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tiify prfpfnt a BKAunrvL amkrican F*u*a
The memb?rs of the Ctaelaea Republ
?nd of the f'helaea Auxiliary of the Women'a Re
publlcan Assodation mct toarotber yeaterday after
rioon in the rooms o: the fi.rm-r. the oeeaalon be?
lng ihe presentatlon of a flair lo t)i>^ m< 11 hy 1
Auxiliary. Incll. ntal y th.re was much rojolciwc.
the only rcgret exjr.-r-se,i belng over th. ???'? il of
John Blackburn. the IXtfa DlBtrlcl ?'?? for
Bieniber of Ass. mWy.
The fiag was preoented hy Mn Florenee Klrk?
wood In a graceful apeeeh, ln whl h he Bald: "The
Auxiliary wiahed to gtre you :> token o( Ita aj
preciatlon of your court.my in allowlng II the uae
?f your clubronms, an.i haa theref re cl
thlng- that cannot he equaJM In the whole world,
the Amerlean flag."
John W. Halj.ln, chalrmnn of the Carapalgfl Com
mittee of the rhelaea Club, aceepted tl ?? l nei
ln behalf of the club. an.i aald: "In vlew of Ihe
valuable work you hav- done In lh< campatgn, I
do not thlnk you ow<- ns anythlng. We ?r* Xlai tu
have been of aervtce ro you, and hope your club
wlll laat as long as the 1 rt]
Mr. Halpln waa followed by B. I! TagllafeiTO,
whose wlff- !?. correapondlng Been l I Aux?
Ulary an.i John I> Blackbum Both eommended
the work ..f ttie women In the atrongi -? term al
thelr oommanrt, am, Mr. Tagllaferro concluded by
callir.g for "three cheera f i lh< i ?
The club th.-n pr..led wlth Ita regular pro
gramrne, anrt tha men remalne, l th. paper
whlch was read by Mr- John M Pell. The bu1>
Ject waj "PolltlcaJ Partlea," and the -.vnt. r gave
a fle.ir anrt cendaa hlatorj i I partlea now
known ar. Republlcan and !?? mo. ra-; .
The dlacuBalon whlch followed waa partlcl) ? ??
in by membera <>f both - lul a. n Mra.
Klrkwoo.l u'.-rii.t,' Into an nlmated though per
fectly amlcable dlspute with Mr Halpln.
Mr?. Klrkwood, In n ferriri?*? io ih. work ol tta
women In the Bluma, aald I thought the
Republi?au ;,.ir:y bed preaum. i too much on the
intelllgeii, e of ia peopl ? It 1 ? . |.i ,,
tectlon hi.'I aound mon.-y, withoul t-xplalnlng m.y
thlnp. and then wondered tbal were free
tradera and Her . xp. rl? . waa tbal
people were wllllng enough to adopi Republlcan
prtpclplea arhen ih. y w.-re ex| I to 1... in.
Mr. Halpln realnti.1 lhat th. party nud done
eyerythmg that coul.l i,<- done foi the polltlcal
educatlon of the people, and that II y were In
rapable of learn'ng.
Mra. Kirkwood answe. d thal lh< Republlcana dld
r.ot begln work s. i. enough; people were fumillar
with Brjan llteruiu..- long before Ihey had any
opportunlty to Btud) the otber alde, .m.i if they
coul.l be taught BryanUm, Bhe ?il.l nol .s. .? why
they couM nol be taught Republl anlam.
Ihey |ean,..,| Bryanl ?,,. Fetortcd Alr. Ilalpin.
l.e.-atiy ihelr tendenriea were .Hl lu that .llr--<
tlon No arg.im.-j.. , m siau.i aealnat tboae ten
denclea. and thai la wl v Mr. Brya i look the po I
tionihe dld. The onl) way t<> tearh Ihem Republl
canlsm is by laking advantage ol aome other
pa>siv>n. and thai -,-. I requlr. .. decade or two."
-Mr< Klrkwood admitted thai then mlgbt be
a^m- reaaon In ihla bul aald ahe w.,s not In the
i*a*t convlnced, although nhe waa golng t>. i..- gen
?rou* and let Mr Halpln have the laal word.
Arter :he dl.?cuBBion the mej retlred, and as
gBjr paaaed oul Mrs. Klrkwood and Mr. Halpln
aaeag benda under the flag, whlch the latter was
Inatead -,f u,,. rearulur meetlng n.-xt week the
Auxiliary will hav. a soH.ii meetlng, with mual"
"?Jatations aml refreabmentB, The memb. ra .?f th,'.
intlaea Republlcan .'lai. have b. ?-n Invlted to i?
preaent and every one ?.-?? wll] i.e wek-ome.
Mra Klrkwood apent tbe .-ntit.- mornlng yca'ter
oav in decoratlng h.-r houae ln bonor ..; ih. ite
publluai, vlctory. The front of the thlrd atory
eo.ua Bcarcol) i.< aeen for llag*. when b|i. had
rtniahe<i; on tno ^r,1)n,i buntlng v .s .'] |...,i from
window to wlndow, and on the around fioor there
VBra pictureh of McKlnley am! L'ncle Burn ..n .m.
?tne. an,l on tho oth> r tbe worrl? "McKlnley, Sound
MoiMy nrv\ Proaperlty," wlth "Gold. Gold1 Gold "
Mra. rjeorg? Paraona I.athrop. daughter "f N'a
thanlel Hawthorne. who has been h/lng 11! wlth
pneumonl.'i. at No. l S'-nrr.mel-Bt . for m.,r<- than a
week. !a now on the roa.l to rrcov.-ry. Tiio nititli
and rrltl-j] ,lay of hCT illii'-s- I as I.. . ri peased ln
Wety. anj rr. kllller, her phyfcltian, has pro*
nounced her out of danger. Mrs. Lat .? Illnena
Wha ,!ue largely tu .A.iw.irk. She ha.l been llvlng
Kitchen Furnishing,
OOOKINO trTKNPII.P. .M.ill.l.s.
130 and 132 West 42d St.
