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MR. CLeTVaRJUOri tension vetok.-* sharply
CRITICISE!*. IN thi: senate the iniman
Wtshlna-ton. Peta M.?The annual observance of
Washington's Blrinday by having hla Farewell Ad?
dress read by one of the best elocutionists of the
Senate took paSCS to-day In the presence of n large
millari. Mr. Daliel (Dcm , Va L being the reader
Cheats for the occasion. The remainder of the day
was occupied in the contltlera-.lon of the indian
Appropriation hill, which was not finished St the
time of adjournment
Another of President Cl. veland's vetoes of pri?
vate pension hills drew out from several Senators a
rather virulent condemnation of the President. Mr
MOTgaa (DOSI . AM), contrasting th! small aggr.
gale amount of all the private pension hills passed
tr this CasagraSB with the large sum given to "thi
bond syndic*, e." nnd Mr OaWBgll (Rep.. N IL,
cher.ii terizlnK such vetoe. as ''tr:viri 1 and foolish."
The veto was referred to the Committee on Pen
.lust BB the ?ve of adjoin nmen; for the lay, the
Loud hill (te amend the postal laws) was reported
tiRck from the Postofflee Committee, by Mr.
Chandler .Rep. N. H >. With amendments Including
one for BB! Catii letter postage This bill and re?
it mt were antagonized hy two Populist Senators
Butler, Of North Carolina, and Stewart, of Nevada.
Tin re is no chance of action on lt during this Con
A IB salution wes a Sept ad, fixing the daily hour
of mteilng. 01 and after Wednesday next, at I] a ni
The Senate -adjourned at ti p. m.
A few week! ago Hie House was :he scene ol I
-firrlonged debate fun of luticrne-*.. and panoaal
accvsation cot.ccn.tr.K the Pa.iti" Hailroad Fund?
ing hill. To-lay another epportUBlty for I display
of temper and recrimination on the same subject
was given ii the coi.sidetaHon of a paragraph la
the General Deficiency bill, appropriating IUM.OM
to pay a judgment of the Court of Claims In favor
of the Southern Pacific, but the matter was con
t.d*"ted In a rath-r dignified maimer with merely
a suggestion of feeling.
Mr. Sayers illom., TeX.] tad the opposition, taking
the gtesjnd that the Southern Pacific controlled '.he
Centra] PacISc road, nnd shouid i ot receive any
mc-.v while the latter was so SeCp-b Indebted 10
th? OevernSBCBt the House, in Oommtlt.o of the
f hf ie. refused to -'rik. out the paragraph In Ques?
tion, and also declined to mr.ke some minor amend?
ments des tr-...! ri c-'rieJ! the benefits conferred ly
the bill on the Pl I roads. Later OB Mr.
Sayers endeavored lo have the Den-ctency bl -? I
back to the Committee or, Appropriations with In
atructlona tc strike out the Pacific Railroad para?
graph, but was defeated on a yen and Bay VOtS
The Deficiency Mil waa passed with few changes
in its previsions The appropriation of E2.SN to
NftUld te members BUSaa deducted from their 111
grlM fag > Benn was alaaainated. aa also were item*
providing for th? pivmmt of annual salaries to ihe
ipectal empli yei conceded to the Desaocrata bf inc
m." iorlty
Mr Bo'iielle. the . l.airman of the Naval f onimit
te?. Bucceeded In cabing np the Naval Appropria?
tion hill before adjournment and afmr he had ex?
plained Hs prin. ipa! pensions, considerable prog?
ress in Hs reading ta< made before ihe end of thc
gar'a sftcr.i, whirl . it' al I-SI o'clock.
No exercises In celebration of Washington's Rir:n
day took ph' I :n the House
- - ? - ?
HE OT* .-? S I OKI A ''HAN' ! TO vRRM-'N TH::
Washington. PSb -- .Special i.?RepM BCBtatlva
Waker, of Massachusetts, Wi vexed ead iiahappy
te-di] because ni couM bm go aa pportuBlty to lo?
uver <- Bpaa ii He appeared te he anxious to arraign
tht Cosamlttee on Appropriations because lt had in
aarted in the Qeaeral DeSdeacy bil; several items
?arneb were stricken ou: on poUltl of order bacaun
the paupueed appropriations were no: warrantet hy
existing law He began operations by rUing to "a.
gBeeUoa ol privilege" and comr'ainiiig that some
remark! mi ie by him on Friday had been mis?
represented in a newspaper whose Washington i ">r
respondents "were accorded privileges for correctly
leafleting the proceedings -,f -.-ie House." The cc.m
p'.a:n- seemed to be ch.efl*- du cered against certain
headlines Iii th*" offending newspaper?such as Czar
Reed's tyranny leads io open revett!" "Representa?
tive Wa!k*r. of Massa taoeettS, fires the firs; shot."
Mr. Walker Stoutly denied that he had cri-.t'ised
ve -*pe^k?r aa that Ol any o"her occasion, but said
tha: he iiaj protested Btronglj against "the tyranny
Bl IBS I Iles," into the total of which the House had
been drawn all of which wa? ?.rue. After paying a
high tribute :o the Speaker. Mr. Walker proceeded,
under ;h* shelter of his question of privilege, :o at
temp: ... '.ssh.. | n ApBroajrlatlOBS Committee. The
p-un: was made that this was not a parr of IBS ques
tlea of privilege and the pom; was sustained Mr.
Waiker was evidently vexoi as we'.: Bl .1.-a;,pointed.
but he took his seat a.nd bided his t;me. whlcta came
later In Hie Say when Oceana! Grosvenor a=k.*i
unanimius cor,.--Mit :.. have incorporated in the Gen?
eral Deflclen j bill a:: amendment providing tha: the
talaiies and pei diem compensation of :he -
employes of the House should ba continued until
Mai ch la.
"I object, unless an hour can he allowed for debate
I wa;,- tOSS* Something soo:;,! Mi Walkei wi..,
wa* On the alert. The objection was fatal to General
Qroavenoi a requet. and als,, I0 Mr. Walker's acheme
to ootain He* floor to finish ins a peech. Someihing
hDwever. was developed bj trie request. In making
lt General Grosvenor nad used :he dat* of March ll
and had also teferred to lt as "the first -]-? of ;h<*
next sessnn ' A Democratic member asked
?Has tie gentleman from Ohio authority to sav?
ina, the n*x: session will begin OB March 157"
1 have -he iu;hority to assume it." was the prompt
rep.y. ThU was ihe firsi public statement in the
HOUte of what nearly every member of -hat body
BBB fer .-om"* time past legarded at a s*;-]t-d fact.
Washington. Feb 22 (Special).-Indications of ra
Democratic revolt in the House of Representatives
agair.s- Hie leadership of the ' tariff-for-revenne
aaljr" BXtrssSllll continue to multiply and grew
stronger. According to information given to a
Tribune orrespondent by a Southern Demo, ratic
Representative, at leaM fifteen Democrats who will
represent districts south of Mason and Dixons
Line m the LVth Congress will make a stand In
favor of djtles on competing "raw materials." ami
also la favor af duties on mai afactwred articles.
w-hich compete with articles manufactured and
produced In the South.
