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Av;ADEMY~OF MISK" B'.IB Two t.mle Vagrant*.
AMERI'VN THBATKE s Vaptaln Impudence.
lujor l:M Oewrtad toto CSWW. -
BROADWAY THEATRE.- B:15- Sh*mue O Brien.
IARXSX11E I.YCEl'M -8,?MVm?n
C*SINCv al.'.- An AmeMcan Beaut>.
iMU'Vlhrti THKATRK s 15-The Mln.ttel Ol Ctsre
DALY'S THKATRK h IV Mu. ti Ado About Nullilla
FIiKN Mt'eUCR s Waxwork* anti I'oneert.
KMI'IRE THKATRK v:m Cmler the Red "??'?.
KIETH AVKMK THKATRK 4:N s ?? l?l Hlghw?y
r.*ni>KX THEATRE Sri* Heart*****.
UARRli'K THEATRE B:U) Se.nt Pen lc*
?5RANI> OPERA HOI SK. ?? The Si?rtlna DttCneea
HOYT'S THEATRE SW-A Cmlented Women
I UV! Nfl PI.V.'E THKATRK S:16 I" Kl*'i*
?TrteTTKf, A- RIAL'S s Vaudeville.
I.YCEl'M THKATRK >;*> Th* lafl'e Mr ? *?"''', ,
HURRAY HILL THKATRK ? V Ron oj if* jaaw*
new mtetropol.itAN OPERA HOI uk ? -
"LYMPIA MESH" HALL *iri Vaudeville
len Hal t Ti* tn i er rr. ll
rABToR'S 12 Sf' lo ll P- rn Vaudeville
Vi il|,ii'K-s sj.-, K.'
Hlegft le.)
Wln'er (Sar
The Chet o' Bick*'*
Jnbrv to *-Afciifrti?fmtnt?.
Aaaaaemeni -
Ann.uinienienta .
enelnee* Notii es il
Banker* and Ri emil
i'itv lli.rela .IO
Dh Iden I Ho ru ??? . ll
r>tm< In* Betinal* . s
Karunrionn .s
ri-..-1 lal i:ie,-ti..n*..11
Flnan.-lal Meakins*, ll
financial ."
rasgruetion .*
langet Notice* .. ll
P?aet->!.l ESS
s i. taiel tinJ I'ounil .... ll
H ."? Marriage* anil Heaths *
ti i liiti ilTaainiii .i*
i; . arean Bteaaaera . S
ii Pattie Natteaa .S
i. Railroad! .*
:. Real E?-,*te .io
? Henri.><i* yotlcee. il
.". Behool Agen.-le* . B
.1 Sistela! Nollie* . "
4 a SreamUaita . <?
4 .'? Winter Re?ur'* . ll
I\ ?
Bnsiiicee Notices.
1>S11>. $li. a vear; $1 per month.
Daily, witrunit Simd iv. ?si n >ear I*, cent* per mont.v
galatia* Tribune. S'J a veat. Weeklv. ll. Semi Weekly. 12
POST] \HV. Kutra poetage la charged t-> f.irelan countrle*.
e?re-,t MeXtOO .ii! Canada, ur;.I ri the Salty In Xe*.
Y rk (T-v
REMITTANCES. If *er.t in cash, unregistered, rn .11 be *t
rt-.e owner'* rlek.
MAIN ITPTOWM OFFICE. 1,242 roadway. Down Man
om,-*. ;:>? Naaaau sr
AMERICANS ARR'>Al> Will Aid Th? Trlh nie at:
1/vnVwi Offjp?. ,f The T'rll ure. '.o l-'.eet St., K C
M rt m. Rnee * Co., Rerthclomen lloj?e, K C.
Hr ,wn. QoaM * ?' M Mew Oatort Pt.
Themas i'-.k v -" -is Ludgal* "irena
Pa.- s J Munro* * Ci 7 Rue Scril.e.
Holt.nailer A CO. SB Ene IV Rmvenrs.
M.irenn. llarj-s A Co.. SI Boulevard ilauaaaiaaa.
?'?? III Lyonnala Rnrean des Ktranrere
Thoma* OnoS A S..n I Place de I'Oper*
n*n*n l.-.nil.ard. Odler a Oj a id 1'nlnn Rink.
Florence? Whithv Arf ?
Vienna Anal.. Anattlan Pi "k
Ft Petersburg Credit Lvnnnals
The faadiai nflV* i I The Trihiina ta * eonven'ent pl*e?
lo >?ve ad,-ertl*ements ?nd subscription*
Cor.1** nt The Tilhune mm *-e bouahl In Taondnn from
V??sn Sean * laen, h N.iitlninitierland a\e. dire, th op
r.^al?e Ihe OmM Hotel
IKttoWvr'k Dmljj tintana
FORRIOM Henry It'-lKado, ihe American
l>rl*.>ner. who died la a boapltal la Havana, wan
liurlerl in Colon Cemetery, thal illy.
Further details of the Baaaaarre i.f tb*- British
ex|>edition lo Uenln have reached Kngland
An SS*rtbOJttake on an Isianil ..f the Persian
Uulf killed *-!.ri<ai people and destroyed thou
fand* Of humes The Hrltish OovarBRMBl
lias laatsod a hine booh on the cogreBpowdeBcs
with the powers in ieKar.1 lo Turkish reforms.
The number of deaths for the v\_etk In
BoBBbajr froan tba bubonic itlaKne was 47h
' CONQRBfW H..th I.ram h.-s in geaalon.
H^nat.': Mr. Turpi.- linisli.-d bia Bpeet'h against
ihe NharaKiia Canal Lill, and un unancceaa
ftil attempt was mad.' lo lix a time fur taking
the titial v..ti-. House: The .'untested ele<- |
ti .n i-asH of Toot liuatnst Tinker w aa decided In
fav.tr of Mr Tucker, tba beasorratic sining
tOeanber from Ibe Xiii Virginia District.
DOMESTIC Senator Abeam, at Albany, in
trndiii-e-i the Warda island liiidge bill, Which
Mav-.r Sirona.' killed last veat, tba Uerieial Ap
propriation hill was presented. Anong tbs
railers .rn Prraldent-elect McKlnlej wete sena
t jr Burrowa of Michigan, and a delegation of
ex-Confederatea Ex*ff>nator Kdniuuds re?
plied to .-ritl.-lsms of lbs Arbitration Trems with
England, The (Jarman Savlnga Hank, of
l?-s Moinee, iowa, suspended l.visiness ssssr J. J
M. McKnlgbt, preaidenl of the railed German
National Hank. ..f Loulavlll*. Kv. was arrested,
marged with falalfylng accounts.
CITI AND sriiniliAN Tba entire crew of
niiii' nii-n of the schooner Nahum Pbapin
"Hi- drowned in thr a'reck of the wssel off
:JiioKUe. 'j'li^. annual dinner of th*- I'lhur
ton ?'lul? was held at the Savoy. The tlrat
meeting of ihe Republican futility Committee
for IMi" was hi-ld. = Stnks weak and lower. :
THE WEATHER -Foreeaat for to-dav: P'alr
and slightly colder. The temperature \esterda\ :
liigh'st. Al degreaa; loweat, W: average, AA\.