. ? | or of the Eaal Blde for montha, belp*
:?.??: | every meana in ber powar, and hn?
on, ii ? . . irltable taaka from I ., m to
.... ... ima | to found ?< new l. *?pl
, ,i ? .?!.,: ? Tl ?? .1 a thorne." Bhe la areatli he
. by th. people ? f her nelffhborhood, ilmoel
all ,,f whom h v* cauae t i !?? nr.it. fui to her. It
i- belleved thai Mrs Lathrop will have reffalned
!.. r health In n few weeka. Slu- wUI contlnua to
m .rk .if?? r her recoverjr.
The patrona of tha Meaalah Homa for Chlldren.
"the Chlldren'a Charlty f<>r CbUdrcra." ..n* aantfn
al work. A aueeesaful cnmmi"-. thnmgh whleh tha
many llttle ones have been rand for. has elOBSd.
an.l tlu- work nf the WlntST haa h.-Kun.
Many promlnent New-York women ar* now ln
tereatlnii themaelvea ln carryinc oui plana for a
falr thal will be held nt tiu? Manhattan Hotel,
Forty-aecond-al and Madlaon-ave., on the after*
- and evenlnaja <,f December 11 and 12
ln connectlon arlth tlu- falr will be b*M an ek
hlbltlon >,f mlnlaturea an.l farm. Notlcea hava
....., s. ii oui to cnil. .tors, requeatlng thom tn
lo.-in rari- apeclmena of fana, mlnlaturea un,! anuff*
boxea. Other antlquea wlil i>' accepted and '???
i,ii.it.-.1, thouVh i?i? fana anil mlnlaturea will ba
made a apeelal ittractlon. There will alao be i
in..- collectlon "f water-color Bketchea and of Ihe
aummer worb of artiata. The chlna palntera are
nol to bi lefl out. They are lo have an exhlbtt
. : ?? rated na and porcelaln.
\ ? i,..ii arranaed, al whl.-h Ihe fana
derorated by fan palntera will be aold on oom*
rtlata' own price
Th.- < ?iiiim.iit.-.. on Antlque Mlnlaturea eonalst*
oi Mra WIIH m Cummlnaa Btory, Mrs. Benjnmln
FI Church, Mra Donald MrLean, Mra Beitner,
Mra ciarence Poatley, Mra. Van Buren Travla,
MImh M B l-'dall and Mrs y K. Johnaon; Com
mlttee on Mgdern Mlnlaturea Mra larnatlua lt.
,;. man Mra Kdwln L. BaahfleM Bnd Mrs.
Qeorac W. Bmnlley; I'ommlttee on Old Fan* Mr-.
Willlam H. Hyde and Mra. Candace Wheeler;
, ommlttee on Modern l-'an- Mrs. Boudlnol Kelth,
Mi- Charlea Pflaer, Ir., and Mra, Wllllain s
Hn'.vk; Commlttee on water Color* Mrs Rhoda
llolmea Nihoii-; Commlttee on Uecorated Chlna?
\ti- Fann: Rowell Prleatman, Mrs D. E. Walker,
:,i,. Maii. Le Prlnee and Mlaa Helen Brajr,
-. ? ?
Tlu- Duke of Marlboroua-h prealded at tha autnm*
nai aaattmrrly of the Hotnea for Llttla Boya, la tha
Royal Alberl Hall, nn Baturday, Octoberi and tl,*
Ducheaa prealded at th?* prtseB.
Commandi-r and Mra. Willlam Kmory were re?
cently entertalned at dlnner ln London by Mrs.
Rlchard c.riiiitiiH. of Xo. :':? Otoater Tarraee, Hjrde
Park. _
Lord Ava, tlie eld.-st ?on of Lord OiifTerln, li rom
irm to New-Vork ln tlu- approai-hlnjj winter.
Mrs. OBOIBja B. McClellan, wldow ot General Me
Clellan, who has pnssed thi* aummer nt Scheven
Inaen and Luoerne, ln ln Parla, ?b*. will be Jotned
by her dauahter, Man, D#pret. for a short tlme, and
l.'it, !? will fe'o t" tbe BOUtfc of l-'rancc
Mr. and Mrs. P. W, I.yni h, formerly of New
V,,ik. who bave paaaed th- aummer ln Dlnard, are
il | h.ir winter reaWlen-.', Na*. < ROB I/esne.ir, Ave
nuc -lu Bola da Botofne, Parls.
Mr. an.l Mrs. Waldo Story ar-d Mra. C. I!. Rtrx-k
well, of Niw-Votk. are at Holel Hav.y, London.
Mt-s. Fltshofh Whltehooaa and famlly hava ar?
rlved in I'a.is from Olnard. They go early ln No
vomber to Thorntgn Hall, Btoney Btratford, Bns*
land, f?r the wlnfer.
Si ii..mr Quay waa on last Thuraday elected t0
the bonorabta poaitlon of frandfatber, n nttie
rrranddaurhtei bavinar baen welcoraed ln Plttsburg
nt the home <?f Mr. and Mrs. Loula Davldaon, Mrs
Davtdaon was formerlj Miss Buaan guay.
The I'rln^-e an.l I'rhi'.ss of WaaBfl are to trav-l
dlreol from Wjrnjrard I'ark to H.-.mlrlnRham on tlM
COnchvlOU of thelr vlxlt to Lord and Lady Lon
donderry, Tha Prlneeea Intenda raaaalnlng at
BandrlpKham, bnl tne Prlnoa <>f Walaa is aapacted
in London.
The iiuke and Dnebaaa of Connaaa*ht, who have
been vbrtUnc Prlnoa Phtttp of faaaa Cobwra?. have
.iiiiv.,l :.t Dreaden. The Dnebaaa has placed hcr
s.-ii ln tbe hand* Ol Or. Iteyder for the ?,iirjio.se
of tho reaaaaga cura.