Among other things, this Rrpresentalve said
Wa begin to realize that w*? have allowed a po
litictl theory to blind us to our own Interest and
thai we cannot expect to receive a full share of
whatever benefits are to derived from a protection
policy un lesa we do our share toward re-establish?
ing and maintaining lt. In my opinion, which is
hhsed or Information that 1 believe tc he trust?
worthy, at least fifteen and prabably more South
era Democrats in the House will be found support?
ing any reasonable tariff hill thal may be brought
forward in the next Congress."
West 14-JSt.
^rJJtV-** miss sum *Sk
^ "reliable:^
Wt have no us* Pr the old tSSBSaaaa' r-ja'r.m nf aierini
away gordi for ar.-uher a*as'T U'e reefer (r, |u >(,;i
the benefit ef lai:|-Bin pr., ei.
Large, -nilli blah backs, tad brace ur ma,
Only $1.00 each.
Good forton* mii>? upon iou **., n a* in this effer
PM bate gae! 'ene, durabi!lt> and fin* Mn!?h . omhined
wpji tb* tawasl gasflSSa price
Jun as ix-of <i edit - aa ye Wltn.
i^ASii or CREDIT
104.106 and 108 West 14* St
Brooklyn Stones: fttbushAvnwfWtonSi
to ITIH iMNnr.MATi'iN ot jambs i,
BTATVR project.
Washington. Keh. M.?In sending io the Senate
10-duy his veto of g bill to geBSten Marla Somer
lat. h remarried widow of .1 volunteer soldier.
President Cleveland lakes occus.on to define sad
defend Ma pension policy ax foll. ws. The rule
governing the operation of gem ral pension laws
which forfeits a wp!-.w's pension on bet remar?
riage seems so r.-asLii-ihle ami Just, and Hs relaxa?
tion must necessarily lead to such B departure
from just principles and to such vexatious pension
admiiiistiatlon. thal 1 am convinced it ought to he
strictly maintained. 1 hope 1 may 04 permuted to
, iill the attention of thc S-pi.ce lo the lacrasahSg
latitude clearly discernlhle in special pension leg?
islation, lt has seemed to me so usalee* to attempt
to stem the tide of this legisl ttion hy Kxe.uilve in?
terference that I have contented myself willi non
acquiescence in numerous cases where 1 could not
approve There have heen already presented to me
for Kxectitive action dur.ng th- preaent session of
Congress Ml special pension bill*, of which I hav*
actually examined 1',"'. The entire numher of sn, li
hills that hav* he -orr- ISWS during the four ses?
sions of the Congress since Mari 11 4. IBM,
Some of tho--- prsesuted at the preaenl session ar?
not based upon th( least pretext Miat th* .leith OT
disability involved i- related io army service, v.: ll
in numerous cases it ll extremely dlfflCUll '" -ails
fiuioriiy discover sinh relationship. There ,- on*
?"-..pur.- of thia l.-Kislallon which. 1 BBB BUre, d
ssrves attention. I refer to the greal nuffl
special IVIs passed for the pu.-p. -? Ol ? - -
the i" p-ions of those already on the tolls. < >r the
::;. special pension lulls which 1 have examinee
since th.- beginning of th. presi
congress, nfty-elghi granted 01 reston I
and fifty-seven increased tha ilri -
svhi.e the spproprii tl 11 of monej neceswij .?? mi
these ii- ree sea ..1. ne exci da con -.?;? ?;
amount required lo pay ' ''? !" :"1"''"
granted or restored bj thi remaining fifi
hills. I cannot discover thal these Increases ire
regulated by any rule or prlnclph and wh< 1 are
i-ip-mp, r thal there an ni irlj a million
?I mers on our rolls, snd consider the Import
for such increase Mi.it mus. follow thc prece
alr< a.iv m;i.le, the relation of the subje il to ii Justl*
Sable Increase of our National revenues cannot *.*
rape attention."
two morf VETOES" T't.viden Cleveland re?
turned to thc Houae to-d*y rn thoa) kkt ai prove! te ?
. - mc granting a pension to Mrs Mary Fr* wail
lbs others pension tsMra Mary A. Vlei. Thc Pre*!
:? 11 sbowa thal Mrs Freeman vvas the aldo* st
Andrew v. Pritchard, a Mexican War soldier, Bbc
received a p.;.- m as ? I srM 1 Bv* y*ar*, anea
? ? married John Freeman. Hla iwo sslaor chil Ires
? reaver, placed on tbe rolls to receive pensions
the) r-.-am- of ag*. Preens** lied iwenty-flva
.-a:s ago, and li ls now pr poa I to rectors his
nidow to in.- peasten roll becsufle of 11 Srsi
?nd's s*rvlcea as a soMler. Tba PrcaMenl main a 1
ha: he is not willing, even hy Inaction, to ba c tarted
with acquiescence in what seems to be BUCh an cntll*
lepanure fiom tba prindsCc sa well *c scnthncnl
ronaected with reesonebta pension leglslstioa Th*
jihep veto ls BOCBCWhal Sfonllai in outline II ;- thi
ase of a woman who** husband. Major W D. San
:???-, served In thc lat* war n? died In iv~-. Hla
aidow made no application for pension, and three
i-eat? latei bacama th* wife cf paul VfeL Eighi
.ca:? later he died, nnd lt is BOW propose,1 to pel
SBT sa the WldOW Of Major Sanger The Ip
Indi sn additional objection 10 approving thia bl
le does no; rind that Bangei a di un n 11 I ie to his
trmy service No such Malm was ever ,-?-?
rontrar the Srnati Comm ttee on Penslona
? v asl l tnai "then 1- no proof that the sol Hoi
? ; diet sat In the 1 - 1 thai he .li- I Ol
>ensionsble disabilities."
'ommttte*on Public Leads .-'san to-day the v\- -?
;a:ion heretofore ordered lo thc Issue of pstsnti foi
he lan!- enbra Md lr. tba Terrine grant In Kio: UV
rhe Interior Departmen:. against arblch thc InVBStl
:ati->n is slated, was represented by B. W. I^amireux,
ommifs:oner cf lb* GMMMCal Maud OSnce, and by
ssa,* Il I.lonherg*;-, Ass.-iant A:torn*v-Men<-ral for
ha- Departmen:. the Perrine heirs hy their attorney,
vir. Holcombe, of Waahlagtim, and tbe Battlers on tba
frant hy ex- Kepi ?BMBtatlv* Hrookshite. of Indiana.
rhe only progress made was in clearing up and elucl
laiing the circumstarc's forming tne approaches and
groundwork of the controversy, and :'n:s was done
argely through ihe presentation and reading of peti?
tions, contracts and affidavits. The only statement
Sf real importance was mat made hy Mr. Mamo?
re :x. He said that th* patents in question wer* is?
sued In :h<- regular routine of his office and in ac?
tor lance with the op:n!on of the Oeneral Land Office,
ll- :>?--? nted to Mie c -mmlttee a history of Ve r,-,.i>,
BO 'ar BS tba Land OfgCfl wa- concerm i ll wa
takep fr-om the re-.,id, and not from hla personal
knowledge. Ii aad 'cen prepared by tha .aw clerk
wh - had haig* nf su.-h mitten lie -, 1 never ex*
amined the Perrine claim him.-eif. and 1 ie patenti
had bees 1-- ? . just ai In or,in..ny cases. E. .1
R ibinson ari attorney-at-law and one of the settlers
on :he lands embraced in the Perrine ?? .r\\ made a
statemeni ir. explanation of the posli ipled by
ihe aettlers (some twenty in number) and of the con?
