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ruy. ham-s OF its krif.niv*- mr HOMMHg*g
r: ni?hmk\t NIXON is Tgl i.kamkr.
inf *nBUBa_-_M to the tbibfne.J
Albany, Jan. IS. -Thosnaa c. riatt's list of as
eOfnmttt<MS waa sui'tait led to th? As
\ to-nisrht try .lames M..K. O'tlrady, of
Rocheeter, who its called Speaker ol that hoaiy.
Tna-truoh as Mr 0*0 rad*/ long ago surrendered
Ali his '.eRisiativ, Independence and had no part
lp the eognpodlttoil Of the IM e>-her thar, te ham!
? ? ? the e-ierk of the Assembly to-night to be
be rrr.r-t be acquitted of whatever defects
13 be in th^ arrangem nt of the commlt
The '? riiiniitee 1- which the people of timor*
I , ure most intereeted is that 'an Cttiea George
1 \ latin he-ads this committee. As a genera!
v I*** said that the committee will fol
. rectlona it may reecho from Mr Platt
gard to Greater New-York legislation. As
enshljnmna H T Aadrews nnd aAaeenablyman
1 r.i. of Si B'-York, ave deroted followers
. ? the machine, ae arc Mr. Abell and Mr. Rren
f Brooklyn: Mr. Lewis, of Rocheeter. and
Jd V :'? ar., tit Albany emly Mr. Hill, of Krie
? j baa any independence, lt may be said.
afr. Platt ,-an have the vote of the
many Hall leader. Par.Iel K. Finn, whenever
bi :.??? ds n
s. .Fred Nixon, of Chautauqua County, goes to
ead of the Committee on Wan and Means.
thus becomes the Republican leader. Mr.
\ \ n has been hero several years and has had
nee ne a member of this committee be
Be will have th*:- task of keeping down the
? xpendituree
selecl f P.,-bert G. Scherer, of Albany.
an :' the Asm mb!*/ Judiciary Commlt
? astance of Mi*. P.att's apolitical ren
Fn A rich A Robblna, of Allegan>
wae head rt this conunlttee Ina! year
He :,-..5..,j t(-:e Qreater New-York bin and Mr.
p deprived him of the regular Republican
? r I?milly niau last fall, but Mr.
}: ? rn as nominated by Independent Repub
? a-, ted. Now he lg dept I ved of the
; il h he filled with ability and relegated to
immlttee which was loohed at with eppe
?? - ear '.va?- tha; em Electricity,
A Suppl*/, which arlU hav- charge
catting down the price ,,r gas in New
} Mr laell, ? t ? 'range County, has b tea
p immlttee and surround
scure members. $
? 1 ? ? been made up as follows:
- Sis . ot Chautauqua; Kel
. . .- . -uk..:,.
? .. brie
Sea-York; Ne w-York;
A Arn strong, Mon
IA -. g Bond).
Oneida Warner, Ni 1 1 ?
King* !'? ? ... Mazet,
New- ?? iffman, Ni v. -
;% e w - V er k
Oswei Fuller,
. 'hautauq
--? ? -
Mindil M lUghlln,
Palmer, 8 hobarle;
.v- rton, of Wayne; Hill. Erle;
Hints; Burr, _ I
K i* ? I Hs, P il -
?>?. - -
iew-l r. .. p. .-.jill*, ar,. New-1*, ork;
of Niagara;
3d s. St. J B. D.
? . Tompkins;
..?: Raplee, tates;
S sr-York; Fla M
New- New-York; Hart, New-1 rk
? isa: Winne, s- hi ne -
j 1 . 1 -? . iswego Bhel
I ringi Herkimer; K D Brown,
. Fulton and H i.nilton. Pierce, Basex; l.*wr?? Al*
??? . }? ?*-*.. mater: Srbtrinm, News.ork; Mi
Austin, of New Fork; Andrews,
SVw-Yorl - ? Reinhard
rk; A ?? - Kings Le wis,
.-'..*. 1 Inn,
,. rk; il ' Lings; Ke ly. v ??? ns.
ol Warren; Bl
;. - .. 1 . s er; Cr 'mw. li.
Hughe*-. King Dudley. Niagara; McGraw,
. . l, ? irange ; Clari - ' 'aln,
...... ? Sew-, erk.
N.,... Hon?\ an Keuren. o.
indera R> rr r; 1' ?st, Sufi li
i Oswe-g .'.ray. Dutchess; Wilson, Kings
\. s/-Y .rk; Ma key, Delawan ; H
? r Bi rCnaup, Kings; le
ll , Kl
I . ? Sew-York; _
._ .- Forrester Kins Bweel
-. ... _ a ? ?.. \ 1:1 -
-.. ( . -r. . onondaga Bo he, New
\ ?-. I Sew-York.
? : ? Adler, Ni w-*i ark. w I -
. I vee. St. Law
'Ister; Bay
. Bi ' M J. Mille ?
Sew-York; tullen,
Water Supply?G
r ? . Wyoming; Tai ?
.. _ Lg , 1 .,. . 1 .
kiana! S Corrl
% * 1 ?? ? any.
r Tioga; Budd, Schuy
... Sw eel
B ?
M knight.
tog Hart, Nea -Yoi k;
B ? mi ? ?? -
r and li Bandet Q
Bel >'. 1> lt' 1
Down; ? Allds ? so; < 'ole,
rk; .Soper Kings; Mur
Klngs; knau] Sea -1 "rk,
a. .-I-''-' . .
