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I.ciel 'i- ?I*"'1 -" ?Some of the li-niwn and
Austrian newspapers persist in the statement
that Kmperor Nicholas ll. of Russia, ls seriou*
iy m. but the rletnils of bbl alleged illness an
riven b) the various Journal* vary greatly.
count Verontaoff-Daaehkoff, Minister of tba
Imperial Househohl. bat authorial .1 tbs st.
Petersburg corrwpoadenl of ' Tag Pails Tele?
graph" lo reiterate tba deniala prevloualy made
rumors concerning the condition of tbe
1 ir.ii declares that Hla Majeaty'a health ls
,x .nt and that bia routine in private and
?? Hi nfc has nol undergone the slightest
, vclists IN TH? HOUSE or COMMONS TO
,,.,n. .lie '-'7. United Slates Senator C. 0
?r wi.h his family, started for 1'over this
merni'.- bound for Parla, where he will continue
in the interest- of bimetallism Among
-. agers on board the train with Mr, Wolcot!
, c.. ? ? . Charlea Paine, of Hoston.
Tbe members of the House of Commons who are
aoM-standard currane} mei to-day
nint re-elected Sir John Lubbock chairman ot their
. ? , ,, lon.
11 is announced that the men-il>crs who favor bl
ire' illlem do no: intend to take an- action during
resent session of Parliament.
? ?
fl, Ja" tl The Kmperor celebrated his thir
th birthday to-day with his family at the
- - snd iii commemoration of the dav has con
ratio.i of the Order of the R'.ack
Doctor %"ti Lueanus, chief of iii-, Mn
- civil Cabinet, and Doctor Miquel, Prussian
jil ? >' of finance.
1. rtdon. Jan .'7. a dispatch to "Th- Hall" from
sais that a vii.leni quarrel occurred ai
etweea ih.- Princess Chlmay, formerly Miss
ci- i Ward, of Detroit, Mich., and lanoa Kino, the
I .in fypej musician, for whom the Princess
? v deserted her husband. Tile screams of the
ss and tiie violent language of Rigo created
in ? excitement and alarm among the guests of
the hotel at which Ihe .-ouple were staying, and
ilni Mas tn,oie io the landlord.
? .ffair ended by the liena rt ue of the Princess.
-? ned, unattended b> the gypsy, for Monto
..irio. lief.,rc leaving Ihe hotel the Princess paid
an share of lh< bill due, bul refused to pa)
ed by Riao. who ls, consequently, in an
awkward position, being ,n need of monej to set.
- ? iunt
'.. -iden. Jan. 27-"The Times" will publish a dis
:o-morrow from Its correspondent in Rome
| that it is learned upon the most credible au
". that the Government has decided to aban
tba entire territory of Erythrea, except par*
- Maasowah; hut it is considered improbable,
?respondent adds, that even Maasowah will
Ontlnite to be held hy the Italians. Tiie cor
respondent further Bays it ls understood that the
?n of continuing the occupation of this Abya
nrritory will be made tire !?s;ie at the com
. ? ? lion- In Haly.
Berlin, Jen. 27 Herr Prentsell, a merchant of
-. and H. rr Krupp, the gunmaker, of Bsaen,
:*\n be, n appointed life members of the upper
M ot the Prussian LandtSg.
London, .bin. 27. The elidion lo fill the so.it In
\ . Hons, of Commins for Salisbury, recently made
vacant bj the acceptance of th.- Btewardahlp <>f
? 'cit. rr: Mundr. ds bj Edward Henty Hulse
r va tl ve, who represented thal constituency,
ema held to-daj and resulted in the return of Mr.
Allhusen, the Conservative candidate, wno received
' ?-.. voles to 1.271 CBS! for Mr. fuller, hl<= Liberal
opponent. At the last general election Mr. Hulas
waa returned by a ma'orin of "" over Sir W. K.
Brown, Home Ruler.
London. Jan. 27- Mr. and Mrs. Gladstone started
from Hawarden for Ixindon this morning bound
tor ''annes. Both are in excellent health.
London. Jan. 27.?The German bark Antares Csp
Kin-Jen. which arrived at Harston to-day from
Wilmington, M. C., brought to port four of thc crew
of tbs German balk Oberburgmelated von Winter,
ila Marohn, which sailed from Ni wport De
r Vi tor Trinidad. The men were picked np on
January v< in latitude 4$ north longitude r> west.they
l abandoned ta-lr vessel, with the remainder
crew, on January 7. she being In a sinking
. Andmon at that time. The captain and other
. ra of tiie crew of the, abandoned ship are
ir -sing
Halifax, N, S.. Jan. 27. The Hamburg-American
Urie steamer Adria, which arrived from Dsntslc
foi Philadelphia to-dav short of coal, .ame over
me course thal would hsve been taken by ihe
Bvtrdue steamer State of Georgia, bul saw nothing
nf th.- latter. Tha Adria sailed from Daatalf on
IO, while the missing Plate pf Qeorgia
? ? l .ecember 23. Tho Adria encountered hur
wrcafher all the way across, bot saw no tee
B' is >?' Georgia carries a crew of about thirty.
Momn ii .ian tl John W. Mackay, of New-York,
beck for !*.??? to "Thc Montreal Star's"
Jh k- ? ? Iii Kia.. Jan tt. Tue Steamers Taree
Daui ess, whieh have been bi the ? >?
? I'nlted States naarabai for several week-'.
? : oa bond tc-,lay by order of tbe I'n ul
I > Thi bond ol tba Dauntless was HJ,M~
t of th< Thn ? Friends 15,000. Ta.- Dauntless
?ai . readj under bond of 17.600 In two rases and the
" '" Friends under bond of 117,000 in two cases
received from Jam.;ci yesterday by
? , .i nnounced i be safe ai rival i bi re
marj :1 of Lieutenant-Colonel Armando
J**< s'ho beat- Important mesaagea from
'?? ? ? to tj?. jun.i Sanvanell will sall
!n.rr . diatl ir for Ni w-Vork
/'/.' FIELD \or TO RETIRE.
rumor has been current thal "The Maw-York
Evangelist" was to paaa Into new hands, j^nd
i. .. Dr. ll- nry M. ki. ld. the renerable
: and preprietoi In part of tin periodical, was
? Ire from actln work. Henry R. Billot, trass*
Mer of the company, told a Tribune reporter
be ' waa no tr.jiu in thc report. "Dr.
Htld volo" a portion ol bli interest to friends of
h?? prominent Presbyterians about three yeats
}**'?' I !? '"and a join' stock corporation was
"wmed on January I. lim. There baa baan no
'i .-? since then, and none li contemplated. Dr.
J*.*, li prepared to ken., right on Wita his work
I0" lor:.* Mme to COOM "
Maming-ton, Jan 27 -Senaicr George, of Ml ila*
?'PPi. ii reported ns resting easily to-nlfht. There
' n? eh..npe sn hrs condition.
' ' iii LEADER'S Ol'l \ IO \ ol i LU FL 1 \ D.
''?''''?'""lari Interview with General ({om./, in Tn.
ri_*2** i >o"|ii|1 be guarded la what i say Mi.
.?vHumi is Ht ihe head of a greal Nation, for
nase aeepli I have the moa) profound resp t,
? ..ii ....,..,..i.... ^ .. ot, ....., .
hat I do not un
Keru..ni Hull, Ot Xo H I'ark I'la. e. .Newark.
last night called al tba Dstaetlva Bureau and laid
before Captain O'Brien sollie let!, rs which he sail
lia,I he.n received yesterday by a haver and seller
of pawntlcketa, Whs has one store In the Mower
and m.cher in Kroadwny. This person, arhoss name
aol address were niven io Captain 0*Brien and
afterward io the reportera at Kolbe Headquartera
if. all seriousness, has recently secured much val?
uable 'i... advert laing from the eenaatloual press
of the ,:;> from foe fail that his stoles ha\e been
th.- scene at shot: intervals of a melodramatic
dynamite bomb "outrage" in which no one was
in.it. anl an equally remarkable diamond robbery.
