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V? ?- LVi...N?- 18,337.
j-ow they rnoroPE to nullify the
jj-THE >^U"7T HIM, HOI.118 WATCH 'ITHtins I.IKE
jT ?TOA ra PAMBD TO ArTLT TO 'il-.
?r.\TI rrrAH-'MKNTci.~A VETO DI
MAYOR WTUt N : .w I ?It**a,D.
[pt ts: riin.\Pii to the thih,-n.-*? )
Alhary. 3*0, 27.?-ll is plain thu; both the lle
-a-Mica*1 and !i' D n -eratic machines are
avjklnf l isa soma la* arnica will nullify the
naajtitutl 'Ti,! p*rt>viakka 'hat "whenever prac*
b*bsWe" peraona fhall )>*. aateeted for office In
-*?* CM, S, ? ? sa of th.- stat.* un.l its political
(visions, such as cities an.l towns, aft) r .,
v minalton. The politicians of both
?artie* hi ' ?? ?????> studying the Constitution for
llfae nthi with tbe id-a nf preparing aoma
re which would enable then t-< milks
? menta as formerly without any
,s ? ?. Stat.- , ,r rit\ offi. luis ns tr, the
aajaltf s of tha pera mi aeeking appoint*
The I whi h haa bean Irawn to Riv* Dla
tT\ct-\ ot New-York, authority
his own examination! apparently ls
nlng wedge for the deetruetlon of
m, if this bill becomes a
,gW fl: - - ' In "!l" .lins, other laws
pi ? . I giving authority to all the
Hai ? . the heads of city departments
., i.. ? eli am examine****, or al least t.> ap
:e men who arc- to make the examlna
: BB
Or.'-.- 8 perfunc">ry opposition to those bills
ca~ ip ted from the Democrati"- minority
Leela itur*. If they are defatted, the
maa - tl D muel come from members of th.* ram*
. a*n* ii pi aent tho outlook for this oppoal*
. -, arising among the "Republican Senators
H | As*embl*fman ls dark. Most of thi rn are
ra of th?> 1'epul.lican machine them*
arel are dislnciln* d. therefore, to oppoae
ivjch v,< :-* Governor I'laek'* statement ai>out
Um Civil Ber\*lca regulatloaie having "too mu. h
garrh" in them has encouraged the apollamen
lo thiire: that he will sien some measure which
-till relax tha present rules regarding competl
trra examlnationa.
'?Ah*" Oruber, of New-York, was here to-.lay
t-ci:.? 'he passage of Dlatrlct-Attorney Olcott'a
MD, ar.*, caning upon Senators and Assembly*
?ara to r-i^s other measures breaking down
:. ? tltlva system.
The ?"' tr bill caused an Intereatlng debate
Bj .... Assembly this morning, after lt was fa?
vorably reported by the Committee* on Cltlea.
I: araa Introduced, lt will be remembered, by
IBB.mhlrman Reinhard laal week, ard was fa
? r ? ? ^rted a few days aco from that com
r ?? bul after a conference of the leaders it
was decided that the "-.111 as it then stood would
to go before Mayor Btrong, it having
.med as an amendment to the Consol 1
| it. Rather than endanger the measure by
procedure lt was derided to refer lt hack
,, the committee for amendment This wa3
il ne, and it came to tho Assembly this morn
:-.- li , - amended form It will now ko to the
; ter. Thus lt is disposed of for this week,
rules of the Assembly require it to ba
U li I for thr'-e days after printing.
The ehani.'-s made 'n the bill lr. committee are
ls follows: As originally drawn, it was in the
?ftture Of an amendment to the Conaolldatlon
a< ot the cltv of New-York. The enacting
i ause was stricken out and this title -rubati
? | to the offl*** of Dletrtct
Ati me) f the county of New-York, and pro*
-? for the Civil Service examlnationa In said
? 1 appolntmenta therein."
V' ? the MU cam,- In with the committee r?
Bert i ?r morning Mr. Finn moved that it be re?
is- ned, hs the State Civil Service Commls
| a hearing upon lt. Mr. Austin.
.. of the Cities Committee, said in re?
tha! ample opportunity could be given
feral earing on the measure wh--n lt came lie
i ??? th. Senate c ?mmittee
Mr Nixon eontended lhat Mr, Finn was out of
cr:.- In n.cikir.K a motion to recommit the mu
?j time. Speaker 0-Orady ruled that Mr.
? ?-. M in order, ,u? a motion to recommit a
made at any time.
Mr M Keown, of Kings, th.-n called the ntt?*n
\ ? ihe H nae to the fact that the amen.lin*:
gthe t, MU wa* simply n method of avol 1
bgth- Mayor and his possible veto, and he said,
si he h-.d said In committee, that lt was now
dearl] a county bill, and sh luld co to tho Com
?ttl on Internal Affairs. Mr. Reinhard came
: t] rescue of his hill by announcing abrui'tly
tr ar Mr. McKeown had said what was n"t true,
hf hf had ma le i tlon to the bill what
?rei ? committee Mr. N;\"n. who had
r ti ?? prevl ?us luestlon on Mr Finn's mo
t' -. ? : immlt, gav, way for Mr m Keown to
? his veracity. The latter referred lo Mr.
t prove his Btatement. Mr. Austin, to
? if the minority, replied that h.- had
t r, llsction of Mr M K- ? rt 1 ks -n the
, r vloua queatl rn was then ordered and
V - ?- ? f Mr. Pinn to ??? con ? ll the bill waa
by a vote of "** to 27. The bill was or
lered r-printer* as amend i Mr. McKe wn
i ,,- ? ? Mi v.. ? | ird i i demand an explana*
: - nal remark* on the fl air. It ls
Baderstood that the Journal of I day will be
that Mr. McKeown has caused
Hen f the Cities Committee to recollect
teal ho did make objection to the bill In cum
I ??
OF .v,r-sTf:uKF.iTrr;s
lan. 1 Tr:<- flrand Jury to-day li I eted
? m \ Bun ? and twelve others "ii a charge of
"'??.- ? Railroad out ot
' - ? ??. :-.. ..f ?? ii iportatlon. H-irns
*?.? the rir arts ader i I tha plot Tho men are ,
? Beti on the Baltimore and ohio.
? - r the road, who appeared bef re the
rj"" rj M.000 worth of the forged tickets
*?'' ' si and the pistes from whir-h they were
'? **l * rketi w.r<- sold tc, scalpers, lt is
' sdi '.f them were used before tha
JJ" wa* discovered. The men er,K,ij,'.-.i in
''" *' I ..??:-? are ?.,,,] to have I.e. n .m
I offices ami all nre familiar
1 that the operation*, of the men were
' ???'- tl. Beti on the Haitlmore and
, : - id systi-m, Lut that ihe forgerli s ex
? railroads.
