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D. Appleton A Co. have Just published "The j
Early Correspondence of Hans von Billow." e-l'.ted j
by his widow. The volume contains much gossip
about Liss; and Wagner ai well as about other i
musicians of lesser eminence. The Appleton* are i
the publishers of Mtsa Rtlsted's * 'True Eife of Car- ',
tain Slr Richard F. Burton." a hook which does ]
not appear to have won lt* way in England with !
the speed and assurance that tts title seems to I
promise. I
_ I
Professor Sk*at throws interesting light on an
old subject In a communication to "The Academy."
He writes from Cambridge: 'Excalibur was the
name of Arthur's sword; I do not remember to have
met with sn explanation of th? name. In pSTUBlng i
a MS9 of the fourteenth century I lately esme
across th* expression 'cultellum ex calibe ' mean?
ing 'a steel knife.' lt occurs to me a* probable that
the nama Excalibur was simply suggested by this
mediaeval phrase >x calllie.' and means neither
more nor les* than 'mada of steel.' "
The first writer to follow la the train pf Mr. Hen?
ley and the Earl of lovelace In the deification of
Lord Byr>n 1* Mr. clement K Shorter. He found
hts Bronte book a tm OtSSfUl venture, so he has
concluded to make aj volume about Byron with spe?
cial reference to 'he poet's Inherited traits find the
Celtic strain In his blood. J ist wh*n the work will
appear '.* aol yet known.
Professor Max MO'.'.er has passed the proofs of his
"Contributions to the Science of Mythology," and
tha book will bo brough! out In two volume* by the
Longman* th:* month or next, lt fills out the tril?
ogy upon which the Professor has been engaged
for msny years Tiie other volumes are his
'Science of lasagne gt" and 'Selene* of P.fllgton "
It would b* Interesting to know If an ld?a actually
does BetSO differer* individuals simultaneous'y.
when those Individuals are not In ar.y way tn com
inundation with ono another. How Is lt, for ex?
ample, that Mr. Horatio F. Brown should hit upon
the Mea of getting out a r.rw edition of Ynsarl at
tho same t,me that Mr. and Mrs. Blashfleld and
Mr Hopkin* thought of getting out theirs* Th*
r.Aws of Mr. Brown's odltton comes from London,
where it ts announced. Indeed, that he ts making a
r.ew "translation" of the ?Live*." The books are to
he richly I11u?'rnted. and will have many annota?
tion* Mr. Brown I* a writer and connoisseur of
suer: tried e/xpertence and taste thr.t his edition Is
hound to he a go.*. ona Nevertheless, lt Will have
? a h* very, vary goad to invalidate the American
edition to which we have referred
The daughter of Samuel Lover, Mrs Fanny
Sohmid. ha" written some recollections of her
father for the forthcoming -Century." The paper
sri!! be aeooSBpanled bf some draw-Ira* and letters
reproduced from an nlhum of Lover's whi^h ls now
In the hards of Ms grandson, Victor Herbert, -he
The ? Honers have aco,u:red the copyright of
those nov'.s hy George Meredith which have here
. ?-,-* boer ir, the h'-nd* of another American pub
lishe- ..p.; hoi et " remain the Bole representa?
tives Of ll " novelist In this rour.'ry. The ?anie
house announce*, ir conjuactton with John Murrey,
of London, th* famous three volumes of hitherto
uni ibllshod (JIM miana. The Scribner* h:ive also
tn pre*s e. r.ew and revised edition of Sidney
T^r.ler's work on The Kng!l?h Novel." and will
br-.rr out In the "American History Series" ft hook
bv Professor John W. Puree?* on "The Middle
Mrr.? Sarah Grand has written & large part of
her re-w nosrel, but th* hook lt !? believed, will not
' ? published for n-arly a year. The author of Th*
Heavenly Twins" l? never strong In health, and
eaanol wr!'- rapidly. Il is *ald that the hieycle
has been Of much renefit tc her.
Th? Commltt** of th* Gibbon Commemoration
BOUghl to erect a memorial tablet to the historian
in the rhapa] o' Magdalen College, and a Buboerlp
rlos was opened Recently the pr*?id*r.r ant fal*
Iowa have) formally de lined the memorial and the
fund* have h?en applied to the purchase for *sch
suhs-rther o' -i copy of th* now edition of Gibbon's
autobiography whl-h ls "om!nr out.
*-^, mrotovt>6o*i intel est of th* literary worn has
beer *:;rre1 hy the annour.cem?nt of the recen? d:s
eorery in Rgypi of a copy of Bacchy!ides*s poem*
Th* papyrus containing this treasure hs* Just been
acquired hy the British M iBeum. and Mr. Kenyon ls
nos: employed in reading lt, with a vi?w to
Ita apeedy publication It contains, roughly es?
timated. ?i,riit thirty columns of about thirty
,>,*?? nnM api-c* Half of th*?? columna ar*
p?a.c- m <? and lt li hop?d that the numer?
ous small frwumenrs which s'company the papyrus,
Snd Which have not yel been thoroughly enough <n
vrs'iga'ed 'o determine -heir connection With the
whole, may serve li fill wholly or partially some
of the gap* Some of the fragment* have already
!*o? fit'*d into their places Til.- manuscript ap?
pear* fo beling to fh?* hrs; century H C.
Whoa liss volume will by nj m. ar,* restore l? ii
?v" entirety of Bscchylides'a work, lt will furnish
Buffleleal io give us a - lear Impression ol v:'- r-,:
sri a means of estimating Iris poetical gei I ii flev
e*sl odes Sro preeervi 1 <:i:lre. and there ure large
T>or-i.ir,a <.'. mn v others Most of them ore Rptniktsn
cd's, written in honor of victors tn t>,e -.
g*me*. (T.ymplan, Semean Pythian and Isthmian.
Among th? rici ra so celebrated are Ui.ro of Byra
ouse* In whose honor .. peat ts i ; emi relating to
th* same vi. tory as -\w celebrated by P -
ror.fl-m* tbe tra Uti in tl il Bai hylldea wa* n favor
lie of j;;*--, aa I for i ene ? me ai ac ted to hil coui t,
- oz.*. Incidentally, also, the Iradi! ii thal between
him and Pinter a strong ? existed Other
rico-s ??!?! .-. v'-\ lott sot Me-aponf um,
T*:?ii? of Algins, A itoaedes of Phllus and Lachon
o' I
Ir. a private letter Mr Kenyon, 'he only -ne who
has yet rood tl eras states his first Imprest
goitred fr tm hla reading while performing ,v-e work
of decipherment and ti inscr I - 'My feeling ls 'hat
Loagii - " ?? * ? wr - tbe De fl
wa* right in comparing him wi b Hypereidee. He ut,
I think, ? aoior than Pindar: has a grace?-:, ana p>as
. st ''y.e ar.d a picturesque poetical vocabulary, but
i* wl.-hi-;: e--h*r Pindar's *'r*ng-;i sr. 1 Bpi.
1 i? farced a-.-! strained t ;rr.s of esprew
Tr* biformatton which we hare h*-*1 fore had
oori*?m.rigBacchy'.i !?s has been r' I Icely ilight vTs
poa**** about fury t t flf-v fragrnen**. mo*: Iv pre
**rv*1 :r. the '.'ii ,' .ii 1 :.-a: -'.'I-:,:: ll . -
a a thora ;>a-- PU arly in Athena*. i? These have beer.
c-::e-:<-i bi Now ind 1 ?? Bu ?<*. li ? Orb i ?
Ly:.*." They affot-1. however, little opportunity fr
an cs*Jma:e of hil genlu*. ll is ase known tba- ',.?,
wi' a contemporary if Blmoaldea sad Pindar, and
Uvod shout US-MI R C He was e. native of
the *.im* leland (Keon .i? Prodlcus and s.-nonide*,
ar.d wa* a nephew of tba latter. Though nol - ti
hy ar. ? ? - - first rank of lyric writers
? a.* the pe*- of Sm-.ni,.-? and Pindar?he waa
e-".cried i p'a<-" n -..- ? the nine lyric pie:*,.
ard waa much read aol admired nil through <;-*'k
sad Xossaa tlssea One of hts mool fervent admirers
wa*. '.:.r lastanoo, the Emperor Jullaa.
Th* ad i'.i!->n within 'he ia*' few ye.,r* of the orations
<: H>p*re:d**, toe "Pollteia" of Aristotle, tbs m.m.-*
of Heron loo, an 1 nos- of the poem-, of Bacchylldes
te our Btoeh of Oreeh literature, Inspires the hope that
much of that priceless mat?rla). which ha* h
been given up a* io*r may yoi bo re ivered ar, ; re?
stored to the use of mankind
lfer.ry Barnard and i is wif- wera arrested at
No. &*>< West Porty-fourtb-si about 8 odo v s.
