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\ I
V?fcr_Vl....Na 18,2.55.
jyprSTUTFS ..r.vivixo AI.I. ovf.r TIIE !
Vaplcal is lhe word todeacrlba tho cfi'ect of the
.iKtion on the general bnslneaa Intereata (.f the
.,-(.,- induatrlea all over tbe country thnt
ve been Idle for months, and ln some eaaea for
rs nave Btarted up or nre prepauing to start
JTauu Induatrlea tbal bava beea ruiiiiinK with .
h if forcea ..mn half time have-, or soon will em- '
lay thelr foll corapianient of hands. and will :
J'.rk "ti fuH Haaa.
Marekeepera whoae ahalraa became enapty
lh'rou-h an unwllllngneaa to purchase goods until
-pudiation and anafchy raoatved thelr deatb
Io_. ?||i now .stock up Ib order to reap tha ben?*
*tof the B< tlve trade that they know will suiely
|g expeioncod.
AgOBiplete Change lins come over the flnanclal. j
baaaetrlal and commerclal Bttuatkm. An era of j
.ood tlmea has dawned. The people feel tha*.
L gdmlnlBiratlon ol the Oovernment after
Mireh 4 n? xt wlll be to aafe handa. and that buat
Zapbin ean be told oul without fear of thelr
JSrangcroem by a daatmctlve flnanclal poUcy.
The ofocl of the Bweeplng victory of McKln- i
lev and soumi rooaey was perbape naora tbor
MghH retiect.d In the flnanclal altnatlon rea
terdav than at any (Ime slnce the electlon.
ThPre wa* an overwhelmtng raah of gold into ,
the banka. perfed eaaa in the money market ,
and ? boom In the market for atocka and bonda I
Tnere was a feellng of Becurlty and of cotlfl
deireln lhe future. which bad not eatated In a
long time. The convlctlon was general thal tho j
Mlftarr-ara ol dlatroa! and dlatttrbance would
-on- be lutceeded by at leaal four yeara of proa- {
perltv nnd abundani ?
Th* Btriklng teature of the altuatlon was the j
jijamfi of hoardera of gold to depoelt it ta the i
baaka lt la not too much to say tbal the de- I
poslts ln the Natlonal and Btate banka of New- j
Tork for the dav w.-re ftOOfcOOu. Very llkely j
the total waa greater. The re, .rd in the Na
Hoaal Park Bank waa Int-reatlng, aa ahowlng
Ibe way In which gold poured in. In detall and j
in the order ta whlcb th.-y ware recelved the
pokl depoalta In this bank were: 113.834, $143,
S.-.im 1111.000, 130.000. 12.000, 133.000, $7,000, |
*4S?, $Gft.(lOO, 13.000, 16,000, ?10.*.. $30,000, fABO;
total. $227,444.
The Pourth Natlonal Hank, which has exten
*lve dealtaga with foreign bouaea, t?ok In over ;
1000,000, Ita average alnce Tueaday had been
1600.000 a day. Many of the balancea al the
C'learins House we-e settled in gold. At the
ch.se of the day tbe stock of uold in tbe vaulta
of :he Cleartag Houae atood al $36,000,000,
agalnat $31,000,000 oa Monday. There la room
In tho Clearing Houae vaults for $105,000,000
|g gold. Not only was hoarded pold poured IntO
the hanks. but also hoarded greenbacka and
othe- kinds of paper money. The banka, In
short. were Bltnoet i verwhelmed with offarlnga
of g'ild and Ulla. There was no longer any
reason for hoarding. because the stability of the
cotintry's currency had been established beyond
t,uestlon by the vote of the people. rending the
result of the electlon. the money had been kept
for the most part ln safe deposit vaults and in j
prrvBte eafce. - ? -
ThT* wa? a hasty aaeum|rtlOa that 'he lar*e
r -ceipts by the banks would result in a favorable
nark .atatement to-day. That wlll hatd'.y b" the
ra*?. The Baturday bank atatemenl bi mad* up
from the average of the dapoa.ta, lo-.ns. cash
holdlng*., ete. of thc ass idatt 1 baaka for tha
week endlnit with Thursday. The change for the
better in tho bank situation did BOl begln until
Wednesday. consequently It wl'.l ba the bank
gtatement of a week from to-day. an-l not that of
to-day. -.vhlch wlll show how vaatly tho i.anks
have 'neon Btrengthened by the electlon. Laat
we-k'a cash holdtaga by the aaaodated l u.ks
wre $129,074,700, and the surplus reserve. or
the reserve above lejral requirements. was .f 17.
G11.700. As a result of the panic of 18B3, tba
bsr-.k atatement of Autrust l'_ of that year abowed
the cash boldlngs of the banka to bo |7tl.90Q,000,
or $16300.000 belew b-*rai requlrementa. The
hank *'at'-m?>iit of November L_. 1808, abowed
the cash holdtaga t?. be .<lSH.7tiO.tKKi, ,,r ?70,,?fH.,
00u above l*gal re.iulrements.
The Sub-Treaaury wis still refuatag yesterday
toacc?pt gold In exchanKo f"r bllla but it galnod
S700,O.*(l in gold through the operation of the
ClearinR House.
Money on eall was offered in Bbundance at T>
per cent. and the closing rat' wa* 1 per cent.
Money on tinio WB8 ohtainable at ." per cenl for
all poriods Hlncle-nanie oommorclal pap"r sold
at I per cent, wbertaa the first of ih<- week the
rate was 18 r">r ront.
The dcnlir.g* on the Stock Kxohango ware
heavy. Tho aalea of Btocka exeeeded 000,000
?haro* and tho Balea of bonda were above $4,000,
000. The eloarng Balea of both atocka and bonds
were made at nr ncir the beei prk ea of the day.
The followlng tahlo ahowa tbe chanRos in some of
the leading BtOCka sinco elecUon:
Moa_ar, Teatarday, bBkb
. - ? rl ?*. M..M im'
Am?rl'-an Pnaar _. lls
Amerr.an TobaCM . T8'i
Atchl.-.n . l.Vt
Burllna;-. .ii aa8 Qulnev.......... 77 ?
Chl-a,r. Oa* ........... . . 1*3
0*ri-ml Kl^^rrlr . 80
Lak* Sh..r* . U'.i'i
laoui-viiif. ,.r. : ? . ?BH
Mar.hattan . !.:,
MW-Torb .'.ntral . . 8B
N'*1hwo*t . ln-'a
R?arllm . . gaij
Jwk lalan 1 . .',7 ?'.
*t. p?n| . 70 2
?'??na I'n. n. K, -';'.? IM
There were crovrda In tho Btoch T-.xdianfre iral
lerl*a au flny, aml tha Btockbrakaraf Kalleriea
BaaaaiMeedlngly buay placea.
