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The Yonkers Ganoo Club, Paul H. Roaalre. comitio
afJora*. haa completed th*? e!o\-enth year of Ita exist?
ence, and In celebration a dinner eras enjoyed hy
the memb-arii at Bardln'a Hotel. South llroadtvay
{ind New Maln-st, on Wednesday night. Th.* gSlSSta
ncltided a number of members of New-York City
Sa well na Vonkers chiba. Commodore Kosslro was
toastmaster, and among thoae called upon to apeak
erere Everett Maaten. who pave a abort club his?
tory: P. F. Hogan, of the Hrooklyn Canoe Club; j
J. K. Hnnd, of tho Knickerbocker Canoe Club; Ulta |
Rev. William M. dilbert, rector of St Pull's BBSBB- ;
copal Church: C'.ibrleJ Reeva, of the Palsaads Beal ,
Club: L. W. Scavey. of the Knickerbocker Club; j
?"Theodora S. Oxholm. of Staten Island; ll. IsfStSg j
Quick. Frederick W. Ritter, prealdent of the Pall- j
sade Boat Club: Edwin A. Uuick and D. R C.ood
! Stell, lietween thea BpSSChBS instrumental and vocal
! eelectlona wero j-lven by Frank Taylor, ot tne .\ew
; burp canoe Club, and Thomas iluie. jr., of Vonkers.
A merry partv of relatives utid friends BStberejl
at tho home of Colonel and -Mrs Edw.u.i J.
Mitchell. No. 10 Prospect-st.. on VI edneaday night
to celebrate the fifth anniversary of their wedding.
The parlors wara hwidsom.?;>? decorated In pink, .is
?waa the aupper-room. Musi,' sod aandng occupied
the earlv part of the evening, and ai ll o'clock
Supper waa served, -"onie of thone who attended
?wore Mr. .md Mrs. \V. \V. Ryder, of Sin-; Bing; Mr.
?and Mrs. Henry J Lennmerman, 01 Jone) I Hy
' "Heights. Mr. aii,l Mra. Albert K. Scott, of Xewopn*
Clty; Mr. and Mrs. John Mulligan, Mr. and Mrs.
??John Ky laws, Mr. uni Mrs. William E. Butler, Mr.
"and Mrs. M. 1*. Mitchell, Mr. and Mr*. John fr.
"Pentre;;th. Mr. and Mr-, .Joseph Miller, Mr. and
Mra. William J. Wallace, Mrs. Frederlcfc OarnJtjsL
Jr.. Mrs. IC. V. Skinner. Mi>. .limes Sh.nv. Miss
Julia Frey. Miss Mary E. Mitchell. Miss Abbie
,"Teeney, Miss Kmma Jtistua, Peter F. Mitchell,
? Thomas. Mitchell and Henry Kowan, of this city.
Secretary Walter F. Haskett. John Simmons.
"Bertram Ball. A Meaebltm. <'. W. Kshlkof. William
Saton. James Van Vari.!;. Charles K. Coni-k. .lohn
[cQulllan. J.erov Seffena. Wallet Bartlett .Oeorge
LatSchoonover. Ch: ri, a K. Wheaton. William P,
3ilcl-ey, Willard Frost. William Allison and Aaron
Stachin have been selected lo repreaeni th* \onkera
.Young Men's Chrlfltlan Assorlatlon ai the State
convention which opens to-rt.iy .it Poughkeepsie.
Th.* February weting of His yonkers Uerlcal
Association was held yesterttay afternoon In ths
lecture-room of the Westminster Presbyterian
The bsa* ir nt th* hall of ihe Teutonls Boclety In
Buena Ylsta-ave. war- visited yesterday; afternoon
and evening by a larne Ihrong. The ladle* who
planned this means of ratal na finds lo aid St,
john's Riverside Hospital ar., receiving a gratify
ing return for their labor. The bazaar will be
brought io a c!os<- thia .-vening.
There was ? pretty wedding Vst night nt the
"home of Captain and Mrs Joseph Peene, sr.. No
US Warburton-ave when tli-ir youngest daughter.
"Katie, waa married to Georas A. Parnham, pf
Saratoga The ceremony was performed by Hie
Kev Freds**! k M. Davenport, of the First Metho?
dist Episcopal Church Miss Alice Stilwell, of Great
Barrington, Mass, niece of the bride, was the
maid of honor, and William H. Barron, of New
Tork citv. the best man. The wedding took place
In the south parlor, which was decorated with
White rosea. The bride was precoded by her two
little r.i.ces, Mi?i Marv stilwell of Great Barring?
ton, and Miss Louise' Peene, daughter ol Mayor
and Mrs. John C. PseSJa, of Yonkers The ushers
were Albert Moore, a nephew of the bride of
Yonkers, and Robert Westcott Moore, of New
York City Only the immeaiiaie relatives and B few
Intimate friends of the couple were present. Mr. j
and Mrs. Karn!..mi will malts an extended tour of
the South.
The basket-ball team of tho *t!i Separate Com?
pany suffered defeat on Wednesday night at the
bands of the Fanwood Deaf Mutes, by u soots of
4 to 1.
Th"* Grand Jury brought in a large number of In?
dictments yesterday. In the matter of Stewart
Major, the captain of s canalboat, charged with
manslaughter in the first degree In causing the
ile.-.th of Klien Lull by drowning, at Sing Sing. Inst
av.ik. the jury found nu Indictment of assault in
the se.-oral degree
Commissioner David Verplanck, appointed by Jus?
tice j h. Dykmsn to Inquire Into ine ability of Ar?
thur vv Pn n..r to manage ids affairs, will hold sn
sxamlm tion al the Courthous.. to-morrow, Tin*
Commission nppolnted by Justice Keogh to exam?
ine Palmer as to ins insanity will meei on Tuesday
The Republican cauctaa will l.?* bald this evening
in the Webb Building, spring-st. There ssssss lo
be no opimsiiion to the nomination of Janus li.
Townsend for village president; lemuel Gusti i.
Frank .*. Wood and linnie' na Williams for trustees.
and Lso"~aS**d P. Kipp fur treasurer. For tho oflv.*
of collector tht re are threa. candidates for nomina?
tion? Joshua G. Many, Rosea, ll li. Rich and Theo?
dore ii. Brown,
The Phoenix Literary Society of Holbrook's Mili?
tary Acndemy will hold Its annual midwinter sou?
venir dance In the armory of tba institution on Fri?
day evening. February K
Th*- annual election of officers and the dinner of
the Point Benasqua Hod and Reel Club took place
ai Hie beadQUarteis of ths sssoclatlon, The Casino,
on the property of Asartah Carpenter, in ihts vil?
lage, on Wednesday evening The fellowing are the
officers elected: President, A. Fred Carpenter; vice
-idem. Anthony H. Murray; secretary, George
\V. Kip
kipp; irearurer. Winfield S. Smith weigher.
Ilbert ll. I'aiis. The following Committee on Ad?
mission was appointed: A. Kr. d carpenter, A. H.
Murray nnd (lill, ri M. Todd. Hilbert M. Todd.
R. Frank Kipp and Oeorge Lyon were appoint?
ed a committee to drift resolutions on the death
ol' Thomas E, Hapgood, the first member of
?Hie club to di.. Bine, its formation For the next
sea.son the club decided lo offer six pri7.es for the
largest fish captured, as follows: Fir*-! prize "ll
r.-el; second, ti: rod; third, tv reel; fourth, $7 rod;
fifth. X fish basket; sixth. J: Ash line. The dinner
that foilow-e,) the business meeting was :,n elabo
rate one. Speeches Wera ma.la-, and Ihe entire affair
?n-as enjoyable throughout. Musi,- for tbe occasion
was furnished by Rull'a Orchestra,
The Woman's Christian Temperance Union will
give an entertainment and tea nt tha home of Mrs.
William Baxter, No. 1.1M Howard-st.. this evening.
Dr. Charles Mason, nominated for President of
the Village by the DsSBOCTSAs*, has flied his declina?
tion with the assistant village cl. rk. The Demo?
crats have not yet found a man who ls willing to
run against Mr. Dunphy, the Republican nominee.
