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Sou LV1... H?- 18,254.
? mxHJ0nO> starts a BM coxflagration in
hari-i-m afartmext-hol'se?sfveral.
tenants make their way to tiie
hoor?omi fam1ly savf.d ry
rmuLUNQ repcfes.
A flre broke out about 12:30 o'clock yesterday
?fternonn ln the flve-story double brick flat
No. Mti W-<-t One humired-and-twenty
litb-st". and gutted the bullding. Mamle
Laeh* r. aeven yeara old, the daughter of Po
llccman George Deechei? of the West One-him
.red_and-twenty-f.fth-st. Btatlon, was cut off by
,he flames and burned to d.-ath. and her father.
ln ittMBptlBS to rescue hor. was himself badly
Lrned about the face, hands and arms. B*Y- |
1 other ! ? r* ,!'s were BCorebed and sllghtly |
burned. etther ln Mcaptag froni the hoilM or
, tn? work of re.'-eue.
The bullding I" wnlch th0 nre orlglnated ls
' t a. row "f ? <l<'*eri or more on th0 8?utn
?Me of the itreet. r? ahorl dtstance to the east
nf the Boulevaid. The row ls owned by Charles
T Pavne All tlw nats on the east sld, of the !
hnlldlng were occupled by tenants. but only one
the weal alde. and the landlord had employed
Jintera a"1 paperhangera to renovate the j
emptv flats
At the aoon hOUf the palnters. four or flve ln
-Wtrt eatlng thelr dlnncrs in the front
Lm on the flrst floOT on the weal alde of the ;
bullding. wh.n suddenly the noise of an ex
tOosion wis heard ln the room gccupled by the
calnters ln an instant the ndjacenl hallway
wasfllled wlth sheets of flames. and the inen
mshed out of the hou.se eboutlng flre The
S 3 M .nr,r-st.. WU ln flam,?. and when
hVreached the atreel he rolled himself ln the
??**?, Whlch wa* runnlnK ful! on account of the ,
L-v raln whlch WU falltng. Hls prescnce of
mlnd ntobably aaved hls life. He ?* however. |
Mverr!v burned aboul the e-ad. face and banda,
and his hair WU almost entirely ?lOSed off his
The flame? qulckly Mhwd OPOO the WOodWOrH
of the room and the hallway. and beKU to
mount the stairway to the flr.ors above Oa the
thlrd floor llved Pnllce.nan Deacher. wltb Ml
wlfe and four ehildren; Mamle. ieveB y. ars 0ld;
Thomas. flve; Frank. three. and Edwanl. thir
teen month* Pollceinan Mattbew R .blnaoa. ol
the EaPt One-hundred-an.l-twenty-nftb-Pt. rta
tlon llved on the fourth floor east. wlth hW v, ife
and infant cblW. and Wllliam J-hnson occupled
the flfth floor caat, Wttb his wife and tWO <lul
dren. JohB Pratty llved on the fourth flOOl
we?t wlth hls wlfe and ita-montha-old baby.
The only man In the house heslde? the ptlnten
and papwbangen waa ratmiman Deacber, who
hai hls dav off and was ilttlBg at dinner with
his familv when the shoiits of Br? rang tbrougb
the bullding. BO rapid ?rai the pTOfTew Of the
flame and M dense waj the ?moke that none
of the women in the opper part dared make an
effnrt to escape by the stalrway. Wltb gn-at
preaence of mlnd and wlth the eourat* born of
deapalr. Mrs. Johnaon took her llttle ones In her |
arma and made her way to the roof of the ad- j
Joinlng hou!??. Phe and the ehildren were al- ?
most oyeroome. but were otherwlse unharmed. j
All the other unproterted women and ehildren j
ln the house ran to the front wladowi and
added thelr shrleks to the shouts of the crowd
that had already gathered and was powerless to
ald thetn.
When tbe shouts of th? palaten alarmed Pa
trolman DatObfT he ran into th-> hallway. The
emoke was aaeeadlnc in mtffoeatlng rolorae* j
He aelzed Toin and Frank in his anr.v Hls wlf
at hls direotion plcked up Um bal t frf>m hls
eradle. and Deacher. ealllng OPOO llttle Mamle
to follow. Htart-->d downstairs. The sirmke ?a?
?t dense that Deacher and his wlfa had to fe^l
their way dowp the tWO flitr.its of italn 10 the ;
Btreet, hut they Kot down lafely -.viih ttn-ir ehil?
dren in thdr arms, althougb almoal luffooated.
When th^y reacbed tbe aldewalh thejf leohed
behind for Maniic. l.ut abe was nol to b? aeen. '
The flames had now ?etxed up n the utairway,
but Deacher was nol deterred by th<- danger.
He ruahed into the hallwaj and made hls way
to the foot of the stalis. Tha flames were al?out
and ahove him, he was rapidlj belng iUffocated
by the hot smoke <\r,'\ he could be aeeu from the
Btreet, re<ling as If gbOUt to fall
Just tben two men, wboae names are not
known, rushed into the hall and ha!f dragged the
policman out ol the bouae. He wai badly
burned, but he still crled ln heart-rending ao
rents for hia chlld. His nrlfe, wlth th>; other
ehildren. were taken to a belghborlng hous ? in a
faintiriK eondltl< n.
MeaawhUe a paperhanger, Man le, reached the
fOOflU of Mrn. Roblnaon on the fourth floor, and
found her with her Infant ln nuch a fright?i<-d
condltion that ihe ?as unable to move. To us?
the ?tairway had now beoome Impoanlble, ao
Mande placed Mrs Robinaon and her baby on
the dumbwaiter ar d let them carefully d< w.i to
the cellar, wbence escape wae eaay at tha time.
Mande then drew uji the dumb waiter and let
himseif down. l.ut when he rearhed the eeiiar ho
found that he wa? cut off by Bre and fonoke. He
thcn ralsed hbnaelf to tha Hral floor. throug:i
whlch he made his way to the rear wlndow, out
?f which he ftunped aithoul Injury.
Whlle thege ncttlng ecenea were ln progre^n.
Detectlre Bdward r;a:inRher. of the West One
hundr*d-aad-twenty-flfth-al statlon. arrlved on
th? seene. Women and ehildren wer" shrleklng
at the wlndows. tad ;hev were ln dlr? nerll. Mr^.
Pratty was a' a wlndow Of the fourth floor. hold
!ng her baby In her arms Oall gher*a mlnd wu*
made up In an lnstant He rushed \ijistairp to
the fourth flat of the adjacent house. and sooji
rearhed a Wlndow wlthlr s'x feet of that whe ??
Mrs Prattv was shrleklng for help.
RRAVI ItlUm AT work.
A Pwede, whoae name ls unknown, followed
Oallasrher and asalnted hlm. ( llagher cllmbed
out of the wlndow and. standlng on the ledge of
the wlndow below, flrst took the baby from Mrs.
