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A. M. Tlaxter, of No. Ml Wari>tirton-ave.. w.is
Btrteken with paralysis yesterday morning. Mr.
Baxter, I .fore the thy Rovcrnmcnt was estab?
lished, wan a Commissioner of Hlg..ways for a
number of yen rs.
This eveiiinc. at the homo of Mrs N. S Kins:.
No, 3.*9 River.l.ili-rive , Whatsoever ?"|rrle of the
KitiK's Daaghters and Pins of tba rark nm Re?
formed Church will hold ;t fancy Japanese tea ami
sa le.
The rorirreir.it ion af the First Presbyterian
Church held Ita annual Bleating aa Wedneadsy
aTSsnaat in hts report, william F. Nisbet, presi?
dent of Ihe Board of Traatcea, sahl that, notwith?
standing th.it Dr. church had un-lergone consid?
erable papen* In repairs and In varloua other
ways, every bill wis receipted and Hu church was
entire!) fr,., from debi Thi follow inK srere elected
trustees: Allan Bourne, william n Doty, George
? Prince snd A 8 Higgins.
The visitation of tha Westchester Presbytery to
the Westminster Chm h was Intended rn last only
tao days, bul so auocessful have tba meetings
Leen that ll waa decided to extend the tims until
Sun.lu i
The house of William E. Keyes, So a Htgh-sl .
was entered by burglars som. Un.t Wednesday
night, and a number of articles were stolen,
This evening t1-,, Brsl performance ol the romedy
bv .iu!ian Jordan entitled "Lad) K.-s--." will take
flare in Music Hall, for the benefit of St Johns
On rhe era of Lincoln's Birthday the Lincoln Le?
gion. Of Ih I - y, Wll' give B supper, aol a nulli??? I ol
prominent men have been Invited arni have prom
lsd t. !? present, Including. Gsirel \. Hobart, the
Pei-, s Psrke* Csdmsn, of ihe Central Metropolitan
Temple New-York. City, and 'iii,.mas c Platt.
T ? V nk< - Ithli lc Association bssket-ball leam
aron Iti - ? Ih game on Wedneeda) evening bj de?
feating A I. Iphl College, after a well-foughi game, by
the - ? re ol 15 i
Bach team won and I.-8' a game in thc We*
lsr l.'.-i.-. rnsmoni on Wednesdaj evening, on
un ? itl m alleys. The following are the results
ot the game* Flrsi aa mi yonkers, I, RS; Terrace
d-i :..?; Si ? . ??? Terrace City, (OG; Palisade,
J. 711. Third Barm Palisade, :. 817: V,inkers. I, 788,
The team from the Tarrytown Lyceum lea,ls itt thia
murrami r-.-. having aron lbs larges) number of
Mlsa Theresa Costello snd Wi.ii.ini Carlin wera
married yeaterdaj morning bj Ihe Kev Anthony
Molloy, of Bi Peter'i Church. Miss Cummlekey -ams
the bridesmaid, snd William Hayden ? led ii I
be*, man.
? -
Tiie Informal reception given by Professor Oscar
Duryea's private dani lng class al Ihe Lyceum Hall
on Wednesday afternoon wai a auccessful so< lal af?
fair, in tbe evening lhere waa sn informal dance
from R to in o'clock. The chlldren'a n: i-i-rt 1 drill
waa n pretty f. it'it.- of the occasion. Among those
who took part In tho dancing won- the Misses Edith
Tfrni').. Zllpl . Vanderbilt. Mattie Miller, Edith
Batt, Hor. ra Gib* in, Al ?? ll yt, Lulu Udell. \i ii e
Russell, Lillian ninian, Kitti Raynard, Georgie
I.or.i. Madeline Baker, Alice McKay, Dorothy Kent,
Marlon Wilson. Marni. Mc Neal, Agnes V. Nolan.
Catherine Stevens, Florence Andrews, and Rd wa rd
st.il 1-. on Temple, Wnlter Vanderbilt, Charles Fair?
child, Btrawder Bat) A I. Harris. Frank K Watei
man. Edward T. Collins. Floyd R. Smith, Frederick
Ruaael. Jr., Roland Wicks, Joseph and friaries I'll
man, William and Walter Raynard, Min..si Griffin,
Roekwi ll and Douglas Kent, and James Connon.
The patrone* ? ?- arere Mrs l-l I' Temple, Mn J
R. Collina, Mrs. Lewis Odell. Mra .1 ll WI !<-. Mt
K. I' Raynard, Mr* Rockwell Kent, Mrs Pharles
Vanderbilt, .Mr- J. A. Smith, Mrs. F, a Russell,
Mrs s Ullman and Mrs. ll C. '.rlfflus,'.
The Bearer Commissioners ,,f North Tsrrytown
have requested the trustees .,f that village to cal a
si.lal meelina of taxpayers for February B, to vote
upon the question of appropriating *i.'??> to bs paid
to Tarrytown for- the um of lt.- sewer outlets.
In the will of Stephen i Backett, which was made
Villili.- yesterday, w. I' Humphreys, cashier of Ihe
arrytown National Bank, and W. T. Barken are
named as executors Mr s icketi leave* all his real
? inci'.iiiing || ? marble works ni Sleepy Hol?
low, lo his wi'
Ths sortable In the chapel of ths Presbj ei
Church, in Broadway, on Wednesday evening, not
withstanding the weather, ?.;- well sttended The
entertainment waa given t>y the a,-a.-ons ..f the
church, asalsted by their wives, and everything
about -rhe affair had ??< delightful flavor of "ya
olden time." The Bong* and hymns, furniture and
refreshments, wen il ? ie kind that were in fashion
mary years ugo. Among thoae who took part
were Mrs. George M. Brown, Miss Addle Bnlffen,
Homy Benning. Mr and Mrs Henry O Sniff-n.
Miss Julia Bnlffen. Chr.rlea Bnlffen, Mrs. k ,\.
gloason and Mr. Clsrk.
A meeting of those who sra In favor of estab?
lishing a Young Men's Christian Association in
village ? ll be held In the lecture-room of the
Bsptlat Church to-morrow evening at 8 o'clo.-k.
Tne Unvarnished Bowling Club, of this village,
thi followli | off! -r- President, Bte
pfiOn B. M..rsi].-,;,, fl rsl vice-president, Harvej
Hfuated; s<.1 vice-president, Truman G. Shaw;
Secretary, Charles Fuchs, Jr.. treasurer, James B.
m. i |eoi ge ' "hevatlet ; sergi anl a -
.'.rms. EV ter Paul ling.
The following ipi ikera have been selected f,li?
the ito,,ni of Tr,,,le dinner, io be given on Lin
din's birthday, Februarj 12; Thomaa A. Fletcher,
presldeni of the Board of Alderman, toaatmaster;
Um Ber, Frank B Scudder, Invocation; addresses
by ''otrcressrn.-n Fairchild and Ward, ex-Lleuten
ant-Oovernor Saxton. General .lolm R. Van
"Wormer. Colonel M ll Adams, John Winfield
Scott. General Egbert I. Vide, loseph S. Wo.els.
ihe Kev ll A Buchtel BIM Lieutenant ll. K.
It no aries. The musical programme la being pre?
pared by ex-Mayor laewls, ex-Alderman Whitmore
and John Clawsoi
? -
M.\M \L' iNECK
Tbe funeral of Mi^ Harriet Palmer and ber
gon, Leonard Palmer, waa held yesterdaj at thi
Methodist Eulscopal Church In this village, Thi
Riv. .1 K Holmes, pastor <>f the church, spoke
briefly on tl-,-' uncertainty of life. The bodies of
the mother and son were placed in the receiving
vault In Kv.. L'nlon Cemetery, Principal Thomai
,i Melghan, i.is assistant, Charlea C Holden, and
. ghi ?? ? ??- and forty lu.\s of Grammar Behool
No SB, New-York City, where Mr. Palmer was a
her, attended the fun.ral The church was
carefully guarded bj the village policemen, and
?when George Palmer a coualn of tne family, trie.i
to enter he was taken Inl.;sio?l\ lt has been
i cd thu he ls suffering fr un excitement, and
1? Hkeiv rn do .-.s mu. ii damage as his coualn, .in-:
before thi I neral a dispatch waa received from
Montreal. In which a physician who is attending
Arthur P.-tltn.r's wife, said tii.it sh.- was pros?
trated and could proceed no further. Nothing has
lies n heard of ihe murdei ?