Thomas Timm.ms ti Vd his official declination of the
Republican nomination for Alderman in the Firs!
Ward, .lohn B. Slattery, the Democratic nomine,.
for Alderman In the Second Ward. Hied lils declina?
tion, and was the ninth Democrat to decline thal
There waa a meeting on Wednesday of ri score
of the Republican bolter* who stood by Stephen D.
Horton (lierno<-rat) in the Republican convention
on Monday night, when Presldenl Horton received
ninety-one votes?twenty-one votes Vr-s than colo?
nel Dunphy, U was practically decide,! to pul up
a third or citizens' ticket Rd wa rd C. Wilson. Ste?
phen I/ent, of the law firm of Len I A: Herrick, arid
fedward G. Halsey were appointed a committee t0
Investigate and repor' Tills means B third inde?
pendent 'ick.-t, and Stephen D. Horton will un
doubleday bead lt.
The ladles' Aid Society of the Sons of Veterans
haa ele,-ted Mrs. Clarence K. Holmes past presi?
dent; Miss Vida T. Warner sad Miss Daisy Tilly,
guides; Miss Dort Lowensteln nnd Miss Carrie J,
Van Ness, guards.
A resolution Offered bv Judge Isaac N. Mills, fa?
voring the original bill prepared by Ihg Bronx Val?
ley Sewer Commission, and known is rhe (Ira,la
bill, was adopted by thr* mass-meeting held to dis?
cuss the iirotix Valley Sewer Mils now before ina
- e
An interesting cass has Just ben brought to light
here by .-. "a?tl*"factory ssttiemant About four
year* ago Mrs Marsueretts Ann M. Keon, the wife
of Frnnk McKs-on, whs was nt thal time poat
maater, pureba1 Sd B targa pie,-fl of prop, rty |n
Moir.-st. fiorr. Mrs, Sarah Worden, of Rye, for *AMb\
Mr? McKeon had the title searched back twenty
years nnd everything proved .lear. The property
had heeii deeded lo Mr* Worden i>> Edmond Coffin,
jr.. tier special guardian, who had received ths title
from Henry T. Dyckman, referee, upon Ihe fore?
closure of a mortgage taken bv Collin in is;., as ape
cial guardian for Mrs, Worden. Ii .ipi...ira that
Jame* Patterson, wno owned the property st thia
time and for many years previous, had obtained
"?0> from the United States Loan Commissioners ol
Wostrheater County In IITw A few years later Mr
Pattirson authorised Thomas ll. .--tout, at that
tim.- .a clerk in Coffin's office and a relative by mar?
riage, but who afterward robbed Ihe Holland Trusl
Company of New-York (Tty. to pay off thai IMO,
Instead of doing as h.- was directed. Slum Went to
the Donn Commissioners and represented thal he
had purchased the property an.! would like ti,a
*BMrtgage to stand He paid ths interest. and <-oii
tlr.ua.d to do so through his son, E. C. Sion;, until
last year. Palling to receive th* n.-xr Instalment,
the Commissioners proceeded to foreclose. This
tvns tho Brat notice thai Mra M< Keon erer rs
reived that there was a nioiigug. ort ner property,
Bhe Immediate!) consulted her counsel, Townsend
A Mcclelland, and li waa deemed best to pay the
mortgage, which she did. Action aaa- then taken lo
recfiver the amount froiff Mrs Worden After a
?hort delav Mrs. Worden, on the advice of her conn?
ie], Y. li. Sherman, of Fort Chester, refunded the
money, with ;??.?!*. amounting to tt*3S0t">, on Wednes
(lay. Tt I* inserted that action will be taken by
Mr*. Word**] to compel Mr i'.,r!ii , in irhose office
the mistake occurred, to make i.-.,.,.| Hie Hmouiii to
Mrs. Worden.
Marie Ha^-on Moses, th" daughter of Alfred J and
Elisabeth B. Moses, died at the home of her par
*nts. llroadwny and Chsstaat-si . OS Weatmesday
fvenlng. Tiie fan. ral xviii take plaes t..-morrow.
!he Ruv. Dr. John Knox Allen, pastor of lh>- l-'irst
Iteformed Church, officiating, The hui .1 aa-ni bs
at Hudson, N Y
An enjoyabls dan ? was gives al thi Ta mg llen'i
Lyceum, under the direction of Professor Oscar
Duryea, on Wednesday e\n,lng Among tn, many
ireaent were Miss Marion Wil.son. Miss Edith Han.
aflas Alice Hoyt, Mlaa Matti,- Mlll.r. Miss Hanor.i'
aUbson. Mi*a Marie Rutsoll, Jamea Cannon, Hock
well Kent, Prank Waterman, Doujrlaa Kent and B.
In the Toung Mena Lyceum hilliard tournament,
on Wednesday evening*. Dr. F. E. Russell beat D. ll.
Arcularlus. _ _ mtmm
An entertainment wa* Riven on Taieedny ev en In ir.
under the auspices of Sleepy Hollow Lodge No. Z(B.
I. O O. F., ot North Tarrytown. A larne number
of Invited guests wen- present, and nn enjoyable,
programme was presented. All the performer*)
were from New-York City. Qllbetl Brewer, Ash
Avery and Ramuel T. Horton composed the I om
mlttec of Arrangements.
Henry 8. Clarke, president of the village, has
sold hla bOttSe and grounds. In Hcsldence Park, to
George A. Sutor. of Centre-ave.
Mrs. Mary Craft. UM wife of August Craft,
whose home ls In I*nlon-av<*., died suddenly on
Wednesday night. ,
Mrs. It. C. Klsher. Mrs. Amy D. Law and Mrs.
Caroline L. Hroeklebank. who have "and ehargf of
the sale of the silver souvenir spoons designed and
placed on Hie market to raise funds to pay the
paiiah-houae debi of Trinity Church (Episcopal),
have realised nearly I7.V) from their sales to date.
The Interesting hlstorv of Ibe town and of the
Huguenot memories of New-Rochelle have bees
beautifully woven Into the deslgna for the souve?
nir spoons hv Mr*. Amy D. Law. who ls a member
of the parish. The work ls highly prized hy thc
women of the church.
The people of Mount Vernon paid triluite to the
memory ot John Merry yesterday la ohs.-rvlng the
day of his funeral hy a general cessation from
business. The, funeral was one of the largest ever
ssea in Mount Vernon, lt ls estimated thei nearly
IM parsons were unable to get Into Trinity Church
after the doors Were closed liv the pol:'a-. AflBMg
the orders represented were Bethlehem Com*
mond. rv. IC. T.: Hiawatha Lodge, No. Ml. F. and
?\ m il,.- Royal Arcanum, tbe Board ot Tra.).*.
Board of Aldermen, Board o;' Education, Exempt
Fireman and Kin* commissioners, and nearly .iii
the i.th-r pu...... oflcera Antoni those in attend'
ance were Supreme court Justice Martin .1. Keogh,
judge Mills, ii i) Dykman, Judge Dvkman and
membera of Ihe clergy without regard as io de?
The funeral was a Masoni.- function, and a dis?
till tl.e feature of the arrangement was tin- aelec*
lion of the past masters-, of Hiawatha Lodge as thc
'"i >/ KV C. Coffey, rector of St. Paul's Church, in
Kast Cheater, .1..lhere.1 ihe address The burial wea
In th,- family plot In Kast fliest.',-.
