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I MF. co.vnrrTKra.
The second cable mutch for ilia trophy offoroa, by |
Sir George Wsunss begins to-day. A team of ten. j
representing America and trio Hrooklyn Chess ,
Club, will he at one end ..f the wires, tn the Ac*4- |
)my cf Music. Brooklyn, while a team of ten, repro- j
**ntlng Great Britain ami the British Chaos Club, j
Viii be at the other end of th.*- wires. In London.
The trophy, whick waa won by the American team
Slat spring, will bo exhibited in tha* rotunda of thc
\t I> o'clock this morning there will be SB ex- ,
rhango of courtesies between the teams. At r*::!'*
ihe players will take their scat.-., and the men will ,
>e paired. Then Professor Isaac L. nie will cai! !
the turn of a tossed coln. If he wins the British '
players on boards 1, 3. f>. 7 and <? will have first j
move, while the Americans will have first move on
the other boards. At 10 O'clock a BB. the first |
plays will be made
Each player is reaulred to make twenty moves
each hour of his own time Tn a.'..litton he has tho j
time consumed by his opponent nnd the time spent
In cabling, so. ns S matter of tact, a player need
make only twenty moves In about three or four
hours I.nst year some of thc annies stretched out
to sixty or seventy moves.
There will bo an intermission from 2 to I p. m.
snd the last disclosed move to-dav will bs made
at 6:30 p. m. Another move will then be allowed
at each board, but it will be ca hi-vi to the umpire
at the opposite side and sealed for the night. This
is done so SS not to give one of thc players the
opportunity of thinking all night over h's oppon?
ent's last move.
The piny to-morrow will begin at IB a. m.. and,
with an Intermission from 2 to * p m.. end at 6:30
?j rn It ls believed that all ths games will be
finished by -, p m., but lt; cane any janies ar.'
|iot finished by the Hos.ns boin- Emanuel I.asker,
the champion of the world, will decide which
player hail the better of it.
Baron Alh.-rt de Rothschild, of Vienna, will be
referee of t.ic mat.-h. Leopold Hoff cr. of bondon,
will serve as umpire for tbs American team,
Admission to ihe Academy during ihe games
will be only 2.", cents Th,- botes snd some of the
parquet se,as will bs resem ,1.
Barry, th. last of the American team, arrived
hera from Boston yesterday. The team attended a
theatre party lasr evening im,i pul up al (Vj L'lar
endon Hotel for the night.
? ?
Bridge President William Berri, accompanied by
Superintendent Marti.-., yesterday mada a tour of
- ape, lion <>f the engine and dynamo rooms at th*
Ilrooklvn terminal Mr Bari is at ths Brides early
.?uni into these days, and In facl says that he
shall devote practical!) all of his nine to lt for sev?
il.I weelu no called .Mr. Martin's attention to th.
necessity ?f providing relief for ths congested Blair*
waya afr. Martin says va: two additional siati
ways mn bs built si a (SMuparatlrely small ex
penae, one lo ba ai tbs loft-band corner of the en
? ? ?-? from Banda-at., and Htiother io open at the
uiip' J' ? nd Of thc station
At the dynamo plant Mr. Martin announced tba*
the i>r?-s.-n* power-house i ould not supply enough
power to operate Ihe tr .;i,>j linea on ths Bridge, aiv
l 'Vat a no* and larger bouse will bava to v
bulli ;'. ihe Bridge furnlshe ? ? powei
Tin- report, of ihe experts on the proposed lm
proved Bridge connect lom will ooma up at Tues?
day's snooting of .he iruateea The <tue?tton of
Ananda! arrangements beta i tateea and
trolley and -vated companies has no; >.:
}?' > ii ,li. USS, I.
? -.-?-.? Harton ?'? iv- Bracklyn Elevated
. ::i il ;tit- officials of bia roa
? -<! .; w ith ref, renee i . . ni eli -i I ll
nsti team f ita ara were allowed to run over
I he Kl Idge.
The project of having the onvention of the Bap?
tist Toung People's Union of Am. rica In this city
? struck s snag. The troubli i In regard to rail?
road rates, Al the previous conventions a one
fur.- r..... bas been allowed. On Tuesday tbs
Trunk I.lne Association in form ,i s committee
fr,,m the Brooklyn Executive Committee that li
v\,,ui.i roi grant anything bul a fare and a third
:?> Brooklyn, lt was staled thal such a rate in
the mlddV of the summer would d?-n>oralize the
sesboavd traffic H ia noa*, iioui,'fid whether :h*.
convention will bs held in Brooklyn. No dec*,
sloi nil i> reached until the meeting of t!i< Kx
ecutlve Committee in Chicago on Tuesday.
The question of having: the city hulld a puhlic
P>r ni tho end 0f Hay Twenty-ntntb-st., Benson
hurst, for th,, s -.-ommodatlon of the yachting resi?
dents of the place, will be brought up for discus?
sion at the next regular meeting of the Gravesend
Bay Yacht nub. Petitions have already boon sent
BUI to tho various yacht clubs near New-York for
signatures, and when they are returned a com?
mittee will be appointed to walt on the Park Com?
missioner to see if they cannot sec-ore the pier.
Should th>- yachtsmen Lo successful In their ef?
forts ihe Grave*.-nd duli will run a naphtha
launch from UM pier to their clubhouse St 1'lm.r
I'ark throughout the yachting season, which will
be a trreat accommodation to the members and
their friends. The waler front where ti,.* pier is
asked for is within a few hundred feet of the
property which the club occupied arni was ordered
io vacate in the spring of lSi>5 by th? Park ('om
missioner, as tiie grounds were wanted for the
?-!te of th*? proposed new Bonsonhursl Turk
The pier would make an excellent landing for
email yachts and rowboats, and tho yachtsmen
would see that lt was k>",,t In good order. If the
yacntsmer. are unsuccessful in securing the pier
at the place askid fur. lt i? likely that another site
will ba, selected Just off tho new park.
The Rev. Dr. K. E. '"oh.-ce, of Hrooklyn, has been
Chosen general e*-rr et.irv of the Baptist Young Peo?
ple's Onion of America. He will leave Brooklyn for
Chicago In the hitter part of this month, where he
will succeed th" Rev. Dr. J H. Wilkins, who re?
signed th** general taeoretarysb-l*.' to resume pulpit
work For several yean- I?r. I'h'.vers has been the
district secretary of the Baptist American Mksslon
nry I'nlon. with headquar'ers In New-York.
At an entertainment to be giver, at the I'arlsh
house of Bt Mark'8 ?'nurdi. Islip, this evening, sev?
eral scons from the best-known of Shakespeare's
plays w-i'.l be presented is tnbtl BUB, The programme
will be varied by tiie Introduction of instrumental
?elections. The details ure being nnanged b- Mrs
F. C. BtydgBn
The ponng people, of Hempstesd had a ptenanuit
Informal reception on Thursday evening, when they
were the guests of the Misses AamUS.
The committe*- which baa" charge of the arrange?
ments for IhS colonial tea to be given at Hempstead
en February 22 met on Wodnoadny afternoon and
perfected Its plajis for th, Ol I BSaOn
The M>stio So.-ial dub. of Hempstead, ls arrang?
ing for B i ard party, lo DB given on February at*.
Tf.e women of the Hi.i.'.lngton I'nlversallst
Churi h, of Whack the Hey \V. S. Hallou ls pastor.
gave an anti rtntoasMnt and sale of useful and fancy
srtl, les ai |ha i.ar*o:.age yesterday afternoon and
The entenalnmont B*hren *,> the young people of
tho Christian Endeavor Bocletl of Huntington on
Monday arri nlr.g was successful.
A reception will be given at Central Hall. S'-a
vii fr. .-'? evening, In honor of Lincoln's birth?
day, 'i li being arranged by Professor Mott, ci the
ear (.et-* soli, liatlon of the members of hit* olae.s
Th<- elana urn, Us friend!, are Invited
The JV/ ft fan..- Mr- I arter, Miss Carter and
*Novr.-!. ?*.<i Howard Carter. Of Huntington, arc
rooking arning*meir.*, to em-nd the .xming summer
in Europe, and < xp.-< ?. lo star: early In Juna.
nih 'i'oLT li"!''v l"Vn "'' ,1" Huntington Social
tJSSi l'-yT'--..,- eu hr. and dancing wll.n
Joyed, and .. Bupper win be s.-ri.i
A fir:, entertainment will bo given Ul the aassssnMi
?Kr'T.li *?-:-' Kli% sfi(""' )'u!,il'' ?,<r'co' ? Thursday i
Fobruan 28, It va:; be i lecture rn "The sights
fln,trr,Tr.i'B "-rf*w-York'" ">?? *?? bo profusely
?"--' fund. Proceida will go to tho Behool '
The Brooklyn Free Library ls In danger. Thnt
fact wan mit'le known yesterday at tiie organization
meeting of thc first Honnl of Dlrsclora of the li?
brary, nt which ex-Mayor Drvld A. Moody was
elected president.