? - -
The Ret A. ? Barnett, pastor of the Ardsley
Ifehodlsl Episcopal Church, has accepted a can
from ihe Washington Heights Methcdlsl Epli ional
A sortable under Ihe auspices of the ladles' Aid
?ortet) of th.- Ardsley Methodist Episcopal Church
was held al lha home of Dr ?'. 8. Russell last even?
ing Mrs a c. Barnett, Mrs G, Johnson Mrs.
AV li Btorra, Mrs it. J. Brown Mrs .lames p,
X ? a Mr- W W Brown, Mrs. W. C, Lawrence,
Mrs w B Odi I nd Mrs J. T. King composed the
Re epllon ' "ommltea
A j.rei'-, house wedding to..k place last evening
;.t the i,om<- of M ll Hardy, when his daughter,
Miss Ai. a Elisabeth, Waa married to Thomas M
Thompson, of Isobbs Ferry. The ceremony waa
performed by the lt' v R M Berkeley, rector of
Zion Episcopal Church, Dobbs Ferry
? -
Assemblyman Smith, on request of Assemblyman
Riihard S. Easmett, jr, who ts III, has Introduced
Into the Legislature a general State highway WU,
whr'h will provide for the raising of funds W:'h
which to improve North-si , and make :t park at the
paine monument. Tia- Mil als., authorise! condem?
nation proceedings io be taken.
The f,r-r of ihe siibneription dan. es was divert ISSI
niKht In the gymnasium. Tbe rooms were taste?
fully decorated wit), pennants, palms and potted
fl-.wer* The patronesses were Mrs James I'wiuiit
Foot. Mrs jennings Cos Mrs julian Hawthorne
end Mr* Edmund Bodlne, and ihe patrons Arthur
('lark. L. Percj Jones, Robert C Fisher and Georgi
.Miro Among Ihe Ku.-sts wen- Ml and Mr- di
Z-rega. Mi and Mr* Thomas Masson, the Misses
I.e Merrier. Mis* Joins, the Miss.- Wilson Mr. and
Mrs julian Hawthorn! thi Misses Hawthorne,
Sandford Foot, Lr. Pack and many ol 1.irs.
? -
BING si nu
A number of people interested Iii (be firemen's
coffir cart, whi.-h has ju?r asea completed, for lha
use of tin m. ii when o'i dury, assembled by Invita?
tion at the home of Mr and Mn 'inion S. Ar
aold, la Bpring-et., yesterday, and sampled the Brat
coffee mad. In lha apparatua
Tne trustees have decided Ihal tha preaenl nu-.-i
iiig-reom in the Corporation Building la too small
for their i se. and siepa win i?- taken lo have au
addition bulli to the preaenl structure lo meet the
Krowitiat necda of Ihe viii;."..-.
Senate Hook and Ladder Company h.-,* grown
?f walting for th.- village to provide ?
ern track foi lt, ..nd hai decided !?? s'mt a sub?
scription and begin u aeries of entertainments for
tia purpose of raising money io purchase Us own
appa rai
ir. lie,-. t;.sitce w Ferguson, rector of Trinity
Episcopal Church, will preach a special sermon
for tne members of th* Fire Ikspartmeai on Sun?
day at ? liing. Kel,roary 7.
- ? -
Arnon*' rhe Passksklllera al ihs re eption ?<?' rora I
aasandery, Na '?'.?. Knlghti Templar, at Lenos
? ? ??> on Tuesday avesdag, w.-r.- William H
Thorne, Edmund C. Nation snd Thoasai .) Hodg
kins, ...I Bsambera of Westcheater Commander] of
I lng Bing
Lr, <' .'. KhlRnt is '-onllnerl to his house |,V ;|j.
ness which tn Kan on Siitnl.iv witn n aevere chill
Hs son, Lr. Charlas a. Knight, i.? attending to hi*
father a practice.
T..e MsBJSgaa Granite Quarrying Company, of
j New-York City, has been Incorporated. The capital
I |? $]fiono and the directors arc Eugene M. Rudiger, of
Pecksklll: Kvelvn P. Roberts, of Sing Sing, and .lorin
I M Rudiger, of Floral Park, Look Island. Mr. ROb
i erts has been for some time developing a quarry, a
few miles cast of I'eikskili which has bean leased by
this new company. The granitl ledges nave been
: known to exist fur some time The land was pur
' chased in ISM bj the Mohegan Granite Company.
Tuc quarrtea were established In WW, and worked
that roar, and also In IBU and ISSI Then tiny ?? re
: idle for a c luple of vear*. Last year the quarries,
I tools, implements, etc., were leased, together arith
, tail acres Of land, hy the new company. There is
a scheme on hand ;o build a narrow-gauge railroad
from the quarries t trough Pecksklll to lha New
I York Central and Unison River Railroad tracks, to i
; inspori ihe granite, Thia is a distance of four
! milt a,
- - ? - -
A reception was given al the Valley Stream
iioi.-i on Wednesday evening In honor of Mrs. Mar
j guerlte Downey,
An old-fashioned farm dinner was Riven Bl the
parsonage of the Greenburg Reformed Church on
Wi dnesday evening.
Secretary Plnney announced, after adjournmeni
pf ins Greatei N>w-Tark Commission yesterdays
thai chaptei ft, relating lo the Finance Department.
had been completed and sent lo the printer. The
suggestions of Controller Fitch and Corporation
Counsel Scott, h.- aald, had been adopted. They in?
clude provision for the electlos of a Controller,
and the appointment hy the Mayor of a Chamber?
lain, who -hail al-., be County Treasurer. The chap?
ter remains practical!) Ihe sam.- a< when hrs: made
public. Seth Low. Silas it imr. h.r and Stewart I.
Woodford, ihe eub-commlttee : i thi revising of
rh.- chapter on education, have reached an agree?
ment, and will report In a few days. Chapter tt, re?
lating lo Ihe Inferior loca courts, was not nnish.-d.
The chapters covering the Pollct Courts and De?
partment* of Parks, Buildings ami Correction srere
di* isaed, bul ll was ,|,, ided lo postpone a vote
there was a Tull attendance.
The controversy over tho site for "he proposed
SJth Regiment Armory took up most ,,r the lime
at thc meeting of the %rmorj Board >? terday.
General Louis Fltsgerald presided in the absence of
Mayor Strong, who was not al.:,- :.. leave his house,
owing to an attack of hla "oki enem) " Thi opi
thu to lia' lite recommended by Ihe committee, hi
proper!) now occupied hy the City College, Twen
ty-third-al and Lexlngton-ave., was .-,< strong ai
.ve:, li .-.ime mainly from property-holderi in the
neighborhood. Final acil m may ba taken on ihe
commlttee'a report at the neal meeting.
Acting under a decision hand..I down by Civil Jue.
lice Lynn yesterday, ihe Corporation Counsel will
proceed against several hundred bualncsi house!
which owe the city for Inapecl ra' feei foi w<
acalea. In a sui: bro Bbl bi he Hy aealnai Peter
Noll A Son-, of No. 2P8 Pearl-et.. lo recover I
such fee* Juatl e Lynn .lerid,-,- ? ,,- tnder ihe
Laws o; is*t the firm is Kable for iie .un - mi rlalme I.
ll i wt the Arm Ji 58 lo tesl ihe casi
STATE* Isl \\n ll |/'/'/'\ f.Vfl*.
