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Princeton, H. J . Jan. M.?The schedule of Vnlver
ally preachers for tbs second term has been gsgd.
public snd Includes assay dlst'ngulsbed ngaasjs
President Patton hesds tits' fist and will preach on
F.bruary T, the first Sunday of the term. Follow?
ing President Potton. these clergymen will occupy
the pulpit of Marijuana Chapel tn order: February
14. Dean Murray of the I'nlvorslty; February 21.
the Rev. Dr. D. Sage Ms okey, of Newark; Febru?
ary 26, tue Rev. Dr. Howard Duffield, of New-York;
March 7, th* Rev. Dr. Q. T. Purvis, of Princeton
Theological Seminary; March l< tba Rev. Dr.
< harlea Cuthbert Hall, of Brooklyn; Msrch :i. tbe
lltV. Dr. William A. Rlon.trds, of Plainfield. N. .1 ;
Mar. h :*. the Kev. Henty Lubeck, of New-York.
April 4. the Rev. Dr. Charles Wood, of Philadelphia
April ll, th- Rev. Dr. S J McPherson, of Chicago;
April sa, the Rex. Dr cl T. Rune*, of PiincStOn;
May ?, the Rev. Dr. Wilton Me; le BSalth ... New
Tara; May <?. Dean Murray of Pi lug, taa; Muv M
.the Rev Or M. D. Babco, k. of Rainmore; May 21,
tbe Rev. Dr. (ieorge < \ V-iil.-v. of Hudson May >?'
the nev. Dr Henry Van Dyke, pi New-fork Jun.
S, ihe H. i Dr. Heiu\ Hodine, of Philadelphia
june la, 1 resident Patton, bacralaursats sermon
ihe Merrel Blues, the undergraduate m!!iiHi\
organisation, has h^-gun its rssfUlar weekly drills
apin.n Hitsrot, ??:. has appointed .1 af. Townley
v.. and H. n Reeves, :.;, h? lieutenants and Halsey
7\'!*!'&? a* "f"1 ?M??snt. The state hhs fur
.ushMi fifty stands o' arm. from tbs Stat. Ataenni
sn.! is assisting i he companx it: aver* possible wa\
Theodore Roosevelt, ot New-York, dellvero 1 ->,.
n,s. lecture o' the aeasoo lu th. Spencer Trash
course on Thursday night li, Alexander Hall. He
ItSP-lfi." c"es' *^,h*" Clvil SSrvka Reform Hub.
?! spoke on '-An Ol-lect Lesson In Municipal lt?
lorni. A crowded house listened to him
At a nutsa-Bseothsa of the i ntverslty mi Monday
"waa decided. r.\ advice of the Graduate Advisor)
i ommlttee. to strike, from Ci? athletic constitution
the clause requiring that ea<Mi newiv elected mern
ber o. this corumttiee should ?w? a graduate o' less
than three years- standing. Edgar Allan r\.e vi.
o. Baltimore, was elected to till the position of
A.Inn D. Wils.,;.. ti, of Philadelphia, whose term
ha* expired.
Princeton is still reaping Hie Mulls o' the ses?
quicentennial celebration in articles on tbs restlvsl
which ate constantly appearing in roreign period
1 als and reviews v.n-tei, i,x the delegate, fro ?
Knropean universities The latest of these is a I
flatte'-iiig account of thc celebration in tbe "Aced
emis-he Revue." which ??. written by the distln- i
gushed philologist. Rrugntann.vi' Leipslc. who was
resent aid lectured ni Princeton on the aecaslon
of tbs aesaulcentennlsl Prlncetonlana generally
er* grafilled to note the widespread Interest which
the celebration attracted, particularly anio lg for?
eign universities, mid the high tribute which haa
been pall to Princeton by ail the delegates preaeni
Hartford. Conn . Jan U V- >'?ssor Henry Ker- |
gu?ou lins r-;urned from Indianapolis, where bs
Was or." of three representatives of the Hartford !
Biard of Trade in the monetary eenferessr. The i
,';;pIor Rall Committee of PS i;ys been elected, anl I
lu ur, follows: W. M. Austin, chalrmsn; J, W l.o-d. j
tr?as-:-er; l? <'. Graves, I.. O. Reynolds, ll ll
P.emser, >; p, lYsteraaan, Auattn Cole, P s. j
Smith'. The committee has made a suggestion
Which hris been adopted bj Cte college, to':;
a ?'Trinity Week ' wbi h will consist of some form J
of ' lertslnmenl each dsy. The programme, as !
roughly gsapped out. l< to have t?e fourth Trlnlt:
german on Tuesday evening. Pebiuarj V. wini ihe
t'liKe ots torlea la the exei.ing before; t large ?
.-^e "ii on Wedneeda) nfternoon. ihe niee. Banlo
and Mandollt Club roneeri on Thuradoj evening,
and the lunlor ball on Prtdav night, A eowimlttee
consist inf, o' one member from .??.-.. rlaas In .ni?
le.-, has been appointed bj. the prealdeni of lh<
?e-;!<v rsIss t'> n.^ke preliminary nrr* igemenlr foi
Ihe lollegi lea Ths basket-ball leam played -
re. .-.p.i tv. nje in tba triangular collegs league
p.gal'->t Wesleyan last Tuged.) ntghi lu Ihe ca;<
fo-d v M. C, .\. gymnasium Tnnltjs won bj a
? ore af 26 to i i'll.- eseaalnatloue of ths Christ
mas term will Itegln on Monday. January SC and
ran tb ie ih ? ph th. weeli E. D. S. Bcnul;e. ??.:.
director cf the Banjo (Hu'j. has resigned and ll iv
Plimpton, "T has been ei-.-t^d to Mi: Ihe vacancy
WlUasnutown, Mass, jan. :t The Williams Col?
legs Drssaotlc Club bsa organised for the present
se?*r>n and u pr.Baning is give a presentation of
?The Rivals." i"hi? marks a dsctdsd advenes upon
the kind sf plays thai have bee;, given for the last
few years. The play w,u Aral bs Riven abo
middle of Mareil for the beneSi of the Bssebsll
Aaaoclstlort. and soother presentation will oecui
?.n Decoration Day. Profeaaor Russell ims begun
,. aerts. .?>:' practical talks for lbs seniors on Sunday
afternoons The las: talk wsa upon the advantages
thal wo id Le pusses*e,i bv the man v> ltos? work
lav in Ihe r.exi eenturv. rite reit talk will he on
?The Posttlo) of the (educated Man In the New
Century." Tbs sophomores have elected their
Sophomore Promensde Committee and ihelr ".'.ol"
board. The Promenade Committee i? composed of
Roitoa. Branch. Hall. Hills and ll. C. Taylor
Those on Cie "Gul" board at. Barker, <)..Wttiai..
WJlPehead ri !?". Tar lor and Conger. H 1" nn
nounced thai Presldeni ''ait.v will make en ad?
dress before the Cnlversltv of Nebraaka on Char?
ter Dav. Pebruary 16 As a iesnit of the prelimi?
nary daba tea held "ti VYedneedaj a^.i Thuradav
evenings D II Hall, fl: C, P. Bacon, IS, and
H 1? N'ims M. were chosen to represent the cil?
iate in 'h.- lei. h. with Dartmouth .'? il Pratt,
?v,. ami boai n ia alternate.
? ? ?
SM ii H.