A . ':-: *: <'harle* McKenna. allaa WUflam
r.,-. , ' s doxen other names, who was ar*
; ., J,' , ?' *??? for attempting to swindle the
re, Laekaaanna and Western Railroad
' f I *ssi -. wns arralfned In police
j, tn rninaon the rharge ol Brand laren -.
lalaTl - ' ' ?',:,'V""J 'v.min,,, B and w as
r - ' ' rged with prtvserrtini an order for
I '- ? ' ' '?? forged Ur. nan - f vrmia
' " ' ? ' ' ? ' ' ' f the , -.1 air.,
:. - \. ? " ? '-' th, Dela,.,".
The railroad
:?- warned to look out foi a * windi*
l- I n an.] V.-K-nr,., wa. arrested U
"tarsi,,, JV . r ?????*? wt" bs .worn sui
Rrj, V J '; " Tba nwt National Bank
? ' ' ? ' .estards) bec*uai ot
? Ij ?? OOO But, funds, which pre*
; ' ? ? ot the ...nk are said
- > ? ?? S.toTr*V,ii
r:V,'"'/ \?% SUSPECT FRAUD.
? ?* '"'-. wa. besua In iha
haarrec] on ,/, "'''" 'heeause of thc Br, which
-?-,..;' " '- th, rlcthh
Al " ??' ' A' lo <?-. .... , . ..
"'. ' ? lia of ti
? ?' lo ?>.- Insurance
' '
San Francisco, Jan. 27 -The funeral of FonK
; Chins, otherwise known as "Little Pete," the. mur
tiered leader of the Sam Yup Society, took pla a
j yesterday, and wes conducted with nil due
i pagan form nnd ceremony. The principal aervlcea
were held a: "Little Pete*a late home, JCo. Ul
! Waahlngton-at., where his shoe fiotory I? also lo?
cated. Tin re waa mt;ch that was picturesque la
j the atrange chanting of th.- pri.-s's, the barbaric
noises of the Chinese mus'clans. the paper-burn
; Inf- ceremonies, . t,-.
In the m.'ming-, eighteen roast pt*.-*, two roast
sheep and wagon-loads of poultry, sw.-<-!in.'I I '.
etc.. wer.- *eni to ihe cemetery. T'ir Bunt Yups
marchi d In a body, as did aeveral other societies
to which th.- deceased had belonged, and the Una
of carrtagei waa lui.y a mlle 'c-..k
After the funeral a meeting wn? held bv the 7,e
?iii). Society, which, lt ls aliened, plotted "Pete'a"
murder, In celebration of ids death. There la
Keneral Joy iti the society, and with them it is
considered thar the death of th?ir enem> is one
of the iilKK-.<t victories ir. the history of China! iwn.
Peace reigned In Chinatown last night, lau
hatchetmen from all section* of the Pacific c<ia.?t
ar.. hrirryinK to San Francisco to avenae the death
of "Little Pete." The majority of Sun rune believe
that murder wll] be rampant in chinatown during
th- hnlldaya, which benin on February 1, The
nclae which uauall* attends the celebrations al ll il
time will afford the Highbinder* opportunity to
use their weapona with little danger of detection.
-a -
Dearer, .inn. Tt <>n application of Attorney
<;? neral i"arr, the State Supreme Courl laal evening
hu -d an Injunction directed to Judgi Prank W.
Owera, pi-eetdlng in the District Court al !??-advlllo,
forhiddin^ him to take any further part In the Hi -
of .lames R. Amr.urn. George H. Handy arid Ed?
ward J. Dewar, officers of the Miner*' I'nlon. and
ieadera la The strike, who are indicted for the mur?
der of Jerry O'Keef- and for btowlag up bj dyna
mite nnd burning the property of the Coronado
Mine, last .lune, which acta caused the calling '"ii
of the militia.
The Attori.Hy-General made his application on the
filing of affidavits hy ? large number of min. -own*' -
and citizens of Leadville, who swear thnt lt ls their
belief. Las. d upon the actions of Judge ' twera i'i
previous cases, that the I'ouri is so prejudiced
against tiie cltlaena of Leadville ami Ihe owner* ol
the mines, and In favor of th- strikers, thal lt would
be impossible to expect or rec, iv.- an lnipiirti.il trial.
Owen som-- time ago agreed to leave ihi
court and resign befon these caaes were called foi
trial, bul the members of tho unioi ?: him to
changi hla mind, lt is probrfbli that the caae will
now be transferred by the Supreme cont t to an?
other district.
Wilmington, N". C., .Ian Z7.?The Brltlah steamship
Ardr!?haig. fr-m Hamburg I i Savannah with a pargo
of kainir, ls ashore on Frying Pan Shoals, three mll< I
from Cape Fear. In sixteen feel of water. Tugs ur
unable to pull her off, but wKl try again to-morrow.
The cargo is being thrown overborn I to lighten the
i PAPERS r.r.An at th-* annual meetinq av Tin
Paltimore. jnn fl.?The American Jewish HI"
' torlcal Society began Its fifth annual meeting ai the
Hotel Rennert this afternoon, and alao held an
? evening aeealon. A number of repieeentative l!
brewa, havli c fT their object an Inveatlgatloi ii lo
: the settlement of Jewa In America and ih<- Weal
Indlea, the study of th "lr civil and political starrs
! and the history of their communal role iii thia l.l
' try, were rjrr-ent. In the nhs. nee of Oncer B.
Straus, the president of the society, Mei dea Cohen,
' of Haltlnrore presided. Ijr. Pyrus \."l?>r. of Ihe
Smithsonian institution, read Prea'dent St rana's
annual address.
The more noteworthy of the papers read at t >
day's Meelon were The lir-mo\M ot 0*"11 Dis
abilltlea frr.m the Jews in Maryland," hy Pr. I
H. Hollander, of Johna Hopkins University;
"Civil Status of Jews in Colonial N". w York." bj
Max J Cohler, fii.d "Some Newapaper Advertise
ments of th<- Eighteenth Century," by Hr. Her
i ben Priedenwald, of Philadelphia. Miss Julia I.
Felsentnal, of chicano, rend a paper prepared by
: h< r father, l>r. Hernani Felaenthal, entitled "The
| Keginni rig of the Chicago Sinai Congregation."
