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10 NEV
Tr.ere was rx ani.ill attendance st yeeterday's
rnrcrfnc ol the Heard of Education One of ihs
Int thins, thal coma up waa tba eeaamunlcatlou
of thi* Hoaaoeopathlc Medical Society Senounclng
the curriculum rf th.' Olrlo' High School aa too se
vere. Thia woe referred to the commltteea on
Health. Studies and i.lrls' High School, A r.r.olu
t:ton was n.!.,i,td urging thc Brooktrr members of
the Senate hii.1 Assembly to uso lill honorable
mean, to prevent thc passr.gM of tile Senate LUI
SOSendrO** th** ?,-! providing for the retirement of
lertchers. Tho einendtnent provides that thora
aha!) he no a?.> limit, m..I tn this mid all other
aaaeodatei t? iha Board is opposed.
A communication waa received from Assembly?
man Forrester in-'iosinK a copy of his btu legislating
nan-M tonchers out .,f oflce. lt w.-i< ri f> rred io
the rommlttce on Teachi rt
Secretitre- Kr.eevn rend 1 ids for the erection of now
schoolhouses in Avenue /. snd Nowktrh-avi Thc
|,ti-rs! hld on the former -SOS that of .1 Kelly 9
Sona. I4S..;ii Ths towool bid on ibe Newklrk-eve.
school was from xv. H. pool & Co., M7.H1 Tha
hills were all referred to tho Schoolhouse Com*
?IttCO, The sehjolhouse rn Ax enue /, xe ll bc
known as No. 0, and 'hu: In Newklrk-ava. ns
Nc Ml
The salaries of a number of xvclf-known in?
structors were r.iis.-.i by resolution, Dr. Walter
B. 'lunnlson, the principal of Erasmus ll.ul. Will
hereaftir receive $? 080 ? yeer, Instead <'f IM 8. Thc
salary >.f xx' s Goodnow, ? ipervtsor of draw?
ing, waa raised from J.'i.ii*i io 11,480, and that of
l'r.nclpal Charlea D Lukins, of ;h. .Manna; Train?
ing High Behool, from $;..,??? ta KOCK).
Colonel Culyer Introduced a resolution authorising
the Library Committee to bay tarenty-flve :;.-?.. e\* t
er.* at a .'om r,,. ;o exceed $t;, ia ri for the Hoy.-'
Hi^h School, xvhi. h eeas carr!. ! aft) r discussion.
A coanmunlcatioB wag r> id from sydney lieu, a
well-known newspaper man, in arhlcl .'.?? proposed
lhat ten or twelve of the school hil.lints he >;~. i .<?
tree cluh5, where th* people OUld fi.ree I-.imaiic,
Sinfflnff, literary, debating, reading and otner bo Is*
tie.-, and wheie they could o',.,, phesi and other
Quiet *. i ai 1 nae, gymi isiumi and perhapi
bowling alleys :n in,- basemen I h.- propoa. I that
fie people h.- invited :o form locletlei, each member
.. ;.-.<? a vote in th*- election of officers, arid each
: , ?'?? aubject to the niles and nen*-ral goe -
? ni if i::e h.,at,i ,,f Ed icstl m. President Hwan
Bll tn sail the matter would be referred to the rom
mi'.tee on Kvening Schools, bul James B. Bouch oh
<c;.j. "It ;s contrary," he aald, ' ;.i Article I of the
..elans, which prohibiti th*, uss of .school building!
for other t.. .u sci ool purposes."
'Tire polni lg areli :akcn.' said Mr. Sxvanstrom,
"hut iheie is no reason wfiy lt should not he re?
ferred to the <'omm,;tee on Evening Schools."
"What is the ase,'' tai(i m,- Bouck, "of referring
a t . . | ma: li contrary to the hy laws?"
"So that tho , immlttee may recommend amend
menta to th- bylaws," replied Mr. 8wartatrom; an]
rn sj..te nf .\jr. Ho; k's renewed objection the propo?
sition was referred. Mr it,. i sard afterward thal the
< *r,tra] I.ahor l'nlon and rh*- Knights of Labor were
rn lae or of iris ? -v.emc. md thai anions the Other!
intrre-ted in lt were Sanders Shanks and Justice
Horace K. P*-esSer reported for the committee
o;i Oreator Ni w-York that 3rooklyn had won
everything *ho was :ij?h:ir:,T for in the charter as
far as education ee s on erned, After going oeer
tho proceedings r,r the i v,minlaton, whi-h are
already familiar to Tribune readers, he said that
Brooklyn had the power. If it chn*o to vee! the
am,Liniment of teachers in the Hoanl or Superin?
tendents, the principal of each school h. mg for
th* tim* a m.-rril, r <,' rha' Board, whenever any
appointments in his school were considered,
In view of Justice Keogh'i ''le:'. Service decision.
Henry xx". Maxwell offered a resolution requesting
I'orporatlnn I'ouns. I Hurr to give an official ol in?
ion as to what action Should ba taken w!*h re?
gard to placing the appointment of teachers and
principals under Civil Service rules. This was car?
The following teacher*, were retire.-) under the
terms of the Teachers' Retirement Fund Act: K!!za
K-<?:?-. B hr.ol No :C. -.n IBS a v.-ar: Ahhie C.
Prncror. No. 12, HOS; Mare Davis, No. IS. MO;
Mare- H Henson. No '.fi. M2S, and Mare- M. Hicks,
No 2.=,. MOO,
On motion of H' Lynch, th*, fommittre on Rltea
was directed to re).ort ..n a suitable **lt*? f,.r the
Kas'ern District High. School.
There was n. private view of the lavin exhibition
of fiaintlnss at the Union I>acrue Club last nipht
Only contrlhutors and menit.ers of the press were
admitted. The rest of the week, however, ih;*
exhlhltlon will he open to public Inspection There
are. HS paintlrps lu the collection. The works nf
rom* nf the b.^t artists nf America, nnd Europe
tiae-e bern secured, and f. treat 1*. In more for vis?
itor* To-day the committee expects to re.-elve
the latest and best portrait of President-elect Mc?
Kinley, by Chortrond It will h* placed in the
centre of the Jaree mirror In the reoeptIon-room
and draped with American fiage. The portrait l?
full size, and was taken from life The commit?
tee, having the exhibit In charlie consists of War?
ren E. HUI, chairman: Elihu Dwight, William i'.
I'ate. Hlbbert R Masters. William H. Mead.
Charles W. Prankard and Henry Battermon.
A palrtlnK that attracts great attention ls one by
J. D. Chalfont, whi-h ls hu!ip In the hal! on the
third floor. Il Is a panel-palntitu? of a dollar bill.
The. bill ls supposed lo be pinned to the panel. In
the lower right-hand corner is a new-pr.per dip?
ping criticising the work, every word of which ls
In the men's room ls a picture hy J. O. Brown, nn
American artist, entitled "An Awful Yarn," r. pre?
senting Seo small newsboys and bootblacks sitting
tn a group nnd listening to a ste ry l.y a young Ital?
ian boy, who ls seated on a bootblack box.
In ihe women's parlor i-> a number of beautiful
portraits. "A Toung Moiler." by Charlea Kredi-r
j,-k Naegele, attracts much attention, in this par?
lor is also shown a portrait by Adolph Plot, entitled
"Coquette " The picture shoees thc full face, jhoul
riers .-.nd arms. Tin- face i- encircled by a wealth
nf brown hair. Tfie mouth is partly 0|ien. r.-x eal?
ing a, act of pearly teeth. Th.- pi, tut-.? has a con*
apir-uous place, and ls much admired.