tract male hy them with ihe Florida Rael Coa
Railway Company. Tue comm;-'-- then adjourned
until to-morrow at N a. rn
ferrees on the hill appropriating MM.B88 mr the
stoppage nf the crevasse at pass a I'Outre, Mil
slsslppl River, (his nf'ernoon agreed to the House
BUbStltatC with a minor amendment. As agreed
to, the hil! appropriates the money, bm rto?s not
destroy any rights the United States may have
under Its contract with the Kads people. ,u,r does
il re>a?<* thc Kads estate from anv obligation In
connection with that work. The question of ,;,,-.
liability of the Fads estate to close this crevasse
is referred io the Attnrnev-deneral for decision
after he shall have heard both sides If thal
official decides that the responsibility for closing
this tireak tn ihe river rents upon the Ends *?
tar* nnd.-r Its contract to maintain a clear chan
ne!, it is stipulated that on the completion of their
contract the Secretary cf War shall withhold so
much of the money due to the estate 1- ahall
have heep expended under the authority of thi
BCt, until the same shall dava- been iudi-l,,-. ol
otherwise legally determined in favor of ihe Bads
esta ti.
MURDERERS RESPITED -President Clevetead
lute Saturday afternoon took action on fl petition
for purdon or respite of the Barrago gang, who
sr* under sernen-e to r.e hanged ar Bania Fe,
.V M., n-moirow The indorsement of the Presi?
dent BO th* petition lg BS follows; "A respire ||
evented In m.is caa* for four weeks, and until
March 23, for tb* purpose of perarlttlng an oppoi
tunit>- to the Executive to examine into th- merits
of an application for clemency." This action leavi -
the question for Major McKinley's tina! Bctkm
of Giles v. Crenshaw to bc United States Marshal
for the District of Missouri, appears ts be thor?
oughly satisfactory to both the Senator* fr .rn
lhat Stale, despite the fact that they are anti
Admlnistration m. ri of His BtrongSSI sort. Both
Senators informed the Senate Jodlrlarj Committee
Mus morning thal thej d-sircd to have Crsnsbsw
confirmed, and a favorable repori wes ordered.
The nomiriHtio'i of Hoary K Daria to t,- District
Attorney for the District of Columbia, whick hal
b.. n refer. .1 i,,, k to th* commute- for me in?
vestigation of charges, was ordered favorably re?
ported by a vote larger than that by which the
original report was ordered. The nomination of
Jam** L Wolcott to be District .Indi;,- for Dela
ware wan not brought up It is understood thal
the Republlcana un- holding it back for the prepa?
ration of charges In the Inipont case, involving
the M-ai from Delaware in the Senate, Speaker
Wilson, while Beting ns Covernor, caa! ih- dei ld
big vote f.,r the Democratic candidate, the testl
mony taken by the .s.-nate committee showing
that Mr. Wilson said he did so bCCBUM In- u,
forced to Thc Republlcana now -ay that Mr Wol?
cott, who whs Mien Chancellor of the Btati forced
Mr. Wilson to cast the vote which had so much to
do with the r.-s iii of that contest The mattel
will ba looked imo before Mr. Wolcott's name la
?TATUM IN TDK CAPITOL- Aa a result of
the proposition before the LagkSHlturc Of Utah to
place a statue ,,f Brigham young in th* Statuary
Rall of the Capitol, Mr. Hariet (Rep., Mas-, to?
day presented to the House ar, Sinendsaenl io the
Sundry civil Appropriation bill providing that no
statue shall in- placed In thai hail until accepted
hy a joint resoiuttoa of Congress
Washington. Feb. M. Ip Mie gsaatS to-,lay Mr
Hill (Dem. N. Vi present-.I ihe credentials of
Thomas c. Pian as his sacco?or la M.* gannie
from March 4 n.-xr
Washington, Keb 22 <S->e. lab S ? relaiv LaflMMII
has jusi returned from a virn io Ms p.-. .'lid mother
at McMrawvllle. R y |(e has mad- p) plana foi
ihe future, except (hal he and his fanni, will sp, sd
a few weeks bj Florida for lest and recreation im?
mediately after the Inauguration It 1? understood
that he ls favorably rnnslder'ng .111 offer of the
prestdeney of the Metropolitan Traction Company
of New-York.
MOTIF. THAN *J1 ihmi.immi A.'RKS WITH?
work or THB C0MM1SSMMI 0r..S3W?etTI ap
pajovKD ano itt imo btpsci si
fnr ISISaaifB to tut. Tiru DUB 1
Washington. Feb. ?.-? Pre?ld*nt C>v*la id to-day
??gnahSed Hie recurrence of Washington's Birth?
day by signing B series of pro'lama! ions which will
Vastly enlarge the Government's fores! reserva?
tions In the Western States. I'nder the Harrison
Adminlttretlon about lS.rtil.OftO acres of forett land
were withdrawn from sale and set apart as I BU
etaus of i lyetem of forest icier ree. To-day's
Pi,. -1.nnations will BBOCS thea dorine the area of
the public parks. f?r no lOSfl than tURU* BOrCB are
included In the thirteen for Hi tracts now with?
drawn from settlement.
The forest lands selected for preserva-ion were
chosen by a commission of six ex*, r's. appointed
over fl year a?o. al the request of Secretary Smith
of Hie Interior Department, by Ute National Acad?
emy of Sciences. Professor Sargent, or Harv..ol
University, was chosen presidenl ol tha cenunia
-lon. and ihe other rn'miers wan Professor
Brewer, of Yale; Alexander Agassiz. General Ab?
bott, of the retired Hat of the Arny; B*BB PtnchOt,
of New-York and Arnold Hague, of the United
Slates Geological Survey.
The member* of Hie board, with the exception Ol
Mr Agassiz, mini" an aXtOOded trip laat summer
through tbe forest lands of the west, visiting tie
Staiet of North Dakota. South Dakota Montana.
Uah. Wyoming. Idaho. Nevada California, Ore?
gon and Washington. Their report, made early In
February te Professor Wolcott Ottaba the presi?
dent of the National Academy of Bctfla. wai
mltted by him to the Secretary al the Inte
md throng!, nim reached tbe PrestdcBl tn due
. puree
The re-emmenda-.io-.s of the commission wen
cordially accepted by Secretary Ptan-cii and Mr,
Cleveland, .md nu- series of proclaatitiona Issued
to-day embody sbneal wlthoul change the i - ll
- ? .n.rm dc ? ar. ful and ' omprehi Belva
??-? tt th. ??? v. rae rv.c.-I i ! -ni,.' of tb.
reasons for a - gi bi in I eg. inptl from
inder the general land lawi u . ea 'b the
summary which followa:
Firs; The pia. k Hills Reserve- Thlfl proposed re
aervc embracei the central portion ol lbs Black
!! ||fl al SOUth Dakota ann hal BB estimated ii
Of M7.SM ares The mountains are -over.-.I Wll
?s of yellow pine, and la the vaJleya betwee
them spruces and ...: ton woods principally 0
ih. -ground Tbeai forests are enthral) Isolated, and
afford the only timber whl h is tiro lu . d Pi the mr
ritory between Minnesota Ml tim .-ot and the Rig
Horn MouBtalni of Wyeentag and the ^^ kv Moun
*,.,,. ,: tba I -' Th! region Immediately north
o' ih. propooad reeerv. coataias i number of mines
which depend (Ml these forrnts for timber and fu-l..
