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|? within everybody's means. Ask for it
Tin: great show
?ntr gu WI lort np its annimu. MClylUCBWai
tamnmumcAvut mdcbivbp a
v. HRUrasri wp yvhkki/womkN'S.
Ths v-enrs Bl the Cycle BhOW ai the Grand Cen
iral Palace yesterday afternoon and last night were
largely a repetition of those of the ptwvtotts days
- sreek, es ? pt that possibly the crowd was
- than ever. This exhibition should deflnltelv
rhe contention that there will he no moro
Nat ".l i Icyi le sbowa The show last yaar cleared
, ? r I'-.-?? for the Board of Trade, ard the show of
thia year aught ts clear as much, if not more The
!' lid St present har- a. handsome surplus, more
than ll actually nseds for working purposss, if the !
Objection to a National show I? one of ex
|?? : v? -a lha hlft manufacturers, this might he clim!
.ext yaar hy the redistribution of the surplus
among the exhibitor?.
Tbtrs ls no doubt that such exhibitions as the
;- v.* In this city last year and this will do bf*
cycling a largs amount of goad, There lp no single
e half so feasible and half so snJOyahlS that
WOUld ac OmpltSh the same objoct. Pome people
who hie not yet cycling enthusiasts cannot under*
Btand why so many peop'.e will Bock dally, coming
many rasas for many miles, rn-rely to see a lot of
arv bicycles and bicycle accessories placed
1 In different booths. Of course, the Indi*
dressings and ?!? loni Cf the stands are
.-.me and interesting, and sometimes really ar
Mea, women nnd children rush ail over the
ng, day In and night out, lookt-ig for some
.I'.eg.-d Improvement of the wheel of which
ive ;. ,.'. ht the tu wsj.a per.-. Or.e man rester*
dar. who ls s public official in this city, wenl si*
? frantic because he could nit find lbs stand at
which a new patent wrench was exhibited. He
? k.'d everybody ...here he could find this Instru
m< at and ' ly fl the show lust night saying
?mt: he cou,.', not obtain the desired object, but
he would return to-day, as it wss fl holiday,
(pend the entire night. If necessary, hut that he
would get that wrench. Handsome matrons and
pretty girls are nrcund al both afternoon and sven*
- -"ions They exam'.'-..- and ask about the me*
??? ? - - nnd leshnlcal points of a wheel
knowledge of the subject common to few
men 8 couple of years ago.
The show will lose to-morrow r.i^l ? al ',1 o'clock.
1 ?! then the thousands of exhibits will he packed
.-,, and shipped *o their various destinations, ,.r.d
yd lng world will mme on es usual. The
-owd of humanity was greater last night than
. .- ind !t WSS estimated that there were over
twentj thousand peoph IhOW.
I - ady the attendance has broken previous
'.'?ords The tot. ? first four days of the
show was BJ.?51, divided by days as follows: Sar
urday e\fr.!r,ir. 11 OOO; Mor.dsy, 14,400; Tuesday. 11.460;
Wednesday, S0.40I.
Prom.:. 1 I r. iple who were among the visitors
. d Frederic Bronson, Marshall P,
er, Rei Rives. John R Townsend, A Q
P.nd, Dr Ran - ,; rsi Samuel Bbaw, Reginald
di Roven, Dr Hyde. Dr. H O. Pittard, Or A W
Maynard, Miss Louise King. Miss Adela Grant. Mi.-s
Niles, Mrs clopton, of Richmond, Va., Mrs. j
Clover Hall, fit Hartford, Pr. S O. Vanderpoel, I,.
Tn Wbrldgt Ml rtln, W R H Martin. W. M. D. Pe
Pi ter, Colonel Hsrrj Patter and B. J Meeker, of
Newark, N .t Colonel li.oree pop?. of Hartford
John P Hardin. Edward Stevens, of Jersey 1 ty,
and L Winthrop, lr.
Bulletins w?re displayed at the booth nf ths
A merles n Wheelmen ard nt other points tn th
building yesterday showing the dlspati hes from the
r>ntesl at tbs invention of the League at Albany.
The announcement was made in the afternoon thai
I-aa<- J. Potter, Chief Consul of ths League In this
State, had bern elected president of the organism*
-nrj spread like wildfire through the building,
cn ting unmistakable enthusiasm. Potter ls the
- ^ - ?" * ?