WU.lam J. McClookey'a "lie Daisy Field." a
wat, r-color, ls also much admired It is a picture
of his young daughter picking daisies in the field.
"Gathering In tl..- Hunt." by o De Penne, li one
of th* hrs: seen upon entering tfi'- reception-room'
It shows aeveral packi nf hounds, and a number of
hunters mounted on horses and dressed in ? ?.!:?:
rr ;? ts.
Carleton Wlgolns's "Spring Plowing" ls un Inter?
esting picture. There gre f..ur (ix*n drawing an old
fashioned pious!), and thc background ls a wide
expanse of field. In Ihe distance ar.- lom- more
oxen, before 1 plough. The oxen arc being urged on
bv their driver.
Letta H. Hart hos nn Interesting picture tn the
collection, called "A Picnic." Hull a dozen young
girls ar,- engaged !., spreading a -ai,;.-.-loth on Ihe
grass, preparatory io taking luncheon. Thev han
gone for a day's outing, and appear to b* having
ri Jolly time. The spectator cannot help envying
Harrv Roseland, ri youna nrrlst lias on rxhlbtMon
lils "The New Stitch," whk h shows an old colored
"jv-nman teaching her little >rr.-ir.<!ilnu?<l.te!- how to
arlt.-h. It ls th" onie picture nf Its kind In the col?
lection, and is examined with much curiosity.
mr exfttiyf: <'hmm itt kv; nj- tm, REPl'B*
l.JCAS' TOfNTX- .'" 'MMITTKi: ri.'VTh.VS
At th** melting nf the Executive Committee or
th? Kinga County Republican Qeneral I'omn.ittee
last night, held f,,r the .lection of Officers, Mine
A. Hanbury, 'ne Republican of the Eighth
Ward. wa.s elected chairman; John K. Neal, of tho
Twenty-eighth Wi rd secretary, and Hollins Ken?
nedy, of the Seventeenth Ward, clerk. The only
contest evas over the Clerkship. Bfessra Watkin
ond Costello receiving support, M.. Kenned] how
ever, had no trouble ii: winning.
has sk.nt T'> Tin: HOSPITAL IN x
.-mik .i's CONDITION
A young man. supposed to b> lohn K*in,lt twenty
yeats old. a grocery I' rk. WI - found unconscious
lam nigh* In a room he occupied in the Mint Ho?
tel, Broadway and Braham ora . Buffering from sui
focatb.n from Illuminating goa H.- had taken the
room In the afternoon. The SOfaplag ire- w.-s dis?
covered by one of the clerks, who found th*- burner
turned on in the ronni. A letter a.1,lt > n.e.I to Mrs
Charil a K Straus*. No. 42:* Knlckerbo. ker-avi , e*.a*
found In the pocket of a coal Mrs. Straus- has i
atore al the address Riven snd sh,- told Ike pollc.
that from the description nf the man he eva.- with?
out doubt Felndt. who did odd Jobs ab.ii.t hi r eton
She Jaat saw him on Monday. The man waa r.
moved to fit Catherine's Hospital, where he was
Still uticnnscloua late last nltrht Mrs*. Siruusa kal.)
she would go to the hoapllal In-day to see If tbs
fiatlenf la Kelndt His condition ls serious. The po?
lee believe it to be a case of aitemuted gulclde.
nu i..;i:i. OM P.r.HiNi'.
Hoselle. K. Iv 1' iS|i.. Inii As Olia- of tho results
<.f thea rev.-it efforts Of the t'entrttl Railroad Of
ll. inls IO break Up the Individual express business
mi their trains, Ivm. of tb* fsBSSpSfUr'B dStSOtlTSS
1 had ,i kmg wall; from this place ie. Westfield las!
Saturday. Whitney Fesses, of Plslnilsld, who har*
ml alons .i-f'-.-ata..! the. .-onii.iiny In Its attempt* to
stop his pony express business, was prevent*.1 on
Saturday from boarding a train here, nea had
.-oma- t.a this i'la.-.- on B tocal train from Centre
' ville, whl. h plaCS he hftil inarheal hy the trolley
r.,i-..i from Jersey City, crossing from New-York Oil
the. Pennsylvania ferry, thus studing ths watch
at Libsrty-st., sal by the company. P*rasss was
soon arith ihe larss number of bundles hs wss
carrying by thc station agent, who telegraphed
ih< news to the ofllce al Jersey City, from which
i.in..? two of ihe company's detectives were sent
to Elisabeth to prevent Frasee from ho.ir.iniR a
train with his l.undies near that place. The de?
tectives ronnel the persistent expressman al Ro
salle inst shout to board n train lor Plaint! lu,
ami they refused lo allow him io ri.le- with lilt*
"Very well; I'll walk, then," v. an Frasee s an
iwer, ami suiting the action lo his words, lu- pro*
reeded al n goori swinging Bait down the county
ronei leading to Plainfield The detectives waited
for a while to see if ii really was his Intrntlon to
attempl to walk, snd as everything pointed tin-t
wav, they hud no Other alternative than to folle.w
.-int. as their e.nlers wet-,. IO follow the SXprCSS
man and gee ih.it he did not get on s train st any
Ol her station
Frasee nothing daunted hv the load of goods he.
was shouldering, kept s good lead of his pursuers
over the. frozen roadway through Aldene anel
''ranford, evei v now anel then turning to taunt the
detectives as thev stivi.-k some hill or especially
hi.rd piece of walkin-?. \\ hen near to Westfield a
Plainfield delivery wagon, in charge of a friend,
ove-rtook Frasee, whereupon he placed hla bundles
In the wagon and got in him?e-lf. laughing al the
detectives who had to continue their journey on
foot. Krn-.ea-'e- friend took his load to Plainfield,
while he got on a train si Westlleld. nothing the
worse lor n walk of over V mile---; With a load of
about sevsnty-flvs pounds,
-? -
New*Brunswich, Peb -' (Special).?Lons Rupert.
a two-year-old child. living at Helmetta. B small
village In Mlddlasss County, fifteen muss from
New-Brunswick, was humed to death lute yester?
day afternoon, the child's father. Fritz Rupert,
was not working yesterday, .ind was st home
m.-.st of the day. The mother was out for fl while
In the afternoon, nnd before she- returned the
father also went out on an errand, leaving the
rhll 1 alone with fl loy kitchen set. Including fl
small tin stove. About mi hour Inter the father
returned, mid at once dslecietl the smell of smeike
Rushing into the room where he had 1-ft his
daughter, he found her body humed to a Crisp,
The- fattier frantically rared Up and down the
room, bemoaning the terrible fate of his child
nnd censuring himself for ha vi nar gone out. The
mother returned soon after, and swooned at the
sight of her child.
It ls not known how the accident happened, but
probably the child secured matches with the
leia a of'lighting fi tire In the toy stove. The room
was only partially damaged by the fire. Which Was
Out before the father returned.
Plainfield, rob. 2 (Special).? A daring attempt al
burj-lary was committed In the boardlnfr-house of
Mrs. Peter "vVyekoff. No. itt J'ark-ave., at an early
hour this morning, when three desperate men
climbed in through a kitchen window, and. after
ransacking the unoccupied rooms on the lower
floor, were discovered by H. C Goodwin.
