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Washington. Feb. IS.,?Elections Committee No. 1,
of which Judea* Daniel*., of New-York, ls chairman!
sustained an ovirwhclmlng defeat In the House of
Representatives to-day, when that body, by a vor.>
ot Hf yeas to 97 nays, reversed the committees
judgment In the contested election case of Hopkins
(Rep ) against Kendall (Dem), from the Xth Ken?
tucky District. In this case seven of the nine mem?
bers of the committee?four Republicans and three
Democrats?reported that Kendall, tho sitting
nu-mb-r. wns , l.ct.'d and entitled to the sent, and
two Republicans?Messrs. Royse. of Indiana, and
!. ray. of North Carolina?dissented, and filed a
report in favor of Hopkins, who appeared and took
the oath of office as soon as the result of the vote
had been announced.
The decision hinged on the vote of a single
county, in which, according to the official returns,
the sitting member received a majority of about
MS, hts majority In the entire district being about
.."?" The County Clerk of Clark County, who was
a Democrat, allowed hts partisan zeal to carry him
I the confines not only of the law but also
of tho provisions of the State Constitution relating
. ectla-s. He caused to be prepared as part of
the official ballot a counterfeit device or emblem
md placed lt over the column containing the names
of th* regular Republican candidates, while over
i> ciliimn coutateing the names of candidates for
s. eera! offices, but none for Representatives In Con
la he placed th.< regular, legal and recognized
emblem of the Republican party. This was done,
U-se, with intent to deceive lURsrutS voters
ail was a gross violation of the plain provision*)
? ibo law.
Messrs. Royse and Llnney contended that the
vote of Clark County ought to bo and must
..* rejected, inasmuch as the sworn official who
.. - ehaigsd hy law with the duty of preparing
. Issuing thea official ballots, which alone could
.-?I in the election, hal deprived the voters of
ounty of the opportunity to have jind use th*
Official SSCret ballots required by the Constitution
BS 1 laws of the State, and had done so In violation
of tho law and for a corrupt and fraudulent p;:r
Thls contention was supported by Messrs
Royse and Dinney in able and brilliant arguments
which comman led and held the attention of the
House. Mr. I.lnncy's speesrh. especially, won at
:>n!;cn and excited great enthusiasm and applause.
,;? liing SS it did to the sentiment lu favor o'
honesty and .'air play as well as to reason and
J ligment, but his culleague was fairly entitled to
in >..u.ai share of the honors o: the occasion.
The majority o' the committee held that the
CO ;rterfeit devloa In Clark County did not deceive
tnuURh -.utera to change the ra suit, and that thu
fraud was not SUCd s.sful enough to invalidate the
t ec I lon In that couir.y. That view o:" the case
a - stoutly advocated and defended In vigorous
.,. s ?,>? chairman Daniels and Mr. Moody
ie, . M.iss i ,.:,d Mr Dinsmote (Dem.. Ark.), but
their arguments .'ailed to convince the majority
?1 .-,:????. ,.:.?! only r.'.ae Republicans ill tobi,
ling the lour Republican members of tht_
committee who sustaina'd the report, voted to allow
c.- udall to retain his se.it as a li- preaentatlva of.
thi Nab Kent ii kv District
Th- confusion which had prevailed during the
day drew from Speaker Read a remonstrates snd
..?..; He said that not only es-members, but
members-elect, were entitled to th.* privileges of
trie floor, and they availed themselves to a con
ntderable extent of these privileges during the last
?reek of the session, This increased the difficulty
.>: preserving .>r>i- r. ?:. | he ippealed to the House
to std ths transaction of public business by main
etl I. ..rum.
real ol "? session was given up to passage
o' billi bv -unsent, which induced th- leaders to
- io a speedy adjournment, und at 4:36 o'clock
.-. i.Mourned until to-morrow.
r-o-t*t? 4a
: >;:NTATivn iflTCHSU. explains the
essitt ron tiif. pAssAoa or hu
Washington, Feb. IS (Special).?Respecting the bill
? Ihs Jurisdiction of I'nlted Slates Circuit
brought (or Um infnnaem. nt of let
t-rs p.rent i m. !*.:?-<* In which member*) of rae
.-st' profession a* v.,.'. ,>s inventors aid owners of
patents take much Interest?Representative Mitchell,
Of {few-York, who reported the WU from the Com?
mittee or. Patents and had charge of lt daring Its
, Mag ? .-1 tba House, saki to-lay.
Th.s . :. la ? ?? ...' grear Importance, not only to
Bli Inreresr-d in patents bul to lawyers and to the
.: - 'a.,*- si.tTis ot money have been really
Itt I In endeavoring to der. rmine whether Hie Ju
?.- a ?* of ISST snd ISM did or did nor apply to
; item ase*. and 'he members of tbs har. and th-?
? ...arts themselves, have been l?d to conflict.
inclusions as ra th.s matter to such an extent
that we (ind dtffereni districts In the same State
.- : -? ? pi -a.* views, one district holding
tal i foreign corporation could be sued where, er
J und. and rho oth. r holding ta.ir such corporation
i ?...; only be med In the ?*-..?.- where :t was Incor
; ? : Tho I'nlted States Sunn me Court, in two
na in re Hoho-st. ISO u. S., I>.">.'!, and in re
Keaabey and Mattheson, lg) V, g., 221, have le.) the
Circuit rta ma evea greater confusion in this
- .s ?>.-.- ii i nol bear directly on -he ques
?? I in 'nis he:. . ii ...nuin obiter state?
ments, und when tonstrued bv various Cli
-?- li i -.I llfferent decisions in thors circuit
rta ar.l In this way to greater confusion. It he
!-'? mos! essential therefore, in this great branch
r practl ?? ? . leflm tbe easel Jurisdiction of
?---?- maners, anl how j ni Where process shall be
n -afringers The bill does this clearly, and
- unalmouB support of thi entire bar so far
Bl I ha\e been enabled ro get their opinion, and I
ri ? written to ail the men whom I know in *he pro
and aaked them their candid opinion. They
-.-. the hill will be of creat service In clearing
; ibt whi-h has exi*t?d In regard to these
matteri It is hoped that the bill will pass the Ben*
?ti ? -j become a liw before the expiration of thi?
?mg ; "RP..RT of a mu. HURRIEDLY PAWED RY
Wn?'rirg*on, F*-b. 1? -The Senate praised to-day
B ? ? a word of explanation a bill whl. h. If lt be?
come law, arlll Introdues a n.w postal card system.