?..?day r.igh. ai.d grero locked up in Ludlow Btrei
Jail. Their two children, c<n?, seven and eleven
y.-ar* rid respectively, were turned ov.-r to the
? ie-ry Society feeterda) Barnard and hla wife
w*r? arrr.inne.) brfoi mmU r Sbli -I- vi,
he|d ih'tn ..-.br fg.OSO bal * ...
this morning st 9 o'clock The arrests wen ...,.;?
by Becret service Agents Esquir-ll ii.-ntv and
Klyni, who bad i? n -. ?? s na Barnard : -?
e-ai day* j-, hi* rooma the officer*. ?
Cf. In bad ten. twenty-five and fifty reni
beside* a complete counterfi .? ,
Th< coins ma<!e bj Barnard ,.i- -. : i-. s--.r. ?
Sor\,c Age-.t liam lo be very dang. and
calculated ta de<-.:\ ever, more thi i ., casual
scrutiny. The fifty-cent pieces r. dated :?TT th*
visrter* ife aad ISss, sad the -lime- -?
Arrangement* ate being B
MM? two yrea: J vc-;, 1 UTI !<:??? impanies kr IS
Merritt's Wrecking Organise!! ? I \ Wsll
st.. sag tho Cbapaaaa Derrieh I ??'.?? li grono
pany, Of Ni ff fl -S! Prealdeat I ?' < ?'...
of ttie lotter ? ??? poi r. said yestei
ti'ji.a were In pi-.gie-. f ,:. -.,.I . , ,(U,
that the detoT* . f ? ie pian had noi *?
ed Beeb of the two coi . -., pro.
vldt.1 wjt/i wrecking lugi d powerful apparatus
?'on,petition between them, lt '* s-tid bas tee- a.,
sharp tjT many >ear? thai , . frequently
taken wre-klr.g contracts .,? unproduble
The snip otner wrecking organisation In tbU elly
ls the Baxter Wrecking Comrany. whoie opera?
tions sre confined mainly to harbor and river
ah nrsAJfR touts'a charge.
Hugh C. P. (juigg. Iweaty-two rears oki, of S ?
52 Eas! One-huiidreil-and-flrst-st . was commltTed
1'V gtoglstrata Wentworth to the lasses pavilion
at Bellevue Hospital for exami'iaMon as to hil
sanity yesterday morning. Th.- 'nun** man i- I
deaf mute. His father told the Magll
h* wa* a heavy smoker but 'ie did BOI know
what had caused his Insanity u Ugg was found
hy Detectives ?berlin sad Murphy, of the East One
hundred-and-foiirtli-st. station. Sa'Utrd ijr, Steading
in front of the statloa ni.iking signs at the door
He eo'tlil not answer thom When the* o,u*-st!one<I
him. so they tock him Iniido. There ne rn.' BB
account of himself ;n writing. He O/rote that he
had come to tin BOllee to report that hts father
had BBurdersd Prefeeoor Has Bgtao, ar thi
stitute at Lealagten-ave. and list) - enth*et..
iast February. !!?? himself, i,e declared, had been
?ir St. Joseph's Behool, In Wes'Siester, and the
deaf muns then- rolled him "?
found he w..^ treated In that ray '
father killed Eglau. he thought.
Young gmgg said thal he Brent * i Bl Fl
Xavier'! <*hurc-h. in W'?i Blxteenth-st? and
fessed ro Kather Rockwell He wai adtrls*
hav? his father arrested, he sail, but ? wsi In
.IimiI.t whether to take tiie priest's i dvlce and
ins father arrested, or whethei to kin him In
order to remove rhe stigma from himself He
tinnily derided t0 lei the police know all about .t
The youth! father la *ti linties; old man, who
keeps ii small ?lio? store. Young Q ilgg'i tory wa*
rrldently that of an insane man, bul ihe dete
questioned him elooely, thinking, perhaps,
he might know something of Imp rta i i
Eglau murder, a mystery tl it isa n ii yet been i
He told absolutely nothing, however, lhal would
give the detectives any clew. Before his ex.imi'i.i
Hon Saturday the ?south had repented of what he
had am i the night before, and would not Bay any.
thing about his father. He sold he lad been
Joking the nigh: before.
The prisoner rushed up to his father and ki- ed
him when he w.is brought out to be examln d
He afterward k'.*?ed his motlier and when ne waa
taken out of the courtroom he .ailed io his parents
The boy's father said rna* hil son was undoubted
ly Insane, and had given evidences thal his man'i
had taken a homicidal turn, so lhal the m.ra
be,ri of the family were afraid of :rn M.ir stra e
"'orneil commltre.l him to ?nc care of the iiepnrt
menr of f'hariiies. and an exam!na*l.in as to his
aiu-i.t> Will be made
? - ?
The report of William <"? Davie*, ll e referee np.
pointed to determine the application Of the Health
impertinent to pull down the tenemei t-housei No
Ml to ni ||ott-st., will I.* filed to-day in the County
? lerk's office The rrport will direct Judgment foi
the condemnation o.' the buildings. In giving I I*
decision Mr Davies comments al some length upon
rhe Improper sanitary rendition of the houses i ?
asserts that they are not only unfit for h iman habl
rHti'in. but 're Incapable ol evei being made fit for
living purposes lb- also .lemn* the ouees, to?
gether with the tenement-house* i:i the rear, as
bel R n menace to the health of the my, and
rordlr.gly recommend* their .:? itrui tl rn The prem
ts.- in question are situated In Mott-st betwei
Bleecker and Houston s;s and rornpriae ti\
houses In fro.it and three built In tl,- rear on ,i
parcel of land 91 bj tl f ? I Tl e i tire
ls rovered, with the exception of * five-foot court?
yard between the front and rear houfct - Tl I i a
er* of the propert) are Frederick Dossorl, the
Greenwood Cemetery and Pietro Rosa, who,
through their attorneys. Coudert Brothers nial
David Keene, it Tenuously resisted the application
of the Health Department. It was shown that the
death ra"- In these tenements m - tS.87, ai com?
pared with rhe city's average rate of about lt Ai
rhe result of Mr. I'.,-, lei - dei Isli n, lt ls understood
that tho Hoard of Health will al once begin pro?
ceedings to desit ro) about Hf ty othei rear tenement*
? ? he same di*tri I
-a>- _
The attempta male at the re mt lal onvet
tlom held In Albany to consolidate 'or legislative
purpose* the Knights of Labor, the American Fed?
eration o' Labor nn 1 the Stat.'- W.irklnsniet .'??
Assembly have 'ailed, and lt was charged n: the
meeting of the Central Labor 1'nion In .""1 irendon
Hall yesterday that the failure w.is due to th*
treachery of certain delegit** from the unions of
th? Knight* of Labor, t-ho ar the last moment,
voted against consolidation Tim charges o' treach?
ery were rr,.ile in the report of John F. Maher, a
Knight of Labor man, who attended the con\er.
tlon as a d-legaie of the Central Labor I'nior.
La'-r.r lea.le; a all over the State were In favor of
consolidation, a* they thought if al! the Central
labor bodies pulled together much better work
could be done in getting bills affe-ring working
men passed bv the ].?glr-!atur?> than If the
Mimed to work singly
Mr. Maher said yesterday thal a* rhe convention
of the Knights o* Labor he was .ailed ,. traito
for even broaching the subject of consolidation,
arid wa* told that he would be throw ti out of the
window If he Insisted on attempting ro force such
an Issue, Ile added That delegates In the convention
who had been instructed by the unions which they
represented to vote for consolidation voted against
lt, --rid The morion was lost by a vote of 21 to 17
A lively discussion followed Mahers report, I I
demands were made for the names of th-- men
accused o.f belaying Their organisation Mr. Maher
said they were professional la bm leaders who were
willing to s-'-ll out to any one who would buy them.
Other delegates made speeches denouncing men ol
this kimi Maher was Instructed to malta i f';'1
report In writing of ali that took ria- ?> at the
? ii-,-. . nt ion.