Mrs. Susan Hall, Ihe i Ife of Abram Hall, ' I
er, who lives In Ihe Primes ]:.IV Road, Princes
Bay, was struck down bj an unknown man on
Wednesday nlghl while sh.- was walking along Ihe
iracka of Ihe Btaten Island Ballway. Mrs. ||a||
wa* laking a Moot cut lo a frienrt'a tonie in Ba)
View ai.-, io attend a reception When stn- neared :
ih. house of .lelia \\i.,k ihe footpad ran dont,
tin- embankment and follow.,1 her .. r, iv yards '
and then sirmk her over the head With a flub. I
Sin- screamed, and a party consisting of Al,run
A-,,itovett.. Anthea Andersen, Captain Peter Pol ,
worth and .launs Wood, chased the fellow with
shotguns and dons to Huguenot, where his trail
w.,s io>t. Mr- Hall did no? sustain an) serious
The Staten Island Chess Club has elected the fol?
lowing officers: President, Gusta! A I tu ri ti; vlee
pn sldent, A. B. Hodges; Ireai urer, li C ii ?.
.loni; secretary, W Lllxenborger; dire, ors, w F
Ryan and Charles Reattig; librarian, hr. C. 1. l.i
Th.- Local Option Alliance win give nn illustrated i
lecture In the P .rk Baptlal Church, Pori Richmond,
on Thursday night.
The Republican town convention of Castleton
will h.- h.-l.l this evening In Roe'a Hall, Weal
Bi Ighton.
Tne regular me. tint' t.f t he Sr Cecilla So, i.-t>
was held on Wednesday afternoon ai the hollie of
Mrs. Harry Howells, on Grymes Hill. Stapleton,
Those who took part in the musical iiroarnmme
were Mrs Herman I> Caesar, Mrs Elizabeth H
kurtis. Mrs Gould, Mlsa Lo, Dix, Miss Alma
Shaw. Mrs. ll. <i. Woodruff, Mlsa Dumbell, Mi
Lion, Mrs. ll Howella Miss Gertrude Kcch-ston.
Mra laOrenx Bchnarr, Mrs. ll-r;r-, T. Knowlto::
and Mrs. Balph McKi ?
The Cricket Club Will produce Ifs annual amateur
performance on Thursday and Friday evenings of
ri.-x' week. The advance sale of tickets Indicates
rhat the audience will (.,? as large as ever. The
subject thia year will Ire "Iolanthe." The ca I
will be as foiiows: Tin- i.ord Chancellor, Cl ? ?
II Parsons; Karl of Mountararat, John W. Reyn?
olds: Earl Tolloller, Gordon Willis; Private Wini-.
Harry Manley; Btrephon. J. ll. Bradford. Jr.;
yu.-in of the Fairlea, Miss Caroline Poet; lolantln
Miss Gertrude [eccleston; Celia, Llela and Fleta,
Mra H. w. Tllllnghaat, Miss Arm- C. Johnson and
Mis- Brssli Anderson; Phyllis, Mra, John C Fre
A son ind heir waa born lo Admiral Dot, lha
famoa? dwarf, yesterday. When weighed on fill?
s'ales the youngater turned them at exactly raven
pounds, and li what might he .-ailed an average
weight He ls perfectly formed, and, althougl
his parents ar.- midgets, ma) be a man ..f ordinary
heigh! Both ni (her and son are doini,- welt, Thia
ls the second addition to the Admiral's family, his
Hrst-bom hiing a brlghl little girl, Hasel, who la In
la r fourth y,-ar.
Tin- sada of the sro, k of the old firm ..t Grimm &
Co. and tif lha antiques, curios, bronsca, hti. :.
i.ta" et?., which the auctioneer anya belonged to
William Wald .rf Astor, and the attorney for the
Astor estate says did not, began at Zp m ri lei
dav In the Knickerbocker Auction Koon.-. No. 4
w.st Twenty-etghth-sf. Charlea K. Smith con?
ducted Ihe sale, and, i i lg. d hy the careworn look
with which he kno.-k'-.l down oro article after an?
other, it did not go exactly lo aull him. Thi ipi
I atora did nol fall over one another In undue hus)..
lo bid on Ihe auppoaed r-ii. < of William Waldorf
Astor. Whether tin- contention of Charlea A. Pea
I.v. attorney for the Asior estate, thal the
is ? "fake." waa fresh In th. ir minds, cr whethei
Ihej ii .1.- lavina money and vii ,i fen for ?' ?
flirt over the loving-cup marked "W. W. A ." whick
will be sold -.. morrow, la ., subject fm -, ? ulan n
But they paid only about MGO lor that portion Of ;
tht stock marked ns Aator*a which was sold yes?
terday, and will obviously have to awake to a
keener sense of their opportunities to-day If Ihe
woman who bought the articles for $5,000 ? lo ?.'?'.
her money bat k.
Perhaps Ihe greatest disappointment of the day
was the sale for $> of a carved-oak folding
with stat and back made of a Bingle piece ol old
Cordova leather, which bore ihe somes-hat faded
coal of anns of thal famous .as. gob l- monarch
Charles ll ol Kngland, snd w.,* i inposed to h-.v
been made In hla lime lt didn't l, ok attractive
bul Mr Smith I hough I it might win the h.-art of i
eurio collect ir, who would pay well for li \ hand?
some lt in bronze group, "Returning from the
Field." fetched the highest pi ire p.ai,i. $14.',. Th,
brjnse bnsi ol ri Spanish malden, with lre.nl drain.
In a lons;. ,1.iiiinc '.-ij1 waa solii fi r 1130 \ bronzi
group, "Figure with Wild Car brought $11.*.; a
bron xe Agu re of n mandolin player was sold (< r ??'.
and 1*0gol a large hronxa figure of "Plerrol "
The Pnrk Commissioners ur- in favor of Ihe pa
sac.- ..! a hill which Senator Pavey hos Introduced '
Into the legislature, providing for the acquirement ?
by ihe ,iiv of Jones's Wood-, ,,t Slxty-fourth-at. !
and the Kasl River, for Ihe purposes .f a public
pnrk. Mayor Strong said Ihal he was unquall- I
fledly In favor of taking Jones's Woods fur a i
park. He thought thal thi city could not have to,.
much park room especially on the East Bide, with
ita rapidly Increasing populatioi
Controller Fitch said thal he was generally In
favor of Im reasti | Ihe park ;:r.-a of Ha- city. "Tin- i
Bast sid.-." h.. said, "la rapidly filing up and
needa Increased breathing spaces. The New (Casi
River Park howevei which is only about three
quarters ol s mlle shove Jones i Woods, la.|
the tlti.st parks m the city, ?nd it may be though)
that 11 furnishes ..il thi park area needed al pret
. tit In that pail of tin- Bas) Side Nev. rt hil. - !
si..-,uid nol 0| poss the acquisition of Jones's Woods
for ihe purpose named and i should probahl) |
favor .'
/,' I /'/// TBANSI" fi I GG Ts Tlo\ s I VI / Tl li
Ths K.ipid Tranalt Commission reaterda* decided
lo glva a public lo-.irina; next Thu rude; afternoon
at No ii) Broadway, to sit persona desiring ",
make auggesttoni ;,s -,, ?.,, ,,, ,t,. .,,,,) ^,, ,.r,,| pi-,,,
tor a speedway, The Commission ree< red and r.
ferred to Ita counsel an ofliclal communication that
th. Supreme Courl had given ludgmeni mains! ll
:,.r Bs, 100 In favor of Loundea A Smith for stenog?
rapher's fees Among the Commissioners present
were Alexander nrr. John Claflln. Woodbury laang
don. '"harli's Stewart Smitii and ?; I. itiv.s
Notice af tba leath of winiam if. Buxton ai
Todd's Point, M ' , wa- print.,J ? | j I,
v.a- flfty als .-? ?!- old and died fr- ira apop ? i
m.. iransactlona .,- secretary of the Irvlns .-'
ii,ks laatltulioB led to his dismissal after twenij
years of service. Tbe disclosures about him wen
mud*' in Mai IM IL- placed $i',."iY> In the hands
of tha president, c i? Heaton, ta cover the ,i,-.
flclency, bul lha legal Investigation ihowed thal
he was liable In addition for RM.BMM, Tiie hank
wan reorgii nixed. lUCStttl) Kuxtoii had lived lu
Ma ry tandi
Emily Cenatatitlne, i ehortaa Kiri of the Caasllle
KAtvllle company, now nt WaRack's Theatre, at?
tempt.-.] siii.-i.ie orly yesterday morning In sfrs.