Thn Doka aml Dnebaaa of Cmuaaaajnl win be
preaenl al tha waddlng of i/o;j ninKham with mi*>.<
Bpendor Clay. whlch take* place on Novembcr M,
it Ht. r.-tir's, ICaton Square. AmotiR the BfMee
malda will be Lady Murlel and Lady Helen Gor
li,i.-i..nn,.x. daosjrhtera of the Karl of March. nnJ
M)aa i.avinia Blnffbao, dauajnter of Captala Minjt
riam. Tho hon.-ymoon will l?- apent at Bouth I'ark.
Penaburet, whlch vlaconnt Harotaani has Ual them
ror t;:.- eceaalon.
Prlncess Arllicrt of Anhalt, the younitost dauahter
if rillllBBB chrlatlan. Is staylnjr wlth I'rlncesa
"lul.stlan at Cumberland Ixidge, for a tlme, but
ihortlv. both nho and Prlnee Arlbcrt will go on
i aerlea of vlslia in thla country.
The Countcss of Warwlck haa left England and
tone to tbe Contlnept for a ahort vlalL
The Twentleth CentUrjP Club, of Buffalo, openeri Ita
new cluhhoiise lasr evenlnaz. Thla club la conipoae.l
?xclustvely ,,f w.imcn, an.i the tacl that lt la the flrst
WOman'a ClUb bt the country to eatahllah Itaelf, buy
a h.ime ani run itfl affalrs on the name llnea on
Wblch men'a .'lul.s are run. entltles It to attentlon.
Charlotta Mulligan, wrlter an.i musleal .tirector.
la ihe presMenl and th?> motir rhat auppllea the
force nnd dlractB the affalr* of thla club of 2T<i
"W? wanted a home," aald thla energetlc woman,
"an.i tba aarneot work of our Board of i.irectora h-..?
Won B hOBM f..r ua. Wa foun.l a dealrable pie.-c of
propefty ln an OM Baptlal church that had been for
a..;.- a long tlme. Blnca a synagogue ha.l he.-n butlt
next .l.i.ir l.i ll It was not !n .l<-mand aa church prop
erty. The agent waiixl *?>."?>" for It. When I aald
the Twentleth Century Club would buy lt he only
l.iughe.l al na, Bul he gave m<- tha rafuaal for two
weekB. The Board <>f Direeiora m.-i. Wa i--.-!-1 :.*^
Bharea of atock, .<? BjaO per Bhare, ln i. s< than two
Weeka w.. had aold m..r.. than h.ilf of Ir. We pald
cish f-.r the property, an.i then we butlt a beautlful
fr..n* and remodelled me ?>i,i huiMing; henea aa the
bulldlng auuida ll coal 858,888, Our atock la nearly
ali owned by club membera. Wa have beautlful
elubfooma, whleh w-.- rent to other women'a cluba, and
an audltorlum from whlch we reaJlae r.-nrais. Anv
cluti of women ean *o the ?ime thlng if they chooae
to .I,, ao it Ii m.-reiy a almple buaineaa propoeltlen."
The buDdina bi of the atyta of tha Itallan Renala
Banee. lt la aeventy-elghl feel wlde nn.l nlnety-aix
feet .leep. Th- maln courtroom is ?f the Qreclan
lonlc atyle, thlny.flre f.-et aquare, and contalna
twenty-iive lonlc plllare, now .>f wood, but .le-i^n-.l
to i>e repi ic. .I I v memorial plllara of marble. Th< r.
ar>- n handaome llbrarj room, a .-..nv.Ts.i-; m r.,.>m.
.1 coffeo room and in audltorlum on th.- flrat ftor.r.
All the rooma are flnlahed In whlte Th. -
kltchena, lavat irlea an I ? ? i ry poaalbie modern eon
venien ? ? Theae Buffalo iromen ? -r..i,-1?.> no female
, ? . thlnk ih.it in.... ?
acrvlce :- aupcrlor. ln thal It la more truatworthy
and im. nable Th. Tbi pi.lury I'lub i lalma
:.,.:. itertalnlnx male frlenda An) cluh
memtier i in brlna ?> male gueal Into ihe club f-r
luncheon .>r ronveraatlon. He i annot, however, re
..,, |.,, ..... . .- h , . .|. p.irted He tn.,-. r.
,, ive i? in i. -. irt< I. ? aa women recelve al men'a
cluba, i nd ;?? i hapa mon
"We never do inythtng here we ar<- aahamed ..?.''
a.il.l the enerajetl that'a rn pre than
the men can aay for thelr cluba."
MIbb Mulligan is the founder .r,.| prealdenl of a
||t, ran ' ? -I The B. rlhblera, and la ila i le . ler
of the flm-Bl orcheatra In Buffalo Tha Tw.
(???ntury f*lub I- entlrely Indern-ndenl, and
allted io the Pederatlon of Women'a Cluba It'a
bualncaa is the pr imotlon of >rt and *? -n< rai ,-.i!:ur.
The ..nly Sew-York club which approachee It la
the Profeaalonal W'onun'i League.
At th" r.i"i!-ir .lr.in.atl" m.-.-tlng of the Profee
alonal Woman'a Leaguc Ihla afternoon Mlaa Amy
Llonei wlll read a paper aa Ibaen and Bodermann
Tha Ueiague bouae la No I.M8 Broadwaj
The Keppel Oallery, Eaai Blxt?enlh-at . opena t>.
day wlth b valuable exhlbltlon of drawlnga an.i
<lry palntfl l>y Ihe well-known Parl lan nnisr. m
paul Hellen lle ts ona of the muat brltllanl mi
Rgurea In tba French .apit.-.t. Bnd one hundred and
thlrty-aeven of hla w..rk? wlll he ln the Keppel
.xhiMt. M Hellen'a aubject N InvartaM* woman,
and hw dlaplay W atyled t> M Kdmond <!? Gon
....iirt aM ?a monogram on women.' M Hellen wlll
\!mi New V<.rk thts wlnter
The Catherlne Lotillard Wolfe Art Btudenta* Club
holda Ita flrat meetlng and reeeptlon Hus afternoon
and evenlng al Ormee Houae, No k"-' Broadway
T< ?iil be aerved al I e'etoek, and all Iba arl
BtudentB ,.f Hi.- clty wlll ba welcomed. The club
propoaea t>. bring Ih* women nrt Btudenta >.f New
Tork Into .. more Intimate and frtendly comrado
Bhlp The clubroom al Oraea Houaa wlll be nt
tra. -1-l? l> furnlahed wlth wrltlng tablea, eaay
chalrs, booka, macaxlnee, a plano, etc. Tha mem?
bera who krtn Hw club may .:r..p ln every after?
noon ..r evenlng to dlncuna Ihe lateal worka >.f
art women, IHerature or lee, Jn-' as th.y prefrr.