Iiani-d Harris, w'.o was the delegate to The in?
vention of the (hate Bran ti o' the Americai
eratlon of Labor, terian, i thal the convention ha?1
in I'jrsed the resolution of the Central Labor I'nior
that the State's convicts be employed at bullung
a resolution --..ts adopted requesting Coi tress ti
pass a bill prohibiting Immigration for fl ?? years or
fur i bu.get period If deemi I neci and ?
ommltt.' Ave aai appointed to ??? lit on Gov?
ernor Bia k and ask him to recommend that th*
work on the Btati Caplto "? completed The coi
yent on also Indorsed the bill of Delegate Klapet
?ky providing for the appointment of an tx tnli
lng board to ll ?? nse barbi rs
s. retsr) Henrj of the Central I .abor Union, read
a newspaper clipping in which i' eras sail that th*
Warden ol Bing Bing Prison was itotng to Inti
te* among the convlcta for tes bing bi
carving and modelling and other art trades. H<
said thal he re;.res, rited the woodcarver* In thli
city and thar they would flgh* toot' and rab
? ? 'om lets being taught ihe tn
Albert Hudson <apt<i!n of t il De
f.--r.d. r. was rei ued ft om the Ea*t River earl)
yeaterday morning by Samuel Ball, sn employ*
the Stree! .'leaning Department. He wis seni
Bi . ???'??- Hospital, where lt "as found tat
several ita about .t.e head and that his ? ???
were blackened The physician* thought he
- . ffered a fra ct ired skull His rein tl vi
him v..i-k to his boa- yesterday aftern ot
? .. ..- i thal he fill Into the water while he wai
trying to k- I to Mis boa; The police believe tha
the injurii ? to his head were received In a fight
nefe.-ring to EMsti et-Affbm*) 0 roti ' ? :r.-, ttl
letter to the >,i.?? ? ?..r.ol;ian Traction Company, cellini
attention to the nuisances -it One-hundred-and.fift
at. and Lexlngt n-ave. H. H Vreeland the presider
il ? ie ? imps ny, yesterday said tnai he Intendi i
Investigate the a tole Lexington-ave ??-.stem, an
a bl- i that the most thoughtful conslderal a
niven la .<? s -ire- -?! s put forwi M h
"I expect," said he, "to i ...
official 'ommunlcatlon - nipan)
thi Dl*trlct-Att rnej somi time next week."
Fire wr* ked th* flve-otory bri k building
No. 1.281 Thlnl-ave al an curly hour on Bunda]
morning The entire building was occupied b]
Ben -rd H Dehoea, a furrtlt ire denier. Thi
building was nld and Hill arm the nature of The ron
t.t.t- made rhe flumes spread rapid!} From th'
; basement Ihe fire soon reached the firs* Boor an
: then swept .-ti up tn the flinns abovi
Seeing thal the building wa-- di imed tl
men oin led their oitenll n to keeping the Are I
I getting '.. ;ho adjoining I illdlng* . :.-? store
-? ..,t-,! in the middle i.f the block, and oi
-- ? m. bia i; irtment houai - Ai I .?? ?-? issumei
j dangerous proportions many of the tenants
m i*. gan getting ? ? ? ?? . .
j to-r. ih.-r .md tl- ? ' hi Idewalki
In confining Ihe Hames to thi ? .
Ung a* l after a couple of hours had ?
under control
The : Idlng had ? ? ed for i-.nii
five years I Mr Deboi lu - ? est In
at CO.OOO Mr* Bridget i h? ? ol :.."?. u ,-..
1 Blst) -fifth-si owni ' ? building Her
il j: '?? The fire sta rt . i ihe lu emem i
i li waa in...ii- Ibis to li
Fer Younty Ladles?City.
LlUAr.Di.va am. i.ai sOsoui. ru;: uikui.
I tKKV' r'R *rj JJr" ' HAS ? "Ahl ';*-'! Prloclaala
I \| US rVATHO.N AM '?: ) I: .- ;?*! Bl HOOI
, i'l FOR GIRLS ? -. with y. -? Wilie) ? ll in,
- . |3S Weil "Ol il
Ilh; iii.i.i'' ic s h< '.;.
3.', V. EST B0TH-ST
U n1?rg^rt^n. l'r.;*?r>. lalerffiadlatl
rpilK UlSSEs rt.) s ... ,| ?,I# r,)K .iip.i.s.
af.i> and ?>?'.' ? Street* Vea Tn-i
Mit: l'H*( Kl'l , -? H i, POM QiniJi *''. E**l ??tr
I. r.f?? ELLEN E LKARKBD. I'nnrl/ya: Tw?n*r
jaar OtT"i ? h ar ll lo ll 43
~~ nRrmocF Fiitrir.*, RtrrurrjCOb
ISO AND |gl OyggT ;4TH sT
For Boy* and Tounr Men?City.
* ? r?Jf. iTtti yeer, Win* Mon-iav. r?h i??
tptleaati foi adis ssl n *? thai sate Ssaj present th?m
Ivea a- ilia Mid Year Kiininv- -? Janoar Mis ssh!
-"' h j i "LARK BKAD, Reji-'rar.
COM'MBIA instittti: :to w. |go st -Cotltsta ?
Preparatory. Primary Department*. Optional Military
Vt M. i'la-ground. ..;>tnna?:um. lint Luncheon, gserdlia
EDWIN lo,VI,KR. M. IV. A. B. Principal.
For B..th Soxes.?City.
-Madlaon gqaara i25th-at. and Hroaijway,.??
tl Cour: m. la . . .ii. and -thar principal Amarlo. and
fCurep ince. T?rm i,egina now.
Pres lu I i Lecture tatars*) ?: n n>l<vii.
For Boys and Toting Men?Country.
Pita for tunnva ol eollsse; io mil** ft un New-York.
FHA >( lg 1! RKKWER, a. M. Prim. F*lrn*'.d. C?nn.
MATLEWOOD inst OtascordvUle. Pa. .COT per reef
A BBC ??-*!. On- rf tha h??* to tafttSS With
'nergo;, ie a..*- bp ? ? io t ai toilet sf Itfi lebeees pro?
hibits iv. a prep ?' ''r heal rollegjea Coder 13
rears Sim. I..- at I -. beautiful rlevataS and btalth)
J SBjOSrTMnOK (Ysl* AM Prln _
KOTTCLANt) INST1 ' " n. N. T
Pi ? na I Ins, - , - il .art.
. -I I WU.-- IN, \ M Pris
?!T. JOHNS Si HiO'lI. MANUIo. N. T.
Ri?h p P, T) Hun!ln?a">n. Praa'dant.
Apply to Colona'. Wm V?rb--k Sag*rint**4eat.
Io in Meal achoo) Preparation fer Collegs snd Business.
itvuv .i t.v't.i. ir ?--M-*. MrviiT". M A..Prtnetpelr
St. g.?Std year. S?nd for l!!i:?trat?d ^a??lo|rii?
Col I*Ot. TS H OP.I.FMAN fria.
For Younp Ladies?Country.
A a?>r-. ar! - 1 fr,- r'rl* Co?r'->r'* sf hom*.
Mr ARTHi'lt OILMAN I* iht Dlrtctor
Gthool Agencies.
auppii-s Pi '-.-aw Teechera Tutor*. Geveraesasa
*r.. ta .'.,:if?*a. Behool* arid Karri::** Arp'.y to
Mr* ftl t '..'I NC Kl'I.TON. 21 Uni, n Sonar*
Dancing Schools
Ai....\A.\pi.i'. BLAtXJKEOOR, M-r.d*:*?-ihn I'.-oir.i.
lui Wea: .".3th St.
Strictly prtvata taaaoi.a and pr.tat* rlaaaa*. Ci* circular*.
VT Laatle p-Krra. vi str*ei nrid Boulevard; aid Ha-'.-rr.
r.:ior*:t? Rooms. No M *2 \Y*?t ISSth *tr?*t. <'la*? and
private ? itltloa r.-dar
All Travelling Rxpenses Included.
M | t- ?? Tar, ? Fla . In the Mani I ?
? and makins I lours t IS dava each us
the I al ai ' ' ii
Ra ? . . and St . P ' I" " "' " P .'?'? . . .
, itratc I r>. ? n.-:-h girts
rt il mond a witrrtoMii.
:tl I nat lilli M..
!??'-.-. go.. tYrit. -N>*' v' '?'*
ny Mouin,i,I,,* of tiie REI) "IV I.I\K In Con?
ni, il.n. milli thone ot the
v'.fi' au St. T n . . Kl k:vp. Sevla, Ari caa. Steatssr
rat, Oaadeloupa, l.oniira-a alartlBleue, gt. I.u.'ia, Har
l-.-.-l-* .-:. Vincent, QrnnaSa, Trmlda-I. Tl^asr. I.a
..la.ra, .'aramaa. Pnerta Cabello and ''ura^a. Bailing
tr -m N?w Yerai January 'Si. Petsruary 24 an-l Marti 2i
l-nre S-?M> r?r ?>; ply t^
nt-:Mtv lUZK A BOXS. I.lil.
Tourist V??nt? 113 BROADWAY KBW YOUk
public UToticrt.