Pratty's arma and handed it to the f'wede. and
then. by maln atrength. lifted Mrs. Pratty from
h*r window and pfaead her In the window at
whlch he stood. the Bwede lifting l.r Into the
houae. ffallagher then rushed downstalr* nnd,
welng that Mrs Walsh, Mrs. Fagan and Mlss
^'alsh. three other tenants, were still at the wln?
dow of thelr flat on the second floor. he ran to a
wlndow on the second floor Of the adjolning
house on the east sld<-. and, wlth the hetp of the
brave Swede, reacued them ln the aame manner
as h" had regCUed Mrs. Pratty
When the flre was dlacovered nn alarm
was Bent out from the ?fgnal-bog at Am
aterdam-ave. and One-hundred-and-twenty
flfth-st., and elght rnlnutes later a atfeond alarm
waa aent out. hrlnglng rlx gngtocai and two BOOk
and ladder trucks to the m ene. The firemen
worked wlthgreat vlgor, butlt was rrore than an
hour before the "flames were extingulshed, and
bjr that llme eyery floor of the house had been
wrecked and the futnlture destroyed.
Aa aoon aa posslble after the firemen arrlvel
on the scene an ambulnnce was summoned
from the Manhattan Hospital, and Surgeon !>?
W-ald. who arrivod wlth It. attended to both
Strlcker, the palnter, and Patrolman Deacher.
Strleker was taken to the hoapltal, but Deacher
refused to go. and had UU burnt. treated on
the epot.
Aa aoon as It waa safe, the firemen entered
the bullding and fo-ind the body of llttle Mamle
Deacher lylng on the floor In the dining-room
of the flat. Bhe had evldently been auffneated
before ahe could get out of the room to follow
ber parenta The body, whlch waa bad'y
htirned, waa removed to the Weat One-hun
dred-and-twenty-flfth-st. station In the patrol
Thrn a searoh of the entlre hous; waa made,
aa H wa* reported that there had been other
vlctims of the fiames hut no bodtea were found.
and aoon afterward Jt nas announced that all
who had been in the boUM had been arcounted
for. Mrs. Pratty recelved alicht burn* on the
hand. DwtOCtlve Gallagher WM sllghtly ?OOfChed
on the faoe and handa, and It was said that
another of the palnters was somewhat burned.
It was reported that OM of the palntera had
cnused the exploslon and flm by carelossly
throwlng a matrh Into a ean of turpentine. bttt
the report could not be verifird. The damage
to the buildinp. which Is insurod. amounts tO
about 16.000, while the loss on the fnrniture
of the tennnts is fully .*r.,(MM). The tenants aro
sald to be insured. There \v?-> a flre in thls
same house on Christmns eve ln 1H8. It was
causetl by a llphted Ohrlstmns tr>-e. and a
woman and rhild were btirned to death.
The pale that blew In on the elty before dnwn
ycstcrday was the most severe that the elty nnd
the nUTOOndlng oountry h:;v- exp.rlcnced slnce the
storms of Reptembci sent thf shattcred and broken
refupe.-s from the fury of llM sea dilftln* into
thls hiirhor. The most danfjcrons fenture of the
storm was the faot that It blew dlrectlv on shore,
thus plactng In fc'reat danuer those shlp? which
were n<-nr the coast. bttt wer<> unabie to ?et Into
the harbor before the wlnd str.irk them.
In thls clty the st(im dld not leaeh Its most
violon: polnt untl! afternoon. Early In the morn
Ing jeople on thelr way to bualncss felt the enVrts
of llM wln.l. hut t))." rpecd and foree of the gale
increascd as the mornln* wore on. and Just before
noon it was blowtnu over tho Xorth Rlver at the
rate of forty-elt?ht mlles for every sixty mln-ites.
It <li<l not stop there. howevnr. but oontlnued to
Increase Its sp ?? ?! untll it was travcblnK flfty-slx
mil.-s an hour. People WbO #ere nnfortunat.
enouKti to be oblljred to be about the strcets g..t
ainnc wlth anythlng but rnmfort.
Tn splte of the bich wln.l the teb-craph an<l tele
phone companie* r. porte.i that th.ir i>u*in.-ss was
not interfered wlth to any greai <*xtent.
Th<> water whlch w.* backed up into Uie harbor
by the gale made the mornlm tkle unueuelly hlgn.
Ollnra ln BoMh nnd R'?l att were Booded an.i in
^mr dl?trlrt? th. sen water overflowed the atreeta
The ferrvboat- at the hetKht of the tlde ?? r>
raieed ao much above thelr landinsrs thnt it was
ItnpOMlble to tak< t.ams aboar.l. and some COOgea
tfon of traffl^ r.'?ultP<1 . .
The storm w.is . ntral la-t erenltlC OIW I-ake
Huron but wa* pa??lng .>ff to the north'^K.. The
Weather Hurof.u at ? lat*- ho-ir sal.l that there
would be llttle wlnd t..-.lay. l>ot that ln \h" morn
ini? tn*re miKit bi more ra?n. <>r possibly enow. ln
vi-w of the expeeted drop ln temperatore. <1!.-ar
Ing and oolder weathef will folluw.
Ceney Island h.?d another taatt ye?t.-r!iv of wlnd
? ? 6 tea A'.thc.iRh the storm was not ?? MVere u
the reeen: on.-. wher^of :?ip otdeai labaMtani knew
?not lt? eqoal. yet l*. rai.?ed consi'.'rahle apprehentl m
In th<> mlr.^? of the MMlde d#ellere, and eaoeed
IOOM danag*. Th.- ios? mlicht have l>e<>n ron?M
frahlo h.i.l I: not been fof the tact that the storm
Of a few weeki aso swept away abou: everythlag
moral Ic In s.^h:.
'n- tide wa? itattsoally hich yeeterday nomtai
OWlBg to tht Wcl tha> the wlnd was KowinK direetly
on ahora it roae m hlgti lhal the Conoooree waa
floodt l nnd the water Invaded the noulevard. Along
the Wt*t Blighton fror.t the water rolled In wlth
terrifie foree, breaktng agalaal the pii'.nns of th*
various batblng-hotwei and pavlllor.s and n; ; ??
away a ?. w loOM boarda The lake formed by the
laai itorn betweea Bea Breeae-aTt. and th- itriifhron
recetrack ?i> .ie.^.:. BUed. The Brlgbtoa racetraek
arlll probabiy noi be lajufi i. The new <llke which
baa hten bull! there ln the last two ereeka on the
octan tiiic threate.'iKl to give way in tho mornina.
but m?n were at o.ice set to work r*palrlr.? It ao
?ha: the riith* 08* would not br?ak throuifh and
?galfl flOOd lh< track. At 1 o'elock the tide. which
ihou'.d hava been four houra out. waa aa hlah aa
iu.-. oedlnaty hlgn tide. The wir.'l eontinued to blow
at a furloua raie, throwtag Up glaBI wavea a.l along
ihe ihore. Ai Maahattaii Beacb tbe aravaa Jaaiu-d
over tha beavy hulkheaJs, throw'.r.x tona of ?a:er
over the lawaa Coaey l>.?nl Creek ?*** oblnerated,
th>- ttrritory alor..< ;):? aaeadowa formlng <joa Mg
iait.-, ex:.-r..!ln? a m'.ie norin of th<- cre-k
1. w..^ -xp.- -I laai nlgbi lhal 'h? wlnd and hiejh
tlda would complete the wri a o( BekH'a muaic
pavl'.loa and a few of th.- atructurea on the bcach
v.n..h w.thstood the laai atorm. Tha o,-.-,.n Hotel
wa? eonaldercd lo ba ln ihe ireateai daaaer. Tne
aravea were daahlng about It. ihreatenlna lo lear
away tba underplnnlnga. LucafMy. howet'er, th? foi
of ?.!? ?ir..l llmlnlah. l aomewhai In th>- evenl ^. n ?
ao far aa :- Itnown tbe i!.""i?;. r waa avertt I. C
[alandera w.r.. bowever, ^ ika moal ??
araltlng :?? aee what new a ktch tha alementi nould
inak. upon tlnir beleaguered laland.
