpei (aide family. ..r nurse lo an In?
valid. Address ?.'. T., generiil delivery.
HoraEWORK.? A girl lately landed ?rill
do hon?.-?, rk in a small famllv. Call
2.'"? East 4:i.i-sl.
H?I TIE WORK ? y.'iiug woman for g.-neral
housv?..rk. city ..r counlrv. 317 We?t
?J??t?i i . rear.
HOUSEWORK Herman American Kird to
do gen-ral houeewoTk m a ?mail family;
. r as good plain '.k. and assist wiih
?ashing and Ironing; ltest refer-n..'?,
?ages Ils. fall at 188 West -l?tlh ?t..
gr.-aiid door, La.-k
HOI'HEWORk. Mother and daughter ?Ish
a ?ituatlon t" live out; light boa?ework;
g.?d reference. W Ma.tis..n ?t.
HOt'SBWORK. Mother an 1 daughter to
do h .u?. work together; good e ?>k and
Laker. baM referenctt; elty or country.
KNOLIHH, 2<>u Wet' 2."iih ?t.
"lim SEW.HiK By Am.-rlcan nu\ for gen?
eral h sltework, cik, wae^ ?n.l Iron;
??mull family preferred; s S reference,
yea :i i ?? -
Hol'SEW'iitK ly mid II-nge.1 English
woman a? g.. ?i houaeworker. plain oook,
wash and ir. n. In -mail family of adulta;
Iruatworthy. Care Mr?, gulllvan, 33 Ver
ri. n ave., 1. .ng Island City.
HOIKEWORK. A young glil to do housed
a 'ik for ?mall private family. .".Hi U.-l
."?Uli s(., 3d Boor, fr.nt.
Hi u'sewi IRK Bright young Araeriean
woman ae general worker; ?scellent c.k
un? I tundiese; elty or country; reference;
?111 call If fine I? laild. Address W.. l.4s?l
HOI'HEWORK B? a ywuag Bwedlah
i-ouple. arlthoul cluldien. ?ife a? general
houieworker; I.? i tlisi-.-ins? c?ok and i.iun
dreta; man ?j generally uaeful; ?? a g.s.t
furnace man. ran aleo do ? lootraan'? or
valet's work. l?'?l ..f r?f?ren?a*?. Answer
I.) letter only ..r call A. Winston. 888
We ? i KM It,
"iliH'SEKEEI'El'.. Ac Bj refined Aira-r
I. an (.'loi as haiselteeper. uieful com
paiilou. in .(hers help .r anv p .-:tl. n l
tnist reftrenoee. hope, H.?x ?w 1.242
HOPHKKEBPEE. Hy a.i experienced
'??Milan laly as working housekeeper;
pr?vale fiinillv pn-ferrexl; r-fei-nces. Mrs.
HI HO. 848 West 4Uth *t.
HOt'SKKEEPER. Young widow. ?1er
man, with .laughter rt years old, tlesln-s
?Ituatlon a? houeekeeper f..r widower with
children, or elderly roupie. 4.1o East i*ih
st.. 4th ll.ii.
HoVhKKEEPMx! Ac. iiv "a" Proteataat
won an ?is houeekeeper ..r companion to
Invalid ladj ; can take entire charge; ac
. iisi iii.d lo children; good elty reference?.
Mis. I?.. ,'i East 12th-?t.__
11"! SEKKEI-ER Ily v.iung Oermtn at
housekeeper; fond of children. 1*3
Avenue A. i?t floor.
HiHSEWoRK. Ily ttja-efsrUM? ?T.iing
girl, lately landed, to do light house?
work In private family. Call 321? East
84lh-?t.; ring RetUy't bell._
HOUSEWORK By ?Mdle-aged wwnaa;
nr?t -class wa?hei-. Ironer. nrat-cla?s ref?
eren, e. fall I7U ,-ld-ave._
HoISEWoRK By good." wlUIn? girl In
privat? fa mil v. not afraid pf work. H.'W
Wh-HVI'., 1st flut.
HoISEWoRK Hy young woman t?~d?
gent ral hoiisrw.ik hy day or week. C.
K . 110x^02. 1.242 Bread ?ray. _
HOUBEKEBPBR ~Ry"n7?rt_young colored
woman as Working hou?ekee|?er In gen
tlemsn's apartment? or widower's f?tn
II). g.tsl references. 42.1 (Ith-uve., 1 flight.
liul'SKWoRK - -Ily French flrl to do
general housework In flat, good cook and
laundre*?. ?Till .Too llth-ave.
INEANTS NIRSE; raise baby on ?sittle;
thoroughly competent, (rustworthy; will?
ing lo assist other duties; Protestant; bent
citv references. call or addrett I?. M.,
7.VI tlth ave.