ind the lettlera la toe .alleys of sir.ams flowing
from them hove no other local timber ami fuel bub
ph-, it appears important, therefore, thei thea.
forests should he prelected and mad.* p*rman*ntlv
ictivc, and thai ihej sbould continue t.> guard
H,e source, of ;!,.* numerous streams Which lieid
in Hie Black Hills, and Ar^ ssseatlal for the Inri
gatiOO of Hm desert ft sion adjacent to their COUrSOl
The forest* on tiiis proposed roser ve have auf
fared aerioualy from fir.- and tbe Utagal cutting af
timber, the mines in this whole region having been
pt ictl .Hy supplied wi'h limber and fuel taken
Hom the public domain, li ls evident thar. With
it ? ; iv ern men I protection, these forests, so f-,r ia
Heir pro.!;:.:.i. i poi:;, li concerned, will disap?
pear st the end of a few yeera, and mat their de
lion will email serious Injury and loss to the
agricultural and mining population of Western
North and I Mitta I' .kota
nd The Rig Hom Reserve?Thia proposed re?
serve bs an eatlmated arra o' I.1M.OM acres and
emhrai es both slopes o' the ip--- Horn Meuntatna, i
high. Isolated and exceedingly broken range in
Northern Central Wyoming, containing B number
o' peaks varying from I.SM to 11.M0 feel in altitude
and the source, of many ttieama watering broad
valleys east and west of these mountains The
forests which cover th* Rig Horn Mountains are
ounposed of pines and spmces of small size. the-,
contain sufficient material, nevertheless, to supply
the local demands of agricultural settlers and of
possible mining operations, hut are not com?
mercially valuable These fore?ts, however, pro?
tea the lOOKC! of many streams capable of Irri
gatin-r a large territory which without Irrigailon
can produce only scant and uncertain pasturage.
Third?The Teton forset Reserve- This proposed
reserve, embra -es ITSIM acres and ls south of and
adiacent to the Yellowstone Park ttmher land re?
serve The forests whlcta cover lt are similar In
character to those in the Yellowstone National
Park; they are capable of suppl;, lng all local do?
man ll that will probably ever be made on them,
hut have little commer ml value This proposed
reserve contains Hie Teton range of mountains
and Jrokson Lake, and Kimi of the grandcit and
most picturesque scenery of the Rocky Mountains
Within its borders ar* many streams, flowing w. s*.
south and north, and ts a reservoir of moisture it
is Important. Incidentally it m*v be gflCntaOned
that Ihe proposed reserve is a favorite home o'
the elk and other larg* game, and that as a gam*
reeerve ll would well supplement tbe TeHoarstone
National Park and Hi* Yellowstone Park timbT
l.md reserve
Fourth?Tbe Flath*ad Forest Reserve?Th*, pro
posf d reserve cmhra.es both sloj.es of th* main
Rocky Mountain tange or continental divide in
Northern Montana, and extends from n*ar th*, I'ne
of the Great N'orihern Railroad northward io the
International boundary. It has an estimated area of
1,283,406 acres, and contains within hs boundaries
several high glaciers, enow-covered peaks, numer?
ous lakes and th* tourcet nf important streams.
Nowhere bl the United States ls ther> more sublime*
mountain scenery Th" eastern portion consists
of lands recently purchas*d from th* Rla.-kfoot
Indians under a treaty rattned by Conan bb en
.! me lo. lofm. Tiie gaston slopes of the Rocky
Mountains ar* ben steep and rugged, and aro
mostly covered wit ii dens* for**!* ,,r lodpe p,,i*
pines anil spruces which protect the sources of
tributaries f.f the Missouri and the Saskatchewan,
dspendeal entirely for their water on tb* snow'
which falls on these mountains and la protected
by thi se foi. -r -
These foi .si. ?:? ,l0, commercially valuable in
the sense thal they cornela umber which caa ne,
profitably shipped out of (he region, but they can
furnish sufficient forest product! io .airy on local
min.-.* mai -uppi, aay agricultural population whlcta
may live ot. Hie streams in Ibis part ,,f Montana
in this proposed r.-.-rve west of the continental
divide ai,, ih- gnat North Pork of Flathead Hu. .
and maui of the smaller tributaries of thal Stream
Th.- forests h.-r.-. under lb.- laSueacS of i, ,nor*
humid ilimate. ar. much h-nvler than tho-.- ,,?
th- eusie,,, slopes of Hie Roch Mountains, and a,..
composed of a inger numb, r of varlet!*.. ?f ,rc,.*
and here are sion** of spruce, fir tamar.-., k cedai
.-.nd ...(I.,i,wood. whl. h in time .?;,? |?. ma.!.. (., play
un imporiani pail m ,|1(. development of Montana
These forests, tIJo ta protoctin, ,,,? ??.?,?.?, rs
of turbulent flaountaia streama. reduce tl.amur
of Hoods, and .ender their fertile low.r vallen
I,., I,liable
Klf:h The Lewis and Clark Fores, ReaeWe This
nr""os'" r.'oemhraeei betta slopes of the eentl
nental divide In Mentana, and extend, from ncr
t,e im* ?f the Oreel Northern Railroad southward
lo the ITtk deg,.... 0( oertk latitude it m.*
au estimated area of UKSSj ?,.?., 1Bd includes
ar. exceedingly rovgh flMrantaiaooa temtore
wr?e,,d eas: of H?. dlvlds by ,?,. KOCth Fork of
Sui. Liver and weal of the du id* hv the South
Fork of Flathead River and by Swan River |
large tributary of Plathead Lah. ii,., for.-si* ,?,
the .-astern slope of (h* Rocky M.?alns ,r?
here similar in Character !o (hose |? thc csiern
i an of ih. proposed Flathead Reeerva ibm ,,r.,
tact the -o',r.-.? ?f iBBumerable atreanu ini,,, , ?
to Hi- Missouri, a,.d easentlsl ... n.Spence sf J
considerable population living on their banks ind
..'?io,dent oi, theh waters for themtePve. n
theil' slock. Wes! of the .-?,,! 111. ,.,., | divide Ihe
forests an heavier and are corni.?.. ol yellow
nines, lodge peta pine, larch. . iJouglaa ipmcet
balaam firs ,,?,i some white pines these foreat*
ar* valuable for th. ir Itt'.,-no. on Hie now of Eater
In lr!hu:arles of ,,? ("olumbll an.I f,,, rt.. ir I'm
b.r which .,.r I..- easily flo,,!.,) |nt0 Flathead I ike
and then distributed lo rall
suth Th-I'nesi Rive. Pores) \:--tv* Thisum
'?" ,-J, r""r\.UPI'* ihe beam ot Priest liki
and Pros, Puer. In Ihe extreme non hern p.M of
idaho and in Northeastern Washington and -\.
t.u..ls from . pom, ., ?- m nu,,- ,, ,,,., ,,- ,
..f ih.- ..oat Nortiu-ri, Railroad n. the Interns
I lona I boiindar- ll la bountied or, !h. e.,-- in I Kl
aummlia of h..- ridges aepacailng "i. waters Sow?
ing 'l.lo Pries! Lake II au Out-' midi ,n ,,, :,.