Tbe str.rm yeaterdajr oanacid mu'ii damage on
tha Oreat Bouth Bay, and araong aouth aide vii
!;i?.- many gunnlng parttea after wlld du^k^ wera
caught i>y the s'oim and had greal dlflleulty ln
rearhlng abore. At Babyloti tha tlda roae to
auch a nolg il aa to aubaterga a numi.fr of yarda
and flool the roadj naar tbe wharf At P*reepon
a number of boata were earrtad away from thelr
moonngi and battorad to pieeaa agalaal th.; |iiers.
a- Wre.-k Lead where the .,ew Long Bea. ii
hrldge Is beltiK ron?triK-:er1. the water earrled
away .'. portloii of ihe frameworfc and alao wi
away a atreti h ?f the rallrn;,,i iraek The full r\
tent'of ilamai?.- by the storm h?s not yet Incti
reported, but ii la itnown to be extenalre.
Klngston. N. Y.. Nov. ',. -A Btoady downpour of
raln for twenty-four boura has ralaad the Eaopua
and Bondout croeka so that tha watot la ir. inj
feat over th.ir banka At Hlgglnavllle an.l Mut<
tuu Hollow tha water from the Eaopua coyera
the roadwaya and tha lowlanda look iik-- a s.a
A dosen oowa were drowned In \\\* town of Uleter
an.! thooaanda of foat of lumbor ar.- balng ear?
ri.-.t down th-- atream. At Ponckhoctle the atree a
aic oovered wim water and the reoldenta are
compelled to uaa rowboaia to rea.'h thelr homes.
There i? a Ueavy freahat ln the Ht-dson Riv r.
Mrs. Klizaheth Nol.in. thlrty-nlne years old, dled
?uddanly on MOOtday nlKht al her home, No. 2?i
Kast For'y-flr?t-st , and the fireumstanees of her
death are Hlngubir enough to make the Coro.ier
thlnk it proper to order an autopsy.
IHehaal Holan, the woman's hustiand. In apea.t
in* of hls wlfe's taklna off. sald to a reporter laai
nlRht: "Mrs. Marle Chrone, who had been Uasta*8
brldesmaid. died two weeks agO, and afterward
mv wife aetod Btraagaly. ?s i reaaoaabor n.?w. sti->
atartad jp fraaa her alaap severai tlmes ev.?.y
nlghl and rrled out. 'Marle, I'aa koIhk to you.' 8he
was much attaobed to Mrs. Ckroat. On Monday
her aOttoni \<>r;\uv stlll more peeuliar. She mani
f,..sted an Intenae Intatwat ln th- etectton. Mlke.'
she sald to me. 'do you thlnk Mr. liryan wlll wlu?'
i am not mu.h of a polltlelan nyaelf. hut l nl
ways vote th* atralght Deaaocratk tlcket -i dort
know UuaJe.' aaid I. 'but l i-.ji* so.' fnppoae.'
she sald. 'we pray for a victory. I'm sur<- Ood
wlll hear u?.' I ealled all the chlldren Into the
parlor and we offered up paters and aves for a
full hour ao that Mr. Hryan would he aloetad
I'resldent. We also prayed s-veral tlmes In the
nlKht. In the momlng. after breakfaat. my wlfe
thOWght ahe would do the washlns and was get
tlnK ready when ahe fjot IlKht in the hea<l and
sarik into a chalr. 'I can't aee.' she crled. 'and I
feel so funny Mlke, I thlnk I am aolrg to dle
I have recelved warnlng; I am golng to Join
"I ptit her Into bed," contlnued Nolan. after a
Horrowful pause. "and dld what I could for her, hut
she romplalned of a tlKl'tr.eaa In the cheat and
miffenlnK I" the Blde. and I aent for Dr. Fogarty.
Whlle waltlng for the doctor ahe sat up In the l.e.l
'Mlke,' ahe aj?k^d. 'what are the people ahoutliiK
for'.' Is McKlnley elected?' She dled at 10 o'cloek
that nUlit" . .. ?, ., , _. . . ,
?jr r> A Fogarty. of No. 231 Kast Thlrty-nlnth
st who hnd attended Mra. Nolan, aaya that he
does not see anyihing alngular about the case, hut
Coroner's l'hvalclan O'Manlon U of a dlfferent
oplnlori I>r oHanlon aald last nlght: "On enter
Ina tha Nolan apartmenta I found a powerful odor
of IllumlnatlnB K"s pacvadlng tha atmosphere. I
want to know hOW that odor canle there, and I
shall eertalnly make an autopay." Nelghbors >tl\
the Notaoa a tooi character. and aay lhat Mlehaal
Nolan Is a hard-worklng. respectable man.
A remarkable vlntage for quallty aa weli aa nat
ural dryness. wlthout belng heavy. now ahipped to
thto aaarkai. la U. H. Mumm'o Batra Dry.-(Advt.
NEGROES ATTACKBD and severki.y reaten in
th?: argtaaixa taiixaxi f.o ajuibd to puo
Lexington. Ky.. Nov. .".?The best cltlzens of
Lezfngton are biaming Benatot Blackburn for
the numerous deeds of violence committed In
thls clty since he made hls Incendlary speech
here last night. Th ? rloting began withln a few
minutes after he qult speaklnst, and it has con
tinued at intervals ever slnce. "Sam" Nelson,
a cotored man, was knocked down and badly
heaten and his scalp lald open by a blow wlth
a club. John Taylor, another oid negro, was
knocked down. klcked severely and beaten al
most to Insenslblllty, when County Attorney |
Allen rescned hlm from the mob. He says he
Wtll prosecute the men who assaulted Taylor.
"Bob" Raiaor was attacked by the ?flvertte* in
Maln-st. I.lke the other negroes, he tlied to get
away, but the men caught hlm and beat hlm
The news soon spread that it was unsafe for a
negro to be seen on the streets, and they hid ln
alleys and doorwaya, trylng to keep out of the
way of the rlotera All the dlsturbers were
armed. and mnny shots were flred, but the bul
lets did no damage except frljihtenlng the peo
ple who were obllged to be on the streets.
The well-known archltect, H. W Aldenberg, I
was assaulted by James Owens. a sllver man,
and badly benten. To-day Owens and James
Applegate went to AldenberK's offlce ln aearch
of hls partner. James Scott. a Republlcan.
Pcott had had trouble wlth them on Electtofl
Day. They did not flnd hlm. but they rame bnck
later. and Scotr retreated out of'the ba<-k door
of his offlce and locked the doOT. Owens and
Applegate broke tbe door down and amaahed a
wlndow. Scott then sought he cellar and burre.J
the door. Beiag unable to effed an cntrance
to the cellar. Scott'a enemles left the puVCC.