/,/ 0P^^-f\ ' ?
gr?at cy-iing warrior of tr.e times, er.d his victory
-..., foi.-old In The Tribune, as was the vic?
tory of a 1. Garford for the presidency of the
. of Tr,00
-. ? servfeaa hatra net baan ptwvlously
. Bed haVS done rr,ii< li to odd to the genertl
"jmlott uf the publlo. These two men are em
; ed In ti..- maunogemenl ol ths building, and urn
Montgomery m.iz- and B E Orsens. They are
alwat -? ?? us I ll.h.fort of visitors, and a
???'. .,? V. -Ill Urtlll ll < I' |?.-| . ??.?
fe. ''ir 1. . ( s Dunbore Heading. 1
ed; E s rr. ita Pottstown;
Sj 1 ai use G 1, i"n -.- Pltti ton.
K J. Findlay,
W Christ
'oona, penn ; R \V p^rrv Iyeleester; ? naries
K R-tteord. Pittsburg F. L C mf/HOi
Plainfield; C T. S. Bronson New-Ha.en. J I
one. sfasa.; \v
Newark: C. T.
New-Bedford. l.." l.'." Turner
D green. Newark; William Dow,
Heckler. Itr-adlm*. A. J Hayes
? * ,, Vl,orn- '?? '? rurner. Bfatteawan; nu
Schell, Byrncuns; H. B. Smith, Bay City, Mich!;
M. O. Swan, lancaster; W, A stewart. Lrenrmor*
vnis; c m Btevens, Lancaster; H. M. Bcovell,
Syracuse; J h. Buttle, Stamford; \v. a. Gray
\\eetboro; T. W. Roberts. Poughkeepsie; a D
Roberts. Lakevllle; A. \V. Jarlsor.. rVranton; E K
J fi beman. Norfolk, Va.: m B. Kelper, Lancaster;
H. X. Wilson. Toronto; Jolin Lipper, Woodbury;
1. H?1.?*0!1' MunhussoUi C. A. Main, Westerly,
l\ LA.H' ''. ?'Ignerey. Harrir.stcn. Mass.; s; vi
SFlT"-??' ,j h'1,;"1,,l,>hi?; J W- Murphy, uttle
Falls; W. li Powen, Providence; Fulton I'ark.-r.
Hartford; J. J. Patterson. Batavia, and B W. TMi
llps, Newark.
Montgomery Maze the manager of the r.-iiaee.
speaking of the exhibition hist night, said: "Tak?
ing Into ronslderatlon the magnitude <.f 7.0 show,
every exhibitor wno hus given any thought to ths
? ? muei admit thal lhere li no other build.
lng In New Torie in whli ii ths Bicycle Show of Hi*"'
couid ha..? held When lt ls remembered thal
?li" epa ipled ls 156.000 aquars feel, or mure
ttl.in iva,, and .? hall tlmea as much hs the nexi
largeei in thc city has 10 ofter, it will be
aeen tba- ths housing ol the show un ons Boor
aa ...il,I have in t v. an Impossibility.
"Th,- managers ..f ina Grand Central I'alace
Viv.- extended every pi ri ?) to exhibitors
and to tho public, and the building arrangement!
..-?\. been sn-?? as lo m rli lh< commendation! of
every one connected i<.i;h the ? e v, liles the
elevator aervlce ii*>- pernapi teemed to be Inade?
quate, it should noi be forgotten th.i*. thf handling
of fifteen or twenty thousand people a day is not
easy, The first day or nar. there was tom* con
fusion, bul sin." then the elevator system h.ts be?
come un,1.-rsi,icri. everything ai worked satis
-... torlly, ;.n.l thf fourtn-iloor sxhlhitors have ha.i
d- man) people on tw floor ?u were to he found
on the main floor of the hall, ths eli .'Stor carry,
ll ^ .very one who wanted to rl.le to inf top floor."
A masting was held at the Grand central Palace
yesterday, In which several prominer.; wheelman
took part, snd at which the Idea was suggested
nnd adopted of holding a bicycle reception and ball
at the. Palacs curb In March.
lt ls ths intent!.-ii of the managers to make the
entertainment a thoroughly enjoyable one, and to
eliminate any features which would br* repulsive to
any one 1* will not be a bloomer affair, as has
hem extensively advertised In several directions.
bul s dane* snd reception avhu-h all the best
known people In cycling circles In thi? district will
be invited to attend. Another meeting of the rom
mlttee will be held In a few days, arni the exact
.JaU- Will then be decide* upon mi Other arr^nn*
m. r.rs will he m.ni*- foi' the entertainment. In ad
dltlon '.?? tne reception and dance, .i has been si.g
j,-.-.--tr-,) that several prises be offered for competi?