I go; Sears Fi
ngi Wittel Tioga;
' attaraui
Benham, tarby, Richmond;
New-York; Toeher, Sew-York; I
'? na; Ham
rison. Si
Zimme-rman, Jef
Buff ol li l 1. - - ? \
- P. J, Andrews New?
tt, K
j.j A , . ........
a " .' - ... Si w
? w* ^ irk M,. me
Health?Murphy, of New-', ?*-, ** :
. ? Parshd K - -
Mefjwan A >anj : ?? < , New-York K
; San-j '
""' ? ... Ki iuf Bara
B I fl r. T !' g
r;. ....
Gorham, of 1
: - Rensi B. D Brown,
n K.i-r?- Lewis Hoes, Co ira
1: 1 Lewis Monroe M ;r-d\
-cGrsa ? Ri nsselaer R ;?.
Illegal ide ??'?.? Warner S
" ' J. Cl irk. Bt) :
Wrli , - lolbert, eVm'ini; Frlti
Sew-York Dal) N.w-'- rb
M ! tan . - - - Learis; Murphy New
lupix 1 B sei Oneida K_va
M..7. ? New-York: Addis Put
New-York: Hoffman. New-Tt>rk
-. . New-Yorl Frencl I-.
Homi Harrison, of Bte iben J. "'l.-irk
Haili.- 1 tel Petei
jon. 1 Puller hro.ime. Plii!--,. 1 ?
snan Nea York Mattbewson V w York; Daly
rrlgai n.w York
of Franklin Pi rkins Kines-.
es 1 ? -.? Mat teiaon ? 'at
New-York; J J Sullivan, New*
v- '*? ' e.rk. Fr. .1 h. Kings
of 'i-iA.p,i Brennan,
il ? ? Brie M Knight ',. ie - 11 Murra).
'?' Laugl Un Bulllvan;
New-York: c, \v Meyer, lr., New-York
Rell| Boclel
Belle ? ' tsgei
New-York (lUdhlll. N w-York; .Leonard New
P ? B iker of Clinton: Hobble T
t .1 igs : B Lawn
Kr.. \-n ? \ ? ?? oi,. Roche, Ni *v
Catn, Kings: Fritz. Nerw-York
Hobble of "i
Mae k- Delaware; I.
Csyusa 1 New-York: Gorham. Otsego;
H T \- ? ? \. w York Ten Eyck Onondaga;
f. fi ? Yorh; P. J Andrews New
I '.,,:k
gtelnei Mur
'-??. York 'iiai. K.ne-.a. Adler, New-York;
i. t Trainor. Ni w-Yorg;
'? ? .... -1(t Klr.gs
Trade and M nufs tun Wilson ol Kings P.ikar,
R< v.. w-York: OiHeland, Ni w
?"'k. Krnn,..' Wsa*;. ., ,. ?, Monroe; .Par
l_r'__V Kim -.? tn New-York: Hart, New
? i*???? Ives ol Bi L-wrwi ? mtaumwr. Dei
"?war-. I 11 ~ Tomnklns; Pish Madison: Fuller,
?H-<.,>T.. M Knij-hl ^'.-eni* Kar.l*- Tl S8J T. F.
t*_T Ne***York: K W M-vern, jr New-York.
indian AfffelrB-ilravee. f,f Oneida. Anderson.
Rensselaer, Blasdell. Erit, Goodsell. Orange, Mat
te-on. Cattsraugus; Bayliss. Kings; Bellen. Onon?
daga < oiighlln. Erle; Green. New-Yrrk
Rule*. The Speaker. Nixon. Chautauqua; Keluev.
Livingston: Armstrong, Mor.roe; Flin, New-York;
Kelly, .Mhn n.
l*r|nt*-d and Knsrrosscd Bills?Saunder)", of I'ort
l?nd. (lilleland. New-York: Knitip. Kl regs; Tooher.
New-York; Schuium. New-York.
I'nttnNheel BusineM Zimmerman, of Jefferson;
Millar. F.rl<-; Cromwell, Queens; T. F Myara, New
York; v. S'.hmi.i. Kiana
Albany. Jan. IX?The first regular night sesrlon
of the Aaaembly was called to order by Speaker
e>'e";ra>ly ,-it Its") o'ctoch. Tba chamber pr.
an animated appearance, i>?>:li galleries being Siled
, with Interested spectators.
A bill to emend the Peml Code wherein it re?
lates iii the wrongful marking of silver as ster
I ling Was inir.a,lu, .,1 l.v Mr l..um!?-v. The BM ? --
| ure maka- ll .1 miiil.'lin'.ii.or for 'ittur m;
lurer a.r ? i?-.i 1* r to m.irk silvr goods wrongfully.
Mr. Maccabe, of New-Yorh, Introduced a bill tc.
r.uify th" laying out of a assail pnbii' park In
\\--r Twilit,-se-ve nth ami Tweiny-a-i.h* h BU be
, tween Ninth and Tenth BYOB,, New-York <'ity.
: The expense is to be horne in full by the titty al
large. No local aaaiiseiiisiiti ara to be made.
Mr. NIXOB offered a resolution thar the rules of j
; the Ass?*mh',\ of UM ba adopted for the nession of |
UBI, and ll was agreed to.
a resolution was adopted whereby, in accordance i
witii former osage, the RepubUcaa nnl I>e*moc*-a:ie I
leaders on the Boor snd -Mr. .Rocha, of New-York, j
wera permitted to sele.*: their se*a;s. The drawing i
of seat- oecopk 1 an BOUT and a half, anal caused
much disappointment to many of the more promi
i nent members of last year. arhoes names were among (
! the last ones called for a choice*. Mr. Robbins, ot i
[ Allecany. was especially unfortunate, being forced
to Select from UM extreme outer circle. Messrs.
