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Ar.nouncen,. rta I
Bo?|fl .. \ || ,i
Baakera n-i 1 Rraki ra.11
Ho*i fl aral Itenms.. . 4
CVv Ho|H.* .S
Ph Mewl Ni Mes. . .11
IVm. Pi!. Wanted, i
l-Bn.-in* s. li ita s
I>ressm?K,n?: I
Bscuretoni s
Kliror.rn-1 A '.- HI
r ii Kt. - ii
r it .. it
For Sale_ ll
Fee Sale . . 4
Tage. Tol.
:; ii m uetlon .. .
1 Mai ? mses r.nd r
fi Mis. . Mallee^ . ti
" M lehlnerj . 4
I , i rae Steamet s B
:, pianoa and Oraraaa i
s p ihti \. a res.., Il
ida. '"
:? it.-a EaUte t?
: ^. ' .. \q.-l\. I?s ,. . S
lal Notices J
Steamboats .., ..ll
I s: -.ir.- . l
'. Wlntei Resorts ll
i W rk Wanted.4
I .i
I 8
.1 f.
CV rn ii oe mc ii ls. a
*^v>\^*vN/\^V-,./V^A*^, - -*v-\^*V-S/- '
ACADEM1 OK 'i:si,;\- r>a> mi,! Evening?RshlMttos
of An,, ri, an \v ,;-i ,-,,; , -..., li,.
A'U.KMV OE Ml'SP .- s i.-, atralfht froSa lha llsirt
Ul I,ir s IJt .?, ?,,?,! \nXn ,- ?|t
BROADWAY THEATRE sir, Sha mus O'Brien.
CASINO 2 * )-, \t. Viii, ri in lt?HI|l\.
dOWMBrs rHEATRE 3 si:, ta old Kentucky
DALT'S Til ka nit: * is th. '? -' -
FMPIRK THEATRE 2 B:3o ia.,iv the Rad Roba
ET>EN Mt SEE Oav sal evening Waxworks
Pirni AVENl'E :? -si,-. Di ilandiua
OARDEN THEATRE 2 B:20 Uesrtsease
<:\ltl(PK TIIKATHI ?: -:. * I.'. Beere! Service
IRANO CBNTRA1. I1 -l.\> i: 2 til ?'>ole Shaw
ORAKl) OPBRs in.rsi: ?.- n Hogan's Alley
HARLEM OPERA li' a si: B:is A Kool f Fortune,
rrr.\t.i. giju'Aitn theatre ? si.-, -n,.> <pri finn-.
l".its THEATRE 'J R.-Sft \ i'. n-enls* Woman.
IRVINO i-I.\.a- THBATRK?S ",'., Ta 'I.- 1 ?
I'M.'Kia:!-.. ,,'Kri: THEATRE si,-, \ pair .r Spec
K.e-Ti at a - ;.-;, s j s v mdrrtlle
T.T.'ia'M THEATRE L'-sp. Tha fas' Qentlemaa ???'
gui ? -
MAPiPOV Rot-AltF rtaRTiEN Arlen lijiii
METROPOUTAN "I'l'liA H..i si; s i:r?n.| Or-sra
OLYMPIA MI'gIC HALL s i."> VauSes-llle,
PABTOR'S 18 Bft te ll p ni Vaudeville.
STAR THEATRE 5 * Otha's Vost
WALLACE. H '? B '"? U ni,., ..-.I Juliet
I4TH STRBET -Mr vila: 2 ? I fl sm...a Inn Udarra..
.. ? ?
FOREIGN.?The Oreek Oovernmenl an
ncunced its Intention to Intervene forcibly In
Crete; Turkey has appealed to Hie Powers for
(\"i Kir. in Ottawa <llil much damage to
the Dominion Parliament oulldings, King
Malletoa has offer.-d amnesty to Matafa hpi] tin
other exiled Sain.nm chit fl Bi vera! ocean
liters wen- delayed on the English roast by
CONGRESS Both branches in session. ?
Senate: The Arbitration Treaty was under dis?
cussion most ..f the day; the Diplomatic and
Consular Appropriation hill was |>as<s. fl. :_=
li ase: a Mil t.. pr..vi.le for refunding the bond*
ed dob! of tho TerrltorleB and the Fortifications
Appropriation bill wort passed
DOMB8TIC - The Carnesria Bteel Company
mad.- a further ctn In ih>* price of steel rails
tO ?11 23 a ' ri. several thousand men hm.
he<*n rut lo \v..rk us g r.-sult .if tin- rate war
.?? - ? Tho Illinois Court of Appeals decided that
outside trust companies could not .'penile in
that State without makins: surety deposits, the
f-nim- as domestic concerna Isaac it Pot?
ter, of New-York, was elected president of the
l.'-ague >.f American Wheelmen by the Na?
tional Assembly in Albany Two employes
of the Library >.f Congress wen held for trial
in Washington, charged with stealing valuable
autographs fr..m th- Ltbrar)
CITY.-John l>. Rockefeller promised jSl'.'mhbiO
toward the payment of tl-... Indebtedness of the
Baptist Home .md Foreign Missioner) *** lellos
Marshals seized th.- .hinch house of th.
J'.apti-t Tabernacle as a result of th. conten?
tions between the pastor, Dr. i> C. Potter, and
th? Baptist City Mission Society - Cap?
tain Phllo Nor tor McOiffln, commander of the
Chines- ship Chen Tuen In th- Hattie ?.f the
Yalu, committed au ? Ide bj shooting al the Peat
Graduate Hospital. The Arion ball, which
was ht id nt the Madison Square Garden, was a
great success Chaunce) M Depew was
? ? led i hairman of the Board of Control of the
Joint Traffli Asa - lation. The anni! ,? , ??.
tlon of the New-Tork yacht Club was held
Sta : - wen dull an i lower.
Tin: WEATHER Indications for to-day
Snow and warmer The temperature yesterday
Highest .".-". degrees; lowest, 2S; average, HlU
/ WET i hoi r Tin ftrn
lr ii i.i > lie wortlt while for Invest Igi.* of
irusts ,'iini trade combinations ia give closer
study io ihe faci tii.it th.-., organizations almost
Invariably ...nie luto exlsienee during periods
ol great depression, either In business generally,
or 'i ihe particular kind of business organised.
for Hi-- purpose of defence against sticb tm -
nana) atm lu, nut] thai lucy break down almost
lararlahly when better times come, with a pros
peel thai lhere will lie enough business for oil,
bo lhal competition between domestic producers
is l.-ss likely io he destructive. There are few
trusts or similar combinations which do 'not
Illustrate du- correct ness of ibis general rule.
