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UM EERE1DA 0. wai .i.a it-: YOUNO
The Rev. Lyman Abbott continue i hla course of
]e ' irei on "The Bible as I.i:.-ra:ure" last nie"*", h;s
f . ?? being "An Idyll of : Corns n People."
Mr? Cornells P. B >blna rn continued her lectures
ghi before tlie Loyal Social Club of Little
Italy. No ?' fl East One-hundred-and-thlrteenth-st.
The Bi ' ? - ifl *?'?>. of New-Brighton, Staten
alli hold Its ui ? ghtly mei 'inc on
Wi lnesday si the bi m< f Mrs Henry Howe'.ls, Jr.
A m-ue than ord ittmetlvi rr grammb has
i ? ?.-. pi ? pai ed for the salon.
A rr.--<".:r.g ot ths F rtnlghtly Club, ol New
Bril ion. Statei l- nd, will be held to-day al the
' Mlaa D nsl i The auhjeel wed will be
? :. ? ? ??. Ru -? . Mn R * n I- iwi ll . aeaylst.
A course if lectures "n occupations of the klr.dcr
srai - morning at the
- ty hv Mlsa Mary '?? ?*'? r B1 '*' '?'''?
These lectures tb -? 1 8 iturdayi until
nd will 1 known ai - xtenslo
A meeting of prlnclpala of female prammar
siled b) President Hunter of the Normal
was lu ld Baturd ij mornl g In thi
_.? ng i il ma for the
? ea to rhat Inatltutlon.
Aaa n -? the free lectures given on Saturday nlcht
'-were a Qreenland Bummer," by H. L Bridgman,
? \ 75, and "Arl of lhe N rt'-.
adiana," by Dr, Frank Boas, eif i
the -M-- um of Natural History,
Bm . i-st. .h.d Elghth-ave.
The Athene C i held its usual fortnightly meet
-. - ? the parlors of the Fourth
Wi t End-ave. and Nlnety
l rr., wai - :" ws:
?ni rn Compoaeri Sixth paper?
Ludwig vi'i lan.
: Intellectual i llani "
tabling an edu cation.
rltlea ol iractei
Perte ? 'A Ife."
d. HI* ,- "Superintendent" at thc- Weimar
e Hla slant intellect as evince 1 ir, his writings.
iracter of hla influence,
The Oerman Cathi lr
? : ethe pratai i I ie <; .-? . ? pty le ss r;,e national
.(-Sermon style ol Ai ? taseited that
j. ling S< le tiona fi rn Herder,
I > -
Mr.- /"e.-,;*-\ c, Wi I ther of Gen
Lea Wallace, now In i ? . Heth year, .cl
m-i.-? i |he Woman's Christian Temperance i*n:..n of
s ihe- oilier dsy on the I ibjecl ot woman
suffrage. "I advocate lt. i ? Bald, "i ? becausi
woman i? u in man, bul hai
essential to the voice ol I think men have
done wonderfully well In < repu
term of government and >? i ha :? '? half the p pl
out of ? I .-:...:. irge s me theil efforti
tl n and auffrage ar 1 leavi off working f.r
Arm' nia and thi r things of a ;
Which need not be mingle I With 0 rr w -rk Wi !.
pate our force by taking up too many tl
The Qul'l Nunc Club enjoyed a rare treat ot
FrMsy evening, when Pi ifessor A. V. Wllltsmi
Jackso-.. of Ce lumbla University, gave a leel ire oi
the Veda, or ancient hymns of India, He apoke -?:
??.err antiquity and how they have been pi
lr. prcatcr purity than the tradll v <,rh.-i
ar leal nation. four booka believed bj
the Hlndooe to be e.f divine ..ri_-rr.. bul Profeaaoi
Jackson considered chiefly th.- fir--', which ts the
Veda of praise, ami read from the four dlvinlt)
hymns, which abounded in tbe tn it | ? ng meta
ihors, sons nt which w.t.- suggestive ol Oreel
'it was not necessary." paid the Pi fi asor, "foi
: a to cime uniter England's ru:., io learn s.iiih- .,
the \\it* nf Civilised Hr.tl-.I.s. f'T We have Iii.- re,
ord of ihelr propensity for horse-racing and gam
1 ::t k In fact, tne y wi n quite up tn date In man;
. - they had a tonic !?> make- hair groa oi
?. d-. and e \i i. si owed a contempt fo
lt bil i" en proj ted to hold, ifter I I i
r, : i?lal . .r,\. raaslone, In whit
pi would be requested to take part by .Us
cession, recital or anecdote; bul owing lo tlc deatl
ot Mlsa M P. Montfort, tie corresponding aecre
tar> ti is j..in of the programme w.i? omitted.
Th.- president, v. rnun l>a\i.-. presided, snd i'r
Kethertne e; Townsend ami Mrs Vernon Dav)
constituted the Recentkm <'omm:t'.e
M:.?s ai k Ford has srraaged to a.ve fi series o
flve "Slides of Life ls Literature" a: the Waldor
'?n ita following subjects and dates: i "Literalur
in Hs Bearing -.ri Every-Day Life," Balm laj Jan
?'-iry :?? n ? ,n ii "Vlei ir Hugo'i Phil i iphy o
Life aa Bet F r h In Hla Pr ie Bpi -." Tue ada) Fe -
-??' Lip rn III "A Life-Stud j From the Se
ePsil >,.-:- F< ? iry I. 1
? "? xv "Attrulam as Taught bj (3eorge Mere
?? I etday. February S. S p. m. V "Tbe Moden
v-o ? .:. Portrayi . . n mi i Bsturday, Fi ir ur;
i m.