An Incldent of the day of some latereal '.vni lh*
announeetnont thnt ln tl.e offerinB of Itrooklyn
Clty gi_ p*.r cont gold bonds. $1.K7<UK*0 had lo -n
awarded to Henry BL \\'il?on, of No. 1<? Brond
Bt.. New-York. at from Kki.37 to Hll.lO. Mr. Wll
aon araa ronalileied la have obtalned a bnrgnln.
Mr. W'ilaon has his offlce wlth Abrahani White.
*ho, or. a "ooatage atump bld," BOCUrad $1^80,
000 of the tast Issue of Oovernment bonds. and
cleared ?10,(Kki or $80^000 on his Investment of
two cents. Rusnell Sage furnlshed the money to
Pa>' foi the bonds. On the door of Mr. Wllson'a
and Mr. Whlte's offlce are two slgns. One readfl
"Abraham Whlte &? Co.." and the oth*r "New
Tork Ftock and Graln Kxchange. Incorporated."
Beneath the la*t-nam*d title appears .Mr. Wll
eon'i name.
_Jnr. WIIboii ia a man of medlum hel&ht, about
?n> yeara old. wlth a full heard, parted in the
jnlddle. He sald: "The Brooklyn bond* do not
hav* to be pald for until next Tueaday. They
Bre cheap. T have not aold them as yet. I am
?ot ln Mr. Whlte's flrm."
Mr. Wiison. Hke Mr. Whlte. came from Boston.
A dlspatch came to Wall Rtreet from Boaton,
'?edln,. as followa:
"This aVew-Ynrk diapabh lias becB recalvad
Bfre: Henedict ind hls frb-nds a'e sollinp tho
Jiiarket, ai.d are assuiing thelr frb-nds that some
*ry strong Cuban developmenta are i-omlnx
Bnortly from Washlnaton.' "
.^C. Benedlct aald there waa no truth ln Ihe
Cewtlnaeal on Tblrd Pagr.
RVXUIUCM Of II.I.i: PV_8JfTI BTART __? *V>'irtK li
IM.OYJ-li ANH ll'il'I-: AM' ,-"?NKT
tlT TKI.EOltArit TO THFT T-T81 XI! 1
Pro\ idence. It. I., Nov, <*..- Bualneaa boua i ln
Rhode Island are n unit In th' ir expressions ,-f '
baUef that tho greateal and moat Immedlate
beneflt tbe country will deriva from ihe electlon
of Mr. MeXInl ?>? wlll be in th,- marvelloua reato*
ratlon of coafldence ln every braneh .>f trade, j
ani the ttmting Into bualneaa channela of a vast |
Btream of money that ha.-i been held back l.y the j
conservative cttlsena of the country who feared
tO Invest tliclr savinga until the dread uncer- j
tainty hovering over them had vanlahad.
Oovernor Charb'S Warren Llppltt, Identiflod
with ono of th- larpest cotton and woollen man
ufacturing r_tabllahmenta in th- Btate, said to
day: "As a conaequence of th.^ e'ectlon of Mc?
Kinley and tho Republlcan party'a repreaenta
tlrea, there wlll ba an alteratlon in the preaeni
tariff. Incre IBlng the duty on woollen cloth and
putting a duty on wool. The result nf BUCh lei*is
lation. after ihe markel has aettled down to that
eondltlon of affalra, will be to bting back to the
Woollen Industry that proaperlty it enjoyed nnder
the McKinley tariff, after the market has ad
jusicl Itaelf to the chan", ?"
Charles i>. Owen, >,f tha Atlbr.tlc Woollen Mllla,
aaya: "<>ur factory, which givee employmenl to
about 2,<_00 hands, has been runnlng on short
titne for months, and some of the machinery has
been shut down entlrely. Next Monday we stnrt
the entlre inill runnitiK on fnl! time. nnd per?
haps that wlll glve you. ln a very few words, the
beal Idea nf what my opinion is regarding the
reaull <>f the electlon ,.f McKinley "
Tho Jewelry and ellverware industry hns mor*
than 200 factoriea here. Th- Influen a of tbe
electlon has baen Immedlately f.-it. .md aeveial
factoriea are already preparlng for ni>:bt work.
Tlio River spinnini, Company. factory, ai
WoonAock-t. aficr montha of alternate peri<*di ,,,?
Idleneai and Bboii tlme. started WedInesday
mornlng on full llme.
The larp,- cotton mllls at Blatersvllle wll! start
on full time n.-xt Monday morr.inp and run to
full capaclty.
Th- offlcara of th ? Qlenark Knlttlng Company,
Woona tcket, said to be th,- largeal bnll gooda
plant ln the country. wblch baa been runnlng
Beveral hour.. dally overtime for a month paat,
said to-day lhat owlng to the way otdcrs were
(ominjT in it araa ezpected ahortly to bepin io run
all r.ifrht.
Amster.lam. X. Y.. Nov ?i (8nectel).*-Wlth the
electlon of McKinley there ?rlll soon be ll re
aumptton of operatlona In many of tha Industrles
in this dty. On Monday ihe knittlns mlll <.f
Qardyner R Warring wlll reaume operatlona on
full time and fulS aragea, Tbe aatabllabmeit
will run day and nicrht. Two knlttlng mll!a of
.\. v. Morrla & Boua arill alao start ,,ri Monday.
The larpe knlttlng mllla <>f Tund, lennedy i
Yund win r.sume operatlona on Koveirber 1"
The sprinp w..rk? of I>. w. Bbuler A Son arlll 1, ?
reop. ned on Monday. it ls belleved that full ?
2.000 han.ls will be B8l at WOTk in varlou* manii
faeturlns <-oncerr,5a ln Amst r>lam within tbe
next month. The labortng people a* a*ell as the
manufactureiri and nvrrhantn rejotce ov.r the
outlook, _nd are Jul.;'?.n? over the electlon ft Mc?
Kinley and Hobart,
Tndianapolis. Nov 8.?The buaineaa aituatlou t*.
Improvins: h>re |-. a wonderful way. tlie ni?r
thant? and bankera aav. ajid -verytMrfer pnrrrt**
to a prospcrous fall trade. Wtml.sial * mrrchants
who were lntervl"wr -1 to-day exj.ressa-d the
jtrreatcst satiffaction with the bualneaa already
conlrn.fed for in the event of McKlnley*a elec*
tion. AViioiesakrs hav.- direeted ti.--:r travelllng
men to report and start out at one". A Burdaall,
palnt manufacturer, Btarted up his factory to
day. Th,- indlana Blcycle Conspany, th.- Attaa
Worka, and most other Induatrlea report .1 better
proapect f'?r Immedlate bualneaa than they have
known for aeveral years. LoCAI banks are mak
InK up payndls In gold, an. *rold has begun to
come ln fr-.m those wl.,. ha.l it ln hldlng. One "Id
colored man bobbled into the Capltal National
Bank to-day and depoeited *H<> in goH, ?aylnK:
"Glve me pa] er f ,r this. aii money aa good aa
gold now."