Mayor Wtirstcr Informed the Beard that at the
last meeting of thc Greater New-York Charter
? 'ommlssloti he had asked for n special provision
keeping alive thc ad of laat, which atithnriJ'es the
city nf Brooklyn to Issue SSBJ.asj nf honda for a li?
brary building, and also tbs nj Iroprlatlon of Ita..-""
annually for tbs maintenance nf the library. Th.
M.iy?r sni.i th.- Commiaalon?ra wera alsnasal at thc
slz?' af thc bond Issue required by thi.* law. and
voted against the special provision asked for, giv?
ing .is n reason that the library waa not yet In ex?
istence, and that thc great.r etty should not be bur
dem d with .so expensive a project.
"Mr I?e Witt Informed me." continued the
Mayor, "that a fSasral provision at the close of the
charter would keep this library net alive."
"Corporation Counsel Durr advise* the Insertion
of a special clause.'' said Tax Collector R. Ross
"Tbe chapter in Which a special clause must he
inserted Win he passed upon finally to-morrow af?
ternoon," cxplalred His Honor, "and action should
be taken at once."
"Unless something- vigorous ls done to-morrow,
nothing sril] tic done for many years toward estab?
lishing a library." said Mr. Appleton.
Messrs Boody. Appleton and Charles M. Chad?
wick were finally male a committee to waylay the
Commission al Its meeting to-day and urge t 8
adoption of a special pr.,xis.on. Thc Brooklyn Com?
mission, rs arc to be urged io throw their Influence
In favor of t!ie free library for Brooklyn.
The meeting yesterday was heal '.n Mayor
Wars.er's ofli.e. Tr.- appointed directors were a?
signed to th- following -erm.* by lot: Ons year.
R, Robb Appleton, Jonn D. Kelley and Herbart i\
Qunniaon: txx j years, Charles M. Pratt, ex-Mayor
Charles A. Bchleren and Charles M. Cbsdwicb;
three years es>Mayor David A. Boody, D- ?*'? ?*?*?
Wi'!, mis and Willis I,, Ogden.
Messrs. Pratt snd Bchleren both declined nomtna*
tiona far in., presidency, and Mr. Boody reluctantly
a . -pt. a ii- office. Mr Appleton was made ssc rs
tary and Herbert P Qunniaon treasurer.
After "ona- discussion Ihe Mayor was asked to re?
na. *' tin* Corporation Counsel to draft a bin in?
creasing the appointed members of the Board from
nine to twenty-one. The purpose of the Increase is
to make places for Mrs Craigie snd other women
Interested In ;he work, and to have rill sections of
th- city represented on th.- H....rd
Ths Chair xx.ts Instructed ;u appoint a committee
on bvlsWfl
Ma, or Wirster and Mr Appleton, after the meet?
ing*, both eapreased themselTes in favor of having
tbs city of Brooklyn, befor.- ihe rcnsolldatlon, pre
Beni :,? the library a plot of lund. The act enables
ths cltj tO ni.ike such a gift, and ii was argued
thai the library might si well ha-,- li as th- bis;.
a, r dix Mr Anpl,-ion suggested Ihe propriety of
giving -lie utile parksdjolnlng th- Municipal Bulbi?
ng ? tbe library
Mayor Wursts* *ald he wanted to make the llbrarj
swell aa In naru.. Hi a/anted a large
number of stations throughout the city where
th.- people could have books delivered to tnein
The Hanson Place Methodist Kpls.--.pnl Church,
if xvhich the Rsv. I>r. I.-mis Albert Ranks ls pa?
tor. was crowded last night. The occasion was a
reception given by tbs Hanson Place chapter of
the Epworth League to Hlshop William X. Ninda
?ind the (len.ral Hoard of Control The Hanson
Place chut,t-r Is officially known as Kpworth
I,.-agii- Chapter, No 1,001, and the reception was
given under Ibe susptces of its literary department.
Ths General Honnl of control ls elected by the
deners 1 Conference every four years. One week
In each xear the Board holds a session, and such
i session ls now bi lng held in New-Vork City.
This appcar.-d to the Hanson I'la e chapter ns B
Rood opportunity to offer this compliment to the
Board, and tbe reception was accordingly planned.
Besides tbs m. mbers of the church, there Were
about two hut,dr<.1 Invited guests, including the
presidents of all tbs chapters In New-York ?'ity
ami Brooklyn
The Windsor Orchestra of New-York City, under
thi eaderahlp "f E. M Browns, furnished tbs
rraisiu. The programme opened with th- singing of
the hymn. "Blest Be th- Tie that Hinds." by th
audience, Th- RSV, Dr. Hanks, pastor of tbs
church, than offered prayer. The installation of
th.- offlcera of the chapter f-.r i.M'7 followed. These
officers were l>r. William li. Johnston, president;
<'harle.* A. Wilkin*.ai. ni si vice-president; Edwin
M. Stone, second vice-president; Eugene M. Travia,
third vice-president; Edmund K Todd, fourth vice*
pr. aldent; .1 Prank McDonald, secretary, and W, i.
Ilueaton, treasurer Addressee were delivered by
Dr. W. II. Johnston arni Bishop Nlnde. At the end
of th- formal part of tia programme refreshments
xx ? ; ? Bert ed,
Thc committees of the evening wore aa follows:
Committee of Arrangementa. K. M. Trav a, chair?
man, and l' ix Todd as* , iate ahatrman: Recep?
tion, Edward Tea,, chairman; Social, Qeorge rf.
Hilbert, chairman; Coal lt,mm. William Georg.
Heath, chairman; Refreshments, M.*s Klla Kent,
chairman; Lemonade, Miss Crace Ansley, chair
man. Among those present were John French, prea
id. nt ..f ihe Hoard .,f Trustees of th- church: City
Auditor John R, Sntion, Police Justice Charles K
T-.ile. Noah Tebbetta, A. C. Mintram. Fred Walk
er. Oeorge Smith. William A Strom. Charles Mil?
stead, fl. ailbert. O. K. Eldridge. B. K Carey l>at,
l-l Von Nostrand, Willis McDonald, lr., Prank Mi -
Donald. T. H. Tllton and Dr. charles 1/ Barnett.
ranrE.\TT*n nv a team PROM princeton* iv tsb
clermont ax F.vtn tunk.
A hocker team from Princeton defeated the
Brooklyn hockey team In Clermont Avenue Rink
last night hy a Beor* of 2 to 0. As the Beor* Indi?
cate?, the game was exciting, nnd the teams WSTS
evenly matched. Hoth goals were made |*> th*, sec?
ond half They wire scored by Meserole nnd J*ar
dei Tl,- teams lined up aa follows.
Prin,-i i, Bptaratn, goal; Rodd leaptate), t>"lnt; Tim
tew. rover potat; forward*. VanoeTpool, rant** Arrea
Brooklyn Mallock. r--*l: Ranrlall. point M?.-k*m.?>
Oftver p.int: forward*, fhalnner. .tacohs Wade Wort rt *n,i
Drakeh (eaptaJs)
GLEASON and the ru narr.
Mayor rjleason. o' Long Island City, waa not
saying much yesterday about thi. r.ew budget that
the Common Council prepared on Wsdnesday night
There are no raaterlsl dlfferebces between it and
the new one previously vetoed by the Mayor. While
there has been .som- increase In certain depart
m-i.ts. tiler- has hem in others a decided cut. Th?
Aldermen raised the salaries o' the srrgeant-at
arms and another offlYi.ii. both Bntt-Gleasoa. |i.v>
a year each, while them was no allowaaes made
foi thc Mayura stenographer, ai, I the pay of sec?
retary v.m ii* ,'ron; 11.400 io Imkj a ye.ir. The
Mayor refused to discuss these changes, but there
xxa* a six look In his eyes. According to the fol*
lowers Ol the Pig Mayor, the budget la an insalt to
I li la .. partisan i.udg-t, they allege, beean*
ii discriminates In favor of his opponents and
against in- Mayor
Th.- M.ivor is determined that the t'ommon Coun?
cil shall sdopt fl budget that will furnish enough
money to run the city goxernm-nt There Is no
doubt, lt ls said, that the Major will veto the
second budget.
Maurlee Krcderlek H. da Haas, son of the late
M. F H. de Haae. the marine artist, died at I'M
o'clock on Wednesday night at the home of Reuben
L. \\ .'.si. No. 78 Cruiun-a-y-st., wher? he waa visit?
ing. He h:ul not ber,, f. ,-ijng well when he called
at Mr Walsh's home, where he was taken fuddenlv
III. Dr. Heardsley diagnosed the case as pneu?
monia. He was twenty-five years old and was born
In Brooklyn. Ai*!er bein** graduated f,orn Rutgers
College, bs (onflned himself entln ly to marine
painting. His frlenda any that he waa an nniat of
great promise, inheriting ninny of the ehafactsr*
istlr-K of his father \lf- had a studio at No I] We*'
Tenth-si, New-York. A number caf hts ploturea
have been exhibited at the Academy <>f Deaugn, ll
lem** two slaters. Mrs Marie de Haas Lambert
nial Mis.* W K de Hann The funeral will tabs
Place at 2 o'clo-k this afternoon at the home of Mr.
