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a winn: flannel morning robe
?ran KRftMUfAimast. this aftkrxoos axd nus
The announcement that tho Smith <"u'.le-ge claal
of '% has completed arrangementa for tho pres?
entation of "A Midsummer Night's I'roam'' In this
oliy has aroused tho grates! Interest among i-oi
lojr..- graduates in tho Greater New*York, as well as
amoru: all porson? attracted by amateur theatrical
performances. "Smith ".*??" xvns a .-;,i-s of unusual
enterprlso anel ability, bul when, in its sonlor yar,
lt decided to present as Its rommonooment dra
mattcs "A M.ds immor Night's Dream," many pro
tost* wore oritoroei by par. nts art.I professor?, ex?
pressing the> gravest doubts as to th.- ability of tho
girls to arrange for such an elaborate play and
p<" it successfully on tho stag.
Yot when commeneome nt ram.' snd tho pla-, wsa J
finally given its success wss phenomenal, snd even
nfter the Northampton Acadt my ..f Music had Dd n
? ?wire crowded to its utmosl capacity thoro waa a
'virge demand for ? third prest ntatlon, which would
not hax-e boon bs* generously attended than the
first two, had tho urra nt', m. nt of the graduation
festivities enabled the girls to give lt.
lt ls said that no drama has ever before been
gix-on In New-York entirely by college girls. A year
ago some- 0f the |, ..ding mi robers of Smith fe", talked
of giving their play In the city, bul arrangements
rnuld not he rompi, t.-i at thal Hmo. Tho aecond
attempt, begun nearly three month'; ano. seems
likely to be eminently at.essful, and Carnegie
LycetUD, al a>s?nth-ave. and Flfty-sex*enth-st . hal
j.ecn soo'ired for this afternoon an.l evening, when
seventeen of tho eighteen original members of the
r?s' will tako their parts.
Miss Martha Wilson, o'. ''.'? - I.n unable
to play Demetrius, and Miss Winifred Ayn
will tako h... place Thi mosi remarkable feature
of tho pro>.ent undertaking ls Ihe way In which the
young women responded t.> the call und promised lo
rome to New-York from greal distances, In many
cases, in e.r.lor io tak>. their parts, .x aeries of re?
hearsals ha* i,e-. n in progress, and, in,-lu,ling the
time required for travelling and thal glx*en to th>
rehearsals several of the women l-.n-.- been
obliged to devote nearly three weeks '?, th> work of
preparing and presenting thi* play
Aft.-r tho New-York presentatloi - thc drama arl I
be glx? r, rn li..-'-.1, on Ihe afternoon ?. ..i evening <>f
Monday, January 4 under Ihe auspices of the Bos?
ton Alumni ? x Hon.
The proceeds of tbe four performan ?- ?;ii be
added lo the "Kine-tjr-flve Trual rmi!." and will
eventually be used foi the benefit ol Sn -,i College.
Th*, tr;?-? fund wsi tarted bj the fathi i o i
member, who caused i' to be known ;il ommen .
mont that he bsd laid thi found: Hon for a fund
to bear tho tran,'- o' ti.- class, but who has until
tba present tim.- kept i. - own tiami a see-rei H.
has offered to contrlbui ? ll.OOO to th.- .'mid for
?ve-r>- H.O0S raised by th< liri- offer, natu
sally enough, was grateful I eix*ed by the class
The printed announcement * telling o:' the planl
for the Near-York appeani thal Ihe plays
will t.e given "'or the bani ll o ., mu h-ne< led
academic building." This .. that 'ii, when its
fund has attained the pifepei proportions, will
t-ansfer lbs n mi ?? to the ? ?? ? try, arhencs
lt sui be paid out foi thi ? ? ? building foi
geri'.-ral .-olio-.- purpoaes, such h-- Smith hus necde-d
ani wanted foi manx years NI lsi Kthelyn J.J
Kinney, o' Tituaville Penn., wi., plays Ihe part ol
Lysander In the Dream, I ia at* ,11 tlnanrlul
responsibility In the enterprise a Vi li - Insured the
-lass against los* WlthOUl un -tn lix, nenl ol Ihls
kind th.-.r.- is little probablllt*. lhal the plaj would
l.a-.e been given al
Tho origin,i performan ? ol "\ Midsummer
Night's Dream" bj Bmlth "Ssa *????'- >????? j com
m?n ifd for Its artistic merit, and .- ? 11 i.i n
acholars -a ii?, -i* rt remark. I fM) pon ihe
fidelity sh..wu by ihe young women lt ;h stand*
ards of Shakespearian stud) Ueralel Hi ?.'? . j..-,
writing o' it In The i Title.' said:
"Perme-.it.-i alth distill-tlon and beauty, sith
that Indetiriablf and con vin lng harm which onh
the rares: woman an glvi the spirll firm o'. Lei
".erv sell, lr ve.,* r.n! with.mt nu inlAJ thal lin*
play of IH years .,-?-, ould have it.-eii made ho
subtly expressive o' rt girl's rollege o' to-d*j- -made
tranalucent with a womanhood lhal woiid tu.\,
been mejro of a dream lo fthakespeare tlsn jh.
'Midsummer Night). Dream' Heel!
The young women Bay nol without pardmabio
.1 ride- that in the preparation o! the pla j theuava
liad no 'mas, ulm.- ,isMsr.,r, ,. whatever, e*t-ept
from Alfred Young, ol New*York, who coached
them for th*ir Ural appearances, and who will astin
assist the-m In preparing tor the Ww-York uid
Boston performances. All arrangement* far ti.,
?"arneglo Lyceum entertainments won- made \y
Mr* Albon Stan- Beat, 'or merl v Miss xtarjora
Ayre* Mrs H--si appears ai Hermia In the pta?
She has worked energetlcall) and enthusiastically
for the success of the venture, and bas had no
small amount of labor lo perform In getting theV
players together Tba elaborate oaturnes and stagg V
Bettings used in the Northampton plays will bs '
brought into service again thu wlntei \ few
'-hango* will ru,-..* to bs mad. In the personnel of
tho choruses gad ths falrj trains, but tin- ? in he
rlone easily and with Uti J.- danger ol Impairing the
g-neral .xo.ll.ne of the perron..- The .sst
will be ss follows:
2.V"J' . ?*?? norene. M -tp.ua,
fSl"",. stls* Kdlth xi i
!*y**nd*r. sf , . .. . M 2,""''
,:f"""-'"*.miks Winifred v. rea ??{
I ???;?'?"?'?.Miss Elsi* i Uwl*
Sf'M"m.Ml** < LM. I..M.- I';,,,,,, ?