INKANT'B NIRSE.?By a competent Prot?
estant woman; can take entire care; good
?ewer, willing. .Muting, satisfactory per
gunal reference, aiu Liait 33d-?t? SU floor.
Mrs. l seklt ' "*?
n>> ?VEST 2::d-st' I
Servant? breaking engagetrint. 1?m
be dl.mte.ed frr-jl oaSaSTStVt
cteimi to f?e paid. wt ?
Brooklyn Ogle*. ; Bond-?*
Corner Fulton-?!.
-Carefully elected dorn.;,?- *'?%**?
hou?eclean..r?. day worker*, ?ton??? i?*
cantil.? and professional dep.irmen?'
help. m*n and women cook? (LmL?*
French, Japan*** and othss?. ^Sff.
French ?nd Knirli*h; hu?|er?. valets SB
m.lld?, waltre??e?; Bnt-cte** 'o7,~
cook; French wait re**, i'.i w?*t 4?d ?t
Swedish ? Bureau. 3.12 4th-av.-iJ2*
Inundifune?. chambermaid*. waltr??iS
maid?. renm?tre?.?e?. norn.-?. klt-h^nnntds.'
a child In her BO*** or ?ny k?mt ,3
work. In-.ulr* MHS DOTLI im f.2
woman; thoroughly undent**!? -?-.^2
Infant from birth: :i rear*' refer?*,;'f.2*
last place. BTBNB, M4 l.-xinston-av.m
LAliY's MAI1? or eompaaioa ^"i?TaTiT
SwI??- Italian: ?peak? English; no 0bW'
tlon to travelling. hi*ii.?t referen** i?t
Writ 40th-?t. ?*?
la'pn?iukss BwedlM: good" ref?r?jrr*.
no card?, ('all M Bul ?tel ?.. "*'
LAPNDRKss.--By ? Protestant STa?
Sitjt-eiae* laundr*** In ? privat? #,?".
Ihr; good r-fer'ncp. Addre?* I. t IE*
M. 1.242 Broadway. " ?*
LAt'NDBKSS.?By a yowsg *7rl ~a? flr*t
Hj?j laundr***; ! .--i city r-feren-??
Cnll 4H.1 Columhu? av.'.. I? *,?,,. f.,-*
nolly'*. _
LAUNDRESS.?By a young Norwegern
woman ?? laur.dres? In a privat? ftm.
liar: ?*c..||?nt reference?: cltv t country
THOBBON. BIT Beilford-*v*., Brooklyn?'
LAITNDRBSS.- By derm .in ss sxp*rl4??2
ktusdre**; all kind? of tir.- ir-.n'nr and
(lutin*:; plea** ?end no .: 1- SEIFERT
.'1*17 East 24th ?t.
LAST'S MAID.- Englteh; ?-? ! hairlnair
and ilre??mak.-r. Sirctistomed to travel
BlS* P*"d family ?e.ni.tr ?. ml pac'??r
l>e?t city reference*. A K . 21!? Baal 324
rt., Kerr* box.
Oerman Kir!; ***l*t at dr*??m.iklng; I*
A inert cas family; no cante, M. a ?si?
S7.KI.LA T. IOS Ka? ?'.... -t
LADT'S MAIM "- ? -?:.-?nt;~th.roughly
ttssterstaad* ma: i ? dutl*c ? x (Heat
halrdreaser, dr? >mik*r, travsllti . ;.
l?nt n-rsi n.ii referrn m from I xhest dtv
families. MAID, 30 Hart SI -? -?
LAI'Y'S M.XIIi ;--'i-ii: rompit?nt; a*.
c.;?t'im?-i t.- travel; good halrdn?-??? ?ad
packer; willing, <* 11 v i n k : good -hv rafar*
? n- ?. PAt'UNE, 2TSW -? ."'?th ?t.
LADT'S MAID B) esp?rti-n- ! S? t\
per?, n; tl on.uifhly Bad?r*tand* h?r di
tie?; capable In travelling; ex, e.ient
packer E. XV., car? Mr? 01 iver. Ill girt
Mth ?t.
MAIIi and SEAMSTKP.SS Hy a French
girl; competent xvith children; ri?v*r
wllh n?ed|e, city r?-f>-r.-n. .-?. .'a .|Ui*'?
Bureau, SOI (itli ax
MAID.?By a Protesta?! a-in lo young
children; reBaed mi.l iap*ll?. long city
referenc?. Jaeautn'* Brwvau, <?'J c.;h-a???.