ChlcaKo, Nov. Q.?Repreaentatlvea of big rnanu*
facturinR companlea yeaterday aaJd thera v.as
Kreat irnprovment In the bualneaa world Tbe
Illinois Bteel Company was one of the flrst of th-*
Mg eoncerns t<> reoj.en. The doorr- of Its Jollel
piant weie opened Wedneedav nlght, and it is
belleved the Bouth Chlcago mllla alll be ..pened
in the course of a week.
Muncle, Ind., Nov. 8L?'Tba Mg m__ufacturera
of Muncie told thelr men before electlon that
if McKinley won they would employ mora men
and giva them st, ady work. Ball Broth. r< alaaa
worka wlll lanaiedlately start up an addlttonal
factory and glve 500 estra men employinent.
Even' depurtinenl of tha Indlana Iron WorkB
will begln next Monday as the r. sult of an ln*
creaaed number pf ordere. it has baen runnlng
boi on.- w.ek in len daya the past year and wlll
n.w add 000 men. Beveral oih-r factoriea wlll
soon start UP Wltt- fu!l fOTCe*. j
Dn Meiaea, lowa, Nov. a-Tbere ar.- here
...ru.v it?n..-.t,oiis ofa r-vhai ?f buaineaa Two
factoriea which hav.- >.n P?*r?n_d wlll open Im
m..,iinieiv ih- Harbach Furnlture Company
Md tbe Sheurman W.len Mllla-the latter to
employ 200 hands in tba near future.
Clnclnnatl. Nov, <', -Bpei lal dla uttcbea Indlcate
a revlval r.f buatnesa throughoul th.- Ohlo val*
if,y as well as h.-re. Th<- "Big .Tour.'' CbOB*
peake and Ohlo nnd Baltlmore and Oblo rall
wavs hav- ordered Ihelr ahopj open, and en
larged laveea at tboae already runnlng. The
carworka at Mouni Vernon, III.. goi an ord?
for 300 cara from the LoubwlUe and Nas.ni,,.
road and hav- r-sunied work. The Niiea To,l
Worka and other ahopa at Hamllton announc I
incf-^aad t?rc*a. ^nac*^at JMJjM
in rl.ii aa aoon ai repeJra new In progn u
'"Th'-",i!u.K"ss Iron Wo.ks nt l-Urtamouth.
wblcb have bean arorkinga ahort foree_ an
nounce that ihey wlll employ a full four- Im*
Mllwaukee, Nov. ?.?Tb8 Mllwaukee Unr
vreter Company ptaced 900 -ddltlonal men al
work, and its ofBcera said 200 more ivuqid i
employed wlthln a month.
Uaelne, WM., Nov. C.-The J. I. ("ase Plough
Worka wlll reeuaM la about two weeka, A full
force of hands Will be put on and the r-lant run
ten hours a day. The J. LOMTMMw M
Carriage Company, a eoncern employlng nea".
ioEo Moole is Kcitina; ita foroa of travelllng
rna?tSSther. and wUI start them -,n the road
next Monday mornlng.
i.t arork, ten houw t day
Davton, Ohlo. Nov. C?Tbe Stlllw. rll-BUrce
Company. manufacturera of l-.ydraulle preasca.
-La.ntlr.nrd oa I'l.lrd Paae.
MEMTfl, RB says.
London, Nov. OL?"Tba T.-lepraph" will to
morrow publlab an tatervlew bad by Ita eor
reapondent at Cantoi Ohlo, aith Prealdent
elect McKlnley. .Mr. McKlnley was aaked to
send a meaaage to Bngland Ha raplled:
"Not dlrectly fn.in ine, bul you may say thal
no worda wlll b. tter expreaa my fecltaga toward
Bngland than 'I'tii'- ob earth, good-wlll toward
Tiu- correapondent says be was ehartned by
Mr. MoKlnlejr*a penlal and cordlal manner.
addlng tbal nobody In su h a poalUoa could be
more unaflected ar.d unaaaumlng.
Llabon, Nov I?The "Tempo" aaya thal Major
Monataho Albuquerque, Oovernor of Moaamblqu*,
has Buspended tbe Conatltutlon, dlasolved tbe Mu?
nlelpal Counell ? ...I proclalmed marttal law. ib
hus al-'i arrmted three Atdermen, Includlng i
brother of a Judge "f tbe Bupreme Court ;it Lo
audo. on the charge of aupplylna arrai and mn
nltioni iu the Karaorallos, a irlbe of natlvea arllh
whom the Portugue** ar.. ;ii war. The prtaonera
are awaltlng trlal In th ? fortrea* *1 Moaamblque.
Th. ir offc-nce if punlahable i.y death.
Major Albuquerque, who recently led an expedl
tlon into Manlcatand, waa aurprlsed by 2.808 Namo
ralio*. .-iml waa compellcd lo retreat, after llght
Ing for twentjr-two h mr.- The PortugueM force
compiiaed **A natlvea of Portugal and IM black
Two of the Portugueee were kilted, and M
AlbuquerqtM and thlrty-four other met-bei ol
the expedl'.on wer* wourded. The lon tnfllcted
on tbe Nsnorallo* waa bi ivjr.
Mlchael KIIMay, a well-kr.own '.irin.-r, Hvtng two
mllea fnni Bedford, dled yeaterday mornlng under
c-r'-iinistnnco* which I. i.i lo the bellef thal h. *
fatally Injured In a llght. Coroner Birch, ol IVhlts
Pl_lns, who h.i* iho . -so in charge, haa poatpom i
thegnqueel pendtng a further Inveatlgatlon and a
-. .i r h f..r wltnesi ? -
Klllday was ln .Moi.nl Kl. ? on Monday. Whlle
he waa there he di inb fn ':?. and wh.-n he w. nl to
I-. dford ln hl-' wi iron in th* evi nlng he was Inl -??
rated. ll. made f..m. purchase* and ? I th.
artleli ? In hli wagon with oth. i ? h. id boua
Mount Klaco. Klllday then went t., the I ?
Houae, where h< itayed li lh* hatroon until l1'
o'clock He waa hadly Intoilcated. Thei ? wai a
illi ussl m over polltlca, and a. ?? nl
Klllday became abualv. In hla talk and waa i i "
from thi hotel Hc had lefl hl* horae and waa -
jnd r the publl I.t" lh* bulldli
number of th. men followed hlm from u.e hotel,
?nd II la .-']'? ged lh il lb ? fli ht wai ? ntli u. ?! on
the road 0*1 ll it i art ol th* affali no wli
ll.l \ ?? ln ", f.ll.ll I
Invaatla itlon shon ? tl al ll wai nol long after 10
.v. :,. k when Klllday wa eject. J from lh* hotel
i- -.. only iwo mllea fr..n. lh* hotel lo '.vi..-r.. Klll
da. Ilvi ' Aho H mldnlght I
,, .., by 'ii ? i- irhln ; ol Ihi Ir di
nMaliborV An in\?--t i-.-. .'? ?" ??? mad. r.d Klll?
day waa found lylng beatde the i r*w hun
,,: d rard from bii lee. On i
road hla a ia *b lay li ' A
ibori .ii-t.ni ?? an ly tha berae wa* found *??:
Klllday waa - ov? red wlth hl* own on r. t ta a
. r K .,? tbo ? ? mu it hav* plan
on hlm aa he lay on lh* road Tl i ? arhl
.-o?ti,in...i hl* pur.-hn*. * were heutfy leaped I
lhe 1" ?'.