Pj**S.M'.s* K. ti., bi Mi Kim ?;,
*""'?- .Miss Josephine li Wilki
Kr,'-ut. .\l
Xl ,,,
??*f??"?i.ni** K,,,r;
Vr*'":v'*.Mi'" Kristin xi,.
"?,????.Mr* Mi,, k,"i --
V*'r;. ?";- ?*'"? i- Alien
'y* . . MU ' .... m.,,-,
r:"< moy.Mis, iBsbsii* Kgaliiion
Ths N*w.yorJc play, wm ,?. ^m,,,,^ . ,? _^.
??J**1* ??????? 9tt%irt tt the holtdgy aaaaon, snd
WI rn *tua#?4 by maay wtul-kaawB toeisty isa.
ors. Tho list of patronesses, as already announced. I
la made up as follows: Mrs. William Crittenden
Adams, Mr- Marshall Ayres, Mrs. Thomas lt. Hall.
Mrs. C C. Beaman Mrs. Albert Best, Mrs. Ernest I
A. Bigelow. Mrs George T. Bliss. Mrs. William j
Bloodgood, Mrs. .1 Wells f'hsmpney. Mrs. i: i
Frost. Mrs Henrj Draper, Mrs, E. L Oodkln. Mrs:
Julia Ward Howe, Mn Morris Loeb, Mrs, Tit..mas
Newman, Mr* Edward Patterson, Mr-- Daniel M.
Hollins Mrs. A. B. Sands. Mrs. Jacob Bchlff, Mrs.
l/oul* '? Tiffany, Mrs. Lucien C. Warner. Mrs. ja*
rob Wendell, ir. Mra, Charles Williams. Mrs. J. c. .
Wllim-rding and Mrs. Charles L. Worthington.
Henry E. Hight, n, of San Francisco, a prominent
lawyer and a devon I admirer of Miss Field, lias
written th.- following tribute to her:
?'The great lesson Of Kate Field's life and death ls her
Intense patriotism, which now, above all other peri?
ods should command universal respect. She was nn
American io the core, broad, tolerant] without fa
nan,ism or bigotry of any kind, and devoted to
human freedom on our constitutional basis. I.Ike
Oeneral Grant, sh., had travelled widely and had m?t
the most distinguished thinkers and statesmen of
Europe, but, Ilks him. sh* returned to her own land
even more de p.y Imbued than before with thc ip ril
of our inst tutions, In their happy combination of In?
dividual sovereignty, State autonomy .-ml National
unity. The laat Inspiration of her soul, as expressed
orally, ami In the solemnities of her will, were that
her ashes should mingle with her native soil snd thsl
her Individuality should be respected by the flag- A
writer o' unusual pow.r, she never tinseled herself,
int in dealing with Important questions for fully a
quarter of a century, sb dla russed thi m as an Amer
i.-..n ve,un.i-i, Intellectual, cultlx-ated, refined, and.
under ex-ery condition, true to National Ideals. She
was familiar with tue best literature of the world,
and conveyed the loftiest thoughts and the pures:
lentiments of .'als in language ao clear and sj tell?
ing thal many of her phrases hav, i.- imc part e,f
thal popiilat edu allon of which she wai so enthusi?
ast . a champion
Women of her type and character trained and
arm-.l the h.r,-.-- of our Revoltitlonarj War In
the darkes! years of tho Republic, such women
consecrated th.-ir children lo their American con- !
ceptlon.1 of freedom and of Independence, and '
though, toward the closing years ol the century, I
patriotic <??lu- it lon has dwindled In Its extent and '
earnestness', lhal type of American woman la not ; '
extinct, bm In anj National emergency thal maj I
nrlse will lie revived and reinvigorated bj Hie ex
ample and by I hi lil.- of Kate Fi. ld
"To this StHti hei services were al once valuable ?'
and inlque. She --pr.-ad ihe stori ol our achieve
menta and of our resources all'over ihe Cnlon.
With a practical sagacltj lhal sha meei many of
,,ur .-Itl/.-iis. -h.- anticipate!) and predicted the
mighty future 01 tl,.- Pacific ('oas:. She boldly re?
pudiated all narrow or transcendental views which
thwarted our progress and Injsred our local In?
dustries, ami stu bore her lestlmonx lo our ca?
pacity f,r Industrial, moral and Intellectual devel
iipm. ti bj pervading the most definlli facta with
Ihe blend.-d power of philosophy and ot patriotism.
'It ls fitting, therefore, lhal Ihe obsequies of this
noble and all I woman should have been marked
i,\- National recognition, and peculiarly appropriate
?hat they should hiv.- I,.-, n celebrated In the State,
of California, lo which mu. n ol her best work
luring her later years was' consecrated. When
ihe unanimity and fervor with which the last
honor; -,, hei memory have lieen paid are cor?
rectly realised, it will prove lhal noi on!) here,
hut throughout the Cnlon: nol Ihroaghoui
Ihe Cnlon, bul throughout the xi lld nhe, 'being
lt ad, j*e| speaketh.' "
(WINO O.V 'ni n\v.
The graduates of the claa* e.f ':?, o' Bmlth College
Aili pr.-s.-nt "A Midsummer Night's Dream" In the
"arneale I.um. Seventh-axe. ami Fifty-seventh- '
?'., Hits afternoon hw! evening.
Profeaaor Cherie* Sprugue Smith will addreas the '
.?ague foi Poll Ilea I Education, No -.: Weal Fort1
ourlh-st., this morning at ll o'clock. Ills subli ;l
Alli LO "Till I'l?. I r lt- spotl-il.lillies .,( !||e |*Ult|- "
rattt\ i 'I.i-.-. * "
Tin- elocutionists ol New-York, Brooklyn and
-i--ir.it >- will holt! a meeting to-night In Carnegie
tall to discuss plans foi Ihe sj\ih annual ronven
lon of the National Aesoi lat lon of Elot utlonlata, to
M- held In tw< elli n.-\t Jui <?
"Influence of Club Work upon Kerami* Ar:" will
?e the subject for oonatderatlon al the meeting of
he Brooklyn Society of Mineral Painters thia
I'. moon
I" Daniel G. Brinton, of ihe Cnlveraltj e.f Penn*
ylvania, will lecture I hi* evening at s o'clock on
Tho Oldest Signs of Man in America,'' al the
imerican Muaeum ol Natural History, Seventy*
eventh-si and Elghth-ave.
The Athene Club win meei this an. moon at Ihe
r0urtij Presbyterian Church, Nlnety-flrsi-st. and
Vest End- ,v. There" will be ps|tera on Mogan r,n,|
Velma i
The Mi-.. . Truax will give an entertainment for
ihi benefit of the Society for the Aid of Frtendleai
vVsjn.-n nnd children this afternoon al 2 tt o'clock
m toe lectii'.i- room .,i thc i VX . c A., Pla I bush
ive.aud Sch. mihi horn-st Hrooklyn
The National Rocb-ty of New*Eng.and Women ''?