The letters shown lb" -r.pt..In . which were Bjgned
"Alexander D. Boase!!. Oeneral Manager, Assoctatad
Syndicate News Company, of No. 14 Park Kow."
contained requests from Russell to th.- desler to
"aland for" a dosen wholly untrue sensational stor?
es, which were to ba written up by the Associated
Syndicate News Company ami which the syndicate
would try lo sell to certain papers.
Til" ooaamunlcatlona wet,, typewritten, with the
exception bf tha signature ol Ruaaall, which waa
written in ., large fiouriahlng hand. Pollowlng ia
one of the letter-. Which waa shown to Captain
We h ive established a new* bureau known as the
Abi-ocluted Syndicate News I'ompan* at X... ti
Park Ibu. i nu ,..], ,-t i- 'o olivetti:. burlni ss men
in a nov..) -...I sensational way ?y manufacturine.
fake stories. I Jake I li- jil., r.y to suggest the fol?
lowing I h. ni-, and will caH porsonall* shortly to
ri ? \pr -iv explain the modus operandi of my
bureau. I will make s written or verbal contract
to furnish rou with a series ol twelve sensational
and thrilling stories ..t MO each or MOO for thc
w\,.}\. Ker- the Hist story I would BUSgeet that
-om.- night l place dynamite, burglars' h.,.is, dark
lanterns, etc.. ilongslde tn. sate ami mutilate tl*
bck .1. a wu- . m sse, io mak. it appear real.
V.c.; nhould disturb Hie H .Imes Klee!rle Protection
Company's a In rm ind hastily return to bed. In two
minutes thc policemen will have arrived, nnd. of
course von alli be Informed <>f th.- boldest ot bold
attempts. Nb le nil this is taking place I Will be
hurrying to the newspaper offices arith Ihe stories1,
which win in written 'wo or three hours before
hand. The sate at that time will contain aboil'
130,000 worth of diamonds and Jewelry- Reporters
in i f.w minutes will swarm thc plat.. see ibe r..,'i
, l. . Von yourself can cur .belate the Story. Mj
i ureeu is established inst tor this purpose, and our
staff of ivi.ii",'i'-' uni myself have Imaginative
milds. Poe ihe ol her i leven stories we v. mild man
t.f.i, tut, such original and sensational tales thai
von would suddenly become ihe most popular man
in th. .ity. My letters, vcu must remember, ?'?'
Mri, til . .ni .!. nriai Let no our Into the scheme. I
will call on von shortlv and refer you io Hie differ?
ent managers of several theatres, for whom I havi
manufactured the most wonderful stories Imagin?
According to the pawn ticket dealers' representa?
tive, t!i..t enterprialng tradesman ^jys that Russell
f,.i; .wed ins letter to the store, arriving ahou:
" o'clock yesterday. He wanted the dealer to alga
a; once .1 contract to take the stones, nnd told
him tun lt would be one of tbe best schemes he
ever went into, anl that it would pay better than
any other kind of der,I. The pawn ticket denier
waa ao vlrtuoual- Indignant at the man's proposi?
tion ami at his assurance that he told Russell
not to .ill again. Russell went away. Saying that
the virtuous merchant would regret his hasty <le
, sion in Ihe matter, tliat. upon fcrther considera?
tion, he would probably ihink better of lt and
that he would cull again iii ;i day or two. After?
ward the merchant's Indignation became so great
that he senl his friend to Police Headquarters with
the letters, declaring that the whole business was
a gem ral hold-up of the public, and that he would
li ne nc liing 1,> ,1 1 wi! li lt.
B ) the tale ended.
Chicago. Jan. 27.-Half a dozen city cycling clubs
made up a big part of the attendance at the National
Cycle Show lo-night. The bitterly cold weather has
affected the attendance, hut the exhibitors are satls
lled (o have the great building warm. A committee
of prominent cycle men nra.le a successful canvass
Of the booths lo secure member, for the I.. A. XX.,
whose cfTicrrs ate being criticised for 11't doing active
work ai tiie show.
During the week it is expected that the dealers
at the show will organize a Cycle Healers* Associa?
tion for their own protection. The National Cycle '
Board of Tra.lc includes only manufacturers, and
dealera have for some lime bern agitating the need '
of an prganisatlon for Hie protection of their In- .
tires . \ meeting Will be held to-morrow for or- {
fan Isa tl rn During the New-York show all dealers t
who wish lo come in ns charter members will )?? '.
allowed to join as such. The new organization will 1
not conflict with thc National cycle Hoard of Trade. ?
to re Iggr-y-rj TO-DAT.
Police Commissioner Grant remained late nt Poller.
Headquarters last night arranging an order which
he will give tc Chief Coiiiiti to-day, to be Issued to
all (he police sergeants. Tile order is that the sar?
geants are io keep in their respective stations a list
of the addresses of ail tho magiatrstee. Tiie order
will Instruct the sergeants to allow all prisoners
wiio appear to be respectable, even though arrested
on the charge of a felony, an opportunity to secure
In the case where the friends of a prisoner ap?
pear at the station to go on bonds the sergeant
will be allowed to send a policeman with the
friend? of the prisoner to the house of a magis?
trate, and lhere have the bonds accepted This
order was prompted hy the ease of E. J. Henley,
the aetor. who was arrested on the complaint of
lira, Marrin, which was In reality n civil action,
and which caused Henley considerable nnnnvance.
noller. Penn , Jan. 57. The descendants of Ruck
hart Moser, who died about forty-seven years ngo.
leaving an estate estimated to be worth IH.OftO.fifiO.
m<t here and decided to employ counsel to take
steps tn recover the property, now In possession of
th>- Lehigh Valley Coal and Navigation Company,
consisting o' :-hi acres of valuable coal lands In
Schuylkill County, on purl of which Hie town of
Tamaqua is situated. An organization was effected
bj ell ting .Ioho A. Richey, of Ibis city, president.
ami ?f. C. McCandleas secretary. Family recorda
and 01 h.-r evidences of relationship to Buck ha rt
Moser were produced and examined, und those pres?
ent feel quite sanguine of success
From The Albany Journal.
Mr. Plait's speech is Republican to the core, with?
out the slightest offensive? -s.
Prom 'ih" Utica Herald.
Vr. Klan's reference to arbitration, our foreign
relation- and tr. atv obligations will have the ap?
proval of nil t*ood citizens.
Prom Tie- Hartford Courant.
Tb.- political chattels of Senator-eject Platt mic
bim ;, dinner at Albany lust night, ami tba Ben
ator-elecl gave the political chattels a speech. The
dinner was, presumably, a good one. The speech
was not rpocn-msklng.
Kiorn The Springfield Republican.
We have yet lo meet an objection to Mr. Olnsy'S
treaty thal 1- fatal to it. And so far as the canal
ls concerned, ther, ls really no need for an . mend
m. tn 1 von.
Prom Til'- Minneapolis Tribune.
I"effei s successor ls -said lo be a farmer, but a
dane ,,t bbs record of office-holding during the
art few years indicates that he hus not been work?
ing at lt lately.
From Tiie Providence Jociml
Nicaragua will nor lack for- friends In setting Itself
ip agalnai tin- pretenaions of the reck>ss advocates
nf il:- bill In this country, and it is not Impossible
1.ai som* European countries win range themseivea
un her side.
Prom The Si. Louis C.lobe-iiemocrat.
The existence of mch a calamity anywhere in iha
iror'd appesls lo thi symnath) of all civilised nations.
md presents an opportunity of charity ihat should
nol be .i.si.-g.mled in such ., ar,, ih.- people of
:he I'tiiiid State- can ur-iv be relied itpon io .,\>'
ip to meir -j,len,1:,1 reputation for baneflccncc.