Ita title ls "A Hill to Ext.:-.,; tb- Uses of the Mall
leia Ice " It was introduced bl the early part of
th? last ?oa.ajon by Mr. Vilas .Dem.. Wis.). and was
ref. -red t-> the P.?t;fTlce Committee, from which it
v. - reported bach w 1th amendments on January IS,
A week .ir-'o un attempt was Bsade to have it passed
bsous consent; but objection was then
by Mr Allen (Popt, Neb.), who said that,
frrm 'he reniing of the lill, lt appeared to propose
conferring <.t a monopoly Mr Vllai admitted
Ihat lr ,<id confer n monopoly, bur said that, as tho
tempsnj eineirned owned ths patent for the in*
? . th're mi st necesssrlly bs a monopoly. Mr
-\ ? ? promised te look Into the matter, and when
Mr VUaa ssked unanimous consenl io-day for the
pa*.>.ij.e of the bill, aad said that Mr. All-n Waa
satisfVd wnh lt. rio objection was made, and the
IgU w.s passrd srlthoul evan being tend escepl by
I* authorir.es the use in the malls of the postal
rtrds and envelopes, with coupons art: .-bed. jia'
ente.i and owned by the United Stans Economic
fostage Association, the Poota**aster-Oeneral to
tent their practical operatloa in oas or more cities,
BBd to BUSpsnd their use If the test proves unfavor?
able All cards aral envelopes furnished by thS
(Jailed States Economic Postage Association are
to conform In size to the requirements of tba Post*
offlc Department, and be used only for return mes*
?;ti.es tiia-v ,,r.- to have printed lhereon, and upon
Ike .upon attached thereto, tha address of the in?
dividual. :,rn, company or corporatism to whoa
SSCh rands enid envelopes Otb >o i?- returned; and
")a> .ilsa, have printed upon th.- a.I.hess sldB the
penah*, prescribed for anj violation of the a.a. and
Spot , w,,.,is ss will Indicate that
the post ag. v?,ll be p.nd wh- n tha- card or envelope
ls delivered lo the addi ease*.
Ti,.- Sen,t.. .iiso passed witnout amendment
Hoij?,. bin for the admission of needlework Import*
*A iv the New-York Association cf .ewing Schools
for exhibition pun oses.
'>'? ly twenty minutes had been spent In legislative
session 'Abeii. on BBOtlOfl .f Mr. Sherman (Rep,
Ohio), th. Kail rps win cleared, the doors closed.
snd the consideration of ex.. utlVB business enter.-.I
Sp At >,.:;.", o'clock the gena tc adjourned until
W.isblngton. Keb. iv Tha- House Commit toe on
Nasal Affairs to-dey iiwsldsrfd lbs Naval Appro
prla'lon bill aM-SIII definite action The Kr-at.-*
port,on of the BBSBBBU w-,s devoted to the dkWUSStOB
of tl ?- paragraph relating ??> ariaor plata- .Mr Hall,
tit Missouri, offered an amendment fixlm, ihe prtos
Of plure at |_>.| ,i ton. This was rejected, lb- ih.n
?nov-.] t, s'rlke Irotu th. law the proviso requiring
SK armor plats ta be sd "dsssssa?e assnnfsrturs *'
Thin proposition waa also voted down, ll was then
Mjraed to appropriats for t,i*g_ tons of armor ia*.
?tey for the battle-sblps Illinois, Alabama snd Wls
"J"**lri. now being constructed The ?i-.tlon cover
J>? He lncreas? of the Navy was tl.a.n taken up
?Sitar tome discussion it was voted io luenasa- ti>e
???ai e.stublislinr.e.-t b_ a practlce-ihlp for cadets.
? <l
i ':.
|. i
Nervous ? try
Thc Ideal French Tonic
Mate ISS3, IndeSSSd by Medical Pactilty
inmediate lasting efficacious
Punster, sn*ymseu pkpi.ies to Otercn lt
HIM, OE over gi Ste Ste Mg gCKK-l
Washington. Feb. IS?Th** louse Foreign Affr-lrs
Coeandttea to-day beard arguments by Reprcsenta
tivo Beach, of obi,,, on a resolution offend by bim
last month n*ipjesting tho Pr. sid. nt to enter Into
negotiations with the governments of China. Japan,
tho several republic*; and colonies of the American
HeSj-Spbere, thc Hawaiian Island* and tho Domin?
ion of Canada, "with a view to securing a uniform
srandnrd of value In trads an.l c. namer e." Mr
Beach began with the assertion that anv ami il.:
and fair treaty relation between Ho wt rn establishes
a bond of friendship and confld.-t.ee. Th.* American
manufacturer and producer, bo said, are to-day
keenly alive to the necessity of having a foreign
market. The system of exchange, heretofore -md
at present being condacted aim..*** entirely through
London, ls a great embarrassment to trade rela?
tions with these countries. The s hems ia pre?
sented in a plain manner ls to provide n coin of
commerce. It ls a coin which will not be popular
for general circulation, lt will not be receive] In
minor affairs In any part of the world. "Mj Mea,"
he continued, 'is that this coln should be a sliver
coin, and that In adopting it the present ard pros?
pective commercial v.il;:.- of silver should be con?
sidered, n is not Intended to a.- a l-^-..! lender in
fhis country, and probably would nor be m.ob- bo
in any ..th-r country. I; ls simply Intended a* a
tool of commerce, with the idea thal between mich
countries as mav enter into this agreement more
cordial trade relations will be est....! shed. As a
secondary but very important consideration, I
think su.h an agreemi vt would create a very im?
portant demand f..r Halted States silver." Mr.
Bea.-n will continue his argument before the com?
mittee on Thursday next.
James A. Scrymser. president of the Pacific Cable
rompnny, hrs tiled with the Hooss Committee on
Interstate and Foreign Comm-rce a reply to testi?
mony heretofore given before that committee by
Jeneral War.er Swaytie. In which General gwajrns
referred to "persistent calumnies'* which had fol?
lowed his company sln"e lt.-; organization. Mr.
Scrymser quotes Oeneral dwayne's testimony be?
fore th? genets r.immlttee on Foreign Relations
>n February '26, UH. SS a text for much of his re.
loin.ler, and refers in addition to extracts from
Mr. Hewitt's letter to Mr. Bayliss, rice-presidenl f
tiie Parilla .'.ih!- Company, in support of his own
issertloiis. He firmly contends for the COITC
? f his charge that there ls a strong Knelish Influ?
ence behind the Spaulding echeme, and quotes in
= .ij.;.ort of hu assert lon words ottered by Oeneral
?wayne and Mr. Hewitt, supplemented by ex?
tracts from a speech by Sir John render on April
>'. UN, wherein o.-eurs tb.- following sentence: "I
vm quite satisfied there |< no Immediate prospect
jf contracts being Inquired for in connection with
this Pacific cable, but when they are vou mav ,!??
pend upon lr th;.; I shall take care that I know all
tbout the matter." In view of the statements to
tvhlch Mr. gcrymaer refers, thal gentleman re
-i.tfully asks if his charge that "there la a
?trong [digilah Influence behind the Spaulding
?oberne" ls nn'ru.>. Inrense feeling is manifested
.v Mr. gcrymaer In his letter to th* committee.
Ile criticises a-- "malicious" the character of .;?::
-ral Swayno'a statements r- -? arding himself. Yr.
?terymsa r says that they ar.* statements of a k;:id
a-lrh which c.-ingres should sever have been trou
.i.'d. In conclusion h<> savs: '-General gwayne'a
jiiject has been to destroy in the minds of Con
rresa and the peop> confidence tn the good (alth ..f
h- Pacific < 'able i 'om ps ny ol' New-York, of which I
im the projector and president."