, s?v. rai papen nrlll be read to-morr?w, and of
I fleers for the ensuing year elected
Among the more prom "nen* m.-mhers of the ao
' cl"ty who nr>- attending the sessions are profes
I sor and Mrs. Richard Ootthell, of Cblumbla l"nl
veralty, New-Vork; Professor arni Mra Morrl*
Jastrow, lr., of tho University of Pennsylvania;
Max J. ''.nler nnd N. Taylor Phillipa, of Xew
Vork; Judie Mayer Sulzberger, I?r. Merin rt Prie?
denwald, John Samuel ami David Btilaberger, of
Ph ? lelphla: Mr and Mrs Frederich Nathan, of
New-York, and Simon Wolf, of Washington.
Senator-elect l'latt returned from Albany yester?
day, and received in til.- evening Ihe rongratula
tlona of numerous friends in his aparunenta in thi
Fifth Avenue Her.] upon the succeea of thc dinner
given In his honor at the State capital. Mr. Platl
will attend the funeral .t in a. m. 10-day Of John
? ' Reid, formerly managing editor of "Tire New
York Tin..-s." hut f-.r the li-i tour years chief ?''
tin- Literary Bureau of th- Republican State Com?
mittee. Senator-.-lect and Mts. Platt will now
complete th.- preparatlona for their tri;, to Florida
foi -i week or ten daya of real, expecting to leavi
tin- city to-morrow or neal day,
Congressman Benjamin B. Odell, .1r, who la
chairman of tho Republican State K-reeiitlve Com?
mittee, accompanied Mr. Platt yeaterday from Al?
bany, and wa.s nt the Fifth Avenue Hotel laal
evening. Mr odell stopped over in the city on hla
way Lack to Washington, to he present at Mr
li.-f.rs funeral to-day. Mr. udell sai-i laat evening
thai h? had strong hopes of seeing New-Yora
State represented In the Cabinet.
"Who. iri your opinion, will receive the honor'''
the Congressman was ..*!<..,i
I think thai the chances are Increaalng In
favor of Oeneral Stewart !. Woodford'- appoint
ment," was the reply, "Oeneral Woodford will
probably prove satisfactorj t.. ? majority of Re?
am iii all parti of Ihe Slate, and I woul I
not be surprised to hear of his selc itlon by Presi
dent-elecl McKinley any day."
District-Attorney nicoll attended the dlnnep
gives for Senator-elect Platt, at Albany Tues?
day night, and yesterday morning In his office,
ho was most vehement in his denunciation of th<
quality and quantity of lha edible part of the
"I am not n gourmand,"' he sail, "hut I ea pact
to K'-t nt ).-,-,,r ordinary, food. I am still hungry,
and came away from the dinner hungry, A more
wretched dinner course I never saw, and navet
war.' ti nee I cannot And language ?ufRclently
strong to it;-.. - my disappoint mont All ru. ii
dinners ? ?ould be served in this itv, for it seems
this is ti..- only pia.-.- where ? caterer can do
? . thc oc< net. -. The Intellectual part of
th-, .iini.r was -. splendid success. It was a rate
enjoyment What Impressed me mosl pleasantl]
iras Ihe emotion shown by Mrs, Platl over Ihe
.rn.. in shown for her husbanj."
? ?
Hartford, Conn., Jan. fl. The Travellera' Insur?
ance Company electi I tha following directors al lin
anuna i...-lira- to-day: James O. H.rtf.-rson. Jami -
I How nd. Hus-ii Harbison, Oeerge .\i Pullman
Nathaniel Shipman. Henry P. St. urn-. William B.
? "i.irk. Austin C. Dunham, Pliny Jewell, Oeorgi
Robert- c C. Beach, I l?uthei Spencer, Prederl h
;< Foater, Albert a Pope, Oeorge Rills, Bylvestei I
m i d I imes Holt* r The last tia-. ire nen
members of the board, Thi directors mel ana
elected officer* as follows President. Jam.-- <;
secretary, i ;>? ii re lill , s sals ta ra ;.
tar) John? Morris. Mi Bills haa been actuary o'
ti,.- i omi-un*.
? -
- it/// g.VOIl \ lion i. ii 1 v sri:11 ki \
Kl.dimond. Va . Jan. tl W, i: Bishop once om
of ihe proprietor*- of Ihe famoua Spotswood Hotel
and known throughout the country as a managei
of Virginia "rummer resorts, v..- stricken win.
sisoplei) -his morning at th.- home of hts son-in
law, in Hancbeeter, and iii.- woral ir- i- ired.
Tlir-: mamaront.'K MURDERER CAP?
ur. mu.Arprs wnr.v taken* into Cl'tTODT
OF THF. Nn-nt.KR?.
Pf. Louis, Jan. -" Arthur r.-iimer. of Maniaro*
n*ek. n Y , wns BtTeated by Captain O'Malley and
Detective Qocklng of the st. Louis force, at the
Planters' Hotel ?hl* afternoon. Palmer ls a hand?
some well-dressed Rtan, about forty-five years old,
and hr.s been si ihe hotel for a ?e?k registered aa
raul Joni a
The arri s, wnp made on the rtrength of a tele?
phone tneisneTe from Sheriff Johnson, of vTeat*
cheater County, N. T? who said thal Palmer mur
d> r. .1 '-ls mother, brother and ulster nln<- days ar;-.
and fled to parla unknown. The Sh-r-ir* telephoned
thai Palmer hail been traoeii to St Louis, and could
probably be found nt one of the hotels, burins* his
Blay .ii the hotel Palmer kepi closely to bis room.
When on the ground floor he would find a secluded
corner in the library, away from the crowd.
.At I'M o'rlo, k this afternoon Police Captain
O'Malley and Detective docking located Palmer al
the Planter*'. Manager Cunningham pointed him
"?it. Bitting i-i a . "rii.-r of tin- library. When toil
lhal hi- wns ,i prisoner Palmer collapse I and had to
be helped t.> the patrol wagon, ile was In such ap?
parent helplessness that the officers did not pre**:
him wlih quest lc
, >ri arriving it the Four Courts Palmer was tuleen
to the sick i\.:r.| of the prison, and Dr, Uppe, of
ti.e etty Dispensary, summoned. The physician
found the prisoner suffering fr.un agu* and a;*-ti*-*-;?i
debility. It was ll p m. before Palmer wns rani*
dently revived rn be questioned
?\t v M p m hi was brought into the office ol
Chief ..' I'-n- lives Desmond Under a steady fire
ol questions Palmer al first made s weak show ..'