Th.. Standard mi Company wa* formed io pre
vent disaster by business depression and rx
cesalre competition, bm lias been so managed
thal ii has nol broken down. The Sugar Trusl
was formed auder similar circumstances, bul
lia* burdened Itself heavily hy purchase and
ri..sins: of competing work*, and has for yen*
given io the public no reports Berring lo show
whether ii baa been profitable outside of opera
tions in thc si..,i< market ?.r not. Each of these
affects a special branch i f bualneas, nm de?
pendent <>p or closely connected with others
Hut the exporten..f the las: year in ihe iron
nn.I steel industry ibrows a ti.i or light upon
the c.ndaams which ordinarily surround such
organisations. The s.i Rall Trust, which luis
eoUapeed this week, was the only one nearly len
yean oki, baring i.norganised In August, issT.
bul was completely broken in IS98, (bough after
wanl reconstructed. Evidently an organisation
comprising no more than fifteen concerns ai the
out>ef. and recently no more than s;\ dim incl
eoapetltors, can be more easily maintained than
others whi.a involve reconciling far more
numerous conflicting Interests, and in addition
this combination waa conducted for years with
iinuc conservative Judgment than la usually
twougbl to iii" direction of -m ii organiaai mi*
lt isa striking fact that nil ii.tbercoinblna
tlon*. in that great Industry, (he Bteel Billet
Pool, tin' Steel Beam Association ibe two Wire
Nail association*, tin- Tinplate Association, tin
Bar Association, other couabliatgpns .a inure ..r
less definiteness or importance, wltb the great
c>ke atni inri ore combinations, were all formed
during tin' prostration of business caused by ibe
Democratic tariff revolution, and all of them
have either completely broken down withal
aban! three months after the election lu Novena
ber. or have i.eeu so changed lhal they no longer
control pr:,-i's. ibis is not au accident. Tbe
fa.t thai th.- Boam Pool has been revived for a
tiine does tint affect ihe Instructiveness of Ihe
lesson, nor the fad that tin- Iron Bar Assocla
tum si ill persists in trying lo p'l a higher price
for iron than is everywhere paid f..i * eel bars,
nor the fart lhal Ibe eoke'eombinatlon claims
a price which is lu fact not regarded n s.mie
larci- contracts, The general collapse of these
aVfenalre organisations lias a distinct and ex
petnHngly Instructive ?eeaage for iin.se who
ajsjppoM thal Ibe public can be defended only by
astringent legislation against exton on through
trade organ sat iona
It la not bene Ibe purpose io i-ousider whether
siir-h legislation is or is not nra< tlcable and use?
ful. Whether much ena be done for the public
irood in linn way or not, whether constitutional
diffleiiiti.s are or ara aol lo be overcome, does
i.ot aiTi'ft ibe fart lhal natural laws of business
lead witta almonl Irresistible power to over?
throw every combination which works against
the interest* of the people aa fl whole lt |?
plain rna! In lng, when the difference between
priers of lt. ?.-lu.-p plg-lron ami of billets, as
stated by tue ir.,ii and si..! Association, was
."V.ijsi per tao, .md tin- difference between Ibe
price nf billi is ami the price of tails, according
to ibe same authority, wa* sui: per ,,?, ,,,.,1
lng lift 80 per lon between pig ron and rails, ibe
public interest was mu regarded The rcsilll ls
now plain Tba same is true af (fee nH|| r.ll|n.
binntioii with equally dear results
The invitation to new nMUjiittltara; ou tue out
band, ,'in?l tn tin- most rlgla restriction of pur?
chases .-un] orders na the other, crows in iftrengtn
vi'ry rapidly with every Increnne of lite de
mnnds bj i combination beyond strictly renson.
dbl.' profltn. Hut there sre other eomblnatloiit
wiiidi ii.ivc steadily reduced prleeu, giving tbe
public In large nenndre Ihe benefit of Improred
methods and economies in manufacture snd
handling, :tn.| thereby hare been able i" maiii
t-iin themselves thus far against all competition.
Winn legislators study Ihene lensons i losely
they nrlll al least ind mont raluable guidance
in reapeet io tue character ol laws liest adapted
to promote iii.' public welfare.
\" < I / SE FOR M t/.'U.
An Alb.my dispatch quotes Senator leeson* as
saying, with reference to the consolidation <|iio-*
?.on. "if thal charter doesn't pans ibis year i'll
resign " Th ? announcement may suggest same
startling possibilities tn timid souls, bul ure do
nut think it ought tn muse :i panie either in Wall
Street or In political circles. In Ihe drat place
tho Henator's meaning v not entirely clear, bul
affords room for argument, and there ls always
hnpo of avoiding :i crisis when ? discussion lia**
once been started, til course Mr. laexow may
liiivo Intended bis remark as ? threat, but, "*?
the oilier band, he may not with '.> hare lt re?
garded ns anything more than a confldeni pre
diction, lt would !"? difficult t" eoneelTe of any
iliinjr more distressing than a deliberate deter* |
lninati'iii mi the part ot the Senator to retire be* ;
fore the expiration "f his term for any reason
whatsoever, and we do not doubt thal some per*
sens would rather hate the charter passed than
undergo that calamity. Rut ii is far from cer?
tain thal the Commonwealth will be reduced to
,-i choice of those alternatives. We confess to
s,.nio brief alarm ourselves, bul lue more wi?
lli uk <>f it ih" more we are encouraged lo be
lleve thal Mr. i.c\,.w did i ol mean lo i?- literal?
ly Interpreted and lhal he *.\ill reconsider the
matter If he <fid
The probability ls thai ihe Senator simply In
tended to emphasise a harmless prognostication
by a striking though grotesque exaggeration of
the consequence*! which would ensue In case it
failed. Thai ls not an uncommon mode nf es
<presa!ng al's,dur, confidence. Mon have frc
un.'nth- been beard to promise, for example, lhal
if thej srere proved lo be mistaken as rn some
future occurrence they would eat their heads,
But the thing ls never <l. A greal many rc
markable election bets are made every year, and
some of them are paid ai large sacrifice of per
ional comfort and dignity. We once heard of
a mini who in fulfilment of such a wager wore
a large 'nam suspended from his neck ai Ihe
wedding of irs only son, and :t is hnposHilile lo
exaggerate the fidelity with which similar con
tra.-ts contingent npon Ibe exercise of the suf
frage have been executed. Bul no man was
ever known to eal his head, In tad an un
broken 1 ac of precedents has by common con
sent entirely relieved overconfldcni prophets
from <v.'ii attempting a feat which hy an Idle
ns., of words they have nominally agreed to
perform. Similarly, when Senator l?exow sn I
lhat be would resign if the charter did not viss.
he merely Intended to signify ii superlative de
>;;?.?.-> of assurance lhat it would pass by prom*
laing that, otherwise be would <l" something
which everybody knows that he is Incapable of
doing. Oh, no! There is noi the slightest cans*'
for agitation We sincerely hope thal Senator
I,, vive ls noi going lo die, wv are perfectly
.-??nain thal he is not going t" resign.
I uro s 1/ l.Mtl RVS CO\ FESSIOX
rn' ii truth, England lias cried bey "peccavi."
in iii.- Turkish husinem**, n> sran*ely another
Power Ivs ever done, she lms cried il In an
open, straightforward fashion, t"". with no ex?
cuse nnd H" exceptions. There wa*- a premonl
timi of it som.- we< ks ai:", when l."n! Salisbury
nt til,. Loni Mayor's dinner declared lhat Eng?
lish antagonism to Blunda was only the onl
worn superstition of an antiquated diplomacy.