The resolution before the Senate Committee on
Military Affairs providing for tiie presence of the
lAYsr Point cadets at the inauguration nppc.-ir*
o make little headway. Tile subject was brought
JP this morning, but no action was taken Th.
committee appears to be about evenly divided, but
Mr. Hawley hopes to get a favorable report at a
.pe.iai meeting r., be held next Monday. H.* tun
-.een In communication with rh., railroads for tha
-cirpose o' llxing as low a ral.- .,s possible for
the boya He has peon successful in this, and he
leves that the committee w.ll eventually order a
Favorable report
The General Deficiency bill, presented in the
!fouse to-day. carries ar) appropriation of 0,438,987,
livid.'.t a? follows: Stat.* Department, 03.510;
rreasury Department, 0,0(8,(73; Fish Commission,
:iur*v Bmithsonlan Institution, 0,017; District of
'olumbla, 04. IK; War Department, 11.SW.139; Navy
Department, 00.736; Interior Department, 835.185;
Department of Justice, 0.239,023; Postofliee Depart
nent, 01,521: oul of postal revenues, 0.764,326; Oov
?rnm-rir Printing Office 00,200; House <>f Repre
ent.Hives. 005.764; ai lem. nts. li,Ited Stat, s
ourts. I2.').'r>:.: lodgments. Court of claims 0,602 ?
udgments, Indian depredation claims (examination
.fi. 1136.871; audited claims. 1114,876.
Controller F. kels was before rh.* H--;;s-c rankine
nd Currency Committee arrilri tO-day, when the
jeneral banking bill introduced hy Mr. Fowler
Hep.. X J.) was taken up. Mr. Fowl, r r.sk.,1
Ir Eckels If a credit currency baaed on the ss
cts of banks was not the only correct form Of
sper money. Mr. K?-k-ls thought this a jr.r
nrm. Th" curr, ney should be uniform- all of lt
elng Issued under Government supervision. He
nought tia- benefits to be < l. ri red from tbe repeal
f the io per cent las on State bu,ks greatly BS*
ggerated Vy th" supporters of this proposition.
tr. Fowler asked Mtv Si k> ls If be thought that
ll banks- under this bill having power io take our
urrency equal to bo;..ls held by them, wll ? low
ix <>n their circulation, uti.I Cv light t? issn..
radii currency, would organise. Mr. Rckels re?
lied that he could not say. Th" batik- would do
hal would allow th'-m :o make the most mon. v.
' they thought it would pay, they would take sd*
intage nf lt. Replying to a further question, be
iii he thought it a.Ki*.il,le to lake rh.- financial
uestlon out of polltlca. Mr. Fowler asked i. the
itn-ss did not think that the supervision >.f the
vinny's gnat financial Interests should be left
, .., consulting board rather than io orv Indi*
dual Mr Eckels replied that h.- saw ia. objec*
on to allowing the ..di rer In chnrgi of the (Inane. *
, ,?,,?,s-iit others, but h.- waa not a BTeat believer
i divided authority. It was more essential '
pout d banking bill 'h.ni !?> organise a board,
? -'ie pp.i er low waa s.cur-.i. .a.. nol too com
llcated on.- two or three persons could enforce
vii turned on the character ..f the act. Mr
owler ask.-d If Mr Eckels did -a feel thal be
,,s mot-- efflclenl to-day and better ..bl- i.. ad*
blister his duties bb Controller than h.- waa Bl
^ time of sntertng the office. Mr. Eek. ls re
ied that modesty prevented him fr-m answer ns
...Vueslon Arther replying to Mr Fowler
r F.-k.-is discuss..! the caus.s ..f bank failures
rra and sbroed. _
The President to-day sent to the Senate the foi
wing nominations: Thomas William Peters, of
,. DiStrid Of C.ann!.i.i. to be United States Consul
puusn, Oennsny. Passed Asslstanl gurgeon
loyd W curtis, te be surgeon lo th.- Navy, First
leutenants lt. M. Turner. Mb Infantry; Daniel A
tederick, 7th Infantry, and Edgar Hubert 0h In*
nrrv to be .ai.tains. Becond Lieutenants r S.
lld 17th Inf..u.rv; W <> .baa:*, a. Wth Infantry.
, James It Lindsay, 14th Infantry, to be first li. .u
,,?,* sa?.,.n.- /.mei ? Clinton, tth favali-y:
Mander T OvenBhine, list Infantry, and Robert
eld ith c.-,.-..irv. and Corporal Henry E. Eames,
i, Ca va Irv. to be second lieut ra nts
\notb.r am. edment to ti,.- already overloaded
i, dry Civil bill wsa io-.lay reported to the Senate,
bi-ooriatlng 05MM lo pay the Chickasaw Nation
,' rirS. ,rs of Stereal on trust funds erroneously
o.,'i. I from tbe books of the ITnlted Btates prior
ISM and )ubsi ?; ? inly reston d.
lecretary Carllsls to-day submitted to tbs H ase
estimate "t li-'""' to pines eophones os revenue
r.-r- The aophona I* a davies nsed fur kx til ?
und.' and ls now ai v.^r OB many i im .-rumen i res*
h. _
ihe business ?< th" >?"' J"st I1"'1*"1 ? ?** ?*?*"
j-t remunerative seer esperisnoed hy th.- Suez
Bal th.* MMe aggregating uluma! OSitWOOd Ac
r(Ung to a report of _eusul***Oe_erul Pendeld, bi
iro to th.- gtats DepartSBant, <Jn-at Britni bp
.a two-thirds of the irani.*, and he declares li i
.,', ; i. fa--. thai not one shl,. under the United
'.. ,g passed through tbe canal in UM, sJ
.._. iii* four xm-rican warships and rachu
""WWIBtirt anddtrtpes ls matong the pas
The total number_of ??"W i^W>g* c.
o- Tb- tot a llUlllI.ei oi -i./' ?. . ,- ?.,|
veirwas 1.107 havings tonnago of^jW.** snd
' L , ??Inls vi.-r. 1!.',.:.V).U.. The C.-ll'ts
s'a^n-nTiV snhnTO il tbe nmnher af lfSJlan
so'.Hors -Toing back an.l forth to and from fha'*
Abyssinian War.
Conaiii-Oonor.ii Do Ka v. at Berlin, has unearthed
n ronapira<-> by r, rt,Un OersBaas to take ont put
onis or copyrights on ike tradesnarka of as many
American Mcycles as ar.- yt nnproteeted by tfce
Germen lew, and hs reports to the Btets v-i itt*
mont that bs has medfl arran*-.-rn' nts to baVS BU
agent of Amertees maehlnee, s man of th<* hi?h.st
Bunding, anticipate th.* s.-home b>- takini; out the
nt..ss..rv pat.'nts in his own tum.', to bs trans?
ferred t,. tl,. \m. ri. an oompanler- hor.-aft.-r <.n th
p.-.ym.-nt nf costs, wlii-h emount to about 111. Tho
Coneul-Oeneral found thur the Oermen Patsnl of?
fice does not Inquire whether sn sppUcant bea s
riRht ;.. ii trademark or whether srtlcles beering
such tra,I.-tr.irk have been sold, but merely seas
that tbs mark l- original, or not sheedy taken
ont In Oermany. He understands th.at th-ro ls no
retires* Vr owners of foreign trademarks who (Ind
thal some one has already taken out s patent on
thoir trademark In Oermany. Th- Oermen Det?
entes can prevent th- sale of gooda so mark-.I in
0<rmany, unleaa the foreign manufacturer makos
t.rms with him Investlsatlon (bowed that tho
Columbia. Cleveland snd Standard machines alene
have been pro ? teal in Oermany.
