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quinn comnUaMCis nra captaw mcb mtb hk
MITTI ootnJHI OOUMM j am rs
With the<lisnPpearan<eof Little KkVIU from ',a|"
tain mjfl-trial the intense inlere.-t that amt
?ll along bee* manifested h* tM |*roi-e? dings 110
tlceablv decreased. The crowds that mVtm thronsed
the Wiitin at ***** !!....:<Viarten* hHhr-rio Were
IMM veaierday. mttA beyond those hMMlWth
concerned in the o**e then- wor,' not half ? ?**???
people in UM mmmrt Natl of th.* ,lti.t->-look.iig
court when the tr .il WM UWH yesterday morn*
k!??. One session sutured to e omph-te th.* evl.l. rnM
of rebuttal offered by HM ptosecnilon.
Contrary M oxo-clation, neliher Mr. Seeley nor
.nv of his Ri:<*sts WM MlM BP** to test'fy. Mr.
Hart, who tfptan Nr Ca.ptata Cfcapgwa, ??*??
Colonel .lames. I* counsel for the -..rose ..ri-,n.
helli somewhat ellff, r. nt views M lo the n-ason HM
this ste). Thr former assert, el thal Colon-l .lames
did not put Hi)) ti the diners on the stand I.e...use
he "didn't dare to." while the Colon.! hims. If ox
plained thnt their evlelenre waa not required and
WO'ild mer.-.'y pile up a mass of unnecessary t*-^t 1
The trial has iindouliti elly boen ? source of much
annoyance to Mr. Seeley and Ihos,* of his guests a!
the dimer, who have bar* comi-eMnl ta alte'iiel ;h?
trial each Say. From N o'clock each morninK uatM
late In tho afternoon the-y have Leen caap-d up in
a sir.M'l mle-.-hatnuer. nneomfortalile and hare
five for a few woollen l>enrhqp With nollilnx to
deirae-t from Hie tadlOO* ninnotrny of these- boun
laur their own roimtsnloiishlp Ikey probably fell
that they ware being amply punished for a night's
Indiscretion, lt ls .vMsi-oreil around >Im thai ai I
result of il)** Manar 9mA the tubeeqoent dtarloeure,
discord has i>revaikal in ihe homes of more' than
one of the participants in ihat bacchanalian feast.
Mr. Hart announe-.'.l y.-sterday aMITtlng thai he
had racataad lattan reqtMatlag him ro pul certain
eeareliinu oucsilons to three of the gvaata. The
letters War. anonymous and the handwriting fem?
inine. Mr. Hart's presumption Was lira) 'he oom
munliwions .ame from a trio of ii .linn.mt wives.
The first witness caliea! yesterday morning was
Danial Qnlaa, on, of rh.- p.rfarm*ni ar the dinner.
He aral cited for the phrpaoe of showing that
Little lv.'vp' AAA aol unduly expi.se her person.
Ex.-.mins-d by cuio-iei .lamas, be flatly eaatradletad
many of the mos? impirrant i>oinis of Captain
Chapman's avtdeaca. Ha- sal 1 thnt he fi.,lowed the
Captain Into ihe Aroootltt} loom, anel 0 nie*.! posi?
tively that either Mr. Sedley or Mr. I lin pei- was in
the room before the Captain entered. The arltne_s
?le?criiH'd Lilli. Key pt's .i.r a--, .ad ii.* ii her e-os
tume. Then was nothing improper in th. lotter,
lne tealIflerl. ?> h.nl an elOS.nl Opportunity t'i s.'e
that costume." he "oniinuoel. "I was rifting la the
dressing room talking IO .i e-jiiple of performers,
aird I saw a Mule woman sitting near the e-nrtalns.
I was told she was Little Kaypi. I was a little
curious, for I fal**'thal Captain Chapman's \isit
forebode.I trouMe. and I a-losely ac rill inir.ad Little
?gypt's costume. I a-uiM se.* nothing Immodest."
When erasa sta mini I Qulna nld ha was unable
to recall wteatber Litttla Bgypt wor.- a bat ar what
was Ihe e olor of her Stocking* 1I<- als.) denieal
that there was anything of a suggestive character
In h;? tans*, of lhal ta wis in tia habit of telling
funny stories.
WHIM WAS I.iTTl.K Ki'.YlT'.'
lt has been :.--e*-,.,l ihat Little Egypt was Mal?
den away in an Upper room while the police- we-re*
tn the l)a;iise. while ri)*' woman herself, in tho
course of her evid- oca, saiel that some on-, who
^k ahe thought was Mr. Sherry's son, carried beer
R^ bod il.) away, aad l.ut h.-r In ti.e blue room. WM
RW lam M. -Smith. th" night watchman al Sherry's,
W however, eleposi a] ihat while lhe |uilie-e wa), i.p
? talrs he foui.il Little Bigypl wami, rino ahout the
lower part of Ita house, near (he storeroom.
She toid him she' bad los. he*r way. whereupon he
himself conducted her bach to th. blue room ll*
added, in reply to other questions. Ital she* was
In s'aue costuiae, and exposed no part of her
person except her arm*. Charters K. Wilsen.
Sherry's assistant ra.nhgar, also aanlad that there
was anything Indaooraua In milo Bgypt's appaar
ame. In contradiction of the latter's own evi?
dence, he sal.I that ne, on>- tri.-d to touch he-r while
Bhe was danaing on Ita lloor.
A brief adjournment was taken .) this i*oint to
aa.bls Commissioner Hr.mt t?> attend a meeting
of me Polka Baard
Whoa the trial was res\imeal fCugtlM Kia'ii;-. Ul],
the manager of Shrrr.,'s. was lacaMwl, anal deni.el
lr. d'tail Ita e\'ida-n.??* of the- witness Moore-, so far
aa li ieiiiie.1 to Ita Intarvlaw wltb him (Plaurand)
at Shiiry's on the day of the* alinner. Witne-ss said
he refused lo liuteu ta Moore. Tiie' wltnesa Af
Beriberi the* elre-sse* of tl)e woiiihii perfoimers as
prope-r in all respects, in his le-sitnn ip regarding
J.lttle blgypt the witness .tated Hui he and Wllaon
had gone on the previous night to llammeirsteln'a
to seo what kind atf ? dress she wore ihe-re- In
prilallc. ile swore ilia: In every detail it wax the
annie Ital she wis :iriir?-*l In ar Hu- dinner, lie
added als.) thai he srent to Hammerstein's on ins
own Initiative, and Without Mr. Shem's knowledge.
"Then." asked Hr. Grant. ' if Hr. Sherry has
be.-n beard to sa> thal ta sent \ou and wilson to
Hammerstein's he- is mistaken?"
"Yes.'' replied the witness; "Mr. Blurry elid no*,
know thal I wenl lhere."
The last wime-ss was Alexander A. Duchem.n, an
a bb ir lats ot ita agent Phipps. He aienieii wiih
much MBpharts the testimony of Un- rival agen),
Armstro'))tr. rt);'i Phipps had a-ki.il him. io provide
perfsraiers who would be wiillm; ta, dance in the*
Diale. He also cle-nla-el thal Annabelle Moore had
been ,-.r.k. >'. ;,i expoM herself Indecently. He as?
serted ?h;.t sin- had narer cried eu- hail bee ?>
adTended In Mr Phippa'a utll.e, and ihat nile bad
parted pleasantly fiaim bin).
Whea Due beman i*-f; ru.- at a nd Colonel James said
he had a larg, aumbei e>f other arltneaaes iie ...ali
cai;, but laaamucb as *he testimony would meraly
b. rebuttal be :'.^.'ight lt would be*unneceasartly ac
eumulatlve, Mori si i. s then n-sted ? :? u .asea
Colonel J.mies asked permission to argue the* .-ase
fer the- prosecution ii.-far.' the I'-.fl .it a future
date-. "i doa') care lo mihi up now," .'),? said, ''As
j understand lt, thia .'is.' will be passed upon by irv
Board, ami tin' usual practice I* I ....;. membei to
h. furnished with a copy of Ihe evldenei and then
arrive at a decision. M il thii - a ise ??[ mo" rlian
ordinary Importance, li has lasted through several
days ano . great .mount mon; has bean given.
ai i on bel fol tlu prosecution I should like to he
he-ard ar nomi I ll ire lime, a.hvi\ we have ha.I :',>?
.tenOKiaph-i s minitta s aral haw Jigesieil the s-\l
dence Notwithstanding the public clamor and the
atie-mpt rc inv.-' i ia ase a ? i an attnosphera of
?aatlness, I think I ian satisfy ih.- Police Board that
there is a very grave question involved here respect
lng the i'..r iu -t ..' i*apt.ln t'hapinan a iiia-stiuii ln
vm\l)ig ihe rigiits of \.. >f New-York In their
fe?ti\e gaiheriiiK-* 'ai ),.- pr.aieeieaj '.'ajaii Inraalon.'
Ml. I*a:i>.;. who Was Hitting wllh Ml (.'ranr. aa..I
there wa-< n.> pi.-.-eel^n; for gianllag sa.'h a ra-aj ,e-i
.ti was one iha; hal often been inala, bul to which
ti'je Loar'i had ne\.i consenter! ii, s.^jf^tf,] ,hl_,
Cjlone i James m.*;) * .; .mit a brief. C.lonel James
answere.i rhat a written i.rie-f would not carry Ita
Hame f..r.-. ^*- .ri oral argument. I'ltitnatelv it was
t'er-ideal riuj Colonel .lamas sh ? lld sulim'l his appib
carlo- In n io the Moan) ar l's next weekly
0QM-fI8BIONER8 TALK ol' i 11k TRIAL,
Th, Police no.,r,i at Iii meelina yeaterday had
aome talk about he I" ipman trial, and Mr. Hoose
velt denied a rumor ihat he was -., hara br.-t, one
of the- Kli. ita a- .,,,. geejey dinner, He saiel he
West 14* Sf
The prett,??t an! ii. ?) ?)vllsh tn luivn. To. eaaa I
ttafrt -.Hem in value.
THIS IS ir-iKer-il.S STTAKON. ANI> AMOKg e); |;
you msy fln.1 ).;?) ri.e !,ni"h you n'?al. Bring th*- ni>*??
Uremetas .f ^,,-jr rSOIB
Reduaeai pi ir.. 'n g.! ?agsitaMata
^4,106 and 108 West 14* St.