About 3:15 o'clock Mrs. Goodwin waa aroused
out of a sound sleep hy noises In the next room.
She awoke her husband, who got up. turned on
th- electric light and unlocked the door leading
from his room Into the fapnt hallway. Ho called
out. "Who's there-"' but got no anrwr. He opened
the door, and saw three strange men crouching in
the hallway close to the entrance to his room
Goodwin Jumped hack and attempted to closer the
door, but the foremost man sprang forward and
threw his weight against the door, preventing ;t
from ba-inj* closed. Goodwin was unable to close
the door far enough to koch lt, so he struck out
through the opening at the Invader with his fist.
The burglar returned the blow with nome blunt
Instrument, hut lt did not land on Goodwin. By
this time the latter hnal got his feet braced against
the foot of the bedstead, and with this leverage
succr-edcal In ^losing and bolting the. rloor The ri
he- ran to S window, and. opening it, yelled, "Po?
lice!" with all his might.
Patrolman Vanderweg, who wa* nr-nr, ran to the
house, just in lime to Bee three men running down
Park-ave. and disappearing In the darkness. Thare
war' no Clew to the Invaders Th.-y ellel not r;,|<..
anything e.f value. The home of Nelson Runyon,
In East Ninth-st , a block away, was also entered
and a small sum of money and two overcoats
were Stolen.
New-I'runswlrk, Feb 2 (Special) - When a man
dies deBcency requires that hlfl br dy be burled en?
tire hy one undertaker, and the rule ls probably
withe,ut exception. An Incident has just happened
In New-Brunswick, however, which came within an
ave of violating this rule.
Mallison Wright, a tramp, whose home was In Co?
lumbus, ??hlo, fell between moving freight-cars
while stealing a ride on a Pennsylvania Railroad
train about a week ago, and was badly Injured.
His leg waa emputated at the Wells Memorial Hos?
pital In this city. A few days ago the man died,
and his body was gent lei the r> oms of James L
Rogers, sa undertaker. An attendant at the hospi?
tal forwarded the amputated leg to William Mi -
Dede, another undertaker. Hoth untlertakers re?
ceived Instructions to bury the members. Mr. Mc
liede thought it rather peculiar that nei body was
ufa. hid to the ].g, an.i the natural in-julrv sug?
gest.-.) itself to Mr Rogera'a mind as to what had
I.oms of the missing leg. Both undertaker*, had
arranged to bur) yesterday, when they happened lo
meei on ths street, and Mr. McDedc told Mr. Rog?
ers his pecultsr experience. ihe matter then
straightened Itself out, and communication with
the h..sp,tai showed how the mistake was made
Mr McDede sent the leg to Mr. Rogers, and tin in
fortunate tramp was buried at otu- and ihe. asms
time- I.y on.- man.
Egg Harbor City, Feb " The storm through the
Southern part of New-Jersey ls sev-re. A n|g
from the northeasi has oeen blowing all day, an.i
to-night it |g Incre-uslng In fury.
In thi- etty the Wind blew down fences and elee
tric light wiro*, trniall trees were uprooted, limbs
torn from large ires ami a number of old build?
ings were blown over. The streets were flo...'..;
The- wind ls blowing fn excess of forty-five mll.-s \
:-.'.: hour and the tide, is vary high. Great Kt-g Har?
bor Rlv-r has overflowed, and water and k-> ls
to-night washing over the drawbridge, lt ls im
poaalble to croea the bridge. All trains are delayed
owing to the high tides on the meadows, anel ii is
feared by to-morrow morning all traffic will have
to be abandoned Along the shore roael it is Im
poaslble to travel, ss the road is eighteen Inches
ele-ep In mila].
The life-saving stations along the coast hail pa?
trolmen OUI fall day. ariel extra, precautions are
being taken to night. Repa rts ir..m the country
aiistrlcts back of this city say great damage has
been done In Gallows] Township and tbs farming 1
?. _
Trenton, Fob I The New-Jersey Zinc and iron
Company, according t.. tbs certificate filed in the
oflkos of the Secretary of Slate, ha? increased ita
capital stock from IS.400,000 to Wi.ion. md
11.gd its name to the New-Jersey Sine <'om
Phllllpeburg. Wmb I (Special) There ls n bright
outlook al h..' Warren foundry, Thi employea will
hav.- ali ihe- work they ela sir.? for the remainder
of tin- winter months and Into the summer The
companj haa .mst received Bee larg., ortlers which
win require the full fora! of ???' hands. The com?
oon) slso expects shortly t" receive several mor?
large ..roars, winch will keep the- works bus) for
ll..- r.-m.iltid- r of the- year.
Psssslc, Ki ti. -j (Special) Clmrtes t. scott, of t.ii
, Itv. was Btrook and Instantly kllleei by a fast east?
bound Brie BZpresa tonight
About five minutes before th.- a. aldent S.-ott left
I.i- b.iurdlng-house. Bea* th.- railroad station, and
started to 1 ross lbs tracks at Le*Ungton*ave. jost .1*
ths Over ..un.- Into sltfht. Th., whistle was blown
and S.-ott sa av Ids |x-ril ,ut |t wan loo lat. Scott re
he-iid -ails shattered, and his body was otherwise
fi arfully mungie-.1
The dead Baan w?s slaty .-.eur* old. at**i unmar.
ried. He was employe,) ?? ., stationery derk in
New-Tork. Th.- train w... in charge of Bnalneer
liiomas Seymour, of Jerse. (-|,v nilil conductor c
ll Ward, of Paterson. County PhysJtisn Johnson
will r.r.ler un Influent, fl
ms COCNSRU it k.v.i xxl in BTBINRART, it itt in if.x
Benjamin Steinh.iri. Of tko I.iw llrm of Howe A
Hummel, applied to Justice Troon In th. Supreme
Court yesterday for a eertlBeote of raooonabls
ilo'ibt and I slay p< juline : ti appeal In tl.SOS
of Walter A. Valentine, the BHagOd bucketshop
ivxindi.r. eeho ev.- sentenced be Recorder Ooff to
ila months in the penitentiary.
Mr. Stetnharl made Dla application on the
ground thal the Recorder was both prosecutor snd
fudge lt. the COS*, and tfint on scoount of ths bl,ii
ihown lie- him \ alentlne did nol g'-t I rn lr trial.
The Recordei, SI Mr. Hoff, Mr. Stelnhalt raid.
?ailed Valentine a gambler and a fleecer of vic?
tims before the Lexow Committee, yet, although
this eeas brought to hil at'-mi.m. he Insisted on
trying Valentina when the latter wai brought be?
fore him. Thu Recorder Bl the end of the trial
also refined many requests to charge the Jury
(iii.mltteii to him by tho prisoner's counsel. "In
the Recorder's txvn years mi the bench." said Mr.