Tin* re election of Sminfor Ptitebard apneara
lu insiiri' Hie paKMlnj? of a Repttbttcan tariff ut
Hm extra BOBBjion of ronfTfaaj. As iiiis is ibe
iiiiest Important qoenttoa at preaenl affecting
liiisitiess tbroogbont tbe country, ii ls areli tu
show argajetly bow mattera stand, tif Seuatois
baMhaf over then- are twenty fight MralKht He
inililirann. alni oiic silvi-r Senator. Mr I'aiuiuii.
who lias 11 er la ntl that he will sustain a proteo
tive jinlii y. Tnere are also three National DeSDO?
rnit?s ar hone artkai oa tba qoeation uiay he iu
InaBied hy tii*? determlnatloa to put the Tiaaa
nry ont of da tiger from lint her raid* upon Na
lional prosperiiy ami National honor.
In place of thirty lasMtora wboae tergga expire
Mar. li I, twelve Repabltcana have Leen
Btartad. namely, Beoatora Plan of L'ooowllcut.
Mason of illinois, Fairbanks of Indiana, Alli?
son af Iowa. Wellingioii ,.r MarylHinl. iiallin
j;rr of New Hampsbliv, Plan of New-York,
1 ntihanl of North Caroling, Haasbrougi of
North Dakota, Foraker of ohio. Penroav of
IViinsvlvaiila. nlui Morrill of Vermont. Thc iv
alocttaa of Senator Perkins of I'alifornli is
I'otisiilereil tafe, an.l Ihe erection of a K.pult
r.niii fruin Wisconsin, whii-h would make four?
teen, would g!ve forty-two straight RepObUcau
votea in ihn Si-uaie after Mar.h 1. Senator
Jones-has recently declared his Intention lo stand
with ino RepuMleaa party oa the tariff qneatloa.
and after doing so has just beeaj riiuiiniuateil,
making forty three, mnl with Paaatot Cannon,
making forty four. These voles. If there are
vacauiles from Delaware and Ki-iituiky, will
give tho Hepuhli.aiis a majority willi the east
ing Vote of the Yice-Pr.'sideut. There !s also
Senator McEnery, ?>f lonlalana. who declared
himself for a pi'oti'fiive policy vshi'ii elected,
though a silver Detnocrat, aud the derialon lu
Oregon has not heeg reached. Idaho. Kansas.
Souih Dakota, 1 tah and Wallington are ex
pasMwl to atari Populists OT ?llver men
The vacant seal from Kentucky could bf tilled
at any time hy a Kopuhlhan, it ls claimed, if
itovernor Bradley would call a session of lin
Ijegrslature for that purpose: hut he holds that
a vacancy will not exist until March 4, and he
may then faoclfk to appoint a Hepuhlican until
the legislature eau I'onvetie. Should this seat
l?e vacant, forty four Hepuhlhans, with lac
casting vote of the Vice President, would suf
flee, hut aivonlliig to information so far forty
five can he counted upon for a Republican
The seat from Delaware 1* not truly or hon?
estly vacant, lt ia not agreeahle to differ from
a Senator so ahle as afr. Hoar, off gfgaagrktl
wita, hut the vote hy which Mr. Dupont was re?
fused a seat hy a hare ngrlsfgg majority of one,
owing to the temporary nhseuce of Senator
Jones of Nevada, was an outrage to the Stale
of Delaware whick ought not to lie sanctioned
or tnioratcd hy a Hepulillcan body Ihe Senate
will now he compelled to choose !?ci ween a
DaBnerrat, palpably atacted by fra.nluleut de
cialous iu lin* recent eh-dlon cases, ami Mr. D'l
poiit. who was legally elected, iii spite of the at?
tempted lr;.ml of a Demo, l-itiic official, hut was
kept (loin kia seal. Thew ought to he a unani?
mous vole of Repnbelcaa Senators thai, in a agar
BO flagrant ard palpably unjust. Hu. decision and
will of lli.> people ol Dela War* ? year ugo should
lie fannel led, and the action of ihe Senate on the
taggi treated ns invalid because, coin ra ry to
On the tariff ?) neal ion. hesidos tho Republican
Senators munieiafcd. there is ground for belief
that more than one Democratic Senator will rote
t<? sorurc necessary revenue for the Treasury bf
the only niode possible with the assent of n Re?
publican majority in the House, lt would iu
,l?*<'<l lie a s: range ending of the patriotic prnfes
sionn made hy National Democrats if they shi.nl.l
so vote ns to ansist thc silver men in another
rni,l bsssbj Hip Treasury, thus doing incalculable
Injury to lnislness and industry. But there are
oilier Democrats, like Senators Murphy of New
York mid Smith of N'pw-.lersey. whose power
io defeat the worst features of the Wilson bill
wns unflinchingly exerted, aud arba would fla
gra nt ly defy the will of Hwir cousin nenis if iii.-y
should refuse to support a measure for the de?
fence and rest,.ralion of industries.
As in lt** sVBCesjglt*' for a new Cbb*1om lluiise
iu ihis . i,y, ns provided for by ihe Mn,|iliv bill,
whi,-ii passed the Seliale oil We.lllc-.l.ly. tlui.- ls,
wc In-lieve. but one opinion a m..uk business ni.-n
There is also practical unanimity as to tlie ex
J..'.lien.y of its erection upi.a tile site now ...
.-upi,-.! for inat purjioso. Btu we fail to se,- tlw
necessity for ihe ap|M,intineui of a commission
of five persons, g| au annual salary of .<*>.i*.mi
each, to superintend ihe const mri loo. The en
tire cost of the building under tbs terms of thc
hill is not to exceed S&jOOO,000, which, consider
lng thai lbs Government already owns Hie site.
should be sutHcienl for ihe erection of a huil,lilli;
at once ample In facilities fur Hie ira usa.lion of
business and an architectural ornanietn io the
IMlghborbood. Of course, no oin- believes that
Its cost will fall short of the limit naiu.-.l. Tba!
never happens. There is a mu.-li stronger likeli
bond, in poiut of fact, thai before Its completion
an additional appropriation will be asked. Timi
is ilie usual .-ours... But tlint ls only an addi
lions] reason why the preliminary expenditures
should be Hie more closely s.-niiinlzed. This is
not a lime when 1'oiigress .an afford lo direct
lavish and un necessary expenditures upon pull
li." buildings. This is a necessary work, ron
tess.'div, hill In llie present condition of ihe
Treasury thc need of a mool rlflrltl economy in
.-yeti the Billilli details of construct lou is flpiwr
eui. Least of all is this a lime to fasten upon
thc Treasury a sinecure commission, io run in,
one knows how balgi nt an animal cost of 92&.O0O.
Consider for a moment whalSwould be thought
of m great corponitiou. a railroad or insurance
company, which, when about to undertake Ihe
er,-. Don of a building io cost in ihe neighborhood
<>f .?..".,,kmi,iski. should appoint u commlssiou of
li vt* men lo superinieud it. gi a ,-osi of 923,01*11
a year, during Hie precess of coiistniciion. What
would be the coinme.its ol stockholders upon a
Board of Directors which should make Barb Uss
of I heir powers or so expend the finnis Intrusted
to iht\ir management I There h ni a corp..ra
lion in existence that would permit sm li senac
less ,-x tra va ga n. e. nor a Boam of Director* that
would i-uteriaia I lie proposition for a single nio
luent. Why I hen should ill,' Congress of ihe
1'filled States euj'age in BUCb an unl.iisinesslike
and ridiculous proceeding? Is lhere any sn li
difference between the funds of B gTCSl corpora
liol! sud the people's money iii the National
Treasury that, while the former requires shrewd?
ness and sagacity iu investment an.l the exercise
of economy and forethought in expenditure, tin
latter may be diverted to favorites and gin?*cures
Of s.-allered willi reckless prodigality! I*n't I In?
responsibility of Congress for the approp iaiii.ns
t BBSkesj from ihe Treasury as weighty ns that
of an ordinary Board of Director* for ihe uses io
which lt applies corporate fund-'.' ls what ronld
? .illy be called wild extravagance and Be useless
waste on Hie part of one lo pass for siate-man
<l?lu if indulged in by the oilier?