Indignation at his srresl Hs .i.-m.-J thal bis name
w.i- P.tinier, hi..i said he u.ts a land speculator
[nun Denver Hi- mental distress, and physical
weakness wera aol long proof against the searching
questions, end bj degrees ho broke down.
Ai i o'clock be admitted thal his name j.,
Arthur Palmer, and thal he had sssurned the name
ol Paul .lorre* .'i.i business reason* He declared
that he had !???' h.mn- on Sunday, Ihe iiay pre*
c-lin.- the triple murder. Without baggage h.
H.iik.-i :.. I.;.i.im.oin, hm mil*-*- From his hom**,
wh.-r,- he boarded the last .? >r of sn express ,r;.iu
.,.- ii In, tbe il tlon ?"i rh.- Weat. This Western
trip, i.i said, hHd been In his mind :ur a month, snd
when i- I, ? home ..ll iris people were ?-?.?il Ills
In th, Wesi was to seek a location for ;,
Bj :''?! p, m hi had admitted every eoliater.ii fact
?-.'?--. foi onvtctlon upon circumstantial evl
dence of the tr,.,i,. murder, bu! stoutly denied ..:.
knowledge "f t!..- crimes, Ills > instantly repeated
remark ls: "Wnit iii! I ?? t back t.. New-York.
Tin ii you'll know everj; bing, '
Palmer's onfllctlnK admissions snd denials, ht*
kui k> -. feat un ?, r. atless . yea and h< sttatlng, var int
manner of r*.>..-.-.? h plainly Indicate sn unbalanced
The first knowledge of P.ilmer'.* presence here
,r is received in New-York early this morning, when
-i letter ..rri\ ?? i there from him bearing a M Lou
...:., Thc long-distance telephone, .is stated
before, was used t.' call up :!>?? St. Louts police, and
within -\s-i hour* ftcr receiving the assignment
Detectlv, 0 eking hs I Palm, r b, hind the ban In
... Four Court* a full confession from the pris?
on, r lr- expei ted.
? -
TO t.ir.
I'nlontoan, Penn.. .Ian. 27. ?A Ri* explosion ce?
cum-.1 inst evening In .i mine owner) hy ghlelds
Lnlrd mri the Hurst .'".I Company, at Smock Bl -
on the Red Btone branch of the pittsburg,
Virginia um] Charleston Railroad. Two men were
blown to atoms, seven perhaps fatally Injured and
two less teriously. Th" names "f the dead ure.
? McQulBtrtr and Peter Hauser.
. or.- of the mliie-rr- <lrtl!e.] imo a pocket cf ga*, and
as nuke.i lights Were use<i r.n explosion follow..ii.
Th.- s< ?.-.-ri men most seriously hun weresterribly
mangled, sev, ral having their ejre* blown out. whil
c' ii rs were so badly burnell th*t trrent pieces if
flesh ilio,'iieil from their boms ,
mwmw'ti p.i:ps of am. roi'NTltlEa INVITF.f) TO
Washington, .ir.n. 27. From letters r*ee]\eri hera
rr ii learned thsi i *econd exhibition of motors and
machine toola wili be held in Munich from .i'm. l
to October 10 ISM, I i which the manufacturers of
rill countries are, i".vl,e<| The exposition of l->** w.is
of i slml'.ir character, but ths Invention of new
m.-i'-hin.'s nnd the Increase of motive pow*** within
-? ten year* has t>e.-n bo cn-it thal Ihe two
expositions will offer Interesting opprrtunltle? for
contrast The fienersl Industrial Association of
Munich celebrates by fhts exposition it* fiftieth
Jubilee, nri'i will have the co-operation of the poly?
technic Association nnd also the patronage of
Prince Lultpold, Regen! of Bavaria
The ..bi.-.-- bf Ihe exposition ls "io show ro the
proprietors "f small end ralddls-Blxed fa-torl**, a*
well na to all engaged In Industrial pursuits, every?
thing that "in be .if lervlee to them In the domain
cf motors, machine tools and hand r..ol* In fa -I I
nd fun ring their work and ti ?'..? i:
their iiroducts." Hal et j appliances will be mob .-.
-, ,? ?. popu : res on sp, cIb - -
nn.l technl. il brandie* will be delivered .?;'! one
kimi of i-rtr*..- modal for excellence will be sward, d
bj .ill in'--ri .i' : -ni ! )UI >'.
si-'-'i:ssi"N OF OIJIRIKO, ST RE A ll I NO
whit;: am. VIOLET UOHTB
There v..'.-? a -I--.-'il electric display Inst night for
tbe '??' ? Bl of ii. mix ri of The Tribune *:.iff. o
o loubt, saw ll ? ... but | .ie um.
advantage lt wai afforded by the cara on i
Bridge, and lhere I i I hav, been many ; -
tlon* so favorable t< ' ol seri ng ? si ths win.low-* of
The Tribune office Whenevei i train passed ilong
? iward Brooklyn r's :r.,.-k v..is marked by contlnu ii
flashes of electric light of wonderful brilliancy.
The flashes .-.i ip) ired, from the third rai!.
where the contact li mad. for the el. 'trie ,?'?-'? r
?? ,- rum ih, tn - lt wai a mccesslon of glai
and streaming white ii I violet light*: that sent broad
beami oui into the snowy air. The snow wn.? the
of lt, clearly The exhibition (ns been seen
before when thc tra. ks were ??.?-,. bur no one *ho
?aw lt laal niKht could remember ever seeing I, <o
int. Al the New-York ei I of the Bridge ths
. plaj w.i* dassllngly brirht. Th.- electricity whs
evidently .|o!n^ the same s.u-r of thins? ..t th. Brook*
lyn end, f., the snow thai Ulled th.- mr. and s.-:n*
?'rn-.* ::..- verj clouds, .i - ll leemed, were Illuminated
by Pudden glow* th..: lo .ked like .!i?-at:: lightning
Finally, aftei <. ron Iderabl* time had passed with
out my train, so thal s good tleal of snow bad tinn
to collect, a iraln -r.,rr.-1 foi Brooklyn -in-1 the while
indei ? .? fi .: cari seemed to be .. mass ot
;iii!'pie ,.n.i white and rose-colored electric fire
A k-'.ol in.inv people stood on the Hrlila-e to wateh
the show, bul .: needed a little distance and elevation
in ni\e ;he full bea itiful effect.