Stelnhart, "as mane a;.all have been tnk.-'i fr,un
iii decision! as tr,.n, any other judge, and he lia*
ia,i ihe proud distinction of never bavins been
?i,statue,! on alu.*-.. I "
Assistant District-Attorney Lindsay contended
hm nothing thc Recorder did before th,- Lexow
'ommlttee in any way disqualified him from sit
in*.; as a .iud--., where in- administered only tko
nev, and did noi try th. f icts
Decision 0:1 the motton xxas resetted,
Martin Brummerhop, tba Juror In the trial of the
suit of Joseph Fischer against tim Knited States In*
lustrlsl Insurance Company, who asked Frink
Herwicr. one of the lawyers in the case, for $25 on
Friday ofter court adjourned, appeared yesterday
before .lustb-e IfacLean, in th" supreme .'our;, to
.xplaln his conduct. Bruramerhop's counsel told
the Court that Brummerhop waa a poor old man
ix-ho had become s,. sccuatomed t.. borrow ng that
-ie did not appreciate thal I." evnr doing arv wron-r.
Mr Kempner asked f,,r time ??> si,1 mit affldavita of
Hrumm. rl.op's koo,! character, bm Justice Mnc
fa.,n -nhl fi. did ? .re for any nltld -viii. Ife
Kid the Juror and his counsel in conn for awhile,
m.1 then told Mr. Kempner !?, rak,- Brummerhop
.way and produce him whenever ordered to do so
District-Attorney Olcotl sad yesterdsy that hs
lad received the paper-, tn the Hrummerhop case.
mu would lay them before the Grand Jury to*doy,
Frederick L. Colwell, arhooe action to recover
00.000 damages from Dr. Charlea A. Tinker, hla
'emily physician, for allenatlnf tho affectiona of
XIrs. Colwell, was pip..1 on trial In the Snpr.tne
'ourt on Monday, was cross-exarnlnci yesterday
iy Mr. Blandy, counsel for the doctor. ? in one
.cession, Ihe plaintiff said, he asst l?r. Tinker with
iii ern around Mrs. Colwell,
"Hadn't you lost a child tie summer before that,
md didn't iir. Tinker attend the child?" nsk.<l
xir. Blandy
"Yes." re,,!i.d Colwell
"Waa noi t>r. Tinker merely ronsollnjr her for
he lons of her chilli the previous summer?'
i ?!..!.'! think so."
"Wasn't your wife .ju-j-phip""
' N.,. sha waa laughing."
Colwell sdmltted having hired a xvnman as a
lervanl tn his bouse for the purpose of spying on
.ls wife, nnd said that lt eeas nf rrn consequence
ehnt this woman told him: that he broke Into his
e irv's rnnm watti several friends, after pretending
a leave the city, and then found Dr. Tinker with
.. r.
The r-n^c w-as adjourned with the plaintiff still
in the stand.
Justice McCarthy had six mermaids before him
n th*' City i'curt yesterday. The-,- were Tot real
nermalds, bal prepossessing women who played
he part of mermaid? In Die Hanlon Brothers' -spec
acuiar show. One of the mermaids, Mrs. Henri*
Ita Rocha, ee.is the plaintiff. She BOUghl In re
over twenty-five weeks' salary af ftp. a week, be?
muse, after being engaged a.- a mermaid, :-h*
ound that her health sufi", tel from thc conditions
ttending her nightly appearance i'i that roi. . i
ros discharged. Tin- Hanlon! put ir. ;i ,1- f- nee thal
he plaintiff accepted the mermaid position wlin a
till knowledge "t her physical condition, and Mrs.
toche's ne-, companion! in the mari!'., curiosity
Ins appear, d m court ind testified that the m. r
1,'iid bualneaa had nevr Injiir.-d them in s<-e-,-r.il
'ears' practice. The jury,' hoevever, returned a
erdict for th*; plaintiff.
Albany, Feb. I?The following decisions were
andee! down to-,lay In the ('min of Ap,*.-als:
People, appellants, agt. .lohn K. Salisbury?Jtldg
ui.- sfflrmed. with costi
Pa. *?* rel .lanie- Mitchel am. O. II. T.a Orang.
nd others. Fire Commissioners, sppellonts?Order
Armed, with coan
People ex rei Fernard Rttsenthnler act, I".. F. Mg
Ins, appellant; l.or*-n I.oh.ir, appellant, agt. N'ew
'ork. On ts rio aid Western Railway Cotnpani
udgmeni n versed, neex- trial granted, costs to abide
V- Il' .
Harold .1. Kmmett. appellant, nari. William J.
enover Judgment nf Qeneral >n;i ravened and
Sal entered on verdict affirmed, erith csis in ai;
?Hirts to pl ilntlff.
The ''..ur! nf Appeal* rolcndsr for to-morrow ls
fos 801, fl""2. f-Al. si..-,. B08, 107. **"S and 11.11.
Afpellata DlVlaVna s?t,r.mr c'ourf- I!j>'*r?* X-;m Uriir.t.
Patti re n, JJ
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epr*l!->tj' Dlvtak.il Supreme
J., iinrreti. Rumsey, William* amt Pattereon,
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Supreme ,' un .-: ? !,,! '['-rc Part I llcfrtrr. Trna*.
M .ti, a calendar called a: inr.TO n.-m.
Vi;.ur a l." in -?? ,;ii Tenn Parr II- n-roro Pryor.
?- url opena .-i- 1":'... a. m. Ex-pane matters,
Supre-ne . oun Stn lal T inri I'arl lil Belora Law
nc. j. cure m: No. 1087, Kew-Yorh and Weal
tut Water Company na',- OntrsJ Trust Company,
<? .lae- calendar
1?Si ????:-il 'i ? in- Perl IV Ref re Pl arti
Law and rael: Ns 2842, 8140, 41 ?2. 4fiss. ins, ''j:,,",
:?-. 4Lh,'\ 4334. Casi unflnlshad.
s,.i.r.-!,:-- , . ni sj,???Ul T*,rm Part V?liefer* An
rnws, I Csuaea lo Im aent fr,,m Part IX' fer trial.
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myth, J. Cauaea lo ba aral from l"**ri ix- for triii.
- ,-. ? Court Spe.-!,i! Term?Part xii Ref -? Back
an. J, Elevated railroad esses. Ca aa unflnlahi l.
Supreme c..-in si.l*j Term Pan x:i. Adjourned
,r t!,.- term.
Supreme '"curt Trul V?rrr Prert II lief rc 1 I ?
!?:? !?!!?,: 'BUSTS! S I0IW3, 0751 8530, 85*4, p.,-,.-..
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? Court Trial Tenn I'.rt III -Before finder
tart, J. N a, 4TM), S430, 14-t:*.;. i!<7-.'. 408M, his, .',77,,
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Supreme Court Trial Tarrn Pan ie' Bafors Sedgwick,
Cauaei to ba teni from Pan iii for trial. <????? un
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Buprema C un Trial Tarni Port V Before Daly, .1 .
,ui?.-?. to b*- aent tr-.m Part III I * trial. Cama unflntaned.
Supreme Court Tnal Term Part x-i n.r .- i .,
irtt, J CSaaaa t, r.? arni .'r-.m Part iii r.ir ina,,
Buprema Court Trial Terni Part xii n-f^rr <i\?kti U
S- 1540, 535, i"W, 1810 1801. 2097, .'."f.-.. IS?3 4M)l'
::,l. 3083, 4.'.'.r, :,44-, .".l".-'., 5370, i-t7, 2730, 3007, 87S3J
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Suprema Court Trial Term Part \'ui- Before Duyro
i nuyts to 1,<- ?'nt fr.iin l'?rt X'll t r ttliil. ,-..
