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Lincoln's Hlrtrtday was appropriately observed In
all nf IBM nine public s. Viols of Mount Vernon
\e -.r,!i\, Knrnsvaorth Post. I'.ranil Army of the
Republic, contributing to the Inter, si bf .Vtails sf
Hs sssBsbars in ths vnrious s. hods 10 make ad?
dresses sad give, interesting ptfnonal recollec?
tions of President Lincoln. At Behool No. 1 thsrs
ajana ? programme of exercla n which C4**?*aeted of ,
?USdC anil rending* bv lbs pupils. "Tbs Hoyhoo.1
and Personal Appesirancs of Mr Lincoln" was de
livcrcl by Arthur Paspart; 'Political ami Pr.--r.bn
Hal Career.'' Chsatc* Llchtensteih; Mnhnan4?inatlon 1
Proclaniatlon.'' Mi^ Hanisi Hoossr; ' 'PrassieVsni
Lincoln's Las! Days." Lillian liiarlinp. Tin sd-1
dress ava- mads by Comrade Henry E Rhonda*-**.
Similar exercises were held tn thc other schools,
and were conducted in each al different hom*- nj
professor Alfred Wallam. The*addresses aver., as
follows: No. 2. Comrade nn.l ex-Mayor Bdward l
Brush: No. a. Comrade Lilley; No 4. Comradea Fay
nn.l Kelsey; No 7. Posl Commander I>. w. Lap?
rn August. .*<?... thc homeopathic physlelanB n
Mount Ven -. ?? ; a soclet) lor ih<* purpose
of establishing n dispel sary, The manacers of the
Lnr. au of ' h irltl. a. heal n| of ti;.* obj. el of the 10
rlety, offere ' th. use "f 'heir room, ni No SI
Routh Es tonal ave. The offer vv.is secepted, and on
Sept em 1 ?? dispensary waa opened. At .
the (li il meeting. Mield In January, IM,
bylaws were >doptcd. snd thc following oftv
cers were chosen: Preslde.lt, I'r Nathan Nut?
ting- vice-president. Dr, H. C. Jones; secre?
tary i'V VV. i' Daria treasurer, Pr. N. H.
7..- ar me i'V.m.uv meeting the bylaws were
?? . ? to Include five laymen, and th.- present
membership comprises Judge Adam E Sehsts
Messrs lobn H Jones, J. K Tsylor, li* B,
Ferris. Wlllla" ', hei I E v Howland VMth
..???? nee ai the dispensary 11 wss
.. ? , . ? ,? len tho Bcoi ? f thi
? tlon. and with this obj< I in view th.- bo lety
ncorporai I 01 December ll Inst, under 'ii"
title .'' the Mount Vernon Horacsopsthlc Hospital
:,. 1 Dispel - ety. Th.- number of eases
treated ni ihe db ensary In IM smounted tn Mi;
number of prescriptions, STD; number of hons.
The Mount Vernon Musical Boclety ha? accepted
an Invitation from th.- Roard of Education to give
an entertainment for Ihe pupils of thc public
schools and their friend* a programme I* being
arranged, an.l aili ba given In thc auditorium of
tbe Flfth-ave. bullaring, on the nighl of Friday, Feb?
ruary BL
Mr and Mr-- ,T..-;-',>ri S Wood nnd their son,
r.. -? .',-. .7 ? mpanled their nb ce. Miss Nel
\ .,.' , 1 luievflie, Ky., yesterday. Mrs.
Wood and her soi will continue rh.-lr Journey to
Da c I., where tv--.- will vlall relatives.
Kate De Coureey, daughter ' Mr ind Mrs
John i ?? ?' ? ? ? v. and Charles P 1" IHpa wi re
married last night T ? ceremony toola place si
the home of the bride's patin's, nr.-i waa per
formed b) the Rev. g. T. Graham, rcvor of Triii
Th.- Po tl ' Equality Club gave s largi progres
plvi u Isl parti yesterdav .if:, rn . >n in lld of the
Day Nurserj The pri/.'- wen s in bj Mi-< iv?si .
Miss Wheaton, Mrs. Ward. Mr- Plttlnger
u:. 1 Mrs. Mcreho
Tho third annual dinner of the Young Men's Re
publican nub of W?tcbsnts? County will '..ko
pines this ev. nins at IVn'In's Hot.;. Neva Mair St
and .**< nth Broadwsy. Tho number of tickets is
limit, d to ninety. Gestcrnl o'Hairn. will r.-spond to
the mast. "Lincoln," and will bs tbs principal
spa nk.-r of the evening District-Attorney Ch ira
. v drews va iii speak to "Young Mon in Politics,"
Past Commander john .'. shun- on "The Qrand
\ rm of the Republic," Congressman Ben I*
Fairchild on "Our Nation." State Senator J. Irving
Durna on "The Empire State," and l>r. *'ook on
ibu lu Politics." It Ls also expected that f
City Attorney James M Hunt and the Rev. I'r.
Al vaia S. Hobart, oi ihe Warburton Avei ue Baptist
Church, vain speak. Tin- committee which arranged
th. dinner ls composed of Theodore 'Vx. William
C. Kellogg, (leora, i: Brown, Charles F. Hr..wa.
1. Christian, Richard Edie, Jr.. Wilyun n
Toumans, Charles Francia Bates, Robert Ferguson
nnd E A. Forsyth.
Mr-. Belle 8. Bruce va tl 1.1! of v r recent tr;p to
Alaska In th. ai - ml I f ibli. Behool No.
3. *of which she 1- principal, ..n Monday evening.
?It will )?? Illustrated by a number of line vlewa
The Lenna leam from Mi mi Vernon lost i.oth
its gamea on Wednes night n ur., tournament
of the Westch) lei '.777 Bowling League, at 11>?
alleys lr this city Yonkers No. 2 de?
ft ? SH to 773, and (iermanla, of
? Vernon, by n score ..f 840 to T1' Yonkers
No 2 defeat. | Germania by a .-. ..r. of 776 t" 74*.
?men team from ihe Palisade Boat Club went
to New-Tork on the sa mi evening and defeated the
? ol . .-'.i to I.SM
?1 .?!.. ot th. Palisade leam, rolled ,i Boors
game in a series bel ween the
? ll \ bowling clubs 71V ?
. Yonkers.
e Keogh yesterday approved the cen
nf li ?? ? 11 of the Nea Yonkers Athletic Club,
it lon for practising and promoting gym
aet Isea The directors are
Thou- lames J. Oahagan, .lohn Bl in,
W, Harrigan, Isaac E, King, M .1 Walsh
.'?:..i 1 "?' Thi club la In a flouthshii t; ? on
ditton, and has 1 membership of over'IOU.
? 1 glermo, an Italia ? ?? rdaj
1 onvli led of mut 1 the s< ...
nreme Couri, Justice Keogh pr. aiding. In .-'?
-..'?? ..ti. . -' md killi d A
HoniHiio li Mount Vernon. '', irglermo aili be sen
? ? ed on Monday, In the m. ? lim. Sheriff John
onveyed his prisoner lo Kings County Pen I
ry tot safe keeping. The Sheriff's timidity i?