This bill of Senator Murphy's names live (oin
missioners, to wit. Climie*, N. Taintur. Ueorge H.,
Post. James T. KlttMVtb, Kdwar.l F. Brown iiinl
Hugh .1. 4'rant. Why these? Who of them
Unless lt be Mr. Post, who is an architect by
profession has any special tluiess for BUpcrin
tending the constru.-iioii of this or any lither
building? What individual or corporal iou would
ever thin1, of paving any one of ih.-iu |SJJ0U a
year for such service? Much l.-ss ft&.UOO a year
for tlie entire live? Mr. Talntor was a Police
Justice under ihe obj regime, and Mr. Brown,
we believe, is a practising lawyer; both active
politicians, bul neiih.-r of them qualified by ex
perieiice or training for the duties, jf iiiere I ie
any. devolving upon ihis comwlsaion. Mr. KU
bretl, is ihe pre*eui Collector of ihe Port, from
Which I'ir.-umstauce he derives the only shadow
Of tltuess for the function of superintending Ibo
erection <?f the new 1'twton House. Mr. Poet,
as already said, is au architect; hut lbs Govern
mein has a Supervising Architect, whi.-h makes
it unnecessary lo employ another. Mr. Hugh .1
I irani is not known lo possess any peculiar
quantisation* for this position, unless bis ex
peri.-nce as an oflflVe holder and his family r.-la
ilou as Senator Murphy's son in law may bs so
considered Here, then, are tl ve men, mostly
politicians, pensioned upon ibo Government nt a
cost of I2&.000 u year, for which they cannot be
expccie.i to render 23 c.-nts' worth of useful b#T
\ i.-c, and for practically an unlimited Hm*. Pot
ih,'se practical politicians are not likely to bsstra
the completion of n work whose ciiuinuaiice ls
worth to ea.-h of ihein !0.t**> a year. They are
not made thal way.
Phis waste of $25,000 a year ls pol very much,
tn he sure, for il givai Iioveruineiit which ,-x
p. u.ls annually so many millions, And if ii ls
to be Wilsled, Hies,, jive may as Well have il as
any oilier live. But. after all. why was,,, it'?
ll is worth saving. And what la vastly more, lbs
example of ihe Covernmein in paying iliat
am..uni io a commission that ls n.iili.-r oma
mental nor useful is worth avoiding Tbs Gov
eminent ls provided already with all ihe fa.-lli
Um for ihis work, without extraneous ronna**] or
aid. This feature pf ihe Murphy 1.111 is clearly a
Joh, nn.l should be eliminate.I.
SAVAGES IS lol isl \ \ i.
if niiy bifh-spliited Southern gentleman bgp
pens lo be in a mood ot complaint be. ails.- I be
rest of i he world is inclined io regard ..ii a in
M-ctious of tin- South ns n land of barbarism, be
BbOUM turn his attention lo the i.arlsh of Tungi
pahoa. in ihe State of Louisiana, and learn
what look place lhere on Tuesday night.
Three negroes were taken lo Alllile City to
plead io lbs charge <>f murder. Prom tb* couti
they were taken lo Jail, "As expected.-' so iii.
report runs, "Ihe mob broke into ihe jail." Ap
pnreiitly it is always "expected" iln-re that a
mob will break imo a Jail, but with child
like faith In ihe popular love for law and order,
tlie louisiana Sheriff seldom lakes precautions
against the expected. Doing as they were ,-x
peeled IO do. Ihe mob proceeded lo execute the
death penalty on the Hil,? men who had not
yet been triad, and whose escape from death. If
gullly. they had no reason to fear. One of Hie
men was hanged on Hie spot. The oilier two were
reserved for mole eXflJSbdtS tortures. The scene
of their .rim,' was twelve miles away, sud there
the mob decided lo have Hie executions. They
made the wretches walk part <>I the dlatsnCe io
their own death, and I beg procured a wagon, ami
in four hours rea. -bsd th.-ir desi Ina Hon. Tbsre
they set Hie two men, who were biller against
each other, lo lighting oin their las! quarrel with
llielr lists, willie Ihe ex-cii|ioiiers formed a
circle and enjoyed Hie fun. Tiring of ihis spoil,
they bulli a tire to burn the murderers io deal h.
and. lt ls ivjH.ried. did burn one of Hiern Tiie
other th.-y hanged and riddled with bullets. Th. n
they all went home, proudly .ons. lons of baring
ti-iliel.l tlie honor of Hie State of louisiana
Now. Hie worst feature o' this case ls not Iib
lawlessness. However much the lynching habit
ia to lie deplored, or however little reason there
may have been for indulging If on untried, if
guilty, men, the taking of the law into their
own hands by a band of men Impatient of
slower prcHvaseM ih a trifling: evil compared with
thc scnil-clvlllr.ed social state which those lynch- I
ers reveal. They were not au orderly hand
diane Being rude Justice, they were a crowd of
barbarians gloatlag ..vcr cruelty, nuiklag Ihe .
victims of their "justice" minister io their Dru
tal passions. A community may outgrow the
necessity for vigilance committee*, hut it can I
not "ive Itself up to the cultivation of blood
Ihlrailneaa without degeneratlag into aaTagery.
Thal rilli: within which were righting two
srretcbes aboul to die puts at least one sect toa
of Louisiana beelde Turkey and the Soudan.
All hui ihe iiiiisi brutal of savage-, make al least
a show of rt apt ri foy the solemnity of deni h.
lt ls reserved for au American community to
Mt ineti righting on ihe htiak of the grave. No
wonder the nee,,, u lawless and brutal! Ile has j
Hie example of bia while migbbora ever before
?itu. Me cannot lie expected io lie civilized
when he dwells .Huong savages.
lu his meaaage io ihe l*eadalatnre ttovernor
Black iMeUlgently and with suitable emphasis
proteated agataal the niultlplkatloa of laws far
beyond the requlreaaenta <?f the public welfare.
Profuse and nnneceaaary legislation ht au evil j
which has l?eeii greatly diminished in many
stales by ihelr adoption of Ihe policy of blew
nial leaaloaa. The ffcreeruor luis reached Ihe
conclusion, perhaps too hastily, that Ihe same
remedy could be advantageously applied in tin'
State of New-York, with hs enormous population
and vast material Interests, li is an interesting
question, wliii h ought not to he settled hy a snap
Judgment. Rm lhere is no doubt thai ibr abuse
which be described baa grnwa lo great propoT" '
tiona, or that a large meaanre of relief nlgbi lie
obtained nmler the preaenl system of annual sis
soi;v if members of Ihe Legislature would ron
sent to he coin foiled hy a Btrlcl sense ol duty.
I'uhappily. thal la a condition which ls not likely
io prevail in the near future, lint lbe alinatkai is '
not wholly incurable on ihal account.