Bridgeport, Conn.. Jan Tl.?Tbe appraiser* of th*
estr.,.. of Mr*. .lames c. Lioml*. of rhl* r-ity. report, 1
to the Pi bate Court t..-.iav tha: it would aggregate
,n value t*M4.3GG, Tha testatrix made bequests
ntlng I ' J'.".1"'1 snd other i-xi"-n?i-< aili
bring the amounl to about MO,ano The Bridgeport
Hospital gen rall that remalni after ihe** c'almi
. , been paid. Tl li will give thal Inatltutl in about
"Ml ...I
? - -
igo, -'-m 27 Articles ol Incorporation wsre
Krant?-.l yesterdaj .' Bprlngtleld bj the fsreretary
p. gtate to the Chinese Rqual Rights league of
America Th, -?? ? io be organraed for ths
: ii .-ir gi .len hip rlgl ti
i, c;,,r,.-c About -'" American Chinamen have
already ilgned the i".i ->f tbs organisation.
li Mon, Jan V At the .m; sal meeting of the
j: ion Safe Deposli b I Pr I i' mp my t..-i ly a
itatemenl wai mod, of the i eosl ls the c.'ill?
s' thc lefali stl n of Mil, I ? ? > ? <*ur.-r.
,,,..,. of ? ,,- . ..mi.ii y ob persons holdinj
irltiea iparoxlm ulna t'-i OOt ar* -:iii un
etti i and In (lisp it. Ph. repa r sa] "Takin
.,,.,., .,;.-,v .ralili les -? i - issumlng v.. alli ? i
i . ; ., ...I..-:., de-fa l< ,- ..r, v .. lld amounl
?r m s hlch is to bi ? I i ?um?
*. realised ndlng and fr..m
Mi, n,., ..... of i ? -?. rhe suretj ,'ompanj.
".,,'.., 11 I".,,??' ? Um* a pro rata lhere with I
In i : propertj ? ??? ? '"l so that ll
.,-. win prubi, iii j liol el..I fl7l,tm a,..I proh?:,|>
Mr.MnRR? ny tiif. FO'tEIOR RF-r-vTloxs commit
EEOUga nrFIjCEIfCEa \mknpme-\TS
na*ao"_??iD TO TUT- Altni
Washington. Jan. 27?The Senate Committee
on Foreign Relations to-day conatderad the gen?
eral treaty of arl.ltratinn betweaa this country
and Great Britain without reaching a conda
alon. The general drift of the dis. ueslon Indl
cmted thal the Instrument munt ba amended so
ih to eliminate any possible inclusion of Ques?
tion! concerning the domestic or foreign policy
of either Of the contracting patties.
Til- designation of th- King of Norway nnd
Bweden as umpire ls causing much concern to
the committee. It baa I.n discover-d that a
compact ezlata between Creal Britain nnd
France on the one hand and Norway and Swe?
den on Ihe other, In which the two great
Powers agree to stand by the weaker nation,
The designation of King Oscar will it? all proba
blllty be eliminated, and an amendment re?
ported requiring tha ?election of an American
umpire for American question.-; and a Europe*"!
umpire wh.-n the mattera In dispute relate I ?
affairs In Europa,
Tha treaty between Bweden arl Norway on
iii- ne hand ami Great Britain nnd Prance on
the other, which lt la said firms mich a close al?
liance between the two Governments as to pre?
lude the Idea Of fairness were the Kins' of
Sw-den to act as an umpire, was ratified b? the
two Governments in ls", ii binda Orest Hritain
and Prance to aid Sweden with their military
fi rees If nece. sary In repelling Russian ag?
While If ls believed that the treaty tuny he
made satisfactory hy one or two amendments
each member of the committee has his own idea
as to the exact language to i.mployed itt so
doing. The ardent Mends of the Nicaragua
Canal Insist thai In some way that question
must : e lifted bodily from I he treaty and guarded
agalnat. The "cai thal Great Britain may be
seeking a pr. text to Interfere not only In Ameri?
can foreign polio*, bul in domestic affairs as
well, lesdfl others to urge an amendment pro
vldlng that no questions affecting either the
domestic or foreign policy of the ontractlng
parties shall be brought within the provisions of
the gi neral treaty. This it is contended will also
carefully guard the Monroe Doctrini without re?
ferring to it In name.
It I- bellevi i by some members of th" com?
mittee that an agreement --.ill be reached at
?" *P< lal :.ting .ur Saturday, and that the
treaty ?? lil be reported to the Senate on Monday
Il is undera! md tha- when the renorl ls pre
sent.-I a ia.ai -ti will be nu. !-? to dis.uss lt in
open session. Several mem'..-rs of the commit?
tee I.- lleve that thia motion will prevail and that
ll will i"' ? ?.l thing for the country t i have
.1 PU ML' del-.(te.
Whli.- there is an almoat universal sentiment
in th- Senate In favor f the principle of arbitra?
tion, it ls certain that th- great majority of Its
members ar- in favor of amendments alone the
l nea which have been suggested, in auch form
only, lt is believed, can the treaty he ratified
The discuss].,n in til" Senate, whether secret or
In the preaenre of the public, promises t - be
t r te ted Senators on the committee who have
given nan ful ?? malderatlon to tho treaty will
t.e calle,] upon to explain its provisions and
throw all possible light upon the subject. It has
been the custom In the past for th? Senate to be
guided entirely by the report of its committee
in acting Upon a treaty, but In this cn.se there
appears to be ? determination on the part of
men who have given i*ut little attention to for*
? '---! quetttOfifl to know thoroughly v. hat they
are doing before thev cast their vote for the
ratification or rejection of this general treaty
of arbitration.
Columbia, S C., Jan r (Special.) -A concurrent
resolution, calling on the Senate pr miptlv to ratify
tn.- in itj of arbitration between the I'nlted States
and Great Britain, wa unanimously Adopted by
both branches -f iha legislature thia evening.
' MW OIVEa AWAY AXrtTHBR'a r-JETK Fun I-"l\".
ASV HAM ' '-'-i:\--v yo HARtrEM ASH A
!/?->".; WAIT \s A RESIT.?.
Steward Is ?~oodfo*i Denison, a der.- Tor the
Americ n Sugar Reflnlnr, Company (Sugar Trust),
took a cheek for "15.(3010 to the Cuatom House
Tueadaj to pay .my on two .'arpo.-s of sugar con?
signed to the compan; While In the rotunda he
stopped to falk arith John I. Rafferty, of the fir?
of J W. Masters A Co., Custom House brokers
H.. laid the -leek down on a desk Edward EC.