Tho Impreaelm wblch ll waa evldeitly d?_lr*d ta
brlng aboul * i i lhat lha I or** > ? i run ia
ih.- wagoa had b*i i overlun ed and B
out. Tho fa -t thal th. | kai ln a pll. i
? i,i.. the bodj "t. the ald. of Ih* road opi
where tbe wagon v.. .........
horae, wblle lo. -?? from lh* wagon, bad noi broken
away. bul h .-i been unhlt ??? d d *troy d th
Th* barkh *r ol lh* dog* I I other fam
IHe* tt,.ni tba Klllday*, ind whlle they ?-r. ln
. itlng about theli own pl **+ tt li ill' ged tl il
three ..t four mei wei ?? *n h irrylng a. roj a lhe
hlll* from lh* .in- of 1 ? ; i ? when Klllday
v .-.< found , .
Killdai wn* iineons. lou wh. n - -rn. ?: li
hou*. and r*ma. so until h< dlrd I- ' han
., ,. ?t Mounl Ki-'-.. Bttended hlm '? ith, he
found "a- du. to a bkm on :;" oack "i the i.i.
rooms ani. . i'i' w ta i Rioin . :bo ixto
Roac Etlacue, i your-' Bren h halrdr. - r wh i haa
;.,,. parl ,n 0n "he Un tt.."- of . Bath ais* at N< ? ?
Eaal Elght jt-aeven rt., wa robbel and Intlmidati I
at the polnt c' a plalol yeaK la mornlng by a well
,i,.....,] ,. .,1, ib ? u thlrty yeari ol I, who broua u ;>
iroma.-i Into thi place wllh hlm te hav* h. i
,!r, ir -,v n I. . t'clocb wh.'i they entered th*
parlor* Th* halrdreaaer ilarted al onee to w..rk
u .;.;.. (bi wi !..--.'?-? "t ": ,ir ::" '"'":
^.,l iir-il of wall
??I K'i.-?' I won't wall foi you, Kltty.'' be said to
Mi companlon. "1 am gotaa oul f>r .? whlle, and wlll
ba i ?? k foi y *u ln twenty utlnutea " h. tai ed o il
r,? door and tben au Idenly turned back.
??How mueh do :? i ' ?? aaked Mii ? E I e ie.
gh( M| | ,;,.,! th* wor- wouM coai :.?'? centa. ii"
iand*d her . dolUr bUl. Bba wenl toa Httle wrltlng
,i,-k ln one ??? rner ol tha room and gol the I
Ih* pul lh* .'.'.i ar wlth Hl more Ib ?? llttle
drawi r.
The man dld b d . turn In twenty nUnute*. and In
,;,,. ??,,;, tm,, ;, .. dreaalna waa done. Th* i
womaa got Impatlenl and ?vondered icveral time*
why "Cbarlle" Ild.me back. r.,- iba declded
lh;,\ lh* would r-m over to aer horn* and get aome
thinc Bhe Initructi i lhe halrdreaaeT to tell lh. man
o walt for bai Bba bad barety gol.I lh*
rortZtwbeo "Charlle- got back. H. itlowonri.
, , ,;,. wrltlngwleak to ar.lL Thea ba ***** W*
i:Vv'ir' ^V/JsVn th?blti-'hen sh* beart th* llttl*
;:'?!*' /;,.,?' whVt.lt U i"" I-''1"' ""' wnly. Bhe
1!''1, ;,',:.'w.... ran Into the parlor Just n
dropped ti" wai . |___ _o.__ _u| ji|t> ||m.
I'",',' 'flhTknea ti H 'he man had robheil her, and
'"||;, > , .,,,.. i o hlm thai *h* wunted t.-r money
^'i r,11 .", ? turn" ar...n;.i II. slowly i.uii. d a
! '""',"? rm^ureiinniol* mud" He told her quletlj
: K ',', ? |. .-ii-iii....- would noi hear.
?",'"'", N,.? wi-< ao rrighlenrt thal sh- e.ri
'," r ,,, WlU.' ahe st. tl-ro daaed the tall
"'"/-ni d out". th* hall dooi and around Into
"\u;,' ? 11.-th* Im* thal the hnlrdresser had
r,'.;lv.-r.i h.-r wtta and followed hlm to the atreel he
WThenO^on>e*of? &"_Mal Elghty-elghth-et Btatkm
wlll try io Bnd hlm.
Ti ma BBET DEATB uhii.i: TBT1B0 TO
,;,,-.mi: 1'KIN'J BTBUCB BT
vTUlwabarre, Penn.. Hor. ?.- Mr-. J. McCarthy. ol
=. an.on. wbB had been rtolttag h.-r daught-r IB
r.idTorae aurted on foot at noon to-day to tak* a
?rolles-car to gO to Hv.l- Park. Bhe was aco.-n
h, two graaddBughtew. May a?d Mar
Kra ninih, BB?d iwo and four. **^**.
j.""1 _- i.rl.l..- nn .... BMai an.
..ffor.s"'.. r.-..?lIthe bodlea hav,- been unavaUlni
T!o Datlea, Ore.. Kov. <- The Oovrrnw nt looka
?nd tha Caacadea In tha Columbia Rlvor were
n.r,? o.i -."'? rday- ';!"' Oau*11 pul ..n hollday color*
-__ e_ct.rBlon train.-. and boau from Portlaad aad
' ?i her'poll. ls hr.iUK.it ".""> M-itors and various
i 'nvornment, marine, rOUUty nnd railroad oth. Ial*
' io the cit.- Th.- locka hav been under oanatruc
| tlon for about thiue yeara and cost over |I.8W).00O.
Miuera patriotic kkssaob.
Pantoh. Ohlo. Nov. tt.?MajOT? McKinley re
calved th- flral ititltnation that Mr. Bryaa had
conceded hli electlon when the correapondenl
of ih" Unlti i Jkaaotrlated Preases, al !> o'elock
last evenlng, bab-ed hlm a copy of Mr. Bryan'a
meaaage ,,f congratulatlon. Major McKinley
e-preaeed b hlgh de__ee of Batlafactlon for the
prompt aervlee, and said, of course. he would
tak. no action in rafaranca to Mr. iiryan's tcle
gram until tba orlgUWl messarce came to him.
This h" did not rsceivs until he came down to
breakfast thls mrrning. About noon hc sent
tba followlng r"p!y:
Canton, Ohio. November 6, lSn6.
llon. Wllllam .1. Bryan, I.ineoln. N<b.