MAID. -By a ?cfinf-d N'rvh ?J.-rman tr<m
Hanover ?? maid to young ladie?;
lea-he? ??ermin. I-?' ref.-'-n-???? AddreM
P. WARODRLL, US But *Sd -'.
MAII? and SEAMSTRBSS B) a ?r.ung
woman, would aaslsl x.ith cnaml lit -..
city or country: heel .?:^ referei ?? .'?77
?'.i'i r ? Ml** Flynn'* I '.'?.
MAID OR Xl'BSB POR ~ V( i'ya'SE.?A
lady Wl*he* t" place for th* x i.i?-^ to
Bufooe, end of Novembei "r heglni . '< i
1 ?? -. mber, ? Prench Swlva gli eh m ?>?
h'.giih reco-n.nend?; ?* Ml lot Ap
P v ' ? HB.XBY HOLT. .'.< Weal Md ??
NPR8E, Ac. Xorth "f Ireland I'r-t*?rTret
girl a* aura* ind iiatei with ??
?foal referm?es, ?'all two day?, JACK?
SON, BSS Wee? lltl -?
Nl'RSE. Experienced nur** would ?S*
th* .are ..f latent '-n bottle, or walktag
child at "ixn h in *".,i ..ir>- given. Mr?.
I^>N''.. 204 Baal 25(
Nl'RSE. Situation wantedS a? infant's
nur?e. by a Protestant eonii ht*
eleven year*' ref rea ? city or untry.
Addr-?? STANLEY. 4'> W?*l KM -? ___
nti'.sk French girl, lately i?r'.M. de
eir.'? a poattioa S* nurs-, ?lllintr I i help
light rbmberwork. BEAUFILS, ISS \\.?t
:i'.'.: m _
Nl'RSE, .'.- Si tch l*r te*t*nl nur?? and
aearastree*; Bv* .--ar?' personal tj ref?
^r?n-e?: rlty or country. COLLIER. l??0
Wi M 23d -r l
Nl'RSE.- By *n experienced Englteh lady
t" growing children; state .?alsrv; high?
est reference*. Ml** BOLE 211 \\>?t
ni its;: Colored iftr? tk\ 'wool? ltkw?a
mind baby and do Ivhr houeewwk; ref?
erence. M. I., car* "t Hr..x?n. IAS ?'??
NCRSE Bi French Protestant girl for
?ri ??:..; children; -? ?- 1 ? araetn - .- .?1
reference? LPCILLE. 224 \x.?: S3tb-*t
NCBSB. A lady ? Mild Ilk- pi* ? ..- iv
fHnt? nur? . Pr (??tant; take? .-ntlr*
-harii.-. 17 >.-at?' rxperlenc. Call i?twe?n
1?? and 1, 22.1 Weal ."'7t!i i-t.. ao
NURSE A Frsnch Kiri. 17. wtehM i p!ac?
a? nur?.- ?ell ren.mmerided; -;.'.ik?oo
Enislleh I.INA. ItB \Ve?t TJ.I ?I
Nl'RSE t . feeble minded or a-r-??! c upl?.
A. M . UO Sth ave._
Nl'RSE. B) competen! pera ti i?'?tt-'n a*
Invalid'* nur?.-, ??ih referen ft II Sut
t ,. i'.a. ?, BSth .V.'th ?t.?
Nl'RSE Exp? ri.-no- 1 nur?. N rth Ger?
man, elderly; (O tak- --ir- of bal.y *?d
?in? tir?t -i.,-? sefereno? AeaWB
.i., ??ii
I,li2tt 3d avi
Nl'RSE. Profeeeional nur? to :..ke car*
of invalid, male or ?ant?te t.-rrr.n m.id
eratc. K P.. ?;i" Sth nv ____
Nl'RSE.- ?Experienced nu:>- I ?ir** ?n
gagemenui; obetetrtc and UMf a****,
tetm? moderate; refere? re? \ lire?? Mr*.
PRESS, [?U It ?rum-?l . Br. IBya._p
Nl'RSE By ?xpsrlenced nur?? a* lnv?|Ma
att-n-Unt. Addre?* NL'RSE, Bo? 2U4
133 ?ih-*v<\
Nl'RSE Experienced Infant'? nurse by
North "f ii-iand PTotewunl, ?levea >e?r?
exp- rlei.ee from la^r .-n;i 1- v ? r. Addre?*
INFANTS Nl'RSE, 21 !':hle lieu?*. _
OPICE CLEAN1NO wauled t? r-i-.-ub*
??man. ,i anv kind of da| W rk. DM)
Ea?t Hth ?., t-p Boor, back._J
SBAMSTRESS. *- By an Imerl u ?M
i? aaamatreae and n ire? ' ' lr*Bi I
reare1 p. reonal referen Addre*? J- C~
24.'t \Yc?t ISth ?I . ean gi:n:: _
Cut and tit: would tak- cai? ?' ?c**
rhlldraa hlaheet clti rsfetenc?. an ?aria
I' M IIS Easl :.7th ?t. _^,
WA8HIN? A ll!?i clas* colored l?i**j?