?- Ibjecl Brill be .-. i ;;, Mn Inform ,
afterward there will be -i brief dlscusslm, ii
*? : ? "' w <>! ' - -? pn senl v.-.v take pan bj
"m lectures ara given under the following patron
,' I ?? .'? ? Mi Va .?
' Po;ter. Mrs. NI laa Kiah
,' '?'?'?" v" fyi* Mra lorlllard <?? , .
t"V J ,u"*' ?' li I-. Mis Almon f] ?
,, , .."..??? M l*P*w. Mrs. Hose, ,-M ,
v ., ' '?' Mi- s.th Uv, Frank Jl 1-..I
lower DUr? '., " '" " ?* "?
Rvh7\irr, J '' Mln& M* Spenci-i Traak. Al
M.Vilah .?,,,' ?ma*" l*'"'1'"' I Wilmerdlng
ewe- bgggg Cowell i.* Moyne, Sim. |..lifcl. Mclean
Airs, nabeja Charles Davis and Mrs. n. Orien Dore?
Chariea Dudley Warner says: 'Ali's Ford's scheme
1? origins! and lier proposed treatment fresh ani In?
teresting: her Interpretation li full of inslent?'.ho
resull . :' philosophic thinkine-"
The .-!nnual report of tire president of Tufts Col*
kee makes a favorable referenco to the results
of co-e-ducatton In thal institution. "The genera]
testimony of the teachers." lt says, "is that they
(rhe women) have raised the tone of the class?
room, and quickened the Serious efforts of stu?
dent life."
There are to he five Charities -Tommlssloners
under the. Greater New-York charter, nnd Dr.
Mary Putnam Jacobi thinks that two of these
should be women.
Airs. Balllnpton Booth went to Sine Sine yester?
day, to conduct her usual Sunday service for the
prisoners. Tho prisoners' choir gave ber a con?
Brooklyn hns a euchre club called "Thc Alothers
and Daughters' Club." No one is , neible for mem?
bership w.io ermnot brine I mother or a d-inchter
with ? er. They ifieel for play In ihe afternoon, and
when once asaembled they quickly separate Into
two croups, one compose .1 entirely of daughters,
r h< ol her of mothers.
Two young women. Miss Frost .ind Ailsa Simpson,
have been conductlne revival services durine the
'?ist two wc ks in til-- Lenos Boad Methodist Epls
Church, of Brooklyn, and hnvc been so well
I ? ? they will remain g wei k loner lhan
il flrst Intended, The paator of the church,
the Rev, Mr Blakeman, is much pleased with their
work. He says that ihey have never made use of
any "skyrocket methods," and that the meetlnga
have been marked by a complete absence of noise
and excitement.
The fair evangelists will eo from Brooklyn to
Amherst. Alass., and thence n Hhodc Island and
Ton ne<-i
A class In cooklne from thc Young Mer,*!! Chris
ll n Association rocs to the Teach, rs' College every
Monday afternoon to be Instructed In culinary
science by .Miss MacIntyre, the aaalatant In that
d- partment.
Acne* Chapter No. 1 of the I..-niles of Justice of
the I 'rd. r nf Sv John and Malta, which has Just
been Instituted, possesses a majority of all the
membi rs nt that ord'-r.
The milk .lulce of the lettuce has always .been
. .si., med i.y French women f..r its healing
qualities ai a cosmetic. There are several dainty
letl ice creams of French manufacture Imported to
this country. They are all quite expenalve, ami nu
better iii n a cream of thii kind which may )??
; I- ; red ai home
Thal i-nrri m eif the chemist's work whi.-h consist!
f d at Hiing trip;.im a iters and preparing healing
i.r.itns fur ti,e complexen was formerly considered
i pei ii la riv feminine task. The olden home ae reta
\.- ;? sed into i-i.- hai.-is ?.f manufacturers, and
hay- bec ime great trade seen is on whi. h fortunei
sre aometlmei built. The art of preparing coe
- . - - rind int:, i water.- hui- become I -t to the
? ..ill.
To make a perfectly wh >lesome lettuce cr. am
pour a quail nf bolling water over half .1 peck ?<'.
rhe full-grown outsldi i-r-. -. leavaa ..f aeveral heada
After ih'- lettuce Iras atood ii moment,
drain off tie- water and chop the lettuce (hr.. pul
n towel and wring out all the Juice -li.it
can i" extracted ".' ?? lhe .iry pulp will be lefi in
the towel,
pul this Juice In a amall saucepan of bright iln
.md imii li .1 inn for two 1 i three minutes, There
|.. .... r trir.- ? t.i!.:. - : ?. - i.f I';),. ^i-e< Il
iii-pior. Se- thii asldi . Procure half an ounce each
ol' while wax and of sperm.M ami four ouncei ..f
? .im .inls from ri thoroughly truat worth) drun
glsi i'm il..- materiala in n larne cup and .-.?! the
? a j. .ti ..f bulling water. Th- water ahould
r. , , ?., t-.,- -.nu. depth aa the materiala in ihe
:. !..: the w.-ix and spermaceti alowlj m..- int.
the oil. Stn it occasionally. VA thi mixture li
perfect ?, -tr, , i-'i and ? o lump ri main, tdd i
luce Juice and stir it.' mixture ihoi lughly, I ? l I ?
ream I he pan lhal you intend tn k- ep li
li s.-t this jar in raid water whlli ll li cooling.