I achnowtalge the recelpt of your court<-otis mes
sai;.' of congratulatlon wlth thanka, and heg you
aill recelve my beal ariahea for vour health nnd
h-pplneeo. wii.i.iam M'KINI.KY.
Th- Republlcana all over the state aill send
Irifrr" delegutlona to Canton to-morrow to aaalst
in an old-tlme jolllflcatlon rneettng over the
electli n of Major- McKinley as Prealdeni of the
LTnlted Btatea Btark County aill ba repre
Bented by great crowda fr.,m Maaalllon, Alll
ance, Carrollton, Mlnerva and Navarre.
A delegatlon of promlnenl Clnclnnatl men
caune tn Canton late this afternoon to Inrlte
Major McKinley to be present al the annual
dlnner of the Commercial Club of Clnclnnatl
on November 1!? Major McKinley received hls
Clr.clnratl vleitora tn tbe Ubrary, and after they
arere comfortahlj sented Lara Andeivon, the
Bpokeaman, addreaaed acin*, humoroua remarba
to Major McKinley an.l urged hlm Btrongly
tO vblt Clnclnnatl. Major McKinley thankerl
his callera heartlly for ihe cmpiiment of their
visit nnd for lh" lnvlt.it i..n they l?,re. He aa
Bured Ihem lt would give him grent pleasure to
go to Clnclnnatl, bul that he ha.l considered
ih- matter "* vlaitlng large citlea pretty care
fully. and had declded that, wlth the cxeep
tlon of the i.rief period he is to apend in Cleve?
land, he wlll nol leave Canton till ba kocs to
Major McKinley explalned that some of his
Chlcago frlend", had urged h'm wlth gr?*at
vehetnenre lo visit th.-lr clty, and said C N
Bllaa ard othera were comlng out to ask hlm
t,. \i-.it New-Tork. il" said if he wenl to <"in
rinnati he would alao have t,> ?.. to the other
placea, and he would therefore be eompelled to \
decllne the Invltatlon Major McKinley feela I
tbal he haa a vaat amount of labor to perform
before March l. ard l.> doea not want to lose i
llme or atrength in going about tho country. j
I'nleaa the health ..f Mrs. McKinley ahould de*
mand a change of alr, he uill adhere to hls
determlnatd n to remaln In Canton n..w as
rlgldl) ?s he did befora th- electlon.
a monater parade, to be revlewed by the
Prealdeni elect, wlil be one of the featurea of
to-iii,.ti..v. evenlng. After Ihe parade nn etobo*
: ,..- dlapla] "f flrearorba wlll cloae the deraon*
str.il.- .11.
Oen. iii Na ls..n A Mllea has a.nt tho fOUowtng
letter lo Major M< Klnley:
ir ifforda ma great pleaauw to eongratulate vou
r. . ut'o.'i the vlndleatlon of your dlg*
? and ih" beauty and
??. ran.*. ii Ihe alorloua
m lhal have been voucbaafaaP to the country
? : rnllllona of the
... . Nal-lua haa occursad bt o.ir
I imaffoT rrm* haa alven ?o much
, ,?.....? |n the |i..trl.iil?m, In
md integrity o* the American people aa
, . ? N ?' onl) t > ooi oa ri neople but
, ti,.- rh iM*,',1 aorld, aho ha. >? i.n w..r. hlna
reaull i tr'.-r ihal you may be equally fortu*
, i: aboui wi ., councll >.f Ihe nio*'
. n of Ihe Nall. n In order thal the
. . ,.( j ,...? Admlnletratl n mai open .. nea .;??>??!.
in ib- progr. ? pi ? i ?'? '?? i'1,1 iraneral aelfare of
the Nation and all tha people of oui beloved land.
Among tl." iticgrama of congratulatlon re
celved bj Major Mi Klnley lo-day was this one
fron. W. (i Muuiinm. aecretaty <>f the Ne*
Uonal Wool Growera' Aaaoclatlon, Rocheater,
N. V :
The aool growera eatend heartleal congratula
? ? Th? dawn of Induatrial preeparit* la ln abjhl
? i k-erj ' rlght.
C. H Payne, Montgomery, W, Va.. telegrapbed
I aa f.?ll
The llrat negi i eb*cted to tbe Gencr.-.l Aaaembly
,, ?...,- rratulatlona to the great*
, ? , iponenl ol ir.i" Aiiki i- .uii-in
M. M, Oarland. prealdeni Amalgamated Aaao?
clatlon Iron and Rtecl Workera, and R \. Ham*
' iitoii. Editor "National Labor Tribune," Pltta*
burg! Benl 'his meaaage:
Warmeal ci ngratulatlona on the enagniflcenl proa.
,,. i \.."r .l..ti.iti arlvea of an era .,f proaperlty,
.,,,,(,., i .-. .,, American Induatrlea and lha largeat
|i*e of allver mone> ron latenl arttb the malatenance
,,; ihe Natlon'a enrdlt,
Charlea R. Douglaaa, couaIn of Prederlck
DnuKlaaa, Waahlngton, aenl thla dtapatch:
i end nr congratulatlona arlth thoae of the -.011,1
nl iI.iiin of colored Ain.-ii m votera aho st,?,.l alth
1 ltj,i f, r ,,,i for honeai Oovernmeni Bnd th" pro?
tectlon of rbrhta and Intereata >>f all
Bamuel .1 Randalt, Bon of tha late Congresa*
i man Randalt, Phlladelphla, aenl this meaaage:
\ eepl mv alncera eongratulatlona upon your de
1 rlslve w rtory and triumph
Telegrama ,.f congratulatlon were also re
rclved from Archbbihop Ireland, Joaeph Rosen*
berg, prealdeni of th,- \\'<,.,| Aaaoclatlon, San
Praticlaco; .1 A. Caldn-ell, Uayor ol Clncln?
natl; 1 ini'.i BtateaBena'or Pritchard, Marahall
N. c: Uayor Davls, Kanaaa Clty, and bundreda
of othera.
Benator W. B Alllaon, of lowa. tejegrapbed aa
followa to Major McKinley:
pi,-,-. Brcepi mv eordlal congratulatlena on your
a .-.ii and ai fi-deeerved vlctory.
I.. 1: Holden, the allver mine aad newapaner
\ owm r, telegrapha from Cleveland:
*_ . iii.i.i.ti ktlna bm in congratulathma for Mr*.
McKinley and 1 itiraelf In your electlon to the !'r**i
,1,:!, v m.i youi Admlnlstratldn be aa proaperoua aa
\.,u have been h.rable ln .l-alliiK wiih your oppo*
1 n.-nt*
Chalrman Hanna telegrapbed Major McKIn*
i.v ti.is evenlng aa followB:
The beal Informatloe glvea us Kentueky, t'uli
fornia nnd Wyomlmr.
ciii.'.'.K... Nov. fi. -A EtepuMlcan rattflcatlon moet
1 |ng aurpaaalng In enthusiasm any ef tbe gather*
li - beld ii. ihi big Ibeatrea durlng tbe r.nt
campabm a?a beld la tbe Aadltorlom to*nlgbt. Al
I ,\ rv tn. n:ion ,,f M.i.i ,r McKlnley'n name the tre
i mendoua crowd ebeered wll,lly. The followlng tcle
_ram aaa read by chalrman Prad Paeb:
('.inton. Ohlo, November 1 UM.
