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TO DAY thc skfort about colossi- hay
PCshmi.i 'I ttCI ION
[WI TKi.r.-.UAi'ii T.< tiik. TBIBDWB 1
Caaton, Ohio, Pcb 22, This has i.n g .lull
wet pray .lay in Canton. Rain fell iteadll:
for Several hours, and DO ray ,,f sunshine pierce,
thc heavy ckrada Tba Preeldent-elecl remalne.
Indoors, sud learned la nowise improved ns t'
' health. The family phvsmian continue! t.
prescribe rest gad quiet Consequently the vis
Hors who come ta Canton expecting to sc Ma
jor McKinley ara disappointed.
To-morrow M A lianna expects lo come hen
f.>r a farewell conference before ins depertun
on Thursday for Washington, and Colonel J- .1
McCqok, of New-Tork, may arrive about tin
gsme t:m. it can ba ita ted poeltlvely lhal I
Colonel McCook is a member of thc cabinet h.
will n..t be Attorney-aeneral it has sci been th.
p-i!>, tag of tim Preeldent-elecl at any time sim-.
Col. ne] Mci*., k's name has been under cnsitl
gration to aaalgn him to the Department o
.lust,..-, ir. egge be decided to make him a mem
Her of his OfBcta] family. The Attorney-Cen
?rai was ?elected long before Mr. McCook wat
t:: night of la connection with the Cabinet
Tli.!.* has legen ii" email degree of dtaeuaaioi
in Canton to-dav of tb! lutmr thal Colona
?: Hay, *'f Cleveland, is likely to be appoint.
Ambassador t.> Great Britain; Th.* report cooli
i.t be verified or denied. There were levera
i tint, tans herc who know Colonel Hay. nm
they had i ??.l deal t>> say about ins admire
? lutpment it* the way of special training
; ? of thc in p irtance of the one wltl
'. hil mime ;s connected. Thc Prealdenl
i warm personal friend of Colonel Hay
m thoroughly well fitted he li
? I Ugh place iu thc diplomatic aervlce. Tiw
Impreialon j.r. vails thal Colon*! Hay is undo
very serious ? ' ration for appointment ai
Ami hm ? to tbe Court of Bi Jai
<'hio Republican! herc and throughout thi
. in ? ? ng over the decision of Got
? Bushnell t. appoint Mr. Hanna t" tb
le ol the United Btatei to sued ??! Jobi
man when the latter i i Into the Cablnei
Man; l ntaining plcaaanl comment.
on Governor Buihnell'i itatement have beer
to-day, ami b.uli Mr. Hanna an.
an being deluged with congram
hitor;,' ti
"G ? i served notice to th(
' said ? wide promlm nc
- evening, "thal the i >hl i R publican!
Pr. si lem as a unit; tha'
in forth to have two ft pn senta
,n tn*- Senate of the Unite*.
. tlon of c,oner:i' Bui nell meant
th. ':- ins are hai mon! ms and full ol
- jori ty of the men en
ul As- mblj ? xi fall and send Marl
be 8enai for ali y< an G ?v rnoi
I Sci tor-el t Poraker, whoa, ad
ii ?- for mu .1 with him, saw an oppor
toni- to i ? ?? stroke for party harmo
| ? pl |1 10 th" ?
T ? R, i ii ans of . >lii > owe them a g
selfish, fa na
j nt of viet thei I t bi m had much l gain
Tl nt meeta with almoai uni ?? rsa
No pi teal has b en heard agalns
ll I think OS per cern of Ohii
fa f li Mr M Kinley aili nov
Mr. Hanna at Washington, where Mi?
lle ? free to i and hla Admlnti
: the benefit I I - bus ness an i politics
Mr. Hanna is a strone: character, i
it nativ. ? Ide a. |us
. ind orcommon ex
H.- is -ur to make himself Iel
In Congi ii d Ci" n iv i Imlniatratlon is par*
fort! ? tl earnest, active
? such m. u as Porak. r am
M ? r M- Ki:ii- y is a gn ai pea -emaker
vlad hi have gtVi n th*
Republl, - ii ? portunity I i . itablisl
? ii ought to endure foi
Di i.\! f Cl tgo, the Edll ?r of i
W I th -?? ii nal ? ami I Canton to-day ? fib
-? . ,- n for the post of . lonsul
General il Cairo, Egypt H. wai unable lo aei
Prea lent-, lei t.
M. H. De Youi Ban Prai stopped
to pa ? hla respe, ts to Major M
? ? him.
!' v seen tary of the Pro*
? ? T tl II ; li laltor t ' Cantor
t ?-daj
h..use when Maj ir McKinley lives, whlcl
I - ? nv famous bj nason il his ? ? nipan ??
? i ? ? . le i. ea fi un the from
porch ... - ? ? '?? >'? ii I by Captain Hei mai
K - i well-known National Guardsman o
N ri ??? isti rn t
paio- are, Feb 22?Captain George J
?- New-Tork. i member of thc ReaolutlonaC m
Of thc National Association of Manufact
? ? ? wi I in this city for a few daya, is au
ty f..r the statement that Senator Prye'i
phi c. establiah a Deieertmenl of Commerce an,
Manu! ? in now pending In the Senate, wll
he pa gard by C -ngreae, and that the addlttona
ber of Pn s;,l.-nt McKinley's official lamil]
hal air* adv been chosen. The head of the nea
Department ll ta saul, will be John H. Convene
preaident ol tba Baldwin Locomotive Works, <>
Philadelphia. Tho place bsa bees tendered t<
I ? . by Maj..r McKinley, ll ta saaerted, contle
y ...:, ,.f couree, on ihe paaaage and appi ival o
c. MIL
Considerable preaeun was brought to bear oi
M Hanna, it ll .-ail. to accept th- new portfolio
bul it ?as nol to iii- liking. Senator Fry.-. ,.
.- v, ;. ..- i Sui tia, of the Bureau i f Amer
Republics, and Theodore C. Search, presl
? of *i" Natl nal Association of Manufactur
? . nam. I, and each had strong backini
ll . pia, ? . Mi Beal ? h. li is said, a Ithdrev
fn.m th- rac- In favor of Mr. Convene, wta i thei
,. ... i ???.. undivided support of the Manufacl
lon The aeeoi let lon Insisted Iron
that th- Departmenl I.tin i
from ] ' and thal a thorougl
man be placed In charge Mr s- an-h probabl]
ged thal if le- nroalncd in the conical tin
, . - tlon ol which li.* is the beai
v ,,iii.| bc di teated, and when the prop
came announced himself in favor of Mr. Con
verec Captain Johnaon aays he I as positive ns
purancei thal the bill authorising the nt ? De
i ari m. nt will paso both r, mei i and be appr ? ?
i y ?!:? Pres ? ? ?
Waahli gi ? P< -- (I lohi Ad Ita n P u
?. - g ?c rotary to the Pn
dei next il - g a visit a
vrs I ? ? si il h. res 'ht I toa n
I le mal tere at thi
? .'? m. tata u .o. i.-i-t even
a Mi P ? -??.-!? r- S - i dary La
n : i - ? . and undoubtedly got a bm
to I I as a prc
I at the "R hit. li is.