Wasblrrton. Feb. Il ?? < r.t.iry Herbert'fl la-' ?"?'
before startim: for Charleston yesterday area '??
sia-n an order sbollshlng th- Naval Bteel Board an.l
transferring i's work to tbs Bureaus ot st.Mm En?
gineering a,..! Construction. This Board, whtoh
?sis constituted bv Secretary Whitney, has been
Vr nearly twelve years tho sour.*..- of continual
troubli in th- Navy Deportment ami tho subject of
drastic eritlolam .,? .iii times, yesterday Naval
I'onatruotor Dashlell waa ordered to the Construc?
tion Bureau, ind sll mattera pertain.n* to ailina'
material were tr naferred with him. Assistant Kn
?-inoor Krooman w.i- transferred, togothor with all
mattera relating v materiel for ma-hinery. to the
Steam 1-v.i: 7> ? rm*- Bureau, and the third member
of ti,- Hoar,i. irs chairman, Captain Coffin, ls to he
:.-Mirri.'.: to -tber duty.
Waentngten, Feb. R-Tho floo<l of applVaHons
pouring in for ofTVos willoh do not ypt oxtst In the
new Congressional Library Building ls heoominK
slarming No sppointments of sny kind, lt i* de?
clared, oan be mede before noxt July, so thal lt I*
useless to ? nd recommends i ons to member* of
Congress, who ar? nar.! pressed hv public duties
at this tim-.
POE iv ARlioR D\y ix ENGLAND.
Washington, I-'-!). U.?Tbe s-.-rotary of AgrVuit
'l*-- ii.is received a letter from Ambassador Bayard
nc an extract from "The ri'. James's Oa?
ti ti " ir. which ?'. kv. Radcliffe Cook, M. IV argea
i'i- establishment of Arbor Day in ("rear Britain
.inl warm!* - onds the proposition that this
Ari,-- I'., an mid be fl lopted bi -a- meana of cele?
brating 11 - Qui i n'a long n 711.
Washington. Feb. Ik?The Secretary of War ha*
ma.I.* iii.* following assignments of officers recently
promoto.l: Colonel Charles A Wikof to th- "j.l
Infantry: Lieutenant-Colonel Charles C. Koo.I to
th<* lath Infantry, end Major Constant Williams to
th" ""th Infantry.
The following transfers In tho 20th Infantry aro
mail-: First Lieutenant Fr-.lori, k X. Kme front
? omi any I to F, Kir.-t Lieutenant Edward M
Lewis from Company F to I. Second I.lou'onant
Alh.-r' I). Xijk"r:i from Company F to K; Second
Lieutenant Lucien Stacy from Company K to F.
Also Second Lieutenant if irry O. Willard from tba
7th Cavalry to tha 10th Cavalry, Troop it; Socon.l
Lleutenent Stepha n sf. Kochersperger from the
10th Cavalry to tho tih Cavalry, Troop I. First
Lieutenant Henry A. Imrber, Kb Cavalry, srlll ho
relieved from duty with tbs 1st <'avairy at Fort
Reno. Oklahoma, an.l loin hl? troon. First I.lou
tenant William P. Burnham, Mfh Infantra-, ls do
talisd as recorder of Mo* R-tsmlnlng Hoard at Fort
Leavenworth, Kansas, to relieve First Lleutenent
Howland O. HUI, "?th Infantry
The bettallon .,f --Kino.-rs ia order**.1 to Westl?
ington In season to take parr ir. the [naugurs] cere
monlea Tha company at Wost Point will loin th*
companies from Wlllet's Point as they pass through
j. racy <"ity.
Bearda of officers to meet at thoir resyectlss sta?
tions Pebruary i~ fur th- physteel snd m.*ntai px
smlnatlon of candidates for the Military Academy
<r.instituted si Fort Adams, Rhode [sland;
Weflt Point, New-Tork; Fort Mc Henry, Maryland;
Fi rt Thomas, Kentucky; Port McPherson, Georgia;
Jackson Barracks, Louisiana; Fort Sam Houston,
Texan Forl Sheridan, Illinois: Jefferson Barrack*
Missouri: Ci" Leavenworth, Kansas: PorT Snell?
ing, Minnesota; post near Little R.,-k. Ark
Port I? A. Russell, Wyoming; Presidio of San
Francisco, Cal., snd Vancouver Barracks, Wash?
First Lieutenant W. C, Rafferty, 1st Artillorv,
snd I. N. Lewla, 2d Artillery, are relieved from
dutj as member* of the Board or. rh" Regulation
of Seacoast Artillery Fire, ar,] Firs? Lieutenant
C P. Parker. 2d Artillery, is detailed as a m-mb-r
of the Board.
Chief Engineer C. J Hablghursl ls ordered to
duty is Inspector of holler .77,., |n , .Hire- of manu?
facture al Philadelphia, Reading, Washington and
McKecsport, Penn., ??!.! Newcastle, I?>!.
?\i:\ ;? 7 'it a DRIVB.
Nothing wara h-nr.l yesterday from Mme. Calvt'a
1 \. rz- slous id mir. r. If* .Vi not lend any moro let?
ters, and, aa there was no opere, an,i perhaps for
other reasons, nothing wai Been of him al the stage
ikcr or any other door ol' the Opera House. Mm...
Cahra* w.-nt for .1 drive yesterday afternoon, and
,ii.i not weer ber bullet-proof coat Bhe was mit
wsrdly calm, and her friend* declared Min she avis
not afraid, lt was even rumored thal Bhe enjoyed
the drive. Al sn* rete, lbs came beeb uninjured.
1 m leven said yesterday, the first excitemeni over
the report of Mme. .'ala.'- h.iain-- an admirer being
aomewhat calmed?ea if one more or lees could
mik" .'.ny difference to bi r. with her milli.71 ,,f them
that there sever was any hint of shooting, any?
way, that tiro letters which were received ha.I noth?
ing In them about ordnance, and that tbe natural
,,;. 1 ni ,,*' the writer Vr the prims .lonna threatened
harm to nobodj bul himself, rp in New-Haven
they think thal they know who tho man is, as tba
Following dlspetch abos -
New-Haven, .'oun.. Feb, Ik-John & War,!. ,,f
av!, m Mi.,- Calv* complained aa annoying her by
?ending her noi.- and telegrams snd hy hanging
il. ur the atage door, is well known In 'lil* city. He
. , and was formerly -Vrk in th- City
?,,.ir; here Ward became Infatuated with th<i
rirlma donna win.- abe was "illina an engagement
7 this city fleveral week? ago Imrinir this per
formsnee he sal In a front aeal and threw rosea
'.., r ti;*- footlights. 11- has slwsya 1.a regarded
,. ,,. entric.