tion, ons to go 10 the l>est-dressed woman rider.
anothei to Ins best-dressed wheelman, and thi
? ird to the handsomest tandem leam. This com?
petition will be decided at the intermission. Ample
iles aili bc offen I for the checking of wheels,
and. a- well-paved streets lead up to the Palace,
li .- expected thal man) of lbs participants win
ride v tin entertainment,
All the arrangement have been completed for n?
r.nnual reunion of the Quill <'lul> Wheelmen, which
wll! be hfld at the Grand Central Palace fro-n - St
) o'clock to-n;gh:. Several well-known humor
i-i? :.v <? promised ro be present, as well as some of
the leading man factureri who are noa 1 ie - os
Music will be fui ? 1 b) the H mgarlan Ivnd and
the floor s ? ? prepared for dancing and
refreshments served The entertainment win be
: held lr the ert-room .-. the seventh floor, which
tan b. reached by tri, elevator <>n the Forty-thlrd-st.
' al ir- <?' th.loll -
There i- a space ..I. ihe auditorium floor which
J serves ,-.? a magnet for peopli with n turn foi sclen
? .. ? , itt slats of bearings
1 : . Really different noni any others al present on ths
1 murki li ? ' entoi 1 s to have
. |.-Vi. 1 friction and loss ol i?*?wer lo 1 minimum
1 In ih, rdli 1 earing thi p ls forced im - tha
'nih an I revolves with 1 ?? eel But n this Inven
?.... cup st 11 lt still wll li thi axle. Thi
1 ;.r* .'a-r.. i . ??. I .,- huh coming .;i contact with the
Inside Instesd of the out sid 1 ,.1 the t> -?i V < >ni> 1 ires
ba.ls an .-.--J. the Inventor's claim b li 1 lhal hs
ihereb] does .. w.. *? with two-thirds of 1
?r 'tl 7 ..11 tai -i . id of the hub, and so allows no nv.
.. go so wast* These halla ir. h '"loa and arr
, larg, seven-eighths of ?'" Inch, In fad This ia to
r.-.*.'i a proportion;! leverage ovei ihi three-flfths
1 balli ordinarily used snd also ; > maintain a ml i>r
bearing surface
The greats 1 Innovation o' all consists of I
small mt. rn,-.1 ai. balls eel on a dead centre lins
; between ti.- carrier balls or the i.i*1V thal carry th.
[ Vad. These Intermediate balla prevent, it la said all
1 grinding. The> also reduce friction besides Impart?
ing the pow.-r of each carrier hall to the -.ther two.
The carrier h.alls revolve slowly, but while they ara
makin)., one revolution around ihe cup tn* wheel
maker- (Ive r> volutions
The fnait of this I earing is mad*, of steel, spring
tempered. The cups j.ie forced on tv centres of the
ul,,': hy screw pressure. They are made of tool s:.-<>1
with two raised tra.ks. These tracks urta perfectly
round an! parallel with each other, so that ths b*ar
1nc may he .Hi'isied without Vi \.ri* any places that
a'r loose, or. on the other hand, too tigl '
At A Q Spalding (.- Pros.' booth is exnlhlted one
of the wheels used by tue hesvlesi rider of ihe
rm United States Infantry Bicycle Corps, of Kort
.Missoula, lalont . <-.->mmande.l hy Lieutenant Jame,
A M ass The bicycle ls .ne used In a tour through
me Rocky Mountains ins; fall, wherein it waa ol.-ar
lv demonstrated that tne bicycle was. an adjunot tc
an army post, whleh coull he used with eniirt
satisfaction snd benefit Ths Kort essseoula eorpi
Wai Bfgai zed >*it July to teat -.horaighiy th* pme*
:,,-ail.ny of ths bicycle for military purposes li
mountainous countries The corps consisted ol
i-iK.'.t men After many experim.nta these bicyclet
vvere decided upon ss t ie srheels thal would giv,
inc corp) good servl ? The I.COO-mlle inp of th*
bleycl. corn* witt unique, ann1 many Interesting lit?
tle incl.larnte happened that will lona he rememhtied
Scott's Emulsion makes thc blood I
richer and improves the circulation
It increases the digestion and nour?
ishes thc body. It corrects diseased
action and strengthens the nervous
system. In a word, it places the
body in the best possible condition
tor preventing thc germs ot Con?
sumption from beginning or continu?
ing their work. In that one sen
lenee is the whole secret. Hook
covering thc subject very thoroughly
sent free lor the asking.
i-i-.rrr .. nowsK, Chemists, n.-*-. Toss
by tiiose who took part ,n it. A'ter some I.tile prac*
ties th.- ...rp .1:1 ur,.-,i proficiency, getting over
fences nnd lording streams, .mi on one ?? easton
they scaled .1 board lenee nine '?;?: ,\\K), arith the
i ? ? ? les ps 'ki 1 i .;. .1', v mar. I Ina Ol '?