; - with G< !?? ral John M. Wltaoa, C
,???- t boura then, familial Isini
nea rani
Ita Ex. itiv. Mansion. ?len
roduc, rn to Private S
rea nt, ??. p
. it vi ? i i .-. Rice al
He remained e wit the Pre*
an hour, and I a long ... .. Iii ,
e i - nt -i ? i and i
thu informal ? n versa Hon Mr Pori.
aaa nu ed to hIJ th. mt mbei a of thi
11 - The new secreter) s.n.
be a , . ? H ford .--,,? range hli
I be here aga ri later in th.
i ? gb not fully ri ? ? from a ai rt itt
trip. ] I
? i kl ng ip th. ? ? " ii, u
? ? ? of ability an I experli n< ? ai lg - romlac ul
teak Ina .. -.|n hla r..* fie I
M.- Hoi tc has personally Investigated Ihe arrenge,
mi ni - '?<??' g made for the Inaugurate n nnd declare!
thenn admirable.
-ofthi: -
To the Montarra:
Tim y.nr IBM was marked Ly ulm .st unrcmit
| Ung commercial depi-eeston affecting .-very Inter
eat anil i.y seri.ms dmturbaaceg in the public
Onance* producing appreliensiocis more ar leas
approaching panic for nearly tbe entire period,
Loth oondltlons having their origin largely iii
those qucetlorja which became the lasnes in g
political campaign which, for th*critical pravity
of the results Involved and the Intensity of reel?
ing engendered, bas bad no paraih-i rn our his?
In such a y.-ar enterprise loses mach of its
usual reward, ami'thc best results in marly any
business ar- tims, accomplished at leael cst
while maintaining the efficiency of the working
machinery snd awaiting such favorable change
as wm allow n satisfactory amount of business
io be done at usual cost and without strain.
KflTei-l on lliinliiens.
Especially ls this true In the business of life in?
surance, its cost ls usually reckoned as a part
of one's expanses; and when money is hard to
come at and profits are little, atnl perhaps noth?
ing, new expens.-s an- nol readily undertaken,
the usual ones an- often curtailed and business
.shrinks. Under such conditions a large volume
.-r new business can bs malStalned In only one
way; by stub concessions on the llrst premium
as tempi S new Insurer to take a policy which
costs hun little or nothing the first year, and
which be gets at ihe expense of the older policy?
holders whose money hus lo make up the de
Hciency caused by what the "new blood'' costs
bul fails Mi pay.
Were any given quantity of new business In
iiiiy ,,ne year necessary tn the stability nf a com?
pany- as it might I..- wen- the company new and
us amount at risk as yet ton small for a safe av?
erage experienc! there might he a reason for
keeping up a pace even at increased cst, if the
business so gottel were likely tn stay by. inn
there is ip. company of mir class (bung business
to-day :n any such situation; nor any which cap.
not afford to let its new business vary with the
conditions affecting th.- volume nf .-v.-ry other
business, excepi those which have attached to
tb.- simple methods nf legitimate life Insurance
certain wholly extraneous features which create
necessities ..f rh-ir own .-uni dominate th- Itua
(ton. Tin- "accumulated dividend" companies,
some cf which ar.- losing $12.^**1,000 and up?
ward .^f --ld business every year, atnl must keep
a m ry ur-at amount nf business going in order
to keep up th.- laps-s and forfeitures necessary
to provide th. ir "ai I umulated surplus" nr tontine
fund, have tried to educate tin- public t" believe
thal a gresi "new business" ami a great "amount
at risk" were thc true measures ..f success, and
: pv t.-i that their choice Hes between keeping
up tb" inflow nt any coat, b*" any effective means,
and such a shrinkage ps they cannot contemplate
with equanimity However that may be, the
vicious ;in.l costly methods of competition are
tn lilenl Position.
Th- Connecticut Mutual ls happily under th"
sm-ss of no circumstances, natural or artificial.
requiring il to force its business beyond thecon
dltlons ..f th.- tiipe. its position is Ideal, .'ind that
tO which every company OUghl t0 strive tn ;M
tain, a business so large as to give absolute Bte
billty In its average experience, yet not so large
but that in good times ap l under fair condltl -is
:t can be maintained without difficulty, even al?
lowing f'-r nc asi .pal and - onsiderable shrink?
ages in bad times, a standard of solvency bevi od
question, Investments worthy such a trust, and
an expense account bo small as p. Ki-.-e th-*
largest possible saving t-. policy-holders nnd so
adjusted that, whether Ita business Increases or
shrink;. || win not have tn cut its dividends on
that account
Thar ls tb.- position wc Occupy, Po far as the
absolute safety nf eve.*y present policy-holder
ls concern',1. nr sn far as bis future dividends
would be affected, lt is not necessary that we
should ev.-r write another new policy. The com
I any would pay mit tn the very last man and
maintain Mp- sam- relative high dividends with?
out lt. The only r-as..n for taking new business
ls that we mpv give t.. new famine* the Barn*
s-'ii;, snd cheap protection that tims.- of mir
pre** nt member, ar* getting. The latter nave
no need whatever fur any new business. And.
therefore, it is that, among all th- struunies for
first place as t-. BOW business and amount at
risk among thc large companies, and those nf the
smaller ones to keep somewhere in the race, the
m.-pp- tlcul Mutual nae steadily refused to com
i-1 ? for pew bimini ss at tin- .--st of present pol?
icy-holders What weean get wlthoul reducing
their dividends we take; vvhat wc can't v- - to
whose Inducements t" agenta and
speculative proposals and momentary
temptations m. new men are great, but wh-.s.
.livid, mis p. ,,id members arc smaller, in k.1
times we more or lesa enlarge ..ur business in
hard times wo husband our strength, Indifferent
I , id; - msideratl -ps except maintaining our
standard of excelience.
W ? ar- thUS explicit, not only because the mat?
ter is apt p. these Mm<-s, but, also because in the
competition "f business, it is commonly repre?
sented i-y those whose ..ply point of comparison
with us is in respect of new business an i
amount at risk, that it is undesirable t . insure
in a company which ls n il raid.Hy Increasing its
business; that expenses would be less, dividends
? .nd securit) greater If we were pushing
harder f-.r new business -upi getting more nf lt;
.i statein.-nt whli ii is false in every sapect and
;.articular. Th. re must come a point with every
company, no matter how rapid its present
growth, beyond which lt cannot force an In?
crease of Bise And several of Mp- largest com?
panies are rapidly approai bing thal point, what
v, ill be theil status then? Should the public,
therefore, turn from them'.' if they win be then
undesirable companies, why should th-y bc
built up at all?
If a corni any '""' Irulj desirable, prosperous.
nnd spf.- only while and ..niy as it ls increasing
its risks, then the more rapidly a company is
growing to-day the fastr. ll is spproachlng up?
time wh.n lt will bc no li nger desirable, pr-.s
pi-rons, or safe, if 'bat la- so, nfc Insurance
should !??'? summarily suppressed as an Inevitable
s - indie.
Mut, as mir expense rate js less thar, that of
?my other company, and only about half that ..f
th- areal pushers, while our results to policy?
holders are very much larc-r Mian theirs, and
our stability greater and m.uv conservatively
based, thc advantage to be derived from follow?
ing their example would seem more than doul t
ful, especially in view of thc heavy and contin?
uous reductions they have niade nnd are still
making in their dividends, while we have main?
tained -"ir scale. Th-- reproach "f such a con
? -rp we sro very content t" bear. Th"
vigor of the oak is ..f an enduring sort.
Ilrvletr of tin* Vi-sr.
x >twlthstandlng th<- dullness nf the year 1806,
th.- affair* of the c unpany in every essential
particular were as prosperous as could bc
, ,. nably gpected under tbe conditions a
SSCtS, and surplus, wbill - ern
,,,, in, reseed dividend an Increase ..f
Btrength mon than corresponding with Mi- In
.-. tee in liabilities, while decreasing Mi- coat of
insunni. ?? may, in su.-h times, well he regard* l
as falrl) satisfactory.