Hill nget at tl," Waldorf this afternoon al 1*30 ""'
)'cloclcLlt ls Mst.,rb al ila; . snd Itu subject for dis ln
?imslony "Th. liroxvliii Self-'"oniet loiisness of the ,n
', lemlesV) irso. ,,,
from Ly \s of *j.,,\,- anel Nature
HOW i.'x word artic ic! Onl) lusl i -
I..-. uki-\ Wa So merril) i andes* anel frei ?"
.1. y fron ihe bottom md calm front Ihe brow ai
Now he \. depart,-d for years thin shall l? . , III
\\ lld!) ihe fmpin throb, he-art chill aa snow; tn
Tears eo .xjlef ., io, li m.now cm glxe; sh
Uh. j ".ii *!, sliimll.rr, you nee ?-r can know ' as
Auguiah i'*j;... g llk, oufi w?0 gilli (ivs. wi
Heads tho Mst of the
Hijrhcst-Cii'atle Pianos.
flit THIN'.?The baying |,iii,ii, ?ni pleas* n.?t roalsaad
ti- st 111.xi ki i Plano "iii, on* ..r ? tlmllar soaadtng asm*
of ebi bp grad*
i Mir iittiii.. 'i?'ll?
S-O-H-M Iv R
Foil IALB OM.Y ?t lit- i.v. Baal nu, st . K. ?
FA'TORIKS corner Third Ave. \ Uta St., IX. v . ?:vi
satoris, i. I,
rm: ladies- rumsri.w vnios
Thc boarding-house for Women on North Wish- '
Ington Square, which is under the auspices of the
Ladies' Christi in Turon, ll to he moved, lt ls fer a
el 11 r o' worn, n who c iuM not directly sppi al for sid,
ns they are self-supporting, .ind the house i = not ar
all on thc footing ed a charitable enterprise, though
1; ls a gracious benevolence.
The original plan, thirty-eight years ago. wi- te
provide a pleasant Christian nome f.r ;? ison* ile
board for young ciris coming is stranger* .- i New
York, lt a.is broadened to sdmll maturer women,
who appreciate Its comfort: h>i*lncs-r women snd I
dents, ita ben.-tits are remembered, noi only over
our own country, bot by numberless workers '
throughout Inc world. .
There are several >,? these boarding-houses tha* !
are quite the Ideal In theory, as, for Instance, the
tenta'. Of g fla: cr house by a number, who club I
together and bo lessen expenses; bul there ls a big
"if" in tin- way for cautious ones, lt '?? nari :?> lind
several who like the sam.- diet, who are willing lo
adapt themselves to stated hims, and whose In- j
come is reliable, line or txvo ir.- loath to take the re?
sponsibility and risk eif being bf,- in apartments be?
yond th.-ir mea is
"Tills aasoclatlon," said one of Ihe officers, "over*
seen by a committee of responsible women of posi?
tion and wraith, who are i ? i seleci capable su?
perintendents, seems ;-. inswer the much-needed
wan-, but of th< ie pia. e* in New-York i ii re - i
marked Inadequacy
"Th., houses in Washington Square afford the
best as-ample. The committee has among Its nam- '
her some of the most Intelligent! lib. ral and hli-'i
ly cultivated women in ihe etty Thi so perin
t.-nd.-nt. widow of nn Knlscop.nl - I- , ??. man ?..- ii
pioneer iii th. work, which wa* fir -t started In
iv.i |n Kast Pourteenih-si ; four years later thc
houaes In Washington Square w.t. bought, ihe
land being subject io ri leasehold.
"lt ls improbable lhal anj woman living lu
New-York bas t.iik.-.l over Hie pto* ana cons of
business enterprises or comfort il snd asslste.1
nore gentlewomen in perplexity than tin. won,.ir
Being of the most i-mpathetic lemperamenl
guided ami restrained by rare ludgment. no oi
could have be.n belier (Itt. ' -ot th.- work lhal
she has enjoyed all these yen-* Pontina of New
lingham! stock, and abb.I iii her .if..rt- by ntl ,
?latani who f- ai~.> a woman >.f marked ability.
the houses are run on Ihe most economical and
ut the sam.- tim.- the nio-t comfortable linea thal
?an be managed. The boarders feel Ihul they 'pay
for whal they get,' as well ns th it the-, receive
Hil they pay fe,r
"The tubs are onlj such es are * protection,
The doors are nominally closed nt IO W p m
"Th.- funds al the disposal of the committee, un?
der whose rharge ar,, these Washington Square
houses are low, and the ladles Interested sre
trusting that the New I'eai will bring to them
som- moneyed friend who will appreciate Ihe
vain.- of the Institution and help them to cst.ii,
INP a new hom.- "
(l^tj^lBV/Nfe. n _
Some of the plate designs given lt the skel hi -
ne pretty In dainty aqueous-blues, greens and
.inks. Th.- dots and tendrils Sre richer if done in
?old. An equally hands me tr. atm. nt results from
intlng tin' plates In the colors shove suggested,
?craping away the color under thc pat:, rn ind
Minting thal In deep, rich shades of some pretty
?on tra st lng shade, using gold upon the dots and
endrila as air.-a.ly suggested
The old-fashioned spinning-wheel gives a quaint
leslgn for i !>:?? ml- ind-iniik or oatmeal set, and
holli,1 be treated in a sing!.' color, generally blue
r brown, Initials ,,r a handsome monogram may
.. added on the oppoalti side of thi pit iher and
Th- other deslgni for old time plates ire BUb
-, ts f..r grandmother's days, and may be appro*
1 LW
lately used f..r cheese plates, fruit plates or for
milai lahle purpose
?j,',..- -. t of frui? platt - with di orations of muaic.il
-.ruin-ms -bown by sketches would make ? suh?
le wi ddlng or- bli ihdaj pn -.-ur
The designs could be carried out in gold, bronc* oi
, ,,,?,,, a ilnled or a hlte l-i . ind, ?hi, h
'. '!?,,' ,.rJ'enouslj Hf -1. nr ."Hines mlghl ls
ri ned nwitj I" '? '" "Pldvlng Ihe gobi
. ! , %1? , .,., met lt el would bi lhal of paint- ,
.... mini - In ii Ingle .oloi having cai hidala
If a , ' fend or eold oi
E,'-metal bu" . "ring would I.*aar,
.?. | ;,-.- illustrated rn ij la- ' nted ir. in
either thi en l - - - ms) be tl
,, ',,.|h r parl tefl plain The n mr. (Igum
., .I,. should bi oi m. ,iie color, or In ?