BraoKlvn 5toms: FbtbwhAv.ncarRjItDnSi
The Dine hill, which will lie int rmi ur rad at this
nessi.m Of the LeRialalure by Assemhlyman
Sanger, of the Second Oneida District, and whi. k
ara understand ls backed by the State Board of |
Health, is Inter dad to protect the consumer !
against tiie manufacture of Impure beer.
This hill or any similar one will hav.' our ear?
nest support.
The bill will haine- a stan.lani eif pure I"*.-! and
define it as a beverage compoeed of
"Hops, Barley-Halt, Yeast and
Water Only"
prohibiting the usa- of substitutes f.,r ii.all and
Should lt ber.ime a law thia bill will n>t
a haiiRe* our Method Of Brewing a single Jot.
Wa made a Stanelard Of Our Own thirty-six
years ano. and curiously enough it is the .same
standard Whick ih-7* Pine bill now proposes to
create for lhe protection of thr public. Consum?
ers of our
Lager Beer
Malt and Hops ONLY,
have the guarantee that lt is the purest herr that
can be made. "Standard -teer*1 and OM Fash?
ioned l.as-r Beer arr synonymous torms.
Sa.id in eaaaa a.f two do/en: dark, 91*2(1; light,
11.00. Free delivery over Greater Maw Yank
anel Ml. Veera in. Mail 'iralers twelve prompt at
:BT*^JLU^7%7'XS*T<m- CO.,
titi Ave. and 170th St., New York.
never heard of Mr. Beelejr until h. saw his nam.*
In th. newspapers
Colonel Qr.nl here remarked tbat soom one bad
subpoenaed til of .Mr. Seeley's guests for Ui.- trial,
and ihat liny hail 1.n enjoying themselves ria ally
four day. in the Behool of Instruction room.
"_Sy-th?--wav, Colonel," asked .Mr. Roosevelt, "is
lt ira. that the Beeteyltaa bare heen closeted
in the School ?.f Instruction room with Utile
colonel Qranl rej.iie.i thu; the> hui been for s
short rime on the* tirst day of Ihe trial. "Little
Eg)'pl ano some- of ihose women were In the
.School of Instruction room." saiai Colonel Grant,
"when I ordered all iha- wltneiwes io leave ih>
a-ounroom. and tne-. crowded in the roon where
the* women were. Tni latter were taken to anoi ? r
room afterward."
"Nothing is so laughable as 'o met the alis.-onso
lata- chapples filing through ihe courtroom after
something to eal i.r drink, remarked Mr. Parkei
The- Commissioner) h;;ai a laugh over this, .nd
Commissioner Roosevelt sold lhal ihr trial wo*ild
have .) whol-some effeel upon dinna'rs ut' thia kind
in the future,
nv: talk* or ma paim*rb to mk kt linton
A 1(11.1. TO AlMM.IslI NKW JERSEY T'U.I.
THI BOrUCVARD is ai- a Yirrn:
.lames Michael, the Welsh champion wheelmai
who has iieen in America for several -tenths, sailed
for his home yeaterday on the steamer Paris Be?
ran -bra-ring town Michael said: "1 regre the unfor?
tunate Incldenl which is now balm dlecuaa_d In the
papers?my supposed match with Linton aad my
propoaed trip to Florida. Tai* arrangemeoi was
made without my kaowledge, 'ne Brsi thal I knew
of li ifeihatr a telegram from Florida Insisting upon
mv appearance. Thii was Impossible, owing to a
hirer I had inst received from my solid or In l<on
-don, advising me of the necessity of my presence in
a lawsuit lb.) ls Io ne- iiia-i lhere ne'Xt Week. 1 jim
always willing io me-e-t my rivals on rile- track, an.f
Linton li no exception. I will retnrn to America
within lhe next four weeks and train la the Booth
wu.ler different management, .ad l shrill tiien be
willing t'i meet Union .ir any one- elsa."
Betides lhair Baggage bill, tbe NiMr-Jeraey Division
of roe I. A. W. will have another Importna measure
before the legislature ol ira- State at tbe coming
.-?*-.ia,n. li will h.* a bill foi abollablna '"ii roads,
which thi wheelo* n believe should be things .o ths
i. ? The cases In which lhe loll companies ii*, a
up to tue condiil ina ??>' rru-'.r charters ar.- so few that
ir |? ahout time tnat toe whole system was abolished,
an.l I lie .,ima r tbe better.
A petition aas been seo) io thi M.yoi bj Ihe
-Board of con-u's of the L. A VY? Ihrougb 'he Viier
bm'i Committee on Streets aad Highways, reques -
.nit thai th. Boulevard lafayette be macadamised.
The Baulevard Lafayette begins at .bout One-hun
elri-ei-aii.i-tir:v-s-\. ur i-s .. a>n thea Hou.'evard, extend?
ing north on tue wen Imnk of lae' Hudson 11 Inwood,
-.nai ls a>?e- of rae- mu" beautiful ri.)., ,,.-u thia ,.,)s
The Board ol Consuls lie eves lhal by Improving ; ie
:'Onels on Manhattan Island tbe vast majority of
cyclists will be k.*|it near the city, whick rn iuld he
of general beoeSl :.> several trades in lt.
W. ll. Webster, nu nager feir K. A. Beckwith, of
No. Vic Broadway, will aol repreaeai ;he- in on
niisa-i in the Metropolitan District this year, ha vin.
rentgned tj.K'ap; ii ron tract with the Phillip* Man?
ufacturing Company, ..: thii eli) Mr, W ater -
well known to cycltii. people.
Cyclists desiring to i )ln Ihe Leagui o' Aaaeiican
Wheelmen mn\ obtain full printed Info: malian and
membership blanks by wading names an.l addre - -
ru thc CyHtng Rdltor, Tribune
Albany, .lari. Ul?Tb. Greater New-York Wheel*
m*-)i. of BraoUya, was lamperatad to-day. The
directors ar.' OeOTge lt. Smith. Chariea Jiiher. i;il
berl Searles, christinii Haver, Bf, A. Otlaadorff,
Andrew iliiii-x, fredi iia-k W. Davis. Andrew C.
Heal on, i), lieorpe Main. John Hart/an. John Fin
le-y anel .laa-oh iiei:!_, jr., ali oi" Brooklyn.
Phltedelpbla, Jan U?Chairman CHdaen, of tlie
f. A. HT., has !*.sueil the followln? bulletin:
Deelarad professionals w. Brad, Hims Wash?
ington, l). i .. ri:.us.- |?: ,-?4<fr, s B.H, \\ untn*
ior.. ii. ev. Clause h. Michael Balllch. Qa.lv.eton
Te\.. Clause I; g. BgttCOVleh, lilah, ali.'.. Te .
Clause I.
Becord. accepted: one tii^i-iireii milts, profcestai -
al. paced, flying start, against time,^*..ini by
Prank Waller, Memphis Tenn., November 19, inc
good HE ATI SO A the PARES.
Tb. lake .) fan <'..rtisn.lt I'ark wai onie- more :
thrown open to skaters yesterday. Th. l-.e-.-a cold
weather hed brought the lae, whlcb ? few daya !
-ago had t-e- ome soft to aa .xcaBeat condition, .nd j
??lie ice. when examim-d by the I'ark I Jepat inn nt
e.fflai.als In tin- -swilling, was found to be five Inches
thia k
The Park D. wirlmen! ofllilils .sa|.| ,. - , relay thal
the-re woulei he skntliiR on th. Hroiix a.r cfotons
I'ark lakes to-day. The le.- ,m the Central Lark
iHka'S, as usual, is slowly bul siireh gelling Bira,
Booel coiidliloi). .-nil fiann present Indications there
will bo .hating on th-m in i>, ex?.lingi, shun
11 rn ? ?
-? ??
The annuli meeline of the Indian Harbor Ya. ii:
Crab was heM at the Arena Motel inst . rosing The
following officers w ere .Meted Commodore, I 'harh*.
"*. Wills, .loop Daphne; vlee-commodore, George D.
.gorses anb Carriages.
Hu* fr *ale nine **? on-l-!i?n.l br.iilttr.apis hi perle. I C-nW,
b] r: .water, e-nrlev nn.I l?em*f-?t. SI.V) up: s. me n.v*
rnl.l>?r tire* and ?-x.ie*n?lnti fr..nt?; si-nt bersafn*. sru'.i**?
nn.I H-|>"SUa-.)l?-. "J.'t7 an.l sito Or*rr**ti%wrthm., amt ll'.n.l.
H.uso*, an.l .mrni**". ? ,1,1 ,n cefflimtsrio..
?tcait Simmers.
l.I.eiVIi g. K CO. I LINK
l.xpr'ss !,ta-.iniers fi M Sea V.ak
? ' illara Dir. Antlers. N.pkS aiel llen'-a.
IWerra_lan. IS. ta A. M. IPulda.Tom, fl. M A. M.
tKms.la., :?::. p. v m. ?Xonnfer.nl..Fe*.IA ll A. M.
?F !*. ?iii.'.i. Jan.M ll a M. IKaleei .Tab. M "> A. M
Sift*', as of Jinna)* Illili nn.I Lilli*. nn.I February 13th
ivlli pr .. e?al to Al?Tin1ri?.
North Or. Lloyd s S. P.l ll.mliii'K American
Oetrlcht s.- )?,,., r,rn Acts.. Om.
2 BawltagOr., R, y. I ll semi?r. v. v.
I**? Tne.. Ja.. IS. M..m. Rarel.Tm... Feb. in. in a.m.
Tr.re.Tue*..Feb. _, 10 a.m. Spree.Tuen.Feb '.::;. lu a.m.
Aller, Tues . feb. ii. IO a ai Tmve Tua**., M*?*h S, lu a.m.
aMr.l'.n IIS ?? ei> .2 l:,.-.lanis Oreen._
Kr -__?.-*..l/V |.|\K
Plymouth (London), Cherbourg (PsrhO, snd Hamburg
HAMn 'I?; AMERICAN lin::, -it Broadway, N Y.
Twin screw Bxpreaa Hteamer Pl'ERST BISMARCH frr.m
Ne-,-York Januar. 2*1. IS!)", for Madeira. etil.raltar.