They told the offlce boy, BO Bcotl says. that they
would kill hlm lf they had to wall and ahool
hlm as he went hotne Upon hoarlnK thls Bcott
hei i a conaultatlon wlth hla frlenda, who ad
rlaed hlm to awear oul warranta for Owena and
Applegate. This was dOne, and they were pUt
under bonda tw keep the peace.
The rlotera laal niKiu beld up a atreetcar and
forced the motorman to leare it. U<- look his
Itartlng lever Wlth hlm and th- men could not
start the car They flnally left the front plat
form, and the motorman got the car out of thelr
way before they could do any damage.
The pollca aeerned powerleaa or dlaindlned to
?top th- rloting. Only three men were arrested.
and the offlcer who mad< the arr-sts falled to
appear agalnal them this aiternoou ln the city
Court This and th.- loud complalnta of the heal
dtlzena moved Pollca Juatlce Jewell to lecture
th- pollca aeverelj f"r aol maklng more arr.-sts
and for falllng to kee|> the peacc He declared
that ihe acenea m Itneaaed In Lexington withln tbe
last twenty boura weye a dlagrace to the clty, .
and he Inatructed ihe pollcenv n t.. do thelr duty
or he would make thlnga uncomfortable for them
Bhettff Groaa, who la a allver man. aaya he doea
not thlnk i Uh< kburn'a apet ch had anytblng to do
wlth th- dlaorder In Lexington He declared lhal
the people were deaperate on accounl of the
long-continued bard tlmea, and they were dlsap
polnted ?>ver the reaulta of the tlectlon
guinn. a atlrer werher, who was MTaated on
Taaadar for vlolatlng the ?lectlun lnwi, aaaaulted
aereral negroes ln Watcr-at. to-day. b?1 they
resented hls blow a by Jtimplng nn hlm and beat
ing hlm badly. Owtng to the exHtement nearly
every man who has busln??ss on the streets ls
armed. some dtlaena < arrylng two revdvers
They aay It aeema that th? polP-e cannot BfoU I
them and th-; propOM 10 proted theinselves It
ls thls peneral annlng by the cltlxens that makea
so mnny peo;i|. appreiienslve <.f MtIII furtbef
1 troubie
There la much enmlty between the frbmd* of
Colonel Brecklnrtdge and thoae of Rvan Bettle,
? the allYer man who defeated hlm for Congn
Tueaday, and eanaulnary encountera t. ?
them are honrly experted. Th.- Brecklnrtdge
! men assi rt that fraud ?;>s perpetrated ln Owen
County, wfiere Bettle llvea whlle the Mettle peo
ple dedare there ?? u fraud In this and other
Brecklnrldgi countlea The dlftVreneea between
Hie< klnridge and Rettle wlll probaWj he eairled
to the rourta by Rrecklnrldge The pnllce are
carefully patrolllng Ihe clty to-nlght, and at
this bour It looka as if the rloting were or? r.
moors CALLEP tn r i\ iu:!.\\\\nr.
envsr of tmk vcrrn MARXRn tn biothui iw
Wllmlngton, Del., N'ov :. (Bpectal). This haa
b^en return da) in Delaware, and it iias t.i
marked by h'tinK ln Doeer and Wllmlngton.
DemocratJc pollca from this dty were aeni to
Dover to gid the Democrata in throwtng onl R< -
| publlcan votea there, and they accompllahed thelr
i purpoa*. At the eourtbouae bere th.- boodluma
i are in charge and there were aereral ngbta
| Republlcan rotea are belng counted out by the
hundred at midnlgtit. The mllltla w.r- called
< ul and aoldlera are ruehlng to the arntorj from
all parts ,f th.- < ity Adjutant-Oeneral iiarts
denlea that the men wlll be seMt oul of the clty,
i.ut says thal they wlll he kept at th.- armory t^>
keep the arms and animunltlon from the mob.
? ?
MOttB KEYEXl i: TIIF. FIR8T TI11\<i.
Detrett, afteh., Nov. %, ganatet Jaaaea MeMtllaa,
ln an inti rview to-dar, aald that tha Brat thinn to
h. dona after MrKinie., is inagurated and the aew
Congreaa eo^*ea ln wlll be to derlae aaeana for ln
ereaatag ?.he revrnue and pladng the Treaaurj on a
l.ttter hasls. "Any legtalatlon as to the money of
the eouni.v Wlll have to walt upon that," he aald.
"The only thli.R to ne done ls to ke.-jt th?- mon. y
as ko d as ll s now. and to formulate foni' pbifl
for prwreatlrg the petlodleal outiiow of geM, That
is reaiiy ti-o weai. *\>o\, in our preaent Baanetal
system-wh.it Mr. Carllsle has ealled the endless
chaln 8. nie seheme to shut that off -th. eancel
latlon ^f th.- ireenbacka or som- other plan?muat
ba pul into operatlon."
Asked uheiher he thotiKht the new Admlnlstra
tloii wouid nnke an) .fTor' to l.rinK nl?oul the
aatabltahmeni of internatlonal bbnetalliam, Bena
tor McMillan sald: "No. I d<> not anttdpate any
thinK of the 'A ml. As I sa|<| hefor. , the mone) W?
have now li all ri^'ht .n.l tha ayatem aatlafactory
c acepl for 'he ocrn-,l(^nal draln of gold, WnlCB
rrvaift pdn-c condltlona."
uom: MSUlssM.s FROM thi: TBEA8VRJ
Tlii'-SK i!i:.Mi>VKi> i!^ BfecmTART CARUgtA
Waahlngton. Nov. t.--Kurther dismlssals were
made ln the Treasury to-<lay by Becretaiy <'ar
iisie, ig foiiows- jiniKe \v. n. nemlng, of Ken<
tueky, iaw alerkla the fM^erruung arehlteet'a of
ftoo, :"i appotatee of lenator Blaekburn: Mlaa fctln
nla MeMiii.ui. of Kentucky, a derh ln tbeofllca of
the Bupervialng Anhiie-t. an appplntee of .?senator
Blackburn; Thomaa K. Adateia, of Mo?Una. ageni
,lt the 8ea' laUnda, Alaaka. a nephew of Mrs.
lilarkhurrr 'V. R. Ryan. of Rew-Tork, a clerk ln
tha Thlnl Audltor-s ofll.e, and latj I >? WOcratic <an
rdit. for ? otiK'ress ln the Roctwater (N. V) dis
trlc" ind t M. Leacb, of North Caroltna, a m.-s
ienaer ln tha Intemal Rerenua liureau. who re
.ently c-ltlclsed PoatmaateT-Oeaoral Wllson ln a
oewapaper letter ,.
Ati.irnev-C.eneral Hnrmon haa removed James II.
Coud. Aaalaunt* Unlted Btalee DUtrtct-Attorney
for West Vir.;lnla. Mr. Couch was an unauoceaa
ful randlda'e for offle- in the r.nt electlen ln
h,t si t. .n th, Dennawatlc tlcket. and 4*-ilned
to rejlKP *U offlce or relln.juish hls . andlda.y.