The truih i* timi the 1.0vernor himself, while i
desirous, it not hopeful, of accomplishing a radi- \
cal change to biennial sessions, has it in his
power lo bestow ll)Ktll tile people niaii.V of tile
benefits which he thinks would result therefrom, j
Ile Mid ni bia meaaage: "I should be glad if no
"ad should lie passed Hot of pl'ollollliceil Utility,
"ol- lo llieet sollie Urgent public Hoed." We hope
a ii. I bellera that in Baying this he meant, not
merely le express a preference, but lo indi, ale
au Intention, bul it is to be regretted Ihal be did
not e0 somewhat further. The |*eop]c would
have welcomed such a frank and explicit au
nonneemenl as was made by Ihe present <iov
ernor of New .lerseV at ihe beginning of his ad
ministration. Mr. it riggs not only pointed otil
I lie eril of whl.-h Mr. Illa, k has justly coin
plained, hui pledged himself to reduce it so far
as poaslbla by vetoing every bill presented lo
him which, in bia deliberate Judgment, did nol
respond io some Important public? demand. A
similar declaration hy the Governor of New -York
al lin Opening Of the session would have received
cordial approbation, and all the more because it
is a conspicuous fad thal Oovernor Hrlggs, by
faithfully keeping his promise, has accomplished
practical reeulta of great advantage io ihe people
of New-Jersey. Mr. Blaek would bare done well
io start willi that dear understanding, hui ii ;s
not too late for him to enforce his original Inti
malton hy a special meaaage The session is still
young, bm lhere ls im apparent Intention at Al?
bany io diminish the legislative grist. Tne Hov
ernor still holds g strong hand, however, and
we hope he will play lt to li!* own credit mid the
advantage of the Kial?.
1 cox Tin ST.
Here are two striking facts for public com
sideiaiioii. one la that New Norh is contem?
plating au outlay of upward nf fr*o,000,ono for
a ayah tu of rapid iraoali by underground
loads. Hud no one is ilisiiirii.il hy Ihe fear of
Hnaucla 1 embarraaameui din io so large au es
peiidiiute. The second is thai our Brooklyn
neighbors ure sore pu; io ii to lind means of
I a laing .<il.iHMi.iH ki t,, pm for their share of the
coal of the Atlantlc-av.v improvement, which.
ill coUllecl lull willi lin proposed tunnel lo the
lower pan of New York, will give ideal rapid
irniisii to a hire,. Keelton of Ihelr elly.
The Atlantic Avenue Commission and liss
laong Island Railroad, working together, have
agreed on a plan for Kinking lu part and elevat?
ing in pan tin- railroad tracks ilia! run on the
rurface into the henri of Brooklyn, end a prom
laing scheme for ii minn I to this city has been
conceived, which will ail I enormously to ihe
business of the railroad company and Justify lt
in paying one hair ihe coal ot' the Improvement
alni.$ Atlantic ave. provided Ihe city will pay
the other hall How to provide tor this pay
incut estimated tit M.ihhi.ihhi is the question
nOW M'Xlllg Ihe souls of the I 'otlillllssiolliTS.
We are hopeful thal they will succeed In Buding
a reasonable solution of lt. and trust that the
plan finally aureed mi alli not h.- seriously op
pi sed iii the Legislature.
lu the mean time ii will be profitable fur the
people In general, and especially for the ardent
advocates of liiimediat.naoltdatlon, l<.in?
pale the financial stains or the two cities n<
Hms disclosed.
Iii-poiis ot the ravages of the bubonic plague
al Bombay and Kurracbee have been extrav
agantly exaggerated, ami. ir unthinkingly ac?
cepted as line, may have caused disquiet here
in some timorous mimi- The situation is no
doubt dlatretudng, and calls for strict quaran?
tine and energetic sanitary work. Hut it la not
nellly as bad as. for example, the situation in
Havana, tuba. In Bombay, with sihi.ihni in
habitants, the highest death rate from the
plague has i.n |,.ss than TdtU a week, or one
in I.UUu; while in Havana, with 2T*U.U(bJ Inbab
lunns, the present death rate from the three ep?
idemics of smallpox, yellow f<-\er and typhoid
fi vcr is now reported lo be over IWU a week.
or one iii 417 the latter case being nearly four
tinies as lind as ihe former. Ami in Bombay
lhere is reason to believe Ihe crlais is past, ami
the sanitary authorities are getting the plague
under control, while in Havana Ihe season of
| teat Hence is .nih just beginning.
The only country outside of Asia which
seriously f.-rn's au incursion of the plague is
Russia, where something like a panic appears
to exist; and not without some cause. As ;i
Si. Peteraburg paper says. "Ruaaia is always
Ihe country that Buffers most from the pest."
i Thal ls quite true, and ii is because a large
. part of Itiissia hus not advanced beyond the
semi barbarous Asiatic stage of civilisation.
i The teeming populations of Soul h. Lillie ami
! West itnssia are Ignorant, Buperatltlooa ami
I squalid beyond description. The diseases char
\ arterial k of poverty ami tilth, such as dipth
I Iberia, typhus mid typhoid fevers, and Asiatic
I cholera, are endemic among them Ihe annual
I death mic in st Petersburg Itaelf ls over .',1 io
the thousand, timi in all KuropeaBj Kueela over
AA lu su.h circumstances ihe plague may well
j be feared, and if li once ^'is a foothold lhere
| its ravage* maj la? more terrible than lu Hone
Koue or Bombay.
lilli ill Hie lest of KlU'ope, i Veli I he Mediter?
ranean Statis, lhere is bille cause for anxiety,
while danger af Ike plague iver iva-liing the
i lilted Stales is too slight for I ollsldel a I iou
The efficiency ,,f our quarantine system ami
ct UMllllir inspection t.i'1 \ ice has billi dellloU
struted, ami ll may Im- depended upon in tata
emergency as areli as in any other. The fart
that the incubation period of ihe plague ls
only len or twelve days rendel a lt practically*
Impossible that case* Bhoiild lie Introduced into
this country directly from India without deice
lion. Tho other fact, that Kurnprona and
Americans of ordinarily cleanly habit* have not
as a rule been subject tn the contagion af Bom?
bay and Hong Kong, idiowa how little chance
lin- disease, i-ven If introduced, would have of
ii liking headway in Kurope or America. In
tlie liol, humid, reeking Astatic cities, where
Hu- sipialld denizen* ate crowded like rabbits
in a warren, and every crevice and cranny In
gwarming Wltb unclean vermin, thc font limy
rSSC. But III even the Worst sllllll* of l.olllloll
or New York lt would Hud scant encourage?
ment, bm would !>? .licked and extirpated lu
a twinkling. Whatever m iv occur lu India may
i.uisc ..ur sympathy, li ran give so cause for
Ai no moment wlihin tba* un-nory of thc
pieseui generation has thc number of iiuein
ployed Iii this city been so large as just now.
timi never before h.-is th, strain on public and
private charity been so severs, a* during thi*
winter season, n la not merely lbs laboring
classes ihai is to say. lbs classes who may be
regarded as wiihin lucile reach of philanthropic
relief who sire the Buffeters, but lamar who univ
I..- described a* professional men. the clerks,
lbs sab-sineii, the architects and the literary
men. Kew, save Ibe clergy .-ind thc physicians,
have any idea of Ihe extent t<> whi.-h ptiva
Hon and get ital want prevail among th, se ric
Hms of the bad time* lhal are marking Hie
close of the deplorable I letiltsiat ic A.llllillist I'll
Hon. and doctor an.l parson alike wax eloquent
ab.nu the destitution of the families of those
unfortunate men who, while eager for work
and ready lo do anything for ihe sake of a
living, ure for Hie tnt time In their lives una
I,lc io lind employment of any kimi.