Richard Croker will eal! for Europe on tho Bprea I
day nest. He srlll be accompanied by bis : s
<on. Frank if. Croker. In sntlclpetlon of his ,:? 1
Mr Croker waa entertained al luncheon 1
1: til- Laewyers* Club yesterday, Among those 1
present were John C. Bheehen snd bis brother, -x- 1
Lieutensnt-Oovernor William F. Sheehan; Chief
Roberl a. Vee Wyck, of th.. CHy Court;
.?.gchool Commissioner Randolph Ouggenbelmer,
Peter 1' Mej tr, Mr Croker's real estatel pertner,
..'.? David Levlntrilt
Mr Croker when Been laat evening, oontirm.,!
h'.- reoort thal hi had engaged pasasge for him
.,,/ ,,'?? ms -on aboard the Spree, but r*efuaed to
'y,n ot the political altuatton. Hs sahl:
'., j ive ,,,, pr diction* to make iboot the elec
ion n-xt fall l sm going to devote my attention
t, tina Ci- qualities of mv thoroughbreds o-.y
,Uah turf. .1 ld thSl is as mn-h BS 1 ? an look
? , ? the pri ti nt
Ur. <'r.',..r will be beck In NeW-TorS -arly in the
all if not soi
(., , ((,,, f |. i* TM BtOf*) Of th.* formation In
few-York of a Raisin Trusi is tha, r-.nt. .1 by tfce
,\,,,1, - ii- srecers of Chicago Several who wera
\;.;; ;,terdaj declared they bad beerd nothing
bool lt __
?rh.. bi*mral Blue lalns wv sell esa**uralon tickets ti
r ,,, v., vii. Newark snd Elisabeth st is tor 1
h. round trip, snd si pro*-ortlonats rates from t.
?1 nt horst*! lona ai Waahlngton, D. C.. aral r-turn
ll ih^inauguration of PresMsnt-elscI M.Kini.y
'," March 4th Tlcketfl win be gi od to Ito on Mar, h
M to 4th mciuflive, and foi r-turn from Marr", Ith
"t ?",'!!?', anultcnUon ihe N-w-Vork Transfer Co will I
aVSr an8 cCk beggeg" through le hotel or rest- ? J
SilnKa Central* n. of New-Jer
I t of Ubsrty St.. North River.
The Hrst dinner gtvrfl hy the Quaint Club IMS
year was held at tbs Waldorf lest .vening. This
same Quatal <'li'b is pretty well known, and lt goes
without saving that the dinner Bras B ne rry on.'.
Qeergs H. Daniels, tbs president ol the duh, pre*
Bl-Sd. and tu- has a quaint way of kc. pinn the hu?
mor at the highest tension. A hun*' picture. In
which Mr. Dan-da, Mr. Haratt.nil and a hand-organ
w.Te strangely mixed, bang svet 'h.- dtUSfl ind
CUUSSd a irr. it deal "f amusa-m.-nt. The musl. al
programma- was unusu illy elaborate, an.l BBBOUg
tboaa who took p..rt w-re .Mme. I Mandi Albertl.
soprano; Signor Arturo Nut lui. th- blind pianist
from th-- Conservatory for the Blind at nocence;
Monsieur Jules Parin.-..un. tenor, and Professor
0. Hi. .j. \ioiir-.isi. assisted by bis quartet, The
menu left nothing io be desired, and was as .pi .mt
as th.- club, lt was as f.dlows. and leaves BOOM
guessing as to tba- dishes:
Tl,a- iv.ul .;.,.| ?
mi ..j, ii rtstoa.
I.enl.vn* of tli- le ;. Kir-'i a -.[.pl.*.
Mlalaiare ambreilsi under eovsr.
What "J.iek ' lortere.t n,s . -\ ', -.
,\ netter f Nero'i '.n,.-.
ft?one Hmm ?? :..l bird.
Nel u. tl.ehi-/./, it i
a i a .r Sahara.
Ft ojr.mt u gem fi an Art .
Tbs ir m lllr leaf.
Wi,a- CBmpas] R* I Badsa ??'? Val r.
Amoiij.' those preseni were William J. Ark il C
A Barattonl, William Barnes, ir. Willi.m Berri,
Theodore Baettenhausen, .lohn s. Beecher, Qeorge
I.. Connor, Joseph Fleming. (Irani E. Hamilton, il.
I.. Helter, F H. Hibbard, .1. v.. Keller, Charles i:
Lambert, Th.lore H. I. .-. Chester 8 '.. .. P. T
Murphy, lt. kv. Parsons, Dr. Charles J. Perrys
Charl-s W. Price, I. .1 Hi. irds, Mfr. .1 Ha ;
skopf, W, S. Kodie, Dr. I. I,. Beaman, loan A.
Bleleher '? ll Ta lor. Francis M Heott, t). M.
Sn.p.u-.I. S m William- Charles Dana <:
a..m.s M.a. iii.-. Charles R, Pope md James Hiv r
son. jr. Mr. E-lverson had .- lils guestl ir the din?
ner J. S McCartney, .-r "Ta.. Phllad lpht_ Record,"
s v,. i. bMo - ? rel ?-? .f the I lover ' 'lub; Boin i l
Ansley, of 'The . tilca go Times-Herald," anl IV
L. Ucl-aln, proprli * ir ol ' The Phil idelph i Ev.
e ?.
The thirty-first annual d Biter of tha Harvard
club, which will I..- h.ad bi th- W .ldcrf this even*
lng, bids fair tO be one of ila most sin.ssful the
club has .ver held. Nearly rhr--.- hundred men
have signified their Intention ..f being present, a
much larger number thaB has attended any of the
club's previous .linn. rs. ah Harvard men. whether
or no. members of th" .lui., are invited to arr,md.
The interest displayed la this year's fathering ij
doubtless nearly connected with tl*..* rapid grow.ii
In membership of ibo Harvard Club, which bow
numbers mor.. than one thousand, sines tha scqul
ns**i ii *******g**BJBBBSSB*fl
A '-^va.
Bltior, e Its now clubhouse in Forty-fourth-st.?
one of the handsomest snd mo-r commodloua
bouses In the city devoted to the Interests of a
rolloci.it,, club The committee having the dinner
in charge has arranged an uncommonly Interest?
ing proura m rn- of ipeakers. Professor Albert
Bushnell Har-, of Cambridge, will apeak for the
university; Rdmund Wetmore of thia city, will
spoak for the Board of Overseers; the Rei Joseph
Twitched will replj to th* t rslty;
Prof. ? ,,!? >;?:? WI irto I ? i , ? r will r< pr i i
the Cnlver I ol i .. .: Captain A. 'I".