Ot'PREME COUKT. In tin m:it>r of i!ie sp
O , ,- . ' rd f 8tr*e? Opening and Ino i re
? n-,r. t N ? Tori i??? ? ? -' ? ?? io the
r relatlv* to ac<| Ul ng Uti* hy Th
?.'.,.... ? ilty of th* City f Ni ?
y. ., ? lands, tena-mtnti I im. ntl ?n1
,.a east sida f the i '? St* Y rfc, bound*!
ii...... !?>-.. .*.' tfolk. Suffolk. Canal,
it reefs a:. Ka?t Broadway duli
j laid nut ai an-1 for a pai '
mes of i : Islons nf rhsi li SM
? Lawi f ISB ii ' ? ::-'" of td* uaws of
pursusni to lbs pi * bi ' el sptei Ifli of rr.- t.iw* r.f
,v,.n ' -'?''?? Lawi ' lk,?7 n,'-lr? ia
l,?r\.|, ? . that itlon wilt be made to the Sa
; nrem* i t tl ? ' - ? ' N--c v r* a- a *p
1 i cf ss ' Vk" '" Ihereof. in ihe
ty of New Yoi k in Fi I.
f. h .lav ?>'? Pebrua l*'1" s' ths ; ns f the i in
on thai i r si " - .? ls
,,.,-? ?? ? n ' ? ' -nm-aainnaia cf
. ]?? .?' t ? ? hs al ?-?'??" matter.
Th* nature and < ' *r*by in
,..'.?-. i. he aenulall j, ' ? Ma roi Ald*rm?n
' : ;nV ,- - : rsii fi ?-?-?,
.... -i :.?? a:. I i ? - :? - ?? ? ? . .?
led by Heater, i: - .
nd I. Iteri n
(. . . | | - Iway. In fee i e. tha
,.m. ? .ertsd a"1 us* I io md I
i fhVi - .-...?..
... ' f 1SS7. said proneti
..,?.?.?? ? ? i
l street cio-nnc a-1 ' ly of Nan Y--,.
.. .,.. ? irauano* of tha
- T tu ? ? ?'."??'-.: ism arl
j , " ? l -,-.??? ' ISSJ ' ne the f 'i wing dr
? . .....,??? ala * Isl ' BBS
. Kl. "A '
j;..iiag ?? ?'' Intersertloa of lbs ?-.?... ??. ;
u-r.-ra n str**t with the ' ilherly line of DI afreet,
and !? -n a ill running ???
.... ght ona !:..n !:???, . r?. ,rtr,| ^a
f the same wli ? ..,.-..--v
? ': tp?ra . than. ? l2> tunnli ng
.,,,.. ' i: .--?-?????? ., - . ? ? ..
- ? - -.asrtioi f the aame wil
-???". ,s, running easterl>
? il stree! f ? i ll.tan - ?
, ,?., hnnor?M an-l flf i ami lifly-three on?-hundr*dtha
f tba .m. wi-h >h?
? .... r'i- i- n- idwai ? < li running ??.??
ai tv 'alone ai .?'.-?? Iway f i du
? ? .. ' ' nlse and alt on*-h .-..
.-? | '.<-? rlSP.ns].- nteraec n ? hx sam*
arith th* w*st'i a nf J*fl n si eel ihenet rn, run.
T?e northei " ?? of Jefferson atreei
ra* a dlstanr* ' n* ndr*d --I - i--*a ant ninety-two
r*,t H1SS3 feetl mora or l?a*
BL P "
Beainalng st ina, int*r?* n f the westerly lins of
; s .,?....? ... suutherl) - - ? m<..-. .
and thene* : B said south*!
.it.r stieet f-.i a dial f la hundred and twent y
., ;.. 5n. ? " t 1300.28 feetl to ih? Inters*
. ... t | - th* --???:? . n* ' '..????\ itreet: 'h-n*
?',','. ' ' E?a?s
,-??*? '.-,- ? dla' ir ' lw*i i!n? ant
twin - '??? ' ' '
?.....??. Ihe north*rly lin* of ] - -
?-??-??' lone said i
? ? f two ti ii nd ri
. ? ? ? and fifi! -foi indredtha ?-.- ,;j, -,
.,. Inter* i - ' "?? 1^' ?:" lh? w**u -. Una
,, N- ..... ? > (?, ninntng ai -< ?, t
v -aa ly Un* of Norfolk ' no* of tara hun
and < ' t on* ! m lr* Itha fei ?
22T.OS fet ' '? ?*:.-.? ii | t. f >,.
t smaliis pircm. ?r
Bsglnnlag ?? lh* ?.?--? I tbs westerly :?? ...?
Suffolk sti ? ' its ef Hest*r att?e;.
snd th*nr* 11) mnnl [aa aou:h.
> Hester streei for a di?tai a of two hundred nd ?la
. n - '??' -*" *2 fe. , ? M - im ... fl .
I et the aame ? ' " ki - -?
... i laid ra al arl 11 n* .?
n .rf k ,--<yt for a dial mee of ti hundred and two and
..... - '. '--??'.? ????-, to th* !n'?ra*r
f th* aa mi with of
thane* 13 ng aold ? tn?r|T I na f
I,I..,- ? ^ ? ' of I* ? r ?t,.i -n-n- .
I ,. ,-n an : f ??? '-? -- - . " ? .,--,..
.... ? ? .?.??-. rr. ,. IHM Of Rllffol
. ? -. i nmg i ly along said ?
. ., ? . ?
ttl. '- W3l f?a'.. m,r* - lees
- . ? '
I-at- ' ll. ISM
PRANCIS Ht ? lbs '"v-'-i-:^ No a
T-v it:- ' ?_
tJriifiions Xoticr?.
' A. < . DIXON'"
c..in Pentec ?sl b6 Repeated ?
. : .-r~
..., NU l.INKrt.
STOM.VCTON USU \ a gioaloglja, irom Plat -0. .'?'. ii.,
< ?* Me r. abOta "ana, al . ?*-* .. ? . al S.UV P. ru
?? " ? a i. . B . i 4. NH,
neal i , tai ssa ? ri i ? . I.... ? ... ?? I du r. u
) ALI. RH KP t.f ria Newpuri aa . a
Pru 1* N h Mj-iaj a: *rrk Jj ? <oty. al
I 'A ." M
VEW-HAVEN PAKE, ll; Lxiur^.ou. #1.60.
* ? Kail flran.rti ,*a.? Piaf ->. i: A, l?a;l> i--viiaj*yi
? ir?^i?u), .. ?? al -ii* ii r,, r is il a/rtvtOg Ul nm* for
c-t.sa io >.-rijro riarUarS. . .mi-i.1. :J gad points aorta
Th* real estate market save ?vlderce of a eondl
I rion lasr week tillich hrokers were Inclined ro re
| r*s.'d as hfphlv Batssfaetery The numerous sales
rap -'fd. ini-tiidint: many valuaMi properties in se*>
I Mons of the .Itv which have bren practically In
'. active for months pa-t. wen- mo?t em miraging and
i ure bots te I'M i '?> Mtv r sates ol impbrtanee The
I rael ls thar until i rea weeks nco f.-w holders of
extensive pieces of realty, whether they were dis.
i satisfied with th- i. rmi on their Investments <*s
j n-.nst of -hem w.ri I or not, did not venture even to
I .... tn. ^ properties In the market, ihe belief tie.
lag prevalent mat lt wis impossible to securi i
fair ..fer That thi* feeling ls passing sway, snd
, inst many owners have slready taken courage
; from recent favorable iranaactlona, la amply proven
by the broadening of th.- market in almost even
direction within the ia?? tv.e. weeks.
Perhaps the m..st gratifying leeters of the trans.
a.Hon- recorded In th- last f'W da\s ;? the re
Vlval of activity In thu lietrer lass of private dwell
] Inge, in many cf rh.- most valuable propel ss
1 the old residence sections <^f tm city which have
' lain dormant f-r '.??.its. s.al?s are of almost dsllv
?renee. Rspectally t? this so in the sc Hon In
i eluding properties lying between Sixth and Park
aves., Twenty-thlrd-st. .md the Park ar Fifty
nlnth-st, The re-ord of recenl sales of 'ha- -lass of
property referred ro by one broker alone weil Illus
If ps ".- renewed activity In the direction named
Henry iv Wtnsas A.- May report the sale of high
- dwellings Bl No ,V> West Fifty-second-*!.. No.
Flfth-ave., Ko 12 Wesl Flfry-fourth-*t.. No. il
r -? Flfty-eei nth-st., So II West Ftfty-slath-st.,
So. 121 Weet Beventleth'Bt., No 13 ra?t Bevepty
th-Bt., N.i IT West Fifty-flrst-st . and No. M
1 F*?r Seventy-third il
The purchase bj Archibald l> Russell of th* two
; ? rata dwellings on the southwest corni r of Thirty
! ninths' and Flfth-ave. ts another case In point.