Ta Prad W. Pack. chairman of th.< ratbieatlon
mceiiii^. Chicago:
Tha cau8. n' th, country la alwaya above that of
nuf. and lt la algnlllcanl and gratJfylag thai il^
? i. -r-'.-ity of ('hi, :.ko has KBdered *o decialva a
v rdl i for National honor, law and order. I.ei us
r,., ,ic? ri.at the i.'-'ipie have ho eplendldly vmdi
.-.',.,1 tbe atrength and banefl-lenca of our match
, Sfaa frae InaUtutiona WI-L1AM M'KINI.KY.
Washlnaton. Nov. 6-Speclal Treasury Agent Ayer
i has aubmlttad to the Department hia report eover
lnK tbe dumealU eatpal of tin nnd teme platea for
the lo t flacal >*ar. abowtng a large bawaaaa la thu
produetlon ovar that of tba prevlous year. Prom
tba atatlattcs ptaaanted it apaaan tbal nrty oat <>f
ftfty-lhree tirins reporte.l.aa produdnK natd Wholly
American roil.d ahaeta, wblcb form tba body sf th"
eoated platea, and tbal h'?a than 2 per cent of tbe
; largely llltiaaaad product waa made from Importe.l
' f.',,?.'!* The Increesnl u*e of American aleel by
1 Htainpina .ompani.s ln the mat.ufacturc of aitl
ci?^. atamped Into forma and afterward tlnned ls
I notabla
TPV RBBCVBO, incmt ixo one WOBAB, PBOH
st. John'a, N. F? Nov. B*?Tba ateamer Tlbar, I
Captaln Delislo, liound for Bydney, lefl here at
7 o'clock to-nlght Blfteen mlnntea later, when
just beyond tbe entrance to tba harbor, Bhe had
a coiiision with ih- achopner Maggle, bound from
Bonavlsta Bay for Bt John'a, wlth a cargo of
aah and lumber. Th..hooner carrled a crew
of nlne and foprteen paaaengera, flve of whom
were women.
The acbooner had her llghta dkrp r.yed. and
there waa no Justifleatlon on the steamer's part
for the colllsion. becatUM the night was clear and
the echooner qulte near tha ahnro bl a part of the
entrance where steamers rarely go. The shock
of tho eolliflon was awfuL
The achooner was rtruck amldahlr". eul ln two
plecea, and aanh Inatnntly. All al.oard were on
ilr>,k. Thi;. were thro n into the water. and
those BBved were only rcacued by the help of
Boatlng deckloada of lumber. Soraral were
caughi under the aalla and dragged down with
tbe alnktag veaael. Otbera were unable to keep
afloat until the rescue huats arrived, a-id dropped
iff the planka. Two mon Cllmbed UP the steam
i t's sld... and Beren w.-re aaved by the boat*. I
One womaa was also aaved, making ten <ouls
reacued. The ..ther thirteon, nine men and four
women, were drowned.
Captata Blundon'a wife, wl.o w.is brlngtag her
eonaumptlve alxti en-ye*r-old boy to th.- hoepital
at Bt. John'a was drowned, thOUgb hor husband
had her on a plank. Tha boy was BBVed. The
captaln'a brother and nepbew ware alao loat
Two paaaengera named Holloway, brother aud
sister were drowned ar-- w.is alao Jamea Power
and hls wife. Bevea wldowa and thlrty-threa
orpbana la thc reault of tbla eataatrophe.
The pacunlary loaaaa of tba Burrlrora are
heavy Captaln Blundon owned 800 qulntala of
Itah aboard, valued al 13.000. Bev. ral "ther men
hid th.-ir .ummer-a wagea, WOO aplece. wlth
them, and ta i men had 81.000 each and were
comlng to Bt. John'a to mak- purchaaea All
nrere more or leaa cloaely rel.it.-1.
"S"S5dent happened wlthln halfa mUeof
Um town. The eteamer lay-to ??????*? *****
boat aahore to land the aurvlvora and then eon
tlnued her voy ige. ,rr?. ^f
Th.- pollce are arrangtag to cause theaireat or
th.- Tit.-r's captaln al Bydney on a charge oc
rnanalaughter. The Oovernment la eartag for
the eurvlvora
RAILB ?AD ' .'MMI-Si'iNKi:.
Tny Nov. l (BpectaD-- Beaator Pareona ot Roch
eater who eaUcd on Oovernor-elecl Blach to-day,
br iugl * the aewa from Albany thal Oovernor Mor
ton wlll ioon appoint Colonel Aahley \V. Cole. his
private .ecretnry, as ono of tl,.- Btate Railroad
Commlaalonera H la underatood ao B>natorJ*r
*ons said. that Bamuel M Beardaley, iNnuo .a.
IZa* term wltl eiplre la Pebruary, wltl aubnU
M, realgnatlon to Oovernor Morton, and thal
Co'oneUWa appolntment wOl thon be announced.
nl.,-t tnfluentlal In tba Btate. Thera ar* thr~ ot
JheU offlclal*. and tbey ?chr.Iv. ******* **?
arv of iv-. Tho term la for Bv* yeara. Tho wo
c__,___aoneri bealdea Mr Benrdaley r.re Alfred I
Mr. chaplr, eaptrea la Ma ; ??? ^.; ri,.lU. Com.
a^V.ffii^?A|Sra *********
Tlli: BoroBioca Bortawa CAuaHT asuebt and
I.. .|..;i:d IN HOBT1BOTOB IA1U
iv \-, Nov I ?-.!. "? Clark, a
lluntiiiKton. W. va., Kov. Korfolk
r.moui dete. ttve and deputy-aherlff of the Norfoik
\v.- rn BccompanledbyDanlelChrl.tlan.ar
, - i daybreak wlth Captaln Hatfleld and
bw'f.irt :.?...;:.?:: *o?. who w. r...aptur,...i.,.ho
o,s ..f Mlngo County at duak laat nlght
r^rechargedTthth- murder of John Rutbar
.ni Kmot Rutherford and Hamm Chambere, on
Elec'tlon Pay. at Matewan. HalBald and hl. aon
!.r''1,..oM'..l a, th. I.H ...-dav. --J tha, ','
.? i?. in ih.- le.at worrio.l over tln- asair.
Sr.mlidand-aS 1 M** both Rutherford
, , M, .hambera." whlle the fath-r ... know
. , kiiiin- Joho Rutherford. Hatfleld aud his
,,,K"i I.',"- -. tn the crevtcofa larg. rockcllff
:.; ,i.i-*?.* ***?
. ki I....... and ol.ced In 1.11 for f-ar
V?LZeZ0\eV-' HaineM had two vVlncheater.