Ko,.,, ,. wvei and on the , -? .. *h, wmmU,
cf the ridges separating ht ..a'er. of pn*s. Lake
from ii,o-.e lowing intoriark'i F,.rk ,?r m* reium
??I" I' bai ai, eatlmated ar*., of Biaga, acres in
Idaho and of HIM ter.-- ,? Washington, ir ? total
ni-.?'' . titi ,"u1 U ".""'?"? edth what ls ne
Reved to be the moat valuable body of timber In
I V. lO.'l-'.i rn
Have - reputation to sustain, not to make.
Something proven, nA claimed.
naasa mn mil in piss** bbsbM visit ear wara ama
W* I,ave tl,* most eaSSfSSM StBCk and. ? ONTROl.tJN'i
THREE FACTOR!***, ".n suit -li- Usa* mt merina of
all. ''an be bought Bl instalments.
Weber Pianos,
*::u l.uah. SI," per nionlli.
Wheelock Pianos,
suo Oasts, iM<> pee month
Stuyvesant Pianos,
SI.', (nab. *s per month.
A large assortment of second-hand pianos en
ai.i" us tu offer vou bargains in other make*.
108 Filth Ave., cor. 16th St.
ths Interior of tb* continent Thht ls eonspo
Mr.- tvestern white pine, whh h I ron here to Hi
largest oise snd In ns greateal perfection; tani
r ,,-k. ced i and ap- ? '< , ??- o' ' ??- tat ,h" ' ' '
esta on thia proposed re.i rve have no slgnltl
na prote nor of mol tun an I the flow ol i ivi
for thu region is abund intlj supplied with wa
and irs -pea,,,- will slwaj be able to meei anj
drain which may i- mad on them by the n.a
of Irrigation The establlshmenl of thia reserve
i- recommended, therefore, thal Mus body of tim*
.., may be pecs? rved until ll ls ai tually requlri
bj .lemands ol - onmm< ?? e, and Mum the oov
nl m.bi iln foi Iti true ri i k< I ? i
Beventl The Bitter Kool Korest lt--'".- inls
proposed reserve Include* a tores) region ol ? *
iremel) precipitous and rustled mountains and lies
, i. ith ildi - of the i.ndarj between to
.-,,,1 Idaho; ii conl iii ?'? : ,r
M I il ri in I
., tot From
the Bil r H '*? '!"*
Bitter 1
ma k.
Bltti r Kool \ alli y. Wi of tl
,. ... Hon lt - resi rvi Includes
-.un- ol the tributa
nearlj the enttr. rwater, .and
many of the ti - - H -in. River, thc ???
ar all the western pan ol Hie pi ipoted i
ng th- Columbia b; way ol Bnak< H ?
Th. eaatern and rn stern portions of tue prop-.-e,i
reai ri.tain thc ioui ? ma which can
I ad ? ?--.- ly for p in.f Irrigation;
and tho wh..:. I* covered with foreats ol yellow
; ?!-, pole im" . api -i ? . Br ind - edar I'm
,f the reserve whl M
? lonally larg, and va
uable . How pl .- * ft. h ar ? ?? cut
? anj I- runlai re to I lovern
M.ghih The Washington Forei ip? rvi mis
: Waahlngton I na
v- 120 scsi i ? ?
, - little below he !- 0 d< gn ? of latitude, the
settled - the 8ka| RI si be ,-? ? xeluded
j , ? . wei i I. ntalna an estimated irea
MO acres. The reg - - " ! "'
aervi rstendi - lopes of the C i le Moun
talna sn I ls exe lng :'"'"--'' I
a ih ? .. esl ? Ti - - . - ot be Cs Iii have
dread suffered aerlouslj places fi om Uri
consist largely of yella* pin' and sr* more open ind
|i - - immerclally va i ible i in th ee of tit* a
slopes -f the mountain*, win h sr* imposed of
ii i sad hemlocka of large - -
and et, ' ii iii mm cia ?. . n Within th ,
p ised reserve < I
irci f the Stehekln RI Ipa fe*?!? i
of M)ke cii-ian and ol the Methow Rivi
rn tri itary of the < "ol imbia, end,
ike ai he rivera of Washlngi n flowing eastward
from thi Cascade Range. Imp nant for the Irriga)
of a region which neena only wa-- ? me es
ci pi loi illy fertile Thi forests the eas ti . part - t
.... -. i r. serve should ? prote ??
thc atn ?? ma whl - il of h* Cf* ida
turon for the i
, , ? i- rve?Thia prc
i . merv.-uplei iv pup acd brok n Olym?
pia M..an- i region In Northwi
and rental n estimated srea of Ll.
This ? in gion of sn sp and j intalns
their highest peal with glacier* *nd with
perpetual snow. Ti-,-- here, a itered by
more copious rain- than fall on si ? oi ? r i-art ot
Cnlted States, are .-? I of i ormous
edan . and In product!* ei
surpassed I thc world only by thc redwood fores!
of tha Callfoi la coaal region Few sxplorera nave
penetrated far into this region, which from th"
denseness of Ita fore-- covering offers exceptions!
difficulties 10 travel, and there is no record that ll
ha- been crossed In a north and South direction.
This proposed reserve, no doubt, .-'Pt ipi- for its
area tv- largest and most valuable body of timber
belonging to tb* Nation, and ber* I* probably the
only pan of the United Statea where the forset, un?
marked by fire or the axe, still exists over a great
area In its prim, val splendor.
Tenth. Th- Mt Rainier Forest Reserve ?lt is bus*
g--te,i mat the existing Pacific Forest Reserve
ted bj t ii- addi! lon of ii nan oa
strip of territorj along its western border, In order
ro correct an error mad* when the boundaries of
Mps rest irv* wei- first laid down, and to mak* ll
thus include some of the sallen! features ot Mt.
Rainier, that it should he extended southward along
the two slopes of th* i ? ide M intalns nearly to
the Columbia River and thal the nam* Pacific
Pores! Reserve should ba changed to Mt Rainier
Pores! Reserve. The name Pacific Fores! Reserve
ls r.iInsless, and it i? fitting thal lins reservi
should bear th* nam.- of the great glacier-covered
mountain, ons of thc highest, most beautiful and
Interesting mountains In the Cnlted Statea which
i- Ita chief natural feel ire The proposed -
mops of th s reserve contain an estimated area nf
i..'-..'.'?" acrea which, warp (he 967.664 ? rca corp
' lined ri the Pa Forest Ri servi rn ike a total
o' j.z.t -SO acres. The preservation of th ? forest a in
th* proposed southern extension v>,,:i ;,r-,,i.,-r -,.,
ol the Caa. ide summits the Boa of several of rp,
Prti I pal tributaries of the yakima Uiver which
furnishes th.- water for- the mosi Important aye
lem ? : rrtgattoti In the State, and wea! of tha Cas?
cade summits timber of greal commercial i
(eleventh The Siunlalaua i'm. : Reserve: This
proposed reserve extends north over
ship- slong th* summits of Mi" Sierra Nevada
Mountains ip California and embraces an esl
mired area of 891.200 acres Mai - at rea ma flowing
ea ' and areal head In thia territory and are fe,]
by Innumerable amati lakes and Alpin.- meadows
The forests, except In i few townships, ar- scant!
acd without value except for preserving the flow
of springs and stream-, and the establtshmen1 of
this reserve ls recommended solely for the influ?
ence, it can exeri on rh* flow of Sierra rivers if its
natural features *r* preserved
Twelfth The Ban /scinto Forest Reserve Thia
proposed reserve embraces thi Sa.- Jacinta Moun?