?ir*??, wiih aa*ui?*a**ed t? . ?:?? ?J?
r?f?renc?e, ?i?h<>? famll) wa?hlna by t??
week .r d.ten. C. E JOMNSOK, I?
We?? .".Hi1 ??_
WASH I NO lu u - I red ? u.an to I*
?.??Inn?, will ao OUI Ix t?. Il r lib
It home. CARNISH, ;i.V. We*t MtB-*<
flr?t tl?ir. _
WASiiiNC Plr?i !-? laundr*** w*ni*
waaking ?' horn* ???? ?? u( by th* ?w
or ?ie-k. h.-.?r privat* reference HI Wrst
.vnt- ?t.. i ip Bo. r. _?
WABHIXO.- To lake h mi - - ? ? oat bt
day: by a colored woman: '?"?? per '..iien.
city reference. S P., Ml) We? :<7M. ?' _
WASHINC. A i-.?|.-?'l- ?Iwedteh *>*???"
?,n wlalies to tak- ???hin* .t h si* '*t?>
oui hy Ih* day. S BACHMAN '"" Fi,t
llSth ?t. _m
WAITRESS wtehe? ?Ituatl s '! nf'r"
er.ee. SDQ K.i?r astI-. ?t _m
WAITRESS, gJTC I.1I1 wishes litaatMa
for watlre?* -hanil ? ?:???...id and ?**'n"
?trees or tedy** maid; b.th (h?>i>*iis*if
lru*(worthy *nd ill "?: '"***;
1?' Park Avenue Hold room StA Thursday
ami Frida) from i- ? - I p ?? _ ?
WAiTUi-ss. By Aral d**? w '''r'v'- u,"
derisand* ?railing H 1 ?>'l>;c b*? '?y
reference*: understand? *:i kind* of ???
and ?a:a.l?; private fam::x M P., n??
27.1. 1.227 Broadway. _,
voung gill: best ?:'> reference. 14 M*<
4Ctli ?t _
WAsiiiN'ii Colored woman wtemw ?rask*
i*K h"ine: 7.". COnl* r *1 ? d-x-n. ?u
\\V?t ISth ?I.
"WASHINC. ReepectaM? woman would
like to d ? family washing ?t h ";'? f^JJ
open ?Ir dryimt Aldnai M. < -, ?.*??
Broodway. ____?
'wasiiiN'1. Uundre**: (borougnly c*?
petent; ladle*', ?ren?eraen? or raaww
w??h!ng t ? lake home; ftr*l ? ?*? ,''> '^TT
en-*?. Addre?? Mr*. WILSON. ?W3 w**,?
40th ?t. _??
WASHINO A conn-tent ?'om,1'";. '".Jf
g,?..t laundr*.??; would like tmmamfjnm
at home or would *? out bf Iks J??. "??
employer f*n b* ?een K. C. KINO. 14?
7th m?._---?
"WASHIN'I" A woman ??"?? ,^rV?sjS
or ?v.-k. b'xhI laualrw IB* ???*?
OUOM, ^4?> \Ve.?I HI.: It _
~\K ASIIINM. K,?pe-t.,!-;c ? lorH *d*gg
t.. tak? ?aahlag horn*. KA1L-k w**i
2ti West hi?: ?:.. t ?!> leer, "SB ?"?
Side._ -
??.i.hln* ?nd ironing ?t home, nr??
fsmlly w**hlng; hy atan? or *'?*?.?,,??.
-ii.-.? reference; re?pe. iiilwjf*""
wa?h. J. D?PPT. SBS ???^3*^!:_.
WASHINC. Young f^fAjt'' V>
want? ??ih Hi "r out "f ^O"*^- g.
OURKUNAT. IOS Charte? 1__*Mm *T
waitress. -? swi?. ^ot-ata? ?J,
?P??king French, (lermsn. Kn*i?"' ^
er?roe. Addr-f? A. I . B01 ***'
6th ?ve. _,--***?""?
m? ? -? Tjt5i?a worsen*
WAITRESS.-lly a r,;V^g? .Wh ?t
with (>-<?hI reference. IMW'J!"--~
??????: ?at rt**g city refer**????- w
42d Sd ave._-?j-Jj*)
WIDOW want? work ?^?%rV,?oph?r-?L
_drea? BCBBOBDEB.KM - -"^r7-Jm
YOirNO^OIRL^w?nt* war-t te "^ ^
private f?mlly ware? ????J"'
. Call if? W*?t ?M"?*

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