? -
a WORKMAN kim.kk in a skwkp. in \\r.sT>ni.s
Hernani Kelly, forty-five years old. n lahorer.
who lived In a shanty at Tiffany-si. and Longwood*
ave., was crushed to death by a huge mass of rock
while at work in a sewer excavation on West*
< hester-ave. near Karragnt-st., yesterday nfter
r.oon. The trench at that point ls thirty feet deep
and is cut through solid rock. On Monday after?
noon a blast was tired at the bottom of the trench
which cut away a large quantity of rock mid left
an overhanging ledge nearly eight feet wide. Pat?
rick Casey, the foreman, forbade the men working
In that part of the trench, because the ledge
threatened to fall at any moment. A small charge
of powder was placed behind the ledge yesterday
morning, I ut at noon uti attempt to discharge lt
fulled. About 5 o'clock in the afternoon, while
Casey was absent from the works, Kelly mid
another laborer, Joseph Hillls, thirty-five years ol.l,
of Third-ave. and Oni-hiitt.lrc.l-nnd-sixty-sixili-.it..
went into the trench under tbe ledge t" get ont a
piece of rock. While tiny wen- there tin- over?
hanging mass of rock, weighing about ten tons,
?ave way and descended Ilk.- an avalanche
When ih.- dust cleared away, the laborers who
had been attracted to the spot I.y the sound of the
falling rock found ihat Kelly bsd been crushed
mid Instantly killed by a hug.* piece vt detached
r..ek. dills was nior- fortunate. A smaller piece
nf rock had knocked him I., one side from under
the cave-in. He had his I-f; lep broken in two
places Kellv's mangled body was dug out willi
considerable difficulty, and Inter taken io the Mor*
rlsanls police station and thence io the Harlem
.lillis was taken to Fordham Hospital, aral lils
condition is said to be serious, Casey, th.- foreman,
was arrested by Policeman Wood, and will be
taken to tin- Morrisanla <'..urt this morning,
Judge Newburger and a Jun' 1n Part IV of <ien
erul Sessions yesterday continued the trial for
murder of William Jay Koerner, a newspaper art?
ist, who killed his sweetheart, Rosa. Itedgato, nt
Seventh-live, and Kourteenth-st. on tho evening of
Septi ruber || last. Abraham Levy, thc defendant's
counsel, caused a surprise I.y closing his eas.' as
soon as the defendant's father, \Y. II. Koerner, of
Alleghany .'itv. had testified in support of the de
fence's theory of hereditary Insanity. Mr. Levy
Said he would cal) no experts as he thought his
ease wis strong enough without scientific testi?
mony The proseeution in rebuttal called the
mother and brother of Miss Redgate and several
newspaper men. The case will go on to-day.
Coroner Dobbs held an Inquest this afternoon
into the cause of death <.f Charles L. .Webber, th<*
horse deal'r. of Fort Wayne, Ind., who died at
Bellevue Hospital on Manlary 5, from Injuries
whick h.- is ;iiieK^d to have received on th.- night
b.-fore by being saaulted at tin- downtown station
of the Tblrd-ava elevated road at Ntntb-st. Webber
and two acojuatntancaa, Michael h. Vabner, from
Ohio, and J. C. gehUtta, of Ked Hank. N. .1.. had
entered the station when, lt ls alleged that one of
the men hod failed to put a ticket in the DOB, and
that a quarrel arose in which Webber was killed.
? 'Iiarles K. Foley, the ticket agent, mid George Mc?
Coy, the chopper, were arrested at the time, bm
discharged by Police Magistrate Klammc- in ,he
Kssex Market Court. Otto Horn, eighteen years
old, who said he lived nt No. 'Si: Bael One-hundred*
snd*twentletb*ol., gave some Bensatioaal testi?
mony. "1 was on the uptown platform of the
Thlrd-ave. elevated road at Ninth-at.." he aald,
"when I saw a man In the uniform of the elevated
railway go into tin- waltina room ami rome out
with ,i piece of plank three feet long. He mt
Webber on the head with this as h.- held lt In
both hut:.ls. Webber fell t.. th.- floor Th.- blow
was stni<-k from behind, an.! Hu- dahl had stopped.
Tin- man who they say is Mr. Bchutts had lils
head turriell away at the tlnn- When the man In
uniform wi.ik.d i.rok to ti.,- door with the stick
in his hand i recognised him as McCoy, the lickel
chopper. 1 had seen him ..ff mid on for two y.ar*
and knew lim by sight The 'hopper put the sii.it
The jury took only five minutes In reaching a
verdict that Webber caine to his death from .-.
blow hy a blunt Instrument In the banda ol son:.
person unknown to the Jury. Coroner Dobbs - ,d
'hat as no .me hal been named as the shiver le
i ould not cause the arrest of any one.
The ltrrkshlre Society of Ni w-Yoik, composed of
ol.l residents of Berkshire foamy, M;.ss., nut last
evening at the Arena for its tenth annual dinner.
Then- were some s.xiy of the IM membera <>f the
society present, .md with speeches and solos they
passed mi enjoyable (vening President Abram H.
Halley whs In the chair, and the chief speaker of
the eccaston was Charles Bulkley tiubbell, pr.si
dent of th. Hoard <.f Bducatlon. ii, . together with
the other speakers, Including i?r Eugene H. Porter,
the Hiv. I>r. John Coleman Adams, 0f Brooklyn!
and Colonel william i. Brown, replied to toast*
relative to ihe n.e of ,,?. ??.?.?, ?,?')?. ^t^'
ara* Profeasor < oared ii. Nord by, or the ruy col?
en, rhomas Greenwood was elected president of
th.- sanity for- the year, Charlea H. Williams vice
president, and Hr. Arthur Norton secretary
Among those present wer- Mr and Sirs p
CurtlBs, Mr. and Mr*. Eugene ,1. Grant, Mr. and
Mrs. Andrew Reaaoner, Ur. and .Mrs arthur it
Niton. Allan Scott. Mr. and Mrs Richard B
Brown, Mr. ..,,,,1 Mr*, .talpi) w j.,,,,.. Mr and Mr*
Thomaa Greenway. Mr, and Mrs. s k .;..<.a .i, \tr'
and Mrs. P K. Driscoll. Mr. and Mra .; AHimlT
ton, Mr and Mrs W. <V Dalzell Miss i; g' \- r.'",'
Miss Kaya... Peck, Mrs. El hw beth Hov* Ml anil
Mt* Moaea H. Bradley and Mrs <? goDhia Hon?
man, i.oii
The dedi.allon exercises of the Cia.-.- Methodist
Church will he marked thin evening by an Interest?
ing Occasion. The former pastors of Un* .-hur.-li
will be present, and will ma le addresses. They an?
the Hey. K. K. Patcher, of Boonton, N. j.-, the Rev.
? lohn ''ob-, of Ha .-ra .nen to. i "al.. the Itev. .1. .1
Kalil, of Kblesion, and th. Rev. A J. IVilm. r. of
Th.- Staten l-l.md Electric Railroad baa decided
to remove its offl.es from New-Brighton to the
.arl,ouse ia TOBBpklnevllIc
The Klan.'ard Quartet Club, of Mariner's Harbor
arlllBira ??. masquerade ball ...: Saturday evenli i
Coreopsis Club, of Port Wadsworth, has or^-.m
Ised, with the following office*.: Prealdenl Mont
.'..td M Keenan; rice-praaidanl, I. .1 Cody'; -., ,,
t.-.ry. john McGovern; eergeant-at-arma, c J Mc?
The junior Dancing .'lass will hav,- n cotillon at
the Motel Caatlaton this evening.
A strike lias baan order..) on the private house
No. M Kast levaaly saeeaid al., where som.- work?
men hid i..an employed by winiam Baumgarten &?
Co., Ko. ttl Plftb-ave., oa Interior decorationa Tba
altuation is peculiar and the firm eeOBBS t,, be help.
lesa A walking delegate .-ought admission ??> tba
house, bit i.a- isrner refused to Jet nun in he
*.ii.i lhai no om- ian a workingman actually em?
ployed could enter his hons.- Thereupon th..- Board
ot Watkins Delegatea ordered a strike. Mr, Baum*
garton eipuined the state of affair* in a courteous
note, btu the Hoard wa* obdurate, and th. rc'*
where thinks .stat,,I now.
VlslV m....... - - _
770.17/7 aVj7TT?9.