Tr,.- heaviest wheel (the om exhll ted) weighed
M pounds, and tb. rldei 1*'. panels. total,
2'i'i pounds ut- thia wheel th.- tiler covered IA "
mia-, the greater par of lt.-- Ilstance be.tig over
'"tuc of tii>> * rsi ...als in ia. Pnlted States, trav?
elling through sand, mud, rsln, watsr, over m'ks,
stone-., ruts and mountain ranges. Bo far as the
I bearings were e interned the ?..1, after the com?
pletion of tn.- experiments, was ia good hs thi
1 lt was received from ths fact rv
On the f00*mlle trip t. Yellowstone P-rk 'he rll- '
, crs cro?*r.<] and recrossed the Main Divide o' 1 a
1 Rocky Mountains They returned on tv Multan
: ft,ig" line, much travelled before toe construction
I of tne Northern Paelfl ? Railroad, hut now little ,
more than a mer* trail filled with nts. and gullies. 1
On ;he blrycle exhibited were -arrled the utensils :
twhli*h consisted of tvee dripping pans, one patent
baker and one coffee pot), extra bicycle part-, re?
pairing miterlal one pair of extra tires, the can
(san, haversa.-U. etc
A disfin.-t Inncvstton in the handlebar Held l? .1
j ratchet handlebar. Thi' is tbs only handlebar on
exhibition ih-ir can bs raised or lowered whits rid?
ing. The from ls flan.ned and stamped with
j holes half an inch distant from each other. Mound
1 the bead of the Inner tubs ls a clamp whl.-h ls
tightened by means of B small milled-. IgS S
! nnd as an additional protection i lal
j ls used which catches In tiie holes of tbe handle?
bar .-.ire. f>r.e-ipiHrter turn of the wheel, S
la only htif ai. Inch in diameter, loos, n* ti:.- clamp
and enables th" rider to ra - ? the hnndleb.it to
any height he wlahea :? im half an Inch to three
or four inehej.. To lower lt requires tbe same
quarter turn and the pulling nu! of the la
when the wheel ls turned ha.-k the clamp is
tlahtened ar. 1 me handlebar cannot poss.bly be
nut om of alignment. A s ? >d leal ure of this device
is that the handlebar can be taken out and pul In
sideways so thai the bicycle may be stored In less
space than |: a- present required Another pop?
ular feature ls thal ti.- devtci acti as j lafeguard
t-1 the wheel, Inasmuch aa thi ItandlPuar can be
taken out in i. second and carried Int 1 a at
when shopping or when oul for a long ride
reducing the rink of theft.
Although this show is popularly known ss a
Cycle Show, thar,- are probably mare types of
saddles on exhibition than there are of wheels.
Among them ls 11 cushion saddla exhibited bj s
New-Tork firm, the Beat of which is constructed
of lied springs and padded with curled hair,
The sdvsntsgi cl ii.ad for this saddle over th .*>?
In srhlch f?lt paduing ir- used without spring
that ,' will not pack down bard. It is said that
such a construction rives all of Hie advani sot
? f the sir-cushion, with none -if the air-cushion's
faults, being eas) to sn ipon Bnd yielding st everj
point rb- pommel of the sa.l.ile I.; made par?
ti-illari.-, sr ft and vlei.iir.g. so as to cause no In
1'irv lo thi t" r-..
The name Remington la Itself ? toner of strength
Pong befor'- bli ycles were bulli it stood foi all
that was rellabli In manufacture and when ihe
questloi of making snd sailing a Remington wheel
was proposed, it was lr, full vii p. ot the fa I thai
the Remington name had moro to lose than to sain
in the venture. Kive years ol hlcycle-b 1 Idlng I ave
borne most gratifying testlmonj to the fact lhal
the Remington wheels I found to meet
not only tl e t.sts of ., ni,.>- exacting riding public,
bm of their own far timr.- critics n iulremt-nts.