Northampton, Jan, -i No atudent is eligible to
the literary so letien ..f Bmlib College until sf'.ei
the Christmas holidays-of her sophomore Jrear.
On this sccounl the meeting of the Phi Kappa
Psi 8ociet\. Saturday nigh;. v.;is tit* Irei al
Which merni.'--, ofsjha class of i?9 a.re admitted
n. the roll of ihe society. T.te five ?ophontces
were: Ruth Shepard I'Vips. Harriet Chalmers
Riiss Blancha Ames, <\.ir? r QoMnor 1'aton and
Marlen Edwards Richards. Th. subjoci for this
term's stud] !v "Humor."
The Philosophical Society mei Monday nlghl ta
consider the subject of "Dreams." and, In par?
ticular, to hear a paper by Anna Hempatead
Branch 'K The Oriental Club also had a meet;iig
Tuesday night. The Biological Boeletj mei <m
Thursday, aa usual, with papers on "Protective
Coloring!" Tht Hatfield noise ,iad g dane In
the gymnasium on Wednesday night.
,--.- -?
Amherst. Muss.. Jan. 21.?P.ofe^or R K Emer?
son is making arrangements for his ;rlp to St.
petersburg neM: sumSsST, as a delegate tn the In?
ternational G?oiogicai Congress, to be rn .1 there In
A jgust He. willi four other iSSerlesn gtoio
gista waa appointed '<?<: summer io represent the
American Association for the Advancement of
Science. Profesnor Knutson will leave Itnmedtate
ly after commencemem lr. June. He will probably
present to the .-ongress .. report on his work as
Oovernment geologist for Wo-iem Massacbuse ts
ard Connecticut.
Mr. Pierce, the holder ?f Ihe Kellogg ft low
ship, will begin a series of leclures reoulred bj
the te'm? of the fellowship, I his w.-.-k. They will
t>e on tbs subjects of psychology snd metaphy
H,-s. They will bo optional for the aaembetn o' the
senior eis'ss interested In mst line of work. More
than usual optional work is being done thia term
in evening ciasses.
South Hethleliem. I'etm.. Jan. "I Tile Kev (ClWOOd
Wsreeotar, fas ms il) rhaplsla of ihe Colveralty, will
give tile instruction In psychology to tiie students
of the Junior class la the etasstflBl, latln-icientifle,
and science and let;ets co uses next tetm Tue in?
struction in tads subjeei ls adrea la a course sf
le-tltres Whi'h may be a.ond'd ny siiv Btudl ll Sf
the natter si ty wheo, presence is not ten, tired at any
Other exorcise a! tiie BOWrs BSl SPSrl foi ines.- le -
urea. The trustees of Die University nave ?>stul>
llshed a new .hair of history and pol.ti-al economy.
No one has as >*; been chosen to tm lt The newly
elected others of The Brow i .nd White" for the
ensuing j'esr are: george Duncan Kelsey. 'SW. Editor
In Chief. Herbert M. Daggec. 'i*. business manage-.
and J. B. Reddig. '5*. aaa ion ni busl*iesa xtsnaaer
The Junior class bancjnet anil be h*.d on Pebruary
ll. The committee having the affal- In ohatge . .n.
ttsta of R E. I. Oeorge, chBir.-nan L. Wooden l\ A.
Perley, C A. Newton, S A. Yorks ai S i Qosa,
Examiriatlona for the first 'e;m began on Saturday
and Wfil last until Friday. January ;'?.
Bryn Mawr, Penn., Jan. Ct St adan! a.-ttvit las
for the week have bee,i ttlisortie.l In preparation
for the mld->ear sxamlnatlog sejson. Whisk wiil
?pen next Monday and ls?t until l-'el.rusrv &.
The se ond semester will beg;n sa Pahr;.atv i. ai
t o'clock.
A forrn'i! musting uf the gradna.e aluh was held
or. Wedneedav evening, In trie parlors of Pembroke
Km' Thf gnest of honor aa>> Dr. William Lyon
Phelp., of Yale, whose lecture, "Tiie Modem
Novel, ' was listened to with .merest, as sn ladies
tlon ot the methods used by him in his course
cn the novel, si Ya ie. A iscepitoii follow*.! the
? -
South Hadlev. Mass . .lan. iM - i;ie Moual Holy.
oks" for February will be s Mary L.von number, ss
tr.s month brings ths lOCih biitiid.iy of Miss Lyon.
February Vi
Professor Waldo Pratt, of Hartford, flies the
third lecture In his course on The Hlstotv vf
Music" this week.
Miss Howsrs, professor emeritus in literature.
hus assumed charge of Mis* Kn.ippa elaraes in
ber absence
- e ?
H.inover, N. H Jan 24 ?The slaeslag of Profea
a.-r Craven laycock to the chair of oratory has
materially strengthened ths Eiigllah department,
beside* suppl, ins s Icng-felt need. i*rsf>SSSI La\
cock is a rees iV graduate af :ne college. Tbs pte
scrlbed eoutses in Kngltsh have been eorrs.pond
Ingly ei.Urgr.!.
The financial rotorl of tko Track Athletic As?
sociation h^? Just peen made public by Manager :
Louis S. Cox. lt shows thst the total receipts for
the year were $1.4:2 aS. while the total expenses
amounted to |L41sS7. leaving Ul the treasury a
balance of 17 31. Of thc receipts. 14(17 tl was raised
by taxes, and SH 10 the amount of the gate re?
ceipts itt the trl-college meei held here last sptlng.
The following ofruets have seen chosen bj Ihe
? lass ?f -es for the present term: President, H.
Al Harton: rlre-pranldent. VI', j'. Blair! secretary,
N. \V. i?mer*on; treasurer, G. F. Merrill A com?
mittee, consisting of J. Wein worth, I. <'. Kelling?
ton, Q. F. Merrill. l\ A. Drew and K. O. Kelling?
ton, has been appointed tu nrr.*iinic for the class
?upper, which will be held In Holton February TJ.
Cambridge. .Tan. 84.?The candidates for the "Var?
sity and the four claw crews are hard nt work
every afternoon now. The clan eroWS iud sill!
lining the weights, while the "Varsity men are work?
ing in the lank, in the absence sf Mr. Lehmann In
Engiaad, Misses. Pwebody, Mumford amt Starrow
coach. Mr. BtOtTOW on Tn inlay- and Wedneeda) *,
Mr. Mumford on Thursdays and Mr. Peabody lr*
regularly. On Mondays umi Fridays tin* nen do
n.c rOW, but have some Ugh! everdie. su.ii is
?.katini,-. <>win-, ;., sn Injured kt-.-e. .1 F Perkins
has not lwc;i doline modi work whh the - rets lately,
Moulton takintr his place al Na <?? The regular
make-up of the crew at present le: Stroke, Bnfl;
N?. 7. Oeedrtch; No ?. Moulton So, i, i. H. Per?
kins; No. i. ?prague; No. ::. HoUlater: No. .'.
Thomson; bow. Boardman. Al present lhere sm
ahem for:., m-ti eui for nit- freshman crew, ft. M.
Townsend, 'St, having emir- charge of the coach?
ing Abou* Ihlrty-eighl men are now irving for
ihe sophomore - row, ami tin-v teem to be doing fair
work. The junior candidates have hun reduced to
two squads, ora- of Blxteen, the other of eight men.