The operations ??'? the year, as ? vered by -ur
r-i-.r! : ? the Inaurance Department, at- aa fol
joe s
x,. bbmu january I. UM . bjd,TM.OJ0.?|
M. -M-'l t . m .
Foi piemluma .*' ;? \ ?'? ?
For im ..iel rents. -i. ? ? --
M. i. pn-lil a-. : IO." '?'' ?"
Total ir: ? .tu- . : ' :"- :-'
.< . . . .
Dlaburw I
Poi -Pcm- by death and ma- ._._
lured endow monta . S4,? - '* ZS
Surplus returned to policy*
.b??,8M El
I nd *urn nd< n -i p di ..,,?.-.,.
Total paid policy-holders.. W.Cil RN SJ
Commlsalona p> agent*, sala
I . - ric li al > v.miners fees
printing, advertising, legi
r. a! eslate, alaI all other CX'
p. ps-s of manana menl. *??.:.. 9,
X__es . . ;M'..4'?. :?*.
Total expenditure* . "."
j,,.I net bsbi .1 ii i. ISM . MO.Bn.BTl 'il
/,.pi Interea! ipi- .uni sccrued, msrkel
values >.r stocks ami Poi..is ova r .-'.-i
?nd p-! deferred .-.rel uncoil, clad pi.
miums, as per demised atatemenl here?
with . I.870.677.r
Mr..-- asaets, lun. l. IBBl.}'?-' ??'- I -?
Total iMbllltlei . .'..'..,.'-."-1 M
Surprus, January I ISW.M.lSUttM
\v- received foo lateraal and dividends
|2.8b4,U58.Sl; fm- leilta. S-'.'.YMli-.'Jl. The dull
? --??????-?? I'.lll'l I 111... ,1.1,
ness of the times made collections unusually
slow- Vet the .nenin.* int.-rest .m December .'H.
I"--.'., ?>n Dearly $86,600,600 ,,f irmrtgaga loans
waa ..my 1150,460.71, about $30,000 of which
has sine., been received.
No new defaults have ocenrred oa our bonds.
ttl" only cane now In default being that of th
MiHi.iMMi ,.f b.mds of th- Detroit, Lansing and
Northern Hall,..a.I now in process of reorganisa?
lleiil ?atWtS I.oana.
The amount pf ..ld loam paid .-ff ami of new
loans made was much MUSltaf than usual; a
i.alura! result af th. condition! w hldi made it
hard to get numcy to poy With, and als., made
I'SS USC for bon. Ul eil ni'.lie.V. OM lOBM WOW
paid amounting to .*.,...,;,i, I lt) pi, tnd BOW loans
wen mail.* for $5,2(12.270.87.
1'ori-i-liiaiiri-a nnd Sn I ea.
Other results of the hard times v. .re tin- pro?
longed InabUlt) of many to pay Interest, com?
pelling Ul t ' tak. uteler foreclosures properties
.?'.stint,- 11,233,028.08, :in.l atao a great dead
ness In tl,.* real .stat.* market by reason of
which comparative!) few sales aron mode,
amounting io fl24.%22i.33. Then w.t.* a g.....i
many Inquiries after property, but most ..r them
wen mad.* in the hope tii.H th.- proioun "f tip.
tini.-s might diapoee us t.. offer at low prices.
We ai" fortunately nb].* !.. boM mir property
until usual conditions restore naval pries
Tin- advantage >>f being ni>ie to do this is areli
illustrated in our own history. Since l-*7'.? tim
company has s.*1,l propertlOl which it had then
acquired under foreclosure at ii coat of
$7,331,618.30, in an examination mada that
year, the insurance Commissioner valued theee
properties at only $6,445,773, an appannl Ieee
of $1,085,845.30 Put v..- did not sell ai those
figures We walled ai,.) sold as Hie market
wanted lt. for $8,1)22,656.31, or $1,301,038.01 mon
tuan the property coot, am! $2,470,883 ?".! mon
than tin- Commissioner's valuation.
While som., of our properties win not proba?
bly sell f..i- as much as they cost, others will
sdi for more. ami. judging from pis! experi?
ence, we .s... no reason to appnhend any loee
on this lt. in as a w ho!.*.
limul Truiiinelloiii fl ll ll Holdllitf**..
Then w.re j.aid ..ff or soil during th.* yeas
municipal am! railroad b".nls which cst us
$864,63330, ami other bonds purchased at a
cst of $783,610.44. The market value ..f such
securities in general wai considerably ieee on
December 31, 1866, than on December 81, 1803.
'Die shrinkage ..n ..ur hf,hiing! was, however.
only two-thirds ..f 1 per .'.tit. Thes- holding!
an for $13.2-5.060 par vain.-, costing $13.0116.
034.07, ami woitii ai th" above .ino $14,058,007
by an .ntir* .> conservative valuation.
I'roiii .uni Lews.
A maali eel hos of %13.105.87 on soma of the
roil esta!" sales and s,,, dry Items was offset
by n nm gain ..f $63,246.62, mn inly OB transao
tloni in bonds, leaving $50,140.75 t" di" good.
w.* tab! to the ramllieg ami .-states .,f de
regard memben 'luring tie year $4,106,366.25.
The value ai ?! timeliness of this gnat sum'tp
its many recipl. nts ii, their h"iir of ned an?
the meaaun of our yearly service t > the house
bolds ,,f ..ur country, it'- helpfulneaa .-an bc
s.uii.w inn realised If one "in bul Imagine that
amount being conatantly dtatrlbuted among
cases like some thal will occur to any ..f us.
ulai will think what lt lins mean I to them, or
w. nhl have meant ta th...-.* who did md have it
P ls an unmixed good, coming when th" nee --
Bity for sucii help is great, st
(mr death loeaea were --?> far inside thos.* ex?
pected ami provided for that Hie savings there?
from were $436,680.
It shouM be always borne in mimi thal it is
not tim amount of a c.impany's death losses, nor
their proportion to its amount at risk, nor to
Ita Income or Iti ass. ts, which an- algnlflcant of
their effect upon its prosperity, present or fut?
ure. Tie- md'T Its bualneaa, thc longer it luis
been tn force, th" greater th" average ag.- .,f its
memben, th.* greater will be thc proportion of
deaths and tip* volume ..f loesee. Tte- question
is n..t only what losses have occurred, bul what
?. r>* expected? What losses wer.. anticipated
wh.-n ih>- premium! ami reserves t.> meet them
von* compute.!.' Are th., actual losses Instdl
<>r outside tim! exp.-.mt ion'.' That ls th" only
pertinent Question in tin- matter.
Bs lienwea.
The ratio of expenses to Income In 1806 was
10.56 per cent, an increase over the usual aver?
age <>f about one-half of 1 per cent This was
.lue to no Increase in th..st of getting bust
m ss or in any general expense, but solely to the
Increased coal of npalra tn real .stan* taken
under foreclosure, ami necesaary t" put it in
proper ,i,i.r, and to rightly protect ..ur prop?
erty. Th-- sum. .ar. ful and lystematic economy
which always distinguishes, this company has
bea n rigidly maintained.
Sew llunliieas.
in consequence <.f the unbroken business de?
pt! solon "f l"*'."'.. am! especially .luring the
month! of th.* political campaign, ami because
we ipenl no money trying to overcome these ob?
stacles, we wroi.* nb.mt in per cent b-ss bow
business In 1800 than in 1805 Tie* renewals of
old business wen bo well kepi up, however,
that we l"St dining tl,.- i..,*ir on th" whole
amount In force only $610,130.