tains in Southern California and ls separated from I ?
ex.stine San Bernardino V ? -? reserve hv ;V Ban
Oorgonlo P*ss ir contains an estimated area of
rtT.Jtr) acres. The whole region, especially ri*, of
the mountains, ls arid, and the lower slopes of rl-e
range when nor too ste-;, ,re clot hi I o ? .
happara irowth s mtv fores fm
eonifei axis) on Ihe aid
ca ny oi ? . th valleys and
?bs e ovated alopea ind i ? -? ervai on i f ? sse
ms < ? itreams
may supply watt te the vj] ya of Som
*f? 'ti rn . 'al I rnla ahlch. wltl ? rn ??- i ire i- - - - -
m Into i eat or. hards
of ? ie continent
Thirteenth -The lint..!, Poreal R-.e-ve- This
'd res i>. -p.i r ici - both alopt - of po?
em nari of the L'lntah M.Hain rangi li
-rn l tah, a-d the northern dope onlj of the west?
ern part of Mus rang-. Mi- southern slope here h. -
mg Included In th.* L'lntah Indian Reaervktloi
The L'lntah Mountains are covered* wi th valuable
forest! of spruce, which protect the sources of
several lara- streama which eventually discharge
into Oreen River, those Oowing northward fr..rn
th* range being alreadj utilised foi irrigatloi
The region within the borders of thia pr
reserv- is practlcallj .' nhablted only twenty-five
Buarter-aectlona of Its land having been entered
There la however, ? lnr?e agricultural population
air-.or. living in Mn- territory Immediately adla*
? ? ? ? io ll - *? the norih and rael who fit d In ? he
forests of the L'lntah Mountains their only local
timber supplj and this population win suffer for
water if inc Brea whick nave now for many years
swept through these fores!i are allowed to destroy
them if th- L'lnl Resorvailon ts aver
purchased by the Uovernmi at. -n l he north 11
mountainou portion embracing thc south, rn
slopes of the western end of the i Intah range,
should !-e included In this foresl reserve
lt mar no! be the attention of the commission
thal ail th* sn is reserved should be closed en?
tirely to entry ll la I ipi ll ??-? ure legislation In
tb- next Pongreaa whl - will tllo- timber to ba
cul on thea lands and m ??? worked under ri
Mons laid down Ly the G i ernment.
sills or REAL ESTATE.
Ja gb D lintier his roid. through David Btcw.
an, to William ii Make, ihe plot, 184,8x108 feet on
m.. west aid* of Hamilton Terrace, Kt) feet south
of One-hundred ..i'-i fort) fourth al . for Improve
ment. at ab,,ul Jen.,. Th* .-..ru- broker has sold
for Mrs Bartksd to Ferdinand Petsch a pi.
axil fsst, on th* south v.- ol Om hundrsd-snd
Bftleth-sL, MB feel * st 0f Amsterdam-avi . sa
prc ste lei in*1.
ll li reported thal Gardner Bhennan has bought
from Charis* Ruell thc sew Bve-storj American
sasesaeat Bwelllas *1 No Vt g/eat Beventj .--..
omi si
Du hom ahaith waa thc broki i lg tht asia ai
ready reported In Th* Tribune bj Mrs Charil
Quldet of the four-el ,r> high stoop none front"
dwelling. With lol SxltJS, ill NV ii I-irk-.v, r
I. pi ink H Rosa in i Tba pn - paid br thi
latter wa- Mtv ? '?
.Tbs Royal Bia*uUss will sell excursion ticker,
fi-.tn Nea york Newark end FJI ta be th ai
I the round trip, ind ai proportionate rates from
all ethel stations , \\ \ . . ' '
forth. Inauguration of Pr eeldent-elect McKinley
on Mac ll Uh ll- k- I- IMP : , ? . ? ,, , . ,' *in'*y
1st tn lil isive, and foi return from March ltd
lil kl fl, .' .?'
L'Ppn applies I ton ihe New-York Transfer Ca will
ca" "f"' ind - .- k taggagi Uro v, ,,, hotel or reM.
dence In tv ii hlngton
Station i? New-York, Central lt rt. 0f Mew ler.
Bey. foot of Llber-y-tt., North River. -
PRIX ILE'IL.-' 'H-.AS'TI.:!' TO Nl".?'SP.". I'ERS
?|||i il W'-'I'K LENSED IN THE
Washington, Feb. 22. -Th* Loud MU chancing the
ttatus af second-class mail maft'-r. WM reported to
' Hie Senate to-d.iv with several material amend
' mei!- The report ls made by Mr. Chandler, acting
'? chairman of the Postofflce Committee, but the |
. members of th* eouuBlttee reserve the right to ssv
I agree to the report if they les Si whoa tba ineas
: ur,, is called up. [I is DOl probable thu' BBy BCUOB
' w.ii h.* bad in the Senate al thta Congress, and
: this. Of course, would cause a ren.-wal of till BgBI
In ,he next lion*.* if th'- author of tm* measure
ahOUld InsISl Ml pushing His hill through.
As reported HM bill provides for one-ccnt letter
postage on all tatton aol exceeding one-helf ounce
i: weight. Sample copies of newspapers are per
, :., I.al ot pOUBd rates IB numbers nor BX
,. ding 10 per omi of th< aggregata anuna: ircu
tatton .md aol exceeding BS per teni of ihe gggre
r.ta circulation of a new paper during tbe first year
of ps publication The Loud bttl excluded these
lampta cu,...* Th.* prov.sp,,, denying th- righi le
return um dd periodicals to the puhltshen at pouad
i , ... u itrlcken out The Houei bil] oleo i
permian-* I i send parts af any particular number
,,r any newspaper or perfidies! through th- mall
except ai third-class matter The gaaats comm..
? PM believing that this worked an InjustrM to the
sun!.', newspapers, whb-h under the present taw
mall their supplemeaU ta advance of th* mum
..:,,. a dans., that makes ii nol pennis
ilbta " mall u oound ratea portions or news]
?permanent! - iregated from the ;? al
. , ,. Thli is intended ts reined ? ?
.UL A prov.-lu ll also Wed I il wo
.ita, I !*hl
nay be malled In tn? ism. erapper.
A -, ided to the bl permits
? .... ul-, b.monti.iy ar. I QUI
copy to through
1 rates, es week
iaj rh. ora ? " ? I i "
... I ie part of thou
... . , matter
ippeaxed to At Sra to i ?rve tbe pn ? bi -
? - intUlly as lt exot.-. and ot I
! hand on oe pan of tboae who arti d alleged abusei
i be cern iving in < tpen li
lui therebj effected will tnabU ... Postofflce !'??
p irtraent, wll ?? it to i gre .. an Incn as. ol ll ?
i.m.; deficit of rei - - public a oi
, postage on alngl. le ti i -. oi o hi rs --
jive benefit i the communltj aa bos attainable.