If the cr.-am ls not a delicate green when hard,
mell li and mid a few dropi of French vegetable
Xrn-n Tin <,- color.- COS! al.nu! 'Ji lents a hollie.
?ii,-I wi.i k--. p ii long 'ime- .f they nra c.-.rk'.i eera.
Tl - -ream looks verj pretty in th.- tiny little
boxei ',: ja:.- green were whieh maj be found -c
ihe- live- and ten .'nt counters lr. Oriental ahopa .-r
they may in- moulded In s more precloua box of flne
Dresden porcelain, which will Ix i genuine un. i
III. l.t L. ll.. Lille! '
No I..ilm :- more healtna t> i romplei
h.i- auffered rough nsae.- fr.un in- s i
winter. Where complexion ls verj aenaltlvi lo cold,
ii I- an excellent thins before going ..ir : . i . i ,
little of ihls sufi .-t.-ain Into lhe -km. wlp i ?? ll "it
fi um the surface lo prevent anv "shininess. '
Between the- houri-ol 7 ''." snd MO o'clock ?? lei
.1 r 1 v morning lhe Salvation Arm) served 1 free
breakfast ro aeveral hundred children si Ihe quar?
ters in Pourth-ave., oppoalte <"?>? p.-r Union Com
mander Booth-Tucket presided, and gave a ahon
talk lo lhe little om a. The Armj band played, and,
altogether, ll proved a mool enjoyable mornlni
Tlcki is "t ulml *U \ had 1 ?. n distribute but no
child waa turned awaj This was ;,n entlrelj new
undertaking, and will nol be thi last step in thia
Uni . foi air ari being mad. t,, j..n.i-h
11..- Sunday monuns breekfeats to pour children
lu all parts of nie city.
rnm-ER at HOME; out OF PLACE
l\ HISINK.ss
"The silk petticoat and the silk skirt-lrnlr-g mark an I
rra in woman's extravagance," said a prominent dub
w.man the "her day. "Thi -ime was when a cam?
bric lining, with no rustle to call attention 10 the
fem tilne presence, was the \ >i!ue-, bul nowadays thi.-? I
iwish, swish, swish of the- petticoat me-e-rs iis eui every !
Iianel. (me heanl i; '..ist summer up In tbe Adlron
lacks, and i! ls heard In business offices. The type?
writer has her gown lined w "h silk atvl the frou?
frou of her suire pervades lhe place. Every gown,
like, every ? l iud, has i-? silvery lining, but In the
gown there ar'- Instances where- ihe awlsh and rustle
ure as much out of pian si dlamoti ls ani decollete
gowns in tbe dsytlme,
? For yean nothing has been so symbolic of femi
nlne vanity sn i fi min ie : ive of luxury .is this silken
11nink. Even th- cotton n di designed f.r lining la
Btu 1 w r'i dressins to give lt the rustle of silk; and.
thee Ifi BSt s very feel.;?? imltatl rn nnl
- ? -.\i j is tinsel, still women effeel lt."
Th.- (lui, woman aahl ? I thia In the rooms or* the
Barnard Club at ? receni Bundaj meeting. A bimi?
ni rn woman and an srtlsl In ihe small circle had
the question of si k dress-llnlng under Impromptu
"The silk liniriK ls Infectious," sail ihe srtlst.
"When l was In Paris Issi summer the first thing I
sd ipted In t'i- line of attire was a srik petticoat.
'When you are in Rome, :> i must do as the H .mans
do,' likewise is || |n Parla. The Paris woman"* silk
;.-? Ml || tlimme I With ?nlk flounces and lace
ruffles galore. Then, ab ve the array of rainbow
hues, ihrouded In Isce, there la a heading of narrow
. twisti d snd brsl li l and fi sto me l ai regular
?I ,,?? | || ? , ., ? -.;>.- of the aame, into which ls tied
a bunch of \ 1 iletl or of roseb i ll "r sprigs of l.i't.'
"When the Trench women crosses the street she
is a dainty figure io behold She grvhers up her
skins gingerly ai i her aide, lucks her head a blt
r.i pick ..:: -irv places if ile ground happens lo i>-*
-lamp, ani then treads lightly, as though she were
stepping on 'gc?. The effect is never lost, for she
has shown her da tnt j h ind alao ''ne delicately
tinted mass of silk and '.a -o 'hat b.-r.:.' .nel an 1 h'
flowi ri 1 er- .ci ir . died . petti ? k
"Now when the Sew-York woman crosses the
street sh.- gathers up her skirts in a totally differ?
ent manner. She graspi I snug handful with one
hand, thereby displaying he-r petti-oats inst -he
same, "illy ar th'- ba k Instead "f at the front ami
How Tin-: NEW-YORK we'.man OATHER8 ri?
ll Ki: 'I' >W.v.
sMea. nnl strides hrrr.. div acroaa She has the
same awlsh and flutter, however, .'.iii some tl mea
y..u can hear hi r for i. ilf a bio k.
"Winn.: have curloui wayi of displaying their
silk lining when n lack ol mat le offers no hint or'
its existence I natch them pul! up ih.-lr gown
In th.- --i-.e' cara .nil. by Riving the dressee a
-;? ? .! ,,r l quite aitisii- curve*, they sue-.1 In
? .- thc -i'k imir... ?;;? half-way io th.- knee.
It is .: ai modest I i nd appi rently li done
in an unconadoui ri inner, bul tbe New-York
woman knowe all ?? ? nil lual how ? rr-?tlve
is th.- bli "i brisht color in her trapping."
