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V ??- LVL...R* 18.334.
Qgaton, ohio. jan. _M Major M?'Kinley wen!
I rhiir'h this morning with Alexander ll Re
(ll, one of hi* Chicago friends, an<l spout thc
,,t e* the flay in comparative quiet at home.
There ll ? good deal ol talk about Lyman J,
ipo ?f Chicago, ami thc Treaeurj jortfoiio
plight ll sooms that the doubt* about Mr.
m'f R publlcanlsm ha\? been cleared sway
if nat alwaya been with tho party, eave on
II n. Ho ts In thorough harmony with
,* Republican policy of protection, and has
ublifly Indorsed the St. Louis platform Mr.
ag^ ls now moro than a Cabinet possibility,
? li a l< ? led probability,
r r - Appleton, of Brooklyn, arrived hore
Might lie will supRost to Major McKinley
M ar: rtntment or Andrew Jacobs ns Naval
ifflrpr of !tv? Port of New-Tork.
Interest u Cabinet-making centres about the
.lac* ol Secretary of tho Treasury, if ono may
UdK<> fi m the enormous volume of corre
?andence which is pouring Into Canton, and
mm the number of delegations which come ta
f* Major McKinley In the interests of various
i?n ? have been suggested for this place,
hf r ? :s displaying ? il gree of concern
ridel ' haa seldom evinced. Considering the
Ina- i ndltlon o' the country ami the
iror nen! pine titian, -lal topici have occupied
I public discussion for th.' Issi two yean, it is
??? ii inge that tho candidates for Secretary
if th" Treasury should bo discussed from one
.nd of tie land to the oth< r
OthT things being e.nial, the Presldei I eleel
efer to appoint a Western man to
hf Treasur) portfolio, hu: he will n ? pen
?agrai a! consideration! to rob hint o' ? | ..1
ifllror sn if tho n. .-! available man ls found
nth* East 'hat fact alope will not prevent his
i:; ll ?"' '
lr tor Cullom, v. h. se position in respect to
rabir.-* appointment has ho n a singularly
strone and dignified 'ne. is not a candidate for
my place tinder tho Administration and has
ly said that h" does not desire a Cabl
Kt| rtfollo, hut. on the other hand, it i^ known
har th" President-elect esteems him highly
ind baa considered him with reference <?? more
han ono pla'.. Senator Cullom. if appointed
S th? Cabinet, would doubtless receive the
?ffer of tho portfolio of tho Interior for th?
??as-n that Major McKinley has determined
:hat t^.at place shall bo given t,. a Western
nan. Gossip which was without warrant haa
?anne ted the name of Senator Cullom with the
rreastiry portfolio, hut he ls not under con
?deration for that pla< e.
Tho pressure for Federal appointment ls ab?
solutely without precedent. Tho result of this
i that the i"abinet ts being very slowly mad ?
few possibilities and candidates are being di -
,-flopod daily, and it will not be surprising If
h* t'ahlnot is incomplete when Ma.j'>r McKln
ty '"ave* rant-in for Washington, President
dan son selected his Secretary of Agriculture
md tho New-York member of his Cabinet, Gen
ral Tracy, after ho roached Washington, and
'?eeident Carfiold, it is recalled, selected hil
p-.'???nastor-tlenora 1 about midnight on March 8.
Th?re ls a pretty strong suspicion hers, which,
let . amounts to a certainty, that the New
England men who came hero a day or two as;0
la suggest the appointment of T. Jefferson
ge have no reason to think their mission
?Ul be auccessfuL lt haa been known in Can
MSI r- least for a fortnight that the only Mas
au-husetta man who is likely to b appointed
ii ihi <'a >lnet is ex-Governor John l>. Loni
Indeed. :? at teri have gone so far that the ap?
point men) "f any other man than Mr. Long
trou'd be wellnigh Impossible, and when the
CaMr." slate is Snail) completed the name
?f Mr T. .np will doubtless be found on it.
Th" v. xl Republlcsns of Massachusetti
unaware of their want; in thc way
' i . appointments, and a g'ame at th<'
!is levoals th* fact that the
:<?<.] . | ? \\? Commonwealth a^k for a larger
sambot f mportant places than those of any
other State, ' ?hlo not ? x ? pti d.
Th?-r- - already some apeculatlon concerning
fl Plrst \ slstanl Secretary of State.
Tba President-elect desires a strong, capable
iran for the place, and one who has more than
a ffin-.ti-,. . knowledge "f foreign affair* Colo?
nel J..r.n H -a h i ba - been promlni ntlj
ttoned *- . : -..;? Ambassador to areal Brit
ain. ma> ?? prevailed upon Lo accept the
place a t. he sn e o< upied with bo
TniKh -. ii John Russell Youni "f
Philadelphia, who has h.ol valuable diplomatic
experiei ?? ? China, ia talked "f in connect on
wita ?! ; and ex-Congressman Bellamy
I ? nnatl, ohio, is ais> under con
iKlf-ra- ? K\ '-"ort. it is underst.1. will be
madf Mr. Rockhill, the present as
ibtant ? ?? \> ti" reaaon to think it will
bt'avcceaef . ii" relations to som. member!
af ? . .?,.? Corpa are unpleasant!)
.list,- th'-,e will i>e no dif?
ficulty ? ' uga Republican who has experi?
ence and ? tn enable him to discharge
the duties ol the office In a highly satisfactory
Th<- - practically dropped from pub
t . ' , x aa current discussion of Cabl
aet possil ? ~ concerned, lt N tacitly ad
Kitted i iu hiern member "r the Cahi
r.- ? ??- Nathan Cgff. of Wesi Vlr
rinia. wh ? on the Ignited States Bench
?n4 who ?? ' ??morly Secretary of th" Nav;
Ht.*'- a i r>f Baltimore, who was som?
,-i\ urg*vi for a Cabin?! place
*?? pion ? msldered by the Pres!deni
? t ne is not a lawyer, and as lt i i
?-< io find in avsllable nan from the South
*hn - i Iswyer and a representative
laotl i is i fair Inference that noth
'na fnrthei ?? l>e heard of Mr Gary in con
i ? ? Cabinet which iK now being
? ?
? ? ? ??! peter .Finsen, ono of the
?ahgttei ? frim Nebraska to the Republ -
tan N., vent lon, la In the city direct front
1 alt v McKinley ll" '''U* of an estended
hterrles i . President-elect on Cabinet poss!
I faa, .
T'* - ?irned on tho matter of Beere
?H af Ai .1 impressed on him tim* the
**r ? loM-str of tho country wanted a
">?" fror.; t, and Major McKinley re
J *?# ' i ? s ,? afl< ? a man from tho i orn belt
." ' jedi Ma i?r then asld:
'"' I .? .-;? nal 'r Wilson, of Iowa'"
I' '?; I did and that he waa a Ana man.
25 *? ? rood titnixr in Nebraska,' I In
_''"? -m l? ' ll) realise lt: said tho M.ilor
., ip iu*e, i? said Rlgntfli antly: 'l? If
? Nebraska went back on na Th*
at* ?hou ...- gone Republic in '
k ?? - io mean thal Nebraska could noi
? '??i ? rirsumsta tu ? ?