? g mu ii amusement here ai .1 lt is a
lhal it hts subordinates were competent and ut
I to rh.-ir duties the prisoners would be *afe in
. ind Jai quea av ould not I fo I an
? ? unity to ea ape
k v. Millard, chairman of the Republican
County Committee, received a telegram yester?
day morning from Albany . fating thai Bi natOl .1
Irving Burns had withdrawn, at the request of
Govcrnair Ulick, thi bill giving Ihe power of ap?
pointment of the Commissioner of .inn,rs to ihe
ty Judgi In a Bhort tims thi newa spread
.ill over th. village, and there vans g'-.-at r> lolclng
among the Robertson men. Coll nei J. .1 Mahaney,
who bas been appointed Assistant Comm
..: Jurors, was the recipient of man) congi
lions. At s preliminary meeting, si which Chair
r ? Millard presided it waa decided to send s
lo Governor Black The question
<>? ?_- iv!-1 *r a dinner In hoi or of the victor} a\
Med, but no date waa Bel
Tbe bowling team of the Young Men'a Lyceum
will go to Yonker this evenii to bowl two gamea
va i: ii ii," Palisade ar.d V- nk< rs
Bil Knight Dr, N li. Freeland, Walter T
I ,. ? ? . 1 \v. 11 Mo? attended (rta reception of
Morton Commandery, New York City, on Wednes
<:.iv cv. nlng
The Board "f Trustea ' the Firs! Baptist
("burch held s meeting at lbs home ol Dr, ts. 11.
Freeland last ev. ?
In tho young men's billiard tournament at )h<
m on Tuesday <-a-.-ii.riB-, Charles Knapp beal
Edward B Ti irnler, and Tourniei beal .lurer .v
Requa. ''n Wednesday evening tl. B. Adams beal
j: Smith; Smith beal Charles Powell .'.rt John
5-;.-st. Tl ?? tournament vaiil end early neal month,
after which the whist tournament vain begin
Special senrices will v- held ai the Shiloh Bap?
tist church to-day In honor of Lincoln The
services will begin nt dawn with a sermon by the
; r, the Ri -. W. H. Tayl ir
Thc fourth snnual convention of tv Westches?
ter County Christian Endeavor I'nlon will be held
at the Flrsi Presbyterian Church to-day About
r-.vo hundred delegates arc expected fr..ni all parts
of th" county. There ..ra- sixty-four senior r>o.-i
aaitii 2.296 members la Ihe county. Thees
.-tr.* also twenty-seven Junior societies, with sud
members a total .,f 8.181. The ;.r.?.-rt officers rif
tb.- V,unty I'nlon an President, A P. Cobb, of
Tarrytown; vice-president Mlsa Elisabeth N Mar?
rett. ..f Katonah secretarj Mlsa Man C. Lester,
of White Plains; treasurer, William t' Bhoonover,
of Yonkers. Executive Committee. Willlaan 11
Whitney. Mount Vernon; John Taylor, Dobbs Fer?
ry; s s Bliss, Tarrytown, aad Frank Horton,
Moum Klsco Tl.ommlttee that has the >-.ui
ventlon iri <? linr^.- includes A. P Cobb W Ulam 'J
Bhoonover, Frederick I. I'liKsley Nathan 1' Hush
B S. r.iis-. Rober! Brot berton and Miss I....'.*
- . y
Mr, and .'.frs 11. 1: Bliss va::: gi vi a skating
j,.-,r;y. folltmred bj ii dinner, ai Woodlands Laka
HUS i.ft.-ri...on. A lar?.- number of ^u.-st* from
l.oiitis Perry, Tarrytown Ardsley, New-York city
n).d other pJness havs bean Invited Among iImm
who \ai!l ba pr. sent ar. Mi--s li Helene Oppal, Miss
Birdie Bweat Miss Lizzie M. r.-er Mr ar'.l Mrs
1 '? ?? J- Bliss, Mr and Mrs. John Jay Bliss
Miss Robinson, thc Misses Welsh, Miss Hun sim?
mons. Miss i;iisp A. I'.liss Mias Trube, Louis Bliss
A Edward miss. j. Los..-, h Ranckea (1 .1 Bliss
aral J. A lira.in
- ? -
NKW-Hi M'lll-.'IJJ
The second annual danes ?.f Ve Huguenot Va. !u
'' ?. Kiv.:. it, lbs Oyi 11 ght, wss a
larir.-ly a it.-url,-,1 and BUCCessI ii flffall Th,, decors.
tlosui wera of flowers and ya fmt M?,lr
was furnlal rd by ths Hungarian Band ol the Eden
Musse, Tbe dance opened with the landers, led
by Commodore Wbann and hla ssslstants, who
wore th.. Vu.', ur.,form. Anr.x those preses) grers
'.?..mmo.j.,... ,,,.,i Mrs. Charles Whaan, Vice-Corn
.i.'.'b.r.. and Mrs, chariea M. Connolly, He,-,, com
medora and Mrs s K Grorba ?, Mr. and Mrs r T
1 ' ! Mn A l Lank,.. ,. Mrs Fred?
erich Remington. M.- Julian Hunt!,,,,,,, Mr .ind
Mr,'and,Mra iW^t S' ::';! V,,> H,"r>- ""e
M S aWA^l^
Mr*Aena7r.8F,^v^t.,M,M^ ** ??S
Mrs. Randall. Mr. and Mrs. Charta^H ^ffln
commodora and Aim. pllor. ot tbs corinU.Ta,.
Yacht Club; J. P. Weaver and Mis* Weaver,
,-..,..-?., i* in,,., ,n,l Mis. All,rn Mr -ind Mrs
sim; sin<;.
I'lerrr Cortlandt Van Wyrk Camp No. HM. Suns
Of Veterans, will Observe Lincoln's Hlrth.liiy this
evening with literary siwl .ular eaerctses st ths
heaulquarters, In Poonsy Block, Following tia > x
erclsee h dinner win bs Barred fer the members
an.l their iriii'stM nt Ihi Crosier House.
Jostles Pryor in tia* supreme Corni yeaterday
K ranted to Mrs Lilla Olive NsaOM permission to
changs ber iihitk to Lette Henriquss. Hondas
Neasse, her husband, recently secured n divorce
fr. m her In England, nnmlriK Frank or "Wff" Klli
aon ns t'oreajionili'tit. Mfa, Neame, In I er appll.-a.
tlon to the court yesterday, ."aid she understood
that Nesms waa about to marry again, anti she did
not think lt rlftht that two women should hear the
sams name.
Millson, the corespondent In Ihe divorce oast*, wns
recently released from Bing Bing after serving s
Ung sentence fur an atrocious assault on Winiam
Henrlejues, ths father of Mrs. Neena.
Jiistles Tm.ix has granted g eertMeate of reason*
al la doubt and s stay pending sppeal la th<* casi- of
Walti-r i> Valentine, ths bucket-shop broker, who
waa sentenced by Recorder < .i.rr setae time sgo to
Mx months in the Penitentiary for ths larceny of
S3 from n niMomrr, Justice Trna* hollis thai the
Recorder erred in iuimiuin*: certain lesllmony re?
lating to Incorporation* of silaged bogus companies
in West Virginia with which the defendant was
Miss May c. Standish began s volt yeaterday In
the City Court before Justice MeCarthy and a |urj
to recover from William A. Brady, theatrical Bian
aper, seventeen weeks* salary a* ? member of a
road company playing "The Clemenceau Case." stu
aiieceii tha; ihe was unjustifiably discharged In
introit f..r refusing io play the leading pan of Isa,
in whi.-h abe would have had to appear apparently
mule. After a i.nii; hearing, the |ury awarded M!.?s
standish SSW, twelve weeks *.llar>.