I ,l ,,?! me , rm n outlined with gold Tu?
cking should ai.-.. ... done iii gold to Insure ih
,., efY.-t.he reaults. Th.\? <f the plate
rju d not he given sny larder of . r of gobi.
',he gansVal .Itect of ths design wuuld In this |
,y W> *>ensii.U li.ivsi.s4*
V.st, rday was Mrs. Kdward el. Draper's birth?
day, and she Invitee! all the destitute and fri-nd
less womin |? New.York to loin her In celebrating
ir at the Day Star Home. No. Ho Wen! Twenty
sixth-st . of which she ls matron and founder.
Th- feature of the OCCashM was a dinner, and
the dining-room doors were opened at 1:2o and re?
mained open till all had been fed. The scraps tha'
remained were then packed into baskets and given
to a number of poor families who had been asked
to st rul for ih. m.
The materials for the dinner, which were the
best In the market, tarers tkmated by friends of
the Hom-- anti Mr* Draper, or '"Sister 1'harlotte.'
as she ls generally called, w.-nt around In a big
wagon with Sister Harriet Boland und Sister Bs*
lelle .Midge to collect them. The cooking wns all
done in th>- nonie, under sister Charlotte's super
The I>:iy Star Home was opene,l three years nsro
in a few room'- lu West Twenty*fourth*st., but the
work has awakened so much interest that sister
ChsrlOtte Ins been able to take a large double
house at No. HO West Twenty-slxth-st., and has
Just tnov.d Into lt. This enables her to help three
grade's of wom.ti. rind help th.-tn separately. Re*
sp. eta bl., worn, ii come to ber, the actr.ss, the
r Inger, th.- writer, as areli as thone who follow
oth.-r a voca tiona, ami she helps them all. Others
.onie win. have mad., bm on,, misstep, hut who
hale not lived among VICIOUS people, and these
an- h>lp.,I as they eoubi not be in homes for baser
women Hut any woman ls received, no matter
bow low she mav hr, v.- fallen, if she really wishes
to abai-.,lon th.- old life.
Since th.- hun. was opened Sister Charlotte hai
a -h.-lter to i,***) women, has found employment
roi BM, returned it io rh.it motlu-i-s arid sen) SI '..
m.,t.-n Itj hospitals Thi... hundred are now self
supporting-, and .1 number are among th.- regular
Biibsi Ibei ? '.. ; he wot k ,.f the hom,-.
?| . .o'.I .lo much more," said Sister Charlotte tn
a Tribune reporter, "ll I were not handicapped bj
I.n k ot mean*. I have to-day on.- entire door un
furn h.il. ind need ? .c ind bedding for lt, and I
?ia . Iso ileitperalelj rn need of clothing. I Wish
l.pit "?, iM ...rn, ..n,l see our home, and if they
would Maj bm for ?, few hons and see th.; homelea*
girls w noni i have ro tori, into ih.- airest, l know
they woui.i help me All my beda are full, but I
have room for twelx*e more, while clothing of ali
kinds |s abs,din.I-. . .-ss.ir\ lo continue the pres?
ent work w- hax'e , dressmaking department,
loo, under sklll.il management, and we wain or.I.-rs
tor such work "
Am,mg those Interested in the home .ire Miss
Anni.1.1 Smith. Mrs \f \_. Wilson. Mrs. Si briefer.
Mrs Wolf.-, .xii-- Abbr. Briggs, Mts Duncan, Mts
Unction, Mrs M K . Baker. Miss k. McKeon,
Slsl.-r Harri.-t Huland. Sisb r Ketella .lodge. Mrs.
C. ll Parkhurst, Mrs u s MacArthur, Mts. Mar
g. i-.-t Molt,un,- Mr- E. / Demurest, Mrs. i *. I".
Meek, Mrs, .1 T Beckley, Miss Uttlefleld, the Rev.
\\ R Huntington, Ihe Rev, Walpole \X' .rr.-n. bu?
ll, v Percy Stickney (Irani, the Kev. lt. B, Mac?
Arthur, the Rev, IV ll P Faunce, the Rev. D. J.
Hun.'!:, tn- Ret ll K Cobb, the Kev. F. M. North.
-.,. Rex ii a Stimson, tb< Rei W A. Moir, John
S lluvl.r. C N. i tilt, ntoti. F. T Hopkins. An.br
,n Fowler, A VV Dennett. D C Link. AS Hat.h.
C. I". Meek, Thomas Nugent, ? ; Nlcholaa and R D
l"i. i it k I in
Manufacturers of kitchen fittings have done all
they could to mik-, tit.- modern kitchen Ideal In its
dainty surroundings. Old-fashioned housekeepers,
who spend I illrome hours In achieving such sn Ideal
without any of the modern Improvements, belong to
a past generation, The kitchen :s now in the hands
of the maid of all work or the cook, and a gf.-at many
if til. artistic fittings which make the new kitchens
so picturesque are in , lapted t., th.-ir "heavy-handed"
methods Porcelain sinks are very attractive, with
their expos.-,) plumbing, marbi.- ba,ks and nickel
fan..-ts. bul when it is remembered thal marble is
easilj injured by grease, stains ot fruit and vege?
tables, the utillt) of ll becomes s matter of ques?
Tne hea\*y pets and pana of copper or Iron mital be
washed In Ihe poi elaln-lined sink, and no plumber
will warrant lt from taking on trie peculiar cheeki red
appearance which ihe por. Iain-lined article assumes
after a certain reason of wear. In short, a. porce
i ? ned sink, under the presenl conditions of the
k.- ?:?:? M. r;, nigh ^- ..it, look a-, is nol goad to wear
When aluminum pots and pans become the rule and
nor th ? < x,-. pt, in: when Iron spiders and griddles are
permsnently banished for something better, then the
Ideal of a porcelaln-Ilned sink mav possibly*be real
bted. Al present a galx'snlsed jink of the very best
q uti tj lere are a dozen grade* is the beat choice
foi practli ii kitchen uae. The porcetaln-ltned sink
will lo f.ir the butler's pantry Even there lt rs tn ira
llke'.y ?>' nick Hue china than i good bowl of sine.
Fastidious housekeepers objeel to having th. ir- best
china washed In either, and keep a small wooden tub
for this purpose. Where the ?:nk In the butler's
pantry I* nex-er used for washing dishes, but simply
to -hain off the d i water, li may .is well be enam?
elled wira poi 'elaIn .t- anything els,-. The practical
;, ii i a,uk of the kitchen, howex-er. mus: i?. done In
the gslx'aniseel Iron -ink. The back of the sink sha i I
? of g.u\ mixed Iron, or tha sink should be net
Into ri wains.-.,;ing .,f tiling.