Guarantees are good only bb Individuals 01 cor?
porations ..re able to redeem them Thi makei 1
of ihe Remington have had eighty years of me?
chanical exp- rd 1 ? need sa3 0 mon
The :.. :???%, tread Raycycls-, with Its new crank
har.ger device, has I ra 1.1 considerable atten?
tion at ihe show The New-York ott:., la at So
;.* Fulton-el I' is said on behall of this n
chine that the .rank-hanger has fr..rr. .? to I pet
cent les- pressure on t!.<- bearing than tin- era ?
hangeS of most bicycles The mai, 1 ai- offei ll,ts)
to any person who can demonstrate t,...i |
these 11 Ttlons sre not correct. So cycle will be
consider, without the consent of thi n ikers
The Beck saddles have also attracted attention. ,
'Pl.ey are male Iii many design, the finish la I x
eellent, nnd th>- etyles are so many and varied thal
Almost anv rider will be able IO And B :,,!.!!? for
his Individual use.
RESI f.T Of" T1IR MOST P.KMAF-.K AI.I.F .Ni*-T:'..-T
nxrin growth
[hy rzt.v.r.p.urn tc the tbibine 1
Albany, feb. ll?The most extraordinary polil
eai eontest in the history of the League of American
Wheelmen ended to-ntghl In ths selection of I B,
rotter, of New-Tork, as president The contest hsd
beep proceeding quietly for severs! months In 1 ia
various State* of the PnlOO whl- !i BM represented
In the National Assembly In the last :wo dayl
the excitement of th* struggle has steadily In*
craassd. and to-day all sorts of rumors were afloat
of -'combines" and machinations that might chango
the forecasts which had been made s,, confldentlj
all the week. It wis rumored thal unless th.- West
seeured th. j.residency the deb nations from the
Western States wou'd bolt the assembly. Thu aid
similar rumors brought the 0x1 itsmonl to a high
i plleh. when st a lats hour th,* afternoon the e|e, -
; tton Of offleers was na' ? d
W E Connelly, of Illir.oi.., had been prom?
inently nnmed as B I andi,late of the West for tli?
presidency, mid there were some who w.re t,m
gulne enough to believe that he would be <-;?
80 lt was no wonder When Mr. Connelly to..k tho
floor and plaeeii in nomination 1 It I',.tier, uf
New-York, for tb" presidency, that the enthusiasm
of the Totier men knew no bounds. The Illinois
delegation, whl.-h had been Instructed f..r Elliott
went temporarily to pieces winn they found thsi
their leader had t-i.ne over to Potter, bul those, who
knew the inside knew that Connelly bsd lang
pledged himself t" Potter, and. Bl though hs Voted
as he had been Instructed, foi Elliott, he placed
Mr Po"?r in nomination nnd s,.w him sleeted
In opening hi* speech, Mr. Connelly sal.) that what
he was to say was :n opposition to -lo- Wlsbl - ?
his delegation, but he wa.- lhere for the Interests
of the I.. A W. Ile feelingly and eloquently re?
ferred to the Plague's past md Hs future II was
important tha: oflloera pf the soundest balgi
be selected. There was one man In the assamblj
that met all requirements and st..od above a!l
01 hers He had found a Town that could be worn
hy one nnd no other. He would bring B record thal
would shine around ali o.ht-rs. Ile continued ni BR
Impressive tans sod then pieced Mr Po-t.r in
nomination. a? ?h, nasas BM aped his Ups s tumult
Of applause resounded through the hall. It was
considered one of the greatest 1 lemlnatlasj spe?.-hes
fit mill* In ju I. A W Assembl}
Mr BUioti w.-,s placed In nomination b. win?
iam Kempton. .,f Ohio, nnd then the voting b?
sati In eiui\ fl :??.. of the Stats*, Ni w-Vork tn
the number, n.i the unit rule adopted, but the
Timbers roted 'li her a.** lns)ri)fte,l or in .accord
Bnos with ilu-lr own preference for presiding of?
ficer. When the rote was snnounced Potter, iv.
Elliott, lit, an.l ooo blank?ths cheering waa deaf?
??iiiiiK. Mr Kiln, 7 ;,s :..,,.ri ns order .-..Hld h.- rt"
rtor*d, u.ov.-.i thal ths el." i ion bs mnde unanl*
mons, and in 1 tn.it speech complimented tho
League on the election ..f Mr Potter for nie
PD -Wi,,;. Mr, Pot lei * | culled for. an<l h*> r?
turned hm compliment extended bim by Mr el?