Th.* Jury in the Supreme Court whlcb has been
hearing the snlr brought by Mrs, Bsrah llancoa,
tbs octogensrtsn model of a complexion ape i 1st,
for $3oi salary for exhibiting her fsee ss sn sdver
tlsement far a wrinkle-exterminating preparation,
pie its verdict yesterday. I; swarded six cct ti to
tho plaintiff.
Albany, Psh. H.- Th* foiirt of App.-ais day esl
ender for to-morrow ls: Nos, 8,-j.t, SM, SSS, SM, SSS, Mk
M ami Mr..
srppo.sni) TO BE THAT of IOHM ff. HAMBRSLET
District-Attorney Olcott yesterdsy refused to give
in forma thin atiout an .alec*.I defalcation tn an estal
whlcb had been reported lo him on Wednesday bj
Henry li. Maa. the lawyer si No. M Wsll-st. Mr.
Man said the lefslcstion amounted ti $11800, and
lhere was reason to believe thai there hail been for?
gery In th* alterations In hook** to concesl th.- steal?
ing uf the money ii,- la counsel for a Hsmerslry
c.*!nte, bul nat tbe estate of i.'iui- Hamersley, whose
wi.low i.ee.ime the Duchess of Marlborough snd la
now Lady Beresford. The f?-a? la Buppoaed to be
that of Jahn \V. Hameraley, who died In i*v' bb i lefi
property amounting to tlOO.OOO. Although the Dis?
trict-Attorney .le.-llnerl ta give Informal a,a ol Ihe
subject, ir was believed that proceedings had heen
begun for the sires! of b nun concerned In the si
leged robbery,
Tsaa," /liker, the convicted flrehup, was taken to
'inp Sing yesterday afternoon at l o'clock by Dep
ity Sin riff Sny.ler and two asalft.inta fr..m Bing
Sinn prison. Handcuffed between the two ssslst*
mtp and follow. <l hy Snyder, Zukei hoard.-1 a
M,uli?on-ave. ear In front of 'he 'rom!-: ai 1 the
imrty started fur the -:""? ir.r.i! Zukei refused to I
talk, ex'-ept to ni.ik.- ona atatemeni about Abs'st
mt Dlatrtct-Attorney Davis "i am noi don" flght
np; yet " he bs ld, "and you'll probably s.-e me
tack h.-r.- In a few day*. But Iel me ti 1 you
lhal if I have to serve mv timi I'll Ii'.'" through
:., thirty-six y. ars If only for Ihe purpose of gel
mg tn*, revenge on Assistant Dlatrlct-Aitorne' j
Davis, He sent me up, and I'll h\ him for it when
ny lim.' cornea He'll wUh he had .-..-rv.,1 the
nate* I of nie when I get through with him." |
Charges of eatrerae cruelty were brought In Jef?
r.-rsain Market roan yesterdaj by Antr.nio Amato.
i (teen year* old, of No IBS Rllssbetb-at, a ga Inst
Michele Aloio, a baker, of No L'4-' Elisa bet h-?t.. by
whom the lad wa.* employed. The hoy charges that
Alolo Withheld h\< wai;.-* from him kepi him a
prisoner foi three day* without food, beat him se?
verely, ana once was abou< to throw him into a
red-hot furnace, hui wa* prevented t,\ hi* sliter*
Magistrate Cornell held Ala;, for tris',
w ho denied I ni cha raes,
Robert Ma. Dowell, forty years old, who was Jani?
tor of the Twelfth Wsrd Bank Building, at taxing
ton-ave and One-hundred-and-twenty-flflh-st., wss
nstantly killed yesterday sfternoon by fslllng fro.-n
the fourth floor through rhe elevator shaft to the
- -.m.tit. He wa* repairing Ihe elevator door al
ih.. time ihe accldenl occurred, and losi hi* balance
Ma 'Dowell leavea .. wife and three children
The Jury In the criminal Branch of the Bupreme
court which tried Michael Whalen on a charge of
murder yesterday sfteri.n brought In s verdict
guilty of msnslaughter In the first degree
Whalen fatally stabbed Rdward Mccormack, ailsa
McCarthy, at the Bowery and Dlvlalon-at, early on
the morning of December ll In a flghl ovei *: lhal
ri .,,-,,-, ,1 M. ' a rmi. k of Bte liing from h n
s. . ? ii ..f i ii. i irtj one i 'tearing ll,, ?
iv hi. ii ta ? mon tha ago entered Into an igi emenl
to haa! no monej ..:, call belo*. 2 pei h ive
,rok. i> Bwnj fr.un the arrangement nnd ar.- lend*
na at - - ? i ' T ? ? ? I ire I he Import
?TS ana Trailers' Na Uni i Central Sal
Me.-haul..' X ??vt National, Rhe?
tta ilona National and Nassau
janka. The banka In the Wall Street dis?
trict ,-.r.. ii.iii, i i : to the 3 per cent i ile, and
alli contd ? do |o, it leaai 'oi ihe present.
IV hen the agreement wa* firs! made -v. r.r a :>??
rust ?ompsnl*a were party to lt, bul the; wit!
Irew in a few weeka and began lending si 1% snd
\j pei eenl l-arre lenderi yesterday nol In tfi*
igreemi sm iheir rate* were ihe lTnlon and
Mercantile Trusl companlr*. 4 per cent, .,-,1
Ru* "ll Hage ..ia! Ihe kines County Tra*- '',.in
i.inv ..f Brooklyn, ,;., per ceni
The banki In I ?? agreemeni consider lhal Ihej
lave mon to gain than to lose bj adhering t..
he 2 per cent rale If they w-r* io in,,|<.v.
.MIDS Ht I1- |"'t cent' thej would have ',. lowei
he rale on old loan* to Ihe tame fjgun With
he bank ruti generallj down lo IH pei cent, the
rust companl.'a vould make ih'-ir rale ] per ceni
ind the Lank.- wo.ila i ??? conalderablj wi hm- off
han i.-a.a.
-? ?
li w. d< Pores! and Edward T Devine, thi preal* I
leal and secretary of the Charity Organlss lon Bo
i. t>-, have Issued s protest against th- distrtbu*
ion of fr.-e food In Orand-Bt. Thi reasons given In
,., i rotes! Include the foll iwlng
Tt... objection* '.p Ihe plan ar.- many mid aerie ia
rn., mos! obvloua i*. the utter lack ,.f Inquiry Into
t;.. real needs of those te whom food la supplied i
>'<> attempl la nu.a. even to lake Ihe nairn of ap*
illcanta Am om maj come aa many ::m.* as he
ali K'-t IntO Hue, and al! are w I. om.- lo ime ,,;
Bast three times aaa. if the appearance of an
ppllcani suggest* thi possibility of a sensational '
tem, ?. memorandum maj be mad.- and perhaps .? ?
isit to secure further particulars, but there is no *
irelen..- of Intelligent aralon based on wither an e*. '
jilmatlon ol the applicant* al th* depot or a visit '
f Investigation to their bernes . Not the least
onslderatlon ls tte effect of aitch a distribution of
ood on tba community. It inevitably sttracta to ?
ur city a iitKe number of trampa and vagrants '
rhe ar.- thu* encouraged to Idleness and crime ami
dd to the laira, n ,,t oui , rlmlnal courts and public '
Dst 11 .Mont. I
Al hm meemi*- \\.-,ir.i,,v |na NcWrTork Baal I
r Trad.- and Transportation adopt.,) unsnlmoualj
ha following i
Wm r,ir'iM,i.;'' a V,'A ;"-'!',."'?*' I" Cons-ree* known '
I ll B 10,flS0, .? na'.- | ,.|... providing ;.r the t
censing of persons selling rs I lr.t tickets and de a
Igned to prevent ti,.- irresponalble -ale of llrkets !