HFTIf AVKNFK -Kx-Oovernor Charles ll. Saw?
er, of New-H.-impshlre, nnd John r. PHrkhurst. of
lath. N. V. OILMR -James A. McKensle. I'nlted
Hates Mlnlstr to Peru. HOU.ANO Daniel II.
alcMlllan. of BcttBhB, nnd John M. midden, of
.lame. MANHATTAN Colonel Theodore A. Dodge.
'. 8. A. MF.TUol'OI.F Senator H. M. Wilcox, of
auburn, nn.l ex-Senators K.lmun.l O'Connor and A.
I. Mills. MURRAY HIHI^-Kx-Congressmaii Daniel
C. Lockwood, of Buffalo; John R. Buck, of lliirt
ord. and Colonel Ashley W. Cole, of Albany.
?AUK AV KN FF. Judge John I>. McMahon, of
time. N. V. WAl.lKiRF Kx-May.>r John A.
te-ebS of Chicago and Marlin W. Cooke, of Roch
ster. WINDSOR- Robert "linni, of Hoston, and
Villiam I!nrn?>a, Jr., of Albany.
Legislative Committee on Trus's. <*liy Hall, 10 j
a, m.
Stat" Railroad Commission, Chamber of Com
neree. 10 a. BS, ?
Harvard Club annual dlnnfr. Hotel Waldorf, I'M
i. m.
Review of 22,1 Ilegimant. armory, S p. m.
M.tamor.i Club recepilon for Timothy D. Sulll
-.'111. s p m.
Ho,,killers' League smoker. Hirdman Hall, %:i'
.. m.
Public K.lucnllnn Association. No. Cl Madlson
ive. 4 p. ni.
Harbor Line Hoard. Army Ruildlng. ll ii. m.
Association Of Master Plumbers' entertainment
ind r.-ceptlan, Central OpstB House, evening.
American Institute. Fie -trlca! Suci.-iy, No. 11*.
.Vest Thli'ty-.igiith-st , I p. tn.
Annual "neeting of Civil S? rvi-e Reform Asso
latlon, Arl Association Building; 1'rooklyn, l*aj
.. BB.
The Maritime Fxch.inge Commuter, on the W.it.-r
?"rout met yesterday nnd derided to enter a vigor
HIS protest against tile granting by the city of the
ranch lae for a ferry to Hrooklyn fruin nea."
iarket-at Ths committee is of the oplnlcn that
.l.rs fo.- shipping ure more needed by New-York,
Sith Hs limned water front for COSBBSerclal pur
ipses, than s new farra for **aassangers, ther.* bo?
ng already, besides tho Hrldg-1. fourteen Baal ,
liver ferri. s running from New-York lo Brook* I
yu eight (af tin m bsHweatfl tba Battery and Hie
loini named.
Chauncey M. Depew lias sn far recovered from
iis illness that nc usa aide to go io bis ofBcs
estel.Hi \.
A jut -a- In the city ("our* yeotrrday tiwarded to
Patrick Mullane (BJBJ damages agSlflSt the M'tro
lolltan Traction Company for injuries sustained
i year ago from the Ht .a il way cable Ha I -st illed
lint Hie cable stopped willie he, willi Other em
iloyes of til- road, wis In n pit in ihe act of ad
nsiing a wheel, and ho was Injured ai' ul tbe legs
ty tVOMAX WHO BAYS Ulir. ?"!'., I'liK.I. THK elll'l"..-.
. ..XIMISsMN' tts IT.
An action brought liv Mrs. Dslsy Liv Whiting
?gainst the firm of llertcr Brothsrs. decorators, lo
?.cover It.OBO commissions np in the sum of *-?'.'*?'
mid hy delis F. Huntington for .Worsting his
?ountiy and city homes, avas tri.-,I yesterday, bs*
!ora Justice Bookstatrer, in He- Supt. m.- Court.
Mrs. Whiting alleged that she obtained Hi" order
'or i!ie*-,?.rk from Mr. Huntington, and 'lie defends
inls agre.,,1 to pay j per cent on the total cost
Phis commission she novar received Tba defend
nus admitted thal a contract was made willi tbs
plaintiff Ly which she was !o receive a salary ami
?ommissiiin, bal dented thai sh.- was entitled t.
my commission vi lbs Huntington contract
After bearlnc the testimony of thc plaintiff, .lus
|ce Bookstatrer dismissed ths complaint on ths
rround that sh.. h.n! n,.' proved a ,.,-,-? against iii..
lefendants, William H. Nicoll, president <>t th- de?
pendent company, having testified ilia' he obtained
lie contract by making tin- lowest bid. Mr. Huui
t:gb.n was tm! called as a Witness,
A fire broke ont las* nigh' on the fourth floor of
Nos. IC'" ai: I 121 QroeWO-Sl . ivhVh is a six-story iron
front building occupied by ..oak dealers. Tbs tire
asa discovered In the hallwa) vt thai floor by boom
of Hi-- employes ..f Lavy A Mayer, mannfscturers of
floaks. wi],i occupy ;he secfnd sfld sixth Moors. The
sixth floor I used sa ?? woritshaop, snd when the Hrs
brok* oil last night there were eighteen men and two
wom.-n at work in the pince.
Til.* people Ural thought they smelled smi.ke, and
upon ina.?-ligation found ihe hallway on tin- fourth
floor sblsse .md tn.- finn, s making rapid headway
for tiie upper stork s. An attempt aral mada io reach
tin* Mr. et by Way of the stairway, bu: i; was found
to be impossible, snd tha "nen begsn lo shout "F**-*!"
at Hu- lop "f till lr voles. T!w two av.,ni.-n.
when Ho y learned ihat they eouM not gel cir, :>. .
cams hysterical jul. geing ., :t on tba rear lir,
Sscape, were .il,.,ut to Jump irto tiie yard winn they
Wen -? :ze.l by Mix HI**Mb0t*d, OAS of Ha- Workmen,
and dragged back into Hi" room,
M.-vera! cf ths men had meanwhile op.-nei de
scuttle door lesdlng to the roar, ind hv this means
they reached lbs adjoining building. No. nu n was
on Hu* roof of thU building thar -hey Were found hy
iii.- flrsmen, who were .-ailed by th,- automatl alarm
in Cir- building and by a separata alarm thai was
sent iii nv .i passerby. Ths scuttle o' tin- adjoining
raaf was opened, an.! the people allowed t>. tm down
..,-,, igh tbe building.
In ihe building So. IM lhatrs w.t.- s's i ovei a d >zcn
people si ?..ri. ni :V- shop of Peter Samuels, on tbe
.'om th floor A faniilv living m Mercer-si , an lng the
names in lbs ?< IJo n i - bull ling, Attracted theil .,
tentiOfl by shouting "Fire" snd. thinking that the lir..
wi- lt ili.'r building, the employe* tan pellme'l Into
?:,.? atreei arlthoui their nu- oi costa, bul Mimi re?
turned to work The damage in Nos. --jg IM . -lS
wa. mainly in the hallway, the tin only i., i, ding a
pal ..f ihe loft of Kupfer Brothers, Who occupy the
Hour-, 'iii. damage is ll.OOO.
a ?
Announcement* have already been made of john
L. Stoddard's annual couti, ,,r illustrated lectures,
which wi!: in giri a- Waly's Theatre ,,7 If arch i Ths
nil,jets are "Herol** and Romantic Scotland."
"old england,.Phe Tellowfltone National Park"
"Old ami New Ru as ta" aad "Athena ami Venice!"
The fiftieth performance of "A Contented Woman"
at Hov t's Theatre will lu- marked tit souvenirs this
Among ths companies Incorporated at Albany
yesterday waa ihe h. h. Jacobs Amusement com?
pany, of ww-Yori; ('in. to organise theatrical
companies and give performances; capltsl 13,000
Directors, Henry lt Jacob* snd Mort I me
Th.is.-, New-York. Marcus .1. Jacobs, Newark
Oscher Osterman, New-York
Tia- linn.ia', dinner of Ino Thirl Panel .-V.riff's
Jury was loll last night ai Delmonico'* Covers
Were laid fol HB. Among '-cs. ar thc guests' Lillie
wars Sheriff Talasea, John H. \\ i->,. rh,, h,n ry,
iv,ff aa* toasimaflter and thc s,? lk, ;?"'! .','"? . .