Buprema Court- Trf.i; Tann Part ix Rel ra B *?
. j i auaea ;-< i* Bent from Part VII for ti al I'aaa
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Supreme Court Trlrel T, r:n P.it! Xl H. f,,re M.,,?i,-..mi
Cauaea to ba aem fi ra proterred calendar foi I-.,.:!
Supreme Court Trial Term -Part xii ii.',,r*> ".urnari,
i'i. .? le i ?? - ? i.t Ii .a pn fi lat for li lal.
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Burroxate'a Court Cbambera Belora Pltagerald 8.
o 1248, will of Ar.nie Stern, al ll ... RI XX-,'.'* f -
?nbale: David C. Reea, Emma i xx.I, Winiam Hep
im. Robert ir.. slarlanns mai.t, .iriin.-*. Bli
lovannl A. Baned ito, al ll)JO a. ra . Charlea M ni'
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.-!?? .-, ? Court Trial Term Before Arnold B N.,
112, win ?' Jana A. Dwyer, al 10:80 ?. rn,
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City Coun 'iii, l-r*,,, Part i B.*fura IfeTarthy I
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SMI I/.,,,;. 4-,-,, 1838 14*.s. 1448 B13B, 184, ir:7 loll!
<,:,. 8381, 17.M. l)^.-.. 147-. 280. 4SS2H, 1484. If.ll' i.,i;
:.-;, i.-.--.:.. I.-.,..;. 1501. l.'.'tn to 1828, Ineluale ? .-..-.,?'
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85, 1804. ll.'*.*". ."?"' 1148, .'..'?: :?:'.. I3.*.2, \t'J4, \ZQ trio
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PST, \2:-:. 1388 1288, 1"^: I28S, 1333, 803, IS, -. .. 35
City Court Trial T.rm pjeri 111 Before ri Dwyer 1
ca. 4074, 80S, 77.. 1018, '.'74. 180, .'tn::, 1153 |(Q 'ians
liol 1174. I03D 525 i.'.'T 807 87K, 808, * I : ip.' 7 ",s
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Cit. cur- Trial Term r.irt ix- Before Pi
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ItKFEREKB APPu; vti:i>
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By Pr
Wskemsn ra. <iit.i? Norman T. M Melllea
!?? -pla -e rel roan ra Schuchmaa lt. u Prit^i,.
Boaaaaiiet es Hlraarttfl Otto I \x'i-?
lt 1,...1, . !? ri- x- Baaa m
Bhanny ra. xx'nhii Edward I. Patten n
Brande- Brand Bylrestar 1. 11 Word
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amnion ?>(1j*||
lHTi.ee ll Sr^
Boon 'ne coart
ir. Truex. J.
1- J..hick Mm- A Co.- Siini,
Hwiuiif L Moody, tba bvmmp Wat, arlll I ?
ara aid on l-'n.i.n \ roo of Us Monda pro]. to
ra 1,m. bj .. bfrthdo] oftortag i sum of noni to
llld .1 .I...... I for Mr. Moods - tm p hool 11
...mi Hermon, rn ,.r Northfield *.< s- uti,,,
tends ore ooked lo aid In aupportlnlfvthe rw?
hoola f,,r tri.iniiiK over 7m. young men snA women
r ? lirlatlan work. In K.iirl.it.,1 Un- eontlWUllonii
<* acm to I.nr.i Winnall.1. In this country til.Ve m-,v
aent to Anioert O. Moody. Kaat NorthOtlAlaa^ZI
Vrom The Inelepenelcnt.
Th.- proponed srbitratkon tr.-aty with Oreal Brit*
alu ia re.ce ivlng ues it desei ves. th- Itu r.st. d atten?
tion of th., people e,r' tl..- United Slates. Much that
has been said against lt musl hav- arisen from
wain of careful attention n. th'- provisions of the
Instrument, lt ls very simple in Itself, and onl)
lakes .1 short Btep. Imprrtsnl mul valuable though
i, i - ..ri the highri ni to a reign "f (>? see .-.nd amit*
between i'm nations of the globe.
'ih.- au bats nee ..f the treaty provides in Article .
tot ih.- disposition of purely pecuniary clalmi of
persons. Article i provides for similar pecuniary
claims of a lars* r amount, and slso for the arbltrs
Hon of " ill other mattera In dlfferei ce, in respect of
which either ot thi high contracting parties ahall
have ri.-.;h-4 ng.iir.-i ih" other, under the treaty or
otherwise." with H.- limitation excluding territorial
matters. Article .; provide i f..r th.- determination
. f territorial > lalms.
It will IbUB l?- -.e.r. that t lie tl rsl branch of the
treat) covers only personal claims, which alni"-"
all civilised nations, great ;"il small, hav always
been willing lo n fer to apeciai commissions. Hut the
fourth arti rio goers beyond ibis and provides for the
arbitration of . item where one of 'he pat-ties si .1
hav- righta rigalnai th.- other. This phrai ha
been objected to under ;'"? Idea thal possibly it
would re..Hire ihe aubmlsslon to arbitration (.f tha
question of Ihe policy "f Ihe United States lu rc*
sp. t of th'- foreign aggrandisement on th? West?
ern Continent. Bul tins is au emin- misapprehen?
sion. Ni Ither party has any rights. 1 Ither In ,1 rnu
nlclpnl or an International sense, against ihe other,
in resp .1 >.f any auch policies, Even in mu ilclpal
government thi righi.; of one citizen against an?
other do ii,,1 embrne-te th.- emirse- of action that
either citizen may ml;'- in respect of a controvers)
be--v\e. n either an.i a third party, eiiiu-r ..f sid or
opposition. And in International law, ali writers
from rhe lirsl agree in the same distinction between
nat lona. They show thal the right of one nation
Bgalnsi in .thar is ans that, on the principles of in?
ternational lav.-, imports an obligation of thc other
.lu.- 10 ti,,, party asserting the 1 i-called righi Buch
langui ge, * is too manliest to ircr.-. does no' .-ru?
bi.c.- th.- sui.j... is in respect of which some of our
people have expreaaed solicitude* I mayadd briefly
something In detail on thia subject. Th.- general
arbltratl in ire;,tv does not s.-nd to arbitration all
mattera In difference only -ill matters in difference
?;n respect "f which either '-t th- high contracting
parties shnil have righta against the .'her und r
treaty or otherwise " "Otherwise" can mean nothing
bul International law international lew being, with
the . v. eption of treaties, the only ??? 11 - ": Inter
nation el rights.
No claim la arbitral, in other words, ihat doe ? '
il ? non Borne righi gained bv contract or founded
I., thi canons of International law. Hence, alf
m-irtir.- of m re , ,|| -. :. i.. ivliich either nal
haa entire ' rt) of choice mid freedom of action,
rv hst ever '..? vhw.. ,,r interests of the other, ur.
outside the cstegory of srbitral auberta
Thus 110 rip'11 ls Infringed, and, in the sara, of
public !,-.v.. no legal cause o', complaint can ari.se>
bj ona nation .1 against the other:
mi lu- .-hiv commerclsl policy
.1.. By any ay a tem of customs regulations,
', 1 Uv mn warlike armamenta it may keep on
fi., ?
ob By any fortifications 1: may erect.
1.1 it 1= t. o chat- for debate thal a nation may
renter int" sny relations "f amity or alliance with 1
any oth.-r without infringing any right of a third
I B 'I1'!.