WtUfli. and the burial will be In Greenwood,
lakewood. Keb. ll (Special.) Klaborote prepars
tlons have been made by the officers of the i)rc;,n
County Hunt and Country Club for their midwin?
ter goif tournament. Which begins tomorrow morn?
ing and will CUnttnUS until Saturday evening
Play ls schedub-d to .'oninicni-e on Friday morn?
ing nt flitO S'clOCh with th.- first eighteen holes In
th., thirty-six hole handicap wh., h ls to occupy the
entire dav. In the Otont of a v.-ry large entry Hst.
play will begin snell Amt **vt hour earlier than
Stated 'Hi'- second half will take place In the
afternoon. Th- handVnp In this match ls limited
to eighteen strokes and incl.il play rules will gov?
ern The first prize l? a beautiful and costly tank?
ard, presented by Mrs. George Gould, wife of the
president of the club This hand-ome trophy
weighs BlXtJ Ounces, and its artistic dc.-ora'lons are
thoroughly typl al of thia popular sport A full-slz
elf ball, nestling In a socket of i.'.ti.-. an.l a <-?r
rea t reproduction in anarer >-f IBs* ..m.-..l ball used
In th" game, serves as a knob to the i ov. r. on th>
front, in vignette, .s a line etching <>f tho imf
links, with s.v.ral players In a.-Hon. Otont ' "'"
has been taken to accurately depVt all minor de?
mits, The Inscription, SUM Stche*n, v..nils around
the cup. Under thc Inscription and decorations
lhere is a rich border of golf balls, adi)..] size, pro?
jecting from ii bed of pine and cones, suggestive of
Lakewood's famous ninon The effect of these is
both uni,tue and artistic.
A silver flask will be given for the best scratch
score. In this contest, the club introduces a rad?
ical departure from the usual custom of allowing
the winner of the cup to take the prize offered for
;h? i,,-st scratch .sror^. If bis card entitles bim to
the sim--, by debarring that player from taking the
tta-k on account of the value of the Gould trophy.
<m Saturday thors will be two handicap contests
of eighteen holes each, m.der medal play rules, and
with the handicap tn each limited to twelve strokes.
That in the morning Will be for the Ocean County
Hunt ard Country Club cup, and thnt in the after?
noon tor th.- consolation cut., whick ls tbs gift of
I'wight Miller Harris The second prizes will be a
cigar Jar In the first and a silver ctgaretM box In
tl,.. BC ond.
The club cup ls of solid silver and massie.* In Its
appearance, iv handles are cast to depict the
gnarled .nu! knotted grapevine and are brought tn
lOUCh with Ihe cup DJ an artistic com. ptlot) of
grapes ami loaves The design of the consolation
cup ls original, lt ls In the form of a silver golf
bag an.l tests on an ebony ba-e. The shoulder
strap forms the llanillo, and every detail, including
Ibo pocket for the halls rtn,i the different straps
and ,11- ki-s, has been can fully followed in its eon*
In the consolation mat. h no player will bc per?
mitted t" luke purt unless lie has turned In full
acorei In tho previous matches In which be has
Stages will bc on hand to convey visiting golfer*,
ftom the hotels an.l depot tO Ihe links and lok,
and :ho players win be the guests of the dub each
day at lum lien In the - lUOboUSO.
? -?
IX8UBAXCB AGEXTS wm: thieves.
um*.i: ruo ok THEM TALKED with tub it.o
Antonio I-'. Monaco, an Italian padrone and sa?
loonkeeper, at No. "VII Qrartd-St., Hoboken, WS
visited yesterda) morning by a rr.an who Bald tha'
be wanted to hire a large number of [tatiana for
contract work Monaco was anxious to supply tbs
rs, and went out .a ith the n.aii id make
terms. Tho Stranger mating,'il to absorb Monaco n
attention for fully naif an hour, and lu iii.- mean
time three other naen entered the saloon, wh;. h
had i.e.-n loft in charge of Mrs. Monaco. A gi;b
taiking member <>f ths trio asked permission to
.-p. ik aboul -otne Insurance io tile woman In a
rear room, ami while he was bard at his task th..
ol si deftlj '...pp,..i the tu:, secured nearly IOU and
ran away, They srere closely followed by the "in
Burance" man.
Poll .men McKenns and Leahy were informed of
th.- operation, .md gav.- chase, tapturing on.* man
tn th.- rear of the saloon where hi had Jumped .,
fence, and a se, ,,7,1 man In JefXeraOn-Bt Th" lat?
ter avas brought to a standstill ?t tie point of a r.
volver. The prisoners srere booked aa Charles Har?
rison, of No. ii'. F rst-st., Hoboken, and William
Newell, of No. Kl Thlrd-st , New-York.
tish wann heady io let him ho wu kn
An Insane man about to be liberated from tho
Hudson .'outity Jail In J, rs. > City \-stenl.iy made
a break for liberty, was caught after ii sharp
i ha--, and lost his freedom, as lie was sent bink
to a ,-ell. Th.- prisoner ls Edward Burke, who vv.,
arrested in Jersey City on Tues,lay while proclaim?
ing the v:r;ues and ability of Grover Cleveland. He
was committed to the Connty Jail for examination
-by County Physician Converse. Mis. Burke, moth?
er of ihe young mali, concluded lhat she could
take care of him at home, and procured a dlschargi
for him from Justice I'otts. Sn.- presented the dis?
charge yesterda) mon,my at jail. Burke area taken
down stalrv to the Office of the taller. Instead of
entering the office, he bolted through the from
dOOl and ran through ( '..kiamba v. Constable
Oolden was in the office, and darted after and over?
hauled the fugitive befor. li- had run half a
block. Mrs. Burke, after tie break for liberty,
corni,id.-.I that sh., .-ould not control her eon, at,,I
fisk.-,1 ihat he be o, ked up again. H.- was BOM lo
a cell nnd his dlacharge wns cancelled.
Kv ms PRoafinn th leave Tonne,
Ilridpeton. Feb ll (gpectal* White Caps VUtttOd
tho house of Mrs. Neaylon Chester, a srhlte woman,
living in Port Morris, late Uutt night nnd demanded
thal Charita Lee, a colored ni,.,, who waa living
there, come out of the house. They made a lo' of
i ? ss and tired off revolvers Lei was frightened by
the demonstration and bolted through a window
a,-,,I mode Vr Ihe vv,.,j,l-*. The crowd nave chase and
overtook him.
He had not waited io dress, and had on only his
night clothes When caught, lie begged Vr mei -
and m.-..I- all kind*, of promises, saying he would
leave town at once if they would permit him to
gi. Som.- one produced n rope, and preparations
were mad" ;.. bang the negro. A noose wns care?
fully made in lt. This took considerable time, aa ra
on. appeared to know Just how to tie the proper
kind ,.fa knot Meanwhile tiie negro was irem.>,
with irigni Then ins free -n.t of the r-.p.. waa
thrown over a limb of a tr-e. and I..-*, was told to
pray Ile prayed, bit 7 va.i- ro be i.-r ,, ,
Thinking bc waa sufficiently frightened to keep
his promise, the crowd permitted him to return to
the house f>r ids clothing, and then saw him s;..r,
on a run to gol out of town. His departure was
greeted with tiie dis-barge .,f plsiols and the shout?
ing of tie- men. ,\ warning w.i- also conveyed io
til" wom.in that the negro wns aol t>. ba harbored
by her. The crowd then dispersed,
? ?
Elisabeth, Peb. ll (Special' A big .-row,, gathered
nt th.- I'cntrai Railroad station here mia morn
lng in sntidpatlon "f seeing mme trouble t,e
twoon express maaaenger Michael Campbell and
the detectives 111 the employ of the t lilted States
Express Company, who were there awaiting his
arrival Campbell presently appeared, but .lld not
have any package. *,, ,,,? dMaSctlVOS, who Were
watching his movements from the window of the
telegraph office, mad. n,, attempt to stop him bi*
as in- tram was aboul leaving c.. nation I . il
bltner, a lad who is known ...s .. cross-countri
runner, dashed across tv- platform win, ,, pack
age. handed it to campbell, who was standing ,,i
the step; ol a ...r. and waa ..way acaln like a
nash, li.,- manoeuvre caught me detectives off
iix-lr guan], and they had no chance to int. rc.7,1
th" lad. ?
Tl. crowd on the platform taunt.-d them over
he episode, and they t,,.-k th.- train back to .Wm v
< Ity. lo-nlght Campbell ram.- out with a pa U
age, and to his surprise 1.0 ons attempted t<, aton
him. '
Harkens;.,-k. Kel,, ll Miss Mary K. Hoper was
married yesterday 10 Joseph .1 ???r.,n,-is.-o by ths
Key. Herman Vandsrwater. Mi.-- Hoper (ms lom
been known as "The Bloomer Maid .,f Lodi." After
the death of her father several v..,rs aKo srie
took upon herself the management of the farm at
Lodi. Pinding ti,.- ronventtonal dress ,,t woman
1.''>' adapted t.. farmwork, in which sh. active
I] engaged, she .levis.-,i ;i more rational costume.