-? ...-, ?
? . Treasury, I bellevi i
io or Senator Cullom wit
- Maloi McKinley l? atrong!) ii
wr ?- - i blmetaUlsaa.
I san I, Woodford, ol Brooklyn, wa.>
22J '''_ ' ? ' ? "Bel >' .r-. I- ? I'.j'i |< thc Pirti
,.,^"*'' ' yesterdsy sad spent an hour In privett
Mi I'iati In ns apartments Thi
?'.."'? fJeneral a . oh wai ulgned bj
..>tJ*?'i'- ir ? wno m..k.' the riftii Avenue
ant*2*,u*rtM1 lo lh" Pnamlnence which recen
,;*tHiit- !?h'* fr?m ('ant"" ''?'v- Klvti I., lorn al .
Mn- ''""'?-y No conflrmatlon, however, ot tb
al Woodford had been offer*
--???atv of the Navy ul a m? ? u
E ?.? ' ?? ibo .s.?..t,.., , uerday.
' ; ? M Kl ? ( . Kdward Lau
!*???,? i ."? ; '?-' '?"???' ??- ??< nfs tot) t, ti,.
?r^V.WnerW'V0rk S""'~ "?nrescntsilve il
*?* slictoi..^'??1! "'? " messenger of I hi New
?witora, < ??*?., esrrted ., Washington th
r>m?Mal vote .if the State in 1W for Abraham Lincoln
for President. Hp was thru twenty-five years o!.l
'nd ha<l been a sawyer for three year*. He became,
In i*t>i. Assistant t'nlted States District-Attorney for
itip louthtrn District of New-York, bul a f> w monthi
later resigned to entpr tho Army, from Which he re?
tired in i?"> will) thc rank of Brevet Brigadier-Gen?
eral <>f Volunteers. In ISM he wai elected Lleuten
ant-Governor on hip ticket with Governor Reuben K.
Fenton General Woodford wai nominated as tho
Republican candidate toi Governor in 1879, hui w,
i-ountrd out by the Tweed ring, ami .John T. Hoff?
man was declared elected. Two \Pars lalor hp was
f^r.-ni ;o Congress. Prom 1*77 t,-v" 1W3 hp was Knited
Star<-!. Attorney for th? Bout bern District of New
Washington. Jun. H.- Senator James '/? George,
of Mississippi, is lying to-night at the Garfield ll ??
pitnl. in this city, critically 111. At lt o'clock h?
was reported a< resting slightly easier than bs ha I
bera during tho day. His wir.> and family, whe
are al their home al Carrollton, Mis-., have been
summoned to his bedside, and arc egpected to nr
'i\<> to-morrow.
Benatoi George '-.uno to this city from Mississippi
on Junufto .'.. uud immediately entered the Gar
I ? ld Hospital, He was suffering from a com?
plication of diseases, bronchial catarrh causing hit,
the greatest annoyance, nurina the lasi week iii
I ?? irl M;is become Involved In me general com pl I
1 atloni. and it is from thia source thal the great
fears are now entertained.
A consultation between Dr. Benaan, hu atte >d
mg physician; Dr. Prye, of this city, and Profea
aol olsen, ol Baltimore, was held yesterday, un<
thp gravest doubts of his recovery were 'Xpressed
Senatot <;.'.r^.' has not been well for nearly
..par, and has not occupied his stat In thp Benati
this session. He ts over seventy years of ace, en
thi* fact militates agalnal ins recuperation.
Lynn, Mass jan, :\ The Rt. Rev. William Law
(episcopal Bishop ol the Diocese ol Massa
chuaetts. preached in Bt. Btephen'i Memorl
Church this afternoon He made the following rp;
erence to the Arbitration Treaty'
"We are thia month r. |i Icing in ? realisation of 1
dream of thc dreamers of centuries. Whether liv
pres* nt tn-.ir. i>. ratified or nol is of great Impor
lance, but it la al the same lime ol Ihe least tm
portance, as compart ?i with Ihe fact thal the ir ? n
haa !.n seriously proposed and formulated; Ihu
ll haa received the signature-, of the representa
lives of the two great Bngllsh-speuklng nation
and thal i. has l?een commended by the bmpresa o
Creal Bri lu In and India to Ihe consideration of th
nations of Europe, who, armed to the teeth ii
mutual eusplclon, are draining their wraith In th
Bup|K>i't <?"? standing armlei and hi ? a pcrpetu
ti , ? ace lo the pei ce. th< prosperity and th-- hap
of the world. Thal the [des of two great na
Hons, who a year ago were anno-' anning for wa
with each other, peacefully am) reasonably eettlln
difference* o the deepest moment sh,,nhl be wei
corned bj Ihe people of both nations is a step N
yond the <.f even a generation ai;o
? Wp are not optimistic enough lo believe that n
nations are Immediately going to beat their sword
int.> ploughsharea ano th-ir spears Into pruning
hoi ks, vVe ar,-, however. rIhH to !"? able to brea
forth Into tonga ol )oj thal thia new chord ha
been added to the harmon) of peace on earn
goodwill toward mr- "
Ci j n au
Tallahassee, Pla,, Jan. 21 ?On Baturday evenlni
the Wth Inst., Miss Emma Apthorpe, daughter i
the late William Lee Apthorpe, at one ump Sui
veyor-General of Florida, and also president of Hi
famous Returning Board thal gave the el?
toi.r vote of Florida to Mr. Hayes, was at:ark<
as ahe waa driving to her home In tho auburb! i
this city by ? negro known as Pierson Taylor, wh
tore her clothing entirely off. Before he could ii
.mr.- her further iipr screama brought succor an
her assailant < neaped.
< ?n Monday las: Taylor was arrested and ron
muted to jail. There were threats of lynching, t>t
hoi liing was done and the Sheriff had biglin t
think everything was aafe from trouble of \U^
kind. At 2 o'clock thia morning a email mob ^ati
ered in front <>f Hip jail, broke down the door
drugged the man out, hanged him to a tree an
Ulled bia holy with bullets hefore he had die
from strangulation, The mob departed, leaving tl
body hanging. A coroner's jury examined the bod
and returned ? verdict of "death Hom hanging an
shooting at thc hands of unknown parties.