Musted. Sani-er, Tra.nor, Adler and Laimbeer se- j
I cured favo.Tible places. Seat No 1 was taken by
Mr. Abell, of Kings, and No IM by Mr. Raplee. o.'
Tbs protect of Otto Kempner. Democratic Assam
! bly candidate in the Nth Assembly .District of New
1 York City, sgalnst ths Banting of J- J. Sullivan ams
; read ar i r. fern J io thc Committee on Election*
Tha Speaker announced tha following appoint
: rr. nts: Speaker's mw anger, Jo::n W. Thompson.
. postmaster, H. B Van Keuren .i- itani poetmaati
.' ,ii Rosenthal; postmaster's messenger, Jame.
!". Perri* .--.- i . loo keepers, Charles H. Wh te
> '..ar., - .--lark. W A. C. Ru
\'. Ki *.. Valentine Bohm. Edward B. How
snd James K P llet ; lanltor, Major Paole: aaalstanl
j ,iani;or. Rual Bimi - general messengers, Nathan
aarren v. \\ .. ? ? ind .lani*-- A ii ?
: gan: committee clerke?Wmys and Mean?, E. j
v Jud larj W. L. Cough try; t'oles. Otto Bl
?.'liing - T omas \ Burke Cities. Georgi C Bned
. Jen: genera .erk.-. .1 Branch Stocking, Kdward
i Yelverton, J. J. Traphagen. William S. Hopkins, A.
S r, C. J Smith. J.-.ni*- V. Hunks. T. B. ."-ole.
.ia ol A. Livingston, Frank K. Pr.,'e and Jo-, ph
! Frank.
\ mblyman Pinn, ? ' New-York. to-r.cn: intro
luced a i ting $3,600 for the erse ian of a
i monument In the , orchard on hi ?
ittlefle o commemorate the of the
Fire Zouavei of thc 73d Ni .-.-York Regiment.
Albany. Jar. ll?Senator X Nu,ty to-night Intro
duced three hills carrying out thc i-i'as of Edw. '.'i
M. Grout, of Brooklyn, as i-x:ir*-s<-, d at a hearlr.fi
i.efiire the Creator New-York Commleelou regarding
: mundi ipa] ownership ..tvI the dlspoaal of ; ?;v? 11.^
'? fran,-!, - -
The Oral bill provides :!-.at any city of the first
construct, or .acquire by eon
demnat on proceedings under th'1 prr-.isior.s of 'he
' Condemnation btw, street railroads within Ita
? bounelarl* s, whether operated on, or below, or above
the lurface of tiie street, and may Issua bonds
I therefor snd may ccaduct .-u.-h railroads by means
of Ita Department of City '??Yorks, unaler the i
vi-ion of Ita ''ommon Council.
The second bill provides that hereafter no fran?
chise or ripht to uso the streets of any city of the
first ,?;.!??- shall !>,- granted to any person or corpo
? ration for n lone.-- period than twenty-five yeara.
nor shall any franchise bi so granted for less than
the )??-? posslbls terni-- obtainable therefor.
The third '..iii says that any cttj cf 'he first claes
may establish, construct, or .inquire by condemna?
tion proce-edinRs under the- provisions of thn ron
, etemnatlon law. a plan* for lijfhtlncr bv pas or e]eo
?- ?-.- iti s'reots and public buildings, and for sup- !
I ? to lu li habitants, snd mav issue
- therefor, .-ui.l may conduct s ich. hirhting
; works by means of its Department of City Works,
under supervision of lu Common CoundL
MP AUSTIN WILL thy Tai c-,-, ,p ??rm_rwrtw.T.*twr??
Albany, Jan. 13 (Special)-The legislature Brill
have an opportunity to deal with the marri.ice
lon. Assemblyman Austin nexl week will
Introdu ? . to revise the existing marriage
e _ ?? ired thi measure
si I ll will !?" submit t> d to the Health De]
The bin provides that before the contracting parties
can be legally marri'-i they must have a I
certificate from the local Board of Health. >\'ithin
flve daya after ti., ths di i^r man or off.
cer performing tlie marriage must return the li renes
certificate io the local Health Board, properly In?
dorsed, and the |o rd wll] BU out portions of
the a.. -rt blank for its Indorsement, and
S' na! .: to tbs Sale llOard uf Health, Which Wili
The p.art of the blil referring to what ls known
imn i " marriages requires that a d?*cla
aif marriage must he mri'!*, h.-fore tb) lo -
i! sith Board, whi ta a le returns with the- Btate
Health Department, tbs .-ame as in tho case of a
? ? remonla i
If r-vsiaie-nt; of thia State po to another State and
are niarri''. form I ty ro tbs - of such
rtllleat ol the marriage must he Hied
I upon their n turn ru tl ti with ths local Health
e la to !? r.ik-n up.
'The hill." Mr. Auatii ? "I is been demanded
for soma time, owing to thi rr.any compll
ari-::.i: after the aia-atii of one
marri.it;.. If this bill becomes a law, ai , bi le
should, only those marriages will bs recognised by
law which ar*- properly recorded in the Btats
Health Department."