Stephens'* theatrical bo*rtJlna;*houae, al Bo, W
Wesi Twi ntv-fi.tirtii-*, che look fl floss ol <'?''"
bolte .i.-i'i An ambulance wss summoned, titi sh,
w.i- removed io (he New-York Hospital Why the
vinni'' woman Attempted suicide ls not known, ll
ls thought, however, thal ssentaJ worn and
anxiety were t he ? auat
Mrs, stephen:; said the young woman rump to
her house to board sboul kia weeks ago. Bhe waa
Venera ll) Jovial In spirit, bul wns sut.je.-t io nts
.r despondency. The only ona In the house whom
Bbc m.!.ir b .-..niiii.mt of was ?'. young woman
r..iiii'.l Marj rll-rains, who occupied br adjoining
?he told Mi is Higgins that sh, was twenty-two
years oki, nnd h...i b*?e*i Harried and dlvtirced. it
lupposed thal she worried over her il.-m.st'..
troubles. Bhe -ii.I noi mention iii" name >>f hi r
husband. Her mother lived In the city, she said,
mi.I w.is uni connected with the stag*. ' "?
Wednesday nlghl she attended the performance
ns usual, and rel rned h..me about midnight. f*oon
there was a n"ir.e in in r mom. Bira. Stephens
wenl upstairs, and fi.un.l the young woman in n
state of n >rvou* et. Item -nt. 8h* said she was lure
lhere were burglars In the room. A iiearen wss
made to natlsf) her, abd io Intruders were .Usen?
et. .1
The neal heard of her was al ?'? o'clock In the
morning, when M si llia-tin* was awakener! ny a
loud rapping on tl,.-.r. Bhe asked wn.it w.is
wanted Miss Constantine's voice answered. Ma),
oh. May, lei me In!" Her friend opened the door
and ...linn'"' her. "Whal la the trouble. she
-V.'ii May I have tah, n carbolic addt" she an
iwered. Th. Minni' woman's mouth aa* 'r"'1';
l.v ,he ...id, and sh- wa* so weak that she fclI on
m?. ii.,., Min Hlgglni Blarmed Mrs. ?? ?'? ? '? ?
and .. messengri was sent out for a v>?> ; ???' ?
Patrolman Kenny placed tl"- ??ould-be sulcW, i
der arrest, and har! her ten lo ihe htepllil. He*
rondltlon I* said o be critical, but ll ls believed
ih.it h.r Hi" .'."i be laved
I.-., .-'-.vi-.i.t HOSPITAL Aft.HTIES SEND BRR
llt'.M A PRA?*T1 RP.D SKIl.I.
Mary Light, forty-three yeera old, who lived on
,, , .. ,,:,i ,i..... of N.> BBS Weal Forty-fourth-si
win. li.-r husband snd seven children was han
out clothes ..'.. ;t noon yeaterda) I.i ?> --"'?_"
M.-rv er,.*lon when the line broke, and she fell
Into the yard In the teal ... No 550 West Pony
flfth-sl lt wjs th, ughl st flrsi that she had ot
received a scalp wound, bul ?he was unconscious
when received .a Roosevell Ho pltol, and li wa,
found t'-.t her skull was fractured. The womat
- .?-,.,,-i ,,- n dying rondltlon lo Bellevue
ll, -. ? ii, ?:,...- - ortl aftirwartl.
The i'or.r will probably nick.- s strict Investl
ln ,.r-ii.-r h. learn, if possible, wh) the au*
,h, ??s of Roosevell Hospital sent Ih* womani to
i;.ii. vi- alien In such u serious .?,.i..iiii..i.. H
wa* taken ... the latter place and .rael call)
,i imi.c'i In the reception room. v. 111-1*??> ? '"
nanleil the patlem further than that h, r name *.<*
Marj Vnd that sh, hadbeen found In I h. ) an lo
It-nemi-nl house. The Bellevue official* are greatl)
Ino, n* .i nt Hi" woman being transferred lo ti?
? ,i ,? sm li a manner, without ? -? n h, I peui
c. ,- -.. | m made known.
- - ? -
luau id I -? ? rnlng to w i bli gi n ai ml Inlght
. . vvedn. la] . ss he Inten led, Attorney-Oenersl
Harmon yl< Ided to til.l> Itatlon of ex-<1
.;.-,rn- II. ..idly, th* sp, ls ;-' foi *a ivern
,-, i*nl -ii l-l. iii-- lt. Iwsj m <?' ts, and re?
mained In N ri -y ,rk ntll I --'? o k ye* ? r la)
.n. B) estel d ns hla visit he bsd an ? ppm
io hold rt her . rVIt a B. Pierce
coomel for ihe l*n in Pacific Reorganlaation Com*
,,,.;:,.,. an : .i - . strltli mi mbei - of the committee and
member* of the ? formed to psy "ff thi
i. :,- ;,i thc Government and carry out the reorganl
?all ,i pla i. lt wai ? ? ?' arrange
m. rr tvei practical)) .-..mi.i- ti ?;..!.-.
h) the Hov, i nmi nr of ti . "-??? ol
?ii.- ob Iga) ? - - ' the Viv, n Paclfl lo lt. The lyn?
ne, li i- aa'.S, l? in post I i per cent of the amnnn
e. and a cal on ie mi i iIm rs ol the lyndicatc
I ir th Inn i j. : led t i i..i ? ali eady .-???-.
The holders .if Ihe Union Pacific collateral I
t. ??-, In Kilns .1. Pierpont Morgan and Russell
Bag, ir* !?? In the r, organia -
plan il. pr \ Islon i heir
ten 1 -? rli I ?- - :- consld,
nclude B.S2*<.UU) collateral ti isl 6s of 1908, $4,667,
latei .1 :i .!-? Di ?- IWi" J.1 n. collat, ral trust
Pii ' lid-, j-vii"..? ,ii.,t. ral - ?- of IBM and
H.lfUXW equlpm, ? ? ti isl - - The ? .Hat. ral
ii it-- ar, red by i rltles of l'nlon Pa
rai :? line1 The collateral Ii ii '?- are ii. ?
? Mr. Me n in and tho an * late I with irm
crested. Ari amendm, ni to the plan
ls ; uk- J : ir b) v.:, the collat. notes a III
? ? tak, ?? care of. Th. reb iii ihe l.ranrli . i
SVlll Ix ? i : , n Pacific.
Mi Mage ha* withdrawn from the inderwrltlnj or
... i- * nail, d. i I. ? ld thal
' ? Hov. rnmi ni Int. r, il In the pi ? dd be
retained lt was, ao to speak, oh. of th**'mosi valli*
? 'le ol ? ie I'nl tn Hsrlfl '- --? I* In i i- r t* n lu
it.'- Oovernmenl debi In his ludgment. should noi
be paid ..fr -i- now proposed, . ,: ab. i i nt ex ended
Mt Bal ? tho igl I tha . indlng bill coul 1 be pa**. !
.i ? ' be next lesslon of Conni - - ?
There eras no meeting yestei lay of thi I'nl n Pa?
cific Reorganisation Commli . ?? \ ol the llovern
'?"? ni dlr, eton ir, In New-York, an I will h ive .
"" ? tins tl I, :.i- rnlng Th, j ire J. u boan, t-:
'? '< " An le ion, .1 Sherill in, .1 \ li Patrli-1
ur i u llllam .1 ''.- imbi
? ?