Albany. Nov. S.? Bupfrintendent flklnner. of
he rtta:? DepartateaJ of Public ln?tructlon. h.i? an
lounced that aaaahtBtkMM Of t?acher* under the
unlform lyauai for is?T wCI btgla on the day? nam<d
talOW and cor.tiniif for two daya, except tho.<e for
;rainln? claes eertMteatee, whlch will conttnue for
vir. ?? d*y? The da'.e* of examlnatlona are: Klrtt
?''rade, M*reh 4 and Auau-st 12: tralnlng clawea. Jan
aarv JO and June ?: ?econJ aad thlrd grade^Jan
tary 14. Marrh 4, Aprll O. June S. Auguat 12 and
Japteaber 24
The fnllowlniy teh-pram waa rccdved by Mar
cus A. Hanna from Major McKinley last nlght:
Canton, ohio, Nov. 5.
HOft M A. Hanna. N'ew-York
Vour telegrapblc messaK.- announolnff the re
sult of the election has b.-.-n recelved. I beg
you to acrept mv h.-atty thanks for your great
?ervtcea li: thd cause of aound money nnd pro
tectlon thromjhout the catnpalfn now eloaed and
gtorlt ualy won. Th.-y wre ni.st Keneroua and
effectlve, nnd will raoafva the warm approbn
tion of your countrytnen evaiywhBTB. I wlll be
pleaaed to hava you <-. tivay to your assodatea
of the Natlonal Conimittee my hiKh apprecla
tlon of thelr eflVlent aorvlcaa. The people in
thelr majesty, lunorlng pnrty lines. have de
rlared thelr detcatattofl of reimdlation and dls
hottor In whntever ?peetoui fUtaB thojr may be
prastatad Thay have wlth the sarre mlKhty
power afflrmed thate darothw to law and order
and thelr undevlatlng rtaptCl (?r Justlce and
the courts.
They have malntalned thelr unfaltering d?
tertnlnatlon to aupport ar.d Bphold the constl
tuted authoritlea of the eoontry, and have
ther.-by glver. new ylgftf and strenRth to otir
frta iBtUtutlana. Thay have. Indeod. agaln don
necratcd tbemael'vea to country and baptlaed the
rherlahad ordlnancaa of frea iwrernmont wlth
? new and holv patriotlam. Tho vidory Is not
to party OT s.-ctlon. but of and for the whole
Ameriian people.
Not the l.-ast of the trlumphs of the election
is'the oblltetmtlon of pectloaal llnaa ln the Ra
publlc we have datnonatratad to the worM
that WO are a reiinlfd paopla ln purp.-se as In
naoM w- have manlfeated In the Kr.-at caus.
th.- ndrlt of fi.iternlty and brotherbood that
ahould atwaya chtracterize o-ir oomfBOfl and
eqoal dttaanahlp, and have proven conclualvaly
that ln a country of aqual prlvllagaa and equal
opport.mltles the IPsldious doctrlnc of hate. or
of class or sectl-nal OJatlncUooa, cannot pre
I.et ua as Amerlcat.s stralghtway devote our
Mlvaa to the upbulldlng of An.erlca. to the
peace, honor and Rlory -f our con-.n on country.
I'nrtv dlssenslons should no kmfBf dlvld- 01
?,,-k the pabllc mlnd. n..r the teeJ or temp.r
of Hther side deter any citi/.-n from patriotic
.l.-v-fion to the gOOd 0* all.
? -
MoatpaHer, v-.. Noi I -Aa uouauatty ^" ****
beVofWII. were prereatedla tha UfWatureto^day.
.. betBB tha laai day ln which they eould be ad
th, m\ ,. , Pal "?*'??? t0 wom"n> bul
?? leVedaen. lo Majaf MeJClakw
. ,. gratul nl ?? hlm u| o hla ?
Bprtngneld. N.v l-tawtor Joh. M **????
nirh? aMda th- followkia ?Utamanl reK.rding tho
renult of th- ??!?? tioii:
?Tv l..mo. rata who rotad for Mr Hryan at tbe
,?? Hertlon dld aa wif, the anowladga that ba
, ...,,.,i ,he Popullat platforra ?t IBM, u weH aa
ptatform ad Pl I Ii Bl Uula In laM.Tha
j ,,... rac, wll t.v.r aeeb an alllance
Wltl. ,... Popullatl I predlet that Mr. Hrvan. who
v,,,,| f0, \\. ...r Ii. 1-.', wlll ?*?"'" BbandOn the
,.. m . ?:.- nam< Hla candld* f. which ?... an
,x .?.,?. of uare - ?> Ii >? Bo Utllam, waa eaploded
bj the election ?( M( Klnlajf at the kttc election.
? ...,s n-ere dlctated to the Chl
. ,.-;,,? by ?> ci mmtaalon of polltlclana who
w.: ? wlth .at prliu'lpU and onl) aoui ? ?a
,# .... [-u. rl an peopb . la defeated. Demp ;rat?
. ;. ',, ihe Republlcans cal It >
? .... Blao know lhal ihe unllmlted
? | : ,-.,, of II t., i wrlll deprave
.. v??,!.,,,. m ? m an<l prod !???? Inflnlto
;.-f They have!.pted the i.ro the two
I .,,.,,r,.v. ??'. ?? ' ?' that.k th.'
, . .?,,,,- who have voted agahiai Bryan und Alt
,..;,, mM ire Ihe i ee of a depraved
? ?,,, .. nnd ao< ; .1 dlaorui r
yjci: i !i\ii;\i\\ r\)\irs rtOVKEB,
| RBBTnrO "V THE T-iTAt. Of BM BUDcrrotAL
vcnra i-? ?n mmm.i y mcaTKRN ubad.
chicaRo. Nnv. :. VIce-ChalejBan Payna of the
i Repubtlcan Kaflonal CocamUtM waacoBtent to-day
,,, r,s. .,?,? lha total of 2?4 ataetoral rotaa for
Wllllam McKinley. Ha aald ba could have addad
I .-,n(. more as sure for the lT.?|.l.nt-el.-.t. tha; of
; ?ne ,-ie.tor froMi BTyomlng. who is aald to have
?Hppad la a wlnnar baeauaa lha MMdla-o/-tha-Road
1 popullal .i-.-'or had rafuaad to arlthdraw, and iraw
rii a atrength from tha fualon ticket.
Mr Payna aald his adrleaa from Chatraaan Kob
erts of tha K-iitii, k> Cocaaaittaa ??aajrad hlm that
that BUta'l WU would ba for McKinley, hut It
ironld requlre tha ofBetol counl to deterralne what
?i,. majortty waa. Al praoanl Chalrman Roberta
clalmed II by IJOa Thla Htate would glre MeKla
],\ BM eiat loral rob
The follOWlng telegraaa was recelved from Unlted
BUtea Benator Warren, who la chalrman of the
Wyomlng Bepubllcan Con.a?ltfaw:
it.-pui.ii. ans carry elghl countlaa for tbe Natlonal
..i ci.. iicketa <'iie county, aurely Bepubllcan.
n ; heanl n.m Ha"" certalftly one Prealdenttal
... ; l\ lupreme Judge Itata la v-ry cloae
buTreturna recelved Indlcete Ihe election of r.
malnlng iwo elactoraand Con?raaan?an.
Chalrman OOWdy telagraphad from Indlanapolls
to Fxe.-utlve fomtnltte.mai: Durhlu sttckltiR to hls
feuree of last nlghl aa te the Bepubllcan majortty
.., induana 8?.00?-aiid addlnj that Congiwaamen
?iJhiv iar.iv Bulaer and Tracawall were proba.