Mra W W Newell. MIbb Huntlngton, Ml-' Knapp,
Mlaa MRcbel] and Mra Roland Redmond hava tha
new movemen: ln <-h.-irg?\
A mothera* moetlrg, conducted by Mlsa iti.-h
m;.7. prlnet] .1 <.f Orammar Bchool No 77, will ba
held Hiis afternoon In Iba acbool bulldlng Helpful
topica wlll be pn -.-i.t. >l and tHaeuaaed, inat a gen
erall) intereatlng programma wlll be gtven Theae
meetlnga are held every Thuraday aftomoon.
Th.- fourth annual <? >n\. ntlon of the Order of the
Daughtera ?f the Klng wll. t?- opened te-dajr in tbe
Church of tba ln< iinailiri In Phlladelpbla aml will
i>e cootlnued uvmorrow. Thla order, unllke ..ih.-ra
hearing the aame name, Ifl COOpOOed BSelUBtVO.
ly of tboae who are communlcanta ,,f the Anailcan
Church Mrs <? a. Bradley, of st. Agnes'a rarish.
New-York, is tha prcaldent
The i.ong laland braaeh af the Women'B Auxiliary
of ihe Board <>t Mlaatona af the Kplaeopal Cburch
convenoa at 18 88 and 1 o'rtocfc to-day in st. Ann'a
Church, >,n rhe Helgbta.
At tbe BfOOktjrai InatMuta thla afternoon at 4
o'clock, ln the Department of l'e.Jagogy, Kln.ler
garten S.-etlon. K.lwar.l ?prlrkg, of NVw-York, wlll
deiiver a leeture an "Modelllng ln Bdueattoa,** n
luatreted arlth praetleal work ln aan,l and day. Ttm
clasa wlll aasemtile In Ihe art bulldlng. In the de
nartment of polltleal Bdenee Prefeaaor Frankiin ll.
Ol'l-llngs of Columhla I'niveralty, wlll glve the last
of th<- s.'ri. s ,.f le.-tiireH in the -ours,- on "The lie
velopment of Human BodHy." The leetura win tak
nlace ln ihe ar; bulldlng. at S:1.r. In the evenlng, aiiu
tba Bubjeet will be "The Clvlllaatloa of To-.lay."
The Halny I>ay Club. Mra Bertha Welhy preal
Aent meetB to-day, lo dlaeuaa the aall and to hi<o,-{
from the varloua modeh; for wear which are to be
NoW pralse to Ood. whose lovlng kin.lrn- s
Haa glven rlatoa after Ulndneaa,
Vp wlth the Hag on dome aml ateeple,
Kit aaelgn of a aappy people.
Vlctorloiia In a Bteeaful war.
pilllg out Ihe colors, wi.l.- an.i far.
l.et cluaten-.l fiara aml bara aflame
Add luater to tba Natlou'a fam.-.
rjp wlth the Bag! The country keeps
Ita gala toy bb valaa an.i ataapa,
By ever* rlver, every ahore.
By porl and lown aml lake, onee more
We ra'.ly. lirothera, man to man,
And toiich our lllieriles, who can!
Thank (Jod. who gave from coaat to coaat
llia h'.easlng on the patrlot-hoat!
Let treaaon hl.le, iet plottera be
Deep biirli-d ln thelr Infamy.
1'n wlth our banner to the blue?
Ilrave banner over leglons true.
Our Natlon'H honor! I.nnda afar
llear how our cannona rock and Jar,
And know lhat (Jod in lovlng klndneaa
Has glven vlaion aft.-r hlindnes.a.
The atorm of flaga, the atorm of votea,
The thumler of trlumphant throate,
gneak pralaea to the Lord of hoata!
Lp wlth the flag on all our coaata! _
Por TIred, Aching, Irriuted Feet ia a
warm bnth with
and a gentle ar-ointing with CUTI.
CURA .ointmrut). the greatikin cara.
i Thi. tTi.iiiin?r,t Bitari Itrlilna anl 1rH- j
Intlnn, eaOtfe*! Inflanimfttloi, and,
|,i,.i,fiii iweUtflgaof ii:,. Jolsla, n.ft-j
riia lianl. ri.nirliriieil ?kln. an.l |.iirl
. fli-a tln-iwyplrilltin.
nM IhTl'irll".,, ?!.? *?"? 'I Pt:
?a".? i m>h '-.???? . I-. , - H .-,
The rume an,I fame of the NeedleW irk Otlili
bave become Wortd-wlde, an,l many poor men am
si,-k women, as well as llttle chlldren, remembe
la gratltude the lovtng banda ..r the women al
over the land who have provlded tha warm ftan
neis nn.l shoes an.l atocklnga whleh have belpoi
them through tho hard, eold wlnters. Ever sin.-,
the Ouii.l was sturt.-.i In IMS in tins country 1
haa m.-t wlth gr>*at auceeaa, and now there ar.
hranches of lt all over the eountry thal yearl]
provlde Buch flnthing as makea the winter aeaao,
mor.- bearable for ihe poor. The clothing glve,
nmst all !?? new; no ol.l ur worn irarmeiits whal
over ar>- accepted.
At the annual tm-etltiKs of the dlfferent I.ran, hei
ln the fall the clothing la voted away to whal
ever charlty or charitlea tbe dtrectora may aanre,
upon. At tne last meetlng of the women'a organ
laatlon. held ln Mounl vernon, there wera ea
hlUted 719 garmenta that bad been made and col
lecteil durliiK th.- sumnn-r. Bhoea, atocklnga
dreaaea. bata, umlcrciothing anil all the i.-aaan
aaruietita for comfort for men, women and chii
dreti bad been donated.