Ma.?|ia eoranaeJa .'in! ttharabr*I, Alui-rs. Derma, Klee,
Mslta. Ale-xanalna lOalro and the l*\ rsmial?>. .lalTa Ijeru
?alen i K)?vr*)n)>i fDamaaeu.), Constantinople, Athens,
Messina, Palermo, Kapi** Genoa. Nm V-r1 r.'!>'.i I
Si<Hiiier COLCMHIA f: ri N<-\v V..--k Ki-hmarv lt HW,
faji- P.rt nu Pi-Ins-* (Haytl,, s Domlns*) City, HI Thoma,*,
Guadeloupe Martinique, Barbados. Trinidad, Ls Q uayra,
afor Carien?i. Pue>to CnhMlo IV ns-j.ii-lm kint?*u.i.i
eJam.ii.'.'D Havana. Palm Be?eh (Flri.la). pr OM Ppini
e'l-mf rr. Mew Vari,-. Duration sbool 4'-.. weeka FOT fur*
ther parttculan ?ppiv ta itu*
Ha ul..int Amerlr-n I.ine. 3" BrMdwar If. '?
Balling at io A. M.
NKW TORK.lan. _ee NRW TORR.I- ' J
ST. LOTTTI.Tan. 2* .-'V. MUMS.K.l.. 1.
.?*T. TAI'!.Fsa. :;
\\ IN I Kl' e'Rl'lSK
Itv the American B. b\ riUUi. tum Kew Ye.rk Feb. fl,
ISftT. for Ner-n-da, St. Tli?i>ia<<. St. Kiri*. ? ,.i.". h, ir*,
p. mlnlr-a Martinique, ?fc. _,,.,?[? Hnrhadoeee. Trinidad,
Pori of spain. Isa Br*., l?i Quarts t'araeaai, .'ia-..
St. Domingo, lanwlra. Progrean, V#*s Cms iMe*.?
ilnvanai nrnn?wi. V. 'itt. Duration tt tara. Price of p.i*
? tar* TStO nn.I iiiHv.ir.i-a. S"n.i for Ktnatral?d pami?nl?t.
mu 9iM* URE Iii IWIUWSIi.^
suiiini; ev. r\ Wednesday.
Herlin.lan, 2". n?.'.n Frl-slauel.Iel,. .1. n'"-'n
Koot, la nd.isn 27, noon Ken?lnBton..Fe!?. 1?. Il s. m.
I NT kn*-. ?, i le i.\ 'I. XAVIOATION COMPANT.
n-rs ii an.l 13, Va.iih River. Oflee. r, Bowling Oreen.
ivm-een s.m Francisco, Shanghai. Tokobsma .o.o ii mg
Steamern leave San Francisco.
? ITY OF Min i.k IAKEIRO.I.n. ii. i t*. m.
iJAKI.IC, .ia Ile.)) .lille).I-'? :-. S. I p. n..
CITY OF PERIKO, vis Honolulu..F<*. in. I p. ra
POKta'.Keh. 2.1. 1 p. m.
CHINA, ll. ll.ai..lill .Mai h 4. 1 p. m.
For fr* ght, ; a- ar- ani s'ii.-rai Information, amii to
"I!) Hroadway. ... t Batter) Pta**. Washington llulldlnt,
raiai ***, Broadwa)
winn-: .star line
? .'?Minnie.,!:in. SD, no n (l-riran- .I'-li. IT.
Teutonic.lan, SS, Mon A.ir:.:].-.I'-p. 21 :??? 'i
Britannic.Feb, A noon Britannic... March A n^on
Ma Jest le.i*ei,. io. noon Majestic.March IO, noun
Tier \,i. 4.'., N .r:h I* i\ **-. OMI. - .-a I:-..,. I. . . N. Y.
Lucan , Jan, ia - P m.I t."nihrta....Feb, *'-, *M a. m.
s-r. a .laa at, n a nt Aurania ...''??! rr: : p n.
Campania.. Jan ?"?". lp, m Et ru r Ll .Feb, SO, i":.l')?. m.
From '.'??? IO, N'-.rih Hlver. f. ot Clarkeo
For freight and |aa-.?M?' apply ar the f*ompiny'? oftly*.
No. 4 Bowline .;!"??". Nee Vorh
VERNOK ll BROWN .< ''?>. Oeneral Aaent?.
e ll MtlsF.STON. S. C..
I lie Sot YU VN'Ii SOI lllWKFT.
TACKSa.w li.l.K ASH AU. FLORIDA I'l'lNT**.
From Pier *JB. F. R. <f.^>t ..f Rootevelt it.). .1 p. tn.
IROQUOIS. ?*lia?. * .lark. .Friday, t.i':. M
COMANVlir <....? A .Lu I*.Mow Jan is
AIsGOXQCIX, ''tu*. Il .Ia,-k.Wednesday, .Tain sn
SEMINOLE, fha- .-> JaH . CrWay, Jan L".
i-'siir/u hav fi"-' elasej passenger lecommevlatlona.
*.\ M iv I'l.YPi: .?: io Oeneral A?*nta.
."? Howl im tireen K. Y.
Kia Ce.t. ar..] Pa*nn Fsst f f. P. Line, ria lack-Jonvllla.
tue*: So, Frelgbi ind Pssaenaei Une, rta Charleston.
T. c. rori*. Oemerai Af*?nt. ::<>i Broadway. K. V
/lOMPAGXIE (JEXERAL Transgtlantlqna.
LA CHA'tPAOXE. 1'. lr .t.s,v . .ian IS iee i. m.
I.A BOl'RGOGXE. l.-inuf...Sat., aura 'i'i. '.) a tn.
1:.'.-^ ot p ?*,.-.-: l''.r?t . !:n?. >. V. to Parla, x?<) uni
apwanla, Including railway fara- to Pai s parloi .ir aeai
ani lanai.atc eharr*>s. SeeeMid rtaaa li Parn |S4 IR.
A. FOROET. Oeneral Agent, ?"? Boa I ln? ?'. *en, s. Y.
way excursion, e,r Tourlita' tie-get* tn .11 j..inti
in Texa?. (??-; rsdo, Elah. Arixona, California Mexico,
aie.j.Kia. Florida, eic, Alao Ita-i Spring*, \tk.
BAILI Nfl alon, the Atlanti. Cantu llninawlck, Oa.. or
ii similar Voyage Croping ih* ejniT ? f M?\ia . t.. Oalve*
ion. T'\.. are ideal 'ir.ii's nu: winter months,
wo.- for uni ?'?I fA'iK POCKET actor totalled freei.
C. II. MALI/IRY _ exe . Oen \i;i- . Pier ?*.. !?: H.. K. Y.
Fa.r Old Point a'..n.r-.rt. Knrfolk. Newpor N" -v. Peter*
burg, Portsmouth, Plnner'i |?,int, Rlctimond, Virginia
Beach. Va.. ?n?l iVi-imo n. p a . dally *-\ ? i?t Sunday
from Pier Sd. Korth River. >,iii,n ? every weeli gay, aw
cent Bat ural* v. ..t :: |? M . tnd Saturday ai 4 I*. M.
KV, I. OCII.LACDEtJ, Vice I':-- inti Traffic Mur.
Cobneectlng si the I* hnun fat all Weal Cuaal Ports e.*
M. \ . , ' '? ntl ? and s .u;h Ame) la a,
sr-iai.-i- i'1 from plei 'h.. Weat '.'Tt:. St., K. Y.
\ vi.':\" v i sn ? * i''. \ - ? i. lat
For rafH apply -t Con Ifi -. s:t r.i-..
l.ilIN' Mill:. T,.?e*.j ? Mai. i^vr.
Bar La Ouavu l'u- rio Ca . ? i.i an I M.-ira
e.i.i.u, vi. a'uiaa.a fruin I: I *r- Store*. Bi ?.'?:.
SB. TENEZI'ELA.saturday, Janury ld l p. rn
ts PHILADKIsPIIIA.. W. .a .... .ia','.!,.. IT. I p m.
ss CARACAS .Tbiireetay, F?bruai 4 I p. m.
roi- MAI: ''-viiao. VI \ ST. THOMAS
SP CURACAO .Iii,ri ?? Jaeam SD I p m.
Tbess \merirai tteamear*. built \ ' lhe trade,
have s'lp.-ri". i' .-i: rr .la"- '. f ; |n-ii-r
BOI'LTO.V, in.iss I |.\ I.LETT
_^^^_ Oeneral Managers l.V, Front -.
OATANNAD LINK for fiori da okoroia. Aa.
* ,i: weekly fr.wn n?v Piet 31, V R? Tuetataya, Thu i
al j \ s un,: s..a.i. la .vi ?' ?': I*. M., li a..-. ill eel
City of Birmingham Jan IS K.n*a* Cltj.lan ls
ei:.ia,a|H lm h.-.- lal 14 e'it, it III i.. .: lan L'l
Cltj Of AUgUtt* . . J.l'a IC, 'll ,!| ).- I I I li.--.... . t.1 ll. Jg
lfejM.rp.Med ' ?' all ii> I ? "n; *|
P?\ann?h with r.i?! I n?? fu ? ; point* In Fl rldg, Ihe
s a'.t i iii -.???.? Pm . ? . ' ? , it, . ?,; ,
at SIT Ml. ".*"?. USB Bl .,!-?..- ?? i"" fa-jot of
Fpr'nit ?'. a; || lOP.ftl r, y ,-?,,..
"Kimball" Bicycle.
1 )<>:u buy a " Kimball"
on faith. W e want anyonein
terested to go through our fat
tory and se e*. I io yon know of
another maker who offers this?
ib Av* ...
Hv.a-on. schooner Vlrva.a; rear-commodons Robert
li. Carpenter, ioho ner fllendover, secretary,
I'liarle-*. k. Bt eward; treasu er Richard Oniw.ter;
meneure-T, w u bourne; tru.teen. I: I'. Downl-ig.
li. V.. Dooenu*; I'.a,.at:. Committee Commodore P
:4. I,.-,,,.,,,,, |< s Bommerviiie, Itlrhanl uutwuter,
T. li .1.-.i.- and i 'h irli * McM.nun.
i:u '"'. ; a. II i ..:.;. H ri,.-,, in the -Suffolk
Bupreme Court, lo-dn denied the motion whlcb
Hrs a, a (Ri -iii.a.iaii gtet.Vin made id court >.
terday, through ber counsel, i; If. Morse, for a
ii ? em (deration ol ihe .ir.)' , m ide h .'m. >
nt.-mt i, month uk. Kwlgulng I be bwi.? bet
I" in.,' i li !.,v rul irldo. >.' Job l Bte I "ii ? I..)
bearing liet..r.- a Judge e.! ihl* .ri en- Uurch I
whie-h I** prei.s to it,.- n,,,,. when til- wll! .em
le.) mid i. t .de When Judge llolnu made the
unler he eil.] .?ei with Hi- provisloi lhal Mr Mo -?
mij'h; i^ heard forum on rd. mallei .??? ???
tiie- order should nan i
?*aii '? ? in :i-.,
?c ? u Ul
Alla au
Ra 1 a-. I,
?? flela her. JU
Ch liar . ;?