Beaolved. rhal lt, ihe opinion of the New-York '
loam of I rad.- nnd Transportation sa|fi j,||. ,. ... '
i.e interesi alike of ra 11 road rommnlea .in'.
??veiling public, and snould become a law '
Thi railroads and nnmeroos stmllsr eocnmerclai i
,:;*, ? '.r,,v "?" 's""" Railroad Commlsalo ii ri snd ?
ie Interstats < ommerce Commission ... ?, ,,?, ?
lend lt, '"" I
? "
?,r.Jn,U J"0*1,?* OT " '"'"?fain In fl / lar.o. or nn U
SLTaLla*. Sf 0r '?lf-"""B*' "ne' ; fiou do. you
ilKht find what yoi. want In the fe fi a.lvertlsa tl
lents In the nan ow column*. f *''"'"? ,S
AI.BF.MAHL.*- Kdaaln B, Cramp of 1 iillndelphla.
BCCKINOHAM Ex-Senator Oa-wrge n Sloan, of
Oswego, N. V BVBRETT .Daniel Magone, "f Og
densburg, N. Y. FIFTH AVRML'E Joseph H.
Manley, of Augusta. Ma-.: ex-Congr-ssmi.n Ben?
jamin Butterworth and Charles L. Kurtz, of ohio;
sx-Cotagressmsn Oeorge Went, of Hallston, sndI es
Benator John i Otlbert, of Malone, N. Y. on.si i
-Watson R. Sperry, of Pelaw.ir- HOFFMAN
Maa,.r c.i.rg. k. Oreen of Binghamton, M. T.
HOLLAND Congressmsn .1 Frank Aldrich, of Chl
cag... and Charbs M Hays, gen- ral Manager of ths
Crank Trunk Raliway "f Canada MARL?
BOROUGH Charles V*. Coghlan, of London. MAN
HATTAN-U, s Orant, Bf Ran Dkfo. Cal., and K.
P. Ripley, president of the Atchlnson, Topeka snd
Santa F? Railroad Company. MKTROPOLB
Btate Benntors Clarance Lexow and Oenrgs it.
Ma lba. MURRAY HILL-Congr.s.-nian O.orgo M.
McClellan. WA Lix) UK l-"x-<Vv tnor 1 rban A.
Woodbury, of Vermont, '
Lincoln dinner of Republican clubs, Hotel Wal?
dorf, fi:.-*!' p m.
Bicycle Show, Orand Oentrnl Palace.
Annual .limier of Mount Vernon Hoard of Trade,
Fairfax Hali, 140 p. m.
Brooklyn Chess Club tonrnnnaent Academy of j
Progress Hepuhllcfin Club dinner, Nos. 2S nnd 30
Avenue A. I p tn.
Amalgamated .society of engineers ball, Murray
Hill Hall, evening.
Amat-ur billiard tournament. Daly's billiard par?
lors. | p. rn.
('renter Neav-Ynrk Commission, City Hall
Crockery Board of Tr...lc annual dinner, Del
monlco's, 7 p. m
Junior promt rt ids of New-York University, Oytn
naslum Hui vin.;, .-v. nlng,
Armstrong Associsllon entertainment, Berkeley
Ly. . 'im. >> p, m.
Manhattan Liberal club. No. BS Bnsl Fifteenth
s) . I |> rn
University Of Vermont AV.mnl dinner, Hotel Man?
hattan, 7.>i p, m.
NEW-YORK city.
Charles R. Foley and Oeorge E. McCoy, <he ele?
vated railroad employea who are charted with being
Implicated In the death of Charles I. Weber, thc
For! w.i'..- born., .b-aicr. were discharged by Mag?
istrate Fis tr mer In Esses Market Courl yesterday
for bole of evidence.
Judgment for is.tr. waa entered yesterday against
Hie Hoffman I baise Corporation In favor of Daniel
R. Yan Nostrat d, a? surviving partner of Knapp &?
Yan Nostrand, poultry dealers, for supplies fur?
nished to the hotel from September l lo December
Ii, IM Thc judgment is against the old New-Jer?
sey corporation whl. h went Into the banda of a re?
ceiver in December, MM.
Thc Nathan Stratas coal depot, at Third-st. sud
the Last Uiver, has been closed. Tbe pb r has been
turned ov.r by rbe Dock Depart men I to lbs ' on
traetor tor alteration* Mr. Siniiis ls ur,able to
find .planers In which to Continue bis work, and he
ls reluctantly compelled to abandon this depot for
thc present. The distribution si Third-st In the
..hort s.-n=on Just closing amounted to r.,3t'>,*>**i
pounds, The depol si vYesi Fifty-second b* will re?
main open while tha cold weather lasts
The Quebec Steamship 'ompany bas mer with
sm-..ss in sending steamships to transpon rey?
ne..!- from northern latitudes lo ths vVesl Indian
Islands .md .nabUng them lo see tb.- beauty of the
tropics af ti r a weeks ssll from thi- city The nexl
cruise will bs on the steamship Ortnnco on Febru- I
arv 17, to be followed by other cruises before the
close of th.- winter,
coroner Dobbs snd n jury yesterday Investigated
the death of otto Boedlker. twelve years old, of No.
?ail Blitb-ave., who, ir waa thought, had died as ths
result of un asa tull Infll "? d on him al ths achoo hs
attended, In w.- ? Flfty-seventh-st. John Koop
man, a -? hoolmate, living st No. Cl Wes! Fifty
fourth-sl., wa supposed to have *>ruck him. The
jury exonerated Koopi isn and found that the hoy's
lea th u i- caused In sn unknown manner.
i Yt tr ru ins tiw\ i in YER.
Jame* T, Wlillatrson, a lawyer SI No. MO Broad?
na-, waa sued in the Fifth District Court yesterday r
by Ja ot Elperln, a youth of seventeen years, who !
had been employed for three days In I i lawyer** t
iffl i- i clerk and then had been Macha ,?.? I The
boy wanted i" collect 1^, a whole sreek's wages, and , '
?ondii ed I own cjse snd ci ssa I I
mpl >ye: with such s bro id i ead i
inesil tm thai he aa.-ti tl i admiration of ai ? - one I
Al r Ju . ,-? 17 .-.- \
?il reserved hi* lea Mon, the lawyei srho had I.i .