The full confession rame in Ms dlsi'iisxiiiii of
the (jneeu** Sp.li at the reeenl reopening nf
Parliament. Replying t" laord Kimberley, whu
)iinl .riiiiis.ii the Turkish policy of tani Ben
conxlleld. he said thal policy \\.-is not BeaiiniH
li. Id's own. but \\ ns accepted l.y him aa Uh soinc
misgivings ii- a legacy from preeeillng Admin
Ist rat lons, aud especially from ria re inion and
Palmerston and the era of the Crimean War,
Then followed this extraordinary declaration:
There ls nn doubl thst Lord Beaconsfield
adopted s pollcj v Iii. li is exposed to this critl
clsm, thal tl), hopes he entertained were not
fulfilled. . . . But it was not ins policy froni
the Brat, which bound up our hopes and en
lactations In the regenratlon of the Turkish
Empire Others in Km ip felt the scepticism
\\ liirli is toleral.l) general now, an.I doubted the
expediency of making the success of Ottoman
institutions tip- cardinal prln, Iple >-t our polio
nnd alms Among tiios.. was the Empi ror Nil v
olas i IL- made proposals avhlch, l Imagine, if
they were mad now, would v- gladly accepted.
Ile ma.).- proposal! in iNTil. .1 do noi
venture lo censure the decision to which Lord
Clarendon came when he refused to accept the
proposals of thc Emperor Nicholas for defining
tin- Influence which the Qteal Powers shun ii i ex.
preiss mi th.- Turkish Empire . . Bul I am
Vitim! io say that il you call .[.uti nie lo look
hack and t . Inti rprel th.- present by the past, to
lay .?" this shoulder or on that the responsibility
for Uv difficult lei in which we find ourselves
now. in- parting of the ways was in 1858, when
the Emperor Nicholns's proposals were reje ti i
Man) members of this House will keen I) feel
ths naturi of the mlstaki thnl was made when
i ss thal we put all our m..nev upon the wrong
hi rs.. . . . ah thal Lord Beaconsfli ld did
was lo carr) oul the policy which hts prede?
cessors hud laid down. Hi vas not free from
misgiving, bul . h*? still entertained hopes
v* hiih l did not entertain In quite the san
grce But those hop'-s have not been Justified
Now that was m a sons,. .., party speech and
n personal exculpation, or au attempt at lt,
Tbe speaker sni.l in effect lhal he had liol
thought as well of th.- |.oli.y as Beaconsfield
had, linn Beaconsfield had had 'n's doubts ni kihi
it. and linn the real author of it. who im|><>--.-,i
it upon England and aa li" w a~ r. sponslble for li.
wns I.nfl Clarendon, who was uni ;i Tory, but a
Whit: That, however, is :i partial rlew. in
it*- broadest sens.' th,- utterance was a confer
sion that iii.- ittissi:iu Emperor Nicholas was
right in l**-.".!. and tiiai England was wrong, and
lias been wrong ever sin.-.-. That in ti,,, confes
sion made by the statesman who, above all
- is , Mi.-inila authorized to speak for the
English Government and for the English |...n
pie, We have railed lt extraordinary, lt would
be difficult to iiii'1 it*- parallel in the histor) nf
What, I lieu, w.n- the proposals nf Nicholii m,
which England weni to wnr rattier limn nccep
inn which England lbrough her Prime Minister
non <l...-hires I., have lieen right? There hnd
been a dispute between the Latin and ({reek
Christian churches in Palestine. An impart hil
Commission had decided ii in favor of the
vi.i.s. in.. Turkish (lovernmem refused ? >
obey Ihe rerdlct. and persisted in ,I? >>11^r lujus
lice i" the ('reeks. Thereupon Ihe Runslnu Em
heror pul himself forward ns ii,,, protector of
all (Jreek Christians In Tnrkey, ami proposed
thal Euglauil ami Ihe other Urral Powers
should unite witta bim la exorcising Joint i*ou
in.l ov.r Turkey, in reforming anuses, and In
taking hi.-ps for ih.- ultimate winding up of
ihe affairs mid equitable partition of the terri?
tory of thal then apparent!*, m.nil.un.I Empire.
Thai was what England, largely, we maa he
lleve, ai Un- Instigation of Louis Napoleon, re
fused in agree i<>. Thal waa what provoked
England to enter anna tbe Crlmei a Wnr, aa
enterprise which, for nnrnnold cont in treasure,
limb nod iif.-. for wnnton Inhumanity, Buffering,
nml utter desolation, hu* srarcetj ? parallel la
modern hlotory, And now, ns Lord Salisbury '
confess.**, not only ls the KiikIIsIi Judi.a ..f
BstUliy liall a ceaturjf to bc ,ii>uii<lujajl and ic- |
Isl) Si
flounced, bul tbe llussian policy, then ieje.te.1
al such fearful root, is to be accepted and
adopted; and not only 'hui. bm more, for Ihe
position of Rumla In Turkish affairs today.
acknowledged as nu accomplished fart bj .ll
Killope. is even more i|..initialil Ih.'in lhal SUg
geated by Nicholas i. even In the irealj of
l uk in r Hkeleaal.
in ih.- Crimean days bord INilmerftou was
wont io sneer wini flaborated sc..rn ni John
Brlghl I'"!' hi* speeches BgalUSl I la- W.'lf.
Doubtless Brlgbi was li'il-' dlatnrlied, and on
at bast i>tie nombi.casi,.ii so eminent au au
Ibority ;'*? Macaulay Ban and said that Bright
\?a* right ami Palmerston iras wrong. Bul
what a verdict lb.- deliberate court ol' lime ha
rendered! ? ?'iib what prophetic significance
ar.- Bright's word- now v.eii to hine been iii
vented, when h.- said: ' I believe our children
"ami posterity will Judge :i* precisely as w >?
?now Judge thus.- wno Involved this country Itt
"war with the A.rican colonies . . . with
"ibis difference only, that we shall be held lo
"be inii-h iiioi.' guilty." I'..r th.- fulfilment, soe
what (englishmen lune within a twelvemonth
sahl ..I' England's responsibility for the horrors
of 'he "Purple Bast " lu IHW the peace-lovl*tg
Quaker Badlcal declared, umbi Ihe Jeers of
both W'hltr .'ind Tor) Jlngnca, "We are building
up ..ur Eastern policy mi a false foundation."
lu 1807 ih,. lil-i areal champion ol' lhal p..lay
admits, "We pm ail..ur money upon Hu- wrong
horse" Well, it ls greatly i.i I.ord Salisbury's
credit that he has made such manly, fra uk
confession, and lo tb.- credit of the (lovcrnmeiii
,-unl Nation for whom h.- speaks. When OW
of ihe greatest <>f the Powers confess*-?>? Itself
to Ililli- been in Ihe WI'illL'. .'Hld docs >,, \(.lilt!
tardy ami willi Immediate reformation of it;
ways, there is a brighter gleam of rising dawn
upon ihe International ethics of 'h.- world.
i -ililli, ll i Hill FMS DESIRE."
In Hu- letter written lo Police Magistrate
Walsh by Kdwanl .1. Ku**. II. wi,., ls thai jd
with Attempting lo blackmail .Mincl I'. .lenka,
ilia: picturesque adventurer makes vt hal he mils
"a most painful and humiliating confession."
ih.- cist .,)' w hi-ii is lhal. baring 1.li *.< 'un
fortunate" as t.. shoot a man. "whose name is
now Immaterial." in IR-W, bc wa*- sentenced
llpoll his |,|,.;| ,,f gu ill J lo i lu pl is, Uimell' I''"'
eight yearn, "Enforced Idleness" in prison ami
"anxiety f..r the loved ones" ho had disgraced,
h.- says, caused him to b?> "afflicted with a mild.