??': jin The Syracuse Post
Senator IhrHebard's sola will ba needed Although
m is 1 free-ailvst Senator, ba win act with thc it
, .bli,,in party on tha tariff. Better times cannot ba
? xpeiii.i until Ki p i;,i;. .in policies for correcting
i.,,| rino- are put in force The first Step --i!l lu- a
1. v tariff measure. There must be sunVieni revenue
.11 Die nee.is ,,r n,. Qoverament, uni there must
ie proper protection for American labor Th. day
it deliverance from Democratic hard -lanes ii fast
ARO hui-: Kr IR smTli DAKOTA
Chicago, Jan. '27.? There was nn appreciable
moderation of th" temperature In Chicago to?
day, hut aero Breather and below vvas tba best
that could he done, and the some is promised
for to-morrow The record foi continuous tem?
perature below /ero fir this city won broken by
a run of eighty-four ronaecotlv* hours, from 1
a. m. January ii! t" 1 p. m. to-day, at srhlch
boor thc /ern ?nail: v. as otllelally recordsd a'
the Auditorium tower, nunns the previous
twelve Bonn Of the dav the thermometer hal
ranged between ? degreea ami 1 degree below
/.em. At 2o'cloek thia sfteraoon I degree above
zero wa.* welcomed, and the same temperature
continued for three boura. Then Beru weathei
and below returned, with the prospect nf cold fl
weather to-morrow. Snow fell lightly all day
and Into the night, being driven by fl wind
which made the Hm- snow a ii Bree of great
The police continued their effective work of
providing instant temporary relief t" the thou?
sands in want. Twice as many coaefl were at?
tended to as yesterday, the total number "f per*
sons Who received f.? d. clothing and fuel being
sstlmated at 1<>.ih*>
The letter-carriers arc aiding ihe police In
Hading the deserving cases in their districts.
The Maynr's fund now amounts to flW.flOfl in
money nnd value of supplies, about >*?"?'MHN' cash
having been received by the treasurer alone.
Many thousand dollar* have been given in 'he
last three days fm- distribution apart from the
Mav "t's police relief scheme, but as a result of
his proclatnatlon.
St, Louis. Jan. _"7. There is bul slight relief
lO-day fruin the cold wave which has swept
over St Louis since lasl Saturday night. Leal
night snow fell to the di pth of four inches, and
continued failing this forenoon, accompanied by
a sharp wind. Th" mercury hovered about Ital
/.ero mark all night, and at IO o'clock this nen
lng: it was I degreea n'.>.ive. The railroads are
beginning to suffer from the sturm. Nearly ail
trains arriving this morning were from one to
three hours late. The snowstorm is gen-Mai
throughout Missouri, and in Eastern Kansas it
is almost a bllsaard, with aero temperature,
Yankton, p. iv, Jan. 27. Reports are meagn
from the cattle ranges nf this Si,Me. The losses
nloni* the Missouri River vvili be heavy. The
weather in that section has ranged from aero
to .li! degrees below ever sine" last r*rlday. The
snow is the deepest for many years, and the
cattle are able to lind grass univ in much ex?
posed places where the gr.ld has been blown
bare of snow. Worse still, the streams are
rroaen solid, and the ranchmen have lo break
through the ice every day tn enable their cattle
to secure water, it is feared that th" loane* in
that section will run from -?' t" '_'"i per cent.
The mortality aiming sheep is much greater,
nnd may reach BO per cent.
Omaha, Neb., .lan. 27.? For several days th'
mercury has been from 10 to 1." degree* belo*
zero throughout Nebraska. There arc ."iimi.ihni
sheep being fed in Nebraska at present, and
many have been lost from severe cold. The ag
gregat" will I., many thousands, but deaths of
animals nu the rang., at present are confined
largely tn sheep. No native range catii, have
died, comparatively As a result of th" gre,(i
supply <if provender, many Texas rattle wen
shipped to thc Nebraska ranges to be fed ibis
season. In tins class the cold has caused con?
siderable loss, sin... the) ai" nut accustomed I ?
the severe v, 'lither.
Helena, Mont.. .Ian. 27.- Th. atorm which has
prevailed in Montana for several days, while
revere, is not having a serious effect nn range
Ive stock. This is due in the fm t that tin snow?
fall has been ligln and there bas been little
Bind. Th" sh"-piie ti ate all weil pi. vtded With
ced and the storm came in BUCh shape they were
ible to get their fluks int', the sheds before Iotas.
Itockme** say if warmer weather dues mu come
lor ten days cattle can stand it without unusual
Cheyenne, Wyo., Jan. '17. The cold wave of
his week has not been severe in Wyoming and
oss of atoch from its effect has been nominal.
Range cattle and sheep have had th" benefit of
in unusually mild winter, and wein Into tbe
present storm in better condition thar, stock
lave 1.n at this season fnr many years, Thc
.veather to-day is moderating and no aerlona re?
mits ara feared bv Btockmi n.
Jacksonville, i'la. .Ian. IT -At !> o'clocx to-night
tha mercury hud fallen to ".li degreea iu Jackson*
t-lll*?. with a wc*t wind and a barometer of 19.12.
rhl*. Indicates that Nnrlh Klnri.la will experience
i frei aa. As the trucking Interests of tbs north?
ern portion of the state are meagre, no **reat dam
iga ls experted1. Readings at 7 n'cloik to-night
-.-ere-. Jacksonville, M; Jupiter, tn; Key Weat, f&;
r.-impa. '.2.
Richmond, Va., Jan. -7 Four Inches ..f iimw fell
iere to-day. Reports from all -? liol - of the
'late are that the snow ls general. Staunton re
mrts four inches: Fredei |. ksburg, tue Inches;
Slacksburg, rive; Woodstock, three Inches,
Mobile. Ala . .ian. -T Captain John Campbell,
toaster of the British bark British American, now :
nailing lumber In this port, was fm/, n m deatl
ait night about tv\n miles from 'he city. He had
Htssn drinking and died from exposure in the bitter
?nhl weather which prevailed, ll" was burled here
Norfolk, Va., .inn 27. n began snowing early
his morning and at ll O'clock to-night abort four
aches ls mi th" ground. Th" mow is stm railing
'asl. Striii-rai traffic baa been considerably im?
peded lt t.- though) that considerable damsge
viii n-Milt to shipping "ff tin- coast.
Denison, Tex.. .Lui. '.'7. Prominent stn.kunu nf
he Indian Territory and the Panhandle report thal
lu- recent bllsaard baa resulted in thi death nf
houaanda nf cattle on tin- range. For the Brat
ime in a number of years large aater-cour es are
'itMS ii over.
Columbi*, s. C., Jan. tl (Speclsl). Northerners at
liken, the winter resort, were surprised to-night
ty a flurry nt snow, which Introduced a bli/./..m.;
vt ii p. m. there bad been a iii.ip nt twenty hv< .!??
irees, tin- temperature being lt, arith blah winds,
-* -
'Ilu< third good-sized snowstorm of the winter i
,i-seenili <i upon the .ny last evening, .'md by lani
light three inches hail fallen, ll was a soft, cling* |
ng -nov., ai,il melted easily. Mine is promised for
0-day, and by to-nbfht ll ia expected thal the fall
k-lll have 1.ii a heavy un. A slightly Colder
emil, int ure is predli ted.
Vessels eontiauad io corni' into port yesterday
eavilj coated sith les about their bows and bul?
arka. The aCacera ol nearls all of them had tabs
j tell ol extii nniy heavy and 'nl.i Breather at bbs
Tha *? hooner Louis v Cbaples, From Santa Crux,
hile off Cape F.-ar, mi December 22, encountered
(talc lu whi.-h she lost her mlBBenmaat and shs
llned otlnr damages, .-'he pul Into Jacksonville mr
Towanda, Pants., Jan Sf.?a fifty-two loch reta
f flue bituminous coal has bein fllatOMI*d an
larelar Mountain, about two miles from Leroy,
(radford County, and *ix miles from ths now
bunion..! Barelai Minas, from which millions of
rn* have been mined la paal years The proposed
iia.iti.'antral Railroad, s pm "f tbe Buffalo
i.d Susquehanna system, from Buffalo eastward.
asses through Leroy, anil If the near hm! ni '"..I
n.ni:- - well, as further In vestlgatii.ns are made.