There ar.- several objections to Hiing, lt ls Im?
possible to fasten air chambers which should be
I with sll kitchen fan.'.-ts iiimiy against a beck
,f the til na Air chambers deaden the noise of the
running s/atei ind ob vis ? the unpleasani "groan
ni;" caused bj ... pressure of air In the ordlnarj
Miirnlshi I bras- ;., - sre preferred by
.1 .i.-i -. il housekeepers lo cheap ni.-kel plate. They
ire easil) kept clean with a little chamois skin and
? an I-?.. j., anil there is no plating ro weal off
If iii., time ever come* when aluminum can be
is. I for r:,:- purpose, rr wii: be i?*? 11.? r in.ui copper,
mt until then the copper will do.
All the best modern sinks have exposed plumbing,
md the tin.- Lad work of an -xpert mechanic ls an
ittractlve feature In Itself. The Moor Range and the
irlous lointi of ihe pipe should be smoothly wiped,
-ai.-fully burnished lead, and need be covered with
I., superfluous coating of nickel. This is a place
lhere !?? id alone sho id bt ise I. an I not nickeled iron
o commonl) suhstli med fi ? ll
The kitchen -ink should be ami.le. The neatest
louseket'per* prefer to dispense with dlshrdralners
???I . tr. ,,,s othei paraphernalia which are some mes
deled ro ihe common sink. A small, glnc-covered
ibl, thi heigh: of th*- -ink. should beat hind to
? ?? elx*e dishes that liiii'.- been washed and rinsed, and
rt reaelj to be drle I and p ir away
Such pot* i-i i pans <t metal win.-ii require to be
.. i .-? fore ? he Mri may be left for a few minutes on
...- nigh shelf pf the range, nex-er In the open oven.
The best n,. ri i of cleaning a ga I van Ism sink I*
, M a-ii rt With boll ur \e Itel and -o ip. and polish ll
,i.li a cloth dlflpeel in kerosene \\ .i<h lt au.rn with
?. Hosp ai I wat' r. rinse lt and tl na liv wipe ir dry
Ml** i:- elle Davlsson, of Nebraska, a young we?
in ? twenfy-two, was recently elected county at
irnej of Hr.,wu County, ihe man who ran sgatnsi
? !? fested by a Lug.' maj.,rite
Pew i"-d'', kn .w thal th Washington Heights
-,- te - owned and edited by a woman She i
I \i,... Dacie, a member of the Woman's Cress
I ,: . and fen citlxen* of ihi Heights feel triat they
i, |o wltho ii her bright publication.
m I -
The Prison Guild gave a eon,crt yesterday after*
ii, ,n In r he Tombs
Plflj prisoners In the Ludlow Street Jail were
eased to roas: beef for their New fear's dinner,
ai those in ihe Esses Msrkel Prison had roast
ilcken and cranbi rry sauce.
Mrs Frederick Nathan read her paper m 'The
Judah rn" in the Temple Beth-El, P fth*
md Slit] ? ? nth-al . last nlghl
?|-|.,. Barnard clubs had ? luncheon yeaterdaj In
,,. . i ii,room-. In 'arti, gi.- Hall. An Informal re
.piton pre, ? ded ll
?pi,, American ?rl Aeaoclatlon has decided to
thi eshil ''an of the Denton butterflies
id tin- Jobert, Ouerard rind li,jot works of art
?ring the coming wei k
An Eman Ipa Hon Proclamation celebration was
ii |a i night, under the auspices of tha Preach
M. . -.ni: -Mal I ?? l*OUng M'-ir's League of
,,, , , .i ? . w ? Tenth and B>i cker ?:s.
Ishop Walters and Mr* Victoria Mathews were
i, mg thi "'. ??r
Among rh..-, wh.. il tended the Pres'denllal re
-I rsterds) In Washington waa Mrs. Vang
,i. the wit- of the Chlneaa envoi She wa-, wan.
rfalle attired In silk and krwets and attracted
uh attention. Yang lu ws* there, too, willi bl*
il io, ar.d all ware gorgeously arrayed.
Turn Over a
New Leaf
and add telephone service
to the equipment of your busi?
ness. You will be surprised at
the results.
The New York Telephone Sys?
tem contains 17,000 stations; there
are nearly as many more' in
neighboring cities, and all Long
Distance points are available from
the New York Subscriber's station.
Minimum Rat*. Direct Line. &QA * v.ir
6C0 Local Mesnac-J. *P7V a Ycar'
Tarty Lin- $13 a Yrrj- Less.
New York Telephone Co. ji ijRjftft 5,':
llryn Mawr College xviii offer annually eight
competitive Beholershlps, four of the value of BM
aral four of the value of kw. to candida tea pre?
senting themselves for the spring matriculation
examlantlona of Bryn Mawr College, ? Hrs! seholar
hllip Of ihe value of Psi and a second of the value
of QM being open tn candli)atea from each of the
followingdlatrtcta: fal the Mew-England Stales, tb)
New-York and New-Jersey, (e) odin. Indiana, mi?
nuit. Miehiir.ni and XX is, oirsin. and the States weal
of the Mississippi River, (d) Pennsylvania snd sll
places not Included In a, b and e.
Th.- dial rici io which a candidate shall be con?
sidered io belong shall tn- determined hv the school
at which sh., received her final preparation, or In
case "f pr. pa rat ion by private study hy th- place
,,:' residence during ihe year preceding the Anal
rxamlnatlon; hm the candidate may present herself
for examination at ma place whe re bu ii examine
m. i ls held.
The.. scholarships, rays "Th.- Philadelphia
Times," ar- to 1,.- laid for one .'-.tr only and shall
h.. award..I in each e.f th.- at,nv.- named districts
,,ii th- baals of 'ii-- -itu total of marks obtained
by th.- candidate; but no one shall be r-otastdered
eligible for th- titst scholarship who has received
more than one condition in all the fifteen se.-Hons
of the examination, an.l no one shall be considered
eligible for the second scholarship who has received
more than thr.-i.minions in the fifteen factions of
the rxamlnatlon. When th.- examination has bi en
divided, no account will be taken of those con*
dillons Incurred in the llrst part Which have* been
pass,.,| off in th- final exa mina th tr
Th- competition ls limited to those who intend to
spend nt lesa! OIW yar al Bryn Mawr College, who
have not BtUdled at any other college and who
hav- not before presented themselves more than
one., in ihe Itryn Mawr College matriculation ex?
aminations All those wno pt.?ti' themselves shall
i?- ipso facto candidates for these scholarships, no
formal declaration of candidacy being required.