Mr. Russell will Improve the plot by replacing
1 the pr*aent Btrud ires with a new seven-story fire?
proof building, from plans by <'linton * Russell, rh?
archltei t- Three Roora of rhe proposed new build?
ing have already been leased.
The improvements at Flfth-ave. and Forty-fourth"
st. ar- other evldencea of the popularity of the
Ftfth-ave. section Here, on rhe southwest corner.
Sherry's new piaf** ls in process of construction,
! while- diagonally airca-, on rhi? northeast corner.
1 work on the foundations of the i.i-w Delmonico'!
has been in proi<ie?s for some time The Paran
s-- ens estate prop* I) covers hslf the *ast sida of
the bork, extending southward from tin corner of
Forty-fourth-sl . and. although nothing definite la
reported concerning this valuable parcel, as stated
last we.-k a syndicate Ia negotiating for its pur
chase, with rhe intention of erecting s larc* hotel
Both ..'mi-..- and below this point In Ihe avenue
properties ar- known lo be for sal", and il is fur?
ther known thar negotiation* sr* under wa) for the
i .? nf .it hast . "i two valuable par. els there
Above, extensive building operations are projected
on the site of Sr Luke's Hospital aid below, the
nee .\^\-r hotel ai Thlrty-fourth-Bt. is nearly
The pr.i|i"S'-i .re, tint, by John Jacob leter o' a
lern . th ?? 1. illdli K to r*-plaei la two | rat.
. -? .i Nne 2 and i iv.--r Thirty-third
si opposite the Wa l-l-.rf. and rhe leas j of the nea
building to Juhn Patterson ?< Co, .???' alread) re
ported In Thi Tri).ut,e. I* onl) oni of many uk. Im?
provement* In Ihe Flfth-ave, district that may he
looked for In ihe ni ar futun
In M.nil son-avi. th'- prospeel ls also excellent.
Two high-class dwellings were sold there recentl)
The announcement I* made thal the syndicate ron?
ni: thi Manhattai Hotel, which already evin
Ihe house adjoining t' ?? hotel ;-, Madlson-ave. on
?.-.?? r."nh. I- negotiating fur the two renu ? ng
dwellings which cover the plot I..-tween this and
Forty-ihlrd-st . and if successful will erect a* ai
tue new hot.-i Tin- Church of the Holy
Tritiltv pr.,*."My, directly opposite a' rhe northeast
rf Forty-*.ini-st. ami Madlson-ave, re
?. purchased .?-? Joseph Milbank, ll again In
the market, and a:.nut lona remain Idli
The agitation against too rigid restri Hons against
sky-scrapers la continued among real eatate brokera
.-,:..! ? v.:.?:i here, ami a committee haa been n|>
poli t"! ro go ro Albany .md oppose certsln objec
llonable features In bills affecting the height of
buildings and the building laws That are to corm*.
lip f-r discussion In the Legislature
Bann tor Page Introduced another Mah building-;
bill las* we-k. It pr..vi.les that no building us-'d as
ii workroom Ol living-room ?hall be of Kreate
height above tho curb level ai the centre of the
fro it than fifteen time* the square foot of the width
of the str-et. road or even ??? "ii which ;t ls ere,-'ed.
ind Whenever any building shall front on n Street,
r.i?'l or avenue over loo reel In width, its width
shall be taken to ba WO feel In making this calcula?
tion: provided, however, thar when any portion of
such a building shall !?? set hack from the street
line, the tinner Boor of 'tie. part sn- beeb may be
.-.irrled to an addttioi il hi Ight of twice. The distance
IO which i'. I" set back from th* street line, and
provided furl ler, 'hat win-re u building shall bo
bulli on b corner firmed by ihe li tersectlon of two
treeta, roads or avenues, one of which ls narrower
than the other, the front un the narrower street
may !.,? bulli to Th- height of the front on the wider
street for a distance of 100 feet."
The auction sale* for 'his we.-k. to tak? pla**-* st
Si III Broadway, unlesi otherwise specified, an? as
.\ -
M .j- Jar SS By iv*: F M yer A- Co., fore
sale, Benjamin Hoffman, referee, No. 21
Wa ker-st., aouth ? ?? . a it '.' f< i weal of Ch ireh
s . 25x100, rivi -St( r\ bri. k. s' .ne and lrou ll ir! IO 1
:. ling I>.:- ? n j idgment, (30.193.
l-v Peter r Meyer gt C loree!. ? ire sa e. Fra i
A Dugro. referee Sot 142 and Jet West Flfty-slxtl
st., south *. !?? 223 feei easl ' Nlnth-ave., kIOO.I
I eli t story brick flat ises 11 u on I i lu
I1S.90S - ibji . i other mortgages for MO.OOO
By Peter F. Meyer A Co., foreel lure tali .1 hn
; ? - ?? ? ? thwei rnet f Blxth-ave.
ani Thli y-nlnth-st., 24.8x100 ?ix-stor> brick store
and loft bull ling 11 * "'i ludgtm nt, J I"
Tuesday. Jan M. H- t-drtan II Mullet Sc Bot
pal il .-? Pi i- i; olney, ref*. So. 120 West
Seventeen lt., sou le, tl) feet west of Sixth
a\?? . V) - ? ? ? tenement-no is>-. also
Si 122 Weet Seventeen! - - le, 330 , feet
Blxth-ave., 21.5x9! ?.story and basement
brick em mi nt-house. a - ilso No. 124 Wi i;
.-' ? ni - . ? . ?? 1' j : ? e ? ?. s of Sixtli?
w; also non hei -..il Wash
it*.. 44 I).' Psx ea*t IE i - norl h 19 I -, .-a?- ', ".-i
ol Cham "?? *-*t., rom -atoi ? i store; also
N ll ind ISS Chamber*-*!., north ? li 44
? i- ? \\ ashli gt '.. -' . * i:-..\..' ;: .\.. i\.. idx-i
ton also N i ITT ami 179 Chambers - north
: i'_ feet ? iv ..r Washlngi m-si . al.04xS2.04s
:i '-xii.:?.. five-story brick il ?> alu So 214 Grr-en
\* ? . - li 106.44 feel - uth of Ban 11 -st
? I ?'.? |Xl3.4) . -?:.-. --, iuse
wit 1 nore; also So Sa Dey-si noi . sldi 49.8 feei
? ? - Greens .? 1 k west 15.21 south Sa <x
-? - - *x * 11.10 to 1 y and base?
men k el: also N '???'? E'- Ta
south 1 Brest f Fourl ? ? .'\ ?: four
sory and basemen: * it ni 1 nt I welling
B) Peter F Meyei \- Co fore bsure ?ate, Edward
.1 - - ? fen ? v.. -? mer of Fifi 1 * md
Plan . ? ?'. ? ? -story browns; n
dwi ? . in judgment, l:?i.7T7.
I:-. Wi'llam \t Ryan 1 1 Mon sale, louth
? ?.trrnei of Plfty-fourih-*i and Park-ave., ._ - x
''-??? ?- - e-fn :u riathouss ' w Ith
By Brysn i. K ni ' ireelosurs sale <;eirg? W
Hopkins, ref*ree, \ ? 310 and 312 Weal s xty-eighth
- ith - li 200 feel srest of \\>s- Rnd-ave .ve<
100.5. tsn-itory ^ na ile. r>ue 01 hidgment,
By Bryan I. Kennell)*, foreclosure sale, Da\-i n
..*.!?? -? ??? \. IS Wei geventy-flrst-st north
- ?? - - ?? aresi ? .' Wea: End-eve., 17x102.2 four
f-Btorj brick dwelling. Due on judgment,
B) Bryan I. Rennell), fore sun tale Edward L
Patti - ri. r'-f-t-e. N. m \\..-- Ninetv-seventh-st.,
a.d.-. |gj feet fa--* of Columbusvav* IflxlOOli'
brick dwelling r>.in Jjdgment 1205137'
By William K. :. ., , ,;,. ,.Krf -f
Har:, eferee.noi ? -? .. - f Q thun* an I CJreei -
it* S3.?X"9U4x e^- rT.|i?a south 84.Tx -rest
?? - ! .' west 2.9 bo ith l? ; 1 1 Bethune-st
? in ment-housi s. wli - .-.-s Dui
idgment, K.JTS; suhjeci to ith?r nior'g.ii;.-? for
Wi nesdaj Jan !T B) Peter K M yer .<? co
? ? ? Eds .ii. M 'all re'-'^e S 1* l-ii
? Park Roe ind S*o. 23 Duane-st., begins Park
Roe rest 20 feet 1 rieast of Duane-st
- 1 ? west T.Sj n in iwest Ix - ithwest 17 4
'? Duane.* si theai ilong same 22x northeast
- 1 - nt v' ? Park Bus. six-story brick -
rig formerly Sweeny's Hotel Due
lent. S*^?i.*>71.