T- r.iail will probably Im- built this year Kxperta
atari thai the new vdu is superior to the Barclay
i.il and lt I* tn the sams belt as ths bituminous
lines ol 'linga County.
?rom Tbs ITaaMtBgtoo akai
The young man who -rushes Bras talking shout ??
inge cel-brlt) who had captivated him.
??Htie is a wonderfully beautiful creature." be
lld. with a ?i*-ii i cannot '.>k- my gass ntr ber
IB! rous "i i.
? h., you think -"" rejoined M.ss Cayenne.
"Oh, yes And ber stvi. la so unconventional.
here bi nothing that l aaa Hunk of to describe
ir excepting ii phrase thal I once read In ?
i.mi ii referred to i womans ayes being inge.
mlle and pensive, like 'hnse af an "X
"Have v nu noticed hi r hair?"
"No "
"Well '' V'lu bk" bet !?"?? berauac ll la ox eyed
juli like her bettei when **ou t*4**a*-rva Iha color
[ ber bair. That's peroxide.''
thin mi \mi:\!>v":n T v>v\ ingall Bl! !l
The common ? accepted dictum thai experience la
the great teacher was. li would seem, wholly dhan*.
Barded when th. section rn relation lo prison labor j
Waa Ins. rt.d in tba Stat.- Constitution by the con- :
rentlon which r. vised it three yean ano the com- . l
Ing sommer, it does not require a long memory to *
recall the period of diein aa and deapatr among tha ;
lum.t.-s of the State prisons produced bj what ls I
Well known as the Vales |a?l Tba! law was put , '
on the atatute book >n USS, at a apeclal session of . >
the LaBglftatura held in .inly As soon as i; went i I
Into op.r..ii,ii ps i,.,,i effects w.-re apparent, and \
they speedily became worse, until lhere was ?
unanimous demand from pr< s> and pulpit, from re- i
formers end humanitarians, for Hs repeal which r
was aecured al the nest neall n af the Legtalature,
'i.i. lesa than six yesrs later, prsctlcally the
same prevision waa adopted bj the Constitutional
Convention and ratified' by the people ai the election
in No vi tub r, UM, Fes of those who hsve not es?
i mined the matter are aware how closely Identical
the language bf the revised Conatltutlon ls with
that of the notorious "ates Isw n can i>?st bs
: lev n by printing the essential parts >f the tw.>
. rallcl columns:
Rev ls d Constitution,
'v.i Arttcle III,
Section St.
Thi Legislature -hall by
law provide for tbe occu?
pation and ? mplOJ mi "'I
?a prisoner- >? rr. need to
tic- severn! State pris?
ons, penn.-nit irli s. jails
end r ?? forma tories In the
Stall . and On aral after
ibi tir-r day of January
In thi v. ar las"
"i -.-s Law. Chap*.
I.aW- Of ins.
No motive powi r ma
cbiii.iy for manufactur?
ing purposes sha I I.,
pl...-. .1 oi' il. ii |n any of
ihe penal Institutions ,.!
' he Slate; and no p, i son
In such Institutions shall
bc required or ii I (wed t>>
work, while under sen?
tence I hereto ni anv
trade or Indui ? j wh
I.r. is farmei
contracted. River.
I . ..nv ),. I -lill Ol' I
f his
I om.
or s-'ld
hi- labor, oi- the pro.iuc- in any su.h prison, penl
? ? ? ? ry, jail or ri forms ?
ti ry -c..iii be required or
nllov ? .1 tn work while
under sentence thereto,
ai .uri trade, Industr* or
occupation, wherein or
w lc r. ly Iris work, or the
prodti t or profit of his
work, shall be farm..I
out. contracted, given or
nola to my p.rsoii. Arm,
.issoci.iiioi or corpora?
It Is plain from this comparison thal the mode:
for the section of Ihe Constitution was the Yates
law, whid, had created s storm of popular indigna?
tion only ? --hort time before, end li ls natural
that people stroud now h. wondering how it was
possible for th. m lo re-enact, and In rhe most bind
Ina form, a provis. the evil effects of which had
I.n rn.ute no manifest In IM and issn The si,,,pie
niith is that th. section of the Conatltutlon vlr
. thrown g the convicts In thc prisons into idle?
ness willi all Hi" evil results thal must follow
bu. n a c.,n,iii im, was 'h" ci mi ribut ion of the hand?
ful of la boi uv mi > ts v ho sat in the Constitutional
t'onventl n. li was the one thing they asked for,
ind, with unpardonable weakness, the majority of
th" ' 'onvention gr rited it.
This part of the Constitution was nol ratified bj
the p.-.pl.- willie.: ihelr attention being i ailed to it
Th.- Prison Association of the Mate was prompt to
fon ee thc Ills thal would Dow from it. and some,
if nol cl of its members voted against the consti?
tution BS a who!.1 a.nut of their dl.-sa t isfa. -
ti,,n with thia f.-ature. Many other intel rent cul?
lens trained a dear understanding of th" matter
and voted to approve the work ot the Constitutional
Convention with a mental reservation and in the
expectation thal ari umendmeni would be passed to
p.. ..ni ti., bad provision from going into opera?
tion. Aa the provision in ipiestn.ii was not to take
eileel until the beginning of 1V<7. there was tune
enough i" se. un sucb an amendment if action was
I a ken al once No time was losl hy Ihe Prison Aa
... latlon in bringing the matter before the laegls
ature, ami the proposed amendment was passed al
th" Si KSton Of !?!?"..
After I < iou pas-. ,i .h.... such an amendment has
io bc referred to Ihe legislature chosen ai the next
general election of Senators, and If Hun approved
must be submitted to vote of ihe people ri the nexl
sn i ? ? ding . lei Hon. The legislature oi' ISM refusi d,
for some reason, lo tal. favorable action on Ihe
proposed amendment, if li had followed the ex?
ample of Hs predecessors the amendment could
have be.-n roted on ai the las) election and gone
Into ri"? ? t ai the sam,- tim. erith the section of
th. Conatltutlofi it was designed lo remedy.
lr happened, however, thal the Senators elected
In 1*9* are to hold office for three yesrs, and there
will not he another election of Senators until No?
vember of next year, Consequently, If such an
amendment ls adopted by the Legislature this year
..r nexl ...ir. lr cannot be passel on the se.'-,uni
tiru. before IM, if it runs the gantlet of the
legislature twice, lt will com.- before the people
for rat Ideation In thc autumn of IM, and the caril
.st po- |b|r> ,iit. al whi.-h it can go Into operation
is January I, IMO. Hence, for the coming three
years, al ..ll events, lhere teems to he no possible
\> av .,; undoing 'h.- mischief caused by the Consll
lotion., Convention's yielding to the wlsbcs of the
r. pr. -;. nial i\ "S of labor.
The Sip. rintel,.but of Pillions and the State
Prison Commission have already proposed a num?
ber of ways in which some work can be supplied
to Ihe convicts, bul objections arc being raise,1 lu
various quarters to the plans under consideration.
Thi necessity of keeping the m.-n at wuk Ls eon
...bd bj ill who know anything about the subject.
Idleness on the part of the prism,irs is not only
demoralising, bul ir pr..dices a feeling of Inertia
and deadness iii.it reduces many to Hie depths of
despair. While the Tates law was in force the
superintendent ??( one of the State penal Institu?
tions received these among other appeals, which
show the disastrous effects of the stoppage of work
then enforced:
"I have lain all day looking Bl the wall. Will
>'OII p ? i ??? let ni" baw som. Work?"
"I hope you will be abb- to timi some work for
me, no matti r hos low >>t menial. Before I came
here I detested work. Now I nm almost cissy for
something lo do."
"''an -rou find nie -i place to work somewhere' I
run almost dead aft.r being Idle so lone. I bari
rather work ?! ly and night than remain Idle, please
give ni" woik. hird work. The da) s. .-ms two
dav p."