'' a I || A
iia.?n fa int
doubt A. a',lrl, _.;
IU .* A .\.,ra . I i"
U'li.-an .4.1
41 .
Ta Sis.., a ,
Ht -'lanala'.l
n I'niel, en ? 1
"ell, h
*i'.lm Jam
: i
I v.
. .::';'
n?w arni aerunal-hanei. willi llatlnjoi epj.o?
.11*11..n.. MS] leTTB-b MAItX * HW.
IL'I Eu*t Uth St _.
CiFaRMIXO WKi'leiN'S Presents; ge,id
. hiUrs fi SO; ?"in> tam. ??????? I
f.re Murrey Street._ __,
DESKS. Roll tapa; partltlo-a. ra ll ina*.
ej-fet tal.lea. . al.in. t fll***. pr*-ie?e?, lint
ll)**. I.iiu-iV: repal'lnr. IA IK. 'Ja BW
Jones M., na-nr Broadway.
TYPEWRITER!*, al! make*. MJtO AtA',
naran).I cablnetb; rental*. ??". de,iv
. red, ?e.N'H.l.ll.iT) li TYPEWRITER
RXciianoe .'4.*. Broadway. _
pianos ami OJMjAMS.
6VnelAINS.-?p.rlal. n-w, alU-titly u?e*l
plano* S20 upwanl; Inatalmenii; r?n>e<l.
whanged . Hltis'i MAN. M Bast l.'.ili it
*IM: SPECIAL fr lbw monta, new
eadine, grand liprtgbl [lan'**; *!l im
liflliSSI.IS. RM: pa va Me ?7 nvinflilv:
w?nanteaf il\e yeara. TWAY PIANO CO..
t*s fith-a.e. Twiv'i Mush-at O.SSI mulled
A. RALF-PRICR this month, tall
made; also fancy wal*' .mi bodice, ball,
e\ enlng. i'". nt. ii. .!lnii-r. ii-'."tiri gOWDa
id rob*, of everj dewrlptlon: III snd work
I nat .1. i ? rd) i* .?*-?*' '-*-i short notice
? Inter* anal brothers fie-m Londe n snd
Parla; rrttlng. Biting, i.na.ti:,w. rMor.tlng,
et . rirvaesroaker* .---nt oul. Mme-. BE
IXH'VPR. 20 Weet ItWh lt.. Seo Ve'r'.t,_
Vor'Tt'HMMtr: FRANi'AISK. form -r>
with st?rn Brother*; tailor mads aults,
ball, reaeption. dinner, walkin*: .anal dam
in-, achoo) dreaaea; todies' material* mad*
.;i.: ..." ssuoo's k i.n* retnodelle
matea alv^n, *h-ri not lee; wini." p I
ave., nesr l.'tli ave.
DRESSMAKEB l.v ?;??-.? fitter; make*
rtvttah serening w.tat* sown* Bnd Isckets;
wani<e engagement i. ila) or home; nitlnw
ar lady's residence if required. FASHION,
li x 43, l-l- Rroadway, _ _
ai iiani- ..r by 'lav. win alter and rs
m.xl. I aj..riki, an.l ..team ptueb rioaka; Bit
p*i v.rk -n ?oh1 garment*: will alter it I
remodel, repair redye, make ini.- eapee,
rolla ret tea and ;.irk..t?. OREIO, t"i *?'??-?
DRESSM ' Kl R \ tl "roughly rompe ?? ttl
dreaamaker * .k--? wort h. me* ..i by da;:
latest .kin*, waiata, nl'o remodelling, al
'??? iii, na. ? hildren' - dreaaea. Mrs. li" I
iv; Weal IOIM ?t._
DRKSSMAKKR, tl kind* dreaaea far*
loaahty mn'l**: perfect tit; auperlor t:r.
I*h w..rk iihown .^xjiett rloakmak r; r*
ep r* ill., reaaonable. Mr*, I'OOK E. 'j::.-,
Weal llth t.. near Broadway.
DRESSMAKER want! a f.'? mote . - - -
lumn ' a! lie.me; sui!* fr. m fa up. ll.
POX, "*sg ?.)?!. .iv>-.. 2d bell.
??'"?v- li DRESSM ?vicBB ft un Doucet
and Pells; erenisig ani *tr?et elreaeaa:
?men; lt- famll** b) week or nwnth;
Or?i i ia* . efl rena ? * MO Baal 40tl 11
Mi**:::- m fxi) ? DRAi II. droinnriakers,
.*... .11.1 l'a*t leith M., tt, \., formerly
ajTiti ;?:. lim <*.- <*..
SEAL UARMENTS, fsncy fur*, marie i>
order; remodelling old garment* ? me
rlall v- prk**** reaaonable. Mra. BARK KR.
116 Wa*-. SMh-St., late With C. Hillier's.
TA I LOR ESS 'I.- had IO yes rs' ei.
? I. - on ' III le na ? - al- al- a repa le ?;.
IMA ltl> AMI II Ol) MS.
Al l.AROE ROOM, -ntperlor lebl*
.-?..... | rflned roi i Kindinga i ? -
m'e) dcalrsble loa ,:i->n. Sd We I .'?" '. *t.
ITTI1 ST., '."?' ll \ IT, Snr.- ?
With i- ? ird. de-irable ro m? ?'
ard appointment -? ii. M i lam n feren
J2D-ST. 2 WERT. Ilandaom-ly furl
m.-ai-e i ra-'.-in.! ti- . with board; refer.
.::::? -'i . between Bi *dway ind Bth ave.?
Private r.-iaiiv will lei ?**??? plea int
, with bu.-.; refer n ri .*v bange i
T. J.. I.J4S Broadwa; .
3, VAST ggll ST. 1' ar ..?!<? I a: l.
or ?enat.te, with boa rverj ? >?
renlence; alao ?lngl? r.->m?: ie'***
.treTi: ST., I I lVK.-'T, De ? Bl* t..
rent, ?? Ith boa d; parlor dining ro i n;
teni -ST . "IO WEST.?Nicely furnUhed
room* lor b .i.i. with n fined f.m*
li- . pai . dining i >m; r >fi .? i
r.r.TM-sT.. ir^lVKST. Desirable large
?ia;aii i -ni \^ nil i. ard; American tam?
il) refi ??_
Tr.Tll <T. 'Jl's WI
'urri-".'l re> m* escelleni I ird anal at
lenalai i tabla ? ? il di : lt*
Ki' hw furnlahed rooms for fa-mlie* a>v!
I ? |. ? ? ? . , itel ii ? mn latl ii>*: neek
I) <-, ;,u upward, t R'asntngton I
(KC, Bi ,
.r.Tii-.sT is "\\i:st. Via--:-- furnl?hed
I2B0, ?.'l. $.'.. ***. |10; ni- in
?ult *; p) i'- st* famltj ? ai
4le; WEST 84TH-BT.- l-an,-- fr .nr ro.un,
?uitablt for two; alao hall re om. hath.
ADVKRTISEMENTS nnal (ubaerlptlona f :
Th* Tri', ame ?. rived at ' * ?tr CptoWD
Off ?? N i MS Br sdws) Sd '"
. f 31*1 (I . until B ??'- I ? k p. rn idvet
il* ma-nti i".-I'..*.; nt ih* followlna branch
aft la ? at i -a: ? ? iii - rate* until t ..'. I ..
p m. .!.? : lt.i *-ti: ara.. ?. i- cor. ?_";
?.t ? i.tfi Mh -av* . a or ISth ?t.: M. '
a" ? nn.I llth a' 143 C lull blia-i
AT RKDI'CKD PRICKS.?MO second hand
wa... I an.l i d working machines; fully
guarani.I; ma ? and -\
-??J. OEOROE lt. EDDY. MS U idl
S.'M lt.
FOR R \l.': See .nd ti mel 190-he >?*.??
ll -? mglna; alau 100-hui e amati a nglna *;
all ^i,>-*. boat, portable, hutetlng mining
eoitlne*, -??Mm pump, rail*. CONWAY M
Plae v.
. ' I vu aili, ks r:\:-s Mtel-Tg l\*e|M
*.,!? pa ?*. all other* in
.lu. .I.'ii.- ..ri i ?? inonu . p itented In .ill
count rle*. I'i^ itt M ill-it.
WANTED.- Invenr.'.r* xh.-iM arr'.ia .To^n
Wei lerburn A Go.. r.itaant Attorneys,
RTaahlngton, D. C.. tor their SI.ono pre?
mium: ni.anthly cnnte*?l open to .h.in up.m
? ppll'-atlon.
gg.O-h QR I tat' U.l.V lt..--t. . ? lil?
li et Will * if ?:-. aaa.". |S lall.l
REALTY. Tilhune OfBe*e.
RK\I, BBTATM ('lill stl.K.
l-eit: SAM-- Arlin.;,, a-,:-,. \ J_; :, fm*)
tare a-lianrca on arney t* i an*. -,, pureba**
furnla*iel lia.ta-u an.l boanltng hottaro;
? '? iii ? location*: al.-1 cottage* and i ?? in
*????)-? section nt lha eby anai Longport.
I, e; ADAMS A CO . Atlantic City, N .)
FARMS Of 'a)nui? iliej ant v.lue* di
-ital.I I rated d' Stateg of Kew York
and N'-w .ler?*-\. will be told al lo. prl. i
an.l up. a I *l ? easy ??-? iii- ; Un* la an
ii-'ii.i oppottunltj I., tecur* ? bargain i ,
lui ih* ? ; i rt Icu I ir* t.a.ii^- n, ? ... i ?ni '
I la ia* i Mi- - VlltU rtj MIRE P ei |;,,v I
ire I. \ a V -ak.
MKN Learn barber li id, . ..-.: ? weeks
ni pleiea; Head) J.r. ku.ii."" -t nh -n
tl.I-.uf,1!. rilli vet of tool* de an,- I upon
entering .'--tan; practice .bile lean
lr -:. WI ir- fa,i- . lUlogUe. M< .!.!-'.it S '
ir UtHKK Sa Mm.i? :i7 Hud* ti il
WANTED. AN IDEA.--W:... ran i!i:nk .'