By Ph ? p a Smyth, ex*i it ire' sale, northeast cor
?f Klghil Bve and Plfty-flfth-st., 20.5x15 nve
*. k fla tu ..? - ? is, v- :,,-?T cv ?
av? i\ side. 25 noni - :' I 1 rth-ss KxsS
? - ai " '-? arith store also .V, a:i
- ? ' '? '- - ld ' fifty.
"' --*'" ling alth st,,t..
J1 -'? B) Peter F Meyer ft ??
'. ? ' - e sal) tries D01 .? ?'?-., Vos S72
I Hast Om 1ft) rifth-st
? '? 1*0 feet west md ive ' tlOO a , ?.
-? t-l ?es Due on I .?!*.?! . nt
Hage* I i
By Pe'er F Meyer *> i*u . I -ur* sall Edward
I. McCall referee. N \ . . . ,- .?
1 ? - ' Els 11 .. - ;-\;... u'
-? ni ,...-. . D 11 -i
J;? M7
B Adrian H M liter dr Sun. es ? ., , \ , m
?*? hit nfih-st * non \. .
? 'ry br n -i- g ., ... . A. ..
' T ? I-i-? and " ? . Broakl
. K4j0 is ? , extei lion
' .. ' v ?
liv Ki id a ism ij
- ? '?
', ' v - IN), two flvi ? a-mtone
part also So <??? 1 e> lng
tJ-n-avi 11 le. ? feet 1 Farty-aevet
rick ll i nore*
? ? Ign ? ? ?'" Ul
1 ?'" J ? B) w I ll im Kel ni ? ? .reeio,.
il< Norman T M M- lier ef. rtkweat
' Briadw*) and F'.fty-firih 11 >? :\\.: ?:<-,x
ni building ? ? ?
lille O" luti.. ? ? I
,''> Bl iar,i v Harm ti dr Ca ? ? ire sui
?'?? '? M WI eh, ,, ef . ?. ... . ,
' ? ? ..- ' Weal lit. l-j.
? ? bi '.. dw- lin |. ,
' '" ?- ow. ling 1.n lu Igment,
-n!i ..-in, ,.? :.".*'*( cacu
_^^^^ Bailroaor
*.:t? a m Esessd ?eaeay. Kmpir* ?'?'? f**f-tiea!
K?*t-at nair ,n BO ? ?; I StOM Bj *>?>-">? l'"?.
riyracneo *?.i Roebasier Du* Huff*.! - 4 :? ??. m.'
Niag..-a Palls 5 Mi p. m Thia -rain I* RBSItS"
Ila aonting "apa Ity. .. aihanv
OirtOA M. -Doily" Psst Ma.! r rr usMwjK??*'Siu
?ni. gyracass Roebeetef Huraio. Mswsrs raw*
I'h.oaso. .. ,. ,-..
lOi.to a M bees* sun,liv tarCssessa Foran i?
port*ni Kew-Yerk Stat* aotsts . r... (?oitim
l:oo p. M :?.. : Health westers Mia ted ' 2 ..?
bu* iineiaeaii, IndUnapolHi sat ?. u*is, ?
? ? PbughkeepBl*. Alhany. Itiea. 8yr*<-u**- K?
l?r ar : Buffalo. r,.,.^it fl?v?
HOOPM Daily Chicago Sp*M?l f"D' ',.?.....*
lend. Tol?do an-l Chlosero. 9to*? ?l :. e\, *???"
Albany. Schenectady ftiea. S>rar-:?*. iswe"
arl Buffalo _ ,_>,t,.*r,?i?
SW p m Bgcept SvsAsy. Wot f??t. **ss-*sses
ATanv. Troy .,,.. t,atr-)lt
di.so p m i.?,iv wens fsaer* i.im.?;i?.ra A,*,rv
BdB * rn Chleag 4 lt I ?? " op* '
t'tl-a and ?\r*ou*e _ irtlra Mi' B
ohio j ? m r.;,-i-.. F?r a-.haar. T'B?V ',' Buffalo
daefc M natala*. Montreal. ,t'^..: Jj , h ? n
Nlagi . ral ? -? -? i T 11' D"trui,.
?*k\F*-t3mfil rrAllom Trov fj^S-^Sj^'St
h'irg-.. Mw-,! ,-,: irsoapt .S*turda> n.gtit
, Ti.to'r'ii De ,,. par Baffak ^'"Z/''**?"*"
ton* Indianapolis, St i--"'?- CbMSE*
_ _Poorhk?*pol* Albanv and CtlCS. n,a**ns?r?
?tOO p. M Dally. Cbrrl** ?!*e|'? ' "r ^Lyoni.
SM) foi pointa nn Fall Brook Rail??>- *?
ATM for R.. ' >?'**] ??Jil a>rtOt?'Tl
Siir. r M Dally. For lyraeese. Cewesro ^V-d ,
Oydrnahurg. BuITb'.o Nrasa-i Psi". Ylneent
1-to Chlegm: ?scent Saturday fnr *p
i ... . snd th* Airhnm Road. _. ? ._,? orii-'r-"1'
12:10 MIOH1 Tbe*tr* train for rr"-*r* aM sriii^
polsta an New-York Central *"*'v ..??..? i ?v?
Kunda; n r'it. Bnndsy nigh'*. CSlcsg i i
, ?sSE?A,:lf .AVeSV. H.-D.l.y. ??f ?-** ,0
E.IBPK!ls^dlV1m7yD!oln.i*a..d .M "- ?**
ill - Iflll* rta Harlsm Di\lai'.n.
"All nish." train* run betw**S IS5tb-*t J? ?"'" .,,.,,
Putnam Dirlsloa as far as roaken lsie ??"*?'?" 7/,,,
ih* Elevated Road Th* ?* tba only ??"? -jnn!n*
nleht" tra na ont cf N*w-Tr,rk.
w/agn*r Palara .'ar* on all through 'rains
Tr.Tr* Humiliated with Plntoch '.ish? .?
Tlrk.-a and Waar.a- (Tlra* a- Orar-d ' efl'rSl ?'?""
IIS 2?l 4i.i Broadway: .11 ^av I4ih-*t .?**?'*??aw".
?A1 i-.:..mh-i.-ava rtl W?r 126'h-??. sn4 WO?-et. *t*
| -ion N*w-Tnrt: *W aa4 TJS Fulton-et. sM ISS SareeSsrs
K D.. Brooklyn. . ,^- t?-?.
Harsas* haok*4 f-,m betel ST ranloanc* hy SS WO*
ro.r F*pr??* ''.rrpanr. . ...,-,
.rotiN m Torrrr OEOROE 't DANtELS
fj?r--r?' Manas*-. G*n?-a] Pa?*?nj?' Ogewl
Bra! palate.
i quitable Life Assurance Society
of the United States.
No expense for examining Title except
Unction Sales of Kcal CPstatc.
I.Ol IS TIFMr.lt. Auctioneer.
un-I?r th* 'i.ro.-M-n of Pat*.- B. 0!n*y. E?q , r*f?r*?.
4I>KIA\ If. all I.LER A BOX
TUESDAY, January 26, 1897,
at th* N*w Tork It?a; F.ra-? Sa:?ar?em.
Ill Br^artwav, N*-? York.
120, 122, and 124 West 17th Street;
177, 179, 181, and 183 Chambers St.;
185 Chambers St. & 287 Washington St.
ib*lr,f th* north*a*t cnirii
58 Dey Street;
214 Greenwich Street;
36 East 21st Street.
Loan* of alair P'r rent, of th*> pnrrhaa*
money villi li* provided hy pnrtle* tn Intereat
on bond anil mnrtgnur at .". per rent, for one,
twa. or three rear*.
Title* Kiinrnntred liv the
free of cbarg* to the pnrohaaer*.
Mapa anl f-jrther p*rtl<-uUr? of K*f*r*a. IO Roadway
cr A-jct1or?*r*. 24 Pin* Pt.
(Titn Proptrtn Sot Sale.
,\>* 233 -i" 1 '?'"-*,. Ar.iarl- ur. lia**n-.*nta.
Ki 241. Hlgl Bt? ? ;? I-lr.lra R'-^m Estaaatoa.
Val'i*a tl ? I iK^aat Prteaaj R*a*nnal.'*
? HA RLES Bl'EK Owner ar! Ar Mtset,
2fli L'olumbui Av?bus. C raw T2J >str**t.
(fe Crt for Business JDnrposes.
Park Row,
Beekman, and
Nassau Streets,
Large Office,
3000 Square Feet,
in 3rd Story,
UH Park Row.
A!?D OFFICES to let
rn niambar*. Bpru--*. Hnkmtn. Fulton. John. Maluja
I.an?, Tarli Pla*:*. Park Row. Naaaau William. Oold,
Cliff. P*arl Wa tar *p,1 manv other atr**ta.