WC b.lie'.e tile p. r- |s | .. ? , y ,,f ,),? ,,],j 1 , ,J S j ,,,..-S
of tli" Connecticut Mutual is quite unique It is
an elemcnl "f greal stnngth nt,.: of cheapness
ns w ? li. lt cst- fm- lena P. uk., smh care of ..ld
busim-ss ns to keep it, than to get new to replace
lt. Ami w- a,., fortunately nol in the poaltion of
tic-" companies whose heavy expenses can be
mel and whose extravagant representations of
"postponed or accumulated dividends," t., ne paid
fifteen or twent) yean hence, .at, lie fulfilled
only hy the proceed! "f heavy forfeitures of old
business avery year.
The dividend paid on each policy in 1806 was
larger than the corresponding on.. f..r 1805.
Tm n- will be a sin,lim increase in .livid, nda and
consequent decrease in the cost of insurance ,,,,
policies nncwed in 1807,
We call attention H. those Items from Which lt
|g possible t,, d.rive a surplus, and to the manner
in which they have been applied during thc year,
, willi a preliminary wool .,f explanation.
We agr... t,, pay certain sums on tie- occur
i r'-nce of a certain event. To do this we mus!
ino... premiums larg.- enough to pay running ex
pen ea, Hi" current death claims, an.; provide a
reserve for the greater mortality thal um come
wit' the Increasing ag,, of th.- business, wv can
. ,in iiii.-r.-s! ..n tiiat reserve while wi hold it,
So we assume a maximum death rate. a. maxi?
mum expense rate, ami a minimum rate of inter?
est, atid calculate ..ur premiums and thc reserve
I , Le laid BSide "Ut Of tllelll ol! those three it S -
sumptions. If the dee th losses and expenses ur.
b-ss than we assum.d. v..? aavc th.- difference
fr.un i!i<- premium; if the Interest is more, are
gave thal also. Then an sundry other Inci?
dental items. Hen ta an exhibit ..f the operation
.,r tti.s.. several factors in th.- Connecticut Mu
1 nial in 1806:
Purl ,f p." iii: IB1 pi * I'!- 1 fOT ' \
p. ns. -, .v . PE7.2M
Inien it and renti exe, rat, aa
? : . I.Om.TO
r ,,?,.. pi if! bm I i.-- . .-,. m
? | o ,,, expected death --? - i
. i fr in resei' ? on aurrendered
? - . -
T ' il . ' ' :
This total of p. ms applicable t" expenses, div?
idends (fcc, has b.-.i) applied as follows:
I man igi m.:.- . PM.71I
Taxes . SM.I91
et vs lue Ol ls
' k - . '??
1. !??!-; i I
-dditlons lo fl .:?..'.
... |n Burplui ? . -
Ti,, onlj Item in ihls exhibit which does nol
.-xi lain its- if li probabl] -ti. saving from thc
,. genre on | ii rendered ??!- i, ,t renewed
9120,750 Tl gt ri ul f laps,,) and mr
, rendered i ? ?-,; those reinstated) lor $5,
HIH.7-03, the reserve upon which was v.Mil..'.:7. ..f
which amount $831,818, or aboui s7 per cent,
w is re*un ed to the p ill. . h, Idera In i aid un
lnsurai.ee. cash or otherwise, leaviag tie saving
mentioned, $1U0.750 Tins saving coven some
policies which had aol I.n in force tong enough
lo have a -niu.; but it ls principally made ap . f
a sm..n necessary i barge mad* upon each sur?
rendered p'i. .v c. help in replacing the bualneaa
go lost, to ? iver the coal of Un- chang.*, and io
protct th.- < ..mp.h. agalnrl the Impaired mail
i,, caused bj the voluntary withdrawal of sound
p, i || i?- noted Hutt wen wc doing a tontlna
or speculative '"investment'' be*etoeee, Um whole j
$061,077 of rt -.1 ve urn! all thc- aurplus lt had ac
cumulated would havo gone Into the "pool."
A similar exhll.lt nf the Items available for
expensca ftc., and their application for. say.
th- las! lifieen year., win h.- Interesting In this
Mart ,,f pn-m, pravldfld for n
l" ""? s. eic.114.704,241
Ipi sad r.-nls lu excess of rai
assumed . u.eN 1*7
Mal. profit and loss . BTM.716
Sai..i from expected death losses 8,884.728
Ba veil from reserves on surren?
der*, etc . 1.238.835
Inc. In market values of hon,ls
ami stocks . 1.0,1
Sundries . 7i-is
-' aaXUMfl
This bas beda applied as follows:
Expenses of management.lil.oas.aoo
raxes . 1,788.828
Dil l-l. mis paid . ll8.oW.itY,
Increase In accumulated divl
, dends . ,-,i,?.Ml
increase in surplus. SJtt725
Mere, again, th- only Item Beading explana?
tion is ihe saving , r mi,238,633 |B th? Sfteen
years on lapsed ami surrendered pollciea These
amounted io |70.la36\2SO; th- reserve ..n thees
w.-its 111^37.131, of whiih amount $10,008,486,
or ahntit sn por cent., was returned tn policy
holders in paid-up Insurance, -ash atnl other
"'?";-. Were --urs a tontine business, the whole
811.337.131, and all th-- surplus accumulated by
it, would hav- gi rn- into th.- "|.I" for th-- lucky
"ti-s tn ill viii.? sn much hs was mit eaten up
hy the expenses of pushing for new blood.
Similar exlilhlts hy the pr-at grrmip ,,r com
j.anies doini,' that sort of business would tie very
Interesting. They would mark, as nothing else
ever can. thc precise character, the enormous
magnitude, and the startling significance of the
gambling In life Inauram.arried on for tin
last twenty-five yeera ..r more, and now- Involv?
ing, annually, policies to tbe amount nf many
hundred million dollars; pol1, les which OUghl to
be sacred to tbe protection or tbe families whom
Mi-v do nol guard; whli h ar.- nol taken to guard
the family, hut with Intent tn share in what
others ar- to lose,
Moreover, auch exhibits by those companies
would show th.se people who hav- lapsed ami
forfeited those policies and the surplus alread)
accrued mi them where their money goes; and
would show those wli . hav.- won in th- specula?
tion where their money his com- from, and
woiii,i show them iiis-i why their speculation
hasn't turned out half as big as th- estimates
hv which they were led into ir.
Kaavae <>f gtreagrth linne Lagasl Btaadusrd.
rVhoever has occaaton to observe the state?
ments "f this company, its published by the
several Btate Insurance Department reports, will
notice that they credit us with a much larger
surplus than WC credit ourselves with. For in?
st.imo, th.-ir reports hist year showed us us
having nearly 81,300,01X1 more surplus Mian -.ur
own figures. This year the difference will be
something --rill larger, Th- cause of ..ur own
more conservati*. ? sbo* lng ;s Mus:
Th- stat- Departmenta compute our na'piiiti-s
on tin- assumption that we will -urn 4 per cent,
c impound Interest on our rcs.'ives throughout
th- longest possible duration of sny "f our poli?
cies, say aevent) rears or more, ipi all policies
?? tten si,,.,. Appii. l**v_', -,..- compute mir ll.i
1'iiity ..ri the *anumptton that we maj earn only
.'; per .???nt. I-Vr th- long periods our contracts
ar- written t-. cover we do not think it entirely
prudent t-. aaaume nore. This re |Ulrea us I i
carry a larger reeerve than the I per cenl i
sumption, which is the legal standard "f sol
v ency,
4 'on aol lilli I eil Mn I em rn I
Fr.-m its organisation l i Jan. I, iy,.i7. the
company received:
i"..r premiums,...tun Ul - ? ? "?