Thc foil,(wine t',.-k<-t waa then elected, i.einjf kn
the main thal prepared by the Potter boomers:
.a)'.,- ''\. IV I
"\\. $wr? ?
Fir ? vice-president, A. Cressy Morrison, of Wis?
consin; second vice-president, C. Frank Klrkeker,
of New-Jersey; treasurer, W B. Glendenning, of
Tbs following statement was niven to Tha Trib?
une correspond..nt by Mr Totter in-night: "1 be?
lieve :h,. res) sic-ess of the League and tho
proper maintenance of its affairs mist depend
upon th" sdopttcn of a new system of I ts gin
Control Some of the State divisions have grown
so large ss to i? -om<* unwieldy. By this I mean
thai ii,.- great smount of labor which the Btats
officers sre called upon to perform makes it Im?
possible 1 11 hem to : toa .after the wants of .'ii
the different localities with the same thoroug -
ness thal would in.,rk the performance of tho
same work by local officers Our Committee on
Local 1 .ri:.int7.aiii,ii is row perfecting s pian for
the fu-minu of local co the small towna
and ir...erl.ir cities throughoui the Union, so tha:
each consulate may ell il Its ..vari officers and per?
form all the functions of i locsl club, snd at the
sam.* time maintain nee to the State
an,1 Nation.n organisations bj vii .arter
lasu) ?! b) the Bi ? ii Thia will enable
ea.*h locality to mk.' up and push forward the
work of ?:? til gg ii-.i- Improving the
road and 1 ? ting side paths, snd a*, tin*
same time will enabl League members to asso?
ciate together a Utile mon closet) and enjoy all
thi - - . idvai ? - iv hlch are now offere I
v 1 -.- ord .... rhe local organisa?
tion scheme i- one if enormou Importance, snd
Its ri : -. .ii. to l 11 beag e will v demoni tran rt
within ih. next few mon hf I have ither things
in mind thal 1 elleve might be brought into
v worl - intage to rt.>g inlxa
tlon, but 1 ' - - i havi mgge ted s ;i! supply
1 comfortabl. amouni of aa irk foi many months
!,. come."
At this morning's session of the A "Jembly Presi?
dent lim.?'i submitted his annual reporl fte said:
"I w-n mu :h regret ti i that I I i lill oat! i
? 7,lon any si. ps toward the preser*. i
1 ion snd sal of the bl -. -v s hlch all
ros ls accept foi Ho ne bs sis or
"My trxpertei ? 11 : : ? that the
mu.-' .-fi'. Hive sra) to rend 1 ?? gospel of good
r-,. ,.1* i 17rn :?_?!: 1 h.- : ?. lard publications
... ? 11- r 1 . bj ti;,-, whom w< srlsh I.invert
As I state.1 ii rb,- \ . if year. I believe
the LeagU) iou bureau from
.... o'lt regularly 1 oad n tl
for publication I I the ?? lltoi -
of ahl V are aire I) silling to i elve and usa ii "
Sr retary Ba sett submitted hi annual reporl
showing thai the total membership on February
a ts 39.223, and on Februarj I, '-'V 13,741 a
gain of M.419 members tn one year. Mr- Basset)
iald thal In the ten years In a hi V he had
i- .-. retar) hi had enroll, t iv.vi applicants for
membership, and had ri rived ? i dlahurerd
Ji';.',,">'. Here ur-- n... percentages of gall
by the m ? ' fha year: Pennsyl
?i 101 ??'-'., N. ? ? 5-10: Sew
Jersl*v, 90; North Carolina. "1: Massachusetts, 81;
Connecticut, Ml \X\r oneil, '? Missouri, it: Ohio, 13
The Transportation Comrjjttee reported thal 1'
ii..! found thal the railroads had determlm I to
hx ,i charge for carrying bicycles. Efforts had
boen madi In mani o the States to si euri I ?
,-- re of ? Mil slmllai tr, the Armstrong bill In
thin .-tar. and 'he committee had hopes of its
being ndopti ' In all Statei es ept Vermont and
,-,.-,,r_-i, where ll had been defeated A number of
w.-;? n: roads onsented to. irr) bicycles free,
George l? Gideon, chairman ol tb> National
Rm ring Board, waa intro.in -'.I ..mt.I a storm of ap?
plause. He said ihe racing season of ISM was
. ?.-. ii, ,n , r !?? fore. There are 1,296 profession
? ls in the country now. snd the sport was clean,
having opened a new Held for men to obtain an
honorable livelihood Fortv-seven National meeta
had been held and J.9M sanctions nari l.n laaue*.