This was befor- the adv. at of th- hl-y. 1. and M,sa
Hoper benin.' widely known thn,um, her ad hei
anea to mon's suire Hh.. ha* been frequently In
the conns aa complainant, usually against tho.,.
?ho annoyed ,,,.) insulted her. The groom is .,?
Old friend of ber father, and ls aald to have I,.-,',
for years an admirer of his bride
Paterson. K.-i, 11 ,sip,, |,,|, Paterson's principal j
*oe|et> affair the nnnai,.| Charity Hull, |n aid of j
the paterson General Hospital, took place thia '
evening In the 3d Regiment Armorv. Ther. wera
fort v one bones lr, th.- hi m..ry and uiaon* the |?,x.
holders were V|, , I'r .-Md-nt-rlec) Hobart ami:
iloveniqr Orlsga. "'
Ti1* ri%aTTttz
Jill ;-;.> 2:tVi2:i\ ;?;,., grj
s.,.i.ml.*r : ^mt jg* U\ImK JJ*
"in*. He 2:
J^brasri ... lau ,.,, ,, ,
?SSS p ,rk per bbl;
S& . SSH C?[H IffM nani
.ludae .1. S. Kmery In The Arena.
-mer ooe-fourtb of th- [Tailed Slates is arid Klaz?
ina; land, and from pis' experle ices and m'.?nt|" os
pecta musl always remain Mich, il nlteo ?<*??
Senator has lust said. Hut the lats Director of ths
I'nlted Siai-^;. ol g ct! .Survey. In .severn, address,.*
h.- made xxhilc h.,Muk that position, told u- nat
.il.i one-lull of all "ar possessions, rici ,> .ng
Alaska, xva* too dry IO sappi,ri populstlona "lepena
in* upon agriculture; In oiler word* he classed m*
half a*- ail we j, iv a* eal.-r Brid or pertly aria -
sub-humid as sam- say At say rate, tne taci
that nearly one-hall of the I'nlted S.e.'* I* not sum.
clently humid for pr.rltahle agriculture without Iril
Kailon la Major Powell's statement.
Sow, ls li nol |.as.*;ni! strange that there ls not a
l.m in ..ur atatute booba which i-ecognlseai the' exlBt
ence of thia great economic fscl or provides for the
management or dleposal of this rest ares of arj
lands? The chairman nf the I'nlted Suire* Senate
Committee on Irrigation ha* Jual printed thia
"Although the Natl ilia! I'S.ix-ernmeilt I* th;- ruato
dian . .' one of the largest bodies of Irrigable land
ever admlnl lered nader ons polity, ll l'1*; q? r;?r.
failed to recognlst its full r iponslblllty, snd to tsks
... required mesaures to teeure the best results, or
areatesi mi taura of prosperity, in n* ec supaney aaa
ls lt mic thar we tr,-day. after -lose lo fifty yeir*
of ,, 'upatlon haxv only overrun in a loo*- and am?
bling son of xx.iv the arid and sub-arid half ...'our
lons, taking liri,.- account of the tremendous
| Bibi a ? .* rr.r ur.,wt ii ind dat-el r.m-iit now for-mtt
ihemseixes upon all thinking maa!* a- to these Im?
mense and uninviting areas? Is this newer \X.-i 1
finished product of oui civilisation, to be accepted
ai- i: I*? And this slniplv h.--aa*- lt. .? anty natural
rainfall .ral Ita everlasting mountaln-aupply of Bnowa
have been unutilised and suffer .1 to nm to the sees
or to be carried off in tine exhalations into the thin
air'' .
Ti the Binden: of ihe economic sweets it aria
Amelie,, after the?e m..r.v years of advance snd re?
treat by the agricultural aimv of the frontier, our
present condition ee-m* to be -ne of arrested devel?
opmei ?. In tove Bl Itates included in this ar-i pop
ulatl m has di Teased steadily lor several year* psst.
The advancing; wave of immigration haa dashed up
jil-.ilnsi ttn.se arid land* and then recede,], slowly ind
Imperceptibly ll may he. hui none the Icu surely.
Kansas ai a Nebraska have witnessed thi* thlna.
These ar- (;r>.ir Pis I na Btates, Creat eropfl have
often rewarded th- tillers of their rich soils Kansas
has 2fri, Oo.iihi buahela of corn now in her Heida and
her cribs from Li st rear'* cr p* ar- y.-r full Much
?he sam- max- be said of ah-r Ores! Plaina Ststes,
bul ihi* I* not the cass often enough to tulld un ?
d.-nse anl prosperoufl agricultural population,
alien tbs old ways end methods pursued by
mr father* In [he humid States ar- followed
out in farming Hence disappointment snd
unrest throughout al! sub-arid America !* to-dsy
more, or less observable. Indeed, the metropoli-an
pr?.** of rhe l'",ist has often sscrlbed the political
1-sues that have In a manner of Un* marked several
of ih" sub-arid Sta-es as resulting from 'he lack of
rain. Th.-se States have somehow become p ill leal
s;orm -entres, tbs Starting points of new partlSS,
Thc special committee of the I'nite.i States Senate
? n Irrlgstl n ind Rec imatl ri of Arid Landa, con*
dstlng if seven Senator*, made Ita report more : an
ii, e v, tra i , snd .,':? r a very thorough -? i in; over
,?:' the entire Held of the Irrigation q ration, Thia
<? mmlttee e.ttlmatea thal from 75.000,000 to l50.0tNj.00fl
s ?: ? a ol li :i may hi brough ui der cuitli atl m in '.lie
arid ci. n hy Irrigation, and that by the water In
ght, wh. a properly utilised, al leis; i.i per
Ct-nt if tlc whoa arid t-if'.in max he :<? .. na ,1 Ta.
committee furthet Btates that In any given period
lei ream Irrigated land xxiii produce from three
to five times u.a much as Und cultivated by rainfall.
In the san,.- ripon the late Director of rh.- Geo?
logical Survey la quoted as estimating thar fully
100.000,000 seres of land cnn be ultimately Irri
by ihe use of stream waters alon.-; ind Mr, Powell
is further quoted by the committee as believing
that, in addition io th- 100,000,000 acres reclaimable
lc str.am or running waters now In debt, consid?
erable anas will ultimately be redeemed by Irriga?
tion by tbe use of storm Braters. Underground
water* form another source of supply, and When
ai ?> i'.lined by sn Irrigation flurvey, su.-h bb th.*
n.-ii.Til Qoveramenl I ia air. tdy commenced, this
?uppiy may go far In adding water sufficient to
reclaim very manx acres In addition to tbe above
estimates of tbs committee, The chief Held of this
supply xxiii be ih* flreat Plaina region and the it
teslan bell of the Dakotas. Borings are no?.- nem^
li... ie and Well* s-UIiK by thi State Of Kansas to
ascertain wbat this subterranean supply la in that
part of the iir-nt Plaina embraced within the limits
.f thal State Tn- results thus fnr obtained are
Indicative of ar. almoat Inexhaustible supply, The
0 nate .-ommlttei*. reported in favor of the Wash?
ington Government demonstrating to the settler*
on th.- (Treat Plain* the practicability of bringle ,
it lerflow wster ri the surface for '.he pur?
pose ,f irrigation, and lt w safe to say that tha
underground waters of the eastern i?-it of arid
America ..re vet to cut no Inconalderable Acaire
In determining tbe total area that ls ultimately to
t.e reclaimed
This reaort of tbs Senate Committee recommend?
ed thct the Government make sn Irrigation surrey
providing for th- sscertslnlng of tbe water sour, es
and supplies, :aal for tbe location of 'he reservoir
sites for their conservation, toiv-ther with the linea,
the main canals alni the ditches needed for i
proper distribution of th* water*. Thees members
of the committee, how-v-r. Mr. Reagan, Mr. dor
ham and Mr. Jon-*, tiled n report In which they In?
di ate that the duty of the Government ls to go
farther somewhat, and under legislation to survey
the entire arid r-jrion Into natural Irrigation dis?
tricts In sii-h a manner that each on- shall have
its catchment area and Its body of Irrigable lands
.I< pendent u;.on such area. Such a aurvey la neces?
sary In order tO locate the sites of load WOTks,
. anais ?.".: reservoir* by which the waters are to be
controlled, ',. plan the Irrigation works In the in
terest of the farmer- bi i to estimate their cost.