S. Wisc It MacArthur the Bhertff, ,;.r , /.," V'
.-,ti l DlBtrlf -Ati mil-a Olcott. '" "m*
Charles Olsto... who bad be-Ofl .,? trial ,,,r s,.v?ril
days In the Criminal Branch of iii,. Supr. ??. , ???',-.
for stabbing to death Patrick Moran, ai \,, -8
Cherry-at., on December gi inst. WI1S ..,.,,?,' .
.h.. charge las. night. The lura- br ".' ,q" ' ?J
? lie of ?.,t guilty aft.r being QUI nine h.u.rs
Tn.- fi,ll-.wing l.tt.i- eras rec u,.,| *.e?t,.r,|lv ,
Civil Justice Oeorgi F R.h. at n?. Pourth Di
Irtct c..un. tr..*o th. is. v i,r ,, ,. |,,)t(t.r
?No |? s.e.h..1 aa. . New-Tork, rebruary n IStl
"My DOSS Sir Will you Undia- pu, ?v<.r ./ , ~*
against m.- before your finn, ii,,,,,, a MluV. **
plaint, coining up Thursday. I ?,? , |)r,M)',?.r' ,"
my hou*e. and linsbls Io l.-ave g| pres-nt "
Hr. Potter had letti summoned to BpSaBSj** lr
couri rMterday on a c-mptatni af not hminar h..'!
removed ihe anow and ice on the walka ni fr ., .
hi*i church an.1 parsonage, al Ten'h" , m ' s.
pnd-ave In Decembei last, bul being u ,i ,
Lav. his house, senl the letter. As ,V: '
lhat I.luld ..... be persona ll, served whh 2
flummoni ih. i roceedlng* sgslnst hm, ?,
Are von looking (or a hnrgaln in n Fiann or ,i?
yoi wish lo sell or exchange one? f you "io vo
n.lght lind wh.it vou w.mi In tbs little adve'rt'.i
mein* in thc nunow coluinn*. e adaertlae
IVI1/.1 ? i ?
We're making believe it's Spring.
A capital chance to stock up with
Spring and Summer suits;
Sack suits, single and double
breasted ; cutaways with and with?
out flan pockets?$12; young men's
sizes, $10.
Were $14 to $28.
Were 6,000 of them ; but they're
living up to the hot cake proverb.
Rogers. Peet & Co.
Pr!n<** *rM Broadway.
Warrc*i ant Broadway.
Thirty aeeoad nn.t ltr.iar)*-*y.
At thc meeting ol tbe Executive Committee sf thc
? n.mt Monumeni Municipal Inaugural Committee,
held nt th.- Firth Avenue Hotel on Wedneaday even*
lng, Maror Btrong announced thal he hud appoint?
ed Cornelina M. Bilba chairman and lames C. Reed
sscretsry of ibe Executive Committee, and Oeneral
Horace Perter chairman and Walter C. Otlaon sac*
r.tary i.r th.. Committee sn Plas and Boone. The
Mayor also announced that he bad completed the
several other eub-commltteee and would make
them public In a f.-w days (lenora! Orenvtlle M.
Dodge waa unanlsBoualy elected stand marshal of
ih.. parade to take place on April lt.
'iii.. Mayor also announced thal he had eompleted
ti..- Oeneral Committee, ,1*. follows, the subjoined
nameri being additional t.> thoae announced hist
Prank lt lawrence,
Homer lete,
W H. 1,1 iii T l.vle,
(leneral John T. f_,<*kman.
1'.. 1.nel Frat I* i' Loveland,
.: !,:, uv M tebay,
li.ma M . nj -i.i ti. I.
.'.i .ri.-* li. Miller.
Beth M. Milliken,
Tie* Rev. Kr. RcOetl g.
.Ma. Art,mr.
Captain Alfred T. Mahen,
Henri E. M. Il liff,
Al raham .;. Milla,
Colonel John J M. Oo k,
? unmandei .hi .b w. *.ia;<*r.
irgdi r. Billa
.;???>..:i Mayer,
Jerome li. M..r.e.
Th. il re M. bb,
Den. Kdward I.. MoHneauc
.;? neral Ed ar lr A. MeAlpln.
.. ? ? .,1 Jame* McLeer,
Henry Newman,
IVI liam M, k. uv-it.
? ; .neral Jamea lt. i I'Belrne,
ileneral H. race Toiler.
.1 Fra 1 Wen ai,
.! '.ii v Pai * ri*.
Hifh ,p Henry C. Putter,
I*larenre Porter.
1'olonel Auguetua .*,. I\iin?,
W ? rn A. p,irrilin-t ,11,
laaar lt Potter,
W. Rockhill P .a.*.
i'hureh, Andrew Patterson,
Alexander raidwe',1, ' ?'? Beaver Page,
Major U lilian*, Pllmley,
. ;? 1 era) Pita John Porter,
Oeneral Pranda R 1'inio,
John 1. I; icke.eiler,
llenrj ll. Rogers,
Phillp Rhinelander,
Ilenrv ltira.
Alfred lt.iv.
V, Henry Rotharhlld,
Dr. Peter W. Ray
1..: i-i Joalah C. Re iff.
laaac N Hel.gw.an,
William I. Blotto,
Pamuel Kpen ? i.
"'? lonH John 1.)? Aator,
Jamea \\. Aleaander,
? (malani A. Andre* *.
William H. Appleton,
John .1. All..-..
(leneral lt,-I., rt Avery.
William i:.kfteld,
Wllllani I.. Brown,
.1 .in- a. Rianrl ard;
<;? neral Henry I., lairn.-.
Krna nu >l \\ Kloa.tnlngdal
Major I., furl ? lira, kett,
. 'oiofi.'. < I. orge lih?j..
Edward P I'Hik- .
.; .... . v Holdi,
>;?? rge D'F. Bart ?,
I'm U H. Vviw 11.
Otrneliu* .\. lin** Jr.,
liertram ii Borden,
Man .<: u Howne
WlllUm V tirokaw,
.1,-,;,', lr... k.i.
Alb. n tl. Brows,
"', nallan S. H.nee, Jr ,
Thomaa J. r.r.,wn.
Milora Beldina. Jr.,
Prederlr lt. l'oud-rt,
I . ? ?? H. iV.iiiln.
Ellaha K Camp,
u ul,I.-.h.ir . 'asp .!".,
John <'. Calhoun.
Auguet gr, . 'onover,
ll. ru 1 W, ' 'uni.**.
Joh) 1 ti ? tor < 'inike,
. I ru.. Clai ia...
Archbl?hop ' "orri! in,
Cl..,,-I WUP.al.
.1 ahn 1'. ? 1 ImmIn*
lia-n. ral Howard i 'erroll,
General laaac Catlin
ileneral Cha* A Carleton.
General < v T CnrlBl. naen,
Colon.: Edgar M. Cullen,
Frederick J. De Peyeti r,
William K Dorise.
Edward A. Drake,
Ira 1 Wi enpnrt,
(lener a NI. holaa kv. Day,
.I..hn li I>ur. ;.n.
Prank Dickerson,
c,|..r ??: A .'. |i|,'klm*nn.
A,in.lr.il Erben,
1'r.anklin KdaeD,
??mitti trla
Col, Bdward M. I
Henrj M Platier
? irnej \\. f.i\.
l: ?ae|| iv Plower,
Nh nola* Fleh,
Morrl* iv i'.i ri*.
Nathaniel c, r a ? r,
KamuH Q Preach,
I.....11 ParraB-t,
Kamuel Qompera,
MuKh 1: Harden,
lt. ri ll. lilli,way
Thoma* P. Olin v.
Hugh 1 Oran!,
RI hard 'a " Iel
. ,??? ? ?-,,; Oenrge * .',??? ne,
Oe,ira, .1 .;,,.il,1.
Col. 11.1 Prancla V, Oreene,
l: ???? it I. Hi iiiiii**.