Tl ?? dlr. loi ? ? ? ? ?- titi bison, Topeka and Bani i
!'?? R ill* i. yest, rd iy v..t<*< 1 t.. pur. hose the
. rn division r.r the Atlnntl and I'm 111 i: illroad
on the letni. ar.-., ly publish. I. Thc assent of the
foreign, holders of ,h<- Atlantic and Pacific bond*
hns air, nd; la ???. obtained Tl i tm, rican hold?
er", who ire In i mit.y, alli give their assen I
nt ;i meeting ?? Ix held on Jam iry II Th, weal
. tn division if tb Atlantic and l . ti. extend'
ft..m Albuquerque, \ m , t., Bars'o* and Mojave,
i'al., -uni comprise* ? ?". mlle* i?, road It ."t.i
i.t Barstow with the Atchlson'* Southern Callfornlii
linea, and ai Mojave with the Southern Pacific*
lim- northward to Sui Krai
There wss n heavy fall yeaterda) In Ih* stock
of tb'- Columbus, Hocking Valle) and Toledo Rall*
road, a ru fl coal road, The i" ferred, which ? In-. .1
Wednesday al '?" opened .-it !?' snd closed al 10,
made the los., foi th, da) 12 Tl..mon,
which closed Wedneeda) al K".. opened ai 14,
sold do* n to ??' and ? los. .1 al ll ? hi li made the
;..-? foi lb. .'-?? -" . Tli. f.iii In ,i" -tock started
j ? ? ? il a receivership foi I '? i ir..; in) rn a*
niling Samuel I >. l>i\l- the Bret vlee-presl
!- o pi ..-ii- r ,,i ;, receiver foi
the road, and tuch que'tloti ha* never been
ral ? ! Information from Chicago In regard :<> th<
meeting ol the *"f, coal road* I* ," ibe .fT<-. t
th;it ii..- pi ???'.. \,-i-\ en
i ouraalnji "
Two of Mi'- nof coal roads, Ihe Columbus Sun- i
... i Hoi '?- na '.. II. - i nd th* w i,.. u,,.- .,,-,, :
I .ak. Ki le, wei Into n i rs hand* r, ? ently.
Chi -aa Jan '-" In th. Hg I of I i. nppointm ?
of .i rec, Iver yesterd ihe Metrop .Utan i! ?
vate I i: . road, folio,. ? ,,- :n,.
I I." r, evening panel mik - the ii it<
? ir. t >? . nd of thli year all the
" evat. -i i- ? i- i. ? i^ . Will be con* ...in. | un
Irr one management, and Charlo* T Yerkes, the
\ t'.'. and Weal Sid* caWe and ? ?? ric r.....! mag*
ive full sway s< the sire, i r illroad king
of the o inti y. li i* I thu ... li *.aitlnfl in
til the i.-ai, i p imped Into the el. rat. I ratli?- ? I
I beal ? lown, an I the) - . mi d be reors .'
?''? d, .- ri pi. I to acquire luffl ? ? ; terests tu
" ? ? tn mast, if tl ?? ill ian in. All the elei ited
'?? id* I" "i" ral n her, aei.nsiru 'ted n
?? capital .m.I were Hr.-- m.m.ic,. ,\ i,v Eastern
men. Mr Verk.-i li noa in conti ; of the i-,k.
1 ? on I -i loop and th,
-? '' srest. El, sle. os ? ? li.r ie of r >n
ii -I i- ;i. N- iv-Tork to-d ? nd so I* Can
I" " R- Bomen Hsyes, the prsctl. .1 head ol -i'
v\e*i sid, ( on*truct!on Compuny, i New-Jeri i
'he ow i et 0f ni bH) .,11 the bond* an l nock ie'
? f?' '" "':??? ' I -? Met, ipolitan Els
,:i'- '' ' ? ?' >n ll Th. (-:, . ,,,,| We-t'tti R ,||.
road Companj wa* orgai laed t Erie I : , ror th,
? ol bringing this if Into closer i arith
''? ? sctlons ..f ihi State. The i im
-:',?"" I arith Edward D ''..it,, ,?...
Bo .n o| Waterford, and -I 8 v,
. I : ' Ice-prei lenii .1 J Roerner -,, i
Montgomery, secretai es. li -,,-,. J ,-,.,
""J-Ong ths. , ?ew*York ??.?,.,.??. ; . ,'.,1..'.
1 "" '"' ' i,; I Ik* I 111 III ,.,. ;,, I, ,,;.!.
? ? mn. aw thal
,,,,v '? " ' 'a '" highwaymen hav* !,<?,.?
warming In th T. i der loin district ol ti..- .-itv re.
? ni ind many i rmplalntfl have been rn id, i-,
H.- iM.li - bul there hAvs been reta arrest* s,,,.,,
? ,!- ,"??''-, ' .- men who make demand
'ot ,,."i,.. In Ihe Bark lld* streeti snd um abusive
fuaS,*'8 ' t"r,''i,,, ??*?? ,l,lir J*-'i'**"J? art: rs
BUCKINGHAM-Jude* J. M. Woolworth, of
Omaha. FIFTH AVENUE Stevenson Burke, of
Cleveland. HOFFMAN Charlea Dudley Waraar, af
Hartford; Mayor ? ksorgs l-l. Orsen of ninghunron
nnd O. k. von Lingen, Oerman Conaul at Balti?
more. IMPERIAL Senator Lee Mantle, of Mon
liana, MURRAY HILL-Oeneral tt. M. Bareltger,
I Culled States ,\rmv. MANHATTAN Count ami
I Countess de Si. Mauri... of France; ex-Sen-uor
Charles i" Mandarson .md .1. N m. Patrica, of
Nebraska; sir william I'. Van Horne, of Montreal;
i Ueneral George s. Batcbelder, of Saratoga; william
Henry ClllfaVd, of Portland, Me., and s.imue| Hoar,
! of Kosion. WALDORF?Count and Counteea
! Moltke. i"olonel Theodore A. Dodge, Knited flutes
! Army; James M. Oarrett, of Philadelphia, and J. I..
M. I.an.- ind Alexander Shaw, of Baltimore.
, WINDSOR -.John W. Loane, of Chicago.
Alumni Association dinner, I>e|
ervlres. Madison
Orealer New-York CoamlsaJon, City Hall.
Dartmouth College Association dlnt-.ir. Waldorf,
741 p. m.
Rutgers Colleg
moulens, frag p. pa.
Ring's Daughters and Sons
Avenue Methodist I hureh.
Meeting to oppose Civil Servlee regulations, Coop?
er Inion, s p. m.
i'a tm Inion's meeting, No. 21 Coentles Slip, I p m
Harlem Branch, v..mtg Men's christian Associa- j
lion, anniversary, ? p. m.
Kail nf crew of I'nlt.-d States steamer Massaehti
s.-tts. Webster Hall. I p. m.
Votkvllle Wheelmen reception, No. 21." East '
Eighty-seventh-at., s p. m
Lecture hy I'rofessor William H. C.oodvenr,
Ti Bchers' College, l:li p. m.
Auction sale of (h.- Marshall O. Roi,crts furniture j
at No. KW Flfth-ave., 10:30 a, m.
The sale ,,f the Munoz collection will he rom- i
pleted at the American Art Galleries, In Kast
Twenty-thlrd-st., this afternoon at **M o'clock,
wln-n th" sntique arms and furniture will he aile
Boned off. Tbs articles disposed of vest, rday con?
sisted of glassware, silver nnd puted ware, minia?
tures, medals, curios, relies, bronzes and miscel?
laneous objects. The Lidding was koo,I. nnd tin ,
pr,, ,-. ,1s of the day's sale will amount to *::.^o4.
The net slim of the pries brought up to date is j
ji v.'.:;.
Th.. Apostolli Delegate, Archbishop Martlnelll,
will officiate in s pontifical high mass al the [toman
Catholic Church of Bt. Agnes, In Eaal Forty-third
st., on Sun,lav next, which is the Feast of St.
Agnes. Tiie sermon grill bo preached by the Kev.