Examples abound ii, the various alliances be
tween thi dlffereni countrlea of Europe, made m
se me. Inatancea for purpoeea ol offence sa well as
defence. However much a particular alliance maj
be deprecated or frit to be a menace by any
power, -u.-ii fower cannot object that any right
of it? a,wu is violated
Hence, lt ls idle to .-l.iim that the Monroe Doe
trine |s an arbitral subject within Ihe meaning of
ile tn .nv. li is matter of high policy ?'?-. lo which
the i'nit..i States perfi l freedom of action. '
and tho establishment and maintenance of which 1
violate no richi of lire,,' Britain
Hv th-- Me,lime- Doctrine the United Bi itt 1 .-imply |
makea 'ts. if the ally ?.'' every Sui' American
Power whose territory ls sought to h.- wrested from j
? bj :: -i. p. w.t. ami wi may broaden or ,
diminish rr.is policy ;i- ney .-'-.rn wise, wv.mt in?
fringing any right ..f Her kl ity'a Government
ilnst u>.
?;? al Britain can no more complain of the r>oo.
trl ?. or leting under lt. thun we could rnm
1.1.un of c.;--a: Britain allying herself, either with
n- without a treaty, t.> Russts ss against v- .
..r ro Prance aa against Hus-- 1
In neither case 1- there anything to arbitrate ii.
cither rase can the alliance bs r.^n-:.?! ss of
righi; because lt Iri one cf the matt-rs as lo which
every Independent nation ls nt llb.-riy t-> sci ac
? ???r'.'.ng te. its . wn renae of Justice and Intti il
A CASE IN Point.
Suppose, for example, that the United Bi itt
were to-daj to make a treaty with every South
American State In whle h the i'nlted Btatea ahould
agree to be bound h\ and to maintain ths Monra?e
Doctrine aa respeeta lhal State, areal lirlnin
mlgl ? not uk- it might think her Interests In?
juriously effected. Mut I' could nol possibly be
.ct. 1 I'd that by such a treaty the LTnlted Btatea
waa violating any right of Oreal Britain. If not,
no arbitration could ensue under thia treaty, since
it I- limited in expri ia t-rms to mattera In differ
. nee In reaiied of which one party has rigl
against the other, undi r treaty or otherwise,
The contra, ray aa lo tl-.e Retiring Sen flaheriea
furnlahcB llluatratlona In point. Certain rights
cl limed by the I'nltcd Btatea ".-re involved in that
anti namely, Ita righi to exclusive jurisdic?
tion over Behring Bes and Ita right of ownership
or prut Hon .if thc aeal herd, Thee* questions ..'
proprietary righi were 1 rbitrated, snd were derided
adversely to the I'nlted States by rh.. Psria Tri*
bunal "f Arbitration. Having 1.n bo decided, the
,na atlon of regulation of tin- fur seal fisheries, look?
ing 1.. til.- protection and preservation or the fur
seal herd, wa i matter of policy i> respeeta w-hie-n
Oreal Britain snd the knited stat.-, could be bound
only by tin-ir own assent. They did consent by tho
tr<.'ity constituting the srbitral tribunal that that
tri -..ii ml fl ' pi? 1 lbs such rigulatlona
Hut both Governments might have dissented, and
have refused to make auch ? treaty; they might
? ?? -t....i up..11 their stn. tiv Independenl rights;
they mlghl hav. ):.:?'. thal auch regulations wero
nexpedleirl ns matter of policy; and it they had
?I.?!..? ao no ari.irrni question could have arleen
under 1 treaty r-f^ rring lo arbitration only matters
of difference lu reaycci ..f which ^>ti<. party has
rights against the other, under treaty or otherwise.
There remaina of 'he fundamental parts "f the
treaty tin- question of territorial boundarlei Buch
luestlona have been often submitted t.> arbitration,
?vavs io the gre al advantage of both parties,
il though one must, "f course, give up Ita preten
.1 1 . ih- decision of the arbitration
iii,1.1 .1. lin thi-. in ninety-five caaea In one hun
Ired, would I" far better, in th.'- narrow.-.st and
moa! sc|flah sense, than the rosl of war in blood
md ir. ..-1,ir.- t., t he'losing nation.
It oughl 1.. I..- borne lu mind. ..Iso. i.v those who
have fcara tn.ii iii.- qm -ti m ??! th. Ji rlsdlctfon nf
Hu- arbitration tribunals, excepting In the one In
-:.ince of transferring a question from on-- tnt.un.il
10 another, i- one that th.- tribunals hav,. no power
to decide, bul one which belongs to each nation
And. therefore, li lt should ever happen thal -ither
lovernment sh,mid insist upon submitting to ar?
bitration the question thal 11.Iher thought did
nu ii.il within ile- treaty, lt would have rh.- entire
md just hi. rty of .!? --lliii'il- to arbitrate '. ,.
righi waa v.t- forcibly Illustrated and practised
;. the .a-..- of the Arbitration Ti. at, of is:i with
treal Britain, when, before the tribunal ;.' Gleneva,
?h.- United Sr iti - Insisted upon presenting and
?roving hs so-called! "National 1 Jalma"; wier.?upon.
Ht Maje ty'a Government (aa it had a perfect
right I" .leclared thur it had not unoeistoinl
ihe treaty io authorise ''ie tribunal to .titer upon
the consideration of Mai subject, and declined tu
irocecd. Th.- .um -..liv was then accommodated by
1 miaiai al arr,.io,--in-nt by which thi ?? so-called
National claims were left out of consideration. I*
me "f the great Instances thal Illustrate the
lion between rights between nations, aa
igalnal each other in ths sense of the Inti motion il
...v. .md thoae injuries which ono nation may
?;n.se. p. another In the general and political sense
Hy the 1 ..ni.f conduct thal it pursues, not . 11 -
-asctly toward the nation Injured, but rn respect of
, ira notion ??: i's International interests in re?
gard to otb 1 a
u ?? need have no fears, then. In respect of the
iverrxtenl of the treaty, or In respect of nny
tueationa thal may arise ,i> they have hitherto
irisen la regard to the Central snd South Amerl
.m States, or any other subject of Ilk.- natur.-,
.v.? r md wherever lt m.iv arise, ah these
? r.- lr ft by th.- treaty to be disjnis, u ,,f, peacefully,
1 hope, when thej sh.iii specially arise.
Tin: Mum s OPERANDI.