Without in any way wishing to detract from
the public sympathy so generously and Justly
manifested in behalf of thc unfortunate la?
nalea of Sing Sing and of our other State
prisons, who since the flrsi of Ibe yiar have
been debarred from work, and win, are reported
to bc hovering on the border line of despair and
insanity in coMequctice <>f their enforced idle?
ness, it may beqnestlooed whether the first duty
..I lbs people of New York la not toward those
of their more honest and honorable fellow cit I
/..ns whose enforced idleness, due lo their Ina?
bility to Hud any employment, is driving theta,
loo, to the verge of insanity au Insanity caused
mil so much by the brooding over their own un?
happy lot ns by the spectacle of their wives
and lillie one* literally starving before their
eyes li is not merely on tue ground of philan?
thropy and charily that sonic means or other
should be devised for Hl'-lf relief, bill oil Hie
Score of poll.-y and economy. For the less en
forced idleness there ls outside the prison ihe
fewer convicts lhere will be within Ita wads,
The *tiis lights ta the elevated cara cannot be
supplied los soon ts ncet th** demands of the
Manhattan company'! natron*.
A borne f..r superannuated waitera ls a good
thir.fr. Bul whv n.<t call it a Home for Ineligible
Nc 1.1.-ni. ii" As Qeneral tirant said on a memo*
liil.le .? c.isj, n, " Tuoiil.l mean the same and
sound better "
. ? ?
Brooklyn 1ms enjoyed for florae time a t*--ti
rral system ..f streetcar transfers Kow there
is danger thal it may be abandoned by the com
panie* if mic >?' tba l4?csl Assemblymen persists
in poshing through his absurd bill < allin*: fm
shelters for passengers at gil transfer points,
Thal ls ? *>>,.,i Lin i" drop overboard.
- ? -
The ascent of Mount Aconcagua notably di?
minishes the number of places on the euri h's
surface unknown <>r inaccessible to man.
? - -
In London the Society for the Prevention of
Cruelty t.. Children baa Ju*- brough! a t-st case
against parents belonging t.. the order of
iv. ni.c. Pmple, ? seri which Ifl spreading widely
ni most of the larger English .Hies The charge
.ig.iiii-^t them wa* that the) had allowed four
children i" .Jie of diphtheria without uie.li.al at?
tendance. One "f til" "MelH Of the nlder. ll.'
scribing their creed ami practice, said: "We
"anolnl With oil, lu;, .ti hands and have prayer
? ..r faith ^'e base our i.eii.-fs .,,1 the epistle a.
"cordlng '?> Bt. James principally." The witness
himself performed Hies.- rites in the .ase of the
childi-ii wno died, but had had helier link In
other <a?es, where tba pstienta K-.t well. He
might hav.- declared truly enough that he did
let lose a Isrger proportion of them than the
general run of medics! practitioners, sun ins
method of practice did not seem to the Court
d"ser, lng of en?*oorsgem*nt, un.l the .ase was
referred lo the de isi"ii of a higher tribunal. The
I'c tillar People are Itol m.,re absurd and ob?
stinate in their therapeutic notions than mir
own faith healers, though the se.t is mu.-h larger
in numbers, and their rejection <<f tiie ordinary
means ,,f medical rvllaf In .ase* of Infectious or
contagious di.s.-asc ls ii peril to society at !?,?>-.
Mr Ptammer, City Magistrate, said on Bun
day that th.' Tra. ii"ti Company, and n..t its un?
fortunate employes, should be i?**i.l to account
for the slaughter al i<ea,i Mans Curve, Mr.
Kiammer was right, unite right,
And ihe Treasury delicti keeps on growing.
in his m?ssa>?e Governor Bloch did noi rommll
himself to sny pian of toad improvement by the
Slate, although he said that the lied >,f better
roads was apparent, and thal "the initial step
"cannot be tak.-rl tu.. soon to place our hlghwavs
In a rondltl 'li suitable to our wealth and popu?
lation, and t>. remove a long-continued and
"merited reproach." <?n Wednesday he was
visited b> a delegation concerned tn the move*
m-iit f..r K" d roads, and awaiti expressed cordial
Interesl in the subject. His co-operation may
therefore be counted on in se, tiring such b-^isia
tiuii ms ls needed t,> enable a start to bs made
In a reform ..f tile first Importance.
Pret} nichol In the arts Mould in>t niean free
a blahs) -ii.. t Ly a long >haik
Besides the other obvious object io na to the
suggestion thal drawbridges should be bulli
across th.- Hast River, mention Bhoold bs mads
of the fact that even If the .Legislature should
authorise their ronstru tlon the National Gov
eiinnenf would have sotfltstblng decisive t>. sav
on Ihe subject, lt ls less than a y-ar since the
War Department decided that the new suspen?
sion bridge need noi be placed at a greater
bslghl than the old one, although lt was averred
that the currents In the vicinity of Coriears
Honk would make If more dltn.uli for vessels
passing under lt to lay their course near the
middle "f ihe riv.-i. as the) do further down
stream t" avid hailuK their topmasts carried
awa) b\ the present bridge However, tbs
si heme which Assemblyman wilson ha,* fathered
is too absurd t.. reset ve serious eonslderatlon,
and .alls for no further discussion.
lt ls said lhal with the assembling of the
Legislature the trust* are beginning t.. shahs
shake ...il the dust, we suppose
-? -
There have been aigiifl in our public convey
hines f"i Sollie time warning people against
?pitting ..ti ihe floor. They have been generally
disregarded Al length lbs Board >.f Health
announces it* determination >-f enforcing with
sui. mess the ordinance forbidding ihis tllihy
and dangerous practice. Its sefton will bs ap
proved I'V all BSWSlMS people
- - ?
rs.- Pelting Cassette" not long uk-, contained s
decree on Hie subj.-,! of a Tibetan HiM-likh,-u,
or living Hu*I.Iha. who hud deserted his ecclesi?
astical post and carried off his seal of office Kor
Hits offence his lille and seal wsrs cancelled, an.l
lt waa dc u.d that his soul should not he al?
lowed to transmigrate at tua decease. Thia sen
'ence ao overwhelmed the unhappy ex-communl
'ant that he went to Peking to protest against
Ita being carried Into effect, but he died before
his appeal wan heard, and the COB teat was left
to I*, fought ont hy the remaining I'll' living
Bnddhaa The lana of the Hut-ukht-u-shlp and
the Interference with the BebOOqoeat movements
>f lim ITut-ukht-ti soul Involved In the sentence
M disturbed these holy men that they petitioned
Hie e'hlnes.. Resident at la.i*s-.i to Invoke from
lila Imperial maater a revocation of the sentence.
Thia the Realdenl did. and the result was the
publication of the following Imperial decree: "We
d.-slte that, aa la besought of ns, search msy be
"made to discover the child In whose lindy the
soul of the deceased llut-iikht ii has Iteen re
hotn, ami that when found he ba allowed to re?
sume tile government of his proper lamasery."