-in admiring listen, i tappa d the bo: " '
ii .i offered to hire him aa a ciel k a: J. i weel:.
youl h promptly accepts I ? v off"
The mort noticeable observances ..f Lincoln's i
Birthday ar -a State hollds) to-day will be the li
dosing of 'he schools, the State banks and all ,
the municipal office) wl.Vh ure closed on holiday-, i
and Ihe dlsplaj of the Stars snd Blripes on public ;'
and private building* Th. re will be no marked de. v
rrea ?? In business traffl", probably, bm there will
be .i :'itu'im of dinners Bnd otb.'-v Hons In
Ihe eve
Th,, birthday of Abr.ib.--ni I.In.-o'-, ls now al- I
holiday In Ihe States ot Illinois, Minni Nea '
Jersey, Nea "fork and Washington, Five Southern j
States have made ti,- birthday of Robert r l..-e a
legal hollda .. ind one Biala Flor n I lier
son Davis', birthday b legal hollda)
The law of v*; says that wh re not. ea rpi
sight oi demsnd obligations, fall du* on Saturday,
which ls a hal* holldav, iii. payment of them may
be deferred until the follow ins Monda) There
was ii question ramon* the banks yesterday as to
er thc payment of notes falling due to-day,
which ls a legal holiday, should be required Sat?
urday oi Monday, Thi lawyers for th" banks dis.
igreed on this point Mos) of the banks di ? I
tl it payment shot ld be. mail- on Batiirday. Feb?
ruary, IBM, 1- .. remarkable month in th. Bl
when ihi Bat urila; half-hollda) prevails and
aa hi re Lit,.-oin'- Birthday I* il lay rn
New-Vork Slate ll :- Ihe shortest business month
on rea >r.i Lincoln's Blrthda) firsl became a holi?
day ui this State In I SSS, which waa ;' : ap \e.(r.
This yeai Februarj contains noi only four Bun
? and four Bal rday which ar., holidays bur
two v.-*1 holidays Lincoln'* snd vVashlngten'a
nell ha i of which falls on Bunda] or
Batuednj Accordingly then ..re onl) eighteen
ia . business days In Ihe month
The eleventh annual Lincoln dinner of thc Re?
publican club will be liven thi* evening al the
Waldorf ii ll large ballroom
Tl,., speakers '.vu bi ihe Rev n Melancthon
Wool-.--. Btryker, president of ll..milton College,
who aaill speak Upon "Lin Vii"; BenatOI 'tv Hie ,,
;i Platt, ..r Connect I ut, upon the "Republl in i
Party": ex-Oovernor r Woodbury, ol Vermont, *
'New-FSngland Republicanism"; James ll. Hoyt, of
ie vela nd, Ohio, "Change ol Base, Vi: No. of o
Wag" I. wiih- Llxhtbourne, 'City of New-York." i
rhe Ib-v It Eklwin C. Holies vaili also apeak I
The Amalgamat. ' Hoclet) of Engineers will (.-ive n
?I ball al thi Murray HUI Lyceum this evening, p
ind tbe Rev. l>r Ralnsford hai announced his In ti
tentlon of being pri <?
The claBS ..f 'td, of the New-York University, will k
nave it- Junior promensde this evening in tr,.- I
.7, mnaa I im oi I nlversll r Height -
Jacob Haven, b retired druggist, is lying in lbs ',
Hudson Blreel Ho pltal Buffering wltb a fractured ' i
? - i.i.i.i.-, several fractured m.s u.,1 ., badly , '.(
aral ed scalp aa..-mil. Ths Burgeons sm thal hs
s iii s serious ondltlon, Mr. Haven, vain, la
teventy-flve years old snd lives with hla wlfa at
Vo. 7" Linden-at., Brooklyn, came b) hla Injuries
a a singular mannei He had been iranssctlng
?oms bualnesa In e banking office In the basemen! i
if No. 9 Wall-at. Wh.-n Re reached the aldi w?lk ,,
ie i.H,k.-.l over tbe iron railing, snd losing bia
.alan.-e. f.n headlong lo the alone pavement In **
he areawa) below
h.- waa pt. lae.i up an.l carried Int., th. office santa
n a semi-conscious condition and covered aaiih ''
ii.i.>.i 1
Policeman William Smith, of the Old Slip sta?
ion, summoned mi ambulance, which t,,,,k Mr
leven lo I h. hospital Owlni to his advanced ''
re Mi Haven's Injuries will probably t:o extreme- ol
ler Dayton said i sterdgy, in ri pit to ii
nqulrti lhal rt entry (hers had ba ? n unusuallj ?
srge shipments of gold from lbs w.-t for delivery "
in..'iKh ihi '?. aiofflca to the banka In this , it)
om.- idea of the voluata i : these ah,pmi nts maa i?, "
Bined w v < h is understood (hal the value, oft ha ?ll
"I" i'"i.-.1 b) registered mall and delivered from Bi
h.- general post office since January 3M aggravated ''
The arrival v gold from San Frsnciscg ara dus '>
a the fa.t that nt present there ls a great nardi a '
I Nen \nrk earhsngi jnd*currencj on ths Pa n
lil ? oasl so thal ll ?? only a\.,. :., .. ,.,| ????'
tel la In the for,,, . t gold Tl i- movement is D
ol unusual al this season ,,f the ri ii Bealdea ni
usinesa . , lbs Pacific coast is dull, and there i* di
nb- employment for credH In thal section The ai
isible supply ..f gold i* now larger than st sn*
Tim. ,^8|""l"H' of the financial troubles ni
cm.i.mi vron nv two or an ntnnfDs and
?ATM Min! T IT
Richart Croker- wns unceremoniously dumped
Int,, the field ?.estoniay U th- Tammany Hall <an
iiiiiat" for Mayor ortho Oreator N-w-Vork. The
Tammany engdnsaes did not intend to ennounce
tn. ir preference f<-r Croker bo soon, bat the.ir hand
was forced, it would app?ar. t.v the prectpltats
t ste "f a couple of well-known "reformers." who
wished lo pul themselves al tha head of tbs Croker
pr.ssl, ai.
These impetuous persons were Jefferson M law.
the famed owner by purchase of Month-ell.j, Va.,
once th.- hume of tbs reputed founder of Democ?
racy, and .lames J, footfall, who owes lils notoriety
t.> having been ? labor candidate for Mayor of N ??*?
York over eight yaala air". Mr. Levy and .'Ir.
Coogan called on Mr. t'rok. r at his office and told
bim that his country was ihOUtlng for bim. While
acting simply a*- piata euleena snd taxpayers, they
gave the ex-ruler of the Wls*wani lo understand
that they represented ell ths different xor:*! of
Democracy discovered to date, rind that none of
th.-m would be satisfied with anything ?'|urt uf
Mr. Croker professed Intense surprise al ihe
proposition, snd asked for time to think lt over.
Th.- former boss of Tammany manifested so much
saltation, lt was said, that ihe eminent committee
feared thal Mr. Croker might be seised with so?
other sttack of sngtna pectorls, similar to ths one
thai hurried bim off to Oermsny n few year* ago.
They therefore withdrew i ? soon sa possible, and
wenl with ail ipeed to tell John C, Bl.han, the
Crokertan deputy leader, what they had done.
.Mr Sheehan uaed atrong language tn the pair of
[latriots when he heard their report, and told them
they had made a "nice mesa of ll " Hi dismiss. J
them from hi* presence with a sharp reprimand.
Hut lut.-r, wh.-n visited hy reporters. Mr. Sheehan
admitted thal the ''organisation leaders" Iud lind
Mr, Croker blanketed for nome time, ana were seri?
ously considering putting him Into the race if
t'rok.T would ,ii;r...- to a.-eept th.- Tammany nomi?
nation he would get lt by ac lamatlon, Sheehan
County Clerk Henry l> Purroy. who ha* just
stun...I ' a little Tammany of hla own, differed
widely from Sheehan'* kiew when Informed yea?
terday of Crokers possible candidacy for Mayor
of ' Ircater Ni w-Yorfc.