?onie ilmple th na t i patent? i*r-^i-.-t >uiir
liv ia. ti- may lulu, yng .ealtb. Write
jai||\- u KMal.RIIl I'.N* ei co. I'al-nt \r
' : ?? . a, V, aahlngUi.. I), a', for lha lr |
fi m.i pr.-- ..rr.-r--i I-. inveatora ..ni iir.t
' 800 In-enllona wanted.
WANTED- Experienced, relTabl* sgenf.
In all pj. ia of Ike Cnlt^ Si Ile*
u n ??? . -.. now ..-* Kl ll '.-? m.,, t ' .
f, ihe a*!* of THE NEW Ye IRK Tirii:'
UKK'H lilll'.AT WORK. "AMrUtH'A'il
BI'CCESSPI I, MEN I' I* "n? of li-e
n. . r ? i-1r\ * - i p ,?; ratl ru " ? b -r r.
ri-" I.medean ne. pl. ..ni ,?? .ol only ii-.-p
ly Inlereatlng aa p..-!' lau pi ive* a i-f-.i'
edue ? or, repb ?? a Uh obirei leaaon* ' t
young men iiartln. In i>.:.ir. -- iir?. Keen
liberal v. pub:lo . i pri\ .itv. ir inc ., ,,:. -,.
With, it ll. Tae w.ark I- pall-'.-.J In l?a<
l.'i ? ?? ii omi - royal o -ta ... ina* a- ,
I).I With .ni.i'i iu* Mea ' anal M Ippia
-portraits Addi* ADAMS A CO 7->
Du a .. -? . v. y
CAPABLE OIRL foi seneral bel et
b wi i -t. renee rerquln I IN w i -? Nth
Si . 'a ? ? s ... i.. k
a;.aili rellabl* tr? 11 wanted ?? c.mk and
i iiindree* for ramlly of adult* In apart
'? Hy refer, ne* requ r, l. BRADIHII
IO I ... I-: I,
|.. Two Prni**tant alrU; ot TT*
i laundrea* ..: t..-r ai i ham
I" i maid .' iltn \.- with refei -
ern ? . ID eu \ !;i.. 112 .' lu.i.i.ii- i ?
AH\ Elli idRMENTS . at . , icriptl iii* j .
I SI th al I j. .? 'I
e.':,,- N . t ?u ni .. Iway, Sd ai
"af r|^- ?.. U| I.I g ,. , | , ? ,, ,., |
roll .wing h
aOiee* * i- it*, ut
p m \..- :?".i M-i, ,\. . - e. coi jn.i
?i ir.s sth ara., ?..- 13 h-?t u.
gth-ava and UH Itt roi imbin 1 ?
i s.rti Weet rel .ii il. . le*; Wei liv .
? i, a - ii'j ratal u h ?? .?-,: w . 4-,, .1
M lie-ween Tip ap,! ^ >, , |gg |:j,,. I
STU 1.33. 3d s I - -. nth and '
77::. ? ? I nv-: I'l ll - a*,. Slat-tl ' *?
1?' ns. - e..-. , . mr ?
4t- ?? r.;.t ld ? ? 338 ii.
3 !KH .tl 1 ? . ?-).! I I3l 7?th a. I.Ogl ;?
a '.' SSS I IV* OS \.i ? a 1
a 1. il- ' |g ,
I ISU ll -.".?', li ive a.,, Mh 1 ?
1.1**2 i?l 2 ',
?1 . : tatt 1 ? ?? ... 1 ana -p* . , .,
' ::? .M , Rt! S'l
' ' ? llari.mi ? ; rai ?'!,-? ?,,
II '?? ? < IM 1 ? 12." - ?e ni h ld ? ?
-? Veal I '.'?' li* 7 ? 11 .) ** 1, ,,-. ?
.Til W. ll II.V;, || f |hl I.' a ,||. ., OD,.,,
107 P il lott ? -.sr. ', ., S3 ev>i||i
?? <'< Bi .1.- iy. I ti . |Sg Broadway
E. I).. L1P2 Mertls a*.*., near BfMdwg]
tin le.
Public Expert Aa .jiint.'iiit .mel Auditor,
Morse Bu-dlng. lt om 50. 140 XSSSSII ll
AN IN Tn RV HCW eoltetted with *-Sg-*0_glblg
bown desiring Hie n.rvl.-ea gt a thor
0.1 th I) competent, .?-?,*, -n. ?-.! -.i.--"itn of
v.??| saldr***. ACTIVE, Ik.x ?1. .-"tatton E.
Journal!*) and corraap i>'len\ wl;h larg..
experience and except lnun I refe-rene-e*. ale
Sire* employment willi nonie business 'r>n
em Alexei* DKI.t'NA. :t)U I.-nox-ave.
BOOKKEEPER (doubt* entry), 'sahl-r.
office p..m. lu y?-ar?' experience; yening
man; da-sir.* change, efapeclally wbars
.1 ir, ?? of advene meat; Al reference*I Vf.
SWIPT, 138 Ith ar*. _
DOY apo would Ilk* pend lion In m. e.
-DOR BILLINGHAM '-''>? Boilth ?-'?: -e:..
BOT, ll '..I-. Minni. In office, errari'l*.
I ng \ i '?? HARRY SCHNEI
DER lld Suit ? . .-.. Brookl] n.
BOY, IS wanta position in . ftic? si bual
hm. boase. -ROBERT KTAKHLE, |ei?
l?t me.
ire>V. 17. wishes iltuatlon bi anything;
?alan *?">. i ?' "renes if required, ll.
SHODDOCK, *??* Suv.lam il . Brooklyn.
ITl-tASS ihi\i>ki:. SO, -good ebaractst.
.Tt,\aa (j year.' e.pcrlctice; elah) y*-?rs
a foreman over Bfty men; anv kind of
a ??:. ai br.se*. A RTH CR HM K 2Ttl -?
t" I.RPEHITER Firs, i la??, all ii mnd
me.-lian!.', ul or ?. factory, I ".i I a'*ta'.'. "t
elsewhere; it ri tl) temperate; $11! week.
IIRLLOTA. 17.! Bleecker ll
CORRESPONDENT, Kngllsh, Kmi.Ii. e;er
man, desire* p tttlon. rlty, oul of town
a.r abroad; Kew York, London and Oerman
referencea. Address D? tw Cllnton-st.,
_Ki iQklyn.
CARPENTER Expel lobbing. aiter.i
ti. ni. store snd ofllce littlngs; dag work i
a- mull contracts, CARPENTER, MM
in!' arr., basement,
COLLEGE student, ? ?? ? arith Oer |
man and English, a:.?i;e? employment J
evenings C, g., "Trlbun. Office.
Swede; w.iniK work ..f any kind In n,i.|e,
aral rta a* reference. ALPRED, li"x Vi.
1. i: i _ Bri adwai
CLERK, ftc. Man destres position a*
a' rk. poi ter or In sn i oihei ? sp icitj :
-..,.1 references. A.l !rs-?<j li. B. 0, 7u
*.stll-|.|.| .'la. ... jt,. ? n
CABINETMAKER r >i i ian; i.i - ~
ence*. I . mil '.-."'k si detail fui
nl*li c?tlm ii*-*, ,- ,-. ? . ' , lisnge, tirm retir?
ing from business. ALRERT WOLF. 17<?
7'li ie.
COLORED MAN "fishes situation ss n'cht
:' ? ? |.I reference tddreri I!.
M. OREEN, ill Bolll. an-st.
DR1 v*BR, Sol ?; undi rstan '?> ar* of
h-.raee ni dty thoroughly. OEOROE
KENNEY, ."..". Cannon-et.
ENOINEER and M m-i:i.\|s'- ..Mn. ? -\~
n nen a-.i and reliable; do his oim Bring
?!?l repairing: license anal reference Al.
LER !.- POM vs', 2SI ?' ive., Brook
i;v;i\|-;i n * Slit ition ?.inte,l tut en
gtneer, Bremen watchman "a as porter
In ?? a lessie house ,; ?.; ? ? )? referenr*e.
BNOINEER. care ej. Muller, 617 Hudaon
EXQINEBR. 17 ve irs- <-\p*--'.*; under
stand* th* inagement repa ra, steim
i'i.; r, & of il. plant i th (roughly;
counirv preferreel; reference. Answer ons
a. V I.A'VS' .'.'. Montr, .ye. *-,*. V.
pe OEOROE SM1TANA. 121 E. 70lli-st.
FEEDER rh .'- st printing; work
.- anything; wholesale busln
tarred; refei n e. Barber si: p, -iii; East
Uth -r
et) K. i-a ferer >'.
hi rdj s Uh ni'" kind - ' tn !i and mae bin
.a.. ?-:.,. i.i'' :r :.*jn i ive.
OA8FITTER wants work al snythlng; rltj
or country; wage* rv i"iar- i:-"..! refei
-ii?. J. MA DI'KV. Pis 2d-ave.
HOTEL PR IPRIET) nts ', ? ? ippe ?
? ? .- mn. man, tv Hants ?..rk
In hotel worked a* porter.etc., in s Brook
tin i'..'-i: referent!*: lives with parent. ]
A ia::- ? HOTEL Trlbut.';
JANITOR of several fl ns ).? si sll ?:
nt n family adult i; with ? xi''-in ?? tn
steam h* ? n ? anti re ilr* BENDER, '-'?.
Ka?l ttlli M.
JANITOR Hi colored ms IO years'
reference id trew J. E. FLETCHER.
"7ee Pal i?ki t Bm
IANITOR Bl a e..an nml \\;fy. Al Ills
in n Bas flat, or ? !ub pref >rre I;
l.'.'i'j Bri sdway
ll ? ind dumbwaiter repairing, Ad?
di - ? r At UNI'. Hr:. 218 st .ii: ,
ll nt lyn,_ _
F .pTi:;: p. -.-??,- ? :, ,
mern as Pulu p n ler I mil r, n?.-r.ii
man ibout houae so ?i driver; understand*
?ti un heater; seven -.. ira' personal r.-r-1
mee, ROCKNE, 7:t Wesl 82d ?t._
Oerman ??>>: thoroughly und
ahlpplnjr ea-?! packer references' security
'f re I'Hr-'.l I*, i).. .are Huff. HS Ka-'
!"? .1
PORTER An actlvi and hone*! Oerman
v mt* position in wholesale hu.se; ran
? . ? * . | fei .. from
? mi.I iy, r Addrei - 1 W., rare if
rot .<: I >s]. WI Wsi rei
p. iRTEH \ '? ' ii'.. '?' " " I
Mon Ip a i .riling li use oi prlt -
B eference.