Albany, Jan. li.? Senamr White arlll introduce *hn
general charter for cities of ths second class whi ii
was in'rodure-d last year Upon B report from a rom
mission whlcb drew trie charter, it applies to the
cities of Rocheeter, Byracuse, Aibany ar.d Troy.
Th* principal changes from last year provide for
single-headed commissions Instead of commissions
of several membera. The appointments nre ? , '.
m.nie i- thi M ror, who arlll have the power of
removal ar pleasure, es epi I .-?? "f elective
officials. Tiie- Controller, Treasurer. < 'ommissioner
? ?: Education and Assessors are to be elected.
Three Aldi naen, Instead of one, arv to !,? elei't<-d
from each ward. Public franchises are to be soil
i.iciie-t ludd-r. A Board of aBstlmate .hm'.
Apportionment li provided for, to cons I
Major, the Controller, tile' Corporation <'oun.->
president ot the Board of Aldeimen and the City
Engine ? I
Albany, J.,n U ?Assemblymen William Cary San
gei 'af e in. ula County, to-night Introduced a MU
Ung for practical Civil Service examinations.
lt provides that iii all examinations a,th,-r than for
,i places ths <'otninis.-iuii ?r.a., scours
-?, vi'es of persons prucUcullj versed in in**
duties which the applicanu would !<?? required to
P'-rform ll appointed, who shall be consulted In the
framing of the questions and tht a-ondii'-r I exam?
ination* and arhenevei poa Ible such persona con?
sulted sh-;! br actively engaged iii thi prol
u !? oi occupation which thej an selected to rep
..' ? ?? ? r in the juitpni"):* e,f the Com?
mission ir i- practicable, .ure) the fund-- al the ?
? ? pe min, mch ? laminations
. ,1 i>a rformance by the appl!
? kind ol work tii"> would, if ..;<: In ted,
00 a-alle-li (jt| III ||. :
(ls-**, o-fly'v
The first In the field
and still unrivalled
Inrenie-l by tlie great chemist Jtr?Tii rna I.rs
Bi<>, wha* stoastSM n a ai *\. ry jar, anil n,-<>
by tbs I.ie*t,i8 e OMPAHT fur over ao ysaaa
for Improved anS economic ct. jkery
For dslicleus, rsfrething beef isa
Alban**, j.m. it f ilfiitanaai floiernei Woodruff
eaBsd th- Benats io or.irr proosptly al vim o io k
to-night. Nearlj svery Senator wns in Iris ssa!
Senator <"Jr?e|y aifTora-el a resolution th=it. Inas?
much as i: had beea reported that the Manhattuu
.Devoted Rnilrond Company, of tfew-Terh City.hes
bern raying dlvtdanda ht egceea ef its ca-r.in.s.
'he State Board of Railroad e*otr.rniss|oners be
directed to make an Inveetlgatlen of Ita affaire
The resolution was lill on the taMe until to?
Senator LexOW e..fore! i rsmihllhwi that t!-.nt part
of the rressajo I,' t!;e Oovernor re'errlng to the
Cavil Berrico If r. .'erred t? the Jodtctary e'ommlt
tee. Senator Canter thought it anasaal thai thc
Shonld rik nut :ua one' provtsloa r>: t!ie
?Maeageand refer n te .> eeaunlttee. Senator Lexow
declared li to be s doty ol ths Legtslatnta nager
ths Constitution to 'ak. orme action on this aub?
ine! it was [? r.'a-.'t!-, proper that tl)** dov
ernor*s reeommendatloas should he eonetder-d ;>;.
ibe Judiciary Cemnritte* The resetoUen was re*
.'erred to the Judiciary Cemmi
Lientenaat-Governor Woodrafl announced the
appolntmeni of Benators e*ogg<*shail and l*>c ? sa
eel,liu,mal "-seashore of :lie Railroad "'ommlttee.
Benator <'.-.ntor eh-sireii i; recorded on the journal
that tho minoru;, protested against rhe api Int
ment of th,, two additional Republican members
on this committee, and thru th* , had Instated upon
th?' adoption of a nils providing that not more
than eight of the eleven members of a committee
should belong ie one p;ir;y.
The ch-rk announced thal there would bs a Joint
caucus Of The* >OemOcraU on Monday evening Im?
mediately after aeljotirnment to select a candidate
for United Slates Senator.
The following bills w**re introdu-ed in th? Sen
sts to-nlght:
By Benator Martin?An Antl-Knookout-Prop bill.
By Senator Grady?Appropriates: tllg.e00 for s'.x
State grain elevators at Buffalo and New-York.
By Senator Guy?Giving the Beventh-eve. brldgs
commissioners of New-York Cltj authority over
the removal of s temporarj brdcc
l-:v Benator Wleman- Including trust companies
in tlie Sta'..- law providing for taxes on banking
? ?' lat tons; also, authorising Brooklyn to e-xpend
BS.OOP for a monument to Qeorge Waahlngton
By Senator Nusahaum, appropriating IIOO.OM for
days' work on I ii" < lapltoL
By Benator Grady?PrevidlBft thal peraona in cits
employment, except .policemen and f.rem-n. shall
not l.e required to wear a uniform, ur less lt be
)ir.-s r!t..-c: ai department uniform by the Board
of Aldermen.
By Senator Ellsworth?Exempting bonds Issu fd
by the- Sta'*- Controller for public purposes from
By Benator Martin-Fixing the price of ga? in
New-York an.l Brooklyn al I'
By Benator Bracken- Amer-.ling the* t"o,]e of
Criminal Pi io thai wben the defence i-1
Insanity and the jury shit!! acquit on that groiir.al
?art shall make an order that the per
qultteo sha:i be cori fined in a lunatic asylum for
a period of not less than ten nor more than
twenty years or unMl he liecom0* sane. Th-' Q
? ?nor. however, shall have the power al anv I riv.