Galveston, Tex . Jan 24.?Details o' thp lynchlr
.' nene Washington, who ommltted a crimlm
aaaaull on .Mi" Dehalt al the home of her hrothp
In-law last night, four and a half miles north i
Bryan, Tex., have been received here He v,<
hanged 'o the limb ot .. tree In front fit the Kn
National Hank In Maln-st., In that town, al ?>:
last night by an armed mob. He waa Identllh
by an Irishman arith wine; Washington was wal!
lng on :ti" railroad track near Wright's house, ai
whom lie left ostensibly io go to iii- hons.- to ?
i drink of water and something to eat The trial
man. when he rr., hed Benchley, a station semi
ol Br> m, heard of the outrage and then told aboi
the negro leaving him, The n:nv- correspondlt
arith th. time Ihe outragi waa committed, tl
Irishman was brought back Hom Hearne, i
recognised Washington .mont i dozen oth
roea a* the man who was wita him last Thur
d.iy afternoon, when the identification waa mai
GOO un i were around the Jail, and, deaplte the .,
peale ol the District Judge, County Judge, Sher
Nunn and oiler prominent cttisens to allow the la
to take its course, Ihej ma,ie a dasi: <m Ihe la
overpowered Ihe Sheriff and Deputlea and toe
the negro out and hanged him aa described Waa
Ington who wa* aboul twenty-one yean old ai
coal black, denied hi* guilt to the last. .\ t ig rn
pinned lo hia clothes, reading: 'This is the fa
of all rape fiends." After the hanging the mi
dispersed leaving the body suspended,
Ban Pranclscp, Jon. 24 Fong Ching, otherwl
known as "Little Pete," the moat notorioua Chin
man in California, waa ahol ind kill- -i In a Chine
barber sim;, last night by one or more Hlghbindi
"Little Pete's" last escapade w.is tr, bribe li it
lockeys at the Hay District track. The jocke
("horn, HeSnrlcha and Chevalier were ruled off I
turf for life for their connection with Kong Chh
?t Itt le Pete" haa also served a term In San Quint
f,,r |ury bribing, and now stand- accused of man
facturlng and circulating apurlous ??'?in.
Chicago, .lin. L'i '' B. Congdon, n. i,. i.\nn.
U' Bodman and <;pitge F. Stone, delegates to i
\.,' rial Board of Trade, will start for Washing)
? ? , morning Becretat Stone a ll !?? in chat
? if me dr!egatisn and prill present lix measurci ;
v. ated by the Chlcai i Board nf Trad-. T ?
. iternatlonal tr. iprocity and arbitration of d
pule* for th* creation of ?? Monetary Commies!
for :iip ne.-- ^,r:ng,'- enforcemeni of fha Inters!
Commerce law, and against the present recognltl
of Cuban belllgerencj
A light northwest snowstorm - In ai.ou- n a.
yesterday and ceased at ? p. m. According to |
Weather Bureau, tba quantity of snow iha; i
w.is less than onp Inch In de.ilh but ll waa bu
Cjeiu li, make Iii" sidewilk- and sip, rt- i||ppi
.mil i tine mi:!' pedeatrlanc to fall, and In so
ranei painful Injuries resulted. The range of t
thermometer was from ll degreea al I > m lo
ii. greet al *i p m.
Atlanta, Gn., Jan 24 R D Draught, rece ??
Hip Florida Mell.md. la under aripsi here, chart
with cheating and swindling, The accusal
rhargea him with Issuing and selling tt&,M0
bonds, which wire noi authorised bj the Court ,
miniate ring on ihe property. Draught ia - ll
the mnte', waa expended on the road. Tin p
riia-it- oi Un certificate* say thal they wm- i
protei ted ind have noi been able to get a nv mot
from the proceed! of ihe sale. Draught Wan
,, -.,1 on a wanam sworn out h\ Kady \- Mi
ii. i,i. of Atlanta, wno hold 8,406 of the r-ertlfical
lt i- said ih.ii Boston partl< bought J:""" of
,. i iii a tea
1 ! HEFl I. \ /.ll MTU LE.
Washington li ? .'t i ',.? . .: fi, ,,.,, , ,, , -.. .,
eporta lo the State Depanment upon a nen in
hlch i~ ;i i rystal-clear g.
pplied io ..in,(,si ...,\ ,,r lei
hs. oils and \ ari
called legamnid. which i
tlnous fluid eaottj applied
lind which resist* lom.alni
[?ther infill' tn i s in .i i, m
other Influences in ,i remarkable degree t-xii
paper, leathei and other aubsti neei ire r< idi
waler proof, protected against vermin and rem
smooth, soft and flexible
Poughkeepsie, N \ Jan J| rieorge Howell
,:,ttii- dealer, who llvea with in- ramil) at :?
;?, n hi ard Hom alni e
., w< sk "i o la I Pt ula', i
mun. Who I
home he had V'*' In bia po. k
' ? ll til this
"mi sn) with ii . ola
I woik. d for him \\ hen hi
home he I...d MOB In bia po. k. I li. had rn en
the haini ol making VV'eatern.trips foi ii,p puru
<if Inlying cottle Hts fri-:,.is f,-ur (,.. has n al a
foul play.
RAILWAY TUrriC (SrtKATi.Y bbtabdbd?orbat
i/>rs op CATTUi rsunao.
Pt Paul, Mien., Jan. 24.- To-night's reports from
j every part ,-f tho Northwest Indicated that last night
; wi? the ooldest night In two winters. St. Tani, about
i the warmest point in this whole section, registered
2'. degrees beU>W. The range was t'rnm that figure to
SD below at St. rioud: Uti below at Attkln. and 40
below at St Hilaire. There aro no reports In yet of
people tressing to drat h. though suffering in the
country must have he'n great. The St. Paul Rrliof
Society has be, n busy ali aay furnishing coal and
Ol ler supplies to the needy. The thermometer in
Ity to-night is ->; degrees below zero, and Indi?
cations punt tc) a further drop of at least lo degrees
before morning,
Raflwsy traffic ij everywhere greatly retarded,
; either because of <lrift-? or Inability to koop up steam.
Ai mnd Ale rdeen, Muon. Milban.: and Wilmot. 8. P.,
no effort has lien made for two days past to elnar
. the tracks, owing lo eery high wini- and Itu cuts
at? now ful to tba brina, A Chicago. Milwaukee and
.*<:. Paul paaaenget nam i? stuck in a drift near
Bonllla, s i>. fuel his been carried ta 'he -tain to
keep tho paBeangera comfortable.
Reports from points along the Missouri River in
dicate 'hat there will be heavy mortality among
tte c.,;:1p ,,n i aheep in that section, it ia ce.ir in
Central and Eastern Minnesota and tho wind baa
- ibslded.
Cleveland, .ian. 14 -Tue coldest weather of the
winter prevails At s p. m. the thermometer in tho
I'nlted states Weather Observatory i*gi.?tered 4 de?
gree* above aeyo and before midnight the mercury
:? i i bopped i ' aa many degreea below, The snow
covered streets weis deserted to-night, churches wera
empty and numerous entertainment* announced in
irloua halli and theatres were abandoned. The
differing a molli; the poor ls appalling.
Pori Wayne, Ind.. .Ian. M.?Thia hal boen the
? ?ill"-; liv ,,f the winter. A: 7 o'c'.o -k to-night ttie
thermometei ls T degrees below z?;o and indications
ara 'hat it will go lower in fore morning,
'unalla. Neb., Jan, 24. This has been tho OOldeal
day Nebraska has experienced In two years. At
many points tho mercury registered VI degreos bo?
los aero, atid the wannest reported was 4 below.
A strong wind from the north mads the cold seem
mote intense. The Missouri uiver is frozen over.