M.han. l" *.'. .v. the Ka ".j- William R. Hunt?
ington aral Blaourncy Butler, .,r' Boston, will also
?pi ik. Jame* C Carter, president of the club,
will preside, The pending r.gt ement wi h Vale
io renew athletic cont, ita hetwe-n the ruo uni- i
rersltie* ind the prospect of having n tliir.l con
r,^t.,ru in Cornell for the annual boat race are .
likely to prove absorbing topic* ,,t' dlscusalon, out- ,
ilde of thc regular programme of speaking. The
Uni, i- thia .',? ir is held i.i tl-,- Waldorf, rather
ilian at I lelmontco - -a! re pr \ i<?-1 ? ? i*lot
rh.* kiri'! ive !,!???. place, "ii a-,*..mir of the
treater seating cap ? "? ? f \ < dining-room and
i: order to na old tl row.ling which ?
mry at th- last dinner, lt la expected that. ,.,. -
eithatanding Cr- great Increase in attendant*.*
in year, th- diners will ill be com ared
Shortly after norn yesterday the little torpede
,iat Ericsson, which has ha,, almost ss many ec
?iiiotits and caused ni .riy aa much trouble aa the
tig battle-ship Texas, was placed in comml
tt the Nav* fard. with the usual formalities r. ? i
-nant Nathaniel ft i .-h-r read his orders :?> com
nan.I the little croft, snd t ia Rag aa-..s hoisted snd
sloted with sa much eeremon* s? if the Bbl i had
aeon of v.1*-' ton* displacement Instead of onl
ins Her whole ? omplemenl la lesa than thirty
sen, and shs will ba stta ted to t de North Atlantic
? ina.lion for duty similar t> thal now performed
ty tho dishing snd the Stiletto.
Tfce Brtcssce waa bulli by tbs Dubuque iron
AVrk-7 .aral -am- io NeW-Torfc -v aa ay ,.f the riv rs
m I mian.! waterways, H-r whole areer ->> far
uu l.n mark.,1 v accident*, the most *eriou* of
rblch occurred while Bhe waa .c. New-London.
non* than .. yeer ago, when aerlou* damage m.i 1
oas of life wa- caused by an explosion of t st-.un
?lpg Sm? ia at bc Ida nt ihe hufl bern at th- ri.na!
tatton at New-London and in th- New-Tork Navy
Vr.t h-r latest exploit being In connection with
h- i-ivlnj- way of tho cilsnon --t th- dry dock In
he Navj V..r,l lasl August, when sh- aa .- drawn I
ato th.- .lo. k i.v Ihe a'. Her and h.,,! ber bow itove I
a Ti.- cm rn pla I Iron la "till pointed out t,, ria- i
? ,r- to ike yard, a* ll forms a prominent parr ,,- i
n- j .uk beep ' -ar ths engtneerit | bops
ILIA Ess ni' sI'.K MOE El. \ \EY.
l>o-.r. I'-l. Fol., iv TV- - audition of Cnlted
tates Bernier K.-nn-y. win. bes i.n seriously in
t hV h,.m- for iho last r.v. day* \g constdsrably
npro*..l to-das li- arss ania to sit np tn hi-, room
ins morning, snd la said to be rapidly Improving.
I- returned from Washington on Bunda) sith a
ml loi.i. bul did not pey mn. h attention ta it. and
n Tuesday be wns -ompoiioai to ko te his bard.
? "hl.iiRO, Feh IB Navan Andfa, one of throe
tallalia want>*<l hy the NatW-OftSsUBB poll.-.- for il
lui**! .liana.rut roi.Lory, and for whoso urr-st a
-ward of $Jt"K) avas off.ro.I, vans arrested here
Ms morning-.
The Washing
that's easy may bc ruinous. Plenty of things will
save work in washing?if you don't mind more or
tara to th?r cloth**.*.. But if you want to be
that you're not running any risk ?then pet
Pearline haa .been proved, over
and again, to be absolutely harmless.
It saves more drudgery, in washing
clothes or cleaning house, than any
other thing thar's san* to use.
You. cant afford to use anything that's
doubtful ?- ?
\,:,,' ri:ri nui' i v oro \ \iz ition.
The n.w Republican organtsattoa w!ii"h hus
been for some time foreshad . . I of which, lt
i* understood, William Fr.x.vi. Id win bs the pros
i.i.nt end scknowledged leader, was formed la*r
evening al tba headquarters .if tba McKinley
League .ir the State Club, N'o. 9 East Twentj**
second-st. (I will be called the Regular RepnMI*
.-in Organisation of the I Ity and County of Kew*
v?rk. and the details for Ita formation wera set?
tled ..' .1 meelina of the Commit!.n Organisa?
tion. Thomaa (?'. Bagan ra-? Ided and ?amita |
Koenls ,? retary, Then were j.r..sen: Lovell
H. Jerome, B. A. Whitaker, \\ iin.m ll Huber,
v. im F Dal] ind ;i a..z. :; othera. A repori wis
prepared which will i..- sub-nlttad "> tho Oeneral
Committee tins evening for adoption.
Th.- preamble declares thal accepting tha a Barr
H..: - of Cornelius S. Bliss, Joseph ll. Cboate, Bd*
ward Mir. i:.|i i,,i other members of the Conunlttee
ol Twenty-five a* c.ntrlualvs ..f the hopeless con?
dition in.,, which tbe so-called m.i. hint- organisa?
tion ..f th ? . |t| h;is t ill. ii. s,.|f-res|.tlnir merni., rs
uf tho party must form bb honeal RepubUcaa ssso
n ind a.a. for honest primaries and faur con?
ventions. Th.- Committee ..a Organisation ls bu
thorlted ;?. ippolm :.\.*- Republicans in each elec?
tion district, who ihall conduct sn enrolment of
members ol the election district association, ru bs
held on March H. 19 und 20, tn twei ri 7 .ral :) o'clock
p. m. Bvery registered voter of the district in eli?
gible to membership who supported th.- Republican
N'ctlonal ticket ;.' he last general election, :in>l
no applicant shall be enrolled whose name u not
on the registry list, except cltlsens who hav- be?
come residents of th.* district or have arriv. .1 at thc
age of twenty-one since the elei tlon. Memhers of
the mecblne organisation must resign membership
in the lame before they '-.<n enroll.
The primaries ot' the new organisation will be held
in each -v 'tion dh trlci on Friday, .\|""M -. si I
p. m. v ? ? mal offli ? nt and lna|.o 'a of the
.'-.riai district associations have ? i en, the
association ihall elset t \\ ? ? d egatea to the As
icmbly District Committee and one delegate to the
unty Committee The Assembl) District
< '? mml i chalrm in, \ lei -ch tirm i-,
? ? - thal thc Oeneral County
i "i mm i om po*, d lelegate fro-n
- i.'ii ? trict In l he i Ity, 1,391 I i numb* r,
,,nd ni I delegal for ? very SO rotes or s
i thei eof c tat for th- hoad of the
I. iii in ticket at th. laal National or State el ?
ti.,n. Thia, ll I* estimated, will give i i the Oeneral
.', inn Committee a strength ->( upward of two
I m< mix ra, l he la r t t the kind in
tho , .". ,\ , '?? he General Committee ..r Tim
will be called together for organise
? Cool. Cn.on. probably, on Frldaj evenings
Aprll IB, Tne offli r.a of the c..-nora! .'our.-' .'orrs.
mit toe will o- i president, fair --. e-presidenta a
??? i irer, re arding, h reading nnd i correspond?
ing leer. ' iry, to hoi ! office for on ' y,-.,r.