,'vfc,|.f.'t,u-\. maklng I.**&** '"'V ,t"''11"
,',,,sto four Damoerata, and poth brancbea of tha
,''Mrl'|,'a>rneSdid BORN tUurlng cn the next Senate,
"ewlfwlll have a majorlty for sound money In the
? ' ?i,.r.? wlll be fortvslx Benatora for gold,
fertv-tWo for fr ' allyer and iwo doubtful. tha
doun,t rertlrS? ...? th- LagkUatBrea whlck have just
'".:,''*'',;,!."!,?.-siion of paaatnata tariff bin tado
7 ,.f k free-Bllver ri.i-r there wlll ba forty
"",': for fortv walnal and thr.ouhtful \<-<
;'n? on auch allver Benatora aa Kyle and I annoo
-r,'s^n.nri.yvr:t:r:!:,,'he,I1,,;s, of ,hemo
'? n,:! I?V,irlof i "ca leakedoul al Bepubllcan
r',10.M',' ;;.r' -lav <?. F. Mlelena, who has been
'"';;: :i'';,i the b>nnan Burean. and MIm Klla C.
i i'tpii'..? of M.mphis. who was a ati nographer ln
. ' oartmV. t eloped to Ifllv ukee veatarday
lhal deoartm? ni. " ' , p,r? (;,.ini;,? M.thodlst
RElrSS^kwTnTght Tha huaaorof the epla.? lle.
1 ', i the maniaK- waa conflngent on
,...,.,, of MeKlnl-y. Th.- .oui-le returned to
-\ .mv and recelved a preaeni and oon
gTaWtlon. froin ttS WatWlal fommltteo and
l,l'i!Ior^i'n''.tlv.s of the Chlcagb t..w-Pap.,s and
' o i..?i..ns who have .e.ii engaged In iath
?rhS,;,,';; w <",,;; th.He,,.,Mi..an Na,,,.,,^ Ud.
? .?..rJ alnce the opentnj of the eanjpaUm wlll
"' rVto'nu"rOW? v.T th. I'ennsvlvanl. Rallroad aa
the V. "t" of Chalrman lla....a. w no .l.slr. s to
.. i i. ?nnrecUtlon of llteir good falth and
?;*.? by k vii g a dlnner ln Kew-York, at which
'.I,' r ,rw\ o,,.r m-n who werkad attha N-.w-York
"....rtera wlll be pTeaent. Colonel Perry S.
,...,. uuart.r. ? Publlcatlon Department.
1 l'i ...I , rhiirJe of Ihe party. an.l AMlalan <len
" Pa. ^ AR.nt Bovd of tha Pannaylyanla
i:aiir'.Mi. wiii accaaapany tha party Eaat
CBICAGO tTOCt r.\rn\\(;i: OPBVM.
CMeaga Kav. l.-Tha ChieafS itaeli Bsehaaga was
uopanad ta-day aft-r havlag I.n aUaaad alnce
AiiRUst 3 There waf no exdtaBMBI to the seaslon
an.l everythlng on the llat aold al better than ex
n^cted Dtoaaaad Matao, whlrrf aol.l at 2.22 when the
KZm. ctowd brouahi 130 at Ita lowest polnt
To dav Th' bld nrlce for New-York Blacult to-day
was K. agalr.at 97 on August 3.
Ltncoln. Ncb.. Nov. 5-The flrst lnformatlon that
Penator Jones had conceded the electlon of Mc
Klnley was glven to Mr. Bryan at 8 oVIoek thls
evenlng througb the medlum of a I'nlted Assod
ated rtieeea bulletln. Mr. and Mrs. Bryan were
out watklng when the bulletln was recelved. They
had been lndoors all day. and after supper declded
to take a llttle needed exerclse. Just as the clock
In the library of the Democratlc candldate's cosey
llttle home was strlklng the hour. hushand and
wlfe returned. Mr. Talbott. Mr. Brysn's law
partner, who has Just been elected to the Ne
braaka I.eglslature on the Republlcan tlcket, and
aereral newspaper men were ln the library at the
tlme. Mr. Bryan read the bulletln wlthout show
Ing any slgns of feellng, and remarked as he fln
"111 walt to hear from Senator Jones before sny
lng anythlng "
Then he put on a velvet house Jacket and began
chattlng pleasantly wlth some personal frlends
who were wlth hlm In the parlor. There was noth?
lng of the pathetlc In the scene. Mr. Brynn had
not clunic to the hopes held out to hlm by some of
hls enthuslastlc followers, and was prepared for
the news. Hls wlfe. too. knew that nothlng en
COUraglng was to be expected. Her good nature
came to the fore when she reallzed that the strain
was over. and she laughed and Joked wlth those
abOttl her, whlle Mr. Bryan also chaffed the news?
paper mer- durlng the walt for the offlclal message
from Senator Jones. Half an liour later a tele
graph messenger handed a dfspatch to the defeated
"Von may say," sald he. turnlng to the news?
paper men, after reaJIng the telegram, "that the
eh-.tion of KcKlnley ls conceded. and I wlll issue a
Btataatont to-night."
Then he tat down at the btg oak desk at whlch
l.e works and began wrltlng a message of eongratti
lat(on to hls vlctcrlous opponent. Mrs. Bryan lean
Ing over hls shoulder as hls pencll went over the
paper. Thls was the messr.ge:
The llon. Wllllam McKlnley. Canton. Ohlo.
BenatOT Jonea has Just Infnrme.l me that the re?
turns lndh.it.. vonr electlon. and I hasten to ex
tend my congratulatlona We hare aubiattted tbe
Irauea to the Americau reople. and thelr wlll 19
l.,w. W. J. BRYAN
Mr. Bryan paused only durlng the wrltlng to tell
a htimoroii? story apropos of a remark made by
one of those about hlm. When he had flnished he
handed the dlspatch to a messenger hoy. and then
told another story. There appeared to be nothlng
foreed about the pleasant manner of the young po
Ittlcal leader. He aeerned actually happy that the
straln was over. He told the representatlve of the
L'nlted Aaaoctafed Preaaaa ln the conversatton that
enwed that to-nlsht he WOUM prepare a staiement
to be laaued to the MmetaUleta of the eountry. and
WOUld make lt pnbKo before noon to-morrow, and
not thls evenlng. as he had previotisly sald. Mr.
Bryan said he did not c<re to say anythlng ahout
the reault of the electlon to-nlght. but in response
?o a qtiesfion as to whether he thought McKinley's
electlon waa a hlow to the cause of blmetalllsm he
reaponded: ?
"The rtght has Just commenced."
Mr. Rryan haa refuoaJ to tatk on the gcn
,r.ii e.tlon. aaytag that untll the result was
Bnally declded lt would not l>e proper for hlm to
expreaa an optntoa, bul he gafe out to-day the fol
lowing Interdew on the gftuatJon in Hebraafca:
"The result ln Nebraska ls very gratlfying. We
hava had graal obataetta to overcome. and yet ln
aptte of all tbeoe ofcetaelea, we hara secund a
majortty of in."W or IMM for our rlevtoral tlcket
and have elected the entlre State ticket. and ale >
nt leaat four and prohnMy flve memhers of r'on
grc* out of th- slx. ir.(l have elected a KOod woik
lng malorlty lu boih hrnnehcs of the Degislature.