RI LAM) A WHITIX;. S lleekmnn al.
Suburban Ural Estate.
AOKNCT?Montclair rral astate all kinda. ..:- and r?nt
CtaAEEKCE H Tt'BBS. B B**kman?t Naw-Tora!
(Tonntvn |3ropciin /or Snlc.
\t BBAtrrtrtTL XOItOTON gg mloataa tn \? Havel
R lt R-i?ln*aa pr-,p~rr, H. | R.a |?. ., ,,? ... nt,A,
?-a- n and on tld?-?a'*r Price* '.??? ??un arti] |,? 0#
fa-*d again MELVILtaE K MEAD
47 .V.ln: g *,.
(Tun hotels
BO) LEVA RU A\l? Sit) RT u EST
* Pl i:n:.T . i isinb AND .-ki:\ i, i'
Very DeHajtitful apartment! ' . i: ni Batt) lift Week
I i and :- it ? ai tpartmema
Cnrraapondlngt) I,,.
Aa Abs-ilut* I \ ? .. ,, . , ..-?.,..,.
of ur lin i . ll -., I,'..
El imlM rh***, A; ,.-1| .
'_"'? '"iiN^'iv viiiNN Mai ig,
An atao.-italy r.r*i-t,...f .om.ry hews* Central ff
\\?at. ,4tt. o Tim al.: iorBttoa un*uri,a*Md overlook
, jag ? .Mitral lark .nt lldi r, |;lu, , , .. ? KCOB1
BasSstsa ?i BssSirais srless] i*f*r. a .-, required
' lllt.AN V\ A ,. V .
ADVIrPTI?"-MrNrs and aunarrtpti-na for Th, Tria
un- ir.ai.r.t at t!.?lr fp| ,?? , ,n. ?? Ko | -i ? HnaaT
i at. ?-?,! lo,., n-alh >f IU-t .1 until <l odork u "rn ad
?-rlta?rr.'HIa rtC*tV*4 at th, (<.|l,.?lna bran, h offl - al
I l?SUlsi -m.. rata, until Sorl-.ck p rn . i ? ?4 M
, av* a * .or 2?,d ,t IBS Stb-av* cor Ittfe al Mao'a
st.. I0S Weat ?2d at., ntar gib ava . S3 l.a.i MibaLi
I n^3LlXjiXilOAX>.
bTATIONI r t r DBS BRO** KS A-;, , ',r<-r.-.Avr/?
s'IKI.1.1- *
H.ini a If, a- MAIL Pullawa Bagel Relate* i-4,
K*s v -.. ?? . -.. i,
1MH? A. M. 1 \sr : tvetand
I4MMJ \ M. I'l... v-i IA *ma UM I -?,
?"( ' ' ? . ? ??:.
I a ?. ti ' 11 - i . ? 11
Indianan ? ;. - i. . ?
SAM p. M. i Hli'AUO WI' ST. IO I- EXragggU.
Km . ? i '.
SJUssa |?. ll. -\ :- RUN , ruut|
- . as y . ', .. ? , .
7 lg P. H. I " rilWK ii It ? ?-. I: - - -n
tlH'l I.
IMsO l?. M. i* v ni-' KXPn .-- " ?- .t ,-4.
ago. Tonne-, ta I .1 w
u \miim.io\ \mi 1111; lin rn
s 1 sjj ?? a>i 10.10 inning '.- 10 .?'20
' ' . ' - ll I, ll. H . .
1.30 (DinIna in. ft iDinlng *'ai
., -.....-?
'???? ind Din las ? ? %_
.m ? - '' .."?-.?
Il ? ? ? > . v- - - ra.
? - 1 . 1 - *
A i'l. \\" li' ifMW MSI j bj.
' .
r*HKHAPF. ? KU a- "liri KAI I. VI ,1
!'? tri OLD Pi HXT ? . .vt;'. a ra.
1 r
].? ? k lira labu ' ?- - ? .,B
? .
and ll .Vt p. 1
1; -.ii 7 - - ?
' 'l
? a r 1 ..',.!-?--? I
lllf night Man-lira ?; l'. a.:-. '? ? ' m'radl.
10. Il a '. .
11H n lng Cs 1 fl I ? 1211
Til kel Office! N ?' - ' 2R1
. ? ? . -. . ? -..
? 1 1 I I
- r
III f ' "?*1
.- v ? - ? ?
Station* fun ' of < iirllniiill and Di- -Inn aa,-. s-,
ll.llt \. .11. da . I) '??>> AM.* I
' :' ? \ K
?4:l*? A. M. tally rr WILKE-JRArtlTE
twees - ni l< * OF.NRVA. ::??'??- ' I
?*UO MAC!Alts PALLS ind rhe \ ,-?j
I -*| -olnt* tilnlnc i?r r.r.-: Chair Cir *
IAsM A. Bf. dil - .-la/, fir MA vg
? - I 'rterme " >*?_ - Int*
u ri r iftale H r, P. M i' 1 - 1 ?y
.*.|.n.-a ar..; Pailo ''.ns Din I ' *' ??? '? "? ?
a !a caru t Buffs! -v ? . / Sleepers ts
D?-r ll and I >/
ISD40 P. 11. lalla*. txr,pi Sjn.lav, tor ats urti O-.uaS
and Inttrrmediat* f nra.
1:4i? P. M. dall; "'"' Sunda) ' r - ?-?rra.
Pittston. - -., ? ? teri -?.
r <f f. - a : 1 ? '. .n eil rag! - ? . ?>
M'lik. -barrs
?4ilO P. M. J!ll> rxrapt 6ur.-l*r f'r " -???arr!,
P ???t. n. Serat s 1 li 1 - ..-..
CoaiMcta f.' all polnli in 1 :l res n Pul nae I-j-Tet
Pal '.ir t ? ",\ . Ui -
gilg P. M. l*ny ror EASTON and lnt?n - . 4
? ;:lit I*. If, -Lilljr except Sundi ? -? - -*.
len sad pr inc 1 tai - 11 ? - t
P.aa-l.ng ar,d Ji.rrtabLrrf CliAlr-Car !*? fi:at.nat -..
7:im. p. il. *
ar' n'! point! VTesl f r-? rn
NV' reper to Buff ? -
s;:ti? p. M. i^aiiy except Bm o
- il I ill ? li . ! El at n. I ???? ll m. M.. .-<.
L. a B. Junction. Sa>re. Gen* a
ind Buffel I ' -
-.non P. M. Isl ? for II ll AC A. <- '- :
W lt. 1 .-.<?; .--a lo Chlci
to Wtlkeatarre.
Additional il rnlm ' iv ?*-*?-?. 8 -'?:?' foe
BOl'NP CHOOK anl ? ?? ? i> repelen -?.
ft GO A M 2 .;.', 4 20. ard SW I' M
ts snd I 2X?. tg*.
;:- mi ird 1 "" ' ?
is:.-'-, si i:t n ?? rv x v : ?j? f ? - < -? c*
.,v 1 . . 1 ^
V?w-T^*k Tr.r.'a- rv-rra-v *? *: ' - --f ?V?*S
? At.- ra t*
Pour ira'.aiJ. A'll :: I I .
Tra.na leave fa'i :. I t
F.r Easton. Bethlihein BJ ? -< ft^.,
4:30, T.1.1 9 10 ill ;.. Casi ? ? ;v
(4 ."Vi n Ead - ' IS <T 30 10 Alli ?:-.-.?.
4 rm (7:t.-> to East bi \ M : 00 E P v.
F-r Wllkssbsrr* isl :. snd H ? I '.1 a M..
1:10. 1:*V> 4 11 P, M. Sun lBJ/8. 4
F r K-a-i. ru at ?*.10 1*00 S:10. 1 " ? " 1 ia
1:.V>. 2 M. 4:.*Vi. 1 00 .', 4S 9 ll) P M '. " - - -?
-laya. 4 no A Ml 00, '-' 00, tl 00. B: SO 1 M - * - ft.
For Harr.aburc al l:9g I '"? 9 m ll SO A V. I IC
1 no 4 no. 6-00 .'? 13 P. M 12 IS nlghi < iii
A M.. 1 vi. b'JO V M il IS n - ?
For P-rhury Lswlsturg aral vi '. -. -r - a* 4 V I *S.
010 A. M. 110. I-SO S-OO P M. RundiTI 4 M a M.,
5 00 P. M.
re* Red Raah L*rng ii-.- >.>.- Fsr- '^?ea
Orove. ar.l pnlnti !out.i te Point P!-aaarr. ?.li 1:80,
i<>:45 a. If. 1 rm 1 4-1 ra a) ? Red gaaki 4 u 44s.