'? i aupreme control of such di trlcts ls then by
law, both State and Nn'ional. to DC given ox'.-r into
the hands of the dwellers therein, The coe! of
so.di a stirv.-y is put at n.OOf.OOO. with seven years'
Mme In which to make lt. The report h ut lain dor?
mant for six years, and no bill has been pas*. .1 to
carry Into effect i;s recommendations, in tbe mean
rime som.- work by the Geological Survey people,
by way of locating reservoir sites snd Indicating
?anal Hms. has bet n done ur.de-- the provisions of
the acts of October 2, ISM. and of Mach _\ IM
Som- one hundred and fifty reservoir sites, in .i
half-.loz.-n different Btates, ar- reported, thsu far
to the public, Want of funds lia*- prevented the
Geoldgl al Survey from doing mure than it has al?
ready accomplished.
Intelligent Irrigation Idesi sn getting ? hearing
all ov.-r Ui- country Tue general Interest mani?
fested In the hydrographti survey now being prose?
cuted shows tins, am! with the lifting of the clouds
..f industrial depression that have h..cr. hanging
axer us ali, the p.-opie nre v.-ry naturally disposed li
taki stock and flee whal xv, have got In thi way of
opportunities to ir.a Into linea of bualneas ihat Viii
ri ' ..a aolld tn un. lal ions Men from thi over?
crowded Cities xxaiil to -.r out, Bnd arter th- ex
' ?..? thei have id during the last fen year*
thej are trilling to go to farming. Ind .a. th. -! ,.
i . xx coming ip from ... sld< . Where can I go and
earn a living for myself and family? I.ari;.- classes
are looking oul of th.ngeated .iti-s of thi At?
lanta- Staten and are asking nol so much, Where
can l go .ma n.ak- money? a*. Where can I im and
cat? Th- nilly op.-ll r> trio" now left for these ,,:,ri,
esi home-seekers to m to is arid america, our
pul.!!.- domain of good agricultural land hair; since
disappeared from our National map fifteen yearn
?g.ir Public I,an,ls Commission reported thal the
aniole portion of our public domain waa nearly ex?
At the flflh National Irrigation '"ontrress. held at
Phcenlx, Am . in December last, the more funda?
mental .md important problems ot Irrigation were
discussed, In the forefront ot such questions, I
n.av nama State ownership of water and th- Gov?
ernmental ownership of linds. All Irrigation laws
In every other enlightened country have plsced
under .mr control ties, two lolita, elements of pro?
duction. Not tin the Washington Government does
ll (* -ame thaix .an Intelligent, subetsntial progri sa
be made In th. reclamation of mat bait of mir poa
sessions which io-,lay is but thtniv settled and in?
differently developed
Ba la ra Pse ii ri..ur quiet; -ale* ; ono tibia
Wheal >.,.-.[? *:?.?? m.i Max, *J.V.,?.l, *"'"
-. mph **a-i. . ri ti jradi ki.-** .-???k. r>'-. ....
' in .!?: . ??!' ' nra! P'btvary, 'J.'. . ii-.".,,,?, M.,- . ?_?.-,?..,
'..'..V April, 2*1 . ,, Mn '.'7' i'J7-,,. (t*amer ni xe-i
_.'.i.'.'i\ rf.mt hern while, l'*"..... >, ?..;? .s. 27t72,7He,
ii ?? ?. 1 x^'tio i,ii*h; fs!<-*. ?0.1*10 burti Data Heady; No
2 whit* 23921. . Mo 3 mix. I, 21923.*; *i *-k SOp.ODil I lah
Rye easier No 2 nearby, UV; Mo 2 Western, HVf r."4
atnek, 3*7.000 hush Hay Arm Grain fretghta quiet. Coi
lesdj mlddllngB. "l?' ? other antrie* unchanged,
ii..?'nn Peb, ii floor oui?t. -.villi market t.r:,i fan-,\
stearlyj *prlng patente, M n04T|4 TR: Hear and atralghta
i?'?. .xi/14 35. winter patent*. 34 BOSjBA IO; -ar and
urals ii?. 34 40f;|4 Bo, Cornmeal quiet, tSZOMc .. bag;
11 a.', a 11 to a !,, i ,',rn quiet; Bteamer irllow, .'ir..'
Mo a and *i-nii.-- "I'.' hm. .', n\: \* 2 clipped'
-?? nan. \o a a.. ?i t ,, .r ,;.,,., 2ie/24v uni
'??a ?t*a<ly; Bprlna bras to ?in|. laka hi..| rall BI2a
I122B; winter bran, li.i, mlddllnaa, lit J." itu i.
IIB 75411 IC |-..rk quiet; ir.nn alli sh.,ri pu .
I '?'.'.'.. bark* BB300*10 2.1 ' in emla. 112 Ham* I
I" . l-.r-!. IV I ... ? sg |0 Hut Ui Brm for rh,
a rreamer .".' i2".-. Weatern, '.'!? nltatl n 1641
i". i ii ? itt.!', id; ii u |2<*; Vermoni ilalrj ' it?
? a ? irv bamba qutel 7 i-?? muttnn ?n.|
v-.irhnirs. .?.,!''.?,. v.... nay I lr rhee** Brm; Korthern
I2bl2*?e; XXV-...-in llgllt), -?na rjulet; near bj 'Ju.
i' .. 17a. xx,.*-ern tu,ti7, . Mh itaan lita
'"? .'?'"'.' i ? ? ?- ? ?-* ll Xi Ml ??;.. red kidney*
II '-?"'.ill 33 marrow ,..-. ? ,., ... , <, ?;,,,.,, ..-,
! ; hum ?<?? .*l ..:. i- ,,u r> qulei Weatern turkey*!
i n l.. N rthern f-wi-i 11913. . hick. I . !'? '?'. \\ ? ?
?"' I. ? ns, ll , 10 , foe. . . R m. .- ... ;?,,
"'nt* I tai-.*, au., i llehro. 13 ,4',
? H ?'?*- ?' ? X| int*!!*.. 4<l. : *?, le,,.'. . ?.. ,. ,...
ai * |1 ?.:, ,i nt,i .'um*,-.,. \ , encla* |2 50?j|4 ;,. ? >**
'??' V\ '"..Ja Ml IU) ,, , ri i-liole II.10I1B '.,u...
arad** tumut. Ry, ,,,,, ,,.?., *, r.,JU j . ......
i.mi, l.-n?|. k *,.!* BOB acid fir;-. ?lc seeoS i -,,,
Union *a.s. fli?'s, 2!i-,,.'lo, -..??,,:,>. LT,.- '
I'.iifr*!,,. K.-t, ii Bprtag wheal eloa*d UcImht rna
noon prteaa Sflntar wheat doaad dui i tower CW
' "" : ''? :??? '? ? brai a laked; no ,i phi . bid ..,..
R.-T^v-oi 4.;",,.':'7 ' ,';":,,v ..,,,r' ,1""""
'? ???...-firV:.At'nt:,".:r* nw???..
"??? ?"'? 'I n" HBsdtag rutarsa rsagad ... roi
Wheat Xs 2 Oasabis iiiri-.?t i>,?,,, asslsa
r*t,ru?ry 74r?i|7,Va 7.V, J;;.. '*->
*?*? .1..SU7"'-, T*S
Jul> . 7t'? 72.;
t'orn, Na 3.
^hru?'V ?-'\2l-NW'l\ Btu n%
?M"> ? 2SS, ";i\,i-:;ii. hi! S3
The tenacity with Which some habits stick
(,, ptoplf or" people stick to th*- habits, ls
wry remarknble, particularly the tobacco
an<l coffee habit
Pedplc a<t almost os if they were in reality
under a hypnotic spell. They prom.se them?
selves and friends time and again that they
will Lav.- Off. winn they find rvalth forsak?
ing th?m, but they make one excuse or an?
other and k'opon tho dreary way as If guided
bv an unseen s-plrlt of evil.
Physicians- realise the useU'Ssness of treat?
ing a patient for any <>f th" multitude of nor
vous diseases .s.. long as the poisonous alka?
loids of tobacco and efl'.- ar- being taken
Into the svstem. even In minute doses.
fl ls a simple matter to break thf coffee
sp"ll If the food drink. Pontum. tho health
cuff. ?? mini., by the iv-tnm ('? r.-al <"<>.. Hm., of
Battle Creek, Mien., ls used in Its place. This
ls ri fa.- simile ,,f lin- Mo. ha coffee In looks
when brewed, and changes to the rich golden
brown of obi Java when .ream ls added. Be?
ing made wholly nf grains Intended by the
Creator for mnn's subsistence, it makes md
bbod <jtii. kly and ls fattening ami nourish?
ing. The muddy complexion disappears and
in its pince comes th" cl.-ar skin of health
with rich blood cursing ba. k of if Many
people aro sick and do not know that it ls
ihe insidious pots.,n r.r r-r.rtfo that prostrates
stomach and liver and cans -s it They laugh
at first, but a trial <>f a week without coffee
and using tho food drink Ponturn, makes .mo
arni s up ro a great big live fnct
Th** children .an sip from papa's or mam?
ma's coff-!* cup. If lt happens to contain
Pontum, and their little bodies will g-nv.
round and fat tinder the nourishment of the
pure grains, but if ls a heartless proceeding
to feed th^ t.-nder bodies on coffee, as every?
one knows tho puny, sickly looks of coffee
drinking children.