In IM7 examinations for matriculation will bi?
li.ld ftom m ly tt to Jun- 2, Inclusive, al Bryn
Mawr College, and also in Ito.-ton. N'.w-York,
Philadelphia. Baltimore, Pittsburg, Chicago. Louis?
ville. Indianapolis. College I'ark. California and In
I.,,n,I,,n or rans Rxaminatlona may also be ar?
ranged foi In other pla.es If the nutiib-r of candi?
dates ls sufflclenl Applications for admission to
examinations elsewhere than at Bryn Mawr must
be made at least on- month before the date set
for the beginning of the examination. Except in
. sse* where special arrangementa have i.n mad.-.
an examination fee of IS ir.uat be paid In when the
examination, or .mv part of it, ls taken elsewhere
than al Bryn Mawr I 'ollege.
Specimen examination papers and thc programme
of Bryn Mawr College, containing a statement ot
the requirements for admission, may be obtained
from the secretary of the college, who will furnish
any Other Information thal may bs desired.
Spring, i**'.i7
Mav 2S.
Kngllsh grammar. Bte. 9'M 'n ll OO
Eng! s>, romp isltlon.U"S2 ' ' ' '"
.. -M.i.v . . 2 ?to ? 00
Mae '.tl
tlCebTR .>' i),} " ''-:"?
r.-.-n. I,' ' .'.'.'.'.7.'.'.'. -?""? ??? ""
Mji 3|
Latin pros* authors. '?' '
I.nt Ml poet*.
.11 :t?i i
. 3 Ul
I.-if'",'"-'.,mp...|tl..ti. ?"*> ??' ">???
,"';?;?,:,."??;:::,.:,iS!! '
jolid xe.,in-try and trig " niertrj
... ..i ? , |2
2 mi r i .'.
The following letter off. rs a suggestion on the
aigrette question which may or may not commend
Itself to those opposed to the wearing of plumage.
There s. .-ms io be little difference between killing
wild bids for their"plumage and raising domestic
. ti-s for that purpose; bul If the feathers of only
those fowls thal are use-i for f.I could be mad
to satisfy the d' mends of -.lie milliner, il seems thal
the Idea ought lo be acted upon wlthoul further
To Ihe Bdllor of Ihe On!) Woman's Pagt AiN't
Vork is now having a poultr) show. I would like lo
Inquire, through your columns, why th- women who
?rear ?o man) feathers, and are also so lurgel) Inter*
.-t.d in Hi- raining of poultry, hav.- not though) of
i?t art lng a nea branch of thai Industry? Why are
the feathers of our farmyard fowls noi utilised for
ihe adornment of headgear? Thej are far more
beautiful than mans now in use for thal purpose.
The aigrette lhal almost everj woman haa on hel?
li.it i- stiff lm I- .mu in ll only a fad
Th- topknot of on- of these Paderewskl black
fowl* wini its black and whit.- feathering and
black I..... t pyes, would be beautiful in a hat. The
fanner's family could make n tine collection of
feathers and send them to Ihe feather deniers, who
iador and make most marvellous birds, with tubular
wings .md crests on their backs, auch creaturea as
i atnie never dn urned of.
XX'lix nut have poultr) farms for feathers, as they
do ostrich farms, peacack farma, paroquet farms,
even Mrda of paradise fauns' These latter sra
sometimes so burled In their beautiful plumage that
they h.ok as If th.v would like to parl with som- of
ll. even to adorn a hat
This would, in a gr ea l measure, stop this whole?
sale wicked killing of our beautiful song birds and
Insect-killing bird-. Hobin-, thrushes, wrens and
many others are nol pretty on a hat. The Kngllsh
-(.arrow can furnish all the snail feathers needed,
ind a pigeon farm ihe nexl slse Then poultry
feathers we could have from the ducks and chick*
t.s and turkeys thal We have . at.-ii
Som- say lt won'l pay fee, lt will, for soon thi re
alli be no' xviltl birds to collect from. If this whole
-ale slaughter goes on. A. A. Al.I.KN.
denna n town, fenn. December Si, IM
Mr. and Mrs oliver ll. !' Belmont gav. al their
lome. N.. -t Baal Beventy-second-st , yesterda)
ifternoon, the first large entertainment since their
narrlrge, nearly a year ago. lt was ? luncheon,
-rv,.I al small tables which were decorated with
roes, hyacinths and ferns, xvpiie the guests wera
it the table there wis music by the Hungarian
, ind. which xvas hidden behind a forest of hemlock
nd palms. Among Mr and Mrs Belmont's gueeta
rera Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Martin, Mr snd Mrs
leorge B, i?, Porest, Mr snd Mrs. James P. Ker
M*han, Mr and Mrs Si, In. ij .1 Bmlth. Mr. and
irs T Suffern Taller, Mr. and Mrs tvilllam R
Yav.rs. Mr and Mrs ll-rm.nm i lelri.-.'is. Mr. and
Irs. Whitney Warren, Mr and Mra I. Townsend
lurden, Mr and Mrs Cbs rles Q Francklyn, Mrs.
'rederic Neilson, Mr and Mrs a Lanfear Norrie.
Ir and Mrs. Stuyvesant Ptah, Mr and Mra. Henry
'lews. Miss Marie Churchill, Miss nelle Neilson,
liss Kittie Harrison. Mis. Katharine I>u.-r. Miss
'Irglnla Fair. Miss Biala Hoffman, xx Bourke
o, k ra ii. I-' Gray Orlawold, Ooold Redmond, James
>w Cutting, Richard T Wilson, Jr. Jamea xx
lerard, Jr., Freditrick Baldwin, Charles Porbes, ll
i Havemeyer, Jr.. Reginald ltrooks. Reginald Ron
Ids, Henry P. Bidrtdge, Harold S. Vanderbilt and
I'llliam K Vandi riult, jr
Oeneral and Mra Perdlnand Plnney Karie gave
reception yesterday aftersoon .md evening at
?ieir houie. Karls Cliff, Washlagtoa Heights, In
slebratlon of the With anniversary of President
leorge Waehlngton'a tir*.: New-Tear's recep'lon,
,.|,I ,,? thi seal ol Oovernmenl in thin city in I7*t.
he hours were from 1 tO M p. BB. Twe-ry-flve
undred invitations had been s.-nt out by i,--n--.il
,,i. md of this numbera large pareoatage were
resent yesterday, Sp.--lal Invitations had been >x
? nd.d lu the Sons and the Ilaugat.tm of Hie Am. ri
,n Revolution and lo the Order of Pounder* and
The iiou?e wa* lavishly and tastefully decorated
nt, wreath* e.f evergreens and festoon* of red,
bu- .nd blue bunting Receiving with Mr- Karie
,s Mrs. 8. A. Blsckstoi.e, both attired In Marv
I'ashlllgtSS* COStlime* ii-',, ral Kail-, a* well as
her members of hi* family, wore colonial gar
lent* which have been in the fa mill for mar.- tuan
ntl hundred years A substantial bin. he rn **..s
? veil throughout the r-.-pllon. iii.I miisl.. . |*Js*l
i making Hie oce-asion th- m-iri.-r Amoag ibOSe
resent wenv R. ar -Admiral and Mr*. Krh.ii ?i
-al and Mrs David Wylie, Or and Mr#_ William
Ewing,Mr. snd Mr*, dole, Mr. and Mra M. &
i 'i
! I
Bates. Bishop Wells of Spokane, Wash.; Mr. and
Mrs. .1 H. Morrison. Mr and Mrs. J. 8 Hard. Mr.