Alexander Hoyle, c, s P. Haydn'a "Imperial
Mass, No V will t.e Interpreted l,v h doodle choir
with a quartet of Philharmonic atrlnga
Hui,1 ll M.-Alpin yesterday obtained an attach
m. nt for BjO.OOO Bgnlnsl the John Hood Cordage
snd Moh,.e Company, a/hose office is nt No. "rt
Bouth-st., and with w,,rks in Ravenswood Mild
Brooklyn. Tin- sttachmenl ls for the amount due.
With lui't.-i, on live notes of the company for
I1O.000 each, given in September, IgM, and payable
on demand in th.- order of John Good, win. In?
dorsed tin-in and delivered them to Mt. McAlpin.
At th- meeting of the Dock Board yesterday
resolutions were passed requesting '!.?? Becretary
of War to extend tin- pler-headllne in the North
River above Thirty-second 't. and up to Seventy- i
second-st, yo tool Thia ls to enable th- Mg ocean j .
thai now dock ln Hoboken to have letter ,
?!.,.-k;: -4 facilities.
National Guardsmen were much amused ave
ih-- report which waa circulated yesterday io th
effect ih.,t deners! Mc I ^ wee would take steps t,
I.---' ih>- legallt) of his removal from tiie offli.f '
I i pector-Oeneral hy Oovernor Motion. Oeneral [ i
Mci. wee, when seen, aald that tha statemenl had |
been tn.ole without his authority 'As to the fest , ?'
of the sensational report." he said, "which re
lati l to rh" shrinkage ..f equipments In the Na- j ,
tlonal Quarti, that was garbled from my annual i
report, which waa discussed some time sgo."
.,- E." or anj other engineer desiring a place In ,
ihe Department of Publli Works or Ihe Depart- :
m.-tit of Parks, In this city, should apply si the i
office of tha New-York <'iMi Berries Commissioners : i
in the Criminal Courts Building, Centre-sL, for In- j
formation ns to examinations. An exsmlnatlon for \ i
engineer aili be held on February n.
John Clark, of No. v.: East Seventy-second-st., an
me ineak thief, wsa arraigned In tha Torkvllle
Courl yesterday morning by Policeman Roch,
of the Baal Flfty-flrst-st. nation, who charges him
s/lth stealing a quantity of valuable silverware from
the house of isaac C. Sh.-l.lon. a arealthy publisher
living ar So. t: Wes- Flftleth-at. Magistrate Mott,
l? ;-.,. yorkville Court, hi 11 Clark In RM for tria .
Tiie trial of Pedro Masse, laOiitae Monceau and
BUK, . . hi .ii.-i ':?? fore Ju Ige Brown an ls lurj
?., . Cnlti I Btstes Criminal Court, on a chirge of
having brought Angelina I- Sun- to ihti country .'or
Immoral purposes, ar a a ended yeeterday. The Jury
rendered a verdi, of conviction against Massa snd
Moncesu. bm could nol sgree aa ta Brland, after
being om three hours. Th.- prisoners srere remanded
to I iidhnv St.... Jail, the two found guilt* lo await ,
B, nten ? and Brland io await ' ia oe 1slon of the
District Attorney.
W H Mlancr, a one-legged wsr veteran whose
home la bellevi i lo ha ?? been In I.mark. Carroll j
County, in. was found dead yesterdai m..ruing In j
a room st tha Bnug Hotel, No Bl Bl.ker-st. The
man waa -un'.,, ard by gas. bul the Indications are
rh.,- hla death waa accidental He registered ul
the hotel aboul I o'clock on Wednesday night. Mlx
:i.-r wail found at 9 o'clock yesterds) morning lying
on the door of his room al tin- fool of the bcd In i
crouching position Deputy ''or,,'. Donlln viewed
. .. ii md said he was sat laded thal lr iras nut I
, i of s il Ide After turning ott the .ms I
min evidently tumci ii on again a.-.-id,-m.ill.
An appeal lu* been taken in Ihe I'nlted Btatea
Court of Appeals of this diet rici from the dectalon
of ihe Knited Btatea Court al I'.a ff a io. N y . in the |
extradition pr..linus In the ease ..f Mrs. Olive j
nd. II SN mamari, who is under arr.-s: lhere on a
rharge of having polaoned her husband, who died
on Augual 19, 1MB, at Balnham, ontario it is al
l -ned that through the death of h>-r husband lha
woin.i . hoped lo gel li.'.iT'i Inauraoce money, Ac?
cording to rhe allegations In tin- .ns,., the w ira "i
marrlcl Qeorge ll Bternaman In Buffalo on Febru?
ary :;- ttnt He was alreadj Insured for IUD, but
>he secured ,,ri additional policy >n his life for
fl j un A month sf ter the Increased* Insurance had
hr?en obtained Mr. and Mrs. Bternaman went to the
home ..f ni- mother. In Balnham, whet.- li- u.s
I a kel lek ,i I died on August io last, from poison.
peeled. His bod) was exhumed In
September last, and proofs ,<f arsenical poisoning
win- round. M< inwrdle, Mrs Bternaman had re?
turned to Buffalo, where ahe eras arrested al there- ' t
quest of the Canadian tJovernmenl las- November, .
winoi ihe extradition proceedings followed. The
,.,sc reached iii" i'nlted Stan-s Circuit Court ai ''
rtuffal i, from lha decision of which appeal la now ?
r.kci This decision was in Judge Coxs denying
an appll. at lon f,,r I ivri; of haheaa , orpus md sus- ;l
mining ihe decision of the Commlasloner ordering ' c
ihe extradition of Mra Bternaman. Whether or '
nol she will have lo go ta Canada now rests with ' /
th ? i 'our: o' Appeals hei a
The rtothlng ,,r Marie, the three-year-old dough
-. ? ol Pb ? i and Boas I ie Coyote, caught fire ye.?
lerdsj .-.ft. inoon while ihe little one wa< playing
near a stove in Ihe ..nar of the Rathousi No, nc
1 Twenty-elghth-st., where the family Utrea.
M a, i ,,io,a. on hesrlna Maries cries, rushed to
thi.Har a nd found hei lying on the fl ,or, (vt
clothing in llames. She tore the dress from the
child's body, badly burning her hands, and tn an?
other moment had ripped ..IT her own skirt and
wrapped Ihe child In lt. extinguishing the flames
Mother and child were taken in an ambulance r..
Bellevue, where their injuries were attended (ii
The , hil,I died si midnight.
"Cdward Smith, wh,. disappeared suddenly lust
Thursday, nnd whose body was found In the Hud?
son Kiv.r at the foot ..f One-hundred-and-thlrd-al
Wednesday night, was employed as un assisi,nt
steward al the Windsor Hotel Hs mme to this
counfrj from Ireland about two years sgo, Foul
play i- suspected, although lhere ure no marka
>?pon ihe i.o.iy to warrant tbe belief. When Smith
dlsap|>eareil he had n beaver ov. rear and lin lu
monet wi'h him Neither th.at nor the mon.i
wa- toe,i on th.- dodi ile left ihe Windsor Hotel
hon j aii.-r I o'clock on the evening he disap?
peared snd went to his home ,,t .\\, -tu Third
an He i.-it h..tn.- before! o'clock, and was nevei
"fen again until Ihe hod) ,;i. found The bu.
thorin.a ar.- Investigating the case The manaa-er
..f the Winds.,, Hotel sais tba! Sm.ih h., \
: ;? adv and trustworthy man
At! lr dlgnattOfl meeting was held Wednesday night
ai the home ,.f Oeneral Ferdinand p Kari.. ,,,,
Washington Heights, lo protea! agalnat the erection
? f .. plant by tin Ptntach Oas Company on the kfan.
hanan Klevi.i Koa,i propert) al Ona-hundred.
?nd "Dj ninth at The meeting was rall.n conss
?pi. m.- of the fears al rh.- raaidenta af tba neighbor?
hood tl at th.- .-cap.- of riOXlOUS odors would create
s nuisance A letter was read from es-Governor
M..wt assuring the meeting thst no such nuisance
would arise from ihe works, nnd thia opinion was
supported In another letter written by General! Aus
lin Lailiroy. TkcrBttfBg resolutlona were passed to
Cloth, work?everything must
be right, "money back if you
want it" says so.