Cyrus Cobb's Marble anal of Dr. s ? Smith, an*
thor of "America." which ans ordered hy the State
of Bfaaaacbuaatts, ls finished, sud will I*- placed in
th.- new Memorial Hull when lt ls easssaafed
Following the example of his cousin. Duke Karl
nf Bavaria, Prince Ludwig Pl nilli.md lins begun
in prac t las hs a physic lan, aad haa oOea hours
every gay In Hie hospital of the Ke.i cross in
Munich. The Prince studied lu ina Munich rltnica
mid baapltala, Bsaktng a specialty af women's dta
raaea. ll. is a nephew of the Prince Regent af
Bavaria and aa uncle of the little King af ipatn.
ii- haa ni-" siKivvn talenl ns a must. Ism. Bud haa
written a fantasy for orchestra, which was i>?-r
formed ?t the near year's court concert h rear ago.
"Che Hoston Transcript" sn)-: "nie Rev. Dr.
Isaac Lansing haa deckled to resign tbe p.-isu.r
iite of I'srk Street Cburcb, bul 'h.- society must
pay him KJ.GO) for so doing. In addition to H,SOfC,
which he < lafm* a* his salary "> March 31. Ur.
Lansing doea nol look upon the amount of money
as a lunns. f,,r In- declares that the a?-i lon of the
church committee has placed him in an unfavor?
able IIkIh before other societies, whi.-h i- likely
?n affect his future proa peela seriously "
Thc London papers say that Marshal Yatnaxaifc
of Japan will probably visit Knglaid In June, to
represent the Mikado at the iretabratlona tn honor
of tiie Queen's long reign. In that event he alli
embrace th- opportunity of making at. extensive
Inspection of Brltlah military and naval factories.
Including private eatabUsbments.
Ar the requeet of Professor Charlea II. Hemier
Bon, of the rnlveralt) of Chicago, and Ur. Qunoau
Ins, of that pity, Rohan Treat Paine, of Beeton,
(ms consented to go to I'hieago and address sonta
meetings In th" cause of charity, Bear tin- i ins.
of this month Mr. Paine ls widely known in
philanthropic circles, and ls president of the bos?
ton Associated i 'harltles.
Tl,.- I.it,. Slr Henry Parkes, nf Australia, left one
of the most valuable autograph collections in rx>
According lo "The Wsetllne~t0t1 Post." an Illinois
member of Congress once dined with "Billy" Maaan
In <'hi. ago They heil talked of the desire of Mr.
Mason to coma to the Senate, had admired the beau*
tifu! house in which he lives, had ? veu Inspected
the tiled glories of the lutthroom, and then, smok?
ing an after-dinner elgar, the two friends walked
downtown toaether. VVhea they w.t.- some <iis
tancs from the bouse th*- Congressman turned ano
look..I back at the large and brilliantly lighted
dwelling "You have a beautiful home." raid ike
Congressman "yea," replied Mason, with a sound
ih.it was between a laugh and a sinh. hut 1 .an
hear that bouse drawing interest two Mocka*away."
M, Paul Detourede sins thai he has given up
politics. IL- ls busy writing lils new drama,
"Hoe he."
The \M.rk .md Importance of th.- Tuskegee tiejrro
conferences have now lie. ome so widely known
and recognized throughout the country, an a means
of showing ihe colored people how lo net upon
their feet, ihal Ihe tri.-ods of the negro will be
ul.ol to know that the next session of the is'-k'-"
ronferen.onvenes at Tuskegee, Ala . under the
auspices of the Tuskegee Institute, on Pebruary
14 on tin- following day Hie workers' conference
of representative! from the lending negro schools
Will he heh!. The*e negro coilfi rem?? s, lieliiK 1-0111
paaed as they gre of Tun jr duo of the farmers and
mechanics of the colored race, finnish .1 tar.- op
portuniti to stud) al Orsl hand the negro'i condi?
tion and progreaa from year to year Many io. ai
conferences on the same plan Bre now being or
gaulaed Ihroughoul the Routh. Frtetida of tbei i ?
are lnvi'ed r,? atti nd
Sotin Idea may ba formed of what the Russian
Rm per or has io go through by ihe fact thal 'he
leremonlea connected with his coronation elgbi
months a*o havi not yel come to an end. On l-'ii
ila.v HiJ Ma) -iv held .mother r.'ptlon In the
Winter Pahici- to receive ihe congratulations af
more representatives of bia faithful subjects.
Several handled persons were presented, comprising
1 tv. different deputations, each one with bread and
salt on cost I) gold and silver plates ot other works
of art. bong tables In the Ca'aie were again
lo.nl. d With these gifts to the 1 '/..u. as at Moscow
In May last, amt the Cl reinony observed Wis . \
Beti) the sallie -il.melon Hr mala t'-l
faOWell, Me., has a woman Justice of the Pes ??
who is occasionally railed upon to officiate at w -.1
dlnga Sh.- never kisses ihs bride.
a Porns of Speech Hs t ran across grandmother
In ihe purk veale rday
His Aunt oh Bear! I didn't know thal you rode
a bicycle (Life
"The Augual i Hla I News' talla of .? wenssn iii
that .-ir> who has nerer been from un.lei- the Con?
federate flan sin, e tr became "har Has." Whether
walking, eating or aieeptna. their ls alwaya a Con?
federate Muk over her head While walking on th*
?treats lhere ls alwavs a flag in her bat, and, no
matter how many hats or bonnets sh., has, there
ls always tO be found a tl lg pitmeil on the inside
of the crown, tm the beadposi .f her bed is s. -
curdy fastened a large flag of tin- Pan federate
Slates The riaK la as necessary for her as three
meals a day She say* >1 >? his never surrendered
nnd never will.
In Dantsic alone buring ..is; year nea ri) ona hun?
dred ions of amber wera turned lo rue smoker*!
purpose in pipes .nd cigarette-holders. Tills, of
course, is amber of the familiar wilow variety.
Sicilian amber, on tin- other hand, shows a wonder?
ful variety of lints, from rub/-rad to turquoiae-blue,
as may I.,-st he get ri tn the private collection Of
Arnold I'.'itfitrn, an American of fortune, wno has
mule coloredeinbera his hobby, has written a 1.00k
ahout them and ha* recently heen un 1 rlsli lo i.m
don, carn Ina with him a numb -r of bia Hneel specl
mens. (Sketch
"Ti'.' Buffalo News" reports that th.- Chipmunk
oil Reid, m Cattaraugus County, N X . ;s nil ful?
filling expectations Tin- oil ls found ?r ., depth of
ahout four hundred feel in a shallow sand, Which
ls a new feature 0f Northern od field developments
I'he wells .ne "flash) " Many of th.-m haw -; irtefl
ro flow a! a MB-barrel mir. .md in nm weekfl their
production would not ba greater than twenty bars
tels per day Thc w.-iis h ne bean drilled mi thtcklj
lh.it the shallow sand |s beginning to show a in uk".I
decline. I.asl month the total output of the heist
was about I.',??i barrels, but thc present m..nth win
undoubtedly mark a decline of it less. 5,000 barrels,
Many of th,- foreign shipmasters who vial! this
lort arc > xp.-rt bicycle rid.os. who bring their
whe.-ls With them from ad parts of the world Th,.
naval officers at the league island Navy ra rd are
also .'Xpert riders, who handle their wheels as well
as they ilo their vessel* at s.-a Captain Urunst,
of the Hitman atejmahlp Sophie Rickmers, mm'
hading oil at Point Breens, is one of the heavy
welghl type. He rides a whee; of special design,
made tor him In Qermany, The captain ls over six
Let tall, and Wetghl MU pounds Ills great avoir?