Barrett, a iir -k in the Custom House, j -..-.i and
Rafferty picked up Ihe check and handed it lo
him. saying: "Here's the money I owi you '
i an tl '"ok the check and paased on Denison
did not observe thal t; was the Sugar Trust's
check tha! had been given to Barrett. When he
discovered his loss he turned pale ir-.l exclaimed:
? Mv .;,, i' !'-..? !..<? ? check for |U,i
I! iffertj thOtlghl h.- wolli I let the Joke ^o on,
i.-it Denison a i In such a state i mil l thal after
a minute or two be told him thal Barret* had th.
check They arenl In search o>' n.-irr-.-tr. bul could
nol lind him Then Rafferty began to think it a-as
aol .-.. awfull) funnj After ? loria: time it was
found out that Barrell lived In Harlem, I>.-nison
and Raffert) wenl to his home, When they arrived
lhere th> i were informed he had gone out 'or the
evening I' was late ar hen he returned. In the
?>. two men had visions of Barrett on
rh.- sra) to Canada. Barrett was surprise I to see
his visitors. ._ , _ _
Where's that check denian.led Rafferty,
"What check?" asked Barrett
?That check I handed to you in the custom
House tins afternoon."
"Was tint i check?" Inquire 1 H.irrett "I thought
., ?M ;1 .,,,. ,. ,, pap.-r and l a.- ieee I threw li
* Denison te arly dropped des I
"Mavbe I pat it vi an overcoat po-l<e;, conrl-.
n. d' 'n,rrett With that he dived hla hand down
m hla pocket and pul:-.I out a piece or crumpled
p 'I"'1
? Y-s. here lt ls . . _ . ,
lie,,uon went bom" with the che.-k anl dr-.. .
... been robbed ol UN.l.W.CW.OOO.000,1.
Albsny /sn. tl. Tb- second da>'s session of the
Btote M. .ii al Soi lety was ful! of Interest. Th.- com?
mittee to consider the recommendations made m
,he presidents annual address reported against any
chang.- in th- laws pertaining to the preliminary
rcpilr.-men.s of Students The Stare Hoard of
Health li was decided, should be permitted to pro?
vide for the prop.-r Inapectlon of sus).ted cattle
and for the deetructlon ofdleeaeed animals tha s-r
Vlcea ot a pathologist to be secured for tb- pUtpOSI
A committee ot live was deemed necessary to be
appointed to consider nnd report next yeal on the
president's proposal to organise a National confed?
eration of committees on legislation of Btata medi?
ca! societies
Th.- following w.re nominated f.>- selection to the
three raeam lea estating on th. State Hoard of Med?
ical Eaamlnera: Its William M. Hotter, Buffalo;
\l J Lewi New-Vork. William S Ely, Rochester;
A Wa *? r Butter, Herkimer; Daniel Lewis, New
york and Rrnst Stoddard, Rochester.
A reso uti..n referred t th.- legislative ( ommlttee
w-i,ii ,?,? , indorse- n..- request ,.i Ihe State Phar
iiu.ceuti. ..I -.ssoclatlon ili.it 'lu- legislature .i..i
ish th- pt- -nt ii'.tiM- lees exacted from pbaama
cl, . md - .! itltute a nominal one
Thi followlna have been re-elected aa officers of
i>. -patt Board <?( Medical Examiners for iv;.
President It William '' Wey. of Elmira; s.?? r.
?,,rv Dr M J I. wi. of Sew I'ork City; Question
i'ommlttee Dr tieorae Ryeraon "owler, of Brook?
lyn md Dr M -I De wi Since the ex lat ance of the
orr sent . >" and Its sctlve enforcement, extending
......r .-, period ..f five -'ears, ".SE di cl irs of moll Ine
l, ,.-, ,,, p'jed foi si mission lo i rai tics In this stat.-.
t , der tn. old law lb thi - would I ive ls en sdmll -
t.d unquestioned The State Hoad- ol M ll al Ex
amlnei ?? ledi 107 ol tho* a i ?? spplli il ,r S per
. ei '
WaabUiKlotr. Jan I" ludf? Coi :...\,t ajranl
divorce to Salli. A Harrla from Charles H Harris
ria, of Senator Lulls, of Tenneaaee Tin- Court
?warded tba ruatodi of the child, a eon, lo hla
mothei and ali.rdVred tha defendant to pa- 173
ii month "lin.om io Mis. Harris Daaertioa i -iii
io h.- il.,- ? haii,.'
Washington, Jan 17.?The I'nlted States Nan!
attache .at London, Commander fowles, sends the
following to the Navy Department, dated January
13: "lb.- (Brit tah) Admiralty haa given instructions
lor thc Hot-pur (coaat defence ship) and the Mon?
arch (third-class battleship) to be commissioned al
an early date for service In Bermuda."'
On receipt of this Information Commander Wain?
wright, chief Intelligence officer, reported to Beere
tarv Kerb-rt that, "a* Hare are at present no
armor-cla la !'? the British North American nnd
Wea! Indian squadron, tl is Indicates ? considerable
Increase of naval atrength In Norm American
dlder ordlnirv circumstances, these reports
minht possibly lead i>> sn Inquiry from Secretary
Olney addres-ed to the Urti Wh Government, as t-.
the reason for such an order, but lt cannot be
rm l at the State Department whether such
action has I.n taken oi not The atrateglcal Im?
portance of the Bermuda tortifl'uiMons cnn be bes
appreciated by the statement that they are the
centre of a circle of "un miles, which includes ibo
North American coast line from Maine to Florida.
South Norwalk Conn., .inn. '21 A Beetloo gnni
of tiv.- men wera killed oa tbe Consolidated Road
?I K.st Not walk, this afternoon, hy a Westbound
freight iriin Ti>'' killed ne: j j. power- fare
man. of South Norwalk. John Oitftln. Norwalk.
John Shea. Hist Norwalk. John i allah.in. Ban?
bury and Balvator Spana The men stepped ?alda
d ihe Colonial express and smoke and steam
enveloped ?! r ? rn aiel oh-.-ired Hie approaching,
freight train ..ri tl..- neal track, while the noise >r
the passenger train drowned, the whlatle of the
frets' l ci
c \ll l.t. in Iff I \ TINE STOPPED.
Hartford, Conn.. Jan ti Moth llouaea of tha Oatt
v lay passed a r.-soiuti ? sus.i Ung
, n of the Bovine Tuberetrioata law of UM,
and directing thi Cai:.. Commlsalonerfl io ?....,-.