*. .1* 6 18 P. M. guadsrs rn -? 11 In sri iBin f r .ub'Jrr
Tar'ic and Ocean Or ?.-- 9 .?? k M 4 no P. M
4 .TO 10 4". A. M. 1-4S. 3 40. 4 4". .8 3*. Saturdays nair)
P. M.
F r Toms River. Parnas^r Park, end Firrarv.. 4*1,
;?? IS \ M 1 45, 4 4" ' st
F-r Atlnntlc Cl'y V.r.aland. ard Briese-'1. 4 "O A. M..
1:49 P. Xf.
F-r M nnvwirji Rra--- geahnariit ?nd fr'.-ti rt
Navislnk 4 10 iv mn 1 \t 1 ni 1 4-* 4 ?? 4 41
p ar c.-1 - o -1 4 .? , ? t? \i
For- rhi:ai'?lph.a ?*'?'< '... - IrJO ItOO ?? ? :n 'Ol
rino (Dining "'ari. a M. 1 M 2 1 \ "? ?? ??? W
Parl-r Car). 4 ni :. .. iDinlni 1 OP
M . 13:19 night. Pur.davs 4 30 !? 00 1" n,> ' ?.?
lng r-ar\ A. M.. 2 nu 4 00, 500 iDtnlBg Csrl I M.
12 18 nlBhr
r- - !-?..,-.. ,_? ^-n.v;?r.,n B.-k lays * -" trt ^S.
11.30 rDmina Csri av ? OS 3 no mw ' ntn? Cart,
P M IS IS Blcrtt. S.inilava |ft-.0B 11" -'ari.
A. M S-OS '. - ? Dlnina '?">. P. M ISIS r.'.i
T'-k?t? anl r.?r't-i- aaata -an ^? rr ' '?' *f
J.lbarty St. ll'. K? Ml 434. 044. 1.14 1.3 !*r*?
r.',: atti iv ll "??><? '4*v- si isa ?--??? ?t HS
n-a.? is*.--- ?r 2S| r lumbus Iv v " - ?
nan .,..? ll Ri i~?
l-iirr Tha Va-r-T.-k Trsnsf*r Ceaaaaienv w ' ' - '"1
-h?rt- haetaee fr ia he*?ls nr realAeeee 1 - - -? ??
ni:t... inMH tm nu ui>ii:hn ii r.
Mtiitloita in \?*v? -1 or!.. I.kii nf Barri*) and
< I- ri?i mill.-I- *?t reeta.
Vi:?TIIU I.KII llll|N*?. Pl I.I Ml % III Kl'FT
i IRS. IM>*I 11 ll I li.Il 1 .
Mr. .-?-.' .\ vi. Hg,
THI ' ': ?Nfl ES. gui t
Ridge. Madison. M '
t : ! . - SKWTOS
l.AM: ,:- ?? ? v ? V- ? 4
MOt'NTAIN. Wi. -
WATER GAI'. I"" lt"TiS R a
- ? v \-". in ri r - ? >N tviLKt-:* ? x r?
?'. 'Kl' LA NV! 1.1.1" SOI ?? V -
I iNr.B \M '? >N. life?
line ?.;.:.
BTR \ ? -1 ? - . : .... ? L
t nial - V EHT N'tRTII ST AND *
a ".. *. M BINGHAM S MAU, - ral
? -
10:00 A. M " *?
II 1MTON I'Tli'A RH ; - . - -
tTBE . ? s-.\ ? , -?? ? R ? -- t
I lt .?>
-. ?? 1" stox. v:ra
i:\i'i;;'s-- i- .
4 On |< M Si R 1XTON U ILK - ,1 H
ill'TH l'\ RKSB -
T 3.1 IV M (Dalit 1 Bnfl ,;-.-*
- r w . - ?? N ll AV
PAD' P 1 Imai ?? ? - k ti
9:80 P. M. IDs . - ? *>r
MORRIU snd 1.?-. ? ? r. iff < A M
9 30 p \t (Dall ? Bl . ? iii
.'. S. ITHACA, t v -? : ? iO
?-\ i-i-. pam - -
TICKETS AND Pl'I.LMAN - ' " ' - at
Henr) u ? - ? I ' ? ra-s
r;.i.-?. i.-.i !?.-.?? ?- < ? '4
idway. Ill 41
ri:, i-. tun bu* ave.. Nra. - ". ? >*..
snd 108 I' ?- . Uv
?A'BrTTCOTT 1 \' IPAXT a ?nd
Itrou. 1. i alas :ra-f Niw-TgrB, loot ur imlna*t gy
aa lull.hs. anti lin- SBlaaUS ??.,..! t: ti Wei . . >:.
U:lli? .1. M. VesllDuled 1 k, ? - !?, ' ? A..i.-y.
BlnghtunUM. Kin . .1 Buffal 1 ..: ri .\-::v? ? *.t
I >\t V M. !'.. ; : -ur lo Har
"iiiHj H. M. \ - I ... I
train fir Chicago, . i Chautauaua I ^ .'lane
Un.I 7 40 A M Cl Ki .'? P M B ^?*
Clevi land Bod rh s far.
7:;to P. M.?Bu*. ? tr*?ra
Da.ly. irrlvea BBffal 1:16 I M r Iford 7 ts A MU
Jamestown 8:88 \ .\t . Clevel t I IS P 14 Klrireej ??
1 *? , : ? - De?
troit - as - in 1 Ih* tVeit.
?<i?r, r. M. Via Chaatauqaa 1-ifc.- ? K lags ra ra.ls
pa stolid I rain - ? - a.
? I '
rniCKRTS laOCAL TIMK .'Al; s vs- 1 -,:j*i*4
1 a ? -,imod ia .-it tn SOI aol 1 . .Jina*.
J47 Bovari IBS *Eaal 130(1 -? and SI \-- '."???- ??.,
1-Tianir.aia ard Weal 23 1 ?. ferries. N?? 1 . ?4
Tjn F'llt .n ar I'.'. Ill iii-..-. - .-? li:<--n?'.
H'^N1**" ir.d J?rs-v Cli? gist - W -? i'll
for and ka tJi*?.*-* frrm hotr:. arl r. - ?.-?*? m
Lea-. .Nriv 1 rh. f "t tg UttWl) St., Ja..y.
riiti ado. - r m 1 u 1 ? 1 -
l-n 1.-1.1 KU . '? bun, J Sun ur nigbi.
CINCINNATI, ST ic IS. 10 a Bt. 8 B Bl ^_.
washington baltimohk a.. -? ^wv
HM a in iDlnlng t'^n. 2 ISO il ? ian 5 IV,T,i
"an ii m. ISIS n.^tu srilni Iii iltii - >>" J--JJ
a ni 1 Din 1.: Car). S iDtalag Carl. 5 .tins ??'??' l*-'t
NORFOLK, ll So a in dalt) ...
NK8 ORLEANS Oi-ough I i??-r?r 198 r ? Ssmaaj
A'' f-alna ?r? tt!i:-n'nai?il ? rh PlntieB t ?h'
ifli. Ill |T2 Ml ISI 1.140 Bsii ?l *"? ,4 , -
irr i\.-war\ \- v -ms ni ?*:,i 1 -? rtr ? ?*.? -. -?*? ??
fen it Ubert) ? N -' '? n rv J Uassur* (BSaSssl
rrvm hv * nr r-a'il. ?-.-? IB .l??ttnall rn
lu,na -?? R UJ W Bailee, N ? . ?? iBUsaBa ?"
IS :n .-1 Lr. ti iii t,..i iiauai.ii at..
?:.ut a v i>a'i? Luoal ht Bural,.. - - ?
Bil.'. ^ m Dall) r r a.'.-.u-.. I'tica, Brrscuif. ?**3-"
tn. ll .:-.,'. NI .... , 1 - . " m
Hit.-. A ll l-.i'v. 'M-i'i Kunda) lo i'.'' ... a.
1. . ,\-i. Pall I iii-- M '1 :,a and m ? * *
1 sasis ct ' Saratjg* Caldaell i-u? i.wt* '"
Cl ? . \ ... 11 - ,.,,,
I il-.iMi l- st nada foi x i'm M. nt '.
Ki , heal -i B iffulu NI issi , I . - foivan
k . ind ri tj-uia.
Ttl.i P v '-.ii- .v;t bunlav, 1 rl)? ??'? ll*
? til, I' M [Hil) ' - Alhanv PU a S. r.i.? .?# ? rm^
aMTai* Msgars kv. tm ala D*?r*4t CintSBsa
sago and SI I . ?
Tin* tabla* it iTim-lral bi.lets and ofo?t ,..?,
C E LAUUKUT it?-.a,.' P ??"""" ST-?*? ci*.
? TuutarbUI B*t ? 'k*,w %**

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