?The silk lining." said the bualneaa woman, "ls
th.- dividing lin.- between the woman ai hom.- mid
th.- woman in luis''.. - - Tho swish and flutter, as
you name it. bavi i." place ..i.r iii- business of
? l , I-, fa r. the ti llor-madi (town and the Fedors
i-.ai form lhe irmor I buslnesi woman In
that attire you tn.iv cnll her the new woman, if
you will -::?? li ready to meei Hie world on Ita
own ground .ml will not feel thal she is miran
derstoo I
-The womsn who rustles Int ? a b islnesi ofBce Ail?
ing the air wim the som I* ol aitken ft .:t> r ls mote
ofti n looked upon i ? ? ? mt. rs as i
If thi have no terest In dlvei alon si
thal p ii'ii ulai mo i t. they gel rid of hei I
I. .w n. r oul a - noon j If ihe la dn --? I
too well, the eh ince ii tl regard her ai ? io
prosperous for earnest norh ll she ls shabby or
carrleaslj sttlred, al sh il the same ming.
she la branded aa Inefficient oi ahe wouldn't oe in
1 such apparenilj reduced ? nn-:-n---- The tailor
made nu.: therefore ia the happy med! im. If she has
un i giovea an! k--" i -r. .--, well-fitting garments
,,t, i no silk lining, ahe la eq lippi I to meet the ?..r. i
.- .. Ilnlnga, el lit i- ll 'osti and ostrich plumes ail
militate agalnat the eu< ea* ??'. a woman In trie bual
nen a
??Ali t isl rou aay I* true,' li e artist ' bul i
lining of silk I mual .-? Whatever the outside la,
thi : nins in r-r i- itt ailk, and In order I - ir* my?
lone ttrs; slwaya rtlik
I linini - ai ?' em hoi e them "
i e tendencj la toward d itlon." sal I Hie
' ci'...w n. I .
n'ORKISfi FOR I iii: Pl rim h xii..
The foliowlns '?? unen an putting forth their beet
efforte lo make ihi coming Purim ball, on Tuesday,
i- .rv lt, ,.t th.- M-'i.lit.ni Opera House (tl ?
; proceeds of which will go i" the aid of Ibe itch In
Mi ? ' Bl -i Hospital!, .i ire ti --- Mrs M
S Wot.i,?r. Mra Isaac Wallnrh, Mra .1 ll Bolo
, mon, Mra Louis Stern Mr Solomon l.-i. Mi
M ll Mom - Mri Hui mon ll N .than Mra .1
ll..th.-I,lei Mi- i: i.m.i,. , .. Mrs Solomon H
Solomon, Mra A J Ditlenhoefei Mra .1 8 Bat-be
Mri Sun..ii (lora Mrr .1 ll > hlff, Mt
Si-in. Mra l. I.eui-..-, Mra .1 Napoleon l*evy,
Mra Lewla May, Mra. Julina Beer and Mra Char lea
I.li The ball win ope n al IO o'e lock, .ir.d ihe
ta Mea na and hallett * ii o cupj ihout an hour
.uni a una ri. t leaac Herta w ui have charge ..f the
front of the houae Ko oi ii will be admitted after
. J-' ii .'lui k ninl nu li, k. la nul U-rr.iJ at tilt door.
Sunshine Member in Rockaway, ohio.?When a
roman's exchange ls thoroughly established In
ny city, iou may depend upon ll that lt ls a re
i.ii.le association. The only way for you to do If
mi doubt the. honesty of this exchange la to senel
. small piece eif work that you can well n ff on I to
oae, and see how Ibe escbsngs treats yon. They
cue-rally take work and se-ll on e-ommlsslon. You
sn easily tind oui their rulee snd regulations by
rrltlng a letter to tbe president, anel there ls no
loubl whatever thal rou win receive s courteous
The- using of polished tsbli ? for luncheons or nf
ernoon leaa is s practice followed by many sue
es-ifni housekeepers, lt ls sn exeseedlngly pretty
des Tbe appearance of i table can bs made
nost effective by the us., of dainty .lollies and
ent re piece, Ton can add besuty ti ttas ahole
iffalr by placing i vase of flowers in the centre
if Hie table, aird dropping a ros.- .r a pink or one's
ave.rile posy on the plate Of the guest If you
lav.- a nu nu. a pretty Idea is io pin Ihe fleiw.-r on
lu- menu, snd each guest will understand that
he boutonnlere w to ie- worn thr lughoul the nf
ernoon. if you wish to mske theee .lollies for
ale. send to the- . v hsi gi i - un;.!- of ymir w rk
md ask th.- pinpi.- in authority to nive you an
>r<ler or t.,K- aome t.. s. :i on commission
About your eiiin.i outfit for painting, If you will
vrlte to A. Srirlorlus A t'O.'l .ir! sion . No 4e",
Vest Broadway, New-York, Mr. Sartorius win
riv- you ail requisite information. Thia company
s an authority on Amertcsn tube colors for chins
tainting, and its cat i logue con ts lm much In?
fraction In th'- mixing Snd applying nf ellina
s Ooldberg. of So .7 vV ;> Twenty-thtrd-st., has
in . Kqulslte lo! '.f china for decora ling purposes
Is win on sppllcatlon send you his catalogue, from
vhleh von inn select smh pieces ris you may wish
'or chine work.
These uv. Arma are very mue-h Interested In the
sunshine- column, and you will And their exceed?
ingly prompt In replying.
The l.e-t.-r gi idi - of to-called "mott iee" are quite
s pen alva and thi cheaper .nus anything but pretty.