H. Bl ? 11- nt?..
Henry li llv.Ia.
Th-mi .. Haatlnaa,
Rdwai 1 Hamia |r,
Minni-, Hitch. .? -
H-nr.. 1: Howland,
William ?. H.,v.. ,
ci,.,ri** 1 ll mer,
Charl** H HI io?,
Hylveatei . -. Hill.
Edward Holl ?- t,
M . ? ? Hu* Hartley,
Prank R ll mn
Vt n 11 Hame,
. leneral Prancla J, Hi n n
Tl.-..lot.- M Ivee,
v. Chas i' Hackler,
Brayi n ivea,
Me>et Juna** n.
lu Stern.
Oeneral tmnt-l B. flrkle*.
ra Oeneral Oeorge ll. Sharpe.
.:?? .rge R. Bheld rn
? ?loi el Charl** .v. Bwlft,
. laren. ?? A, Reward,
n rici, plier .' -tharne,
.1... ob ll. Hehir*.
Jame* A. Pcrjrmaer,
ah...I it. Bhattuck,
Putnam Bradlee sir.-ns,
ileneral Prana Rigel,
P I.- umaeh Sherman,
.1. tiri .Vltifi-M Bra tl
Arthur wv Bin rtnaa.
1: hen A ? v Bmlth,
Alfred Bmlth,
John Sloane,
I....I .ld Mern,
Emanuel I.. Spellman.
., i 'oionel . )> ..ra/e M. Smith,
Kan e. I M. S h if. r,
H N holi ri Kane,
Beth I.?*/,
?? W. I., n,
M ,- ?. \ Riane,
. ;? ? ? ? il Her.lamln F. Tracy
.,..-? 11 Treat,
HiiKii S. Thomp* ?:-.
John D. Terry,
William I.. TrenholtB
Emile Twyeffl rv
Herr. .? Valentine,
Henel al Jame* .; u llaon,
Thoma* ll. W.I,
ll Wan.' Webb,
it.,i...i-t .1. Wright,
1 mk H Wliherbee,
K den II. W ilea,
Coknel J, langdon Ward;
Alfred i: W ,.iMi.*\.
uv h.ia Wickham,
.;.1 Alexander s. Webb
Oeneral Thoma* Wilarra,
Dr. Robert Walt*,
eulorel It.-nt IV Watson,
An lie** '? .-.brickle.
7/1 i:i.i:sii:\ VE" A T Tin: BBOADWA Y
ir ivn.i, BE cai.i.kh "Tin: WOMAN OF ARI-tS."
After some fi lae starts snd s few more or less
fa lae reports, arrangements have al last been mada
for the production al the Broadway Theatre on
March -- sf "l/Ari-si. un.." Tbe English adapta*
Hon of .Mi.I...r.s.. 1 ..ni Lt's play has been made by
Chariea Henri Meltser snd kv Rebuts, and the
production nrtll be under the managemenl of An*
drew A. McCormtch.
.\l iii apeculatlon \v-< been Indulged in as to tho
backers who are providing the funds required for
the appropriate and artlatlc preaentation of tbe
play. As .1 matter of fact, Ihey have been Bupplted
by a syndicate, among ibe membera ot srhleh are
.Mt>. Agnes Booth, Jean de Reaske, \v. 1;. Hearst,
Frederick llebhard, Hoi., rt Dunlap anil others.
wini.. hupiiiK ain.1 expecting tii.it "The Woman
of Aries.' as the ?ngilah 1 -a-i.m la called, will
be .. nu..n,i.il aa well as an artist!,- aucceaa, the
bucken, did noi primarily concern themaelvea, it
I* declared, aboul ihe material asp..,-ts ot tho
venture. Their foremoel object wax to make known
in me public a neglected wmk which the) regarded
.,- ,,- unuauul Intereal, and to assure Ita adequate
Intel pretatloii.
Tha play han mualc by Oeorge Blset, arhlch ac?
companies Un action This pan of the production
will be intrust.-.1 to the Metropolitan Permanent
Orcheatra, under the leadership of Anton Scull.
lira tignea Booth will play the part of Hone
Mamal. "I.'Arleslenna" ls not an opers, but s
? Irani.. The acenea ar.- laid in th.' comer Of
Provence called I-. Camargue. The love story
which i-iiii** through ihe pla) culminates In the last
aci In tragedy.
"I.'Arlea-ienne" was hrst played al the Vaudeville
In Carl.* lt was revived aome yeara later at the
(kleon where li ran for over MS niuhr--. iln,| mil
mot.- recently al Ihe Bden Theatre. The scenery,
roatutnea and other Bcceaaorlea in the coming pro*
.lu.alon ,.t the Broadway will i>e duplicates <>r the
Parla origtnala A .horus has i.n recruited for
the Incidental vocal mualc
-? -
Bupeiintendent Darting, abo baa charge of <?<?
lumbla, now bulldlnga on Mornlngaldi Heigbta, is
Indignant orel the currenl repori lhal tbe donal*
lory pian hus fallen through, In an Interview yeo*
lerday he saul thal tba probability of having ?< nea,
dormitory is j?i*?t ,.s good now as it ever ha* been
A stn. k ..unpin) ls lo I.nil.I the house, and the)
have removed their option on Ibe parcel of land
running from One-hundred-and-twentleth io One*
huiiir. .lan.la v.. 'nty-ftrat-sl . and south :?,?) feet,
The alumni ha.e not pur. has.il a- niiieh BtOCk BB lt
wa* thought they would, and conaequentl) iii.
building ..innot be completed i>> nexi October, The
pr. *.aa pian la to hail, half of it. enough t.. accom*
in,?iai, E06 student*, an.l io hull,I Hw. remainder na
I.i ,i- ,-utll. I- nt fun.ls .an I... raised, H.inkers
Bnd real eatate men, lo whom Ibe plan has been
sui.min..I. say that lt ls a feasible one, and that
the Invest men I should yield, al Ihe lowest, a prod)
if ., per i int.
Work is now being rapid!) puahed on the other
bulldlnga Th.- iirst ..t in- green granite columns
f.,r tin- reading rooms was placed yesterday, un
the exterior th- Inscription is being carved In
S, Iel no-rh-.rn Hull and Ih.- Physics Bulldlnga tin
riuitrait.il '..as started Ibe plaetertns, ana li is .?*<
peeled that these will be the iirst structures eom?
EOOV Q IRIH:\ (A /. 1ST TU El.I TH ST. I'll/,
PISIIS fOf > i ".f la'.irilen nu lin- pii-r at IC.ist
Tweifih-st. vrors adopted by the i>... k Board at it*
regular wetting yeotardsy. The garden will be 62
bf 3'r. feel, lind will cost I,!,).!"*), lt will be opened
au Julv 4. I'ernils*lon wa* ^ranted hy the Board
Misses' Suits.
Street Suit of Serge, consisting'of Eton Coat and Skirt;
Coat lined with Silk and trimmed with Braid,
Serge Suit,?Cutaway or Eton Coat, braided and lined
-ria sim. m50
Serge Costume,?lina*! throughout with Silk,?braided
Eton Coat, ^^
Sises 14, 16 and 18 years.
James McCreery & Co.,
Twenty-third Street.
Flint's pNEpJRNiTURE
It is a sliamo to hide your dainty
ellina behind wooden doors. Nothing
mids so mnch to dining-room attract*
ivoni'ss as ono of our china closets.
Those with French plate glam doors
and backs, reflect the brilliancy of
crystal and china, and produce a most
pleasing effect. We have them with
rounded or square corners for the side
wall, or in triangular shapes to tit in
odd corners.
Our entire establishment now glis?
tens with bargain prices.
"buy ofthe maker"
Geo. C.Flint Co.