The fd assn m.ve Jual begun work, but they nave
it roi nt material.
To.- aemi-aunual election of oSlcera of the Oles
Club resulted as follows. President, ll. M. Wood?
ruff, 'tm. of Philadelphia; treasurer, F. A Turner.
Jr., fl?. of Boston; librarian. J. F. Baron. 99, of I
Cambridge; leader, H. s. Desason, 99. of Box- |
bury. The Harvard Inion held its semi-annual j
election on Monday evening and chose the follow- |
inie officers: President, charles ('.ilk. 'Sf, of Daven?
port, lows; vice-president, Frank Hendrick, 'SA, of !
Boston; <?? I-.,arv. \v. K. Dorman, IS, of Lynn,
Mass.; ireesurer, n it. Robinson, '9x. of Sew-york i
? 'Hy. L. O. O'Brien, Iff, Of New-York I'lty, was
rhoeen as thp fifrh member of the Executive com- I
mt:-.ec. ?:id J. p. Hall, L. 8.. of Jamestown, N. T? j
will represent the union on the Advisory Commit- I
tee on I rebating.
in tue preliminary list of men entitled to com- '
mencament perts, the names of eight Mew-York
i*itj men appear. They ara Joseph ll. Choate, Jr.,
R B. Canting. II. G. Gray, ll 8. Ilaeke::. A P.
Mess. F H. Klnnlcult, B. S. Oppenheimer sud R,
v. Int irop.
~? ?. -
Ithsca, N V . dan. *M -Professor H. J. Ryan has
tl reived fur the rp,ise-.m of Sibley College a spc I
me'. Insulator section of cable and cross-aim used
iii the recently completed line from Niagara Palls
to Buffalo, presented ty Malcolm C. Barty, 'H
In re*nonsa to lbs call for 'varsity crew candi?
dates, thirty ni"n presented thameelvee for prs
IICB on Monday. Of these, six. Includttig Captain
Spillman weie members of last year's crew: Free?
born, Bavagf, Hiw;;.-. .lon?ton and l.udh.iil. Ti,e
new rowing machines nevi arrived, it turns out
thal the-, are the gift of Clarence F Wyckoff. 'SJ.
Tue open iiH-v;i-i*i of the Aihbii Council was st
tended bi ghoul five hundred students. lt. U ira?
ni.ia. ',-. gradin* ireasurer, presented tiRot"
whirl shove,- tl'.;- much more was contrtbi led by
ihe s iidem bon to ? Met les In the earl) dara cf
Cornell limn at preiteht. Commodore Murdock rn
nouneed thal abou S4W was xtlll lo be raised on
Mr Courtney's salary. JCearly half of ti's "veg
raised al Ihe meelina. Professor Wheeler made
:,.. Kniioiinopmei t, which waa received with much
iipplamie -io.i Mr. Courtney had lust sin .ed an
anreemanl to remain here for another three jes:.*
from Oelotx r next. , . ,
TWO line nortralti lave been complitpd for tho
Sibley college gallery, those of Dr. Franels Rou
Ip.hix o' Berlin, hean of the Gewerheschule, st
Charlottenburg.. and Hoiatio Allen, the engineer.
Tile Sage Dramatic Flub presented "A Likely
Stet, iii ihe Botanical Lecture Room s.-t'irdny
? vening.
- e -
Rochester, N Y . Jan M x? yal nothtag np*
has transpired In the ms let ol self ting s head for
the iinl\*eraity. Presldenl K M. Moore, of the
Board of Trustees, says: "Tba Hoard has III eye
naen and I- cons;.univ on the lookout for the righi
nan. Ther ate ?o many colleges nowadays tiiat i;
Ik difficult lo get the right kind of mea to preside
uv er them iii" Presldem Oates, of Amherst, and
sx-Preikieni David Jsyne iii'.:, will be ciK-rt* of
honoi al the annual dinner of the alumni to be given
?, ? the Whli Plub on the evening of Pebruarj li
Walter S. Hubbell lui be.u selected to ec; ss toast
? ?
Providence, .l?n. M. A bronze tab.et. the gift of
the Rhode Island Society of the Sons of the Revo?
lution, hus been placed on Hip northwest corner
Of Fnlver-ilty Hall, and v. as unveiled last Wednes?
day afternoon, lt commemorates the occupation of
the building by the patriot forces for six years dur?
ing the Revolutionary War, while "faculty. Btu
dents and uhdergrraduates.alSAOsl toa man. wt-reen
gaged in ihe service of their country." The dedi?
catory exercises consisted of a historical address
by Arnold Oreen, and a poem, "Pro Paula," by the
Rev. Fredi;ir Denison.
Professor C. T. Winchester nave his seeond lect?
ure on English poets on Wednesday evening tak?
ing for his subjpi t Wordsworth.
Harvard defeated Brown in tim first game of th*
seiiaa of Ice-polo games last Tuesday afternoon,
Both t'-ams played fl BtfOltg ?'.un., for the drat flf- j
tren minutes, during which lime ne goal vv.is made;
but Harvard then began io show her superiority,
and won hy a more of t ru 0. Two twenty-minute
periods were played.
The Graduate Students' Asaoclatton han elected I
officers as follows: President, A, C ::iv; vice-pres?
ident. Frederic f Whitaker; recording secretary
Miss Mari? B. Peck: corresponding secretary Hob
eri ll Hay; ireasurer. W. A. Robinson. Frederic
Slocum haa been made Assisiunt Fdltor of "The
Handnook of the ionises for Graduate Student" **
foi ISff-'fA
I, rhe catalogue. Issued last week. shews an In?
crease in the number Ol stud.nts over last year
amounting io twelve In the university proper" and*
thirty-seven in the Women's <'oiiege. The teach
I Inc force shows a-i increase of two. The rota! num?
ber of students ls now yon, of whom lil are women.
- ?-?- -_
New Brunswick. N. J., Jan. 24.-The college thia
j week Buffered a lesa in the death of Dr. William
Rankin Dm yee, professor of ethic* and evidence*
cf christianity. Dr. Duryea was>s member of a
j family which has been closely Identified wlih the
j collett for over fifty years. Kirkpatrick Chapel
I hHS bpeii draped ii, his memory. Irving S Fpson
i registrar of the college, was elected secretary ami
! treasurer of the State Hoard of Visitors to the Ar
rtcultural College ,,( the annual meeting of the
, Hoard, held al 1 renton, on Tuesday. The sopho
more claBS hal decided IO follow the time-homo rd
custom and irhe a cremation as ? part of the r?m
meneement festivities A committee for the our
po*e was appointed thia wee'.;.
Poughkeepsie. N Y Jan. II. The present week
ls given up to examinations, finishing- the work of
the first semester.
On Friday evening. Herr.* M. c-app, 0f Boston,
gave a lecture on "Hamlet.- Al the monthly mia
stoasry meeting Dr. Brace Kimball gave un ad?
dress on medical missions. Mrs. BalllngtOU Booth
gave un accoimt of the prison work of the Volun?
teers last Sunday evening.
The class of -SJ bas elected officers far the second
semester ss follows: President, Phebe Hatfleld
vice-president. Helen Height; secretary Rita v
Jones; treasurer. May Granger, a Vassar chapter
of the Daughter* of the American Revolution his
been formed. Mrs. Oeorgp Dtmeelc. of elisabeth
N. .1 . l-as presented another hundred dollar- te
the Kngllsh department for works on early hhiglisit
drum,. Miss Funny Han. formerly of HT hm
given a number of facsimiles ot valuabli hlatorl
cal msniis'-ripis.