"Do, please, Iel nc hsve som.- work To remain
In my room with, ut work ls slow, agonla ag death "
lt ls th" danger of bringing bundi...s of nun to
this condition .nam ihal ha- led man) people to
look with favor on the proposal lo employ thc con?
victs In makins roadi Here ls .-, f,.rm of employ
meiit in which iii. v wi mill b. brough! Into competi?
tion With none except possibly gangl Of Italians
Thi Stat" needs the roads and cannot get then, as
cheaply by any oth.r means. If action i- taken il
..nc to use the prisoners in this way. the question
of providing work for them during more than half
of each lear will he disposed of, and during the
three years Ihal the provision of the Constitution
mu-' remain In force there will be ample time to
show whether these m. ti cannot be employed safely
an.l economically In building and repairing roads '
Pittsfield, Mass., Jan, tl. Mrs. .".nu Russell Allen,
wife of the late Thomas Allen. ,ij,.,i this afternoon,
ii the ..?? of seventy-three. Sh. was s daughter of
William Russell, of St. Louis, a prominent civil engi?
neer, and aha married afr. Allen In IMS, Nine chit
Iren were born to them, and thOJe living are Mrs
W. R l? ".il on, of st. j.ouis; william Russell Al?
len, .f Bl Louis and Pittsfield; Thomas Allen, of
Boston; George W Allen, owner of the South.-rn
Hotel, gt. Louis; lira. Louis Chevenault, of St.
i ? .. ind Mr- charles Atv.uer. cf Pittsfield.
Mrsaj Aibri was one of the wealthiest women in
Berkshire County, and was much esteemed.
? li
I ?
william li Pleb her, head of thc firm of W. li.
Fletcher fi Co., Importers of lace curtains, of No_
:r, and "i" Broadway, died yeati rday afternoon at
lin boin.. No. -'-'' West l-'orl \-lifth-st. 11" wu*
ll rlck.-n willi paralysis a w, , k ago last Monda-.. .Hid
lid not recover consciousness before his death.
Ur Fletcher was s bachelor ll" was born In
Richmond, Ind., fcrty-seven years ago. and came te
New-York aa a lad, gradually building up hera tne
, islness .I wai, h he was si th ? head when he died
Mi Fletcher's body will be sent to his native town
'or bin:
Th- Rev. Dr. Sol.anon Deutsch died jreaterdSJ af
ternoon at his home. No Ul Baal Slsty-ninth-st,,
if ter a brief Illness Mr. Deutsch was born at oiie
ftitz. Prussia, in Wt, and was a descendant of a
sell-known literary family- of Pmasta. He was a
attain of Baaanuel oscar Menohem Deutsch, a weii
tnown Talmudic scholar, who died in Alexandria,
Egypt, in la?!. Mr Detttaah was the tauthor of
nativ works, some of them being "Dautach'a Let?
er.- f.,r Self-Instruction in Oerman." "Medical Oer
nan "Key to tha Pentateuch," "Biblical History
a Biblical 7>anguage." and "Hebrew i,ramm_r '
I., was educated al the Cnlveraltj of Breelau and
lotting, i. and .am?> to this country in 1"S7, accept
a| a call io a synagogue m Philadelphia. Bubee
luentli in- was stationed at Syracuse Baltlmora
uni Hartford, conn Sim- ten years ago be gave
ip ri ligtous I thora t,, devote himself to philological
ino literal*) work He leaves a widow, three sons
.ml two daughters. The funeral will I..- held at the
louse io m.,ir.iw morning al U o'clock.
? - ?
Mi- Catherine Tracy, widow ,t William Trey.
lad yesterday at Ins Soma of her son. i?r namur!
, Traci, NO '.!.'? West Klfty-flflh-r I Hhcw.ts !?,m
a UH ann lived fur the greater part of her life in
bin ,'ll\ She was lute,, ste.I In many works of
ba lit j iii.i waa a member of the Advisory Board
f the Rei han j Da) Nurserj The ute Kev. \Vi:i
m ii Tracy, ?>< lbs Third Reformed church ,.f
?Mi .c. h his, raa her son .m.- leaves three .Uugh
rtt n.,,i on,- ?..ii I>r Samuel Q Tracy. The funeral J Pwi
,ii| take place ai hei houSa al ll "ip m to-morrow. j,
'he Kev. tu Klttredge, of the Madison Avenue J
Reformed rhnrch, will orhVlHte. assisted by the
s*wi ,.-8 S.'??*OWar, of St. Luke'!! Methodl*t Kpls
<>hI i burch.
Mr* John Jay rhnprnan dfe.i on Monday. She
iras the wife of John Jay ChspmHti. the lawyer, of
Rs .r..' \v.iii-*t.. s-bo lives at Na m Wast Kigntv- |
?econd-SjL, nnd before h-r ni'irrUge was Miss '
l_ , .almm,t'"' Mrs. Chapman wa* thirty-Sve
iHzULSS: l,,r '"""frtl will be hehl nt I'S. a. m. ;
to-morrow, in st.. daorge's Church.
Balsas, OT*., Jan. ll*. -The regular Mouse (tampa '
ir vi was called to onier yesterday by Spaaa*.
Daft*, alter ? ailina tha roll the Hnuot adisuroed J
mill to-ilay Thirty-one member* answered lien- ;
'mi's rollen ii _nd proceeded to transact business In
i perfunetor} manner. |
Horning and afternoon sessions w.re Indulged In
>y ine senate, l ut that body refused tn r.guise
mar factini of thc Assembly. Th.re p. rio im
neuiate hope that th.- election of a I'nlted !*inte*
Senator will be accomplished 'birlng the present
Topeka, Kan.. Jan. tl.-The Kanaaa Ir-fgnriaturs
cei at nomi to-day in joint convention and elected
?Villisrn A. Harris to ihe United Btatea *>? nats io
ruecaed Mr. r> rr. r
Olympia, Wash., .ian n Pour ballots, making
wenty*on* In ali were taken to-day f<-r United
'Mi's Senator, without ri sui!
I'o the Editor nf The Tribune,
Slr: wm you kindly add i eotrrectlen to in*
i'"mut of th- lui ,ts nf t'"- late deners! P a.
A.ilk. r Which von Hil* daj publish? V-.ii Munk ot
?r.si.i. ni Walker ss being .-. teachei ol politl il
conomy; von ihould have spoken of him as an ex*
".nent cf th- nntiauatetl and dlacredlted political
? "ninny For tl" n.v uni advancing |sillt|enl
'"iiemy he cared nothing, but did ali that he could
o retard its pt*o**re*M, struggling Bgainsl b\- awn
litter knowledge io 'in io
Ordinary common sen* bows the fallacy nf
'resident Walkei's favorite tl.r> abOUt wag.-.
'that wagea are determined bj the -trice at which
ii Industry ein be prosecuted under the least
svorable circumstances.'1 Anybodi of ordinary in*
elllgimc who has though, at all knows that wages
mi prices h.iv io*aw h connection with each ether
mder any circumstances Wages ara determined
?? the ni".ms of Independence which the worker
? ? raes; timi, an.l cn: prtci.-. w whal thu - sragi i
'ic friends of th., ute Prealdenl Walk, r win f-i
OTT) In h. ar .I 1,1s 'bath, ami Will lament theres.
iition of his labors; hi.< enemies will feel a glow "f
Btlsfnctlon. Mut si fir as the cause of human
reedom i- concerned, it makes little difference
'bether such mee ,'s he was liv or whether they
le. The labors of obstructionists raise up new
rlends of progress, ai .1 Imnuii fre.-'iom. when on""
stRhllslieil. is mc* firmly fixed fnr bsvlng bad to
le ht for Its a.Ivane- . vt. n |.v >it. p
Montclair. N J.. Jan ?. WI. V WILLIAMS.