"harmless desire for col.'ting schemes of local
"ami general mischief." In the Ingenuousness
ni' ibis confession may bc easily discovered thc
Influence upon an unbalanced mind ol' Ihe
\ i.-ious, sensational literature with which Ibe
cheap nen spapers thal make leading features of
the detail* nf chine .'Hld the e\ ploilil I il Ul of .",'illl
ina]-, daily gorge thc depraved appetites ,,f their
readers Ile was not criminal, hut only "uti
fortunate" in shooting .a man. "whose mun.- is
Immaterial"! Of course ihe victim's mime is
Immaterial, Tbeonlj material tbing ls that this
person contributed an Item of thrilling Interest
io the newspaiM-rs lb- wai* 'bc hero of the ..pi
sod,.; the oilier fellow's name i* ..f no eon sc
i|iiei)ce. Ami in- was "unfortunate" enough to
get arrested and sent to jail
I".u- what happened afterward lu- ls not t"
blaine Ii :* society 'he Stat.- that kepi him
n enforced idleness. ?.i thai be could only dwell
in a morbid nay upon the loved mies whom li''
li.nl diggn.I and bc racked with anxiety on
their behalf Ha nut of Ihe misfortune nf shoot
lng a man. "whose name .* Immaterial." and
liebig sent io ia.I f..r it. and Ihe subsequent bick
if consideration on tin- pan of the state by
Which h>- WAS -lll.ic. ted to enforced idleness
wiih..ut baring done anything reprehensible
worth speaking of it came to pass that In- was
"afflicted with a mild, harmless desire for con
... tam schemes of I...-al and general mischief."
Having had a somewhat rough experience ai
lils iir?; effori io contribute io sensationalism by
-ini.it.m: *oiiiciio,iy. h.- discontinued ii:* en
lea von ai il;.a direction ami undertook ibu
un.ia- mild and lin rm less .1 version of extorting
m..ney from iii- fellow men by lin..a:..lian- i iu-ni
with scandalous publications affecting their in
tegritj or their moral*, lu soi.f the news
imper* Mia: make a specialty of such tilings.
Har in.- bc-a aga lu "unfortunate" in 'ni* lirnt
experiment in this new lim- of "local and gen
, ral mischief," In- disburdens himself of the
confession referred i". In which he discloses with
such Ingennoi'wni'ss the etTii-i upon his rickety
intellect ..!' current sensational literature.
II.. -. .-tn* i.i 1... aware after a loose fashion
lhal he wa* concoctltlg schemes of "local and
general mischief." bm continuous feeding upon
th.- grossness of social scandals a* spread oul
ii).,ai Hie pajjes of h. dall; m-w-paper- had *,.
linbruied ir* consciousness ami deadened his
sense of shame thal lie really looked upon them
,-is m.ld and harmless So. no doubt. Hu- pub
Ushers who furnish a market for purveyors of.
unclean ^"*-:p consider their part ai Hie local
ami oomaal mischief mild ami harmless. Tiley,
aller all. are the Worst offenders Thc) cult I
vat.- th.- taste for grossness ami pruriency in
their rei,hrs iu*r for Hu- profit lhere is ai it
ami Hu- Increased circulation ii gives their
sheels, ami they pay, in doubt handsomely, for
the grists of foulness wh i h Ihe mild and harm
les, blackmailers and literary guttersnipes bring
io their hopper* li i*. well tha: Mr. Russell's
"inild. harmless desire for concocting scheme*
of l-.-al ami general mischief" has received a
check, If now the same mild, harmless desire
..ii Hk- part ol Hu- greater offenders ...uld re?
ceive a similar check, li would be still Itetter.
iur rom n, \ SENi ICE
Thc labim t bj whi. li ['resident McKinley
will lie assisted and advised bas now boen
lurgclj chosen, and 'h.- selections, so far bs
Ihi'j have ben made known, have in .-iii un
usual degree commanded lin- approval of Ihe
.N.iti.m. \lr McKinley's own partj ls well sat
i-iied. Hu- thousands of Sound alone) l>emfl
i rat* who voled tor hun declare their confi?
dence iu him well vindicated, ami even Ins
most in,pla. able foes lind their criticism si
I. h.cl With siicli an earnest of it* make
m. ;a admirable Administration throughout
is clea ri t Indicated rbi-, promise is strength
oneil bj whai lia* I.ti revealed lu Tbe Trills
uiic* ...rr.-i.linc., fr .in I'aiii.Hi of Mr. \\<
Kiiilcy's intentions concerning ihe foreign ser?
vice, which is really one of in.- most important.
I hough ott.ai iiioi-I slighted, de|iartmeiits .a' the
i lin .a inn.an.
'lin- chief diplomatic and consular places,
pei hap* a .1../.. ii in all ar.- i. .w receiving the
l'i culoul elect * attention, and he i* pr.-pa rim:
io till iiiein. soon ai'-r his >>w u Inauguration, on
Hie same admirable principles ami watti Ihe
sane .ale and tllscret'oil that have governed
ihe choice of iii*, fa bl net, The Increasing in
tl tua ct of \ni. ..-in relations with other conn
ni''*, th.- . \o Its'iiti ..f c.mer,uil nnd political
interests n;,,I ? ,,-, |.\,,y ., , j.| BOHIC of
our I'opr.?*. ii"" i. ? I.i Vinhnamadorial raul;, all
nuuk ihe valm- of ih diplomatic service lo Ibe
"?limn ai ,, i . rabllllj of having all
pla.-.*, nibil a ii riling lu ninetta ami efficiency.
Thal Mr McKioli ?? xv ill so nil them maj he
taken as al -'.. itelj sssun d,
Tbe pit cr* ol lt *s prominence, which are.
la-wever ,.r proportion Hely pqnal Importance.
will I... mi.,i later The President will.sider
cm b oin-mi iu individual merits, ami endeavor
to pm Into it Hie mau i>. si qualified lo lill it.
nitbotil regard lo personal favor or i-> political
"pull." Iii Hus respect his labors will be some?
what lightened by the reforms alreadj estab?
lished in tin- oonounr department Many of
Ibo ollices are now limier Civil Service rules,
iiml are io be Ulled bf iiicij whose lilli. s? has
been proved by examination or bj fonnet oer
rice j,, .hos,, or other pines. Timi excellent
principle, Ural enunciated and rannlatently ad
rorated bj Hie Uepnld'cnn party, will unques
donald) Isp maintained by PrenWenl McKinley,
i:?d a ranaequent general Improvement In thc
iliararte/ ami enVlency of the connular ser?
ai..- nmi conflilently In* antklnnted,
There is .-. proposition nt Albnny to Incrense
tbs pensions paid to policemen In ililx city. That
isa movement In exnetly flu wrong direction.
Obnervers of renditions In Florida ray Ihnl
-the grenl freera of US" tnught thnl Bute one
?t the must vnlunble lessnms thnl adversity ever
drummed In witta Its rnttnn Wt merl] the Bute
lived bs its oranges. There waa s trustful belief
thnl the Rinker of the wenther had established
somewhere north -?(" rTotldna wad line." uh vii
wini.-i- could not erena. Til- i.pie were, un?
deceived Mon their crops nra diveratfied. Thew
ls nenrly as much money In truck fnrmlng, the
raising "f peas, benns, lettuce, strawberries po?
tato! and Muli \ >geUblea for Northern winter
markets as in orange growing, and lt is fnr
more certain In iii- southern part iii" fnrmers
have found that pineapples can be raised at a
grenl profit. All In all, the prosperity of the
State ls likely lo rein li a much more stable con?
dition ih.i:' ever before.