Baltimore, Jan M The lawns Hepklna Univer?
sity scholarships for this/year liHVe been awarded
to C. Abbe. jr. In geology: G. A Drew BOOtogy
K. ?'? Or'mm. Semlih- laaguages; ?' w. Green,
physiology; i G. Hardy, stathematles; Q f
Krapp, Engliah; C. F Mi-iidenliall. pin sics: P. S
Norris, chemistry- Phillp Ogden. Romance lan?
guages; l?. A. Peru. k. (iu.-k; jg Relaensteln
ecotiomics, and W. B. Saffold. Faun in ,-^,e a
vacancy occurs. D, S. Plndell will tte appointed lo
the department of applied electricity.
? ?
Schenectady. ?'*"? -4 -At a mooth g of the sm.
denn-, hew last FiiiUy. oeorge a. Halcombe, ->\
was eiei ie-i baseball scorer
Mmh Interest l? being manifested In the Allisoi
Foote Prize debut- which vvili be held on Charter
Day. Kebio.it, ix After a leriefl of pr. llnuuar
debates *he Adelphi Society has i hosen Cullen,
sv.ann and Utter as ns representatives, and the
Phltosaathean Saclei) baa chosen Broun. Reed and
Holeohlle. The felters! ijiiPFtlon 'er ,\ip,.,,?., ,,? ,
Ti..- Pareics Policy of the Putted States."
? --
Middltiowr Cor.n , Jan. M.?Professor Nicholson.
who recently removed from Row-Bruaswiell whelp ,
h has beet, nuder ' reattach! for his rei yous eotldi
Hon. to Clifton Siirings. I? mm h Improved In health
and ls expelled to ie!i;rn to college itfier n.li
ynr'i ihOUBh probably he will lake Up no teach
toa or faculty duties this yeai
The chairman of the Junior "ITom" has neb-oed
h:? romnii:;e^ as follows: K I,. MOOtgomflTL. B I
W W.vatt. P. D Whiting. P. B. Hawk and YV. H.
Thc monthly literary evening of the Lmlveralty
Scott's Kmulsion of Cod-liver Oil
with I lypophosphites brings hack thc
ruddy glow ot liff; to pale checks,
the lips become red, the cars lose
their transparency, the step is quick
and elastic: work is no longer a bur?
den, exercise is not followed by ex?
haustion; and it does this because it
furnishes the body with a needed
food and changes diseased action to
healthy. With a better circulation
and improved nutrition, the rest fol?
PW SSlS Bl H '.n' an.I tl M bj .1! ?! USS I
si i mr a. BOWNS, ? ? ? - - ?. Sss fort
club was held tn the Phi Nu Theta clubhouse last
Mun.hiv evening. The main feature of tlw pro>
grari.me waa Ihe Illustrated lecture on the "Cathi
dials of Pram e. showiiiK the Development <>f
iiotiii.* Architecture," by William K. Knowles, of
New ? \ ark,
? a - -
va LB.
N'eW'Heven, Jan U By far the mosl lmport.nl
erem of ike week bete, in studenl estimation, has
lie.-n the annual Junior promenade. ..ir h occupied
the firal thr.e da ya .. the weak and ths Saturdaj
evening previous. Thc "seora," which has come to
be the gTOatSSl sorial affair of l lie College >ear,
bogan with b number of Informal dances Saturday
evening. Ever sine* th. faculty edict limiting the
festivities t.. two >l:.>s instead ol throe, as for
Bjerl)', was issued. Ihe Saturday dames Itnve he?
roin. .. regular thing, willi the effect ol miking
the "prom" rosily cover lour days. "Prom Sunday"
was observed in the usual manner, arith a sermon
from PTeatdenl Dwight. On Monda) occurred the
different clays teas and germans, tis well as several
Informal teas, arklch were given In campus rooms
and in ths "Sheff society houses. Theos were given
on both Monds>' and Tuesday. The climax of the
whole sn:es nf festivities, however, was reserved
for Tuesday evening, When Ihe ?prom" proper took
placSwJn the |d Regimes! Armory. With a beauti?
fully decorated hall, perfect music and floor, and
excellent supper and carriage arrangements, the
Mg dance passed off without, a hitch, and wa. a
titting close to the ?best prom ev.r held at Yale,"
as 'The Vale Daily News ' tans lt. lt ls estimated
that the attendance was about two tbOUSSnd. The
poii.-y of the i.\ committee la trying to minimize
the expenses af tin- "prom" for each man, es
peclally In the matter o' boxes ai Ihe armory, was
tollosed OUt successfully, snd ..s it make. tb.
affair democrat!' and sccssslbls to every student,
rich or poor, li will be copied as :i precedent The
'Ss nimmlttee consisted of <J Parker, iv ii sim?
mons, ll. D. Oallaudet. J. 8. Mason, G fl. Setrrel
i.er. .1 H. I ranton, l>. c. Rogers, M. C. Ely and
li. .' Twlchell.
The decision of ;i? cltj authorities made some
time ago adjudging Ute propert) o i ala i'm., rsity
liable i<i full t.i\.it. and ihua t iistu? Vale a
t,.x.-s from >'?."-? tn rr:1.."', approximately, h.is
excited a large amount ol Interest snd discussion
among sm.lents of late, as well as the faculty and
ti,.- local press. Much Indignation is '.-it at the
unfrlondlj act. Yale baa never had, and has not
now, sufibient funds with Which IO be prop,th
equipped .nd managed, ami this <!<? Isi.m. if pul in
practice, would seriously cripple the University,
hie act will be conteates lu the Superior Court
The management of ths Tsle hockey team h.is
bis* arranged 'ur a eerie. <r three, games between
V.ie and Princeton, all of which "ill be played in
the Clermont Avenue Kink. Brooklyn. A silver
loving cup, valued at fs<?). will h.. presented t.. the
victors. The dst es for the games are Pebruary
IX), K, snd probablj '.'..
Philadelphia, Jsn. M.?Tbs raculty ..f philosophy
t.f she Cnl venal ty <<f Pennsylvania bas n.ntly
made import;.nt change. In lh. rules governing
students working for ihe masters' and doctors'
degrees The new mles will go Into effect on
October I.
A notice on tbe bulletln*board in College Hail o.'is
the attention of seniors lo tile prize, af SW off.-red
by the faculty f->r the best eaaava In history and
English literature by t member of Ihe senior
.-hiss. The subject Ihls yesr ls "Slr RI. bard Oran
\:.le, Captain of "The Revenge.' ' The attention
nf ?students ls also ..iiie.i to the Ropes prise of
HW, offered by John V Ropes foi the beal es ai
ii)n>li "The l:.ve. uti.ni ot Due d'Kltghlen." The
competition is open i? students of pennsylvania
and Harvard. In tbe collegs department five nen
I'llz.-H have been founded by Henry C Terry In
memory of his son. willis Terry; four to be given
for the beat standing In each .-lass. :? n.t t lie tl ft ti
lor the best cssev bj a member of the senior cIsSO.