Tha Democrata. I'o?u!!sts and Silver Republlcana
have worked togeth-r ln perfect lurn.ony. and they
ahare th- rtctory together. The gold etandard
Denrocrata. by cdlualon wlth Republlcan offlcWU,
aecured a place on the ballot as the Democrats
?md decelved a few vot.-rs, but the attempted fraud
w i- ralled to th- attentlon of the voters and the
evli effeots redueed to a rolnimnm. It ls saf. to say
; that almost the entlre Palraer ?ote was caat. be
? ,- the gold Democrats here aa ebewhere, eoted
almost .irTanlmously for the Republlcana I am
,r, ,?! of Nebraska and trateful to the frtenda ln
[hla Btate for thelr loyalty. No cause ever had
more devoted aupportera than the allrer cauaa haa
< m ^Vbraska Havln* control of the legtetatlra
[ n-,ei,i,.rv in thls Btate. we ahould be able to re
i "or, u'-b.lin. law so aa to prevent tha frauda
wh?h hav. been perpetrated under lt. and we
",''/',,;? ,, able to aecure egWetton whlchiwlll
nmteei tl? voters from co.rcior and Intlmidatlolt.
I ??!?? ? peopl. o- Nebraska have cauaa for retolc
I |ng Th5 good effect of our vlcto.y ln thls State
'? wlll be fell for y.ars to .?ome."
- ?
"M<?Nt:v POWBR" IMI> IT.
: Chlcaga. Nov r.-rhairman Jones formally con
ceded thedefeat of Wllliim I Bryan to-nlgbt and
made hls lae? PrealdentUl campalgn statement to
tha aubllc The free-siiver ataadard waa really
lowered lata laal alghl ao far as the electlon of
Ugj |a concerned, when adrleea were recelved at
; headquartera from Weel Vlrglnla, concedlng the
' ,.,.?.., ,..,; Vo;. of that State to McKlnley. but It
1 W is deckh 1 not tO make a pubtte announcement
' of the faet antll to-day. ln the rne.m tlme Oover
I nor Btone arrleed la Chleago from IfJaaourt, in
I response to Senator JOUee'a telegram. The Na
t tlonal i-ommlttee chatrman. tbe (lovernor and
Campalgn Chalrmaa Campau were m eoaference
thls evenlng la the BenatoCa room. and then tho
following statenvnt was glven tO tha press:
The result of the Presldential e|e,-tlon is aypar
' " ,? ,,,.r |,, dOUbt. t has been one of the
X es '"n' tcata that the peopla have been called
L t r?.rnilne ln recent yeara. We have clalmed
V1. i, , m o our advtcea from Btatee that wer?
admmedly ln doubt. in whlch we knew there had
i ',' ' , .' .,,v fr-iuds and from wnlch there were evl
V ,". tm.lerliig wlth ihe returns. lt aeema
* ' f . .n.'.rent that. Mr Bryan. after mak
\)0W,Z moat brilllan eaataalga ln -he htotory of
",R ,hr.,?rv h' s ? arrled mOBl of the States clalmed
,?"r('" .ViMftil b has not carrled enough to *+
to he ? ? ' ^ " th,. Eip,.toral College. Itryan
Si2.?? i ve beeni choaan ln all the gutea aouth
' Fe'fi Votom.c and ohlo. except Weat Virgln.a.
! "f i,h''.i M ^ weal Of the Mlssourl. except Call
i'"'1 ,2 ,?,i Orwron He has 190 elector.l votes. and
: fornls andjWW"- b? ,? reaaed by final returns
I this number maj ,lU?,!lnM
I r??mi. Mmarkable campalgn clo^es wlth the electlon
I Avrti.m McKlnley. The reeull was brought ahom
Of WUItaB lg?w (.,,)f.ri.i?I1 and Intlmldatlon on the
v.,' ,"t hJ? monev power, Includlng threats of lock
p.*.ri?-nd diamlasali and Impendlng atarvatlon: by
I ?l . Mnniovment of hy far the '.argest campalgn fund
S.r ^r'd Tn :hts eountry and hy the aubornaUon
of a large portlon of the Amerlcan press. The Presi
i . ??,.. ard his partT are under p.e.lge to ihe
' a?irieaji neople to contlnue the gold itandard and
i\ Ita ooeratlon to restore prosperl-y to this .?oaif.ry.
yal PhW Bxecutfve. Mr. McKlnley wlll have the
cnnll-il auoDOrt of the mllllons of patrlotlc Amerlcans
A ,v' ?i<t thelr VOtai for Wir.iam J-nnings
Rrvaai They bow to the m.ijesty of the offlce and
I ,.ti'i.. h\ the reeult wlth none of the mutteringa tha:
I would have eome fom the money power h ?d lt been
unaueeeaaful They are conflden: the gold aUndard
I .ii,n,,t irive the promlsed pro?perlty, but wlll gUdly
welcom" U if lt ome.. They wlll cor;t;nue the
mat itruxgle for the upllftlng of humanlty and to
? he' matntenance o? the illgnlty of our eountry ln
the e?t ilV'shmeni of an Amerlcan monetary *y?tem.
\nd the Democratlc party aided hy Ita present
?! i.s wlll stlll upllft the blmetanic standard and
.' r II on to vlVtorv. JVMKS K. JONKS.
' Chatrman Democratlc Natlonal Commlttee.
Senator Jones and hls famlly. exceptlng hls son
KimhrotiKh wlll s:art for thelr Arkanws home tp
rnnrraw m.lrnlng. his ?on remalnlng to wind up the
rn r< lt headquartera. Nailonal Commltteemen
lahmion Walah and (Mmpan wi:i depart for thelr
honis hv the end of the w*ek. when th-re wlll be
nothlng left of both Repub'.lcin and Democratlc
headquartera but a memory.
Chleago. Nov. 5.?An afternoon paper says:
Br W. l,ewls Tallman, one of the best-known
pbyatctaaa ln ChleagO, has been mlsjlng si.nce a week
ago yesterday. Tereita Dean Tallman. wlfe of the
mlsslng doctor, ls ne-rly prostrated over her hua
baad'a illianpaaranrt and thls afttrnoon applled 10
the BO*.lee for aaalataana in locatlng her husband.
The Doilce say that thrrr ls a woman in the ca*e,
.ind idlaaa that she U a Mrs. Cannon, of Danvllle.
II \lrs Tallman was seen thls afternoon and wa*
I iur'tant ln speaklng about the matter. flhe sald
her hu-band was In I'hlcago lasi nlght and that he
? ft ear y la the evenlng wlth Mra. Cannon. "Mra.
Cinnon la the dlvorced aife of OrvIKe rdnnon, of
Danvllle" sall Mrs. Tallman. "She haa been llvlng
a- the Qreal Morthern Hotel some tlme ard my hu.<
hand bacaaM acqualntad wlth her. A few week*
Hiro Mrs. Canuoa. whlle dnving. ran over a child
and detactlvea have atnea hounJed her. 8he askrd
"he doctor to asalst her. and he promlaed to do
ao, and wlth her haa been dodglng deiectivea for
*?nre Tal'man la house phyalclan of the Oreat North
ern Hotel, and hls wlfe la known In newapaper cjr
c>a "? "Tereaa Dean." Dr. Tallman waa bora In
The news recelved yesterday aa to tha reault
of the election for Prealdent on Tueaday makea
necessary only one change In The Trlbune's tabla
of the electoral vote. Wyomlng goes from tha
Bryan column to the doubtful column, and thua
reduces to 1H7 the number of votea conceded to
the Demoeratle <andldate. South Dakota re
mains a doubtfu: State, the returna Indlcatlng
that the plurality wlll not be more than 600
elther way. The count In Kentucky la almoat
completed, and Majo- MeKln.ey Is-in the lead bp
nearly 1.000 votes.