If these ulsters and overcoats,
suits and trousers, were good
value before, what must their
value be now ?
122 N',iW ||1
12.*. f:r,. WU BSB VU*. |1S.
TROt'SRRS THAT IVERS *.*>. ?**. Hi J"1. ANr>
If) NOW ll. _
The dangers of damp pave?
ments fade away before cork-sole
shoes; but pavements haven't
been damp enough this season.
Ror-.F.Rs, Peet & Co.
Prtnr-s and Broadwsr.
Warrell ;.n<l Broad*,**,.
Thirtv -wend ?n.1 Hr ,'lnav _
thf effect th., no opposition would be BMn!fe.*tod
toward l l ??' of th.- proposed pa? plant,
Carno tram thc wrecked A,la* Mne steamer
Alvena w.is floating aboul in tie r*ower Bay yester
.l.iv. Indicating thal th- v.-s.-.-i ls going to plecei
Incoming ships report thsl ..ll of he-r auperatructure
han t'<-*ti washerl nw" and thal ih" -*<"? ls makin*:
n -lian sweep tver i-.-r The s'?rm .hi Wednesday
iila-iit w.u to-, p vere for the w:.-k. as th<> Alvena ls
twenty-sis ye.ira old.
Three bsifes brough: I.7W bs*;* of si'gar to pori
yesterday fr..tn the stranded British steamer Bads
worth whl.-h went ashore on January IS, near Long
Beach, H. ?'. The i aptalns ol th* barg-i
"i- Nailsworth will in- floated
ny thal
Th- Belgie steamer Oaltl.-o, which arrived here
yesterday fr..,.. Rio Janeiro, whence she sailed on
Ni-? Yen'* Day, reports thal she passed three
wr.-.'ks, one on her home* ml snd two ..n her ou
ward passage The Ural two were seen on Decent*
I..-i- tn tar to the eastward of Brasll. One waa i
lerellct, with two masts standing;, and the othei
m abandoned full-rlsged four-masted *hlp. The
hird wr.-.k n is nighted on January IH, eaBt of
Florida, I- wa.i a coppered-bot tom wooden vessel,
",tt.nu np.
Th? T..,ni|.-.r ? A Holt -.teamer Buffon arrived il
Quarantine lasl night from Santos, Braal;, with flf*
ty-three stranded Canadian emigrants, who lefi
h.-ir northern h..rn.- to eetabllBh themselves near
-tan'.i?. The warm climate of Brasll was too much
-,i the colonists, and they wen una bl. to toll with
their usual energy. The) were nearly destitute
arhen the Bril il < iflul ;'- 'ame Interested In their
isei and by hil aid they embarked on tha Buffon,
bed transportation being paid through :o Canada
.v the British Government.
Th* n.-w British steamer Attain, of the Atlas Mne,
ilsa arrived al Quarantine, from Newe-;;.. Kng
and. Th.- \it..ii waa bulli to '-.k.- iii- place of the
\tlas Mne steamer Atlas, which was ? wik "ff Fort
lafayette on February 9 last by the French I.In.<
iteamer l.a Bourgogne. She is commanded by Cap*
ain Morris, late of the Atlas, Bh? will ply between
Vew-York, Kingston snd Haytl and port* on the
Ipanlsh main. Th.- Altaln was bulli by !>"';'.? >n * Co.,
ind launched October l" last. Her gros* tonnage li
.COO: length, .W feel beam, J9feei ind d pth of hoi i
'.', fnft.
- ?
The ? lei-en th innual Lincoln dinner of the Repub
Ican Club will be celebrated al ihe Waldorf on Frl
l..\ evening, Februarj 12, il 6:30 o'. li
Speakers "f Katlonal prominence have a.?pted
n vita tiona to respond I i the toasts, and lt may
-onfldently be predicted that this dinner will prove
n no way Inferior t.< i's predecessors
Th., dinner will be served In the new ballroom, al
ni.i'l tables, The price of tickets will be (M. Vol
.seceding ilsty-sli women's tl. k.-ts f..r seats In the
gallery, where Ugh) refr Kliment* will be lerved at
IO o'clock, will h" sold for 12 each These tickets
rill be issn.-.1 in the ordtr of the applications, bu
mr mure than two t.< an) member Applications
ind checka mai l?* s,-nt t.. Mortimer I. Addoma
refiner. So. II William -
at s?. -.i
The law linn of Daly, Hoy! * Mason,
Vllllam**t., i- thi head of which stands
if ex-Chief .inst!,,. Charles P. Daly, has been re
irganised by the a.sslon of William H. Rand
r. ari'i ihe retiremetil ..f Robert Bturgi* The
? I,, r,it.!.- ix-.'hi.f Justice, win. i> now eighty
?-.ns old, retired ftotu active practice several
ears ago, i.:it his voice la .-till p..tent In th.
: counsel. The other members ..f the firm are
lenry lt Hoyt, Alexsnder T. Mason and Frederic
l Philips, "n entering Hrs firm Mr Band r,
Igned the place of assistant to tho Corporation
?tinsel to whi. n he wai sppolnted when Francis
.1 S.-o't ("ok thal offl ??
A petition favoring 'hr- erection <>f the new
'u-toni linus, in Bowling Green, and opposing
ho selection of the pr. sci: Wall-at. site for the
ew itrurture, haa been prepared by the Produce
Sachange, and will be presented to the House <>r
Among the reason* cited by fha petitioners
galnsl the Wells,, site nr" that ft |a |nn.aslble,
nd that Its ana i? wholly Inadequate: that no
ultable building for temporary quarter's can he
ecured within th- financial district, and thal
hf ultimate cost '.f the n?* diatom House win
'" fr'"" M.i. 16.01. leaa if the Bowling
Ir-rn site N selected. The latter is favored bj
he petitioners ?n account "f Ita accessibility, area,
liatance from adjacent buildings and the i>"-sj!
tlllty for architectural display which lt affords
ne) al*,, call attention lo th., fact thal lt is
[moat ,ho geographical centre, north and sundi
if ,h.. Greater Ne* -York
1ENRT a rout; i: wo THE MAYORALTY.
Th" apparent Intention of County Clerk Purroy
o tun- Henry Oeorge for Ifayor of the Q rea ter
few-York on the Home Rule Tammany t i.-u.-t t eal
all lms been causing n disturbance among th.
neal I,.-,no.i.us. i.ut apparent!) nobody haa taken
h" pains t" ascertain If Mr, Georg* would consent
o nm as Mr purroy'a decoy. When Oeorge ran
ar Maror of this ,-iu against Theodore Roosevelt
n.l .Miram B, Hewitt, he had pledgei of man\
houaand workingmen to support him ,^ th .?."??
nndldate, and he wi.ui.i noi consent to be ,
Idate until the support of the workingmen was
asured l?) |i"l?es Mr Oeorge moved from tl -
Itv ti. Brooklyn mouths ago
Henri a Daniels, m D
i'll Ur-l NB)
mpalrm*nt* sf ih* S*rvou* By*t*m, imp..-,
i-l iu.* altm*nts. il.ms s t . i, .-, t . -,
& w.
k. & ir.
mi tis sim> t r..?! m ., n i iai. p m ;, (_. ^,, ,,
Illili: WAT! ll TO KA V
at Sand) Hook: BAS Oo, Islantl 10:I?|H?II Oat* BiOB
M Sun!. M.-.k lo ? U*v. lr.lan.1 HIM l|*ll ,int, j-j t,
lb* :'i
? ??-- I r.>? 11 , .
'aramani* oibraltar, i>*c si. .. m?-,i 4 n y
lia.j .... .iit.l.ill ,: Jan .'? . .Ancrl"i
l>lo . I...' i"ii. .1 ni .*?.Wilton
oess**l lllbrallsr, Jan ."?. m*.i -1 s .
Blass flt} SwBB**a, lan 1 . Bristol
adalusl* ... llM.i.i.i.rs lan 7.Ham) lal .