.nv quai ini ?? I .utile unal i..i;lwr actloa ol tha
?;.i,r:al Assembly,
Canton, Ohio, Jan. 27 (gpa* tal.)?Colonel John
Hi y. of Wsahlngton, D. C.; Chairman af. A.
Hanna, of the Republican National Committee,
and Oeneral W. M. osborne, of Hoston. wera
Major McKinley's chief guests to-day. Major
McKinley and Mr. Hanna h-dil a long confer*
There ls every reason to think that the Idea ot
appointing Lyman J. Oaga, of Chicago, Beere
tary of the Treasury grows in favor with Major
McKinley, and it is nol unllki ly the portfolio may
be offered him within a day or t\v .. Kindly com?
ment upon the suggestion of Mr Oage for the
Offli ?? continue! to pour in upon Major McKinley.
It Mema thal Mr. Gage is not only acceptable
to the financial and business world, so far as
h.-ard from, but lils relations with labor have
been of a nature to make his proposed appoint?
ment commend itself to the labor organizations
of Chicago.
Colon.-I ,1 hn Hay. who arrived with Oeneral
Oaborne to-day, ls not a candidate for a foreign
appointment, as ha* commonly been ssurted
Oeneral osborne esme from Jekyl [aland, where
he has been the guest of Cornelius N Miss.
Oeneral Oaborne will be hera nil Friday. Colonel
Hay said to a reporter nt the station that he
was not here on a personal mission.
There nt- no fresh developments in the ohli
Benatorlal situation, though a great many sen?
sational dispatches are reaching the papers
arx ut the matter. The belief grows that In due
time Governor Bushnell will appoint Mr. Hanna
to sn-. c..,] senator Bherman. Governor Buih
nell said in Columbus this morning that he had
not decided what he would do. and that he cer?
tainly would do nothing before be received the
resignation of Senat ir Sherman. Governor
Buahnell says there is no foundation for the
?tory that he expects to appoint Lieutenant
Governor Jones to the Senate of the fiilted
Senator sherman has written to Governor
Buahnell that he does not expect to resign till
Mnr.h 5.
Chicago, Jan. 27.?Lyman J. Oage, president
of the First National Hank of Chicano, left here
for Canton tn-nlr-ht in response to a telegram
from Major McKinley.
Columbus <~>r-.lo, Jan 27 (Special).?Charlea P.
Orttiin. the recognised Poraker leader in the Legls
lature In ISC, when the latter was defeated for th?
i'nlted "tates senate by John Si.erman, was in the
i itv tr, day In close consultation with other leaders
of that faction of th> party. The object of the eon
ferenei w - to decide upon a course to pursue when
the time comes for the appointment of ? successor
to Mr. Bherman. Mr o ri flin ls outspoken In his op?
position to the ?election of Mr. Hanna, nnd pre?
dicts that the latter will not I ? appointed by Gov?
ernor Buahnell. It !j an open secret, however, that
?i of Hie Poraker leader- are In favor of har
moriizi' '?- the party by the selection of Mr. Hanna,
and the hitter's supporters ire sanguine of success,
believing that Governor Bushnell will take the logl
cal vii w of the situation.
An c\-S-afe ofliclal, a warm personal and politi?
cal friend of President-elect Mi Kinley, who has
means of knowing the policy cf Mr. Hanna's
friends said to-night that Mr. Sherman's formal
resignation had been placed in the hands of Gov?
ern! r Bushnell The res!s;n,-itton. he said, was ac?
companied by ? letter saning for the appointment
of Mr Hanna to the vacancy,
"If this, with what hus already been done, does
net se.-ure the eppolntment," said he, ??the ma'ter
win probably be dropped, and those responsible for
the overthrow of Mr. lianna will have to t.ik.- the
consequences. I do nol believe Governor Hushneii
will take the responsibility cf defying the sedi?
ment of the Republicans of Ohio by refusing to ap?
point Mr. Hanna."
Governor Hushneii. when asked about the letter
to-night, admitted that h? had a communication
from Mr. Bherman, but lie declined to make known
the .-ontenfs. either as to the Indorsement of Mr.
Hanna or the formal resignation, saying be regard?
ed the matter as private.
Washington. Jan. 17.?General Horace Porter.
cran.i marsha! of the Inaugural parade, was in ron
ference thia afrirnoon with D D. VVoodmaneee.
presldeni of tha National Republican League
clubs, and this evening Issued an order placing Hie
clubs In one division and ordering that they have
the choice of place In the civic division. President
Woodmans? is appointed marshal, with the right
to select .i st iff of fifty members ah League clubs
aro directed to report for assignment no- later than
l". bruary 30.
President vVoodmaneee anya thal the league will
i of the moat attractive features .f the
parade He announces the following committee in
charge of !?? igue affaire: John C Cheney, chair?
man !?:. J Rennins, John E. Hopi.-v. Dr. IP. S.
Moose Edwin 8. GHI. W. C. Rodgers, William
o'Hell and I., vv. Bui y
Lexington, Kr., Jan. 27. A battle waa fought late
r-estei I oon on Green River, near Browns?
ville, in which fortj shots were fired eight of which
took .-rf.-<-t The combat nts were Eugene Carrier,
j. i Carrier, Nathan and Luther B aggs, on one
?Ide, snd O. VV. Hasellp, Alfonso Hasellp and his
.on on tim other. G. IP. Hasellp wis shot in th
TO riiMMI-rKF, I'll.VI'INd IN
*.*.-ishlng'.in, Jan. 27.?The tangle In th" S-nat*
over the Morgun NP aiai.ua ''anal hill caused by
the unexp?-.-t.-(| protest entered last week hy the
diplomatic representative hare of tha up-at-r
Central American Republic r-sm* within an ace
of heing .ut "ittrlKht this afternoon when, after
a hrus'iue and highly iat****ea*ttng debate, Mr.
Vila* moved t,, ronnnit the ipeasur- to the ,'.>m
mittee <-in Foreign Relation* Th" wisconsin
Senator subsequently changed his motion bo as
to recommit the t.in to th.- Ppaetal Cemmlttea
on the Nh-aragua Canal. ?.f viii.ii Mr. Morgan
was the head .1 piece of oetentatidua e nrtegf
nof ke.'iily appreciated by the Alabama stafej
inan. who, when asked whether that mora defa*>
entlal courae would be g^ceptabla to him, fragg*
Ingly remarked thai he nevi r cared to niak" "a
ehoi ?>? between insult,,."