[fe thought thal there eras greater need for ofil?
ia I Judges and tiners tl " lal referee
The afternoon leeslon aaa taken up with the
.. offl era
Chicago, Feb. ll. Ts men have been
accepted b) the Chicago Cycle R ng Association
lo nie in the six-day race al Tattersall^, whli h be
fins on Sun.nv at midnight, February 21. Follow?
ing ls the ii-' of pr..bibi.' starters "Teddy ' Hale,
Arthur F Bmlth Ham Bi a ri Burton D, Mlake.
Vp, "Burt" Le le, l**>uls Glmm, Charles W Miller,
Frederich Sohlrneer, Desire Bruno, A A. Hansen.
Ceorge Hannant, ll Hnlhrechl U I, Cassidy, C.
A. Phillips Harry Bradls I" d'r.e. of Bosto "
A. Donaldson, John l.a? oi David Fleming, .1
ri.r... Chi. igo VVIIIInni R. 'i ighen, Clemen I
Turville, \V. H. Hyde n--? - Ight, B, Cl
Sproi g, Oeorge H I If fl and V B. ll ill.
Pris, ? nagri'gal RS >'-'?'?"" and many special cash
prises for lu records.
\ -.. I effort ls to be ma
-,, br.ak Hali n ord I 'V rn es. rt
-? ni i ? -..^.-?cr.J.
Thousands -<|Co,u
Admire them ani
Cycle Show *
Standard of tho World
Hartford Bicycles,
sa. nnd onlr to I nluml.laa. $7"., *m. S.n. *?.>.
No natccssity i ? looking at othei
bicyi Ir*, while Columbia! and Hail
lords are in the market.
POPE MFQ. CO., Hartford, Conn.
liranrh linois!
< COI ll ST A1P lOVLBTAtn,
I IS VT I II it r> IT.
See dil 1 MUM* nnd ll Ml I I illili.
td I lie I arie aim,,.
We vi.Kl noi get good spaces
t.'i the Show, but will have a
un show of our own in the
306-310 West 59th St.
300 wheels, 5 makes, and -i pri?
vate track to try them on.
Cr* tliktwm CVCrt ?o?pmv
gtttril Offtcn. Jes, jos tai jw
un* imv-tiait STfttt. n x. dv
>Tf maka light trio;clea for :. ?;i a.-.'. I matt
Victoir Grade
In spe.ikinjr of bicycles, tht* expressions "High grad?, highest
grade," firx., hsve been so hard worked ;md so abuted th.it they have
become practically meaningless, and this fact h.is suggested fi? us the
words Victor Grade, which, to us. mean everything tiv.it is best in
m;ittri.tls and methods, because we are perfectly sincere m the belief
that our ro;id to success lies through the production ot" thc bicvele thai
will win your heart ;ind place vou among those who are not only our
friends but our champions,
We want to show vou what Victor erjde really means See us
.it the Bicycle Show or .it 23 Warren St.
Overman Wheel Co,,
New York Branch, 2.1 Warren St.
Tlnsh.-.m rVri? Ce BIO .V Mta St..
Btathtws Bros., lOB W VS.--. Bl
Wheel JV ts dcm:
Bt'.tfr pa--: f;r a >:a"te
than i-.;; for rtAtirs,
IVktel W'tsimi
dwbttlit fasts* :\ tit
fimpans that makes tt.
The Shield of a Great Name
? Protects the Riders of
Remington Bicycles.
JVf Brca.7va\.
jytk St. .;?...? (irani CirtU\
fjj Futon S:., BROOKLYN.
Look for us
at the
Cvcle Show.
Geo. Na Pierce Co.,
EASTERS OFFICE: 105 Chamber.-* Street, \. V.
UPTOWN STORE: 1434 Broadway, Cor. 40th Street.
BROOKLYN STORE: 1080*1082 Bedford Avenue.
.ORANGE STORE: 251 Main Street, near Musk Hall.
During 189o
..New York
are praising
at the PIERCE-.
J ?f*
^ Best kind of *>d
0 I prtisino.
A Isn't lt I F
not "freak" ideas,
are characteristic of
Spaces hl7. 6IS. bio. o20. o2l. bil, bU and 624,
i.iiami ?'i:\Tit \t. PALm ES, 4SO sr.