F..r Interest. ^438,281.19
For rents. 7,058,92.17
Bal p'flt a lose. v--vi ?.??'-.?
Total receipts. MM,*i4.MI I
It i,.- paid
M. .rp . lalms for. M8.115.I54.ft7
Endowments for. 18.568.482 10
K..r surrendered policies.... 8.808,728.82
Par dividends . 55.9M.743..M
a total returned to pottey
?-? .,r Muir bene
ficiarie*. being 8tW per
cent of ti.ruin- pre?
miums re?iv-. I.KM.4bVM0>.M
ll h i- psld for -
Expense* . 21.318,102.41
Taxes . LM8.T1&JS
Total Bxpendlturcs.RUMtttlM
Balance nat assets, jan. i. UBI. BSO.ttl.CTl.Sl
it baa additional assets (sec atatement) 1.870,877.27
Total aarset*. Ra.8S2.MI.81
That is, the amounts returned to policy-holders
and their beneficiaries ($182,454,100.93) and the
balance Of li.me aft-r all expenditures, iNilu
061,(171.61), aggregating $243,435,781.54, are
126.72 per cent of the entire amount received
from policy-holders. This has been done at an
expense of management of B.70 i- r .-hp of the
Income. M...th in what baa been done for thc
policy-holders snd in the economy of manage
pppt thal is, in the low cost ..f the great pro?
tection given this., results are equalled by no
American company,
it luis been with a clear perception and deep
sense of the absolute necessity to the lp.me life
on which mir < ivilizati-,n n sta and ls being built,
of simple, straightforward, reliable, and absolute
protection to the family, that thc Connecticut
Mutual has adhered t.. the plain, uncomplicated,
non-speculative Ideals of life insurance plan and
method which pive that protection mool perfect
I) and al leaat coat, avoiding those schemes
which have Indeed gained a great follow inp* by
offering a apeculatlon In thal professed protec?
M ut with ? deep thankfulness we offer the re?
mits of our adherence to the right, If simple,
Ideal, to scientific truth, and to true business
method. Respectfully submitted,
JAO >B L GREENE, President
Hartford. Feb. 13, 1867._
INVITES RE* "I i'll' "'itv
There ls a 1-laV at th* Garden Thi Itl* I
"Heartsease," bul there ls enough heartburning
i.-hind the scene* to furnish ii good secondary
.irani.p Tbs pi-iv is somewhat complicated, but,
like all normal plays, ir has a villain ind
g I,, Mils play Iii- h-ro |fl a yoapi* aong
writer wi..., efter many tribuuulona Bcbi*vea tast?
ing rune ami wins the girl BC love*. This P'l't I
piav-d by il-nrv Miller, ami Incidentally the love
of lils h-irt r- Impersonated by Mis* Or*c* Kim?
ball. Thc bold, bad villain, who ste tb) the
song-writer's opera and produce* ll aa hla own,
turns thc fair girl ag i iver and causes
Inralctil ible lam lg*. onl| to be i ompli tcly foiled In
i. is piayi .1 bj John T. Sullivan.
.\ - ? he plaj gos - - - th* opera In
qU it ion : - stoli n, and thi bel o ??- ? baa been
robbed goes to the thi ure and hears i: produ ed
..-, . viii lin Hi gi nv ! in -I-., 'un,I.
... ifores ii., viii lin In the lobb) ? I
ire, he pounces upon him and throws bim
down, choking him severelj La er or, in tbe play,
the villain .-hill.-pfc-- the hero to a du
order to ? onform with the mool approvi -I forma
him across i ?.- face, in
action Indicative of a d So n li
? explain thu heartbun
\|.- Min. i | ? aomewbai muscular roung niau
p and In hla hlstrlonl ira ii he has
lRi iwn , uilon i-i the winds, and, In hurling Mi
gullh in !-' ihe Hool and choking him, hi hat done
... . . - - manner Nelson
wi,, ii rofl, ono preceded Mi Sullivan In the part,
?l ?,., ri.- - hoking for > vi Iii ti d then n ilgm i
He K"Ve ll IUI ' ? ?!?- ' ? hi - 'Ullln'l
jil, \i :.. i h., . tren -ii- ni Mr. 8 lilli a
r In thi -i \ii- ii an prlnclpli
Hi - ivn . ? ham - to gel even when
h.- slapped Mr. Mill. ' ' ?? ?? vv Uh hla glovi
^. -, i. . , ii , a i,,.ii.I..v. i ii-i- arai u m 11I
, ., i ? . oklm iceni Mi Miller ara
particular!) ? ? md Mi Sullivan mei -' ?
billed - lime and looki d grim In Mi- l. il
.,,. pi ,-. led hlmtelf arith a pair of nettyy buckskin
K|OV(-s ivilll .' Pla-. Pu!!.ri .'..cir BB big a- i I
,,'.,,, , ie - iv ii- n ll rame hi Un to i Ml
Miller pi the ' - ?? he did ll and did lt well
braaa button s. pk deep Into Mi Mlller'a sensitive
Heat) and Hised him to gasp with pain
When th< ?? I a i ended Mr Miller mel Mr Sulli?
van on the stage, and upbraided him severe!) Mr
,n resp ii di d hotlj. snd in en< lunn i .med
Imminent Thi men wen final!) parted, however
I isl evening Mi M ri med up al the theatre
wi,i. . black i -. and Mr. Sullivan In no amiable
mood Mr Sullivan offered his resignation li la
now |n ihe li inda of thi man tgemi nt, and lhere tbe
use si -
hi ll // OF l VOTORIOI s THIEF,
Captain O'Brien, of ihe Detective Bureau, ra*
t-r.i i] received Information of ths death of Cbaun
,,. johnson, a potprloui bank thief, In tb* Peni?
tentiary 00 I'.l.okw-P-- l-l,pp. -.ri SureI,,v. Ill
death wa- caused bj consumption. He was a*nI
to this prison In Novembei for stealing a pocket?
book m rw-ptv-thit.i -t Johnson had spent many
n.its iii prison for stealing monej from hanks
fla al .. had been Implicated In a number of burgla?
ries. IK' nus un Inveterate gambler.
? e ?
ip.,wi is Of PBOMel THMOXS THK Bid IMPMI
KITAL snow I. I n;m'..NT MOROAK'!
o>,H I.IKS rtOl'RB !-|?iM!\KNTI.V
The ,| mji ,,n,| their lovers are having their turn this
w.,k in the couise of ii),, v..ir Hie bins blooded l
varieties ..f pretty much every creature (hat bree thee
t.ik- possissiOH of Madison Bquare Harden fur .1
few days, sad tint week it ta tbs dog's turn. Tu bbb
n Hibernian parephnse, the dog h having his day
this w.ek n is the tarenty-flrst inaual show of the
Westmlnrter Keane! club, and if it ta posMbCa le
fudge from the auceoBi thal ittended the tirst day's
exhibition, ll prOBlllB to lu- tba mos: successful in ;
thc history of the ejah, whose prizes are sj mu. h |
Coveted by dog own.-rs BIM] fatieb-rs the Whale
country over nnd even in Canada.
Th.* doors wer.. . -ned . !u o'clock gaels idsy
morning, and avery OOe of tb.' I Ml - xii;'.,irs was then
literally rn full blast The notoe was appalling,
Every sing!., dog ..f them ? 1 Beeaaed beni apoa
drowning mit ilie ronr, the BqUCBh Of Ho- yelp of i::s
neighbor, and to th it laudable ead be ratoed ins mu..,.
in -ung. Whether Hie populace WBB attracted hy
morning. In Ihe afternoon, and again In the even?
ing. Sallie of the apectatort who wandered about
the si e. wen- Mr. nnd Mrs. James P. Kernochan,
Mr a.i Mrs charles M. Oelrlchi Mr. and Mra.