dupois makes 1: somewhat .lull, uh for him to
mount and dismount, hut otherwise he can hold
his own with Hu- lust of them (Philadelphia
Thi* is how denara! ron Mettks described th.
service In an Kttgllsh church lu a lei ter from Kns
laml to hi* wife: "The prayers hint for about an
hour. In the conns of which clergyman an.l
Benara gatton sltseaatsly apsak. The nonssgnanfe
ls that one iiasses uhont half the time upon one's
knees. Which *eems an easy task, seeing thal one
ls provided With a good velvet cushion and an ejs>
?hair si One's back, bul la other respects ti ls really
1 chaatiasmsnt, After ih**e the ohapter of ths (Nd
Tastaassnt was read which describee how Qteoon
ila>s ihe nv* ABBOrttS kins*, put* them In a ca.e
ind hang* them on trees, gad how nianv town* he
had destroyed, killing the Inhabitants to a man.
tml other certainly not v ny edifying things of the
same character. The sermon conies hist of ,,||, .julie
1* au accessory a rhetorical exercise "
Two or three motnlnas lifter Hi. arrival ut* a
I.eW huller the mistress of the house look I he op?
portunity of linking the cook how she liked her
new fellow-servant. Th* report waa an escallent
nile In fact, mu am." ?n,l the cook. the sri
vmiiIh' hall Im ipili., u illrTcrent pl.,,,. nov. " Not
unnaturally ibe msatrsaa prawned for ronner nar
lleulara ''Well, he talks so claverly." said tin
rook "Last night, for instance, lu rgplalned
thing* to us for un hour and a. half." "Kaplalnad
ihlugs what things?" sahl the misti cs*, now i>all\
Interested "Well," was the replv, "he was l-lllna
na how we are all des ended from Mr. L?aiwln."?
I West minster liar. Ile,
i ii *giBa?*B*B??*?ss****-*aa***B?-s?awBB***aW
Th* third concert of th* Hostnn Symphony Oren**,
tra, limier the direction of Mr. Taner, took plar*
In th* Metropolitan Opera Mouse last night. Ar
audience, handsome both In number* and Appear
arnot, and obviously alive ,o the dignity and beaut
Of Ihe higher form- of or. hes,ral musl", h*<4
gathered to hear lt Doubtless the dl**ppoln?m*r,t
a, Mme M.i|,?* wifh.Irnwal was keenly felt, for
she ha* seldom treen gul fl so brilliant in op*rr
as she has uniformly been when slnfllns; with in?
ila*,on orchestra, but the feeling w.is t\ot permit?
ted BB act as a .lamper on the Mjfl***flBflt*l nt th'
audience. After an attempt to -??cur.- the servicer
of Mr. Kdouard de Brash* hafll fslic*!, Mr. |'!sn
cofl was enlisted, arid lie ICU"' ? high d' grtt nf
satisfaction. He sana; Irs! un Bria from VflNTl
"Don ,'arlos." an.l then die -.ina; which, to Judg
by the proKrammes of the Sunday n:a-hf rosc*ftr
for the last three years, eonstltute* ,t:r< .--f-cr'tir
of his concert repertory. The allusion, >,f ccir?e
ls to Schumann'* "Die Leiden Orenadlere." lli--|<.
nev.il ns M. I'lancou has ma.lt- rh.- son,*. || flroaaed
a frenzy nf enthusiasm, but ha evidently appr*ct.
ucl ih.- situation latter than lils lister., r* and
refused a repetition, or sven mu addition to the
The orchestral numbers w.r- ., a**mnhonl po*-*
entitled "WsBeeaBUBs's Camp" (tb* poetl. raotlra
of wiii.h. tak.n front ?chiller's dram 0
been employed i,v Hi,, ir,... ? ?,--> and Vincent .1 Indy)
son..- affection* from Ifumprrdtnrk'a Di. k .-,
kinder," Beethoven's "fidelio ?n^
Tachalkowsky'a fourth sytnphony in P-mtnor
Ih.- ia-., number reached high-witei mark I ? ?
orchestra's achievement. Th* symphoi ,...,
played several tltuea In New-Vork ai.? ? ?
n-is of hoih tba Philharmonic .",.1 Bym
cletle*, but it ha* nev,,- been given with the I
and .lash thal characterised the perfon
ulah,. Mr Pa uer aeesaed io h* court
with the tempo In which he took th. ..
mem. but to- kr.-w t,i- raen, and tie \ -?.-- ? ?
test marvellous!*, well, (, vi..- a rase mon
In which finish in detail and conalderation for tha
general and chara, f. 1 ;-:l. effect writ hand la
hand, an.l the result w.,* seen In the "a< I I ? for
the first Uni.- in New-Yorfc, the public hetrayed
enthusiastic Intereal lr, -something els. than th*
scherzo, with Its somewhat undignified hui fetch?
ing ptsstcsto effect Th* Inesl work of Mr I Vier
?1- weil as hi* men w..s .lone iii the firs, movement
which was worked out with areal tine*** ai ?: tr,.'*'
Mr Pa uer als., mad, .. t-r.;.. dei ? ..ur ,,* ? -_
clam..lory mot,., Which opens the work and recurs
low..rd its .-Ins.- and which those who il recall
the beginning of Hrh'imann's symphony In R-fiat
will recognize as a pretty tribute 'r, thal d< light*
ful work. The Humperalnck number, dlsNosed
H..-., composer's skill In tlc- development of simple
themes, redolent of Oerflssn nursery sot,** with all
the puissant charm of modern harmnnv and r?r.
"h.stratlon; hut lt might he questioned whether
they would have r.Ived such fla,'erina; rrrnfBj
tlon had not Hansel and Gretel" Blood ipoflaflB
for them.
The frhnds of the Da m.i ? Ul 1-:' Quartet, whs
gathered in large numbers last ? .. I'-sm,
ber Music Hall, st the quartet'* a* and ;-? rf..rm.
ance this uss san, w.r,- delighted with on. of tht
mos, enjoyable concerts that thia ad mi ra bl* or
ganlaatlon has given. Their ptaylna lara snuBj
was finer in f.-eiinjj. and showed mon artistl .al
anea snd unlti of purpoa* than th*) hav* achieved
;.t any of their r? eni performance* >,? Dunn,
reuther lias made bis gnarr, t a fader IO le rack*
oriel with in the musical season of tl ty, sot
onl) on account <<f their eacelli ? ;
aa well by their enterprise In brim ' rward
work^ little known to amateur* of cl 1
sic i.ast evening th* programme ontal ?? !*
sides .Schumai.il.-. splendid quartet In .\ Mayor,
two movements from Dvorak- ns** a
lat. op. Ul, and Rubinstein's ?; n..nor.
op. '.?). 'Iii.- movements bj Dvorak iver, leard
??arller lu th* season from Mr - : but
were gladi) he.-mi again lg tho? who rind I id thal
privilege, snd, i,i<l<-c.i. th.- whole of th, Bork - 1
have been an agreeable iiibstll it* foi Ru t
quartet, which smell* ol the 1.uni Th* lour rei
af Its Inspiration ar.- not. peri,.,;.- -? ..... u j?
some of Dvorak's other works, bul aecond hear?
ing only shows more ,-learl) Its m> - .'arra
ju.I itv spontaneit)
? -
Mme. Teresa t'arreAo ga-- her 1 1 , ia*.
forie recital In ('srnegia Hall y eat erda j afternoon.