The commlti -? last eve'nlng passed s
."...?i oommendlng tin* mem bera of the Legts
who ire working for in hona-sl prim ira elec
,\ . ,|, m indlna mat ita provision ? ahall be so
plain that th. ourt* can Interpr i them without
difficulty, ind thal ll ahall nrearrlbe tbe same
ponai ties for roll-paddins ind fraudulent primaries
vi* ted npon those who violate the general
The February m.-tinir of the liepubaUcen County
Committee, at the County Headquarters, No. il",
West Thlrty-elghth-st., waa of -hort dural,on. Fd
ward Lauterbach p**eslded, and the ctuUraaaa of
the Committee on Cont-ats mid thal the commit?
tee was not reedy to report The point of "no
quorum" waa ra ed, and President Lauterbach
, Ijourned the meeting to Thursday evening March
i*- ai thou! any effort to organise for tbe yeer, lt
li expect d thal in another month th- machine
leader* will know whether they must re-elect Mr
Lauterbach presldenl or whether it win !?? safo
to place tha "*uldanee of the organisation in sew
s> -
Ban Francisco, Feb, ll Alvtass Miawood has
lol ! i om -sixth Interesi In the Mariposa (-rant, ono
of tbs beat-known mining districts in tko Btate, for
Bli m. i .v. The o irehaaer I- the California explora?
tion Company, ? London syndicate, snd lha pur
rhase price la considered remarkably cheep. Th
Mn.i grant haa an Interesting histor) Oen?
eral John C. Fremont waa the flrsi American le
..ian it He opened up several nun.-, which have
been big. producera The grant comprlaea i.'..kii
acres of agricultural, min. ral .md timber ian.) on
the wes! -V".f tbe svrr.f. in dose proximity to
the Mother l.?d
Chicago, Feb IB The ceenrenthm sf tho Anssft
,..,,, instltuts el Minni** aTngisssrs sdkiuiaed si
,.i to-day. The riatttlng smashers, bews ter. win
r, m.lin In the etty until to-merrow us tho gtasata
,,f the local s?ng1neerlng BMtat*r. Th.- feBewtng
officer* were elected for tbs snaufa-g year rr.-?i
dent Thomiu .\t Brown, South Bethlehem Penn.;
vice-presidents. D W. Brunton, Aspen, Col., W, K
Bust ls Boston, nut Jain-s l)a.iii-lass Now-York,
managers, ? ; W Ooodek*, Butte, Bloat., Frank Ly?
man Hrooklyn. and Frank M. at Stanton Hough?
ton Mich., treasurer, Th.odor- |> Resat. Phila?
delphia; secretary, itossltor KV Raymond. Nsw
RELIABLE A small niru h's .1 m.rv-llou. pur
CARPETS, shasniij power arnon.; HM bargains.
LONG CREDIT. 10-1 We.?t 14th Street.
msrka ???> V*") unp!?*as?nl ?n.t ? ,m?
tim-* il?Bsnrins. i ? ? ??
?n ,\... . irthirarias in-l . .riii?h?f
?St] .-'? :i.| M ni* f...- BatBS * Bs I BBI
--im!...- .a rithar Pariel s...[ r i i lal <"??m
.'..-. I a:ssi. .\ ..?-? v inls. iM-.'it I'S' QOV-RMOVfl
tiilkk vi: ut.* too
. bester, Penn., Peh Il ? rht mt *"?**
ru.a-. 7. |ga. th bod] of a well-dn neat nan, wt')*,
|WO ballal holes ihr... i\\ ra.- he.irt. -a is overe.t
in a swamp lust be) ind lbs Marti Rf of
Philadelphia, and in this enanty Thais nats no
evidences oi a struggle, slthongb ?> rsvoHsr, wi'it
taro chambers emptied, btbb fanni usaf ;'u?> m.m,
and th.* Coronet*. Inq wot led 'o lbs beHef thst the
man bad been kilted \,. further ..roof of how
the man CBBM to hi* death wes obtained st the
time, and beyond ths t thal ho bad r?**i??
tered la s hotel la Philadelphia on the nluht of
Fehruarv .1 BS C A In,.ie .>r Hanna, Bf Bl f-oals,
his Identity eonM not !?* estabttehsd No or .-i
Al. Loni!" could li*, found who BBS-Md '? know him.
Tbs body wes burled in Hort.r's Held and tha
authorities har. eeased '?> follow uti 'h. <"*>e until
yesterday, wh.-n they were Intarmi I thal a min
sa'r.iii-; ,i sentence in tbe I'nlted Kates mlipirjr
prison si F.-rt Columbus, Qmrernor'a island, H ??
Vork. bad eon **..i ?, tha- rr.u- !?*r The man ls
j.mies Marshall, silas J:imcs Brook ham
ia April, IhH under rh- nessa sf it rookh.-un.
Marsh.", sall I ?! v. tbs United Btati ' Army, ad
..fer serving a few moa:'* .,? rori Adams, Rho-ls
Island, ha deserted He was subsequenti) .irr.-???!
.it Newport, R, i. tried bj court-Biartlal, I
?entenced :,? na Imprisonment of ta ? years nnd
. sis months in l-'..r: Columbus. V'srtous conversa*
!i..ns erith his fellow-prisoners th^n* .-.\ir.1
I them thal fie deserter had b fl entity of %
i serious '-rime The fsei was r.a.."".: to I'sptaln
1 ii. H Oilman of the 12th Infantry, and, ..ft-r a
j talk wiih thai ohlcer, Brook **d to tho
I killiiiK of Donne or Hanne M ? c ? i
j Ullman that he and ,i man rr. med David ? > wn
ran across a stranger In a hotel In Philadelphia.
I They not him under tin- influenei of I |uor and nu
ticed him to th.untry. Wilson eave vis pt?to|
ro Marshall snd the latter sh.,- the it ra acer sn.l
killed him. The i .ar rot MM In BK ????- ai I B Bold
watch nnd ,-h.iin as the fruits of 'heir crime.
To create the Impression thal the min hud
committed suicide they I fr a small -um of mom>y
ob his person and placed the revolver near him.
Marshall and Wilson divided lbs money and beat
their way South on ? freinhi tralo. ii. the louth
they senarated and Marshall retu ? I ? ? his homa
In Cardlagton. ;his county, Where h.- u ;* arrested
for desertion and non-support of :"* wife lt wns
?ifter this hst he enlisted tn the Army Mir-hatl
ls .i w.-aver bv trade, and ls about in ???nina
years of age- The authorities of Fort .'oluTihuB
honored a warrant iworn oul before n maslatrsta
,,f .h's city .*hargtae Marshall with murder, nn.i
hs was liroughl here to-night and committed tojaM
without bs ll.