Dainty one - may madi at home, however, f r >m
r'rench tiasue paper. Noi ihe .-napping kin I. hui
?mall favors dealaned ro Inclose candy wiih or wlth
nit a motto. Wirii ? little eire they can be made to
llmulate, when fllle I, I fl .w.t .,;? cluster of flowers.
Kor violet favors cut a circular piece Of white papcr
sith flve narrow ? v na n - iFlg. I), fhe olive green
eavei IFlg f) ii I flve dirk purple flowers (Fig. |).
'"in rh' end ol each extension paste a flower (by
tent re) with thi two imaller petali facing out, and
Buchareat haa perhflpa the etrangeat lomb ever
trected In a civilized land. It atanda over the em?
balmed boely of Julia Haaden, a young authoreas
who died six yeara aero. Her father. Profeaaor
Haedon, of the I'nlveralty of Buchareat, bellevea he
ia able to communicate with hla loaf child. He alta
eve rv div for home by the able of her coffin, and
occasionally surprises his fellow-sclentlata by grave?
ly rpiotlrg home re-mark tbal abe has made to him.
The tomb ls constructed, ao lt la claimed. In ac
conlnnce with plana outlined to the father by the
daughter after her death, lt la In the Greek Ceme?
tery The- Structure la of marble. Over the en?
trance .nil uneier the i.ame "Julia Hasden " la a
niche Ulled with her well-worn eohoolbooka. Aa
MM enters he ls greeted by strains of unearthly
melody. At tbe entrance a huge slab of black
marl.lc hears an Inscription which may be trans?
lated as follows; "Let those who s?-.-k not knowl
edge pass ly this grave, hui those who fain would
learn th>- secret of life In de-ath descend I"
The- vault |s paved with black anel white marble.
In walls Sre of the purest white marble, with In?
scriptions itt letters of gold. Theae, according to
Professor Headen, are- remarks culled from the
ni;,v.-rsa Inns he- has hail with hla daughter sim-"
her .hath Here anel lhere- are quaint little tri?
angular stools, t'lose to the stairway staml two
handsomely decorated mirrors, which formerly
adorned Julia Hasdea's boudoir. At the further
enel of the- vault, be-hlne| a while marble balustrade,
ls an exquisitely carved sarcophagus containing the
body of th*; young girl. The coffin ls so arranged
that hy drawing back a elide the broken-hearted
parents may still gaze on thc face of their child.
Tw-. .ol ir.d lamps hum continually at either en.I
nf (h.- sarcophagus.
in th.- centre of the- balustrade stands a beautiful
bust of lli>- young Rumanian woman. It repre?
sents her as a handaome, dever-iooking girl, at?
tired in modern evening dreea A white wll ls
drawn over lt io preserve lt from dust, and at the
walsl trestle a f.-w fade-el rose-s. h>-ld In place by?
long satin rlt.bons that float to the ground. They
nr.- l h-- flowers ard rlhlions whl'h Julia Hasden
Hore at h.r last hall
eui lin- walls hang photographs eif her at various
sges, Dm. small water-color ske-tch. entitled "Son
Dernier .lour T.-rreste" (Her last elay on earth i.
repreaenta her loaning on her deathbed, with fever?
ish cheeka Hnel sunken eyes
on r. trihi.- to th-- right Ilea a large album, a few
looks anil a Huck of black marble, on which some
lines of music ar.- engraved In gold; the title tells
iou th.-v form "a melody" compose.! hy Juill Has?
den after her des th, ami. listening to its mysterious
tonis, one could almost hellene It an echo from
The mechanism whl.h produces the weird music
above mentioned ls apparently concealed In the
table. Visitors are permitted lo Inscribe their
names In the great album, and Its pages are full
Of touching expressions of sympathy In every lan?
There ls nothing grewsome In this remarkable
tomb, lhe- fresh air streams In through the open
Fif? *
FlC 5 FIG 6 Tl 0 7
F?C?0 F'C ll
Fig ?1
half-way la ween ? flowers paste a leaton edge of
? m i. ' 'i um pie thi -?? a little i - a
r it in r. ippearance Tren put a .-.indy In the
tn; 1 ile ..:' rh.- paper, Inclose; ? . -. rue :r twist gently
the .-.indy. [.a at ly, arrange tbe leaves snd
fljwi-ra ni' iralty, and tl re - .-. Il I ? . little bunch '
of violets (Fig. li Thee, ma; he made alao In pale
purple, yell is n n Ite . oi with double tlowera if one
earea to take the me I:' i ? . r la to repreei nt
le ri wei nly, i ie foun latlon cir ? ol s Ite
ma) be made wi - ona.
To make i wild i ? cut five petals IFlg. 5) of pale
p ok. !:?- - - pa I* (Fli , and for the atatnei -
a .-??!? piece if yellow, slashed (Fis Ti Paste the
ii edi ' ? ? nt, ari 1 by the able
? a .i nepal i'ii I the atamen* lengthwise ind
paa ? on Inner edge ol ihi :.?-'.ii- Qrumple
?',. li".- ir. 1 ni. i .i- ui ii the \:.;--.s un-ll fl ri -
I-ic-1 (Fig. *' If preferred, ns.. r.-1, white, yell .\ oi
di ep pink | i
j... a.?. ?:- ir.? n. i ii with ? 'i r.i . is,. rul flve i ile
? ;?? -I.- i Fig ?! Ti. ri Hi a ;????? ? of deep ye ll ns
t the end of n eneil and pa form a cylln ler
(Fis '? ? Cut. alsa .ir. ? ahe nih (Fig. ll). I'as-.