- - a
There would be sense In requiring a three cent
fare on the sh.ot cable railroad In Montague-sl .
Hr....ulai', wei-.- it n it that passengers are trnns
r rr i from it ,t?> neatly a dozen other lines,
reaching ail parts of tha i Ity.
[l gratifying to see thnl the authorities of
Trlnit) Cemeterj ar.- not disposed lo ihrow
i.Hess obst ai I -s in ;h" wa) of th" scheme for
extending Riverside Drive northward, even Ifs
part ,.f the remetery grounds is taken for the
proposed new park Wa) Sn far ns can lie
judged, their position is a reasonable one, and
i.ne ran hlsme them for noi wishing to mi
render an) portion of the cemetery occupied by
graves, unless it is really n.ssar) to l > so.
Tl unoccupied part near the riv r they are
willing i" civ.- up to the us.- of the public, and
then ..nelli, to lie ii" difficulty In making a
satisfactory arrangement for carrying th.? drive
past the cemetery al a short distance from the
wat. r-fronl
Mrs i-: i. (Clinger, of Albuquerque, S M , la
k-..m n bs ih" "Cattle Queer of New-Mexico." She
?nans 128,0(10 v ad of cattle.
Ths town of Venosa, Ihe ancient V. -nos rim sr hlch
was Ihe birthplH.f Horace, Ihe Roman poet, has
ii,, l.t.,I to ereel a monument to him
Captain Charles Bend I re, of ihe I'nlted States
Army, who died In Jacksonville, Fla., the other
day, s , said lo be the most noted collector of
hirds' egg* in the I'nlted States Hs was commie
; in 'I,.- Army from the ranks In ISSI, He rea
? |. r..i is-.1 service during the war arni -- ?? ind
av.is brevetted first lieutenant for gallantry ar Tre
v.illari Station, Va . In ISM, arni major for bravery
in ,ellon Bgslnsl ths lieHans at l'any..ri Creek,
Montana In lt77 He was retired In ICM, while serv
the . avslry, on sc 'cninl of the disabilities In?
curred in th<- Uh" of duty, and since thal time he
had risen lo prominence In the scientific world for
ins superior ornithological work for the Bmlthso
ulah Institut
lu- .lol u P Hsmbleton, of Georgia, who died the
.'?-. ? day was paid io have named oni of his sons
''or the assassin of Abraham I.liv oin. for which he
a is removed from s Oovernnenl office Hut a
friend of thi v id m in j. Its Th* Ati ml i Journal"
that this was noi thi .!-? ll' ni med his son John
Wilkes after th* Knglleh iv.li, il member of Par
T ? Rsi i >'. \\ llltam I'r ill, rei lor of Si John's
Episcopal Church, Detroit, was married tie other
.!.,n ... Miss Helen lathrop, <-f Detr..lr. Dr Crail
ima ., rls mr politician of New-Jersey s few years
earn n< entered ths Bpi scops I ministry, however,
anil for ti time was rector of sn Episcopal church
In oi ?? -a the < iran tea
VVashlnaton Heslng Ihe Postmsster of Chlesgo,
has ms] Riven the worn.-a of Chicago something to
think about, and. perhaps, x.-t angry over and deny,
' pfon th.- !.? .urn., of Christian ' "III
t has more piisoni i the i
-lilt of milliner) bills and dressmaker! .uni
an.I Hi,- t-r.-.-il of Wives liiin if has (rom ihe effects
. ? th* saloons
\ m. .1.il of honoi ha Ix n presented v IV. A.
Beckwith ol Sew-London, Conn., late prlva
Compan) v 2!*i i'-?: .7 -ti.-ui Infantrj Volunteers,
for distinguished gullantr) In action in Ihe batt ls
ol l-'r.-.l.-r Vk-v ,r 7. Va . ,,;1 December 1%, IM2 Ile
iswered a call for volunteers to man a battery,
r\luis" until ih,- termination of the engagement.
/ /// TAI K OF I Hi: li ! V.
"The live and pi igrei . ?? town of Albuquerque,"
ii - ?:,/? ii .i thal toaan In 'The Washington
Post." "ls sadl) handicapped by its nam.. The
? ? .I... ol people outside the Territora srho in
spell lt ls smalli and often ;: worries a Von., man
i-i sel ii |ual i iniii One ol these days, when New.
Meslco luce mes a State, we sre going lo give the
i iwn a shorter ini.l easier name, the spelling of
which there \a',ll be no .nari" io butcher."
r'humley i hear one of your freshmen was pretty
Vi. I ly Injured Ihe other day. Mow aa .is lt'.'
lianklns Why. ii aa ia In the elocution and ora?
tora class He hus such a heavj voice ths) hs
?: ned . ls buck in trying to raise lt. (t'nlversltj
of Mlchls ni Wrinkle
Sei ? ?> - foi "mei only" ire noa ver) common
In Ihe I .-mill >n churches, Wh) for "men only,"
"The London Telegraph" observes, is no) <piit. ap.
p.irent. except on the principle of sn Ba si Ender's
opinion of Ho ra I don't mind being lectured by
a pars.ai sn long aa my old women ain't about '..
'ear ll " Ons clergyman In a church near Brixton
nu upon ? shrewd device for "drawing" b congre?
gation recently. The service ? s advertised for
"men only." anal the hill bora the ominous words,
"ladles admitted." Needless to say, curiosity led
iu a Isrge attendance of thus.- win. were anxious
io kn .aa -...nu thing -.1 Ihe d * irina uauall) prom
lo rin ii urila" "
K .V i- Pa rel va I, who vs.is , ns vu I captain
before the war, once brough) . cargo of sp.nii.--ii
Jacks hollie lu a Manet wai H.- aa is p, Bputll u
? iters when the Jacks were given to Ihe i nlteil
Stalls |,) Spam and va ii ordered '., bring th,-rn
uni in his ship lt made him angrj bul he gol
ihe beasts h bon rd and sailed for New-York, When
ie- pams through Ihe Narrawa the Kans had I.ti
rolled baek, and ."it ol pverj pori lhere stuck a
lack's head iv i ? decked out, and without a sa
lui.. ?..m.- i" hb anehorane The Admiral i om
mandina s. nt post hast,- to demand why Captain
percival had noi saluted. 'I didn't salute." was
ri;.. donahty captain's inswer, "bei i i>. i couldn't.
I had two men twisting every, luck's (all, bm noi
rik. led , .it- ot ti,i-iii va,.nhl bra) !"?(Cl
I'hr' III. le.