\* time li ii pa aed it hat ? ed to the , noni e.
tha wll e wi li dlffi ri ' estating
, , i ,. - ,,. || - - i : lise among the
,..- oi the committee as to th. extent oj -?*?
leting abutea and tha . ' providing
will not be | - e pae
. at of t ira cu the Senate al i ie pr -? i j
-. --in.. The committee, however, rep ri nie blu
? s.-ii.c-. with ertaln i ? Imenta prepared
by Hie acting chairman, In order that it mai be
taken up for ontideratton If time permits, each
i. mb r reaervini - amen.
i::i th. bill until they come up for insiders
tlon "
i . ? . on mil tee amend- thst s P ital
rommltslon be creal d, ro conttsi ot five members,
-, be known as ni" po tal Reform Commission,
,-. d ol l c." chairmen ol the present Benate ..nd
Hous.mmlttces i i. Postmaster-General and
two citizen*, to tx ? p ted I ?? thc President. This
, ommlssl, ? i- ? uged with tbe duty of In
?. ? itlgatlng all questions coi ?
of a1 aged abuses In the po
rou v. ? in.cre:-, the i xtension of free,
to rural rei of the
. ?
tnt letter pott - ? Comm
to report to : i>- next I'oiigress, and sse to exist
- - mba ?? U fl
.-.,.- Butler lubmltted a supplemental report
in which ii- advQ itea os ten lp bj the Gov- :
il of tli-* postal care and the payment to tbe
companies ,,f trackage chargea orin-, arter the man
impaniea ???,,.rate their
? irs over the varloua road* He also polnti - I
where a greal deal of mono can be saved bi me !
..;-?.,;;. if th. mails and I : -
.. . th id 'o "? , ? ' ?' rage of mail carried .
bj tlM railroads ls a.- erl .med.
Washington. Feb 22 -C. W. Stone, of Pennsyl
? .... lubmltted to the House to-day th* report
of tho Committee on Coinage, Weight- and Meas?
ures, recommending the passage of tbe MU pro?
viding for Hr* appointment of commissioners to
represen the United Bl ates at eay monetary con
f. renee which nov he .ailed hereafter. Mr. Stone
rel?ed briefly to th* four moretary conferences
which ! ivs been held, arid said tv-o ali ?? ISM the
Parliaments of Oreel Britain, Prance and Oca
have de tared In favor of su.-ii a confer. :. e. Coi -
_?. ne raj ?
tn ihe face of bu 'h explicit declaration! of
?? the legislative branches of ti,.- three grea:
monetary Powers of Europe, wa cannot sstume
? tal the Governments of these countries would 'le?
oline to join In a conference, i or ought we I
sum.- thai they would appoli I who w,
ml -I..-.- -? tag, i.i:'.*' ii..* *s , tim. nt
? ? expressions of the legislative rep
itlvet of the people. Von,- committee .!.-> n..t
enter Into any discussion of either the feaall
or the merita of International bimetalltam, The
gre:,: preponderance of testimony of itudei
moi ??irv science aeema to estsbllan it- entire feasi?
bility If sustained by the gn-at commercial na?
te,'.- ot the world. Ls deairablllty Tom an Amer?
ican standpoint, al least, h...- been receni y \
upon by the areal Jury of th** American p.
..nd their verdlci i I i be ripe:-,..) ,.- possible, Into
an effective Judgment Leesa than four monti:* ... -
over seven million American ? otere embodied in the
declared policy of Hus Government th* declaration
"We ar" therefore opposed to the free comm*;,* ,,f
Mlver except by International agreement with ihe
Pading commercial nations of the earth. Which
agreement we pledge ouraelvea to promote, and
? ? io, n ii agreement cnn h* obtained the exist?
ing gold ono.o I mi.-' bi preserved.'
There lt nothing of ambiguity or uncertainty in
this declaration la expll lt. itralghtforward and I
complete ll m:-' h.- accepted as express rig ni*
will and purpose of t.'.* Amer;-in people, and their
ihoNld be the guide of their repreaentatl ? \
? irly ma le - hould ? fu';.
(111. ri Doubts a ? poss.iiiiio.' of sn.- -, .- ,'. . not
froi ? ? ,?.-? lo attempt
aucceat !? may, h waver, , . i properly
Bald. I it the \u.... ..?, people hi ?? pronounced In
'? " ? lt noi :io?.??*
sonly in fioor ol an Internal! i n conference to
effect ihar agreement A conference nf reprei
i. ea of l he a.-v. ral nat re been Hi*
customary way of aeeklng auch ncr cment an I
bodies an entirely proper mode of proceedlne .n.l
one which seems io hsve recel ? i me approval of
nal - ii .'a. ,
cated i
lt ii aot, however, the only proper mods of imo
ceeding. Diplomatic negotiations and ire, ? stlDu
i: iy be resorted to preliminary or subse
neal to meta conference or in lieu thereof If eir
c .; istanci - ??. ,n to no requ
I' ve Hi il the Ia .?uni,, should be al ied'l ? i , V
form.,.,... of thia duty by promptlj
Mr. Sion.. ? ;|| endeavor -,, ,.1V,. .,,?'
sldered by the House al an earlj dale,
WHshmeton. Keh -,s,,-,-;,,, The two boura-de
h;'" "' '??- ??"-?? '( >?-???? eotativea ,o.,,;,v .,"
'"' '/"???;?"?' I" '.taneral Defleiene,- JJl to
- t.aiauoenn accounl of Judgment glean by
'- ' '"ot of Chalan ta favoi of the Southernli
Railroad Cotwpan) was a brisk and Interesting
fm. ind, he .M.?or,-n.s of the appropriation rough'
Btubberntp to the tail An ipproprlation io pay a
portion of the jueg-m, ,- wai ,?,?,.. bj th-Ttani
'"? " n> ?"'-' has beea steadily r.,,,,,.,, by a
strong minority of the House, uader the lea-ierahin
rernee Sayers of Taxai l, hla apeech , , '?
the appropriation to-daj he admitted that
ludgment was v?n,i, ,,,? contended thai .. ought
" ta be paw to the nursed ,',i??,??, ,?,. uSd
BS an offs*, against . porn,,,, of the IIlon?v ^
to the i mnd state ie ?... central Pa-tiic i*,?.
rt id i otnp ui]
Cl*"*^rno! Bayon al i idaHttf, thal m ., iggMdal
proceedlBg auch an offsei m,,-,i,i ,?? be ?||owed
'"? ' ''" :,?''", " ' "ta ;.1 cons,,..,,.. , ,
??mun. Congress .. i.:.,, , , , ,,., ,?. ?-., ,,llttl ,
..nor". ." ? ?? ? 'PP' 'Prietl i, Goi.
, '?""-..? ,iM no den th. money had
,'"'?;! '* the railroad or lhal ll bad reg*
larij o eii.,1 pa. p,. , , llM, nlne-tontha of the
value af |w Bervicea rendered to the Govs rn me nt
niio.'rv* ','f I'?n?l>ortat1Pon of the malla and of
military and -,t\,.i supplies* tut he continual te
PRI4lat, SM (IlKTS.
'-OM riN'H'' After a f'ilnt|ng br C. IBjaJeb.,
<?" BMsplaes
T1IK AiCIIKR .hy H'nry Tv-rrtll
wm, illus!rations by ,\r,r*- .\pson
OLAMIS. .ky Issfp '.lamia
lllnsrra:?'l fr-ni f'r.otograpr.s.