on petals a rn Flatte rr one ? nd ol I he
, \ lindi ? ??? ?'? one of thi pe: ii-, an l on
le of f ime pa ith Sn;., pel tis,
etc. es. ?? Fis ?-'
Tulips are ah wy. but n I so dainty, fut flve peta'.a
la for Jonq rris. but much I in-'.-r -
pink, white, r> I . ; yellow As (he paper l< n..r very
atilt tbey mual i ahape 1 carefully lu .;p!>t to stanl
?i;. atralghl To pave time do i I ? .? cutting tirst.
then thi pasting, ind By using aeveral thlck
ni rae - of pap< r ai both alden of the
pan.. ii ?> irloua plecea r-.iurr.-.l can
be prepan I '-?:? ipi I'-'- Thi ahaplng should all i.e
don., wirii (he fingers, dexterously, but imr too pre
jf re ire .- naldered, rather than
? n us ? in i?,? c implete !
In a vei timi u the circular founda
nual be g iverni -I nj that "f ihe.
candy, hui rdinarll; I bree and one-half in.-h.-s in
di ime ?? ? ???
in .ntana - - -e fa ? with a ' les to leeor nive
. ?' ? I be llapoaed aa tn reaemble
natural ti iwei - >- mu i poi - >li For a card
?i i) '?-? ru i I,- t., he hung
s all, .ri . ? rilli Asl on a table.
? . Iged with \ loleta
.. mini natl rn: and the 1: imon 1 of i inquili
with two ahadi if purpl. .:'? - These deafgna are
n idi ?;? er) re nil!) b) heating the fa-...rs lightly
on cardboard foi - avered with grei n naper In
aervlng, cut the thread* tere and there. Th>. favor*
,- iff ali io . damage. If pot re?
quired for a veri iltlo however, a much
elmpler plan inre thi lealgna on a plate or
<lir*--?:iv" on lhe ta - i -??- csre mum
1.- tak. n thai '" ? ' do n I laah with anv natural
flowera thai ma) ??? made ii.f. >;-iier in color ot
too close proxlmlt] ihej ..r. Imltatori to a limited
extent, but i
t lill I) WU MOTHER.
0 M .- h- ? M ? ' . you'll give rn- \ mir hind
,\i I t.-.. where I .-k \ ou lo wander,
1 w ill |.-.1.1 \ ou ..w.,\ io -i I.- lutlful land
dreamland that's walting oul yonder
\s e"ll w ilk In ' .? ile g it.!, ri .ni! lhere.
Whi re mo ghi ghi in at reaming,
\ lhe flos - ? il the .??:- ire tilling rh.- all
With the fragranci ind mualc of dreaming.
There'll be no little, tlred-out boy to undress,
N,i i) leetiona or earea o pe rples \ ou;
There ll i? no little brulaea ur Immpa to caresa
N'..r patchli f atorklnga to ves you
For i'll rock you iwmj on the silver-dew stream
ind alia you ? ? ? ,? wren \ ou're wear).
And tn. one -Sill kie.w ..f mir beautiful dr. un
i: ii you ni ) our "W ri Ht t li de i iii
Ai d n ti- i. i am -ir- .1 I'll tu aili my hi id
lied m. . ftei
An.i ih< aide iwaki -'ir - aha I lng In mj itead
A ions whi li m> dreaming ahall soften.
8.. Ilottaer-M] l."\-. let me take your d.-.ir hand
Ani s . i tnrougl ? tarllgtat we'll a inder
Aw.i> through ihe mlai io the beautiful land
The dreamland ibm 'a waning out yonder!
?fSlavens Kiaid.
loora, carrying with it the perfume of flowers ana
he merry souk of the birds without
Here ii is that Professor Hasden pssses almost
ill hla ai m.- rune, it is no strange thing to see him
.kini,' his coffee here of a morning and smokliu.
ilx cigarette beside his childs coffin HW Wife
omea In the afternoon and remains until late in
the evening, .
"Bhe'a seldom alone," the old porter at the gate
Hill tell von (he sneaks of Julia Hasden as though
-h- w.r- alive). "Poor folks, lt's a eomfort to them
ind lt dont harm us. People's given up remark
Ins on it long ago." lt ls generally believed in
Mucha real thal Profeaaor llaaden'a mind le de?
ranged on Spiritualism. < mi all other mattera li ls
i- atrong aa ever.
A LECTURE ov -77//; HOME."
Mi-s Mar: i Parios began ? curse nf twelve lect
in s on domestic economy on Baturday sftemoon
n the rooms of the Voung Women's I'hrlsti.in As
lOClstlon, No. 7 Hast Fift.eiith-st. Her subject
nas "The linnie." with the following subdivisions:
'What ls Ii mrilnl.il Of the Housekeeper." "Keep
ng th.- il ms., in i Band iry Condition," "Begin?
ning it the Foundation," "Woodwork and Painted
Walla," "i Vi re of Floors In Back I'art of House,"
Oiling Hardwood Floors."
Speaking Of the cellar. Miss Farina said:
"Its windows should be protected wilta barred
iron and an Insect serum, and. If possible, the floors
?hould be cement and the walls whitewashed or
painted. In sn] case, th--"- should be no unex?
plored corners and no rotting wood or vegetables."