snd Mrs. Gallagher, Mr. and Mrs. Wooster, the
Mlsree* Woos.er. (he Rev. Hr John T Patsy, Mr.
and Mrs Kdward H. Hall and Colonel und Mrs.
l/oomis li. Langdon
-a- ? -
The recent revival work of Dwight I. Moody In
tills i I'y is >o be i-otitiniieil on larger lines by other
men settee In sneft work during the coming week,
Ld by th Rev, A. C. Dixon, pastor of the- llan*e*?n
Place Hiptist Church, .if Brooklyn, in order thst
Mr Dixon may .rive aimee*, hil .ntire time to the
work, his eh,ireh has engaged an assistant pasdor
and Mr Dixon win ba *r*equfred to prsaek only one
se-rmon a Weak Ut ht* .bur. li Ms will **pcak In
Cooper Cnlon .very day eif th. w.-k. beginning on
Monday, and on Sunda-, be will sp. ak In the Aead
emy of Musi" In the afternoon and In the 1'res.hy
tertan Church, at Pourteenth-et. snd s<cond-av*., in
i hi evi ning
Mr. Mandy, who i? f*aealring In iioston on week
.lays, will apeak at th, Carnegie Mis,.- Hail in thia
.itv on Surrdav aft. -rnooi s The ipi -lk-r* are to
ba ,-,ssis-.,i by ira D lankey nnd ?! n. Bnrka, the
singing evangelists, and John Mi Kell, th.- landon
preacher. In Brooklyn, al the Hansen Plans Hap*
ti-t Church, tb- Hanson I".. Methodist Chore**,
th. laifiytie Avenue Presbyterias ClMweb. ?nd
the Baptlsl T.-mpi-. revival services ara to bs h<-id
In the Week bl the Rev. I Wilbur iii.inman of
Philadelphia, assist-.! by Mr Low-, th.- singing
evangelist. Thi Rex George C Needham will apeak
In Hi.- week In lb- Xmphioi, Thea tn and th- Ite
formed Church of Williamsburg.
A new departure in n rival work will be the hoid*
lng of reg ii la i revival meetings at a number of fac
lories during ihe dinner hour l? Kerdinand S<-hly*
er. a. "th.- w irking people's - rangi list " No ir. utile
ls sntlclpated ri getting permission for th- meet?
ings in iii- factories,
Th- Cnlon Methodist Kphvopal church, In FSf>
ly-elghth-st., west of Broad wa) will i? i.ntre or
r-ligious Interest during th.ming w.-.-k. The
Rvangellcal Alllanci for tht I'nlted Bl -te- will hold
ns meeting- for tb. Week of Prayer in the church.
Th- alliance has determined upon s new departure
III the plate, lim- and .hara-t.-r of Its services
ll r.tofore these services hav- been held In the
Afternoon, bur non Ihej ar- t,. i. h. ld in th-* .-ven?
ing in th.nt ra I Wes) side of th- elly. Instead of
a Kingle leader <>f a prayer meeting, twa. eminent
speakers hiv- been selected wh.. wii; deliver ad
dresses on th. subjects designated lor sack day.
Tn.- different denomlnstlona ro-operatlng with tba
alliance will be represented arnon*, the soi ak. rs
ll HY -ll ID N \ll HT '-/I / ' P BI I ''Vf/.
??DER OIRLS i'll.i.ki> Mir ADMIRATION Pf Hil
i i.iir.Ks is nu: ?:?' i:\i-:
"How sre you, I .ii is? Toil tn ' i iking w.'H." Mid
a cuatosaer who dropped Into a Herman dtlarnH
eafe uptovyi laSI '
"I val p illy." replk d Juli ,s, pec mae 11 ari essM
fats sinee I e,.^ SOBBC Skaters 1 \.t- br BOSS skat?
er on der peach, oh, lt v.is m .od' to gil- mit m ne
s.-if ofer der Ices tn:: der ?eephera ploughing mme
\,sk-rs tr.-w. undi v-n der beopli ? ni- -om.ng
dey ail on- side k'". undi vail until I g.. py, Dag
xas mied mir admiration bj min- ihapea Hil; I
guess I must glf up Jot skating mr- der rinks, pe*
? lUSt 111 tr- '. .-? ^ ll !? a! IS. I ? .- rn '.?? fault
dot der girls all run me after i , - ? ,.- lt on der
lees und: der girls ail tumble demi ss afi der
headti mt i-f for m.-. Effry night I \.t- sol r-.nk*
In mon- !.-:i a dosen grrl- van I m.- to gtf dem skat*
lng leeson ? i ie] ia) - doi if I onl r teach I- tn ? , fad
mit s,. much uta.-, filia- ,- m. d il I ... il I pc a
darling ol forty-tree carats. I xas sh nmg a Beau?
tiful gill some ski Idli ,::iks ... ,. . ,
eas) r ? h.- |o| i .... nu, ) ..., I., ,sna |; . j. j ... M
I \a- . utting padckwardi der double Dutchmans,
mine vlfe comes dei ?. .? . ps dei ... r.
i nuances bn -r\ ,j.. k
' 'Der r ,mt lolerli - v.,- . ... __?... aarag.'
?he says, 'undi you, Julius, tn r-' . m. ml tn - nome.'
I says du I comes home brett) *oon. as If I leaven
dot rinks now I don't no rain -.. k- _.. ? mdt I don't
back get In M.,,.. \;',. uyi | ? .,,. ., ?. v.tn| ,n? (0
'?aca get In. n til lei >- , qx-almed mit dem
selves, she \ ns -, mil- nu- lometlngi dot I kn. ar
dot s,,me -x',1 i* ming
" 'Y"u >'???? 'l -,-k.i'. r, you i t- ' i ..i sal lt, mit
her v.,.,-- a,, sarcasm* 'Von \.i-. ,< ,x
ska-, on ..,! der time*. Vou haf one on effrj day j
since ve yai married I. ,- -rm. dot !? ? irta I
make ou lt .e-. . ,- .- _\ ,..-. ,,.,.. ?? ,. ? ,, 1
v.is lt dot d-.- childrens pu) ..'-..dr. You va* i bretiv
dud.-, you l-ss, <ki-.r.: ... aroundl mit gfrll mdt
posing as ,. single mat, '
?'Just den a man val va- green-ey< l mil jealousies
aboudt der girls doi taste mi: me, -;,. ik* himself
up. undi says dot I i ,- tomi I ,k .- - ,:, .- doi l only
,.n mm- ear co .Mt -k.,-. dor | rai , . u skatet.