The lc.111101!. who hoi given Up hope of a 'Top, will
begin cutting to-morrow Little -now has fallen In
'his section, aid railway nattle is mn interfered
Denver, Col.. Jan. 24-The cold wave struck this
section a; ?'? o'clock yesterday sfternoon, and in
less than an hour the thermometer fen M degrees
fr* tn vi to ?ju above zero. Ten above ls tue mark
registered at s o'clock to-night, with prospects of
aero weather hofore morning.
Utica, N. V . Jan. M. -At midnight th? tempera?
ture in the Adirondack' was as follows: Malone,
13 degreei below aero: at Tunpet Lake, ir, below;
at Fulton <'hain, i" below, and at Retnsen, ."' bel iw.
pacts derived prom an ikvestioation
Albany, .lan. 24. The latest report of the New
York Bureau of Statistics of Labor i? devoted tn
great part to the question of srsgea in the various
Industrli ? "f Ihe State, covering a period of five
yearn Returns from 1,721 eatabllshmenta In the
sixty-five general Industries covered by the report
elicit Hie fact that in th.- year IBU 200.933 persona
employed by these manufacturing concerns re
celved 193,257.641(19. or an average of $4<m ,'.l each.
L: 1992, 215,930 wage-workera in 1,924 establishment!
received a total of 1100,519,011 lt, an average of
Vp^i1* for each employe. There were 239JMI em?
ployes at work in l,9M establishments in 1891, ami
they received 9109.973,94919, being an average ol
$u>'4i for esch worker, li ls reported by I 154 estnb
llahments that in ls*.t their 229,137 employes got w,
032,02939, the yearly average for each being %W '<7
while in 1995, according to the flgpres presented h>
UM establishments. 959,119 persons engaged thereir
obtained in wages 9110,427.159 91, au average for lh?
year of $4*<! Z'. each.
More than tlfty women and girl* were examined
BB witnesses in the Investigation regarding the eur
roundinga and wag,* of workini women in New
York <'itv, anil as a result th.- Commissioner vivs
"lt ls .i puzzling problem for the statesmen and th'
philanthropist to determine what to do for thou
sain'." of women and girl* in the Qrester New
York who work, nial are willing and anxious t<
work, and yet are not receiving wages enough ti
enable them to live aa human beings should live
The story told in the following pages cannol lu
ie,ol without reaching the conclusion tba' man)
petty wrong* and frauds are practised upon thes<
hard-working women and girls., ii is a dlfhcul
thing to polnl out an ad. |:n!e remedy in fae*, lin
nearest approach to one la, ii seems, th" organise
lion o! unions of these working people, foi wage
workers who are membera of unions seem to ie
..ive I.eitel wage-, better prut erl li iii .md IO dav
better surroundings than those who are not con
ne.].-ii wilh labor organisations."
The report shows Ulai while the;. Were only 94
applicants for help, there was un estraordlnar;
rush for registration at the Free Employment Hu
resu In New-York i'lt> 9.949 persons havlni
sought work through thai agency iii six month.
lti this number, aa Mr Bealln, the superintendent
ii pons, "almost ever; trade and 'ailing was repre
nt nilli, from the , lergyman to th.- day li limier, om
fi om the school-teacbei to the ordinal*) domestic'
i if the 9,040 persona who registered for employment
9,458 were mei and 1,592 wire women. The nunile
ot native-horn w is 3J39, 2.794 of this number bern
Ill.l:, While 142 WCfC WOlIUl! There wei, |.S.| of fol
elgn birth, of whom 3,954 were men and 1,149 wet
womel ?.
- --? *
BOBBED KY .1 <a\imi:\ll \f. CLERK.
Pittsburg, .lan. Ct Forged assignments of con
tractors' warrants for city work, on Which HAJJ
was raised, have be. n discovered. The p.iper wa
I held by the Columbia National Hank and the Mei
i cantile Trust Company, but neither Instltutlo
will lose anything, for tiio reason that the amour*
li voh???! haa been mada good by the contralto:
\Y J. In.nu Mr l?unn places the blame on a coi
ndontlal clerk, who. he s.ns. i-- now In the Wes
The man has wealthy relatives, who will probabl
make good tiie money taken by him. The forge
assignments were pl.ned in the bank ns collator
'? 1 were discovered When they were presented I
ii,. County Controller for payment The actui
nmotint of money appropriated l>\ tho clerk wa
j 1
1. \
1 '
ri 1
li .1
,, ..
ur STE AU NO $.10,000 iv SK't I'.ITIKS
Kort Winne. Ind. .Ian 14 Solomon Rothschild
Ol t!ii- city, will Btsrt 'or New-York this weok I
ie extradition papers for Julius A. Kuhn.
broker, who. Il is alleged, appropriated lo his ow
u-e }.;.. 099 woith o' securities placed with him ft
-nie b) Mr Sloths- hibls. and left America Inion
1 dlatel) atti rwanl. lt i? understood that Mr Roth
childs has fi,und om whet- Kohn is and will spat
no exp. use 10 punish bini.
Baltimore, Jan. "t. The tenth annual conventk
of the Improved Order of B'nsl B*rith wsa opssx
to-daj al Hassler*! Hall One hundred and Aft
delegates were preaent from several stales. Thr
represented iwenty-nlns lodge-, with n membe
ship of ov r 2,090,
rh.- report of Jutlua li Wyman, aupreme pres
,:, .,?. ,- miallo ,1 some auggestions ns io amendmen
to the constitution, lt wa* referred lo a comm!
lee as were the reports of the aupreme secretat
.,!, 1 pupreme treasurer. The onlj business of in
pori nu ? acted on at lo-doy't' session wsa the r
lection ot the proposition mode al baal year*a co
ventlon in New-Yorb to establish women'a lodge-,
To-nlghl Ihe delegatei were entertained al
, .ni Bunine** nes^lons win be held to momo
? ,1 hall complimentary to the delegates rn
1.. ; |ven ai night ll 1- probable tl, it Joel I
,1 ra "i New-York, will succeed Mi Wyman 1
president of the supreme lodge.
hort Monroe. Ya , .lau 14 - Tho i -ruiner Columbi
from New-York, res 'bed Hampton Roads at :, p i
? , ia) ihe cruiser Montgomery, from New-Ysf
,,. 11- , i at I 99 Ital - nun nins.
uoi/i\ >i 11 i:\oisTs AS8EBBUX0.
li - Moines, Iowa Jan 94 Miss gusan B v
C., |i , Poster A\?i> and Ainu Howard Bhaw,
!? adelphla: Mia Chapman Catt, of New \ i
i , i gi a,. Blai bra ?; nd 01 dei - promlnen
woman iffrag' *ork arrived here thia moraine
attend 'h* National (Convention of the Women Bu
?rag< association, which opens here Tnssdaj Ma
. ,, , u .ii, ii i li ins from all pans af tho conn tr
the \\. ii especially icing weil repreaested.