"I don't believe that there la any real purpose
rn .h. anything <-f ihe kind." he said "The thing
,*? either B lok", or ir ls a pe"! trick to keep som..
people in T ai,t*i my Hall a ? " ' Th' \ may
hope lo keep .-"Main men In the organisation by
making them tielleve that Croker Intend* lo ran
tor Mayor. Bul the truth la thal nothing pleases
th.- sincere opponents ..f Tammany more than a
pian like this, To nominate a man who ls typical
of the present system prevailing in Tammany
Hall can result only In one way Snail 8 niau would
be defeated by an overwhelming majority, of which
I arid my friend* would form a small par'
Mr. Croker wenl t" Richfield Springs yesterday
to "think !t over."
Al the regular meeting of the Jockey Club, held
nt the rooms of the club, No IT:: Plfth-ave., yes
terdsy afternoon, manj amendmenta to the racing
rule* were adopted. August Belmont presided.
Som., of the amendments acted fsvorably upon
by the duh were gg follows: A part of Kale 1 waa
i mended *.. a* to r.a.'.: "Arrears Include all sums
lu.- for entrance money, subscriptions, stakes, for
r. its. lines, fees, purchase money In races arith
-? liing conditions or any ?! fault Incident to these
mles"; Rule 4 wsa amended bj the addition of the
Following paragraph: "After July l In each year
herfl shall be no races les* than (Ivs furlongs."
According to another amendment, "the number
>f starters iti any overnight race shah be limited
..>? the width "f the track at the starting p..st.
Even hors., shall be allowed live feel of the wari,
?f the track. The number of starters shall he re*.
luced to the Droper number bj lot or by division
if the ra.-e. st the option of the association."
An am.-nd.-,I aectlon of Rule 24 read* in pert aa
..Hows: "The secretary of the aasoclatlon, or
ils ileputv, shall h.- the clerk Of the course," and
"he shall r.Ivs all stskes, forfeits, entrance
noney, linea, feea, Including Jockeys' fees, arrears
ind purchase money In Belling races, and paj over
ill the money collected bj him to tin persona . n
Rule i'2, tha offender sgalnst which will be ruled
? ff. wa* amended by adding the following,
Icslgnated as Section 8: "Anj person who shall
.. proved to have affected the speed of a hors.
i> tiie use of drugs Internally, whether admin
stired by hj'podermlc or any other method, or
rho shall have used appliances, electrical or me
?I anlcal, other than the ordinary whip and spar."
li wa*- resolved thal Rule I, as amended, .-hall
lot he applicable to stakes now opened.
The steward* of the Jockey flub mel Immedl
ite|j after the regular monthly meeting of the
luii. There were preaent August Belmont, J. II.
tra.if..rd. .lanes Galway. Andrew Miller and I'. K.
sturuK Th.- application of the Brighton Beach
v.i ai.ni and the Gueena Countj Jockey Club
ot permlaalon lo mak>- an exchange of racing
Inti vt as presented In view Of the fact thai th>
lat'-s assigned to these associations were accepted
? plan* of owner* aaa trainers have been
formed In accordance therewith, thc st.-w
r.i- declined to ?r*\mt the application.
The lindy of M. Castelmary of the Metropolitan
ip. r.i Companj', who waa stricken with heart dla
-i-.- on ihe stage al the opera house on Wednes*
I.... evening, remained yesterday ut the undertak?
es shun In West Klghteenth-st, .Lan de Resake
resterday received a message fr.un tbe trustees
? f the Kenslco Cemetery offering him the use of
he r.Ivlng vault and Ihe company's car to take
l . bodj thi re This offi r will be accepted, and
he body, which haa already i.n embalmed, will
, taken to Kenslco on 9 ifter the funeral
iervlci -
The fun.-r..i win take pla..- ^t the Church of Bl
'Incent de Paul, In Wes! TwenTy-thlrd-st . <>ti Sun
lav, al 2 p, in Pol Plangon, Mme. l.ltvlnne and
rules iJogny will sing, and there win be Instru*
nental music by mentis rs of the Metropolitan
?pe ra lion*.- orchestra The Imdj will bs taken,
u ha* i? ? ii said to thi receiving vault of the
CensleO I'emetery, and lt villi remain there nil
Ipril. When Jean de I!--/lt.. la aboul to return to
Curope In win have Ihe body *enl on an i-.irll.-r
teamer, so thal it srlll !"? there when he ann...
en he will haw lt taken r..r burial to Tou
ouae, i h ? singer * nat lt e cit j
l mini: I ii ile FROM un: ORGANIZATION
Kdward Ijiuterbach. president of the Repubtli in
"on nt j Committee, wh.. became ill al hla law of
ce ..ii Wedneeda) ..ml had lo ba taken home, was
nt again yesterdaj looking almost as well as ever.
Mr. |?auterbach was asked ai..nu the withdrawal
? '.ir.: metnbera of tbe Republican Organisation of
he wild a--.ani,iv District snd what its effect
rou ld be upon the Republican Organization
"Noni ul ..il" replied Mr Liiuterbach brave Iv
Why should if You will probably (Ind the nam.
f 1.171 "f theae 1.173 alleged Republicana on the
'amma u\ rolla "
' at.-m. nt was afterward denied by prom I
enl Tammanj men of the XXlld District Tne Re
ubllcana * ho re ilgned wi re anti M...-hm., men who
.ok tins m. tin.d of resenting the action of the Mu?
lline tn deposing Thoma* r Ragan, their former
?a.h-r. and turning thi dlstrln over to Charles
?rxow, a brother of Senator ?Tar.>nce Nexow
UR. Ul Ul ll CBOSEJt CE MRU | \.
Phauncej M Depea wa yesterday unanimously
'???' en chairman of ths i!o.,r.i of Control of tha
lint J raitic Ass, dst lon, lo luce '-d the lute Qeorge
; Roberts, president of the Pennsylvania, ile was
roposed foi the pd. hy Prank Thomson, the new
" Ideal of the Pennsylvania, abo presided si ths
? ?' ? ?: In tl.hs.n.f Mi Depew, who was
mflned to hi* house, .1 D, Layng, the second vice
resident si i general manager of the West Shore
allroad, spoke <m behalf ..f Mr Depew, who, he
lld, would feel honored by his s.a..dion roi chair*
ian The following COmmlttSS was appointed to
rapers sn expression on the death of Mr Roberts:
homes P Powter president of the Nea roth. On
ino and Western Railway; E li Thomas, prasl*
enl of ths Krta Railroad; O. D. Aahley, prealdenl
f the Wabash Kalima.I. an.l Samuel HI,i.m preal
snt of'the'Dela ware, lackawanna .I Weatern
allroad, with Mi Dep vt ei otlli-lo
The Board of Control considered the situation ?t
leatem points wh. re them had been Irregulsi tlc*
?fetes, ami appointed a committee t.insider
Ifh the Board of Manager* measure* foVstrang-th.
ling and ma kim,- th. Joint Traill,- Association
IP? "T' ???'??? '" sddltlon to devising means to
',?1 io r tte cutting, the apeelai
"? Western Uk* Erie and Weatern and Toledo
1 '?""H ?""l Ksni i* Cit} ma,In Ths Ho.iI'.l ni*
><?<?<>> will n,.gain on March 1 f
me meeting w ,- most Batlafactory to all \i c
?galls, prealdenl of Ihe Big Pour and of the"
I- ,,|,.ak. mid Ohio, waa al the Ui.i.iorr i,.