Clothlng was voted to many of the iWTeren
charitlea ln New-York, th.- Home for the Frlend
l.-Ks and the Baby-Fold among oth,-rs. and jtifit
were niso made to the local charitlea.
Each dlreetor may snug.-st an approprlatlon fo,
aome charlty ln whlch sh.- la apeclally Intereated
and if ih.- other dlreetor* ar-. agreed sh.- aecure,
ft irlft for It.
The local Board of Educatlon al Conahohoekea wil
enfor,-,- tbe Compulaory Educatlon Act, whleh wll
become a law on February I, 1187. Ouardlam an.
parenta wl l r.Ive thr.e montha' ti itlce, after whle!
chlldren between the agea ol da and fourteen wll
ie i .i ? i in reati ilnt if found ?.-. the atreeta with n
good racuae The cltlaena generally approve th,
Btal tlcj havlng demonatrated the facl that llllt
e:.i . la ..n the Increeaa !n Pennaylvanla, i T. i h
era' i . tll it, n r, tem teaalon ln Reading unanl
moualy idopted a reaolutlon it. favor of enforclng th
Comp ln rj Bchool law, aa the inly rflTective meaaur.
of prevenilng further degeneracy In the mat ter
Bhould tl al ,..??)-, ineffectual, a more itrlngeni en icl
....... urge i.
Mi*s N.-- .? Klmbe lln, lupervlaor of phyatca! edu
eation n the publlc - . iU of Detrolt, haa eatab
llahed ., gymnaatum ln connectlon wlth the N'orma
Bchool, ,. i , ? urae In gymnaatlca beet
lald ",,- ? r ? he publl ? ?cl o l t< i thera \\\ ?
feel beneflted hy the work. Mlaa Klmberlin recom
m, i ' ..... -iij ln hlgh ?ch ?.>: i, for th,
?i.i. v ,-. if ihe '..,'>?' and glrl* A aound, aymmetrl
cal n !-. the propei atronghold foi i "ound mlnd
.I.-1 11 nhyalcal culture la Indlapenaahli foi v.' i'
unl developm. nt
The ? ung women ,f Va?aar College elected th.
prealdenl In 1 ie form M. Klnley aent in hy a vaa
, moal of Ihe undergr idu iti elleve li
h,,:ie?r money.
A merehanl ahe rappllea food to Vaaaar Collegi
aaya thai the appetltea of the young women I iv
been ateadll] i rea ??? t tt the I.-.- i. ? year*
The Ladiea' Chrlatlan Cnlon reenmed w.-kij
. , er-meetlngi y* iterday it il o'clock ln the enape
of iho Broadway Tab, rnacle, u Thlrty-fourth-at.
Miss Ar.riie Beaaton haa arranged to k.v* -ix l.><*:.
iins nn ColonUI tlmea al Ihe home of Mrs. Jamei
ll.irl.ii Heaa, So U We*l Blxty-elghi i-at. The lect
ur.- will :.. glvetn on l-'itl.iy afternoon*, beglnnlni
\..\ember M
Mrs Polly ,'ir.y. a hermll if Wilkeabarre, I'.-nn
,!!? I ,n Movember I. havlng 1700 ;ti gold nn hei per
i-oti al tha tlme ,,f hei death Bhe ?..< arorth in all
$i ... and ??>-> .. -.'.nw i woman ot hualneaa, Sh
.. ,? , .| from ei n ial an I, ba I a a >uae bullt, ..t..l
dug I ,- --ii.ir b, r?e|f.
Mra \ igueta k- ina, ihe mthor if "Bt. Elmo," l>
now llving In M blle, ila.. and le In poor health.
l-rii, ? Pa lln, da Meiternlch recently bad auch
a im.- dlaplaj .,r fal tattle al the lludapeal exhlbl?
tlon lhal ?-?? won the dlploma ?'. lionoi and the
Kr.ui.l med .1 Durlng Ihe BWond Kmp r* ah, a, t | i?
f.i-.n. ti- ii r..ri-.
A new home for deatltute women and chlldren haa
i,,., n ,,;...:. i in Waahlngton ;>; Mo 1.135 ttlnth-st.
N'orthweal II la an inatltutlon calculated to do
much good ahould ll 1- able lo carry oui the plan*
lt ba* In vien On. of th. ? I* * k.ndergarten for tha
, iiMi.:, ,,r |.., ,r in iihei a , ivi .. .?oi . by ihe
,l,n |t |a propoaed to tea ? , men ai ? ill.lren
who . im. foi ? n.;. i ,? ? - ,. ter. and ao fll them foi
aom. klnd o aelf-aupuori Mr*. KI aa ???? ? K Kleck.
promlnently kn arn In Chrlatlan aork, I* al t...- head
of the Inatltutlon
A St Loula grr<er employa a woman to \i-n iii"
euatomera and aollcll thelr orderl Bhe ls aueeeaa
ful, an.l the grocer and Ihe women are dellghted
wlth her Bhe can BUggeal mon dalnty. appetlalng
Ihlnga for the cualomeri" lo bu) than a man can,
ui.i ii.ini,* |,ii-n.t. unobtrualve und aenalhle, ahe
, real bleaBlng ... the tlred houoekeeper. Another
occupntlon for uom.ui:
The chlldren of the Preeentatlon l?..v Nuraery,
No. .ti: Eaal Thlrty-thlrd-at., will preaenl Inter*
?atlng programmea negl Monday and Wedneaday
aftemoom, and evenmga. Nearly Blaty llttle chlldren
ar-- dally cared for al the nuraery whlle tholr
rrolhera go out and work foi them. Mothera need
\nn altuatlon are helped t..u.ir.l gettlng th.-m by
tbe nuraery managero.