43.45 and 47 WEST 23?ST.
near broadway.
factory: 154 ano 156 west I9t.wstreet.
to the Charities Commissioners to remove the walt*
Ina-room of tne markwell'* Island ferr* from the
j.ier m Kast leventleth-Bt. to that at Kast Sixty*
A sort of social revolution ha.-, been ROini? on Bl the
Slat- prison In Slnir Sin* .luring thc IBS) WCCk a*
the i-esn'.t of the system ...f elaaslfleatlor recently
adopted hy the State prison authorities. The ctaaal*
tl.-atlon consists In the division of the prisoners into
four grades, according to their criminal re*ords.
The tir*t gr.i le called Oroup A. conalsta of men now
serving their first term; the second grad", Oroup I!,
of rn"ti who have sorrell on* previous term; the
third grade, Croup C. of men who have served more
than on< previous term, and the fourth gr.t le, Oro ip
D, ,.f men of .ie,-ale.i criminal tendencies and vicious
To carry ou: this sy?terc lt has heen necessary to
.hangs min from their former companies, galleries,
cells an.l workshops. Now all the prisoners in one
glade occupy exclusively certain galleries in the
prison, They ara kepi separate from the other
ural. - In the workshops and In the messroom. As
the coveted poaltlone among convicts, sa,-ii a* book*
keepers, walters an.l the like, now go to men In
'Iroup A. a tiiiml.fr of prisoners who have ably tilled
these places now find themselves assigned to the
ranks of Idle men of the Inferior grade, Because they
have served previous terms of imprisonma'tit.
In the nama? way. In the matter of calls, prl?oners
who hive occupied one parti.-ular cell for years until
lt became almost homelike In Its familiarity, now an
actually homesick in some cell |a a distant part of
the prison, with sinim* convicts for nelghbore and
an unfamiliar officer for keeper.
Warien Sage ls much pleas..1 with thc svstem and
believea it will greatly benefit th> discipline of the
prison and at the same time have a srrong moral
effect up.ai th.* min. Now a prisoner employed 66 a
bookkeeper ar In some other easy and pleasant
place knows that If tn* is sent Lack to prison after
he ls discharged, no matter how capable he ls. he
?an never <xpe,-r to get his ?'..',,1 lol." again. So
thorough an,I Impartial has the classification of m.*n
been that warden Sage himself laments the loss of
his chef, an excellent cook. I.ut whose previous term
of Imprisonment made him ineligible to a place
which ls now un- ..f the privileges of Oroup A.
The Commissioners on the drafting of tba charter
for thi* Greater New-York completed their work at
0 o'clock last night, at which time they finished
the report which la to accompany the charter to the
Legislature, A committee af three, consisting of
Prealdenl Tracy. ex-Mayor Gilroy and Secretary
Plumy, wns appointed to carry Loth the ch irter
ami the report to Albany this aft.moon The re?
port, notwithstanding the rumor of differences In
regard to Its phraseology, was adopted unanimously
by the Commtasloners,
Resolutions of thanks to members who did special
work on the report were then made. Tho contents of
the report, Which contains about MMv words, will
not he made public until after it has been presented
to the Legislature. It reviews the whole work of
i .. t'ommiasion, ..nd elves reasons for every sec?
tion or chanter. Provisions on which there we're dif?
ferences of opinion arere noi treated at length
in it.
An amendment to th.- constitution was also ap?
proved yest, rday forenoon, and will accompany the
report. It provides that the debt of Richmond an.l
Kings counties, which hav.. been separated from the
? itv debt.are nut to bc Inciudedlntbe debt of Greater
New-Tork. A copy of th.- .-hurter, bound in paper
was received by tha- Commission yesterday from tin?
printer, lt contains 7? pagea With supplemental
bills it will amount, all told, to TM pages Tuc
Commission will meet and audit Its bills oil Thurs?
day next.
? ' '- ? -e-?
Au oou neem en ta.
E. at W. Wlnamar*. HAW
Henry A. Daniels, M. D.,
00 West roth Pt
Impairments of the Nervous System. Impotence. Sterility.
und like altmrnts. Hour*. 8 tn 1, 5 t> 8.
Boariss 6:48 taaaeiBtet M....p. rises pm t:66 Mesa's age is
111.ill WAT] lt Tl) DAY.
*, M San.lv lick Itil Hov. Island fl Kl l|?ll (.rite || aa
ivm Beady Hook WM Oer, Island 6:41 Ueli i;,,t? \\ a;
Vassal _ ? Ftt m. Un,
U.ronn,.Han, tar. "JT .Wilson
ivm ona.Ilordeaua, Kel, |.H.,ni... ,x
.'uti. .U.erpool, Kel, ?.Vs*hlt.8| r
Urallah Kins.Antwerp, Keb 4.Wilson
BP-*. .S.,..!....?..,, Keb ll.s. _ j?*
Hrooklyn CltJT.Bwaasea. P_b 4.,,llM ,
" ambrlen.U**kw, 1 eb 4..Wilson
Phiisdelphls.la Ouajrra, lei. n. ? . .
Kt l*aul.BoMthataptoa. Fab V.t.?.??.,, ...
I .ii. ania.laver*,.....!. K. li 1.1. , .??;,,;,
Klt<erlan.ais*s-w, rem a.AiU? St-1.?
Mls.|.sl|.pl.I. .1.1..11 Jell R.A? Tr%|li
Mlchlssn.u.ii.i.ni. i ?** .v ^.. National
m .m.- wi....
PlBSllS.numbulK. Keb R.tlaint. Amer
?adriatic. Liven.I Kee io .Whits star
Uand .rf iliv.Hwaases, Peb 6.Rri.t,.!
St tren* .l.oei,.,..i r.i, ai .Wilson
S, nicole..UPBSOnvtlle, Krt. 17. ,-|>,.e
Mss.irs. Nat.*, iii I'.l. Ill .N Y A lV,ia
mir of Augusts ...HavaBBaa !?*!. I,.lavaaaah
, .. i_on.i..ii, i'i. i,. National
...C-fcrtsUanaand, K,-b ia. Thli_r\_ii?
. . .S?.in*.-a l-Vb 9 . I-.l2i._l
...Oalvtetea, rab ia......Mallory
-I NI.AV. ll'l'llt AUY U,
La Chawpagas.j?*****.1*. Feb v.i.resat*
io-.i-i..Bremen, rab 10.N U Lloyd
K,li snee .ffiK'-vSf*, M .??hiu.iu
nranels..Hall feb , ... .W,,..,,,
Hen aei.-< -?>? ?'?>. Feb 13.Lamport, ? n,,u
i-,i.ri.ii.. ... .m >''.?>'. rea is.., ..Lamport a Holt
RI Tttn . Ham Orieaea Keb 17. M,.is,i?
Vsssel. For. Une. Malls rinse Vessel Mils.
Alene .lamslrs. Atlss.10:0-) a m 12:00 rn
Thurn)*. Porto Rios. ?? ??? - . 2:00 vm 4:00pm
Sale of Ribbon.
M o i r 6 ,-6, 7 and 8 inches wide,
pale shades,
3J> cents per yard.
Hlaek Satin, ? double faced,
cord edge, 1*2, 8 and %H inches
20 cents per yard.
James McCreery &Co,,
Twenty-third Street.
Advertisement-! iidmllte-1 Into theae ?,?*.
nnina sre recoitimenili.il lo Ihe readers af
THF. TH lill "al*: ms thorom-hl> reliable, and
l?n*lne*N can he done li> miall nith the ad?
vertisers willi parl.il safety.
Ca aaaks tbs
Grouch & Fitzgerald,
161 Broadway,
688 Broadway,
723 Sixth Avenue.
i?-c-ti?i or
Opera. Field. Ma.'ina Slants.
?-*nc?.rCot C*. 5Miic!"-L*"*.
Christmas Gards,
I For 1897 at
? so Nassau SL.N.V*
Ar. 1?.s. Halifax, At?as.
Alu i.ifiln. a "liarl-st..ti, .'lyda.,
m.. f.ranla. Prunsutr-k. MalVi
? - 12 00 ra
- \S*.m.
- 8 00 pt
Hevell is.