'o ? i Editor of The Tribune
Sir 'Ihe many wini approve of your view- un liie
U es tlon of occupation fm- convicts ami nf your
imposition to utilise them in the improvement nt
nails Bill be pleased to know that tin re is a Helli
or i!ie experiment righi at the iioors of Sine Sin*,
i short distance south, ami the twelve miles noni,
ram Shu* Bing lo Peeksklll, tbe main road i- one
t th" wurst iii this country. Cyclists or roachtn.i
arti. ; that know lb" way from Port Lee via
ant. rn. Tuxedi ami Ni vvburir. then across to the
.:-t m.ie, always take it iii order t" avoid that
bomlnable fourteen miles, N. WRIGHT
Poughkeepsie, N. v.. Jan. ... 11*7.
"o the K.iitnr nf Th" Ttibum .
sir: i havi subscribed for The Tribune for roany
ears as ;, family paper, Bltd I ennsMer lt th" I" '
or thal purpose Iii tic; emintiy. lt ls un "I In
? "I iii iny time during th" week. 1 also take The
Ve.kly Tribune, which I five to my milkman
hereby helping his family "f boys to >nni" extent
Manchester, N ll . .bu.. 12, I ay*,
'n the Editor nf The TlibUIU
Sli : Wfl prefer The Tribune tn any other New?
ark newspaper, ami. sn far .i- we -.i" able, give
t our support both for political reasons and fer
ts dignity, high moral tone nn.l lack of sens.i
lonallam. lt is bani lo say just which feature
Ive ua the moat pleasure, bul I will mention
rsi. the editorial; then the foreign Bews es
icclnlly the London letters and the letters of "Ex
lttache,\ next, tbe dramatic and literary erltl
lama and such biographical sketches ss al limes
? ?cur. ami. lasl, bul bv no mean* lyrist Marla
...mv,. pool's stories K B ST mk
Macon, tia.. .Ian. 1.', !*'?:.
? ?
'o th.- Editor nf Tha Trlbu ni
Sir; i have \r,ng fell lik" say Ina io you thu ti sr*
re iwo fiatures nf Th.. Bunda*, Tribure I have
arti, ib.rlv enjoyed the literary page, home .nd
pclety malters ano the letters of '?Ett-Attache"
lavina lived lu New Torie, Th- Tribune k.?.
w In touch with the city. Th" typography of
ii.- Irti'une is, tn nu-, th- best among the \. v
\,'" !'.,i)"'-* _, ? , K. K. RANSOM.
v\a?liiiiKton n C., .Ian 1.1. 1KJ?7.
Wsshina-ton, Jaa. -7 rna i"r..?..t*r has rises in tbs
ni' .-ne*, t:,* Rock) Mountain region snd Sew Kr.
sd, lad fallon in the Middle Atlantic Snt.-s. ta* laka
-tlon, ih- mila snd I'pper Mississippi valleys, ii , ,-.?
mn"- h!sh<"t north ol M .??.?. ind lt ,- lowest on tbs
?Till ' . 'Una ? ?*l Ths deprsssl u whi ri ua*
T ""' Oeorsls ? ?-? this m. '-mn* his stoved
rtb*BStward h:i1 'v m< .,:.,:.,! nnr ,..,,,? n-itt#rai
hs ternperaiurs list fsllen in ths Bouts Atlast lc
Mt tl* Bast <"ilf Btatei sad Tennessee, and it has
len il isrly in sll nth, ,- ? ,, , r,.-,,.- b?,,,n
??'?/.UiK iii tbs Southern States, escept Klortda, snd i
?l ??? /yr., in Mir Northwest as rar smith ... towi god
;lh*in Illa, ll BbO* prevails I.- night n th" .tlsal
i-t north -f Sooth Carolina, sad In th- laka rexton
?.?: upper Obi i Valley lt I _..|;, . |,,, ,? ,,?. ,;,,,
-tu int t.. t;
ths Mlsslsitppl Vail*] and I
i k) M ii"i,ni.s Th* .u . nf., is sr*
.??..ni ni \-? England Rnd New V'orh with
?rthsrly *lndi; snowfall likely to i..- h..nv n*si tl
?st. li *?l be i ilder In tb* Southern ininti. Kt ile*
id ie..,?? 'reeling is far .-nth as eitreme Northern
rWa. Oeners-o fair s ather win prsvs'l in th- Routh
n aisles ami central valleys.
I'I 'l.v il. Ki. r'OREi AST !'"K TO I'AY.
For Sam EngUnd, threatening weather ind mow, in
rasing "amberly winns, probably blah "fr th- louthessl
a: i. raider ThBrsday nlgbl
Kor blastsm Ns* fork, Bastern Penmiylvsala, New
i-.v .m.i Detawsrs, thrsai?nlng wsather aad sn..w,
..ii.ii.lv beary -aowfall near ihe , ,.,-t. r.ai.m^,! _y
tarina ***eather during .h.- day: sortberii winda t'ri-k
high "fr tia- ....i.-i. ,, ider Thursday instit
l-'..r H.- District ..f r-olumbU, Usn land an.l Virslnl.i.
os ni th- '-arly morning, allowed by fair weather .lui
x M..- day; colder Thunda) nufht, northerly t.. west
h wails
for vv.-st.-iii Ne* rork. threatening Breather with - .?
M*rh 'Mi.I-. iltghi ? i.aiiu.-n in temperatur*
I-'..:- western Pennsylvsnla. local mowi followed e- 'nr
wth*r; conUnued . .?.?!. west er li winds
HOURS: M.irnli.g. ' Nirht.
1 J J ? .'. li 7 s i . U 13.14117 ll ll ll
in thi* diagram a intitinuoua Brails line ?liowi tin
angas In pie??ur? a* hadlrstsd by Tbs Tribuus's nif
?ii.lliig burumiter. The d"lt*-J lin* npiSSSBIg thi tem
ratars as.recorded st Parry's Phar*******.
1*1 llBSIIS Offl. e. .I."i IS, I a in The WSBlbST vester
v wa* tlireat-ninx. with ?n.av failing towaid iv-nlr.K
m t*?a***t*Tat*rS ranged bstWSSB -S and IS 'lejrre**, ths
sras* OMI), being f>*? aagress higher than on
if-'lav and 7 degreei lower th*n an the i-"rreaprndlng
a bu* >?*i
In anl n*ar thia 'itv i . m\ ther* will probably be mow
.1 ? .1 ler weather.
I'here la a **St BlffsrSBCS between DBXSPOOT KARU
i'SAOBl, ?i'ii-*d with iierts. uni substitutes of/ersd
LSVT- un W,dn*s.lav. January 21 lafl*.
Kipha^l Benjamin. M. A. Hatti* |y>i>
>y the Rn
lo I-.iv i PetcbssB
i\ IN'iKN BBLL la I'ai.'rs.in. N. J .Vedn*?da\
I." ST, BUS Ar l-i- n dstM-htSf ..f Mi and Mr's
Mwnr.l T. Ball, ? f Patsraoa, I I Mr '-Mwatd \an Insi-n
r Ns* Torh
NotlOSS of marrlaB'H and tteaths must be In
Tsed with full name and address.
vmm sn Mealy, sa Jwsa*. M Patel ? Barlas Adam*
i Hu" '."ith >i-*i .f his p
-S. OB I'ri.ui. at .t j> ni fi un Ht ri'?|.|i-n.* of tn*
? -?***, k i. skktsra, Ni :?-? lsaaia bti . Plaaa
ITUUJSS will bs in waltina sa the arrival nf th* I :*?
hui fr..m .New \etk. Train lenvr* f.',,t ,f |.i?rt\ si
ERB 'rn Wednesday, Jaaaan 'il. Horace Ami*, lr
iHHh v?ar .f Ins as
al tbs rr.|,!?nre nf hi, brother, The...|..i.