The Cofonlal Club, Boulevard nnd Boventy-aecond*
st.. will aoon reaume the daaea muslcala whlch
w.-re ao much enjove.l last winter The first of ihe
si ii.-s grlll !>?? glven durlng ihe Chrlatmaa holldaye,
aml well-knnwn people wtll ba ln attondanco,
Mr. aad Mrs PMw.nl l*.t?..rson entertalned the
Priday Nlghl Bowllng Club laal evenlng.
The Ladiea' Auxiliary of the Chlldren'a Burgleal
Hospltal of New-York held a BDOClal BMOtlllg yester
,lny mornlng ut the home of the prealdent Mrs.
Theodore Hutro. to arrange for a basaar, to be hi-hl
,it Bherry'a oa Deeember IL
In a.Mltlon to the waek-day aervlcea to i?- held
n Coo|>er Cnlon this montii Mr Moody will
ajB*ak avery Bunday afternoon in tha month at .1
relock ui Camegle Mualo ii.n. Flfty-aeventh-at.
111,1 Hevelllh-ave. Tlrk.-ts Ontltllng tho hohler.s lo
?eserv.-il s.nts for the llrst servi,-,- In Camegle
Hall, on Bunday n'oat, may be aeeured at the rooms
if the Amerl. an Tracl So,-l-ty, No Iti Uaal Twen
ir.thtrd-at,; al Ihe atore "f k. lt. Treat, publlaher,
Vo. fi Cooper I'nlon. or l?y aendlng for ihe aame
vith a Btamped envelope tor reply to W. E. Lougoe,
s'o 4>. Eaal Twenty-thlrd-at. Doora will !>?? open
it 2 o'clock for hol.lers ,,f reaerved aeal tl.-k.-ts,
vhl.-h ni.ist l.e preaented before I:*V aa aeata will
,,. reaerved only until thal hour, when the hall
ivlll he Uirown open io the publlc. _
Slmply pure. conceatrated Julce ol [
theflneat beef, wlthout any ad
dltlon or adulteratlon what
\ Extract of
Beef i]l
For over thlrty year* tho
atandard everywhere.
OoT -r^<::*:*5? *^T^??*?.?? -*
The marrlage of MIbb T.ena Tag Hlnxe, daughter
of Mr. and Mra. Adolph Hlnxe, to Oarl H. Kappes.
took place at 7 o'elock last evenlng ln St. Andrew'a
Protestant Kpls-opal Church. Flfth-ave. and One
hundred-und-iwenty-seventh-Bt. The Rev. Dr.
Oeorgo B. Van De Water, the rcetor, offlclated at
the marrlage ceremony, whtch waa followed by a
amall receptlon at the home of the brlde's parenta,
No. 213 West One-hundred-and-thlrty-nlnth-st. The
brlde wore a gown of whlte ottoman sllk, trlmme.l
wlth duchess.. lace, aml B vcll of tulle, whlch waa
fasteneil wlth a large dinmond aunburat, a preaenl
from th.- tirliiegroom. The mald of honor waa Miss
Rlla F.-ru, who wore a gown of plnk satln bro.-a.le,
trlmmed wlth cbiffon. rn.- brldeamalda wera Miss
Joaephlne Wllhelm, of Buffalo, and Miss julia
Hanalng. The tlower-giris wera Miss Hattle Ooepel,
a coubIb of the brtdo, and Miss irma Illnze, a s!st.>r.
Henry Wlmmel, an une].. of the brl.le, waa best man.
The uabera were Prttfl Carlaen, Frank Khrmann,
William Palmenberg and Loula citt. Mr. Kappea*a
BOUVenlra to hls b.'st man an.i uahers were scarf
pins s.-t wlth dlamonds. Th i brlde presented her at
tendants hamlsome ailver puraes.
A pretty home weddlng yestcrday waa that of Miss
Badle Qregory Jadd to Herbert D. I.ounsbury, whtdi
w.is celebrated at noon at the home of the brlde'fl
mother, Mrs. J. (J. Ju.ld. No. 132 East Nlneteentb-at.
Tha drawlng-room. where the cremony waa per?
form. -.1 by Chanc-llor Day, of th.- 8yracu.se I'nl
w-rsity, was prettlly doeked wlth chryaanthetnums,
rosea aml palma. Only tbe memliers of ihe two
famlUea un.l a llmited numlier of very Intlmate
frtenda wore invit.-.l to be preaent at the ceremony
an.i attend tbe informal receptlon whlch followe.i it.
Th.- brlde, whoae gown was of golden-brown cloth.
had as h.-r mal.l of honor her slater. Mlaa l,aura T
.lu.lil. The best man waa Us.-ar C. Kiacti, and the
uahera were John M. Maaon, of thla city, an.i Frank
Manaon, of Boaton. Mr. aml Mra. Ixmnsbury went
Boutb yeaterday afternoon to paaa their honeymoon.
They wlll. on thelr return, make thelr home ln thla
At C:30 o'elock laat ev.nlng Mlaa Tessle Adler.
daughter of the late Jacob Adler, of this clty, was
marrled to .Jullus .'ohn. The ceremony waa per
forme.l ln the re.1 room at D.-lmonlco's by the Rev.
Dr. Joaeph Sllverman of the T.-mple Emanu-Kl.
Miss Adler, who wa.s given away by hor brother.
Alfr-,1 Adler. wor.- a gown of whlte satln. trimmed
wlth polnt and iluchease lace, aml a veil of tulle,
whlch was caugbt up by a dlamond algrette. There
flrere aelther brldeanuUda nor ateld of honor. Mr.
Cohn'fl beal man was hls brother, Deopold S. Cohn.
The uahers were Slmon H.-rnsteln, Benjamln I.ltch
enberg, Bamuel B Btoekler and Jacob Newman. A
receptlon, dlnner aml dance followed the ceremony.
Among the piL-ats were Mr. .in.l Mrs. A. Frled
lamler, of Clm-innatl. Ohlo; Mr. aml Mrs. Kugene
Onateln, Mr. aml Mrs. Loula A.ller. Mr. an.i Mrs.
Maa Adler, Miss Fannl.. Hoh.nthal. Mrs. B.