' i*ni? ... BoaiharaMoa Isa IS. u.i?ri<an
sropaala. .Liverpool, .lan in iSinarfl
iralnla .H'liitiianuitnn, Jan 10.Illili fl mir
r..ft.I>iinc|*?. Jan T.Arrow
[eii-msii*.Bwsniea, Jan I.Manhansai
Ij|- FUI^FI^l^rr!ji8
Winter is drapery timi. for p
room. ?
I>o von know that all our 'Iranda,
aro derigned and l?un?z to accord r?r
f<'ctly with their luiToundinff*.andare
1 n channing menai af introducing ar.
tisticdashraofatrongcolnrina i?,,m*
We havo reduced pricei on our mr\
[>his draperr stork, ami nome exeat
tional bnrgnina now await you.
"buv ofthe aaaker"
Geo. C.Flint Ca
43.45 and 47 WEST 23?ST.
Advertisements admitted Into these esU
amns nrr recommended to the renders mt
THU TRIHI Ml as lhiirouur.lv rell.il,le
baslneas can be done hy mnll ssilh tbs ag.
? ertiscrs with pi rfeet safety.
ta sanlxe the
NssaatssB oa
Op-ra. Field. Ms.-instiisssas.
Sp-nc-OpiCs. 5M.*mI(-i,
Christmas Canis.
Lai'..;i:st af bTOsbs?j
t6f Broadway,
688 Broadway,
723 Sixth Avenue.
I-, r 1897 at
86 Nassau St., N.Y.
Ins F
? -
M -.a
? >tiAa
. i ?,
1 ii..
Il .
,..port bu Prln * .1 ?. :?,
?". N- Ol - -
-.le I r. lite, J
.I ll .N-'..?n?J
???.Oalvest. n. Jsn IB . Malory
Kl'XDAY, JAX I'A Rt -i
?ague.Havre, Jan 14.F-n-h
Bismarck., lismburg, .Inn IS . . .-ar
.H*v?"*l r-':' Ul ? - M
. N.s Orlesns l?..... '?' .-i
.Srv. . .-!...:.- J? . : ? . . :.;wsU
Vera.! Fa- I,.-- M.; -
.\.is, Halifax, vtlaa.
Bein n l?, i harli sion, il vii. .
Rio Grande, Brunswl lt. Matloi .. -
Bervla, Uverpool ? "ir.ir.i .?.s.am
I.. Boorgogne, Havre, Fr?nch ....SrOOsm
lam, i: ?? : i. m. Neth-Amer.. SrOOsm
Kins. Genoa, n O Uoyd . R:<a)sm
ll Thing! illa .ll mam
Mohan;. La ? i ?-. \ri Trans .
Alene, .ts.t.. ... \tlas.IO:AD a tn
? lt ' W .i il il.ii ara, -..!"'?>? i
? ?:?? Hayl . 1 ...
Ian Grands Dtiehesse. Savannah, Ba v.,
Kl Sorts, Ses i We ma M i san . . .
1- ? Galvest.ii Ma
? ?? -. N s . it ,r.- - . "j tiiwell . . . ? ?
- .aila
1 ii i tn
?-??; -
rles! lyds ..........
?? pm
..i pai
? - IB
11 ? \ K \'r ,
Bl ala i Rr), Orate, I - ."?? lt
ballast to Nm ?-. - \ i ? . il ?
Me. tmer \ ? . - i Br) V?? -
S :". rr. I- ? il \ 1. , . i
. - '-. ll ????. ,-11 :!.*. |. rn.
Steamer Ontarl iRrt IVIb ia ' rilli
? H '? ri
? Hat il ir.; m.
Si i n. - AH il lHr) r. 2.800 I >. ,f>t
? ,- , ? .". ti l I .,? ?-,-. . in > 4
a. Kell I reive. I a the Ha
St ii Munta illi i - - *
lae Hlmpsisi, spence ,\ ?, i- a mr
at H p m.
-? mer nive Uti i, He, :? > .:. rn a l - LASS
21 Mes Bl. I'alen - ? '? "I.
?e. 1 .-allia a - I'ur*
IVIt hy St Co. st Ml
p ni .'? in ; ll JU . ?! .ni
Steam, i ar
?"? Il l.? T, S ll .. ,1 '.li, \n. iy ?>. I -
; ire I., ? "?
?I'll mdse i ? . 'srti , Mary i v '
3 i. rn. bul i> ?'- "I ir>r>- 1 ? ? r- - ri to sea
sr-uiiM- ll .-, md ill " r
ri sit 1 ir ni id <r? IS, wll ? B
I lo. ?? fl I Vi A. in-.I
St.am.i a i ? il in, I ' '?
- I .: i .'? I I. . I Sa ">.
la Mar 12 and K ' n
Hi- ,-,r a .?:, , ir
i . Jaa Btft
I, ?Ith md e and 4 passenger* I krrlval
. ? ? ?gai al I ?."' i m
St ir -i- Huff -ri i uri ie ,. s .- ? . |.. I
i IVrnaml i ?? ? * ? ?' 1
-??.;.-.? | ? ?..;. rs I ak a ' ?
H - Bl ll BU p rn.
Steamer Alliance. Hi ? ? I a BS
B. AS*
il ihe Kai at i ' ? ;?
Kobi Boas. N.s ' *.
M lill ..-..-.
Steamer la. iIran le Du *'fo
s.iivl\ ll .- .) ,-. 21 -*aH
- i.r ?
Bteamei ii m ". ll >||. ? ?? ?
Hie un. ? . . ss. I
'? -rt vt
i rsl*
i Hi . H
- -a,
Kieamor Arni ri *i
IUn.1- Lr k
Steamer \ ? i
r-i ? M .? ,\ \ ? IBfl ?
Btes). i iineatos n H " " ?
Ni I' ' "I ! I - ?? ? ?? I I '
BU im?r KsHiern Pl ""
N ?' * hn f Mesa ___
SI...ir. Sig (ll I I. I * ' *'"?
M I -B .i- ? I C .aa
.-? amer V R afsiinewa il ' J "
ReesT"' ... ,. i. a
Steamer Pawl se. Phila al
Hteamsr F tv Bru s. lae. ls. Ra I ' ? '' "'*".,.
N , "IIB
> \n.v:i'
ru. for A ,Bri
v . ll ? .-? rrs
? ,r..|tf, ,-.,. .. i . . | ,. le"SJ"
?'-'? ?? ? ? ??.-s2
I . ?, .- | i -tieri. N.s v ?
loan Seri md \.s| rt Xes
Satan ii
Maranh int in t
Rr), frra,
THK Mm KVKN IS . il' - ' VMI BJ
Sta. "tiaaaeBl, **
Nea York, ns ' '-"? ,_
New York arrtveil I Nu ? m ll * ?
si v igasBB.
? ? arrived ir Hien..rhav.n 'anuarj 21. (m
Steami l ?-???: .' ? ? i' ? ' '
New York . i. w?
tren BTesr-l irs, BP
'-I ' ? s v a, tl
, . . N br NBs-fort. a-ss
fT..m.7.1 " S , YerW. srrlveJ
lt? t*r. fer Jfea-Vsa.
gula, for Vew-Terk. S-NI
,,-, B ,-? t K.--VS*
; ?. g , reis. Navers
arrive ' , . s?.Xuk. tnttti
.- Ses .-!- lenusrj -1 , , ,, ,, ,? ktasr-V?Sl
imer I* -' natos (Oert I . , ,1J.B
,,.,.,,.. s for nuahlng ter arsera passed ta. isp*
?'?.. HurguBd i <W. > - " I '-'"" NM,;"
f';lN:,;.,\^,::rr;;;1 lj|..--> ?- i*---*^"
tortrmZ \ .:'-;V,;.,'%"?,, ss.ua ips,?b-nbj
foi Sta \- anuan lo. . shl,M, gg
Si ,in Newstead ills) Ue**l -?? ?' lr
v?? I lanusn '-" ,. ,., kss ^.,"*

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