Let pnople adopt healthful food and drink
and "throw physio to th? dogs."
"Just as good" as Postum Cereal are words
used to defraud the public.
B>i*fO a v Empire liuu EiPfJ*'
I sstesi train ;n -ii* world. Stops .it Albany, t acm.
s ra ii*. . i ir I lei I": BtifTslo 1:43 t> m..
Wagers Fu..:* 8:39 p. m. TV* train t* limited to
H.- seating rapacity. .^._
Ol.III A M lr, |y. Fut Mf.il f.r P^'iBi.k'?P',ll. Al^-ini.
I'tlcs. Syrscus*. Koclie.ster. Uurfalo. Manara Fall*.
Ch tessa
lOi.'to a m.?f'xeept Bandar Dar ffisprsss. for an im
I- -i.-.mt New fi -.v. Hists points , ? ,.?,,,_
IsOO P m. -Dally. Soul w*?t*m Umlted. For Colum?
bus, riaclnnsti. Indlar.apolla and St. ttvwa. '.'r
nt Poughkeepsie, A!'..ny. ttl.-*. Syra.-'i?'. HSenss
IsM I'.'m -Ds li CW .-.ir- Bptetsl tor V^y n?v*
Isnd. Tolado snd ? scops m fr'"*^X'*,*r
Albany, Schsssctsdy, L'tlea, syracuse. Rcnener
SlSO P. Nt ' -Escept Sundav. West Point. P' ugt.keepale,
aWO^XlSaii K. rt., ShOTS U?K*? Ito W?}l
?*.'-'" .' ri:. CW ago 4;;io p. m. ItOBS at Alban>.
OstMip!0V^DsVly!' V Albsnr. Troy, l'tlea. Adiron?
dack Mountains. Montreal. Byracuss, 1^??
Msgsra r,i! Cleveland, Tolson, Dattolt, a.hicag*.
tit-in < M':"'!,^.''i7r'T-,-, nurtlnstoa. 5f*fJ*?*
_ Montresi and (ta apt Bstui lav nlghu) o?*wb.
,:..<? p, m.-Dalia-, for Buffalo, Slafsrs ,ui'v,,' ..
land. Indlanapoll* st Louis CnloBiO. St ps ?
ntCH.V^-Xl;.^h\rZSS *\2%m. Cr tangar.
sol/, for poiats on Kail Brook lullars*, via Ussss,
HTn\ for |{ irrPMtT
BUS P M.-Dslla/. For Brrsevas, Oswesjo, *rtat.rto*?-n.
Ogdansburg, t'ufr;,- Niagara Falls, a***}*"*' ?~
ledo Chlcsao; eiVept Bsturdsy. f?* Cape \incent
an.l ths Auburn Hoad. . .^-.i,.,,
ISltO sVIOHT. -Thsstr* nain for Chtesgo and pri?> ps
points on N's* v ri r>ntrsl. trtry ?*?. ??5ff'
Sunday niic> t. Sunday nut ts chicago BtsssafS ie?*
4>a B:IS p. aa. trsla __ _ .. _.??-*-? ,
flinn a m' snd 3inn"p M?Pally, except Sunday, to
PlttaAe'd. I a Mariam Dtvislcn. .
?llS A. M.?Bandar only ' Pittsfield, and th* 3*rk
ahlr* Hills, iris Hsrlam DK laban. ?,,,,?
All nlghf nalns run between l?U?-*t. anl I?n,nU,?i}
riir.-,m DlMil.in as far as Yonks-*, lr connection wt'**
tha rriavstad rvnd. Thia ls th* only line running a..
night" train* out of New-Tortc
Wagner Ps lacs '"-irs on all through trains.
Trains Illuminated with Ttnts-h l.ighl. , _ ?
Tl-kars nnd Wssner rffl.-es st Orana! C?ntral S'atlon.
us asl, 4i.t Brasdwar: ru i-tast i4th-?t.. oi: nmadway.
2X". rolumhus-av*. Bl Wast ISth-St., an.: nsth st. sta
Hon Ww V.,rk; BM and 72rt Fulton st. ?rd 10fl ''roadway.
B. P.. Brooklys, ?.
Itagraire checked from hoi*] or residence by tha WSSS
john at. T.i'-.-r.v
'I-'noral Manager.
QROROE ll DAietaatat.
i;-"a-al Passenger Agart.
Xl 'rtFOI.K ll .''.'i a. m. dalia-.
NEW ORLEANS, Through Bl*spsr, BJ0 p. m. (Sunday
2.09 p. in...
All train* *r* lllum'natad with Plntsch Light.
Onie**: ita. \12 2m *r.i 1 mo B'srsy, .11 K I4*h Bt .
127 Boaar*ry, M. Y.: BBB, .fii Pulton st., Brooklyn; Button
? .- nf Libert*/ st n. c. R. R f n j. BAggSf* checked
fi .rn h .if-', or rcsld-nra to destination.
iJird, par 100 tb:
.1 B2I,
.1 !))
- ri ribs per i"<) rh-.
May . 3>.tA
July . 4 ""
:-. r>-,
4 00
.1 TV
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n s7i.
.1 rc
4 00
lera n?
Pl -ur dull,
M*?87ft Sc
st '.-idi
N . .1
Cash quotstlona
.ir 1 in-l-uriK. -I ^
spring shaat, 7i'.7l'-i-. N , -.' r--!. -I'-,-.--.
2l*4'ft22V; xn _? .'-. i;,\ii i.;-,.- n. 2 ? :<t-,'r,:u.-.
** ? '.;?? Meade; No 1 '.I. 7*'t 7-' prim* Um
-? I *2 72 ?? rs norla p r bbl. $7 i*t)v$* TO lard p*r
100 lb, S-1 ?74tfSS 70; short rill la BU r.<4 Oft;
tad I uldsra (hox"dl, $4 2.*. ti 14 30; sli- rr .-la.- Mles
ihox*d) 81.1JI I.".-, whisk*) dlstlllars' Mnl?h?d a
aral. ?i 17: lUfsrs, cul losf, IS |4; grsnulatad, Mal;
standard "A." MM; lina ll, raw. -J-v. bolled, 2Te
.'? ?? "- luce Bxctanga to day the butter market S'S*
Arm; astra cr*sm*ry. 20*sc; fl ats, 184910c; sa inda 14'i
tc Baas Brm; haas*. Mi * 11
.' n Innai Feb. ll F ui B nter patents MBb*M48B
fal ? t) _-i:.. <t-tu wi- ... ? tea.)) samp:* red 7:? .
dull, easter; \ 3 mig, ' 2*. \ , 2 yalloav. 2S"?c yellow
.-.,r, 3.1V23l?c. ...ir.- quiet; No 2 m x-i. ll).-; N, i while,
'*'.?- r rh near faml y, IS TB; -.i: t.ntr. ??..'ji. , ,.\r
ba k. 18 73 1..1V Kettle, a,., prime steam, SaSBe. Dry
Mil ri. . li rs a--, ihort r >i Hide*. 4 k abort ctesr
s..les. 4'... clear bellies. t\. . boxed mests, ',.- mr
Bacon Loose ihoulders, 4'4. . looa* ahorr rib sl.l^s. *',-;
loose ali..rt .--en- ildei 4*. I-, -r- clear bellies, Bl%r; b<>aed
meats, "hc rr--re. Minter Blftn. 2"- . Ol i snd Indiana
reamer*) Iftagll arss?Fresh, 12c Whiskey s^tlve.
tl 17
Milwaukee Psh, 11 IVhesl opened iteady *n,i qu!?t
Ma) pena I al 7H'? . r urhed 7.-",. . fell I i 7J?,-* and .-'.laad
,-<r 7.'*, r-ample wheal weah Ue ;..w?r. Xo 2 X rthem
? ? i il 7Sc; No ?') spring, 7.?ii74. . Ssmpla bari i *
Sn 2. Hstrite iX\.- i, lower; Sn t. ? trick, W.