Professor Doolittle snnounces thst the Plower
Obaervalory ls now practically completed, snd that
in the future it will be opened to visitors on Thurs?
day evenings,
dr .onie time the rowing authorities have
realised the fait that if the candidates wno pre?
sent themselves for seats In the 'varsity and ? USS
(TOWS had a knowledge of rowing before they en
tered the university better clews could lie tinned
out. Chairman Thomas Heath of ths Roaring Com?
mittee 'nts late), been .nenin airing the si linois lo
add rowing to their sports. Some ha If-dooen of
ihe minor institutions have accepted the Ide. snd
have presented candidate, to the coach, billia
Ward, who lakes the men In hand twice ii Week
and Instructs them in the university's timk.
Syracuse, N. V., Jan. 24.?At the recent meeting
of the Hoard of Trustees of the University a
proposiiinn was presented to r.ii?? tue tuition in
tho Collegs af Liberal Art*. That the matter mlKht
be properly discussed lt was referred to tho Exec?
utive Committee. Al present thn tuition at Syra?
cuse University ls much less than at any other in?
stitution of like grade. Consldeiing this fact, the
.ommlttee deemed lt best that a, small Imrease be
rr,n''e. to taite effe( t next fall. Ths tuition Will
probably be Increased to 175 per year, with u flight
lit. rease io Incidentals
Thursday evening last the editors of "The Uni*
versify Porum" entertained their friends nt tim
home of Mi. and Airs John Hues, In Crouse-ave.
on th. same evening the >oung women of the
liamma I'lil itali Minority received ai their chap
ter-hOUSe In honor al their members Mom the
.'.ass of th
a - ?
Wellesley, Moss., Jan. M. A few days ag,, ?ams
collegs wotkmen In ex a.a:i:ig a gravel pit in the
rear of th. chemistry building found a skeleton !n
a good slate af preservstlon. This wy. taken In
charge hy Albert Hilts Aloise, curator of the zoologi?
cal museum, wno forwarded it u Professor Putnam
of Harvard for examination Tiie *k*le;on ls
thought ts he ttt.it of a young Indian woman prob
ably of tbs Wuhan tribe which dwelt In this neigh?
borhood, although Professor Putnam has not yet
..ftVialiy expressed bis opinion. A pa;, sf ama'.l,
i .sty. iron ? !?sois of rude workmanship were found
witli the skeldon, ohlctt will be returned to Welles?
ley next w?ek and pieced In the m iseum
on Monday evening ll E. Krehblel will ls ire in
the college chapel on Mi' hard WagOei .nd hil a: .
musical Illustrations being liven by .1 C. Manning,
ot Boston. Th. Agora Society will gi.e a reception
In Elocution Hall Monday afternoon ls tue classical
society, Ai their regular semi-weekly meeting on
Saturday evening, ne "Born Swallows" ga\e a
dramatisation ..f Mts Qaskeil'i Cranford. i>>-..n
Stratton received a number of Ihe freshmen *\
an informal gathering in ;iie facultj parlor on
Wedneeda) evening.
Hamilton, N. V. .lau. M.?Profesor .v J. Du Bois,
Pb i?. of Val.-, lectured before lbs Theological sem?
inary on Jsnuarj kl and M, on 'Science aol Re*
iiglon." These are the third <e; of le,?:?!,??< ut ?
??ne" on this subject which Professor Du Bois la
gi nig' .<: .'o.eaie lo ? ,e Uto.iks oiirse.
Th. speakers foi fte Clarke Oratorical t'tiae \Vere
announced In chanel Prldsy morning. January Zl
Toe men were p loren on accoum il mer.: of orstlom
ibm led. The men and aubjecti are 1,. j Cald?
well, 'The Charactei of Benledi. Arnold" \ 1.
colman, "Robert Muns, me pact 0f Humanity"'
H. I>. 'Hay. "Hubert Hums, tile Hoe; of Humanity"'
E. N. Lyon, "International Arbitration"; H. Q s.->
mo .r. "i'hi Charactsi of Benedict Arnold" D 1:
smith. ? Robert Burns, Ihe Poet of Humanity." The
eunte.; * i! Ii. ... i ,?, ? .'|. ev-nlllg ,,; |V|, |.rj Jr|
H<>\\ Ix.IX
Brunswl k, Me., Jan. U The college treat
re .ired this week .. rhech fm fc.<?.i from 1 rosl
Washington 1:. ?
Sou., sditor Of "Th.
Blur" to eat a bl tah a prise whick -hall annual!)
In awarded ... ihe beat student In political '
economy, and also :i scholarship for the sid ,.f
deasrving students preference being given to thost
arho < om. from Minot Me p. donor**
place, r.'.e Juniors hsvs chosen ihe fol low Ins c ?
officers; President, A B White; vice-president*
I \ Hamlin. R. w Alexander; orator, w \\
laSWrence; poet T I. Marble: marshal ll H
Iveo; chaplain, ?'. c, Howard; curator of th?> iv.
K Q Wilson; secretsrj sod iressurer, 1: t
Mlnoti; ha Irma n of Committee of Arrangement.
i: I.' Spear.
- ?
The tow catalogue of ike seminary for i.:..:-:.; ha.
UOl b.-en Issued l-s I n.inge.. hove boon made
ni tiie course from thal st preceding yoars. Ths
total en',,,merti or students i- IA ss sgslnst 144 '
last rear, ard i? mi.de up aa follows Pellowe, ?
I graduate, 1: seniors. 45; middle. 4... and Ju"*or?* 5'*
The organists for the year are fi B. l?Slh*W
g (Meer, I B b lanae and I "arney Pni.lp.
.?'',rr,ll.,inWlM^'^l'^;; ";'
,,,. z Barney Phillips: Mcrtojsiie. *>?'****
.. omer, i P.Haatar. B. K. 1*W f. H. till sad
Un,e mil"ion.,,, ... i-;y h?, tic fellas oAears
for thia ve.-r: Rahefl il. Mi'-", fcecutlve; Rahert i*..
Woad Mc.-.x.c,;'ve. FroetarJeu ii SUI.carreapand
tag eaacettve: Bdward W. Burhwcs., recerdtag seo
roary; Samuel H. l.iti-ii. treassrer.
Dr ''huries T. Selbt. formerlj prof -- ifnto ra
theology, har been appointed h. the cha ii; or aaa
?,,:!'? tWlo-v foi the .>",; Jud er of -.,.,,' ,
: This vacancy waa roused by we a r1', ,,?.,]
,aii to Bnglsnd h> Dr. Walpole, who I '"ri- Iv bom
| lui-, poeittoa.
? ? a ?
The maea-meetlna Issi Frttaj of the nmUg-grodu
Bl - of ColnmWs l iiiv.i-itv began, ss far ss sib
letica ar. concerned, a nea ern lt was ssare en
ii ,.- than an, other Meeting held la re
.e.irs. gnd Mr Filrow. wm waspro-i- neal in Cl i;:i
oia - ri-w malters in n s snider: day-1 afterward sa! !
ihat the boys abe wis" ihe proper spirit. The meet
tog practically Sedded these three things: That
Columbia will haves crea this pear, iii;' lhere wlH
be no debt, and that better rowing facilities wlH be
Utan to ike studentfl ihroaghaul the entire year.