Th.* motion t. recommit and thus kill the
guarantee project for this aeaaton waa not mad*
until after 4 o'clcs k. and hy the tinta the S?nate
waa ready to reach a trot*, Mr. Gorman Inter*
posed a m .tlon to adjourn, which was carried
hv 28 1.1 27. Mr. Morgan u'id his friends ?tmm
emily voted against adjournment, preferring to
fake ih-dr chances on the mot! .11 to recommit,
and the opponents "f the rana! bill aided *r<n
??rallv with Mr. ,'o.man. yet th" v..te wa* not
strictly a fest one, and its only value ls to show
that the Morgan measure. BV, n as amended, ran
barely c .mmand a majotitj in th" d.-lih-iatlve
The rleliate which r"''eed"d the v te was made
notable by two striking s*.h?s fro'n Senators
Sherman and Aldrich. Mr. Sherman, who la
soon to aaaume the BO-caJled Premlerahlp in the
McKinley Cabinet, declared hlmaelf to he thar*
oughly In fav r of American c<.nti-..l and owner?
ship of the future Intern.-o.ir.li* canal. The hulld
inenf an l?thmian waterway, hs aaarrtsd. should
be easentinily an American und -taking, as had
been the conetru* ti'.n .'f the canala .\hi''h r. n
nect the Oreat Lakes, nm Mr Sherman doubted]
whether the preeent .-anal company or any pri?
vate corporation could conatract a canal across
the Nicaragua route, anti hinted plainly that he
would prefer to attempt, a- Be. reta!*)' of Rt.,te,
the renewal of some guch ireaty as the Zavala
Frellnghuyaen convention, whi.-h should insure
the building of the ranai .it the coal of the Unite*]
State* and under its c mplete and unquestioned
.onfroi. Mr. Sherman for this reaaoa BUa*ge*t*e1
that the pending bill be abandoned at l-ast for
the present.
Mr. Aldrich. In an unusually vigorous and
eames, spe.-rh. coinbatted Mr Sherman's su.
geatlona and defended the Morgan bill as the
most practicable and senelble rneana of pro?
moting the conatructloh of th" canal. He dis
inissed as illusory the Ohio S> nator's project of
negotiating a new treaty and asserted that the
difficulties In the way tat framing and ratifying
a n?w convention were too formidable to be
overcome even hy the known talents of the
prospective head of the State Department under
the Incoming Administration.
Tiio Vllaa motion to recommit ls still pending
and will have to be disposed of at to-morrow'a
session of the Senate.
Mr. Morgan (Petr... Ala.I. in charge of the bill,
made an elaborate Btatement In reply to the
claim that the cost of the canal would far ex?
ceed the estimates of the canal company. Re?
ferring to Minister Rodrtguea'B communication
to the Department of State, Mr M >rgan said:
?'I ol,j.-ct to Nicaragua keeping this .-anal ..n her
bargain counter any longer I object to her de
featlng this concession and then propoelng an?
other conceaalon ard getting another sum of
money for it. If she can drive us "ff. if she can
Induce us to drop tn.' subject, and if she can
then Jump up and mak" a new alliance with
two other republics that may In.pease the
strength of iff cane, morally upi akinr-. 1 aupp bb
we will have ti give way "
Mr. Morgan aaked unanimous conaent to have
the vote taken on the bill and amendments at
.'! o''lock next Friday, '"ir objection waa made
by Mi. Turi.ie (Dem., Indi. Mr. Morgan then
gave notice that he would aak tbe Senate to sit
? mt the 1 iii to-morrow.
Mr. Hale (Rep., Me.), whll declaring hlmaelf
favorable to the Nicaragua Canal, though! lt a
moat unfortunate incident thal the MU was mot
hy hostility ..r Indifference or sullenness n the
part of one of the Central American Poarera
touched by th.- lin;* of th- canal II- waa not
en.-..iirag"1 In his hop" of th- bill Anally peas Bf
by any turn which the dlactsaaton had taken and
whi.-h led to the exasperation >.r hoetllity of the
Central American Powera He did n..t think
thal the Senate waa more likely t > nnd itself in
a .1 attain of acquteacence^and 1 ineent for the
great enterprise on the part of th" Central
American Powera by asserting that there waa
an Impertinent intrusion on th'-tr part or that
there was any attempt at blackmail, as the
Senator (rim Alabama had declared tbe other
day. He .Mr. Hal 0 protested agalnat that man?
ner of dealing with an) Power thal had a right
to be heard on this subject-matter. Th" letter
fr. >im Mr. Rodrtguea waa noi an intrusion or an
Impertinence, but was an example of proper di?
Mr. Morgan said that be was satisfied ;n re?
lation to his charge "f blackmail.
"I am not," said Mr. Hale. "Ar..! I do not
think that the Senator sh mid us.- phrases and
convey allegations that tend to stir up tr "i ile
rather than propitiate it. I do not like th* W 'rd
trick," as applied to the conduct of negotlattong
with thia Government. I depre, ,.t.- a method of
discussion which tanda t.> rouaa and Inflame op?
position rather than to i-edu.e it.''
Mr. Morgan repeated his conviction that th.r*
was an effort on the part of th- Minister (Mr.
R. drigue/.i t<> destroy the hope "f the >? u-.-struc
ti. n ?f the .-anal by thc Oovernmenl uf the
I'nlted States. H. waa satisfied :Mat the d lor*
iniiiaii'iti now was tn break down the coocaeal n
to the Maritime Canal Company by the new
Central American Diet, to hold 11 t" th.- r.i.ney
paid to Nicaragua and t.< the work .hue, and to
c mflacate ih.- gram of 1.000.000 b -rea of land.
Iii Sherman <i:> 1 . Ohio) said thai h" had be?
lieved and siUI believed ihat the only way by
which the Nicaragua Canal could be conatrucl ?!
was by ii..- action and p'.w.-r of the United
si.,tes When th.- k^ritoghuyeen-Zavala treaty
was before the Senate ten yann ago ha suy
poeed it would accompllah the prara aaa, aad he
believed that if that treaty bad been ratified thj
canal WOUld have been completed at this time.
Unfortunately, however, that treaty bad bees
withdrawn from ihofVnat*. ProbaM* tho Mari*
time Canal Companj bad been too sanguine i.?
Ita expectation* At an) rate, ii was unable n
borrow roonsj lo X" on with th.- srork. It i-.-.l
b.-en compelled to ?'ii bonds at usiui. us ratea,
and tb,- r.mt waa thal tba company had prac?
tically fat led and was unable t.? complete the
w.-rk. "in my Judgment," Mr Sherman pro?
ceeded, that canal can nwer Lia built by m

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