\ t FLET) HER. -7n Pulaskl-et.,
HiaH.kl, n.
PORTER, X.' v? un-.- m.in 2s. sober, ra?
ll ii le. as .'I.-' at???? in in ? i Heh) porter,
i k of any kind J, MORAN, 7.U
7rii ,iw.. ? ar- Mrs. Ltthrs
FORTBR smi PACKER. Experienced, in
st,r-. wholesale house .?? facton*; li"*
-omi references, A. FREDERICKS, .'tell
i ? ;,: -? t., Iti klyn.
siiii'i'iN'.; i'l.KKK or PORTER ran
pa k, Pale, etc.; good marker; s useful,
i.-r mat*, best of reference C. I
FHASEIt 1.24.1 Mndlson-sr., Brooklyn.
S'l'.vpt.KMAN .r ham.'si cleaner, livery
private; married: ag* 2d; good refei
. n - .ra n: I. \N. IP) East Ti,- ?. I
SALESMAN ?riv travelling aalesman of
s-\pi-| l-Ma ?? V I| _' ? llnWl;-!^. la- SfS|
ance. M. Il I. KMtAltr. S a-;,aries
ll lei, Pittsburg, Penn,
TAILOR. Don't you irani .i steady and
I av i>, . ith ? -ai .- practice,
.- pa ii im the rudiments Hr>.i ,
make hltnaalf useful? Small ompei
Ad-lres* L. F MI'RRAY, ln7 Meetlng-st..
ll, S .'
I'PHOI.STERINO \\'eattK wai '"-I
ii ? fte.: lav or j- i>. J. V. i'e).\. .-)!
Bth are., 2d i *l_
I'PHOIJBTERER Well up li drlperj and
.le rating, want* Rorie ll SIEOI.E Ito
We*| .Vtli ?t.
\, i STED, Pe sit ? trust and rv
sp.spelliltlty lav gentleman; has had ron
-- .!? I ,i I- tallalia 1*1 .lill l.ll - H S--. H .-\|..-l|
. .- il-.- ia.. J.a,...; lia- beal refer
?? .. - . i- i a .. i,11,i>. .-t. .. salary not con
?|dered "?> much a* ... upsilon. iXddreaM
A, n '' Ill \V'e*l >4tli Bl
M.\N 27, stn ng: ?
al au vt liing: ej.perlen ?*'! .r parking and
marking. Addreaa Vf, C. lt.. I2U Eaat
17th *
YOI NO m w ?-'?'? ' earn o I, g al lt itali ,
weil ,-ina :ii.-,i gentlemanly appearance,
desire* posit hm >.' anything: bas' ii'\ r-f
ei ?n,*es. i. r. \ ttl i '-'i? Broad a ,?.
YOI'NO MAX, American, i.i_ti-wcti-? : edu
cation, manly, energetic ani per**'..'rtiiK.
u 'it*, po* i ?: business "tia ?-. Aa
reek I '. Mr. ss |> , ,?? .-.,7, les M ?
?I , Bi klyn.
foi \'0 married ? ouple lrl*u, i
.iuii..n private :.'!*.*?. .''..il. ..r hotel, IA'.
KENNEDY, 221 Sll.
YOI'NO MA \ 2?. wlalie* posit il ,
thll i.. n l pall ? . not a lld ?
-,\ i|p . mod i ar.-. .,,,..
il . Kl M Pa-\ 27d. P.".'7 Bi ids
rdf.VO STU VU MAN ??? I ?- mme ii.I
- I. Industrious, i . ' -
U -a. t ., .
Ind ?( Rltuatl - l.i:nl'iil.l> Ipi I Si h.
j,') Eas lian-' :
fOCNU man .-ant* wm
I ll '.i ! a . ? la..,--- Itu I-- : I an-. ...- .
i<>ik for b .tl. e.i silent refere i: ??- MER
?HOLD DRIMLINO, Sig fill I >n il .
I 'In.
riiVKBTtSRMENTS nd *uoscnpiloni for
a ..- Ti Ilma* i' ? ? I'ptown
"?fi - n.i l ^u nruadm-ay. -1 door nor"i
?f Sim sL, until :> o'e b. "?< i. in advei
a-s-m?nr* received ai the : I iwlns branch
ifBcea .it regul .r Bl.. tltll 8 o'a-l
i m.. vin. : J.'.l 8fi iv . - -
lt.; ir.2 Otb-aw- . 12 st Ma - -
ii'- ne an.l Mtb ir. . I4'.' >' ilumbu* ?vi .
i.*.ir Wen Wlrh sr.; IOU Wesl V_M Bl., n-a:
ttb-.ee.; 0- l'^o?>r 1 *t?> ? . 257 '?' 42
it , ?????*-,-n 7th and gib ave IM
IT-i, "i I,-M -J a\* . between "Uth an!
7th ste.; LOM M iv* i SI ' ; i ??**
cai aw*, pear ^?0tli lt.; WW ::.l . ? nea.
'?t it ;' nr,t *td-ave . ttS Itl.k-r ?t
tvonii WA*rri;i).
Kerna le
JOMPANION.?America. l'r..is,tiini \ inn
I.i.lj rr-'in tii>- oouatry as nurse ami im
wnl>n t. lady. (."ORA JOHNSON, llil,?
1.1* C I'lini m. Co., N. \.
?OM FAN ION l*osltl n elealred bj ri I
i raon aa .: ill) a liking companion.
- ui ? rains oi . .. .:?! a ..? erni m,
\ . pi sm. ia\ - pen . .1 rel renee*
'111 ST>\ e.if: nv, I..:; Uh
*OU FAN ION By ? y .ung e-,ea,iiap i.,.i,,
higbl) rultured, an Iraveulliig C mp.)iilon;
? p. Mem .-J in aiir-nm. high 'St rete rein -
Isddl - Dr. I I AKK.WK a Hip. II. Elgin
,' . a lt ta Wa, ?' maila.
lOt-ERNEX*. RngllBli visiting *,.nen
?a isl ? i aftei no i. sn rsge m ni Pren -i.
raw mg, Minting .ti\ referear* a e.,
I \ -I ? 132 a: li .a ?
a" - I \ - || P.. ', ISltlni ? I |.,.-|,|
m .inf a .'i etifp-gemi ni ?.* ala.v.- -.
- ling -Xl Irst laieli-li bl ll . he* di ?
ng aud pal ? \ -.. ? "\ | -
ii.: 17", -
' ' ?). I.a-.
. ?'? i- . lid . .") ? ia
' I ' ic'lK \Ni. M -.atv rn- itl .
ni ' -Skilled uperai ?
.KN \ NORDEN, .ill V. e-i MRI -i , -
'.hi li am
I'.N'la'i Pl T an.l .Mr. p-.ai-t ntlVia*. fe.
';' '. ' ' ' or> . Ul. Ml*.
EUI HIL, .110 \\t!*i Dttb ?t.
~~^ M. I e.
n well -'alu* aie.l i;n?;i-'ii ian. competent
anal capable; g.ml resiler; ann .Ive mas?
sage; lu vear*' experlenr*. excellent refer*
I'tiiis*. \delreas AHEI-I,. rare Urnd>. 210
4th-.ve.. Itr-iiiklyn.
Thoroughly experienced, rosm! references;
Herman. SgH .Ml. J H.. BOS 89. 1.212
Uro*.twa v.
1ICTI.KR (colored) In privet* family; four
yrara' referent*, BELL, sis kv tutu-tt.
lil", LEI* 'iKhitKdi) in private family:
-good .-itv reference*. BUTLER, 217
Rift 171 h - .-? I. _
m'Tl.ER. itv ;i Hrst-class butler in a nn
? ? f ,? iii] . mpetenl .nd irustsrorthy;
blgfely I.-, .'iiaii-nal.-.p I i'l e-mpl'iyer .'an be
boam, ii. I,. I U2h 3'1-av.. _ _
HCTl.KR. i-'ir.t .lae.: elly ... eotfntry; et
years' i ferenr* from i?*i ntu*ti..n. Aft
dress E. MOTE-, 130 Wtot lei'h-*
BI'TLER Oentlemsn xivlng up bo.as
ke.ping would ilk- p""iti"n f.r hi* but?
ler, a Frenchman, who li*.?e bee. with lilm
i v. wa, Appl! .1 Hotel Metbsttaa*.
P....ni Ult,
BUTLER snd VALET -Thoroughly Com?
petent. Pail* and .itv bWt referen WO,
P.. itt KV-rr Mth et. _
BUTLER. By ? firat-elas* Frenchman, in
pi Pal.- family: nrst-r|??.*< referen. SSL 'T.
P.. .7.1 Weat .1Uth-*t. ____
CHEF. F'.r prl* nt- ii!nn.-i* ar par-v'a
h.tne (bod reference.. CHEF, l.V.' Ttaot
-*.-|. st. _ _
~ In
-By Tapanene
.13 Poplar IMa.-e,
priwite fiinllv. N.
"cook-. By middle-aged man tom ar
rived .* French and Italian rook.
CAESEIt lill West '."Jd!'.____.
COACHMAN, itv flrat etoao, rUtoy, rober,
reliable, all ar..nn.I man: city driver;
thoroughly experienced; perfect iv compe?
tent: strictly temperate: gmeralty useful:
hi.hlv recommended; not afraid a.f work:
tend fur_.ee, milk, ate.; slnale. cltv or
country. T. C., Bog 271. 1 -27 Bf-_dsr.y.
COACHMAN. Oentleman de*ires ?D'ia
t|..n for coachman; reliable, mnrrled
mun; I"1-) personal referen. ?, . it) ar a nm
tn-* a.i.ire^a employer. H. kv. DI FOR?
KS r. ji Rrogd -t._
e<> VTVAN and OARDENER.??inala
v ami: min; hlithea?t refsreao**.; .ill
ar.un'! linn -n private pla.e. A'Mres*
JOSEPH P1TZPATRD K l.*M gd ave._
COACHMAN oi OROOM.- By an English?
man, n-I long m iii- country, * Host
Mth -t _
COACHMAN*.?By s first-class BIS., its
Kie, fhor.nighly experienced In th** .are
a.r ic rses, carriages ar.d harneaa; < irefu".
itri\e:, - t> .r I'l'llitry; general.;.' .Sefuli
l,e*?t a'it\ referancra from l.iet employer.