Paul Olberl Thebeud Mr. un'l Mrs Kgerton L. Wln
throp, Jr Mr and Mrs Harry Alexandre. Mr. and
Mrs Clemen! C. Moore Jeremiah P, Robinson.
Miss Robinson. Mr and Mrs Walker Breese Smith,
Mr and Mr*. Henry Banda) Schuyler K. War?
ren. Mr. nnd Mrs Lewis C.ss Ledynrd. Mr. and
Mrs. C. Albert Stevens. Mr. nnd Mrs t'ouvcrneul
M. Carnochan. Mr. and Mr- Archie Pelt Mr. and
Mr- c a. < milds. Mr. mid Mts KINhjt Dyer. lr..
Mrs Hurke Roch. Mr ard Mrs. Sidney Dillon
Kinley, Mr, and Mrs. Henr) C. ' revor. Miss Dor
i.lhy Sf hlefr-lln Mr. and Mrs. friaries Russel'
Hone. Mr. and Mrs J Borden H..rrlmnn. (filbert
francklyn, James M. Waterbury, Krnklne Hewitt.
the Misses Van Rensselaer. Mr and Mrs. John
llndden. Jr.. Mina Pomeroy, .'barles Robinson. Mr.
md Mrs. Robert Cornell. Mr. and Mrs James H.
(bekman. James w Appleton. B. H. Rulkley, Mr.
in.I Mrs H. Van Rensselaer Kennedy, Mr. and
Mrs A. Lnnfe.tr Norrie Alfred N Beadleston.
Phillp Lydlg. Peter Moller, Miss Moller. Theodore
Frellnghuysen De Forest Orant, Richard ff. G.
(Veiling, ex-Senator Thomaa C. Dunham, Duncan
'ii,;, ron. janies W. Qerard. lr., (Jeorge Work. Mr.
ind Mrs Joseph Lino. .pi. jr. and Mr. and Mrs.
lames Lorillard Kernochan.
The Hat of ilrsi prize. ,,war.l..l m the different
i-lasscx p.,- tlie* padgee i* ns follows:
MaatlSs Opea team etas, Di C A Lu-rait'i Black
Prince Brampton; eaallesse rlaaa !??:-. Or. C. A. lesa
ratt't Bab U "pen ela..*. Mt. ?- ' : ' A. I-outalt't
Miss C neUMe; . hVl-ng- I itcliea. Hr C, A, I?UBB*K'S
Ijidv Diana
III odhoundi Open clatt dogt, .1 L Wlt-t-cae'I'l Jatos;
Kallenia .Oks Vr C \ l/Micaet'a S m. n 4a s-.'idMiry;
last Miches Hr r a. i. isaet'a llstely Girl, SBB>
ie,iKM Miches, .! I, Winchell t She
. Dug rm.ii--. .1 1 rpoal xiors.in-a Mit e
vfAI/VlAI/. i ? ..I i ate
the nickel or br the advance advertising, or by both, I Piece; Boga, bi Pien ?? tl rssn't Matters*!
is nol .. matter of nterea Tn* main point la thal
lost llttli tiuie m .tilling the Cur l.-n until ll was
far from eaay to find one'a a ly about. In the middle
,'f the afton.:.. | iel ifter the dinner h -ur, the crowd
waa ls g. ii .it .. dogi were noisiest, si
titer*, a ?- nol I quiet moment Ins;,|,. *,?. Carl, fl .,1.
ind very 11 k * -1 >- the email hours ,<f tba morning
lor.- pim m id. hideoua hy canine i ? eraattos if
Rudyard Kipling bad heard it very likely he would
have mitten another Mowgli vary, but the reel ol
mankind ctn only wonder how all the dogs keep it
ip sa long The att< nd ince ol the day was esl
? I about ItOOO A greal p.m ..f tbe ipectators were
women, wi,., divided their attention .md admiration
about equally between the very Mg dogs mi the
v. ry sm.cl dogs and between til" very Ugly dOgl BBd
tba verj ?? lutlfu! dogs. Their taste itemed to run
;.j opp lita i it rem. ?
Da "is ok all SIZES
The dogs ar*, imaged ns usual In long rews
running the lengt.i of th.* hall th-* St, Bernards,
the rnBBtlffa and all Hu* targe dog! at the >t,nils,ci.
ive end Of tbs hall and the enters and the llltl"
dogi generally nt th,* opposite end The extreme
varieties of tap dogs gad purely pel dogi occupy
benches on tin* floor of the llrst gallery, above the
n-st of the show. Strictly tpesklng, they do m.:
occupy benches- they occupy little giana houaea
to pr...t th.-m leora the unwelcome attentlona ol
the crowd, .md they gel air through a screen over
Heir ie ida Most of them looked orv mu?ti
Al the '-nd of each long row of benchea on the
ii ???! floor is a large sign, whl h reads: "Caution.
Do nol handle the dogs." li might bs well not be
there, if anybody reads ii he loesn'l remember
the warning, f. r nearly every passerby fond! a
every dog that takes tata fancy, end for the most
ran the doga a?em to like ll The) were all ee?
ly ?-'.l-natured yesterday, although their
tempers did not improve with iii" passing of the
;. ure Doubtless their doc.;,-':, nerves were r.op.-i
and worn by tbe excitement of -?> many rtrange
facea and the unwonted notses of Ihe cttj outside.
l>r ii ci.iy trover, the veterinarian of the show,
reported thal only one of the .lou- entered waa :?
barred from the exhibition, and thal one wai
found ro be suffering Hom i /? m.. and was imme?
diately dtspetehed to quarantine Two "little" Bt
Hernani puppies they were a- big aa -iiv.-s had
tbs. i id oi,.-s, .-md one of Ihem died, bul tbe other
is declared by his owner to be perfectly tit. wblcta
is ...id when .om come io think of lt.
Another st. Bernard appeared to the veterinarian
r.t b, ill Ile felt of Ins pulse ..nd took bis t..m.
perature, ard announced mai in- was threatened
wiih pneumonia. The doctor though! th.- animal
had not be.ii thoroughly dried after hla morning
Tli.- i clips mad., rapid progress In Heir work
yesterday, .md bj ?; o'clock the benchea wera
-,.i web n,. prise taga l. H C Aetley, <>f
England, created a small aensatlon bj th.- rapidity
with which h.- tun...I the dogs om -.f the'Judging
ru,kr. Lui nobodj found faull with lils awards.
Perhaps the moa) notable ming aboui tte- contests
for prises was iii,- remarkable emu taken bj I
Pierpont Morgan'a cojllea Nearlj ever) ont i
i.ig pr.ii.s w.-ii! to Mr. Morgan't num.ii-, Mattel
and Hornpipe laking Hm i.I '.mp..rein:
..wai,ls for ? olliea,
The jii'igmg m tin- Bt, Hernani classes, t..,., ,,t
? ,H ted i great deal ol utereal ll t.?,k pl u ?? jual
uftei noon crowd waa largeal and Ihe i ?
sui. waa .iwaii.-d wini Interest The firs! -i.il
;,,.,,. the Waters challenge cup, for ih.- best Amt i -
,. |,red Bl Bernard ehown bj a Mub member.
w.,- taken by Dudley I-: Waters'a Alton ll Thi
greyhounds, too, made u remarkably One showing,
no lest than twenty-Bis ol these giaceful anlmau
,,,;,.,- on exhibition. The greyhounds are always
lesa In number than manj othei i i rte ties bet
? ne) . '. dell ati and li..1.1 to raise
'Iii. i mi; - expect to complete i n.ir aw ar, ls early
t,, di. ao th.ii the priie-wlnnera ?iit be ? aallj dis
...,,! Magnus Bchult's tr.up of performing
,;,.,,, | i ,.,. I l Lo-1 lt IP Hog ali,I : lg, ill,I dl,t lul?
of oihei wonderful things las! nigh! before a de
Ughti d ? rowd I wo ol Leleuten mi H )?;. Pe irj -
I.-.i lim ,u lon- also attracted much attention, bul
ihe) were Impolite .igta to sleep neal ii ell da)
The m.lg*- "t ie -lew are aa follows: St.