Bchwab, Mr. aml Mrs. Jullus Ottenhelmer, Mr. and
Mrs Wllllam Stltt. Mr. aml Mrs. I. Marks. Miss
RpateJn, Mrs. August Oppenhelmer, Mra. Davl.l
Mayer, Mr. aml Mrs. Bamuel Adler, Miss Etta
Bchwab, Mrs. Juiius Oppenhelmer aml Juitan Bamp.
BOn. Mr. and Mra. Cohn, after a Wcstern trlp,
will mak- thelr liom-- at No X7 Kaat Sixty-flrst-at.
Miss Otga A. Beltman, daught'-r of Mr. nnd Mra.
Alexander s-;tman, waa marrled to Dr. Osvaldo Ros,
u I o'.-lo,-k lasr ivenlng, In the Roman Cathollc
.'hur.-li of tba Bkaaaad Sacram..n:, at West S-venty
flrat-at. an.i th<? Boutevard. Th- Bev. Matthew a.
Taylor, reetor of the Church, p.-rformcl the marrl.ig..
ceremony. Tba brlde, a handaome brunette. was at
:ir...l in a tnvelling dreaa of blulah gray cloth made
wlth a Whlte wabtteoal and a toque to correspon,!.
Bhe car.-,..,| i bouquet of white roaes. Her mal-l of
? .:..r araa her alster, Miss Anna Beltman. Dr. Ros'i
'.. -r man was hls brother, Dr. Leo Roe There were
ii.i ushera ..r brldeamalda. Immedlately after tbe
ceremony Dr Roa and d:-s t.rM.- left here for th.?
Bouth. They Wlll mak.- rh- ir home, when they return
m about two weeka, ln Weat Beventy-flrat-at The
weddlng, whi.-h araa to be celebrated lat-r ln the
aeaaon, w,-. haatene I ..r- aceount of the departure
.-' the brldegroom'a parenta for t'uba.
Ttie we.Ming of Mi~s Henrletta Bcbuman to Jacob
l.ubin w..s ,-, j, brated Bt s o'elock last evenlng, at the
loma of the parenta of the b.-lde, Mr. and Mrs.
Morrta Bcbuman, .\".< M Kaat One-hundred-and
tl rtleth-rt. Tha Rev. lir. Harria, of the Temple
i-ri.i, was the ofllciatlng clergyman. The bri.i.ii
(town waa of whlte latln and potnt lace. and the
vell, whlch waa faetened wlth oranvre hlossoms and
??-. i i! Ilam a, I ornamenta, was of tulle. Th.- t'r.de'a
Mlaa Qertriule Bcbuman, waa th? mai.l of
honor. The brldegroom'a brother, laaac l.ubin. was
icat tn.in. an,i Moaei Blmon, Alexander Mayer,
in l laldor Blmon BPere the ushera.
The engagement of Miss Margaret Aucnmuty
m.i rkay, daughter of Dr and Mrs. Barnard Mackay.
;,i Oeorge D. Morgan, tha youngeat aon of Oeorge H.
Moraan, arhleh waa announeed ln I.enox last month,
haa been broken off. The nnnouncement of the an
nulmeni ?-f the encagement haa been formally made
by tt,<- parenta of Miss Mackay.
Mr and Mra I. PtachlOWitfl have sent out lnvlta
( r the marrlage of ihelr daughter, Miss Bertha
IV hlowltx. to Chartea Blrnbaum. The ceremony
wlll tak>. place at iiie \'i.-nna. Flfty-elghth-st. and
l..\liiKt..ii-ave., at ?> O'elock on Sunday afternoon
IU Kt.
Tl..- mirrlage of Miss F.dlth LaddttW, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. H. 11. Laldlaw, to Dr. Imlay Hennet
will be lolemntoed at 438 a'clock thla afternoon. In
Bt. Agnea'a Chapet, Wesl Nlnety aeeoad at The re
ceptlon, Invltatlona to wblch have he.-n confin.-,| to
tl relatlvea .ml intlmate frlenda of the two famlllea,
will lie held at the home of the brlde'a parenta, No.
::i Weat s> venty-thlrd-at,
Mis* Loulae I'.r.imm. daughter of Mra. Amelia Roll
mer Qramm, wlll be marrlol to Dr. William Ruoff,
of Plilladelphla, al v o'elock thla evenlng. in 8t.
Thomaa'a Church. Fifrh-av.\ and Fifiy-third-at. The
w. Idlng receptlon will toUow at tne Bturtavani
II ? IB.
TI.- weddlng of Miss Hattie Auguafa Keasler,
Uughtei >.: Wllllam Keaeler, to Dr. William Thoaaas
R ;. will I.- celebrated to-day, In the Church of
the Reeurreetion, Rlchmond Hlll. New-Tork.
The w< i llng .>r MIbb Barah A. Hard, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs Anaon W. Hard, of Na ii? I'ark-ave..
and William lt K. Taylor, of Baltiaere, will take
place ai Bt. Bartholomew'a Church m Wedneaday,
Decembei -. al 1:80 p. m Mlaa Julia I'ost Hard arlll
i.e mald of honor end th.- brtderaialda the Mlaaea
l.i na w Hard, Ellen M B *"?>:;. v. Harrlet Wor
l, :? Gertrude Agoattnl, Bloulaa l>avia. Fr.inc
Arehhold, all of New-Tork: Miaa Anlta Nellaon. of
i...v. rence, and Miss Florence Hawklna, ..f S[>rlng
ii. i.t. Mi.-s .(...in C li Pendleton. of Baltlmore, will
be beat maa, and the uabera <;....r*>- Andrewa, Alfr>-.l
ltiK?s John Btewart. Rlchard Pleaaanta an.i Dr.