If m his opli lon Justice shall require lt, I
charge such person
Bi Sena ?r Pavi Ar. ndlng the g neral laws
deflntng primary rent ni and thi lr powers.
CAETOEfS SCBEBE For dollar gas.
h:s bi:.:, cnn stk- a MCXicirAL OAS co-txig
Albany. .Tan. ll?Senator Cantor rn-nigh: Inrro
du"ed hi? eas bil!, which regulnt.>* tne pries, of Il?
luminating gas in the city of .Wv.-York BS
city v. ited on January '. IBM, and creates
S board to be k 1 ..a-lpal il.is I'oin
minion. Tha '.iii provides that rc. corporation or
person ir the city of New-York shall charge fair il?
luminating gas more- thar, tl s thouaand cubl \ feet,
and sue h gas ah ..ave an Illuminating power of
not le- - thai twenty-four -p.-rm candlesa ot s to
tiie pour-! and burning at the i IS gi
spermaceti an hour, tested al a distance or" r.
than one mlle from the please of manufacture by a
burner consuming t"..e> , . | teri ot eris an icir.
and ahall al-o comply arith tba standard of ? rlt
now or hereafter esta! i by law. This set k\.:\
not apply to anj d strict or ward whlcb ls sepa?
rated from the main pnrt of tbs city bj B .<rrcam
or other natural boundary.
The officials In th" city having power to contract
for lighting the streets are constituted a boord ro
be known as the Municipal Oas Commission. Which
board shall have all the powers of the said officials,
and lr. addition sha'! have authority, and 1t shaH
('?? the;- dn.'.. to investigate anal sup rvlss the
: es and anj corporation
a>r person engaged i-". supplying or distribution of
Illuminating pu th) to regulate the dlstrl
ai -.. inspect, ? tamil y. ascertain
ami pr. gas meters
The ieoaru shall have authority te> make all orell
..-. ? for thi a.Tying out of tb
and snail have power .? any Investigation ln<t:
by it to issi:*- subpoenas, to summon wtt
-, to a-omp*-! ihe production Of any t>??it
papers and administer oaths to the wltaeaaes so
i ibpmnaed.
Any corporation or person violating the prov!
f this S. -ted by the
I ah be deem I guilty ol i mlsdemeano
i flne of nol K ?? ? lm]
period not es Ung i ty days, or by
A0AUS8T "FABE" Al < TI0X8.
Al1.any. Jan. ll fBpeclaB.?Asaembljrman Austin
if New-York, to-i I troduced s bill designed i
earrj t the laws rei
gent New-York an'i otrv-r
es ol
"The nece for is measure,*' sa.! Mr. Ans
:.n. "is evident from the in.lictmenrs found by the
: Jury of New-York County at the September
term. The bill provides for i distinction between 'up?
set sales,' snd 'bona fld , a- -. nn. who has
attend' ! auctions known that one ha* to hld against
'fuk> ' bidders Who are there to 'puff' up the bid until
? ?? made by the owner has heen
reach) i. This .ii', says that an 'upset' sa> must
be adverttst 1 snd the suctloneer must, before p'.ac.
inc ths property at auction, announce ths 'upset'
price." ^_
cnihes axd casualties.
Fri kr; k Brown, sixty-nine venrs old, of No. lCaj
Allen-st., who is charged with passing a worthless
check for JU on Em!! Rendel, a butcher, of No. 1.673
Thlrd-ave., eras arraigned before Magistrate Went?
worth in the Harlem t'ourt yeaterday morning and
bi id tr. H.009 >ball 'or trial at the Court of Spe,-ial
Se-ssions Dr B C Bpttska, the insanity expert, of
So T'2 I<exln>rton-ave.. to whose order the check
sras drawn, ar.d who. Rn wn *-id, ?as his nephew.
wa.- ;n court and lestlflejd thal h** knew nothing
of the check and that Brown was not a relative
of bis.
Slemurd Prager, an Insurance agent living at
No. 232 Avenue A. yeaterday committed suicide by
taking paris cr?-er. on the pier at Kast Oue-hun*
nd-twelftb-et He wandered to the hallway
Of ths building Nc. -I" West One-hundred-and
i^?nn fifth- ' after taking the poison and was
',,.n" suffering tiirre. He was reirno-ed to the Har
lom Hospital, wh. rc he died He waa eicsponder.t
,,i loot his money In unfortunate spec
.. ? ona.
The Jus-ices of Special Besstons yesterday sus
pen.le.l se:ite*nce ii, the case of Pani Schearer. the
Brook! artisl who aaa arrested recentl*" on
' complaint of a. Joel, ? relf-cenetltnted agent ot
v ? 'omstock's society, on a charge of paint
i - .mmeiral pictures on shells and then selling
?hem The court's action was taken on motion ot
I Anthony Comstock, who said he belle-red Seheareri
? that Joe', h.id induced him I i Mini 'he pict
.rr. for thant Mr Comstock said
' hi would tak- Steps to have Joel punished In
..lyn. _
The trial of Michael Cornella for the murder o'
/un,, , J'.ii- 'i; was resumed before JtisMce Smytl
i ii; the Criminal Rran.it of the Supreme <"ourt
' yesterday. H.rn ar, Meialer, head walter in Ne|
M,n> restaurant, In Cortlandt-et., teetlSed tha
! Mrs. Phillips, the mother of Mrs Costello, har
worked In th.- restaurant, and hs Idei tided seven
nd foi arl Ich 'tie- protean sai'i she ha.
a pawnshop, aa articles rhat had be
longed to the restaurant, On heine a-*k"<l whethei
articles wen ell*, r, the witness
-..*. ?! and J istl - Bm ? ? ? ??-..-. might be
p,-ia,-i silver." Mool of I ie persons hi court laughe,
nt thia reference, end the .(usu. ?? himself ??.-n*-.