The fl it. ol Maryland continues ns energetli
efforts lo brina desirable Immigrants into tha
Charles W. Van .i-i iloogt, s,*cretary ..f
tl Bl iii i rn tn ii-1 int Bureau, s.,\s thal Ihe colon)
In '".ii..lin.- County I- prosperous, Fifi) people
are io loin ll neal week from iowa, snd h
of Canadians will srrlve In the State aboul the
Iii | of neal month. The) vain brina with them
lljor 'V lo pill-, ii is.- '. .ir ins ..itt l^ht
"ii lt ., .linn- for physicians io send consumu
',, Ni w M. Mi 0 to ills " suld Ul Willi un
? iva. ns un educated, full-blooded t'hoctaw Indian
va,,o i- ? the Metropolitan Hotel n is (>n,. ,,| \
i andes) snd mo healthful t llm.it. * In the
world," in- added, "bul physicians wall until lt ul
loo lute before they Iel theil patients ol.tain the
barnett) of ii Moi,- than ,i pei cen I of the people
from ihe North who gu n Nea Mexico ire dying
consumption before the) leave I.ie, .ml
some onlv issi a few weeks sometimes divs aft>*r
arri vina Those aa ma people, u sent thers SI tin
piop.r time, would gain nunn benetti from tha eil
The a-ii aity of them mske theil headquar
li i - along the kp Qrande and tu Santa Fe ind
Silver ' liv " (W.i- hlngton Post,
The Kdltor ol "Tha Otwaka lldsho) Baneon
piniiitiv.lv remarki "Wi ar.- oul of wood oul "f
lil.-at, out of tiwir. OUt of mon. v and ullliosi onl of
patience We viv.- a number <-'? subserlbsrs on
our Looks wini hiv.- promised IO pas up their sui,
>iip(lolita Wlrh fOOd or fu.-l. hut aa.- Viv- waited
lhasa ini.e. nv.-, m.), i v.-n years almost, and
lhere ls no relief In ria-ht Our family u Buffering, j
nnd iit. suitor's hand has bIbbosi loni Its cunning I
tor tiie want ' t a unod, square mani ir soms
thing V mu done, snd thal quickly, The Beacon'
win ko ..it lil everlasting night, snd w* vain have
'?? | , io work Pay np li, 'any nhl thinx '
A find "I don't mind Lilli,* koli," said Ihe m tot
vain, va ,.4 in an slcohollrall) emir),teni li I mood "that
inj brother la -.-raina a term iii ins Arkansas Penb
trptiHrv for stealing hogs."
?*} rea I Scotti me hoy." shouted nu preaa iiaeiit
"shy h .ve von not told m.- of thu before? lu have
him written up for the p.ip, ?? balers 1 go to bad "
- iii ?'.:.-..Axm-u JuuiuaU.
DARKER ia/ i.Aiara IT I vi>K. AND WCI
UENTAIXI 'na.i- WHt A NEW vmiKKi:
\ visitor ailed on Prestdi nt Barker al tba Tag
Department yesterday, snd, after referring to
Building Buperlnli nd. nt Constable's alleged dlseov
? i. .a a violation of Ihe building Iswa by Mayor
Strong, ask- i Mr Harker if. when thi Mayor iain
? was not m default In regard to tax
Into office
"ir such
barker. "I
r.nr.rt is a!l<
ai I.ian.I b
replied ")'?? aldi nt
,-iiiiont foundation.
Mu yoi .-'" nm< iii- appeared on the honks of
the Tai Department In three different eapaelties
lol a long lim.'
ia a in .nun.,"ion with lids miner I sm re?
minded of sn Incident Short I) after Mr gtroog be*
.am. Mayor a gentleman of rery commanding sp*
pea ra nre rame ?.> thi* ..ttl..- snd presented a cuni
ol Introduction. The rard was from a promt wen I
gentlemnn In una .i:.i. and commended Ihe bearer
to my consideration. My caller began by ssying
that he wss a personal friend of william I. gtrong;
that li" wa- in du drygooda buslni -. that hs was a
reformer; thal a-' had known Mr Strong for verj
n...nv years; tint n.. was opposed to personal tags
lion, ami now a* im- was un administration con
11oiled by Mr Strong, bc did not foM that he ahould
be isseased on the amount of personsl property
il,.ii h.. bsd beer assessed on for mun' yeara Mr,
Strong, h. tn I.I wa av able to pay a persoi il sa*
s. .-*m. in bs ie- was I told him that ha could, by
ptisentlng evidence to the Tax Commissioners that
hi wa* unjustly tuged, have his las reduced, and
askci him If h" w. iii.I be willing rn have the same
issessment and pay a tax on the same sum annu?
ally th.,, Mr Strong Incl laid taxis on for B num?
ber of years, IL- said. 'Ves willingly.' I Immedi?
ately s,.,,, for ilu- books "f record, a id found Hint
Mi Strong lcI I-.11 asses-,-<|. for years, at double
the .11,iou ta ih.it il e can pla Ina tit had been asses* ?!
As a consequence, he lins for the Issi two yi ari paid
double vi .at ia had i ni i .rn for tia previous yean
M\>"i: .-iiiii.v.; \ !?''?, i N'rs v COUUITTER "i' "NK
:?ia.'.I.. Ul i?N'THE PART OK THE TITI
Mayor Sa-nriE yesterday Bent a -Ireulsr letter to
oni hundred srell-known cltlsens, . skin* them to
serve on the committee to havs chargs of th<
Incident to the formal trsnsfer to lha r
tiie Ornnt monument. The M.'uir <,i- in i* Invi?
tation: "Tia- ri in-f.-r i.y th.. Grant Monument As
-o 'latlon to ? ? - i". if tl,?? tomb of the lllustrlo :
General imposes upon 'he city a irust i-i s
every citizen ihould have .< proper pride I int
extremely .leprous til.i- tin.nana-. ? w
you have been appointed a uan,n r al mid begin
i.-> i a. ?? . ? once, and perfect wi th gi il
th" necessary arrangements for tani i .
event a* rh-- on arhich calla lt together.'
Tl.a . ? * to met In the i lot i
li is
r i an of the (':??. Il .;i
, omp lows.
.;.?! -r i! H .' . ? I'ali",
l*amuej li Hali ?
?ieorge I" Flaker,
fi rneitua S miss.
i bIv In B Bric*,
? ;.-[. i.;,!. ? Butt rfli
Matthew 'a
i. ,.. ... , |
John 'I
ii .- .....
i i..- ?; ,ii i H ' -
Henr) w" ' 'nmt in,
1*0 s \ lt ? "r ,<????
tlc '' ll T, ''
urn cn a r pi
Al, nan lt i mell
M Ilepew
-. pana
Ira - m Dodge,
.;.-: 'i ii mas T Ki k< rt,
...ll:* I' lina ? Bl '
Abram s. Hewitt,
n - llavemeyer,
ll - ? '. ll ? ktaa,
M ? - ,s
lufiiattia i ? lu Ular :
. ??* l,oc>a.
irv I. -nt , 1
lari i. ? . M
I..O- I' M i' n
? \: ?
?i.r Martin T ll. VJ
John A, M Ca .
Sinai-; M< Mill in,
.... Reid)
A>xai . K. Ort
n ?
Joseph F'ulltsef
tim ? ?* . ' ItM-.t
want.-.ci ii... i.
Kllhn R ?
John \ Stewa I
Sam !? : -
j s r Kirana *n
.... .
?? i . eiuri |. gi llmai .
J hi H Sta
, - I *l. .. .,!?
. lei \\ .?.-??