Borne tdeaa on cleaning were to rise bunches of
iv loden akewera for kitchen utensils, ,.? they pene
rr.re, bul do not acratch; writing for paint, and
I. dieu linseed "il and turpentine--two pans -,f tbs
former to em., of the latter for oiling wood Boora
? lld linen, Miss I'irina said, should Ix- s-nt to tin
ii.-.ir.-s; i. ispltal and not used for cleaning, as the
best cloths ar.- made from coarse honeycomb ma?
terial thal can be bought for a few cents a yard.
Th.- next I.-,-inr-. to l.e delivered nt th- aame time
snd pl i e, will be on "Kitchen and Pantries'' Miss
PsrlOS has begun the same course In Fratt Insti?
tute, Hrooklyn In rhe twelve lectures she en?
deavors to embody such Inatructlon as win make it
possible fer even woman to aoiw most of the
problems of housekeeping which, sooner or later,
she will probably bs obliged to confront.
The pairie ''lub has offered a prlz.- of $.vi for the
besl klnd.-rg.iri.-n SSSTelSS for teaching patriotism.
Competitors ar- fr.-.- t,. essreteo their originality
and Ingenuity, bul the following suggestlona aa lo
tbe ground that might be covered may prove help?
i The historical geography of the 1'nited state*.
... . B] ii? -f '.ni tiinki. ?HS Uta if ,. - a k'.a.a
( ' ?.ii "i.r- mlftu i-- allowa tha plseaa *n*t* the
: \-i pi .? i landed.
il-, limul ... li landina plsea itrapta ct r-l-n might I*
rania I nins who tn.- paopla ?,,-, an,l mm. ,t,t.> ,.?,?,,
? - I P??'?' H ISeaota hWltSSS ani PllgrtSM
I ' oi.mi,ii history,
?I.. <ra|.nl. .1 nt-tV. a* Hl-.-ie. ?n.l ataHei nf eventful ...
curr. i... ? l-a.llti* up t. tb* Kn ulutl-jnary War.
3. The Reyolutionary War.
UtuanuhlcU aura ana aiurlcs et ?-.mt ut u_m sallen!
Made of Nickol Silver, hard Holdered
at erery joint and heavily plated, W
exhibited by
in sinlt a variety of desirable pat terni
that ? satisfactory ehoice may be
easily made.
IHu.tiiitiiint mill I'r rent foi imtttXtatm PtkiTP
/cr utiv rtmatm ir U mat temvtmiemt /.? tmU
Madison Square, 208 Fifth Avenue.
Broadway and 17th Street, N. Y.
of dlfferenl sizes f..r wall der.,ratlin
ImportT if whit* ehlna for ele^.-ratn*.
Ca'Alagna* tr**.
S. OOLDBSM). -17 West 23.1 at.
Flint's Fine Furniture.
Bernie NOW
ihr lii-st designi below factory prices.
p.int.. aa Laxlfifft -n. C ra rd. Vail*] Port*. Tre-aaon et
lien--.|i. i Arti M. Burn n Irt at ?' rawalla
4. Declaration of Independence illustrated.
,".. Making eif eiur fl.iir
lia m-inlng
d. Salute in thf flagr.
7. Lea-sons from the* life of Washington.
Tht. p.-int tnny bs Coveted In th* SaVttofONSl at tbo
_*r*erttl**a p->inta. /
s. Duties of the cltlsen.
fa i linnie .Inflon riffe-i-ilna pul 1'.. f- ?"?!
(hi Ituslneaa. t*^< r*.l i-h,.r;i. ter f C Bira Cte, I. a., tha
Importance nt k"?i>!nc a premise
..- i SiilTrna-*. "hv lt |? a taff 10 * '?
Theie are only suggestions. The* -competitor*
Will doubtless greatly lmi>rove? thls? outline, and
mike one thur will prove more practicable.
lt la desirable thru a .-lass lie trained In the ex
ere-lae thnt arina the prize, so that the f-nmmltt*^
mav .iee ? demonstration of the work of the out-r
The outline should ne sent in hv March ll '.*97.
to Dr. J Winthrop liegeman. Riverdale-. New-Vork
city. Inquiries relating ? <? the priz-r- off-r may be
sent to tm -'"ime- address
For Jim-* tim' the controlling auth'irlties of tho
Normal <"ol;cge have heen seri msly considerrng the
best mfaiif of dealing arith the eonstsntly in*reaslna
number of students who qualify for a iml-slon The
necessity for Immediately relieving In 1011 way ti
pressure up*n the resources of the adnrnlstraMot.^
has been f-ir.ed upon thu trusteta At the- last June
examination M esndldates passed the- entrance ex?
amination, with the result thar th" college la at fhe
present moment seriously OveiCTOfrded. In order
that a similar state of affairs may nol o -ur next
year if was decided a! a meeting on Saturday of the
principals of tho Girls* Grammar scrolls shat 'he
number of students to be admitted next June <h*uld
be limited to tiOrt. to be chosen In order sf merit at the*
examination. Thereafter permanent relief from con?
gestion will be obtained by the* proposed ?psrahllsh
ment of high s.-hools by tbs B arl of Education.
Graduates of primary schools, before being ellglhlo
to take part In fhe entrance examination ti the Nor.
mal r.illege. will be compelled first to take- the High
Si-hool course, and by rbis pr ivislon tho preparfltiry
or Introductory classes of rhe collegs will no longer be
The. effe.-t will be to enlarge ihe fSCltltlSS Of the
college considerably.