Morristown, ti. J., on Friday.
i'-r*t *
>*r?. Ne I" I ...
anuary Ht, al I. u vloik av
BAVI.KV- Al Denver. Col., Samoan in. ito: rti**i*rs
Walton Bari**-, mutt sen pt UM la'" Rl-liaM Harley.
aged '1 y?ar*.
llONPIIaSV-a*BaSB*Bs*y, pa Spnonn -'? ai Twaasai N?*e
Yerk Cltv, Sereu, I>. I', .nfl ?. li th* iVHh j-ar ef his
Kui.sr-1 tm i,-ss ,n I-Yilav. .la.-iusiry 9, ?i J I." r n' ai
Trlnlry i'.n?r/-f(aitonal '"riunh I "'Uh i ml Waehlr.g
l< n .u. Ssa V".k l"|ty,
In'erment ?t Woodlawn
Trnln Issi-** .'.rati.t ten'ral Stubn bj th- Mr Mn "t?l"
r'.a I ni I I", p m.
tfitYAN- in sprinafir-i.t Mas . Jeana ry :??'? Pi earea ??
naota. wlf<- <t I'lark W. Ilryar. -ni .biiaglif-r ?.f tbs
lal* Ira.! \'.rr\r. ut M.iUltr. I, N V
'H'J'MAN na Mendal. .1 u.-i.-v BJ I?ey- Mln-nr mfa
? ?f John Jay I'liepman. In .he Xl'h var > f re r as*.
Funeral Berrie*-- at gt, Oaorgr'a i*kurc_, PfttyreaaSJ"
s.pinr*. .,n PiiaSj laaaarj IS, si I jo a. rn
COUCitAS 'in 'bi i.b.. .tiir.-i- J. 1*91 SSSS?gS
? '.?>man.
Ponara! ssrvlces viii bs beid irt Bia lat* real <*?*?. J**.
!>:7 WAH TM tl Pl Tttaraday after- on, iMiarrv ta,
lUJ/T, ar 4 .."? MB I
Relativea and friends sr* Invited t, ..tte-i i
Interment an lB>'<l l|
DAVISON Al bl r?leane", ia r-etrolt. Mich., .lanuarp
Bi D"I7 >'len<-nf M Da Ison, poe nt -I ,<?? n M.
Darlsaa, fenasrly af taral ra gj ? .? \. v
i*.i>|. Jeaaary -j:. v-'.c, a.. .-" Dai i- Pana <'art>
lanai Uemsetead Dodd I tha Mia rear sf Ms .i*?
hu? rotiee nf th? faasral arin t.e niven.
r uti.kv rai Janean Ut at n-r i.????? rn ;.-.? g ssj
Md ' BrtdaM M , alfa f tha late r-r.- Kartar.
Fun?ra i ? ? at I t V mn 'i ? f ri .? ?' IS ra ai -nt,
fl ? st. -nd Wests ian r.? st
lu a in
K : itivea I fr"*ndJ \\ ,te.i
mil fl .weis,
il .""?T"*t~n Al ic ,.-?!",. \ m Weal 4Mh
St., ,,n January 27. Wi::..cn ll yUHeher, in IBS 4**S
war ?.( I. s .-ifs.
F*un?ral aervlcei ar st cat ? - tera at erl Tta
me.. ar lo i. rn. 1 I
(lltaPATRIi .-'i!,.-ih lat ??? j'i l-t'T. leas Oaf "W
I'Htri, .in..i aa rears.
Kuneral > i v, ?? c at tr rutnaia
Sn.ria. Wo, "jil Weal :>'.?: H Sta \ k niy, rnJar.
January SB, at ll .. ie.
latenaeal bi lee*, Ks
HA mira mi Ween*. i j; u, |?i aja*|
aid rn r James aa h ii rln in hei l"M i year.
Inn., il trervleaa ar rh.' r. - ' laruea P.
ll.ir.na Nra rfc. N V Kn-lei ii I :t,i p rn.
? al ? onvenl*n a ,,f th* I
f iain lea rea fahaaatan h., gas I ri il N**aS a m
KIP Katered Into real .it Cpu a*- ?? taaaary H, lagf.
Henry Kin. In ih" "th ,..u sf Wt ag*
'?' ???? .i -'I -s ..nu... ,'s ,,. io ?. m.,
il ?'? .'inii ii .,f ina Inearnai'nM. it--' kira, H T.
Intarmeal .-.t mavsnlea.f the fsmlli
i.".\ a. >? in. M - laamsr) .'.; Maa | MirU
* 11 ,w ..f Horatia Ljrn-i
l-"un?rol from h?r "BS I'lUBj Sli.
Springfield. Ir;a v. 1 :.,i , -ft
Int "ii. ni ni .\l
1*1 M.NTMAX ii h< i rei Us ? "- HM -'?' iee., "?etn-a
lanuary ST. Mary I r>ih, "vite of >;?..ra? H.
Pannlman. sod Isuahtar ol the lal* ';,rii-r Hr? > - - et
B >t,.n, Mn?s
learal sen...... ?? \ SJ . ;.?. ? ?. . ? sla'.l.'.-ii Jaf?
unrv 10, at Ht tl - ll ?> ni
vMiiii vt Plalnltetd V I n K'-daesdai fassarp ft
i*-"? T. Hear* Bm Hi ..?.? i I
(?"un*r.-| serv,.e? ^i |h* Kirai H ira'nf-*ld,
v .f . ob tatardiy, Isauar) BO, .,t .: p ni
-\;i' ; i M i-i Bronkii i ? n ital Bl i. --if- of
I'ii.it..- W I" Smitten ind daughter af Ita Ula
T . tiampni |
Km lea ..f faaetal taraaft**
ti i.i.s i ,,i Wednesday. Jamwry 2: ?> hrr r--M?fie?,
Nfl 08 Wtmt ItM-st., N'*f Tort, auaanaa Amalia
Mi ran, aldon .f Abratam meer*
sTli.w KU. Arther A. sui?eii. r ,? hti 7th year.
? Ideal - n nf Arthur \ an I k ti M. Itltwi ll.
Kuir.nil f.rl\at?
r.\ -1 la< 'I: audklealr, n Taaada- ni'.rnir-?. af rr^iim^nla.
Emma Taylor ?'if? 'f Ih* lat- William S Tayler.
friends tra invne.t io ,ir.a.:..i .t, *un*ral Bwvlc*- at h*r
lalo raaldanc*. So. vu V-. 1 ?:? ??? Place, Brooklja, on
lay, 39th Insr ar 2 ??'? ',? >'k p, tn
Inr irn-iit ar .mini.'tire ,,f toe "amity
n;.\."v On Wedneeda*-. Ja-.ueri IT, after a Brief ir.r?M.
i'ath*rlne, aidoa ??( William Tra i aa-?! Ut i-nrr
-"un. rai Friday, January 21 at 1. ;in p m , fr ni her lats
residena . N S. '\ tal .Vc
rac fl. ?? tt
l'1rll.i.|e||,|i|,t papers pISBBB i-npv.
A.?Thr Krnaleo Cr-metery?Private Kati -n. Har
?m Rallmad; 4:1 minur?s ride from th* Orand rVntral
Dr-pot. om.-e. ia r-:.m 421 ?t
Special Xoticco.
Adailnlsirator'a Ahatrlnte "tale.
THOMAS B. Ki JI'.Y. Al 1 T|.?\|-r.U.
AMKSRICAlf ART OAIaIal'".nirc9.
MADTSOM BQOAIta soitii. m:\v "fOMC.
This , 'I'liur-silay I and l''i'nl"?v Kreuing^
;it 8 ??*r'looU.
Bp I >r<l*?r of
,f. \A". UKIN'HART, Ailmini--iratort
Oil. I-AI'-TTlNfrS.
nv thu i.aii:
This. '1'h ursola vi Mild friday Allr-i'liOOBUB
at 'J:.'I'? o'Olook.
At Abaolnto Pubilo JtsJai bp Ordwresf
Superb Brnnsea, LraMKiuora), I,'>rr-alalna^
P?>ttr-ry. Ivory I 'arvin:--.. Gold Mid WU rer
Work, Swordaj, Anoiwat l-'n-o-aVrin-*,
Bmbroldarlma, Brocadsa*, Horwnua, Kaka*
monos, Clolsoinis KnaiaelBi Armor,
(ni'ris, h'.tr-.. BtO.
amkki'AV AST ASsrAtATIOK, Maaaasig
ii Bbs! i'll st.. M?.ila .ri S.jiiirs I Bia,
1.? iinii Irassa lat Halla alas.