Chicago. .Tan. 24.?Mr*. Elijah Carson, who
died Ml Friday night In Annmosa. Iowa, crossed
the ocean 280 times and had never missed a trip
on th" Lui ania since that vessel was launched.
Fur thirty years she had been travelling across
the Atlantic until her face had become a familiar
one pol only to officers nf all the vessels ot th"
Cunard Line hut to the custom house officials on
both sid-s of the Atlantic. She ls said to have
been received on intimate terang hy the Aston
and Vanderbilta and other prominent families
who had long been accustomed to meeting her Or
ber trips across Hie sea. Mme. Patti, the prims
di mia. had a strong liking for her.
Mrs. Carson was the widow ,,f Samuel Carson
Of I'.r'.f.ist. Her name was Newell before bel
marriage, ami William n. Newell, her brother
"ns a millionaire of Nashville. Tnin. Bhortlj
after the (hath Of ber husband. In ISt'.i. Mrs.''ar
son, p 'nilli anird hy hpf daughter. Elizabeth
came to America tn \ Isit her brother. This Wai
ber t'.rst ocean trip and was the beginning of hoi
Infatuation for the sen. Mr. Newell prevailci
upon h<T in remain in America, and on bia death
bed bequeathed to her half a million dollars
This formed an ample fund to permit tlie indulg
pine of h t desire to be constantly on the water
It \> as .11 thf year ISM that Mrs. Carson Wg
Prst at lih. tty to follow her inclination. She I-f
ber 'brighter with friends and took her serum
trip to Belfast. Hemming in a few weeks, sh'
shu- that her chihl was in safe hands, and fron
that timi- until the day she was Belied with Iv
last illness, a month seldom passed in which sh
did not take a voyage across the Atlantic, li
iss,'{ ber daughter was married to Julius Rohr
bach, a travelling salesman of Chicago. Mn
Carson then fell that she had no more famil
tics which would restrain her from keeping con
tlnually mi the sra. Since 1886 her entire tim
had been spent In voyages.
Mrs. Carson had a gnat liking for Captain Mc
Kay ami all the offli pis of thp Lu ania, am
remembered them tn her will, lt lt sail sh
bequeathed fTsO.OOO to Captain McKay, and t
the subalterns sums proportionate t-> the esteei
in which she held them. The pxact terms of th
will, however, cannot be learned, as ihe docu
tiunt was Sled a' Belfast.
Mrs. Carson was well known in Chlcagx
About two years ago lin son-in-law, by the ad
vice of his wire, made an effort to restrain Mn
Carson from taking any more nips across th
ocean. vVhile she was at a hotel here, on a vis!
io lin- daughter, Mr. Rohrbach wenl before
court and asked f'.r the appointment of
guardian, making Hie statement that Mts Cat
aon had already spent $250,000 rn lor voyagtni
and triat unless a stop should be put to it hf
entire f 'thine would be lost. Mrs. Carson fougt
this legal action, and in a vigorous manner ar
nounced that she would submit to no restrain
If her son-in-law dared to interfere with her III
etty she would cut him off without a cent.
This so alarmed Mr. Rohrbach and his wll
that the juocpedinK-" were dropped, and Mr
Carson waa permitted to resume her saillni
The Incident, however, had made an Impresslc
on her mind, for on h?r next visit to Belfhl
she made and had placed on record a will I
Which she gave only SI.000 io her daughte
jcj.i.iaifl ea?h t" her banker at Belfast and h?
Agent in New-York City, and the real of h<
fortune tu the officers and crew nf the I,mani;
Mrs. Carson made her 'as! voyage across tl
Atlantic five weeks Ago. tm the trip out frot
Liverpool she was Belied With an attack i
pneumonia, and when the steamer reached Nev
York she was falling rapidly. Bhe was take
to a hot'd, where sh" re.nail,"d two du's, whe
her daughter arrived .and took her Wesl
Mr. ard Mrs. Rohrbach arrived here tins erei
ir.g (rom Iowa with Mrs. Carson's body, Tin
wimp og their way lo Nashville. Tenn, whet
the burial will take place mi Friday afternoo
Mts. Carson was seventy-four years old.
Baltimore, Jan, ?? The American steamship la
rada, Captain Hughea, which haa i? ? a barged I
Vie Spanish nv. ms and representatives In th
country with having successfully binded a numb
of filibustering expeditions witt.in the Cuban lim
and for which acta she la unlveraallj hated I
spaniards, ia al Hampton Roads arith a .arco
ind lemons, fn in Palermo and Meaatn
tna 11 "l lo the firm cf J. H Seward a Co., of til
etty. The Brm, previous lo th., arrival of tl
m. a mri- .ii the Capes, tr leg rai din I lo the signal st
Hon a: Cape Henry to order Hie vessel into Ham
ton Ki els for oi .Ins
Seward A Ca, i,i\" not definitely di >tded. own
lo tin . ondit,hm .f th- mut market abet her tl
I.auniihi will Oe ordered lo (lils pori or Io Ni"
Y'ork, Philadelphia or Boston, 'lin- preaent nu
mander. I'apt.nti lb tins, i- not the one who li:
chara if Hu >tr.inr when she la alleged to ha
lolated Ha- i eutrallty law-- Phe old i uptaln li
the Ham ula al Palermo, whe,. .sh,, waa ordered
?ail for Valen la, Sr un. In th< rarl) part of H
pember A' thal uni'- the Spanish authoritlea
Valencia ami the American Consul warned i
charter parties, ihe owner if the vessel and t
captain that if sin- was allowed to enter the pori
Valencia, the military forces of the pori would n
be strung enough to nuell tin- nmh violence th
wa- threatened the vessel and her crew
Milwaukee, Wis., .inn ?i Notice haa been giv
to the employee of Hip Illinois step! Compani th
all Hip mills will dose neil Mondav. Thia a
nouncemenl affects about six hundred men.
He- Moinee love Jan, 24 The Northweste
''.ni Compan) faded yesterday as a result of t
wat on mai "ii es thal has been ms-ing the ,
I era tors an Immense amount for ? month, lt w
aita, hr,i by tin- Maple Grove foal Company
an $P>,'H?' claim
Mila... Tenn., Jan. 24. colonel y s Rankh
attorney for the Illinois <'pntr.il Railroad comm
led suicide ihis morning by shooting hims
through tic head. Financial trouble luppoe
to tia v>. heni I hr cause.