Mr. Bangs*! motion that the BtUdeWtfl form S -o-v
Ing lua, which will u^> tue Rdwta J, Gould boat
boase, was carried with pritlitislasm. At euee more
than NS aadergraduates signed iheaaeelres ss char?
ter m'mtier". As ti,- uosthetae is ant] i St r-mln
?;!. w-ik irma Ihe new site and as *ome af the stu?
dents, especially those in iga lan. have sometimes
inn. or four hours between lecture*, lt ls believed
lhat the plan Will Stimulate thal healthy rivalry
which is absolutely essential to a representative
The result of the gflfCting Wai also the yindi -a;lon
of the course taken by Joseph I.. Peartng and "The
Spectator." They have persistently advocated the
necessity of having a new. have stuck by Cap?
tain Pressprich from Hie beginning and have been
fte* from fraternity Influence, so ii tmlns.nl al
Columbia. It ls thought that if prentice and Pierre
pan! aili siart in training at once, ? better crew
Will be sent to Poughkeepsie than ever h-forc.
Whether or not Peet will cinch la aol known.
The authorities announce that Herr I.. Vi-T'-k.
i member of the Herman Authors' League '.nd
I fermer member of the Reichstag, will deliver i n
| Monday afternoon, February IS, at 4JD o'clock, in
i Room No U, Hamilton Hail, an lltuatrated lecture
1 In Herman upon "Ptldjof Scansen and lils Polar
j Ex piora tiona Ko tickets are required. The) ;ilsn
i announce n cour?.,- of ten lectures on musical nib
| .leets, to be niven by prominent lecturers. among
! whom are ii. H. Krehbiel and M. S. Plnek. The
lectures will bc given In the Chamber Music Hall, al
Carnegie Hall, al I p. m . as follow-: February '?'..
"Evolution of the wind Instrument," Professor W.
Adams Brown; February 9, "Evolution of rhe
Pianoforte." Morris Steiner!; March '?. "Polk Song."
ll. E. Krehbiei; March I, "Orientalism In Music"
F r? Kellr; March IS, "Analysis of Timbre." Pro?
fessor William Halloek; afsreb ZS, "Development of
Opera." Phillp Hale; March '-"<. "Church Music,"
Profeeeor il W. Parker; April '-. "The Ctillty of
Minic" M. ll. Find; Twa lectures arr yel to be
announced by Professor MacOowell. Tickets for
these led urea will be I sued, without charge, to stu?
dents In Ihe department pf mush- of Columbia l'nl?
verslty iii?>:i preaentatlen of mer ma tri ilatlon
tickets, ami to others upon payment of t> for the
course, ni *i for a single lecture. Application!
should ).e m,nie io the sinai.ir- of Columbia Fnl
1.1 sh v .
The Cnlverslt) was represented ar the meeting
of the Begents al Albans on Thursday, when the
question Of requiring three years for the degree o'
Bi I-ior of Laws ?as fully discussed. Dean Ashlej
of Him University Law School, a-< wall ss repre?
sentatives Of Columbia "Law School, supported and
argued In favor of the advanced standai I. It wa*
opposed bj the repreeeatattves of th,, New-York
Lnw School.
The Cnlverslt) professors sra surprised to Mud
that among the three popular lecture courses being
carried on this winter for Hu benefit ur the pub?
lic, ai Washington Bguare and University Fletghta
the Issi draws -muli ihe largest audience ta spite
of the fact that BO OM ls admitted who does not
paj foi ? ticket. The Washington Square coursea,
to one of which the admission io entire!) free, do not
nil the larne lecture room Tn-- explanation, li ls
believed, may bs found In ihe comparative absence
of competing evening gntsrtstarasnts at University
Heights. _ -.,_ j-T-.- .
Work is also betng* pushed forward on the" ?mt
seum. Tim pian shows st present three targe di
lalons ael apart tor tl,- department or geology
.?nd thiee for Hie history of art, willie ;i seventh
and largest division if to !>?? a mus.-um of general
character, especially containing articles connected
with Hip histor, of tin- University In the last sev?
enty yaam. The building will tn- thoroughly (Ire
proof Gifts suited lu Its ohlCCtS in to he BOllCited
from cittaena tater webed In the University.
The L'nlverslty complete catalogue appears this
week, being a mont'j behind time. Hereafter lt is
iAp,-, led thal the complete catalogue will be lesued
by the \u>i dap of November, anile the mapee tl ve
circulars o' the six L'nlverslty aohoolfl will Bppear
each \eiil' about Ala;;, 1. The circulant will 'ont.un
the announcements of all changes for the ensuing
your, ami will add to tbs roll of students In the
complete catalogue nil w bo enter Tor the second
tenn of the year, The catalogue contains over
three hundred pegen \ dozen yean ago leos than
.-.? vent) pages wera sufficient for the entlrn publica?
tion. A study of ir shows that out of the Six
schools none have a mote hopeful outlook ror
enlargement in the future than the School of En?
gineering. Its plant has been Increased in the
las; two yearn, ami at l'nlverslty Heights, with an
Addition to Its endowment squat to the cost of the
needed bulldinirs, li mn\ :.iirlv be expected to take
rank with the leading technological schools of sis?
ter universities. (Hie of Us graduates. QeOrgS lt.
Post, has Just been named by Congress one of th.
rive Commissioners of tin- new- United States Cus?
tom House tO De erertPd 111 this City.
The public gymnastic exhibition announced to
take plarr on Ino evening of Jami.ir, tl haa been
postponed for a week. The midwinter examination!
will begin on January i".> and will continue until
Fi br lal) i
The Executive committee of the Alumni Asso
e arion at a recertl meeting decided to hold the mid?
winter meeting nf th*, association on Priday even?
ing February lt, gi the Herman flub Hall, si the
time set for tbs promenade con.- rt and dance.
Tue concerts arranged for the muaical clubs tot
next month sra: Hashrouck Hall, Jersey City,
February 4; Orange, February s; Brooklyn, Feb?
ruary ii: Montclair, February li
The I arrows Assoclatton held its annual conven?
tion at the iiotui Lafayette, Philadelphia, on Sat?
urday. The oolegates fiom Stevena were the
captain, Boas s. Scott, Jr.. '?s. and the manager,
W. F. Mallalleu, ':?:.
All srrangementfl have been completed for the
festivities in honor of the twenty-fifth anniversary
Of the Institute) ?n February iv. .md ll. There v\111
be a dinner at the Waldorf on the first night and
on the followln;,' dav the Institute wail be "pen for
Inspection. Afterward Mrs. k. a. Stevens will give,
pcepiion m Castle I'oini to the trustees, faculty,
duatea, undergraduates and their friends. In
the evening a promenade concert .uni dance will
rn- held nt tim Herman club Hall, at which the
tiler Banjo ami Mandolin clubs will assisi
Tin- jami.nv "Indicator" appeared on Tuesday.
Vmong other arti, les .ne three h> members of the
raculty: "Ollwier Models Remodelled," bj Pro
1ensor ?' IV Mi n'ord: "Quantitative Estimation of
Mlero-OrganlsB s.' b> Albert R. I..!-. nod "Paint
Analysis " bj ' 'nomai B. Stillman
The member* of Ihe track leant re entlj elected
A ?'. Bang, 'ts, captain of this yei r*i leam.
TIJAi'llKUS I i il. I. la. K.
lu addition to the regular lectures iii innounced
courses al Tesohers' College, which sra largely ni?
len led from ont ilde. lhere were three other inter?
esting dtocoursee last week to audiences which nit. .1
Future Hail to its utmost capacity. Ths tirst of
Hies* waa by M f. BslllngtCU Booth, vi ho was the
honored guest <>' the Social Club al Ita monthly re?
ception, liein in tue Kindergarten Room Immedi?
ately after tho lecture.