Pain.tel- and Newfoiin.ll,ind-, MO- .\ ip Whitney,
I.m. ister. Meat . greal Janet, Charles D. Bet
helmet Sew-York american foxhounds, it P
p.n,. Phllllpston, Mass.; Chesapeake Ho d...<
,;,,,i o.. j.; Pollock. Nea -Yoi k. . ..ker' spaniels,
A,i,n. m Lob iw, Galt t 'anad i, p lodli -. ll V
l ,, i ii, -i ui. Mas- . Boston terrlera, Dwight Bald?
win. Allaton, Maas.; Dachahunde, I. A Klein, Black
i,ik'.- .pi.Le , beagles, George n Post, jr.. Nea
*,,,rk. bulldogs, John ll Matthews. New-York:
in, '.it-, bloodhounds, greyhounds, Knaltah fbx
n..un.ls, ; . ntl r-. tetters, Irish water spaniels, clum?
ber spaniels, ti.-id spaniels, arhlupeta pugi and lo)
spaniel-. .;.- .rg.- Raper England, and Ku.--i.in wolf?
hounds, deerhounds, collies, Old English sheep dog-,
all terrlera, Schlpperkea, Pomeranlana, Italian k''>\
hounda and mlacellaneous, L P C, Astley, Kiig
There was an excellent attendance >>f fashionable
g. ..plo In the Madison i-j.piu.ru (Jardell yesterday
Ma-'--, ?-.. i p,; Bl M 'talM Mts
I I ??; ??? Mi.Mas lt i (Toni
puppies, i i-i-- i i -, ttl Morgaa'a H-m
i-i; - novlc eire-,.-, ii ..... -,] ,... . Hornpipe; m;
- undi r two - ip al Mor
fsn'a II rai.;-. ;? n etas - l Pierpont M-TBan'a
pm irgan * Cti -rPen
smooth dogs . r. I b4teh? O. rs* f-rs.is.?'a
T.fM ii ol i Rna li r,, sosa, fort a
Robinson's !Px-r iii ..?> Knattsh - ,. i ?: ks. lobtall
t>n ; ? - I' ir l ,v Roi - - ? Ul ' n ?' i art.
?'?r I mind' Pupp - rat ai i. r-harlea BL Hls
'?''?? p*l. .Ines I, i SVhKon'i N'lmrMi
'?hillie-!*" '!?-*?. Mr ' IP Lyke's Southern BlhyRISS; oper
rlaaa. bllrhe* Charl** M Kl tl li ? ? allene*:
bllrhet, I. .- Wv ? ?
Ruaaian wolfhounds Pippita doss and bltche*. Ed
rsrd 1- Krauss Pr- . .... .,.-> goss. Warka A Tur
ner'i Marksman; ebal!'ni ? Oeorge M K>ae
? - - 'p-lirn-r pei . - .! -- ; h Kenn-d>-B
Kremlna il ? ase rlaea, bitchea Wetlca A Turner-a
Lad* Della
Ht. Bernards Bous mated -i -? p eppt<-.?. Blcber* Holl'a
Heel r M., ? -I. 'l-.i " .! iga, routh Mated, Jacob F.
Uita'a Col n-1 Biron* open class, much-coated das.
T. ?- ii Bh ubrooke's Slr Kihelwood challeass etaaa
muan ? in ! loan ' v Pratt's \, prince; rous* coated
Pit-li puppies ' Ktevan's Blas ?> lei ? lass, roufh
tehes ? v Pi -all - Misa Hall ?
? ahoundt Ct-allens* ? Ij-s rjoga an-1 bitchea
? i ar, M i; r- |- ?' - - ?
Bl rs Dos :'?;'?* '" P Wr.coa*e Hn.n'ywlne;
oi indi r- n a wu i'i Falrvti a Ina
IBilldoars Puppies' its . ^. i: K Auatin'a CaaaThV
..-.'.'. -Mri yarmouth;
lase, deas, uni'' IA ;- milt, BJ K Aastla'a Har-n
Kilian si. 4.1 pounds ..n-l -v-r. Hulkeley
WeltR'a Lord Vermouth: challease rlaaa, -l--**1. Trias
M rae's Ittavet Brook Sultan; puppies' .lass, bitches,
U. >rse M Valentine'! p. .rii v . n riot rlaaa, i itches.
Rober! H H -'. ry's (Mfton root . open -tata in-hu,
? iii-'-r 4o ,. un ll Rob. ri S M ? ? ? liri I T 1 IJ
P -? n terriers Puppl. - a - I' '? Whnloetfs
Chum; puppies - trhti vi ...... Skelly'! Krtllt;
nae- bi Benn t: Owen's li b III; narlee
... 1: Lovelen I*a N me*
Mair-- . lea dosi ai ! Mtchea A'thur
- 1 ? - ?. rs and Mi bea II*tn
riniti's peter; pei red, Arther Fr*m
!?: .a-'- 1 ?.'nen.in.^n ip-:,. ?. . open laat, doe-l ? rh-r (han
?'? Milli 1'- '?? ildma ... tr 11 I as, Arthur
fi ? ml lina 1 Billa; open r< I. Arthur
- ? Neille.
I'-" (erriert?Pup|. dosi 1. S " Battsw
fun! IVarrtn "rib malden ria**s ths! ha ?? sever boee
exhibited, smooth dogs, .\ A. Ma Ul n BSSSB"
ree; no rlasa, sm ? doss 1. .-. W Riiih*vtur*;s
open clan tn th : .- t. ,\ vv RuthteTsraTa
Claudian; challenge .- Rlemton Kennel's
1 Victor II; -a.- ? I,, -, J J. L| nn'a
? 11.111-.!.- 1
Itchi 4" 1 an la and over.
M Mop! ri- Lad) M . .
Pt. Hen ? ???<-. A.
- M'ai Mail lt rhallerc is -'?' Wtcbss,
'' A. Pratt's La Prii -- puppies rlasa. smooth-* at*d.
.-- - Charil ?. H pion's B ???'-?? Kin*.
n- cloe di it and '. Iii hes C A.
Prait'a Mitt Helen; rpea Hi '.. 'loga
Irvin* Watkinson'! Alton vv . hallen*, elate, -iu ? "1 -
? ned. dogs, Dudley E. Wattra'a Alton II. opes elisa.
.? ! ? .- Mrs V I. >-h.ir--hui's l.idy
Hi ???.,.. .1 allei ne clara, tn lied, bitches, J Rup
: ? ?
1.-1 !....in .- Open less .logs. Imperial Kennel'a Oen
-ti.i Uordon; ? halli ? ? ? I -- v n L Page s
1. hi ; ?.,.- sam >:,?' s Kingsbury Aba*;
rhatlens< 1 - blt.-het vv ,|te, 1) Orlt m"i !*i raa.
Polners Open leas ? ler S3 pounds, W. O.
I ? 1 Prince's lloj open rlatt dost. ?"?"? po**** end
. , er, u U Brokaw'a H *na isa, -l-a-.