P i ??'? .I-, snd qulei on bssii of M 2O0JS4 SO ( .-:
spr':.g j atenta in ? od.
tflnnesno'ls. i-'.-h ll. w>iaa, roll mia: bsartsfe Inns
enc* t . ,i..y and 'as held iher* M..- opened ..r -,:>.k--.
r ld -i n r-.r-.K-- fr. ir 7'J1, ? 7. IBIajo, and ? led nt 7'JR,
igainsl 7:,lrr.'7 ye terdsj inly opened al ,'is. brok*
lo 7."i'v and .--'I nt 7o-..::, igalnii U yesterda)
I'aah Wheal There was a. Improvement In th* lemand
fr ?tan<Uj.: grade ?K;.-)i re*u!ted in miller* psylna ?
i.iluajjM ||tj , .var Mn for sp -. N.-> 1 V ort hern; So 2
I i price fr..rn |p to l;y -ir i> r N'o I. linly
N . .: were offered ..-..I these aold ni BOBS
? ia tra ?;, No I hard, 74S-- No 1
"?? Vo 2 S rthem, 71'. Flour Pntants
bakers', F2':??!* t :??<. production, S2.000 i.Ma
14.480 bbl*. Mlllstuffs Bran tn bulk quoted si
a.*. 7,'.fl?''. 2.'. shorts, *."> 2".'*:. ..'.. ml idlings, *7if?7 2N
Philadelphia, F"*a ll Pl ur dall and snrhsnBsd
Wu-.. Weak; exp..rf demand light, contract ?ah-?t Ml
e.iii February, S77-I-1-- March. April and Mai, nominal
car Int* in export elevator, No 2 Pennsylvania red rjostl
Bte No 2 Delaware red tm , UV. No 2 red. MujassV
No l Northern sprlrg. s7'.;ivv ...rn iteady, wit., fair
?I ? Inquiry, though foreign hld* K,-n.-r?ii) setow a
workable twists; No ? mu. I n rall, Pebruan '-">l? -"??
Mai.-h. ?.?.;',??-.';??, April, 20*4027. M iv nominal ear
lota In ext alor, nominal; No 2 mixed 2.'.'..7'.;
.. jj'. Noa 2.'t :..i:i>,.. Oata steady, but de'
ma ..I ..nl\ moder*t? Xo 2 whlta clipped, 24624', \ t
shit* . u;.p.- i '.?.*''?,.? No 2 whit* ??)) call, Pebruan 29% -
24*s? Btlrch. April and May, ZSWO^sc. Mutter tim. ind
ti fair demsnd; cresmery exir.i. 21--. K?ks firm and i,.
ilgher; Penneylvsnls ind Western flrats i.v- ' ??* ?? i
.... - and higher; winter bran, In hulk. np. t jr
H2 Tn: spring bran, In aa. ks. ipot, Vi2?jti2 Mi other
in fair demand resmery extra, ale, K?ks timi an.l
higher; Pennsyla ??.?.,. ind V/estsrn flrats i.v
arri, lea ur 'hanged
sr units. Peb. ll Flour unehaaunst Bran Brm: Bseksd
essi sid*, 41. . ? ..inti > points, n Wheat ai-.
lower; Maj W's b I July, :?-??? ,-,.ni uachsnged ' i -
man WV, n........ May, 2",,-. july, --., ,,
changed; February, lOV?c, nominal; May, 18c bid I .
rlli.iulders ai;..'1-;, extra shun ,?;,.,,?, I4S7I, clear rita.
" i*' ::'t\ ,..'.,r> ?**' "??"?'-nhouldert:
*l.i."i. extra short e|^,,r. f4.i2',. clear rile aides li,'
dssr aides, fi r.7>;. Otksi snides un.-hanged.
Cntopran ^VOncrliaciiifnt^.
tb. landon oiric* of Th. Ttlbun*. 73 Fl**t Street. &. ex.
a eoa??nl*nt plac* to lea** their adv*rtl*em?nU and sue.
atilptlona for Th* Trtbuas.
Hotel do Lill? ?t d'Albion
'-"JJ. Ku,, st. ll.more. Tarts.
sawtWttn th* Tullerles Hardens. Plata Vendome '
sod Now Opnrn. A^ynntninoua arrangements
for families Beautiful Han. Urge Drnwlns
r.3'8*oE,rctrl? U?ht' *c' T'"*r.m.. an!'.
Rciilrotibs. ''
?iATIOm Cost *i ,.,..,.,., .., , ., "
.-.i;..r..o *-0''ii*Aani
M.OO a a VlflT 111,1 .. ?
? . i'..-r..o
M. KASl UAlU ... -?. Bolte, ,..?.?_:"
a.. i "r-e (ta
e.oo _ ..
.New If oj a. t,/ |*aicaaw- .s,, . ,
U.OO A. Vt. t-A.-Sl l.,M.. ,-,,..,* jri
A M. I',..-,.v*vi.xamx V/;;, ""?????
?"-ra ''? ? -: fVaa
iii **'?. ' I" . i;. ; , ,.,, '-"sst.
i jeans**!
vh'iiii Caii i
sail, Indunapull., ,
a.lHl P. M. CHICAGO ANO St; Lon*
ror Cln-amati. Lotuaxiu* i ,? ,. J,':11, '--^pRe**..
....ville, .
jV-CHTKRN i.Mit,.-.
A:.' I . '
Fojr tra, k- Aul ?-. ? i
On are! a'-?r .! ,-. -
Yrr.ln.i leav* *tati n fn - '. 1 .> ?
Fir na?t n. Ret),l>h<"i .x -'< a>
4 .to ;.n n n, m ag .. r.,,-. rn \ ?t ,.;
'4. .ii t, Ea*t : ... .', i:, i- ??'.? ? - ? : - -..I:
I-.-!" '7 15 to E**t n .AM I '?? *? n PU "
Fer (Vilk-isbarre, I- ?? I -. ? I a ..-. ? _?
1:10 la?.. 4 1", P. M ? ? . - i . ?'
Po* Rea.ilns at 4 10. * 1*1 B IO ' | ?? | ?
1 aro, it*.. 4 So, .-,'., .', 13 a.*. " Vt . . ' ' '.
<1;,m. I:B0 a m.i ,?. 2 "a 5 no ? ' :? '? |j -x alaki
For Kan-tabur* bi j i>i, *,.,.? ; ? %?
1:30. 4.1". .,.?*' 11:43 P M '2 '? ? is
A. M.. 1 no a tn P M. IS IB ?
F r Bunk :r l> b irg ?? ! ii < in ia*
0 10 a. >i 1:10. i :!a :, oo " -.: ? i x y
5:00 P M
ALI. lilli, ito. Il
F<Ml LONG ia: xv, a ,, Vg, Sj|
For R.-d Bank Lon* Rr* Part ''it
r;- -.* br i p. inta * n ? P.int I itu |?
IO IB A Bf.. 1 "" I 1.1 ? '. kl li. R i ?-. | |*
.-. 3B .'.-:. I- ll - it Int. ? ?. ,.w ,
Fari: and Ocean Or . . , a ., , m ; -:
Fr I \l\l \>. ?..
4 30. 10:4.'. A. M. 1:43. .; Ut. 4 i- -:x;i?a.Tl
P. kt
F r T.-r**s t>.--?r. Rarnegat Park lr ! !',.--? art:. 4*g
pi r. X If., 1 I" ll" a "
I r Itlantl, Cl r. xv.-:a. I..-.;:-'. UH",
i r. p m
F r M nmri'i'h H<a<-h. Pei ;i v
Nave* nk i 30 * 0 IO IS a M 1 ' I kl 4 15. lg
W \ *- r i T -. ; ? ? IN
Per Pblla-talphla vi--*- day*. 4 - ? i-na t**X
11:30 'len;:* ran. A M.. 1:30 '.' ?? Baan
Parlor ''an. 1:30 3:00 inti I ? ? a oe p
M . 12 !'. Digi ' * ' ' - f '' ' ? ?
lng Carl A M. ?'???> 4 rsi. B:00 rDlnln* - P. |
12 IS nigl ?
F r Bali more and "i'aehlnatin, w?-k - - ?? .*,
11-30 minina Or) A af SrOO ! ? n'ng i**a
P af.. 12*13 ntgl ? lund ?? '" ? M | CM
a. If 2too, s ? unlng cari. P M 12 H r rbi
T!^k?-ts unit tar i r ar ?*a's ran >?? i, ' ' ?? -i
Liberty gt., 11.1 ITS SOI i.i a. I ifaaj
7"!7 Otb Kr., Bl '?"--? ''"? St 15 " -rt
Wes' 133ttl Bl., 2*! ,' . ?a*-. A- V ? i rjBBj
ci pfi f-.. n Rt IT - -,'??" '?* Br '? "" "'?m?
ha-r T*>? New Y -lt Transfer r i* ? ir f - tot
,?(-?.--< ii.-,?.*^r>? from aaatela se r**ldene* - I -- itiaa
BtNtloaa foot of < .irllan.lt iiii.I Ile* I. ri ..???? sit
ililli A. M. - 7 00 I. M.) tit MA7CB
1 Hf'NK an I Intermedl it ? at il I ?
MllS \. M. I ; "- : IRBARR-: - ' IgTBJ
{w.?k ,..,., rxHA?'-.. OENRVA P?"> H"*~"P. VJ.
FAi.O MAO.IR* FXt.I.S ll ? til* '"?? ItSSkJ
loeal nelnta Plntnc f*Br and rha'r far i ' ~
in:r.n *. m. I, li *?e?i : Sunday, for v.x H '"HV?
? ia I mt erm* ' 'nt.
arrives Buffa! , !>.'..*, I' M Pullman ITeatlbul* '.'V-- "*?.***
and Parlor ''am Dlnlng-Car **r Meal* ?. .? *?