Mis. Booth's I mb Joel was her tu Non work, and
1 "Hupe Hui!." the reception hons- the has founded.
So much lutero*! ha- been excited ic. her account
that u subscript lon for Hop- ll.ill was immediate!)
slutted ill Hip c| llb
The Kev. i>r Lyman Abbot* lectured on Friday
afternoon befori the Alumni Association and Ita
tin-.,os. who were Invited to meet hun at the asso?
ciation's winier reception following the lecture Dr
Ablion'* subject was The Bible sa literature."
Although thu lecture was under the auspices of
tho Alumni Association, ll wan* rea 11) Introducion
10 a course of len lectures to bs gIV n "'mn the
-ano- subject o the department of English
Th.- re.-, on.ni wa* held in the Bryson Idbrary
The tables, drc-iirated wiiii IIOwerB, were placed In
-he alcoves. Miss Bmma Q, Behring, president of
11 -so. uno,.. received with Hr Abbott IVhlle
this was in prcgreas, another large audience had
ai mhb i In I reture Hull io listen lo Henry T
Haili-,. ,f the Department of Education of Maasa
rhueetta, on Ftii.m luatlon of Art "
i in I'ri.i.i- e. ping ihe st mb nt- 'lum College Hall
gave b dance la the Mg kindergarten room
Th* Bes ti.iiii.ih i Campbell, s j, presld
sad the Bev. Bf. <?. t:. id lluttan, ?. J. rlca-prasi
dent, attended the slumal Banquet ai toe Hotel
Buckingham tall Wedauadaj evening.
The schedule '?<: I ? annual mid-pear examine*
Hons ll now io ; The senior class will he px.itu
ii'd in phltosoftia ami physics on fVadnssda) and
Thursday Jsniiarj tl sad ll The examinations
of i ie rm or, asphomore und freshman classes arc
lo begin mi Satur,i..j. a., mar) bb, and wot ? mi .,,.
Tueanaj. Febru ar* I
Tb.iiese iii-.-, nanto mi,ii Mandolin clubs ara
r? Ki'..ni ?rt .-.t i urn. gp. Hall on Friday
eieiilng. Febru ,rj |_\ Then nunagor R F M,
Sonic trade fictions ure expiring. Among them
tbe absurdity. "Hamburgs." Intelligent traders sav,
"Swiss Embroideries." Anent them, two state?
FIRST?Our Swiss Foibroideries are selected in
Si. Gall an J Herisau at first hands. The chief of this stock was there a
few days ago. He has great knowledge ol Kmbroideries. Thus we
get the best and secure exclusively many choice patterns. All women
are embroidery critics. Our stock invites scrutiny and criticism.
A rich variety ot sets in Fdgings, lnsertmgs and Flounces em?
broidered upon Cambric, Nainsook and Swiss Mull. Fdgings. 5c to
85c; Inserting. 4c to 80c: Flouncing*. 50c tn $2.:?V
SECOND?We bought 80,000 yards of Swiss Fmbroideries?Fdg?
ings and Insertings. All this season's patterns?a manufacturers sam?
ples. A not uncommon trade incident. They are of Cambric. Nain?
sook and Swiss Mull. The widths are from 1 to 9 inches, and various
lengths. We can sell them at
the prices of regular goods. They range from 8c to 80c, and will be
cut as desired.
BLACK MOHAIR SICILIANS arc to bp popular this Spring. Therefore it will interest
you that we caught two bargains of them in Bradford. England. They are 4> inches,
and the proper grade at "3c uoes to 50c, and 8ftC grade to 3?'..c.
LINEN DRESS GOODS Manv ugly enough to be handsome. They caught their style
from glass towelling and Russian crash?but thev ARK stylish when properlv made up.
Many are like bolting cloth for fineness, and some are almost grenadines. Others sugl
gest a meal s;icl<. and some favor Kentuckv Jeans. Nevertheless they are in high favor.
Thc lines are Hill. Thirty-eight stvles are before the advertiser as he writes. l*c to Ile
FINE COTTON DRESS GOODS?Later designs and weaves are coming dailv. Organ,
dies?delicate as a floral decoration on a film of vapor. The variety increases. So. too.
with l.appett, Latttce and Lace Striped Lawns, (irenadine Tissue in various designs
joins the cheaper Cottons to-day?Lie.
Pv??rv lonHv birffjrd and ancient Dier
Thousands have Shared me savings 01
our half-yearly sale ot Underwear. Under?
wear that is liberally cut and well made, at
prices that make home-sewing an ex?
travagance. A few items picked for your
reading?hundreds here for your inspection.
At 88< ?Of muslin, Empire style, cambric ruffle,
front and Inch necks, trimmed with embroidery,
lt ..linters sf 4 small plaits.
At 50c?Of muslin, embroidered rur'tle with 5 small
plaits above.
At -"io,.-Some have 1, '2 and '.I ruffles; fa.t black.
At 50c?Crocheted edges o! zephyr and ribbon at
neck, wild ..olors, and fancy 'tripes; broken sizes.
At 50c?The "Reine," strong jean, heavily boned,
stiong /ono, '.' side steels, boned bust, Hosted and
finished with embroidery.
Al 75c?Hie "reline, strong jeal, stnpped with
^jtee:\ ll side >teels, boned bust, silk ticked, extra
long waisted.
At |1.29?The "lady Claire,'' coutil, double side
stfrN, ^poon da?p, long front heavily boned.
Third flour.
At 50c?Ot nainsook, embroideied yoke, ruffles:
? tnov to 2 yrs.; were 85c, Si.
At St?Choke material, embroidered yoke, trimmed
skirt; 0 mos. to A yr* ; were $2 to$4.75.
At :50c?Of muslin, Iront, collar, pocket and sleeves
stitched in fancy colors; 2 to 14 yrs.
Al 50* Of lawn, deep ruffle, lace edged around
sliouldeis and arm holes; si.:es li to IS yrs.
s.m-iiiiiI floor.
Linen stores in which linen and Max are
maintained in strict consistency are scarce
and ure. Linen is linen here. Upon that
principle we have built a great Linen trade.
lt is winning in New York.
At 25c, heavy hemstitched, 88x4? in.
At 83c, line hemstitched. 88x48 in.
At 35c, hinged, 24\4<> m
At 85c, ol Webbs old Bleach, 80x38 in.
At 25c, (tinged. 84x54 in.
At He, plain hem, 86x51 in,
At |1, 11.85, |1 50, 5'~> a pair; fine hemstitched,
spoke stitch, 'J'J'jxM in.
At 84 80, $0. 88, |10 per pair; heavy, hemstitched,
-V-% yards.
At $1 and 81.25 each. 88^x78 in.
At 81 and 8185 Ter yard, of damask, extra heavy, i
70 in. wide
At 50c and Jfk, ol'heavy Damask, 66 in. wide
At I',' i5 and 89 per dozen, of heavy double Damask, I
88 in. sc|t!ar ?
Koori li n ic ii nc ii ii il Mn I li al rr ct.
3,000 yards of ll.ilnit.n Silks here, to go
at 30c a yard Some of the patterns are as
attractive as the prue is modest, Doesn't
this suggest shirt waist or skirt needs?