-.-, ; unds, finora* J. <: uld't Ridgeview '"-mel;
? at -las-, ba ? ' ?-?-*- -larvla's
P hes Frank fl lia ron's
-?,-,.... \ \ IPirtla'a
sw Mea , ? ? iee. indi 1 BB ;- indi,
!>?*!? ri. k I le-ni ll - k-nPs Kat--.
Poodle* Puppies -I:.--. .-- M re) K-nn-t's M^rey
VI.mi li Mrs J H M Oresvsaor'*
;. ? ie. Mark. H. ll Tr- -r's Mur
, . il II Hun
,,.?.. 11 |r.'s Hill Hum nae isa 1 urly
|()i H. c. Ti '! puppies its Mtehes. H. <J
i:,. ? . v, last, bitches li .', Trevor** Mite
II pen cleat, curl] . I! M Tr? r ? Mima.
. . n I erriert Pu ie. Ii -", Whitlock's Cbsae;
1.... , bps Iobs, 18 1 unds and ir.-l-i 23 t-oumls.
Hr vv u Kendall's Squanto; ; ? ?-. -leas ?' *?. Vf, pounds
.,,.- ,1 , cr SS ;. inda, Mr \\ .; Kendall'! BIS Nibs;
.... riaat, das**, s-, ?<.?-: Kennsl's Monta
Tn- Ifail Of tl'"-' awards made under special prizes
is aa Pillow -
. 1 tl... : - 1 ;,', Tr pl , m *?'('?' r r Bbs beat
\. inbred collie 1 p Morsan'i Masierplaes; the
mt's ? -ip. rslse *-''-<',?. for ihe i-?- entile, J. P.
M >r*an - Maaterp4eee; 'Pkh.i Annual <'--lll- Sweeps'skas.
with S's' wldtd bj p.- Westminster Kennel Club, rr col
.he l.'nlted Staiea 1 canada between J-in* BS,
I MM .ir I PiP. I I--..-,, the winner to receive .Vi t^r .--nt
nf tbe -take- 1 I- Morsan'i M il rpleee; es ?al stud
.'...* pri/.H. a club medal of ii n <r r- r tl I il -m-i Bea to
ijred b) ls - of h s *? ? -ii nf different I it-h-s (ihe
rollies ? public -tS : in Mi*. I'nittd
1 and Canada Ihe v^.nn.nt; pair p> be .!?!-arre-1 frem
, . mp-llt! ri ifier 1-s.T' .1 P Morgan's ir..*-r-.n Thistle
' and J, I' Morgan'! Lad) Ptdsei bi er. medal tor bett
rlaea J P Morgan - M,?rerplece;
:..r ? ? -? -. I, ir, the n. I let ? Pie*. J P.
in - li rnplpe .. s-P--r rup vslne $?'". for rhe beet
whelped 'ri l*r?'. ' P M I.-. . Waal ?;?;?-?. S.'. tor
-? 1; ie*, a !,.-? 11 in 1 In thi rles rt isa c.
v c .-?!? Otterburn Christ 83 I an Imertcas bred
1 ned ' ) .1 m-mt- - - . ' I im 1. l**o.
\ Hunter*! Brendan* .Van*,'. *:. r-.r th- l*s*.
x . ? ? ,ui-l p .. member eie.-ie.i tines
1. 1-*.;. 1 ? aisle PI yilla; a ail
r 88 for the I ? \ I >? i 1 -. .1 w-nian
Mrs Robert r '. ' Pr -k Wi n-ler.
? h.. B'eslmlnater Kennel -.-;?/. t 1.0 > r tlie beet
ti f foul M . asl 1 undo "f d??
, ? ?' '? '??* ..ni 1 ir. h toter. ! ii ,.n- ei
1 i M -..- vi , ? .,,, 1 ij rnplpe; Junior
... Ilea under is ? .1 - Harri Jarrttt'a
Wi .?-??..:?-.- Wonder: J I. Lin nln'i si:\ei rup rr the
! .? !.,. lbj , -i ?,- r of tl Collie ? 'ni J p.
M rgsn's Matterple ? lei ns Van S 1 - * sessa af SJ
t 01 Mle rex I the winner of -he Ol
? . lb ll 1 la. I I' M real ? ll rt IV T Port's
I pr ? ? of 83 to beal ? 11 * 1 ? \ wli ? ? 1 M- Mor
gan'i up l P Morgan 1 ll ? n; pe
ll .- rhe Ursn.1 t- > . .,? ?-.'.> fr th- bett
' bulbi . 1 I - ?? Weill'1 Lord Yann nth; ih*
|l(ll lies! bulM.ie r . p[-i*:(#
ita 1 the wlnnei I Ora nd Ti l - - vi , -,-erv s
Imei value thu
.1 V. kow, i. for the 1 ? il v- ,-r-,.?n bret
?tesal tia - ? loss art
.- ... up ti be w.?n t -ir ?.- time- i-r-i- 1. nona
linn*,.-. K. K Ausll: - Cindi
.-.,,r the Pi..- Ilub's ? 1 - --i 1, seder -f
v- . 1 - - PK v ?nn't
,.-. H.- Bul lae I '.,.-.!,! 1 r th- bett
? * ? i>,- *lnn?r of
tmerran ''na cup lltnrj i Readleaton'a I'rimnae;
the Puppy Bow!, value I1U1 I bi P.hn ll. Msl
.. for thi bert Imerlran bred bul I ? under iifieeo
' ... k l. lutlln's . an ll i itt
Heerhoui s Weal minti Kennel Hub ogler sf 1*1
. bes! eihiMl ' foul Sse a club
bet! ! -iii un Wall. Urti m's N .rna.
IVo.fl unds IVestmtnslei Kenn. Cl ? pris* if 880 Sst
.-?.v:i- r fou lt.1 ? 1 ni ? ip. ui la, v\ .1 um F.
indi ' 11 1 -si Bum i ii I Weeks a
Pul ser*! Mai:.?"! ia
sr Bemsrd M.- Walen 1' ..- rup for Ik* bart
Imerlran M-i Si Bemar.l -xrnP ira Px - inrmlT, lindley
K. iv.p.i-- vp -11 M sllvei mtxtal ti i.-M Ameri.-an-brsi
r -ik'i doa over Pu? ?? ii- lil iitmn-i Kennels' Mem-trlse;
-iP-r m. lal f-I tba bes! \rn-i 1. .in in-.i smooth il.,* ovtr
ara Dudlej t: vv Hera's llb a ll ?i.\.-r m,-.lal for
-.st American Pr. I sm.Milh bitch . >-i three \-4rs Mulley
1: Waters's Cathedral m|\,-i medal r -r the beal A marie sa?
bred rous* dug 'ni'i'1 three rears (leora* Lautenachlassf*s
IP--KI.-M Victoria siiv-r medal foi i ?--- \meri.-an-bred
1 lah Mich un,Mr three .-.?-. C A Pratt's Mus Mattie:
siller 111-.lal tut Hie 1-sr A m.-, 1- 1 ri l.red -1.1 ith .1-* under
three leers, C A Pratt ? Mi John; th* \V.-<iminster Ken*
ne| i-;iil.s offer - f *^1> for the Peer -vhil.it .f f ,ur r >ugh
, ?ted Bl li-i 1111 ie. C.. lon tl Jacob Rupiiert'a Remnant
Lsd) Kia, I'-unt.-e Madge an.l Miss Anna. Sfiu for thai
l?-s( exhIMI of four amooth-enetssl Mr lteiiMi.lt. Dudley
K. Waters's Aituu ll, Caitiedial, Lajjr i'simu"* aaa
? Judith IL mmm

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