Marlon. Ohio, Jan. 24, Edward H. I..'inion, hiv
keeper of Hi" Manon Deposit Bank, which fail
some mon tba ago. w.is arrested yesterday mi
warrant aworn cu' bj B. K fairfield, cnargl
embesslemenl of W.0TO. Fairfield is a son-in-law
R ll. Wallace, wno waa sol., owner of the Par
Several more urn-;- are expected
? '.rand Rapide M.. li.. .Ian. "I In a collision ll
night between a runawaj '"al car and an el.
passenger roach near here a motorman, .lo
Hake, was Hilled outright, and ( '.inductor Kell
seriously, if not fatally, injured, Five of the p.
aengera aboard tlc car acre injured, aome -?
on sly. <?hp of 1 lulu was an old snhli.-r. Hake w
twenty-eli years old. and leaves a w dow i
Auburn. N V .
mira transfer io
ls in New-York
night in ins . ell
.ian. Il Jareea McTalgue, an i
tin- Auburn prison, whose hoi
City, waa tau ned to death h
He wa- cooking ids aupper o\
a naphtha lamp, when Ihe lamp exploded, thro
' lng tin- burning thud over him in- r,,.-.- .i
hand- wen ten ll.I;, bur.I. ind he ip,.,| i? pr
agon) tillie hoar- latia lb- tenn of linens,
m. ni would H.i\ ? ? tplred In Mai h
Ban Franel* o, lau -'< The ?? dil ? ? - nf i
' missing real estate agent, William K. Fisher, h
a meeting lam night, " which ihe claims .ik.ui
' him wnr reported, amounting i" <:;.'??' Thia sn
according t" th.- atatemenl of Fieher'a bookkeep
exactly repreaented tin- nu.il debta ol hi- real
late tirm To I alf" Mri Jennings Fish
J'.'. '?" i- dar. 'I"ir ..--el-, ll waa said, constated
, ia.- office furniture. Including aafe, block boo
l etc from which lt waa possible ti.'"! might
realised. Fisher h's been missing alnce Monda]
Valparaiso, Ind. Jan. M Vineyard Hall, one
the hugest dormitories on College Hid. wai burt
to the ground yesterday, together wen the ,-,
tents Tin- dorraltorj contained sixty Buttes
' I...un-, all h. mg ..].I bi atudents of tbs Nor
un Indiana Normal School, who loal their beloi
hms. mam having narrow escapes Some a
found in their rooms unconscious, and had io
carried ..ur The mi,il loee?waa about tll.000;
aured f" |a,4M
i hi ago, .lan -t Jadgo Horton yeaterda) gi..
: ed un injunction against i Philadelphia publish
lions,- I" prevent an Imitation of U J Hr> a
nea book, "f I ne another Bryan hook ha
neared. While tin- lltle>page does not say ll I
written by Mr. Bryan, the dlaplaj of wmiis.
larg* .ind -mall type. I* BUCh, lt ls said, a- lo C
, vey thai Impression Tin- ital** ls 'The Ureat U
ll." The Injunctions were served laat nlsht.
London, Jan. 114.?"Tho Standard's" Madrid
correspondent telegraphs that the belief is held
In official fin los that tho scheme of colonial
reforms applicable to Cuba will bo published
s,i the beginning <>f February, owing to tho fa?
vorable reports of the situation In the island
sent here by Captaln-QenernI Weylsr.
Havana, Jan. 24. The marino authorities bets
ignore tho Conieta affair, and lt is. impossible
to barn from th->m what. If any. truth there is
in the report that that little gunboat has boon
destroyed by insurgents. The military authori?
ties profess to know nothing of tho matter, and
In this case their professions are believed to bs
true, for, In view of the antagonism between
tiie naval and military authorities, it is consid?
ered that if the hitler were in possession of
facts detrimental to the navy they would not
hesitate to make them known to tho (jenora!
public Prom otin-r than official sourcss il is
barned, however, that tbs reports that have al?
ready reached the United states anunt tbs loss
of tin- gunboat ar- probably correct.
Tue official reports issued to-day give tho de?
tails of a number of engagements between Gov?
ernment foti es and rel.ols in th" provinces of
Santa Clara, Havana. Maianzas and i'lnar de!
Rio. According to these reports, the troops were
uniformly victorious. Tin- rebel losses in the
various engagements are placed at thlrty-aevea
killed, a large humber Wounded, and two cale
tured. The Insurgent camps, pref*<turas and
over on" hundred huts were destroyed Many
families who had taken refuge in til" w auls wet!
found by tho troops and taken into tho towns.
The gpanlarda sa> their losses were four killed
ami n lieutenant colonel, three captains, tine*
lieutenants ard slxt) one privates mote or b's?
s> v erely wounded.
Notwlthstsnding tho reen: announcement o
th- "pacification" of Plnar dei Rio, the offlcla
reports show that tic greater number of the cn
gagements referred io took place in tba
province, which is pretty good evidence that tb
rebels are still condui ting their operations there
Th" most important of the several fights tool
place near Humes, Province of Havana, Wher
the troops ni?t the rebe! panles led by ('astlll<
and Delgado.
-? .?
A ''oncer' for the benefit of tho sick and wounde.
of the <'u!,au army will take p'.a-e .-,? I'hickerini
Hall on tile evening of February IV under the au
spices of the Daughters of <'uha and under th
management of Professor Henri Maree',;, of th
Orand Conservatory of Music. Among the artie!
who have 'un-, tiled to appear and take P irt I
the concert are Mme. Yebba, soprano. (Catherin
Bloodgood < mtralto; .1. H. McKinley, tenor, an
A. S. Hoi', basso Professor Msrcell has an
nounced that smong the patrons of the concert ar
Chauncey M. Depew, the Rev. Dr. Rslnafori
Father Ducey ah''. Ethan Alli ?-.
riib ago. .Ian 24 Tho first lot of Cuban tobaoc
to arrive since the W'eylor edict of last May foi
bidding its export reached Chicago yesterday, coi
signed io a local firm that has a plantation i
Cuba. The firm got forty-one bales of llllers out (
the country after six months of petitioning for
permit from the Spanish authorities
Baltimore, Jan. 24?General Carlos Roloff, Soon
tary of War of the Cuban Provisional Oovernmen
and Dr. Joseph .1 Luis, who received a preliminai
hearing In New-York yesterday en the charge i
violating the neutrality act in eonnectlon with tl
shipment of men. arma and ammunition to ?"nba 1
tho steamer Woodall, wiil be brought to this cit
for trial, t'nited states District-Attorney Msrbui
said io-pight that Instructions to that effect ha
been sent lint from tho Department of Justice i
Tin- reason ssslgned for tho transfer nf tho cai
from New-York to Baltimore i- that ibo steamsh
Woodall was purchased here and cleared from th
port. Mr. Marbury wm ask tho United Stan
Orand Jury for an Indictment against Hener,
Poloff and Dr. fails, and it ls thought that win
they appear before Commissioner Shields In Nev
York next Saturday they will be turned over i
L'nlted States marshals and brought here.
WBSTWORTB'B ol'IMox OF /{orv.
IN lill-: liv it OE I'lUTERIXO.