Dot vai :... much. Of h.- calli me *ometlngi i - r
' ?li' 'Or ti tn exe .- - a. ,?- | ...-,.
I i.,< a ear ilea ter I rn-.- main--- *ei m. ip *. -,
S? ?- eOUidri 1 |- qvickei I says ,,.,,-k dor If he
comes l.-r nnk ui.lt I sh, ,ws bim val a ear -katrr I
was, undi i show him rai a pudding . .a- nil
\ eli, he ,i,m,.. himself ou lr. undi .n\ ,der feller dot
?ays doi he va* mme frlendt, -i\- dot he i-ouldt hold
me mine coat. I glfs b.m min.isl andr I Marta
mi; m.ne fists ,,,110,1 up . feller. Jusl d-n
*ome von a banana -k n j. it* di 1 il lewalk on undt I
-ir- m. down m.: der groundl bretty lard I *ee?
?ometlng* pefore mine ey. --. ,. 1 1 |0i ? .e. -. ,--;n?
else, undi ven I ired mlneself up effryp ?!?. 1 11 avTC
ten. i>.\ rai 1 *o scared mit mine fighting dot derV.
fell.:- wi. 1 mini ofercoai h ildi 1 mi ax .v. too. It ia* \
too ba lr Doi :? ? .,? vai ilrty-tret ?,, lara v^rt.
nnd: 1 don r hal same grudge* mit dot feller dot
tr.-- mr aim 1 -. iy. 1 don'I j. inch tl in ir he | |. m*
back t.rings nit.
John D Little, of ?' il ira - .-. Qa . wai al the vTai
dorf yeaterda) Mr Little 1- ., son of 1 former
Attorney-Oeneral .'or the Department ..' the in?
terior, and one of the yo ingi st rm n ever ele ti 1 to
the stat. Legislature In Qeorgta He ls au out
and-oul Democrat, bul those who know him asp
thal b- ls not ... all displeased thal sound m..nev
triumphed in the recent -I- Hon He, irk- ,11 other
Democrat* Jual now. I? not talking poll!lea. bul he
insists thal fleorgla ls one or the tree test States
lu ih.- Cnlon,
Senator Arthur P Dorman 1- aboui ..s nar ont
m un I -a ti'. >? these daya as Senator HUI ams prex ions
10 the election. He w is In the ,i'. yesterday, and
says thal bis business hen i- private Ha adds
that be doesn't care t.? t ilk politics nov. as the
Democracy li so overwhelming!) outnumbered ail
around, ll- f.r,ors a poll v ,,?' non-obstruction, so
it la s.,id. and lt is not likely thal he will tak. ni
active har. l In Hens te matters lui! 1 iw Ths
Senator bri- a gigantic task on his hands treing
to reclaim bis State from the Republicans and save
his s.-at in the Senate He says ll la hud to mv
what will become .<: the Cuban resolution, and he
ls not actlvel) In*' r. sted in it
QI RSTB AT ll IDIXO lin 11, is.
BRO AD WAT CENTRAL. Hi: TM-ssrsl Baodi Maj
11 !?? (rttoien, Boston r'x risntirs > slfi. |*HR
,- li H,~ ii'-v * wlf ?'S J ? .
chester, Hess 9 xx IHinnlag, I' s. Army,
li V ituugii. Ilarrisbun .-? ? Baile>, I; -? ?
pena *?' 'I ll irr * Br ? *l\r.
K Hurlee. I'rovl g. T. Bralerg, RutUnd, VC
Mr* V StSBtOO. ''tn .e*"- .... y
U Hi.rl.urK.-t. WI.-....K 1I..I.I.ANP.
I-- nii.ir.e omshs. ,, B_ K..,,n XlB. v.1fffc
Mrs. I-. .x. Uswla Uaila ,_ H , , :._ ?, fMat ?*?
v"1''- ^. ? , ? K 11 ' ? v. Pitt**! ra
91. Tt Cooaoe, St. John ,,,-,, , ..,.,?.;;
? jj. .yr. Amherst M-.-s J ,',' ,";; '! "':'"
K ,, ro^,- .'.rrUd-i,.!,,.. ;V J, i^'mZSg*'
C T Austla tVeetgeld u ? M,x,., n A w,,? luw
^iiJ^nntt:,, ?"'-'? V-k. ,v??.
H ir Brockway. Elaslra m m-i.p, di..c.-.h.
?' 11**1*1 ' ' ' 1 1" ' CC, OSSlls, Svr?ru?e
\X* D. Fuller & wife. -1 N |f, ,... ? N,H v,,rk
Orsag* 11 P. True a arifs, grraeen**
BRKA'OORT '' ,,'', 1; ,!*n* * ? f" ??*
.1 lawaaa. ChtekHM ',, ,; '"""?-?' MtIu,
,; xv Karl sen i'la. Inn Ul M ?
a inline. Cincinnati. \uiixt whip
1: 1. Watson A arlie, Nes N '""**V
fork '. " '? ''',:' ?", "
XV. P. llr.ll * ?.f"?. Oreen Mr* Rlsbre, \ rmandy
w.h?I. S. C. lt I Mix ? wif*. ???*>
I. 1. H.n*s * wife ll .s BMSSr
I <? TaofBpsaa, rottavlllsv
ll A William* A- wife |vnr.
Sam V-.iie
H Kum le* Wsshlagtoe tENDOHa*.
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rt M. I*.inris Chicago T J. Park, N*? Msis**,
II V. Wi i' mi R'orcsster V I Wolfe, Albany.
i: i' Xl..irate. Toronto V K*vr, lass*]***.
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HUI. \ X ?; Ilrir.-. landan.
Kif t -???tx vars aga UM I'hur.h of the Holy* Com*
?union, ai Sixth-ave. .uni Twentietk st., began the
a^k of ralrsliiK an etidownient fuml e.f IHV.OOO, nnd
lembers Sf Hts) eongr.-K.it ion were, rejoicing yester
,iv because sn onVdnl annanncensenl had beea
11,1. l.\ ihe ti'asiir.r nf the Trlniiy t-orporation
hat the fund was , ..mi'l-te. Papers for another
ndoxxnietil fund ot Ibvinsi \v.r- iirepareti Imiuedl
ttly. and tin Rex I'r Henry Mottet. ret-tor of the
burch, said h' expected that the second fuml would
e raised In less time- (han it took to raise Hie ftr*t
and All the eontrlbutiona to the fund had been
xade voluntarily, he auld, without special appeals
11 money.
-: \x f B**st*re, No?>

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