The modus operandi of the treaty deserves at
entlon li is not easy to con. iv.- ol a t.ette-r way
>f selecting arbitrators than ii.ai named in Un?
real.-, in reaped "f ths mere personal dalma
11 ? : oned in Articles ll .md IV, no ..t,.-. s.. far its |a
mown, has maila- objection. Bul a.- it regards the
nore Important subject of "other matters in differ
?i,,-a. ii. respect e.f which either of the high con
ti'.-tiug parties ahall have righta against tho
.il..r un,hi ihe treaty or otherwise," ..mi in ro
ipecl of territorial dalma provided for in Article
vi, it haa been s.it.i that th- provisions ,,t tba
I-.-,,iv :.r,- not s.if,. for the United Stat.- In re
p.-.-t ..r ih- tit- t ..f th.se aubjtacts, ih- treaty pro
1 di ? ihat th.- tribunal sh,iii conalsl ..f Rye
nembers, tour to tn appointed two by each hv
Ireal Bril iln and the I'nlted State ? and th ? fifth to
.:...! upon i.> the four, or, In raae of their fail
ire, bj the two Oovrrnmeni . ind In case ..1 their
allure thc King ..f Sweden is to appoint What la
lu- 'lunger in into" The Mverelgn ..f Sweden hus
>een recognised In our Treat) of I-.T1 with Oreal
irttatn as, Hom ihe situation of hla kingdom and
11- r.ilau.ms v.itii areal Britain and the other
[Teal powers ol Europe, p guitar!) free from blas
viid. besides, ihet la thc almost all-controlling
? iee ..bilge thal arould compel even an un
n. telly aoven ian to make such a selection as would
ommand > h.- respect and approval of th.- civilised
We have no right, and no wish ilf ive gre honesti
o obtain .1 tribunal thal ls organised to decide In
mr r,avor If wa are really for arbitration at all wa
mist tuppose lt possible that irs may be some
line- wrong In ..ur prstenslona snd thai an im
?arti.il tribunal will. In such a -as., dseide ig.i-ist
ia. As to dlaputea In regard lo territorial dalma
he treaty provldea foi a tribunal of six?three to
? 11 b) .a. h party: and ii requires a majorln
.f Rvs i" one.for a declalon, so thal the 1 nita 1
cannot gauffer unleaa iw>> of mir own three
nrmbera decide against us. Can afa not afford t,,
m. the risk pf sui.muting t.. this-* We certainly
an, unit ?- we mean to h..v.- our own way, righi or
rrong ali ih.-time. If stmh sra our sentiments we
night inver to agree to any Kort of rtrhlt rat inn an,|
lUgh! 10 -alanel on th* groin.,I il-ti th.- will ,,f the
trpngesl N the only lest of lustlce and righi Thia
* luul.-irl-am oura and simp!.-. The treaty uLacrvu
Cnropean ^Ducrtistnumo.
i'Ukoi'i;ans and TMAVSLLeRl win omi
the landon offlc-i of The Tribune. 75 Fleet Street. E. Ct*
a roaeenlenl piara to 'eave their advertla-m-nta ?ni cut.
?citBCone ror The Trthune.
Savoy Hotel, London.
Savoy Restaurant
Of fjai'rniionilr P.-im*.
Hand plata na tie terrare oT*rloi)?rlie
lite Imhankmrnt. (.apian*, an I ltira-.
(her de (alaine ?aVaSWBO !'? S*TZ
Mallrr r.-rnfllir. MA.Af.l-.Its }*,. K* m- **,??.?.
t nrlrallH Htuallon la Port lan I Plar-*.
at Top or lafsal st. w.
('inf ni.-ul for Hie l'?<it simp., Thea'.re.. Eta.
V.arrj Iliidirn Comfort mail t'onron.
tem,-. *tIoilt*i*nt<> Turill.
The Walsingham House
And Bath Hotel,
Overlooks th" Park nnd occupies th** finest po
lltinn in London. Apartments at mod ?-> rat*
chares for a .-hort or lone period. Cuisine
managed hy an txperlencod French chef.
Telegrams, "SoU-ne," ) G. OELARK,
London, 1 Sec'y & Manager.
The Hotel Cecil,
Th** la**s*??t and moait ini~ni flo*?nt in
l'',uiopr?. Porfi'ft hi cv.-rv dwtO.iL Ij<>
< ni ion unri v.ill**'!. (hoing nn.l over?
looking tho Rm i>-?ri Um**, ii Gai-dwno
ai.*l iivit 'lh:i!i.PH. UruBurprwaajaHl
.??ii-iiic anti th** ImmsI -*<?'..*<?? Lon ol
Wlliea ever r>fi.r?-<l. 700 l>H<lrooin*?
rm.! 300 salons*, prl va ta dining
rooina. Brid public rnowption room*a.
C. P. BERTIPI, Manager.
v l.rini.l II,.lol. flirt*.
Kiirnirrlr of l)?-lin?>iii<'?>'*i. \e?t-York.
' i >lr. -I lm, Iti-Klniirii nt, l.nnitna.
n ? 3S. liur lilli |? n?.ir (.'I Upon, PSOSiOfl lot rla.i
rariS, nari*. bath*., ?,.,,,, rioim. rxrlr.m. laisratfc
Upper Norwood, Queen's Hotel.
N?nr Cryatal I'aljr*,, Ix.n.f^n. Hea'thl?st nituatlon in
England. Ijoirly if ir,1.-n.j. B-ar lina terni* froaa *-? ">?-? P?r
IO) Special train* fur lar.e ponies. Ceaveolsat tr^in
Norfolk Hotel, Brighton, England.
BlitS Famlljr Hotel. Ovarlooka *r**.-wall prornenaoa ar.U
la na fina piiMl. rooraa Harfset imnitiiti.jn. Shaded
eltrriric 1 lar'it*.. Llf-. De li cat j cuisine. Clunes winea.
jul*-. A Cralstitar, Mst.
Oiir*on'<s Hr.tr*l **onth-ieii. ron-nmo-atl..
uecn s noiei, riB< ?.?,,,,? rt,w. raeina
Isle ,.r \\ cit. I>'V?lv r'r) ^ra.-.l.-ni. TSOOlO, rt.-. A<1
jolna Royal .'arru Club, Frequent ba;*, to Oatraa. R>-1?
and Southampon. "Ito} ul JMer Hotel" under iara?
Tho Howard Hotel.
Virfolk S'tr-at. Embankment, Donriin. Thr. n***?ty
?r.rted HM.I li r.*plJt. w.th ..v??ry mid*>rn crimf rt Over*
looka i-f mi ..ni-.ii -nt an.l River. Kioirant anl spacious
pilbil.- roi n:". 1 *'- -tri.- Light throughout. Amen ..... ayi
t*-m alsvators risaH tarli?,
60 Haymarket, London,
S. W.
Peter Robinson,
Dry Good* Store, Oxford-st., London.
One Hundred Shops and Show Rooma
L.ttcst fashion .md best stvle.
The Grafton Fur Co., Ltd.
The leading House for
Furs iii London.
164, New Bond St., London.
P. M. Crunwaidt,
nilli: ni*. LA I'Aiv. PAMS.
Largos! aoaort-asal of fliest fur?, Mask, Mlrrr an.) Rina
),,\-. I[ii--l.,i Rabis, 'mi! Sar. ami (.anuru!*, In loams!
.lisp***. Cbeaaost erie..
.foreign fitsurta*
Thc International Palace Hotels.
Tlir (jU, , li. I, I'ului-f,
Tlie lt 1> tern I'n lu,-r.
Mi B.Fra noe.
Thc A I ??iililu I'.-ilii.-*-.
LISHO.\.I',.rt ii ni.
lilt- I.ii I'I a ?.-.
OSTESD.ll. tulum.
Tin* Hiilojn I'al.n-r.
M li I.OJ \. I'.Mi \l)l\i:.-<n Kai rlan.l
1 li.- -,,,,, i,>. i- I'niii.r.
THRRAPIA ..Tnrkr*.
Tl>r I", rn I';, I .-? ??.-.
Tlir ?;<! lintel l:il,-rri..i!l'iii.il.
mmrnm .nuir.