Detective Horne, of tho Central Office, had ts
boya in Harlem Court yesterday charged with tl
larceny of two cans of maple sugar from the froi
of Hugo Ropke'a grocery, at No. LaM Third-.ive . <
Saturday evening, They were Joseph McDonal
lift, i n years old, of No 2,104 s.ind-ave . and ? 'lui
il.mi Melinite seventeen years old, of No jjj i:.,
(in. -hundred-and-nlnth-st, Magistrate Wentwor
dlschsrged thi two. bm he talked severely to the
and lo their friends before doing so |(,. said tl,
a man was doing nothing that ought to surprl
people when lc- naked whether or nol any i" not
a.lay- wa- in iii. habll of Mealing. "I bellevi th
fully M per cent ol the hov s brought up in this , i'-.
he s.iid. are (riven lo pilfering of som.- kit;.I
other Thej ara hiing brough) up in these cour
every day Then were twenty or more here
front of me last week. Downstairs now there ls
boy who is going to be tried for burglary in his nv
father's house ||- wore a mask and used a lilac
jack on his tallier when he was discovered, lt la i
liuli--.ill..li Ila: a hoy is honest thai he has a r
spectable father oi mother. The best-dressed ci
best-appearing boya are jual ,-is had as the rest.
shows thai ih-re i-< something rotten in Denmar
Hov- nowaday* bardi) gel their breakfast befo
tl.i v are mil In tic stree! '
Albany, tan. st.-The dlapatch which was sent o
from Poughk?eps(e yesterday announcing the fa
that the Rev. Hr. Bllllmsn, of Qrsce Church, th
elly, had been indicted by the Orand Jury
Dutches* County for violating the regulations
tue Health Board of tin town of Ped Hook.
whl h Si Btephen'a College ls situated, around i
dlgnation In thia city john T, rook, the Assista
District-Attorney of Albany County, legal advla
of Hr Stillman, -aid thia evening:
The fact ls. I ir Slllimaii s son did not have dip
therla This was sscertalned after proper tesi
mode iii |>r. Stillman's request, Therefore, wh
Dr, Billlman was assured it was not a eas.- nf dtp
'?? . cr any other contagious disuse, he s,, i
foi incl th- Health Officer, and afterward took I
boy home At'ier arrival there the bO) was not cn
fined io led. nor Waa a physician called. I undi
stand that no other c.i?e developed at the collet
and the fads -how thal the Health t itMoer made
mistake and did not wish to acknowledge |i Pro
;,! i\ ti,.- Indictment wss f mini a; the Instance
Hu- Health Officei In order io dir.--' attention fir
what seems to have been his mistake Tho I)
ll 'Iel -Attorney of Dutchess County has been inipos
upon for had he been in poss Beaton of all of t
fads he would not have permitted any one to be i
dieted to -.ti., differences of opinion between phi
clans Hr Stillman haa acted in entire good fall
.md luis th.- highest m-.iicni authority that hi- s
dui not have diphtheria, Such being tl..- cass, t
quarantine was unwarranted "
Dtatrtct-Attorne) Kugene Burlingame, who w
>.ngaged In the case for i?r Stillman, said: "Tl
i.:?. -utlon ls i,ot1.c.- i- - than ac outrage A
!?? isonable Inquiry to ascertain tho real truth wot
have saved Hr Blinman this Indlgnlt] lt is al
set her likely that th- f'--' ii waa nol a oas.
diphtheria ha* nol been brought to th- attentl
of the i'.rai,i lutv Hr. Billlman ls certainly i
Kunu of anv legal or moral wrong In this matte
wiitin rm: iCRBH wab esocgb
si Pani. Minn . J..'- -i According to o dedal
rendered here yeeterdaj a man's homestead la
Indefinite sort of n thing, valued anywhere from
,,, ?00,1)00 \ Phkago bank aaked for a rsc Ivet i
william Banholser. Ihe st p.mi brewer, on ? ni
? } ,, ,..i il 11.ol .iga I ti M the Old S. V.-h c 'ene l - lt,, i
nhich inied iii lill Judge Bunn denied in- ap|
cation, and -.aid
?This cause presenta In a veri forcible manner i
Injustice that ma) be worked i>> om Homesti
I nv The defendant ls allow..I lo hold as his hon
Mt,.,,i five acres of land In Ihe .nv .,( Si Paul,
areal vain,-. .pied pol onl) hv his dwellli
i,.oj-., but b) hi^ father's, and by ,i brewer) a
buildings '.-lin-' J with lt, a beer rat-den and
.lancing parlor, ami uaed not only f"i residence pt
pus-- inn foi the purpose of carrying on a brew!
- The -t Itllle lind Hie dei IslollH ct coi !?
preme I'ourt seem '" tin abaolutel) to protect t
defendant in hit enjoyment of the entire Ova aer
however he w ty sleet to uae bis pro-irty."
Albany. Jan. 24. Jamea A Roberts, the State
Controller, pypr jdnee he waa Inatalled In offl>e
three years ag) has hepn hammering away at the
j Legislature to Impress lt with th? necesalty of
greater fonomy. This year, In his annual re?
port, to he presented to the fog Mig I ire to-morrow
night. h? returns to thh Hume and preaents an
Impressive amy of figures showing the State's
larg- expenditures In various directions in re?
cent years. In 1W, he says rhaf they roached ths
sum of SX Ml,481T7. Cor th* grounds, buildings
ami permanent Improvements of seventeen State
charitable Institutions, twelve hospitals for the
Insane, forty-five arsenals and armories, twelve
normal schools, three State prisons, five Stat*
<an.,ls lind one "public calamity' called "the
new Capitol," there has lw>pn espesssed the enor?
mous sum of HlS.sTMM'M. The annual "flxe<!
Charges" against the State for the support ol
these Institutions, the school'. Hie canals, the Na?
tional Ouard, the tuaane. the I aglaia lure and
other branches Of tbs State <;o<ernment amount
now to Sl.-.rruiSO.'.. The Legislature rf 1?96 ap?
propriate,! 01,(91,48247, the largest amount since
IBO great war expenditures of the State. In l?*l
the Legislature appropriate.) M.t8M14Sf; bi MM the
sum of MS.4M.482 47. The contra?t ? suggestive.
'This is an enormous amount of money re
aqueexe from the peoplo evpry year.'- says Con
iroller Roberta, "and whut ls worse, the Indication*
an- it win steadily Increase, let theLegMatarodo
the neut lt can. In view of this, and ihe additional
fad that this department has nfnrmatlon to the
effect that your honorable body ls to he asked for
appropriations for more new Institutions, I respect
fully suggest that ir ls time to call a halt on new,
unusual and extraordinary expenditurps. for a
tlmp at least, and pnter upon the practice of rigid
economy "
Mr Roberts does not limit his report to a display
of State expenditures. He makes a recommenda?
tion Which, he argues, if adopted would greatlv
Increase the State's revenues. He suggests that
a graded Inheritance tax he levied "lt occurs to
tl.e." he say "tliat lt would he well for the Legis?
lature to give very serlom consideration to the
question as to whether the collateral inheritance
or transfer tax laws should not he materially
amended so as to provide a graihd selle that will
make large istates yield rerjr much more tax than
they now do." He points to the inheritance tax
?ystems of <;re,it Britain, France. Oerasany ard
other countries as examples of graded tax systems
and he suggests a tax of *, per cent on estates of
11,000,000 and less than $.'"??'0.0 of M per rent on
? (tates of R.MO.OM and less than |MM,4B4>, and ?f
15 p<r cent on estates of 0,48448) and over. Such
a graded tax system. If lt had been In operation
I in this State during tue last four years, he isya.