12 MODELS, "WaMr
IrSSSljTS, ft, V . N.nsrk. Sf. J., I lilracs. Bl l.oui,. ttlants.
lam.li.n. BSff . ami ths prim-ipili ritirs in I s.
nish thc Cushion Frames as.in equipment
SPM DINO" \. G. Spalding & Bros.
? Cushion frame
? * ;? it. li lids ' s ? sat - t
? revolutl nix* < Just ?
? ? ,..';?? it tc Ur* did. |
j No Jolting. No Jarring. Riding on I
[ All Kinds of Roads ^lade Eas>. \
l Adopted ind furnished by many of ths ;
? leading makers. Here are a few that (ur
? "*
VURVNICk" W.lovick (vile Mfg. Co.
'. "RICHMOND" Richmond Kievcle Co. ;
? "STORMI R" Acme \lfq. to. ?
% ?AMfRitA\ rtAVttijr I
? American Sewinq Machine Co. ;
i "wBsm.'. ' Moore Carvinq Machine Co. I
"MKltll l
. "PENRYN" kevstont-M. 4 M. Co. ;
: "Pf FRI I SS" Peerless Mfq. Co. i
? "HYPIRION" Cushion frame C\cle Co. [
. ... . i
jj a
? ?.?ss. />???? ss. ? ??....<? ...... ......
2 ("Tbe Comfortable Kind", Z
?J Aro the result Of twenty-iive ?"
Jb years' experience In handling I"
a" leather. ?.
$ * BECK * |:
\. Exhibited at >
b" Spare No. 30H, './?? in .?
\ BICYCLG SHOW. 7,Vf,7 \
o' BU K IIC1CI ? s.tu|>l.i; m., ti-wark. V J. ' tr"
VDVERTIBEMEKTS Bod suiai-nt.tioii. r..r . a mtv.
uns ir,.... i .-. u,?,r I pt..?n urn ?, Mo, 1.243 llraal
I v>s . 2d door i. ni, vt sui -i , m.i.. -. . . k i, m.; ad.
I vtrtisrmenu waived bi i'.-- foll ?uiii i.i?n t, dSIc*i ..:
, rtaulh- !*i a rat** anni a ...?;? ? p m ... . BR-t mb
... . . si m . isa Oxb by*., cor, lath st., m*. > *,
I,,i. av*, asd lu:, ?t . ICI ' :j-i Las j,c., omi ..est outi.
1 ii . iud ?? .?' BM-St., nrar Oth av* . g> Kan Mit. st Bil
wat i--.: *t. "?-ti 7th and Mth avaa . lin* East tTth
?t I. US 3d-av*.. tri?>.?n T'ith and 77th ?t? . 1.03S Xi
?if. naar dist lt.. 1.7i>H !?? av* . n?ar mitt. ?t.. 0.NO Sd
av*, near tlst-st.; Mi 3d av*.. 210 l.l**ck*r-at.; 3M
Bir'Skti st.; S.WM SJ ava.. 340 East TBili Bbl
kt.; 2.1
rae naeeds ?-anic
Correct Wheat on Earth
The only Mecnanlcally ,
r ro SS fat
less preaae re
nea il,an 'fi*
)i ll..' : ? ,
ll /^awai ihsltssr, ??inv..'h.
/bicvrleoa H.- sisrkei
.? ?
jpr.rn wno .un desiea.
I) ?!.,. || r, ...
?. in, ii i. sot start M
, via ,,,i,? ? ?
?est of the makai
A ll Inlrilw, rn- ? ?
.\ MlSSS a ' - ??,niiiiri!,?
>?" i-..r.|..v ???
u .un i k 1 Kits,
( MU too M aa?"a?h \*?.
sKwronn. ?*f? vi --.
nasnisuTos no.
Miami Cycle & MT sj Cn.. Middletown 0.
!*>* f*K vv& >. V^4- *r^*?
The most severe test ever sriven any
bicycle was throne to which the Steatxs
was subjected ;n the fournallram-Ktr
Vciloy* Fellow Transcontinental Relay
last summer.
Four hundred riders of Stearns bicycles
covered the distance /rora San Franc-.seo
to New York in fourteen days, without a
delay from break OT imjierfection.
A bicycle that will stand such a test
srul stand anything.
n. c. BTnanna & co., Tinman cycle co.,
V Utera, New Y>rk Asr* .
8 yrs cm se, N*. Y. ^ ^o6-jio West j/h it.
A brown pocketbook containing two
diamond rings, thirty-two dollufi ia
currency nnd nn ord*?r for ;i
Finder cnn keep the nocketbnanib
money nnd ringi il he will return the
order to

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