.*-?i PIPTH A\KM 1.. KB AR icu r-r.
N*f>^v OR KXHimrioN,
ktODKRW PAIN* riXf.-a.
RTCKIKOS an.l I.;\CrR.\A-lV08
O Bal BOLD Bt ORD-M OP rilF. ? rviiMSTHATog*
wii.lilAM L-l BBB Y,
donday -sad Tussday, Vabruary 1 -mia,
at :?:.'I<? ami 0 o'Olook P. Sf.
IOBERT s> .Mi:lt\ Mat.K, ?>RT."IF.S A ro*
ABCtl. 1" ? I Manag-.a,
riirliilHir \.illi'i..
l-'nr*iKn mills fr lt.- ?? ? H. . ,? .l.iri.ry 50. 1SOJ,
r||| elise ipr, -Ilpily in all a.- ill at IBS UsBjaiSi i ?'? ftl.'*
, tulleu-:
'.Tl ki'.\ i vt il a. m. f-.r Prance, ?ait*BN-laj*4l Haly,
spi,.i, c. rtu-r.il. Tartey, Kk->pt hd.i Bntlab indi.i, p*r
s. a, "I-a Oaacofne, "i? Ha?i- llettera f.,r ether pa.-ta of
lairape must be dvactBC "p. I l^r <i*-e'. jjiiv ,. at M a.
in f,r S,..tl.inil dir.,I. per s. a. Aacliurla. via Uiaagoai
llettera must ba directed "per Anchixia"). at ll a. m.
inujpl.-iii.iiiaiy U3?? b, m.) fvr Europe, per a. a
?Campania, via. uueenai,,?n.
? PRINTED MATTalH, B*TC. liennan hioHiii-m sailing
n Tue?.la>?, Thuradaya anl Baturdaya tak- i.inned inait
.,- ei,-., f?r ii-1ni.niy. and ipecially addraaaad prini*dl
latter etc.. t;r ether i.arta of tan |.. Whits Sta-X'
earners ?>n Sfadnasday laka sp.- i.illy uLlr-a-rd tarinted
airier, eu., fer t'.urop.. Am.ri.-an. Cunard and Kren.'h
ne al*am*ra take nrtStag Blatter, atc, '? r all countries
ir which they are advertised lo carry malt
After the el.-.alng of the mplBBJIBIary iransatlantla
lails BBB-ed above, additional su|>|,lem.mary malla ara
pened ,ii Ita ptera ??' ih? Aneri.an. Engliah, Kr.-n. I. and,
era-an ?reanie.?. and r.-malii ,'ls-n u-uil witlnn >? -^a-;
tea of the h .ur-of aalllng of steamer. _
INDI t -JrrJ KTl"
H-riUIDAT- Al lt a UL. lauiiieinentary 11 .Ul a. m.)
for st Thomss anl gt ?tax. wa st "Ttaaaaa, also for
Mara alls,. ,,.'i I. .-? CarSCBo; at I p. ,u. tSapplaBUB*
i.iy 1..W P- m I /'"' S*r?4\i. V P., an.I Santiago da
i ait,a bsi s- *? Kissers,
Klin'v Al 1<> a. in taupplement iry 10:30 a. m.) (oe
l-arthagvna and rsania Manila pal a, I -'imurt. at ll
, ni fr MawfoundJanS, pe: ? ?. c ? ,
ITUBDAT- At -J:IO a. m. fo: N.-wfounll.in.l, |>*r steamar
fr. in I'li.l.i.il'lila. at S a. n fo. Hermuda. p-r ?. p.
Trnida.1 at 10 a. m. isupplen-entar) lu .ni A mi for
Cane Haytl, Oooal~SB and I'-tit UoBya, |*r s. a Alp, llet?
tera for other pana .,f Haytl anl for U.|i-e. I'uertO
Cortex and OiMtemala nina* be ll.-e. tej "per Al|ai"):
at io a rn isuppl-'i'i-'"l?r> io Ju a. rn ? for Jamaica and,
-avanllla per ?? ? Altai (lrttera Pot Costa ltl.it niuat,
be direae.1 "|>?r Altai i. at io a m. laupplem. ntary ll
a mi for ceatral AassrlcB lesoaai Cbau Slea) and
.--euth facitlc ^,rt?. i?er s. a Advance. \ ia r..;.in H*t
te'? for Guatemala muat Ive dlr--, i.-d per Adxanc*"):
at 10 30 a m. for CasBBecta, Chlaaas i"ab?-..o ana
Yucatan l-'r ? B Seauraiua (lettei, for omer parla or
Mexl.-.. and fer <^1,?' ?>U!,t,.b' ?H'.cted "p,r ^git.
rancal at 10.3O a. m. fr iiayn. t'umana and I'aru
? ,?o per ? *? I'rtn* F. Hendrik <ltt*ers (ot oti?r parts
vt Veiivcuela. t'uracao, Inr.idal. Hr.rnh snd Dutch
liuiana mutt ba directed ?gmt win. y, Hendrik"), at
ll a m. for Santiago de < u. a. pe, ?. , Hatana tlei
tara for Vanexueia and < -ylninbla muat rs, diractad "p*
H.bana'i: at 7 p. m. for Naa.au. V IV. p,r tlt%?at
from Miami. Pfrvf* 8?*> + ra- *or N?wfoun4:aod. par
sie.mer from Halifax.
a ? f r Nrr?'foundla..id. ty Jail to Halites, and theses
byVeamar. dos. al thia offlc. dally st Hg p. m* -J^J
for Miquelon. b>' *?'' ?? Bo?'?.n and thar.-e by ?teaoMr.
etesBSt thia oMc* dally at IW p m. Milla (or OUba
doa* at thia onV* daily at Tam foj. forwarding br
?teamer, .allina; .Monday, and rimraday., fi.m>orl
Tampa. Via Mall* for Mexico, overland. unleM ap*
rially aaaraaa-al for dispatch ta .teamer. cio?e at thia
..rfl.e dally at ' s. m. fRegl*ter*<i raaa JJ- JTM
p ni. bi a naas day.
TUANSt'Ai DH MAtlafl
ail, fw casu aad Isbbm bsi - - v; . ,r,? gtaaj
I-, ,?',, cl at h*re dal.) up !?? Jai.uari . *. ?.
PM m. n. Mal* f-r Australia .except ,ho^
f.,r Wael Anstill.a. will, h .ire f .rwarde,} ~1_
Kurepei Ne* Z*aUnd. Harjall. Kl)l and M?m,?n |*l_
ands. (K-r ? P. M.-nonat .from San Fran, is, . , close
hara lail> up IO "anuarv t*l ar 7 ia. a m. ll a m.
un,I il 'lil p in e.r uB arrival at Ka- York pf a. a
-.urania with Itrlllsli mall* for Australia) Milla for
Australia teaefs" Ifaet A-tetrslU), Hawaii ..nd pyi
Islands .-pe. laltj "sMraBtll oanrl, per s. a. Warrimoo
.from Vaacoover*, noaa h.-re sally after January tai
and up to Pebr-aaiTf I il ? *' p rn Mall, for Hawaii.
uer i - Austiabu I from San Kianclt. <?). doa* tar*
tally up i" Pebman ll al I so p ?
anapacltic mulls are foran, led to p il ? f sailing dally
ind tie s, In.blie 'f ? I Mr.a- ls arrange.I on th* pre
?uinptlon of tholr uninterrupted overiaiiH transit. tReg
lster?d mall ,-l.'.es al ?* p in pr.M.us ,t.i\
rlllKI.KS W DAYTON laatinastar.
r-uatunic*. .New-York, .V V., Jan. 22, lr*?T.

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