! would have put the sum of $J7.7H,5?0 in the Stats
? Treasury: whereas, under the present system only
$S.i;S4,lS7 90 was paid in. The report continues:
In my Ia?r report to the Legislature I call'd
n special attention to the enormous proportions
f which the fixed charges of this State had reached,
a and took occasion to give prominence to the fact
that un les-i new sources of revenue were discov?
ered a low tax rate could never again be enjoyed
by thl- State A very fruitful source of Income waa
discovered in the new Excise law, which yielded
to the Treasury $.:.&>4."H :?%. Hut with this large ad?
dition to the State's resources ? 1 omparatlvely
'? high tax rate had to be made to provide the n?r
y ens,try funds to meet the ever-increasing expendl
,f tuns. Tho tax rate last year was 2 fifl-IM milla on
the dollar: with three excpptlons this ls the hlgh
IP ' est rate levied for the last ten years. notw-|thstand
y lng the increase of over IM4M.0O0 In the revenue
v There ts danger, therefore, thut unless a deter?
mined effort l? made to keep down unusual and
?V extraordlnarv expenditures the Increased Income
'' ' from the Excise law may Incite a desire for ap
'' '? proprlations, and thus raise the tax rate instead of
I lowering it.
e '
? The policy which has obtained !n the State for
'' 1 years of caring for the unfortunates of every
'. : claM ha? resulted in the establishment of a great
0 I number of extenshe and expensive Institutions.
I Hut tlie Stat'-* has been a liberal Investor tn other
din. lions than in these Institutions, and for the
, purpose of 'bowing how vast ls the amount of
! public motHy permanently invested liv the state
! have caused the following statement to be pre?
pared, which. I believe, ls th" fullest of the ktrd
,ver compiled In this State. lr shows the moneys
11 thal have gone out of the State Treasury for the
, purpose! named.
,n For grounds,.buildings and permanent tmprove
1 ments:
i. i' r a tat expei ' d
Charitable institution ? tT>. ft Ml lld WI
?? gtste hoepltala i12). Includes Mstteawai r, jm mn. .vi
li Arsenals url armories (43). . ?'< 348 *>4.< Ta
\ ?? ia! ? li (12).... t vj* Wi???*
11 - , prison! i3l. 4.BSS.OMSII
it Statecanulac.il. B5.347.0OO 00
... Nee t'splt I. S.gM.oaafl
i- Tami . Hia.H78.t8SM
H ls proper to state in this connection that ths
,: hut!.lings ,md grotindl for the insane of New
[* y.,rk and Kings counties, which accommodate
a nelly one-half of the dependent Insane of the
n State, were turned over to the State srlthoul ex
*" pense, although they had cost their respectlva
a- counties many millions of dollars,
id This is a '..ieee amount of money, but lt doei
M not cover all of itu* property owne-J by the state;
-,, . 01 dy that requiring attention al the hands of the
legislature annually. In the Way of fl large ap
propriatlon for care and maintenance aas tn
cluded. Sly object In compiling the above ftgurea
was not to show the magnitu I ? ??( the State's In.
?3 vestments only, bm alao to Bhow the magnitude
1 of the annual outlay called for b) t!cm and kin?
dred matters of government. These ex;- B,
whteh might property be regarded as nxed
charges, have reached gigantic proportions, as
will be s.r-n i.y the following itatemeni of pay.
ments from th- Treesurj during the list fl?cal
year for the purposes named:
charitable Institution!.I1.B44.&S0 43
Bibi* ivipi'hIs. 1.023.394 31
?-, -?? |SJ T?\
N.tiiendl I'.uaM i'.n. lu'i.na arsenal! and
arnvii'*'. 7.V?1?7*;S
- ? ?! lyaten. 4. Oin 134 S3
Stat* prteona and maintenance . ew.7STM
''n" ..?. malaienanee. i<o". ivmiio
Kee ''ar'ol tea.f. tarludiag Stat* Hall,
Axrli-uPural Hail and Executive Mann.,n'.
maintenance ,.,, . 2*2 <W7 ?V>
.tii'ig-e' salaries and court tspeasn "20 ">to et
Legit atora . BSS| ju ? |
Legislative prln'mi and advertla
Ituj . SM, tts S3
1 t*i -ua in
r- I T..MI.ti- 27- tis .a
1, As atreadj Mated, the above expenditures sr? in
,,: po s.nise temporary* thej are permanent, and mint
m i? provided for ss regularly *s ihe Legislature
a,ens. and the most serious. 1 might with p'o
rd priety say the most alarming/*feature connected
?ie with them ls that they uri. rain,liv IniTeasing How
" true -ms i? regarding the gnat charities of the
I," State ts Illustrated by the following statement.
m showing the payments from the State Treasury in
'"' aid or support of charitable purposes for s period
,ii ol tea jears, from u>; to usf, inclusive:
a- , . u
I) 1 Bon repair*, ai ? Total
ld iss; . ISSI. 424 Ol S'-'ll 01; -.7 Hirts 471 BS
o- I-sk . IWJ.SXt.V1 '.' ?l.ii.TJ .:? I lill.',14 sh
of issn . : rn'.'7s7 '.. 7'i.'s 1.71; 1:. 1 -.tc, ul; .v?
,,, IUSI . 1 1 sift ans vi ti-t 1..? ia 2<l3X4T3JB
0i ISSI . I.I34.TT7 4S l.t24.M?3TN 2.230 SM3 *J3
1893 . I '-"-'7 474 :>, I nt: .'il t; 2 ..i,,..! ,W7 ;t
1 IH03. till ss,.:: ucl-.'. -.-1 .' ?.:.7.t4i :.1
?? Mil . J Kit S30 M I l.t.- 43* . H :< JOS HOI 'I
IM>3. -j sort 71s-?_? 1.411.4131k) 4.212. |?| K)
|si?; . ....... lilli l-l ?s I.6T4.013 2S &. MS. IBS 74
Hera ts :-n Increaae of over NI per coat In ten
' years; it Bhould i>e stated In this ronnsiUsn also
that there ire Ive targe Institutions now in process.
Ol onstrutlon the linus.. ,,' Refuge al Hid'ord.
^ tin- Reformed -\ si Wspanosh. the Horne for Soi
II- iliers und tl?!r S/tVOfl Si <>x:"rd ,1 hun;.Ital at
Collina and snot ber al Clinton the siainteaancs
be ,,f wni h. when completed will largely augment
ad (),?? above Rgurea \t the pre?ni ratio of Increaae
"'; ii will be ' matter ot a ihort time ont} when the
??' ?1111t1.1t expenditure! 'or charil) alone rn thin St.us
*, aili ream naen sal
somi: COMPARATIVE kph hhs
rh.- n-t or barltiea batsteor, la nat our ?hoir.
*? mg a niv.ii incl..i.-e or l.t.- year* The advance
he li.is bren general, apparently, along ihe entire ima
ea, 1 of Ho vern men I expenditure, as nili ??? Bean from
I tho folio a mg comparative statement, guilts, tag

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