.... ? m ... ? .,
i'.-- a ? - i - rapi
? - rainl
llfoi I
William K I'an lei Hi
Georg, M Van tl ???? ?
i ? . ,. - , a rd
? i u/hltne)
'i-n <?<??.ir- t,. Woodford.
li'iirirnln Wo
i" irtea H ?". In an
Wm. Rhinelander Stewart,
1 .? , baula I '? I -nil.'.
w tl inart< n W hit*
Mayor F. W Wuraiei
| M
I'r.ita :s M -
? ea Ai,- ?? ? ; M
J..lin I
Ashbel P I'a
J Air; in, - ll.l-l
H Van W I
. .
? l: .ir.,,.
Wa 11
t >l i: 11- 1k
'. I. li V * ||
lien K Iwai ! ' i ' Uri. r.
Hen Th mai P. Hu
? ,!.-?
Ii- nrv I, Rina
(lardner H ii alan i
:: ?' v ? \ ? ?
.... - rjibiK
? ..-ii Saran. : rn- n i -
('..-ri. A No : ni ikeman,
n i Wakemai
\ ll Steele
v i. Merriam,
i- |1 Vs.
Uni >WI
W i v
? I
1//.V EoR Till: ill \l< ll'il I .sn/ MHI.Y
..?i/iM-a. mass sn, wa that THRIH i'Uaraitrr
URE vru: \ KW VoRK Ci .M\ll
(Ieorge Bliss, ihe well-known lawyei ol I * cltj
Las written hn open letter to Oeneral Benjamin I".
Tra y, ihe chairman of the Oreater New tfork
Commission expressing disapproval of the cl irter
provisions for ii Municipal tsst-mhly \
statements In Ihe letter are the following
y.ai ai.- convinced thal the people bat.i ? lu?
ted ii,i will choose better inn than thej have
.lom- in the past, and that the Increased powers
moluments will Induce better men to -? ? k
election to the Municipal Aasrmblj Kven il wa
grant that this |s so. you utterly overlook the I
a.l it is ,i li.ir.I, .-.il.I fa-i that ih. people waa.'I
gel .. chan.?> sell I better men, even if thej de?
sire to do so I saj unhe ? ,-? glj Hi.it netthei i he
Repuollcan nor the l'"tn tera tlc organisation will, in j
the long run, present foi Ihe suffrages of the pi i
pd ..* members of the Municipal Aasemblj any
considerable number of candidetes whom you will J
dare v, sm- are good and ti: men to have tin great .
power foil give rican The ne re offl. ??
seekers, those wno havs no eputable lenities-, if
i\. any except politics, are In the majority '
in influence and uauallj In mani-a.-. ana thej se- '
I.-.a the candidates for the purely local offices In
issemhly districts The question .-f candldafea
for the higher places the Mayor and the similar ,
officers occupies the mt..ntl.ni of the unselfish,
wini., the candidate tar the B< ird of Aldermen -
and it will. I feel sure, be the aami with the Munic?
ipal Assembly perambulates the district before the
primary, pervades the liquor-saloons, ?..-??ks tl..- :
support of the district leader or leaders, snd la
nominated as .i matter ot couts... ,,?. if there - .
contest, it is not between .. u.I and h bad n u
but between men of equal unfitness
The path of safety Iles In building ths powera
of our Board of Estimate and Apportionment
?uni ..ur Commissioners of Sinking rund, bodlea
ui-..,in 'la- breath of suspicion has never touched,
The suggestion that, If your system doean'i work
w.-:i the i.eglalatiir.- can change u looks to a pos?
sible Interveattsa of the powers ul Albany, i Bingil
l,ir suggestion In this bonresrule enoch Moeeovei
sa.Lil- upon us the Municipal Assembly, with Its
powers, emoluments ana opportunities, and il will
require u long period ,>f misgovernment before the
legislature can be Induced lo intervene Ths sr
rungement will suit too well the political mai hines
an,I th.- "woraer element" In both parties
?rh.- i 'ni.an la agui of the i'm:. .1 Ststea in sn e# '
r.,it o ohi.lin Information bj Its own representu
...ni the field of war s.-nt a well known writ?
er, whose nam., ls withheld, lo ''aha with instruc?
tions to observe closelj matters on both aides of
the controversy snd to faithfully report thereon,
ids first letter, .lated February ; to the president
.a tho i' lion League, has Jusi arrived, In lt he
aaj s
"Here la .. faust of verj grave importance upon
whiih you maj rslj rhere exists here . v.r> pos?
itive sentiment, carefully concesled. of course,
among people of property Cuban Spanish and
American In favor of annexation to the I'nlted
States 'Piny gre tired Of war ami want al-.kui,.
|.. ice, --.-.lilli\ ntnl prosperity under tbe American
ti,il,-. Von must understand thal this sentiment bi
noi expressed openly, but l hsvs had private ron*
f. i'll.. s wail people ol wealth and nish aortal
atandlng, and I chu assure you that ths sentiment
lu favor of Him.-xation prevatla generally,
it is the na.-tulon ..r \v.vier to absolutslj ester
mm at- the Cuban race He ims destroyed all the
propertj ..f the |..>..r.-r elass, burned Hen hons,-.
cul down thdr orchsrda snd uprooted their plant i'
t ..ii* of every kind The i.pie are driven lu droves
toward thc towns, where they are herded m vii..
sm-.l. to die "f amaillpoa yeiioV .-v. r ?nu raminl
i h.-y ar- the poor country t.pis who t?k" no part
in the war, m..stu women snd children and ara
known as i.,n III, ns "
Washington, Keb ii Officers ..f n?. Army, tho
Nan ,ui.I Hi.. Matine Corps w.-re the un-- ? of
honor bi ths recaption given to-alghl i>\ ths Prsal
.hui and Mrs. Cleveland, ths third of ihs aertss .a
oiti.!,,i svsnlng functions Thc erowal waa largs
N'.arh even oft!., i brought st least on., woman
iiml aa most of those who attended were acquainted'
Ih.- nlT.ilr was one ,,f \omg formality than those that
preceded lt tn the largs Kasl itoom mllltnrj nut
?iiai m| flor il etnlilettis were dlSPlaysd, and Him ,i,...i i
ment like the Others thrown op,m for th. imr
posea of the reception, was profusely decgraisd With
laiiin* nd other growing planta.
London, fanni!f *V>
Whin is cynically o>neribatd .-. i Social Amer
lea." dinna not eansvpg onsnrvntkrn jn London, tit
S*. -lev dinner at Sherry's han been recounted kt
d'tail le. The |),-,ijv T*-legraph." with lt? M
quels in th.- trial befpv- tne Polka ContUsR*.
la an
sloners and the burlenquo i?-rff?man,
.nterpriMlng concert hnll, Other Journals hav
(.?lated in .ai,;., dispatches the prennrnthsaatm
u lunnrlous and contly entertainment, and nr
Rnlntfntrd's protest agatret geenntuattag tht
ccntranta between wealth nnd poverty dttrtsstn
period of soi Inl nnrent Everything ls jrr!<*t lat
ti..- English mornllat's mill American pluto*
racy la Inveighed agnlnnt as an otsaninsd ron
splrncy against thn rnnaaws, \,hi<h may omi >ke
moral reaction and sodnl revolution it >%
longenlal theme for the English cenaor, v. ho ir,.
vartably starts with the "iniquity" of * pro
tectlve tariff, paanea <n to the tyranny of
monopolies and trusts, uni closes with the *.or.
did avarice, the luxurious vices and the flam.
buoyant rulgnrtty if th" American pl itocratur.