Witta his litt',.- joke. Aft'T I ?-??
i.:.,i testified tic immed up Its ease, ?aw
:. adjournment was i iken until to
ago, .Ian '.r VVIthll B v.,-.-k rho ,i.?t;:|ery ot
Uh I... i Spirits Manufacturing Compoa ' -
me-rly owned t>> Henry ll Bhufeldt A Cu., In thii
city, will bs shut dow serat i dtej ol
t .- American Company ls changed. The Bbufeld
dltitlller-j- haji a capacity i f *,Att bushels of grain i
day. nnel ls the larg.--- Ip th*-- ci:> The ahandon
mont of the obi plan; r. ..ii m. ans a transfer o'
tbs . .rpm to Peoria, where tbe bulk of the* Amer
Icon Company's producl ls distilled. The lax pav
ni. ot.- of ih,- distiller] avera-red l.t/eno.OK' a roar
being two-fifths of the total receipts of the- Chtcagc
DflBe ,
A g A ii.*?irl..ii one of the aMornev? f,,p th.
An--lean Company, explained that n plant of 3 .(fi
bushels capacity cost almost ?s much to run as om
of 10 inX' bushels, su-h os thc compan; had a
1'cor.a. hsnee the cloting.
Champaghk Nature (Tm Brut).
"The Champagne favored by
M.TH'ir OH nr. n gnu, AggggRTM THAT UK is
with itkiioy IHTBRDAT.
There ems a great crowd of Tammany poli?
ticians at last evening? meeting of the Tarn
manv Central Cluh ,*f the XXth Assembly nis
trii *. at Nu. 207 Karu Thirty second-st.. because
it hail been ne.ised about that Richard Croker
was to attend, ami that he would be ? ailed upon
for a PPa-ech.
The XXth ls Cre-iker'se old district, which elected
him an Alderman sixteen vears ago. and that
, election made him a Fire Commissioner by the
appointment of Mayor Kdson. Mr. <"r.iker's
name is still carried at the head of the Tam?
many General Committee of the district, al
! though James P. Keating has for many year*
[ b-*en the actual leader.
W. J Hill presided at inst night's meeting.
and H. P. Mulvaney was secretarv. At th"
proper moment Keating catted on th? e?-chlef
tain of the Wigwam, and Mr. Croker promptly
1 took off his hands .me overce at, and. sddresstng
the chairman, began liv saying that it was with
cr'at pleasure he m^t his edd frien.ls again.
"Many old fa*es I see bef.ire me." aaM Mr.
Croker, "and there ar*' many her? tha' I do nol
I know, for I have he, n tway a long tim**. I did
not come here to-night to talk (mitti) ?. I come
! i.n invitatta.n. vet I did n.-t ask anybody if 1
: might come i r mr,. I merely asked myself If it
; was the proper thing for rn*"* to om" here, and I
' de i led for myself that it was. It is a lung tim?>
| since 1 tlrst started h-re In politics, and some
people will say that I am in politics yet, though
th'* fact is thai I am out of politics ami hav. ??
out for three years, but I supp-ise tha* thei
pe .pie that will say that I am in politics until
1 am dead.
"I expeat to die in this city, and I went I ? !
here New-Tork is my brm-*, and always -
tie ruy ha.me. notwithstanding what iu ?
the papers about my living in England Kngland
ls not my home. Ir is my temporary reel I n
only. A few years aga) my health broke d .wn.
an.l my physician ordered me to be ut . :
as much as possible He said that I musi have
rt -? and recreation, ar. 1 I am on exhibition here
before rom to-night to ask j >u if 1 don't look
pretty well as a result of the mode of life pre?
scribed for m?*. (Many v,,i,-eR, "Tou're looking
i splendid!" "Never looked better in your lifer'
? I suppose that I have been a little selfish In
1 trying to pieeeive my health and to keep fr.cn
i breaking doora, bu*, everybody says to ni". 'How
1 well ve>u are ;,?,king!' If 1 haei not tak^n the
I rest my c mditlon required I WOUld not be here
to-night. Some of my friends say Ton ought tea
' be here with tts in the fight we are in,' but
i there were only a few who said. "Ho ami got
j your health back!" but I knew that my only wa]
of restoration to health wu to eet out of active
politics. N.-wrtheless, people ai" st ii! saying
that. I am not out of politics.
"The truth is that it ls your devotion to me
that rnak**s .people say that I am still in poli?
tics. How is this to be remedied and overcome?
v. -i will al! have to turn your bae-ks on me e.r
they will keep on saying that I am still in poli?
tico. (Ironical eheering. i Pamie time atrii ;, ?_-..
?lenian came to m" and said that he wan1 i ?
!-? mminated for a certain offie'e. I said that I
was out eif politics, and he replied thal I would
not be out if I was dead. (Laughter t
"Il I? a grea*. pleasure to be tilth you acain,
but let me give you a little aeh :? ??? Be 'tue to
your leader, but If he dues- >vr..ng put him out.