There were aspects of lh? rasa In which I gi
from the Waldorf ballroom was sn agi ? ? ne,
though lt would bc ..ri excellent Min*; for piano?
forte music arid pianoforte players If the l< >*on
were on., thoroughly teamed and act, I ipon tbal
,he perfect success of ;, ptanoforte recital, l:k?
every kind of ..ti ent, rtalnment, ls dependent u; ja
.. proper adjustment of its elements .,,,,1 sun ???
Ings. A re. i,.,i by Mr Paderewskl In Cartaegtfl Hall
ls endured because the public 1 irlosit) to !>? -..:u
la .o great thal no other Bmusemenl room
? by would atvommodate thc audience* ah, ?
gather 10 hear him But Mi Paderewakl'a MUSM
does noi benefll b) the latte audienc, -i wm, and
pianists of smaller power of aura, rion would 1 BB*
su't th'-lr own mt reata and thone .?' thi r ail II
they we.-,- ,0 choose concert*rooma ii which tb*
Instrument would sound t., bettei g. lie
sui'-, there 1- an Inspiritiiii eft* 1 ratal et
listeners, which ls felt bj the n^t. ?. r- thetnselvti
.- much cs b) the performer; md the rev, - ?;
also true of an audience which All :.Jy la
part, a* ?as nu- eas* yeaterda)
Mme. t'urreAo'a programme ronslst. 1 of in* C
sharp minor sonata, with which irrlptioa
title "Moonlight" h.s become 1-- Insepsr.
ably. 11 ls to be feared; .. preludi waltfl
ano ballalla, b) I'hopln; Rubinstein'* i'.-.i brodi snd
Vals.- I'a price, IJast's "i 'amp.in, I I repeal, >'
requeat, aa it was stated; Beethovei - i. , - ,
No. I; P.?hiiin.it.us "Vogel ..I- Proi ?
sin's trans, rtptlon of .1 march* ml I ??
bert. She found hearty appreclatlo 1 all stu
did, bul the climaxes of popular eni islasni weft
marked by the i'hopln ballad, I ? nl-Lisst
study, snd the concluding march .vf:.- thi first
-h. played one of her mos) effeoilvi i'hopln 1 ira*
bera, the U-flat study; aftei thea, I ii- -?- ?'
??If I We,-.- a Bird." and sf ? r lb, last, tbs ilsth ot
the Schuberr-I.lszt Soiree* ,;.- '. nd .01
finale Of l..^:'s Sixll. Hui.*;.,ii.ii: Rhapeod)
Two pl.vs will be prod iced -,: th. I.; ? !? ThSSj*
uv on M.m.lav evening, Jai ian -' Th* Bret l* a
one.ic roated. b) Mr .1 dian l ? ? 1 I >
Wh.n .1 Man's Married" Th, ? ?:? at tattam
on th.- Thames. The , ..si in. 1 id, ?> J, ? ph Wheeta t
jr. as Percj Holton. Kstherlm Klorei ?? bs M-s.
Holton; Perdliiand OottBchalh 1* D I) i'ra .son.
and Rllssbeth Tyres, ss Mr* Ferguson Th* fltflgf
play ls a four-," t tossed) bv Mrs .'ranees 11 ll I
Burnett snd Mr Oeorge Klemlng ? ' *"*'?
Plrst ,J.-nii. niau of Buroi ? ' ? rn la
ihN pi,...- ar.- cast as folios -
.ie..rye Prince ..f \v..:-? iafi*-r? 1 , ., ..?.
<ie. rgu lVi 1 k. Hseass
,'ol.Hiel If..Ill \ - - ?
hi, > lirUloplMH . .. - ? ?? J u ,fja
::,-::v"-'- -.V;:
w.i.l ,'artstM-u li
.-..piali. M..-ns .
I..1 1 Walden " * l\t
it-, 11. rt
,',?,,. Uanneriafl
I . I ? 1 \ . AI h ... 1. , . *T,?*a
? ' 'l"". M-- !"? J
Th- ci,.,,.,, ter of thi pla) a ?*?*?
the following ressarks b> Mr- B ?
"Th.- l-'lrst Qei.tlemsn of Burop* wa* bi ?'??r.*
bod) knowe, ihe n.? ?*,*? **?. bv soelet) ie "'?
j',11 . c it' gi Bl sft, tv.., -1 ''?? orgs i\ li ? ??* * J
i? I,,,,, because he wss the greatest
? latch of hl? tim.-, snd i-i'i-'i hlmsell fsprcisw
on the .1.1..or..te poiNh of his manners issi '? ??
elegance of his dress Thsekera) ssys. '?" ?
"Four Oeorge*, iii U '??? a, rei did snythtoi ' -l
Invent ., ahoa bu kt* lt* did a 1 ?sni otaet
thing*, but. unfortunately, the* wen ??
creditable as th* Inventing ol ?no? bui ale*. (
"Uterstura and Ih* drama usually ^????-i-t
aa ha w.* after h, becam, Prlnc. Res nt, ss-J
he had erowu fl, and wor< stays . " "
face, ..nd wa* altogether ? rather ndicii.-i,*1 ^ -, '?
"HUI there was fl lime, u ? ? "?.?.-*
youth when he wss picturesque '< **? ;HJ'rm-.,?
Lxtremel) iiccompllshed bi.'ul ?n?* ,f?s?ht?allr
il,, hud 1, beautiful ...i>. ..." ?*?'>? ??;'-? wl-r,
love sonijs BOd .trinkli-K ?OJlg' ?"'' *' ,*,r.nd
poor PerSlta al night In th* for.*l of ?ln?baw.asa
drinking souks witt, his ???<>'? .'OI,,l''l.,"n Mor*
brllltsnT, witty, vicious i har les 1 ..? . v- ,"?,,,,
ri*, who composed s.n ?s for him sn t. ^
aauall) gs) aid witt) and resd) lo 1 a "?*"
nu his adventures n,.ish flt fi*
He had adventures sassy ol Ihent '';;,,prf
well-known t.o.-k tell* us all aboul ^"'...^m^H*
1 a* hei... und*r'the
,n Which hS a,..'.-are; a* ??????:, ,--foll,Ott.
uf an ortl.ei crtitniK "' ,.,.,?.? . ...,..* lemperaassss,
"He was of thSgsy. Pies sui*-.'?'?, j* ',., ',? , dull
Ills boyhood ???tSy^iUltf wa*g'"?
Hanoverian royal houselii ld \ ' eur
Mfl ..wn estsbllshisient snd round nuns ,
rounded bv th* """,l ''i'111**1" ".'?*' \' ?r( braul!??
. la and ogled b) una. '''i'''' ''? ' Xlimf *'?
,"?,? ehsrsd.r ... hatidsome and ttartnsfiss^
"?".,",?. MO,> st thai ^yvStJ?,tSSl^^
tooted 1.ltd- -ems ra?her ti sate. ? S
ich.^ W KSr ::,::? l,wr.^
? hat all of us have som. IIBS* ol' > ft. pot
l,U one* anions US a mom.n when^?S ^ ^
Jutte .? dull. th. rnT^TVk^atmomctt
ar* not Quit** ?o selfish, tin ai.**"

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