Speaking yesterday nf the present over.-row.led
condition eif the Institution, snd of iii-' atepe to bs
i..k-*n io oi.vi.it.- .similar congestion in th.- fu
nire. President Thomas llint.-r said to i Tribune
reporter: "The problem ..s to bom to pr..vide for
the larg- In. re.is.- of stud.-nts !;?-? \...r ivis a
serious one on.- of three courses was open to the
Executive Committee: Flrat, to construct addition?
al classrooms, si considerable expen.ee uni ilirtl
culty: s.uni. to reject, for lack ni room, nearly
nm auccessful esndldates; ur. third, tn hand them
over to th.- Boord of Education In order thal
their higher education mlghl be provided for.
With regard t,. ii... latte r proposition, it waa
f-li tiiir to force ti.. Board of Education to
establlah the high achool, without giving aufllclsnt
um.- for proper organisation, would prui.ai.iv he
attended with in results Bnd. ultimately, tba
Executive Committee decided to admit the extra
HO and sui,mn to iii.- overcrowding for an
other v.-ir To do thia ma were .compelled
tn turn ib.- kitchen, ni.mual training room and
callsthenlum into clsasrooms, and new teachers
hui io h.- employed fur the Mme being But, eves
then, we srere so overcrowded as t'i interfen with
t he best kind of lu sit ri: -tion,
"In order to prevent overcrowding in the future,
I wss directed by th.- Executive Committee to
inform th.- principals of sehools iir.it only tbt stu
dei ta would be a limited next June, In the mean
um.- the Hoard of Education haa taken action to
establish a high school io receive auccessful i-.i.i
? r.ilat.s for whom the college his no room Tho
establlabment of these high schools In the fall. In
addition to ennSllng us I..-r ?? m.- In the future
the- difficulties we are imw burdened wiih. wrii
lead tei a new. properly organized end symmetrical
course of education. The atudenti who have
reached 'h.- traditional 7.'. p.-r eenl In rh.- grammer
achoola will >.iit.-r.-d In one of thea* hlgli
s.-ho.ils. an.l from th>- graduates of theae will lie
taken the VA successful candldatea for which w*
have room each year. Theae new Behool* will nut
only afford r.-lief to the Normal College, I. il to the
whole scbolaetlc ayatem eif thia cltj '
"The i'urning Han- in America snd Its Sixth
Sens.." wns the subject of s I--, lure by John M.
Pry se, at th.. Harlem Theoeopblcal Bodety rooma.
No. 142 West On.-hundr-d-:i!i.|-twent>-llfth-st.. laat
night. Aiming other things he- said
There are .-vi lenoes corroborating Theosophy that
,i mw type Of man. with a sixth s.-nse. will appear
ni Amelie* This was also foretold by Buiwsf
Lytton, whose .marvellous mystical novels, "/.a
noni." "A Strange Story" snd "Coming Her." wera
little understood or appreciated until tha advent of
modern Theosophy. Now thei ar-- read Intelli?
gently, ami we can understand that Lytton must
hav.- received bis knowledge from the Brotherhood
Of Adepts Von niny ..sk how li N possible to
know wh.it SMI .-eeme- in the- future, I anawer that
ibis brotherhood, nossesstns the records for millen*
Plums of past civilisation* 'ik.- the tool Atlantis?
ar.- enabled to obeerve thal race*, ilk.- Individuals.
go through Infsncy, maturlt} bim iif ihey deserve
it. dissolution. Knowing the Innumerable eydee .if
tlu- past, they erm estimate whai the- future "Mil
bring forth. Uki" the sst 1*00SSS*t foul.liing the- re?
turn of ihe comet.
The formation of n new. unheanl-of type of
humanity require* a mixtures of ali estating Mooda
nml Downer* but In America ts that requisite found.
Bach great rae-e perf.-i ls .me of the sens.-s, ami we
of the- fifth race, our present bumanllv, must J.ur
along willi only live senses. Tb- .urning rue Hill
be the sixth and Consequent!) will have an addt
U mal sense Pioneers of this race are beginning
to appear, having the sixth sens.- partly deve|o|ieiY.
lt ls noi clslrvoysnce (which la hut the ist ral
twin of ey. sight i. bul th.- sbfltl) lo s.-n-e- vibra?
tions In m.- r.-gioii nt th.- \ ravs |. ia connected
with Hashes of Inventive genius Americans have
i.-'ii called a raes of Inventors, nearly every icreat
Invention of modem tunes having iw-en produced
here Thus, the most marvellous inventions and
Innovation* .md th.- sppHcatloa of advanced Mean
win create In tim.- a new rlvtltgatloa mt rn knpoe
sibie io conceive of. "VYeetwsN Hie si.,r of em?
pire takes us sray, said tb.- poet, snd h.- stated au
Occult law. Ceatres of vast populations sprang up
In Hain lon. Alexandria, liree..-. Rame Harts and
l.otiileui N.-w-York will n.-xt gain th.- sceptre of
p..w.-r, the conimtri-liil supremerj Of th. wc rid.
and I weald thal lt w-r. ,? mon- patriotic etty, un?
polluted i.\ Mammon sad Ihe retrograde fashlSM
Of Rumps The Au erl. un of tb.- West ls BOSJSf
M tbe ...ming ra.-e. whl.h will ni.ik.- Its .,\t;t*y__r
snee tlrst in California, the Uolden State And th*
? on,mg race will t?- In its golden ag- whll.- th
of the world will continue In this il.uk
Teacher What is this letter?
Hupil I .lon i know.
Teacher?Whai la lt that makea honey?
Small Hoy ison of a manufacturer)-Uluci
hew-Kerk Weekly.

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