I want to give yu this additional advice. R.ita
tion in office in the sound principle fa.' tha' :
ami the Republic. If this prina'iple ls not ad?
hered to we will soon adopt the methods which
prevai! In Kngland nnd In Kurop?*. For Instance,
you have a eoaejetenl Alderman (looking at
.lac "b C. Wundi, but lie ought to BtS-p aside and
rrive another man s chance. The same thing ls
tru? a.f rear Heesiilliljiimil 'Mr. I'eirrigan). When
s man has be, d hi offlee three air fe-ur years, lt
is time- fm him *,i r.'-\ ?? way i'r r. tte y' riv jroung
men. The. v. ny t,, mak- your eerrranization
strong i^ t., advance thia young mern in the dis?
trict. Th nmvi.iN i rn ntloa are ni..st eseelleat
men. bul |,'.|.!. >;. t tired an I ? ant a change.
I have held man: oBb rn, I know, but I never
ii- id any 'itu, c three tlmea
"This may bs the leal i'm,* i will have the
opportunltj "." addressing yan. Remember
thar thc first duty of an n._\ ,:ii \__ ,,, the people
who elected hint His oath of ofltee tomeo be?
fore un, other conelderntlon. When na ..ffieaT
carries oul his e>ath eif offlce h.- ls d"ing th*
for his party, D" al! yuri san tO keep the
I district iii ri,, splendid condition lt is in ti la]
' I regard Tnmman* Hall In the best condition
| ii ever v.as "
v. hat Tin: (VEECH MEANS
Ineteed or indleatlng thai .Mr. ''r"k<T was "out
? of r-ei'tf??-." m he reiterated in his "speech"
?light, it was taken em all sides as a public
' notice that he was lock a?;ain In the sadd ?
' and wonted it understood th'' n gat tn
direct the Tammany campaign of Greater New
Crok r's risil to Hugh McLauahlln in Rro.ik
lyn th - other ds dlowed up yeetarday
by a caU ,,n Count) < 'i -i k Henri "? .Purroy at
the latter's offlce In ths Countj Courthouse.
According te, the story told by both Croker
nnd Purroy, the meei accidental, and
brought aboui '?? Purroy'a tapping on his otllce
wlndo** bs Croker wns passing >ugb Cham?
bers-st. yesterday. Croker aald leal nlghl tbat
his talk with Purroy only lasted Bve minutes,
anal thal only auch topics .1-1 rh- weather were
discussed. This statement gets little credence
among Tamtnan Hall ; aden They believe
ihat Sheehan will soon retire .gracefully from
ths Tammany leaderehlp, and that Croker will
assume th" reins In earneat.
The Patriot Re] 1 Club held Ita Bret meet
no,' fir ;*-:.; lao) evening .11 No 241 East .Seventy
ebjhth-si Re nine business a A ths 1
lor idopted "Resolved. That we
? in hereby heartily Indorse and commend tbi able, '
. ilfled and honorable n ntier li srhich B njamln '
.' ipi nhelmer has discharge d his duties aa uar pn ?
ind leader during the laat three jreora, and ;
wa- pledge to iiim 'mr continued loyalty anal friend
ship." .Mr. Kahn, on be ib, pres nted
'11 the pr"' sldent - moi The prei I
dent replied In 1 few well theos 11 worda.
Colonel Charles H. Denison, chairman of the Na- |
tional Affairs Committee of the !:? ''iii'.
?poke .a" the recent campaign snd told of hi* trip
through Virginia In th. Interests of the Repu
Mr. 1 I length on blm< talllsm
an,; " the ? in question, ii" thought by IMO
the - on would I"- at rest. Alderman
Ooodman after which refreshments
were served. "';. Ricers of I are Prent
d \ ? ri lamil Oppenheimer; flrsi vice-president,
.!. M Bi ????-: second vlce-nri ddent, M. B. Kltzinaer;
. Carl T. .-'tiru.-:-: treasur r. .1. Frohi
v TIRED TOIl v vt KERCH *N7 Pl Ri H \
r aiato.ono 1
,, ?? H immerste In transact
Harl r.i . ip* ru
Tl . D r.i; htensi
? or fir from KVsl.ooo, Tins.
we-er, li ? Ur. Ll hten
stein of 1 n. ? Mr. Hammerstein
paym -nt it T nth-st.
ii ? ??? D lued I -;".""?' Mr Hammer
.-ry on tl'." ilmself. but
will sim pl: try to get s return from ir as a pl.
of real esl
Mr, Lichtenstein takes the theatre tubject te all
of Mr Hammerstein's estating contracts anal book
is arni tbe business or' tl I will be car?
ried on exactly as hitherto. The new osmer lins no
Kperlei stu theatrl al management, bul hs will
retain the 1 Ur Ha mm r teln'i business
manager, George Blumenthal. The new owner
took ? rda
Mr. Hammerstein said I he #tshed
. -ell the Columbus Theatre, ar:-! that tv
1.iv.-d of:'- rs foi .' some ? ?' ?*? h ? h hi 1 1
: to -accept e thin 'i" Urie, He will alto
? ousei whle '1 1 .
opposite the Columbus One-hundred- i
and-twenty-flfth-st.. and his prl*. its bouse in Har?
lem which cost him. h< nays si .....mm
The reason or al that he w,,nts t ?> j
liimsei' entli ms im ng Olympia, :
and not to be bothered wltl othei Interests in dis?
tant parts ot tiie city. He Intends t.i build a new
some a ' re 1 I? hy 1 Hympls
Olympia, by-the-way, has nol t been 1
vi 5 ed to Mr !', mmersteln L?j prob
- *' ? iking
opera ll.r Mi
? rsteli 1 aid * ,r.a-<;- debt; amounting to
<-,. i..i ludgments. taits,
and Mr ' lammei -? in .i- lares
tor small 1 ? tie la noa
de! I
I the s
;?;.?-- ? i lau lasi
?' Any person purchasin**- Booth'g
Pocket Inhaler Outfit during 1897,
anywhere In the United States, wha
will say that Hyomei hag done them
no good, cnn have their money re?
funded by applying direct to the head
office, 23 East
_oth St., New /]> f /TLjdt.