The wbflta number of electoral votea which
seem certaln to go to McKinley Is 273. Later ra
ports show that hls plurality' has Increaaed
largely in Indlana, Minnesota. Pennsylvanla and
Wisconsln. ln thls State hls plurality. wlth a
few dlstrlets misslner, is ?J05.243.
The maln Incident of the day In the Popocratlo
camp waa the concession by both Mr. Bryan and
Senator Jones. chalrman of the Demoeratle Na
tior.al Commltteo, of McKlnley'a election.
Californla. B Ncw Hampshire. 4
Connectlcut. 6 Nevv-Jersey .10
Delaware . 3 New-York .36
IUInols .24 North Dakota . 3
Indlana .15 Ohio .13
Iowa .13 Gregon . 4
Kentueky .13 Pennsylvanla .32
Maine . 6 Khode Ialand . 4
Maryland . 8 Vermont. 4
Massachusetts.15 West Vlrglnla. O
Mlchlgan .14 Wisconal.i .12
Minnesota . 0 JTZZ
Alabjma .UNebraska . 8
Arka:;sas . 8 N'vada . 3
Colorado . 4 North Carollna.11
Klori.la . 4 South Carollna .... 9
(leon-'ia .13 Tennessee .12
Idaho . 3 Texas.15
Kansas .10 Utah . 3
Louisiana . 8 Vlnjlnla .12
Misslsalppl . 9 Washington . 4
Mias >url .17 -
Montana. 3 ?
Total .18T
South Dakota. 4
Wyoming .
Total . 7
Electoral votes for McKinley.273
Electoral votes for Bryan.187
In doubt . ?
Total .**J
Necessary to a cholce.'..334
Harrl-; CVva-l Me- I
aon. | lan<1. ! Klnley Bryaa.
32.I07.; 33.OH0
40,930'.? 2B.O0O
144! 3.B001.
>lt.!M4. 1W.0BB
5.370 M.143;.
4!* 2.000 ,.
?.??'.i Maj
si.iwi. is.?>o
?i.u2i . nooo
24,003 'iso.ooo,.
7.14" 22.178
. *S.SfJ
. 4.1.1WJ' 1.000,
fil.:j.-^?,., 38.00B
Ahabaaaa ??
Calirornla .
C .lorado ..,
Dctaarare ..
Kionda ....
<?-orKia ....
l.ili" .
UlinoW ....
Kaaaaai .. --?. *????'? ,9<kw
1- 'li' lana .........
Matn. . H.?7it.I to.onoj
Uarvland ""...'. 21.1?)| ?2.29l|.
Maaaarhuaatta . 2rt.noi,. ?g']|S.
Mtehlcan . 20.4t2 . 23.000,.
wSSSX* :.t "?H'iBla.i eSBYmM
Iflaaiaslnnt .'.? 5M."M. j?i.u>w
M'.-ur'11.::::::::: :::::.i... ,.. ?.?<?. ?mj*
Nebnaka.; ABBM ....-.I ??*?
Kava.U .I., ?4.4.VJ .I S.OUO
Kaw^Haaapablri .j *?Thaaiai?BlBa .
N^ciUin* :::::::::? &w ? ?"?,,??.??
K..rth Dakota . ??. "*/ 3.000'.
North Pak a . ., .^ Km,.
o?;'m............! ?037. .tooo.
iWlreala .IW.747. ?.gj.
Rboda Ialand .1 2.8.1. [????^ *?'?'
South Cnrnllna
uth '
41.347.1 SR.O0B
K?S.iS^ ?:::::::::::.|..^ "&& v.v.v.: r?Mtt
i""! ...'. laa.aao'.; ts.ooo
,., ;5 . .'. . .I ro.ooj
Vermont' '."'.''.'.. . 21,887 . 41.000 ...^.
WuMnataa ...... . ?.??. .I ?.00f
\v. "\"r?tnla . !?"? 1*000 .
U'uimln> . '?'2.
I/iqlavllle. Ky., Nov. ft.-McKinley haa 057 plu?
rality ln the State. - I h elght preclncta mlaalng.
Secretary Carllsle la belng pushed for Unlted
States Senator. desplte the fact that t'i Renubll
t?na have seventy 'otes, or enough to elect on
Jolnt ballot of the Legislature. A dlspatch from
Frankfort says Blackburn's supporters thlnk
I they have dlseovered a way to prevent the elec?
1 tion of a Republloan Senator. Judge Lelberth, o?
j Covlngton, who was a member of the laat Legla
i lature, haa aocepted the offloe of Chlef of Pollca
] of Covlngton. They say that thls InvalldateB hls
aeat In the Leglsiature, which he dld not realgn,
and to which It Is r Kline (Rep). waa elected
at the recent election. wlthout a snecial election
havlng been called by Oovernor Brad' y. aa was
the caae ln other dUtrlcta where there were va
ABOUT 5.000.
Fargo, N. D.. Nov. f??It is only a o.uestlon of
majorlties In thls State now, a vlctoYy belnf
aasured for McKinley. It Is thought hla plu?
rality wlll ?>e at leasJ .\000. Caas Oounty. Ib
iludlng the city of Fargo. givea McKinley about
1 S00. Few returns ha\e been received from thB
State to-day. The Ret>ubllcan State tlcket af
elected by a large majorlty.
Elght hundred out of 1.311 preclrctB recelved
glve McKinley 8,800 plurality.
Ban Franclsco. Nov. 5 (Speclal).-Countlaa
which cannot be reached by telegraph prevent
glvlng complete returna of Callfornla'a vota, but
the best eatlmat.-s make McKlnley'a plurality
between 3,000 and 4.1HW. It wlll not ba OVBP
4.(KK), and good Judgea thlnk It wlll ba about
3.500. The contest was cloae, and the fallure o<
Snn Franclsco to glve any conalderabla majorlty
for McKinley dlsappolnted tha Republlcana.
Alameda County. however. aaved tha Stata bp
plllng up 5.200 majorlty for McKinley. ThB
Congreaslonal reeult U atill ln doubt aa con>
plete returna are not ln for the Vlth and VIItBt
dlatrlcta, and the contest ln both is ao eloaa that
full ftgurea are needed to declde. Bowera, Ra
publ'can. la probably aucceaaful ln the Vllth, as
he la 250 votea abead of Caatle, and tha mlaalng
preclncta are Republlcan. In the VlthlicLBCh
lan. Republlcan. la allgbtly s?aad, 308 out af
310 preclncts glvlng hlm 22.012 to 22.844 fBr
Barlow, but the mlssina; preclncts are bellavad
to favor Barlow. If thay d5, tha delegatlou wlO
stand: Ist, Barham, Republlcan; Ild. Davrlaa,
Damocrat and Popullat; Illd, HUborn. Repub

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