Charlea MacgUI, of Baltlmore, and Bnowden Marahall,
Cecll D Lan.lai,? and Ruaaell H. I.an.lalc. of New
Mrs. Fstlier II Klfr.-th, the recently elected cor
reapondlng aecretary of the New-Jeeeey State
Woman'a Cbrlatlmn Tamparaoee t'nion, la a Quak
>-r> ss. _
The Young Woman's Christlan Tomperance
Fnion of New-Jereey has awarded a banner to the
WaHiiiiiKion orajanliatloa ln Warren County for
ihe greateat Increaae ln memberahlp .luring the
>>ar. _
The Ttilrd Wotnan'B Christlan Temperance Fnlon
of New-J.-rs..y haa reo-ntly frame.l and hung on
Us walla a letter sent by Miaa Wlllard, on the oc
oaalon of the baptlam and namlng of a tiaby for
her last wlnter. This unlon Is one of three to
recelve the approbatlon of the State 1'nlon for a
larg.- galn In memberablp durlng the year.
The Ksa-x County Woman'a Christlan Temper
anea Unlon has auffered a serious loas ln the death
of Mrs. .lane Herdan^IacCnll, who has been an
untlrlng worker ln the temiierance renae. an.i who
led the Mrst temporanca meetlng held by women ln
I'eggy Alexander, i varlety slng.-r, known on the
alage as "I'.-gxy Mrand," becamc Insane early yes
t.-r,lay mornlng, and had to be removed to Belle
vue liospitai. she reeehed tii? Certlandt-at ferry
from Cbleage about mldnight, and. accompanled
by I-Mward Franz, a tralntioy, whom ahe had hlred
to enrry her vallse, went to the hoardlng-house at
No. 311 Kast Fourteenth-st. On arrlvlng there the
woman had a flt. shoutlng that murderers were
liuraulng her. 8he waa so vlolent that the land.
lady d.cllned to take her Into her house. She ro
eovered apperently, und with the tratabey waik.-d
quletly to a hotel ln Thlfd-eve The clerk there
w.is about to hand her a key when the woman
had another fit, and aereaaBCd wlth all her mlght.
Some of the giiests ran .lownstaira, espeetlnaj to
Un.l the houae atlre. Flnally a pollceman w.-s
calle.1 an.i took her to th- Flftll-st. stallon. where
an umtiulam-e was sent for. and ahe wua removed to
tba hoapltal. She told the s.-rgcant that she had
left Chleago to come to this clty to meet her
huaband, who ls a naambar of "The Comedy Four."
n company of varlety performers, who ls now In
Manchester, Maas., Nov. 4.?The tw.nty-seventh an?
nual confereiice of the Woman'a Board of Forelgn
Misalons opened this forenoon ln the Franklln Street
Congregatlonal Church. wlth over 200 delegatea from
New-Fnglanii. New-York, New-Jeraey, Pennaylvanla
and Delaware, representing Congregatlonal churchea.
The presldent, Mrs. Judaon Smlth, preaided. The
mornlng seaalon was devoted to the receptlon of re?
porta. That of the home department waa preaented
by Mlsa F. H. Stan vood.
Tbe treaaurer'a re.iort waa aubmltted by Mlaa Elien
If pays to buy at Vantine'i.
Artistic ,
and beautlful
No store in New York has so
many nor snch pretty and artistic
lamps to show you as we have; and
they are all Oriental.
The porcelains and metals of the
far East seem to lend themselves
with peculiat rcadiness to lamp con
We have them in bronze and brass
and in the famous Cloisonne, Sat
suma, Taizan, Owari, Kishui. To
kanabi, Blue and White nnd a dozen
other wares.
The prices are not high:
$2.75, 3.00, 4.50, 5.00, 6.00,
7.50, 9.50, 11.50, 13.50,15.00
and up as high as you want to go.
And cut globes, candlesticks, can
delabra and Persian and Moorish
the chimes for
We have just imported a delight*
fui assortment of hanging and stand
ing Japanese gongs.
These gongs have rich musical
tones and are decorated with a lus
trous enamel stiggesting Cloisonne
They come in sets of 3 at $3.00
and 5.25 and in sets of 5 at $ 15.0a
The latter are surmounted by a jolly
little bronze figure modelled in the
inimitable Japanese manner.
They are very pretty.
'J Iie Ir.rgtst Japaii'se, C'mtfse amd
Inani House in tlie 7VorU.
877-879 BROADWAY, N. Y.
How to Clothc the Children.
Flne Cloth Coat, narrow
tu.ks front an.l back. sleevea
tucked over the ahouldera to
correapond. Trlmmed with
Ono of many stylish cloaks to be
found at tho "riiildron's Storo."
Sizes, 2 to 4 yrs., from f&50 to $10.00.
[ 60-62 West 23d St. {
?-?-??-?-^?-?Hr -**-?-?-<t>-*--$-*- -*-? -t-a .*> ? ? , g>
1111.1.1-111 MMCT.
1I07 llrond.vaj.
Slfnator* !? printfjc) lo
BLUB dlagoiMlly
?croM tbaj
of tnrorj
(tl* Orifinal
and Genuloo)
As * farther protectloa rngsimt
*il imltmtion*.
Afaarta far tk* Uatted Mataa*
RELIABLC sPrc,al flre ?*?? of artlBtlB
rSDDFTC Oriental Ruga.
*LAHrCI9i Hare t.argaliiB.
LOXO CRKDIT. 1?4 W?t 1 4,h Btreat.
Carruth. The amount reeelved duving the year In
aubacrlptlona, glfts and legaclee waa $1?,55S; oalanoa
In the treasury. 84,756.
A aurvey of forelgn work waa glven by Mlaa Luor
M. Fay.
"Why I Belleve ln Mtsalona" waa dlsouaaed by Mra.
W. M. Stover, of the West Central Afrlca Mlaalon.
'Forelgn Work" waa conaMered by Mrs. J. O. Weana,
and "Our Collage" waa the tltle of the addreaa Of Mlaa
Su.san It. Olmatead. of Conatantlnople. Mra. laaao
Plerson, ot the North Chlna Mlaalon, apoke on "Vlo
tory Aaaured."_
Oa th* war to th* theatre dln* in th* maaalfloaat
dlning hall of th* new Hotel Manhattan. aad entor
oofle* and a clgar amld the palma of the Miiiaaaaa 8BaV
lary. 434 and Madlaoa Avenu*.

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