COMPETENT, -e'7 Eaat Wth st
COACHMAN 'Ingle, id); understand*
bualneaa Ihoroughly: will he f.aind will
lng ail obliging; handy wllh t ?... I -: honest
an! sober: rt.1 reference; country pra
fertcd. T. W. I... ?.*!? Va. Voornls st.,
ip mklyn.
COACHMAN. Highly recommeneied Ibm
oughly understands th* rare Hns bones
ai.ai rarrlagta; ** prara1 ll teference one
employer. T. P., i'is B?rr: ?.) . Brooklyn
"mi'UM.iN English Protert.r.t Mts :;::
yeera; understands his business in all
.i- hranche*
obliging; nral
cn.- . PARRY
Ill he found wllllii- anal
:u.'.rv ". b**?t .il> refer -
PH Weal With ?t.
COACHMAN.- Herman; married: no ihll
.- tn;., r ->i:. -.i.i?*i-. obliging. Indus
? Iff tiiKt . las* I ?si refer
..iv i ref. rred C. OUKNDEL
GM Hnn.l ..'-lt st.. Mr.. .kp. n.
e .. -VCHMAN By Swede In
family; strictly temperate, h..pct, tnt*.
- rt willing, obliging; careful .I.i'cr;
i- . -i-i. excellent referencea: city, cou.
try. 283 E.?t J2d ?t.
COACHMAN. A in.in a* ea )chmat . ran
furnish the highest r--f"r. n e; ls willing
'.ki himself useful. THOMAS
HYNES, ?7*i c.-.M-. ii?--.. Brooklyn._
COACHMAN. Thoroughl) experience 1.
careful driver; strictlj iwneM a-, i sob r;
wlil he found truatworth) anal resp* tab!.;
beal personal city referen a. COACHMAN,
152 East ."..-.th it.
FARMER A Wanta I. I -Tii*e
married farmer** m. ? position ss farm
at or ear*) of reii>ftian'i pl* ? . not afraid
nf work; Rood referen.-a irlveii. Address
FARMER, care if John Ward, ill Weal
J'" l_
OARDENER Single; ihi.igh knowledge
: gian and outdoor gardening, laving
,. . in ovemtnt of grounds; best - if
ref i-:i.... Address lt. N. Belmont, Mass,
P. ll VNSEN,
I'M Oreenwh*h-*t.
? pYe*ltla*n tm
an highly re.
he care
her nrdener, whom she
ommend; thorougher understands t
of _rrt itra .grape rica; ali
, r l. irses. rows, i nu I tn - '?' -? ars |
sorta! reference. Address OARDENER
Weal KM-st.
OARDENER snd FLORIST. Vming par?
ried man, ta i hllflran, I* open for an
engagement Pehruary 1 or Ult. thtough
i-i .. being sold: baa n yeara" Srst-class
reference; present >mployer ran bs am.
Address OARDENER, M Plampoat-*..
Bro L ?- "
OARDENER as sec. nd i ian (Swede); ?a?^i
reference. Address OARBBNER. itt
'.pi hm.
GARDENER. Flral claas: brat experience
In 'ic cultivation of roses, ramatlons,
ri..ct-, and tha general management of
-gentleman's pl.ee. 0. M. C., Tarrytown.
N. V._
NCRSE or ATTENDANT to sick 8f to
valid gentleman; no objection to travel;
reference. Aler.-** BERNEY,
122 Ea t 66th at.
1 -I'Fi'l. MAN By v un. Swede, in prl
? ,. family, hoardlng-houa. or rcstait
rant, or anything; van handy with taiois;
? neat CH, .r<>HN' JOHNSON, M
Oreenwlch it,_
s-MAN" and wife wish a posltl. n in
v ,: . untn. I ns wag*. Mah
ORBTTA, Oo WeSSt -2d-*t., thlr.l BOOT,
I'SEFCL-MAN Sober, Oerman: married;
!i..:i.iv with homes; ha* som. knowledge
i,i m irarpenterlng. P. I.KPH. i'l Paw
i-i. - At., iti-a-okivn. _I_ _
"t'SKFi t, man Oerman; underatands
cars r horses hon.* and garl-n work:
[nation as coachnma in private
family: i,-o.h1 city references, M. lit'.'il
A P.!'. '-'ll .hrs-':. St,
I'SEFl'L MAN -By a j tung Oerman; un
lerstands walting on tobie* ard t. nuke
himself useful all around. BTUMPF, M
Ma Pst top tl.-ar. ____
1 -iii i. MAN >'? young*, man. willing
anal obum nu: Inside ??: out: ? lt > ar onus
try. Addre** kai rill';'!.. i'a, ::: ive.
CSBFCUMAX. Thoroughly understands
ar.- of horses and i irrla.es; ?ilinit and
bl . Ing : i .Pr;. \.Mi..*.s .1. D.
e.'.ei 3d ? _
1 SEFt'L MAN li i ii-*.-' . i ? ??! .1' 1
reliable mair I* hand) With toals: Ho.sei
driver ami und I ? ra thoroughly;
a irk .it anything: b -t reference. Addreaa
PSKI'I I. 2.VJ \\.a II in- -a'. Uro. kiwi.
le fannie, un
? vul-tiiiK and
heat . itv refen
8 Pr. sdwai
I'SEFl'L MAN. In priv
demands steam furn.
all licha ,r work : ei wu -'
*-? - *.: H P 'X S3. 1.1
I'SEFl'L MAN Engllah: private family
reliable: understanda eierctrkr, pump eli
vat i-. ail kinda alf Indoor work; ** ytrars1
foran e. If. i: . '.i.'mi e;p. ave
VALET, Ae. Pipan.--'.- young nun, ? 'i
i a refer 'nra, a-< vale: , r butlei in prl
i its ramil.*.. Address J B? Box ^D? lit
lilli IVs*.
man ie
ref* ? ?
COCRIER. - MlJ.iP aged a:-.
.:*? of l<i bel a : th-i class
M S . I .(Md Id .inc.
Hy * red una In * twa rd
Ing lae ? pt rate f imll) . furnish ? - ..I
ld ess J i'l.i: I'i .'HER .'Tee
Pulaski st., Bi.
-I IV 111 .
MILLER, cara
c'lV ,vfvl
Mr Kept.
i' if.
?:?'?.' West sr,
U'Aj'i'l.f' 9 Voung lapanese aa walter
;. tiddress Rill V. lilt Chen . m.
*i.h \.; coisORRD XIAN trishes ptoc* L
bull -i. poi :??! or a*-i rall) m.-r-i! m in.
CceiK l SEPI'L-M \N By mat, _,..j
ind i lundresa, imeful nun
*-.' I* . -i net- .ii hmm
stable work, lu H's,' &Uth-at.
e)e i|< ,:. ... ng hon .- pref -tts
lt., ITU West .'1 -t
M lt
" * ?'?? Rj ? ompeteni s?ve usp -,...
1 ' : . .Ililli . I all Ml i
M vi.mppi;.;- ppkp ?..- 353 ,.,, ,1W.
COOK, i'll IMBI PM mi. w mthcss
By Oerm in Protest mt; neal competent,
reliable; gi .1 refen tics; i .t\ or country.
IM Waal 23d ?t
IP m..thar and d.Ughtei f,,r family lu
'"rm- goexl .k; waK"^ ?-J.". lacether;
bet* referencei ENGLISH, RM W IMh-al
i '"'I* P. a OetlM. Wa.mau Pi first
rises i.i na..- family uptown good ref |
erene rs dddreaa i: ii . 2U0 w rat 87th ?t.
? ??MK and general housework, b ? i uni!
. eaparlsnce; i?--t
?;" ? Ad In -. m \\ . r; Madison *t..
- Itl wu. N .1
COOK Senalbte ui*-l aa r -I fsmlly .- k
'???I - v ? lien) 11 in iic-v -j v..,..
perenna I elly reference; in r country;
HIS ci. \\ . .1 (Bth -et "al bell.
?*"' >K Ar Itv three Swedish k-i a, t Ok".
lt : Irasa ? -a.'it.i.,i.|. v altr-ae an I
h* use. ik-r. ell) or .-???inti* . refi re ne -
a ?? gtl ii
COOK aili ?.I'NDURSS B] BS Amen
? fi Protestant n? lli?t la**. .....k and
laundr -ja; te a ,!-!.? obllglnf; fuli\ ran
patent; cit) refsrance, 142 Bast Mth ?t
parl ir ti or, righi ?tde, D m ii t? in ? bell
?'?">K < HAMBBRWoitK 1 ?0 fran >.
logeth* or separate; . .ik. wa?'.i and
Iron kamber wink mi<i waltlM botb
competent ivi'i'n- and obliging; hoi rel
"'? .""Mil:*.. I IPI fit Tt.'l
.va : i :? ' i - .
.nd e ? ?
ADVERTISEMENTS and ism iipilai.i* for
Th* littatiae i-celvnl ut Ihnr I'ptuwti
Dillie n.. 1341 HroM.ay, '-?! lom s nb
of .Ital ?t . unlit 0 S'rtoch u. rn , u.Per
lleeinrnt^ rr-ei,ed at Ilia* rollosrlna hrsnch
erik-., ni regular . m.-e n,ir? o?t,| | o'cic-k
p. m.. Mi.: Mi sth-avt.. a. s. cor. 23d
?s.r. ** WE9T 22D-ST .
ALL REPERE^-Rf ***** ?*?*??**_.|
Servant* hr;.-,king engagemra* wm
bo dl*mlsse>| from offlc* snd forfeit a
. dalma to fee paid
Brooklyn Offlc*. 2 B'.n.j si
' _ Corner Fulton *t.
I* SS great Importune* in . _,?... _
j* OOI *?ffle??, Ki a .-r?an:T;,^,lr^
('work and ar ?,.,?* ,? miram, thara .>
stjo be a jH-i-fect acquaintance with ti.
lal.tlaai- detail* of )i,e ?.,??,?, ,,, JJ *??
Ibis knowledge detract, gre"*'.
rojas ii i. s,?r ron.
..r'pa.;'or","I"> """"*?-? ?"
Suppl!er_ of |||g|, OfgeJ* tn.!..,,
:t.ei R(.th ave., near 2_.|
frjim inc ?
Munt *nde
A MIDDLE Kt'.r.li v
mia a wMbas ? *iiii..
tommi*, Aabimma ta
... _^5>*PERATIV_! BURRAt* *
.131 MADIBOR-AVE.. COR. 4.11. ?T
Pro-Mw for tt. Pair-an. K,v..s^,;.1Tirt4
bouwbotd servant, of ihe best .-I..,.