Pot Informatl m. Urketa t? all noint. an*! to tosorva ac
romm "i ,i!-,n opptv International s. C, c.-..'n Ollleoa, ll
Ci kspur-Ot., t/ir. 1 n. or 3 Pla'*, Af l'Op<*ra. Par!..
ni""! carefully tin* clear an<I doAnlte .llstlti,-tion lu
public law between ths rixiit-i nnd .-i.iims <.t each
lihou aaalnsl ths other, .h.,I their political :nt*'r
ats and policies. a*i lt reasrda other countrli -.
l'hi< leaves the Monroa Doctrine?Including tha
M.-.ir;.r,-ii,i Canal m.itt.T whleh ls simply in Iticl
lent under lt and every other doctrine ami policy
lt hei : itlon fiiny Pim nain Jual where If wns bo
fore. Thia very important line of distinction, lt ls
rue, iiiak.-.-. the tr.my a narrow anti circuntBciih ?'.
mi-. Hut lt doea Bomethtna*, if doea much, an ti"
Irst stop ailinn the great highway of peace in the
topelul future, noi alone i..t the two great partied
ti lt. i.nt as mi example and au? md li -
iplrntlon t., other nations However imall it moy
..-. it trill if finally concluded mark the dawn and
hi comlna aunahlne of luatlce, confidence .ml
v ? Iwlll nmong iii- nations of the .-nrtii a I
i it .'i our Christian civilisation i ss taught
lope t.,r The groat warrior President sold tliirt*
tann ;>n?. "Lal un hove peace." Lei us noa t-.K**
he iir*i areal Btep great, ahort though it may be
i,?ar,i keeplna ll between these two powerful ind
tiiiilr..! peoplei
ai tho eloss ?f tba wi teh In forkvtlle Court '?..
Monda) Magistrate if,-"!" in conversation ro*
narked thal ha waa \.r\ fond ff mualc, sopectalty
lelectloni tmni "Tho Bohemian Girt." Yesterday
norning Policeman McDermott, <>f tha Bool Pitty*
Irst-sl itatlon ii, ight into four! an old wblto*
lalrod mon, orho deacrlbod hlmaoll i rVUUom lof*
troy, Blaty-threa years old, with no robbs Ha boM
io h.nt t>Hoiitr.>.t i?< ths td Bau tal ton gm-h.*,
Kin.-* as .. musician. In tho loot slgtitoon month *
ie had been movina around Cai t.f.i and Booton. Il?*
a ia i f srred fr,.m membership In tho MuoMona'
L'nlon by M* sge. A month -ino he cams to N.-w
fork, a; .1 ii.i-i picked np a precarious living ploying
i hom .rn ths btrent* He wan thus .-uKntt.-.I on
\l,,n.lay . \. nil | at I'ortv . Illili,-sf ;.11.1 KlfUi-aw .
\i-.!i P ii,-, iii ni McDerm ,tt arrested him.
"Can you play The n> in Bowed Down'T" asked
h< Magistrate.
"Oh, yeo, l often play li " woo tho rooponoo.
"And 'You'll Remember Me,' too-'
"Oh, yes, certainly! i was playing thal when I
ssa arrested. I also often pis) '1 Dreamt I Dwell ,
n Marble Hallo'; In foot, 1 prefer M-lcctloni* fruin
rhe l f.-iu-mian i Url.' " I j
"Von ar*> dlschl rseit," mM MriKl*.lrHte Ul .mn. i 4
'only Jon't i*l-iy on Un- a'.iveli uni luort-." I
?foreign Rcsorta.
Hotel Chatham!
Paris. *'
Hotel Binda^
Restaurant P. Cubat
ns atttail". Il.-v.l;.;. pim,. ?
V ., ......nt an.i lu.ur!'..,. In l.'.n-.p' |,..?_ .
... ..,-..,:.? ,. r,r |.-rf.a .ui.,.,- ..?.| :i?, ,, n??n?ie*
The Modern Hotel of Park
E. ABMBRUkfTER. Manager.
Hotel de Lilla et d'AlMoi
SSA Hue St M',r,.re. Pftrfts *
Eetween the Tul!f>rles (Jard-ns. Pig '.. V?.id0r.
and New Optra. Advantageous sirangem2
for families. Beautifu l|.,j| r.arpe r>-??T
rtoomH, !-:i?etrlc lASEt, &c. Telegrams "J SP
lilon,' Paris._HE.VRT AIUD'EL
Hotel de P EuropeT
Hotel de !a Vui^
MJIam >'*rr aJassrs b-j-assgefsj
I ld Hs tigmltatB* IfaaH,
Grand Hotel
IM BorI.ru
I u.-f?;?
/ llllltara*,
RsUr-Sf Tir-kets
Grand Hotel Bel'agio
A VD no if r. Vll.r. A BERRI I VON*.
Bellaglo, Lake Como.
HflTFI ?nw?CBSjV
?ap.VtHirl Tl**
tl'ar-rla- ll,,,.
Two l.l|*|a,
| Mm rn iwt j
V E l\l I C Ea J R-iiinarTlekata. |
Grand Hotel
Venice. [W
na* a Kronlajr. of BM l.-et oa las ^*U * P'"'4
(araiiel lanai. J e'ropn-tori.
Grand Hotel d'ltalie.
The Savoy Hotel.
Florence, Hotel de la Ville,
Electricity, Sti-amhf-.it, WinterjardfJi
Rome, italy.
Grand Hoted
Opened in ltW4.
The most complete of
Modern Hotels. Electric
I i VC ti t throughout. American
TC Ritz -V252P not#v'
i v, bsbbssj l.on.lon.
j,,?,,rkl ?^'r.v..r.lrt.rlllV,
? aaafr-r^ l,nnU..ri. a. 1.
IA. Pfyffer, lotm.
Rome, Italy.
Gd Hotel Quirinal
Hlu-hlr rsputH uni rssUoBSkls Hr.M'lan attf\j?
lha ti.?ithie..t an.i lin... part al* Hoa-a. KUa-trki H:?J
In srrri rsssi. ifSBtlfsl Utrott lull Bast*. '?'???
Hall. 'Na-aa *rt I ir.al pttttti ..fiitirt irisiii-'info'i.
Isa rissakalai. lil I NEkVM Bl :'?
.'(irani It'il-I "He- la .Tran". l*Sffta
, , ? ' i.rnnl llnle-l Karats, LsramsB.
liarirlt Hou***., 4ir<ni| Mn,w ??,;,?., .. ,?.ir I. ia-sraa,
llliii-l siaiisiili..ni '????' I u.'^rar.
Rome, Italy.
Hotel Anglo-Americaina
C. QIORDASO a SII.EXZI. ?'? Wama. __
Grand Hotel, et d'Europe
Gd. Hotel Iles Britannjue.
AMKItU a". IllMKL.
Hotel des Hes
THK ms. MTU ^lrl>.1.,.?*.
o-.li >rl.?-it/lni.-. Hi?*-r. BBS ta v.... ir ss
BBliaal- Holli." tatas '?
lilCTUC ll??i? '> ?"??? ". ,I,-U
Hotel Beau Site,
Cannes. __
Q? ll l0 pf U ll ^"'^^^arv,
Banqua du Commerce.
a'orrespon.tn.t* <>f tn* P'1';'-* 4 ba., Jv'.- atsaMBJ
rC**&gTSm&&1'K '

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