?ania, Uvsrpeel, Cunard. 4:.V>am
Ls Ba>urga*-p*e, Havrs, French.2 <*>? m
Hassdair., Rotterdam. Holl-Amei.*..??> a m
Kaiser Willieim ll. Oenoe, SQ Ll a I. ! BO a rr
Stat* of California, aiasgow, Ar..'. r..W:i?iam
Mlaataalppl, London, All Tran*. -
Hernia li. Qu. ? ? *mt a. m
Pernsmbueo, L'port * Holt, *>?? * m
Aix Caye*, lilac .10:00 am
V'alinela, Colon, Pal ams .IStOOasi
Haratoca Campeche, N V * Cubs .. 1" itt a rn
Prins Maurlt/. Hui. Pnt.-li .1V30 a m
IrrstndJy, Orena."... Trinidad .IS*0fsa
Bl Bod, New Orleans, M -inn. -?
Hudson, N-? iirl>-.ir.s. <*t mureil.
.'oi-rii. Oslveetoa, Mali..ry.
J*a '',rin.!e Iiu.he?sa. BavsPTSh, Sr,aan. ??
si XI ay. FKBRUAM 21
BsntO I*.ming). Havana. BpSBtsh.... 5:00am
?<? a m
10 '"lam
12-oo at
{.:.?* ats
lo00 am
12.00 m
12:88 rr.
12:00 m
1 -BB p ts
2 oo pm
3 0.1 pm
8 oo p tn
I .-as a m
8 90S p rn
Itessser Pstrla (Cter). BstMr, Marni ur* pe**t-aarf ?,
trith md**, tn cabin and 120 Bte rsc* ps*s*ns*n ? Haas
tturs-Aaierlcan Line. Arrived al ths Har .a- 1:20 p rn
Steamer Btiraennelster Petersen lOer). Petersen Hrn
bunj iinuarv ft, ls ballast 11 Oust Raye. Arrlvsd si tBS
Bar Bl T *a rn __. -
gt ea mar Bxrelalor (Oar), Muller, Brcmsa Krtaraiarj a
in baj|*?t to <".i*t Haye. Arrived bi tb* Bsr Bl *> lt 1 ia,
.-Vam r Southsrsrk oin. Beace, Anttrerp Pebruarr ts
with lii.i-?.. Bt .-.at.in sad IBB *t*ersce 1 ?> narra 1 ia
ternsttonsl Savl-pUlou Co. ktiivot ?i tba Bar - -
H ttl . , tx*
BlMmer Cyeifl (Br), I >?-,,ti?*. Pernsmbuc Jamjar) ia,
with siiKnr lo Th.ma.n S Co; vessel I. run "-. BM* i ' *
ArrivH.l at th* Bar SI IOJ0 I BJ _
8tesmer Yumurl iNor>. Msthlsoa. .".r-h-.a-.-n 1 Pei marr
I. and Santa Harts ll, alth frail to Hosdle* *_o?; -aaa"
... pm, rora -od *.- K-HtocS. Arrived si lbs Bar si .'ia
* w-auaer cataala tOert Matse**, Bastes Jssuarr SJ sad
Rio le .1 ir.-ir ? IT aa. 11 rn.ls- I.. Fun.-li. I ly* B ' ?
Arrived itt th* Hsr Bl ll BS fl RB.
Kt. hilt Bel leiwls lOer), Aarhuus, Ooualva-s January 31.
Mlrssosns Febnisr) 2, Aquln I. AUB ' "sires 4 Petit fl iva
B Port de Pata 1- snd Ina?us 13 with md** -*
nsaaensera lo Ebel a- Co, Arrived si ih. Bar si ?' ?? I Bb
ateamer Philadelphia <!iami-r*. Porto ."..!?'? I 1 ???*"
lil .-.ira.-a.! ll Btld 1* OUsyra 12. WIV Bid** BBal BB
passenger* to Boulton, Btise .* DslaStS. Arr;*..-: at tra
si inter La aiands r>sa-aM*ase, Heal n. Bst-aaassb, witk
m.Isa Mnl t.ass..nii*rs t.a ll.-aail **? Vi.
Steamet* City of Columbia. Hiller, ?urrt V>?* and
Norfolk, with mdse u'V psa*iBg*r* t.. OM Deans . ->?
Steansr Kl M.-.nte. rark-r. sfssr Ol leans, with mJia ts
Sandy Hook. rab. !**. t"M p rn Wtmt. nirtri. m.*a
,-T.y:- 1 li'if. dOlldy uni SSS) ff
Bteaaasr Ptatsbetls O'n.. slolCei Msttialsjas, at
Lucia, Barbsdocs, et. A i: Oulerbrldir* .v t-o.
Hieamer ll M Whitney. Hsleil. Boston ll 'Waidl
Steamer Tjoeao iNor), PJotaasss, 0*oi***i*o*s*b, Dsm US
*St*t*n?r'Aten* .Hr,. aVMtS**. J.r.n..e, KSBajBtlBb BBSB>
't;;;!;!-!^,:;;:^.'^-. n-sss* - r -va,
Btean^>Oreson (Br), Pertb, <'..'n-j. HssSas, *? ?"ur
"M;.,m"rUr'VVin,.i... Lawls, Mtlaa-rs-IJ C faster. _
s.r.liu.r iain, st .%-.... Hulphera, .Norfolk an.l .Nraaport
\..\as Old IHsnlnlam Bs Co.
s'aWr 1:1 Psao, Oardssr, Waaf fJrisass J 1 \*
S"skt.:'?,...r Besefsctor, Tu a sa ml Pills lib-BU ar P
'^.H-r's-Mn Issllsa Brstst. Pattlasd. Ms ivratta
"luitk |oisat.(rtsw), UeCbata, HsmslBSa sad asssts;tum
VBlrt? hSISbTb* an. MK.hn,.- Rosa Kass i?
Untm. S.MI.K...
?I,,,.,, i-oatsbelle tBrt, ff* Msr" Btas *J??
11 1 V. ,\ .'r.'K " .1!:'. a.. "-.. an.l N?i. I?*n*s
(Bri Jtedlterranesn port*; -smestown. Mort Ik end N-?
,1,1,' m?i ."ita tl Blnalnsham, Bavflnaab; Ba i-sa.
I tum .mi.-....- ?nd'? ^!" HV'.v. Btultasri irtert. Bvtr
' m*n \\ .-Vinst.-n lUeri, Pluahlns; IVnnaylvsnlS ...er*.
Ilam'bura Marl* iNor), Saiann
Tin: MOVRMRKTS <>P sri:.\MKiv
-\v,'tia tOerl ramtt timm Atsssadrla f-?TlBBa>
N.^ .Jib ..tar. BBlled from '?"'?* '?':""1':\ " a
StMiaer Trsv* lOsri, rhala-nhorai, fra** Brssass ?sr
N*av York -V'-t from ftouihsmnion l>i...i.a-> [*?_
N's",,,\,,:.r Aa. ,.? ,!'. 7 It.aaall. N;-a V,k for ftSSSSSSB.
?!.,:r,-\v,:,i!;.;v,^".1i '.;;?:: .?-*?... ????*. ?
,-,:.!n;'.;r> :. ror PlutSitas bst "xalsrflL sssssa* 1 nts ie i -is*
^JSfSer'msrS la.?>:, aa,.,., term Ussss sar V-a*.
N -:,U .ndrBrTulaa. Rim MMr, mAat 1.1 BaSttssM
f'^,^,:.*,v';,ir-u:;"i';7...",.i?r.. M.:..*r. -^ -ra. s^
^tt^^^I^iKorl^*^ ssttsd rtuss Ifaatasssj ?
K;Tee!r?^ llo^SltnanL Tl-osssea. ssBssJ frosa OsssssSBjsfJ
r.irXew fork l;v|r,|'?rv,.*l(J;,?.-1, it.akk.T. a..ile.i from Rsl
1 arrived flt London rVbru
- 'la.lJtn iPul.-li
St .IIH-l-.
-"teamer lnt|?*riai '?'?'*?"? ".?;,,,, Kehrusn H'
trow N-av vorS
I ai- ' N ' ' ' % 'v ,, a ,. Trintns^.lf

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