Scriptural paraphrase i employed rith v.hat
M.- Cecil RhesSes might term "unctu u ree{\,
iud"." and the Land of Tm ita .ir..; m p ? .
ls vanni, d ..f the fat" of luxurious B dom and
OorrKsrrnh, nmi Mdden tn rend the handwriting
on the avail at BeJShUSXar*S fetst
Nothing, pnriinpa, would I ? easier -han ths
aipllcntlon >.r tha tu quoque ar^ iment in Kpiy,
lt cannot be aerionaly questioned that England
ruder the operation nf Ft**, Trad ?
has become tha stronchold of a plutocrs , aa
j. wnrfnl in its rnnources and as arr gant in its
babita as the world has i mr seen, Vast f rtur.-s
have been rapidly niad- hy cotnbir.atl ns ari
Snanclnl denla; cfrcua performers a
trnnsformed int.. princes of Loml i ??
Ht.i.k promoters are enabl : ? .,
lu Dnnlopa in ti." ? nurse of a fes ?
.?lies an.) g|| thi abuses of money i ;
for the ? nrli hmi nt of the few nt thi ?
the mnny; nnd mi i sui I ao>
.-lal demorntlantlon are not vant in* in London
ana more than In New-York The di
couria, with their weakly record of s
morality in fashionable life, ought i a
English ' ensoi r of the salty foi |
? hurlly in their tlrad ga l ' tn p'.u.
toe racy,
Th.-re ls the ston of Mi Conlni nia\
v.huh has* been running sei t tn
a tin* law t- ports, in tl :.ii
titli 'A Romunce of Monta. Curio." tl
tale of .a v.eii-iiofi young mnn. <
bea*. Hy from bm ? I I ?k morph
night, went from Cambridge I ? M ?/
wa) of an Inebriate asylum, ai
???,.,.. duel, died in a state of baas! *..
lion, leaving the hulk ol' but fortune to a p. -i
leas jrin selling flowere al a hot 1 a,
v ln> hal expected to Inh rlt u large
united In an attempt to net aside I -
the ground thnt he wns Incapacitated by enron*
ihollnm for Rinking nn) dist ilttoi ,
propert) ; bul the Jury decided thnt, In spite of
hit, frantic folly, he s is In possession of hal
?,.ni.'?, and that the Sower-girl waa entitled to
her good fortune Th" monti of th.- .-? i aa
I . i by "r." of the i - nnors la thi - ag
degeneracy of a large section of ou gilded
youth." who are ki pt alive and "in i < un
Benefaction with themm Ives the 1 tie
theory 'bat thin rolling In the soi Inl guttei ia
spacious nnd somewhnl princely wnj bf s *;
life." "Pew men in any station." adds thi.s sr rn
censor, "ever got lens raine tor their money
than did this almlena 'gentlemen, who d'ed
drunk at an a**.- when life should be iie<zinnlng."
lt would not be dirt'..ult to multiply from <ur
r. nt inn practice instances of degeneracy o'
men of wealth and high birth and exnnipl
social Immorality nnd leprosy. London eertain
I) haa nothing to learn fr.,tn New-York, in the
enfeebling plenaurea with which gilded youth
dlaporta Itself, lt is the wickedest town in ths
v...rid. for ;i is the rt. ti.-r-t and has tiie V
number of pleaaure-lovlng Idlera Even -1 ?
directed agalnet \ v.* a-nd luxury in one ntetr ; -
Ila mny be applied with equnl force to wi i
and Immorality In the other. While, hon -. - r,
rcmpnrlsons "f tins kind are Ineffective ard
misleading, ther.* are strong contrasts tn ths
soi tai life and energlea of the rich in th >
,.ui.tri"s which frequently escai
,,,,.. 0f thens enntrnnta ls the la, k of st nias
tion with which the English world of s Lita
and fashion entertnlna itself London, da og
Ita abort season from May until Auguat, i a
maddening whirl of receptions, dinner ? utica,
dances and gnyety; bul thens tuxui *?
uressshf wealth and iunllty elude ii- nv
lion ot those who hnve no part In them Ths
announcements in the society papers ai ? brief
and untainted] with vulgarity, tv- morning
journals hardly do more than to print the names
of prominent guests nt the most imi (ant so*
na! function. The plenaurea of wealth si R *f
Haunted In thf fare ,.f poverty. Th" - nv- of teni
favored clnanea ls not excited hy rh" r"""'?*
ceremony and luxurious life of the ri. h what
ls true of the West End ot London ai th height
of th" fnnhtonable season holds i J
of th*? country ii,,iis.-r>. which are th utrea al
the real social life of England. Th" rich taks
thi lr pleasures quletl). and an - l
stunt obnervatton. Their em rtntnments may
be costly and their revela luxurloua and ei *?*
agnnt, but publlclt) an i notorlet) ar. noi .-..uri
ed. Diaplay is considered vulgar and bad foffah
Perhaps Dr Ralnnford would be Inclti sa*
thal the contrast between wealth ind ; "f
wus ies? sharply an entunted In Englnnd th in io
.?tn.'iha Certntnly lesa resentment an l en*
vioua .lass feeling is excited
I."ss ostentatious In th lr pleasures and i dal
life, Englishmen of rank and wealth are n ra
closely occupied with public duties and ?' ??*
thins than Americans enjoying the sane prtvn
lego of leisure The business of ..ern
men! in tnwn and country is managed to s great
extent i>> men of tln-tr 'his** Near!) .a acnes
Dukes or Earls hnve be n Mn) ?? - < I - ,lnr*
lng the hist year The county and town
ails are large '"'.ins of Influential mei '?'
ed from ih" nobility, bunkers, retired merchant!
nn.l a.-tiv" buaineea mm The) cvnslder W *
public dut) t" aa rk for their town ?>' I ''?'
bj attending a council meeting even week anf
b) rendering arduous service . i i ?
Thea serve without Snlnr) and d vote their
time ind energy to the supervision of ' il t-?>
ernment There are fen town councils In wi s
veterans who ima., grown gras In the asrvlosef
the munlclpnllt) are not to be found Thai are
ordlnnrily rich men who have mnn) denis adi
upon their tillie, bul th a respect it-sHr pasblsS
obligations and arn nilling to Interent them
Helves , Vs.'lv Ul the d.-t.tV- Of 1 N gi t ? ? V enini^lit
Lord Monuawetl, for exnmpte, ls .1 msashsf
ot the London Count) Council an! tnhes aa
active part tn the vv.-ikiv sessions He H sam
a member of sat tal standing committees, ansi
devotee a dui oi two ever) v>,-. k tu routine
va.uk. such as the Inspection of refornrntegtun
workhouses and Inftrmarles A number of these
Institutions are under hla dire, I personal sui'''1*
vlaton from the beginning to the end ft lae
vein a Large portion ol in- tims la I '
vain, arch of tins lund, for which as reeaiveg
neither rnmpsjnaatlon nu public rexeaflsltsnni
ami hs sea tor sss it syatesnntlcnll) and usssassjajsV
ia baennee he is Influenced b) a hi ta ?*"** ot
aiiitv sssj ranpisnasblllt] Ha i apr saints tan larg|
body nf wealthy land.na Mfa, vined sssWChSnU
and BUCCnsnfnl men of business S SS ?'"< ss'sVMsn
I.1 \

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