?f mob \i,'1"1 ';.?.' .,..; ?rhlle the aon waa aleep
?nd two larae re\*w**' *""h ?|(le of h.m. Thou
Bw&aTK atta. potorfouaoutlawa
ni: rEtrra KAixixa orr.
u ... ,; rBoeclal Wheat ber. to-day a l
Chlcago, Nov. I tnp. . . .
? ?K?; wa. aol aa much aa h aome etbera Bt.
I- ' ?' ? ?_.I lf . ?..??? . I.lv.
...? .. advan.I *\ eaata Uvemool
^e^ne^orThur-day and comlngIhiglmr. Tbe
; cfrcum7tanea whi,h counted the mor.,. though. w.is
' . xtr.,ord.nary Btrength of apot wheat oyery
'.,,., Carlota advaBcad I lo I eeata hirther
' ,?.;, ,,,.. future. lo-duy. rapld aa thalu*re ad
i _?** No I red wheat here aaM fb centa
? V:lTi>?...i!..-r B0.008 buabela golng al that Al
\Z ugn^norSnary occton. . uch an ^mne. ?
< JL ?ould put c.sh bualneea altogelbcr oul of
< L__hJta t'v Armour. I7.0H buahel. hy Weare, nnd
i , riiiaiiiv a. much mor. by tb. otber *mallor con
,rn, ln amatlcr lota. December opened ? .-?.
...?m aold between 71% and W centa and eloaed
SSfc centa Bt l*oula clowd iu, cente over Chl
;,...; T..i'do 13 eenta over, and Detroli U eonta
* ' g_n pranclaco early reported four cargoea
?.,,' to Auatralla. The Importanl clrcumaunce,
however everywhera wn* ihe falltng off of lhe re
-ei?t* Mlnneapolla nnd Duluth had only BM -
.nlnat i.-'- last year. Local reeMpta were R
J*n wlth UI ostim.uod for Baturday. Beaboard
! " . ... .r.. n.it v_rv larae?1T5.000 buahela. The
learance* werenot very i.ir*,. ,___,hl- ,? *ai|_w
i;r_erwaaW_obtath-tlt waa not feaalbl* to follovi
, ... iu-i,i-i-.i tradlna '" ' Beneral way th.
'"' r , v wor- ho Mller* of Thumday. Por
ffiJSS we? buyera eirl The markel got almoat
I^cenTa ovlr ^call" flgure. Th- vlalble aupply
i ro* . -ot waa for an Inerca** bf laBB.OM buabela.
pOn the curb "puta" on December wheat rteeed al
;:.-,.-onts; "calls" ..t to*A eenta
UverpOOt. Nov. 6-Aftor loslnjr >,d. to Id. Bt tbe
opening. In eympathy wlth An.-n,-.,. lh. wheat
Burket became buayaat, aaovlng upward with
' allchl reactioaa upon actlve buytag by outaMe
I onerators. contrary to oxpoctatlon. Tho market
1 reached tho top prlcea after the BM eaMa from
! America but the soeond eahle was dlaappotattag.
rausing some reallaatlona nnd a falllng o.T of Md. ta
...d.. oleelag 'I'ulet at ld. to l>id. galn. The bale*
Bggregated IIMH quarters.
London. Nov. 6.-The Amsterdam. Antwerp and
! Parl* wh?at market* wore weakenod to-day owing
fo ihe American deollne. and closed riu.et.
' VheHiBburg market decllned a niark, and the
Berlln market decllned '-,13 marks, cloatag Armer on
better London advlcaa.
' The Bttdapeat mark.-t wa* dull. and decllned ,
^TbeTbaBBbtaB market* were dull, and lhe South
Raaalan mnrk-:* atefdy. _
Chlcago, Nov- 1?The Natlonal S'loe and Leather
Hank. of N.w-York Clty, to-dny filed BB assumpslt
mitt. lioinlnilly forMJBXagalnatWlltUm U.nndJ.lI.
Boore whoae dlaaatrou* manlpulatlon of l*inmond
Satch'nlOck r.-Hiilt.-.i m cloaing tbe Stock Bxch.nge
for inuny weeka. Tho suit Oled to-.iKy is really for
the recovery ?( V-A?. betag the balanee due the
; imnk on a loan of gfO.OOO made to th* MaoM ou
Julv 20, Dlamond Match Btock, valued at piO.OOO,
I rlennaited aa collataral
Asslstant Dlstrlct-Attorney Battte yesterday
told the atory of the myaterlous prlsoner wbo
has been held at Pollce Headquartere for tba
last few days. and who \?as aald to be connected
?.Mth a gang of forgers. Mr. Battle, tn glvlng OUt
the atory, leferred to a volume of typewrlttan
matter .vhlch contalned the history of the al
leged forgerlea Detectlve Dougherty, of tbe
Plnkerton Agency, which had worked up tbe
case at the order of the American Bankere' Aa
BO-Ultloa, supplied sorne missing linkB In Mr.
Battle. narratlv*.
Beveral detectives from Pollce Headqu__rta_i
were present when Mr. Battle told the atory.
Ha said that ln June last three men entered Into
8 comWnation to commit extenaive robberlea.
Those men were Wai ter B. Peters. Wlllla H.
Connor and W. F. Smlth. Their plan was to
swindle the bank? by means of forged caah
iers' chc ks. Peters was a llthographer by
trade, and it was hls part to make the checka,
which purpeeted to be drawn by one bank on
another. The flrst forged check that they trled
to utter waa one BUppootd to be drawn by the
Lincoln National Bank of Chlcago on the L>in
coln National Bank of N"W-York.
A numlicr of other forged checks w*ro also
made. and s.^nt by Peters to Connor and Smlth
at vaiiou tOWUS in Indlana and other States.
The two la.t-named men passed themselves off i
travelllng asJasmnn and ptetended that the
who sent them the checka waa their emph>_er.
Tbey suceeJed in gettlng rld of _ number of
tbeae wortWesa checks on the proprietors of dif
f.iu-.t hotels at which they stopped. About
September 10 last, Peters and Smlth came to
thla dty and stayed at the Hotel Marlborough,
reglatering as n. S. Matthews and C. C. Jonee,
from Port Wayne, Ind. They were well dressed
and quict ln their belta vior, and attracted llttle
notlee. Peters bonght a lithogrr.pher's stone.
and taking it to his rooia In the hotel. started
to mak.' more bank checks. About this tlme
they became suspicious and ieft the Marlbor?
ough for the Hotel Albert. at Eleventh-st. and
Unlveralty Plaea. They made a forged check on
tii- Park National I'ark of Cleveland, payable
to F. A. Lestle, to tha amount of fl-S. Another
check tbal aas nuute by the men was passed on
J. lt. Williard & Co.. broken, at No. BB Broad?
way. They passed thla check by speeulattng ln
stocks through these broktra, and when they
owed th,- brokera ?*."?.">. they gave them the check
in question, recelvlng the difference In cash.