COO* e BAMBERMAID in tw^ *C=5
gr:., .pea,,- Bngllsh; one . ?,k ?, ... .
cnn bake; .ther ch.mberm.kl, wa i
aura.; g.-..)-! mamet rea.; 3 ra.ro* refee.
coo* *c Two i*,-,,,,,,*-;. ,
gerhe*-: one drit ? las. . mg other" ??!
n.irae. SMiMtr-ros .r cbamberrn, I !
Ihoroughly erirnpetenl nen, i ,, in.f,,."
Jinn preferred. FRUX. MO We,, .W-?C
i'ihiK. V-urg W-. .man ; uMerstgnd
ifg in .11 branch*.; pnv.t. -
Jjra board l * el ty ref*reri. ? o
Weal ititi, -? >
I'* IR,
? '.ung girl, ti ? k v. ,. f..*
Ir'.n. private f-,mll\ : lie-i ref*)
a-arala. 1.513 Madison ave.. Pane
e'a.aaK V
mg woman as , ? ?
private famllv. wag*, r, .. , jj
? I ?? Kl
HO; with kite-henmald. I.c.t sf r*ter7nem*7
Ad in? ? mam ?*.
SS M.. K**0 3.1
|-e>eih' Th ..ought,
P'lt.lic or private; ise?t refer*
RARRT. i'll Ka?i 83th <r
mihi ar.d chambermaid .* a . ,_,,,
moro, can il!) Hg .,
wlllln- '.a a ...i-i in w.al - ,. _
?-wine, besl rf.. \ i ?? '
ll.II. 'Ill "a.. ...
Voung gil ,n pl tin fem '.,_
eura, M'AUUI SM -g. .? *.??. .
Ia|e;v landed, a* rhamherm* A i.r .r.J
p'sp e In p. li Ile famll;. : f
ard can do pa'n sewing ) , . .,
DAV'S vu,ck Herman nm f-J
i aialvng ..n'l Ironing i ?--leaning
Apirenii'iit ll. 1.1.12 l?t -*ve
l'AV'S WORK. Tova* m?'-led wa-.mag
m i?h*-? a-, d . dai;-' w ark. I i.'.C M-av*.|
thlral (Px-r, fron*.
.inal tr >n. I
ll.'VDV KIT.
. i :.
Orac i *).
lini'SEm'ORK \ * -.mg -.i
tlon as
'.ll M .
Small f.-ri'lv.
' 2m
EWORK Voun> Ameria
l.nt girl, ganer.il h .usew ri
prlvat* fa ml li . beal
Sth .-na* . ld il ? r
pr ???
" 1
HOCSBWORKER Middle ut'-! . g|
W .man, plain cook, wu
"mull Carn i I v gnrd refrro.ee TRI'ST
WORTHT . ir- Mi Sulllmn. 11 ft.
sve., f...ng island i'itv.
He ICSBWl IRK .p-nr. , . -*,.
elderl) lady; small famlli . rlt) g.
)?'. *$l_ l-:.-r lll'l. - s\ ? ?
"ila it'SBwi IRK ? i upai a
good trained Swedish gul lats
fall Mra.. MALMBKRO'S Pl '(.KAI. .".lg
ttl: ave.
a Mower or baeh ?'
?r rim. tv. a .la'. -
leer* le ::
g ll 1
?pai tment ' 'I
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temperate rolddla aged aron I
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monthly; ...untij preferred. CM Ii R*e*|
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care ..f .-hlllren and Aa
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want, ti tike
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ROI'SEKEEPER Proteatant aromM, ex
.-.?|..-t,t SOOk, M . rklng h -n-ekeer-.-,
ii-st city referent era *?" Knut leith ?t.
HOrSEEEEPER Voung Widow, rn ll sp
pearance, trustirortby, .'""*.l oook, ia
hou?ck.*?-p*'!' i-i a w ia I- w--t: eir.v or
Vl.i'-s? T K -Kj Baw JWt -? _
HOUSEKEEPER A well-educated ail
thoroughl** cgpabla bouaekeeper deetrra
poaltlon; a.nipeient lo )?k- entire charge
if house; ".ius/aorar* i- f-r.-c. *-? e A
Trll.une I 'pt, \*tl. A,sts Hr-a.lvai
INFANT'S N'l*R*te. Th-'r -ughly e-xp. rl
enced; take* .-itlrc charge. Englisl I
cvant. .at- MMsrred; tn 1 ref rei "?
Address M O., care Mi*.? Bmlth, IM West
LADY'S MAID German -p*-*:-.i> Kng!l*h
and I'l.-'i'h. trpeiieiKed hairlrei.?er ?nd
dressmaker: accuatomerd lo -ave: . ?? ral
ercn, e i; l... ..rt Ka-t 4<>th-?t
l.APV.s MAH' M .1 Ile aged. KYenrh;
r.r-a eli. n s> nstraM; useful
govt pa.K-r. anxlon* to lave h mv. hest
reference. JEANNE Bog la. 1 -?
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LACS DRESS Flral .*.* I ' '*
famllv, reference; N'-w K rk id> rtte^
ferrel. 4U-, 7th sve _
am sd In ? ar- of Ural cl isa I
city anal ea.ut try home's, min ii: "? K f
arr into, mark) rmi.- ? . i ping - - : -
Uti n by february I: tratlnvu ali Ad?
dre*!! A. ll. e\. Till, nie OB
Nl'RSE. E?perlem*ed v..ung I nurae
pi children. HASTINGS i AH : i ?
Nl'RSE Comp*tent w. Bbs
engagemepia: or rare f .'ar*
, f e'uriifie -jun Weal 124th st.
N" BSE p. sapsr> n< ?? I ?' ; - ?''"***:
understand* sterlittlng snd all I - '
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referen. ? ai-? ** ::i w -? ?*.'?: il r -et
p.. ir. P ni
i.an l'ra.t*-?tant voung ? ll
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NI*RSE By Kr.-n. h I'r tevt.-ta- r ?'? thr
growing . li . : ? - tress; good
refer n- - Lot'ISK I.". V ? - ?
Ni BSE Toting ??"' ? I ? * ' -as.
' arg** of gro.
lad) . .an do fin* aaa tn ref" rei tm
I Sth -: , Barka i -
Nl'RSE t HA ID ': *
North Oerman >. Hal
f;.!l ? haig.- 'f on* l?.i fl
year* -i n ii dmerl sn lamil; *
<J-i man; besl tra: W?. B
WARODEI.Is, : M i: '-? i
sim.-': Capable tig gil J
I. '? . ? narre snd -? amstres* * 1
referen..- n_s bth iv* Isl Hal
Nl'RSE Pa.iv ? r wflns
,|ew el M -eil.I.INS.
IM -i
N'PK.si'. By n. ddl* :ig.-'l lad>
fer grown p- pl*
,i in mending; willing t- ir.
:;,. ? '..4' rt : In ; s., ta's bell
gi lll-Tll'NS, a*.- \f
?,-c.t wami -? winn: 7.". lent* ?).
,i-_m liter, children a
man's mending oi a?
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<!?: \MSTKI>s .\ ll. ll young is
peamstn ?s .Ith kn ? ic.'^^ I I
ag I isstrt
v ? ' b * tot :".- RI
A'ASIIINO Bl ' '? e,-tallie girl ' m
.lie-*. I- dav ,i m.nih. ,.n ratatroro,
OS Bast Mtb-sl
RT ASH I NO V take _t_\
,va?hiiiK ? ... I v the 'a ?'" '
. inel. Mr* RI IPI '-???: I ? HM* ?_,
.'re>* witti unsurpaeasd ta - *
tteemi-em, winhe. garufa ai I famllj "**?_
ng h\ the uni M d' id ?' B -JOnW
o 'N us Warn -'Shh *e
A'ASH I VII \ wai i'i la do Uin-li* ? *?
I2d -?
'king P
l-l H..
\ w- ri i'i t" da
the dav "I ?>
r fie ::'
T.i U
A'ASHIN'el v i-olorad worn.. "??*?***?
wnslilng at bom* elli refera.ee JITM*
JINi'l.Allt SOB v\c?t etsih se _ _
U XSIilSi: IAl nae IO t.k.- In B '
, , g.it ii ihs laj
rack of .tn _l_d. Mn VOW Kits, lo*
Bast ii-.it ??__^
*,l'\ K *. IISPMI'NTS ind "u ??'?? ff.i'tr* tr
ihe Tribune reeeived al theil ; i.
ttll.-e Ni 1 'J42 Bt*MdW.y, M .t ?.r n''!l
if list .1 unPl :? O'. S | ai adver
Isemenls rwwived *? Ihe followlM br?n 1
.ttl,-. ? i' regular I*' ?' '*?:?? until 8 o', le*- <
, ?, r|| |M s:h IV* *? e. oe it
,? |M Hth ?*,*? . I-'.'' "t M* - *?
llh'-s?e ?titi U"i -it. HS l'olun_MI?.v*,
ea, IVeSI Mth "ti le?i Wc fi.l .' neat
H u* >n 3.si 14th rt.; i'd Wmt ?Sd
it la-tseen Til S-d I I SWS l'-S I '*'?
iTih st.. La's M .nc between T Ith *' ?
'Tth ?'? ' "-,I :i I ?,,' n,ir '?''' '
- ne rea- Mth - ,:-'"' *<>i ???
Ha ., Kl* gd .ne . .tS*. Bleecker ?' ?
?ms ii ave :?" Bast T.i" - I r'-'l ?*?
' int; ai av* S- tmsieidvm ??? ^
i. rca
tug w -,. ud ?t ita Ea* lath ?i
Stoa oat, .- s;,,; .. t, ,, -tai -MB *? ?
i.a- ,v. --?' ..Tf. >i . sot liam >**'
i " i gan nc -i in. i ma :m e?? . '*
I tis gg .ve.; 7.V1 Sh ?vs. >
na Harlem ''fi rt t.OAl M rrw, *"?
Mtu ?? ivt Baal I Vth st.. t*raf *'
i ; \k *. i.'.'.n. - i--t Tth
;*U \\- .1 ll.Vh Bl At the I
:?; r*ulton lt.; T'.V. Pulto. st
il . 4S Hi **?_? J> E. U
C. !>.; 1.103 Myrtle ok a.,
I Sth
,,in >")(** '**t
ra t"v*urt
1M' Hresel**''.
n?ar Bros-i"*/.

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