Oaajaect* at DutTala with through .?!**p?ra to I) -itt
12:411 P. Bf. ,1a!lv. expert S-iidiy, T-r Mauch Ch |
and Intermediate p.,inta. . ?
It-IO P. Bf. daily. ex,.'*pt ?undav. fr WIIkaaOBIT* I t
Inn. P^ran*art and principal lti-?rmM'.v* Btati tu ' ?
nrcts for all pr'.n-* lr. coal r*a**lon. > '!,?!?*. '.'ari ?- xx-;.ine
4tlO P. M. da.!> rx tnt Sunday, fer W ^.tbam
Pittston, gerantes and prlnolpa'. --,??-?.
Conr.eeta f .r all po'.nrs In coal r*.; . I ia Bvi*?
Parl-r-i-ar ta *C*.'.!k*sharr*.
Kil.". P. M. aa'v. ? r EASTON a-.1 lr------ ? .-? i>
tttio P. M. ii - axcepi -.-?.. Bat ? ? ' - >:itia*.
ton and ; "in ; al ?- mediate - ?? Bf
Rea : na ana Han-la ir to ? -
7 lin P. M. !. '' tor Bt ff ll -v FA!.:J
an i all P 'ii ia W -' Pullmai - ?, '. nj
rf. T. to <
**>:.'JO P. M. daily, aaeepi Bund -.y u
Soiitri I". ?.-..'.. " !"? n. Beti " -**-u*ii?
L. 4 R. Junction, .-^r--. <;-r.*-\.i ? , as
Burta Pullman Hie*. t ,-i
.**i- mii>*d. N. a
i?:0O P. M. lally, for ITHAr.H OEXRVA r.a'HEJ
TER BUPKAUTt, KIAOARA I'M.'.* ii ta tft*r.
Pullman Bl*ep*r* to Cmlcago tad Buffa! * ..j*.- ri
Addli -?i local --nins dalis * -iiy. t*
itnrvri imfinK a-.i ipt?rm*-J .?- r- ??* ' leat
n .?. x M "3". 4 SO, ard 8 M V M P M (St.
u:da>* on'.y.)
T- ke'a and Pullman arcmm^da-!'-.* ? 11.1 Tm Ul
27n (.11 and 1 rt'.'-t Broad wa; "' '?'?*' lt - Ul tu
ISfttn St . 127 n arery. N T BOO *' n Si i arti
r,* n- ,1 da I-, ind Ri - I Ai a ''"
**4*ew-T -vt-' * 'i-'. tbm)
1 ^:.-"r fr ai hoti - r***t.f*ne* ll i ,..,....
UIJL.. L..V* UAW ANNA 4..MI \\1>IIK\ H. R
Sltltloiia 111 Niii-liirk, lot.t ul liar, la) Bal
l .i . 1st..lill, i Ml.ll*.
tnt**, i'im si ii i k.:i t
Dlreri r, .it- t NKVVAKK. BLOOM M '. -
THE ' i'.AN.'.KS Suminl - Kiiiiai
li . ,\ Mrt-l,-. n, ll mi i ''..- -.
tea Dovei. .-i a ? pe, N's * '..xKL
LAKE 1','I'A'K ' IM! If trk<a ? LJE1 '
MOl'NTAIN. W ?-? Itiuton. I'HIU.II'* ? N
v. iTER (1 \" - I usitt'it.i i a
? ii BINGHAMTON. n.XFOK rt Wa***"
x ill-. L'TH'A. Rli'HPIELD r-PRIX''.** '.";
pviiA.M'sK o*\".a ao r: im v .?:::.*
,., mt* xx I-"', s iHTHWRST ,\; -
^:0O a- M B1NOHAMTON M.xtt. Step* al pt BJ
10:ihi \ M Caf* <-j'\ Hi I'l'xl/' ". x.*.-. -V. WINO
HAMTON, I II A KHUKIK!.' sn: s I? -?!*.*
t-i sk and OSWEOO EXPRESS. : iiimaa I'u.t
cars. Connecting tt Burta * th tr -ir Ol Sa*
EXPRESS Pullman Buffel Part r
4:00 l- m BCRANTON WIIJCESRAR1 and "M?
OI'TII EXPRESS l'ull!*.*:i Buf I ' , r t*ar
7 30 p M fPallyl Buffalo v.- ??; C?v*a
l-'AI/> Pi'.lttian f .rf. r * .g l*Sl Mrtafl
Buffalo ?Uh tra:::* ' - ??*t
830 P M (Dally) Kurala t:v, i ia I --?r**r?. **
MORRIS iin-1 BUFTALO. arrtvina Biiffal * A *? .
Bi.tO l> If. .Daly* HI'EEAl>> Bi'RAVI.iN B!V?JHAS
TON. ITHACA, t'TI.'A sattx-r*': and .-SWB0B
EXPRESS Pu'.lm.m Huff..- glee] ?
Henry t\mr A B BB, Limited, IIB Pi la ri ??'{
Ptioe, ISB Br idtraj -??. it ? - - J
Bi adway ll! Jt?- axe rcr tSth al .'?' xx..- ijtth *?
m Columhua axe W-a York l.TS "?. a*S
*?.! \M ir- .. in- ii Ri dclyn Tim* ?
fM ? .,? . .? .'? ?? ,-,. -.
r^*cv hacr"!-* f-em |vxt*l or ???*'<? r-- tn '*.
Tl,r-llita t
BB fallan
tx ?- ^.'.
BB taiiavx... ari nve nunn,, rai ???? ^-:-*
flHNI K. M.?\, ' :1a a li, .. ' I , "?
Blngbai I mira Puff* Bra x S.ff*S
F, e.. I' *i Pal. r , ..r ? .1' '
?JMlii P, M.?v.Mth ,:.*1 : . "
tra'-i for a '^' via Phalli
B v
, ? .
lin I 7 Hi A 't
ileveland mm.1 Clneli ,
7::to P. M.?' (Ta ind i ai rt ^r-^
rta , irrlve* Buffal 7 I.', X *X! R: i 1.1
* ..-. x m ? i :-. t- xt - - ur*
Buffalo nr.t flex ? *n ' . ' - I***"
ll ? . ,v md th* xx,
ti . o ? a ?? ? ? v . -?
HMS P. M.? V i , ' . i ' v ? '*
Dally Build i- . ? - " l
? "?? ag .,','? i ii-i i? ? ina ? ? .?,?
miCKEIS IjOCAI. TIME ?'?' "?*. >*?" r t.LMjg
X Bl* '' "' ?! ll * Ul 'I'1 -??' ' ' ' '?.
imin i'-7 Bowen I'"'- Ea?i I'."".:' '-* ??' tmvjt
Bl . I ...|l ? ! " " ' J ,
*?-,! TS* *'-i lon si I"" '' ? ? ? ll , '?" " '*
*' lt hok.' ' ?- ? "* -. ' ."?.
mila for and check ? ?-. bbbbb
it ??
ii.il,. . ^.,- ar ,.. .. ,\. \ , a* t? **?* *"
li in ...i liar from I l-rank
;t:;i? a M. i'ii, i *i w i. ? ? . ?vM*
U-.tr. A M Dall) fa Albany, , - , .* Ff^TZ^
in-. Bulla lo. Niagara i I - ., vat?
11 :?!.-. A. M. Dal!) >??? '..?*?
tutu,. Nea i .a. ! -*-* * - ? . *' J *VS2
Albany, I tl *. .*'"*' B*. ?-?!???? I >* OstSSj* rai
i.ii tu llbanj c....-n*
UtiiU l- Mf '? llbany. M-nireal.J " ' '^.P,*
i; . ?i ? Ruffa S'lasara I ' l"
Ctevelai I. a ad il I- -a* . Vo.-b?r
7:ir, p. m pain i W* Uanda), for iyieesea ***KB^
l*r ... . I Liff i ,, .!??
B.l.n p M Dolli f;'.r Aituny. I'll ; *- ;'.^' -Ja I*
Buffalo Nlaaara Kalla. T I t Detroit. CM*4
r.t?,. and Si I ? ,. *
T.mr* i?i'l<-* "i i'tin i|'?l hotela ?n.l .-fe'" ,
2 .' i; LAMM a;' ? " * ? - LJirrtrm
Bk | vanderl lt ?*? N'" 1 ^.
ApVEl.TtSFMlTNT!* and *iit?.-rli.ll -n* tm .^ht****
on. rac* ?*d *l Ih* r tl..f.,', ' U o ?-. ?*:
wai. Sd Bool nani, if ila .1 until VV.r'*Ve^Ba***
wrtl.*i.-.*i.t* taeetved nt th- foll?win* **?".", m anV
r**ui*r ..tn,-- rat** until k ..a lark p. *:JS-1 MtcfS
.?V a * ror -**l.1 *t IV.' rt,I B?. CW '^VwaallkW
gth-av* and llth-.t . 1?'^l''^'l,*'-*V^ wtk-*A?
*aU 10S Wtat fJkV-SL. B?**r ClU **? ' " su"

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