*????* .' .mmeni.nVuponthemitlnf^S1
H.- uio*i Important thing done aaa io elect Vi
?i'w chairman of the aaaoelatlon Routine bul
?a* w?* dlacuased. snd those who have"been ora
'Una sn open rupture . t th* ?i.e.-iinec wera dla
orland niuo, .i.,,,^^!:;:,;!'^!
Don't worry about ht.
Wc wouldn't bo so particular about
cloth and work, only to skip what is
even more essential.
We make-to-fit.
our lowes, pri .ea ,lre.s rall I* B2Sl lbs asm*. *I1V-Ilr."l
tl r'.'ighn.jt. ' t.t" nnflnlsli"! arofStsd. probably the mift
fssbloaabls eloih, **o. our be-', atm faei I te us e-ixe. Bli,
Tuxedo co-its. SI.**, *li sr ' BM
Evening dress overcoats of two
kinds?Inverness and opera cape;
the opera cape has one advantage ;
it's the newer.
$8 is the usual price for the best
quality of opera hat?we charge $7.
Rot;fis, Peet & Co.
Trirr-e an! rn..a-1w-r.v
Warren ,-in.i Broads if,
Tl Irtr ?^^,,r.t tn.| Broadaarsr.
Tin- eighth annual dinner of ihe Hardware and
?del Trades waa held last night st tbe Hot'!
Baa, p. ter \i- 1' irtei pn sided, and sitting
al he head table wi r.- President Merrill B. Oates,
of Amherst Collejce; the Rev. Dr. R B, MsoArthur,
the Rev. Dr William Justin Hsrsha, Bryce Hoy?
den, William W. Buppiee, R berl M. Sw.iv/.., [u
vi-i winiam-. Mortimer C Ogden, Charles L>
Me i. Jamefl ll. Kennedy Richard R. Williams,
Oeorge J. leighton, Oeorne II. Sargent, Char lea
Haly. Thomas F, Keating C. Judson Bushnell,
Jame* S. Hurd.-:: ar.il John S. King.
Only two regular speeches srere mads, tba drst
by Presldenl Oates and the other by Or. Mac*
Arthur, "iron In th* Blood" ava- the aubjei I taken
by Presldenl Oates. At the outset of i particularly
,-!.,.1 ent ...I.lr. ss hs drew some comparisons be?
tween the Intimate connection of the history and
working of iron md the development and pro?r< -
of th.- Am. ri, an ra .-. The nreal mechanical Inven?
tions of thc present century In which Iron figured
were In 'urn touched upon by l>r. Oates Proce fl?
ing to discuss his subj) ? more comprehensively, he
1 dd ihat for the purposes of the sublime subdual
of the world to the reign of law iron .had been the
chosen historic Instrument, rude .ind blood) i
I..-.-n (he methods by which strife had wr
toward ..r.b.- itel toward peace.
"For the tralnlns of the race." he added, "up to
thia point, Imn has been the divinely given metal.
Sometimes our bodies eem to us supremely won
lerful, because the network of nerves whl
-re ates the hum in body ls the e mi
: nought and matter ls thi nexus which God has
established between thi world of spirits and the
world of things With thia l . ? re you, you
in - arcelj look a! thi dlss" ted nerve system
vlthoul ri vereni .1 awe lt stands like the d
uitlitie of fl tre* rool up* vd, rea na '? sky
'or that Divine food f thounhl and spirit bj whl. n
? liv. - Ami with a feeling; noi iltogethei foreign
0 l il thought, does the student of th.
'Ivillsation look al rh-- stern gray and black m tal,
ron. which has .bm., bo much tn the hands of man
,,r the elevation of man By the working of iron,
nan may be said to have drawn the life-power out
if the stony ribs of the earth, that he might handle
ind shape for hla ..ayn uses the elemental, age-en
luring strength of the I inda it, i the force*
aitii which man work- grow subtler an.l mon
plrltual, the tine netw .rk of nerve fibres, stretched
iii.b-r th" sea and over the whole civilised world, tx -
omes the yVibl.- nervous system of 'be race of
Hpeaklns on "Pressing" Political Problems." Di
il ii Arthur pointed o i thal the Inc un lng Admlnls
ration would ha vi to deal with the questions
nlitriitlon snd with lb- atro
leprecated opposition to the latter "There ls," hi
- lld, "a labial ls a p ilmonary patri
itlsm and there is i moribund rn .milty again*) the
atlfication of 'Iv treaty ' He ila i adi x ited the
innexatkm of Has
The crowds who are saner to hear the Rev l>r.
f, li. Meyer's lectures on the "Deepening of the
Iplrltnal Life" in Carnegie Hall ar.- Increasing,
rh- admission is bj tlekel onlj The Rev. A. C.'
Uxon presided, morning ind afternoon, snd Pro
'esBor J, ll. Burke had chants of the .-horus, con
leting of aboul two hundred voices, and \'ictor
lencki presided it the organ The jubilee sing
rs i..ii!or.--ii aa.-re present In 'ii" morning, snd
ang a Southern melody. A large number of
nlnlster were present. Dr Meyer's text yestsr
laj morning was I Corinthians, xv, 15-17: "The
Inti tuan. Adam, wt- m.nb- a living soul; the
asl Adam waa mad a quickening spirit Tl ?
irst man la of the earth, earthy; the second man
s the Lord from Hea iren."
lu the afternoon I ir. .M..\.r spoke on the "fl
if God ..- bi anointing for sera-tee" At t?...
nd of the lecture a meeting for ministers only
a-.is held In the Central Presbyterian Church,
-'iftv-s yenth m There were aboul five hu I
1 them in attendai
Tin* miens' in these lectures has become so
widespread thal l>r. Mey< r I ted to their
lubllcatlon from the verbatim reports taken by
he Rev. s V Robinson, and thej will be person
illy revised by l>r. Meyer.
Ilenrv A Daniels, M. H..
tut WtM S)?t7 St
mpalrm?nf? .f Itt* KerVOSS S>-t>m. I rr pot pn ~e. Starttttr.
nd Ilk.- mini. nts. ll un? s t . i, ft to 8.
E. & W.
K. A W.
un ? . 8 IB Bunsel .". BO M letsa rn I W Mo n'i
IllUlt WM I.i; TO DAT
I v - , Ij tl li 1 OS fina 1*1 ind :\ 'il If.'lt 0
? m - ndy Honk 'i.4i (Voa. > Hell ll*
? IXCOMIXQ steamers.
Ttl I' v v
l-'n m.
. A t: .*??.'...:ii 1:.tl 21
. Bremen Jan 'il
..Mull Jan '.'7 .
. ,...',-l m Feb I
ii l mar
,x a li -v
u i . -.
V.? ?l.
i .
:. |? .Snuihsmpton Feb ft.Amerlr
... .Lisbon .io. 20 .Port mu >i
rina Maurita.Potl au Prince, Fob*..bu
,.nun, h.-.Iscksonrllle, Feb 8.<-h.
s \ rt iti.a v, ri BRI' vv in.
ii ?
i ?'
n li. rn lin- _
.Swansea. J
i.ifTni,..linn. Jan
...New-Ort. ii
^^^^^^^^^ |-'..|. li. ' 1 -illv-l-.
BI'XDAV, r'KHltl VKV ll
.-r. iii.I.i'-.te ol )-? ii ii . nuneri
.i-i Olin. W rrlaaus, i. ? i.i -
.Bt Luria l (I Lamport a ii .