.\Ir. Battle said that at least elght of the forged
checka w.-rc passed In this State. and abput
alxty arera dlsposcd of ln other parts of the
country. Tba a-noiint of forged paper that tho
men ar- known to have uttered Is nearly $10,000.
Kmith flnally Ieft tlie dty. and whlle trylng to
pass a wortbleaa check in Port Jervta was ar
reated and laken lo tba Ja.fi at ooshen. N. T
bul by aome meanB s.viiied hla freedom. lt
is said" that Smith is known as 'Kid _rnith. ana
ihat be baa a bad record. Petera f^], connor.
after the arresl of Bmith. went to Buffalo. and
t,?,k lodglnga at No. SOH Pearl-st where Petera
waa known as Bavage. They purcbased a draft
for S4 from the Tiiird National Bank of Buffalo
. n the Thlrd National Bank. of thla city. Petera
tb n bougbl another llthosriapher'u stone and
atarted In to reproduce a fac-slmile of the drari.
Th" bogua draft was a clever tmitation. but the
defect in it was that the paper waa not of the
ejxact tlnt if the orlginal. A number of theee
drafta wero made. a?id the two men then wentto
Mlchlgan. where tbey begar paasing them off.
They aald there alao that they were travelllng
salesmen for A. I.. Fairbanka. an advertlalng
;-Kcnt of Buffalo. On October l.*> Petera re?
turn. -d to this clty and took a room at the Astor
House. So,,n after !_? received |S0 from Connor.
wbo was then at Mount Olement. Mlch.. and ?SO
from Stnith. who was then at Battle Creek,
Mlch About this tlme <VIUlam Connor, another
mernber of the combination. was nrrcsted at
Ftint. Mlch.. whlle trying to rass one of tha
forged checks.
.fter Wllllam Connor's arrest, Willis Connor
, tme to Naw-Torll again and was arrested. He
is the man who ia now at Pollce Headquarter.
and v.ho la known by the name of Thompeon.
i He was arrested last Monday by a Pinkert.m
! detectlve, ln 8 furnlshcd room at No. 114 Weat
1 Twenty-nlnthfM.
He waa taken before tho Orand Jury yesterday
and gave a qpmplete history of the dolngs of tha
gang. It is said that he did this because It
was on the .vidence of Wllliem Connor that
be was Q-ptured. Tbomp-CU'B evidence was
corroborgted by the paytng teller of the Weat?
ern National Ban**, al No. 120 Broadway, and
by aeveral other* Captain O'Briea at once tele
graphad to the Chlcago pollce to arreat Petera,
who is said to be in that city. Petera was
taught a few boura after. He will be brought
to this city._
many mnu cAVOBnr in it and loss or
Buffalo, Nov (">.-One of ti.e most aevere wlnd*
atorma lhat Bafi'alo. ln her years of experience
wlth autUBUU. galae, ever felt struck thla dty
.ibout S o'.-lock last nlght and lasted. wlth Increaa
Ing fury. untll early '.his mornlng. when the aub
ildence name. The water front of the clty was the
toy of the :*ale. The Bfavea pabsed over the break*
water tn greal B_uaaaa of water, an.l boata wera
loaacd about llke bloeks of wooJ. salls rlppe.l off
aad towllaea tneyr?- "k? throad. All waa chaoe
where tba boata arera centrsd, and early ln tha
evenlng nutay thatl bad Btarted ont b.-fore alark
came ba.k agaln to add to the aaafualoa and the
danger ln the harbor.
A* a result ot tlu gilc and the flercencsa of tha
atorm aa th- lak? front. the lumber bar.e C. L_
l Young. I.-; wrecked aa Horaeeboe Reef; the canal
boata Rawllna and May Mdway hava psuadad to
piecea on tba rock above, off Ocor*la-st., and tha
barga 8am Ftlnt b on (he sandbar near the llght
1 house pler. Two muics ou boanl tho Sldway wera
| drowi.,.1, an.l but for the plucky and almost hope
' |t_a Oght ot Ihe lif.-si.vin_: crew tba crew of tha
i.Miiig would have been loet. ...
What other damage haa been <i"ne ls ccnjeetural
?iow Many bargea, con^orts atid transports aro
I.n the lake and wnat fate overtook the o.der and
< worn-oiit veasela retnalaa a mystery.
Kiagara Pblla, N. Y.. Ncv. 6.--A terrlilc wlnd*
! atorm prevatled here all last nljrh' and eontlnuea
a lth unabated fury this mornlng. The wlnd at
1 timc-a attab. l a veio. Ity of ov.-r slxty mllea
?m hour T.'.-.s and chlmneya were blown down.
! 'ii, i tba roof oo tbe errtne-rooaa >,f ihe big paper
1 mlll alao suffered. imrlng th" nlght tba mercury
look a droi of about tw.-ntv dagaTBBB,
Dunkirk, N. V-. Nov. 8? The stenn licre laat nlght
was .Ntre-U'iy BBjveie. Port lona of a V88B8f*B bul*
warka came aabore n -ar i. re, lodleatteg tbe loaa
of aome sort of a craft, but there araa nothlng about
I tha> wrcekage that woul.l tend to lala-ntlflcatlon.
?andusky, <?hlo, Nov. tl.?A glll-net boat. contaln
i ing three men, ls n.tBBtag from thln i>ort. and lt la
J BUpposed to have gone down in l__H Krle. No
' ^mall t,oa: CO?M outllve the siorm that raaed all
i ilav yeaterday. Th" lost men are Oeorge and Jacob
? Voight and Ilenrv Muher. All leave famlllea. Four
I scowm .-ngag.-d ln Oovernment woik were blown
into tlie lake and lunk, wlth valuable machlnery.
lJ-nton Harbor, Mkh. Nov. 6.-The achooners
' I'etrie and Magdalena. lumber lailen for thls port.
? Ieft Ludlngton Wedne.-day mornlng. and were laat
aeen Wedneaday nlg-ht by the crew of tho aehooner
Dunham, rlftee'n miles eff Holland. The atorm
.-.iruek them uoon after, and much anxiety la felt
for thelr rafety. Both are old boata and COUId
| _tand but llttle -ea.
-a ?
Albany. Nov. 6.?The Volunteera of America wera
, lncorporated to-day wlth tlie Secretary of State.
I The dir.ctors are Balllngton Beoth, Maud Balllng*
ten Uooth, John Or-cner ll.illlmoiid, of Montclalr,
N J.; James Wilkeraon Merrlll. of Brooklyn; Jamea
llurtwrlght. of Kast Orange. N. J.; Danlel Day
Walton. of West Orange. N. J.. and Edw.rd Trum
ble. ESugone Mantz and Pattle I.tndany, of Nea>
Ycrk Clty.
? ?
Alhany, Nov. ?.? Superlntendent Aldrldge, of tha
State Department of Publlc Worka. haa lasued an
I order for the cloaing of the canala of the btate at
j noon on Tuesday, December L

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