FIN TOMT CAB....., Bf Anthony Ttt
:,v J tm lassa Triter
With llaistra'lont bv M Bart'ow
victoria it. ash i ; v Oscrga Edgar Magtfsgtgflj
llluttrat'-d by V.. ? Sklnn-r.
ss II V Brewer
Hhiec -ir*.! bv (be ASthW
MARCH.by A I. B .! l- i (Ada Bartrt h c.-iktr)
llbl.*rrai-d by Will I! R
Wlrr. full-page n; uti il ? ll
KA ITU . By ri- t. Eds .'i -"ur.- M. A.
wri'H NBVRR a CHAN* E bj . a raawkk
Wllb Hluslrarlr-tia by J S i ron.; ri
Hs *.e:|
with Iltustrailons al . ?p,r !...-? - . p .- .- n
ll .1 Baltara**, ?
THE -ask. ok Till-: BEVBBRND vn TO >MET .
R T.
tim: STORY .,(-? isis pb - ia
'. I>l If M li ll '?! I K-l'i-t,
? ,-, m Indlai BIta Pla f ? "?? - ? Boi I no.
Bdara j .-a
Illustrated i M
ot.n mn.manias' LOVE BONO
lllustraie.1 bv \ I. 1! ??>
BT M'iis. Chaptera "til v
tte I -r-.s-m
With Uluatratlona
Wiri, l.larr-.m
TO - _-. b) Will Hill
MARIE'S STORY. ' ?? lohn t.? B--- ?
With (Unstrap a.- by M ai las - Ban* a
Wail Thurn*-Nail - Ma Zangt I
tim: hl'mol'bd or i he moni h
?Mt VV 'VJ
MDIIMM: Toronto. The toronto \ev?i. I o.|
Monlrenl, The 'luiilrrnl V.-iv. 4o.
Special offering to close out a number
of patterns before arrival of New Spring
Beginning Tuesday. February 23rd,
we will offer
250 Pieces
Best Bodv
wW per yard
Great Variety of Coloring* and Deigns.
BRO.\D\vAVt IStii & 13th Sts.
\n BreakfHst table complete ?*, Itlioul liv 43
Hl'-nil of Id0<'?>. \o !>:i* pl.-ii-.e Mic Multes
ut. ?v.-l| ns iu> ll IM.-U'I*". \l-'.i>-? u.iil'oriu lu
? I unlit > .-uni flit-, or. *-<*uil mr price Hat of
ehalee Faaally Graeartee.
Su^e..-*- te, callanan a- Karat
41 a:v1 ll Vi
SSSSSB.-lpt.tS Vol.n-, ?'t..;-" .!?. EDEE
itmlloF. liueo. io., SM BNasaaa.S.I-foi t.
,'1 l rout.
Woodbury Facial Cream is made by
a dermatologist nho Knows ail ariout
the skin and what it needs.
thal th* appropr s because
? ; rn
Souther! Paelfl uni ? ? I ?
eminent --i larg - ira of monej-, iin-1 I s tbe
t to b< i ted had been ea
i or mer
The appro i ?? ilao opposed
- islve S|. "?'
sourt, and M -
. ll of
?? mitti of thi hole to
..... '. ..- iff] ?? a
.i::-! :?' In rbi i -
i ;,,\. ? ir 8 then i : I ? recommit t ? ? i
w -. r h Inst ru i
-, striki out I .- ? ? '?
? rh* bill back : >rth* Ith. B
mi,, iftj to VSt this motton was rejected ? ?>
bill ass thi p I-'--- 'i * Ithoul
rRnrRIATl<"vv BILL
Washington. F*-h ?."j Tba report af Cha ri tn
Bovtelte, of the House Havel .\:T.iir.? Censssltteaj
on the Havel Appropr . BV8 at*. ,./
proptlaHen of MS.kR.M4 whick la liv nj as a
thea th* aenouat for tb< - id I 1
ivlon ih-' sstlstatc* of th* N ?? ' Tra
principal Increases ? i ; ? l
pay of 'he .vc.y on account toroa
last y< .' ll *
qulrenu ta for 1 ' -*
; ,r .V'.;' : t . of
Bo :ki snd ? - - - f f - . .1
B.878 in the M Corp* kair.icka
i ni the ol ? r ? ii ? i . f
Navigation ta red ? l | .cf
unlpapce hy HM ?" fCM | .- v .* r
itructton a repairs, tl re
neerin*. M.1BB, ... \ . ? ? ** .
The hacreasa In th,* .I**;-. J.
by thc bill i* Bu* te thc .,; p tag
head f thc RTai j I a ire bj i '??
low*: Cooa ind Rieck ? .1 i?
ductlon of SR ..111 from ts i t
year; equlpnseni, I162.8M?174 Vi less, nek - i -l
reduction o:' ?i.-'i.'.-;i."-. Under ''eraser c.vi si*aa>
irietit" there is appropi . Of :--?*,
which ls aa Increase of 12,84
T ?? rei art refer* to t regai ??
ai an r pl tte, rei lea sub*
ect made by 8 ii Hi ri - .*
les ? Been ....4
great pride In th* a ting
reduction 0! ai moi in the L'nlted Statea j
believes thai aound policy r*qu re* I il our G *?
'iiiiiie:- nke thom ol other great natl ? ? si 1
.1- ul wiMi BUflli ;? nt III. rklltj vv l 1
. :" ! he area 1 . rn or pla a >rkg
available so long as thi iced of 1
furnishing war rn 1 ntlnm lt a -o
reola mucb gratification thai American enterw \
Invention and skill hai .e
v orld In the
"In dealing *ith this queatl a r
thc comm! ? 1 - r- garoi a it ai 1
ni al pi ti . ? that tl at Ita e na
liian.] la nol iflj lt to flt
with certalntj 1 pi Ice 1 1 sack a prod?
uct of manufacture, inn li has i. ->?-. ;o
do so AfU r v- 11 can I ll ?:- leratl
ir h,i~ aeemed to the commi 1 Rural and
wisest course to regard the ?-? 1 tari art to
1 'ongreaa ,is pi aube ? 1
. stlmate, iftei *
p , ipei rtlti ? ? ni prop?
erly p.- antin 1 iz-.l for 1
v., w .. rom pu ta tl in it* sf
thc Secreter) 1 co iph has
beep pp ertea tn the bill appi
sum Mp;- ip Ile ned as 1 ? ;
vviiicii i,e maj make contracts for the purchase of
Ihe entln amount of the .cup.:- ? . ? f tba
plans and sneclfli attona I ?
authorised it the last session ll red thal
Mils prov.M.1:1 has 1- - -
sbli the Departmen ta irrj Into efTect the 1 >
dectarea lr ita repoi *
reasons thal ae*m to li to ^*rn Kr.-.: a
deems ,1 Ineipedlent st this tim*, and hopes .1 arUl
not prove nect-saary lo provld* ?.-r !:i<- constru
purchase or leai ol a Qovernm**! p.an- tm t-a
manufactun of snnor-i
?Th., committee is unanimous in Mie desire to
push forward tbe conatrucUon of our full quot* of |
battle.ships Mul other needed vessels for naval de*
IV-.--.- sp.l Un in.c-cr., n of l he Sj - I
honor hi rapidlj ??> posstble. bul In rte* - *
present con-l{tljn of ihe National Baan - f
Important i-*nald*railons has reluetantli refrained
from reconmni n.llns 1 ? 1 sing v-f ?m - *
veasela in fnla Bill, believing 1 itrv-otnltlor
of tho j.iihk ? eslgenciea st mus Ume vv 1 ll insure n4
even more, iibeml renewal of Mp* wuk ol building
np .mr u^iv New a- oin- of thi greatcsi faaturag 0
a restoration of National prceperlt| lo thc seer lief
un." - '

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