Tbs Architectural League >>f Kew Toe* held ite
twelfth sanaal dinner last sight ? Ne RS Wet
Kiftv-jwaventh-st. Cmma tmtt UM for 2CU. Th*
tables w.re placed In ra- centre of rh" Vanderbilt
Hall, forming a very pretty cootra to thi t t
elaborate drswtnca which sitora 'he wal!.- and irs
the exhibits of tha n-embera f th leagm m.I will
be displayed il ibe annual eahlbltlon. which op. rs
next Baturday ulgni and continues for tw.i weeks.
Oeorae B Pool president of the leanne acted u
toastmaster The speakers lr luded 1* J .'oomhs,
\| Williams and aeoree T W lam Among those
np mani were W -. Mason, -: C I ?? I '? u
Morse. Pri><lerle|( Crown tshleld iha ri es A f um
minas Henr* Van Brunt, H?*nry Marquand, How.
srd Russell Butter, R I' Andr**ws. O^lncyA.
Ward Alfred Btone, W All-n Hurl. r. A I .ri'.bu.l,
? .' i.irk ind Brm a Prl e
A dance nW bs fivi ? rt ti the
Third Bnd Fourth DI Iel na of lha l-' Ht Bl Bat.
talion (Naval Militia of N.w-York. sa boord I ??
r .-* .* Kew-Hsmpshlrs, soT Easl Tweaty-elghth
sl . this evening. The -p.tr d' .-k will be i' .red f.*r
dsnclng, ar.d the captain's caben, wai dream an.l
lunlor officers' rooms will be used f.r supp - .1
dressing rooms. The ship him been decorated - i
Sags snd -tectrlc lights Th irs M-?.
Aaron Vanderbilt. Mrs Philip B. Low. Mrs J C..
Craig, Mrs. F '?'?? Higginson. Mrs. j \v Miller, Mrs.
Henry Moilenhauer .md Mrs Alexander Henaaeo-B.
Mrs Vsoderbi'l Mrs. Low and Mm Henderson to
s ?' former United ** " * Kavsl onVera Min.
Craig and Mrs Hlggmaon .ir. wives nt offl -rs n w
stationed ar the Brooklyn Savj Tard. ?'?? ?????
mltt.c in chare* of th.* affair ls headed bj B -V.
Willard jr.. of tho Third Division, and \\ . < . W.
Auferman, of the Fourth Division.
A merry carnival, srhleh bas bean bsM in the
.??. paul's pariah building, Kn, B Vensp^ns., f*r
the last throe evenings, in aM of the st. Pi.l's
Cadet Carno, closed last night, sfter a highly sum
,-, s.-.r.ii session. A k"'?! sum ? ia ra ted for the ben
edt of the camp
Thc masters and scholan of lt Panfs Cathe*-.
Behool, narden .'itv. Long Island, u-v.* b rscopttssl
to th.* friends of the school ob Wednesday. Tho
guests, ov.r in in Buasber, srsee reeaiv -t bp IhB
hei.I m-.st.r and Mrs. danni!--. A band of -.??.??_
stringed Instruments furnished the murd.* for dane
e.- \ npecial train brought the guests bach to
N.w-York. The BUPPST was BSTVOd by Clark.
Th* member- of th.* Alpha Delta Phi <"lu:.. of
this cltv. ar.- to stive a dinner to ClBrenes A. -*>w
;ird. pf elden! of Mm fraternity, al tin* dahhi
\o ti "st Thtrtv-thlrd-st.. t..-morrow e\eiitnc at
7:30 o'clock Judge Edward Patterson is to preside.
ami other prominent members of rh* fraternity will
b. j.nsent. _
Tin* .nna.il dinner of th.* .\'.*w-York LgfhystH
rollen.* Alumni A-saclalior, Will bs h.*ld ?:-,:* evening
ar the Hotel Savoy. The association has a mcm's..r
Skip Of over three hundred and a lar?.? BttSnianeB
has been fuar.it.r. .*.|. Am.uiir ? .\, ... ?? ; -, ^
present .trr ti vernor Orlcxs, of Kew-Jeirse. .'ii --i
John J. McCook. The lore Ro sevelr, Judge Kirk*
patrick, ex-Attorney-?3eiieral of Pennsylvania; tho
lt.. pr Jahn H. Daviea the h.v. Dr, Anthony ll.
Ka: -. Hut w McIntosh, Bonnier Frank n Paver.
0eorse C. Austin and tin* collegs faMtball t.-ini or
las: fall. _
Andrew Jackson Connell Ka ML Junior n-der
i'nlted A merl ron Mechanics, ha* invited the Mmb
,-nun. i.s sf rhe etty t" BBSSi sr rh* mSBBS sf tha
Lincoln club, in Abingdon Bqnnfs, .p I mini st 7
p m.. to march in a body to th.* Perry gt re r Minta
!'^- Episcopal Church to listen t.. a Westlington*!
Hirth.I.iy .sermon by the Rev Ell Wuick
A il-gB-B* pntrlOtlc m**erin?; will bi* held ,-n flunlsy
!? s p. m. In rh- Phillip ^HBBjrtsrlaB .'lurch,
S'r-.nfy-?h!r>l--r ard Madison-ave. lV_-n?r Var*
X rd.-n. Everett P Whealer an.: others v. .. speab oa
"Waahlngton sad our ?>wn Tim.-<. ?
a BMotlng of thc Banwonhnhn Corlnth--i Ya*ht
ililli wiii la- ledi af th.* cltjl hons.. \,, ij Hast
Twenty sseond-ot-, sn Tuesday si I .?? p m.
The OarhwM Bspnbllcaa .aub sf Um x.\im Abo
?.?mKv District will sive a raesptlon ll r limes L.
Btewart Mona.', si I p m bi bs srabhesmsk Ka.
Ul I'.list Tllil''
"-The Fatal MSBBS4F*i* bi l?hn K.*ndrlck Hin?a
Hil A lit-- I'llddlrK.'' b\ B-athll H Tiff".iv. will
be elves bv lawteura tu th.- \.-stra sf th.- Church
ut th- Eternal Hop- Ko IM Weal F.nchf. -timt-at.
hi Pebruarj
at - IS
At thi* M.ii'battan l.lb.-ral I'lub. \,t fg? K??t
Fifi.-iiMi-?t. Hit- ene-hbjf. ?,"r'' ?*'" Wa i hetnrg
BB The I'uucus Mas .'oma* ta Stay.'' bv Wi.lisa
The f..urti) lolnt athletic games ,iu,| reception af
iiiiniany 1, t'JIli KeKlnieni .um tin- PnaMtaS Atti.
baie iTil, will ba. held on Fa-bruarv _-, in t;:i. tWgft
lb Kiinei.t Armory, al B?Bty-ssroad-st. anil .'olum
The Colonial Club will celebrats Washington's
Rtrtiutav with ? dinner.

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