York City. lr*-** \W*m9wmm
Thc experience of thc pact warrants
ne in giving tiiis guarantee tor the fu?
ture. Hyomei ha. ?iven universal sat?
isfaction, and has done more than I havg
claimed for it. It breaks np a cold over
ric-ht if taken -rt time. It stops a cough
almost instantly. Hyomei ts a specific
I'-r Bronchitis; it eura Catarrh. Docth'g
Hyomei, the Australian "Dry-Air'" tre_t?
Your d.uj.'gis.t has it, or can get it if
viu instit. There is no substitute.
Pocket Inhaler Outtjt at druggists', or bf
mail. $1.00. Extra bottles Inhalant,
50 ccr.ts. Hyomei Balm, 25 cents.
Pam h fM r?. aC-B_sl HS-M-H sni fret adriss
ll yea ml *: ;<? , r a ?n
. T. BOOTH, 23 East 20th St., N. Ya
Fur Capes, Collaret t*-?. Muffs. Large assort
ent at lowest iweellils prices for strictly reliable
.?is. C. C. Shayne, Manuf.. -Hind St., V.'est.
lint's Tine furniture.
.Host Attractive Designs.
loth-tupped Cnrd Tables - ? $3.00.
glOO will buy rh- l-st Mink Lined. Otter
rimmed. Overcoat f.>r the money offered foe
tara C. C. Shayne, 4'Jnd St.. near Hth Ave.
tal he ii.i-i Bald rh*- two properties at
.ara-! III Fift~-.iV" ra, ai) inv.stor. who
i.i r.-m ive the present inillilins? and erect In
telr pis ? . large -Dr ? anel epartment butidlns.
it ttl" southwest corner of
id Thlrty-nlnth-st.. 'll.tsronaliy opposite
i- L*i . ii md ind le aa "L''
ij the Hotel Bl Mare, whie-h -uris from No.
r,, So. i W*est Thtrty-nlntb-et. The
a of srhich .ir.- hanalsome prl
ite dwellings, hav- stood vacant for some time.
hi seller .f N. m la Oeorne W. .Pell, who teyok
exchange for .i doarntown parrel sev
.',. Tiiis hons*- was St OHS time the
sldence ite I*. T, Barnum. No partlcu
.'.?! he learned a*? to the pri-e paw or ths
ame- I.! tiie purchaser
BO, Jin ll?Tbs N'orrh Chkttflg Street
ailroad Company, tbe West Chtcngo 5?r**e*e- Rall
irapanjr anal tbs Latta Btreel Berated Rall
r annual m**e-t.ni?s yester
iy. Prom th.- anni).ii BtateSBentfl lt would appesr
Mt til.- earnings of ?tre?t railway companies
iftered th. ir proportionate share of the bus.
? -- depteaston, i
' ? ie Na ri CM ag Street Railroad
omp my for the* tlrst ?-ix months if th* year show
i Increase of abodttUMN o\e-r the corresponding
'?rioil in the prevtoua jrear, But aft*?r July there
'as ni In renae. The impany, however, earned
? Its tpltal of K.500.00Q $'.?.?.",.OBI, or 1&.S7 per rent.
Tl West Chicago Street Railroad e*ompany
irned S.S. pei ,.-..i .,.. r- capital stork of $1A
',!'.".?'. Th*- result area, however In a onstderable
decrease lu op.-raring ,-xpenaee
f about Mo.000 a month, .'ffa*,*t?d In the last three'
' ' ne ya>a r.
Tu.- Lake Btree Btevsted shows i smaller def.
in had been expected, li amounted to H.
By this ir ls meant that tbe mail lacked that
I earning th.- interest on its bonds The
ear. however, wa- particularly peer for elevated
roperty. a-* th? return.- of all tbe elevated roada
?it ea ?. o' the three meetings the director* norn.
by tha management were unanimously
There sras a fall reeterday of t% points in the
referred .)nal '? in the comBSSn .stock of the
snd ILaks Eris Railroad. The talk of
i Impending receivership was renewed, but no
mflrmatlon ot it could in- sscured. A. G. Blair,
pr-sident of th" road, has arrived in New?
ark from To'edo. Ohio. Thfe ls to be a meeuln*
New-Tork this week of the **oft coal trade tn
? Wheellna -end Lake Erie ls interested
?i effort will be mad.- to reorganize the trade aad
...:.er ranp.' of prl ea.
The Ladies1 Home Journal is a handsomely
printed and illustrated family magazine. The cover
of the January number is by Edwin A. Abbey.
Drawings by T. de Thulstrup, W. T. Smedley, Oliver Herford
Alice Barber Stephens, W. L. Taylor, Elizabeth Shippen Green
A circulation of 700.000 copies each issue enables us to offer
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