.I ackson a Hie, Keb :' . . ?;
a aaa! Ker
amii de, Charleston,
\>-t+--\ a.il'a
a rn i-1,,
ur.-na. Liverpool Cunard .. .. 10*00a ra l:Wpm
a NormaMte Kier. SYenel . S.OOam ? .?> ? na
talumbls >;-..... ii.>"ib a.i.-i i'o" im ii n. , ,.,
il* Olaafow, An- h ? ... in U.I,, ?i |g ai Ml
r isi l< ira '"Bp* Colony, ... it. mi* m il m ra
rUngvalla, rhrl<llsnasnd, Thliurv'a ll mi nm i m. p ...
i. All is lu .?. ., m .-.' 00 rn
Un.a. Haiti, Arl.ia. 10:110 a tu 1} 00 lia
uratan, CAmpeehs, S v ,v Cuba. t" au a m i inp a
enasuala, i'i i?*ao. Red I) .11.00 ? ni bim
Net Orlesns, Muan . B.ihli, ,.<
ro .. Sea Orlears, > t maaaii.
. ons ' Isla aston, Mall iri ...
i , i l< Rrunswteh M ill nra
Itj of smk'.-.' . Savannah, Baarannah
. '?? p i
.1 ixl p m
isasnithf. Chsrisston, Clytm . -
I OOp is
a bo p in
ORT <d' MM rORK li'HSl'W 111; ll IBM
Altltiv I D.
Btssmer Oersasale (Bri, aieKlnatrr. Llvsrpssi rsa*sar)
.mt Qu**B*l .? n 4, ?ilh tii.l-... 7r\ cabin tad l'"> >lwru|?
kseaskxarra ii li Maitland Kera*) Arrhr.i nt tin- it.tr at
ll a Ba,
at ? inu-r America (Url. Pearce. LuuJut) January in. with
Jf a Child's
Docs not flt jffoperly, the whole weight
of the body crushes thc yielding toes out of
shape, ofter] crippling the feel I sj lifo.
Thc general stores .ire not always able lo
supply precisely the required length nnd
width, and corresponding shape of every
part, with proper flexibility of sole.
But exactly fitting Children's feet. :s out
spacial business, and thc cost is no more
either, for instance :
<* Our Behool thoa, ralf foxed, dongoia top,
<?> broad solid leather sole, ? %"
T thoroughly r li.-i i.i?- shoe for u. - and Oirka,
^ whi< h bas Blways Riven entire Mtlsfacttgaj,
4> Button or ia '
2.10 to $3.50,
I 60=62 West 23d St. ?
Alli ?vrflBMPBBUNBtS nilmllt?*il Into Ih^si* rob
limns nn- r?M-oiMm?-rnl.-?l lo Itu* n-iirterB af
rill' I lt I ill M. nu tlniriitiKiiii reliable, aaa
l.n?llliss rata !>?? lion.- Ii> Wall Milli ihe a*U
rertlsers ?*.iili s*?r#?>*?l safety,
Sa Bink* tb*
Crouch & Fitzgerald,
161 Broadway.
688 Broadway,
723 Sixth Avenue.
( Ask For J
eve oi. a aa eb
Optra. Plaid, Marina ? uni.
SvnritOoi Ci. SMi'rJ*nLssa.
Christmas Gards,
LAIia!..-; gai -f MEM*!
Lt- - lhs>7 at
I lo Nas*au Si., N.y.
I ?????' : ;.--.-.- ?? ? N'ew 1 * lng -j
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lee If*, wll - 4
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'.'? I ?'-*? ' fl ? A . iv h.
;?? .? tn. *
. S I
- ' ? ttl!
, i ? ? . ? o
? . Ml 4 -.i-.-s
. .- ' ' ? N- ii 1
r at 0 !? rn
,..'? I..1' Hi I, |. Ill
? ??-? rlepp* i i* ? ' Jai IT? "M.
? ta
?un. forwood * Kell* K Arrived at th* Ber ? a
i ry a
St mer Irrae , 11. (Br), IfeMI >T
a 4. mitti pul > to I a
'rinl lad Bhlpi Inn j | ? . Af
? .r a* ll SO i ?
Steamer Antonio Zambn ' , -.'**,
in Doming Al?
tar at 6 p m.
? Guysndott*, Davis, *?? ?? \ a - : N r
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Si ? m.. r i.i Mar, Ol ! -.J
v an dickie. Oft Loni ? n.
Bteamer i 'a- ? \ if . ?.tk
1 k, N J. Keb ll. BS0 j, gi \\... : ? noo?
ra*, breeze; . .
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amer II If \\ liltnej, li .... tt, !'
La C . ;: , ? |
* ...i-i s ? . ?
I :
I. V Hon. H
!-. irg, ? ? -i-port
.'?'.* - I .V . ..
i - ' ir.}?
,' - ft Co
Sti mi. r Sam - Kai *. St
? ^ ? .' im - -. ?
tt i ? raes
... - -.n*aa
ns ii
.-'.ai . b*S*>
i ?. " .-. ?'
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?**!* m.- r Magul ? Hr) " -a,
\ ? \ W?
il i numil ? -. -
\? i - a.
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BTlng A v
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er h ?.
la. !? ?? I. ? ?
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Manar* ??
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-? ? \ . n . iM
, li .ri ..I -li mlle* HW > V\ . ?
.!. ll i: S ? . V - V*
k aaa
- . *
r tin* I
JOHN f. W *.'.', I
THI M . ? v -. ? ? ? | g
? '? '
\ ? "*.???
rh th* Oriel ra arrived at Algiers SSbSb"*
N ? - v ? *, ra. Hs Napia*
ai <;.i.r iltai salted I i : . > 11 .
Strainer lin" lOeri K a ) ric '*
inn and Un - ? ? * *? -
, ,, ', \i ter '' : '?'? '?? ? 'T New
1. i fi iii * uthampi rt Kent uar? il .
, ? v tie tBr). Howden . a raf
ea-Y..rh. sailed fr i 0 ? ' ' ? ' '" try ll ?
. v N i I w
ara l Vbmaii i _,.,*
m \ ? \ rs, bbb?
m para ?Vbraan in j .,??*?.
v , . v. -i Tort for ?sss
n ii i i.-: .?? >? ? ? * ? ' r ' ? rv ll . _
K . i W a-.rn ll "i-r. H
r N.* \ '
(ht i Bri Patios rt ? Uss ft*
.... ,,, .. \ - from Trteet* I i -
gaea tv
Hli ni 'a li - ' :? "r N"""'
" '? I ? ' ' ?' n^Mit.ult (V
a,. Hall ,..;.,! ' ?SSBBBBS
, U \. I : , . ? ,,,.. frotB
Steamet *, '
i.i.i.iiu f..r \.?? V?*rh i rtui,.* IO rkJass
.,, ,,..?, Van I nra j r.
i i.i ,i.i in , .. *.. ?? ???" ? - ??. . N.^k,1'1
?...?..ll..-. SI III. .-,,!,-,?'-> T
i iii t r m. hm. irrived ??! HcMsgs rs iseresn
' I rel aa! t'l.-i.' .. n j.nuarr
Bteam*r Rialto 1 Rr) It.ii.." ,,''1'Nh"\
arrived bi Neweaall* fcngland. I.d ru r, a ^
si,,ur,, ii,-,.. ,i'u,., !-...'? te ?" Wsa urn Jan***"'-*'
in vd at I'oiietiliiui'.i t"cliruar> J**.

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