Thc Mot un.In.
Several ^u\\ offerings are here this
morning. No space remains for detailed
II ron.I w ii . nii)t Molli wlrcct.
of Furniture is invited to leave our stock.
You are invited to assist the going. This
accounts for the following concerning Bed?
steads and Chairs:
The price is Two Dollar* The value* vary fro rr 14
to $12. They are (rom Woken Bedroom Sets. A
medley of woods?oak* ash, maple Only two to
one buyet.
Gold finished. Mik covered, $-5, reduced from $10;
$15 from IIB.
Mahogany finished, silk covered, $7.50, reduced from
111.88; $10 from $15
Mahogany inlaid, silk covered. $7.50, reduced fra-n
$15; $10 50 from $25
Mahogany, silk covered. $12.50, reduced from $19.
$15 from $30, $18 from $27.
Mahogany, carved, silk covered. $24, reduced from
$4S; inlaid frame, fancy muslin covering, $25
from $50
Leather oak. $12 50, reduced from $25.
Mahogany Rocker, cietonne hovering, *13 50 re
duced from HO.
8 pieces, mahogany finished, inlaid, silk covered, was
837.50, now 825; corduroy covering, was $05,
now $32.50.
5 pieces, silk covering, was $50. now 838.50; inlaid
witii metal, was $70, now $46 50
Overstuffed, I pieces, silk covered, was $120, nj*
Sofa, gold finished, sdk covered, was $05, now
Fourth floor.
This doesn't concern 1.000 pair? of lace
Curtains?only I7fi pairs. Imaginative
quantities do not exist in our Upholstery
Irish Point Lace Curtains?only "Irish
Point" is a trade tiction. They are Swiss,
and cheap. REAL cheap, with a cheapness
that cannot be replaced.
Lot 1 ? 75 pairs, white Irish point lace, are to be
dened out at 18.51 and 19.75. Only a few hours
since they were $11.50 and $18.50
Lot 2?100 pairs, white and ecru lace; when tiie
store closed on Saturday they wee $7 and $9
This morning linds them priced $5.50.
And some heavy Curtains that are very
Lot 8?80 pairs satin faced Curtains, fairly priced it
8' 8, are down to 8*.50.
DOWN PILLOWS?Down prices. Doun
Pillows are a need of the period. Fmov?
able when the tilling is clean. These are?
therefore (Corless.
Covered with sateen and tapestry, some riches em?
broidered with gold. $1 to $14'50. These ire i
thiid less tiian earlier prices.
Covered with muslin, \H to 24 m., 5<>c, 70c, 90c md
"coonil floor. Ninth street.
But one idea in mind concerning these
garments from the best European manu?
facturers?we want to sell them.
Ot Silk, tull sweep, applique of cloth and jet, storm
collars ot tine lur. Of Kenty and Beaver, plain
and embroidered, fur tr.mmed, all silk lined
Now |10, $IS and $25. Mudl ?*? than hilf
former prices.
Jet trimmed, braided and embroidered. Designs ire
Toals, $25 to $75. Capes. $25 to $80
Karly season prices were more than double these.
Forty ot them in this oftering. Of line Cheviot i?
(jmet'l Hair Cloth Are marked down to FIGHT
DOLLARS. Twelve to fifteen dollars at norm.l
farvieKir/?. TSTZWAKTfrCQ &
Donnell, 'fl, le much pleased with ihe manner In
which Hu students hsvi been working to make ii
sn essful
Don Manuel Ferronde, ii converted Bpaalsb tja*
puchta monk, hss been pursuing studies gi the
seminar-., having come here from Venesueta Imme?
diate!} after bb conversion. Ile Baited las! Satur?
day to resume work smong those whom he served
under the Boman Catholic Church rle will so
under ihe protection of this Ctovernment. end will
occupy the house of the V'enexuelan Minister. Mr
i".-ri.in.ii. was extremely populai among Hie stu
dents during lita Btay bi Hie seminary
F [jObenatlnt 'ft, bs been appolntrd ona of Ihe
three Eastern representatlvos of i lie Inter-Semi?
nary MI--ion.il v AI lia nt "
e -
The Beard of Education ur ita meeting on lust
Wednesday appointed ii sew Executive Committee
for the college, consh ting of Jacob \v m.nh, chair- I
man: Daniel E. McSweany, winiam j Van Ar*
iiaii.. Nathaniel A Prentiss, John a Agni, K. i.. I
Anderson, Jobi Greenough, Mr greyer. Thomai I
Hunter and <"i irles li ilkley Hubbell, eg officio,
ti.-ir will ba no literary exerctass of ihe Phllo
'ono. .ni Soclet) al it* nippling next Friday. The
prtae debaters will tie chosen, and other business
ll air ,1, t. il
rhe programms "f the Alidia it.-t.- Qamma so,i
eiv, gt Ita next meeting, wit! consist of ? debate on
the question, "Should the Liberu of the Press ?
?. Restrict** by Oovernsntntr Th*' fS*?8fi2
speaker* aif Mi?s Mau-ir Ljron. '*. ??*< Ml L and
rrowler, '?; rtacativ*. Mts* Anser}* Hun- r* ?
HIM Ai-,. M.nh The MTtM .l.-bat-n MJL^
. mi. ,.r ism sort*) ss ni I..- chosen ??< ?l11" '"**""?
a ?
I'll'Y COIalaMI
A mw Bxacutlv* Ownsnttttn ema ?t?''>oin'',,, f0,.
the e*U**J* lust WVdn.-a.ias. e*r*st*thsf of ? *u.
lowing raarabar* Koi>.-n Mnetaj i hairman. *
ku.,.. P Kantara, los*** J UM*. A,'V"<1" f
Kilchurn, Huffh Kelli limo IV Tnlt -JJJ"JJ
Hurlbui, John I Kuttls, Alsflinlsr 8 xw |cof
Charis* Bulfcl*) Hubtssll. ?a atllclo. *? V**e?irr?
tin- appoint mont, H>- chairman <'f ""Ll,,,.* e*
CommlitM ls sum h nt*rab*r of th- ? *????^,,
ihu nv* site iiii-t -f th* caenmUte* *,"V..lnf th?
Alban) In ;? I., non ta tba sa*tt*r '". ."' ,he ????
i,um, limiting, inc anana! io iw i<*t<J w
.truck kui of tin- hill , ,,^? ?.ii sa MP
Th* dinner of th- Alumni Assoclauaa sn" ^ p
mi th* l.awjr*r*' i lui. on Januars ;*';tii,|"J##. t
Lafetra ls chairman of ?he innnrr lonjmwsj^ rf
ii... coll*** h*s r-.<-lv.d issn <<?n,'ttl? rfth.
th* nun i. p7***nt*d hy B.U-. V^.thLonA ?5
Lick Obasnratary. through thc ?sslthasntaj from
,,,,,?? th* iransimrancla* ?*r* Pf3?
negative lu possu-aalon of th* ??*W2the If*
President VVehh. srhe has baen sic iw ^ fr*
ta>tt days, i. sumed lil" work fur :i ?? l,ou"
tim ln-i
*-~ """" a ot af
Ar.- \ou looking for a uai*aln '? S *mB?t $?
sou -.mn io ann ,,r esehMsr* aw*. ,T*"-33 in th*
what you want In lk* Hill* advertl--"""
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